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(RE: Divorce, in response the question, "What if one spouse is abusive? Towards the other spouse AND the kids?")

1 Cor. 7:10-11 And unto the married I command, yet not I, but the Lord, Let not the wife depart from her husband: but and if she depart, let her remain unmarried, or be reconciled to her husband: and let not the husband put away his wife.

What can I say? We do not have to be treated kindly to stay with our spouse. We can endure some hardship. But if you or the children are really in danger, find another place to stay until things can be worked out. You are not to leave your husband, and if you must be apart for a time, always be ready for reconciliation. Living apart because of danger is not necessarily Leaving your husband, I don't think. But again, we can meekly endure some things, we don't need to seek escape simply because he is unkind in speech or action.

I hope I was clear here. There is an epidemic of wives leaving their husbands when the Bible plainly says, Let not the wife depart from her husband. Put your full trust in Jesus, surrender everything and every situation to him and let him teach you. If you want to obey Jesus, he will make a way for you, If you want a loophole, well, there are plenty.

Joanna, Obedient to my Husband 88 Comments [8/26/2011 3:59:34 PM]
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What if the husband is abused and he wants to leave?

8/26/2011 4:02:13 PM


Why do you hate yourself, Joanna?

8/26/2011 4:02:16 PM

Joanna, fuck you.

8/26/2011 4:04:57 PM


So it's okay to stick by your man and end up dead, depressed or any number of horrible things? And to leave your children in a hostile environment? No words.... Just pissed and sad!

8/26/2011 4:05:58 PM

I think she missed the part in which she can remind unmarried if she wishes.

8/26/2011 4:07:39 PM


Wow, someone has really bought into the self-hate of the christian woman!

8/26/2011 4:08:11 PM


I simply cannot mark this as WTF because this is ominously tragic.

This woman needs help. Any time now, her husband may do her wrong (if he hasn't already done so) and she will tell herself and the children that they can't leave him because that evil old book tells them not to.

Someone, talk to her about the real world.

8/26/2011 4:16:25 PM

Old Viking

Sounds reasonably sane to me.

8/26/2011 4:21:14 PM


Jesus never said any such thing. Corinthians was written by Paul, a hate-filled, sexually dysfunction celibate, who frequently made up crap himself based on his own pecksniffing prejudices that was endorsed neither by Jesus or OT scripture. Fundies never listen to Jesus when they can find something more to their bigoted liking in the ravings of Paul. They're not Christians; their Paulines.

8/26/2011 4:31:44 PM


So in a nutshell, "leave until he promises he won't do it again, then go back. Rinse and repeat." You do realize this isn't a troubled time that will pass? If a man is abusive, he will not stop being abusive without professional help and the want to change. Oh, you don't.

8/26/2011 4:40:26 PM

Dr. Shrinker

"But again, we can meekly endure some things, we don't need to seek escape simply because he is unkind in speech or action."

I have seen women sporting black eyes and broken bones at the hands of their husbands. I personally know one who was shot (non-fatally) by her husband. I know of another woman who was blinded by her husband. According to national crime statistics, women and children are more likely to be killed by an abusive husband or boyfriend than by a stranger.

Pardon me, but I think such behavior warrants a slightly stronger description than, "unkind."

8/26/2011 4:44:16 PM


Yes, and the one's following that advise wind up dead.

8/26/2011 4:50:28 PM


The Bible also says not to eat shellfish or wear mixed fabrics. Even fundies ignore those parts. Would it hurt to ignore the divorce part(s) as well? It doesn't hurt that fundies have higher divorce rates than non-fundies anyway. If anything's an epidemic, it's fundyism.

8/26/2011 4:56:09 PM


Mark 9:42:
"And if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone tied around his neck."

Overwhelming evidence shows that children who are raised in abusive homes have a much greater tendency to become abusive themselves. By not removing children from such an environment you are passively condoning it, and inviting the wrath of god on you, so says your own holy book.

8/26/2011 4:57:13 PM



If you're happy and you know it...shake you chains!

8/26/2011 5:39:37 PM


the Bible plainly says

One of the best parts of being an atheist is that you don't have to give a shit about what the Bible says.

You answer phrases like that with a big "so what?"

If the Christians really want to believe that crap, it's their own fault. Nobody's forcing them to be Christian.

8/26/2011 5:43:22 PM

I sincerely hope that this is just some unpleasant 15 year old boy who's been rejected a thousand times for being a douche.

8/26/2011 5:44:12 PM


geez.... stockholm syndrome looks good in comparison, and that's pretty friggin' creepy as it is. Joanna, please, for the sake of humanity's equality, remove yourself and your ilk from the gene pool post-haste, preferrably in a spectacularly stupid and entertaining fashion, so that the rest of humans may youtube it and see a person who fails human relations fail life as well.

kisses and hugs, go die,
yours faithlessly,

random happycore metalhead

8/26/2011 6:01:49 PM

Raised by Horses

Bible-induced Stockholm Syndrome? That's just ugly.

And still, there are people who claim that religion is worth preserving.

8/26/2011 6:15:55 PM

Brendan Rizzo

The name of this website sounds very ominous. It looks like we have a Dominionist group on our hands again. Only fascist Dominionists insist on women always being obedient to men.

8/26/2011 6:26:26 PM

The Jamo

Yeah, you can do that, or you can opt to have some dignity and self-respect, and leave the bastard. In the end it's really up to you and how highly you value the quality of your life and emotional health. Each to their own.

8/26/2011 6:39:41 PM


What is this? What is wrong with these people?

8/26/2011 6:40:51 PM


What an absolute load of horse shit.
So women who are slapped around are supposed to stay with their abusers because the fucking Bible says so?!
Are you trying to prove it was written by a bunch of patriarchal Middle-Eastern morons, because it's working.

8/26/2011 6:45:58 PM


I recognize that head scarf, and outfits some of the other blog followers are wearing. She's from that weird Anabaptist sect in Missouri that we sometimes see at the farmers markets in KC. They make awesome cinnamon rolls, but I had no idea their beliefs were that fucked up. Technically, she's not even supposed to be on the internet. Bad little Mennonite!!

And in a later post she blames the victim, saying it's their own fault for not being submissive enough. All the Amish and Mennonite groups, in our region at least, believe this. I've seen more than one Amish woman in Missouri with a bruised up face. No wonder they all walk around with their heads down, wearing those big bonnets and often sunglasses. It's sad, really. I used to love visiting Amish communities, thinking they were so quaint and peaceful. I know better now.

8/26/2011 6:57:57 PM

TB Tabby

There is an epidemic of wives leaving their husbands when the Bible plainly says, Let not the wife depart from her husband.

Let the husbands stop being abusive dicks, then. Any command that forces people to stay in a relationship that could lead to them being murdered is not a command worth following. And if you're so keen on doing whatever the Bible says because it's what the Bible says, when are you going to sell all your possessions and give the money to the poor, as commanded in Luke 12:33 and Matthew 19:21?

8/26/2011 7:02:11 PM

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