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Disillusioned #sexist

[SuicideFuel] Bigger dicks experience more sexual pleasure than smaller ones

So all of us low test incel sub-humans with our smaller penises don't just merely fail to arouse women with our laughable bodies and dicks, but even if we could get laid somehow it won't even feel as good anyway.

When doctors or other experts are asked about the matter they will give some bullshit PC reply like "oh but smaller dicks have their nerves cramped together in a smaller area while for bigger dicks its more spread out so it actually doesn't feel so different blah blah blah" but all that its crap. Its basically no different from when they say women don't care about penis size. It's just bullshit people say to make themselves feel better.

The simple and obvious reality is this: Bigger dick=a larger area to experience pleasure on.

Not to mention the obvious reality that fucking is probably easier if your small dick isn't constantly falling out of her vagina which also helps big dickers experience more pleasure indirectly.

They also probably experience stronger orgasms as well because their greater sexual diphormism means they have bigger balls and more cum to blast out of their fuck sticks when they explode their shit.

So how does that make all of you framecel micropenis sub-human piece of shits feel? How do you feel knowing that you will never experience the same pleasure as chad and his gigacock even when masturbating?

Think about that the next time you look at your hideous disgusting sub-human framecel micropenis incel body in the mirror.

rush_limbaugh_sent_me #fundie

So the rednecks that lynched black people way back in the day were also for nuclear power, tax cuts, social security reform, etc? It appears to me that you are playing the race card here, guy. Back in the day, the majority of the racists were Democrats, as a greater majority of Democrats in Congress voted AGAINST the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The only former KKK member in Congress is Robert Sheets Byrd, a prominent Democrat senator that has been praised by Kerry and other leftwing Democrats for his liberalism. To associate conservatism with the lynching of blacks is a smear and a transparent attempt to race-bait.

The racists that lynched black people find them and other liberals claim that fetuses are sub-human. Slave owners use to use private property rights to say they had the right to enslave other people, and abortionists use "women's rights" to say that they have the right to end the life of unborn children. In both cases, you have people asserting a right to do something that denies a true right, the right to be free and the right to life.

Freedom. :)

Citizenfitz #racist

A Jewish-English dictionary: what Jews say - and what Jews are REALLY saying.

Antisemite: Someone Jews hate
Freedom: Depravity
Equality: Gross favoritism
Tolerance: Debauchery
Holocaust: The holy cash cow
Holocaust denial: Blasphemy

Freedom of speech: Shut up, Nazi!
Hate speech: Words Jews hate
Race: Something that exists only in the minds of racists
Racist: A White person
Racism: A mantra used to program liberals

Liberal: Schmuck
Liberalism: Schmuck farming
Social justice: Cultural Marxism
Civil rights: Run-up to multiculturalism
Multiculturalism: Nation wrecking

Feminism: Home wrecking
Gay marriage: Society wrecking
Gay rights: Disease propagation
Teenagers: A mob of criminally violent Blacks
Hater: Right winger
Right winger: (See “hater”)

Conspiracy theorist: Someone who’s on to the Jews
Right wing extremist: Anyone Jews hate
Left wing extremist: Freedom fighter
Justice: Jewish scheming
Injustice: Resisting Jewish scheming

Zionism: Scheme for Jewish world rule
Communism: Scheme for achieving Zionism
Democracy: Scheme for national Jew rule
Republicanism: Scheme for local Jew rule
Republicans: Useful idiots
Democrats: Very useful idiots

Gentile: Sub-human
Goyim: Sub-animal
Negro/Schwarza: Sub-goyim
Christian Zionist: Imbecile
Antisemitic canard: Indisputable truth

RippedRichAndIncel #sexist

Are Incels the most reviled members of society ever?

(TL:DR below if required)

Inceldom is not something those under its banner can control, any more than a breast cancer patient should be lambasted for letting herself get sick, and yet, only the former is subject to hatred and ridicule of such a kind as deemed, not only permissible, but encouraged.

Throughout history, there have been many examples of oppressed and reviled peoples, so let's take a look at a few and compare them to the plight of the incel.


The normie favourite. Truly women have suffered unfairly throughout history, right? Surely they're still unequal today and in need of the mighty fist of feminism to even come close to man's privilege, right?
Currently, in first world countries, there is no group more privileged than woman: to suggest a biological difference between the sexes means you're a misogynistic pig. Criticism of any kind, if directed at a woman, is rendered not only moot, but considered to be a vitriolic attack of society's special sneauxphlakes.

There is an expectation that women deserve to be treated better than men, which is propogated by both men and women alike: men should always hold the door open for women; men are expected to pay for dinner; men are expected to be the providers for the family (if women want to work, they're encouraged, but men receive no such encouragement, it's merely expected of them); women are viewed as innocent and preferential in legal disputes (97% of alimony payments are made by men, women win exclusive custody 79% of the time, and women who make false rape claims are believed in spite of the notion that the accused should be considered innocent until proven guilty.)

How about the historical treatment of women? Traditionally, women have also been coddled by society. When men were required to hunt and kill to supply for small hunter-gatherer societies, women were spared from this and left safety away from any danger. Up until very recently, women were also spared from the horrors of war (despite Hillary's absurd claims) it has always been the duty of men to defend, en mass, the rights and safety of their women back home. Women have historically been treated well, even in great societies like ancient Greece where men recognized women's inferiority and preferred the company of other men, women were treated well and respected, many members of Greek society worshiping the female gods more than any other.

And in spite of all this; in spite of every advantage afforded to them, women still want more. Now, in front of the wall street bull, a little girl stands defiant. Why? As a symbol of strength against a non-existent wage gap. Society propogates a myth to make women feel better, and then builds upon that myth with symbols of strength to make women feel better still. Clearly, then, women are not so disadvantaged.

The blacks and the Jews

The two Oppression All-stars. There can be no denying that western countries have, historically, treated black people poorly. Colonialism and the ensuing slavery were clear and systematic breaches of the human rights of millions of people.

However, slavery is not exclusive to blacks. In fact, blacks were very often either the sellers, or the buyers of slaves. The word slave refers, originally, to the slavic people who were frequently forced into slavery in the middle ages. Slavery is not and was not exclusive to blacks, and yet, it is blacks who benefit from its having happened.

Affirmative action is hugely prevalent in America. Black students receive black-exclusive scholarships and receiving greater encouragement and support than non-black students.

Of course, racism existed beyond the abolishment of slavery, and still exists today. However, there have always been those who have stood up to racism. Most famous of all was Martin Luther King Jr who is universally praised for his work helping African-Americans, but he is not alone. Many people have dedicated their lives to helping blacks, some have even lost their lives in so doing: but no one has done this for incels. Incels, in spite of the hatred and discrimination they receive, are not beneficiaries of support or affirmative action in anyway. Imagine the response you would receive by going to /r/peopleofcolour and telling them they deserve to be hated or discriminated against. You would be banned sightwide for extreme prejudice, and yet, to do the same on /r/incels is considered amusing and fair. There are clear correlations between height or attractiveness and success, and yet society turns a blind eye to incels' plight. So while it is the case that African-Americans were the object of much discrimination, there has been a significant reversal and now much is done in their favour. Incels, however, are recipients only of hatred: no one wishes to aid their cause.

Likewise, the Jews and their oppression in Nazi Germany might be a favoured counter-argument to the assertion that incels are the most universally reviled societal group, however, this argument falls flat as well. It is of course true that the Jews were systematically despised and considered sub-human. This fact they share with incels.

However, there is a clear difference: When the Nazis considered the Jews sub-human, the world went to war to defend them. When the world considers incels to be subhuman, people just laugh at their plight and go on, encouraging their subhuman treatment. It is clear then which of the two is the more systematically despised.

Other [mental] illnesses

Inceldom, like race or sexuality, is genetic. If it can be resolved by weight loss, or lifting more, it's not inceldom: it's volcedlom. True inceldom is incurable and predetermined.

However, inceldom is not treated the same way as other illnesses at all. Let's take a close look at the subtle distinctions in societal treatment.

Cancer is, in many of its forms, impossible to prevent with the decisions one makes. I'm sorry normies, but that means you can't tell poor Timmy to shower his tumor away. People that suffer from cancer are praised for their bravery; they are the beneficiaries of myriad charities, as well as the objects of ad campaigns and propaganda. Just like inceldom, cancer is a terrible disease, but only one of the diseased individuals will receive love and compassion while he suffers; the other will be taunted as he suffers in solitude.

Furthermore, if we look at how people, reddit especially, treats depressed people, we see an even cleared example of the double standard that derives from pure hatred of incels. Can you imagine the fervent rage that reddit would unleash if someone told a depression sufferer to 'just stop being sad'? And yet, that is the advice incels receive daily. We suffer the same, and yet, while others are supported, we are condemned.

TL:DR - plz read, it's not like you're too busy banging sluts. If you are: Incels might just be the most universally hated and discriminated against members of society. In spite of this, and where other hated sects have been assisted, incels are ridiculed and hurt further for merely existing. There is no help because they are deemed unworthy of it. It is not seen as noble to fight for incels rights as it might to fight for the rights of women or minorities, so we must suffer, because to propagate our suffering is seen not as cruel, but as just.

(Emphasis original)

Kat #fundie

[Does evolution stipulate any political attitudes?]

Um...can you stop using fancy phrases and talk plainly? What exactly do you mean by this?

If you mean, "Does belief in the Theory of Evolution affect the way a country is run or what Laws are (or are not) introduced?" then yeah, in my opinion it does. Racism for example used to be a HUGE problem back when people believed that Black folk were not as highly evolved from the monkey as White folk, and were in fact, sub-human. This all ties in with the Slave Trade as well. In the 1800s the Australian Aboriginies were highly persecuted, chased, shot, and displayed in museums, as sub-human "missing links". Presumeably this was all perfectly legal, because the Theory of Evolution dictated that these people were not really human, and therefore did not have human rights. The problem of racism also falls under the last question about moral consequences. Many other laws have also been passed that greatly oppose Christian and other moral teaching, and I believe that these can be linked with the general embracing attitude towards the Theory of Evolution.

white_usa_ #racist

No, we are not recruiting liberals in this thread. Instead, we are transforming them into White Nationalists by eliminating the effects of brainwashing perpetrated by perfidious Jews.

The so-called ‘racial equality’ is a weapon Jews are using to destroy white societies.

To liberate white minds from the effects of Jewish brainwashing we must first destroy Jewish egalitarian ideology.

In this thread we expose ‘racial equality’ as a gigantic lie by demonstrating that nonwhites belong to genetically inferior races.

White liberals read this and realize that they were gullible, wrong on all these issues and worst of all, that they supported the destruction of their own people. Shame on them!

Fortunately, armed with the knowledge they absorb in this thread liberals figure everything out and change their horrific behavior: ’I will no longer be a race traitor! I am now a WN!’

Consequently, we are not recruiting liberals, but WNs.

This is how it works.


We first show this disturbing image to white liberals and ask them: Does this creature look like an ape or human?

Well, “it” has features of both apes and humans because aboriginals represent a transitional species between apes and humans. Technically speaking they are sub-human or Untermensch.

Everybody, including liberals agree with this assessment, because it is self-evident.

Okay, then we ask liberals: Do you think that only 1-2 million aboriginals in Australia are profoundly subhuman, but the remaining 7 billion+ ‘people’ are miraculously all at the same level of evolutionary development?

Of course not! Pigmies and bushmen are also subhuman. What about the Bantus? Perhaps borderline human. Maybe? No?

Cross that—Sub-Saharan Africans, particularly Congolese are also subhuman!

Then we discuss Dravidians that are vastly genetically inferior but not subhuman. Indonesians? The same thing.

So liberals finally realize that various races, subraces and mongrels are all part of a comprehensive racial hierarchy.

Racial hierarchy looks like a pyramid, with subhumans at the bottom. As you climb the pyramid, nonwhite ethnicities have ever higher percentage of humanity.

At the very top resides genetically vastly superior white race!

But make no mistake: All nonwhites, without exception, are genetically inferior beings!

So a white liberal reads this and goes: ‘I get it! If nonwhites are genetically inferior, then we must not mingle with them, because they will degrade our racially superior Aryan genetic pool with their retrograde genetics, right?’

That’s right! We don’t want them anywhere near our race, because their genetic inferiority transforms them into racial parasites. Nonwhites are absolutely worthless to us!

For example, I bet you that 10-20 white liberals reading this are nodding their heads in agreement: This makes perfect sense! Lying Jews have managed to fool me, but now I get it!

So they join our ranks.

This is the template we will use going forward to win this fight and liberate our people!

Makes sense?

Montag451 #racist

Niggers are NOT human. Humans were created in Gods image, and given the spirit of man so that we could know Him, and serve and worship Him. Although niggers look somewhat humanoid, they lack true humanity, as evidenced by their behavior, and therefore have zero capacity to know any "Being" (God, Humans, Blow Flies, raw sewage, etc.) in a spiritual manner. Not only do they lack humanity, they lack the compassion, loyalty, companionship and other qualities that are found in dogs, cats, dolphins, whales, and MANY other earthly inhabitants. They seem to have the spirit of the beast of the field, but their violent, conscienceless savagery indicates that they may just have the spirit of the Beast.

So, to sum up;
Only spiritual beings can be religious (seek higher existence/know God).
Only Humans can be spiritual.
Niggers are NOT human.
Not only are niggers sub-human, they are more savage and beastly than any other multi-celled organism known to mankind.

The Truth #racist

Struck a raw nerve with. The one that can't face the facts. The one that doesn't realize that he's a self-loathing boon.

My input is both cogent and cohesive. You do nothing but babble on and try reversing roles...but it's futile. You're a nigger, remember. IQ of 75.

My "flow," as you put it, is the product of proper grammar and sentence structure. It's the product of being raised by caring parents. It's the product of listening to my teachers and doing my homework. IT'S THE PRODUCT OF BEING WHITE (i.e., being right).

As for being vocal -- I am. I am the strong white man in the gym that tells niggers that I'm still "on that." I'm the strong white man on the street that stares right back until the shines realize I'm not going anywhere. I'm the strong white man that uses the word "nigger" in public without fear of qualification. I'm the strong white man that speaks the truth about racism - that it is a myth, for I value the contributions of all races, except the negroid (because there aren't any).

Food for thought: Chinese, Indian, and latino people born in the US have no foreign accent. They speak english just fine. Many speak their ethnic tongue as well. Niggers born in the US speak like blue-gum, mush mouthed, buck-toothed slaves following a 20-hour cotton pick. Why is this so? ANSWER: Because niggers aren't human.

Niggers are sub-human animals - always were, and always will be.

And remember, more than 1 out of 3 people in the United States are white men.

-The Truth

Tenniel #racist

Actually, it's anthropologically and genetically accurate. Defining human, as distinguished from humanoid, as homo sapien sapiens -- unless a person is a member of either the White European race or the NE Asian race, he is NOT fully human. Those two are the ONLY fully modern human beings on earth. The other "races" or groups are a mixture to varying degrees of archaic pre- or sub-human and modern human. The congoid negro (the negro the jews brought to America into slavery), in fact, has very little modern human in him -- and has scarcely evolved since he evolved. Indeed, he is part chimpanzee -- the only homonin that is so. Archaic homonins were/are dark skinned, dark haired, dark eyed, and small brained because these are all tropical adaptations.

Tea Party Comission #racist

The Founders were all White, Brilliant and smart. They created a Constitution for the White Children of Adam. There were no black founders. Our Founders considered Blacks beasts of burden.
If they had intended to include blacks they would have included blacks at the Constitutional Convention. In fact, they declared blacks as sub-human in the Constitution itself.

The US Constitution says Blacks are only 2/5 human. The Founders knew long ago that Blacks are Sub- Human apes..I say nothing. The US Constitution does.
Are we trying to make Humans out of Apes?
Why do we allow them a Black Caucus?
Why are they in Congress or in Higher Offices?
Why are they in Law Enforcement?
Why are we allow they to have Black History Month?
Why are we allowing them to get away with Affirmative Action?

Consistent Thinker #fundie

My whole thesis is that it is okay to hate the individuals who... engage in usery... sexually enslave children... practice ritual murder... agitate the lower classes against the nobility... shamelessly distort history... label all of humanity outside of their tribe as sub-human... cause superstition, religious dogma... and to be wary of the people connected to these people. In other words, it is reasonable to hate jews who do these things and to not trust jews who have not done any of these things...

Uncle Coz #racist

I had to go to Walmart because it's cheap. I went super early since most niggers don't get up until noon. I guess you can't escape it. Niggers there at all hours. Anyway this niglet running through the store with its parent 50 feet behind it. The niglet runs right into me no matter how I tried to dodge it for fear of some nigger slime perhaps running off onto me.

Like radar, the sub-human beast runs right into my legs. No apology, excuse me, etc. The niglet's parent gives me a look like I tried to kill the creature. So, I said, "Nice parental control you have over yours, he'll be popular in prison." The spewing of of jigaboo babble that began after that I couldn't begin to tell you, as I couldn't understand a word. Nice morning.

Justice4Europe #racist

(NOTE: I have no idea which one of those two is a bigger retard, so I'll just go with the classic nazi)

Finally found time to dismantle some of the arguments. I have waited for writing the response until I got access to my PC, because I'm not going to write a wall of text on a smartphone or tablet. This is going to be fun.

(Communism got to Poland, because of Nazi Germany's great failure in the Operation Barbarossa.

Had Nazi Germany not had invaded Poland, and waited for a Soviet Westward offensive, then the Soviets would have been the bad guys, and a coalition including Poles could have flushed them out.)

NS Germany failed not only at Operation Barbarossa but at some other offensives because of treason from within. The so-called 'German resistance to Nazism' is the best example for treason. Out of the 70 German officers that were part of the anti-National Socialist coalition, who were even willing to conspire with our own enemies, the Allies, 55 were German aristocrats. Many of them ironically sympathised with Marxism, even though Marxism explicitly tries to wipe out the aristocracy of any country it infests, so they even were against the banishment of the KPD (Kommunistische Partei Deutschlands -- Communist Party of Germany) when Hitler came to power. A ban that wasn't the work of Hitler, by the way, but of Paul von Hindenburg, the Reichspräsident -- the German president who appointed Hitler as chancellor on January 30, 1933.

Now, there were multiple problems during Operation Barbarossa, mainly caused by, as already implied, treason from the aristocracy. The Germans had a very capable intelligence apparatus, and they did plenty of reconnaissance flights on Soviet territory.

Intelligence officers created very detailed maps of the Soviet Union that would have helped massively in the war effort. The problem though was that they did not release those maps. They also refused to notify the Führer and his general staff about the useful information they collected. The maps that were released, though, were misleading. For example, much of the information presented on them relied on maps from the year 1865. Dirt roads and the like which became impassable after rain and snow, were presented as modern, asphalted streets.

The intelligence service was also aware that the Soviets had very capable tanks, such as the KV-I, KV-II and T-34. The latter had bevelled armor which rendered German anti-tank guns next to useless. They did not inform anyone about it, so the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS made acquaintance with tanks they did not anticipate, which made things very chaotic as they were superior to the German tanks.

When Operation Barbarossa started Hitler and the general staff were only aware of 50 rifle divisions and 8 tank divisions. The intelligence serve knew the actual numbers beforehand: 269 divisions (of which 46 were tank divisions) & 18 brigades.

When Kalinin was conquered by the Germans, it would have taken only one more day to arrive in Moscow. Instead, the officers requested an attack on an unimportant city called Torzhok which was a hundred miles North of Kalinin.

Furthermore Hitler never wanted to conquer Stalingrad per se, what he wanted was to conquer the Caucasus as 80% of the oil refineries & the oil of the Soviet Union was there. Thanks to the treason of German officers the German army became splitted, so one part attempted to conquer the oil fields while the other part attempted to conquer Stalingrad, which was completely senseless and murderous. There was no point in doing so. Needless to say that both operations ended up failing.

There are many more examples of treason in regard to the Russia campaign, and of course the Normandy, and so on and so forth.

(All those so called peace offerings were German sided, why should Poland give territory to the Germans?)

Poland had no right to take lands that were majority German. This is simple logic. Hitler's peace offerings were not that German sided, in fact, much of it was at the expense of the German population. All he wanted was that Danzig returns to the Reich as well as a Autobahn and a railway line that would connect the city with German territory. The Autobahn and the railway line were supposed to be built by Poles with Polish materials so as to decrease the high unemployment rate of your country.

Germany already made a lot of concessions in regard to Eastern territories that were part of the German Empire but got lost with the establishment of the Second Polish Republic. Hitler went much further with those concessions than any of the Weimar politicians between 1919 and 1932; in fact, most of them wanted to bring an end to Polish sovereignty, which Hitler didn't want at all.

(So, Nazi Germany was a war mongering, hyper-paranoid state?

Oversimplification at its finest. Maybe you should re-read the part of the post you quoted; or better yet, re-read the entirety of the post because you keep making the same arguments, despite being presented with different views. It's like talking to a wall.

(What happened in Dresden is akin to what happened in Warsaw.)

No, not really. Dresden was a hospital city, and had about 50,000 prisoners of war. Half a million Germans, almost all of them being civilians, were senselessly killed in a night or two. The Warsaw uprising was, as the name already suggests, an uprising against the Germans... while the Germans and their allies fought a deadly war against bolshevism and, how I like to call it, 'democratic imperialism.'

(But, I suppose "Western Europeans" are just great spirited, peaceful people. sure.)

Very constructive of you.

But yes, you Poles are so poor. You are almighty and are eternal victims of 'Nazi' oppression. That you kicked out 11-12 million Germans from territories they have inhabitated for over 700 years was such a peaceful act by your people.

See? I can play the victim card too. But that's a different subject altogether. Stop playing the victim card, in other words; your people are just as guilty for outbreak of the worst war of all times as are the Allies.

(How were Nazi Germans not chauvinists?
They thought of a Dolichocephalic super Human Germanic Aryan, of non-Aryan Brachycephalic sub-Human Slavs.

Of course the exact opposite is true, Slavs have more Aryan DNA.

Furthermore Dolichocephalic is a primate trait.)

I bet you also believe that Generalplan Ost actually existed, and all the other made up bullsh*t for which there is no evidence whatsoever.

(Nazi Germans were expelling Poles out of Poland during WW2, so they did the exact same thing.)

I want to see evidence for the alleged expulsion of Poles on Polish territories in WWII. I have never heard of such an event, not even from the official historiography, and that's saying something.

Dexter Dawson #fundie

(This is a comment on a video titled "Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter - Jesus Christ vs The Atheists. I did not bother to read it all, why not you read it?)

