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M: Those who have been programmed have a locked-in three-year-old mindset which is the core of the programming. Say they’re eighteen or twenty years old and somebody comes up and knows the signal or says the code word to call out the three-year-old core. The person then goes into the three-year-old state to be sodomized, then the sodomites program into their minds what they want to program in, and when that person wakes up they probably don’t even remember that anything happened. Basically, a person reverts back to the three year old to be a total victim to the sodomy.

There are many ramifications of this. If you read the book by Cathy O’Brien, she says that a high-level politician gave her messages to take to the King of Saudi Arabia. The politician would access her sex alter, repeat the message, bring her out of that sex alter, ship her overseas, and when she got there the King would access her sex alter and get the message word for word from the high-level politician and return an answer. That basically is a picture -- she didn’t say it was sodomy but that’s what they do. Sodomy puts them into a trance where you can program in directly to the subconscious memory file without any interference of the conscious mind. Sodomy is what puts the person into that state where you can do it. They might even get them so highly programmed that they can just say the word or repeat the code.

Marion Knox, Whale 36 Comments [5/1/2012 6:06:26 PM]
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Submitted By: zipperback

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, over?

5/1/2012 10:47:46 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

5/2/2012 3:52:49 AM


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Marion who?
Marion knocks out strange fantasies twenty-four and seven.

5/2/2012 4:46:47 AM

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

That is one messed up conspiracy fantasy.

5/2/2012 5:14:32 AM

So...literal mind screw?

5/2/2012 5:29:49 AM

Doubting Thomas


The problem with this conspiracy theory is that there are so many willing sodomy participants I don't think it's really necessary to hypnotize unwilling people into doing it. But every conspiracy theory can easily be cut to shreds by Occam's Razor.

5/2/2012 6:32:07 AM


Transferring secret messages via buttsex? I think I read a fanfiction about that once...

5/2/2012 6:35:09 AM


Transmission of an informational code - the "word virus" - through anal sex was the premise of a William S. Burroughs novel. But he was deliberately being bizarre for the purpose of humor. I suspect Marion here is unintentionally funny.

5/2/2012 7:30:04 AM


Huh... If that's the case, I wonder if all these people being anally probed by aliens are actually some sort of advanced messaging system. Though you'd think a race that's capable of interstellar travel would figure out a more convenient way to tell their friends that Glabnarx is getting a surprise party for their birthday.

5/2/2012 8:48:36 AM


This sounds like the plot of an Oglaf comic.

5/2/2012 8:56:13 AM

Brendan Rizzo

What the frick frack?!

5/2/2012 9:26:20 AM

Power Skunk

Wait, wait, wait...
My ass is the USB hook up to my brain, and some dude's schlong is the thumbdrive?
WTF kind of shit is this?

5/2/2012 9:35:36 AM

Read the whole thing, it's quite fascinating how she tries explaining this very weird idea. I would like to know what she has for inspiration.

5/2/2012 9:40:44 AM


"Most conspiracy theories read like bad sci-fi fanfics, how can I make mine stand out... I know, bad sci-fi slash fic!"

5/2/2012 10:47:34 AM


Wow, it's almost like mobile phones, microdots, steganography, the internet, and encryption programs never happened.

5/2/2012 1:11:02 PM


Ebon, this is beyond whisky tango foxtrot territory... i'm going for a full-on:

0_o 0_0 ¯\(º_o)/¯ dafuq.

incidentally, it's also hilarious

5/2/2012 1:17:39 PM


Human minds are really not that malleable.

5/2/2012 5:55:02 PM

Filin De Blanc

This person is wasted writing insane conspiracy theorist articles - she ought to try her hand at erotic mind control fiction.

5/2/2012 6:57:26 PM


People actually believe this shit.

5/3/2012 2:31:17 AM


Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Marion who?
Marion dull, fantisizon intereston.

5/3/2012 4:18:18 AM


What's a sex alter?

5/3/2012 12:33:37 PM


what did I just read?

5/3/2012 9:12:55 PM

Argle Bargle

5/4/2012 3:39:41 AM


what the hell did I just read? Buttsex telepathy? wouldn't an email suffice?

5/4/2012 6:31:30 AM


i get it...

The Buyer takes on an ominous grey-green color. Fact is his body is making its own junk or equivalent. The Buyer has a steady connection. A Man Within you might say. Or so he thinks. 'I'll just set in my room,' he says. 'Fuck 'em all. Squares on both sides. I am the only complete man in the industry.'

But a yen comes on him like a great black wind through the bones. So the Buyer hunts up a young junky and gives him a paper to make it.

'Oh all right,' the boy says. 'So what you want to make?'

'I just want to rub against you and get fixed.'

'Ugh ... Well all right ... But why cancha just get physical like a human?'

Later the boy is sitting in a Waldorf with two colleagues dunking pound cake. 'Most distasteful thing I ever stand still for,' he says. 'Some way he make himself all soft like a blob of jelly and surround me so nasty. Then he gets well all over like with green slime. So I guess he come to some kinda awful climax ... I come near wigging with that green stuff all over me, and he stink like a old rotten cantaloupe.'

fascinating when the drug-fueled rants of burroughs make more sense than this shit.

5/4/2012 7:55:24 AM

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