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Been rather busy, but have two thoughts to bounce off folks.

I'd mentioned a header with access to the existing pages and few other bits of functionality. Well, the one big bit in my mind would be keeping current archive prominent on all pages, as well as allowing people to change archive at any given time and remain on the same page. All seems reasonably useful. Well, the recent fix to the Random page brought up at least one point where people like to see quotes mixed together, so I'm very seriously considering an 'all archives' selection. Perhaps even making it the default instead of fundies. Thoughts on what the default should be?

Public admin and the handling of new quotes has been another issue that's come up and it occurred to me there's a pretty simple answer I could build into the new system since it allows for voting on 100% of quotes. As soon as any quote hits the approval threshold it's shunted into one of two categories, either approved or final admin. Final admin only applying to records which have noted issues on them and everything else appears on the main page immediately after the last vote to approve. With enough people in the admin queue it'd drastically reduce wait times and the work I have to do to keep the site running. If anyone sees a hole in it let me know before I get my hopes up. Only big difference I can think of is that quotes would appear throughout the day rather than a whole bunch once a day.

Lastly, I've seen some off hand complaints about the submission page, but nothing specific. It's my next thing to poke at design wise, so I'd love to have some detailed feed back on what people do or don't like about the current submission system.

Little things, Development 11 Comments [6/18/2014 3:17:04 PM]
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Quote# 122681

This is possibly my last week folks, but good news, you have a gracious new overlord to bow to! Shy is stepping up to take over admin duties and hopefully we can get the transfer worked out without too much wasted time.

That said, web hosts are being changed in the process. Which means there will be a dead stop of fundies content for at least a few hours, possibly a few days. That said I'm going to be snagging and storing all the relevant data before my hosting runs up and we'll start working on data and domain transfer.

Right now I intend on taking the site down Monday the 28th at whenever the balls I remember to do so. After that you'll get error messages for a bit and hopefully the site comes back up before too long. That said, data transfer from my slow ass server is generally in the realm of hours at best at this scale. So be prepped for at least a day. And possibly more as I may have pulled jury duty for that week. I'll find out Friday.

The joys of jury duty are mine, so transfer is going to take a bit. Expect the site to go down around 6pm EST tomorrow, transfer speeds are far better than I'm used to from last time so it may be up sooner than later. I'll post a redirect to the current domain as soon as it's working and we'll get these domains working not too much longer after that.

New boss!, Administration 24 Comments [11/21/2016 3:06:25 AM]
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Quote# 103205

Alright, so it's entirely too hot in my sweatbox apartment to deal with coding. But it's the perfect time to park my ass in front of my Air Conditioner and do some reading. For a while now I've been doing some rounds reading various atheist view points and philosophy, I've found I like Sagan and find Harris mildly infuriating. But I've blown through most of the high profile stuff and wonder if you guys have any suggestions on good atheist reading. The only big book I know of that I haven't read is the God Delusion, and that's mostly because I swear my wife bought a copy and I can't find it. Is it worth re buying to read it? Any suggestions for other reading?

I definitely suggest "The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark" by Carl Sagan to anyone interested in such reading. It hits most of the high points without being a prick or back peddling.

Atheir than thou, Community 8 Comments [9/2/2014 3:16:08 PM]
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Quote# 117872

Hey folks,

I'm looking for folks who would like to join public admin.

Public admin is how quotes get approved, corrected, and otherwise make it to the main page. I approve items out of the queue on a daily basis and it's been a while since we had enough people to actually approve a quote without my intervention, I'd like to fix that.

If you're interested, comment here with your account and I'll do a review and let folks know if they're in or not. I will most likely handle this on weekends, so it may take me a bit to respond, but I will.

If you want to discuss, hit me over on the subreddit as I check that more.

And a few notes for those who are accepted:

Using Public Admin

Once you've been added to public admin log in to your FSTDT account and go to the home page. On the home page in the right hand column you see a link half way down the column "Admin" with a smartass line of text under it. Click that and you will be brought to the public admin page.

