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[Washington State Legislature has enough votes to legalize same-sex marriage.]

Christine Gregoire, just another pro-abortion, pro-sodomite “catholic”, that should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church. She can take that monkey-looking Cuomo creep from NY State with her. 95% of the land-mass of Washington State is as conservative as hell, but the millions of California transplants which make up socialist King County and surrounding Seattle domimate the politics in the state. And ground control to Gregoire, Cuomo, and the rest of the anti-God creeps that make up the democrat/socialist party there is no such thing as “gay marriage” and never will be. Marriage is between a man and woman, and these liberal anti-God morons will one day have to answer to their maker for mocking the Lord Jesus Christ.
Look for Hussein in tomorrow’s State of the Union address to come out in support of “gay marriage”. Larry Sinclair will be in attendance.

NKP_Vet, Free Republic 52 Comments [1/29/2012 6:27:44 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog

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Feel that Christian LOVE!

1/29/2012 6:39:18 AM


'will one day have to answer to their maker for mocking the Lord Jesus Christ'

God: Not your personal attack dog

It just looks more and more like religion is your own personal revenge fantasy

1/29/2012 7:08:23 AM


The USA has some real problems which are almost universally of its own making. If you think two men or two women kissing is among them, then you deserve to have your citizenship revoked. Or at the very least, step aside and let people with ideas about how to fix the problems (even if those ideas don't work perfectly) give it a try.

1/29/2012 7:08:27 AM

Brendan Rizzo

You were outvoted. GET OVER IT!

1/29/2012 7:09:45 AM


Can you point me to where exactly in the Bible the Lord Jesus Christ condemned homosexuals?
No, you can't because he never said anything against them. He was also one of those liberal socialist creeps you love so much.

1/29/2012 7:23:24 AM

95% of the land-mass of Washington State is as conservative as hell, but the millions of California transplants which make up socialist King County and surrounding Seattle domimate the politics in the state.

If your first statement is true, then your second is only true because you as part of the supposed majority allow it.

But my guess is that the people of Washington state are not the homophobic assholes you want them to be to match your own homophobic asshole view of the world.

1/29/2012 7:25:08 AM

Thinking Allowed

Speaking as a Washington state resident, I'm not too fond of Gregoire, but it has nothing to do with her being as NKP_Vet say. IF he thinks Washington is conservative as hell, then he's not been to southern Idaho.

1/29/2012 7:32:07 AM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

[i]"... 95% of the land-mass of Washington State is as conservative as hell ..."

The land mass might be conservative, but the voters aren't. More often than not, they vote for Democrats in national elections.

So, NKP_Vet is an ignoramus or a liar but most likely both.

1/29/2012 7:35:07 AM


Land mass has political leanings?

1/29/2012 8:10:06 AM

Do these fucks know that marriage predates Abrahamic religions?

1/29/2012 8:27:34 AM

J. James

Somehow I highly doubt that Washington State is, in fact, the most conservative state in the country. Just sayin'.

And it's cute that you think Obama's supposed gay lover would have been at the SOTU address- he wasn't. Michelle Obama was. And she had a really pretty dress too.

Good job, Washington State, for fighting for equality. This is the civil rights struggle of our time. Don't let history look back on you poorly!

1/29/2012 8:37:24 AM


So, we lost against Dubya, and you smile smugly telling us to grin and bear it, because the God-Appointed lord of the land sayeth, do we must doeth.

You lose here, and you stomp your feet, sulk and threaten to hold your breath until your face turns blue.

Poor, poor baby.

1/29/2012 9:00:57 AM

Huckster Sam

Huh, so NKP admits that hell is conservative.

Veeeeerrry iiiiiinteresting.

1/29/2012 9:12:25 AM

Doubting Thomas

Feel those tears of impotent rage! Loving every minute of it. How does it feel now for once to be in the minority? Politicians have been pushing pro-Christianity measures through for years. Now that the conservitards don't get their way everywhere, they're lashing out impotently over the internet. It's great to see "anti-God" legislation finally be proposed.

