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St. Blops2cel said:

"O incels! Thou shalt not fucketh, the degenerate ones are the ones who shalt fucketh. But be not grave! countless whales from the lands (BBW) are waiting for them, with all their pendulous breasts and meats anointed with lards. Verily, the aged whores with the roasty vag shalt not be spared." -- The Holy BlackPill [6:82]

chudur-budur, r/incels 11 Comments [8/8/2017 11:30:08 PM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 128503

It should be legal for incels to rape females if they use protection and the female is unconscious

Inceldom is a deprivation of a basic human need. If an incel does rape an unconscious female with protection, the female wouldn’t even know that she was raped. Even if she found out it wouldn’t be that bad. No violence or anything would be used against the female because she would be unconscious. She wouldn’t even remember it. Rape to a female would do way less harm than inceldom does to a man. Overall suffering would be reduced. If a man is an incel long enough to rape a female, then he is the victim, not the villain. No starving man should have to go to prison for stealing food, and no sexually starved man should have to go to prison for raping a female. Without food, the body of a man dies. Without sex, the soul and mind of a man will die. If a man is an incel long enough he will end up going insane sooner or later. This way the females would not remember or know that they were raped. Men would be able to keep their sanity and the suffering of us incels would be ended. In my opinion, it should be legal for incels to rape unconscious females if they use protection to create a better world with no suffering.

Canino1997, R/incels 12 Comments [6/25/2017 11:13:59 PM]
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Quote# 128072

i can't even look at women anymore

everytime i look at a woman, i can't help but see an image of them being fucked, boobfucked, buttfucked, handfucked, mouthfucked, earlobefucked, hairfucked, nostrilfucked, fuckfucked, footfucked, slapfucked, and buttcrackfucked by white 6'4" handsome chads and being drenched in cum.

i can't fucking take it anymore, i can't even look at women now knowing that they're all whores now

itsjustnotfairwhy, r/incels 21 Comments [6/13/2017 10:30:02 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 134949

Mid 20's College sluts are dried up old hags.

I'm 21, I don't want to fuck women older than me for the next 10 years.

The fucking day I hit 18 I realized it would just be old hags from now on, and that's when I realized AoC laws are fucked up. I wanted to stay with the 16 and 17 year old girls I liked. I still want them.

Women get uglier as they get older.


I just want to fuck high school sluts.

Fucking actual children disgusts me.
Move to the UK then. Or Germany. Or Argentina. Or any other country with a <16 AoC

Why do I have to move to a different country just to be with the type of women I like?

It would take me a long time to get that money, even if it was just for a temporary holiday.

Why can't the AoC just be set by nature's own rules in all western nations. I shouldn't have to go out of my way to just get a hot 16 year old.

They are fine, even 20 is okay, but limiting yourself to women within 3 years doesn't give you many women. I want to widen my selection. Also nothing will best a 16 year old girl ever. 16 year old girls are made for sex.

The large majority of women in my uni classes are a older than me and I find none of them attractive. Fucking not even one, except an Egyptian girl and I don't want to mix.

Too compare, I found every single girl in my high school year attractive except the hambeasts.

High school girls also wont yap on to me about their dumb political opinions.

Anonymous, 4plebs 15 Comments [12/8/2017 6:35:38 AM]
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Quote# 129799

Everything is based on attractiveness. I got a 98th percentile when I took the SATs but

my photofeeler smart score is a below average 26%.

Smart, personable, interesting, trustworthy - these are all just tied to PURE LOOKS. No girl in the history of mankind has slept with a guy "because he's smart" or "because he made me laugh" or "because he's fascinating". It's (1) Looks and (2) Money/Status, period.

