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This has been a constant attempt for the left to tarnish us with this racism word and it just doesn't work anymore. The real racists are actually those behind Black Lives Matter, I really mean that. What's happening through BLM and elsewhere is, we are dividing people up into different groups dividing them up on the grounds of race ethnicity gender whatever else it may be, and that is disastrous, that is destructive, that is the real racism, and I loathe it, and i want to live in a country where everybody is treated exactly the same.

Whether it was my UKIP supporters, my Brexit party supporters, Trump supporters at the rallies, these are very, very good, decent people and the more mainstream media, you know, or Hillary Clinton point fingers at them, and call them deplorable, or ignorant, or stupid, the greater their resolve to fight back.

Within 24 hours of the death of george floyd there were riots in the streets of London, so don't tell me this was a spontaneous outpouring, this was all planned, they've been waiting for the opportunity and I was disgusted.

One of the things that has changed politics in the UK has been postal voting. We've seen it abused again and again, there is no country in which this is safe, and i was trying to warn america this time last year, that if you went down this route, you know the left will always win at this, because you see, if you think you're morally superior cheating is quite an easy thing to do.

i once saw a vote box in Oldham. Unbelievably, of the thousands of ballots that were in that box, the percentage that were voting for labour was 100. That is literally impossible so, you know, that is what is keeping Sadiq Khan holding on in London is the power of that postal vote.



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