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I was told that the title "Brokeback Mountain" connotates gayness because it refers to breaking a back and there is the word mount in mountain and I won't even go further as to what this means in regards to deviant behavior.

So, basically, this title flashed on every marquis and talked about everywhere, is in itself, an abomination.

Isn't the enemy disgustingly clever??

4eversaved, Rapture Ready 35 Comments [1/29/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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I almost pity these people, they seem to see enemies in every shadow.
Then I remember that they probably use that to justify their hatred.

1/29/2006 5:01:12 PM


Yes, we are......

OOPS!I've said too much!

1/29/2006 5:46:29 PM


<<< Isn't the enemy disgustingly clever?? >>>

No, you're just disturbingly paranoid.

1/29/2006 6:21:19 PM


The enemy??? It's a freaking MOVIE. Jesus jumped-up christ on a chariot-driven crutch. [/Stephen King]

1/29/2006 6:33:42 PM


So... is Hollywood the enemy or are the movie theaters? I can't tell.

1/29/2006 6:41:53 PM


Was this copied and pasted from the Landover Baptist film review section?

1/29/2006 6:59:51 PM

Tiny Bulcher

OK, own up. Who's been flashing at marquises again?

1/29/2006 7:14:04 PM


\"I was told...\"

And you're that gullible that you believed every single word of it.

*shakes head*

1/29/2006 7:23:13 PM


>>and I won't even go further as to what this means in regards to deviant behavior.<<

Possibly because it doesn't go any further and you're just trying to make the movie seem \"evil\" with \"subliminal messages\".

I'm so glad I'm free from the idiotic paranoia that religion often brings; I remember when I was like this. Although I was 12 at the time.

1/29/2006 7:57:59 PM


At least the \"enemy\" didn't call it

Humpback mount-him.

I suppose that would have been to obvious.

1/29/2006 8:27:22 PM


For people that claim to hate homosexuality, they sure do go out of their way to constantly think about it.

1/29/2006 8:50:44 PM


\" was told that the title \"Brokeback Mountain\" connotates gayness because it refers to breaking a back and there is the word mount in mountain\"

I, uh, hate to say this but I can (and have) use those terms in a perfectly heterosexual manner. And that's just from a sexual context; leaving the realm of sex, there are plenty of mundane activities that you could use similar terminology without being off base (like, oh, horseback riding?).

1/29/2006 9:10:31 PM


Funny, \"back breaking\" makes me think of hard work or a difficult struggle, but to a fundy it immediately conjures up images of sodomy.

What the hell are these freaks worried about, anyway? By seeing the title on a marquee will the entire population suddenly turn homosexual? Wouldn't that just bring about their desired rapture even sooner?

1/29/2006 9:50:18 PM


The only reason 4eversaved has a problem with the title is because he has thought of climbing brokeback mountain, but is too ashamed.

1/30/2006 12:25:26 AM


\" let's just say that the title is similar to another reference meaning \"not using a condom\".

The above is from later in the thread. This guy hears brokeback mountain and he thinks of riding bareback. Fundies have thier minds in the gutter

1/30/2006 12:28:11 AM


Yanno - you'd think they would be a little more worried about King Kong.

Diane Fossey: [\"Apes are 'people' too!\"]
\"They wanna take our white wimmun.\"
Diane Fossey: [\"Dude exogamy is required to eliminate recessive genes - unhand your sister\"]

1/30/2006 4:00:45 AM


Oh and speaking of PJ movies - who's seen \"Meet the Feebles\"

Sebastians little number

1/30/2006 4:06:47 AM


\"Isn't the enemy disgustingly clever??\"

No, you are not. You are disgustingly stupid and bigoted.

1/30/2006 7:35:17 AM


\"Isn't the enemy disgustingly clever??\"

And he is disgustingly... disgusting.

1/30/2006 4:23:25 PM


Seems to me he has put an awful lot of thought into the title. Obviously a fantasy of his own.

1/30/2006 4:27:07 PM


>>\"Brokeback Mountain\" connotates gayness because it refers to breaking a back<<

I really don't get it.

1/30/2006 4:45:33 PM


and God spelled backwards is dog, so aren't they really trying to say...

1/30/2006 6:46:02 PM


dude, get your hand off it and stop salivating.

1/30/2006 8:17:33 PM


I wish these sorts of people would go see the movie. It might teach them a thing or two about love and the pain that is caused to so many people when a person denies who they are.

1/30/2006 9:25:56 PM


Sierra: That's probably why their pastors have warned them that it's Satanic.

1/30/2006 9:54:18 PM

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