Normies will never admit this though.

ruck_stuck_fuck_muck, /r/incels 18 Comments [7/27/2017 4:11:13 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 131172

I Hate Females

've reached a point of depression where your worthless disease ridden cunts and fake love mean nothing, it changes nothing, I hate every last one of you femoids with a deep passion and from the depth of my heart i wish death on every last one of you, all 3billion roasties i hope you all die painful deaths, i hate the little ones who think they're princesses, i hate the old hag's who think they're everyone's mom(no witch i owe you no respect), i hate the stacies who treat sub 8 men like garbage and most especially the ugly ones who think they are better than ugly men like me. Fuck you all, you will never be my equal you are inferior to me, your only use is to reproduce and provide sex period. I wrote a poem to show how much i spite you witches. I hate you all

I saw a nigger,a chink and a Pajeet hanging around the block Yet none aggreviated me Till i saw a roastie far away with open teeth Her laughter ruined my beautiful day and her smile cut me deep I dug into my pocket pulled a knife and charged at it I stabbed the ugly creature and stomped at it Its blood stained me And with a loud cry of victory, i screamed DIE ROASTIE DIE!!!

Incelthrownan, /r/IncelReddit 2 Comments [8/31/2017 2:52:47 PM]
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Quote# 130467

On a positive note regarding all this terrorism; The sexual offences Police units budget will be a bit stretched given the current circumstances.

Libertine, Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights 6 Comments [8/12/2017 1:16:44 PM]
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Submitted By: anon
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Quote# 131347

Women are the illuminati.

1) Illuminati love to control everyone with money. Women demand loads of money to marry them.

2) Illuminati manipulate everyone's minds. Women manipulate men's minds. Master manipulators.

3) Illuminati have very strong but very stupid survival instincts, that kill them in the end. Building bunkers, always buying land on high-grounds, hiring guards, etc. Then all of that fails because there is no love or kindness in their world. Women only want to date "Bad guys" because they think he will protect them. Then all of that fails because there is no love or kindness in their world.

4) Illuminati want to look good, especially by making others look bad. Buying rich shiny cars, expensive objects, etc, is their way of "looking good" while making everyone else look poor. Women always want to look good too, while blaming men.

5) Illuminati want to destroy this planet with war. And women want to destroy this planet by destroying the DNA of mankind by only fucking aggressive stupid bad guys.

6) Illuminati are insane and cannot be reasoned with. Women are insane and can't be reasoned with.

7) Illuminati are master planners, manipulating everyone in secret with each other. Women have women's magazines... (lol). Same thing.

8) Illuminati are evil. Women are evil.

Hope that helps!

Anonymous Coward, Godlike Productions 11 Comments [9/7/2017 11:24:28 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 128370

Zyros is Right. Nature is Fucking Brutal for Males in 2017.

Only the top 10-20% of men currently in western countries get sex/gf's in their teens and 20's.

The rest are incels and have to wait until 35 to get a used up below average hoe who needs the incel for money and security since chad would not take care of her. And not even all incels will get lucky at 35. Only the incels who are decent looking and tall with a fit body and money and house and car and decent social circle. So basically the top 40%. Whilst 60% of incels are left alone all their life.

Only way to win is not to play and just use escorts tbh.

cyah009, /r/incels 11 Comments [6/21/2017 4:22:44 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 50918

“In your opinion, which of the following items of female dress cause a real potential for lust?”

* short skirts
* tight skirts
* slit skirts
* long skirts with slits to the knees
* sleeveless blouses
* low cut blouses and dresses
* tight blouses
* sheer blouses
* T-shirts
* V-neck dresses
* form-fitting jeans
* looser-fitting pants
* shorts
* one piece bathing suits

“If such things draw the attention of normal, godly, Christian men, by definition they are immodest, no matter what the women think.”

[The whole survey is very, er, revealing...]

Anonymous Fundie, Survey of Christian Men on the Subject of Women's Clothing 79 Comments [10/30/2008 7:04:37 PM]
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Submitted By: Grigori Yefimovich
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Quote# 129464

[lyrics to "Put It In Bare"]

I never wear a fucking rubber
And I never will!
I won't let the bitch use a diaphragm
Or a birth control pill!

I'm not a faggot!
I've got balls!
If the bitch gets pregnant
I'll shove her down a flight of stairs
I put my dick in bare!

I'm not afraid of pregnancy
I'm not afraid of an STD
And I don't care if I get AIDS
I've got nothing to live for anyway

I'm not a faggot!
I'm not a coward!
If I get AIDS
I just don't fucking care!
I put my dick in bare!

