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[Re. the Mecca crane collapse]

Was this an active 911 HAARP event? I suspect it was. Too odd to be believed as anything else other than a Building 7 scenario. Something to start the September and October Illuminati season. We have so much religious activity from Schmita to the Hajj to the Jesuit Mass, one can only guess where the action will happen. I suspect the Levant and US Crescent. We will see.

Puddy Dunne, Coalition of the Obvious 12 Comments [9/15/2015 3:18:08 AM]
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Quote# 128428

Excellent video! As always. I don't know how people can deny that there is a creature called Sasquatch or Bigfoot or whatever someone wants to call it! People are constantly seeing them all over. Eye witnesses?, evidence like the dead deer, footprints in other locations. That's evidence! What more do people want! And, btw, it's the same thing with UFOs, whatever they may be, there is definitely something going on.

Rachel V K, youtube 2 Comments [6/25/2017 6:04:59 AM]
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Intuitive Vaginal Wisdom Rocks Award

Seriously, WTF??

Quote# 127342

Better Sex: Jade Eggs for Your Yoni

From Kegels and the Elvie to vaginal steaming and even laser treatments, we’re not shy here at goop about our interest in keeping our sexual/reproductive systems in optimal health. So when beauty guru/healer/inspiration/friend Shiva Rose started talking about jade eggs, we wanted to hear more.

The strictly guarded secret of Chinese royalty in antiquity—queens and concubines used them to stay in shape for emperors—jade eggs harness the power of energy work, crystal healing, and a Kegel-like physical practice. Fans say regular use increases chi, orgasms, vaginal muscle tone, hormonal balance, and feminine energy in general. Shiva Rose has been practicing with them for about seven years, and raves about the results; we tried them, too, and were so convinced we put them into the goop shop.

Jade eggs’ power to cleanse and clear make them ideal for detox; here, Shiva Rose answers all our questions and shares her jade egg tips for improving your sex life, your cycle, and your overall well-being.

A Q&A with Shiva Rose


How did you learn first about jade eggs?


I learned about the jade egg through the yoga community that I was in, and I sort of went down the rabbit hole of researching the practice—there was not as much information about it then as there is now. But it made intuitive sense to me: The word for our womb, yoni, translates as “sacred place”, and it is a sacred place—it’s where many women access their intuition, their power, and their wisdom. It’s this inner sanctum that we can access when it’s not in use creating life. Sadly most people use it as a psychic trash bin, storing old or negative energy. I see it as a place to celebrate ourselves as sexual, powerful beings, or as mothers, not a place to carry negative or un-dealt-with emotions. I’ve always been into crystals, so learning about jade eggs (which are gems) has been a natural progression for me—this particular jade, nephrite jade, has incredible clearing, cleansing powers. It’s a dark, deep green and very heavy—it’s a great stone for taking away negativity.


What are the benefits?


Jade eggs can help cultivate sexual energy, increase orgasm, balance the cycle, stimulate key reflexology around vaginal walls, tighten and tone, prevent uterine prolapse, increase control of the whole perineum and bladder, develop and clear chi pathways in the body, intensify feminine energy, and invigorate our life force. To name a few!

The jade creates kidney strength—it’s known as jing in Chinese energy, and it’s all about sexual potency, and even beauty—if your hormones are balanced, your skin will look better. It’s a holistic combination of things, where one benefit builds to another. Jade also takes away negativity and cleanses—it’s a very heavy material, very powerful.


What about the tradition, history, and story of it resonated with you?


My imagination goes a little nuts, imagining these concubines in ancient Chinese temples, secretly running the country through the jade eggs! It’s funny, that the eggs started as a way to please the emperors and they turned out to be so empowering for any woman who used them—kept them feeling and looking youthful, connected them to their inner power. They didn’t have things like bioidentical hormones in those days—this was an incredible, secret practice that benefited everybody. I was curious about how the royal families kept it secret for so many eons. I also love the Taoist practice that involves taking in the energy from the egg, imagining energy filtering up through the yoni, up through the spine, out through the top of your head, and a practice of trying to keep that energy above your belly button, like a star of energy for yourself.

