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Lookismisreal #sexist

Femoid cum dumpsters don't deserve sexual pleasure in anyway. There is completely no reason for them to demand it because they really don't put any kind of work in. The only thing they are good at is, lying on the bed motionless while the man does all the work. Yet, these entitled bitches cheat and dump good men due to fact that they are not satisfied with the sex they get.

The fact of the matter is that femoids are not in anyway entitled to sexual pleasure because it is completely unnecessary. Male sexual pleasure should take the utmost importance because it is very necessary for things like reproduction and ejaculation. Femoid cunts should only care about fact that if they are pleasuring the man enough, and in return men should not worry about whether the cum dumpster orgasmed or not because femoid orgasm is such a completely unessary thing.

Lookismisreal #sexist

Every man has their own thought up image in how they want their partner to be; even if the idea itself is nothing but wishful thinking. A deep desire to acquire the most perfect femoid is integrated in everyone of us, but unfortunately, such femoids do not exist. Simply due to the reason that the evil femoid nature does not allow it to be so. But, just for the sake of this thread, let's say perfect femoids do exist. So, here's the list of what I require from it:

Femoid must be a pure virgin (even anally)

Femoid should have never masturbated

Femoid must have no knowledge of sex or any kind of pleasures related to it

Femoid should have never had a partner before me
Femoid must not be obese

Femoid must love me unconditionally to a point where it would would die for me

Femoid must refer to itself as "cum slut"

Femoid must never cheat

Femoid must be extremely loyal, faithful, and trustworthy

Femoid must have no male friends/contact except me

Femoid must be obedient and honour all my requests

Femoid must not question my authority

Femoid must know that I am its temple and will do nothing to incinerate it

Femoid must stay with me forever until death do us apart

Femoid must commit sati if I was to die in an uncertain death before my time

Lookismisreal #sexist

The act of giving rights to femoids was the biggest mistake mankind has ever done. The world was a much better place when literal cum dumpsters knew their place. But the beta cucks had to ruin it by giving them rights, and due to such degeneracy have spread rampantly to every corner of the world. Now these bitches are in the notion that they are somehow equal to men, the delusion is nothing but strong with them. Here I will list the benefits of not giving femoids rights:

+ Femoids will be treated as second class citizens (as they always should be)

+ Femoids will not be treated as equal to men (Cum dumpsters being equal to men is nothing but a feminist dream).

+ Femoids will not be allowed to drive (More life's will be saved from the hands of these evil creatures).

+ Femoids will not be allowed to access the internet in any sort of manner. (The internet has done nothing but ruined these primitive creatures).

+ Femoids will not get the right to vote or run for office (they don't have the capacity to think logically and make hard decisions without getting their emotions involved - so this is to the better).

+ Femoids will not be allowed to be judges at court or hold any high ranking job of any sort.

+ Femoids will have to wear clothes that are not provocative and which hides their skin (too many femoids wearing revealing clothes and have the audacity to scream 'pervert" at men.)

+ Femoids will have to stop using fakeup entirely (No more trying to fool men by being deceptive).

+ Femoids will not be allowed to interact with men that they do not know off (this limits their chance of branch swinging).

+ Femoids will not be able to go anywhere without any male supervision (you can never trust cum dumpsters since they are always up to something).

+ Femoids will be treated as property (femoids will have to obey whatever their owner says to them).

+ Femoid sexual freedom will be demolished in which they will equally be distributed among men to avoid the chance of men being virigins (the ever rising male virginity epidemic will die out of this).

+ Femoids will not be able to divorce their husband (men are the only ones who has the right to initiates divorce).

+ If a Femoid commits adultery it will result in the bitch getting flogged and stoned alive in public.

+ Femoids will not be allowed to give their irrelevant opinions or views on matters (even if they do give it will count for nothing).

various incels #sexist

Re: r/Relationship_Advice: [25m] my girlfriend[24f] told me she had only slept with 3 guys, her best friend [24f] blurted out that they slept with a guy every city in Europe they visited


We were talking about some topic and it came to Europe and she told me that they slept with a bunch of super hot guys. It seemed that everyone tuned in then. I laughed it off and didn’t make it into a big deal.

"I laughed it off". Why do guys nowadays solve everything by grinning and smiling and laughing like chimpanzees when a bigger chimpanzee threatens to beat them up?

She had previously told me that she only been with three guys. Long story short she and her friend when they went to Europe would sleep with a hot local guy every city.

This always happens. No exceptions.

When we saw each other she didn’t even want to sleep with me for three months until we were official. And now hearing how she slept with guys hours after meeting them bugs the hell out of me.

Oh, look, the same thing as always.

From the comments :

I know right now that's not the biggest priority in your brain. You're hung up on images of her fucking her way through Europe. That's just your lizard brain doing lizard brain shit. Set it aside for a moment. Difference in experience? Meh. Banging around in Europe? Meh. That's not the important shit here.

We live in a matriarchy where women have all the sexual capital and take full advantage of it. What a joke

Men, ignore your natural instincts that are hardwired in your brain to help you survive and pass your genes on, that's patriarchy. Ignore your repulsion towards promiscuous, overweight, loud, unattractive women, that's all social construction. Women, if you feel the urge to sleep with that stud at the bar, go for it! Do what feels right! Forget about your boyfriend! Anyone who tells you otherwise is a horrible person who hates women and has a fragile ego and small dick.

If this stuff was meaningless women wouldn't freak out and lie about it. Also if it doesn't matter then why do they always make certain guys wait?

Exactly - the crux of the issue here is why did her current boyfriend whom she supposedly loves have to wait 3 months, while randos all over Europe had to wait 3 seconds? Why could she make him wait and not them? Why did she feel compelled to make him wait?

A roastie inadvertently dropped a brutal blackpill in the comment section:

Also, many guys don't understand that women often wait longer to sleep with someone they really like and want to build something long term with. If the guy is just fun for one day of a trip it doesn't matter to wait. Quick sex doesn't equal a stronger liking of someone for women, though men seem to interpret it that way.

What's the blackpill here ?

She admits that women make betas wait months for sex while Chad get's to ravage her 10 minutes after meeting.

The blackpill (hidden behind all that delusion) is that girls wait to sleep with guys who make good providers but aren't attractive.

Yip, a lot of foid delusion there which soymales will fall for. Thing is the "reasoning" itself (if we can even call it that) is incoherent: if this sex thing is important enough for some men to have to wait for - why should it be the men the women "actually want to build something serious with" that wait, instead of random fucking strangers? That's like loaning money to random people immediately without doing credit checks whilst waiting three months on someone with a good credit rating.

You and I know what's going on of course.

I like that one other roastie in the thread too. Honorary blackpiller. If you're going to be a slut, you may as well own it instead of lying.

I love sex. The idea of finding a different guy in every city I visit in Europe sounds exhausting, but also fun. That said, I’m not too worried about how that “makes me look”.


Like I get that some people will say shit. But why would you want to start a relationship with someone who judges you for your past anyway?

So basically the same as... I have a history of multiple arrests for workplace violence and thiefts, many companies wont hire me because of my criminal history but why would you want to start working for a company who judges you for your past anyway teehee

Foids really have the impulse control and accountability of a 4yo child, those Saudis are right in some ways

Women are nothing, and I mean fucking nothing but cum holes, the more attractive and less used the cum hole the better, that's their only value

whatever her claimed total is x by 7 to get an accurate body count. it used to by x 3 before tinder and other quick hook up apps, but modern tech has allowed instant hookups for average looking women to fuck chads at a moments notice. Although roasties are collecting a higher body count and are encouraged to do so by their fellow feminists, very few are willing to be honest with potential beta providers of their true body count. They know that even most betas will not want to finance a roastie who slept with 30+ men (which is more than 75% of women in their 20s today).

I am collecting data on this trend and will post back in a few months with charts/graphs. I will be banned when I report on it but will be good info. r/dataisbeautiful will downvote it to oblivion.

The data is indeed self-reported. The sample size as of right now is only 23 women who agreed to partake. My goal is 2000 women aged 18-40. This is just taken from Tampa. I will be in Boston, NYC, and DC in the next few months and will ask women there as well. The questions are simple:

How many men have you slept with?
Have you lied to your current partner or a potential partner about the amount of men you have slept with?
If so, what number did you tell them? (18/23 admitted lying about their number to current/potential spouse)
Why did you feel the need to lie about your number?

The first 20 responses indicate a 6.7x actual body count to claimed body count.

Absolutely brutal blackpill mate. Remember this is what life's like for so many men who "aren't incel" - they get laid every now and then, sure - but it's like the homeless guy who sometimes gets to finish off some rich guy's leftover lunch at a restaurant.

Ahahahhahaa look at this cope:

That's literally the opposite of how it actually is.

Like imagine you're hungry but you're too tired to do much so you just slap some baloney from Wal*Mart on dome bread and eat it. It ends the discomfort from your hunger but it still sucks and is unhealthy for you and not even very enjoyable.

But later on you get yourself together and decide to be healthier and decide it's worth it to do a bit of work to be able to eat actual good food so you learn to cook and start cooking really excellent cuisine for yourself, like 5-star restaurant stuff. It's s not only healthier but a million times more enjoyable than the stupid baloney sandwich which seriously wasn't even good at all, it was just easy.

That's how casual sex is for most women. It's the sucky baloney sandwich they didn't even enjoy, but it was just the easiest thing at the time. They know if they want an actual good meal, they have to put time and effort into it.

When a woman waits a while to have sex with you, she's not "making you wait," and it's certainly not because she thinks you're "beta," it's because she knows the only way the sex will be truly enjoyable and fulfilling for her is if she spends the time getting to know you and making a connection. Then there a chance the sex will actually be like a 5-star meal instead of a baloney sandwich. If she'd had sex with you sooner, it would have sucked for her and not even been enjoyable. She waits because she likes you enough that she'd actually like to have GOOD sex with you and maybe keep having good sex for a long time, instead of having bad sex that would make her want to never see you again.

Women aren't like men. They don't enjoy casual sex like men do. There are even numerous scientific studies showing women are unlikely to orgasm during casual sex and are likely to regret it and not really enjoy it. Putting the time in before having sex literally makes women enjoy the sex itself more, if they don't put the time in and just have sex right away the sex will be garbage like a Wal*Mart baloney sandwich.

They "make you wait" because they actually want the sex to be good and know it won't even be enjoyable for them if they just have sex right away.

"likely to regret it and not really enjoy it."

Then why the fuck do they willingly do it??? Almost as if these cucks are fucking stupid

Girls regret it so much that they go hunting for one-night-stands with Chad week after week after week.

Not even an incel. Just have to post and point out this guys a retard.

The making you wait is about making sure you've invested enough time and money into her so that you can't bail when you find out how much of a cunt she actually is.

This is some 'we wuz kingz' level coping right here. what a soy.

I wrote a poem for the OP:

Fish and dicks down in London

The two met near the Thames

He had a noble accent and

His name, I think, was James

In Paris, the Eiffel Tower

Wasn't what she tried to climb

Tho it was hard like ancient iron

Jaques was a stunning mime

In Amsterdam, where the smell

Of weed hung in the air

The dealer Daan van Dorn and her

Oh, they made a lovely pair

Madrid was hot and sticky

She siesta'd for a while

And after one bull fighting match

She dodged Juan's cum in style

In Venice on a galley

She nigh fell of and drowned

Cause it was all a shaking

When she the oarsman found

Berlin, she really loved to see

What a truly German city

She was a bit surprised when things

With Franz turned to shitty

Budapest of Hungary

She was eager to test

And Jànos did not disappoint:

He was well hung like the rest.

And finally, in Moskva cold

Her journey came to an end

She met you in a bar

And loved you as a friend

S M Campbell #fundie

As you are reading this article perhaps you are smelling something. Maybe someone is cooking in the kitchen or perhaps someone has walked past you who is wearing some perfume or after-shave. If so, some of the six million smelling cells inside your nose have been stimulated. Have you ever noticed that, when you have a cold, you cannot taste your food so well? That is because the sense of smell helps to identify the finer flavours.

It is also why our noses are where they are; they help us make sure we are only putting good things in our mouths. There are tiny hairs on the smell-receptor cells inside our nose and they detect smells by their shape. Yes! I am sure you did not know smells had shapes. The different smell shapes fit into different hair sensors which then send electrical messages to the brain, where the smells are organised and analysed.

The average person can detect up to 10 000 separate smells. How could this ability to smell have evolved? How could the smell receptor hairs have evolved? Evolutionists might argue that a mutation produced a hair shape that matched the smell of a dangerous predator; so the animal survived because it could smell the predator and get away more quickly. All this might sound plausible, until you consider that this would have needed at least another 10 000 such positive random mutations. Remember, we still do not have evidence of even one positive random mutation!

As you read this, maybe you are sitting in a comfortable chair with a cushion on your lap, or perhaps you are sitting on a hard chair wishing you had a soft cushion to sit on. How do you know how to hold this magazine without letting it fall from your hands? How are you able to turn over the pages one by one without crushing them? All these sensations and actions come about because of your sense of touch.

We can detect four different types of sensation: heat, cold, pain and pressure – and these combine to give lots of different feelings. Our skin surface is constantly monitoring our contact with the environment. There are different types of receptors all over our bodies constantly taking in information about the world around us and about what we are doing. All the different signals being sent to the brain are important for our protection, pleasure and well-being. Does this sound like the work of lots of random mutations or does it sound like an intended design feature?

Perhaps, while you are reading this article you are having a snack: maybe some coke or coffee; perhaps a bag of crisps; or, if you are trying to keep healthy, an apple. Maybe you have a sweet tooth, and you like chocolate and sugary things; or perhaps you prefer savoury snacks like crisps and nuts. Whatever our personal preferences, we all recognise different tastes in the same way.

On our tongue there are over 10 000 taste buds. As food passes through our mouth, the taste buds collect molecules from the food by their shape, size or electrical charge and then send that information to the brain to be interpreted. Meanwhile other sensors detect the texture, temperature and moistness of the food. As we chew and break up the food, our saliva glands are at work producing saliva to make the food easier to swallow and digest.

There is no evidence of primitive animals with partly-formed tongues, lips or mouths. What use would a partly-formed mouth have been? And what use would a mouth have been without the food pipe to connect it to the intestines? Clearly, all the parts of the eating system would need to be formed at the same time before a person or an animal could eat and get nourishment. Yet Evolutionists have to assume that many random mutations took place over a very long period of time, and that natural selection recognised these random mutations as useful. Their theory gives rise to more questions than answers. Creationists accept that God has given us the gift of taste and that this is how He designed and created us.

The brief overview of our five senses given here demonstrates how amazingly complex and intricate our bodies are. The different aspects we have been looking at are highly complex, but the fact that they all fit together and can work in harmony for the benefit of the individual is even more wonderful. It would be good if everyone could say as David did: “I will praise Thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are Thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well” (Psalm 139:14).

If people who believe in evolution would really consider how complex is the world around them, they would have problems. They would have to conclude that, no matter how many random mutations occurred, human beings could not have been produced, nor could any of the wonderful plants and animals in the world around us. The evidence from the past that is available for scientific analysis fits easily into a Creationist’s view of the world; but it needs a lot of speculation to make it fit even partially into the evolutionary view. Evolution is the only branch of science where speculation is accepted as reliable evidence.

Although it is good and right to acknowledge God’s wisdom and power as our Creator, He has given an even greater demonstration of His wisdom and power in His plan for saving sinners from their sins. So each one of us should ask God to “create a clean heart” within us (Psalm 51:10). Then we might know something of the experience which the Apostle Paul wrote about to the Corinthians: “If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new” (2 Corinthians 5:17).

We hope these articles will encourage you to read more about the evidence for Creation and against Evolution – especially if you are likely to face questions on the subject during your education or in your workplace. There are many good books on the subject, and the quarterly magazines produced by Answers in Genesis are also an excellent source of information.`

dontcryimalreadydead #sexist

"Why do you treat women as if they're a different species?"

Given their vastly different life experiences and thought processes they may as well be.


