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What? You thought women are capable of love? When are you guys going to get it through your thick heads? These posts are starting to get on my damn nerves.

Isaiah4verse1, r/MGTOW 30 Comments [12/15/2015 3:17:55 AM]
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(RSR just doesn't know when to give up)

Due to how popular my law for stopping the rape of females was, I decided to write out this too out of popular demand.

If a man rapes another man, he should be given a lengthy jail sentence and have his balls cut off because men deserve to make a decision on whether or not they accept such sex. Unless the man is one, two or all of the following:



A feminist

This way, gay rapists will limit themselves only to gay and bisexual men who want sex from men all the time and men who present themselves as feminine and need to be taught a lesson about manliness.

If a woman rapes a man, she should be let off the hook because men want sex all the time from women anyway, unless any one, several or all of the following conditions meet:

The man is gay - 95% of female on male rape involves a gay man

The man is asexual

The man is under 12

The woman doesn't provide him a condom

The woman is ugly

Just like my other law, it's unlawful to perform any of this while the man is being operated on at a hospital or in a situation where taking him away from it would put others in danger.

RetroSpriteResources, Deviantart forums 10 Comments [5/14/2017 10:23:43 PM]
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Wife has new co-worker and he is a 6,2 CHAD.......I have no chance ......life sucks

I went to her office today to say hi and I was ,et at the door by a 6'2 tan, muscular chiseled faced CHAD.....hell I wished I was gay for a second....this guy was insanely hot.......I caight my wife giggling att his guys jokes,,,,,,I went back to the car, looked in the mirror at my sad rat face and thinning hair and cried........my wife spend HOURS a a day working ALONE with this guy in a private office............The boss is only in the offic in the morning...........maybe I should just give up.......

Fuk, spend all my time avoiding CHAD and now he s working with my fucking wife....

Aigh, Godlike Productions 20 Comments [3/23/2017 4:58:27 PM]
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Quote# 135589

The friend zone is quite real. It's possible to get out of it...but...it's quite difficult. Much easier to let the woman know, from the start of your interaction, that you are a sexual being and you expect her to behave appropriately.

gruntle, Reddit 17 Comments [12/29/2017 1:46:56 PM]
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Quote# 136348

It is imperative to resist the disproportionate foregrounding of cishet male loneliness because the structurally oppressed manifest their benign loneliness symptoms differently from those who suffer from the malignant disease of thwarted entitlement. Buried inside the lonely-men essays is the threat disguised as suggestion that we feel concern for Lonely Men because Lonely Men can turn violent. This is a red herring in much the same way that alcoholism is used as an excuse for male violence; the problem isn’t alcohol or loneliness but patriarchal masculinity. Meanwhile no surgeon general is declaring racism or misogyny to be an epidemic despite the increasing number of people literally being killed by men “suffering” from these states of mind. It takes a special kind of self-centeredness to be able to cite stats that show that marriage hurts women’s life expectancy and continue to advocate it as a solution to save lonely men instead of trying to fix the toxic husband syndrome that is killing women. Men who demand that women concern themselves with the problem of lonely men in order to ensure their own safety are issuing the same hackneyed threats that patriarchy entrenches—a disguised demand that women invest their energy in socializing boys, in dating men, in doing even more care work than we already do.

Looking at some of the funded programs tackling the “epidemic” it becomes clear that creating spaces where men can feel free to be misogynists is one of the effects of how men warp community responses to loneliness. The first Men’s Shed—a community space where mostly older men could get together to work with their hands and socialize—was set up in Australia in 1998 and by 2010 was receiving funding from the Australian government under its National Male Health Policy. (There are no Men’s Sheds for any of the men trapped in Australia’s detention centers for the crime of being refugees on a boat.) According to the U.K. Men’s Shed Association the rate of growth of Men’s Sheds is between six and nine new sheds a month. (The U.K. government is planning to remove domestic-abuse shelters from housing benefits. On average in England men kill two women a week.) Public policy approves of self-segregating spaces with “old-fashioned mateship and . . . no pressure” (a liability-free way to say “No Homo No Feminist Cooties”) where men can be cajoled and lured into being cared for. Meanwhile sex workers, drug users, and transgender people are more likely to be harassed and jailed by police than be provided with spaces where they can be gently encouraged to talk about their loneliness.