I'll never wrap my dick in latex
Because I don't believe in safe sex
My only method of birth control
Is to stick my dick up a chick's asshole

I'm not a coward!
I'm not a faggot!
Procreate children with blue eyes and blonde hair
I put my dick in bare!

The Raunchous Brothers, Metal Archives 9 Comments [7/21/2017 2:25:20 PM]
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Quote# 101339

(radical feminist depiction of trans women)

Sofia, genderheritic 53 Comments [6/5/2014 3:24:28 AM]
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Quote# 129770

Some here call all non-virgin women roasties, but my personal limit for previous sexual partners is 2 (like high school and college bfs or whatever), after that its roastie territory.

Anyway, picture this. When you got your driver's license the first car you had was a Toyota, and as you get a bit older you realize you're rich and start to drive Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Mercedes-Benz and other nice cars, and maybe the occasional Toyota during a bad financial year, and you switch cars every couple months or years.

But when you hit 30 your money starts running out, and you can't afford these nice cars anymore. Now you are stuck driving a Toyota for the rest of your life. How would you feel? If someone offered you an opportunity to drive a Ferrari for a weekend, would you take it or refuse?
If a roastie has fucked numerous guys, there sure as hell will be someone there who was better looking than me, had a bigger dick, more successful etc. your proverbial Ferrari or BMW.

She will always be fantasizing about her time getting spitroasted by Chad Thundercock and Tyrone Monsterdick. She will always wonder what life would have been like if she'd only married Bruce Bankerfuck. I would know FOR SURE that I am her nth choice.
Also if someone has hooked up with so many people, there will be less mental barriers and more mental incentives for her to dump me or cheat on me.
That's why I could only marry someone who has had limited sexual partners, preferably a virgin. Because it would be better for both parties, marriages where the partner has had one or less previous sexual partner are MUCH more stable.

Medcel, r/incels 8 Comments [7/27/2017 1:51:35 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 134797

This is because of the fact that modern society sees pedophiles an sex offenders in the same way that Nazis saw the Jews. In these days us “normal” people are the Nazis and the pedos and perverts are the Jews. We discriminate against them as strongly as Nazis did the Jews. To the point that we have them register on a list just like the Jews had to. This heavily restricted and stripped their rights like the Jews.
Supporting or allowing them on your platform would get you into as much legal trouble as a regular German did when supporting the Jews.

amozabael, Tumblr 4 Comments [12/3/2017 10:01:14 AM]
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Submitted By: The Reptilian Jew
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Quote# 126865

A good polygamist relationship has to have peace between the sister wives. Otherwise, you just have chaos.
This chaos hurts the man the most, he's the one who has to hear about it.

Ultimately when your wives can't get along with each other, YOU are the one who suffers the most.

I guess one way to insure peace is to not show favoritism. Now, let's be honest... It's okay to have a favorite wife.
However, having favoritism is different than showing favoritism. It's like having children, yea... one is gonna be better than the other, but you don't make it obvious.
However, you don't treat them totally equal... I mean, if one wife is better behaved than her sister wife, then it's unfair to treat them both the same if one is the trouble maker and the other isn't.
You should reward the wives that don't get jealous easily.

It's also not a good idea to just marry two completely different women who don't really like each other... It's best to find women who have some sort of history together.. like a chinese laotong sisterhood or something. They're not as likely to fight if they're close to one another.

Now, unless all your girls are bi, it's a good idea to keep the number under 3... Cause your dick has it's limits. Men don't get multiple orgasms like women do... Now, if they are comfortable satisfying each other, you could have lots of wives. You could have seven wives and sleep with a different one each day of the week. If they are fine doing it with one another, that can mitigate some of your sexual responsibility.
But you have to alternate these girls weekly.
If one girl is always monday and the other is saturday. The monday girl is gonna think you see less of her.
So it's best not to assign your wives a specific day of the week permanently.

