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Fellow Skeptics, we remain intellectually superior to those lowly creationists. We are so superior that we have only studied evolution. Let us collectively pat ourselves on the back for having reached this evolved pinnacle of wisdom and understanding. Without investigating the claims of those lowly creationists we can proudly proclaim their error. There is one thing that remains though, where on Earth are they HIDING those creationist scientific evidences! That is the only minor thing that we have not yet been able to figure out! But all else is clearly known to us. Keep marching forward towards that spiritual cliff ahead. Feel proud. And when you are in front, take a deep breath, and gaze at the beautiful view. And keep marching even as you fall off and tumble through the air. So invigorating. Now let us recite the Skeptics Creed:

“I am a skeptic. All that is answers to my understanding or else it does not exist. I am too strong to admit weakness, particularly spiritually. I deny the role of The Scientific Mathematician who created and sustains the universe. Instead I contend that the trillions of known stars and the magnificience of abundant interlocking scientific laws of motion, preservation, heat, sophisticated chemical and biological interactions ALL exploded from nothingness into chance existence for no reason. There is thus no purpose to life.



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