Contemporary rituals are great, too: I went to a beautiful women’s forest gathering in Northern California—we did a jade egg ceremony out under the redwoods—it was amazing.


What were your expectations when you tried it? Did you have hopes for it, skepticism, or just an open mind?


I found myself frustrated in the beginning when I didn’t feel things happen right away—it takes around a month of daily use to really start perceiving the results. Now, of course, I miss it if I don’t do it; I’ve become much more sensitive.

I got divorced 8 years ago, then had a break-up after that, so the idea of clearing my energy made a lot of sense to me. I loved the idea that since we use our brain, why not use this area of our body, one that’s about giving life, where we hold so much of our intuition and wisdom?

I didn’t expect it to help with my hormones to the extent that it did: I became much more regular, much more balanced.


Is there an age or type of woman that benefits most?


Once sexually active, women of any age respond to the egg—who doesn’t want their muscles more toned, their libido and lubrication increased, and their hormones balanced? People definitely use them differently—for instance, some women sleep with the egg in, but some women feel too much energy from the egg for that long a stretch. Either way, for any age, the key is regular, daily practice.


What results have you seen? How quickly did they come? Have other results unfolded over time?


After about a month, I really saw a difference in my cycle. I’d had hormone imbalances, and the jade egg made my whole cycle much, much more regular.

One friend said her lover really noticed a (positive) change, and you definitely do discover a lot of positives in that vein! Really, you get better connected to the power within you: We are so powerful as women, and we forget that, and this is a gateway to really get in touch with it. We have this whole space we can access to shift our energy and transform ourselves.

And, this is a weird one, but I sometimes feel people are more attracted to you when you’re carrying a jade egg—my 20-year-old daughter was joking about it one day, we were walking down the street and she was like, “Mom, are you wearing a jade egg?!”


How is it different from say, a regular Kegel practice?


There are similarities; one of the things I learned through this practice, though, is that a lot of women (including me, originally) are doing kegels wrong: It turns out you can overdo it and the Kegels can end up working in reverse! So the idea with the jade egg and Kegels is you need a rest period. You tighten your muscles, of course, but the key is, you then have to relax, fully. In the West, we often have that more-is-more attitude, and we end up not taking the breath we need between the Kegels.

You learn in this practice that the yoni is divided into three floors, the entrance, the middle zone, and the cervix. As you work with the egg, you start to perceive and understand the different zones. You use your finger, and you’ll be able to feel the different floors and the impact the egg practice has on them.


How do we start?


When you first get your egg, boil it for a few minutes to make sure it’s clean. It’s your sacred space, so it’s like making sure your feet are clean when you enter a temple. For me, it’s not just about physical cleansing—you can put it out under the light of a full moon to cleanse or recharge it like a crystal, or you could burn sage—the egg does absorb energy, so really clearing it when you first get it is a great thing to do.

Before I insert an egg, I’ll do a ritual: I place it on a beautiful piece of fabric, light a candle, maybe even burn some sage. For my ritual, I imagine pure light flowing between me and the egg.

Then I think it’s important to set an intention, as you would in meditation, before putting the egg in. It’s first and foremost about clearing energy and cleansing, so your intention could be about releasing past relationships, or medical issues, childbirth—anything.

Specific instructions come with each egg, explaining exactly how to insert it: Use your finger, and don’t get discouraged—remember, it’s a practice. If you stand up and the egg falls out, don’t worry—it’s totally normal. It’s recommended that you start with a medium-size egg, which is heavier. I can only use the medium lying down; I can sleep with it, or I just do the practice lying down. The smaller size is for standing up, but most experts say it’s important to start with the harder one, which is the medium.

Always wrap the egg in silk, keep it clean, and store it on an altar—it should take a sacred place in your life.


Can the egg get stuck or lost?


This is the most common question I get—no, it can’t get lost, but these ones have a hole drilled in them, which you can then thread with unwaxed floss, to make it easier to take out, and to generally ease any anxiety about it—which, I’ll tell you, a lot of people have!


Are there people who shouldn’t use jade eggs?


If you’re on your cycle, don’t use it. If you’re pregnant or use an IUD, it’s super-important to check with your doctor before you use one. Some people say it can be useful in preparing for childbirth, but again, definitely consult a doctor in that situation.