Femoids can get laid whenever they want. Offers are abundant as freshwater and as easy to get as a flick with a finger on an app. This is an alternate reality to a sub 8 men who has to put arduous amount of work with little to no success. Only straight Chads and gay men have the same experience.


Just like sex, relationships are far easier to obtain for femoids. They get asked out regularly. Any femoids who claims she hasn't has rejected/friendzoned a few sub 8s and is waiting for a Chad instead.

Vast majority of sub 8s have hardly ever been complimented by a femoid let alone asked out by one and getting a relationship is even more hard-work with failures being far more common (or exclusive) than successes.


femoids get relentless support from society no matter how minuscule it is. Any perceived inequality is immediately given attention, funded and activism. Femoids can do no wrong according to other femoids and whiteknights. Femoids can complain about not getting the men they want and will be comforted, have their accountability removed and offered compliments and dates by whiteknights.

Sub 8 men don't receive this. They are demonised and treated as villains. Any frustration they have for their sex and love life is immediately interpreted as "entitlement." They're rarely given genuine sympathy and empathy besides from men who go through the same hell.


Men are direct and blunt in how we talk to each other and with service people (e.g ordering food). Femoids hate it especially in sex and relationship setting from sub 8 males. If a sub 8 man said:

"You're hot, wanna come to my place and have sex?"


"If you're not busy would you like to go on a date."

Femoids usually react with a creeped out and sometimes hostile manner.

When you check out on "How to seduce women", "How to know a woman likes you" whether it's pua or mainstream version it's all how to decipher their ambiguous, vague, plausible deniable body language/ behaviour because Femoids despise being upfront unless it's for Chad & Tyrone. We even have gay men laughing at how unnecessarily complicated hetero courting/relationships are.

Inceldom & True forced loneliness

As a Result, growing number of sub 8 men have been condemned to being alone despite their efforts for love and sex. Femoids cannot comprehend the possibility of being completely sexually and romantically undesirable to the opposite sex and why so many sub 8 men are having difficulty getting a woman(even if they're contributing to the unbalanced dating/sex paradigm).

The male and female experiences are world's apart, like the old saying goes "men are from mars and women from Venus."

Dreams of Dunamis #fundie

I was shopping in a store that was going out of business. I found many good deals of things we had been needing for a long time so my bags were full. As I was leaving the store, I seen an older man off to one side, about thirty feet from me. He looked like a shady stranger that one would try to avoid at all costs to be safe.

When he seen me, his eyes lit up and he said “Wow, I see you bought someone lucky so many presents for Christmas this year! They are going to be filled with the spirit!” It was hard to hear him, for he was mumbling and far away from me. But I understood the gist of it.

As soon as he finished speaking, I seen three shadowy demons come out of him and try to tag themselves onto me.

“Oh no!” I responded under my breath, “these things are not for Christmas! There will be none of that in my house!”

And as soon as I stopped speaking, I seen the demons pause, and then heard them whine and complain and tell me that I was no fun, before they turned and raced back into the man who had spoken to me.

My son came with me into the next store, and as we walked in I almost stumbled. The sudden weight was so oppressive that it was hard for me to walk. I had to bind it up in the name of Jesus to continue. We could hear the Christmas music blaring overhead and it reminded me of a nasty swarm of stinging insects. The place was very busy and overcrowded, and everywhere I looked I could see the colors of red and green.

We picked up the item we had come for and went to stand in line.

People were in a foul mood, angry at having to wait for so long in line to make their holiday purchases. Many were second guessing their purchases while they waited, verbally wondering out loud if so and so would like it or not.

As we left, my son told me that he had been hit with the demon of ‘I have to buy something’ really hard, but he refused to give into it and so he bought nothing.

We realized that was where the pressure was coming from; all the demons of ‘I want’, ‘me me me’, ‘whine’, ‘complain’, ‘less money’, ‘more debt’, ‘I have to buy’, ‘doubt’, ‘mine’, ‘more’, ‘should’, ‘spend’, ‘pressure’, ‘expectations’, and ‘failure’. The store was literally overflowing with demons!

We also realized that all these demons were under the authority of a principality demon called the spirit of Christmas.

ChaplainPeter #fundie

Homosexuality is the lowest gutter of human sexuality. This is a world wide epidemic. It is a sickness of man's spiritual nature. If you see a car you know it is designed for driving. A chair is made to sit on. An airplane is designed to fly.People create things for a purpose, a special use. The same is true of God. He created a man and woman for His special use in His plan for the earth. You would not try to fly a car off a cliff, or sit in a chair expecting to drive as a car. Yet when it comes to God's creation of mankind their is a demonic presence deceiving people into believing that a man can be a woman and a woman a man. This is what perversion means; a sick, twisted deviation from its intended purpose. We are reaping what has been sown in the 1960's free fornication,feminists rights, to abortion and now A QUEER NEW WORLD. I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that he will Save anyone who sees they are sinners and comes to Him. The hatred of these people who deviate from their original purpose is now clearly witnessed as they try and stamp out any voice that something is not right. They will soon be killing Christians; For our purpose is to be as lambs among the wolves and as sheep to the slaughter. Then the glory for eternity.
Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. Mat.10.16
His servant, Peter

mad wax sturd wax mad blurg #conspiracy






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paper back writer!

lAmTheM, ExternalInterview & RigidUnit #sexist


Witnessed Suifuel in the Library

At the table over from me in the library, this chad and currycel were working together on what I imagine to be a group project. A foid approaches them saying she is having a hard time connecting her laptop to the internet, and asks if they can help her. Of course the chad says "sure we'll take a look," but the currycel ended up working on the computer. The entire time the currycel was trying to fix it, the chad and the foid are just talking and laughing. They even exchanged phone numbers. After about ten minutes of them flirting, the currycel said he got the internet working the foid ecstatically said in her fakest, high-pitch voice "omg you're the best!" Right as she took the computer back, she told the chad to text her tonight. I've literally never seen this before. Picking up girls in a library is something cliche in movies, but all chad had to do was exist while currycel did all the work.


Dude I remember pretty much an exact instance of this happening. Me and chad friend were sitting and solving questions and talking. When this chick comes in and asks if we know how to solve one particular question.

It was kinda lengthy and difficult so I said I will write it down for her and took her notes to copy the question so this stupid bitch instead of sitting next to me took a chair and tried to sit in between me and this dude.

Then as I was solving HER question she saw chad looking at his phone and said OMG you are transferring to that college my friend goes there and began her chattering.

chad wasn't interested in her so he just smiled and nooded and gave me a pained expression as she went through her phone to show pictures while I just smiled and gave him the same look although I was screaming in my head.

Fuck life is brutal. You can be the most helpful kind person and women are still interested in chads who couldn't care less about them.

"You have to approach girls, they're shy and aren't comfortable with approaching"...unless it's Chad.


Deserved tbh. Why would you voluntarily lend your services to a foid, wasting both your time and energy

”Why not facilitate an easy bone for his Chad bro to ingratiate himself into the girl's presumably female social circles at a future date? Don't tell me his 10 minutes of minuscule effort are futile when he ends up at the party with Chad while we're all here talking about how over it is.”

JFL if you think the party will be anything more than pure suicidefuel for him, and he has to get invited in the first place.

Everyone is having sex, kissing while laughing and drinking while you fake a smile and drink booze till you pass out on the sofa.

JFL this is me at every party I’ve ever attended

various incels #sexist

This guys name is literally Chad White


Imagine how good his life is due to his personality, how countless women fantasize about him due to his personality, how the world is his oyster due to his personality.
His personality is so great people who don't even know him assume he is inherently a better person than your average incel and treat him better as a result. While normies slave away in the gym trying to attain his level of personality for themselves, Chad is impregnating their women who swear they're faithful but succumb to his personality.

Brutal black pill

How long will it take for a girl to come and say "He's not my type :))"?

Girls who say this are typically sub 6/10 and like to pretend they don't like the top tier Chads because they're too busy banging girls that are 8+ and will never approach them

I do the same thing to the hottest girls too tbh, I don't feel worthy to look at them

How many female holes do you think this guy's been denied on his lifetime? Any?

None, naturally

He prly doesn't even have to ask

He is the denier of holes.

Femoids can fuck this level of guy by swiping right on an app
It's all over laddies

Just imagine he life he lives.

Ill try not to. It'll just make me want to drink until I pass out

Is this the guy who amogged the Asian manlet subhuman at the gym with his mere presence?

Eltrow #fundie

I don't need to look for evidence beyond faith. It is the evidence that establishes my faith. Faith is the belief in the facts. You have sat in chairs and have come to have faith that if you sit in a chair it will support you. If you had some bad experience with chairs you might not have faith in chairs.

Lookismisreal #sexist

The biggest delusion out there is that, men and femoids are equal. To the contrary, men and bitches were never equal and never will be. Why? Because equality itself is nothing but a distorted dream of humanity. However, society did not realize it or understand it in time -- and sadly, due to societies misguidance, cum dumpsters were given rights. Which has been one of the biggest mistakes mankind has ever made.

Just look at what has become of our society when femoids were given rights so they can do as they please: femoid sexual liberation, slutdom, polygamy/polyamory, cuckoldry, abortion, transexualism and feminism is thriving due to the fact that beef curtains have rights now. Let's also not forget that by giving them rights, bitches were also able to cast their irrelevant votes as well. Its really mind-boggling that a species who contributed nothing to society, except of course opening their legs, got rights. They don't deserve it all.

Which is why cum dumpsters should be stripped of all their rights so we can return back to a patriarchal society. A society where femoid independence is not accounted for, a society where femoids are treated solely as sex objects, a society where femoids will not be considered a person, a society where femoids will be the property of their fathers before marriage, and property of their husbands after marriage. This is the kind of society we need to keep bitches in leashes and maintain order and values. Because it is what makes a true society.

fishersofmen #fundie

(Are Skull Shirts Evil?)

This issue started in middle school with my son, and when he would bring me a shirt like that to buy, I said to him, "find one where your not paying due to the devil, and I buy it.", or I'd kiddingly call it a satin worship teeshirt. I joked about it, but he knew I was also serious.

Because we dealt with it early, he knows not to bother to buy one now (17) or I'll throw it away, and I have thrown some garbage type clothes away (things with sayings on it that aren't nice).

Now if I could just get him to STOP listening to some rap music, life would be near perfect, but.....when I find those cd's they disapear, and he doesn't listen to it in the house or around us. We make him miserable by complaining and whining about it, he turns it off.

I can really whine effectively after 4 teenagers, it makes them go insane.

I believe that these tshirts and music are softening to the devil and pay him homage. And skulls are on ALOT of clothes now.

Of course I don't think highly of tattos, peircing or any markings but thats just me.

If you let the kid know how you feel about it and why, (talk to him like an adult) and then let him make the decision on it, maybe he'll make the right one, maybe not. Don't YOU buy the shirts or the bad music, make HIM spend his own money on it.
Then conveniently never wash the shirt, so he has to wash it himself, or if you see the cd laying around, hide it under a book or a shelf, maybe he'll forget about it.

You can always demand and say no, but that usually gets ya rebellion.

Its a tough world out there, and our kids are smack dab into alot of bad stuff our generation and the generation before have created for them.

Lookismisreal #sexist

The degenerate society we live in treat femoids as benevolent creatures of light who can do no wrong despite the heinous acts they commit in their day-to-day life. Even if femoids do break the law by doing some degenerate act and is sentenced to rot in prison for a considerable amount of time their punishment is much more lax compared to their male counterparts. Which is why Incels should be given permission to access femoid prisons.

Just think about it: by allowing this society as whole would benefit greatly since no femoid would even contemplate to commit an act of crime because it would know that it would have to give its bodies to an Incel as a punishment for the crime it committed. Incel men on the other hand, would also befit greatly from this since they would be able to release all their pent-up sexual frustrations at these creatures.

The process should go as follows: every weekend Incels would be granted permission to enter femoid prisons where each cum dumpster would placed in separate prison cells. After entering a cell of his choice, an Incel would be able to freely fuck the cuntrag however he wants. However, if a femoid prisoner refuses to offer its body to an Incel, it would be tied up lashed until the lashing leaves welts on the bitches body, only to be hatefucked afterwards.

Lookismisreal #sexist

Femoids are evil creatures who are born to bring forth misery and destruction wherever they step foot. The havoc they cause now has amplified tenth fold due to the fact that they have been given a huge number of rights -- and because of such, the regression of our civilization is eminent.

Decadence goes deep to every corner of the world. Society itself is now rotten to the core. It won't be long before the world as we know it will be sucked into the deep abyss and be lost forever. All because of female human organisms, who themselves are responsible for the fall of civilizations since time unknown.

To avoid such a travesty occurring, the only solution that is available, is to remove all the rights that have been bestowed upon such ungrateful, depraved creatures. Which are:

Their right to be upholded as respectable citizens should be removed. (Femoids are second class citizens and always will be.)

Their right to be treated equal as men should be relinquished. (Males are the superior gender. Femoids can never be as equal to men since equality itself is delusional dream.)

Their right to equal pay should be removed. (Men work harder than femoids in every way. Therefore, bitches should not be payed equally, but less.)

Their right to vote should be relinquished. (Voting is a far too strenuous and intellectually engaging for a feeble femoid to comprehend and negotiate.)

Their right to drive should be removed. (Femoids have caused enough accidents because they have the right to drive. Time to end it.)

Their right to run for office or hold any kind of high positions should be relinquished. (Femoids aren't capable of logical thinking or rationality. Therefore, giving them power to run a country is nothing but a grave mistake that should not happen.)

Their right to divorce men should be removed. (Husbands own their wife's -- and it is up to him to decide whether he wants to put up with the cum dumpsters or not.)

Their right to enter the workforce should be relinquished. (Femoids are more happy when they are confined to their houses. They are just a distraction in working spaces.)

Their right for abortions should be removed. (Femoids are serial killers who are responsible for the deaths of millions of unborn babies. It's time to put a stop to it once and for all.)

Their right to accuse men of domestic violence should be relinquished. (If a bitch enters an abusive relationship, she is the only one to blame. She should have used her misogynist radar to detect if the man is abusive or not.)

Their right to speak and give their useless opinion should be removed. (Men are high intellectuals who should not bother about the opinion of low-life scum.)

Their right to bodily integrity should be relinquished. (Femoids are the property of men; which in turn makes them not the owner of their body.)

Their right to clothing must be reformed. (Femoids will no longer allowed to dress as slutty whores. They should wear adequate clothing at all times.)

Their right to fakeup should be removed. (Bitches only use it to manipulate and deceive innocent men. Nothing of value would be lost.)

Their right to choosing their partner should be relinquished. (Men are the ones who should choose a partner for femoids to prevent sexual market place equity.)

Lookismisreal #sexist

Sluts should be executed using ducking stools

Most Incels tend to suggest immediate execution methods when it comes to dealing with degenerate, slutty, femoids. But in all honesty, quick executions are too lenient; its basically giving them a quick way out without letting them experience pain for the profound destruction they have caused towards society. Which is why we should focus on the punishments conducted when patriarchy was still strong. Patriarchal societies got it absolutely right when it came towards dealing with femoids. Any cum dumpster who went out of the line was punished severely, without any exception, using different methods. In regards to this topic, I would like to focus on the ducking stools: a punishment-device which was used back in the early days of England.

For those who do not know what a ducking stool is: it was a punishment device which punished femoids via a form of waterboarding. The stool featured a long wooden beam with a chair attached to one end. The beam was then mounted to a seesaw, allowing the shackled cuntrag to be dunked repeatedly into the water. Most of the time the cunt would be stripped naked before it is shackled into the wooden armchair.

Just imagine this form of punishment method making a return... Degenerate sluts would first be lined up as they would be stripped from all of their clothes. One by one will then be placed on the chair and shackled, only to plunged into the water repeatedly. How many times a slut would be dunked would depend on how many partners it has had. For an example: if a cunt has slept with ten men, then it would be dunked into the water ten times times. Each time it is dunked, the femoid would somehow have to hold its breath for thirty seconds, before it is resurfaced again. Once it is resurfaced, the cunt would be given six seconds to catch its breath, before it is plunged back into the water again. This would be a mandatory routine every femoid would have to undergo. After a bitch has been dunked the amount of the times it was intended to, then it would be drowned to death which would in turn serve it as the ultimate punishment.