One problem with having a harem too big, is that they start to prefer the company of each other over you... And that can be hurtful to the mans self-esteem to know that his wives prefer each other over him. This could cause an issue bigger than them fighting one another... and that's them ganging up on you.
There's nothing worse than several women being mad at you all at the same time

But overall it's just important to remember that your happiness depends on their happiness.
And if they're not happy, you're gonna get nagged in stereo.

whateverdude6833, Deviantart 10 Comments [5/3/2017 9:19:41 PM]
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Quote# 127456

Doesn’t matter to these people. Doesn’t matter if a kid says “no I love him, we have fun!” and the parents say “it is okay, we like him and trust him and we make sure everything is safe”

Doesnt matter one bit, they will arrest everyone involved, the pedophile, the parents, and anyone that didn’t try to stop it but knew. They will kidnap the child and force them to be brainwashed by a “therapist” whose job will then be to convince the child they were irreparably hurt. In some cases, if the child is old enough, jail them for not being brainwashed easily enough.

Sick world we live in, and not because of pedophiles like myself.

Goat , Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights 5 Comments [5/24/2017 2:30:58 PM]
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Submitted By: X
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Quote# 125322

If You did Not Enjoy Women in Your Youth then You got a RAW DEAL

Study hard, when ur 30 and successful all the women will finally mature and chase u since u will be a rich doctor. Dont worry All those chads will be working at a gas station at 30. Ur time will come. There is someone for everyone.
Am I supposed to feel happy that I studied and worked my ass off (with ZERO help from ANYONE) from 13-30 without love,sex and intimacy and without enjoying a woman in her PRIME and BEST years. I must now accept a lower paying less educated woman who is past her prime and less attractive with sagging skin and stretch marks and who was a cum bucket for tons of chads for 17 years and be grateful and happy with that??? Why should men even live if we are given such a raw deal in life?? Totally unfair and cruel if u ask me.

jackville07, /r/incels 16 Comments [3/14/2017 3:49:32 PM]
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Quote# 117165

It’s time to stop beating around the bush: feminists want to be raped.

It’s the only logical explanation for how they behave. It’s the only way to understand why they can cheer on hordes of Muslim “refugees” swarming into Europe to rape and pillage. It’s the only way to comprehend why they can whip themselves up into a frenzy over masculine men meeting up for a beer and smearing them as leading “pro-rape rallies.”

Everything feminists do, from holding up “Refugees Welcome” signs at airports to passing affirmative consent laws, is geared around encouraging men to assault them.

This isn’t a conscious urge. No feminist wakes up in the morning and thinks to herself, “I’m gonna try and get raped today!” There’s no Protocols of the Elders of Seneca Falls laying out a secret plot to turn females into walking fuckdolls for rapist men.

But deep in the recesses of her lizard hindbrain, the average feminist wants nothing more than for a man to shove her into a wall and force himself deep inside her.

Here are the reasons why feminists want to be sexually assaulted, and why they’re working around the clock to aid rapists.

1. Feminism is an r-selected ideology, and rape is an r-selected sexual strategy.

As Anonymous Conservative has shown repeatedly, leftism and conservatism are merely expressions of two competing reproductive strategies: r-selection and K-selection. To review quickly, K-selection breeds children to compete in a world of limited resources through a two-parent upbringing, defined by high sexual dimorphism, monogamy, late sexual maturation, and loyalty to the in-group (i.e. wolves). R-selection breeds children for a world of abundant resources through a single-mother upbringing, defined by low sexual dimorphism, promiscuity, early sexual maturation, and disloyalty to the tribe (i.e. rabbits).

The conflict between leftism (of which feminism is a subset) and conservatism is the conflict between r and K. K-selected individuals want a world that encourages competition and meritocracy, while r-selected individuals want a world of free resources: free food, free money, free shelter and free sex. In a K-selected world, men and girls have to compete to earn the right to mate with one another; in an r-selected world, men and girls have sex with no thought as to the consequences.

What does this have to do with feminism and rape? Simple: rape is the ultimate r-selected sexual strategy.

By its very definition, rape is an act of entitlement: forcing yourself on someone who doesn’t want to have sex with you, whom you haven’t earned the right to sleep with. Much in the same way leftists feel entitled to take other peoples’ money away through taxation and welfare, rapists feel entitled to stick their penises in girls’ vaginas. In fact, you could say that rape is an inherently leftist form of sex, which would explain why so many male feminists, such as Jian Ghomeshi and Hugo Schwyzer, enjoy assaulting and abusing girls.