There are specifications about where the egg needs to be from, how it’s been treated—can you explain a bit about that?


The most important thing, just like when you’re buying a crystal, is to be careful where you get it from. Nephrite is a specific type of jade—it’s the most powerful, the most clearing, the traditional one used by women in ancient China, and the best to start with. It comes from Canada or sometimes Australia, and it’s a darker jade, deep green, almost black. The egg will get lighter in color, with use; if you feel like it’s been drained of energy, recharge it in the full moon just the way you would a crystal.

Nephrite jade is associated with cleansing, health, abundance, beauty, longevity, and healing for the heart. Really insist on nephrite jade—there are a lot of imposters and weird stuff on the internet that isn’t even actually jade.

The other egg people will use is rose quartz, which is more gentle, and brings in more love energy. But the jade is the most powerfully cleansing; go with the jade first, always. Then when you’re more practiced, you can use rose quartz to bring in love and heal wounds, in a gentler way.

The views expressed in this article intend to highlight alternative studies and induce conversation. They are the views of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of goop, and are for informational purposes only, even if and to the extent that this article features the advice of physicians and medical practitioners. This article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice.

goop and Shiva Rose, goop 8 Comments [5/21/2017 2:07:32 PM]
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[Did God kill George Micheal for being gay?]

Far more likely the homosexual guy caused it himself, by his own evil decisions!
Scientific studies found out Cell phones are a major cause of many Cancers by1997! How many people are heeding this and staying away from them? Caused by the electricity in them!
Electric Clocks were discovered to be major cause of Cancers to those that slept close to them! 1992! Even killed and aunt of mine!

geessewereabove, Y! answers 5 Comments [12/31/2016 2:33:06 AM]
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Quote# 122960

In July 1947, the only story ever reported stating that the United States' government recovered a flying saucer emerged from Roswell, New Mexico. As with many strange occurrences, this story was quickly hushed and revised to say that the military had found nothing more than a basic weather balloon. Until the 1970s, Roswell had largely disappeared from American folklore until army intelligence officer Jesse Marcel revealed that the military had orchestrated a cover-up for what was definitely an alien spaceship.

Following Marcel's testimony, a flood of eyewitnesses began to emerge. Some saying that they had seen alien bodies, other UFOs, and even autopsies. Some of these accounts were little more than hoaxes, but those coming from army personnel were hard to dispute. As more and more Americans became convinced that Roswell was indeed an elaborate cover-up, the government realized that something had to be said to quiet the masses. In 1995, it released a report saying that what had been recovered was not a weather balloon but rather a crashed surveillance craft from Project Mogul, a secret program designed to spy on the Soviets' nuclear program.

Most skeptics and fringe believers accepted the government's new explanation. However, Roswell's most devoted followers have written off the Project Mogul explanation as just another part of the cover-up, and their reasons are not crazy. Most UFO believers have a hard time convincing themselves that aluminum foil and balsa wood could fool someone into thinking that they had been part of an alien spaceship. Also, the testimony from Marcel reveals that the army had quickly replaced the true debris with junk in order to fool the media.

As with many conspiracies, the hard evidence has long since disappeared but those who were in on it from the beginning remain to tell their stories. Indeed, the government had covered up a UFO crash, and the Project Mogul story doesn't hold water. First, the need for secrecy around the project would not have been needed by the 1950s, so why did the government wait until the 1990s to give its response? Second, the government has yet to provide records that show the launching of such a vehicle and how it went missing around the same time as the UFO crash. Third, aluminum foil is not going to be mistaken for a spaceship.

All of this adds up to something very sinister with the U.S. government, but how does it fit with the Illuminati? There are a few possible explanations. The first is that the NWO could not afford to reveal that superior beings had been in contact with Earth and covered up the crash to prevent people from knowing the truth. If the NWO divulged the true story, it could cause grave peril to its plans to conquer the world. People would be less likely to follow them and look more and more to the skies for leadership. The other explanation is that the Illuminati are in direct contact with an alien race and take their orders directly from these unknown beings.