Moeggels #sexist

How do normie fathers with daughters not rope?

I couldn't imagine having to spend at least a quarter of my life and hundreds of thousands of dollars raising a fleshlight for chad and Tyrone. Imagine witnessing the birth of your daughter, seeing her take her first steps, feeding her, changing her diapers only for her to end up getting spitroasted by highschool/ college Chads. If I had one I would probably keep it inside. I'd be too embarrassed to be seen with it out in public as I would get lifemogged by real men with sons who are actually worth something unlike the slut i'm raising which will be passed around for the pleasure of undeserving men. The female's body is literally designed to be defiled like the worthless piece of garbage it is. Females have absolutely no respect for themselves. If they did, they would abstain from sex since Chad only sees them as pleasure holes. I am certain that if I ever did ascend I would have a daughter and she would mock and disrespect me by letting men ravage her holes.

[Links to porn videos titled " White College Girl Taking Thick #BBC" and "Me & the guys feeding the cocktail waitress Swallow cum bukkake facial"]
This is what will be happening to your daughter every single day while she's in college.

SchrodingersDick #sexist

Most men date women around their age. Hollywood actors date younger because they are Hollywood actors, duh

Survivor bias. Hollywood is full of extremely high SMV men. It’s literally a prerequisite to have looks in order to have access to the money and status that comes with being an actor or otherwise famous person. An actor’s sex life is nothing like the average man’s sex life.

so naturally their dating pools are the largest, and as a man’s dating pool grows, it becomes younger and younger as THAT IS WHAT FEMALE SMV IS. Not that non sentient hole author talking about that 49 year old roastie is a catch because she’s smart and talented or whatever. In the SMP, only genes matter. Only sex appeal. Perceived reproductive success and perceived fighting success. It’s like leftists and feminists reject anything that might be a source of discomfort to some (knowing that SMV is non malleable and there are indeed people superior to you in these metrics). Muh just world view. Muh were all equal. Muh you can be whoever you want to be bro!

but still, most men are with their age match; not because they’re non-misogynistic feminists who see the true value in the female soul or whatever, but because they can’t do better. If they could, they would be fucking much younger girls 100% of the time.

it’s old lady cope. Foids 40+ shouldn’t be complaining about not getting 40 year old millionaire chad. They should be raising grandkids already. They shound have already been out of the sexual market for 20 years. They squandered their JB youth/fertility/attractiveness and are mad that other women arent doing the same.

It’s kinda hilarious that they complain about this because almost every woman goes through a period in her life where she is an extremely valuable, high SMV “catch”.. for the majority of women this is a small window from puberty to like 20. they experience very high SMV and an ability to get virtually any man they want... while the vast majority of men never live a day as high SMV males.. most men live out their lives totally invisible to women from birth to death. Their only sexual success is the Result of low SMV female necessity/desperation. Betabuxxing is not victory. It’s worse than inceldom. Atleast as an incel you have dignity. You are not someone’s slave or ATM, while pretending you are the love of their life.

as always, let’s not expect any reason or logic from females. Always expect olympics level mental gymnastics, and usually 500 different logical fallacies per paragraph.

Lookismisreal #sexist

Femoids are extremely selfish bitches who are governed purely by their emotions and feelings due to extra hormones in their systems and their naturally stunted IQs.

They are driven by their primal instincts, plain and simple, and their bestial, cave-man urges tell them to fuck as many Chads and Tyrone's as possible, only to produce an enormous Chad/Tyrone brood -- and then, when the bitch is a 30 year old bleached whale, frumpy, with a disgusting, saggy, battered and mangled cunt, she will find a beta provider to provide for her and Chad's or Tyrone's offspring.

But the femoid cum dumpsters would still cheat on their beta provider if some Chad/Tyrone were to give them attention.

ThoughtfulCel #sexist #dunning-kruger

[Serious] Man is the main cause of Inceldom

We can all agree that man has played a major role in advancing the human race through each era and age. The stone age, Victorian era, the age of discovery, etc. We can also agree that man has not always made the right decisions in history, with countless wars, terrible torture and rape, brutality, etc. But in general man has dominated and ruled over earth for centuries.

When i say man is the cause of Inceldom, i do not mean any of you are, or even the majority of men. I mean a select few men have doomed all of us to a life of inceldom. Man is the reason women have rights, he is the reason women can vote, can drive, can work, etc. Man is also the reason why most of us will never have sex, girlfriends, or wives.

Throughout history we've had countless books and quotes spoken and written by our greatest minds warning us about the nature of women. These men existed before females were "equal" to men, and saw through the deceptively convincing docile and innocent nature that women convey. If they were alive today, half of the things they said would not appear in any form of media. Currently it is a sin to expose female and criticize female nature for what it is.

Man has made it so that the nature of females is not only accepted, but encouraged. We've created devices, programs, and websites,that further encourage female hypergamy and their selective and discriminatory nature. We defend, orbit, and put down other men in hopes of gaining female attention and acceptance.

If a dog bites you maliciously, as a master, do you scold and slap it? Or do you let it continue to bite you? The answer is obvious, yet ignored when it comes to women. Women vocally speak their hatred of men. They lie, cheat, deceive, and storm media in hordes, complaining, whining, and babbling about inequality. And what does man do? He keeps giving, feeding, and allowing females to continue. He lets the dog continue to bite in order to satisfy it, without realizing it will never be satisfied.

Because of this, art, music, speech, and the lives of many men have been censored in the pursuit of keeping women happy and feeding into the female ego. What man doesn't understand is that females will never be satisfied. First it was the right to vote, then equal rights, and now you can't even engage a female without meeting HER checklist of requirements or you run the risk of being socially outcast. And the sad part is, its too late to turn back.

Women are not strong, they are not wise, funny, or even good for entertainment or friendship. Yet it is man who tells them they are. Coddles them, empowers them, and feeds them. And it is man who is responsible for inceldom.

TLDR females are terrible, and we've known that since we gained sentience as a species, but despite that, they have been allowed to unleash their full nature thanks to man. You can hate females for what they are, but its important to remember the cucks in history who have supported and allowed females equality despite knowing their nature.

Jesse Lee Peterson #racist

(Uncle Tom’s at it again. And holy shit! is he deep up massa’s ass.)

Right-wing commentator and pastor Jesse Lee Peterson joined a broadcast hosted by neo-Nazis yesterday and expressed his appreciation that the hosts were influencing young white men.

During a Nov. 6 stream on the website DLive, Peterson joined Robert Warren Ray, who is better known by his persona “Azzmador” on the neo-Nazi blog The Daily Stormer, and a person only identified as “Jimmy,” but whose voice sounds remarkably similar to Daily Stormer founder Andrew Anglin. During the appearance, Ray asked Peterson to elaborate on his frequent claims that black people in America lived better under Jim Crow laws–which enforced racial segregation in the American South, stripped African Americans of their rights, and enabled racial terrorism against African Americans–than they do today.

“Black people were not whining, complaining, and begging and blaming the white man. They were better off then than they are today because they had family and they treated everyone the way that they would like to be treated. And they knew that there were good and bad in all cultures,” Peterson told Ray.

Peterson insisted that Jim Crow laws would have been naturally reversed by a diverse group of “decent people” of different races, but that the civil rights movement “forced things to happen, and you can’t make anyone love you.” Peterson said the civil rights movement “should have never happened” and described it as a “big mistake.”

At the end of Peterson’s interview with the hosts, Peterson told them: “I’m really happy to know that there are other guys like you guys out there encouraging these young men to overcome anger and return to God, because their parents didn’t tell them that, and they’re not getting it in the schools. And especially with the young white males, I don’t want them to destroy themselves by being angry and doing the wrong thing because that’s a set-up from the children of the lie.”

“Children of the lie” is a term that Peterson often uses to describe people he believes are influenced by evil forces.

“I’m glad that the word is getting out that you can speak up, but don’t hate, because if you hate, you’re going to do something that you regret later, and we’re going to have a civil war, and they’re going to call you white supremacist and racist, and they’re going to make laws that destroy white men or anyone that stands up,” Peterson said.

Jimmy asked if Peterson believed there was not a political solution to the societal flaws they collectively perceived, to which Peterson agreed. After Peterson left the podcast, Jimmy praised Peterson for agreeing with him that “these young black men are a major problem” and suggested that the United States would need to have laws against “race-mixing.” Peterson, Jimmy said, “seems like the kind of guy we should be embracing if we’re looking for some kind of solution to the black problem.”

Peterson has long associated with extremists, both hosting them on his show and appearing on shows hosted by extremists. In January, he appeared on a white nationalist podcast and told the host that “unless white people take over, it’s over for America.”

Napoleon de Geso #sexist #psycho

[Serious] Femoids need serious animal training

Training goes like this: femoids are tied up to chairs with sensors and electroed attached, and shown pictures of men. And when men are nice guy looking - beautifull music plays, and pleasant aromas spreads in room. When shown pictures of fuckboys - unpleasant sounds and smells. And when pictures of chads - femoids get electroshock, if sensors register sexual arousal

Those animals need to be trained

Todd #fundie

You people are fucking pathetic. Are you even listening to yourselves? “Oh, he’s so self centered, he’s not getting tested for ME”. Seriously? Grow the fuck up and wear a condom. Accept that if you’re screwing strangers, some of them aren’t going to be the most savory people. Refusing to get tested for YOUR convenience is hardly the worst thing someone’s trick could do.

Let me get this straight: the average queerty reader is apparently engaging in sex with strangers. Rather than admit that strangers sometimes don’t behave as we’d like and respond accordingly, we’ve constructed an ideal in our heads that these people have an obligation to get tested and disclose for OUR protection. Then, when we’re presented with the reality that not everyone does this, it is somehow THEY who are selfish, stupid and mean? Wow. I mean, wow. All ideals aside, you people are fucking idiots. Would you also leave your doors unlocked and wallet out only to be horrified that someone took your stuff? As for selfish: I don’t think you even know the meaning of the phrase. To be offended that someone isn’t risking a legally subordinate position just so you can have the sex you want kinda takes the cake, doesn’t it? Wow. What part of Bizarro World do you people live on?
All these fucking girls sit here whining about how its a “deadly weapon”. We’re not talking about fucking rape here. If they’re so fucking terrified, they need to sit at home and jack off.

[ Assholes like you are the ones who spread the disease just cause you’re horny. Fuck that; if you have the balls to fuck another guy, have the balls to say whether you carry HIV, and let him decide for himself if some stranger fucktard like you is worth risking infection? ]

Oh grow the fuck up you sanctimonious asshat. I haven’t spread it to anyone. Between condoms and undetectable status, the people I sleep with are more likely to be crushed by blue ice falling from an airplane than infected by me.
For the record, I *do* disclose to everyone, mostly because I don’t want some crazed nutjob like the losers on this website to come after me when they inevitably test positive. And yes, many of them will inevitably test positive. Anyone who thinks that disclosure is an effective way to protect agains the virus is setting himself up for a rude awakening. Just because I disclose doesn’t mean I agree with these laws, and just because someone disagrees with these laws (or doesn’t disclose) doesn’t mean they spread the disease. They’re separate issues. It is only because people like you keep reinforcing the idea that they’re one and the same that people continue to operate under the delusion that disagreement=nondisclosure=infection=murder..


Disclosure isn’t about “someone else’s right”. We don’t disclose when we have any other STD, including HCV and HPV which each kill more people than HIV. We don’t disclose to everyone we walk near if we have TB, despite the fact that you’re more likely to get TB from a casual acquaintance than HIV from a condomed, undetectable trick. We don’t disclose our driving records to our passengers or our credit scores to our lovers. All of these things are “relevant risks”, but we don’t demand people talk about them. Why? Because in every other area, we concede that there is some small amount of risk, and we admit that sometimes people have to take responsibility for their own decisions. HIV and “disclosure” are special areas, detached from the actual complications of the virus or the liklihood of infection.
HIV Disclosure hasn’t been about anything noble since it became apparent that condoms were an effective way to stop the disease. Its about forcing people to wear a scarlet letter, ghettoizing those who are infected and covering the whole thing up with a cheap veneer of “personal harm reduction” or whatever the discrimination-disguised-as-prevention crowd wants to whitewash it as.
No one has trumpeted this horn as loudly, or as uncle-tomishly as you, and for that, I’m rightfully calling you out on the carpet as a jerk and a bigot of the highest order. You’re not “saving anyone”, you’re validating discrimination, and you should be ashamed of yourself.


[Responding to an obvious troll named Concerned Oreganian]

I notice Constricted Feedbag still likes to come up here to the Big House and sit with the White folk.

Can't blame him/her. Uppity Negroes like to be around us Whites. That is why when they cried out "free at last, free at last"....the first thing they did was to sue the White folk so they can live around us.


Yeah, imagine that. They have whined and complained about "slavery" and "racism" and how hateful we Whites are, but when they are "free at last" they turn around and DEMAND to live in White suburbs and attend University of Mississippi......go figure.

The Snivel Rights movement had nothing to do with rights or such. It was just a war to take the White man's money and f**k White women. It had nothing to do with being free. The last thing the Negro wants is to be free and on his/her own.

They would starve as they are now doing so in Suid Afrika.

When I lived there, the Kaffirs lived BETTER than they do now. Today, even they suffer more under Kaffir rule and have it worse than under White rule. Serves them right. But, the vast majority of Negroes would rather die and starve and be infected with diseases just as long as the face on the poster is Simian.

But of course, Constipated Feedbag lives in the US, once a White nation, and enjoys the benefits of slavery. He live here. Most likely he works in a "white" company, lives in a "white" area and visits white theaters, restaurants and bars.

Niggers like Conflicted Feedass make me sick.

eyzwydopen #racist

[In response to the question, "If a black man saved you from death, what would you say to them?

Would you say "oh it's just the exception" or would you come to understand that black people are human and fully capable of everything a white man is? Hm?"...asked by a devout Christian girl]

What the pint sized jewess is really saying is this.
If a Black man saved your life, wouldn't you feel ashamed of yourself and give up all your crazy ideas of preserving your race and your nations and walk away from White Nationalism?
No, jew.
We would not give up our struggle to preserve our race and our nations any more than you would give israel back to the Palestinians if one of them saved your life.
Christians saved your worthless asses in Germany with a loss of lives that far surpassed your imaginary six million, and this was after jews murdered between 20 and 40 million Christians in Russia, burned down thousands of Churches and brutally slaughtered every member of the Christian clergy.
And yet your tribe still hates them.
They squeel in disgust at the sight of a cross, they sue to have Christian religious symbols removed from their view, they whine and complain about Christmas being celebrated in the Christian countrys that they have infested, (the December dilemma) they mock Christ on their media, they send Christ hating homosexuals to attack Christians in their churches, they make laws to criminalize the Christian bible.
They have even twisted the words of Christ to deceive the faithful in order to lure them into an alliance with them to destroy Christianity, the White race and western civilisation.
And you have the chuztpa to ply us with a hypothetical question in an attempt to make us feel ashamed of ourselves for resisting the jewish led destruction of our race and nations?

Let me ask you some questions, jew.
What kind of human beings that claim they care so much about the well being of others follows a religious doctrine that teaches them how to cause the death of someone without taking any responsibility for it?
What kind of God fearing religion forbids their followers from saving someone from drowning unless he pays them?
What kind of religion instructs their followers that non jews are so filthy that they have to wash their belongings if one touches them?
What kind of people who pretend to be God fearing and pious, push pornography on moral society, glorify substance abuse, promote race mixing to disolve an entire race of people out of their shear hatred for them and work feverishly to undermine and destroy traditional family values and the church that bonds their communitys?
Try to answer these questions without the "expected" jew excuses or redirecting.

Chicago's Salem Baptist Church #fundie

[Emphasis is mine.]

This Halloween, Chicago's Salem Baptist Church wants teenagers to go straight to "hell." Admission is $7 and passengers arrive at its gates on a yellow school bus.

