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This is a blog about monarchs, monarchism and monarchists by a monarchist. I cover royal history, which I have an interest in, looking at good times and bad. My goal is to aid in some small way in shoring up support for existing monarchies and restoring those which have been destroyed. I am a pan-monarchist, which means I do not focus on one country or one royal family or one monarchial tradition alone but on the world-wide monarchist cause. That is to say, I hope to foster support for what sociologists call “traditional authority” everywhere in the world. That includes supporting traditional figures in government and traditional values in society. For the vast majority of peoples throughout the world these traditional values are largely the same. I have very strong religious opinions (which I think are obvious to most people) but this is not a religious blog, it is a monarchist blog and I will and have discussed monarchs and monarchial traditions from any and all religious backgrounds. Just because I choose not to preach does not mean I consider the issue inconsequential. When it comes to religion, I will say that I consider almost any religion better than none at all since, again, the vast majority have the same basic social values in common and the vast majority support the same basic form of government, which is monarchy.
This blog, and blogger, is proudly reactionary and counterrevolutionary. I support that which strengthens monarchy and traditional values and oppose that which weakens them. However, I also strive to be practical and realistic and that means never sacrificing a preferable present in the hope of a totally perfect future. I support monarchs having actual powers and more than mere symbolic authority but I will support and defend even the most purely ceremonial monarchies as preferable to an outright republic since there is at least a root from which the tree can be restored. No matter how stripped down and muzzled, any monarchy at all provides more to work with than a republic for history has largely proven the last German Kaiser correct when he said, “Monarchy is like virginity, once lost, you can never get it back”. That is not always true, but in the vast majority of cases it is and that is why a republic is a calamity that is to be avoided at all costs and I will defend even the smallest nub of an existing monarchy rather than giving up on it in the naïve hope that something better can come from the triumph of republicanism. I believe monarchists must be resolute, determined and loyal to the death, whether in good times or bad.



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