This idea emerges more and more from popular culture and film. Hollywood has been releasing movies that continue to promote the notion that Earth was originally populated by alien beings who have since left but maintain subtle contact to check on the planet's progress. Movies such as Mission to Mars, Alien vs. Predator, Prometheus, and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull all promote this theory.

Seeing the message promoted in film reveals that the Illuminati are likely in contact with an alien race and receive their orders from them. That explains some of their most cryptic symbolism such as the pyramid, the Eye of Providence, and Masonic symbols. These symbols can also be seen in the films. Alien vs. Predator occurs in a pyramid as does Indiana Jones. It's the pyramid that is the gateway to the alien race. It's the Eye of Providence that represents this species and how they are always watching over us. Through film, the Illuminati are explaining how the system works. The secret order communicates with the aliens and implements their plans. Given the Illuminati's motivations, it's a safe bet that these beings are hostile to Earth. It could also be an explanation as to why the Illuminati participate in Satan worship.

Bruce, Illuminati Watchdog 4 Comments [12/10/2016 11:57:39 AM]
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Quote# 105255

[On a thread where global warming has been brought up]

Yes all studies put forward by scientists who know there are governments prepared to pay huge grants to come up with these theories. The same Governments who want to tax us more for lighting a fire, flying on an aeroplane or driving a car. The developing world do their best to catch up with our industrial revolution and ‘so called’ greenhouse gases are being bellowed out in India and China (and the USA) like never before.
There will be a theory put forward next that the Ice age was caused by farting Dinosaurs.
The Artic / Antarctic sea ice is an interesting phenomena which will ensure the seas level doesn’t rise sufficiently to have the scientists rushing to their boats quicker than you can say Albert Einstein.
As most of you will know, the sea is a bigger ‘carbon sink’ than any man made contrivance, this is largely caused by biomass including plankton sinking to the bottom of the deep oceans away from coastal pollutants.

[bolding for emphasis]

BrianIron, Iron-Bru 3 Comments [12/15/2014 4:05:41 AM]
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Quote# 120440

Dallas police shootings a false flag?

Once again, it looks like they're not even trying to hide it

Gordon Duff just emailed me, opining that the Dallas police shootings were “pure Hebdo.” Read Gordon’s analysis. It supports what guest commentator Christopher Bollyn, Tony Hall and I were just saying a few minutes ago on False Flag Weekly News: While we may understand why black people and others who care about justice would be outraged about this week’s police shootings of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Dylan Noble, and Black Panther leader General Minister Houdari Juelani, the Dallas shootings have the hallmarks of a psy-op.

These rooftop snipers looked like pros, not angry amateurs. They’re reminiscent of the rooftop snipers who recently overthrew the government of Ukraine and unleashed a war on Syria.

Are the same forces trying to destabilize or overthrow the American government? Are they trying to start a race war?

We seem to be witnessing a rebirth of the Operation Gladio “strategy of tension” here in the USA. The bad guys are hammering bloody false-flag wedges into the pre-existing fissures separating various demographic and identitarian groups. The strategy seems to be “controlled chaos.” Keep the people in fear, keep them confused, keep them fighting each other, and then keep right on robbing them with impunity.

We saw them hammering the Orlando false-flag wedge into the split between gays and Muslims (inviting everybody to identify with the gays and wage war on Islam) and to a lesser extent between pro-gun and anti-gun forces. Now they are doing the same thing with black-lives-matter vs. police-lives-matter, with white vs. black, with law-and-order vs. rise-up-against-injustice.

Is Gordon Duff right that this is designed to benefit Trump? That is certainly one possibility – a nightmare possibility. The worst-case-scenario would be Trump riding into absolute power as a 100% dictator with unlimited emergency powers on the back of a huge false flag, say, somebody blowing up the Trump Tower and/or detonating a nuke in an American city.

Were that to happen, Trump’s first two acts would likely be to issue executive orders (1) officially recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of the State of Greater Israel stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates, and (2) mandating the incarceration of Muslims, and anyone who protested the emergency measures, in FEMA camps.

Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today 8 Comments [7/11/2016 3:05:00 AM]
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Quote# 114124


Hello A.I. or govt trolls on this website attacking every post on Chemtrails aka Geoengineering we know you are doing it you spray to make it look like global warming but really we see planes planes spraying us and your experimental drone that looks like a mini space shuttle that controls planets earths atmosphere. Its getting colder and you guys have altered the atmosphere and now you have to spray everyday to cover the shit you fucked up. Tell the people whats really going on with sun and what you have done to your atmosphere and why you are purposely keeping California a drought we know its the TPTB! We Know!!!

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 17 Comments [11/3/2015 3:53:34 AM]
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Quote# 135440

Most people would not credit Adolf Hitler as being one of the founders of Rock N' Roll, but he did play a vital role in bring the confirmed bachelor Jim McCartney and Mary Mohan together.

In June 1940, Papal Irish Jim McCartney and Mary Mohan were forced to spend the night together during one of Hitler's bombing raids over Liverpool harbor.

Mary had a vital position as midwife because Catholics believed that all unbaptised babies went to Limbo.

Beatles' fans can thank Hitler for bringing the couple together!!

Jim was 39-years-old at that time and a confirmed bachelor:

Coincidently, that same night the Third Reich showered Liverpool's busy harbor with bombs, forcing Jim and Mary to spend the night huddled together downstairs. "It was love under duress," Mike McCartney told me in a 1984 interview in Liverpool. "They were together ever after, even until Mum's sad passing." (Giuliano, Blackbird: The Life and Times of Paul McCartney, p. 12).

There is another Beatles connection to Nazi Germany through the Volkswagen Beatle car.

The twins were born on June 18, 1942, in Walton Hospital, Liverpool.

The father was allowed to visit them in hospital because Mary worked there as a nurse.

He was appalled at their condition: all bloody after kicking and punching each other in the womb.

Jim attributed their survival to a Papal "miracle." Remarkably, the authorized biography of the Beatles mentioned nothing about the birth of Michael. He is first introduced as a typical twin fighting with his brother:

Jim had rigged up a set of receivers for each of the boys in bed, as an attempt to get them to bed early, keep them there, and stop them from fighting. They did fight a lot, but not more than most brothers. Michael used to call Paul "fatty" to annoy him. (Davies, The Beatles: The Authorized Biography, p. 26).

Nothing has changed since the days of the fighting twins Jacob and Esau and Romulus and Remus.

Paul was enrolled in Stockton Wood Road Primary school when he was 6, but there is no evidence that Mike ever attended school.

Most likely Mike was mentally handicapped and his father kept him out of sight.

Coincidently, Mary McCartney died of "cancer" on October 31, 1956, and right in the middle of the Suez Canal Crisis.

Mother Mary suffered a very timely death from "cancer" on October 31. 1956. She was only 47-years-old.

Twin brother Mike seemed to disappear about that time also because there are no more photos of him available.

Even in Britain, murder and identity theft is still a crime, and almost everybody in Liverpool knew that Paul McCartney had a twin brother.

Mike McGear was the substitute for Mike McCartney!!

Once a person becomes famous, everybody wants to know about his/her background and family history. The Jewish Messiah Joshua was called illegitimate by his enemies

Before Mr. Lincoln became President, nobody cared about his family history. Once in the White House, his enemies went back to the day he was born to try and find some scandal to discredit him. When John Charles Frémont—the man who saved California for the United States—was running for President, his enemies called him a BASTARD because his parents were not yet married when he was born.

The British Secret Service knew that all 4 Beatles would be under a microscope. A stand in for the missing Mike McCartney was found but he looked nothing like the original.

Around 1962, when the Beatles became famous, it was obvious that reporters would begin investigating their backgrounds.

A substitute for the missing Mike was found but he looked nothing like the real Mike.

A Paul McCartney look-alike did exist but he was reserved for a later assignment.

Nothing is real in Strawberry Fields—the real Paul McCartney could neither read nor write music and he never wrote any songs with John Lennon. Even his own father told him that only the people in London could compose music.


The twin Queen presented a twin Beatle with a medal!!

On October 26, 1965, all 4 Beatles were invited to Buckingham Palace to receive a MBE from twin Lilibet.

Queen Lilibet awarded the 4 Crusaders a medal for their outstanding work in furthering the interests of the Papal British Empire.