Salem's "Nights of Terror" promises to "scare the hell out of teens" by guiding them on a half-hour tour through Hades -- or at least what passed for it in the don't-call-it-a-haunted-house set up in the church's administrative offices at 109th and Cottage Grove. [...]

In one scene, a girl was lying on a gurney where a masked man in surgical scrubs pretended to perform an abortion. A toilet was sitting nearby apparently to collect the aborted fetus.

A fenced-in cell housed a few denizens of "hell," including a pedophile trolling the Internet for a young victim, a meditating Buddhist, and two mincing young men wearing body glitter who were supposed to be homosexuals.

Bones #fundie

I have been saying for a long time now that patriarchy is the natural order of things for our species. Any species that has significant sexual dimorphism between the genders will have one dominant gender and one submissive. And we can easily observe both in physical and mental aspects that men are the dominant gender and women are the submissive.

Women have 10% smaller brains on average, around 5 IQ points less on average, and a smaller deviation, meaning at the high extreme of IQ men far outnumber women. Men are much faster, stronger, more durable, logical and rational on average. Testosterone allow men to take more risks and be more creative, striving to bring humanity forward. While women are afraid of risks because they evolved this way (due to having the instinct to have progeny and being able to protect it with the help of the most suitable male among other factors). This is why women have less independent thought and are more easily swayed by the opinions of others, especially from others with authority, ie group thinking.

I dont necessarily think women should have less rights due to being the biologically inferior gender, but they should be happy to have as many rights and privileges as they have now (even more than men in some regards) instead of whining and complaining about how "oppressed" they are. And the government should pay less attention to feminists and cater less to womens demands in the future since women already have equal opportunity in life as men have. As soon as artificial wombs are available in large quantity, then childbirth is no longer in control of women alone, and thus the government no longer need to keep women satisfied in order to have a steady birthrate.

(which they still failed to do despite trying to keep women as happy as possible, all because of hypergamy and women wanting to have it all (great career, marriage and children) but end up failing and thus a lot less children are born regardless)

I hope when that happens we will have a true meritocracy, because that is the only thing that is "fair", when it comes to voting, our votes doesnt really affect much anyway, the west doesnt really follow a true democratic system, and many things are probably rigged and only makes us believe our votes matter. I dont really care but i would really like to get rid of crap like affirmative action and quotation laws, and less focus on past events and "equality" which is pretty much impossible to achieve.

William Retzel #fundie

To build a case for the reality of God, we must start with the evidence for God. We have to show that first a Higher power exists. Second: if its one or many Gods. Third: if its a deist type it theistic type. Fourth: what makes the theistic God true of the Bible compared to Islam. Five: whats the evidence for Jesus and if Jesus claims to be God does the evidence support that. The evidence below will shed light on every one of the questions above.

The Kalam study, Ontological, teleological, archeological, biological, philosophical, historical, forensic evidence, manuscript textual criticism, early church fathers letters, secular sources, eye witnesses, amazing 360 degree life changes once hearing or seeing the truth, testimonials, prophecies fortold in the past and recorded historical events actually took place, moral law that is transcending, space,time, and matter came into existence during the big bang which means before the big bang there was no matter or natural relm. It took something from the supernatural relm that had to be spaceless, timeless, immaterial, powerful, intelligent. All points to a theistic God.

Just from secular sources, manuscripts, fragments, and early church fathers letters brings even the scholar skeptics to admit our current Bible is atleast 98% accurate to the original sources.

Making the Bible the best evidence to show who God is.

Cold case detective J Warner Wallace who has been on tv a few times for solving really old cold cases decided to try and prove the Bible wrong by using forensic science and investigating the eye witness accounts. Which surprised him how accurate they came to any eye witness accounts he had came across many times and eventually the evidence led to accept Christ.

Christianity became true when the very real historical the Jesus called Christ was crucified and from eye witness and secular sources speak of this event happening. Then something crazy happened 3 days later that gave great courage to the scared and hiding disciples that they gave their lives for claiming Jesus had risen ( in which only God can defeat death). Something turned the middle east and Rome upside down and Christianity spread like wild fire. The early church creed almost sounded as if I dare you to investigate the still alive eye witnesses for yourselves.

IsraeliteBarbie #fundie #sexist #psycho

[Rant] Black pill or Pink pill, truth makes those in power want to destroy you. Biblecel perspective.

Knowing that beauty is power for women and status/money/looks is power for men. We know and believe that there are a lot of people out there that don't want to hear our lamenting. They would go so far as to wish us dead than to offer a shred of sympathy and understanding.

We see it everyday on this sub. Normans dropping in to tell us when and how we can whine and complain. Even on our own corner of the internet we are not safe. The endless platitudes and suggestions from the avg norman. They have little struggle being loved and committed to in this world. It's truly cancerous and astonishing their lack of awareness and empathy. Almost pathological.

Never forget with truth comes persecution. Don't let these fake woke people get in your head and make you feel like you aren't allowed to feel what you feel or think what you think. Don't let any normie contradict something you know as a fact. You lived it. They could never understand something you know first hand.

For my femcels who follow the Bible. Look at Christ. Look at the prophets and apostles. Nobody rolled out the red carpet for them. They lived in fear. Never knowing where their next meal came. Or when they would be persecuted and die a horrible death. Simply due to bringing out the truth of the most high and doing his will.

Wicked people don't want to be confronted with their wickedness. They want to be comfortable, complacent and stagnant in this unjust world where they operate at the upper end of society. Anything outside the status quo will put you at risk. Look at inceltears. They rejoice and find humor in others pain. Everyone has their cross to bear, but they get off on seeing those weaker than them and more beat down by life. They pacify one another into believing this world isn't the problem and instead we are. Gaslighting and projection. Do not let this weaken you, sisters.

Biblecels know, when we are reproached or spoken evil of, it's because you've decided to take on a walk the majority of people have denied. By choosing to follow truth you become a black sheep. These are things that we must glorify in. Through these trials and tribulations it shows who belongs to Christ. Through fire, we are purified.

It is the same for black/pink pill truth. Refusing to eat the shit this world gives us with a grin, is our glory. We can make a change. We can be examples for the unlovable women in the world, and shine the light on those who are suffering and don't know why... If I never found this sub, I'd still be wasting my time and resources trying to find someone to love me and marry me. Now I put my energy toward things that will actually benefit my life. There's nothing wrong with rejecting worldliness when the world has rejected you. Truth/Enlightenment is the best gift.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

There are many that enter the truth and have no real understanding of what they will need to do to become strong within. We exist at a time at which all the prophets of the past longed to be apart of. And yet we sometimes find ourselves making light of this reality when really it is a blessing. It is the time of our deliverance from the forces of darkness and the coming of Christ. With that time comes great sacrifice and great tribulation on those that wish to stand in the truth. The scriptures are written for our learning and faith comes by hearing the word of God. Let's look at some of the trials of the past so that we may stay charged with faith. The faith which is required to oppose the devil and the times ahead where the whole world will turn against and look to destroy the righteous.

Certainly there’s almost a sort of strength one gets from accepting a painful reality as opposed to holding out for some BS some “friend” pumped you full of. Feeling of Missed Opportunity is debilitating unless you shed it off and get that there’s no opportunity in the first place. Might as well make yourself a juggernaut in other areas of your life, and find solace with the rest of us meeks

Absolutely. It is freeing and empowering to remove yourself from the rat race and live on your own terms.


Thank you. Yes my faith keeps me going, it's the only thing I have left besides my family, my cats and my sisters on this sub. I cleave onto christ with all my strength. I was a believer before discovering femcel truth. And femcel truth has only strengthen my faith in Christ because it fulfills end time prophecy and is part of the curse upon my people for worshipping false gods.

scott #fundie

No creation myth should be taught. Only the true 6 day Creation none myth of the Bible should be taught.

Anyways all this whining and complaining about what should and shouldn't be taught is complete Nonesense. I learned more about Christianity in College than I ever did in Public Schools. Nobody had any problem whatsoever when we had discussions about Creation or Christianity. Quite frankly it doesn't matter if it is taught. The only people getting upset about it are the Die-hard Atheist/ Evolutionist.

Gordon Klingenschmitt #fundie

Earlier this year, the Maine Supreme Court ruled that local school officials had violated the rights of a transgender student by not allowing her to use the girls' restroom and Gordon Klingenschmitt was unsurprisingly opposed to this ruling, declaring on his "Pray In Jesus Name" program yesterday that what this student really needed was a spanking and an exorcism.

Noting that Nicole Maines has an identical twin brother, Klingenschmitt declared that she was possessed by a demonic spirit.

"One of those two boys is possessed by a demon," he said, "and the parents are encouraging that and really what the parents ought to do is take that boy to an exorcist, take that boy to a minister or at least discipline the boy, maybe give him a spanking. Maybe dress him like a boy even if he complains and whines and says 'I don't wanna wear boys clothes.' Too bad, son. You're a boy, you gotta man up":

Kyle Reyes #fundie

A US company has introduced a “snowflake test” to weed out overly sensitive, liberal candidates who are too easily offended.
The test includes questions such as “What does America mean to you?” and “When was the last time you cried and why?”. Many questions are designed to assess a candidate’s stance on America, police, and guns.
Someone who’s not proud to be an American is immediately out of the running, as are people who don’t support the Second Amendment right to bear arms, said Kyle Reyes, who created the test.
“A snowflake is somebody who is going to whine and complain and come to the table with nothing but an entitled attitude and an inability to back their perspective.” Mr Reyes told Fox News.
“We use the test to weed out the sort of people who were inundating us with resumés and didn’t even know what we did.”
Mr Reyes said the tactic had been successful - 60 per cent of applicants to his marketing company drop out when they hear about it.
In a YouTube video about his company, Mr Reyes fires guns and speaks to an injured war veteran before turning to the camera to talk directly to “whiny, entitled” millennials.
He warns them: “You’re young, you’re ignorant, you’re brainwashed by liberal professors who didn’t tell you that in the real world, the only “safe space” is in your parents’ basement.”
The company boss said his test has been popular because, “people are sick and tired of having to be so politically correct”. Other firms have contacted him looking to implement similar guards against hiring snowflake candidates, but most are too scared, he added.
Asked about potential discrimination lawsuits, the CEO said: “There’s no discrimination here, this is nothing more than a glorified personality test.”

Michael Glatze #fundie

[...] I am just one of millions who has stopped being homosexual, and become heterosexual.
The sick irony is that many people have absolutely no problems when someone goes from "straight" to "gay," suggesting that the person had a latent homosexuality that was just waiting to "come out!" But, what about the possibility that nobody has a latent sexuality that is anything other than the freedom to choose? Homosexuality is a choice, not a born identity. It may develop - those same-sex desires - in people for various reasons, but rather than focus on the reasons for same-sex desire, it's far more important to focus on the reality of choosing homosexuality, and the ramifications for society as well as the individual soul's relationship with God.
Those who claim they can't imagine a person leaving homosexuality are trapped in a mindset that - at its root - doubts Christ's ability to overcome. A person trapped in another sinful addiction will never be told, by any good-hearted person, that he can't possibly quit, so he should never try! But, seemingly "virtuous" people actually SAY that to friends and family members, with regards to homosexuality!? People who take the side of evil will INEVITABLY take the side AGAINST that which is good. This is a major sin; and, honestly, anyone who doubts the truth needs to seriously spend some time in prayer with God, before opening their mouths again and pushing people much further into bondage. Christ is liberty; it is up to Christians to get all of our arrogant assumptions and misconceptions out of the way, and let Christ free the trapped souls.
I don't have much patience for Christians who pretend they are "concerned" about this issue, but doubt God's truth - acting as though they, somehow, are more intelligent than God. Those people have issues.

[On those who can't "pray away the gay" even after years or fall back]

People spend too much time doubting the power of Christ, and living - instead - an entirely grace-less, self-indulgent life. The truth of the gospel is that Christ's life actually comes to life within your body, and you are no longer alive - you have been made dead in Him. So, there is nothing to complain about, if the God who created the universe and loved us enough to send His Son to become sin on our behalf, dwells in our very body!
Sure, life has its challenges; but, there is not a man or woman on earth who does not have challenges in life! People need to rise up out of their victim-mentality, their supreme self-indulgence, and let Christ have the pre-eminence in their lives. Only then will they be filled with the "fullness of joy" of glorifying God with every "word and deed," and they will love their lives in Christ so much, no matter where He takes them.
So, I reject the victimhood approach. If I were to say that a person who struggles with homosexual temptations were any different than a person who struggles with other temptations, I would be only observing one - selected - portion of reality, rather than the whole thing. And, in that unity of mankind, Christ understands what we're all going through, because he was in all ways tempted just as we are, but without sin. Thus, he can succor those of us that suffer - WHICH IS ALL OF US! It's about how you view your walk through life. If it's all about you, you, you, you're probably going to whine and complain a lot - ultimately, directly rebelling against God, doubting His Goodness, and suggesting He isn't powerful enough for you! But, if you submit - recognize, as a Christian you're dead in Christ... essentially "get over yourself," - you will find the true liberty in the grace of God, which will take you through some remarkable places, including deliverance from sins and a far better life lived for the true glory of the living God. But, don't take my word for it - or, you're bound to just think I'm an opinionated man with no compassion. Study the Bible. Get to know God yourself. It's your choice.
Many people fail because a part of them would rather wallow in despair than accept the fullness of God's grace. It is a subtle form of pride; no surprise full healing can't happen amidst that kind of a spiritual condition!!!

Lookismisreal #sexist

We are all led to believe that rape is the most violent and cruel crime committed against femoids, and humanity as a whole. We are consistently reminded on how repugnant and malevolent it is -- but what they are not telling us is how the thing that is called rape is a way of femoids to get attention, validation and the support that they want. I mean, just think about it: whenever a femoid gets raped, the creature goes on to cry and moan about it until the end of times solely due to the fact that she knowns that people will always pity her and give her love and attention; even though she's completely over it.

You'll often see them writing books and becoming motivational speakers to tell the whole world how they should be pitied more -- ignoring the fact that they could have avoided the predicament if they didn't get drunk or dress like sluts. It shows you that whatever it maybe, society is always supportive towards femoids. But that cannot be said towards the countless of innocent men who get falsely accused and convicted due to these creatures.

Femoids can accuse men of rape falsely and without any evidence only to just get away with it -- and because of this hundreds and hundreds of men are falsely convicted every year due to the uprising of false rape charges. Their reputation destroyed, their families and friends disown them, no company will ever hire them, and all because they were falsely convicted. These poor souls lose their very life's due to the evil cunts that are femoids.

Once a man gets falsely convicted there is no going back. His life is over. Even if he was later released after proving his innocence, there will always be a group of people that will look at him in a bad way because of the fact that they still think he is guilty. It's a literal death sentence. Yet femoids still have the audacity to tell people that rape is the worst crime out there. No, it isn't, you cunts. It never will be. One day you will all pay for the crimes you have committed and the innocent men you put behind bars. Judgment day is coming.

Starbuck #fundie

[Response to "Evolution means that we're all distant cousins: humans and oak trees, hummingbirds and whales" at ]

Where would such smart people come up with utter balderdash? What time wasted on idiocy....

What was that? Athiests calling me a fool? or a religeous nut?

Well atleast I don't waste my time digging up rocks and making profound statements that people and trees come from a common ancestor. Sheer lunacy. Do you evolutionists even hear yourself talk?

If you want to be related to trees, well you go ahead.. But what I fear most is that you are actually related to the squirrels, and your relatives are calling you from the top of the tree.

Laskarina #racist

it is noteworthy that the Saudi Royal family are crypto Jews and do not bow during prayer, but sit in chairs. They paid for a forged genealogy to disguise theri origins and gain their throne.

The Sassoon family (responsible for the world drug trade) are originally from Basra, Iraq. I wonder what the Chinese will do when they figure out that the Jews were behind the opium ruination and wars in China.

