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Ok, this is one of what I hope will be several succeful debate topics.

What you do is tell whether you think dragons did exist or might still exist. Don't just put: dragons are cool so they must have existed. Thats lame. Give reasons, any historical/Scientific/Religious evidence.

My side of the debate:

Dragons did exist, but are now extinct. My reasons for this are: In the age of dinosaurs, there were flying dinos and fire-breathing dinos, how hard would it be to have a fire breathing flying dino? (Because I think that that is was Dragions were: dinosaurs, I do not belive they were sentient. They may have been smarter than other dinos, but the were not sentient or have higher thought functions. There have been dragon carcasses found. There is a history channel DVD titled: Dragons, a fantasy made real. That I am baseing this piont on. In the book of Revalations, in The Bible, there is a beast described as looking like a dragon-ish creature, When Paul talks about Armegadon, he talks of: Beasts that spat fire... The Bible often uses real-world examples of things, personally, I think that Paul was trying to describe a modern tank, using a dragon as a simile.

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Re: Millionaire betabux cucked for 20+ years into raising his roastie's 3 boys. The revalation was made when he found out that he was infertile since birth due to a genetic condition.


He raised them for over 20 years, to damn with genetics he's still their father. Why can't he do the adult thing and repair his relationship with the boys, why does he care so much about his genes, his name is being passed on anyway.

Can't he settle the matter quietly instead of dragging his children's names into the mud with him .

no, he's the guy that was tricked by a whore into babysitting and paying for all their shit


to damn with genetics he's still their father.

IT cucks in a nutshell.

just swallow the fact that you invested decades of your existence and resources in offspring that are not your own, bro.

Just be a literal cuck bro

That’s what you want, right? To never be held accountable. Well fuck you, he can do it, and he should do it. Thots like the whore these kids call mother need to be shamed publicly.

She should be held accountable for the deception... but he is just as descpicable wtf is he doing? Basically saying unless they came from my sperm, my "name" won't live on. Lmao what an arrogant prick what about all the other men who are infertile or gay couples who can't have their own children naturally

He raised them thinking they were his, but they’re not. They don’t contain his genetic material, so they’re not his kids. Every organism wants to spread their genes, that is the purpose of life. It’s selfish, yes. But so are all of us.

We aren't animals, we not to be more evolved.

Of course sweetheart, you’re special <3

Easy for the mother to say, maybe.

He got fucked over.

Bet the real dad is pissing himself laughing over all this.

Or sitting in fear wondering when his children/ex-lover are gonna knock on the door asking for money. Or if the scumbag is married wondering how this news may affect his family. Men need to learn to keep in their pants.

The men who can't keep it in their pants are also the ones getting laid.

It must be because they respect women and watch films with strong female protagonists.

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[How is christianity the "one true religion"?]

Alright, I'm only 15 so my grammar might not be great but everything I'm about to say is total fact about the bible and the christian religion. The Bible has the most Archeological evidence out of any holy text in any other religion, Archeologists even use the Bible as a reference source to locate things, and evertime they dig where it says there is something, they find something! Also Every holy text has atleast one hundred prophecies but did you know that the Bible is the only holy text where ALL the prophecies in it other than revalations(which is set in the future, at least thats what most christians believe) have come true. Also about Jesus the reason we believe that he is the saviour is because he fulfilled all the prophecies that were made about him from more than a thousand years back, even ones that he could have no way to fulfill himself, like where he was born or how he was born.

The miracles camn also be proven true. They found the city Jericho a while back, you know the one that the Jews marched around and then the walls fell OUTWARD and then they walked in and burned everything, and Then God said that no one would ever lie on that spot ever again? Well when they found Jericho they noticed that the walls had in fact fallen OUTWARD, and when they walked inside the city they saw that all the grain had been burnt. Now let me tell you something, it would have been totally impossible for a little nomadic group for the Jews to topple the walls of Jericho, not to mention sneak into it and then topple it, cause they didn't have any equipment to do it with, and it had to have been them who had done it because we know they got past Jericho, and that they had no allies to do it for them. and also something else, since Jericho was toppled no one has built over the city to live there! the new Jericho they built is built a few miles away. Thats why christians believe what's in the Bible.

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The sun is a black hole

Here is a theory which may or may not hold any truth.

