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“Gay pride” necessitates anti-Christian hate. It must. “Gay marriage” and other “sexual orientation”-based laws do violence to freedom and truth. They are the hammer with which the postmodern left intends to bludgeon bloody religious liberty and the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic.

Matt Barber, Town Hall 90 Comments [4/19/2013 3:49:45 AM]
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Pretentious twat.

4/19/2013 4:01:22 AM

Broton of Loch Ness

"“Gay marriage” and other “sexual orientation”-based laws do violence to freedom and truth. They are the hammer with which the postmodern left intends to bludgeon bloody religious liberty and the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic."


Sorry but I'm not in a reasonable mood today. The Judeo-Christian sexual ethic is a contradiction in terms.

4/19/2013 4:11:26 AM


These professional victims would be depressing if they weren't so hilarious.

4/19/2013 4:25:16 AM

Arctic Knight

Only a sick and twisted mind can see ensuring equal freedoms for all as an assault on freedom. When you do that, your argument in invalidated and you have no credibility.

4/19/2013 4:28:04 AM


He has no idea what those words mean, does he?

4/19/2013 4:33:23 AM


For 865,394,838th time, freedom does not only apply to Christians.

4/19/2013 4:41:47 AM


How is it your religious liberty to control my penis?

4/19/2013 4:55:24 AM

Doubting Thomas

Dear Christians:

It's not always all about you.

The rest of the world

4/19/2013 5:32:33 AM

Loki The Strange

I don't hate you because you're Christian. I hate you because you're a bigoted douchebag. If you would leave us alone, we'd leave you alone. Is that so hard to understand?

4/19/2013 5:40:20 AM


I know this is a shocking concept Matt, but did it ever occur to you that ITS NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU?!?

4/19/2013 6:24:01 AM


What sexual ethic might this be? The 'ethic' which demands that your mythology should give you the right to dictate how other people should fuck? Dream on.

4/19/2013 6:54:39 AM

Liberal Christian

Oh shut the fuck up. Gays by and large do NOT hate Christians though they have every reason to. There is no attack on your religious liberties.

4/19/2013 7:04:39 AM

He Who Doubts

There's no such thing as a Judeo-Christian sexual ethic, only a questionable set of Judeo-Christian values on the matter. None of the other bullshit in this post deserves an answer.

4/19/2013 7:17:42 AM

Mystik Spiral

That explains all the gay Christians out there, doesn't it, you fat fuck? While it has always been a mystery to me WHY any gay person would want to be a Christian, that's their business, not mine. See how that works? STFU already.

4/19/2013 7:31:32 AM


Have you ever stopped to think that maybe the Judeo-Christian sexual ethic is the problem? Not just vis a vis issues concerning homosexuality but also divorce, misogyny, "rape culture", and objectification in general.

You should read Dr Darrel Ray's excellent "Sex and God: How Religion Distorts Sexuality"

4/19/2013 7:37:28 AM

Except for the Christians who support Gay Pride. But then again if you mentioned them you'd just diminish your already stupid point.

4/19/2013 7:40:43 AM

Joe Mama

I think you have it turned around. Christian anti-gay hate necessitated gay pride. There would be no need for gay pride parades if Christians hadn't tried holding the closet door shut.

4/19/2013 8:16:45 AM


For the eleventy jillionth time, not being able to persecute others is not persecution.

4/19/2013 8:29:13 AM


Waaaah! Heterosexual marriage oppresses my freedom of religion. I belong to the second church of Diana and we don't like men. See how it can work the other way jackass!

4/19/2013 8:34:13 AM


I'm really having trouble understanding this attitude.

No one is asking these people to give up their religious beliefs and practices. No one is asking them to change their ethics. They are perfectly free to continue to view homosexuality as evil.

But what they are not entitled to do is force that opinion onto the rest of society if the rest of society disagrees.

They also must accept that others, who think their attitude is bat-shit crazy, are free to exercise their right to criticize them.

These folks want more than religious freedom. They want everyone else to accept their religious viewpoint. Sorry, but it doesn't work that way.

4/19/2013 9:00:23 AM


A lot of gays are Christians (or were until they where vilified and ostracized for something they were born with and can't change). The original hate comes FROM Christians, stupid. If your kind is hated, beaten up, murdered long enough, you tend to start hating the aggressors in return.

We've had equal marriage laws for a few years now, and what do you know; we still have freedom, liberty and truth.

What Judeo-Christian sexual ethic? That it's OK to rape a girl, as long as you marry her afterwards? That it's OK for a deity to rape a child and place his offspring in her womb? That it's OK to have several wives and concubines? That you should never touch a woman who's menstruating? Have you even read that Bible of yours?

4/19/2013 9:09:50 AM


christianity necessitates anti-gay hate, it must. "organised religion" and other "outdated and bigoted" based laws do violence to freedom and truth. They are the hammer with which the fundamentalist right wing intends to bludgeon bloody human liberty and sexual ethic.
there, fixed it for ya.

4/19/2013 9:34:41 AM


None of us "Leftist Hammer of Doom" people are hammering Christianity nor are we interested in persecuting Christian. Christianity, practiced properly, is a fine religion with it's message of peace, love, forgiveness & charity.

No, the so-called "persecution" is against nuts like you who want to legislate your own prejudices & deranged Old Testament/Demiurgic Shariah into the secular laws of a secular Government. When Jesus said "My Kingdom is not of this world" & "Render unto Caesar the things that are of Caesar's & to God the things that are God's", you were plugging your ears while going "LALALAAAA! OHHH SAAAY CAAAN YOUUUU SEEEE...".

4/19/2013 9:42:53 AM


When your beliefs depend on suppressing others, the should be hammered down

4/19/2013 10:37:30 AM


You're right about the part of religious liberty being bloody part.

4/19/2013 10:37:32 AM

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