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.01% chance of death in pregnancy, 100% chance of death in abortion. Hmmmm...

Courthead, BlizzForums 15 Comments [4/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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And we all know that the fetus's life is MUCH more valuable than its mother's.

4/17/2007 5:16:28 AM

Wet Walnuts

The chances of miscarriage are much higher than that, dumbass.

4/17/2007 5:19:23 AM


destorying a blastocyst is not murder, it doesn't have a brain or a heartbeat yet.

4/17/2007 5:46:46 AM


"And we all know that the fetus's life is MUCH more valuable than its mother's"

Of course! But don't forget, it's no longer valuable after it grows up and we get into a war. Then it's okay to ship it off to be killed.

4/2/2008 5:22:06 AM


4/8/2008 10:00:43 PM

You never heard about miscarriage, eh?

3/11/2010 2:55:52 AM


It's more like 25-30 % chance of death in pregnancy, for the fetus. And not all abortions are successful, some fetuses continue growing in the womb, a few of these are allowed to continue to full term, so it's not 100%.

Death for the mother due to pregnancies is another thing. On the world congress "Women Deliver" in London in 2007, scientists from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden presented figures* showing that more than 500 000 women die each years in complications in connection with pregnancy and childbirth, 99% of these deaths occur in developing countries. 3 million children also die as a result of these complications. The largest contributing factor to this is the poor quality in medical care for these women.

3,5 million people (and yes, these are people, not fetuses) die due to lack of basic medical care. That is cause for a very serious "Hmmmm..."

* Here's a link: http://ki.se/ki/jsp/polopoly.jsp;jsessionid=aG-DQkCaYJS4TV6cnD?l=en&d=2637&a=41560&newsdep=2637

3/11/2010 5:02:28 AM


.01% chance of death in pregnancy,
2 deaths. Mother, and baby to be.

100% chance of death in abortion. Hmmmm...
Yes, the death of the fetus. Who isn't even aware of it's own existence, or capable of feeling pain (hard to feel pain without a functional nervous system...) Yet the mother lives on to reproduce. Hmmmm...

3/11/2010 7:21:02 AM

caustic gnostic

35%+ chance of miscarriage, counting the various different gestational ages and other factors.

3/11/2010 8:26:07 AM

The .01 is, however, an average (or pulled out of a hat, I'm not sure) and doesn't reflect the chances for every single mother-to-be.

5/3/2010 2:49:25 PM


Except if the Walking Uterus dies in pregnancy, the fetus does too, ya schmuck. So it's not life or murder here, it's choosing between one death, and potentially two by your own standards.

5/3/2010 3:26:14 PM

How do you kill something that hasn't been born?

1/9/2013 1:20:44 AM


Actually, there is a 0% chance of death if abortion is done by a qualified doctor.

By the way, the 0.01% chance of death is in the UNITED FUCKING STATES. Where you can get an abortion rather easily. The natural death rate in pregnancy is 1.5%, which is likely what you'd have if abortion was banned outright. Then, you'd still have to take other things into account, like women getting permanently injured from untreated miscarriages and stuff.
Also, are you telling me that the lives of the 0.01%/1.5% are worth nothing?

1/9/2013 8:48:52 AM

In an early abortion, you kill about as many cells as you kill when you shave. Which might be why the Bible frowns upon cutting the hair and beard. It does not frown upon intentionally making "the fruit depart" from a woman, though.

1/9/2013 9:59:28 AM

extopic prgnancy, close to 100% chnace of death of the fetus and better than 50% for the mother

1/9/2013 12:32:26 PM

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