Bob #fundie

A prediction:

Regardless of the science "Facts" found to favor God's Genesis model for origins -- there will STILL be Christians posting here whining and complaining about those facts AS IF anything in nature that is found to be in harmony with the Word of Nature's Creator is in fact "a bad thing" for a certain group of Christians who have bought into what we now know today as "distinctively atheist darwinianism" and somewhat atheist cosmology.

in Christ,


Asiacel #sexist #crackpot

[Experiment] Why women are hiveminded? (my thought)

Lots of people know that from their real life experience, that foids are hiveminded. A hivemind means that they think very similarly, like the same things, has the same behavior pattern.

Some real life examples include that girls always go to toilet together, sit together, chat about chads etc.

But why men think more individually than foids? The reason lies in evolutionary needs.

Think of a beautiful butterfly. He has to evolve colorful and beautiful wings to attract mates. Now, let's apply this to humans. Men, evolved the capability to think individually, in order to attract women. A individual man may have a individual hobby or a skill different from other men, which means he offer something others don't, thus attempting to gain a mating success.

Women does not need to adapt or evolve to have mating success. Their gender is the price by default in the nature.

Now why soyboys are also hiveminded? It's cause they are feminine and hivemind is one of the traits that come with it, hence you see so many soyboys doing the same thing. :soy: :soy: :soy:

YourFavoriteShadeOfRed #fundie

[You do realize that pregnancy in the can literally kill you right? (Ectopic, pregnant with or after cancer, etc) make you bedridden for the entire duration (9 months off work if you have no one else to support you, not to mention up to tens of thousands of dollars to spend on medical bills, food, expensive maternity clothes, not counting utilities and rent/mortgage) or you can become suicidal if you have tokophobia or go off your psych meds for a pregnancy (most cause fetal abnormalities)?]

So what if the baby’s abnormal? That doesn’t give the baby any less of a right to live!
You know all of these terrible problems can be solved by… Um, not getting pregnant?
And honestly. If you did get pregnant, you should really make sure none of the problems listed could happen to you. A responsible parent-to-be would make sure none of these problems would occur before they decided to have a child.
Call me insensitive all you want.

[Nobody survives an ectopic pregnancy. Not the parent, not the fetus. Both die. The only solution is an abortion. Also, it’s not exactly easy to predict how your body will react to a pregnancy if you’ve never been pregnant and weren’t planning to be.
You’re really saying that a baby that will only live for 15 minutes in extreme pain shouldn’t be aborted while it’s non-sentient and unable to feel pain or be aware of it’s existence?
Birth control fails more often than you would think. People also get pregnant from rape. Are you really going to sit there and say it’s their fault?
Please tell me how one should go about planning to afford a pregnancy they never planned to have. Have you done this? Do you have some emergency plan in place for how to afford a pregnancy in case you get raped tomorrow? Do you know of some way that everyone regardless of income or level of ability can develop such a plan? Seriously what cartoon world do you live in? ]

Yeah. So sorry about ectopic pregnancies. But a.) not every pregnancy happens that way, and b.) the fear of an ectopic pregnancy should never keep you from getting pregnant and having a kid.
I’ll quote you for a second:
“You’re really saying that a baby that will only live for 15 minutes in extreme pain shouldn’t be aborted while it’s non-sentient and unable to feel pain or be aware of it’s existence?”
Shut up with your “non-sentient” excuse. You contradicted yourself, you know. So you agree that a baby can feel pain… but you say that it’s unconscious? Yeah. That makes so much sense.
Yeah. I know that birth control fails. So don’t rely on birth control to protect you from pregnancy. If you decide to have sex, you’re risking getting pregnant.
I know people get pregnant from rape. When did I ever say it was the mother’s fault? It’s not. But once you’re pregnant, you aren’t responsible for just one person. This isn’t the mother’s needs. It’s the baby’s needs as well!
Yeah. Pregnancy CAN be expensive. But you are out of your mind if you think that a baby’s life is worth less than the money you need to care for it.
Listen. You are thinking about the worst possible situations. If you expect me to change my opinion on killing babies just because of the mother’s position, you’re delusional.
You know what cartoon world I live in?
A world where there aren’t terrible people like you that think killing the unborn is moral and completely okay.

Leucosticte #sexist #psycho

[OP of "[Rapefuel] Foids who come to RGIF need to understand", presenting the "Femoid Containment" subforum]

that their role is to be rapemeat for the men of this site who want to dominate them. This is a supermarket and the femoid containment section is the meat department, where men will stroll down and select a femoid who is to their liking, to throw in their cart for consumption. Otherwise, the meat would just sit aroundn and rot. The whole point of the meat's being there is so that some use can be made of it; otherwise, what was the point of producing it (i.e. why did parents produce these femoids, if not so that they could be some man's rapemeat, given that femoids don't have a lot of other useful purposes)?

When you're hungry and want some rapemeat, the only question is whether you're equipped to handle it. If you were buying a steak, you might consider, does my oven work; do I have silverware (although a REAL MAN might also just pick up that raw steak and wildly sink his fangs into it like a starving wolf, and let the blood run down his bare chest as he's devouring it, to get in touch with his primal fierceness). Similarly before grabbing a femoid to be your property, you might consider, "Am I set up to take care of a foid? Do I have a basement that's equipped with shackles, etc.?" but it's not mandatory.

It's not mandatory for a man to stroll down the meat aisle. You can avoid the femoid containment section. And if you go to the meat aisle, you're not required to pick out any meat. You could find none is to your liking, and keep going. Maybe it's not fresh enough, maybe it's too expensive, or whatever. Similarly, you might find there aren't any femoids who are cooperative enough or whatever to where you can deal with them. Then you just keep going. No need to linger around the meat aisle saying to the steaks, "I'm sure you'll find some customer who wants you."

No, it is the job of the butcher to make the meat fresh and attractive-looking and reasonably priced. The father of every girl should have put her on the meat market no later than when she hit puberty, and he should have given her over to a rape-patriarch. He should not have let a bunch of men have the opportunity to poke their penises into the steak and ejaculate into it, to where no other man would want to purchase it. He should not have left the steak sitting around till it became gray and didn't look attractive anymore. Society fucked up when it didn't let butchers prepare the meat properly and didn't let men consume the meat in the way they like (saying instead that meat has rights).

If some foid complains, "I met some guy from the site and he made me his rape-slave till I was able to escape" the site owners of course will have zero sympathy, and will say, "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU EXPECT?!" That's why we put "rape" all over the site, so that nobody can say that foids didn't know. If foids still show up that means they either want to get raped or they're too dumb to realize what this site is about; either way, the feminists lose because their theories about femoids (that they're strong, independent, and intelligent) are refuted.

Lookismisreal #sexist

I see some Incels pathetically deluding themselves to believe that not only someday a femoid would love them, but also believing that cuntrags are capable of love. They cannot be more wrong. Cum dumpsters are not in anyway capable of actually loving men; let alone Incels. They are only able to love a specific type of men: Chad and Tyrone. However, bitches only love them for how they make them feel and nothing more.

They love them as accessories. I mean, just think about it for a second: men would give their own life for the femoid they love, but cum dumpsters would never do the same. They may say they would, but it's nothing but bullshit. Which is why the concept of "love" itself is nothing but a charade for them.

Billie Faye Woodward #crackpot #ufo

<part of a Hollow Earth meditation session>

Well, what I’m going to say is this is a special time. This is a special time for you, all of you, globally. We are going to what is termed enable you to do what is termed as make connection with your Godselves. And that is what this meditation is about. And it is also about bringing forth your blessing that you have been waiting for. So, my beloved Saraiya is standing by and she has it all planned out, the meditation.
And so – we only have 20 minutes – so I am going to be silent myself and I am going to bring forth my beloved Saraiya, and she shall take it from this point. So, it is about meditating. So prepare yourselves. Turn off your iPads and iPods and things that are going to distract you. And turn off your telephones and go into your altar room or into your private space or your way out in Mother Nature and out with trees. And just get away from your hustle and bustle of your everyday existence. All right? Let us begin. And here is my beloved Saryya.

Indeed. Beloved children of Terra. We welcome all of you today to partake of this great event of this global meditation. So to begin everyone of you, just begin to relax. Whether you're sitting in a chair, whether you are out in nature whether you're in the woods or on the beach, or you are by a tree. Just sit and begin to relax with your feet on the ground, preferably on grass or on the sand or on the ground, but preferably with your feet connected to our beloved Terra and being barefoot if possible.
Zorra: In actuality do what is termed as stay where you are in your meditation, even after this 20 minutes is over. Just stay where you are and soak in the love and the Gods and Goddesses that you are.
Just feel that energy welling up within you as you walk on the white sandy beaches of Hollow Earth. As you step into the Hollow Earth warm waters and you commune with the mer peoples and things of this nature, and you see the oneness of them and the oneness of Hollow Earth. And the oneness of the power that lies within you. It is there. It is waiting to be tapped into.
So just do that.
Stay in your meditating state even after this meditation has come to an end. Let it not end, but continue within you. Stay as long as you desire, walking on the sands of Hollow Earth. Hand-in-hand with your Godselves. With your friends and with your relatives and with your brothers and sisters of Hollow Earth. Just walk with them and feel the Goddesses and Gods that you are. Because you truly are Gods and Goddesses. And therefore abundance is yours and you can bring this forth yourselves.

Reloader #racist

I was in the city yesterday on business and went to a new Chinese buffet for lunch. Some of the best food I've ever had too! I was seated in a section with only 4 other tables, all empty. I go up to the buffet and fill my plate and when I get to my table there's another table being seated, with 3 niggers. Oh that's just great. I sit and notice one of the sows staring at me. Not just a glance, but a glaring scowl.

I eat and every time I look up I see it staring at me. I get finished with the plate and go up to get another. Here comes the staring sow to the buffet, staring at me still! I get back to my seat and sit in another chair, with my back too their table.

As the sow walks past me she stares even harder. I am seriously concerned now, is this thing in attack mode or something? And here I sit now with my back to it. I finished up and left as soon as I could. Nigger ruined lunch for me. They ruin everything else, so why not lunch!

Bro Randy #fundie

[committed4ever posts asking how to make friends with an atheist at her school. Yemenal responds, "Just be a friend to her. You can't MAKE her believe, any more than she can CHOOSE to believe. Faith isn't a choice."]

We've already discussed how you should not befriend someone who is an athiest. You, as a Christian, cannot be unequally yoked together with an unbeliever.

Now, on to the second issue. Having faith is most certainly a choice. You choose to believe the chair you are sitting in will hold you up. You choose to believe the bridge you drive under will not fall, and you choose whether you will trust Jesus or not. Really, it is easier to trust God than it is to trust the chair or the bridge. Things made by man will fail.

God will never fail!

Anna Diehl #fundie

Now because your earthsuit acts so alive and cognizant, it’s hard to keep a grip on the fact that it’s just a machine with no eternal future. Most Christians do not realize that their earthsuits and their souls are two entirely separate things, and this leads to all sorts of discernment problems. We need to learn to think more like a pilot in a plane who knows the difference between flying the plane himself and turning on the autopilot program. When the autopilot program is on, the pilot can take his hands off of the controls. The controls will still move, but the pilot won’t be the one moving them. In the same way, your earthsuit is constantly doing things which your soul has no control over. Your earthsuit has a long list of autopilot programs which it is constantly running. It has one for breathing, one for digesting, one for circulation, one for your immune system–the list goes on and on. Suppose your earthsuit is sitting in a chair. Your soul is like the pilot inside the suit. Your soul decides it wants your earthsuit to get up and walk across the room. There is no panel of controls inside your suit that your soul can grab on to. The most your soul can do is send a command to your brain. Your brain runs your suit. Your soul tells your brain “Get up and walk across the room.” Your brain then sets a whole series of complex programs into motion. You see, walking is a very complex activity for an earthsuit. Taking a single step requires the precise coordination of many muscles and ligaments. The nerves on the soles of your feet report information to your brain which it uses to keep your body balanced in an upright position. Your eyes, ears, and nose keep on the lookout for obstacles in your path. Your soul doesn’t have the first clue about how your earthsuit actually functions—all of that wisdom is stored away in that miraculous supercomputer which we call your brain.

Most of what your earthsuit does in life, it does on its own without any input from your soul. When you sleep, your brain is running all kinds of maintenance programs which your soul has no say in. As far as your brain is concerned, your soul is pretty useless when it comes to managing your earthsuit. Your soul makes some really stupid choices, like steering your suit too close to a heat source or making unreasonable demands on the system. Your brain’s top priority is protecting and pleasing your earthsuit. It doesn’t care about what’s good for your soul and it doesn’t care about God. Your brain and your soul get in frequent conflicts with each other because they are working on conflicting agendas.

Shawn Bolz #fundie

“Revelation from the Library Room of Heaven”
by Shawn Bolz
Jan 28, 2004

In This Library Room Was Charles Finney!

After looking at many books, the spiritual being that was with me motioned me toward the center of the room again. He led me to stand next to some men who were already in eternity. One of the men was talking to two other men. I heard the Holy Spirit say, “That is Charles Finney,” and I grew excited inside! I haven’t read much about Charles Finney, but there was the glory of our abiding God pulsating from him. His eyes were filled with the revelation of Jesus and the plans of God!

He was talking about revival and telling the two other men, “What God did in my day was awesome, and many of us were privileged to experience great outpourings that are now looked upon as revival. But there is a release of glory from Heaven coming that will bring such a complete revival to America, that it will far exceed any revival ever known in any country.”

America is Close to Revival

“The church in America is full of doomsday prophets proclaiming an end to America, but they don’t understand that the country is only a few hundred years old and still in its infancy. It has many destinies to play out, and God is going to reactivate the covenants of the forefathers in the land, and America will start to grow and mature. God has both hidden and obvious purposes for America that will unfold over a long period of time and this coming revival is going to activate the plans of the Creator that were promises at the forefront of the nation’s history.” He spoke of a coming year and said: “This is a gateway year that will help build the gate from Heaven to Earth. The Holy Spirit will whisper strategic things into the land through churches, music, media, events, and then soon these things will be shouted from roof tops!”

At this point I saw a calendar that had various years on it. There were 8 future years (not in succession) circled and names of cities next to different years. The first year only had a few major cities, but each year that was circled had more and more cities until there were too many to list. I could see a cloud off in the distance of this vast library, and I realized that it was a cloud of angels with glory swirling around it. It was the angelic host that would release these things on Earth. There was constant movement in the cloud. The scene was truly beyond description.

Charles’ Message to Me

Then Charles Finney turned to me, (I didn’t even know he knew I was listening), and he shouted at me face to face: “One Nation Under God!” “One Nation Under God!” “ONE NATION UNDER GOD!” He said this ten times. Some kind of deep impartation came with his words and rested in the bowels of my spirit. I had a knowing that Jesus has an incredible plan to build the church in America and bring revival to the lost. He is going to bring a picture of His body all over the world through America! I knew that intercession was going to go forth on the Earth with new strategies for America.

I Saw a Vision of Holiness Hitting the Air Waves

I then saw the Spirit of Holiness released from Isaiah 11. I saw it touching media and broadcasting services. I saw God-ordained messages broadcast through the media waves into the Earth. God is about to claim His ownership in radio stations, TV, and movie theaters. I saw that He wants a satellite that man has made by His inspiration. I saw a special anointing come on these tools to bring the message of holiness and the cross unto salvation.

After–I saw the Holy Spirit change the atmosphere of the air waves with waves of His anointing hitting the media. I saw it cause power bursts that would literally destroy in the natural some of the secular equipment used by organizations of the world. There will be some days of disturbance that will hit multiple media centers and these will be signs that the Forerunner Spirit is going to come upon these very industries.

Commissioned Back to Earth

At the end of this vision I was looking at the Book of Life again. The spiritual being that had been with me in the Library Section of the Future came over to me once more. He had books in his hands and he started to push them towards me. I thought he was handing them to me so I stuck out my hands–instead he pushed them into me. As I took them in, I was sent back to Earth.

I was sitting in my chair and God spoke to my spirit, saying, “I am releasing books from every section to expand people! The Library Room of Heaven will be known on Earth! It will bring a manifestation of My government being established. Many leaders will be visited and the difference in what comes forth in their communications will be evident.”

