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Homosexuality is wrong. It is a sin. God says so. To push homosexuality people have to ignore that fact that homosexuality is a sin. They have to reject God. Freedom of religion is their right but our founding fathers that penned these rights also realized homosexuality was, and is, wrong. Homosexuals have to ignore the better judgment of our founding fathers and throw out family values. Even ignoring this, homosexuality is still indecent and immoral. To defend homosexuality you must reject decency and morality. If there is no sin, no God, no tradition of our founding fathers, no sexual decency and no sexual immorality, then how can anything be wrong? If it is acceptable to be a homosexual, then how can we condemn polygamy, pornography, sexual harassment, sexual language, bestiality or any other form of sexual behavior? Why do teenagers need majority capacity? They need it for long lasting, greatly significant or special things. If there is nothing special about sex, there is no sin or God, family values do not matter, the law is changed as with homosexuality, there is no morality or decency then there is really no need for majority capacity or an adult mind. After all they understand it well being trained in school. God said both are wrong. I agree. They should be compared together. If we just ignore someone practicing the sin of a homosexuality then what reason do we have not to ignore the sin of a someone have sex with a consenting and knowledgable minor?

OtherSideOfTheBoat, Rapture Ready 33 Comments [1/19/2009 1:40:59 AM]
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Homosexuality != Pedophilia

1/19/2009 1:55:17 AM

Mister Spak

God also says the world is flat. So much for gods credibility.

1/19/2009 1:59:02 AM

A Friend

Oh noes. Teh buttseks. It will lead to the end of civilization. Oh please, go cry me a river.

1/19/2009 2:01:14 AM


"If we just ignore someone practicing the sin of a homosexuality then what reason do we have not to ignore the sin of a someone have sex with a consenting and knowledgable minor"

First of all, of these two things, only ONE is a sin in the Bible. Guess which one.

Second, we do not govern our society on the basis of sin, we govern our society on the basis of law. We devise laws not on the basis of what someone believes that God says is a sin, we devise laws based on what is best for society, on protecting the rights of adult citizens and protecting the best interest of minors who are, as a whole, deemed not ready to independently defend their own rights. So when evalutating the legality of homosexuality, it makes not a whit of difference what some scripture says about it. It only matters what benefit it is to society as a whole to outlaw it, and whether or not we are impeding the legal rights of the adults involved. When we set a legal age of consent, we do so in order to protect the interests of minors below that age and to attempt to prevent predatory adults (who, by the way, are usually hetero males) from taking advantage of impressionable youths, or those that are too frightened to resist adequately. And going back to number 1 - that's important, because the wholly Babble does not define a legal age of consent. It's perfectly okay to commit statutory rape, according to the Bible, so long as you marry the girl afterwards and buy off her dad.

1/19/2009 2:05:12 AM


Your founding fathers said fuck-all about homosexuality. If you're going to harp on about their morality being the foundation of your nation, I'll remind you that many of them owned slaves and saw nothing wrong with that.
Times change. Christians like you seem to focus on something of no importance in the grand scheme of things, like homosexuality, and forget all the other real problems we have, like poverty, war, disease, etc.

1/19/2009 2:05:32 AM


Don't use us LGBTs to justify your fantasies about your teenage neighbor to yourself, asshole.

1/19/2009 2:10:06 AM


If we do not have strict laws governing sexual behaviour, fundies will start having sex with barnyard animals, orgies in the staff room, the whole 9 yards! The laws are the only thing stopping those filthy perverts from masturbating while waiting in line at the store, and if we say it may be ok to experience sexual desires and have sexual thoughts, the economy will come to a standstill, and KY jelly will become scarce, as fundies fornicate with the very ground, helplessly unable to control themselves.

1/19/2009 2:10:40 AM

Old Viking

tl; dr. These wobble-brains are absolutely obsessed with this subject.

1/19/2009 2:18:44 AM

Percy Q. Shun

Yeah, I get it. Gay is the same as pedophilia, is the same as beastiality, is the same as rape, is the same as devil worship, is the same as terrorism, is the same as democrat, is the same as socialism, is the same as Massachusetts, is the same as catholic, is the same as Bill Clinton, is the same as...

1/19/2009 2:30:48 AM


Like I said to the assholes at last year's pride parade, why don't you dumb fucks go protest at jails or tattoo parlors or Red Lobsters, and let everyone else just have a good time. Fuck me, why the hell do they get so caught up on homosexuality, what with the other shit happening in this world that's actually of consequence.

1/19/2009 2:32:24 AM


"Homosexuality is wrong. It is a sin."

Gee, I'm sure you've got no sins, keep throwing those stones. The average person 'sins' a dozen times a day atleast, probably several times more for the hateful asses of RR.
Reverend Lovejoy: Marge have you ever really read this thing? technically where not allowed to go to the bathroom.

1/19/2009 2:56:35 AM


Blaspheming against God is also considered a sin, but that's still legal, as are many things the Bible riles against.

1/19/2009 2:58:17 AM

Porky Pine


1/19/2009 3:23:06 AM


That's a nice dichotomy you've got there, but I think it might be false.

1/19/2009 3:28:47 AM


God says that eating shellfish is wrong. He also said that we are free to eat of any fruit or animal.

I wouldn't put much stock into "what God said".

1/19/2009 4:00:25 AM

Because there CANNOT BE a consenting and knowledgeable minor, you dumb cunt! It's like a consenting and knowledgeable household pet. Doesn't fucking happen. And I don't want to hear any arguments from any teenagers, when you're my age you'll feel the same way.

1/19/2009 4:03:12 AM


Morality has always evolved over time. And it always will. Get with the fucking program. Secular America is going to drag your asses into this new moral era whether you like it or not. We succeeded with slavery, womens rights, and interracial marriage, we'll succeed with this too. Suck it up.

1/19/2009 4:03:18 AM

Doctor Whom

Do you have any idea of what your own holy book says about polygamy or about the age of consent? Didn't think so.

1/19/2009 4:33:42 AM


Fail in three sentence fragments.

Oh, and minors are, by virtue of their age and maturity level, unable to legally render consent to, well, ANYTHING.

Two (wo)men of legal age, on the other hand...

1/19/2009 4:54:17 AM


Word count: 253 words.
Occurence of (Homo)sexual*: 17 times

Sex-to-word-ratio: 6.7%

I would suggest someone is a bit preoccupied by a certain topic.

1/19/2009 5:41:15 AM


Your god does say a lot of asinine things. Could it possibly be that you and he are total assholes?

1/19/2009 6:10:26 AM


"Freedom of religion is their right" ... as long as it doesn't say homosexuality isn't so bad, eh?

1/19/2009 6:59:16 AM



1/19/2009 7:43:11 AM

I am just commenting to say that I LOVE the submitter's user name.

1/19/2009 7:45:09 AM

Pule Thamex

The bible is immoral and unethical. How convenient for you?

1/19/2009 8:42:30 AM

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