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Maybe i’m wrong but if i remember right

Iran and North Korea are two of a handfull of countries left which are not members of the central bank of all central banks, the BiS created by Hitler and (of course) a jew called Norman Montague.

The other few countries which are not members of the BiS are Venezuela, Cuba and Syria.

(a few years ago there have been 3 more countries which have not been members of the BiS — Iraq, Afghanistan and Lybia (the first Lybian ‘Rebels’ did, even before starting rebellion) was to create a bank.

In case these informations are true, it is an amazing coiincidence that all countries which are not controlled by the jewishest of all Jewish businesses are systematically targeted by the USA.

To target North Korea (correct me if i’m wrong) the Clintons were the driving force to give Koreans the machines to produce uranium, and Rumsfeld was CEO board member of the company (ABB) which gave those machines to North Korea.

Seems North Korea was given on purpose those machines to create the situation we have right now.

To have a reason to go to war.

And no matter who the president is or which politics they pretend to make, in the end the politics are always the same.

– More military spending
– More debts
– Kiss israels butt
– Trying to wage wars on the same countries

All for the good and the gains of the rich Jews who laugh all the way to the bank.



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