You will be presented with one quote at a time, each quote has three options for you to select, Approve, Delete or Abstain. If you feel it should go onto the mainpage, approve, if you feel it shouldn't Delete, if you don't have much feeling either way abstain. I should note, these are votes to a community total and do not immediately determine the fate of a quote, express your opinion on the quotes freely.

In addition, if you notice an issue with a quote you can make note of it in the 'Issues' field which is below the approval buttons, making the note of it here allows me to fix it before it hits the mainpage. You will also see any notes made by other members of public admin.

Under the quote there are a selection of recent quotes from similar sources to check for duplicated submissions, along with links to a full search of those fields if you have a strong feeling you've seen it but it does not appear on the list.

As a final note, every time you access to the public admin page it will progress to a new quote, I suggest not check the page too often as it will march you past a fair number of quotes if you do.

FSTDT Wants You!, Recruiting 12 Comments [4/1/2016 5:29:08 AM]
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Quote# 102338

Covered most of what I was doing last time, and 100% of the vote wanted to know more so here goes:

SQL Indexes, they're specifically ordered subsets of the data otherwise contained within the tables. You have a Numeric ID on a table 1-100, you most likely have an index that has nothing but that ID in it to reference that ID as fast as possible. In fact most IDs will have something like that because it makes the random crap developers need to do pretty quick, along with any simple functionality. These indexed columns are the columns your index runs on, when you're looking to make a decision based on certain fields having them indexed means you consult the index and check it in a pre-determined manner rather than checking every piece of data to see if it fits the criteria. The index does a fair bit of the work for you that way, it tells you which record you're looking for as fast as possible if setup correctly.

But that's not all you can do with them, like the old library catalogs you may be too young to remember, there can also be other information stored as an index entry. Summary, publisher, and a whole bunch of other information would be available when you found the index card in the catalog. SQL Indexes can do the same thing. See, in all but the most basic queries just finding the item you're looking for isn't enough, you also need to find information related to that item. Which means you can include columns which are not themselves indexed, but are immediately available from the index when an item is located.

That is what explains the difference in both sizes and effectiveness of the two indexes I was bandying about last post. The small index only contains the columns which are indexed, once the record is found the database engine then has to go consult the table and pull the remaining details. The large index contains ALL of the relevant columns, which happens to be all of the large columns in the comments table, and returns them immediately. As mentioned before, the immediate trade offs are size of the index and speed at which the intended query runs. The large index doubles the size of the table as it contains all the same information, but it runs twice as fast as the smaller index that is a very small fraction of the table size.

However there is one other concern that'll crop up real quick, maintaining the index on a live server. Like a library catalog, when entries are added or modified the index needs to be updated within the space allowed or you need to rebuild everything, including all columns stored within the index if they're part of the specifically indexed columns or not. Using the large index as an example this would mean that every time a comment is added space for the comment, author and various IDs would have to be allocated, plus any time a comment is modified an existing entry would have to be modified, possibly forcing it out of the current order and causing extra over head in pulling the index together. At that point you could rebuild or reorganize the index to effectiveness by rebuilding the index, but the data would be either unavailable or available at a severely reduced rate for the duration.

As it sits, I'm going with the smaller index because it'll hold together for far longer and can be rebuilt in seconds rather than around five minutes and it's still considerably faster than the existing query. Providing a consistent speed is often as important as anything else with databases, and it would do far better in that regard.

In theory I have time to poke at some of the other core code for the site this weekend, we'll see how that works out. If it works out I may be digging up a temp domain to try out a new host and beat the new code around before all that much longer.

Indexes, Development 5 Comments [7/24/2014 3:55:16 PM]
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Quote# 116705

Community Member of the Year for, Most Prolific Commenters:

1) Doubting Thomas
2) Goomy pls
3) Kanna
4) Old Viking

Most Prolific Commenters, Fundies 2016 Voting 10 Comments [2/8/2016 5:36:22 PM]
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Quote# 104692

And I forgot to post this yesterday, the comment page mock up!