Most things have an opposit or pair in nature, which creates a balance, which nature seems to like.

So light has dark, left has right,

The sun can be opposite end of a blackhole, so all the energy that is sucked into a black hole is then fed into the sun that then pours the energy out via, light, heat, radiation etc..

Now if the universe has another universe as a pair (parallel universe) a bright sun in our universe will present as a blackhole in the other universe. The other theory is that a sun and black black hole can be seperated by millions of miles but be conected via a breach in space/time so you can travel into a black hole in one solar system and then pop out of a sun in another solar system. Obv the craft would need sufficient speed and protection to do this if possible at all.

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was it concidered hate when under lavitical law people were stoned to death for things that are widly exepted in western culture?
and did God tell those 3 angel's to go to sodom and gamorah to reach out to all those people and try to convert them?
I hate to say it but if God doesn't send down fire from heaven to consume these gay's and their God flaunting cartload of sin.
Then I sincerally hope that Jew's and muslim's will finaly have an oportunity to find common ground and work together when they violantly appose these gay revaler's.

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please help me with a bad feeling that my family has about this new election. in revalations you can see discussions about clintin ,not for battom but please read now hillary is running and if you add up the letters of each of her names it comes up with 666 plus the fact of before war relations with powers that embedded with terrist against our christ!!

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The real enemy is Satan. He's the one that possesed Mohamad and caused him to come up with this anti- Christain, anti-Jewish & anti everybody else religion. Allah may be the god of the jihad, but it's Satan that is behind this false god called Allah. The Mullahs all know that as long as Isreal and the Jewish people exist, their religion is in danger of being exposed as false. Why? Because Isreal and the Jewish people are proof that the God of the Bible is the one true God, not Allah, the god of the Koran. The god of the Koran is the god of the jihad. The God of the Bible is absolute good, and therefore absolute moral perfection and absolute uncondional love. He is also absolute life, absolute light, absolute power, absolute knowledge, absolute wisdom, absolute understanding. He is also the perfect genleman and will not force Himself upon anyone (unlike the demon that forced itself upon Mohamad in the cave where he is suposed to have received his many "revalations", which ultimately lead to the writing of the Koran).

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Banjo-Kazooie is a liberal video game released in 1998, and it was developed by British vulgarians Rare and published by Nintendo, the Japanese company also responsible for Pokemon which was Japan's revenge for the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This video game was released for the Nintendo 64 video game console, and it sold millions of copies.

Despite receiving an ESRB rating of "E for Everyone," this video game is rife with liberal content. For starters, it values physical beauty over substantive characteristics. 1 Samuel 16:7 says "But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have refused him: for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart." The entire plot of this game revolves around series antagonist Gruntilda seeking to use protagonist Banjo's sister Tooty for her physical looks. Gruntilda plans on transferring Tooty's looks onto herself via some contraption that is featured in game. In the game over sequence in this game, it features said transfer occurring and Gruntilda turns from an obese witch into a slender woman with breasts visible as well as suggestive moaning not unlike that featured in the liberal song "Wildest Dreams" which is also sinful. Remember that this game is rated "E." Tooty becomes green and obese, thus showing that the only thing that matters is a person's physical attractiveness, a further sign of a fallen world.

Not only that, there are other sinful things in this game including references to drunkenness, and another reference to breasts during the end game sequence where these scantily clad models are on an island holding a tray with melons. This is what kids were apparently supposed to be seeing, according to the supposedly self-regulating video game industry. The ESRB must have some pretty lax standards.

The game had a sequel, called Banjo-Tooie, which has such blatant vulgarity that one world has an island formation that resembles a penis, and there is another world with a menu that features the entree "Seaman's Surprise." It is sad that parents, even so-called "Christian" parents let their kids play this game. In a way, it is even worse than what Grand Theft Auto did. At least GTA had an "M" rating, while Banjo was allegedly appropriate for kids with its "E" rating.

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Distractions & signs leading up to Planet X's unstoppable havoc.

Some believe that there is a 10th planet as Zacheria Sitchin documented in his series of books, in which he translated sumerian writtings or texts that detailed the 10th planet. This was was supported by Robert Harrington from the Navel observatory who met with Sitchin in 1983 & in 91 Harrington traveled to New Zealand set up a telescope and reported the findings back to washington, Harrington was said to have died of a rapid cancer before returning to the US and his work includeing his telescope were immediatly confiscated.