2 mini coons #racist

I've recently found out that one of the superiors in my workplace is self-admittedly a Quadroon (1/4 nigger). It's crazy because at first glance he could pass as a white mestizo or spaniard, but he really didn't look like a nigger except that he was tanner than most whites and had dark eyes. I must be psychic or something, because I started to get a few hunches and raised eyebrows that he was a crypto-nigger, when I saw how well got on with the other niggers, how supportive he was of their niggershines, and just his general disposition.

Anyway, It really is true; the one drop rule. This nigger is supposed to be a fucking leader and has been in the military far longer than i have but all he does is sit in his chair and fuck around all day, there's not a single ounce of dog-hearted initiative in this nigger's bones. It's amazing how incompetent he is, he can't drive for shit, fucks up novice task, and barely has any understanding/knowledge of our job field even though he's supposed to have been certified at multiple skill levels by now. I seriously can't fathom how he's managed to stay in this long, has the military really become that lax?

He's so fucking lazy, even lazier than the darker niggers at our job who he seems to get along perfectly fine with. That's right instead of doing adminstrative work, he wanders around the squadron building looking for other lazy niggers to loaf and jive around with, instinctively, as if he was just like any ordinary nigger. He will only work as much he needs to, so that he can blow shit off till the next day or not get his ass chewed out. There are younger humans at my job with less experience than him yet will put in 10x as much work as he does with zero complaints, while he shamelessly sits on his lard ass watching hip hop shit on his phone and shouts vague assortments of hoorahs and "you can do it boys!" whilst me and my peers sweat beades and work afterhours because we have to carry this bastard's weight!!

It doesn't matter if it's half nigger, quarter nigger, quadroon, or an octoroon! It is still a nigger im every way that matters. 1% niggers are among us too, if you feel like something's off about someone and they display a good amount of TNB and get along swimmingly with even the worst niggers then they're probably a nigger.

Why is it so hard to care about your subordinates?! Why is it so hard to have integrity?! Why can't you take pride in your work?! Why don't you want to be comptentent in your job field?! Why can't you work hard?! Why can't you pay attention to detail! God Damn!

az6055 #fundie

I got hands laid on me by a minister and church and I felt a power like a lightning bolt kind of. It sunk into my head and I wondered has anybody else felt this.... and is this God's power. I know it sound like a silly question but I need to know.

I was sitting in my chair and the lady went to get some oil and she put it on my head and laid hands on me because demons spirits was telling me to kill myself and they wanted me to speak against God but I wouldn't do it. then I felt something shout through my head like a power or something. I also kept speaking in tongues and I'm starting to feel a lot better. My mind has calmed down a whole lot and I had a spirit crushing my skull and it lifted off of me a few days latter.

Elijah #fundie

[Elijah's transcription of his conversation with his psychologist]

PSYCHOLOGIST: Welcome to my office, Elijah. Would you care to relax on the sofa -- or sit in the chair?

ELIJAH: Greetings, master of nonsensical hyperbole. I think I will just stand over here next to the window in case I get the urge to jump.

PSYCHOLOGIST: Suit yourself. I only want you to feel good about yourself.

ELIJAH: Why are you are wearing that silly scarf around your neck?

PSYCHOLOGIST: This scarf keeps me warm. I have a slight cold.

ELIJAH: Why don't you just turn up the heat?

PSYCHOLOGIST: I try to conserve energy. Waste not, want not.

ELIJAH: To each his own. But why do you wear a silly scarf with all of those weird colored green dots with yellow stripes?

PSYCHOLOGIST: I'm sentimental. It was a gift.

ELIJAH: From a patient?

PSYCHOLOGIST: Yes. It was handmade just for me.

ELIJAH: Does your patient have psychological problems?

PSYCHOLOGIST: Of course. All of my patients have psychological problems. Isn’t that why you are here?

ELIJAH: No, Ma'am. My reason for coming was to see if you could explain why AOL members have so much trouble understanding a prophet of God.

PSYCHOLOGIST: Are you a prophet of God?

ELIJAH: Well, that’s how I try to identify myself for idiots who think I'm crazy.


ELIJAH: Why not? If I told idiots that I am the incarnated biblical Elijah who was sent by God to test the faith of the world -- and that I was trying to unite families before Jesus comes to catch away loyal souls, they wouldn’t understand. Idiots think stupidity is sacred. Idiots do not hesitate to call me insane -- because I do not fit into their limited view of reality.

PSYCHOLOGIST: How does that make you feel?

ELIJAH: Disappointed in people -- and frustrated.

PSYCHOLOGIST: Do you think you are insane?

ELIJAH: Actually, the word “insane” needs to be defined from my perspective before I can appease antagonists by answering. To me, to be “insane” is to be abnormal. In this world, being “abnormal” is “normal” for most people -- and so, obviously, I think that most people are "insane" -- even though they accept themselves as “sane.” Certain forms of “insanity” can result from chemical imbalances within the biological system -- which does not allow for healthy bodily functions in thought or movement. Also, “insanity” can be the result of demonic influences -- which causes inner conflicts between a soul and body. Bad “ideas” can distort reality and cause people to do irrational, "abnormal" things. In spite of your psychological terms -- which seem so scientific, at the very core of all people is a “soul” -- dominated by either good or bad spirits. The brain is only a conduit through which spiritual forces from a soul can be manifested in this materialistic dimension of Life. Each person, therefore, is subservient to either God or Satan. In my case, I am subservient to God -- and this makes my thoughts and behavior very “abnormal” in a world where many people are subservient to Satan. So, when I am speaking Truth in this place where deception is dominant, it seems like “insanity” to those who do not understand true reality.

PSYCHOLOGIST: So, you admit to being insane?

ELIJAH: Of course! But I am insane only on Planet Earth. Even though I have freedom of choice, I will not choose your "normal” way of thinking just to conform myself to evil idiots.

PSYCHOLOGIST: Do you think I am an idiot?

ELIJAH: What do you think?

PSYCHOLOGIST: I think I am intelligent.

ELIJAH: What “normal” earthly thought process allowed you to reach that conclusion?

Susan C #fundie



OF A LITTLE CHILD! It is not logical that we can feel the wind blowing and yet we see nothing or that we don't check before we sit on a chair and yet it holds us. You and I have never actually seen the Moon and yet we believe man has walked on it just because scientists show us pictures of it.Is this logical? To believe something you have never really seen yourself but to just take the word of someone you don't even know?WHERE IS THE LOGIC THERE? IT RAINS BUT WHERE IS THE WATER CAN IN THE SKY?
Just because you or anyone else says Jesus wasn't perfect --that does not make it so!!!
In God's Holy Word He says Unless you come to me with the faith of a little child you cannot get into the kingdom of Heaven. I am praying for you!

jimbeam #racist

I am a field trainer now for the ambulance company I work for. I and my trainee and nigger partner were dropping someone off at a nursing home when a visitor sitting in a chair went unresponsive. No pulse. Here is the "Oh Shit!!!!" moment. Fuck. Here is where the training comes in. The nurse called 911 and my trainee and I got him on the floor and started working him. "Go grab the jump bag out of the rig I said to the nigger." She just looked at me as if I were speaking Chinese. "Go grab the god damn jump bag and AED! GO! CMON!", I said to it. The trainee jumped up and went and got it. I told the nigger to go get the spine board. It shuffled out to the rig. Well fuck no apparent reason to make haste I guess you know. I mean shit we are only working a full arrest!! The paramedic unit arrives and we assisted them. By we I mean my trainee and I.

The nigger stood off in the shadows. We helped get him loaded onto their cot and into their rig and they took over. We went back in and got our equipment as the nigger stood outside by our rig. This is more of an upscale nursing facility. They have a coffee shop inside. They were thanking us and offered us free drinks and food for helping that man. The nurse told me I should be a nurse the way I handled that. "You knew just what to do." She said. She asked if the nigger was a trainee. I said, "no he is. She is about to be in deep shit." "OH MY!", She said. "And she is an EMT?!!" She said she would call our company and say what a great job we did and how that nigger behaved under pressure. She took our names and they all thanked us again. We went back to the rig. I ripped this nigger a new one. "What is wrong with you? Why didnt you help?", I asked.

She said, "yall ain my baws. N yall cane tawk to me lie dat. I dindu nuffin ron. The guy assity (asystole) n way. I saw da pair mehic car-ack mon-tour (cardiac monitor). He be daid n way!" I told her, "Yeah you did something wrong! You did not do a god damn thing! We have a duty to act!" We went back and forth arguing. Dumb nigger. So I called my supervisor and reported this nigger's behavior. Hopefully the nurse will too. Let's see what happens.

Oghenetega Edah #fundie

A former New York substitute teacher faces hate crime charges after he allegedly yanked the hijab off the head of an 8-year-old Muslim girl in his second-grade class, law enforcement officials said.

Oghenetega Edah, 31, surrendered to authorities this week following the May 2 incident at an elementary school in The Bronx, New York, that garnered international headlines. Police said Edah allegedly ordered the 8-year-old at P.S. 76 to remove her religious headscarf as punishment for sitting in his chair, the New York Daily News reported.

“If you don’t behave, I’m going to take your scarf off,” Edah told the child, according to court papers filed in Bronx Criminal Court on Thursday.

The young girl, who Vocativ is not naming, then told her teacher she was not allowed to remove her hijab because her Muslim faith prevented her from doing so, and that other people weren’t allowed to see her hair. But Edah paid no regard to his pupil’s pleas, prosecutors said.

“I want to see your hair,” he allegedly said before ripping the headscarf off the student.

The city’s Department of Education fired Edah the next day after learning of the girl’s accusations. Prosecutors are now seeking to charged Edah with endangering the welfare of a child and aggravated harassment, which is considered a hate crime.

Parson Julabee Jones #fundie

The power to debate, convince, communicate, cajole, move others, influence friends and a powerful thing. Note your current president, who sits in that chair today due far more to his ability to do those things, than his ability to lead effectively. You might even think of Hitler in this same regard, who at least and in addition, could lead.

Atheists have no God, no ears to hear, no eyes to see, no heart to touch, no normally functioning intellect, in fact, are obviously flawed abberations, mutants, actual true zombies, and should be seen as objects of abject pity, rather than targets of debate. They are living nothings...but could be seen as walking opportunities on which to practice your skills of rhetoric, debate and command of the language.

On the other hand, heretics, sectists and cultists, catholics and baptists and other religious types obviously have at least a tacit or latent acknowledgement of a god of some sort, and are generally much more accepting of correction, rebuke, direction, exhortation and a good dose of truth, at least, ever now and again.

I have no need of practice, and thus, have no truck with atheists. But with religious folks, there is at least the possibility of profitable debate, discussion, even argument[.]

Jysander #racist

So this weekend the weather was nice, I had some errands to run and shopping to do, and the car needed an oil change. I headed over the quick lube place in the next city over where they usually get me in and out in less than twenty minutes and have an all human staff; haven't ever encoontered a nigger there.

I dropped off the car with the tech, told him which service I needed and went to the waiting room. Ah, crap. Sitting in a chair was Contravarious and his nigger braids, pants too low showing off his skivvies, and of course his cRap music playing on his phone speaker.

Well, shit. I shot him a couple dirty looks but no dice on turning down the volume. Thankfully the other tech came in and called him up and the chimpout began.

"Mr. Jackson, that's going to be $45.24 today."

"Waddafuck? Why it be so much? It's just earl."

"You got the premium service with all fluids topped off and the interior wipe and vacuum, sir."

"Naw, naw, y'all be doin' dat sheeit fo' free! I ain't payin' no ekktra fo' dat!"

The tech again explains (Give it up, brother, that nigger can't understand how to pull its pants up; it's not going to understand your bill) what the bill covers.

Nigger is still refusing to pay.

The nigger throws a fit, demands the "manajah" who shows up, asks the tech what's going on, and after hearing the tech explain, says, "Then tell him to have a nice day and put a mechanic's lien on the car until the bill is paid."

I laughed out loud.

Nigger turns around and shoots me a dirty look.

Nigger finally pays the bill but not before the threat of wrangling occurs and the tech picks up the phone to summon them.

When the nigger is gone, I smile at the tech and say, "And this is why I live out in the country." The tech looks around a second, smiles and says, "Dude, if we could turn the niggers away this would be the best job. Every single problem customer is a nigger, man."

Yep. That's pretty much why you don't do business with niggers.

On the plus side, minimal coontact, my car was done shortly after that, spic n span and fresh oil and filter, and I gladly paid the bill and thanked them.

Y'know, cause I'm a normal human person.

Jysander #racist

I was due for a phone upgrade so I headed into the city to get a new phone with a friend of mine who occasionally acts as an aide for me when he has time and our schedules mesh, as I don't have a power wheelchair.

We get to the store and are met by a lovely human lady who takes my info and old phone and asks which new device I want. I have already picked it out and she goes to transfer my data and files to the new phone and says she'll be back in 5 minutes. I sit in my chair at the counter waiting and talking with my friend when in walks Sheboonisha and her 50 inch ass.

She marches up to the counter where I am, grabs the wheelchair handles and SHOVES me out of the way. "Yo, Ahs be needin' sum serbiss!'

I blew up. "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? You don't put your hands on me or my things. I was here first, take your nappy ass the fuck on." Oh dear. Now I get the head bob, indicating a chimpout is on the way. I look at my friend who is on his phone and seemingly not paying attention. Shit.

One of the other clerks runs out of the back and asks whats going on, and I explain what occurred. He looks at the wildebeest and tells her she'll have to wait her turn. SHe is not having any of that. She proceeds to call us both every racial slur she can come up with while screaming how racist WE are for not "respekkin'" her innate whatever. Just more lookame nigger bullshit. To his credit the clerk doesn't back down. He now tells her to leave the store and that nobody will be helping her today or ever.

She screams and cusses and trundles her big ass out the door just as the police pull up and my buddy grins at me. It finally dawned on me who he was on the phone with. Long story short, the wildebeest had warrants and went bye bye, I not only got a new phone but a free month of service and a half price headset out of the deal, and that store has earned my repeat business for not putting up with TNB.

Not the most exciting coontact, I know, but gotta love the happy ending.

(Omega) #fundie

I know that this may sound bizarre and farfetched, but I have discerned that my neighbors below me are oppressed and influenced by demonic spirits and they are pawns in Satans schemes to destroy my ministry. 10 out of 10 times I am disturbed by them when smack dab in the middle of ministering to the lost or doing the Lords work in my apartment. When I am not ministering or doing the Lords work such as resting, I am not disturbed by my neighbors below. However when I begin to do the Lords work, the man or his girlfriend (man mainly) bangs the walls or slams the doors below me at full force purposely to annoy me. What is amazing is that I am sitting in my chair either reading, studying or ministering to the lost via computer. No movement beside the subtle movements of my fingers from turning the pages of a book or typing. This has occured at least a thousand times, and it is no coincidence that each time out of the thousand times I am doing the Lords work, that the neighbor below me decides to disturb me. LO AND BEHOLD, it is happening at this very moment. What is also disturbing is that the guy and girl below go to Church, and the guy (wole) girfriend told me to my face that she hates me for no reason and the guy (wole) cusses and even grabbed by guest friend by the scruff of his shirt and threatened him. I complained to the landlord and he refuses to take authorative action. I pray that the Lord will put a stop to this devilish nonsense once and for all.

anon1822 #sexist

I actually think women in Eastern europe are worse than those in the west.

Women in these countries are much worse. Not only do they spout the same feminist bullshit as in western countries, like the wage gap and other great injustices they suffer. But they also benefit from privileges at every corner. Men are literally savage beasts and white knights at the same time, eager to please m'lady and do everything for her while willing to fight any man to defend a woman. God forbid anybody disrespects a woman, you deserve to be killed for that.

Women around here literally won't close a window or lift a chair. Examples: girl sits not far from a window. Asks "can any guy close that window please?". Shit like that happens all the time.

And to show their hypocrisy. A few days ago a woman professor literally said: "I'm not a feminist, I enjoy living a patriarchal society, I like having the door opened for me and stuff like that, but there are also huge problems like women being paid less for the same job or not being hired because they are pregnant". I swear they have no self-awareness.

