ATON CREATOR GOD OF LIGHT via Anne Bellringer #ufo #magick #crackpot #conspiracy

You have read the many messages that I have given Anne to pen, but this one is a most important one for you to consider and and take to heart, When I say the Lighted Realms have waited, I shall add that the planets in this Apsu System have waited eons of time for this moment. Not only that, but there are civilizations on all other plants in 5th dimension and higher, for all other planets in you Apsu System have graduated long ago.
You just remember that ALL 3D life is wiped OFF her surface. They have mined-controlled Earth Shan and prevented her turning with their advanced technology! That has been removed so Mother Earth is now ready to turn. She is rocking back and forth, but needs a thrust to actually turn.

It is NOT a miracle, but scientifically correct information when I say that the alignment of the planets creates the gravitational force that gives the last thrust to Mother Earth to flip on her axis! All the Apsu Planets and all of Cosmos is now singing the Celestial Song (etherically), and when it reaches a crescendo, Earth flips.
Just before turning over to a higher dimension (frequency) the great chord shall be struck and all memory shall return to all souled ones. They shall realize who they are, and have a chance to come to safety by stepping into our beam of light to be lifted off to safety, just like in Star Trek. Remember, the dark ones have TOLD you what they plan to do by all those “far out” movies you have watched!

Lastly, your life on Earth is your soul taking on a fleshy envelope for soul growth! Life on Earth is an illusion. The Satanian Empire has made you think otherwise, and that your life on Earth is the ONLY life you have had! You have been tricked.

I love all that I have created!!! Take heed of my words at this time, and believe what I am telling you! You will not survive on Earth with all the ocean flooding the continents at five miles high! Furthermore, your 3D body CANNOT survive in a higher Dimension!



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