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Be open minded." That's SJW talk for "It's not made for the fans, so get ready for a shitty product."

Fuck you, Troy Baker.

White people have been the stereotypical villains when it comes to religious cults, but what about the other religions that to this day, target and even kill homosexuals? Oh, but they're from the Middle East, and we can't portray THEM as bad people, right? Just white people. Not the fucking mushroom zombies that destroyed the world as we know it, no no it's the white people.

Fuck you and fuck Naughty Dog. If this whole goddamn game is Ellie The Lesbian (since apparently that's all she is now! Not Ellie the hunter, Ellie the girl who took care of Joel, no no, she's a lesbian, that's all that matters about her character now.) fighting "evil skinheads", I pray to the powers that be, that this game gets shit on from every direction. If these leaks are true, this game is gonna suck.

I knew it, as soon as the trailer showed Ellie in a relationship, this game was destined fo



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