Bible Man #fundie

[On the collection of all factual material that exists]

Yes, all facts come from a special collection of 66 books written by 40 different authors who wrote over a period of 1500 years.

[on ignoring pesky facts that get in the way of his view of the Bible]

no one except Bible believers knows when the sun was actually formed

[bearing false witness in regard to current evolutionary theory with bonus smarmy attitude]

Microevolution: the beaks of succeeding generations of finches will adapt to their environmental conditions.
Macroevolution: Frogs will eventually sprout wings and fly away, monkeys will all turn into men, and given enough time and chance that chair you're sitting in will eventually get up and walk out of the room.
The first type has happened on a daily basis since creation. The second type has never happened and never will. Further, if all species had been formed this way as the theory postulates, there would be massive evidence for it literally at our feet - there is none. It's a hopelessly bankrupt theory while ironically, anyone who believes it might actually be the only slim chance to validate it - obviously having somewhat less evolved reasoning powers.

[On where he gets his belief that his interpretation is, well, Gospel]

Jesus again told me that all your bizarre personal beliefs about the Bible are also false and come from listening to the doctrines of demons. The spirit you are listening to is not the Holy Spirit but a lying spirit, and to claim otherwise is blasphemy on your part.

CS #fundie

My living room is a war zone, the kitchen table a Command Center, and my house is bombarded. Not by ghosts from some distant tortured soul but by something much more fierce. It is bombarded by real devils with real agendas to try and destroy what God is trying to accomplish. How do you fight such a battle? This is not exhaustive by any means but I will hit some high points and hope that the ensuing discussion will take us deeper.

Sitting in a comfy lazy recliner watching another favorite episode of some “can’t miss” (false) reality show, an unnerving feeling comes on you like something is hunting your child. Some weird twist in the show takes your mind off your uneasiness. You laugh at some goofy take. The feeling returns but with a presence. For the first time you look away from the TV and you see a shadow on the porch. The door comes crashing in with glass shattering and wood splintering. Your worst fear, your child is between you and the maniac with blood lust in his eyes and specifically your child’s blood. Helplessness settles on you like a dense fog, what should you do?

A little dramatic but it illustrates a classic problem. Realization is the first key. Realizing that a battle does exist and your children are targeted. When you realize; you must mobilize. Very few men would sit in the chair and allow a child predator to have their sick way with your child. It would be a no brainer for me. He better kill me first.

ShadowTheEdgehog #sexist

[Blackpill] Cucking used to be a punishment for Thots OUR ANCESTORS WERE BASED AS FUCK

Francois Maximilian Misson, a French traveller and writer, recorded the method used in England in the early 18th century:

The way of punishing scolding women is pleasant enough. They fasten an armchair to the end of two beams twelve or fifteen feet long, and parallel to each other, so that these two pieces of wood with their two ends embrace the chair, which hangs between them by a sort of axle, by which means it plays freely, and always remains in the natural horizontal position in which a chair should be, that a person may sit conveniently in it, whether you raise it or let it down. They set up a post on the bank of a pond or river,[3] and over this post they lay, almost in equilibrio, the two pieces of wood, at one end of which the chair hangs just over the water

They place the woman in this chair and so plunge her into the water as often as the sentence directs, in order to cool her immoderate heat.

dare I say,...BASED

Prepare your rear orifice for this is even more based:

Cucking stools were chairs formerly used for punishment of disorderly women

The stools were technical devices which formed part of the wider method of law enforcement through social humiliation

A common alternative was a court order to recite one’s crimes or sins after Mass or in the market place on market day


Imagine that in our time.
You are Walking into a Walmart and come across a very strange sight: There is a Woman, strapped to a Chair, gagged and Bound. Next to her stands a dude with a Megaphone and a piece of paper.
He starts blasting his voice through the Megaphone:


jfl based Level of the Charts, no wonder our ancestors fucking conquered the globe against all odds.

Using water to quench that burning desire for chad thats in her pussy. ER level of basedness ngl

JFL I can't stop thinking About this. Imagine just yelling out someones dirty laundry in public jfl.
Imagine theres is a wedding and suddenly a Government offical Shows up with a Megaphone like:
"hold up hold up, stop the ceremony, this Woman has been accused of being a whore *clears throat*


(this condition is real and ist alled Anal Fistula. It's basically when the wall between the pussy and colon gets wrecked by physical Trauma - cock smashing into it- and fecal matter starts leaking into the pussy. They have shit smell coming out their pussy. ANAL SEX IS HEALTHY AND NORMAL BTW JUST IGNORE THIS BTW, JUST PEEPEE IN POOPOO MAX BTW)

Lookismisreal #sexist

Women deserve to be sexually objectified

If a femoid decides to wear provocative clothes that reveal their breast, ass and too much of their skin in public, they deserve to be sexually objectified. If a femoid decides to act in a lustful, degenerate way without concerning herself with any kind of morality or modesty, she deserves to be sexually objectified. If a femoid decides to open her legs and offer her beef curtains to half of the town without saving herself for just one partner, she decides to be sexually objectified. There is no other way around it.

Yet, I see bitches conducting internet campaigns and going on walks shouting and complaining how every man should respect them for the choices they make, and how they should not be treated as sexual objects. Which I find funny because if they really wanted men to respect them, the only thing they need to do is not act like total degenerate trash. But obviously, that's too much for them; and their evil nature doesn't allow them to do so. Which is why, cuntrags deserve to sexually objectified at whatever instance and treated like the cum dumpsters they are.

Femoids need to understand that, when they choose to behave in a certain way, they choose the consequences that comes with it.

Colonel-Knight-Rider #fundie #wingnut #dunning-kruger

{Submitter‘s note: Have you wondered what Colonel-Knight-Rider has been up to lately? Well, here‘s the gist: He‘s been harrassing a fellow DA user. There followed an attempt at apology. (Archived link)
That didn‘t last long.
Here (archived) and here (archived) is some interesting stuff but the real meat is here: (archived) which I quote from, bolding original, redacted the name of the OP:}

Ok you know what screw this where is that gun *grabs a revolver and takes one bullet and places in the revolver and spins the cylinder*

I'm just gonna come out and say it since no one else is brave enough to do so.

You, [REDACTED], are single-handedly the stupidest man on the entire planet.

Your right when you said I'm the most stupidest man on the entire planet I guess I am stupid

"Most stupidest?" Really? Was that intentional or accidental?

Yes, you are. And you know why you're dumb, [REDACTED]? Because you keep whining and moaning and complaining like, "I WANNA KILL MYSEEEEEELLFFF WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH POOR MEEEEE!!!! HAVE SYMPATHY FOR ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!" But you never do! It makes me wonder if these suicidal thoughts are even real.

I've told you once. I've told you twice. I've told you a thousand, thousand, THOUSAND TIMES that constantly complaining about how you're going to kill yourself and how much you hate yourself and your life does not attract people to your gallery. Have you noticed that no one is commenting on these suicidal status updates to show you sympathy anymore? That's because they've had it with seeing your same stupid shtick of round-the-clock raging about people you hate and whining about wanting to die so much every time they visit your page. So, go see a therapist, go talk to God, go talk to family, or go talk to a friend or a trusted coworker OFF THE COMPUTER because you need an attitude change. *Grabs you by the front of your shirt and pulls you up to his nose.* DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME??? DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR, YOU IGNORANT, UNGRATEFUL, WEAK-MINDED MOONBAT??????

Ok jeez

"Ok jeez" isn't gonna work this time, son. That usually means, "Okay, I'll do it, and then I'll forget about it the next day and do my same shtick again." Listen: I've been on this site longer than you have, so I know what it takes to bring people into my gallery: putting on a HAPPY FACE.

Now, I need you to show me some respect when I say that you need an attitude change. From now on, when I give you an order, I expect you to say, "Yes, sir." After that, I want you to follow up on that order. Any breaks from that order will result in disciplinary action. Do you understand?

Sharp Girl aka Kim #fundie

You obviously have not experienced a lot of what I have.

One example. My oldest was 6 years old. She was lying in her bed, trying to go to sleep. Her newborn baby sister & I were in the baby's room, sitting in the rocking chair, baby screaming & I was trying to console and quiet the poor little thing.

As I sat there rocking, a "voice" speaks to me: "If you put that pillow over her face, she will stop crying." JUST AFTER THAT, my daughter walked into the room. She stood there, terrified, and said, "Mommy. Satan was in my closet & he told me to come in here and stab the baby to get her quiet."

You may say it was all imagined or coincedental.....I'm sure you have an answer for it. But, my 6 year old knew beyond a shadow of a doubt what was going on. Not because any parent or Sunday School teacher told her that Satan talks to little children from their closets.....but because children's minds are so much more uncluttered than ours minds. They often hear or see what is going on in the Supernatural realm much better than we do......because of their innocence.

If children are not made aware that their is a spiritual realm, they may tell their parents things that they see & hear and most likely, their words are merely dismissed as "juvenile talk."

I believe in a realm that we cannot see with human eyes......and I believe that children can make decisions about that realm all on their own. They're much more intelligent than we give them credit for, and they are much more spiritual than we give them credit for being.

Posted by Sharp Girl on April 20, 2008 - Sunday at 10:09 AM

Atty Tude #fundie

I remember a cartoon I saw way back in the 70s. The first picture shows this little girl. She's thinking to herself, "So why won't people elect women for president of the country?" The second pic shows this woman sitting in the presidential chair, reading a Top Secret document with great relish. The third pic shows the same woman hastily reaching for the phone with equal relish. The last picture shows the little girl and she's going "Oh."

I wouldn't confess to a woman priest/pastor, even if the entire Vatican ordered me to.

Frank Linkmeyer #racist

The small town of Aurora, Indiana is in an uproar after a local man entered a float in the annual Farmers Fair Parade depicting Hillary Clinton sitting in an electric chair with rival Donald Trump about to pull the switch.

According the creator of the float, which also featured a grim reaper and an Easter Island moai head in blackface labeled “Obama,” he entered it in an effort to get laughs, reports WCPO.

“It definitely was all for laughter. We’ve always had floats for laughter,” explained 76-year-old Frank Linkmeyer. “There’s never been anything else but that,”w hwile denying there was anything racist about his creation.

According to one woman who was marching in the parade with her daughter’s Girl Scout group, she didn’t find anything about it funny.

“For us to be in 2016 and have our president depicted as an Easter Island statue in blackface, which doesn’t even make any sense, but it’s just racist as can be,” explained Jackie Reynolds. ““But knowing that we are marching alongside displays like this really makes me question whether or not we will be participating next year.”

Said local Penny Britton, who didn’t attend the parade but saw pictures of the float after they were posted to Facebook, it was “disgusting.”

“It instantly turned my stomach,” Britton stated. “One of the pictures shows children seeing the float go by and staring at it.”

In a statement from the Lions Club, which approves the floats, officials kept their distance stating, “the parade is a public venue which does not reflect the views of the Aurora Lions Club. As a member of a worldwide service organization, we are proud and standby our record of service to this community.”

As for float designer Linkmeyer, he said he could have reversed Trump and Clinton, saying, “I could’ve taken and put Donald Trump in that float and had Hillary pull the handle. Nevertheless, I would have never pleased everybody and it was definitely all for laughter.”

Linkmeyer did not explain how that would have meshed with the Trump/Pence or hand-written signs listing so-called Clinton “scandals.”

As for the Obama statue in blackface, “We were getting ready to get in that parade and this thing was sittin’ in front of this gentleman’s building down there and they said, ‘Let’s put that on there,’ and I didn’t give it a thought,” he attempted to explain.

David J. Stewart #fundie

Missionaries are taught not to meet all the needs of the people they’re trying to evangelize and mentor in the Lord. The worst thing you can do as a missionary is to meet all someone’s needs, because when you’re gone they’ll fall by the wayside, never having learned to trust God. We all need to learn to trust God. Deuteronomy 8:3 tells us that God deliberately allowed the Jews in the Wilderness to go hungry before feeding them with manna from Heaven. They were so hungry that they wanted to go back to Egypt, and they complained to Moses like whining little spoiled brats. The Bible says that God didn’t feed them at first BECAUSE He wanted them to learn that “man shall not live by bread alone (earthly provisions), but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” (the Bible). See also Matthew 4:4 where Jesus quoted Deuteronomy 8:3 to the Devil. Nothing has changed in 3,500 years. God still wants us to learn the same truths today.

Thus, your married child needs to learn to trust God. If you help your child financially, offer to pay half. It’s ok to help them, but not to the point where they expect it and you are hindering their faith in God. Each situation is different and nothing is set in stone except what God has commanded. Parents are prohibited from meddling in the marriage problems of their children. If you want to give advice, then it should be in love, and from the standpoint that you’re NOT taking sides. A wife should never be allowed to move back home with mama. If you allow it, you’re ruining a marriage.

bannedincel #sexist

Reminder that politic cels are cope.



* Andrew wears a Hillary shirt with "Still with (H)Erpes" on it, and holds a fan over Stacy as she sits on a lawn chair. He is also a plainly ugly, glasses-wearing nerd with a rat's nest beard.


* Barney wears a 1387 shirt and a "MAGA" hat, and holds a platter of martinis for Stacy, the same woman. He is also a grotesquely fat kneckbeard.


* Stacy silently smiles, relaxes, and takes in some sun.

Unknown contributor #fundie

"Well my baby boy has been difficult to potty-train. He is past the age that he should be trained and I was getting really tired of it. I would sit him in the toilet for a long time and nothing would happen. When I would put him back in diapers, he would go! And I was sick and tired of it. So I got really mad, sat him in the potty and told him he had to "go". The baby started screaming and I got the idea that it was a demon. So I commanded it to manifest and give me his name. The baby continued screaming and saying: "You can't make me, you can't make me". I insisted in the demon telling me his name, so the Holy Spirit said: "That's his name, "you can't make me". I commanded it out. The baby had deliverance and he has been potty-trained since."

Forces International #conspiracy

If you like to smoke, drink or eat chocolate, just sit in your favourite chair, get out some of your favourite addiction stuff and read this paper, written in accessible language, yet highly documented.

Learn about the addiction myth - or should we say the addiction scam? Although the paper (click on full title, below) analyses mainly nicotine, the addiction "theory" is applicable to anything imaginable. There are very many definitions of addiction - all equally flawed and meaningless, for addiction simply does not exist: public health is trying to reduce gluttony to figures and percentages, thus arrogantly attempting to reduce human beings to quantum entities. This pathetic attempt may serve the agendas of pharmaceutical industries and opportunist politicians, but it is not reality. People are not addicted: they simply make choices based on cost-benefit, and rewards. They are not sick, and they don't need any cure by the Therapeutic State. Unloading personal responsibility on others seems to be the unfortunate excuse of a spoiled generation, that has chosen to point the finger at anyone or anything to justify its guilt for overindulgence -- and its legitimate desire for pleasure and joy of living. That makes today's society rabidly puritanical. We don't readily recognize this, since our new puritanism is superficially different from the old, having become more open about sex and having removed religious and overtly moral references from the discussion. Instead we have the language of health, language about the body, not the spirit. It's a self-deception.

BabyFuck McGirlsex #psycho #sexist #fundie

[Based] The Salem Witch Trials were Based as Fuck!

The general consensus during the Salem Witch Trials was that :

* Foids are innately much more sinful and susceptible to damnation than men were

* Foids are weak and vulnerable

* Foids must attend to house affairs and not meddle in such things as proper for men, whose minds were stronger

* Witches were those who sought to take an exodus from the patriarchal religion

The Devil(((them))) gives power(((hypergamous enablers like tinder e.t.c))) to Witches (((foids))) so they can harm others (((cucks and bluepillers)))

Most of the executed were foids (no wonder. They are inherently evil). A few men were executed as well (cucks who had been bewitched by foids guile and trickery)

Is disregarding your looksmatch whilst running after chads cock not a form of witchcraft? Is being a filthy disgusting degenerate single mom not a form of witchcraft? Is having an abortion not a form of witchcraft? Is using your sacred love hole as chads public cum dumpster not a form of witchcraft?