Or for fucks sakes my FTP isn't cooperating, wait there it goes.

There are a few important things to note here beyond round corners. The title is the same as the top page, which is intentional, this is intended to be another level of consistency within the page. The title and all of the selected filters would appear on this page, and they modify any of the relevant fields in links going outward from this page.

Further the 'write comment' link rather than the post box that has been here forever. Simply put, it's a anti-double post measure. When you hit the write comment link it will either create a javascript pop box to enter your comment in, or if javascript is disabled it'll route you to a page to submit your comment which will process on that page and then separately re-route you to the quote comments page. A bit complex for what it does, but I think we're all sick of double posts by now. It'll also mean that all my comment logic is in one place so I can very easily make modifications.

I'm happy with the comment header bar being a one stop shop for important links and think the hide link is more intuitive than just clicking on the header like it works now. There are a few other things that have come up over time that I'm still looking at, but right now I'm focused on the core functionality.

I'm also running low on excuses not to start coding, but I have one that carries me through the end of the month.

Comments Mock Up, Development 5 Comments [11/10/2014 3:47:14 PM]
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Quote# 114406

Sample Site is out!

Only took me three days longer than I hoped, and I just dicked around another half hour tuning the Latest Comments a bit, but here it is:

Test Site Ahoy!

Note the data is over a year old, and any submissions to it will be tossed with the test data. But if you want to see what I'm planning for an interface, or just want to select random fundie quotes from every month of may the site has had, it can do that. Click around a bit and yell at me if you break something, I've left the error messages full, so just give me the whole text in a comment here.

Free Samples!, Development 41 Comments [11/11/2015 12:48:57 PM]
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Quote# 103580

Latest Comment View:

Displays a listing of the Quote Details(again without the Read On Link) which have most recently had new comments made on them as limited by the filters. The Quotes will be ordered by the date of the most recent comment made to them. Further, each quote will have it's most recent Comment displayed beneath the Quote Details along with a link directly to that comment.

Notable that Filters will still work off of the Quote's Date Posted and not the date that the Comment was made for sake of consistency with other Views. Otherwise they work the same as previously mentioned with Tag, Year, Month and page filters. Pages progressing you through the ranks of most recently made comments.

So, one big notable change here that would let our dedicated lurkers keep on top of most recent comments with ease. It's also one of the reasons I'm currently giving MVC the stink eye. Though it should be giving it right back to me as I'm the one trying to shoehorn it into this project. Without the consistent model to display things(since I'm varying the read from here links, or in this case displaying comments as well) I'm looking at custom models for every page eliminating one of the handful of useful aspects of MVC. Pretty much just leaving me with testability(useful but I have like 4 functions on the entire site to test) and the ability for large teams to work in relative harmony, also something that's not a concern for me.

But, putting the descriptions on hold till the weekend, have important things to attend to the next few days. I'll do a double decker when I get back, Top Listing and Search.

Latest Comments, Development 2 Comments [9/17/2014 4:33:16 PM]
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Quote# 107858

Right, this is a thing, sorry it's been a really nice day and I've been enjoying the hell out of it.

Did a good bit of work yesterday, fixed one of the issues I'd been having and should be able to get to work on the comments page next time I have time free. After that I'm going to get the base of the search page together, if you've been following I mentioned I wasn't able to test the improved search functionality because of my local SQL server version, well, once I have it to a testable point I'm going to be setting up a FSTDT test site where people can take a look at what I'm doing while I actually test the improved search on a system that can do it.

If nothing goes wrong I want to have that up by the end of the month, it'll just be display and it won't be the live data, but it's better than the nothing I have out there now.

Now if only the neighbor's dog would shutup, Development 26 Comments [4/12/2015 2:51:50 PM]
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Quote# 103540

Random Quotes View:

Consists of a Listing of Quote Details as described previously without the 'Read On From This Point Link'. This listing is ordered randomly from all quotes allowed by the filters.