To earn that medal, all Paul McCartney had to do was strum his guitar and sing; and follow orders from "Intelligence Officer" George Martin.

Almost all of the "Lennon and McCartney songs" were written by Beatles' boss "Sir" George Martin.

Less than a year later, all 4 Beatles disappeared into San Francisco Bay, and that ended the lunacy that became known as Beatlemania

Patrick Scrivener, Reformation 4 Comments [12/24/2017 9:48:14 AM]
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Quote# 124889

Simple Logic : Earth is Flat

while boating around a "Globe"
GPS would show elevation gain & Loss

It doesn't
you travel in a circle

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 0 Comments [2/25/2017 4:18:13 PM]
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Quote# 24756

["...The two parts shown in those photos are BOTH from and RB-211, the main engines from AA 757...."]

You can plant pieces to engines anywhere. Its not difinitive proof that that was flight 77. PERIOD. A couple of parts do not a plane make...

Zor, Loose Change 1 Comments [4/14/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Quote# 112846

Earth must be flat or you couldn't tie your shoes on R-E.

Gravity on round earth would pull to the center on every single angle all around and why on paper we see water held all around a CGI globe, but those water couldn't flow due to that gravity on such an impossible sphere. The water would remain pulled towards the center thus remaining where they are.

Same for your shoe laces, gravity would render it impossible for you to move your arms or legs, we'd all look like a bunch of stiff-necked people.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 16 Comments [9/16/2015 2:40:18 AM]
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Quote# 86846

I think the videos of Planned Parenthood have really helped to focus and to shed the light on Planned Parenthood because they are the abortion Goliath, I always refer to them as the abortion Goliath, they are the big man on campus, they’re the ones with the lobbyists, they’re getting the government funding, they’re subsidizing their abortions, they’re the ones making the money off all of this. I think the videos are very, very important in exposing their real agenda. You know Planned Parenthood sounds like a nice name, ‘ooh Planned Parenthood, and they’re providing free condoms to me, ooh yay,’ but then when you start peeling back, you know, what’s their method?

We have this new postcard, we make these little flashy postcards and they don’t really give students the answer but they’re there to raise controversy and drive people to our website where they can find out more information. It says, Planned Parenthood’s plan for you: One, give you the lowest ranked condoms that are available on the market today, the lowest ranked by Consumer Reports condoms, so you think Planned Parenthood’s great, they’re giving you bad condoms, then they’re going to give you birth control that can cause breast cancer, they’re going to give you low-dose birth control, and then they’re going to give you an abortion, and this is their plan to make money.

Kristan Hawkins, Right Wing Watch 20 Comments [4/11/2012 3:07:06 AM]
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Quote# 107622

A new CIA super-villain is on the loose, this time in the African nation of Kenya. Move over ISIS, move over Boku Haram, it's time for 'Shabab' to have its 15 minutes of fame. Actually, the group has been around since 2012, but this latest anti-Christian attack (or make-believe attack?) marks its boldest act yet. It's bad news for Kenya. The Slimes reveals:

"Kenya’s tourist industry, one of the pillars of its economy, has been badly damaged by the terrorist attacks, and the bloodshed on Thursday is sure to make things worse. There are also fears that the Shabab’s relentless emphasis on singling out Christians could inflame religious strife in a country already wrestling with tensions between a Muslim minority, which has complained about government persecution, and a Christian majority that increasingly feels under attack."

Sandy Hook style photo-op fakery in Kenya? That 's the same girl being carried by two different men! Same face, same shirt, same under-shirt, same pants, same dirt-stain pattern on left thigh, same shoes. The only change is the bloodless bandage added in the 2nd image.

What could Kenya have possibly done to bring the wrath and subversion of the West's clandestine forces upon itself? Why is Obongo going to Kenya in July? It is said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. So, here are "2,000 words" to consider:

China and Kenya are very close business partners.

