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I absolutely DO NOT agree with you, Reagan! Letting gays adopt and raise children is one of the worst forms of child abuse. I want to know how this was ever approved in the first place. I do not remember the people of this country ever voting on approving this policy, and I suspect it would have been voted down by them. Now, with all the radical Leftists' propaganda/indoctrination/misinformation about this topic being taught in our schools from day one and forced on this country, the ruinous supposed acceptance of same-sex marriages and its 'legalization' and 'twisting' of the Constitution by the SC (that we were never allowed to vote on either), people of faith are being trashed and innocent children victimized. CHOOSING the gay life style is a sin against God and nature (an evolutionary dead-end). It will not bring happiness to those who chose it and that choice should totally disqualify them from adopting and raising children.



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