Theists and atheists alike are so retarded!
Honestly, all people belonging to both groups are so arrogant, they actually believe they hold the truth of the universe and reality in their hands, they honestly believe they grasped the most important knowledge of all.
Why are there theist and atheist people?
Are they so unbelievably arrogant, that they somehow know anything, anything at all?
First of all, the universe itself may be just a hologram, you have no proof that reality exists, furthermore you have no proof that reality is "real".Think about it.Just think about it for a minute, any creature capable of thinking, of reasoning, of understanding its surroundings, automatically assumes that reality is real, that we can understand all of our environment based just on our senses and concepts, but we don't even have all the tools or the right tools for this.There are animals who can see better than humans, seeing more colors and so on and so forth.
Basically it all comes down to this, what if reality is not real?What if reality is ever changing?Who says that reality is real?What does it mean for reality to be real and why is it important?Who has definite proof that even though reality is real, that is also constant?For all you know, reality constantly changes its own physical laws.
Gravity still can't be explained, actually there are some good arguments that gravity may be not real and it doesn't work the way we assume.If something like gravity may not be real, than what does it say about our lives, about our reality?
Do you have proof that you're real?No you have none.You may think that you have, but is nothing more than an imprinted bias to instantly accept that somehow you are real.Prove to me that you're real.You can talk to me, but for all I know I may be hallucinating, you can touch me, but that can be easily a hallucination too, an optical illusion, people often imagine all sorts of things.You may punch me in the face, but I may be just as easily punch myself in the face while I assume there's someone in front of me doing it(you), while that someone(you) may be just a side-effect of multiple personality disorder(now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder).
See?You can't prove to me that you're real, just like I can't prove it to you that I am real.What reason and proof do you all have to believe that you're real?None, you just instantly buy it, you never even question it?What if I am not real?What reason and proof you have to believe reality exists, that your personal version of reality is real?None, you just immediately accept the reality you see, feel and experience through your senses as being genuine, but you have no proof of that and that's why you never ask yourself?Does the universe exists?Let's assume it does.If it does exist, does the universe still exist as of this moment?What if the universe disappeared and got replaced with a Fake Universe?What about that?And what would that imply?That we are also just as fake as our Fake Universe?How do you know space exist?Have you been outside the planet Earth?If not what is your proof, cause people indoctrinated the idea in your head your whole life, from your family to your school teacher to literally everyone in your life.For all you know, the entire universe may be just a hologramic projection made by some people on earth to make fun of every gullible soul here?Maybe the universe is just planet Earth, you have no definite proof otherwise.And even if you went to space, how do you know it's real?What basis did you have to claim that is genuine?What?Your senses?You mean those senses that are so easily fooled by any optical illusion?Those senses shared by all humans who have and had hallucinations and claimed they meet Satan and other fictional creatures.Are you real?What if you're fake?Maybe you don't exist, or maybe you were replaced with someone who looks exactly like you, thinks exactly like you and acts exactly like you, someone who has the exact same number of atoms and molecules building their body?Do you have any proof that didn't happen?What if it did?Would you be a fake?Would you still be real?What if you were a fake from the moment you were born and only now you've been replaced by the real you?Would you be real then, or a fake?And what does it mean to be real or fake?Can someone be real and fake at the same time?What if you're someone's dream?What if someone else's existence is your dream?Are there real or fake or both or none of those options?
Can you prove that you have a brain inside your head?You can't prove it to yourself, because you have to take your brain out of your head and show it to yourself, can you do that?For all you know you may have shit in your brain and just believe that you have a brain?I can see your brain if I cut you up, if I drill into your head, but you can never do it.So?No human ever can prove to themselves that they possess a brain, they just falsely believe it based on a stupid and fallacious assumption, if everyone has a brain, I must have one too, right?And it's not only stupid and fallacious, but also biased, how can I not be real?I must be, right?
Theists(people who believe in gods and worship them) are just like atheists(people who don't believe in any god), both stupid, retarded, foolishly arrogant and full of hubris, so much pride, every single one of their thoughts and concepts are so fallacious in nature and so easily countered.
Believing in a god or gods is stupid, not believe in any gods is just as stupid.Atheists these days are nothing more than condescending assholes who pretend they hold the ultimate understanding of our world and universe, they are so arrogant in their beliefs they are christian.That's right, atheists are just like christians, nothing more than a bunch of retarded people always claiming to know the truth, always arguing and debating who's right.Richard Dawkings is one of the stupidest people I have ever met, this guy spews so much bullshit, I am surprised he doesn't go on televisions and attempt to convert gullible people to his beliefs.Oh, he actually does like in this video right here.Just like the other guy.His arguments are so childish and unfounded, he doesn't even realize how lackluster they are.You have no proof that a god exists, nor do you have a proof that no god exists?You're just a shitty human just like any other human being that ever lived, is living and is going to live on this planet, you don't know shit, you just like to believe that you know, a common arrogance of all human beings.
Let's assume a god exists, does that automatically mean that he created the universe?No.See how easily I just proved all the debating on this subject and all those who debate it are stupid and retarded.I just erased all meaning in debating anything related to this subject.What if God exists and he just chills around doing nothing but godlike things(we may not know what godlike things are, we are humans after all) and the universe just is, or not?
Nobody knows anything, all the "knowledge" we "discovered", all the information we acquired over the years, all the things we learned are all meaningless, worthless and with no basis in any reality whatsoever.You can't even prove there assumed existance successfully.You can't prove anything, not even your existance or your thoughts for that matter.Are your thoughts real?How do you know they are, are you holding them inside the palm of your hand?Are your thoughts yours to begin with?Maybe they're someone else's?Nobody knows anything, we just assume we know, we just assume we can learn new stuff about our surroundings because we're all arrogant enough to instantly assume reality is a thing and not a concept, or a mere collective hallucination of mankind.
The only 3 ideas that make some sort of sense, the only 3 ideas that are closest to what may actually be, but not what we believe it is, are these:
- agnosticism, acknowledging that you're a worthless human being who has no certain way of ever knowing the answer to this dilemma or any dilemma for that matter
- solipsism, the idea that all reality even the concept of you is just a thought in your mind, or a mind and basically that mind is the only thing being something and all else is nothing
- nihilism, the idea that nothing has a meaning or a purpose and it's all just an accident, or a meaningless course of events

There it is, the only 3 ideas that all people who want to dub themselves as rational must adopt, these concepts aren't exactly real, genuine or true either, we have no way of knowing this or ever knowing this.
But, at the very least these concepts are the closest thing to what may actually be and not what we believe or what we want to believe or what we tell ourselves to believe.
Any other one that is not one of these is stupid, unfounded, can't ever be proven and only believed by stupid people.
Being a theist means being a retard,
Being an atheist means being a retard,
Both are self-righteous believing-in-their-own-bullshit fools
Oh my, my atheists, how foolish you accuse christians of being, but you're exactly if not far more foolish than them.
And I pick on the atheists because this is the new trend of the world, nobody takes christians serious besides themselves.
All atheists are retards.
Why are you all deluding yourselves into believing any bullshit or not believing bullshit?
Is this what you all are, atheists?Nothing more, than a bunch of people who don't believe in the bullshit of another bunch of people?
How can I take any of you seriously?Heck, how can you take yourselves, seriously?
Don't you all realize just how much of a retard every single one of you really is?
Do you really believe that if you're an atheist or a christian that you are smart, intelligent or clever in some way?Don't make me laugh, you're all nothing but posers.
Frauds, that's what all of you are.Nothing but a bunch of nameless sheep who follow the most stupidest and retarded ideas made by humanity ever.You're no smart people, you're no intelligent or wise people, you're nothing more mentally challenged people who waste their lives with what to believe or not believe in.
You are all bottom feeders, nothing more, nothing less.
Idiots, morons, people with shit-for-brains, retards, uneducated by yourselves to actually think for once in your life.
Annoying troglodytes, actually believing themselves to be someone, to have a an understanding of their surroundings, enough to make their own opinions, which are both illogical and irrational.
You are just like in Plato's allegory of the cave, you see the shadows on the wall and come up with the stupidest and most random things to claim and believe and then you go into this crusade for your entire life to prove to others, but mostly to yourselves that you are right, that you do understand "reality", whatever the fuck that is and all just because of your instincts to look for attention and approval, to look for acknowledgement from other retards just like you, to look for their acceptance of you, of the retard known as yourself.
Get your mind out of the gutter, you are not special, you are no unique snowflakes, you are just meat, made out of meat and thinking like meat.
As if being an atheist is closer to the "truth" than any religion.
I am just a worthless human being not actually knowing anything or believing my own version of reality is genuine in any way, shape or form.
But I am not arrogant enough and I am reasonable enough to understand that I know nothing and that I don't have a certain way of ever knowing anything, for all I know anything is fake or constantly changing, thus what's real now, will not be real the next moment.
I am just a human being born among these arrogant fools who believe themselves to be gods, since they, apparently, know everything and anything, but they don't actually know shit, no one does.

Grow up.?

Tiwaz #racist

Jews are more evil, not smarter

I consider Jews are not stupid, ooo, no at all, if they are stupid they would not control us today, it would be other way! I consider that Jews are only pure evil and using this fact, they don't have any conscious about what is evil and what is good about humanity!!!
As Alfred Rosenberg sad, I don''t consider Jews are lower Race, I didn't sad Jews are Race at all!!!
Simply they are conscious that we are superior race and they want to destroy us so they can easy to control other sub-humans!
When you sad Jew, I don't imagine human been, I imagine devil! So, it is famous that devil is against humanity, against humanized and civilized world where White Race will be free from immigration!!!
We must realize, ZOG are not humans, they are pure evil for humanity and for Nature also, for Animals, for everything nice, health, they don't like good inventions, and just to remind, White man is only who invented good things, Jews just abuse this!!!

Them Guy #racist

(Believe it or not, this isn't Poe. All of Them Guy's posts are like this.)

B from CA: you are correct…We in usa since kids were told and led to believe that the real kommie soviets were simply “the Same as Us…Whites but spoke Russia and were all Atheists”…And of course being atheists was what caused them to be able to act so ungodly in mass murdering one half of eastern europe populations.

But….The only real truth to it all was, Yes to Kommies, Yes to soviets…However the main leadership’s at every level in ALL of eastern european nations overtaken by the Red Terror death machine…Was run by and done by peoples that Look white, unless one is capable of deeper thought and the ability to look also at various distinct facial and eye features etc and overall skull shape especially from a side profile…Thats when you see it was not whites per se…and they also spoke fluent Yiddish.

And they were not such abject athiests since, they yes did destroy 40,000 Christian churches..However if true atheists?…Why did they not ever destroy a single Synagouge?!…Indeed kommie bolsheviks, them we can’t name here, are a very smart and devious bunch that use every type deciet and lie and murder and theft’s one can conjure up…

it is probably due to a lifetime since birth belief system that only their tiny segment of the 7 billion peoples on earth are actual Humans…while the Rest are just all Goyim…Goys being a Sub-Human Souless species created by god so to serve as slaves to the tribal non goys.

but they aint a real “race” neither B from CA…Their state laws of israel state that if ones Mother is a clan tribe member?…So is the kid…OR/AND…ANYbody that does a successfull conversion to Talmudism, they too will be accepted as a bonafied member period.

They also hate black african’s that are those I cannot name here and at present have been rounding up and store-housing all blacks present within Israel for future deportations, as soon as another nation can be found to accept said negro tribe members!

Nuttyahoo himself recently spoke of that and stated that He and They Demand israel to be ONLY a “jewish state” and consisting of ONLY folks that Look like a whitey!

Back here in usa, every of the many dual citizen polititions rant and rave daily 24/7 calling Us usa whites rassist and whitey “Seperatists”!!

Talk of huge Hypocrites eh!

“Beware the leven of the Pharisee’s! for it IS Hipocracy!”…Jesus Christ said it.

IE: Leven meant Yeast and same as a tiny bit yeast causes entire lump of dough to get mixed with it and it then is impossible to remove the yeast once it permeates entire dough lump…..Christ was speaking of the way the pharisee priests twisted Gods words into meaningless drivel etc….Same as they Taught todays lib dems and now too neocons, to say that but mean this…and keep changeing word meanings to confound and confuse everone and everything with total chaotic hipocracy.

once these type nation wreckers are fully understood…it then is NO wonder at all as to just How can Anybody or any group act in such inhumane and evil ways?…Easy when it is IN their birth DNA eh!

Mauricio #racist #psycho

How “woke” are you?

Level 1:
– Nadzees are evil, Democracy is good.
– Jews are Holocaust survivors.
– Christianity is for idiots.

Level 2:
– Nazis were misled by an anti-semitic demagogue.
– The Holocaust MAY be false.
– Christianity is ‘okay’.

Level 3:
– Germans were fighting against Zionists.
– The Holocaust is false, Zionism is evil.
– Christianity is good.

Level 4:
– White Nationalism is good.
– Jews are evil.
– Christianity is a White religion.

Level 5:
– National Socialism is good.
– America is evil.
– Christianity has been corrupted by Jews.

Level 6:
– National Socialism is the only solution.
– All nations are evil.
– Christianity has always been a Jewish Psy-op.

Level 7:
– White segregation is the only solution.
– Modernity is evil.
– Anti-Christian Paganism is good.

Level 8:
– There are no political solutions.
– Civilization is evil.
– Blood and Soil is the only true religion.

Level 9:
– Non-white exterminationism is the only solution.
– Most Whites are not true Whites.
– All Whites are spiritually flawed.

Level 10:
– 10% of Whites are true humans, and must survive.
– 90% of Whites are defective humans, of which 50% must die (males).
– 100% of non-Whites are sub-humans, and all must die.

Personally I’m a level 9, verging on level 10.
I’ve met some level 4’s, and only a few level 5’s.
The leap from 5 to 6 is astronomical due to the Xtian malware rejection.
Feels lonely sometimes.

Defend our Homeland #racist

Negros are a 24 hour a day 7 day a week crime machine and when and where they commit crimes makes no difference to them just so long as they can run and hide from the police cowards that they are. The crime rate by Negros on Doctor Martin Luther King Day is just as high as any other day of the year. Same for Doctor Martin Luther King Way or Drive in any city that has a street named after MLK, the crime rate by Blacks on streets named after MLK is just as high as anywhere else. If a bet were placed by all Whites in America with all Negros that Negros could not go one day of having an even somewhat lower crime rate than they usually do Negros would not be able to win that bet. Any company no matter who owns it would be stupid to hire any more Negros than what is necessary to prevent lawsuits for discrimination from taking place and any White Liberals who thinks there is such thing as a good Negro needs to have their head examined. Negros have failed their probationary period as Humans and should now be placed back in their old classification as being sub-human and sent back to Africa as an outdated piece of farm machinery.

globalball #fundie

(On why incels should hate women)

because they try to make us believe that they're not truly as evil as their nature, their lies can cause real harm to the most naive

[Just for clarification purposes, you're saying that women are evil by nature here?]

well arent they in your opinion?

[No. Sure, some are, but so are some men. Most people are just trying to live their lives, they're not out to get you.]

honesty and loyalty is something most women never heard of, because they act according to their emotions exclusively which makes them mediocre "rational" beings overall.

"they're not out to get you" you say? tell that to the hundreds of thousands of male victims of child support or alimony, tell that to the victims of false rape accusations, tell em to their faces and see how they react. you can only benefit from keeping a distance between yourself and women, they are little big trouble makers

[That's an awfully big blanket statement you're tossing out there. I can tell you my girlfriend very rarely acts according to her emotions exclusively. Sometimes it happens, but I've seen plenty of males react based on their emotions as well.

And you can very easily flip the coin and see all the women who don't see any child support and yet still have to raise a child. My former boss as an example, she doesn't get child support from the father of her first child, and even when she was with the father of her second child, he wouldn't pay for anything, not even rent when he was living with her.

And by the numbers, false rape accusations doesn't hold up to actual rape numbers, and it's a bit of a stretch to say being accused of rape is actually worse than being raped.

This mindset is exactly why this sub gets the criticism that it does. You treat women as if they're sub-human, and that's sad.]

what rape really is: oh noo i was forced to "sleep" with someone who i consider ugly for 30 minutes, now i wont be able to live anymore hurr durr

victim of false rape accusation: possibility of imprisonment and being marked as an offender which cripples your career path and makes you disgusting to everyone around until the last of your days

boo fucking hoo

S_MPLE T_UTH #conspiracy

Why do illuminati create *** animal welfare *** organizations for the human cattle? ANSWER here

Prophet Matt's words from 2001: - see latest in Notes

Why do illuminati create animal welfare organizations for the human cattle?
Animal welfare organizations are one of the components of the "humanitarian, NGO & Co" disinfo network, that ranges from Amnesty International / Human Rights Watch to Doctors without Borders and Greenpeace:
Passing truth in plain sight. This ncludes:
1. - illuminati religion's commandment that all cattle (human or not) has the same "rights".
2. - how human cattle is fed with what is produced in animal factories.

Advancing the agenda "exterminate sub-human jews" ncludes:
2. - spread hatred against jews, calling for a "stop to the Sadistic Jewish Ritual Slaughter", while using words association to apply the psy-op technique "black is white": portray victims as butchers.
4. - use it as launching pad for statements such as "animal abuse was a holocaust."

July 2015 - Russell Simmons casted in the latest episode of the fourth type, followed by yet another psy-op technique "Black is not black":
Russell Simmons said he wasn't making a direct comparison between people and animals when he made references to a holocaust and slavery in talking about animal welfare last week.
[link to]

To get the theater "HOLOCAUST memoir author was a LIAR and is ordered to repay £13.3 million!":
To get how the illuminati censored the Truth as it took place, start by how they do it NOW.
To what lengths US / EU governments go to censor TRUTH about Auschwitz concentration camps and Holocaust: Guido Knopp milestone series from 2000 NEVER again broadcasted and beyond
jewish-holocaust.blogspot. 2012/09/

bobabdcarole #fundie

...Most fags are unaware that a loving God not by genetic coding programmed them into the queer lifestyle of sin.

Some not born queer live like a homosexual to show they let Satan choose the cursed way of fagdom for them.

Continuing shameful sexual acts on each other, and refusing to worship Jesus as their Lord, fags will be damned with Satan to the eternal lake of fire.

Homos also commit filthy sex acts on animals, and the dead bodies of humans...

To brake down a queer's house is a sign of godliness.

Queers are sub-human, unclean, pathologically paranoid, neurotic, and socio-pathic...

To harm queers economically is acceptable in God's eyes. One way to do this is by not employing them.

Faggots and dykes should be forcibly be conscripted into the armed services of the heathen country in which they live.

The soldier, and queer are both destroyers of humanity, so should both be damned as one.

In God's eyes there is no difference between the cock-sucking faggot, and a soldier killing another on a battlefield.

GOTRUMP #racist

Yet again we have the sheboon species in a place made ONLY for humans. Yet again more of the ol so common sheboon disabled and elderly abuse chimpouts for literally no reasons other than acting primitive by nature and full of sub-human jealousy, rage, and racisim towards anything not shit color.

All the while faking to be humans in a human work enviroment. Here we have 5 demonic flat nosed ugly hateful niggers that never belonged in society in the first place that are caged for now. Niggers are a plague to mankind!!

Israeli Defense Force #racist

I agree with the prior posts. Niggers would actually be happier in Africa. They live in a state of total confusion among humans but in Africa they could kill/fuck/eat each other without the police showing up to spoil the fun.

Of course, it would be unfair to the many animals living in Africa now that are smarter than niggers - like zebras and rodents and fruit flies - to have boatloads of wild, stinking groids show up.

Left on their own in jungles the nigger beast would destroy itself in a generation.

I also think the stated nigger IQ average of 85 is inflated. I bet it is more like 70. Look at the picture (if you can stomach it) of that disgusting, fat, sub-human sow who be gradumacated and gets its diplolmah and sheet. That vile, foul monster creature is no more of a human than a banana tree. Its tiny brain is primed to squeeze out multiple worthless nigglets until its sub-monkey uterus
falls out.

Giving ANY academic recognition to that illiterate pavement ape is beyond belief. Even the highly intelligent niggers with IQs between 77 and 81 must realize what an embarrassment the clueless sow heaps on the nigger species.

The NY school system should immediately fire anyone associated with this.

Some incels #transphobia

Re: Trannies_irl



LMAO only a small percentage will ever be passing

I'd say there are more letters in your sentence than trannies that pass.


A good rule of thumb I heard is if you can't pass pre-HRT, you're not gonna pass with it either.


Apparently that operation involves painful after care like dilation that must be done every day. Shoving what basically is a dildo up there into an open wound that gets these weird "hair balls" because they essentially invert the penis and genitals.

Oh and infections are common. Imagine having a cut that you never let heal and is constantly exposed.

Surgery wasted on these failures of people when it could be saving lives, or at least giving gastric bands to all the massively obese people eating everything in sight.

you can thank anime for this rise of degeneracy.

anime makes it look like a possible concept

People who believe they can come any where near the literal 2D drawing Utopian ideal of a flawless ageless young female should give themselves a reality check before checking in at the local psych ward.


Most are delusional if they think they can pass for real women

If they can pass, they get the same easy mode as women do but with one exception - they have to date men who are open to transwomen

Otherwise? If she passes for a woman her life is E A S Y M O D E


There are two types of trans people. The one type is were they they are naturally feminine and transition is really just an improvement and a buff to the stats they already naturally had.

The other type is the incel in denial type. Typically will try to transition no matter how they look. Have lived a life were they have suffered mentally. Usually have 0 natural femininity and can never be a real tranny no matter how hard they try. This is the most common type.


You incels could learn something from trannies. They too believe world owes them sex, but they knew how to fit themselves into the oppression hierarchy and how to complain about being celibate using neo-marxist lingo, so they are supported by leftists. Maybe you could use some of that intersectional crap, so that sjw chicks could virtue signal by having sex with oppresses sub-humans. Nobody ever got that woke.

Can you say that again but without the buzzwords so a normal human can understand what your saying

Trannies too like to complain because they are sexually rejected. They invented something called "cotton ceiling" to name their "oppression" and they are outraged by the fact that lesbians and straight men reject them. Just see the Ginuwine scandal.

You should all become leftists and then fight to gain status of an oppressed category, just like trannies.

Until people overcome their evolutionary prerogative to not want to fuck ugly people/people with the same genitals, being a leftist isn't gonna do jack shit

It gives more weight to their virtue signalling, because it makes a greater challenge.


Ive seen plenty like on the right and they are CHAD ONLY

Ive aeen plenty like on the left and they are CHAD ONLY


NocturnalSun #fundie

[more debate about how slavery isn't all that bad]

And in unrelated news, I don't see something wrong with owning someone. I don't think it treats him as sub-human. There are many authorities who have (by definition) authority to do a lot more than us, yet are they super-human? No. They are privileged for various reasons, often because of responsibility.

WorldGoneCrazy #fundie

There are a lot of people who need to FEEL that abortion is not a Holocaust, because then they would have to admit that they are on the wrong side of a modern-day one. What is particularly sad is that 93% of Jewish people are in favor of abortion, despite the Tanach being clear on "Thou shalt not murder!" The typical Jewish rabbi response is that the fetus is not human - well, there goes that "science-y" thing!

Here is an avid comparison, including of the words used in both cases, words like "sub-human," "parasites," "mass," "evacuation," and "medical research" with citations:

I also found this - showing that the kill rate is about the same:

Issac #fundie

A list of the most common evolution and old earth lies:

1) No one has ever been killed in the evolution's name, and Hitler was not connected to it.
2) Darwin was not racist, and he did not recant evolution on his death bed.
3) Evolution is not connected to communism, and Haeckel never lied.
4) Evolution was never about putting black people into a sub-human category.
5) No one has ever falsified evidence in evolution's name.
6) The Stanley Miller experiment did not have any problems.
7) Human experiments were never used to try and prove evolution.
8) Polar flips are a absolute.
etc... etc...

Bring up any of these subjects as errors, and your job, or grade, is in danger. So does any of this have anything to do with religion? Nope, just errors that evolutionists are unwilling to admit. And are more willing to destroy someones life that may try and expose any of the errors. So according to evolutionists, it is better to teach lies than it is to correct them. For there is no excuse for teaching lies that are over 100 years old.

Off subject Side note: A friend of mine was applying for a manager job for one of the biggest pizza delivery companies in America. He was not shy about letting someone know he was a Christian, but he was not one to bug someone with his faith. The person doing the interview, a area supervisor, told him that if she hired him. That if he ever mentioned God to her, or if she had a complaint about this from someone else. Or if he brought this up to her because of her life style, on the clock or off. She would make sure he was fired. And she would black ball him from ever getting another Job in a management position for another company. And that the terms of being hired by her is that he would have to agree with that. She did not believe in God, which means she believed in the alternative (evolution). Do you see how the theory demands total dominance and thought control? Free thinking? I don't think so.

