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I think im going to start carrying a peice of bacon around with me.
and when some muslim store clerk is rude or just a jerk i will put the bacon in his hand when he reaches for the money.
Then as im leaving the store i will say stuff like.

O MAN ..i hope Allah lets you into paradise even yjo you touched pork.
o boy i hope you can still have 70 virgins..

turtle, RR 92 Comments [12/29/2008 4:37:45 PM]
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Submitted By: cc

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that'll show'em!

12/29/2008 4:39:29 PM

Bass X0


12/29/2008 4:42:00 PM

Blood Rose

:sarcasm: yeah coz that won't get you fired

12/29/2008 4:44:06 PM


I hope you enjoy having bacon shoved up your ass and pulled out your nose.

12/29/2008 4:44:37 PM

colonel catastrophe

What is "yjo?"

12/29/2008 4:46:49 PM


Hmm... that is what normal people call hateful and bigoted.

12/29/2008 4:49:12 PM


What about that whole turning the other cheek thing your Jesus suggested? I guess that doesn't apply to rude Muslim store clerks.

12/29/2008 4:50:09 PM


Yes, because fucking with other people is a sure way into heaven.

I hope rabid dogs chase you down and rip that bacon from your pants. If they happen to take some flesh as well... well, you earned it.

12/29/2008 4:50:44 PM


I'm going to put up a picture of Jesus so each time a customer is rude, I can spit on the picture. Wanna shop there, turtle?

12/29/2008 4:55:37 PM


What if the store clerk isn't Muslim? How can you tell?

What if he was Christian and decided to kick your ass?

What if you're just a blithering idiot?

12/29/2008 4:56:45 PM

Percy Q. Shun

Why not just patronize good, loving, christ-stain businesses, and avoid the whole greasy-bacon-in-the-pocket thing?

I mean, isn't going into a muslim establishment supporting the terrorists or something.

12/29/2008 4:57:59 PM


$1 says OP doesn't know the difference between a Muslim and a Sikh. A further $1 says he can't tell the difference between a Muslim, a Sikh, a Hindu, and a Hispanic and just assumes that black hair and tanned skin = Muslim.

12/29/2008 4:59:22 PM


Feel the Christian love.

12/29/2008 5:00:08 PM


And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be clovenfooted, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you. Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcase shall ye not touch; they are unclean to you
Leviticus 11:7-8. So you are a cretin AND doomed
And the promise of virgins is overated. Wanton trollops for meeeeeeee

12/29/2008 5:02:25 PM


How much do you want to bet this guy is too stupid to tell the difference between a Muslim and a Sikh? If there is a god the bacon he carries around will give him trichinosis.

12/29/2008 5:02:39 PM


Yeah, see, that's called being a CUNT.

12/29/2008 5:02:51 PM


Then you're a bigoted asshole.

12/29/2008 5:03:11 PM


Hopefully that clerk is packing a gun behind the counter. I'll keep checking upcoming news stories about a douchebag who was taken out by a store clerk.

12/29/2008 5:07:31 PM

But when the Muslim bitchslaps your dumb ass, you'll be screaming persecution.

12/29/2008 5:08:03 PM

Mister Spak

He'll give you a mickey mouse toy, because Disney is gay. Hope you can get into heaven after having a gay toy mouse.

12/29/2008 5:09:29 PM


Stupid fundie. The problem with pig products is only if the Muslim intentionally eats it. Merely touching it or even unknowingly eating it is no problem.

And the 70 virgins thing (or is it 72?) is totally separate from getting into heaven. It's a part of Wahhabism or whatever it is the terrorists practice.

12/29/2008 5:18:16 PM


He'd punch you in the middle of your fat face.

12/29/2008 5:19:49 PM

Doctor Whom

I think I'm going to start carrying the local gay newspaper or leftover Obama campaign literature. Then, when some fundy store clerk is rude or just a jerk, I will put it into that person's hand.

12/29/2008 5:21:36 PM


The honorable way of dealing with rudeness is to remain polite and then discreetly talk to the manager. Lowering yourself down to someone else's level or lower for the sake of revenge only means that there are now two pathetic jerks standing there instead of one.

12/29/2008 5:35:49 PM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

Crawl back into your shell, turtle. All you've done is show your hatefulness and ignorance. Acidentally touching pork in no way condemns a Moslem, according to the Koran.

12/29/2008 5:40:38 PM

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