lithiumgirl #wingnut

Its true @Nell ... that is why people like him. He is confident ... I'm not even american, but as a Canadian I can tell you what I appreciate.

He's warm hearted, he makes people feel like he's with them, not trying to sell them something, he's accountable, he is on fire with twitter,

everyone knows where they stand with him on any given day and at at any given moment, he is ACCESSIBLE. And transparent.

He hugged that kid, but not too much and not half ass but a real hug.

He's persistent, He's funny !!!! He's open with his disdain, he's open about progress, he celebrates every little

thing on twitter, we did this .. we did that .. .we're doing this next .. .he's enthusiastic. He is BUSY! !!!!

He's a natural leader, he's a good father, he takes care of his wives, he took care and takes care of his children.

He's charitable, he donates his salary, he loves women, he thinks LGBT is a worthwhile movement with several achievements.

He's not a racist, true patriots don't have a colour, good Americans just are, no matter, its about substance.

he's a builder. He makes things happen.

That's what people like about him ... in a nut shell.

Lots of people ... its not just me.

Buffettgirl said:
I think so. I don't think the intent to be mean was there, more thoughtless than anything, but, well, I get to be sensitive about it. I wouldn't have said that to someone with a compromised immune system. After all the boy in the plastic bubble died at age 12...

Vitiligo is an auto immune disorder ... I think it was triggered by a heat protein, I'm not sure.

there are so many ... diabetes ... arthritis, psoriasis ... lupus.

I would only kind of hate to be house bound ... I'm an introvert.



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