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At least three people in London with HIV have died after they stopped taking life saving drugs on the advice of their Evangelical Christian pastors.

The women died after attending churches in London where they were encouraged to stop taking the antiretroviral drugs in the belief that God would heal them, their friends and a leading HIV doctor said.

...Jane Iwu, 48, from Newham, east London, described one case, saying: "I know of a friend who had been to a pastor. She told her to stop taking her medication - that God is a healer and has healed her."

"This lady believed it. She stopped taking her medication. She passed away," said Ms Iwu, who has HIV herself.

.. the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN), which has UK headquarters in Southwark, south London, may be one of those involved in such practices.

The church is headed by Pastor T B Joshua, Nigeria's third richest clergyman, according to a recent Forbes richlist.

When approached by BBC London, leaders of the church described themselves as Evangelical Christian pastors.

The church's website, which was set up in Lagos, Nigeria, shows photos of people the church claims have been "cured" of HIV through prayer.

In one example, the church's website claims: "Mrs Badmus proudly displays her two different medical records confirming she is 100% free from HIV-Aids following the prayer of Pastor T B Joshua."

"HIV-Aids healing" is listed on the church's website among "miracles" it says it can perform.

"Cancer healing" and "baby miracles" are also advertised.

SCOAN, BBC News 68 Comments [10/30/2011 4:46:08 AM]
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Mister Spak

Atheist drugs 3 God 0

10/26/2011 1:11:23 PM


fucking vultures - your own bible mentions rich clergy, maybe you should read it sometime.

10/30/2011 4:55:26 AM


Can't those motherfuckers be brought up on fucking charges??

10/30/2011 5:10:20 AM


Can't they be charged for giving medical advice since they aren't medical professionals?

10/30/2011 5:12:25 AM


I say we give all those cunt pastors HIV, see how they deal with it.

Not kidding, either.

10/30/2011 5:17:13 AM


This is what ignorance can do to people. Not so harmless now, is it?

10/30/2011 5:31:46 AM


I don't get why anyone would take faith healing seriously.

10/30/2011 5:48:46 AM

Street Sharks


Because when you are dying you become desperate.

10/30/2011 6:03:20 AM



10/30/2011 6:23:13 AM


They should be brought up on charges!!

10/30/2011 6:25:18 AM


These pastors are utter scum. They are killing people to further their own self-aggrandisement.

10/30/2011 6:28:51 AM


To paraphrase P.T. Barnum, there's one born-again every minute.
It's natural de-selection at work.

10/30/2011 6:29:27 AM


As horrible as I think the church officials are- no one put a gun to these three people's heads and forced them to stop taking their meds.

I'm not a big fan of punishing people for the idiocy of others.

10/30/2011 6:30:11 AM

Percy Q. Shunn

And when the patient eventually perishes?

"Sometimes, god's answer is 'no'."

What kind of a moron actually believes this fucking horseshit?

10/30/2011 6:51:47 AM

Godless heathen

Advertising miracles is just selling false hope. It's sick that people do it, and tragic, that in what is supposed to be an enlightened and modern country, that people fall for it.

An anagram : evangelist - evil's agent

10/30/2011 7:02:56 AM

If there's a bright side to this, it's that this story will discourage others from joining the church (especially those who do a Google search on out), and will plant seeds of doubt in the mind of current members. They may not leave the church today, but they will start to question, and once they've had a couple years to rebuild their worldview, they may flee.

Of course, it's very regrettable what happened to these women, and also regrettable that people usually have to die or get raped before most people will question the psychos that run their churches.

10/30/2011 7:11:53 AM

@PWEOTWEB I don't see anything funny about implying you want to rape the members of this church. That makes you no better than them.

To echo what someone else said, they didn't put a gun to the womens heads - they just made the idiotic suggestion. It's like if someone tells to jump off a bridge, unfortunate if you do it, but no one made you.

10/30/2011 7:17:50 AM


This makes me rather sad that someone in today's world of knowledge call fall for something like this. But people do do things that seem really stupid in desperation. And what can be more desperate then having Aids.

10/30/2011 7:29:30 AM


Weren't they previously the Synagogue Church of All Mankind?

10/30/2011 7:52:22 AM


I would make some snark about natural selection, but brainwashing is a powerful thing that can cripple the minds of even extremely intelligent people. Knowing how to spot and avoid brainwashing is not something that comes to us instinctively, and it's rarely taught to the people who most need it.

10/30/2011 8:02:13 AM


Now, I wonder why these pastors who claim to possess these so-called 'miracle healing' powers, aren't hammering off it's hinges the doors of James Randi's JREF, to claim his $1 million...?

[/Doug Piranha-levels of sarcasm]

10/30/2011 8:07:25 AM


I was never able to understand this mindset, but then, I was raised to believe that God chose to heal people by allowing us to create cures and distribute them to people. In other words, people discovered vaccines and medications because that was God's will--for mankind to become caretakers and healers of each other.

These poor people remind me of the woman in a flood who refused other peoples' offers of help because "The Lord will provide." She dies, and God says, "I sent you all those rescue boats--what more did you want?"

10/30/2011 8:13:35 AM


This is murder. Pure and simple.

EDIT: yeah, I know, the victims chose to believe their dumbfuck pastors. But still, this makes me furious.

10/30/2011 8:30:03 AM

This sort of thing needs to be prosecuted as murder.

10/30/2011 8:59:13 AM


Uh huh. If you get better, God performed a miracle. If you die, You didn't prayer enough or properly or you let Satan kill you. Come on, pay ME money. I think I can deliver on that kind of miracle cure.

10/30/2011 9:06:25 AM

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