Sexual assault is sexual socialism: redistributing nookie to the least privileged in society.

Feminists, being leftists, are r-strategists themselves. The purpose of feminism is to eliminate restrictions on female sexuality: allow girls to sleep around without getting pregnant, let them legally kill their unborn babies when they do get knocked up, and have it all funded by the taxpayer.

From an r-strategist’s perspective, rape is a good thing, because it allows a female to have children without having to do anything, aside from breathe.

It’s well-known that a great many girls have rape fantasies, and a significant number of rape victims claim to have orgasmed during their assaults. Both these points serve as evidence that a portion of the female population—the r-selected, leftist portion—not only wants to be raped, but is physiologically adapted for it.
Once you accept the premise that feminists subconsciously desire to have their vaginal walls torn up by psychopathic men, their behavior suddenly makes sense. For example, feminists are unwilling to condemn the Muslim “refugees” who have been assaulting girls in Germany and other European countries (and indeed, have accused those who talk about the story of “racism” and/or “Islamophobia”) because they want those refugees to keep raping.

The Muslim “refugees” streaming into Europe from the Middle East are the consummate r-selected cowards. Instead of fighting for their families back home, they’re fleeing to safe countries where they can live off government benefits. Instead of being grateful that Europeans are willing to take them in, they throw temper tantrums because their Internet isn’t fast enough, their food isn’t tasty enough, or they don’t have enough to do, showing that they are parasites looking for someone to leech off of.

Muslims rape European girls for the same reason that they riot over slow WiFi: they believe they deserve to get something for nothing.

Some right-wing personalities have tried to explain the left’s embrace of Muslim “rapefugees” with such nebulous concepts as “pathological altruism,” but the reality is much bleaker. In the darkest recesses of their minds, feminists want swarthy refugees to punch them in the face, tear their clothes off, and spit roast them like plump, juicy swine. Don’t expect them to suddenly realize the truth, either, because…

2. Feminists encourage girls to get raped, then deny all responsibility for their actions.

In the past few years, even the slightest suggestion that girls have a responsibility for their own safety is met with a chorus of “MISOGYNIST!” “DON’T BLAME THE VICTIM!” The oft-repeated feminist chant, “Don’t teach women not to get raped, teach men to not rape,” is an explicit call for girls to place themselves into situations where they’re likely to get sexually assaulted, then dodge all blame.

While some feminists are no doubt doing this out of naivete, the subconscious motivator for many of them is their r-selected psychology.

Personal responsibility is a K-strategist concept; in the rabbit warren, things just happen. By discouraging girls from protecting themselves, feminists are implicitly encouraging them to get violated, then pinning the blame on an undefinable “rape culture.” Which brings me to my next point…

3. Feminists talk about the West having a “rape culture” because they want a rape culture.

As mentioned above, the worldwide leftist outrage against Roosh and the Return of Kings tribal meetups far outstripped their reaction to the Muslim gang rape attacks in Germany and Sweden during New Years’ Eve. This isn’t just because of hysteria and slander: r-selected leftists are more threatened by masculine men than by cowardly Muslim rapists.

One of the most laughable claims feminists make about game/red pill/PUA culture is that it encourages men to feel “entitled” to sex and female companionship. Even skimming a manosphere blog will show that this is the opposite of the truth. “Game” and “red pill” philosophy teaches men that they have to earn girls by improving themselves: lifting, dressing better, having interesting hobbies, and being entertaining conversationalists.

If a morbidly obese basement dweller came onto the Roosh V Forum and started whining about how he couldn’t get laid, he’d be laughed at and told to hit the gym and get a life.

The reason why there’s always been an overlap between the seemingly hedonistic manosphere and the more traditionalist alternative right is because both groups have the same view of sexual relationships: men and women need to earn the right to sleep with and marry each other. The end destinations may be different, but the road is the same.

Feminists oppose this because leftists oppose competition in general. Feminist obscurantism in regards to sexual relationships (e.g. their claims that the “friendzone” doesn’t exist or claiming that men just need to “treat women like human beings” if they want to get laid) is about stripping men of their ability to compete for a mate. Similarly, pushing “fat acceptance,” tattoos and piercings, and encouraging girls to be “bossy” and sarcastic is about crippling females’ ability to compete for men.