Filters work almost the same as the default listing, but in this case there are no pages. There is a single page of Quotes pulled at random from all quotes matching the defined filters. If a tag is selected only quotes from that tag will be displayed, for year only quotes from that year, for month only quotes matching both that year and that month. These can all be used in conjunction with each other to make as broad or as limited a random pool as possible.

So, all over everything random pages will be back, all new ability to get random quotes from given years, and with further ability to pick from any of the defined tags which I'll be revisting once I have the basics together. Unless I get creative though I can't support the "Read On From this Point link" on the random page, otherwise it's not exactly random since I'd need to be able to pull the same random page twice. It's possible, but unless demand is there I'm not going for it.

Random Quotes, Development 0 Comments [9/16/2014 2:26:07 PM]
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Quote# 117325

Hey folks, Voting results are up on the subreddit go ahead and check them out.

Working on a few thoughts on improving the process since there's been some question on if the best quotes got in, but per rating and then voting these are our winners for this year.

Votes are up, Fundies 2016 Voting 3 Comments [3/6/2016 1:03:20 PM]
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Quote# 115168

Getting some things together for January. While this image doesn't seem mainpage worthy, it fits here fine. Have a very fundie holidays folks.

William Finck, Christogenea.org 1 Comments [12/10/2015 3:42:52 AM]
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Quote# 122911

I think I got a fix in place for the login issues. Let's cross our fingers and pray to the web.config gods that it works.

Edit: I am tentatively calling this "fixed." If you are reading this, post a comment letting me know if your login is "sticking" now or not.

fixed, maybe possibly hopefully 2 Comments [12/8/2016 8:27:35 AM]
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Quote# 123651

I feel like I've been a bad admin lately, still getting, being too busy with work-related stuff, but as far as that goes, things should be calming down since the beginning of the semester rush is over. I'm sorry for that.

Still, I want your honest opinions: How am I doing as admin? What am I doing right? More importantly, what am I doing wrong? Do you have any suggestions for how I can improve it? Do you have any other suggestions?

Also, I have a couple of new nominations for mods in mind. I won't say whom yet, but I want this to be a democratic process, i.e. for most of you guys to approve of my decisions before I make them. I also haven't contacted the nominees yet, but I will be doing that one day next week, and if they accept, I'll put up another post seeing if you're all cool with it.

Thanks guys for hanging in with me while I get the hang of running this crazy train! Being the conductor was the last thing on my mind when I made my first comment way back in 2008. It still kind of feels unreal in a way.

holla @ shy, Shy Says 5 Comments [1/15/2017 12:19:13 AM]
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Quote# 101794

Think I have a fair grasp on my audience now, I'll keep the tech heavy bits out unless they're particularly interesting from here on out. But right now I have a bit of a time and at least one thought worth discussing.

Poe as a tag. Up to this point I'd only spelled out what I'll call the core tags, the ones that are required for a quote to be approved, but I want to expand them so that they indicate content to some extent, but a Poe tag is a tad different. There are a fair number of quotes that get approved which people either refuse to believe are real or wind up being able to prove really where faked, but typically they're pretty damn funny to get approved anyway.

So, adding it as a tag rather than removing the quote. It would let us indicate that "Yeah, it's probably fake" without completely losing the amusement of what was said. Of course, there's also the problem of keeping people from labeling every quote a Poe, what with the law and all. But that's a problem for something I'll detail later.

Edgar Allan, Development 8 Comments [6/26/2014 5:13:55 AM]
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Quote# 101567

The major aspect lacking from the last Development post was the complete lack of interface styling, and I want to make sure my opinions aren't off base.

I'm not particularly fond of some modern interface design, I think the strengths of what the site has lie largely in the simplicity of the layout and the fact it'll use the majority of the screen space it's allotted. After buzzing over a fair number of interfaces I'm seeing a lot of overly complicated designs that result in significant waste of screen space once you're past the menu and/or ads. Another bit I don't see the point in is the endless scroll interfaces, I get that people don't always want to click pages, but we have some massive archives and I'd much rather keep my place in them as I read through. So unless someone tells me otherwise I'm going to say the general layout is more or less acceptable and what the site needs is a general application of style and perhaps some tie-in functionality.