Even though there’s scientific evidence that older people’s brains benefit from learning “something that is unfamiliar, and which requires prolonged and active mental engagement as you cultivate a new set of behaviors,” none of the men saving men seem to think of teaching men feminism. Or noncompetitive dancing instead of walking football. Or even just how to talk face to face. (Women’s magazines have been filled with helpful tips on how to attract a man for decades; perhaps the forlorn gentlemen looking for companionship might start with those?) In spite of all the studies pointing out how aged women have better coping skills—and, therefore, health—than aged men, toxic masculinity has conspired to misrepresent the happy ending of crones, hags, and witches as a scary fairytale. No lonely men talk about parenting, or about helping their male parent friends socialize their male kids in a less toxic fashion. All of them turn for advice to psychologists and sociologist experts, none suggest taking relationship advice from the demographic they keep citing as doing it better—women.

Individual loneliness is a fickle, nebulous sensation. Like other emotions, it is deeply situational—it makes a difference whether you feel lonely because every time you walk down the street a slur is shouted at you or you feel lonely because the spouse you beat every third night has finally left you. As individuals we are not owed freedom from loneliness any more than we can demand love from those we want it from. But collectively we can recognize patterns of loneliness as symptoms of awful structural injustices. And we can use our loneliness as impetus to work toward systems that ethically meet our social and emotional needs. The way to help alleviate the loneliness of the oppressed is to continue to destroy oppressive structures and support organizing and resistance. The only way to ethically survive loneliness is to look at labor: to ask who performs care work for me, who I perform it for, what systems are viable and where I transmute being abandoned to resistance.

Men who demand empathy for their gendered fear of dying un-cared-for, unwanted, and unmourned without referencing feminism are acting in bad faith—they would like us to pretend there is no distinction between the solitary deaths of an abuser and an abused person. They would like gendered consoling while remaining indifferent to the deaths they, as a gender, are responsible for. They would like cosmetic cultural change while believing that emasculation is bad, as though it is horrible to change out of being a toxic oppressor. They would like us to care about men as men, when there are people—disabled, old, sick, poor, queer, migrant, discriminated-against PEOPLE—who are dying and are lonely. Those are the ones we should be focused on. If some of them happen to be men, well, let us try to not hold it against them.

Amba Azaad, The New Inquiry 10 Comments [2/5/2018 4:04:25 PM]
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Ironic Hypocrisy in TwoXChromosomes right now

So over on TwoXChromosomes right now there's a post called "I was just catfished and it was kind of terrifying" posted by a transwoman. I commented before I realized. I'm not posting the link because I don't want them to get the notification and I really don't like brigading.

Anyway all the comments are like "OMG you poor thing, it's absolutely atrocious how men don't respect lesbian's boundaries and try to convince lesbians to have sex with them!"

Of course OP is a pre-op transwoman who previously posted "hey fellow women how can I make my voice cuter cause you all do that" and "does everyone want to be their favorite anime girl or is it just me?"

Reality is broken. This is peak. Seriously, how is this not an episode of South Park or the Twilight Zone?

That thread is fascinating:

"Here me out, I know you don't like dick but you haven't seen mine!" Fucking losers.

I’m a lesbian as well and have also been catfished by men, unfortunately multiple times. So many men just don’t take lesbianism seriously, and view it as a challenge.

You just don't appreciate the mystical power of dick! As if lesbians could actually be happy without dick, they're just deluding themselves! Then when you trick them into coming close you shove yours in their face and BOOM their delusion crumbles and they'll be desperate for your schlong.

I don't care if you are gay or straight that is not cool, who thinks anyone would want to start a relationship based on a lie?

I was supposed to meet “her” at the Walmart because it was near my house and in a public place.