To make matters worse, feminists have been trying to train men to rape girls for years. Their constant claim that the West has a “rape culture” is just wishful thinking: in actuality, rape has been on the decline for decades. Because of this, feminists have tried to legislate masculinity away through “affirmative consent” and “yes means yes” laws, which force men to explicitly beg for permission at every step of a sexual encounter, branding them “rapists” if they don’t comply.
Affirmative consent laws and “rape culture” claims are a two-pronged attack on masculinity, designed to advantage sneaky males and hurt masculine men, and there’s no sneakier male than a rapist.

Unfortunately, despite all the rape hoaxes the mainstream media conjures up, the “rape culture” that feminists screech about has yet to materialize.

The UVA rape story, for example, turned out to be a lurid, masturbatory fantasy passed off as “news.”

Because feminists couldn’t create a rape culture, they imported one from the Middle East.

From here, all the pieces fall into place. We see clearly why the European Union is debating banning one man from their borders and libeling him as a “rape advocate,” while letting millions of actual Muslim rapists flood their countries.

We see why leftists are driven to protest masculine men but not sneaky “refugee” cowards who abandon their families in search of government freebies and “easy” white women.

The goal of feminism is to turn women into rape-meat.

Every feminist, deep down, wants nothing more than a rapist’s baby in her belly. The armada of horny, restless, greedy Muslims storming into Europe is a bounty for the r-selected feminist. Leftists will wave “Refugees Welcome” signs no matter how many girls are forcibly DP’ed by angry Arab invaders, because Europe’s skyrocketing rape rates are a feature, not a bug.

The only thing that will stop the rape-lust of feminists and their poorly-endowed Muslim abusers is Western men having the courage to call it out.

There can be no compromise, no peace with these traitors inside the walls. While more moderate women can be saved, no one will ever be able to convince the termagents of the left that they should be more afraid of Muslim rapists than white “racists.”

They are our enemies, just as much as the dusky hordes planting their flags on our soil

Matt Forney, Matt Forney 50 Comments [3/2/2016 4:20:26 AM]
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Submitted By: Demon Duck of Doom
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Quote# 134439

The editor-in-chief of far right site Breitbart News has claimed women have co-opted the term rape to refer to sex which they later regret.

Alex Marlow argued women have exploited the word in the wake of the me too campaign which has seen a steady stream of high profile individuals come forward to allege and denounce sexual assault.

The 31-year-old, whose news website has been branded misogynist, xenophobic and racist, said the definition of rape had been so far broadened it had lost all sense of meaning and this made it difficult to know whether accounts of rape were credible.

“Rape used to have a narrow definition. Rape used to have a definition where it was - it was brutality, it was forced sexual attack and penetration. “Now it’s become, really, any sex that the woman ends up regretting that she had,” Marlow said on SiriusXM Patriot's Breitbart News Daily.

“And that leaves us without a lot of clarity, because when words lose their meaning, then they can be manipulated.”

He added: "Rape used to mean something. We used to all know what it meant. And now we don't know what it means. And then we don't know what's credible and what's not.”

Later on the radio show, Marlow, whose publication has been dismissive of recent sexual assault allegations, said the slew of women who have come forward made it difficult to keep “track of what is a real assault and what is not.”

He said: “We have distorted the definition of the word rape. Now it seems to be the claims are losing some credibility because there are so many of them, which is a shame because there are many legitimate victims of brutal attacks and predatory behaviour by powerful men.”

Alex Marlow, The Independent 2 Comments [11/22/2017 11:49:16 PM]
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Submitted By: Yossarian Lives
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Quote# 130179

The problem we and our whole society faces now, obviously, is how do we convince the rest of the brainwashed sheeple to see things the way we do and always have perceived this ugly state of affairs, ever since the rampant, feminist led campaigning of institutionalised hatred of men and subsequent persecution of normal heterosexuality (paedohysteria) began?

Alan Vaughn, Resisting the coming 21st century holocaust – Men's Rights, Youth Rights, Sexual Rights 3 Comments [8/6/2017 8:55:16 AM]
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Submitted By: anon
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