Submission Guidelines

Even though it is admittedly rather long, don't tl;dr this!

Basic info

If you want to keep your quote-submitting privileges, make sure you read these guidelines before submitting quotes! These are only guidelines, not hard and fast rules, but you will be banned from submitting quotes if you repeatedly ignore them for no justified reason. You should — and, indeed, are strongly encouraged to — stray from them when you are pretty sure you have a good reason. Additionally, there are several guidelines, such as selecting appropriate section for your quote, that never have any potentially justified reason to ignore. However, you're in no danger of being banned if you read these guidelines and actually make an effort to submit quotes correctly.

Selecting an archive for a quote
  • Always file your quote under the correct archive! We're beyond tired of correcting them. The onslaught of quote submissions that do this has reached the point where just looking at the "Delete" button feels sublimely cathartic, and actually pressing it provides us sensations and tingles that are almost positively orgasmic.

  • If multiple categories apply to a quote, and there is no real "best" archive for it, then use common sense to pick the one you think makes the most sense. As long as you select an archive relevant to the quote, your submission won't be automatically deleted, and you aren't in any danger of being banned.

  • This guideline follows the "three-strikes" principle: If you fail to do this more than three times within a short period, your IP and/or username will be summarily permabanned from submitting quotes, no exceptions. If you don't believe that, then try to call our bluff and see what happens.

  • Misfiled submissions are always immediately deleted. This is done 100% of the time without any exception or further consideration; a misfiled quote will be trashed even if it is one of the best ones ever submitted to FSTDT, and the rest of the submission is unassailably correct and adherent to these guidelines.

Additional guidelines
  • Don't resubmit something that's already been submitted. Check the given lists of quotes when they are presented.

  • Do not submit more than 10 quotes a day or more than 3 from the same source.

  • Submissions in languages other than English are welcome if both the original text and a translation are provided. At the time this is being written, we frequently receive and happily accept submissions originally in German. The admin and most of the mods also speak a language other than English. For me (shy), the primary second language is French.

  • Providing the context of a quote is acceptable (and encouraged!), but don't include any other commentary in quote submissions. That is, believe it or not, what the comments section is for.

  • This is a quote site, and visitors don't really like reading or scrolling through long posts that span multiple paragraphs, so do not quote an entire article or post unless it is absolutely necessary to fully appreciate its fundieness. Instead, only quote the highlights (or lowlights as it were). You may provide context or summarize to fill in any gaps if necessary, just make sure to use [angle brackets] to separate your text from the quote's.

  • When submitting images, include a transcription of any text as applicable.

  • Do not alter the name of the source (e.g. World Net Daily > Wing Nut Daily). It greatly hinders searching for quotes by board, and having to manually edit submissions to fix this is time-consuming. Instead, share your witty renames by using them in the comments.

  • Do not submit material from a source that requires creating an account or logging in to view it. That's annoying for anyone who wants to see the original source, including quote moderators, who nearly always check the source, regardless of the fact you likely believe otherwise.

  • For the same reason, do not submit material from a source that does not have a way of directly linking to that material or easily accessing it. That means no YouTube comments until YouTube gets with the program and does something to fix this. It seems they have finally done this.

  • When quoting an individual from a news article or similar source, submit the individual in question as the 'Fundie' and the name of the site as the 'Board.' The title of the article may be optionally included in the body of the quote itself, but not in the other fields.

  • Similarly, when quoting from a blog post or a similar source where the fundie is the author, submit the author as the 'Fundie' and the name of the blog as the 'Board.' Again, the title or subject of the post may be optionally included in the body of the quote itself, but not in the other fields.

  • Do not directly quote other quote sites. If you see something on another quote site you think belongs here, then get the original source from the quote site, and submit that.

  • Do not quote any links to donate or purchase things in the original unless it is genuinely humorous, vulturous even by a vulture's standards, etc. In that case, you can unlink the text of those links and underline them instead (so readers can see where the links were in the original). Fundies are what keep this site going, but they don't need to be compensated for it. Moreover, most search engines consider results more likely to be spam when they contain links to buy things from an external source, and their ranking is penalized accordingly.