WorldGoneCrazy #fundie

I'm just not going to let some idiot who doesn't know me or my beliefs pigeonhole me into some nonexistent radical pro-abortion cult.

"nonexistent radical pro-abortion cult"

"“I love abortion. I don’t accept it. I don’t view it as a necessary evil. I embrace it. I donate to abortion funds. I write about how important it is to make sure that every woman has access to safe, legal abortion services. I have bumper stickers and buttons and t-shirts proclaiming my support for reproductive freedom. I love abortion. And I bristle every time a fellow activist uses a trendy catch-phrase or rallying cry meant to placate pro-lifers. The first of these, ‘Make abortion safe, legal, and rare!” has been used for decades as a call for abortion rights.’ " ... “Terminating a pregnancy is not an unethical act, yet suggesting that abortion should be rare implies that there is something undesirable about having one.” -- Jessica DelBalzo

Filmed her abortion and proud of it: http://thestir .cafemom .com/bizarre_news/172111/woman_films_her_own_abortion

Super proud of her abortion: http://chicksontheright .com/blog/item/28339-girls-star-is-super-proud-of-her-abortion-and-wants-you-to-know-it

Facebook page celebrating abortion: https://www .facebook .com/pages/I-Had-An-Abortion/138570696250541


http:// www .salon .com/2015/09/22/my_abortion_made_me_happy_the_story_that_started_the_shoutyourabo

“For many women abortion represents a moral and ethical dilemma, but for …upper middle class ambitious ones, it does not. For many women, the regrets and the wishful what ifs they indulge in after an abortion are slightly below “what if I had chunked economics and majored in art”…they see abortion as a “means to a lifestyle that would allow them to view sex as a pleasure…a lifestyle that allowed room for irresponsibility” No Birth, No Pangs, Washington Post 3/21/1993)

The quotes prove nothing. It's like I said, they're probably just trying to fire you up and push your buttons. And if a few people like that do exist, they're hardly even a blip on the radar. None of this will sink in, of course, you'll continue to view abortion in purely black or white terms and compare anyone who disagrees with you even slightly to slavers, Jew gassers, etc. Your song is a very old and tired one.

"The quotes prove nothing."

Only to the willfully ignorant and deliberately obtuse. For the rest of us, the quotes prove that there really are people out there who are so sick that they are proud of their abortions. You spend your entire time here arguing against pro-lifers, yet you do not have the intellectual honesty, or courage, to admit you are a pro-abort.

"compare anyone who disagrees with you even slightly to slavers, Jew gassers, etc"

If the jackboot and whip fit, then wear them. The arguments that apologists for slavery and Jew gassing made are precisely the same as the ones made by pro-aborts for abortion. The DETAILS are different - every human rights atrocity differs on details - but the underlying foundation is always the same: certain humans are declared to be "less than human" - just like you have done throughout this thread, by pretending that the baby in the womb is not a baby - and that means that those "sub-humans" can be killed or mis-treated. Might makes right is your ideology. Those little babies can't fight back, so it is OK to kill them in your world.

You just don't like it, because you know that the underlying arguments ARE the same. And it hurts your feelings to think that you might be wrong. So, you deny and deflect to keep from changing.

Jew gassing and slave trading have already been shut down, Crazy. See my last message. They are terrible, useless examples because there are situations where abortions must be carried out to save the mother's life. You know this.

"Those quotes prove nothing."

If by "nothing," you mean a "ton," then yes. :-)

"You don't know the people who made them, nor under what circumstances."

Oh well, that is true for EVERY single quote from history. Now, you sound like you are devolving.

"Jew gassing and slave trading have already been shut down,"

Thank goodness we stopped your morally depraved ancestors. :-)

"there are situations where abortions must be carried out to save the mother's life"

If there are such cases, and the vast majority of OB's say there are not, then they are 1 in a billion. So, how do you justify the 60 million in Amerika alone and the 1.5-2 billion worldwide? Or, are you ready to become pro-life with an exception for the life of the mother?!?

(Not expecting an answer for that question - just more devolving and deflecting.)

6 million Jews gassed.

60 million preborn humans killed by abortion in Amerika alone.

That's not "progress."

WorldGoneCrazy-NotMurderedYet #fundie

It is settled science that, at human conception, a new human organism comes into existence.
Minimal morality dictates that it is wrong to execute the innocent.

Unless the pro-abortion crowd can prove beyond ANY doubt (say-so claims by "experts" do not count as proof) that the human organism in the womb is NOT a person / human being - which proof has never been supplied - then pro-aborts find themselves on the wrong side of a holocaust of immense proportions.

The burden of proof to show that there are certain humans who are not persons falls on the pro-abort. History is replete with human rights atrocities in which certain humans were wrongly declared to be non-persons. This is why pro-aborts have much in common with those who gassed Jewish people because they were "sub-human," and those who owned and whipped Black people because they were "less than animals." You will notice that most arguments put forth by the pro-abortion crowd necessarily and inherently dehumanize the human in the womb. That is their only "hope."

Open-minded seekers, on the other hand, who are willing to follow the science need only adopt a minimal morality to understand that abortion is wrong. They do not have to be religious, highly degreed, rich, or privileged. They only need to know it is wrong to execute the innocent. The fact that some pro-aborts actually make straight-faced defenses for the death penalty for innocents, as well as for executing BORN children, is a sign of death-speration on their part, as they cling to their abortion cult for any and all reason, however irrational.

a patriot #fundie

[Comment left on a petition to legalize gay marriage in Australia.]

A stray dog deserves more repect than a homosexual. They are the lowest of creatures on this planet. Not even animals do such things. All homosexuals deserve to die. Killing a homosexual is not murder, because they are sub-human. It is like stepping on a bug. Love is not the issue. Homosexuals cannot love, any more than an earthworm can. They are a blemish upon what would be perfect humanity. They don't even deserve to look a normal person in the eyes. All of them should be executed, and the streets paved with their pulverized bones.

Peterbiltdriver, cr550af, and Lucius Tate #racist

(Peterbiltdriver): Standard Typical nigger Behavior. Holy shit, we humans can't even imagine. We gibs these niggers food, money, free housing and they still fuck it up. The good news, nigger in NU, they all have a warrant for something. The bad news, 5 picaninnies for taxpayers to support even more. It never ends with niggers. I agree, weird that no mammy sow was present. He probably deleted it.

(cr500af): Damn, what a hell-hole. Stupid niggers would be living five times better on the plantation in a wooden shack and being made to work in the fields, even if they had to take a trip to the whipping post every so often. Boss man wouldn't let the up and coming stock suffer like that, just like he wouldn't let his other livestock wallow in shit and risk disease and death.

Did you see the glare coming from that gorilla's face? I've got no time for someone trying to convince me that thing is human.

(Lucius Tate): That's a great statement and really drives home the point. These nigglets would be treated better as slaves than with this stupid ape. 3 squares a day at least. Who needs YT Masta's when you have sub-human nigger scum to keep the brothers down. Pathetic excuse, even for a nigger. I'm sure he was good boy, turning his life around. Mammy's at NU and he's doing his best as a single father. NEWS FLASH - Even gorillas at the zoo take better care of their offspring.

Bet he had a nice set of rims, though.

Bonampak420 #racist

White Mental Illness. SingaporeanROCKS is non other than VansertimaVindicated.

This White devil has multiple personality disorder from lack of melanin

White supremacy never ends, for it to be maintained the Average white person must support and create disinformation and create chaos everywhere, In order to maintain white supremacies power structure.

Here we see singaporeanROCKS posting about penis size in an African American forum on, when he is actually a White male from london.

Either way it doesnt matter the white race has serious mental issues and diseases brought about by being a inferior sub-human race not superior to melinated Hue-mans

Poster on the forum recognizes the White dmeon and exposes him. Its actually sad to watch the white race engage in this type of multiple personality disorder, and be a chaos spreader. Posting in the African American forum to spread chaos and hate.

The White race is a degenrate race of insecure beast. When they finally begin to see there world falling apart the white race will do anything to maintain their way of life. Which is a life of fantasy, lies, and illusion. This is why i said before. white males love to play dungeons and dragon and world of warcraft in their childhood and adult hood, and white females love to have full blown conversations with plastic dolls. That is some insane sh1t to be talking to imaginary people. The white race is insane.

This is why singaporeanROCKS must attack Clyde winters and create disinformation in this forum. He is apart of the insecure race of beast.

Toughsky_Shitsky #racist

[Comment under "Shots fired from Based AF Ann Coulter"]

Why in the fuck does Israel have to take one single on of these goatfucking pedophile sub-humans ?

In fact, why the fuck does any country have take these pussy cunts ? 70% of these "refugees" are military age "men". Why don't they stay in Syria and fight for their country ? Because they are lazy, stupid, filthy, cowards.

Fuck these pussy goatfucking pedophile invaders of civilization. Fuck them all.

The Creativity Movement #racist #conspiracy #pratt

It is just a matter of deciding whether you would rather have your own future progeny of beautiful, intelligent White people survive and inhabit this earth, or whether you would rather see them submerged in a floodtide of mud races. In the latter case, all beauty, culture and civilization would vanish. The more we help the mud races to expand and multiply, the more we are robbing our own future generations of food, space and existence on this planet Earth. Furthermore, the mud races are doing to us that very thing in the present stage of history. They have viciously driven out and killed the White population in many countries in Africa, and I might add with the connivance and help of Jews and White traitors. Our Jewish controlled Government right here in America is promoting the expansion and proliferation of the niggers in the United States, and shrinking the White Population so that in a few generations practically all of the United States will be either completely black, or mongrelized. It is strange indeed that the bleeding hearts who are so concerned about the survival of the mud races seem to be completely unconcerned about the mongrelization and destruction of the White Race, a process that is now going on before our very eyes.


Nature has decreed that every species on the face of this earth is engaged in a struggle for survival on its own merits in competition with every other species. In no case, in no species in Nature, does the stronger and superior species voluntarily hold itself back and help subsidize a weaker and inferior species so that inferior species might crowd it from the face of the earth. No other species, that is, except the White Race, is foolishly engaging in that kind of foolish philosophy. We CREATORS say that this is suicidal and that we must drastically change our course. Every individual, sooner or later dies anyway, but it is a matter of the survival of our own species, our own kind, that we are interested in. Since there is not enough land, food, and substance to support an ever-exploding horde of mud races, the vital question as we stated before is: do we want our own kind to survive, or do we want the suicide of our own future generations in a world flooded by the sub-human mud races?

Brielé #fundie

Cho who took out Virginia Tech was a Muslim. Does that make all Muslims terrorists? The difference is Cho's Quran agrees with Cho. The Christian Bible does not agree with McVeigh.

The majority of Muslims DO NOT live outside the Middle East, stupid.

The Quran states, "There is no compulsion in Islam". Sure seems to be compulsion to me when apostates are murdered when they convert and non-believers are either killed or reduced to sub-human status and Jews are taught to be nothing more than "apes and pigs".

[the problem with that is cho seung-hui was NOT a Muslim]

SpellJammer #fundie

[Oddly speaking in the third-person, paragraph breaks added]

Words cannot describe the amount of hatred SpellJammer holds for liberals, he's always hated thier policies sense he was a child. (Not many children at six watch Rush Limbaugh, but SpellJammer did. And his mother was a democrat mind you..) But the constant abuse he took from family members, (Not mom or dad, they were good to SpellJammer, and they now consider themselves Republicans) the incompetance of thier leaders, and the disgusting display of inhummanity he has had to endure talking to them, has show them they are not people.

They rejected whatever morality they had when they uttered the words "morality is relative" and you ask them with full honosty, "If that is true, why would you be against being raped, murdered, and then peed on?" and in thier defence they can only display lashing out at you or getting some liberal-moderator to silence you. Liberals are in power, they are horrible sub-humans, and they sicken SpellJammer because they brainwash our children.

They're a plague, and the longer they exsistance, the more SpellJammer suffers. Every second he knows a liberal is not dead or atleast in alot of pain, is like a needle peircing at the back of his neck. SpellJammer was what you could consider a Christian when he was a boy, but as you can see in his profile now, that is no longer the case. The truth behind everything was revealed to SpellJammer throughout his childhood to adulthood, all was made clear, and he knew what had to be done. He's not going to discuss his religous values here, it's neither the time or the place. But SpellJammer does thank liberals for one thing, if not for them, he would've never been pushed to ascend into a faith that advocated thier destruction, and would probably not have become the strong-willed, innate leader that he is today. They created thier own worst enemy, but then, they wouldn't be the first ones..

R. Michael Hands, Th.D. #fundie

Queers are deviant, effeminate, HIV positive, Aids infected, rotten plague carrying man-devils.

Queers are sub-human, unclean, pathologically paranoid, depressed, neurotic socio-paths and only conversion by the blood of Jesus can reverse the fag’s hell-bound plunge.

Dykes seduce wives, daughters, infants and beasts for their unnatural dog-like sex acts and are consumed with so much lust of the flesh they cannot express normal love.

Continuing shameful sexual acts on each other, animals, dead bodies of humans and refusing to worship Jesus as Lord will damn all fags to the eternal lake of fire with Satan.

It is acceptable for the righteous to heap words of filth upon the obscene dyke/fag and when seen in public ridicule and rebuke them; this will please the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

[Much, much later on:]



POB 1505


lionheart209 #fundie

Neandertals never existed, they are a figment of evolutionists imaginations, The first man Adam was inteligent, not some unga bunga neandertal like evolutionists would like you to believe.
All through history we see evidence of inteligence, for example: the sphinx was built around the time Christ walked the Earth, yet even today we have a hard time duplicating that technology.

There is absolutely no evidence to support a sub-human unga bunga uninteligent human/neandertal.
It's just another made up story by evolutionists along with the idea of millions or billions of years.
See for more on this issue.

Mr. Interlocutor #racist

What's with the "Hispanic" comments so many people here on Niggermania are posting? I also notice the new banner is gone. My own ancestors come from Germany, France, Scotland and England, but any European, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian or whatever are Caucasian. Some Europeans mixed with Native American people here in the Americas and became Mexicans, Guatemalans, etc. They aren't NIGGERS. Can we be clear on that? I don't harbor any ill feelings to Hispanics or Asians or Native people. I just think niggers are sub-human.

bigbraincel #sexist

Re: #BelieveAllWomen


That is not a very great example, as the women in question was forced to lie by her father

it doesn't really matter if the father forced her to make the claim or not, because the title can still be applied. don't forget cases like this really did happen and there was no father forcing the foids to lie. we know foids have been doing this of their own volition for decades irl and the reason you don't see particular cases like this today is because society has found a new sub-human to laugh at: the incel, the loser, the aspie, the outcast, the failure. remember that feminist whore that got her socially awkward co-worker fired for nothing and all the other feminist whores were happy with her? or that other stupid bitch that tried to get a male co-worker fired because he didn't laugh at her jokes and didn't want to be around her? foids are constantly trying to fuck up peoples lives and like what they did with blacks, they're now doing to every male with full political backing and institutional power. this picture with the title #BelieveAllWomen is still True

Question_Woman #sexist #fundie

You evil gatekeeping aphobic scum.


In all seriousness though I have met more than my fair share of pedophiles in the ace community. Just an example.

Damn, that's insidious! And it makes sense because kids who have a delayed puberty are the most likely to identify as "asexual". Hell, if I had been interrogated about my sexuality when I was younger than 15 I would have said "asexual" as well.

In reality, I just wasn't ready to admit my attraction to men because then I would be vulnerable up to their mocking and scorn based on my appearance.

That was certainly an issue in my teens, not anymore but the attraction still isn't there. Go figure. Actually I do feel some sort of attraction but it isn't sexual. I think.

You do you, I'm just not a fan of the split attraction model because I don't see any way in which attraction can be split into a sexual and non-sexual mode. I also have an issue with some people who claim it's no reason to worry if someone doesn't have a libido. Low or nonexistent libido can be a sign of hormonal impairment, autism, or depression and it's not something that should be glossed over.

On the other hand, the label of asexual can also be an understandable cope for women who are constantly pressured into sex by men. Men's prerogative of "pump and dump" is effectively countered by women with the labels of asexual/demisexual. These labels give women something to point to that's "out of their control" when men pressure them for sex. In reality tho, heterosexual sex fucking sucks for women unless the guy actually cares about you...which usually doesn't happen unless you've been dating for 3+ months or you're a Stacy.

Women also have it harder because men are violent, predatory, and disgusting in general so it makes sense to be wary of any attraction we feel towards them, especially when they see undesirable women as sub-human.

WorldGoneCrazy #fundie

Abortions are no longer to be regretted, they are to be celebrated as "empowerment" for women."

"A few wackos might think that way"

It's more than a few - it is the new talking point. But, I agree with you on the assessment of pro-aborts - they are whackos. :-) I surely do not want morals like yours. The kind that ignores the innocent human being who is being destroyed.

"But that isn't how I see what's going on."

It really does not matter how you "see it" - it matters what is true.

"And you don't like that, do you? You don't like being disagreed with."

No, I really do NOT like those who advocate and support the deaths of 3000 innocent babies each day in America. The fact that you disagree with me is irrelevant. Slave owners disagreed with abolitionists - it's not the disagreement that bothered abolitionists, it was the owning and mistreatment of black people.

"And you can cite a few scientists"

Haha - by "few" you mean almost all. Science-phobic, much? Here are 41 peer-reviewed citations (just take the spaces out):

http://www .lifenews .com/2015/01/08/41-quotes-from-medical-textbooks-prove-human-life-begins-at-conception/

"I promise you that you don't have consensus on this issue"

There was no consensus on slavery either. At one time, most people actually believed that blacks lacked personhood or were sub-human. You would have fit in quite well with them.

You just don't like it because basic science is against you and all you have left are feelings and emotions.

"It's complicated, each situation varies from person to person"

True for slavery too. You keep making my point but lack the self-awareness to recognize it.

" It's complicated, each situation varies from person to person, and you cannot simply sit back and cast judgment from your ivory tower that everyone's a murderous pro abort. I know that's what you're DOING, but it's very obvious to me and to others how ineffective it is. Going back to the roadside wackos who force people to look at pictures of dismembered fetuses again - you think that's an effective tactic? Because I promise you it's not."

The baby we saved last week says otherwise. :-) That was a last minute save - the mom came out 4 times before she chose life, and after she drove off, Dr. Death showed up within a couple of minutes!

Left up to you and yours (since I missed you on the sidewalk that day), that baby would be dead right now. Instead, we are showering this young girl with love and gifts. No thanks to you or your ilk who stand by why babies are mercilessly killed.

"but you're attempting to legislate your morality on everyone else"

Self-refuting. Roe forced abortion on 60 million innocent preborn babies by legislating from the bench. All laws legislate morality - it is just a question of whose. By your "logic," we should not have laws against rape, burglary, pedophilia, or murder.

Some incels #sexist

Re: Why you should never give women attention


Never knew foids would have “ugly guy friends”. I thought the kindest thing they’d do is ignore them

Nah they have ugly guy friends and they use the shit out of them and then ghost them until they need something. Seen it happen irl

Depends on the degree of ugliness and testosterone. I'm too ugly but high testosterone male (that is, I'm a healthy male with sexual desires), hence deemed creepy.

LOL, she might throw her pussy at chad and tyrone, but the orbiter gets to be there for her venting. Chad only gets to fuck, Orbiter gets to be there for her. She just uses chad for sex, but the orbiter gets to be her friend.

Ask yourself inkel: Who's really winning?

I swear to God, Instagram accounts like hoenest are so blackpilled.

Hell even r/twoxchromosomes are.

Most people are. It's just when men bring it up in public and it's related to women do they freak out.

Yeah the thing is most people believe the blackpill except they think it only applies to women and don't ever try to do something about the anti male society or else you will be automatically blacklisted and lynced on site even if you passively protest and then they will make fun of you and call you names

Almost everybody understands the blackpill and knows it's real, women will talk about it openly in joking ways like this, but when men bring it up in a way that harms the "Women are perfect and the more compassionate gender" narrative then everyone is against it because they are afraid ugly men will realise how worthless they are

I have female co-workers who openly talk about alimony and child support and when they bring up how I will get married one day I laugh and say "I'm never getting married"

"Why not Ganksgriefersforfun?"

Me: "Because it's literally a waste of money"

Them: "True. But, every man who is in love has to make that decision otherwise they will be alone, Ganksgriefersforfun."

Me: "Okay."

I overheard them talking about a guy wanting to get a prenup for his marriage, but that a priest at a church said that was wrong and it was a show of a "lack of trust" almost like a slap to god's/his fiance's face or something.

My co-worker said she agreed with what the priest said.

No fucking shit. You are 60 years old working 50 hrs a week for what kids like me are making just goofing off. You are literally a burden to most 60 year old men who are retired with hard earned cash. Why do foids think this way, I will never know. I wish my co-workers no ill will, but this type of thinking is misandrist at best.

Another co-worker who is about 40 years old with many kids close to my age once told me in a patronizing voice "Sex is for after you get married:)" Like I was fucking 12 and didn't see through that line of bullshit. Lol. Women treat sub-human manlets like children and it's hilarious to see how they treat you only for your looks even though you display unmatched intelligence time and time again in politics and self-awareness.

Various TERFs #sexist

(in response to an article about a trans woman who says that there are times and places where sexual objectification is fine and that, in those places, she WANTS to be objectified. For extra fundie points, note how many of them have ironic names.)

PhenomenalWoman: (because you're mentally ill)

OrganizedJen: They need to get some mental help. You are not a woman. That is why you are not objectified like we are.
They know you're a fucking man!

ashbee: Only a man would say that.

YoungBougieBlac: These people need mental treatment. [...] I'm tired of them including "people of color" in their arguments. Stop comparing trans and being black period full stop

wecarealot: Because you're a fucking man. Of course men think sexual objectification is fine because they're usually the ones doing it. And in this case, this person wants to be objectified because they feel they're a woman inside even though they're biologically male.

Corgi: Trans women stay wanting to believe that they are no different from people born female. Everything regular women find harmful and degrading they find empowering because it validates their identity. We all know they need constant 24/7 validation.

LazyDaisy: it's even worse because here you are, a marginalized identity putting forth this image and promoting this culture that's rampant among transwomen that them being sexually desired makes them "accepted" or even coveted in society and that somehow they'll replace ciswomen because they're sought for sexually. No. Get help, now. You're only doing a disservice to yourself and other transwomen by promoting your sexual objectification as something positive.

cosmiclatte: They're weird as hell. Literally everything bio women can't stand they love and envy us for. Most women hate being cat called because it's rude and they know that there's a possiblity they could be sexually assaulted but trans/non binary people that are jealous of females see it as a sign of admiration.

Unnie: This person is clearly MALE because only MEN don't find an issue with viewing women as sex objects.

coolgirlia: Only a man would think that the essence of being a woman is being sexually oppressed.

BambiGambino: Everything about the trans-movement advocates for violence against women and the silencing of our issues because they're transphobia and offensive.

LaDela: it doesn't surprise me that a mentally ill male-bodied trans "woman" would feel this way. Most of them feel this way. People like this are a danger to the public and especially to biological women.

talkign2much: This "wanting to be sexually objectified" is male thinking. He can't deny his maleness. He's a damn fool. Why did I bother reading this mess? I need a shot of mango juice to calm down and forget about reading about this fool.

Dr.Girlfriend: How is he qualified to talk about women's issues when he can't even get pretending right?

80sIcons: Women do not like being objectified. But he's a man and has no idea on what it's like to be a woman.

JenThePen: Only a man would say or think this.

