zero_dwa and superTERKA #sexist #wingnut

[Translated from a Polish original via DeepL.]


Yes, my dear beauties, the fact that a woman has had a different sexual partner every week IS a real problem and it IS NOT normal, how is such a person supposed to be a good wife and mother if the chances of divorce increase proportionally with the number of previous partners?

What amused me even more in this thread was the statement that men do the same. Somehow I don't know any guy nor do I myself recall having sex with five females on my 18th birthday, in fact I don't recall ever having sex.

And this huge disproportion in the number of partners between the sexes IS a bigger problem than some LGBT or abortion issue even though nobody wants or is afraid to talk about it.

#przegryw #blackpill #p0lka


I wouldn't mind if they had as much sex as they liked, if only these trollops would mark themselves somehow. There's such a fashion for tattoos, Julkas love them so much, so why not make a sign on some visible part of the body saying ONS-lover or something else? xD let's make it a trend on TikTok and it will follow.

There's nothing to be ashamed of, such a p0leczka is modern, liberated and knows her worth!

Those who want a peaceful life, will stay away from such marriages, thanks to this there will be less mentally destroyed individuals, the number of divorces will decrease, there will be less lonely madams. All the advantages. And Chads and cucks will know which cunts were visited by half of the city, and that this is a good target for ONSes and FWBs that they like.



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