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What do Blacks want?
I'm confused about it. They're marching all over the place, along with their white liberal allies, demanding change. What kind of change? It seems to me they have two major complaints. One is poverty. The other is the police.

So here's the thing. Black poverty is caused by black kids having kids. Teen girls having babies and raising them alone with no male support. Those teen girls have little in the way of self discipline, so their sons and daughters have little either. They go to schools which, from descriptions I've read, are awful, not because of a lack of money but because of a lack of discipline. The kids don't put in much effort, there's violence every day. Their parents don't care.

They join street gangs and drop out more than any other community. Too many of those who graduate go on welfare, feeling its because of racism, not their crappy education and attitude. They get involved in crime way more than other communities, and that crime is violent more than other poor communities. African immigrants and refugees perform better economically, their kids do way better at school and go onto university more, and they get involved in crime less. Hispanics, who are poorer, put more emphasis on education, and get involved in crime, particularly violent crime less.

In New York city, blacks are responsible for 48% of rapes, 62% of murders, 66% of robberies, 74% of shootings. That obviously is going to put them into contact with police a lot more frequently, get them arrested more often, and get them involved in violence with police more often. Until black crime levels, and particularly violence levels drop I don't see a way around that.

So what do blacks want the country and its politicians to do? For police to ignore black crime and black criminals? For companies to be forced to hire people who can barely read, write or count, and have a problem with being told what to do? What? What's the end game here? No one ever says. Particularly all the Democratic mayors who run the cities the protesters are rioting in.

Obama makes high sounding noises about 'equality'. Well, if you have no discipline and a shitty education because you didn't bother and your mother didn't make you do your homework, employers don't consider you as 'equal' to those other people who did the stuff you didn't bother with.



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