If you don’t understand why a man catfishing a lesbian is creepy as fuck, you’re part of the problem

By misleading a lesbian and making that connection while in the guise of a woman, you pretty much out yourself as a creep and a liar. The connection was made via deceit

I'm of the opinion that, although adults should be allowed to get SRS and HRT, and that they shouldn't be discriminated against because of those things, people have a reasonable expectation for a man to have an actual, functioning penis, and for a woman to have an actual, functioning vagina. Genitals, while not a sufficient condition for attraction, are for most people a necessary condition, and to call yourself a woman when you don't have a vagina is deceptive.

I wonder if that thread would play differently if everyone know that OP was a pre-op trans.

It's almost like trans ideology is super duper homophobic.

Off-topic, but I wonder if TIMs think the name of that subreddit is exclusionary and "TERFy"

There's a few xx subs like that, like xxketo for example, which I like/hope is for actual women and transmen, because biology matters, especially when specifically talking about something that effects your hormones and so many women, myself including, have absent or two week+ menstruation from keto or are using keto to help with diabetes and ovarian cysts. (And no transwomen are not "just like women with PCOS". Gag me.) There was this "I'm an XY women am I welcome?" Seriously, who other than trans ask if they are "welcome" on a sub? People are free to subscribe and post to any sub as long as it's relevant. Why ask? Even GC doesn't have a "no Transcribers" rule. They are just fishing for validation at our expense. Like, if I'm uncomfortable with it, like I am, what am I supposed to do? Say, "Actually, this sub is not for you, it's for people talking about the specifics of dealing with keto and how it changes the female body."? No. I'll be downvoted to hell and labeled transphobic. So they come seeking validation, I'm just asking an innocent honest question, no hate plz~ but we all know that there's only one allowed answer to the question or you get banned, downvoted, or threatened.

Go sort by “top of all time” on xxketo and you’ll find a post at the very top welcoming a TIM with open arms.

Many even suggest changing the name because xxketo is “exclusionary” and “chromosomes shromosomes”. And that was as of 74 days ago.

Many even had the audacity to say that women with PCOS could “relate to his androgen problems” so he should fit right in.

Uhh... seriously? I have PCOS and that does NOT make me relate more to a man, Tina. Get out.

So annoying!!

I’m sorry .... WHAT?!!?! Are you fucking kidding me!? That’s enraging!!! Chromosomes DO matter when it comes to the expression of literally every gene in the body. Your risk of osteoporosis, certain cancers, certain diseases ... it doesn’t give a flying fart what the patient “identifies” as. I promise. And the PCOS thing has my head spinning like Beetlejuice. I can’t. It’s too stupid.

I was just part of a thread where a TIF called me a dick. I said “I’m a cunt if you want to be technically correct” so he sent me a PM calling me a terf and all of those pleasantries. When I said “isn’t using genitals as an insult kind of terf-y?” He blocked me right after. The irony is ALWAYS lost on them.

Oh trust me. There was a thread where a mother posted about her daughter being 18 and already being a cam girl. I suggested that there could be a chance she was groomed into it and I was dogpiled by these idiots who were pro sex industry!

That's so disturbing, you're probably right! I bet they were like oh no don't tell her to stop, give us her camera name

They didn’t ask for her camera name, but they were making the typical sex pozzer libfem arguments:

“But what if she knows other cam girls”

“You’re perpetuating the stigma.”

I'm hoping if nothing else that seeing the dogpile on you would convince the mother to refrain from taking pro-porn arguments to heart. If she legitimately cares about what may be happening it's better that her daughter could have someone to talk to about it instead of being left to handle it alone...or worse, with no one but other sex-positive individuals (far more likely to find around her age today) who will offer nothing but encouragement for doing it.

The guy in that thread that says lesbians and women should give him a chance as a platonic friend....

Women always owe men something.

*Edit: And I haven’t even gotten to the incel yet.

Remind me why we’re not supposed to say these men are utterly revolting, again?

LOL. This guy thinks that this other guy has anything in common with his lesbian mother.