Some think the main reason for the large south pole telescope is to see the arrival of this planet or rather the small solar system which will barrel right thru ours. This is suspected to have started to affect Earth with the increase in earth quakes, tsunami's, massive increase in global temp's and the meteors which this incoming object is hurling.

Thing to think about:
massive undertaking in building underground bases since the 80's
FEMA ordering and stock piling $1 billion in disposable coffin liners, 14 million body bags and 140 million long life MRE meals.
Perfecting the chem-trailing of the southern sky in order to hide this HUGE system from our eyes as long as possible.
Countless # of astronomers who've died or vanished since this was first noted.

Some sources say the brunt of the damage is said to happen when Earth passed thru the trailing debris tail and fiery comets and meteors pound the Earth. This was detailed in revalations in the bible. The magnetic pull of this system, mainly a brown dwarf star will grab onto our magnetic pole and drag it over onto it's axis - this will cause a pole shift and massive flooding not unlike the biblical Noah. This incoming system has come back before and will again, it's not God it's science...

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[bThe hard truth is, the nation’s young haven’t been spanked enough when they were growing up. Spare the rod and create a criminal!

What is the answer? Like so many problems, the answer is fairly simple. Take every kid, at the age of 18 (boy or girl) and send them to a two-year boot camp in the military service. When they come out of service they will have been given the discipline and responsibility that will make them mature college students, or disciplined plumbers, electricians, or carpenters, or find a career in the military.

In effect, the military will have given them what they should have been receiving from their spoiled, work-obsessed parents. It may even give them a worthy direction to pursue. If, as a nation, we did this, there would be a lot less protesting and violence in the streets by stupid kids, being led around by the nose by unscrupulous actors (and politicians) that exploit the kids for unconstitutional, socialist and insane agendas, like climate change, free college tuition, forgiving college debt, Medicare for all, open borders, health care for illegal aliens, repealing the Electoral College, tearing down statues, erasing our history and the economy-killing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.

… Must law-abiding citizens take the law into their own hands to retake the streets from lawless kids, in a show of unchecked vigilante justice, as in the days of the Wild West? If nothing changes, it’s coming!

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[This whole post is a must-read. After stating the face on Mars is depicted as a lion, drawing parallels pondering whether the Sphinx is really a lion-human hybrid, and contemplating why lions appear frequently alongside Biblical characters such as Jesus and Judas]


Yes some of you are probably laughing.....well so did I when i read the section in The hand book for light workers" I pmsl in fact and said what a load of cow dung

Anyway roughly a year later i had a really odd experience. I was lucid dreaming, i had never experienced it before. I went on a journey out of this world through vortexes stargates, i felt like i was in a stargate tv programme. I ended up in a pyramid and walked down to an alter. A golden being entered from mid air on a huge flying throne it landed, and she moved elegantly towards me almost dancing. She was tall, thin, with a long neck and a bauld head. The being whirrled around me as if she had never seen a human before, i was just as intreged by her.

After this dream type state i came too, but I knew there was something about what happened to me, I couldn't put my finger on it.

The next day my friend Trevour came to see me. As he departed this earth over ten years ago in a road accident, this is more complex than you probably first realised. [...]

back to Trevour, he said "a friend wants to meet you but he has asked me to ask you first because you will need to be prepared to meet him as he is not like me" I asked what he meant and Trev replied "He is a Lion Person" I cautiously agreed to meet this Lion Person, curiosity got the better of me, not believing in them and all!

The young Lion person stepped forward and introduced himself as Kootie! He looked warrior like in a long red robe, he explained he was responsible for my Lucid dreaming experience as a way of introducing himself so it wasn't too much of a shock!

I will admit now,I was scared, I had never encountered another being, spirit people form our spirit world yes. I took me a couple of weeks to get used to Kootie, I nearly had a few panic attacks!

Anyway I have recieved several messages and it appears his main aim is to RE-REVEAL THE REVALATIONS

Now I have read theories about aliens being demonic and connected to satan. But as Lion's appear side by side with Jesus I am inclined to trust my new friend. As it is late I wont be sharing any messages tonite but I will share what I have so far and maybe some of you can even help us as I am in the Uk with a baby to take care of It is difficult for me to get to peru and North Africa as well as Chakara in India. If you can we will have to team up!

