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Spirit of rock and roll-subverts your death march with Christ?
The spirit of rock and roll is spoken of in Revelation ch. 9. It gives a perfect image of the Kiss band-The Destroyer tour lasting 5 months from november 1976-april 1977. We know satan to be a great impersonator of God. The Name Kiss means throne in hebrew. It was lit up by Golden lights w/smoke arising to it and the 4 locusts(members of th band) jumping out looking like horses dressed for battle. They had faces of men and teeth like a lion(a member was painted up like a cat with teeth like a lion) and hair like women(to torment women that cut their hair). Upon their heads were as it were crowns of gold(the golden lit spot lights upon them). They had a king over them(Elvis-whose name means cat which in egypt the male cat was linked to the son-god and memphis was the capitol of egypt). They have stings in their tails(tales-songs) which like a scorpion releases nearal toxins which paralyze you and inflict great pain(woe). In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ stay away from it.

David, Yahoo!Answers 49 Comments [3/18/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 44315

Is it just me or is Harry Potter evil? I honestly cannot see how Christians can support that kind of rubbish!

And what's with adults holding onto their copies like it's the holy grail when it's a CHILDREN'S book?!!!!

I mean, COMAAN!!! If I have to see one more 40 year old reading these kids book on a bus or train i'm gonna go stark raving mad!

Tiggie, CF 64 Comments [8/5/2008 11:44:44 PM]
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Submitted By: EnemyPartyII
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Quote# 122803

WARNING: Obama is the anti-Christ!!! NO JOKE!!! The pope is the false prophet. www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZd53ynuyrg!!!!!!!!LOOK AT THIS !!!!!!!!

THEN LOOK AT THE CHART!!! When Israel/Palestine sign a "peace treaty" in Late March (thanks to the United Nations Security Council) THEN #1 WILL BEGIN!!! WW3 SOON AFTER !!!! www.kjvprophecy.com/daniels_70th_week_chart.pdf


Pope says "We need to remember, that we are followers of Jesus Christ. And His life, humanly speaking, ended in failure on the cross" BLASPHEMY!!!! HE DIDN'T FAIL ON THE CROSS!!! HE KNEW HE WAS GOING TO DIE, AND GAVE HIMSELF WILLINGLY!!!

Why would the pope meet with the founders of the 2 largest tech companies, and not disclose what they talked about!??!?!

DrumZ, Christian Forums 17 Comments [12/1/2016 5:29:42 AM]
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Quote# 113345

On another front, while increasing numbers of Americans chafe at the belligerent deportment of the homosexual lobby, and amid the recent revelation that the Department of Defense has been facilitating the homosexual rape of boys at the hands of our proto-simian allies on U.S. military bases in Afghanistan, Obama said during a speech at an LGBT fundraiser in New York City Sunday that “our religious freedom doesn’t grant us the freedom to deny our fellow Americans their constitutional rights.”

Doubling-down again. In addition to the incomprehensible audacity of asserting that the capricious demands of this miniscule faction trumps the free exercise of religion as proscribed in the First Amendment, this is an object lesson in how those on the left employ legalese and constitutional relativism to advance malignant agendas.

Pray tell, what constitutionally guaranteed rights have been denied homosexuals in recent memory? Their perceived “right to marry” is a wholly subjective interpretation of law, and ensuring homosexuals anything under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment is a lube-slathered slope toward their legitimately demanding whatever their perverted little hearts desire in the future. Practical labs in fisting for kindergarteners, anyone?

Erik Rush, WND 28 Comments [10/4/2015 4:56:43 AM]
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Quote# 137783

(=Anti Calvinists according to Adam Ford=)

Man 1: "Wanted to ask you: what do you think about Calvinis-"

Angry looking Anti Calvinist Strawman: "SERVETUS."

*Panel Two*

Man 2: Just finished a great bio of John Calvi-

Anti Calvinist (flinches away): SERVETUS!

*Panel Three: depicting the Anti Calvinist looking more angry typing "Search results for Calvinism" at his computer*

Anti Calvinist (typing furiously): #SERVETUS #SERVETUS #SERVETUS

*Panel Four: the Anti Calvinist is sitting at his TV watching football*

Announcer: What a catch for Detroit Lions #86 Calvin John-

Anti Calvinist (points angrily at his TV): SERVETUS!