The Globalists want Africa to stay backwards and dependent upon them. China's mutually beneficial economic activities on the continent do not fit in with that agenda. That is why Qaddafi of Libya was murdered; that is why Boku Haram is destabilizing Nigeria; that is why the Ebola virus was planted and built into a "crisis"; and that is why Shabab is attacking (or pretending to attack?) Kenya. These false-flag terror attacks are designed to achieve a Trifecta of objectives for the Globo-Zionists:

1- Drive China out of Africa

2- Intimidate Christians

3- Give Muslims a bad name

There has been no shortage of past stories linking the money and influence of the demonic George Soros to the deadly subversion of Kenya. (here) - (here) - (here) It is all so gosh-damn sickening! Soros, the NGO's and the CIA target innocent Christians while Islam takes the blame and Africa descends into chaos.

Western cartoons often mock China's positive influence in Africa.

Mike King, Tomato Bubble 11 Comments [4/6/2015 3:02:26 AM]
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Quote# 107712

No doubt about it Avielle Richman is a non-existent person. This fake entity was used as a part of the scam to achieve gun control over the American people. It was a means of conquest, and the perpetrators are the agents of the Zionist world cabal.

Her real name is Lenie Urbina, a revelation made by one of our posters, PC Geek. Thus, there really was a ‘child loan closet’ at Sandy Hook/Newton which was operated as a means to defraud. This means that both Jennifer Hensel and Jeremy Richman as parents of Avielle Richman are phonies. It also means that all the funds that were collected by such phonies amount to a kind of criminal fraud, as these funds are based upon the existence of a real massacre with the real death of such a girl.

She did not die. She is alive and well, the daughter of Curtis and Michelle Urbina.

Regardless, it is clear that neither Richman nor Hensel are the actual parents of this girl. With the exception of Photoshop corruptions there are no actual photos of the three together. Moreover, an actual photo of Richman alone with the girl is unknown.

Therefore, the Urbina family participated in a criminal act to fake the death of their daughter for means of deception and fraud. It was a part of a plot to undermine the people of this country of their inalienable rights, particularly the right for vigorous self-defense.

Curtis Urbina is a rabid Zionist agent, in fact, so rabid that he would abuse the name face and name of his daughter for a mere lie. It is likely he who caused the nodisinfo.com video to be shut down.

Drkresearch, No Disinfo 7 Comments [4/9/2015 3:27:20 AM]
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Quote# 24671

It is now interesting to note that the WTC complex stored $160 billion of gold and precious metals. Thats a lot of metal, dump trucks worth of gold. In fact a dump truck full of gold was found by the teams at ground zero. Where on earth did this truck come from? Did someone in all the confusion decide to grab a dump truck and somehow manage to fill it with gold before driving off (to under building 5). Out of the $160 billion of gold and precious metals stored only $430 was recovered. I would speculate that tunnel access was organised for the CD team and dump trucks full of explosives were driven in underground over the weekend. Then after the first tower was hit and certain explosions were set off in the basement these very same dump trucks rolled in via the tunnel access to fill up with gold and drive off under building five to who knows? One dump truck was slow or got held up on the way out and the guys driving it bailed out, upwards away from the huge underground charges timed to blow when the south tower collapsed. Sounds like the plot of a James Bond film but the evidence supports it.

Didga1133, Loose Change 6 Comments [4/13/2006 12:00:00 AM]
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Submitted By: Gravy
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OMG I just got a message from Glenn Beck’s Website that the Comments Section has been closed and that my account is restricted.

What was my crime?

Posting links to Birther related articles and telling the truth.


This is what HYPOCRISY looks like!

Bloodless Coup, Moonbattery 20 Comments [3/13/2012 3:28:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Rabbit of Caerbannog
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Bernie Sanders disappointed a lot of people. He promised to take his fight all the way to the convention, but he cut loose, told everyone to vote for Hillary, and left all of his supporters hanging. Many people who don't even bother with the political process anymore listened to Bernie's words, became hopeful, donated their nickels and dimes, volunteered much of their time at different events, and then got screwed. My husband and I will be voting for Donald Trump. We will gnaw our feet off before we ever cast a vote for Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders has no idea how much he has discouraged people. And then he expects us to cheer Hillary Clinton on after he jumps ship? I don't think so. And the same can be said for the Democratic party. The people wanted Bernie, not Hillary, but because of the corrupt super delegate system, the will of the people was squashed. This is not what democracy is supposed to look like. If only a handful of people are going to decide who gets votes in the end, why bother having a primary election? My husband and I are registered Republicans, but we believed in Bernie Sanders' message. We contributed to his campaign financially again and again. We wanted him to win because we are convinced that the establishment politicians have completely lost touch with what the American people are living with and dealing with and facing day in and day out. Now that Bernie is out, we will be casting our vote for Donald Trump.