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I was on a forum having a long discussion about God and the Bible. It was fine until the Holocaust was brought up. I mentioned how God would lift his protection on people if they rejected his ways, theorizing that that's why the Holocaust happened. God lifted his protection, and the devil stepped in to terrorize them as he's done in the past, hence Exodus and Judges. But then this man I spoke with stated that turning away from dead people made God as bad as Hitler.

Angrily, I brought up the book of Revalations and how this guy clearly never read it, and somehow thinks he can judge God when he doesn't know anything about him. Obviously, he was looking for bad points about God instead of trying to learn about it, so I left. But he'll obviously reply, so I don't want to go back. But a part of me keeps wondering.

How do you try to forget about it? He doesn't want knowledge. What do you do in a time like this?

starboymikey #fundie

See, that's the problem with you scientific secularists. You just don't get it. The truth is God put the temple there 6,000 years ago and made it *look* 11,000 years old just to test our faith.

I dare you to prove I'm wrong. (Note, scientific evidence is inherently faulty and does not count. Only Biblical evidence or divine revalation will be accepted.)

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This make sense.

Putin, a true anti-Communist and anti-Globalist, is nobody’s fool. He understands that the CIA’s phony “Right” arm (controlled Nationalists, fake “neo-Nazis”), poses just as much of a danger to the stability of Russia as the CIA’s “Left” arm (Voina, Pussy Riot, “dissidents”, Kasparov etc)

THAT is why he will not tolerate their dubious brand of “Nationalism”!

Putin has the support of 80% of the Russian people. The remaining 20% consists of Communists, Anarchists, degenerates, pro Western wannabee libtards, homosexual activists — and Dobriansky’s & Brzezinski’s stupid and murderous ”Right Wing Nationalists.”

1869: Discussion of Russian Jews in the U.S. Press

By the late 1860s, U.S. newspapers began reporting on acts of anti-Semitism toward Jews living in Russia, pointing out that despite a tendency toward progressive reform in Russian society, Russian Jews lacked basic rights.

This prompted a report by Eugene Schuyler, U.S. consul at Reval, who criticized the confinement of Russian Jews to western and southwestern border provinces, known as the Pale.

Karl Lueger #racist

"Jewish Hollywood satanization of the Serbian nation"

Well those are interesting facts and absolutely true.

But jew bad-guys always attack the real good guys in this world,
since jews hate Whites.

And some extremely pro-White, uber-Nationalists may recall Zog-lings in the 1990's
trying kill the only White Nation in the "balkans".

How strange that we have a thread about a bunch of fuckards..errr
Aryans who volunteered to kill for kikes..
although most of those losers either ran-away or were righty killed by
White men..

The very few actual White Nationalsit know this..

"This willful destruction of Serbia, the murder of her citizens, by the New World Order gang..
is something so evil, so alarming, so provocative that it is difficult for me to understand how any intelligent, perceptive,
and morally responsible adult American or Briton can just go on about his daily affairs as if nothing is happening. This is not a theoretical discussion.
This is armed aggression against our kinsmen.
This is the mass murder of our kinsmen.

This willful shedding of the blood of the Serbs calls for the shedding of the blood of the aggressors.
This willful killing of Serb women and children calls for the killing of those who planned and ordered this war." Dr.Pierce

If kikes control ameriKwa [which they do]
and if kikes hate Whites [which they do]
kikes then use their influence/ hatred to attack White Nations fighting world Zog for freedom..
which is what they did.

So when goyim fucktards try to validate their nonsense "cause",
even using brain-dead lies like "fighting komunisti" for a shit-stain on a map they misperceive as a country..
we realize such cunts are the lowest form of shabazz goyim possible,
just another kind of nigger, nothing else.

"Serbs refuse to let the New World Order and the United States tell them how to run their country.
The New World Order wants the countries of the world, wherever possible, to be multi-ethnic -- except for Israel, of course.
Multi-ethnic countries are easier to control, less likely to put up a solid front against the New World Order.
But the Serbs don't want to be part of a multi-ethnic social experiment.
They want to live among other Serbs.
So, in the view of the New World Order, the Serbs must be punished."

Only things nastier than a kike are the goyim who scavenge for scraps jew throws them
then delude themselves that they are "white"...