*Panel Five: Woman, cat and Anti-Calvinist*

Woman: Hun, did you feed the ca-

Anti-Calvinist (flailing around): SERVETUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSS!!!

Adam Ford, Adam4D 17 Comments [4/10/2018 2:44:52 PM]
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Quote# 14598

[Replying to another poster's opinion that people who not only claim not to be gay, but vehemently hate homosexuals in general, are probably homosexual too]

Your opinion as a homosexual is worthless. You are engaging in criminal, abnormal and sociopathic behaviour and have no credibility. You need to be institutionalized in a facility for the criminally insane.

Gallus07, IMDb 94 Comments [9/5/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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I agree that Obama has had Satanic and demonic assistance to reach the position that he is in. I think that he is a false prophet.

I was really surprised that Hillary Clinton did not get the Democratic nomination. I felt that she had been groomed for a long time to become our next president. However, the powers that be have decided that Obama will probably be the man to take us down the road to the kingdom of the Antichrist.

If he wins the election in November I think that we may be very close to the start of the Tribulation.

ALS6347, Rapture Ready 55 Comments [9/29/2008 2:41:53 PM]
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Quote# 120429

Yes they are still the dominant group in the West, but they're acting like the kid who's beating himself up and becoming increasingly retarded from doing so. This is a result of the regressive liberal brainwashing that have infiltrated their contemporary culture, the majority of whites, in Europe especially, have lost all sense of nationalism and devalue the idea that one should prioritize the welfare and preserve one's own group first. So seeing what they're doing to themselves, can't help it but pity them. More importantly, if they can overcome this rut, then it gives me hope that Asians can as well, once the vast majority of our population are ready to wade through the social-liberalism quagmire, which seems to always follow closely behind a growing middle class and rising living standards.

JCCheapEntertainment, Reddit 10 Comments [7/10/2016 8:38:01 AM]
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Look at that women who was just convicted for killing her children [Andrea Yates, who drowned her kids after thinking Satan would possess them if she didn't]. The excuse they use is the poor little thing was stressed out and over worked. So she did not know what she was doing. She had a post whatever depression, so she should not have to be held accountable. The 'poor little thing' should have cried out to God for help when she found herself in over her head. But instead she went to man for help, and did not find any. Man will let you down, God never will fail us.

JohnR7, Christian Forums 7 Comments [2/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 124367

"These deluded cunts live the most privileged, pampered lives of any group in human history and they go through it thinking they're oppressed."

No the fuck they dont, they understand they are in awesome pioneering unchartered territory in terms of how good they have it, they view the feminists before them like jesus on the cross who died for them the only difference being they get to experience heaven right now. The oppression thing is just a big act to keep things the way they are. They aint that dumb. The enjoy talking oppression because they see it as a fun mental game to put over men and a sure fire way to uphold the current bullshit.
Women think they can be excused for acting like spineless peasants just because theyre female and therefor 'inferior' , but only when it suits them. Best to just put them on dog leads. They will exploit and abuse every opportunity they can because after all theyre not really capable of being honorable of dignified. The arab world understands this. Theyre just slimy slug, ferret, toad fucks in dresses with big mouths and lots of makeup.

chillenyo, r/Incels 16 Comments [2/9/2017 12:51:34 PM]
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Quote# 32303

Knowledge is good or whatever... but when you look at the facts people who are extremely smart have a hard time believing in god but people who are real simple... don't have a problem believing in god, they don't have that big ol' brain to get in the way.

ezekiel316, Youtube 62 Comments [12/13/2007 5:54:14 AM]
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Submitted By: kel
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Quote# 46039

The danger seems to be that by implying any comminality with Islam, you grant it legitimacy.

Wally, Rapture Ready 21 Comments [8/28/2008 7:43:53 AM]
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Well My is Cathic and she says and that will burn for that Me I m a Cathic christen and you the lowest thing below magets and pooppoo and when your burn i won,t piss on you to put you but we will all pray you to the lite ,oh wait eminent your on fire so you see the light

BONEs, Yahoo! Answers 50 Comments [2/11/2007 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Kari
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Christianity is my relationship with Jesus, my savior, not a religion... its almost a offensive to be called a religion.


truly free will had messed everything up for us... without free will Adam and Eve would have been perfect which would have made us perfect.