Duckieee: only a biological born male would think this is acceptable. You might have the female body parts and pronouns but you still clearly have the mentality of a man.

Terry Mcginnis: I'm not surprised that a man thinks it's okay to look at others as sub-human and see only value in a person's look. This is why I subscribe to terfism.

locacoca: This just in: men don't know what objectification is, never have, never will and also they don't know anything about feminism.

These wypipo also think their argument is valid if they stick 'white, cis, able-bodied' in front of everything then woc and disabled women must think "Oh they must be right" because we have no critical thinking skills whatsoever.

BotswanaB: He wishes straight men would objectify him like they do with real women.

Fetty Queen: Of course she wants to be objectified. She may have cut her dick off but she still has a male brain and men think this type of behavior is a compliment.

GeorgeSorrows: These people don't realize that biological sex is not just a matter of chromosomes. Sex has such a heavy influence on human physiology and that includes BRAIN physiology. IN GENERAL men and women don't process their environment the same way. That is, we may get to the same destination, but our pathways there will differ. This is not a matter of personality and socialization but a matter of BIOLOGY. Transwomen will still think like men.
The SRY gene expressed on the Y-chromosome makes SRY protein which is expressed in the testicles and in the BRAIN. Male brains differ from female brains
This is a FACT

IngaLou: Spoken like a true man! It seems like I never hear all these dumb things from transmen.

But I'm sure that's just a coincidence, right?

Glenn Miller #racist

White women do what white men permit. This is now, and always has been, a fact of nature and history. Today, this fact is painfully obvious to everyone with good eyesight. Our women have become whores for the world, thanks to Jewish created "popular culture" and Jewish corrupted judges, and politicians, who over the decades, have thrown out all laws designed by our forefathers to insure racial survival and the White man's authority over his women, children, country, and destiny.

The phrase Women and minorities this, and Women and minorities that, are repeated by the media, causing many of our women to believe they have more in common with colored men than with their own.

The so-called Women's Rights Movement would never have come about without the Jews. The original movers of this anti-White conspiracy were Gloria Steinem, Belia Abzug, and Betty Freidan, all Jews. Gullible White women believe these Jews have their interests at heart, but in reality, these fanatical, Aryan-hating pied-piper bitches are working to further the Jewish agenda. Weaken the White man. Divide and conquer. Divide the White man from the White woman so there will be fewer of both in the future.

As a direct consequence of Jewish mind programming, and White male cowards, our women and girls by the tens of millions have wallowed naked with sub-humans. And millions have given birth to mixed-breed offspring in scenes too nauseating to imagine without puking. These unnatural offspring grow up identifying with their colored side and hating their White parents. Mother nature gets her sweet revenge.

The White man has become so confused, guilt-ridden, and cowardly, he either applauds this traitorous behavior of his women, or pretends he doesn't notice it.

The Jews-media keeps our youth in a constant state of heat. They satanically exploit nature's strong demand upon youth to procreate. And, those who deny the intense power of this demand have simply forgotten what it's like to be young. Catering to the lowest urges of man, the Jews bring out the very worse in human nature. And any family not insulted every ten minutes by Jew television has lost their sense of decency.

Nature screams procreate! And the Jews-media screams procreate with any two legged featherless creature, regardless of race, color, brain size, or nose width.

White men, not to be outdone by their women, bed down with colored women, accelerating even more rapidly their own racial demise. The reason one doesn't see more White men and Black women together in public is because Whitey fears the Black man. Asian women are safer. Asian men don't make a fuss when seeing their women on the arms of White men. A big Jewish-promoted fad now is mail-order brides. Thick catalogues filled with photos of young third-world women offering themselves in marriage are widely publicized throughout the western world. Plane loads of lonely, horny old white men arrive daily in India, the Philippines, and South East Asia to meet their mongrel brides-to-be. And the Jews wring their hands in giddiness and delight at the success of yet another scheme to exterminate the hated White Aryan Race and make fortunes in the process from their victims. The White man finances his own destruction.

Meanwhile Whitey Joe and Jill Six-pack smoke their dope and watch MTV or the Negroes playing ball on television, their minds void of thought not put there by the Jews.

MrMannn #fundie


We are dealing with sub-human terrorist murderers here. This is how you get them to talk. And talk they do. We have 5 years of success with this method.
If they don't like it, they should remember they chose this treatment when they became scum sucking mass murderers.

I'll save my sympathy for the families of their victims, thank you.

If I were a guard at Gitmo, I would volunteer to water board these animals. As a Christian, I would have NO problem with such a procedure.
My faith is not based on wimpy theology. Its based on Jesus who drove the money lenders out of the temple-with a WHIP! Jesus advised his disciples to sell their cloaks and purchase swords.

Bluestarcinema #racist

Only a nasty, low-class slankedy whore would let a sub-human ape have sex with them. Hopefully they get vaginal cancer or AIDS and they will eventually. The only white girls that date nasty niggers have mental problems or are drug addicted bottom-of-the-barrel filth and lose all worth. Low self esteem plays a major role in this aswell. I seen a white girl the? other day with an ape & I told her right in front of her pet monkey what a nasty low-class skank she was.

crtlndt #fundie

Funny how you never see violent conservative protests. Conservatives have class and dignity. This is just a typical example of just what kind of lowlife sub-humans liberals really are. The video speaks louder than words. Oh, and tom, up yours.

Gunnersup & RopeMaXXer #sexist


[Serious] In the future, governments will neuter ugly males

Once the population gets too high, the government will assign tasks to different males. They will allow chads to impregnate foids, but they will neuter all sub-humans. I'm hoping a historian from the year 3000 will read this thread knowing that I predicted the outcome.


Lmao they don't even need to do this. It's already happened.
Brainlets always think of dystopias as some sort of novel with draconian laws.
The dystopia is tiktok filtering ugly people, every hole with social media having a venmo link, rampant anti male quotas and 0 bargaining power as average male.
At this point were just meat robots waiting for our metallic counterparts to replace us.

PeaceAndLove42 #fundie

(This person started a thread asking why torture wasn't considered a reliable means of extracting information. When given a bunch of replies explaining why, this was their response.)

Well say what you want but I highly doubt the CIA and the like would be wasting so much time, money and resources to something that hardly had any effect.

I believe torture is very much justified when dealing with sub-human scum. You're talking about men that can't control their orgasms hence making their women cover from head to toe. Men that believe they are getting many virgins in heaven. Only mass lunatics with severe evolutionary deformities could believe such garbage.

Honestly, I think they aren't doing enough. Torture isn't just physical but psychological. Take things your enemy hates the most and see what happens.

Imagine how quickly men in the middle east would talk if they had to constantly endure being tortured by a WOMAN, while watching her ****/**** all over a bunch of Korans. There could be no worse punishment for those sick ***** un-evolved humans that live over there.

Conservative Headlines #racist

[From "Poetic Justice (Part I)"]

Although credit is often mistakenly given to Shakespeare, it was the 17th Century literary critic Thomas Rymer who coined the term “poetic justice.” Poetic justice occurs when some particularly hypocritical or vile individual receives a fitting and appropriate end, particularly one with irony in abundance.

The following are examples of poetic justice, and many are so perfectly appropriate that they even hint at the possibility of Divine Intervention.

Amy Biehl: Filled with the self-righteousness that only Jews can feel towards blacks with whom they have no contact, Amy Biehl traveled to South Africa in 1993 to help register blacks to vote in the 1994 South African National Elections that ended “apartheid.”

She must have assumed her degrees from Stanford would insulate her from the routine violence of black savages. However, to paraphrase an African proverb, “the leopard cannot change its spots.”

That election almost immediately transitioned South Africa from a First World civilization into a Third World cesspool. It also ushered in a new era where black savages gird up their courage and their loins before murdering white farm families and stealing their land with impunity.


Four sub-human rat-apes were arrested and charged with her murder, but after their convictions, all four were pardoned by South Africa’s so-called “Truth and Reconciliation Commission.” The latter is anything BUT a source of “reconciliation,” and their pardons were conclusive evidence that South Africa is now as lawless as Zimbabwe, Haiti, or every other black shit-hole.

If there were ever a perfect example of poetic justice, it is Amy Biehl’s brutal and senseless murder at the hands of the same black savages she worked to “liberate.”

It is the Amy Biehls of this world who feel the insane need to empower the most violent, savage, witless and predatory race in human history, and she was instrumental in helping to destroy South Africa by turning it over to witless black savages, whose true nature will forever remain a mystery to her. It is only justice that she should die at their hands.

Julie Laible: This woman was raised on a farm in a nearly all-white region of Illinois. She studied Spanish at the University of Illinois, where she was inspired (wink, wink) by a black teaching assistant who opened her eyes to racial injustice in America. At his suggestion, she attended graduate school at the University of Texas at Austin, where she could get all the exposure to Hispanics she might ever want.


Steven Otter: Steven Otter was a self-righteous author and “journalist,” who routinely vilified other white people for what he charged was their “misperception” of black crime in South Africa.

In a truly delicious example of poetic justice, his home was invaded on December 16, 2016 — South Africa’s “Reconciliation Day” — by two black savages who stabbed him to death. He died in the arms of his mixed-race “partner,” Nathalie Williams.


In truth, Otter was just another foolish white race-traitor, who was not squeamish about affiliating with certain violent and savage, black and Marxist revolutionary parties found in South Africa. These included The Pan-African Congress, and the Afro-Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters.

Otter’s assailants must not have read his work, so they were never informed of how innocent and peaceful they actually are. In any event, had Otter listened to all those “racist thoughts” and “racist voices” from his childhood — that he made it a point to reject — he might very well be alive today to further lecture us about how wrong we all are about blacks and their violent and criminal inclinations.

J. D. Pendry #fundie

Jimmy Carter, you’re the father of the Islamic Nazi movement. You threw the Shah under the bus, welcomed the Ayatollah home and then lacked the spine to confront the terrorists when they took our embassy and our people hostage. You’re the runner-in-chief.

Bill Clinton, you played ring around the Lewinsky while the terrorists were at war with us. You got us into a fight with them in Somalia, and then you ran from it. Your weak-willed responses emboldened the killers. Each time you failed to respond adequately they grew bolder, until 9/11.

John Kerry, dishonesty is your most prominent attribute. You lied about American Soldiers in Vietnam. Your military service, like your life, is more fiction than fact. You’ve accused our Soldiers of terrorizing women and children in Iraq. You called Iraq the wrong war, wrong place, wrong time, the same words you used to describe Vietnam. You’re a fake. You want to run from Iraq and abandon the Iraqis to murderers just as you did the Vietnamese. Iraq, like Vietnam is another war that you were for, before you were against it.

John Murtha, you said our military was broken. You said we can’t win militarily in Iraq. You accused United States Marines of cold-blooded murder without proof. And said we should redeploy to Okinawa. Okinawa John? And the Democrats call you their military expert. Are you sure you didn’t suffer a traumatic brain injury while you were off building your war hero resume? You’re a sad, pitiable, corrupt and washed up politician. You’re not a Marine sir. You wouldn’t amount to a pimple on a real Marines butt. You’re a phony and a disgrace. Run away John.

Dick Durbin, you accused our Soldiers at Guantanimo of being Nazis, tenders of Soviet style gulags and as bad as the regime of Pol Pot who murdered two million of his own people after your party abandoned South East Asia to the Communists. Now you want to abandon the Iraqis to the same fate. History was not a good teacher for you, was it? See Dick run.

Ted Kennedy, for days on end you held poster sized pictures from Abu Grhaib in front of any available television camera. Al Jazeera quoted you saying that Iraq’s torture chambers were open under new management. Did you see the news this week Teddy? The Islamic Nazis demonstrated real torture for you again. If you truly supported our troops, you’d show the world poster-sized pictures of that atrocity and demand the annihilation of the perpetrators of it. Your legislation stripping support from the South Vietnamese led to a communist victory there. You’re a bloated fool bent on repeating the same historical blunder that turned freedom-seeking people over to homicidal, genocidal maniacs. To paraphrase John Murtha, all while sitting on your wide, gin-soaked rear-end in Washington.

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Carl Levine, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Russ Feingold, Hillary Clinton, Pat Leahy, Chuck Schumer et al ad nauseam. Every time you stand in front of television cameras and broadcast to the Islamic Nazis that we went to war because our President lied. That the war is wrong and our Soldiers are torturers. That we should leave Iraq, you give the Islamic butchers – the same ones that tortured and mutilated American Soldiers – cause to think that we’ll run away again and all they have to do is hang on a little longer.

American news media, the New York Times particularly. Each time you publish stories about national defense secrets and our intelligence gathering methods, you become one with the sub-human pieces of camel dung that torture and mutilate the bodies of American Soldiers. You can’t strike up the courage to publish cartoons, but you can help Al Qaeda destroy my country. Actually, you are more dangerous to us than Al Qaeda is. Think about that each time you face Mecca to admire your Pulitzer.

You are America’s axis of idiots. Your Collective Stupidity will destroy us. Self-serving politics and terrorist abetting news scoops are more important to you than our national security or the lives of innocent civilians and Soldiers. It bothers you that defending ourselves gets in the way of your elitist sport of politics and your ignorant editorializing. There is as much blood on your hands as is on the hands of murdering terrorists. Don’t ever doubt that. Your frolics will only serve to extend this war as they extended Vietnam. If you want our Soldiers home, as you claim, knock off the crap and try supporting your country ahead of supporting your silly political aims and aiding our enemies. Yes, I’m questioning your patriotism. Your loyalty ends with self. I’m also questioning why you’re stealing air that decent Americans could be breathing. You don’t deserve the protection of our men and women in uniform. You need to run away from this war – this country. Leave the war to the people who have the will to see it through and the country to people who are willing to defend it.

No Commander in Chief, you don’t get off the hook either. Our country has two enemies. Those who want to destroy us from the outside and those who attempt it from within. Your Soldiers are dealing with the outside force. It’s your obligation to support them by confronting the axis of idiots. America must hear it from you that these people are harming our country, abetting the enemy and endangering our safety. Well up a little anger please, and channel it toward the appropriate target. You must prosecute those who leak national security secrets to the media. You must prosecute those in the media who knowingly publish those secrets. Our Soldiers need you to confront the enemy that they cannot.

They need you to do it now.


Women Are Nature’s Greatest Nationalists

...just not in the West.

I’ve noticed a trend in Russia. The women are way more hardcore and patriotic than the men. Which on the face of it, is frankly, bizarre.

I have a working theory to explain this phenomenon. In Game theory, there is the tribal element of human relations that is explored in detail. One of the more interesting concepts is hard to swallow and this Crimson pill may have the answer to this phenomenon that I am seeing…

The girls in Russia, regardless of what city I am in or what political orientation they hold, are racists. And they are racists for the exact same reason(s), that they almost all repeat to me at one time or another.

I don’t like feeling unsafe walking home at night. Remove Hachi.
I don’t like the way they look with their sullen, poo-colored eyes. Remove Hachi.
I want to wear dresses and high heels without browns harassing me. Remove Hachi.
That’s all the reason these chicks need. But Russian men have been like limp dishrags, at least in some of the places I’ve been. And these are the younger generation, the Millenials that I am talking about. The young men are skinnier, less based, and more tolerant than their hardcore 90s era predecessors.

But the women remain hardcore. Why is this?

Well, try this scenario on for size. Two tribes face off in pre-historic times and one tribe wins. What happens to the men of the loser tribe? They get slaughtered. And the women? They get taken as wives.

Now, the women that are captured by the winning tribe need to adjust to the trauma of losing their tribe and accepting the victors if they are to survive. Which means that evolutionary pressure may have selected for women with less tribal loyalty over time. Because the more loyal ones would have had a hard time adjusting and would have probably gotten killed as well.

So that’s the theory behind the “Females as Agents of Tribe Destruction” theory. But I’ve been trying to understand the context of the Russian situation and it doesn’t seem to fit the theory. And the reason is because this theory needs a caveat or at least to be broken into two parts — the early stage and the later stage of threat reaction.

Women are sub-rationally pursuing their own biological imperative at all time. This is an underlying assumption that I am not disputing.

But when a threat emerges, and the barbarians come to the gates, women do not just run into the arms of the invaders, as some of the more spergy auteests on the MGTOW Alt-Right allege.

Initially, it is the women that will spur the men of their own tribe to fight to defend them. It is the white feather phenomenon, where women would pin white feathers on soldiers in Britain who did not enlist to fight in the trenches.

And that is what I believe is happening in Russia. The young Russian women feel the hot breath of the hostile tribe on their necks with more aclarity than the young Russian men, and so they spur the men to defend them.

The men feel a reluctance to go as hardcore as the women because that would necessitate action. I’ve heard Russian girls say that muds are sub-humans with a casual breeziness that blew me away. They say these things though and then go back to being cute and being feminine girls. They aren’t going to pick up the AKs anytime soon, no matter how much they hate the hachis. But if a man starts thinking like this…there’s a chance he might have to act on his conclusions.

And so men are more careful in what they allow themselves to believe, or openly say. Because it has the potential to have actual consequences.

Only after women sniff the air and see which way the wind is blowing, and when the situation becomes dire do they start hedging their bets, or engaging in open treachery to their own tribe. This is arguably the state of Scandinavia and much of the Anglo-Sphere as things stand now.

But beyond the Hajnal line, there’s still some fight left…which is why I lay off the woman hate while I’m there.

Why bring this up now? Well, I’m back in DC for NPI and the stark difference in behavior really gets the noggin’ joggin’.

Just some food for thought for now.

MisterRepublican #fundie

[Commenting on Spongebob and Barney the dinosaur promoting gay tolerance]

I don't know about Barney but a gay acquaintance of mine really likes Sponge Bob a lot. [...]

Barney, the lisping, lavender, light-in-his-loafers dinosaur is gay-friendly? Gee, go figure. [...]

As time goes by, the vile anti-social behavior of Queers steadily gets worse and worse . . . as this current FReeper article demonstrates!!! Therefore, allow me to repeat my own personal rant one more time:

Oak Hay, so I'm very disturbed and continually puzzled about how a small bunch of contrary to nature freaks can destroy our entire civilization. . . BUT DAMMIT, THEY'RE DOING IT !!!

These unsavory and unclean sub-human creatures delight in ramming their urine exhaust pipes into the rectal relief tubes of young boys (and of each other) !!! They brag and crow loudly about their filthy behavior !!! They demand access to our young and innocent children... so they can commit sodomy and oral sex acts upon them!!! Then they scream and holler...


... when we seek to save our children from their filthy and immoral activities!!! WHY IS THIS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE IN THIS ONCE-FREE REPUBLIC ??? DO WE NOT HAVE THE RIGHT AND MORAL DUTY TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM SLIME LIKE THIS ???

Consoleman and Kominam #racist

(Consoleman): This is Japan, so why Japan is allowed to host Olympic? Also, why Koreans are still visiting that dirty place? It's not only unsafe for foreigners but riddled with radiation and Yakuza gangsters and Right-wing Japs. Korean government better have contingency plan to bring back all Koreans from Japan as there could be next major earthquakes, tsunami, and even violent riots that could leave thousands of dead Koreans just like Kanto earthquake's massacre of Koreans in 1930s. Japs are savages and no wonder they're recorded as sub-humans in most ancient Asian records. Back in 10th~16th centuries, Japan was like Somalia and Syria where extremists ran the country like warlords.

(kominam): It's Japanese character to be indiscriminately coward towards the elderly, children, women. Let's see if they are capable towards the men.
Don't forget the incident of the Korean woman fighter being beaten by Jap entertainers on Jap TV, actress Jun Ji Hyun being humiliated during
the interview by the male host many years ago on Jap TV, and many other things like this. Hell, I've been dealing with these Japs since I lived in
S. America since I was a child where there are more Japs than in the US, so the typical Jap character is nothing alien to me.

Larry Ridgeway #racist

[From "Give Us Us Free: A Story of Stupidity"]

In my life I have seen many things. Things, often times that I cannot help but ask myself “How?” or “Why?” Recently though, on the morning of July 8th, I read something that would make the most stoic man rise in anger. Shall we beat it into the heads of the eternal normie that these colored hordes have no sense of justice?

In the morning hours of July 5th in Savannah, Georgia, three blacks were out on the town for a drive. Not the kind of drive our people are accustomed to though. Not at all. They were on the type of drive where they go find members of another warring tribe within their race, shoot at them from their vehicle (ignoring the safety of others) and speed off and break numerous traffic violations to get away from the scene of their latest crime. Yes, a drive-by shooting.

Three colored males were injured in the shooting. After the shooting, the driver, 17 year old Jerry Chambers, led police on a chase that ended with the fleeing suspects wrecking at the intersection of Bay and Barnard street into a pedestrian-filled sidewalk. In doing so, they killed one and injured five. The man killed was a general manger of a downtown bar called “The Grey” – the man’s name was Scott Waldrup (white man). He was thirty years old.

It has been said by several witnesses at the scene that he jumped in the way of the vehicle, pushing children out of the way and saving their lives at the expense of his own. He died a hero. Mighty white of him.

The two other sub-human chimpanzees occupying the crashed vehicle also died. Can I get a hallelujah? It’s less monsters out on the street. Jerry Chambers was arrested and charged with three counts of murder.

Now the story I just told would be triggering enough if that were all. It’s not.

Turns out that Jerry (send him to the gas) Chambers was the same animal charged in the armed robbery last summer – his victim was a 63 year old woman. He and another suspect (who was not charged) beat this woman mercilessly and when she fought back, they shot her. He turned himself in two days later.

The police said they had what they thought to be a good case, but he ended up being found not guilty for a number of dog shit reasons. His attorney argued that he was the only person charged with the crime and the victim’s statement said she slammed her trunk on the fingers of one assailant. Chambers had no corresponding injury and that he could only be charged as a “party to the crime” at best. Since I can’t find the name of the attorney and the fact that those are some obnoxious and bullshit arguments, arguments that make the pursuit of justice an impossible goal to attain, I’ll just assume the attorney was some (((slime ball))).

Chambers was tried for attempted robbery (they couldn’t pursue the armed robbery because they couldn’t verify that money was actually taken, if they got nothing, they beat and shot this woman for no reason) and he was found NOT GUILTY. Yes, not guilty. He walked free to kill a man last week and injure five others.

Are you sick of reading or hearing about these same fucking stories week in and week out? Every day you hear talk of injustice for the black man, injustice for the spics, injustice for the sodomites and, dare I forget, injustice for the fucked up people who don’t know their own damn gender.

What about justice for the white man? The fact this piece of shit is charged with three murders is absurd. Murder implies you are taking the life of another human. These other chimps weren’t human. They were scum. Gang members, drug dealing, old-woman-beating-apes – is all they were. This punk should get a medal for killing them and then be promptly led to the gallows.

The fact of the matter is, and it’s shown every fucking day, that black people and having nice shit cannot happen. A stroll on the sidewalk does not make you exempt from their carelessness and violence. Let Scott Waldrup, a selfless hero, be all you need to understand that we cannot peacefully coexist with them.

I’m sure, however, that this will continue and whitey will turn away from it.

Continue on.

Steed, Yorkie King, Catweazle, and Seaxen #racist

(Steed): That one single photo embodies everything we English have been concerned about for decades. Enoch Powell's line about "the black man having the whip hand over the white man" is immortalised in that photo. An ethno-nationalist party could not hope to have a better poster image.

The civil war has begun.



(catweazle): There is another shocking photo, that the Daily Mail had online today, but then removed it. It was of a naked woman standing beside a policeman in broad daylight in a London street, the Orcs, stripped her of everything, the filthy black bastards. This is something from ANC South Africa or Mugabe's Zimbabwe. These Orcs are nothing but sub-human savages. Is this what my grandfather and multitudes of others fought Two World Wars for? No it bloody well wasn't. Has that wanker Camoron seen these barbaric photos? This is our country, what the f**k are we doing letting these barbarians do to it?