I’m glad you’re safe...I should mention that I am a straight married male, but I grew up with a gay mother and I couldn’t imagine someone trying this to her, if you need any help trying to figure out witch VPN to go with I have a few in mind that should help you on all platforms, just let me know if you need any help

I love how these men white knight for trans but when a woman is harrassed it is her fault.

Silly womens acting so sensitive. /s

some TERFs, r/GenderCritical 1 Comments [8/7/2018 12:42:43 AM]
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Quote# 123076

[OP of "You all are proof of evil female nature and all of you deserve to get raped by me"]

Your efforts to belittle our suffering and mocking us will not go unpunished. Females being alone and not being able to get chad is not comparable to real inceldom. Making fun of our ideology/philosophy and comparing your chad craving to our incel suffering in an effort to belittle inceldom is truly evil. It is a crime that can not be forgiven. All of you evil whores deserve to get raped and destroyed by me. Inceldom is a serious condition exclusive to men that needs to be resolved as soon as possible. It needs to be taken seriously and not get mocked or belittled. Even the claim that females can be incel belittles inceldom. Females claiming to be incel is an insult to real incels and the suffering they have to endure. Inceldom is serious. It is not a laughing matter. Inceldom kills, killed and will kill again. You, whores, are truly evil and disgusting. If you really claim to be incel then there would be no problem if I raped all of you fatass whores. That is what you disgusting slobs deserve. All of you are evil. Evil needs to be hated and destroyed. All of you deserve getting raped then shot by me. What you people do right now is a crime against inceldom and incels. This subreddit is a travesty and an abomination. I hate each and every single one of you with the very core of my being.

SaintElliot, Reddit - r/FemaleIncels 36 Comments [12/17/2016 3:18:07 PM]
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Quote# 136388

You have to be a moron to believe online "child sexual abuse" such as sexting is harmful, but it doesn't take much evil to want to criminalize it. Evil always wins.

Eivind Berge, Twitter 4 Comments [2/2/2018 11:31:37 AM]
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Submitted By: Wayne Knight
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Quote# 126471

Join me in the SingulERity

The SingulERity is the event where incels will finally take their rightful place as masters of this planet by wielding the powers of Artificial Superintelligence. This is a better outcome than the so-called normie-tier "Singularity" which is an inferior farce. To let normies enjoy the unearned luxuries of AI would be an injustice.

When the SingulERity occurs, I ask my fellow incel brothers to stand with me so that we may all become hERoes and exact retribution on all these normans.

In the meantime, I implore you to keep working on your DBNs, your GANs, your Reinforcement Learners, your Basilisks. We will have our day.

gstvtrp, /r/incels 7 Comments [4/19/2017 9:38:41 AM]
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Quote# 126034

I wasn't triggered 3 years ago

I was at the beach with my parents and I began exploring it. I stumbled up a couple behind some rocks making out and touching each others parts. The girl was topless and she was taller than the guy.

I didn't give a shit about it because I was 18 at the time and I believed that I would get a girlfriend sooner or later. How wrong I was. I was naive and stupid to have such a silly hope. If I experienced this scene now I would beat the shit out both of them for being degenerate and indulging in sexual acts in front of me.

thegambler953, /r/incels 11 Comments [4/5/2017 12:12:17 AM]
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Quote# 129342

[Automated message, triggered by "self improvement"]

My friend was an ugly 48 year old 5'2 guy and he was having trouble finding a woman who wanted to be with him. Do you think he just sat around and complained about it all day? Fuck no. He improved himself and now he's a tall handsome 20 year old guy and he can get any girl he wants.

/r/incels, /r/incels 8 Comments [7/16/2017 12:36:24 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 130294

various WGTOWers, r/WGTOW 3 Comments [8/8/2017 11:29:06 PM]
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Quote# 133573

Yes, I get especially angered when people refer to a man who has made himself "look" like a woman with surgery and drugs as a woman. He is definitely NOT.

Ever notice how these men seem to gravitate to the sexist portrayal of what a woman should look like, high heels, makeup and corsets?

