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Just because women have learned to read and write and become well familiar with the law doesn't give them the authority to teach. God said it was a shame for women to speak in church. Are you saying just because women have become equal with men then God has changed His mind? God doesn't change His mind. He is the same always. Furthermore there is no verse in the Bible that gives women authority to teach even when circumstances change.

That's just the way it is.

Livin'4Christ, POD Warrior Forum 18 Comments [10/1/2002 12:00:00 AM]
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IT WAS NO GOD. It was A PARTICULAR OPINION OF A PARTICULAR MAN, called Paul of Tarsus, called Timothy, BUT NOT GOD.

9/10/2006 8:02:53 PM

David D.G.

\"God doesn't change His mind. He is the same always.\"

Funny, I seem to recall God being woefully inconsistent. If nothing else, there's that bit of sending some guy named Jesus to say that a lot of the rules no longer apply.

~David D.G.

9/10/2006 10:27:23 PM

Princess Rot

Just because you have a penis and have learnt to speak does not give YOU the right to tell the rest of the world how it should live. Sheesh. :eyeroll:

3/2/2008 3:37:28 PM

Tomby Stone

So, Livin'4Christ. Would you rather have been the one holding that filthy blasphemer Jesus down or the one hammering in the nails ??

3/2/2008 5:14:24 PM


Levitican Law? Pork? Shellfish? Polyblend?

3/2/2008 6:22:00 PM


God doesn't change his mind? Really.

Then, why don't we stone homosexuals?
Why is divorce legal?
Why do we eat pork?
Why don't rape victims have to marry their attackers?
Why isn't slavery still legal?

Unless, you think God didn't change his mind on all that either and that we should still be following it. I hope that's not what you think.

3/2/2008 7:09:58 PM

Funny, God said nothing about computers. Why are you using one, then?

3/3/2008 12:18:45 AM


How many more reasons do you need to rid yourself of that book? If it was a cookbook every recipe would fail and you'd keep refering to it?

3/3/2008 3:03:55 PM

T. McGee

Funny, I always thought that Deborah was a gal's name.

Although maybe "judging/leading" isn't synonomous with "teaching."

7/22/2008 11:59:05 PM


Gods and Bibles were invented by man for to have power over women.
If you actually saw a correctly translated ancient text you would se it was a crock of shit from the start.
BTW, it's been my job for 57 years and why I've been an atheist for the last 12 years.
What appalls me is that I was fooled for the first 61 years of my life by this shit.

7/23/2008 2:03:32 PM


I do my speaking in a university.

7/23/2008 2:21:03 PM

Philbert McAdamia

So God has "resolve"... just like Bush. (A head like a bucket of Portland cement.)

"If you admit you are wrong when you are, then you are all right with me."_________________Anon?

7/23/2008 2:39:23 PM


Please die.

7/24/2008 5:04:20 PM

Wait, are you telling me that Timothy and Paul are now God?. Please, you can´t be serious about not knowing the difference between an opinion contained in a letter and God.

8/13/2009 4:33:39 AM

Well, Paul has changed, apparently, his mind in many liturgical aspects INCLUDING THE CELIBACY QUESTION.

12/27/2009 7:40:51 AM


God seems to be changing all the time. The God of the Old Testament is not the same as the one in the New Testament. The God of the Torah is not the same as the God in the Book of Mormon.

Most religious people think that God is thinking the way they are thinking. But as all people think slightly differently, they can't all be right. Or, God is changing all the time.

12/27/2009 7:46:58 AM


God never changes his mind? Then go build an altar and sacrifice some animals, pronto!

4/6/2010 8:26:51 PM


God doesn't change His mind. He is the same always.
Then why aren't you burning down Red Lobsters and Barber Shops?

4/6/2010 9:19:11 PM

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