These savage Orcs are now doing to England what they are doing in former Rhodesia and South Africa. Enoch Powell was right, the Orc now has the whip hand over the white man, and our spineless, treasonous politicains have let it happen. It is time for the white man to reclaim back England, and now.

(Seaxan): Let's see what the lefty do-gooders have to say about this. I want to stamp all over that primates head...... Enough is enough... I hope they overrun the police so that we are forced to defend ourselves. I am sitting here waiting to defend my family, and believe me orcs, you do not want to break into my house.

matthewgoh #fundie

I think the alien fits the description of anti-Christ. The bible describes him as the beast, which means a sub-human being.

Maybe the crop circles and UFO sightings are real, they want to make us familiar with them first, before their formal landings on our earth. When they are here, there's nothing our super powers can do, our missiles are of no use. The whole world will submit to them, in seconds. There comes a new ruler of our world, the anti-Christ.

This is just one possibility, if it's true, it means the end time can happen anytime, like Jesus says, no-one knows the day and hour, it comes when most unexpected.

Earl P. Holt III #racist

[From "Poetic Justice (Part II)"]

Although credit is often wrongly attributed to Shakespeare, it was the 17th Century literary critic Thomas Rymer who coined the term “poetic justice.” Poetic justice occurs when some particularly vile or menacing individual receives a fitting and appropriate end, and always with irony in abundance.

The following are examples of poetic justice, and many are so perfectly appropriate that they even hint at the possibility of Divine Intervention:

Joshua White: Joshua White was a 23-year-old child of leftist, counter-culture types who grew up in San Francisco. He was an ardent, but naïve liberal, who became a child care worker for ghetto children and had a job as a teacher’s aide for learning-disabled (“nigro”) pupils at Martin Luther King Middle School. In March of 1997, he was gunned-down for no reason by a sub-human, black rat-ape, who approached him with a gun, saying “You want to f*ck with me?”

Joshua White’s parents were stoic to the end. Despite their grief, they did what leftists always do, they blamed society and not the killer.


Of course, the truth is far uglier: Had Joshua White’s parents done a proper job of raising him, he might still be alive. A proper raising would have involved repeated warnings about the violent, savage, witless and predatory nature of Africanus Criminalis, the Great American Nigro.

A proper raising would also have included the need to avoid blacks whenever possible, in which case Joshua would have done as most intelligent whites have done, and gotten as far away from these black bastards as geography and income permitted.

Kirsten Brydum: Kirsten was a 25 year-old “social activist” who was on a nationwide tour campaigning for Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign for President. She was gunned down in New Orleans in 2008 by a nigro serial killer named Joseph Brant, who shot her in the head and then robbed her. Brant may also have raped her.


Michael Rockefeller: A book called Thy Will Be Done blames Nelson Rockefeller for exploiting the so-called “Third World,” and explains how Rockefeller’s son, Michael, was killed and eaten by Third-Worlder savages when he went off to save them from his father.


“Timothy Treadwell”: Once upon a time there was a self-anointed “eco-warrior” named Timothy Treadwell. Now Timothy had a very active imagination, and considered himself a “supernatural alien” on “a mission of peace” amongst his friends, the Alaskan brown bears (Ursus Arctos). This he engaged in yearly, from June until October on the Alaskan Peninsula.


In a moment of unusual hubris, Timothy once remarked that he would be honored “to end up in bear scat.” In October of 2003, Timothy got his wish and, moreover, at least two of his friends got a sample of that rare but treasured delicacy, Liberalis Deliciosos.

Of course, as is always the case with any leftist endeavor, those he claimed to be protecting ended up having to be destroyed by Alaska Game Officials after one of Timothy’s friends consumed Timothy and his unfortunate girlfriend.

Alan Vaughn #sexist

They see things the way I do: where any relationship between two people, irrespective of their age, sex ,or status is a PRIVATE matter between those people and there is no need for anyone else, let alone the totalitarian feminist state and the police to interfere with their private lives, especially when such consensual and loving relationships are harming NOBODY.

There is however, one exception:
The only people who are ‘harmed’ in such liaisons are those sexually JEALOUS and embittered, older feminists and that’s really what all the noise and hysteria is all about. ‘Protecting children’ is in fact the furtherest thing from their minds! They know all too well that nobody is ever harmed (never mind ‘children’) in any consensual sexual activity and certainly nobody ever becomes a ‘victim’ from such activities, as the young blonde woman so angrily made clear in the first of the 3 videos.

Feminists simply generate this hysteria about ‘paedophiles’ motivated by their bitter sexual jealousy, in order to prevent their younger rivals enjoying sexual relationships with older men.
They really think that if they can prevent men from being allowed to interact (sexually) with younger females, through constantly lobbying governments for ever increasing tougher laws and draconian penalties for such liaisons: they will eventually get the sex they are so desperately missing and long for.

They aim to make all young attractive, nubile and fertile young women completely off limits to all men by branding all NORMAL male sexuality as ‘paedophilia’. Thus all such normal men are soon to be defined (if not already) as sub-human ‘paedophiles’ and they have already made much progress through their destructive yet very successful campaigning and propaganda, at convincing our society to believe and FEAR what they have now made into the dominant narrative. The dominant narrative that has all but totally destroyed our once functional and fearless society and which has already ruined and even destroyed, the lives of many thousands to millions of good and decent people. It MUST be stopped before it is too late.

Lord Jim #racist

When whites are gone, civilization will slowly crumble and the sub-humans will inch backward. The nation state will fade into simple tribalism ruled by a strong and ruthless leader who cares little for making things, only tribute and riches. With no whites left to enforce the rules, schools will cease to serve a function. Tribe members will see no need to learn the white man's ways any more and Tribal leaders will want all members to protect the tribe from other tribes. The basic infrastructure of modern civilization will be slowly phased out as the struggle for mere existence supersedes the ability to make and or buy computers, cars, telephones, paper, pens, pencils, books, make canned food, butcher cows. Just like in the gang infesting the inner cities of today, the strong will prey on the weak for the for the remaining devices and equipment left behind; from simple cars, jewelry, fine clothes, guns, and money in the beginning, to canned food and livestock before abandoning the cities to become nomads in search of food.

Eventually, there will be only bands of dark skinned hunter gathers runting in the dirt, killing each other with knives and using old stop-signs as mystical shields of protection as they look in bewilderment at the decaying cities and the ancient gods who built them.

Issac #fundie


Still don't think evolution is racist? Here we have a drawing of our origins coming from Africa (the new repackaged evolution idea). The arrows represent a evolution direction (like the evolution tree). Now look who is at the bottom. Now look who is at the top. So why do we come from Africa? Because that's where the sub-human black people live. No matter how evolutionists try and repackage their theory. It will always be a racist theory because the person who thought it up was a racist. And is also the reason why the people in Sudan are being exterminated, and no evolutionist even lifts a finger to help. In their book, extermination=survival of the fittest.

CAL Snowman #racist

I used to love going to Dodger stadium with my dad as a kid. We would go every opening day and I would get some of the players to autograph my little Easton glove (I still have that glove in my attic). We would get Dodger dogs, peanuts and nachos and everyone would have a great time. Over the years the majority White crowds began being replaced by un-civilized, low IQ, mouth breathing brown alien invaders. Loud cussing (especially in the vicinity of women and small children) and fighting became staples of every single Dodger game as the brown invaders have no civility nor manners. You can't even tailgate at Dodger stadium before a game anymore because the stadium authorities don't want the mexicans to get drunk and rowdy and tear the place apart. For me, it wasn't the africans that ruined the game, it was the mexican invaders. It really amounts to the same thing though, sub-human 3rd world people make it impossible for White people to enjoy nice things. I live less than 30 mins (by LA traffic standards) from Dodger stadium and I will never step foot in that stadium ever again. The mexicans absolutely love the "Doyers" to death and I really can't explain why. The Dodgers haven't won a world series since 1988 and they were pretty crappy for most of the 1990's and early 2000s. My theory is that much like africans, anything that White people love has an instant attraction for blacks and browns (except for showering, acting civilized and fine art of course).

Mexicans may not be as in your face violent and confrontational as the africans in america, but their presence here is just as destructive and their numbers will soon dwarf the numbers of africans in america. If the beaners were really hard working and thrifty people then CA wouldn't be the number 1 welfare state in the nation.

Unregistered #racist

Niggers would fuck a snake!! This is why this highly diseased infested sub-human species are 10, 20 50, and even over 100 x more likely to be infected with diseases than whites like mersa, aides, STDs, sickle cell, and the list just goes on and on. NIGGERS ARE VERMIN!!

supersport #fundie

Evolutionists are obsessed with skulls. In particular they love sticking thier noses down into rotting skulls with tape measures. Then these self-absorbed thinkers very carefully analyze the shape, size and contour of these skulls because they think they can make judgements on how intelligent someone was based on these measurements and observations. Neanderthals, for instance, despite being genecally 99.9% the same as modern humans, have been labled brutes and savages because they had big skulls with thick bones. Not only that, but some evolutionists say they were unable to even speak, and instead, resorted to making high squeaking noises -- I guess like some sort of dolphin or hyena or something. Of course, it was because they were so darn dumb that us "real" humans supposedly overpowered them and drove them into extinction. Afterall, who wants dumb people around? (This is despite the fact that there's absolutely no evidence of widespread killings or savage murders of Neanderthals.)

Seriously....reading the words of these people is just laughable. Listening to them go on and on about the specific dimensions and sizes of skulls, like these things have anything to do with the intelligence of the individual is just insulting. In fact, I truly do feel insulted for the person who's skull they are sifting through. How would you evolutionists like someone in the future digging through your skull and calling you sub-human or incapable of intelligent thought -- or saying you didn't know how to talk?

But my question to you evolutionists is this: What in the world would make you think that because someone has a different shaped skull that they cannot think as good as you can? And what does size have to do with anything? Evolutionists keep searching for "intermediate" skulls -- skulls that lie somewhere in between an apes' and a humans' for years now.

But if skull size meant anything at all, then why aren't gorillas much more intelligent that we are? And elephants? And hippos? A human is a human is a human. The human brain is a human brain no matter what size it is. You can be a tiny person such as a pygmy or you can be a giant. A giant, despite his large brain, is no more intelligent than a small person.

School kids, even the class dunce, could get this logic -- but evolutionists can't.

Noguy #fundie

Like Nazis, the pro-choice movement dehumanizes its victims; it treats the unborn as sub-humans, like the Nazis treated the Jews. The hypocracy of the situation is that many pro-choicers oppose the death penalty for criminals, but have no problems with killing innocent unborn children.

KosmicMalware #sexist

There's people out there....

That have had a crush, asked them out, and actually succeeded

That have been asked out.... Sometimes more than once

Have been approached sexually..... Often more than once (cause let's face it, if it happens once, it's happening again)

Can literally log on to a hook-up app, find a willing partner, and actually fuck them, without much effort.

That actually have groups of *insert opposite gender* orbiting them.

That somehow got lucky enough to meet a partner while still young, and slowly grow old together without divorcing.

Honestly, these are such foreign and unreal situations for me that it's REALLY HARD not to be envious and bitter towards happy/attractive people. Like what the fuck. I'd kill to have any single one of these experiences, yet somehow I'm stuck on team sub-human with the rest of you brothers. (Any single one, but let's be honest, for some of these if you experience one, you'll easily experience the other, or that same thing more than once)

I'm really not sure why people bother over-analysing this shit like there's some crazy strategies behind it or some tricks, tips, or knowledge you need to get them. For some people, it just happens. And they don't even think about it. Cause it really isn't that complicated. You're either likeable or not likeable, and unless you're doing something that specifically hinders your likeability, I don't think there's much of a solution other than waiting/getting lucky for most people.

Edit: All I did was say I was jealous of good looking people and people who aren't ignored completely for their entire lives , and somehow it turned into a debate about harrassment.

TheJaredJammer #fundie

This video was fueled by a comment read elsewhere. The comment was "Why are atheists always so weird looking?". Once I thought about it, I realized the commenter had a point. A large percentage of atheists do seem to be aesthetically challenged. So I scoured YouTube watching every pro-atheism video I could find, trying to find evidence to back-up my beliefs.

This video presents my findings. I'll let you be the judge.

My Theory?

Atheists became atheists due to their inner-hatred. Hatred that came about due to their being treated as sub-human freaks of nature, and outcasted from society. At first they were hurt, then their hurt turned to rage. They put the blame on God. After all, God created them, so it's his fault they're so hideous. They don't actually have a disbelief of God, they're just angry at him.

[Note: apparently some of those "atheists" in his video are in fact Christians]

BUNNIE #racist

Bunnie is a well educated woman with two wonderful and , satisfying careers under her belt. She was married for over 25 years to her late husband who was an Air Force officer. She lived, and traveled the world. Bunnie doesn't like low-class black women....who think, because they took educations and jobs away from deserving decent people, that they HAVE ARRIVED, BECAUSE YOU'VE ARRIVED nowhere. Bunnie doesn't like black mem because they are rapists, druggies thieves and criminals. In other words, sub-human. No wonder each generation of black kids doesn't improve. Don't blame whittie.....BLAME YOURSELVES AND OTHER BLACK TRASH. And quite acting like martyrs like michelle.

Mr.Politically Incorrect #racist

[Re. the torture of Guantanamo detainees by forcing them to listen to loud music.]

[T]hose detainee's think it's music of the devil that's how primative they are. In your eye's you are the devil do you still want to coddle and love those morphadites.We need to make them disappear like they made the twin towers disappear.Or did you seem to let is slip your mind there were 2 buildings in new york that are no longer there and innocent people died for no reason. It's because you bleeding heart's with no nad's is half the reason our country is in the $#it hole shape it's in. Trust me those detainee's as you call them are sub-human and don't deserve to beathe our oxygen. If they were innocent they would be free.

Mark Kerpolt #racist

Polacks often side with shitskins, like in Germany there are reports of Turko-Polack gangs beating up Germans. They live among them in the same ghettos. The only thing they don't like about their shitskinned neighbors is when they cross paths, but Polacks and shitskins equally ‘love’ non-Polacks/non-shitskins respectively.

Polacks are worse criminals, in quite a lot of aspects of their worthless existence, than some shitskinned scum in fact. Polacks make better pickpockets than gypsies, even Russian kike criminals say that. In the Netherlands and Flanders, Polacks have been caught stealing bronze and copper statues (of notable and historical figures, part of our ancestry), which they steal to melt down to be able to sell the copper and other metals, which are relatively scarce at the moment and bring in a lot of money. They've even been cutting down electricity cables, to extract metals like copper from them.

Most shitskins, ~99% of them, don't do this kind of shit!! Polacks are really a sub-human class apart. The media often uses the Polacks and their criminal scum nature to oppose nationalists and racialists by using them as an example to claim that ‘Whites are equally criminal.’ I don't care how allegedly ‘White’ they supposedly appear. They're really like the kike in many ways, certainly in the way that they're harmful to our existence.

joe_christian #fundie

most libs are really just secular humanists in disguise who openly subscribe to the theory that rational men originally evolved from sub-human wild animals in Africa which may be said to have closely resembled modern uncaged monkeys howling over a spoiled banana.

Perhaps they are in a latent stage of post-Christian regression and are devolving into that natural state from which they profess to have originated from.

Quintus Sertorius #racist #wingnut #conspiracy

Our public discourse has been reduced to empty, blatantly false slogans repeated by an intentionally ill-educated populace. We are forced to stomach the nauseating lie of “equality” and relentlessly scolded by jews that we Whites are no different from goblinoid Mestizos or homo erectus throwbacks who cannot even fathom the requirements of a civilized society (and through their genetically determined dysfunction, cause civilized societies to cease functioning). At the same time, our thoroughly Judaized society requires us to engage in doublethink and recognize that, despite all the supposed “equality,” the jews are “chosen” and especially intelligent. We are forced to have “acceptance” for depravity and deviancy, for alien invaders who repeatedly and willfully violate our laws and sovereignty, but not for White solidarity or healthy White communities. We are told to “Make America Great Again” by fighting wars in the Middle East and paying tens of billions of dollars each year for the aggrandizement of Israel, while doing less than nothing to stop the endless hordes of bowel-movement brown sub-humanity from inundating our once-White country. And perhaps the tritest slogan of all, which has become the oath of office for all Weimerican government officials who serve only jewish interests, “Diversity is our greatest strength.”

The truth of the matter is that diversity is the most devastating weapon in the jewish arsenal being brought to bear against us in the Hebraic genocide of Whites. Diversity is so great a strength for the jews that by merely speaking out against it, you can face economic destitution, civil (and sometimes criminal) litigation and sanctions, ostracism, the denial of basic services, and violence that is tacitly approved by the state.

We are supposed to celebrate as our once-safe White countries are overrun by violent savages from the worst corners of the world. Where there were once prosperous, homogeneous White societies forged into communities across generations, there are now deracinated mobs and incompatible, alienated strangers kept in unnatural proximity by the threat of state-sponsored force. The two-faced jews promoting this diversity disaster expect us to keep our eyes fixed obediently on the talmudvision, watching anthropological curiosities play children’s games and nightmare creatures rapping about their penises. We are not supposed to notice that the rapidly accelerating eradication of White homelands is causing civilization to disappear along with the race that created it.

This disappearance of civilization happens quickly, and is already plain for all to see in the most diverse areas of the America. There are clearly observable consequences of the jew-instigated diversity that hammer home the frightening demographic statistics describing Whites as a minority in most American schools, and the fact that Whites are a vanishingly small minority in places like California (roughly estimated to be less than 20%, once census data is controlled for the Middle Easterners, Hispanics, and mongrels who “self-identify” as White).

For those who are unware, California’s San Francisco Bay Area is often touted as an example of how diversity supposedly leads to affluence. In reality, it is an example of a dysfunctional diversity dystopia. The largest racial group is Mestizo, followed by Asians, and, in a distant third place, Whites. There is no sense of community – it is a collection of bipedal carrion scavengers, frantically trying to gorge on the leftover, quickly diminishing wealth from the remnants of a once-functional society. There are the unimaginably rich, the horrifically poor, and with each passing day fewer and fewer people between these two extremes. There is no true wealth creation – instead dishonest plutocrats get richer by finding ways to sell out and devalue the standard of living of everyone else. Owning a home here long ago ceased to mean a house. It now means owning nothing but the “air space” inside a condominium that most people would recognize as a hotel room. The roads are crumbling, every public space is covered in trash and graffiti, and government offices are staffed uniformly by obese, surly browns dullards of indeterminate origin with respiratory problems. The schools are either practice prisons filled with violent Mestizos, or Asian ant farms – both are tragicomically equipped with poorly-functioning, ineffective “high tech” learning gimmicks, and battalions of English-as-a-second-language teachers and special education aides. Everyone is concerned about teaching children computer programming, mostly because every attempt at teaching them how to read and write has been an abject failure.

Rev. Austin Miles #fundie

Under Obama's direction, America is beginning to look like a freak show. Watch videos of any "Gay Pride LGBT Parade" and you will see what we mean. Take a look around the streets, in newspaper reports and countless images on TV attempting to make gender bending acceptable, even desirable.

An example is a new commercial showing a personable "waitress" all primed up but speaking with a man's voice like this is perfectly normal. Transgender individuals are multiplying along with the demand to be accepted. They say, "We're just like you." NO THEY ARE NOT.

The Obama Administration has long worked to blur the lines of gender distinction, to tear down morality, which is the strength of a people, and is instead, hell-bent on destroying the traditional family.

Businesses owners can now be fined and jailed for refusing to make a cake or t-shirt with a homosexual message and that includes ministers who refuse to officiate at a wedding consisting of couples of the same sex, even though the Bible states clearly that homosexuality is a sin. But then again, Hellary has publicly stated that the Bible must be re-written regarding those topics for the good (comfort) of society.

Army chaplains are discharged from military service for mentioning the name of Jesus at a chapel service or funeral and for not catering to or promoting sodomites. This is by Obama's order.

The illegal in the White House did state, before his occupation of The Oval Office, that he would change America. He has certainly accomplished that. America is unrecognizable today.

Not only that, he has aggressively insisted that the world share and support his sexual obsession to the point of ordering U.S. Embassies throughout the world to fly the rainbow flag over each one. He has even demanded that uniformed military parades include carrying a rainbow flag. What's more, soldiers have been required to salute that flag of perversion.

And who can forget that military madness in which soldiers in a parade were ORDERED to wear red high heels with their uniforms. What a ridiculous image of The United States Army, thanks to Obama.


This fraud in the White House says we must be accepting of all, no matter how loathsome they are or what disgusting habits they exhibit. The Girl Scouts of America GSA now allows lesbians to become members and leaders as well as engaging in a disturbing partnership with Planned Parenthood.

So what is the purpose of allowing your children to be members of organizations that will simply teach them to be accepting of all the world's weirdness and perversions instead of raising clean-cut kids with high standards? But it gets worse. Now they allow Planned Parenthood to teach them about how to murder, which is called abortion, as a means of birth control.

What value is it to enroll your kids in these organizations that simply mirror what is now considered normal on the streets and to encourage it? This is what Jesus meant about 'being in this world but not a part of it.' (derived from John 15:19, John 17:14-16.)


Today the House voted to ban these barbaric late-term abortions. It is now up to the Senate. However, Obama, the most pro-abortion "president" in the history of America, has stated that if that bill passes, he will immediately veto it. This is the personification of evil.

The sub-human creature called Obama, can rightfully be identified as a charismatic monster that rose straight from the pits of hell. From hell did he come and to hell shall he return.

And the sooner the better.

various stormfronters #racist

(Note: So, they now hate Spanish as well.)

Bull commits suicide after Spanish men light its horns on fire

A rather disturbing story coming out of Spain and just further evidence of Spanish bloodlust and endless love for violence at any turn. This time against bulls made to run in the annual running of the bulls festival in Spain.

Safe to say more than a few drops of Spanish blood in those savage gangsters and criminals so plentiful in Latino lands and of course in our own nation.

edit : well thank youtube for deleting the video clip just hours after it was posted there. For those who have not seen it , the bull basically impales itself with the burning horns to end the suffering , all while the lazy loser Armada men celebrate and dance in the street.

(concerned englishman)
Must have been an emo bull. What other kind of bulls commit suicide?

(Tattered Faith)
Pretty sick...

Everytime I've seen footage of that inane contest, I rooted for the bulls.

Same with the bullfights in mayheeco; nothing more pleasing than watching the bull gouge the stuffing out of that crud with the cape, instead of the other way around.

(civil warrior 2)
Wait...i thought the spanish were "white" according to you lot. You're talking about them as if they were Arabs or Mexicans.

This is cruelty worthy of the Jews. Many of those "Spaniards" who went to the New World then procreated with native women were Jews. They forced to convert to Christianity after the Muslims were all killed or expelled from Spain and were known as "Conversos." However, the Spaniards never forgot the Jews' role in the Islamic conquest of Spain, and they always remained suspicious of them. They regarded them as Christians by day, Jews by night. It's very likely those sick bastards have Jewish, Moorish or BOTH blood in their veins, and that is how they could be capable of this kind of cruelty.

It is surprising that a country that is a member of the European Union is permitted to carry out this level of ritualistic animal cruelty in the guise of entertainment.

They do this same kind of animal torture just south of the US border, in Mexico:

Agreed! I could never see ANYTHING REMOTELY acceptable in these savage displays ...............worthy of Arabs NOT Europeans!

Fritz Chery #fundie

Many believers wonder can Christians have anal sex? First, let’s find out what sodomy means. Webster definition- anal sex with someone.