What is it you right-wingers always say whenever someone complains about pro-conservative legislation? Oh yeah, "Majority rules, if you don't like it, then get out of the country."

1/29/2012 9:21:58 AM


Time to call the...

1/29/2012 9:42:27 AM


"95% of the land-mass of Washington State is as conservative as hell."

The agricultural plants and cows that reside on all that land mass can't vote, however.

Being originally from WA, i have heard the complaint from predominantly rural Eastern WA that the more populated and Seattle- and Olympia-influenced Western WA gets to make all the decisions. It tends to go towards "but WE have more of the land!" as a reason why they should have more say than they do. I suspect this is a variation on that.

1/29/2012 9:51:13 AM

Philbert McAdamia

@ Berny
Can you point me to where exactly in the Bible the Lord Jesus Christ condemned homosexuals?

It wasn't "fags" that J-boy supposedly hated - it was FIGS. Spelling is beyond the ken of fundies. Remember when he attacked the fig tree? Reminds me of when Laurel & Hardy tried to sell a christmas tree to Jimmy Finlayson.

1/29/2012 9:59:58 AM


Yes, King County does tend to "domimate" Washington State politics because that is where the population is concentrated. The landmass doesn't vote, the people do. Also, how the hell does Seattle surround King County? This person desperately needs a map.

1/29/2012 10:14:04 AM


I don't think anyone cares if 95 percent of the landmass is conservative. It's the population that matters.

1/29/2012 10:17:45 AM


Marriage is one man/ one woman. Except in the Bible.Where it is one man and many women.

1/29/2012 10:21:28 AM


Just the standard Freeper Vitriol, nothing to see here.

1/29/2012 10:54:14 AM

He Who Doubts

Ya know I'm somewhat glad that WA gets this kind of attention. I live in the state capitol so I can certainly speak to the claims of these idiots. It's true King County pulls the voting weight but it definitely isn't some sequestered political fringe compared with the remainder of the state; it comprises 28% of the population. The people here voted for the Democratic presidential candidate eight out of 13 times in the last 52 years. It's also true that we have a high percentage of irreligious citizens; 25% at last count, which is the second highest in percentages behind Colorado. What isn't true is this crap about "California transplants" and socialist parties, and people who are necessarily "anti-God". I won't legitimize your ridiculous use of the name Hussein, but I will express my hope that Obama supports LGBT rights at every turn. There is such a thing as gay marriage, even if NKP_Vet wants to childishly deny it.

1/29/2012 11:37:16 AM

Conrad sigma

Being that I live in eastern Washington myself. It's not a conservative as you would think, for some reason there are a lot of conservative older folks that move and live in the eastern side. And the younger people don't usually vote because they hate both sides but lean left.

1/29/2012 11:44:38 AM


I am old enough to vote this time, Conrad sigma. :)

Also, your analogy makes sense. I don't like that the left is too weak to stand up to the right. Also, I believe a lot of Democrats and Republicans alike should be voted out of office for supporting SOPA to the end (I will give the bailers another chance). Harry Reid had my support up until that point. Same with McCain. He was one of my favorite GOPs until then.

It is time for the GOP to realize that most Americans don't want a "Christian nation". Time and time again, Christian nations ended badly. Also, being "Christian" used to mean hating blacks. The only reason Norway is doing well is because the state religion has more to do with identity than with Christian politics.

And Islamic nations alone are proof of what will happen if we become a "Christian" nation

1/29/2012 12:02:04 PM


It's passing?


As a gay man living in Oregon, I'll be happy to move up a state to get the equal rights we all, as Americans, deserve. And you fundies can eat it for all I care. Your reign of prejudice is OV-

Oh wait... 43 states still ban gay marriage and DOMA still prevents us from having totally equal rights.

Well, it's still progress...

1/29/2012 12:02:34 PM

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