Various Posters #racist #wingnut

(in response to a story about a racist police chief being asked to resign)

(Dred Scott): Its gotten so bad that hard working humans, trying to support their families through honest work, are being fired from these jobs for speaking about their disapproval of niggers doing the exact opposite.

(Massa Skim): These lads are speaking truth. Niggers sold their 'soul bruthas' to YT in exchange for shiny bling to show off, liquor to fuck themselves up with, and hogs to MUHDIK. Then by the grace and might of YT they were spared the horrors of being cannibalized by their Apefreakan kin and instead offered free housing, free provisions, and a better life then what they would've had if they remained in the muddaland. And they still have the nerve to bitch and complain because their lazy asses were put to work (which they're now exempt from). Ungrateful beasts! Humanity made a big mistake bringing their merchandise over from Apefreaka to the new world. Send them back!

(Dixieman): Expect for the Thought Police to coontinue to get worse. Can't have anyone stating or printing facts about the true nature of the nigger parasite. The only reason we have such an enormous amount of National Debt can be traced back to LBJ's "War on Poverty" which was the beginning of the GIBS train for niggers. Trillions, and let that sink in for a minute, TRILLIONS of dollars have been wasted on handouts to niggers year after year trying to uphold the myth that these feral animals are Just Like Us. It is going to get worse with the nigger loving and coddling administration in office now.



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