Olive Bowtie, Heatstreet 13 Comments [8/2/2016 3:14:40 AM]
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Strange, you never hear about the atrocities committed by the Japanese and Uncle Joe Stalin during the war; all you hear are the ones that were committed by Hitler.

Simon Legree, Stormfront 11 Comments [7/24/2015 3:15:33 AM]
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Nuclear Fission is a Fraud

OK, no retards allowed - this is not a retard thread!

These are my GLP-level reasons for stating this, and I would like to see if anyone can scientifically demonstrate otherwise:

1. If nuclear FUSION is possible, and it is - that is how much of the Helium is created in the universe - part of the Sun's energy (the other part is Hydrogen->Hydrino transitions), then by definition, nuclear FISSION energy is IMPOSSIBLE! You can't have it both ways. Either energy is released from splitting nuclei, or energy is released from fusing nuclei, but you can't have it both ways! Just as you can't get energy out of a spring from both compressing it and decompressing it. Just basic physics, common sense.

2. You will NEVER EVER EVER see anyone taking some U235 rods and make a bucket of water boil. I guarantee, this will never happen - you will never even see a scientific demonstration of even the smallest amount of U235 generating any heat in any fashion at all. It simply will not happen. It has never happened. And why not? There is no reason other than it just can't be done. And that is also why you will never find a serious scientific Journal of Nuclear Physics (concerning energy, not just atomic reactions).

3. All nuclear weapons are a hoax - you will NEVER EVER EVER see any real evidence of a nuclear explosion - all "nuclear" explosions you have ever seen have been massive chemical bombs - and it's easy to make them "dirty" of course. A real nuclear fission bomb would simply emit electromagnetic radiation because there is no material that can actually explode, it would just be pure energy, and it would not look exactly like a dirty chemical bomb as seen in all typical "nuclear bomb" photos. And of course ICBMs are 100% fake, because anything leaving the atmosphere will burn up upon re-entry - which is why satellites don't crash into your homes - they burn up like meteors, as would ICBMs and Apollo modules. It's simply ALL FAKE. And you are all idiots for not demanding hard evidence for all these expensive things before you pay for them - they are just scams to pay for things like Chemtrail programs.

4. People might say "but I see nuclear power plants! And Fukushima is spreading radiation all over!" But it's all BS. You are all just fed non-stop BS. Nuclear power plants are more likely HAARP facilities that require access to large portions of the energy grid, and that is why nobody cares that they are built on FAULT LINES! Nobody can honestly say much about Fukushima, because nobody here is allowed to go see it for themselves. Or any other nuclear facility for that matter - you only get "reports".

5. Nobody will EVER EVER EVER be allowed to enter a "nuclear power plant" and watch metal rods make super-heated steam - it simply will not happen. And why not? It is not dangerous - there is no need for it to be secret and exclusive - the only reason is that it is all a fraud. There is no need for a "nuclear power plant" to have such massive cooling towers - that would just be wasted energy; they are more likely to be hiding large microwave arrays. That is the best theory I have as to where all these HAARP weather-control things are hiding and how they are getting their power (and they do a lot more than weather control - as anyone knows if they have read the USAF Owning the Weather by 2025 document).

I could say a lot more because I have verified the fraud of nuclear science mathematically, but that is beyond the scope of GLP and this post. My challenge is for anyone to prove Nuclear Fission Energy is possible - and you will never be able to do it - even though you hand over trillions of dollars for it. And as people catch-on to the fraud - you will see it all vanish into the history books. If interested in the bomb side of the topic, see: [link to heiwaco.tripod.com]

But I declare all fission energy to be a hoax, not just the bombs, and of course, the burden is always upon those making the claim - the claim that nuclear fission energy does in fact exist.

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 9 Comments [8/6/2016 3:54:21 AM]
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