Strawberryomlet, Flyleaffans.com 31 Comments [8/14/2008 4:43:25 PM]
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Quote# 63301

[Re: Obama]

I have thought this for a long time. If he were to be the AC [anti-Christ] (not saying he is), and the AC is a counterfeit of Jesus, then wouldn't he need to have been born of a virgin? We know who is mom is and he claims a dad, but Joseph acted as Jesus' earthly father. What if the birth certificate doesn't name his father?

There are actually guesses that Malcolm X is his father. When you see pictures of the two of them, he actually looks just like him (not a thing like his claimed father). And, Malcolm X was very tall like Obama. His "father" was short and so was his mother. Where did he get that height?

rescuedbyChrist, Rapture Ready 74 Comments [6/17/2009 6:37:29 PM]
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Submitted By: Night Jaguar
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Quote# 5208

[On heaven]If you have ever taken LSD (20 years or so ago when LSD actually existed) you can only imagine how fascinating life will be with (not just a redeemed body) but also a redeemed mind. I can't wait.

Jefferson, TheologyOnline Forums 9 Comments [11/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 110695

If it’s not male-female, it’s not marriage. Common sense.

AskDrBrown, Facebook 52 Comments [7/12/2015 3:58:39 AM]
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Submitted By: Ibuki Mioda
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Quote# 15054

Jesus told Peter he could walk on water. Peter failed for lack of faith.

I once tryed to heal a blind friend. I thought I had the faith.
10 years later an operation restored some of his sight. Maybe I played a part

Gordon b, Rapture Ready 72 Comments [9/17/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 45370

Brand New Bible for the "New Age" (shortened)

"And it came to pass, after several billion years (give or take several hundred million), the sun decided to accidentally throw out Uranus, Pluto, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc., in different sizes at different distances with different atmospheres. In thus doing, it also accidentally threw out an Earth, which (accidentally) formed water and plants out of molten lava. After a few billion years (give or take several hundred million, either way), an accidental combination of elements got together and accidentally formed a genetic code chain that could dictate what kind of life would be produced. Whereupon this accidentally produced a one-celled animal which couldn't produce a two-celled animal (or a three, or four, or five, or six celled, etc., animal).

"And thus it came to pass that over 20,000 species of animals were produced accidentally, to no purpose, and man was one of them. And evolution took the planaria that it had made from a paramecium, and created a jellyfish and brought it to a nonsexed, neuter, hermaphrodite and called it ~woman.~ (Or protozoa, coelenterata, platyhelminthes, or ctenophora: evolution only knows!) And evolution said, 'It is not good for the monkey to be alone. I will make a mate for him.' So it accidentally made 'Lucey' for 'Magic,' and he called her 'Baby' because she was taken out of a monkey.

"And after 6,000 years of killing, cannibalism, torture, murder, embezzlement, fraud, famine, Iying, swearing, cheating, stealing, and killing the monkey (or femur, or tarsier, or whatever) accidentally decided he had 'rights' that came from the spermatophytes, thallophytes, bryophytes, and ptendophytes, so he gave himself the right to cheat, abort, swear, lie, misrepresent, steal, pervert, extort, defraud, torture, and kill and called these rights, 'Civil Rights.'

"Today, at the very pinnacle of creation, the monkey (or 'great ape,' or 'hominoid,' or whatever) is 'the measure of all things.' He verily 'hash arrived.' He now knows why he came into being, accidentally; it was to please himself. At last he hath a goal: to make himself comfortable. In the next seven years, this will be done by perversion, extortion, rape, drug abuse, Iying, swearing, embezzlement, cheating, cannibalism, terrorism, perversion and killing, evolution willing!

"Even so, may the fittest survive! Amen! "

Heaven Bound, RaptureReady 63 Comments [8/20/2008 2:16:23 AM]
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Quote# 9319

Scientists are unable to understand the complexity of blood. They know that it too, has it's own undecipherable communication code. They also know that it is the very essence of life. Many are beginning to even admit that the soul of a person is in the blood, a soul, created by intelligent design, a soul that can only be created... by God!

singtojc, Biblefire.com 32 Comments [2/2/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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