While it is true Christian couples don’t have a sex limit on what they can and can’t do in regard to sex positions and oral sex. Sex is the male’s penis into a female’s vagina. Anal sex is penis to anus, which is sodomy. You might say how about if it’s between husband and wife, but God didn’t intend men to put their penis inside an anus period.


Sodomy is anal sex! Its name comes from Sodom and Gomorrah where God destroyed the city because of the homosexuality that was going on there. The anus was not designed for sex, neither is it safe to practice. Even though the Bible doesn’t discuss anal sex between a married couple, from what the Bible does tell us you can see that God intended penis to go inside vagina not anus. Married couples shouldn’t be having anal sex. We must not take away God’s natural way of doing things.

Jon Davis #fundie

(=Progressive vs Homophobic Christian=)

Jon Davis: Still missed it!! Jesus addressed this DIRECTLY. Right here!
Matthew 19:4-5
4 “Haven’t you read,” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female,’[a] 5 and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’
One only need to reference THE DESIGN to understand THE PERVERSION.

blind poet38: Not necessarily true. Translated into English, the Bible condemns homosexuality. But looking at the original text, the Hebrew word that is used is very vague. And Jesus never said that gay people couldn't get married, but it was just God's design that they don't get married.

Jon Davis: "Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable" is not a word, it is a description to eliminate the confusion.
Jesus didn't need to say that "gay people can't get married", he referenced the design and that settled it. One only need to reference THE DESIGN to understand THE PERVERSION.
Penis is designed for vagina. *blush* Vagina is for penis. *blush* Anus is for pooping. *pffrrt*
It's not homophobia. It's basic biology.

blind poet38: If it is basic biology, how is it that scientists have found over 1500 animal species that practice homosexual acts. You are just assuming homosexuality is a sin. But the Bible really does not say that. And I am a Christian by the way.

Jon Davis: It is basic biology because that is how we procreate, and to do things differently promotes bad health (bleeding butts anyone?) and is not conducive to humankind's continuity.
Animals do all kinds of disgusting things. Dogs eat poop. Cats pee on clothes. Are you just an animal? No. Mankind was made in God's image.
As for everything else you just said ("You are just assuming homosexuality is a sin" etc) you're obviously trolling. I just quoted the text that called it "detestable". And while neither Old nor New Testaments use the term "homosexual" (a term that modern English coined) they both describe the sexual act and describe it with disgust and contempt.

blind poet38: You can think I am trolling if you want to, but you have to understand that the original Hebrew uses terminology that is not as clear-cut as people think it is when it deals with condemning homosexuality.

Jon Davis: Read the OP. Matthew 19:4-5 has no dependency upon Leviticus 18:22; indeed it goes the other way around. You're barking at the wrong argument. I myself was trolled by actually responding to it.

blind poet38: Sorry dude, I don't get your point. All I am saying is that in the original Hebrew, the word that is used is not as clear-cut as people think it is to condemn homosexuality.

Jon Davis: Now you're spamming. Stop repeating yourself. Even if it was true, it's irrelevant, and I already explained why. Now go read Romans 1:18-32 (originated as Greek, not Hebrew), study it with an exhaustive study Bible which provides insight on the original language, and come back when you've studied more than the ridiculous false "truths" and FUD you've found on the Internet.

blind poet38: You can be dismissive all you want, and that is fine. But why is it irrelevant? We are talking about homosexuality and the Bible aren't we?

blind poet38: It is obvious you have no answers to anything. I have already done the research.

AskariStudios: But God Said that all sex outside of Marriage is wrong. Since Marriage is in between only a man and a women. this makes homosexuality wrong. in no way shap or form has marriage ben said to take place between a man and a man or a woman and a woman. ONLY a MAN and a Woman.this has been stated numerous times in the bible. Not only this but in Levitcus, it is clear stated that homosexuality is an abomination. clear cut. in Jude, it its written that Sodom and Gomorrah gave themselves up to sexual perversion (homosexuality) and where thus made an example of. So with Just Common Logic, and the fact that through multiple translations, the same wording has shown up., its clear that the bible is against homosexuality.

blind poet38: The Bible never says that sex outside of marriage is a sin.

Jon Davis: "Fornication" is quite elaborately spoken against. That you would say such a thing speaks volumes about modern society being so casually hedonistic; sex outside of marriage was universally taboo and expected to be everyone's struggle, it didn't need to be spelled out in detail like it spelled out homosexuality, it was simply referred to as "fornication".

AskariStudios: 1 Cor 7 states : "Now concerning the matters about which you wrote: t“It is good for a man not to have sexual relations with a woman.” 2 But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband." Its clear that Paul(I do believe he wrote this) implies that Sex before marriage is sexual immorality and that do to this temptation, a man should marry.
want more proof? look up : (Acts 15:20; 1 Corinthians 5:1; 6:13, 18; 10:8; 2 Corinthians 12:21; Galatians 5:19; Ephesians 5:3; Colossians 3:5; 1 Thessalonians 4:3; Jude 7) and Hebrews 13:4.

blind poet38: The only sexual sins that are mentioned in the Bible are adultery, incest and sex with animals. Fornication means "sexual sin." Which sins? Adultery, incest and sex with animals. Premarital sex is not mentioned as a sin.

Jon Davis: "Fornication" does not mean "sexual sins in general". It means "extramarital sex". If you want to discuss Greek or Hebrew, say so, but you didn't. Look up the word and stop speaking assertions about our English words when you don't even know your own English language.

blind poet38: Fornication does not mean "extramarital sex." That is what someone told you it means. Fornication means "sexual sin." Learn the facts.

Jon Davis: There's a fine line between idiocy and trolling. That line is knowledgable intent. I'm not sure what you're doing in your case.

blind poet38: OK Jon, you are right. Translated into English, premarital sex is a sin, despite the fact that Solomon and David and Samson, etc etc etc all did it and were never punished for it in the Bible. But the question is in the NT,, what does porneia mean? That is not the Greek word for adultery or any specific sexual sin. It generally means any kind of sexual immorality. And what is sexual immorality in the Bible? Adultery and incest and sex with animals.

Jon Davis: what do you mean "they weren't punished for it"? OT figures who engaged in fornication took a pounding for it. Most of their stories are used as case lessons for the hell people go through when they do it.
To answer your question: Fundamentally, in the Bible there are only two types of sex: sex within marriage (one man and one woman) and sexual immorality, porneia. Read the OP in this thread if you don't understand.

Oboehner #fundie

"Since observable evolutionary changes occur over thousands of generations, perhaps the new and improved species that replaces current humans will have developed a wider pelvis. The hubris of thinking humans are the beginning and the end of life on this planet is astonishing."

Observable? You were there then, right? The thinking that an '86 Trans Am is actually a transitional automobile between the Fiero and the Lamborghini is just as ludicrous as the so-called fossil record.

"I wasn't there, but the fossils that seem to confuse you tell the story. Having your nose stuck in your book of fairy tales seems to keep you from understanding how science works."

So the Fiero evolved into the Lamborghini then right? After all that's what the evidence shows exactly like the fossils you are blathering on about. Funny how you religious evolutionist zealots use the same playbook over and over. We have the "you don't understand", then we have "why don't you read a science book", the ever popular attempted shot-in-the-dark hack on the beliefs of others (like you use), and so on. It is really sad how much bandwidth is used up without one shred of proof anything ever "evolved".

DoctorDoom #fundie

There's no place in the human race for that human-shaped mass of reeking, maggot-riddled, sewer rat shit, Andrew Cuomo. The best part of that son of a bitch ran down his daddy's furry hind leg and dripped on his Milkbone.

My list of hell-spawned assholes whose obituaries I would relish reading continues to grow. Where are the terrorists when they are really needed?

Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

The nature of the UNICORN.

The horn of the unicorn served a specific purpose.
You see, the Unicorn was greater than any Horse. Larger, stronger, faster, more agile and and as intelligent as a human.

They had giant teeth shaped and arranged like a humans. They were beautiful and calm when being viewed on by humans. Their essence drew you in and their lack of fear was inviting. So people would slowly approach them talking softly and in a reassuring manner.

The Unicorn would respond in a friendly manner approaching the human easily and relaxed, showing no menace or feral behavior.

Then, when the human was close enough to touch this beautiful calm and confident creature, the Unicorn would show its human teeth in a smile.........freezing the human with this unexpected display of human emotion and white even teeth.

The Unicorn would then bow in what appeared to be a gesture of welcome and submission.

When the human would move forward to touch the calmly stooping Unicorn it would charge forward and upward like a rhino. So fast if you blinked you would miss the movement.
Impaling the human before rising up on it's back legs and slinging it's powerful head and neck forward. Slamming the human to the ground as easy as if they weighed no more than a hat.

Then it would once again resume it's calm peaceful nature as it stands over you and again gives you that human/inhuman smile.

David J. Stewart #fundie #conspiracy

I have witnessed to countless people, who plainly saw the Gospel, but yet didn't see it. I have given Michael P. Bowen's excellent book, “I Never Knew You” (which wonderfully clarifies the Gospel), to unsaved people, and it didn't even phase them. I am perplexed how hellbound sinners can look right at the wonderful truth of the Gospel, and yet esteem it as rubbish, disregarding it as religious nonsense and foolishness. But that is exactly what the Holy Bible says isn't it? 1st Corinthians 1:18, “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.” I used to think that if I could just get the Gospel to everyone, they would all get saved. Not so! Even in the face of plain truth, most people will reject it, esteeming it as foolishness. I do not know why some people accept and others reject the very same Gospel truth, but that is how it works.

But I am not just speaking about the truth of the Gospel. Try to enlighten the average person about the 9/11 attacks—which were orchestrated by President George W. Bush's corrupt administration, and carried out by complicit Saudi Arabian CIA operatives—and they will put up a big wall of defence and refuse to listen to reason. It was the Luciferian elite who were behind the 9/11 attacks, clearly indicated by their boastful 9/11 memorial All Seeing Eye at Ground Zero. By the way, look on the back of any U.S. one-dollar bill and you'll see the same All Seeing Eye of Horus, which signifies occult enlightenment and the now forming New World Order. The Antichrist is soon coming. Satan is the god of this evil world. Luciferians are in control. I could go on all day about conspiracy history. They are no longer “theories.”

Yet the average pastor couldn't care less about such matters. In his arrogant hubris and willful ignorance, he is foolishly going along as a puppet supporting the Devil's New World Order Bible versions, supporting manmade Israel and pulling on th same rope as the Devil. I'm talking about the gutless ecumenical Northland Baptist Bible College and Bob Jones University crowd! They will smile in your face, as if it's all a trifle matter, while they stab the Lord Jesus Christ right in the back!!! They spit in the face of Jesus!!!

Norrin Radd #fundie

They don't believe in the Rapture.

Believing is action. If they truly believe they would be mournful of their sins, repent and look forward to the Rapture.

Instead their actions demonstrate hubris, arrogance and mocking of the Bible.

Rebels till the end. They won't feel mournful about their actions until the dreaded day they are thrown into the lake of fire. They will sadly have all of eternity to regret their anti-Christ actions.

LBB #conspiracy

Reducing the phenomenon of climate change to an event driven by a single factor was inane enough, but then to damn those who oppose futile (but draconian) measures to “correct” the situation is a bizarre distortion and misapplication of faith.

Advances in science reveal causal links between circumstances previously either undetected or considered unrelated. It is not astrology, for example, to be interested in the alignment of the sun and planets as they cycle predictably from conjunction to conjunction. The history of the sun’s behavior is now being studied more thoroughly, and it does display cycles that matter to humanity. Cosmic rays not produced within the solar system play a very important role in the Earth’s weather. It is no longer nonsense to ask, “What is the relationship between solar activity and earthquakes and vulcanism?”

The science is too complex to be summarized here, but you can begin to see the outlines of the matter if you watch carefully the video linked above. Don’t be put off by facts that are new to you, no matter how surprising they might appear; this is a new cooperative interpretation of reality, and its unfolding will be both a revelation and a shock.

Finally, this bears repeating, unfortunately: when the Gore-Hansen Cult blames catastrophic climate change on human activity, it comes down firmly in the camp occupied by religious fanatics who blamed crop failures on witchcraft. “If we were fastidiously correct Christians, the corn* would not have failed” is seldom heard these days, though of course some nutcases like Jerry Falwell blamed the Islamofascist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and (an unknown location in, presumably,) Washington DC on homosexuality and other behaviors denounced by the Old Testament.

Unfortunately few observers have remarked on the obvious religious nature of the Warmers’ critique; after all, the screed of their cult begins with human hubris and misdeeds, claims those sins produce utterly fantastic results, predicts catastrophe for generations yet unborn, and demands immediate reform and pietistic obedience to inerrant authority. The cult is Biblical in its self-assurance. Any belief system so constructed should bear a heavy burden of proof before it hijacks governmental power.

Of course the dispute continues, but note, please, that it is now fueled by the (simple, but irrelevant) fact that industry produces many tons of carbon dioxide each year. The statistic not mentioned is that the percentage of CO2 in the atmosphere is small, and humanity’s contribution of the gas is a minuscule amount of the total. Nor is it noted that CO2 has a logarithmic effect as a greenhouse gas, becoming less influential per additional unit of the chemical as its volume in the atmosphere increases. Finally, the fact is that while humanity currently struggles along with just over 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide in the air, everyone would benefit if that figure could be raised to 600 ppm. You know why that is true because you read this newsletter — but most people would be horrified by the claim that more CO2 in the air is an excellent idea.

No student of history can truthfully deny that religion can be extremely dangerous. What everyone needs to understand now is that climate alarmism is an inappropriate amalgam of religious prophesy, piety, and persecution.

Further, the concept of anthropogenic global warming is not science. It is not logical, nor is it supported by facts. Its believers intend to subsume the political power of governments in order to impose irrational regulations on people who cannot be expected to have access to, or an understanding of, the facts of the matter.

a Messanic Jew #fundie

Science show proof as a fact, not opinion that sperm is designed to penetrate. It will be drawn to go straight straight to the hard shelled egg in a woman's womb and start penetrating it to form a zygote (baby). The vagina wall is very strong and it can withstand millions of sperm penetrating at it and NOT ONE sperm will be able to burrow through the vagina wall. The anus wall is not the same. Its wall is very tender, soft and fraige. When sperms enter the anus area, it has absolutely NO PROBLEM burrowing through the anus wall. Once it is out, its next goal is to drive straight for the immune system and start attacking it. The immune system begins to weaken. It makes the human become more sick and die faster. This explains now why God did not promote homosexuality.

This is often found in homosexuals and men who has had a vasectonomy--- their immune system are not as strong.

KABOOM THE MOONS #conspiracy

New Enormous Global Deception In The Works! Robots, Reptilians, Grays, Demons, Vampires, Aliens Etc Are All Humans In Disguise!

Just came across this video
Left this comment

"Did you expected the sick fucks who rule this world to create good robots? It reeks stinky evil human smell all over those robots.
Nice way for the elite to turn the attention of the masses off of them."

From oblivion with tom cruise

-That is one pissed off weapon.(robot)
-No, it's just a machine. I'm the weapon.

By the way i bet there's humans hiding behind that robot just like in kasparov's chess match against ibm's best computer where was revealed stinking humans were hiding behind that computer and manipulating it throughout the entire chess game.


[link to (secure)]

After Kasparov lost the second game of his tournament match against Deep Blue, he was surprised by the computer’s human-like playing style and requested copies of Deep Blue’s previous chess games, but was denied.

After the loss Kasparov said that he sometimes saw deep intelligence and creativity in the machine's moves, suggesting that during the second game, human chess players, in contravention of the rules, intervened. IBM denied that it cheated, saying the only human intervention occurred between games.

The mre guy on youtube exposing dudes posing as women/trannies made me aware the sick elite that rules this planet can apply this method/strategy into all kind of things not just turning men into women and reverse.

You think the science, chemicals, hormones etc that modifies men into women stops there?

Now i suspect those notorious reptilians, grays etc to be humans/dudes also converted into those kind of things.

It would be so hilarious when those freaks become common walking among us in the future and a new mre youtube guy comes along exposing them as humans disguised in those forms just like the trannies hahaha!

Same exposing can be done for the humanoid robots as note in movies like robocop was shown the corporations/elite etc to hide humans/brains etc within those robots!
And the freaking matrix, dollhouse attic/super computers etc in those movies were powered by millions/billions of brains/humans sleeping in suspended animation in pods and using their minds/brains/consciousness etc to power up and animate the computer world and everything that comes with it AI, NPCs, robots etc etc.(Imagine agent smith being animated by an actual human sleeping in a pod and him being unaware of it just like all of us.
Thread: Mr. Nobody 2009 Movie Decoded - We're All Sleeping In The Moon Dreaming Human Life.
What machines, what computerworld, it's all human consciousness doing all the work hahaha).

In short robots, reptilians, grays, insectoid aliens etc etc is the scam/trannies of the future!


SPREAD THE WORD GUYS, AND LET THE MRE YOUTUBE GUY KNOW TOO. Would love to see him exposing in the future reptilians, grays, robots etc just like he does with the trannies today hahaha!

By the way similar thing was shown in hellraiser 2 movie too of this elite's strategy/pattern being used all the way to religions demons,angels etc, all stinking freaking humans/dudes in disguise!

Oh and lets not leave god/satan/lunar boss etc out where the elite with jesus revealed subliminally of him to be a human too hahaha!

The intel of him making us in his image exposes also that he is a human/dude just like us!

Lookismisreal #sexist

Why I hate Black Women

They are the most arrogant, loud mouthed, undisplined and narcissistic femoids ever to exist.

Black femoids love saying how they are strong, independent and need of no man. Yet, go on moaning on how no one wants them and how they hate being single. The fact of the matter is that black femoids are the least desirable out of every race of femoid out there, yet for some reason they think that they are hot shit. Bitches, you ain't shit. So, stop acting all high and mighty.

They love to brag how they are "Black Queens" every 5 minutes or so, which I've never seen from any other race of femoid. Like, how fucking arrogant can you be to think yourself as queens and think that any man should treat you like one? You cunts aren't queens and you will never will be.

Black femoids also have the tendency of saying how they want a good man but for some reason they always hook up with some thug. Then they get pregnant with Tyrone's, Jamal's, Deshawn's, DeAndre's kids and bash men for not stepping up. Bitch, bash yourself for being low IQ slut. No wonder the single mother ratio is so high with you organisms.

They act like complete degenerates wherever they go -- it's fucking unbearable. Its unbelievable that a race of femoids such as black bitches can be so undisciplined. Which is why they should be put on leashes and cages.

p3 #fundie

Jewish arrogance and hubris is a cover for the lack of male self esteem imprinted upon the baby boys thru a vile satanic ritual called ‘brit melah!’


I try to sort out the jumble of emotions/memories from that occasion.

I am ushered into the chamber, the guest of honor in a happy group of men. Suddenly my coverings are removed, strapped to a board, my genitals exposed, everyone in a festive mood, my penis the focus of attention! Then… save the lurid details for another post.

You know the rest of the story? This is the cause of perverse sexuality amongst the Chosen. Confusion about sex is the cause of birth and death in body prisons in this third dimensional reality for everyone. Was Jesus laughing when he scattered the gold shekels?

From the east to the west and from the top to the bottom, all phenomenal existence is like that!

Mesbah-Yazdi #fundie

Mesbah-Yazdi is considered Ahmadinejad's personal spiritual guide...Can an interrogator rape the prisoner in order to obtain a confession?" was the follow-up question posed to the Islamic cleric...Mesbah-Yazdi answered: "The necessary precaution is for the interrogator to perform a ritual washing first and say prayers while raping the prisoner. If the prisoner is female, it is permissible to rape through the vagina or anus. It is better not to have a witness present. If it is a male prisoner, then it's acceptable for someone else to watch while the rape is committed.

Sharon Natsarim #fundie

Many articles and stories have been done covering the HPV vaccine and the damage it is doing to literally THOUSANDS of young girls. They cover every aspect of this vaccine from the company making it to Bill Gates pushing vaccines to the harm it has cause and the indifference of the doctors who give it out and so on. What I have noticed is that NO ONE seems to cover the MOST obviously Biblical correct stance on this and that would be ABSTINENCE.

HPV is very common and apparently most everyone has come into contact with it. Depending upon the type you run into you can be infected in various ways, such as genital warts, cancers of the anus, penis, vagina, and vulva and oropharynx…BUT most HPV types cause no symptoms and go away on their own. However, the younger the person is the less ability there is for their youthful immune systems to combat these invaders. Gee, go figure. So basically by pushing this vaccine they are saying…”there ya go, now your protected, go fornicate your little hearts out”.

Mankind often thinks they can outsmart God, except of course the ones who don’t believe He exists, they are indifferent to it all. Well, indifferent or not, their actions come with penalties in God’s world. The HPV vaccine, called “Gardasil” is causing horrible issues for these “CHILDREN” who should not even be considering becoming sexually active with multiple partners. Come on parents, teach your kids some morals. Talk to them about abstinence, teach them God’s word, live according to HIS laws or pay the ultimate price which is eternal hell without hope, without any of God’s goodness and torture at the hands of demons FOREVERMORE.

Roosh V #sexist #fundie #homophobia

[From "6 Signs That A Woman Is In Rebellion"]

Most women you meet are in a state of rebellion. They have rejected the natural order and God, along with the notion of biological sex roles. While in rebellion, a woman will not respect the authority of a man or submit to him for long. Such a woman will be the source of great misfortune and heartache. Below are the most common signs that a woman is in rebellion.

She rejects the natural state of her body
She does not want to accept the body that was created for her. It is not beautiful or capable enough, so she begins an intensive crusade to morph herself in what trend-makers—who are in rebellion themselves—say is beautiful or capable.

In the early stages of rejecting her body, a girl will apply profuse makeup, dye her hair, or pierce her body in areas besides the earlobe. Still unsatisfied—and there is no other option for her to be unsatisfied when rejecting God’s gift—she will then adorn herself with fake nails, eyelashes, and even eyebrows. Almost always, rebellion against her natural beauty takes the form of adopting plastic beauty that is cultivated, advertised, and sold by corporations and the medical industry. Adopting their commercial wares may get her more likes on Instagram, but decreases her overall beauty to any man who is not in rebellion himself.


Obese women are in indirect rebellion from being in a state of gluttony, one of the seven deadly sins. Their proclamation of “beauty at any size” is intended more as a comforting rationalization than an attempt to attack God, but the end result is the same: she refuses the natural body she was given and morphs into a different creation.

She idolizes herself
The rebellious woman wants to be seen as a goddess or queen, and may even use those terms to describe herself. She wants to be worshipped by men and admired by women. The quality of those who worship her is less important than the quantity: her goal is to increase the number of individuals who admire her or “follow” her on social media platforms, because it provides an objective number to her goddess-like status that can be compared to others (the analog for men is sexual notch count). To learn how to be a goddess, women will eagerly follow other popular women on Instagram, mimic them, and drool over the prospect of being as popular as them. She soon becomes addicted to compliments of her appearance.


She rejects her traditions, countrymen, hometown, or nation
A woman in rebellion will be eager to run away from who she is. If she was born a Christian, she will take up yoga or be sympathetic to Islam. If she’s German, she will bring home to mom and dad an African man named Mutambo who arrived to Europe by boat. If she’s from a rural Midwestern town, she will escape to Miami or New York City. A manifestation of rebellion is to seek out the extremes, far away from what is familiar.

