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A common tactic of evolutionists is to stack one bogus argument on top of another and continue this process hoping to bury you in the debris. On examining each argument, you find that not one of them has any value. Since they have no real arguments left, many Evolutionists are even turning to New Age religions.

zionsfriend, Praize Forums 16 Comments [1/31/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Tara Mobley

Funny, that's exactly how I feel about Creationist arguments.

1/31/2006 2:44:35 AM


They're what!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Well I suppose that's one way to look at a mountain of irrefutable evidence.

The \"Stupid\" is strong in this one!!!

1/31/2006 3:52:49 AM


Funny. I must have missed that memo.

1/31/2006 4:32:04 AM


1) I must have missed the part where evolution required atheism.

2) You just described Kent Hovind's argument tactics, as well as nearly every other creationist out there.

1/31/2006 4:39:09 AM


I wonder how this \"New Age religions\" thing was inspired. 'Seems new to me.

1/31/2006 5:02:03 AM


Yes, erm... peace out dudes!

1/31/2006 7:16:09 AM

David D.G.

There goes the pot calling the mirror black again....

~David D.G.

1/31/2006 4:00:05 PM


oh, yeah, pass me the smelly candles, man....

1/31/2006 4:06:48 PM

King Spirula

Actually, evolutionists usually turn to agnostism or atheism. After having had to deal with creationists, they come to believe you would have to be an idiot to follow that religion.

1/31/2006 7:12:37 PM


Were running out of mirrors!!!

1/31/2006 10:13:18 PM


This reminds me of a Chick Tract I once read about the end times and how parallel they were to 1984. Among the \"horrors\" were the fact that the totalitarian regime brought a New Age religious leader into a public school. Do they not realize that religion is suppressed along with nearly all other civil rights in a totalitarian society, that the general belief among those twisted circles is that religion \"draws support away from the State\"?

2/1/2006 2:03:31 PM


Have you discovered the Celestial Teapot?

3/5/2008 11:41:00 PM


A common tactic of creationists is to stack all bogus arguments on top of single book then claim atheist conspiracy when someone points this out.

5/3/2009 5:50:06 AM


Sounds like a common tactic of fundies. Their arguments are the most bogus ones I've ever heard.

5/3/2009 8:01:37 AM


The sheer amount of denial and projection is hilarious.

5/3/2009 8:26:16 AM


Oh, really?

7/27/2009 4:10:58 AM

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