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[To those who think religion is the only way to receive morals.?]

Christianity is where we get our morales. muslim is false and therefore their morales are corrupt. Christian morales are everywhere in the US, even some of the laws are based on them. so your question is null since muslims have a false doctrine and therefore their morales are misconstrude.

True Christian Woman, yahoo crazies 21 Comments [1/31/2009 4:54:54 PM]
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Submitted By: CaseAgainstFaith

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Seen worse.

2/1/2009 12:56:30 PM


Completely wrong but sadly I can also state "seen worse"

They've gotta knock the stupid outta the ball park to impress us now

2/1/2009 2:44:09 PM


It types, therefore it blathers.

2/1/2009 2:46:42 PM


I don't morales is in the dictionary. There is, however, a Morales, TX.

2/1/2009 3:57:33 PM

Darwin's Bullfrog

muslim is false

Muslim? There's only one?

Are people really fighting a War on Terror against one guy? And we haven't won yet. He must be some kind frickin' super-Muslim.

I may have to convert to Islam. I'm not messing with this guy.

2/1/2009 6:49:49 PM

Philbert McAdamia

I know a guy named Mario Morales, is it about him?

their morales are misconstrude.

...and scrude, I guess.

2/1/2009 7:18:43 PM

Hawker Hurricane

If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

2/1/2009 7:53:48 PM


There *is* a country where morales really rules: Bolivia.

2/2/2009 2:44:02 PM


Let's hear it for Christian Moronity then.

Miss con Strudel.

2/2/2009 2:59:58 PM

Mr. Creazil

Hey, Ray, were you created by Christianity?

2/2/2009 3:16:11 PM

Dr. Shrinker

I'm going to make a wild guess here and suggest that True Christian Woman has never read the Koran and, in fact, knows absolutely nothing about the Moslem religion.

2/6/2009 4:54:57 PM


Do fundies have something against spellcheck?

2/6/2009 6:03:51 PM


Good thing she's a true Christian woman. If she was one of Mudd's women, she'd be malfunctioning from that logic bomb.

(Okay, one of the female androids from the other episode with Mudd, but it just sounded neater this way.)

2/6/2009 6:41:24 PM


Morales is clearly the family name of this Jesus, the Hispanic gardener that they keep talking about and lusting after.

2/6/2009 7:05:58 PM

clearly it's not the source of literacy, however.

3/4/2009 7:48:29 AM


English isn't your native language, is it? Oh, it is? I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to insult you by suggesting that you were incapable of expressing yourself coherently.

P.S. Your argument sucks.

3/4/2009 12:28:07 PM



4/18/2009 2:20:32 PM

The old "my god has a bigger dick than yours" adage.

4/22/2009 1:18:12 PM

dr y

You are definitely a True Christian Woman. Didn't need no education to learn how to do the housework and please your man!

11/3/2009 8:59:21 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Illiterate shit can't even spell 'morals.'

4/30/2015 3:56:52 AM


Politician Evo Morales.

Boxer Erik Morales.

Baseball player Kendrys Morales.

Juan Gabriel Pareja's role in "The Walking Dead": Morales

The world received these Morales via their parents. No, Lies Christain (No)man, you are the miscons.

And then LC(N) was rude to those educationally superior to him. [/hyper-smartarse]

4/30/2015 5:17:33 AM

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