Whenever a woman from a foreign country slept with me, she was passing up on countless of her native men—men who shared her traditions, language, and religion, and who would make a far better long-term partner than I could. In some cases, she was directly cheating on a native man with me, her enabler and tempter. Fornicating with me was a way to reject those men and the country of her father. It’s no surprise that many foreign women I’ve slept with possess multiple rebellious qualities. While abroad, I adopted the view that if a foreign woman was quick to sleep with me, she couldn’t possibly be a suitable long-term partner.


She prefers the virtual over the real
It’s hard to carry out a successful rebellion while fixed in the real world. There is a physical limit to how many men a woman can interact with at any time. There are bodily flaws that can’t be hidden no matter how much work is done to conceal them. But in the online world, anything is possible. She can be perceived as a goddess from a shockingly high number of men who covet her photoshopped images taken at angles that camouflage her flaws. She can easily play out the fantasy of who she wants to be.


She has completely divorced sex from reproduction
The way a girl in rebellion believes she will achieve enlightenment is through her vagina or anus. She owns several sex toys and masturbates to them often. She believes being penetrated by a sexy man who doesn’t love her will fulfill her or make her happy, but as sexy as that man may be, she fears being impregnated by him because her career is not yet “established.” She has been on birth control since she was a teenager and is in favor of abortion.


She trusts in her own abilities above that of a man who loves her
God created Adam. God saw that Adam could use companionship, so He created Eve from the substance of Adam. God intended Eve to submit to Adam who then submits to God. While God gives equal blessings to men and women, he intended for women to follow the authority of men. Women in rebellion barely respect men, let alone follow them. They won’t listen to their fathers, their boyfriends, or their husbands, and will only fake submission for a short period of time when they want to deceive a man to gain a material reward. They believe that through their own knowledge and confidence, they are deciders of their fate and must only follow the result of their feelings and unseen demonic influences.

If you get involved with a woman in rebellion, you will have to suffer her punishment, just like how Adam following Eve into sin caused him to be condemned alongside her. You cannot isolate the pleasure you experience from a bad woman without also enduring the negative effects of deceit, lies, cheating, and other forms of manipulation. If a man can’t find a suitable woman, he is better off alone, because at least that fate will not lead to spiritual death as it did for Adam.

She is gay
The most severe form of rebellion is homosexuality. Such a girl has completely refused the natural order and the authority of men to develop a deep-seated hatred for both. Since a woman cannot penetrate another woman without the use of a plastic toy made in a Chinese factory, she has essentially chosen a life of masturbation in place of genuine love and intimacy.

It may seem “hot” when you see two attractive girls in a bar, but such situational bisexuality is an effort to spite God to receive attention. Indeed, stay away from harlots you only noticed because they were committing a severe act of rebellion.

If a girl is rebelling against God, her Creator, she will rebel against you. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Many men foolishly think they can tame a rebellious woman, but this is the same as thinking you can tame Satan himself. It’s fine if a girl who chooses against rebellion requires additional guidance or knowledge from you to stay out of rebellion, but if she’s in active rebellion, I suggest you run away unless she humbles herself before God and repents.

Most men are tempted to extract casual sex from a girl in rebellion, since she so freely gives it up, but understand that that sex act will not be free, and may haunt you for years to come while risking your salvation. Currently, I am single and can walk with Christ in peace, so I don’t feel compelled to take a risk on a woman who spits on God and sees herself as a goddess. Choose the women of your life very carefully, because your very soul may depend on it.

Tebalelo Malapane #fundie

My name is Tebalelo Malapane from Limpopo Province in Polokwane, South Africa. I was born at a village called Mampuru in Limpopo. I am 18 years old. While I was doing Grade 9 in 2010, the Lord Jesus spoke to me and commanded me to leave everything I am doing and do his work, because his people are perishing in their sins.

At around February 2011, I was praying and asking the Lord Jesus Christ to show me hell. The Lord led me to a village called Penge around March 2011 to start his work of preaching. In April 2011, at around 10 AM, I was busy praying in the Temple. I prayed for almost 3 hours. Suddenly, I lost control of my body. My eyes became blurred and suddenly, I saw 4 Angels standing beside me. We started moving up. 3 of the Angels were walking in front of me and 1 was behind me.

After a short while, we descended down and reached a place. We stood in front of a gate that was surrounded by Horns.

At the gate, there was a board with the words written “WELCOME TO HELL.” I became frightened and scared with what I was seeing. I could hear horrible noise of screaming while we were standing outside the gate.

We entered through the gate. While we were inside, I could not see anything but I was able to hear very loud screams of voices of people screaming in horror. One Angel did something to my body and I began to see millions and millions of people burning in multitudes of flames. I was horrified of what I was seeing. I saw people in groups trapped in a very large pit, with multitude of flames. They were burning in great pain. The stench of smell was unbearable beyond human description, like rotten flesh (you don’t wish your worst enemy to be in that place).

Horrible Torment Of Michael Jackson In Hell

When I lifted my eyes up, I noticed a man in shiny clothes. The flames of fire were consuming his body. I realized that it was Michael Jackson. He was screaming agonizingly. He was in great pain that is indescribable (Revelation 14:11).

I saw demons of different shapes and types. Others with 3 heads and tails carrying spears, tormenting souls in the pits. The demons were piercing people and cutting them with their spears. These demons would cut a person’s head, legs and arms off their body, and after a short while this body parts were restored. This torment happened over and over again, repeating. For some reason I could understand these people were doomed in hell. Some people were there because they were not born again Christians. These are people who refused to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. I also saw drunkards, liars, those that had debts and didn’t pay them before their death.

I also saw millions of Christians who did not forgive others. ( The Bible teaches us that if we don’t forgive other people’s sins, we shall not be forgiven – Matthew 6:12-15). Some were Christians that classified sins and said there are small and big sins. Others were those who committed sin and said God will understand (Revelation 22:15).

I saw Pastors in large numbers burning in hell and engulfed with flames, those that misused church finances (Matthew 7:21). The flames were consuming souls starting from their feet going up and covering the whole body. Their flesh was completely destroyed off their bones and their eyes bursted out and became sockets. After that, their flesh was restored and the fire will consume it over and over again. This was repeating over and over again without stopping.

I saw another group of people who were dancing in the midst of flames. Underneath their feet were sharp spikes. I could see that they were not eager to dance but were forced to repeat their act. They were screaming in great sorrow and the fire was consuming them. Some people have committed small lies and thus never thought this could lead to hell. (The Bible tells us that the wages of sin is death- Romans 6:23).

While people were crying and screaming, I saw a very bright light, A face (Jesus Christ) with tears rolling on the cheeks, crying for the souls in the pits. I started asking what should a person do to avoid going to this horrible place of death (HELL). I was told that a person must: “accept Jesus Christ as his/her personal Saviour and that people must live a 100% holy life and not 99% or 95%.” (Be ye holy as my Father in Heaven is holy- Matthew 5:48; 1 Peter 1:15; Leviticus 19:2). I also noticed that people who are entering hell are walking backwards into the pits of hell fire. No one was walking straight.

This vision of hell lasted approximately 1 hour and thirty minutes.

Ghost #conspiracy

Dear President Trump: How To Combat The Russia Narrative

Mr. President,

There is a current psyop coup attempting to overthrow your authority that is comprised of the Political Class, the mainstream media and factions of the Deep State. This consortium of groups are attempting to reshape the perspective of the general America populous in an attempt to seed acceptance in the minds of the masses for your removal. You must use all form of mass communication to combat this message before they build a general consensus.

First thing you must do is to spin the Russia narrative around on this consortium. They have successfully created a bad image of Russia in the minds of the American masses. So use the mass mental momentum and turn it around against them. With the documentation of their own words, show how those conspiring against you are hypocrites, liars and traitors to the United States.

As of this morning, ex-CIA director Leon Panetta was on CNN pandering to the fake news that you released “Classified material to the Russians.” You should point out to the masses that Leon Panetta isn’t even loyal to America, and the proof is in this video below of him claiming that Congress is ceremonial and that Obama’s administration answered to NATO and/or the UN for military authority.


America wouldn’t be too happy if they knew this information. Moreover, Panetta said this to your now Attorney General Jeff Sessions with arrogance and hubris; which is how this consortium mentally operates. By showing America that the Deep State doesn’t work for the People and are acting for unknown international authorities, it discredits Deep State talking heads from getting on a Patriotic soapbox.

Combatting the Russia narrative is just as easy. Instead of trying to persuade Americans about Russia, use Russia’s bad image to your advantage. Pose the question to your critics, if Russia is so bad, then why did Barack Obama say this about Russia during the third Presidential debate against Mitt Romney in 2012? Video below:

Now after listening to Obama let off a steaming pile of hypocrisy, what he described in this debate is the very foreign policy that your administration is currently embarking on. Amplifying this is crucial, for this will confuse the message being pounded in the brains of the masses by the mainstream media. If Russia is so bad, then what changed from 2012 to 2016?

Moreover, what did Barack Obama mean by this open mic caught statement to then Russian President Medvedev? Given the fact that this incident took place in 2012, could it be insight to why US/Russia relations went south? Not to mention that he was telling this message to Medvedev to give to Vladimir Putin. Video below:

I think you get the point Mr. President. There are countless documented pieces of evidences underscoring the hypocrisy, the lies and treason of these individuals. Now it’s up to you and your people to look for more documentation, compile it and properly deliver it to the masses in an easy to understand capacity. Use their own words against them to diminish any credibility they attempt to stand on.

Good luck Mr. Presdient, we’re still out here fighting cause God knows you are.


Paul Craig Roberts #fundie

A Conversation on Race — Paul Craig Roberts

We often hear that we need a conversation on race. Considering that Americans are a brainwashed people living in a false history, such a conversation would resemble the one the Russians were expected to have with the British in regard to the Skripal poisoning: “Yes, we are guilty. We will pay reparations. Where would you like us to send Putin for trial?” In other words, the only acceptable race conversation in the US is one in which white people accept the accusation that they are racist and offer to make amends.

Considering that the only slavery experienced by any living black or white person is income tax slavery, race is an issue only because it has been orchestrated as an issue along with gender and sexual preference. These divisive issues are the products of Identity Politics spawned by cultural Marxism.

In real Marxism, conflict is class conflict. Workers and capitalists have different interests, and history is a struggle between material interests. The capitalist is the villain and the workers are the victims.

In the pseudo Marxism of Identity Politics, the white race is the villain, especially the white heterosexual male, and racial minorities, women, and homosexuals are the victims.

There is, of course, no such thing as a white or black race. There are many different nationalities of whites, and they have done a good job throughout history of killing each other. Similarly, there are many different black tribes and Asian ethnicities who also have fought more among themselves than with others. But all of this goes by the wayside, along with the fact that in the world the “racial minorities” are actually majorities and the “white majority” is actually a minority. There are more Chinese or Indians alone than there are white people.

But orchestrated histories are not fact-based.

The working class, designated by Hillary Clinton as “the Trump deplorables,” is now the victimizer, not the victim. Marxism has been stood on its head.

The American ruling class loves Identity Politics, because Identity Politics divides the people into hostile groups and prevents any resistance to the ruling elite. With blacks screaming at whites, women screaming at men, and homosexuals screaming at heterosexuals, there is no one left to scream at the rulers.

The ruling elite favors a “conversation on race,” because the ruling elite know it can only result in accusations that will further divide society. Consequently, the ruling elite have funded “black history,” “women’s studies,” and “transgender dialogues,” in universities as a way to institutionalize the divisiveness that protects them. These “studies” have replaced real history with fake history.

For example, it was once universally known that black slavery originated in slave wars between black African tribes. Slaves were a status symbol, but they accumulated beyond the capacity of tribes to sustain. The surplus was exported first to Arabs and then to English, Spanish, and French who founded colonies in the new world that had resources but no work force. The socialist scholar Karl Polanyi, brother of my Oxford professor Michael Polanyi, told the story of the origin of the African slave trade in his famous book, Dahomey and the Slave Trade.

The first slaves in the new world were white. When real history was taught, this was widely understood. Movies were even made that showed that in King George III’s England, the alternative to criminal punishment was to be sold as a slave in the colonies. See, for example:

Among the first New World lands to be exploited by the Europeans were the Carribean Islands, which were suitable for sugar and rice production. The problem was that the white slaves died like flies from malaria and yellow fever. The Spanish lack of success with a work force of natives of the lands they conquered led those in search of a work force to the slave export business of the black Kingdom of Dahomey. The demand for black workers rose considerably when it was discovered that many had immunity to malaria and resistance to yellow fever. This meant that a plantation’s investment in a work force was not wiped out by disease.

The resistance of blacks to malaria is due to the protective feature of the sickle cell trait that, apparently, only blacks have. See:

Slavery existed in the New World long before the United States came into existence. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are today written off by Identity Politics as racists simply because they were born when slavery was a pre-existing institution.

Slavery had existed for many centuries prior to the Confederacy. Yet, in some accounts today one comes away with the impression that the South invented slavery. As the tale sometimes goes, Southern racists so hated blacks that they went to Africa, captured blacks at great expense, only to return them to the South where they whipped and abused their investments to the point of death and demoralized their work force by breaking up black families, selling children in one direction and wives and husbands in the other. This tale is not told as an occasional abuse but as the general practice. Economically, of course, it makes no sense whatsoever. But facts are no longer part of American history.

Northern states held slaves as well. However, the predominance of slaves were in the South. This was not because Southerners hated blacks. It was because the land in the South supported large agricultural cultivation, and there was no other work force. The South, like the United States, inherited slavery from the work force that European colonists purchased from the black Kingdom of Dahomey.

Why wasn’t there an alternative work force to slaves? The reason is that new immigrants by moving West could take land from the native Americans and be independent as opposed to being wage earners working on someone else’s land. The Western frontier did not close until about 1900. At the time of the War of Northern Aggression the Plains Indians still ruled west of the Mississippi River. It was Lincoln’s Northern war criminals, Sherman and Sheridan, who were sent to exterminate the Plains Indians. Ask the American natives, or what is left of them, who the racists are: the Northerners or the Southerners.

Black studies has even corrupted other aspects of history. Consider the so-called “civil war.” The name itself is an orchestration. There was no civil war. There was a War of Northern Aggression. A civil war is when two sides fight for control of the government. The South had left the union and had no interest whatsoever in controlling the government in Washington. The only reason the South fought was that the South was invaded by the North.

Why did the North invade the South? As was once understood by every historian and every student, Abraham Lincoln invaded the South in order, in Lincoln’s own words, expressed time and time again, “to preserve the Union.”

Why did the South leave the Union? Because it was being economically exploited by the North, which, once the North gained the ability to outvote the Southern states, imposed tariffs that benefited the North at the expense of the South. The North needed protection from British manufactures in order for the economic rise of the North. In contrast, the South’s economy was based on cotton exports to England and on cheap manufactures imported from England. Tariffs would bring the South higher cost of manufactured goods and retaliation against their cotton exports. The economic interests of the North and South did not coincide.

Slavery had nothing whatsoever to do with the war. Lincoln himself said so over and over. Prior to his invasion of the South, Lincoln and the Northern Congress promised the South Constitutional protection of slavery for all time if the Southern states would stay in the Union. Historians who have read and recorded the war correspondence of both Union and Confederacy soldiers to relatives and friends at home can find no one fighting for or against slavery. The Northern troops are fighting to preserve the union. The Southern ones are fighting because they are invaded.

Nothing could be clearer. Yet, the myth has been established that Abraham Lincoln went to war in order to free the slaves. In fact, Lincoln said that blacks were not capable of living with whites, who he said were superior, and that his intention was to send the blacks back to Africa. If America ever had a “white supremacist,” it was Abraham Lincoln.

What about the Emancipation Proclamation? Didn’t this order by Lincoln free the blacks? No. It was a war measure on which hopes were placed that, as almost every able-bodied Southern male was in the front lines, the slaves would revolt and rape the Southern soldiers’ wives and daughters, forcing the soldiers to desert the army and return home to protect their families. As Lincoln’s own Secretary of State said, the president has freed the slaves in the territories that the Union does not control and left them in slavery in the territory that the Union does control.

Why did Lincoln resort to such a dishonorable strategy? The reason is that Lincoln had run through all the Union generals and could not find one that could defeat Robert E. Lee’s vastly outnumbered Army of Northern Virginia.

The character and generalship of Robert E. Lee, who is dismissed by Identity Politics as a white racist, is so highly admired by the United States Army that the Barracks at West Point are named in Lee’s honor. Not even “America’s first black president” was able to change that. Black history also covers up the fact that Robert E. Lee was offered command of the Union Army. In those days Americans still saw themselves as citizens of their state, not as citizens of the US. Lee refused the offer on the grounds that he could not go to war against his native country of Virginia and resigned his US Army commission.

If Lee had been in command of the Confederacy at the First Battle of Bull Run when the Union Army broke and ran all the way back to Washington, Lee would have followed and the war would have ended with the South’s victory.

But Lee wasn’t there. Instead, the Southern generals concluded, watching the fleeing Union Army, that the Northerns could neither fight, retreat in order, or ride horses, and were no threat whatsoever. This conclusion overlooked the superior manpower of the North, the constant inflow of Irish immigrants who became the Union’s cannon fodder, the Northern manufacturing capability, and the navy that could block Southern ports and starve the South of resources.

During the first two years of the War of Northern Aggression the Union Army never won a battle against Lee’s vastly outgunned army. The North had everything. All the South had was valor. Lincoln was desperate. Opposition to his war was rising in the North. He had to imprison 300 Northern newspaper editors, exile a US Congressman, and was faced with the North’s most famous general running against him on a peace platform in the next election. Thus, Lincoln’s vain attempt to provoke a slave rebellion in the South. Why didn’t such allegedly horribly treated and oppressed slaves revolt when there was no one to prevent it but women and children?

Everything I have written in this column was once understood by everyone. But it has all been erased and replaced with a false history that serves the ruling elite. It is not only the ruling elite that has a vested interest in the false history of “white racism,” but also the universities and history departments in which the false history is institutionalized and the foundations that have financed black history, women’s studies, and transgender dialogues.

It was Reconstruction that ruined relations between blacks and whites in the South. The North stuffed blacks down the throats of the defeated South. Blacks were placed in charge of Southern governments in order to protect the Northern carpet baggers who looted and stole from the South. The occupying Union Army encouraged the blacks to abuse the Southern people, especially the women, as did the Union soldiers. The Klu Klux Klan arose as a guerrilla force to stop the predations. Robert E. Lee himself said that if he had realized how rapacious the North would prove to be, he would have led a guerrilla resistance.

The generations of Americans who have been propagandized instead of educated need to understand that Reconstruction did not mean rebuilding southern infrastructure, cities, and towns destroyed by the Union armies. It did not mean reconstructing southern food production. It meant reconstructing southern society and governance. Blacks, who were unprepared for the task, were put in control of governments so that carpetbaggers could loot and steal. Whites lost the franchise and protection of law as their property was stolen. Some areas suffered more than others from the Reconstruction practices, which often differed from, and were worse than, the policies themselves.

Reconstruction was a contentious issue even within the Republican Party. Neither president Lincoln nor Johnson would go along with the more extreme Republican elements. The extremism of the Reconstruction policies lost support among the northern people. When the Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives in the 1870s, Reconstruction was brought to an end.

In the South, and most certainly in Atlanta, where I grew up, schools were neighborhood schools. We were segregated by economic class. I went to school with middle class kids from my middle class neighborhood. I did not go to school with rich kids or with poor kids. This segregation was not racial.

When the North again got on its high moral horse and imposed school integration on the South, it disrupted the neighborhood school system. Now kids spent hours riding in school busses to distant locations. This destroyed the parent-teacher associations that had kept parental involvement and displinine in the schools. The South, being a commonsense people, saw all of this coming. The South also saw Reconstruction all over again. That, and not hatred of blacks, is the reason for the South’s resistance to school integration.

All of America, indeed of the entire West, lives in The Matrix, a concocted reality, except for my readers and the readers of a handful of others who cannot be compromised. Western peoples are so propagandized, so brainwashed, that they have no understanding that their disunity was created in order to make them impotent in the face of a rapacious ruling class, a class whose arrogance and hubris has the world on the brink of nuclear Armageddon.

History as it actually happened is disappearing as those who tell the truth are dismissed as misogynists, racists, homophobes, Putin agents, terrorist sympathizers, anti-semites, and conspiracy theorists. Liberals who complained mightily of McCarthyism now practice it ten-fold.

The brainwashing about the Russian and Muslim threats works for a number of reasons. The superpatriots among the Trump deplorables feel that their patriotism requires them to believe the allegations against Russia, Syria, Iran, and China. Americans employed in the vast military/security complex understand that the budget that funds the complex in which they have their careers is at stake. Those who want a wall to keep out foreigners go along with the demonization of Muslims as terrorists who have to be killed “over there before they come over here.” The Democrats want an excuse for having lost the presidential election. And so on. The agendas of various societal elements come together to support the official propaganda.

The United States with its brainwashed and incompetent population—indeed, the entirety of the Western populations are incompetent—and with its absence of intelligent leadership has no chance against Russia and China, two massive countries arising from their overthrow of police states as the West descends into a gestapo state. The West is over and done with. Nothing remains of the West but the lies used to control the people. All hope is elsewhere.

Felonious P Jenkem #racist

Niggers were much better off under slavery. This is evident to even a casual observer.

Like slavery niggers get their housing and food provided for , however unlike slavery they are answerable to noone and we all know how well thats worked out. Niggers breeding unrestrained , nigborhoods in murderous chaos , raging gunbattles over chiggun wangz or parking spots , or disrepekinn niggers.

Even worse , they have become unbearably uppity to humans ! Niggers are complete disaster without a strong white man to rule over them. !!! Niggers are sand in the gears of humanity !

doktordoom, EthnicelNL and bitchesandwhores911 #fundie

[Serious] Drop a few words to future generations (future generations come in here and read!)

***It is obvious the Incel sub-class of humanity is a social problem that is growing. We are still in the early stages. In the future historians will look back and try to decipher why legions of young men became (or born what ever you believe in) incels. Maybe even in HS classes there will be a course on why society needs to be the way it is (i assume future generations will have a better society then us with technology but maybe they'll be worse) in order to avoid another Incel movement. Guys in this thread post something to future generations who will comb through this forum in the years or hundreds of years to come.***

If you are reading this DO NOT BE A SLAVE TO PUSSY.

If you are woman or man please know your place.

When work becomes unbearable so will life. When your woman becomes unbearable you will want to die.

Height/looks matter. Get the surgery. I could if I would but it's dangerous during this time and painful.

Also if you can bring me back to life please do. Just don't torture me I've suffered enough in life.

Never trust white people, future boyos.


Never trust white people, future boyos.

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Under no circumstances do you tell a woman of any kind you're a virgin- NEVER.
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Becky Akers #quack #conspiracy #wingnut

Medical Marxism

If we have learned nothing else from COVID19, we finally understand the outrageous authority that “Public Health’s” quacks wield.

Though these bureaucrats now hog the limelight while destroying our country and liberty, they formerly scurried on the fringes of government. There they spewed advice (“Quit smoking: it causes cancer!” “Seat belts save lives, so buckle up!”) that we were free to reject until they could persuade legislatures to codify their opinions as law. That itch to control, to force everyone to heed them, should have warned us of “Public Health’s” threat.

Most Americans are subject to three or four “Public Health” bureaus: a “Department of Public Health” often infests cities and counties, and one curses each state as well as the Feds. The latter’s Department of Health and Human Services harbors such agencies as the CDC, the FDA, the Indian Health Service, and the Surgeon General as well as “an elite group of over 6,000 uniformed officers who are public health professionals.” Just what criminals want in a cop: temperature-guns.