That tie-in functionality is where I'm most interested in looking right now. Things like a proper Archive and User header added to the site, along with a nicer styling of the existing menu. Still up top, out of the way, and not wasting massive amounts of screen space, but actually telling people what part of the site they're on and who they're logged in as. Another rather common bit of functionality I've seen and debated is the "repost this elsewhere" link set many blog/quote sites have, hit a button and repost/link to the material on any of a number of services. If people think they'd find it useful it's something I'd work in.

But, I do have one massive exception to my 'same layout' theory. Making comments, some way or another I will be finding a way to disassociate this completely from the page refresh. Right now I'm thinking a nice little pop up panel from a reply option that's processed asynchronously. What's that mean in normal people speak? You can hit refresh without double posting. One of my key goals, and frankly not that hard so long as I don't use any of what currently exists.

What would people like to see added to the site in such a capacity? Am I wrong on hating endless scroll? Let me know what you think. Also, yes I am skipping out on writing up submission guide lines, I'll do that this weekend.

Modernizing, Development 10 Comments [6/11/2014 2:44:48 PM]
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Quote# 102258

Ought to interest folks here, an Ask Me Anything from a Ukrainian who currently lives on the territory that is being controlled by pro-Russian rebels:

 4 Comments [7/20/2014 12:35:51 PM]
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is shy's cat

Quote# 122788

NOTE: Comments are locked here because party's moved on over to this thread!

Turn over is in progress! I'm working out some kinks before handing everything over completely, but the majority of things have gone well.

I'm having some fun with the comments, and domains will most likely take a bit of time. But we're here, yell at Shy already.


...and turnover complete! Shy/Ravy 2016 is here! If you find any outstanding bugs, post the details here. (When you get an error, ignore the e-mail instructions for now; I haven't gotten the new Admin e-mail set up yet.)


'ere we go!, To a brave new server, five foot over 55 Comments [11/28/2016 3:33:06 PM]
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Quote# 114420

Right, said I was going to post one of these each day. Well, I'm moving on to the vote counting part of the system which has some interesting bits, and aiming to get the user admin stuff done by the end of the day. I hope folks check out the preview build of the site that's out live, but right now let's talk about the vote system and old abuses.

If you look at the archives 2008 looks like a banner year, right? Maybe? Not exactly. The software that was in use at that point was kinda ass and someone more or less hijacked the public admin voting and the top 100 voting to organize the site as they wished by exploiting a few loopholes. I hacked closed the loopholes, booted the responsible party and recalculated the top 100. It was a pain in the ass and rather embarrassing that I only caught on when the top 100 had the top 5 items separated by single digit votes.

That's not going to happen again. The new voting systems are designed to ensure that it is not possible to vote more than once, like literally I cannot record more than one vote from a given IP on an account. But how does that stop them from running up the value and not being recorded? Simple, I'm not incrementing on vote, I'm counting up all the stored votes and re generating the score when a new vote is added. I've finished the public admin voting system yesterday and pretty much need user admin working before I can open it up publicly, and there's a thing with login not triggering or redirecting properly that I need to sort out before it's usable. But, what's important here is the design works and I'm already largely done with the ass end of the public rating voting, it's a matter of getting the front and middle parts working and hopefully deployed sometime this weekend for you all to abuse.

On a note, anyone have opinions on changing the Vote tags from "WTF!" and "meh"? I still like them a bit, but simple up and down or + and - seem more intuitive. Or does the content of the site lend itself to those reactions?

Anyway, assuming I get user admin done today I'm going to say it was good 30 hours of work on the site this week and screw off tomorrow, maybe doing a bit more this weekend, but I have some things going on. That said, I do have another week of vacation and no significant plans. Sure as hell won't be spending another full week on the site, but I should have plenty of time to get things handled, particularly with the help volunteers who have stepped up to take over the place.

Back to work, Development 5 Comments [11/12/2015 6:12:27 AM]
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