Disgusting and definitely not a she, a female or a woman.

terri smith, Feminist Current 5 Comments [10/29/2017 12:54:52 PM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 129305

[From _Ryo_Hazuki's AMA thread]

(Do you believe men and women can be friends?)

If the guy is gay, sure.

In some cases where the guy is in a relationship and he's happy with said relationship it can work.

But if a guy is single he will inevitably fall in love with her. A single man will fall in love with any woman that shows him a shred of kindness, no matter what she looks like. It's not just incels, but normies are like this as well. Even a lot of chads are.


But if a guy is single he will inevitably fall in love with her.

Stupidest thing I've ever read.

Males are biologically wired to fuck anything they can. Trust me, cuckolded moron, it's 100% true.

I'm not sure I am even able to feel love.

_Ryo_Hazuki, knajjd11 and pranomostro, /r/incels 5 Comments [7/15/2017 6:34:29 AM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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Quote# 129369

Reminder that it is impossible for a women to be abused or cheated on by her boyfriend

Incels don't have girlfriends because they have bad personalities. Women don't have boyfriends with bad personalities, they can detect when a man would abuse them or cheat on them. A women has never been abused or cheated on by her boyfriend.

nerdcrusher4, /r/incels 12 Comments [7/16/2017 11:56:27 AM]
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Quote# 125354

The sad truth is, most men are vampires and will suck the life out of you.

sunsanunes , Feminist Current 28 Comments [3/13/2017 7:59:09 AM]
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Quote# 139867

(Redirected from Wife)

Redirect to:

-> Pussy cartel

Incel Wiki, Incel Wiki 0 Comments [8/17/2018 11:13:41 AM]
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Quote# 132482

Rolf Harris, Daily Mail 0 Comments [10/9/2017 12:47:07 AM]
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Quote# 133947

Recently, my computer had a temporary breakdown and I was off this sub. and god, I felt a lot more relaxed. You'd think you'd get used to it, but I can't even bring myself to read the articles now, only your comments. I simply cannot bear to read any more trans shit from them. Those completely male voices...that way they are so unaware of how male they come across. Always got that same male tone: that short, to the point, efficient, unemotional tone. Always instantly ordering women to obey, threatening to hurt themselves..oh, wait, no I meant, hurt you...

I read the headlines, and that's as much as I can bear. I found I was reading articles and beginning to shout at the walls, carrying on imaginary conversations..or rather rants! I feel such rage, when I see things like TW saying lesbians should be 'open' to accepting a penis..if you arent naturally open to it, then this means you've got to force yourself into sex you dont want, because of all these thirsty, predatory TW. How can cisdykes and transdykes get closer?" asks a sincere (fucking stupid handmaiden lesbian) idiot.

"Lots of sex and not fucking up but mainly lots of sex" is the answer. Not fucking up? What does that mean? It means, put the TW first and police yourself very carefully and just like any battered wife, make yourself a doormat, tremble and be available. They are abusers. Its giving me heartburn. Tension in the shoulders. God knows how much stored up inside. I find I obsess about it...its just so horrifying, and its everywhere, and still most people think TW are sweet and humble and have operations. Are like Kim in "Different For Girls"..if you've seen that, of course you are on Kim's side, and you'd accept her as almost female, near enough makes no odds.

Yet now there's a film like Tangeroine where a TW batters a woman. A man, beats a woman and its art.I cannot stand it anymore. I dont live in the UK and there's nothing I can do. Are any of you suffering actual physical symptoms?

secondtidalwave2, r/GenderCritical 2 Comments [11/8/2017 10:30:59 AM]
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Submitted By: Katie
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Quote# 131534

Woman only care about 1 figure and that's 6

Femoids only care about the number 6, all femoids want us a guy over 6 foot, a guy with a 6 figure salary, must have a 6 inch penis. Put that together that's 666. Femoids are literally the devil

IncelsusChrist, /r/incels 7 Comments [9/14/2017 1:18:30 PM]
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Submitted By: Pharaoh Bastethotep
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