At whatever level of government they lurk, each outpost of “Public Health” boasts an atomic bomb’s power: they can and will raze everything in their path, as they’ve proved since March. Collaborating with politicians, they crushed life as we knew it. They bankrupted companies and kicked employees off payrolls with the ruthless abandon of Mr. Potter; the list of institutions and businesses they thereby destroyed is too lengthy and notorious to recite here. As if such crimes weren’t enough, they ordered us to imperil ourselves with masks and “anti-social distancing.” No wonder rates of suicide and addiction have skyrocketed.

And we haven’t even mentioned their enthusiasm for the rioting that’s ravaged American streets. These authoritarians obligingly declared “racism” a “public health” crisis when BLM threw its tantrum.

Unfortunately, most victims of “public health” don’t realize its menace, either because they have only a dim idea of its evil (“They issue birth certificates, don’t they?”) or because they buy “public health’s” lie, that its “mission is to protect, promote, and advance the health of our nation.” Actually, its mission is to protect, promote and advance Marxism.

That hellish philosophy permeates “public health”: it weaves itself into not only its warp and woof but its foundation and all its biases, too. Unlike communism’s more dramatic barbarities (genocide, mass murder, torture), “public health” allows its perpetrators to feel good about themselves. They are “professionals” trying to save us germy, diseased subjects from ourselves (though only “public health doctors” have medical degrees. The rest are mere bureaucrats—and dishonest ones at that). Unlike the Cheka, these hygienic busybodies go home at night without their prey’s screams ringing in their ears. Rather, they congratulate themselves on their compassion, foresight, and superiority. C.S. Lewis damned such relentless despotism: “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” Who would dispute that after the last five months?

“Public health’s” Marxism—and logical fallacies—begin with the term itself. There is no “Public,” healthy or otherwise, but only individuals. These folks may share a neighborhood, true. But from that innocent fact “Public Health” leaps to many conclusions, none of them good.

Which brings us to “Principles of the Ethical Practice of Public Health,” a brochure the “Public Health Leadership Society” published in 2002. It lists “Key Principles of the Ethical Practice of Public Health” as well as the “Values and Beliefs Underlying the Code.” The latter begins, “Humans have a right to the resources necessary for health. The Public Health Code of Ethics affirms Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states in part ‘Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his family…’”

Any document that quotes from the Orwellian “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” should automatically raise our hackles. And yep, the “right to resources” is a positive one that all lovers of liberty excoriate. You have no right to “resources” of any kind, even those “necessary for health.” You do have the right to earn those resources without masks and anti-social distancing and all of COVIDiocy’s other nonsense–in short, free from “public health’s” coercion.

The second “Value and Belief” prates, “Humans are inherently social and interdependent. Humans look to each other for companionship in friendships, families, and community; and rely upon one another for safety and survival. Positive relationships among individuals and positive collaborations among institutions are signs of a healthy community.”

Not as frontal an assault as No. 1, though that word “community” is suspect…

“The rightful concern for the physical individuality of humans and one’s right to make decisions for oneself must be balanced against the fact that each person’s actions affect other people.”

Whoa! And nooooo, most emphatically. We never “balance” the fundamental and essential right “to make decisions for oneself” against anything else—and those who suggest such an atrocity are almost always totalitarians.

I’ll spare you a blow-by-blow of the ten additional “principles.” Suffice to say that each degrades personal autonomy on behalf of the collective, some more blatantly than others.

Underlying the whole of “public health” is another supremely offensive premise: that human society is an organized “structure” rather than an organic web of relationships arising spontaneously from our interactions with one another. And that edifice must be managed: after all, these are Marxists. “Managing” necessarily involves decisions. Someone must determine all issues, large or small, for our controlled “society.” Will that “society” permit smoking indoors—or at all? Will it require seat belts in cars? And, in COVIDiocy, will it compel the wearing of masks and anti-social distancing? “Public health’s” bureaucrats assume we are too bestial to settle these questions ourselves, so they do it for us. Their literature and training reek of this arrogance. I browsed a cache of “Public Health’s” texts on an empty stomach one day; I suggest that if you brave this library, you, too, delay lunch or keep a barf-bag handy.

Departments of “Public Health” first plagued cities in the nineteenth century. Their coercion and cruelty completely broke with the mores of private, voluntary medicine. They are as much creatures of government as prisons and taxation are.

For example, when Sam Serf falls ill, he solicits a doctor’s services. And he expects to pay for them. The doctor advises his patient based on Sam’s peculiar history, physical idiosyncrasies and circumstances. He addresses the problem that brought Sam to him without intruding into other areas of Sam’s life.

But “Public Health” doesn’t wait for the sick to find it. Rather, its busybodies inflict themselves on everyone within a specified area—even those who are healthy. Nor does it even pretend to understand every person as an individual. Via data, it “examines” the group as a whole and prescribes for it that way, too—regardless of whether Sam’s situation renders its commands harmful or irrelevant to him: witness the “mandates” for masks. Because our taxes pay them regardless of results, the bureaucrats blithely pry into the neighborhood’s affairs, without their guinea pigs’ knowledge or consent, for as long and as deeply as they please.

“Public Health’s” diktats (exercise more, avoid eggs, wear masks, etc.) weren’t as overwhelming a problem when Americans could ignore them. But COVIDiocy has obliterated that freedom. These bullies have imposed their values on us, declaring life and health to be the supreme goods and ordering us to sacrifice everything to them.

Now certainly, life and health are blessings everyone prizes—but more than satisfying work or family or travel or freedom? Some folks would rather die than lose their autonomy; others prize a beloved spouse or child above their own well-being; many choose to spend their health and lives on a career. Those of us who cherish liberty consider existence worthless without it. And Christians should love the Lord their God with all their minds and souls and strength—far more than they love health or even life itself. Ergo, when bureaucrats command us to stay home from worship for our health’s sake, we inexcusably bow the knee to Baal if we obey.

Speaking of Jezebel, Shrillary Clinton once warned, “We need to be as well prepared to defend ourselves against public health dangers as we should be to defend ourselves against any foreign dangers of any kind.”

Especially when the danger is “Public Health” itself.

David J. Stewart #sexist #fundie #homophobia

I get disgusted every time I meet military women, particular the older hags. They are bossy, jerks, bullies, tough, rough and rotten people in many cases. They make ungodly feminists everywhere proud! Feminism is the rot of America. I cannot stomach manly women who give orders. I walk away from them in disgust laughing. This bratty breed of rebellious females today, who get offended every time women aren't elevated to the level of a man, are a curse upon our land.

This is what is meant about the coming Antichrist in Daniel 8:25b, “...and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” Democracy is mob rule! America is a ticking timebomb! We are utterly destroying ourselves with the liberty and freedom God which has entrusted to us. We are fools! God didn't give us freedom to fornicate and commit adultery, and to have abortions to murder the unwanted children conceived through sexual immorality. God didn't give us freedom to walk around nude in public, take the Lord's name in vain in every movie, get drunk at parties, and to legally marry homosexuals and let them adopt children. We have abused our freedom, destroying ourselves with peace. When the Antichrist comes, he will complete the destruction, taking liberty to the ultimate low as the reigning Man of Sin!

Something is very wrong in a society when women are liberated to positions of leadership, cops, judges, soldiers and senators. In ancient Rome it was not so. Women knew their place in society. Any time women rise to power, so does Satan! Look at the fruit of feminism in America—a degenerate culture of lesbianism, abortion, fornication, divorce and rebellion. The facts speak for them self! America has become 'THE GREAT SATAN' in the eyes of the rest of the world. We are arrogant, full of hubris and stubborn pride, which we think is a good thing, but it is destroying us. We have no right to force our abortion filth, through forced sterilization programs on other nations. We have no right to force our homosexual filth on others. Who do we think we are? Who do we think we are to force our naked American culture on other cultures? We are so spoiled rotten as Americans! Our attitudes are contemptible. American women wear clothing as do prostitutes, yet we condemn and call for women's rights in Muslim cultures, so they can become sluts, whores and naked barbarians like our shameful females. I SAY, TO HELL WITH THE UNITED STATES!!!

There is nothing more despicable today than America's empowered, angry and rebellious women. American woman, stay away from me!

Eugene McCarthy #crackpot

Human-chicken Hybrids
Page 1: The Hühnermensch

Caution: Some readers may find this page disturbing.
Note: Although the report quoted on this page states that a woman gave birth to the specimen in question, all other allegations of human-chicken hybrids seem to refer to offspring hatched by chickens.
Note: In listing reports of hybrids, it has been my policy to include all serious allegations, especially those of scholars, whether or not the hybrid alleged seems possible or likely to me. This policy, I think, helps to eliminate subjective judgment on my part, and therefore should remove at least one source of systematic bias from my work. It also helps to fulfill the ethical obligation of telling not just the truth, but the whole truth.
imageThe Hühnermensch (as depicted in Friderici 1737). (Enlarge) The original engraving is life-sized (crown-rump length of subject is 20 cm). A: red-pigmented structure similar to the comb of a domestic fowl; B: sparse, downy hair; C: circular eye openings (as in G. gallus); D: red periophthalmic rings (as in G. gallus); E and F: nasal opening with rudimentary nares; G: oral cavity; g: external tongue (or wattle?); H: the “upper extremities are not unlike those of a plucked chicken”; I: hands with lengthy fingers and “claws exactly like those of a chicken”; K: umbilical cord; L: “The deformed feet, which are in an abnormal position and attached to chicken-like shanks, are, with the exception of their soles, of a wholly unwonted form, with the toes marvelously distorted and tipped with claws that are likewise exactly those of a domestic chicken”; M: cutaneous flap joining the thighs with the calves; N: a red-pigmented lentiform structure in place of normal human genitalia; O: anus (cloaca?).
Although some people may take lurid interest in gazing at pictures of deformed infants such as those shown on this page, this article was written for a different reason, that being to record information that will assist scientists in answering a single question: How different can two animals be if they are to produce a hybrid together? Of course, this question cannot be answered by simply reading this page. After all, the creature discussed here may not even be a hybrid (though genetic tests of the specimen would probably be able to resolve that issue). But the information documented here will help anyone who wishes to investigate the matter further.

In 1735, the German physician Gottlieb Friderici (1693-1742) attended the delivery of an infant in the small town of Taucha, a few kilometers northeast of Leipzig. His patient, 28-year-old Johanna Sophia Schmied, had previously given birth to three normal boys, and Friderici anticipated nothing unusual.

“But then,” he writes,

from this fourth pregnancy she brought forth this dreadful monster, which I propose to describe. [Translated by E. M. McCarthy. Original Latin: “Tandem quarta vice gravida, horrendum hoc, quod describendum iam mihi proposui, in lucem edidit monstrum.”]

Friderici’s “dreadful monster,” stillborn that day after an eight-month gestation, was indeed peculiar, so peculiar that he took the trouble to write up a detailed anatomical account, entitled Monstrum humanum rarissimum (i.e., An Exceedingly Rare Human Monster), which he published two years later (Friderici 1737). He also immediately hired an artist to prepare engravings of this strange birth, now known as the Hühnermensch (“chicken-human”). The resulting illustrations, reproduced here, accompanied Friderici’s account.

This remarkable specimen has been preserved in the collection of the Heimatmuseum und Naturalienkabinett Waldenburg, a museum in Saxony, and is therefore available for genetic testing. Either by coincidence or by heredity, it does seem to have enough characteristics in common with chickens to earn its name. Friderici repeatedly commented on the ostensible connection this babe makes between Class Mammalia and Class Aves. For example, during the course of his anatomical description, he says,

The upper extremities are not unlike those of a plucked chicken … and the digits, while normal in order and number, have claws exactly like those of a chicken. [Translated by E. M. McCarthy. Original Latin: “Extremitates superiores significat, brachia scilicet alis gallinarum, plumis privatarum, non absimilia. Cubito annexae manus oculis se exponunt, digitis quidem, si rationem numeri et ordinis habeas, legitimis, unguibus autem pullorum ungulis plane similibus.”]

“The deformed feet,” he says,
which are in an abnormal position and attached to chicken-like shanks, are, with the exception of their soles, of a wholly unwonted form, with the toes marvelously distorted and tipped with claws that are likewise exactly those of a domestic chicken. [Translated by E. M. McCarthy. Original Latin: “adjectos trunco pedes monstrat, utpote qui, inusitatum plane situm obtinentes, cum gallinarum cruribus aliqua ex parte convenire videntur, si a plantis pedum discesseris, quae ab humanis quidem non diversae sunt, at digiti tamen mire distorti apparent, ac ungues itidem pullorum gallinaceorum unguas referunt.”]

As do chickens, this literal Wunderkind has eye rings (periophthalmic rings) and a comb-like structure atop its head, both composed of red tissue, as in chickens. In addition, as in all birds, the ears are represented by only a small opening with no raised, external ears (pinnae), which are present in all mammals other than monotremes. Also as in birds, external genitalia are absent and the testes are internal.

It can also be seen in the illustrations that the skin is loosely attached to the underlying tissues, so loosely that it forms webbing at various regions of flexure (neck, elbow, knee, crotch). The skin of a bird, too, is more elastic and more loosely attached to the body than is that of the typical mammal, which is generally interpreted as giving birds the freedom of movement needed for flight (Stettenheim 2000).

Gottlieb Friderici was born in 1693 in the village of Taucha in Saxony (the same community where he later delivered the Hühnermensch). He completed his dissertation at the University of Leipzig around 1713 and became a doctor of philosophy and medicine. He was thereafter a general practitioner in Leipzig up to the time of his death in 1742. (Biographical details from Huppmann 2006.)

The heart, too, was larger than that of an ordinary human infant. And, according to a Kentucky University webpage on the avian circulatory system,
Birds tend to have larger hearts than mammals (relative to body size and mass). The relatively large hearts of birds may be necessary to meet the high metabolic demands of flight. Among birds, smaller birds have relatively larger hearts (again relative to body mass) than larger birds. Hummingbirds have the largest hearts (relative to body mass) of all birds, probably because hovering takes so much energy.

During the necropsy, Friderici found that the comb-like structure atop the head actually contained brain tissue, a situation reminiscent of that described by Purohit et al. (1977), who note that many hybrids produced by crossing pheasants with chickens are exencephalic (i.e., the brain is located outside the skull).

Among the anomalies exhibited by the Hühnermensch is a syndrome known as kleeblattschädel, a congenital anomaly in which there is intrauterine synostosis of multiple or all cranial sutures. This is another avian characteristic of the specimen, because in birds the cranial sutures also fuse at a very early stage of development (Brown 1915, p. 72).

If the Hühnermensch actually is a bird-mammal hybrid, then at this distance in time, one can only speculate about what might have happened back in Taucha all those many years ago. Did a rooster wander into a rustic bedroom and sit for a time on the lap of his naked mistress? Perhaps Johanna Sophia Schmied was a member of a coven that engaged in dark orgiastic rites that resulted in a weird creature seeing the light of day? Or possibly one day while gathering eggs she had her hands full and placed some rooster-semen-coated eggs in her underpants to carry them back to the house? Whatever happened, it seems the Hühnermensch took flight from there.

Why would such hybrids occasionally occur? In certain distant crosses only a small percentage of inseminations result in a viable hybrid. This fact has been experimentally verified in crosses of commercial interest, such as chicken × turkey, a cross in which about 1000 inseminations are required to produce a single adult hybrid. The vast majority of hybrids from such crosses die at various stages of development before reaching maturity. Among mammals, such distant hybrids often abort or are stillborn. Among birds, they usually die in the egg. But some, very few, survive. Even from the present, extremely distant cross (human × chicken), viable mature hybrids have been reported (however dubiously). So it seems that it is not that distant hybrids are entirely impossible, but rather that they do occur, but with hybrids that reach advanced stages of development being produced at only at very low frequencies. One can speculate that this experimental observation may reflect the existence of an unrecognized underlying rescue mechanism that activates/deactivates portions of the hybrid genome at random, so that different individuals have different developmental programs, a mechanism actuated, perhaps, via random heterochromatization of various portions of the composite genome.

Some very strange pairings can result from imprinting. When a newborn mammal or bird is exposed to some animal not of its own kind it may “imprint” on that animal, that is, later in life it may seek mates of that kind rather than its own, as a sexual partners. In connection with the present case, Hess (1959) reports that he imprinted a rooster on human beings by exposing him only to humans during the first month of life and keeping him strictly away from other chickens. As an adult, the rooster sought only human mates even when allowed access to hens. So one can think of various scenarios based on this knowledge: an accidentally imprinted rooster, an intoxicated or unconscious woman, and a very unusual mating.

At any rate, this specimen is a very interesting one and, given that it would no doubt be an F1 hybrid (if it is a hybrid at all), it would be very easy to detect its origins with genetic testing. One quick and easy method would be PCR amplification using human and chicken primers. As Cicero once said (De Officiis, I, 6),

We must not treat the unknown as known and too readily accept it. And he who wishes to avoid this error (as all should do) will devote both time and attention to the weighing of evidence.

Robin Bright #conspiracy #homophobia #sexist #ufo #fundie

That Hollywood, which is a district of the city of Los Angeles (L.A.) in the United States of America on the west coast of the continent of North America in the state of California, should be called ‘Babylon’ after the capital city of the Persian Empire, Babylon (c. 4000 B.C.), derives from a description of ‘a woman’, Babylon, by Jesus’ disciple, John, in his apocalyptic Revelation of the future, ‘Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.’ (Rev: 17. 5) Hollywood is called ‘Babylon’ because it’s the capital of the global media Empire of the USA and has been since the first movie was made there by director D. W. Griffith, Old California (1910), before the censorship of the ‘Hays code’ (1934-67), established by President of the Motion Picture Producers Of America (MPPDA), Will Hays, effectively made it impossible for humans to ever learn anything of their own mode of sexual reproduction from mainstream mass media edutainment on the moral grounds that it would encourage adultery.

Christianity, after Jesus ‘Christ’, that is, ‘the chosen’, assured everyone it frowned on adultery severely, and despite Jesus’ leniency: `… women, in love scenes, at all times have `at least one foot on the floor` (in other words, no love scenes in bed).`1 Christianity’s moral stance is based on Jesus’ words to a woman allegedly caught in the act of adultery in the New Testament of the Bible, which Christians believe supersede the Old Testament law and history of the Jewish ‘chosen people’ of God, that is, the Torah and Talmud written in their Hebrew language, ‘Let he that is without sin cast the first stone.’ (John: 8. 7) Because women are capable of sexually reproducing with each other, as the futanarian human species of women’s seed, adultery is what men practice on their race. Moreover, as it seems unlikely that women would ever marry, given the opportunity to be free of their ring slavery in host womb parasitism for war against their species, women aren’t ever adulterate. Consequently, Hollywood’s stance against adultery is a sham designed to suppress women’s seed, because if women were seen to be able to sexually reproduce with each other through the medium of cinema or television, it’d threaten the system of human slavery imposed upon the Earth by an alien rulership.

As 100, 000 women of the human futanarian species of women’s seed could sexually reproduce 1. 5, 000, 000 in 34 years, women are the perfect planetary colonist should their species ever achieve interstellar space travel. However, if they can be prevented from producing enough brainpower to give them the permanent memory through the immortality conferred by medical science to build and maintain the starship technology needed to carry them to the planets amongst the stars of heaven above and beyond the Earth, they’ll remain host womb slaves in parasitism. Although parasitism seems harsh in describing what men do with women, parasitologists use the term ‘parasitoid’ to describe the parasite that emerges from the host to kill it, and that’s what men do in their wars against women’s seed, ‘The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war upon the remnant of her seed.’ (Rev: 12. 17) At least since the period of ancient Egypt, men and women have been manufactured as a single male brained creature wearing each other’s clothes as a transvestite for ‘TV war’. In the myth of Ra, the sun god, he’s incarnated as Osiris, who is dismembered by his evil brother, Set. Although the goddess, Isis, remembers him, his phallus can’t be found, so Isis gives him hers, that is, without women’s seed the human race is a TV. Osiris is restored as Horus, ‘the sky god’, because satellite TV is more advanced.

When US President Ronald ‘Ray Gun’ Reagan announced his ‘Strategic Defense Initiative’ (SDI) on March 23, 1982, to establish a ‘ground and space based missile system’, it was labeled ‘Star Wars’ after the 1977 movie, Star Wars IV: A New Hope, featuring a ‘Death Star’ created by the evil Empire of Palatine to orbit planets and kill them, that is, it was an advanced Egyptian satellite TV system. The symbol of ‘the sky god’, Horus, is the hawk, because he has a hawk’s head, and the members of the Republican Party in the United States who’re gung-ho for war are known as hawks, that is, it’s the hawks of war that seek to prevent the human futanarian species of women’s seed from escaping the Earth to colonize the planets.

The actors and actresses in Hollywood are known as ‘stars’, because they are trained to be ‘egoids’. It was ‘the father of psychoanalysis’, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), that created the term ‘id’ to explain that the unconscious contained material repressed by the conscious mind because of taboo; for example, Christian morality’s taboo against adultery caused society to become sexually repressive to the extent that Africa’s DR Congo discovered a simian immune deficiency virus (SIV) mutation transmitted by homosexuals’ mixing of blood, shit and semen in each other’s anus in 1983. The human deficiency virus (HIV) injected at the base of the spine resulted in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), and collapse of the organs of the body, before the brain died. In short, Freudian psychology was the basis for understanding that homosexuality in the human ‘id’ produced an ‘incurable killer disease’ as their ‘biological weapon’ aimed at eradicating the human species, because that’s what Christian morality and homosexuals were for.

Although ‘ego’ was a term used by Freud, it was Carl Jung (1875-1961), a developmental, rather than a repression psychologist, that saw it as a vehicle for individuation through what he called ‘the archetypes of the collective unconscious’. Jung argued that the unconscious of each human individual contained archetypes, that is, images to be found in dreams, art and the imagination, which assisted the development of the ego, that is, consciousness. Where Freud posited a Super-ego that functioned as a censor to repress into the ‘id’ or unconscious, Jung posited a shadow level to the unconscious, corresponding to human instinct, which contained the archetypes. Consequently, it was only necessary to allow the instinctual subconscious shadow to emerge through art, dreams and imagination for ego-consciousness to develop.

Hollywood egos were called stars, because the life of most planets is dependent on their local sun, which for the Earth is its day star, Sol. In other words, actors and actresses were perceived as commensurate with suns in regard to planets, that is, they were their life. What this produced is describable as ‘egoid’, that is, a star’s belief that their ego was greater than that of the planetary consciousness. In simple terms, because men and women are a TV, they’re unable to accept the anonymity of being a woman amongst women’s seed, so they wage war on the human race in order to assert their egoism, which is ego-id, that is, a conflation of Jung’s ego and Freud’s id. For Hollywood unable to celebrate human sexual activity, ‘action’ movies featuring violence against an unnamable horror is usual, although war against women is what its audience are for. Typical is the nucleus of brave heroes fighting against an alien invasion, for example, Independence Day (1996), because it’s a psychological displacement of men’s actual role as aliens invading women’s Earth. In the ID4 movie, actor Bill Pullman has the role of US President Thomas Whitmore who, before an air battle with the alien invader, addresses USAF personnel in the west of the United States’ Area 51 top secret facility, which is 134 km north-northwest of the city of Las Vegas, near Hiko, Tonopah Basin, State Route 318, Lincoln County, Nevada state, a locale where research on alien spacecraft and their occupants has unofficially always occurred:

‘Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world, and you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind. Mankind. That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it’s fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom. Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution … but from annihilation. We’re fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day when the world declared in one voice: We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!’2

As women are capable of sexually reproducing 15 billion from 1 million in 34 years, even if the age of conception were formally agreed as 16 +, men would have had to have killed a huge number of women in order to be the dominant invading alien creature. However, because Hollywood stars are egoid, that’s what they’re produced for.