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live" - (Exodus 22:18) or so says the Bible.

neckbeardsAhoy #sexist

80/20 is just what was recorded. I've been in the dating game for a long time as an attractive male and I would say the below average/average women go for the top 15%, and any girl above a 6/10 aims for the top 5% of males in the prime years (18-28 unless suavemaxed). Girls 7 and above online will go for the top 2% so don't even bother.

You need to keep in mind, this is just what was SURVEYED. Like there should be a second survey on the types of girls that do surveys. The average girl or girl on Tinder isn't going to sign up for a survey, mostly ugly girls with free time were probably the group. So yeah, the direct bottom tier of women still want the top 20% of males. And guess what, if they are patient enough.. they get it. Why would a thick out of shape chick want to 'settle' for a guy near her looksmatch when she can wait 3 days and fuck a stud. And because in the past couple decades in USA we've removed whore-shaming.. women are EMPOWERED to behave like this. Empowered to literally behave like sexual toddlers with toys. The hottest thing to most men is a girl who will kiss them passionately and show them love. The hottest thing to a woman? A brooding 6'2 guy in nightclub attire who will fuck her over a toilet in a nightclub, cum inside of her, and leave without a word. I'm sure if a female even read this she'd probably need to go rub one out. Fucking animals. I don't hate women, it's just the way it is.

I've had nights where I started finding a thick out of shape chick attractive because I hadn't jerked off in a few days and almost made mistakes, and I'm 31. Imagine a 21 year old Chad having the same thoughts with 3x my sex drive.. it's a brutal game but the pieces are already on the board.

The only thing a male can do is improve his dominant posture and eye contact, skin health, and muscle harmony. You'd be surprised what practicing dominant eye contact can do. Try it for a week- stare at everyone you meet and do not break gaze.


Was leaving my usual Grocery store in a nearly un-fuxated area of town....

When to my displeasure I see a rotundus fat nigger sow (let's call her Lard'Asscia, shall we?) sitting in a folding chair at the parking lot exit, babbling into a smartphone, had a small Yorkie Dog on a leash, and was holding a crudely scrawled cardboard sign, "Please Help. Any $ Amnt Appreciated. God Bless" not even making eye contact with the drivers of the passing cars...

Lard'Asscia looked over-fed and well dressed....the chair it sat on looked creaky under her bulk....

Lard'Asscia obviously had enough money for a smartphone (it wasn't a freebie Obama Phone),

Lard'Asscia had a Yorkie dog that looked well-cared for and well-fed....

So why the hell did Lard'Asscia think anyone would give it money?

Anyway, niggers will be niggers I guess....they do anything for a free buck or two...

Norrin Radd #fundie

In communist china and other places in the world, the older generation once also laughed and mock those who thought the government could and would restrict their freedoms and ideas.

I have just one thing to say to those who mock me - study history. What you think is impossible in the US will happen one day. Read Revelation. The AntiChrist will restrict whether people can buy or sell. Of course the Bible isn't really to be take literally of course. Obviously I'm not saying Hussein is the Anti-Christ but to ridicule the possibility of what a extreme socialist like him can to to Christian freedoms is just naive! Don't you understand that in Canada a pastor can't preach homosexuality is sin unless they want to get put in jail!!

To compare Bush and Obama is absoutely moronic! Bush and the Obama's left wing come from two completely different idealogy. The people surrounding Bush like Condelezza Rice are real Christians. The people surrounding Obama are closest I know to the communist in China.

So go on and laugh like the people in China did before Mao took over. China was once free like America until people left their guard down because they were to comfortable. So I say just stay in your comfort zone and keep that double latte in your hands while you sit in that comfortable chair at Starbucks laughing. Maybe you will pick up VOM or study Obama beliefs and the people he is appointing and deal with reality.

various incels #sexist


Females in a nutshell


Femoids have no right to complain. They live life on easy mode.

They always, always find some stupid shite to complain.

Females will deny this as always.

They hate when their true nature is exposed.

Obviously they would deny anything that exposes them. They are manipulative and vapid.

I bet the bald guy has raped kids too

I just recently joined this sub yesterday, and I want to thank you for creating this. This is how I feel a lot of the times. Everything illustrated speaks volumes to how I've felt for a very long time, and I'm sick & tired of it all. I guess this is the world some of us face now.

Glad the bald guy is portrayed as a chad so as not to give baldcels ammo. Chicks like attractive men- with or without hair, and dislike unattractive men- with or without hair.

This is what the whores on FAWomen talk about. They're so fucking stupid. Even the sluts on FA talk about this and seriously believe they are forever alone. Females are degenerate as fuck and hypocritical. They are contradictions.

(usingthistoshitpost) do they even know what they are saying? Seriously look at this shit. FA women = had boyfriend, Chad dumped me now I can't find new Chad cuz mind is fucked from hard pounding of old Chad

Oh my god, I think I've seen a female user with a username just like that who used to post on AmIUgly and I saw her post history and she used to post on these dating subs about advice and mentioned she had one night stands with guys and did everything but have intercourse. What the fuck? Females are extremely degenerate liars and retarded. She's lying. I bet she's extremely shallow and picky just like every other female.

My mind is so fucking numb now man I cant even think straight. I cant argue with these females and cucks anymore, its too exhausting. Females are all evil and retarded.

Yes she posted on amiugly before and rateme today. The only reason women post on those subs is to inflate their egos from. Beta males.

I think she used to comment here a lot too. Claimed she was different, bullshit. They're all the fucking same lying shallow evil people.

It's just funny how she thinks she's FA when she's hooked up with guys before and had a boyfriend. Females are fucking stupid.

Hatred_Incarnate #sexist

[Experiment] Would the legal ownership of women as property solve inceldom?

Just imagine we lived in ancient Rome or medieval Islam where women could be bought and sold as slaves and concubines. They didn't have any legal rights and couldn't complain to anyone about any supposed ill treatment. In ancient Rome, you were the paterfamilias who determined the life and death of his entire household. These women were basically property. You could own them for life and they would have to do anything you wanted. You could have families with them or just use them as sex toys. If they pissed you off you could sell them and purchase others. Eventually they would have to get used to you being their lord and master. They would worship the ground you walked on. In ancient Egypt, the concubines would be sacrificed and entombed alongside their masters, especially the pharaohs, to serve them in the afterlife.

BoBoLeHoe #racist

This happened a couple weeks ago. Pure simple TNB with no embellishment.

I was visiting my elderly father at his home in Lansing when he became incoherent and confused. After calling 911, we went to the local hospital downtown and to my surprise, the entire hospital had very few coons employed there. Complete opposite of things in and around Detroit. However, the actual ER patient lobby was nothing but niggers. First thing I noticed, was a pregnant sow ready to pop who had two niglets in tow; one about nine months and the other not even close to two. The sow was no more than 18 or 19 yet, at this pace, will probably drop 9 more by the time she reaches 26. No daddy or spouse around, of course.

Then there was this nigger in a wheel chair, named "Eddie" who was high as a kite and babbling away, and then laughing at his own babbling. This was nonstop for more than an hour. Sitting next to Eddie was a Lansing Police officer with a clipboard on his lap who was clearly irritated by this idiot shooting his mouth off. Told the nig to shut up several times which only made the ignoramus laugh all the harder. Across from this hyena was another coon that had everybody in the waiting room guessing, even other niggers. No one could tell if IT was buck or bitch; you could not tell by the clothes it wore nor by its voice. IT looked like it was in the process of "transgendering" from one sex to another. Anybody's guess what that is.

IT was impatiently trying to fill out the mountain of hospital forms just to get to see a doctor and annoyed by the rambling racket that is Eddie. Fed up, IT throws a pen at him, shouting, "Aw shaddup, nigga! Wat wrong wit youse? Gotsa a hose up yo butt?" Eddie laughs, stands up out of the wheelchair and starts to unbuckle his belt, "Hey faggot, wanna see?" Cop tells him, "Sit down and shut your trap or you going to jail now!" Hyena is now laughing so hard, he almost misses sitting back down in his chair. If his ass hits the floor, Eddie would not feel a thing anyway.

The best for last...I'm standing in the ER hallway and a line is started to form at the bathroom about six feet away from me. The door is closed and locked. After about 10 minutes, the nurse bangs on the door and yells, "Hey, you alright? There's a lot of people waiting out here!" Another nurse comes up and says, "It's Percy. He's been in there about an hour." First nurse bangs on the door again, this time harder..."Percy answer me! You have to get out of there!" No answer.

The two of them bang on the door for a couple more minutes and takes turns yelling. Finally, the first nurse takes her keys out and turns the lock and opens the door. It slams against something metal. The lights are off in the bathroom. Percy is leaning back in his wheelchair with his feet up in the air taking a nap. Nurse tries to shake him awake but nigger pushes her hand away and says, "It too nahsie out in de hall n' sheit." Nurse replies, "I don't care how noisy it is, you can’t sleep in there. Get out!"

Percy takes his good ol'time waking up, scratching himself a few times before smiling at the nurse and wheeling himself out. Once he leaves, nurse walks in the bathroom, turns on the lights and says to the other nurse, "Oh, well look at this." All of us in the hallway crane our necks to see. “Percy jerked off in the sink." She didn't sound surprised either. There were more TNB during those seven hours but these were the unforgettable highlights. Pop was sent home with some antibiotics and both of us were glad to hightail it out of there. Way too close for comfort.

Lookismisreal #sexist

Marital rape does not exist -- and the only reason why such a term even seem to exist is because it gives femoids the opportunity to marry some desperate beta cuck in an effort to secure its financial security while never having to have sexual intercourse with the cuck. Even if the cuck complains about the absolute lack of sex in the marriage, the bitch would just file for divorce rather than engaging in sexual intercourse with its husband. When this happens, the cuck would have no choice but to pay alimony/or child support for the useless creature even though it did not give anything to him in return.

I personally, am in the firm belief that, if a wife were to refuse to have sex with its husband, then the husband should have every right to fuck the ungrateful whore without it having to consent to the act. Honestly, in these kinds of predicaments, the husband should never even bring himself down to ask permission from his partner to have sex because men own femoids; especially their wifes. A cum dumpster should, and must, provide sex for its owner whenever he requests such; which is only fair due to the fact that men provide security (financially and physically) towards their wifes. So, if the wife can't do a simple thing like giving sex to its master whenever he wants it, then their is literally no use of the bitch.

Any femoid who refuses to have sex with its husband due to petty reasons like, "I'm tired" or "I'm not in the mood to do it" should be lashed hard multiple times, only to be hate fucked until it begs him to stop. That will teach these useless cum dumpsters to know their place.

Losonczy #conspiracy

I have spent the last week...I don't know...I got a wild hair up my *$%^...but I have been watching a ton of YouTube videos on Sandy Hook.

I frankly cannot believe that the amount of discrepancies in EVERY report have not been advanced have not been looked at at an investigative level more seriously. These include: crisis actors, discrepancies on supposedly dead children seen later, suggestions that Sandy Hook school was shut down in 2009 and inactive (see NO WEB TRAFFIC on the school site for 3 years), the suggestion that the still uncorrected property database shows a TON of houses in Newtown being "paid off" or mortgages transferred on December 25, 2009 when NO ONE would be recording or selling property, the fact that "arm chair investigators" (who I always regarded the ATS membership as being) have been arrested/disappeared (Scotty Walker) and threats to Wolfgang Harbig, the fact that all available photos of the school look like a staged vacant building, the absence of blood materially in the school, the media images of only a few children filing out (where are the other several hundred kids that would have been evacuated), the fact that Peter Lanza with a still photo never was interviewed on camera (only one press photo ever presented), the fact that there are NO Google records showing much activity on the "older brother" Ryan being archived past 2012.

I just have to stop here because I could go ON and ON. Even if the government bought an entire town and a crew of actors, HOW is it possible that none of them are talking? And IF it was a legitimate mass murder, where are all the other attention seekers talking about their experiences at the school (the other students, parents, administrators, community members)? I go back to the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin: ""Three can keep a secret, if two of them are dead."

If all of this is SO off the is it possible that this many people have remained silent? Is money really enough to silence that many people? Wouldn't there be one child or one adult with a conscious, a life scare, an integrity check, that would come forward and report. And as unbelievable as this silence is...the "facts" are equally unbelievable. Anyone have thoughts on this so I can stop obsessively watching these videos and wondering why a real whistleblower narrative has not emerged?

CH #sexist

Carlson must have been reading manosphere blogs recently and swallowed a few Crimson Pills on his journey to becoming the real-est Realtalker on the TelaViv, because in his latest show he drops a truth bomb so big it caused feminists to shriek themselves to death.


No joke, I would vote for a Carlson/Coulter presidential ticket. There are few people who could trigger the shitlib gooniverse harder than does Trump, but Carlson might achieve it, and he does it with smarts and sureness of belief.

His main point — that cratering male wages in traditionally male occupations have reduced men’s marriage market value in the rural areas and small towns which voted heavily for Trump, contributing to a host of current social ills in those areas — is spot on, and something that we here at the Chateau have been banging on about for a long time.

When the State replaces men as the primary provider for women, then women, in effect, will marry the State (and fuck around with charming, undependable cads). Compassion creates more cads.

Carlson has broached the subject of female hypergamy — the third rail of sociosexual analysis — and the femcunts and soyboy lickspittles don’t like it.

In short, men date across and down, women date across and up. Men are primarily attracted to women’s looks, women are primarily attracted to men’s social and financial status (especially for long-term commitments). When men lose status, their women lose desire for them.

The beating heart of the Trump vote was a howl from men who have experienced an SMV decline — sexual and social market value declines brought upon them by anti-White pro-Diversity agitprop and nonWhite dispossession, the disappearance of male-oriented occupations that don’t require a facility with sitting still in an office chair all day, and the cheapening of their labor by foreign invaders scabs invited in at the behest of greedy corporate oligarchs.

And, as Carlson said, almost word-for-word recapping posts written at the Chateau, the female hypergamous instinct may be distasteful to contemplate, but it’s not going anywhere soon, because the sexes have innately competing reproductive goals. A smart, sane society understands this, and works to leverage the beneficial effects of that instinct rather than encourage its worst aspects.

Thankfully, Trump has managed to turn it around, a little. The manufacturing industry posted the biggest job gains in twenty years in 2018.


On the downside, there are still too many gains in education, health services, and hospitality, which translates to dead weight gibs for women and migrants, which ultimately has a corrosive effect on the marriage market for White men.

I would have to see the percentage gains for each occupational group over the last few years to determine if this is a blip or a real and lasting course correction. It’s great that manufacturing jobs have increased, but if the increase in Shrike Jobs is larger then the gains in manufacturing, than the benefits from the latter will be swamped by the negative consequences of the former.

A successful realization of MAGA means the top two occupation groups are at the bottom, and at least six of the bottom eleven occupation groups storm the top of the jobs gain chart.

udsuna #fundie

[In response to how if god could be self creating or eternal, why could not matter?]

Said it before- say it again- time travel. Something like God could create a.... something.... a ball of some kind of hyper-matter or something.... with exactly the right properties. And cut open a hole in time/space. Then toss said whatever back into whatever it was before even Time existed. And that whatever would then cause the chain reaction that'd birth all existence, including God. I mean, this is something graspable even from the mortal plain, so it's not a leap of imagination or intelligence. It's just incapable of happening without SENTIENT interference.

Lawrence Lockman #fundie

Republican Maine state Representative Lawrence Lockman is under fire for comments he’s made in the media regarding rape, abortion, and homosexuality.

An investigation by Mike Tipping, an activist with Maine People’s Alliance, found numerous offensive comments made by the Republican in various newspaper interviews.

Perhaps the most inflammatory was a press statement from 1995 in which Lockman says “If a woman has (the right to an abortion), why shouldn’t a man be free to use his superior strength to force himself on a woman? At least the rapist’s pursuit of sexual freedom doesn’t (in most cases) result in anyone’s death.”

That wasn’t all.

According to the report, Lockman once implied that the HIV virus can be spread through mosquitoes and bed sheets. Lockman also asserted that liberals helped exacerbate the AIDS epidemic by assuring “the public that the practice of sodomy is a legitimate alternative lifestyle, rather than a perverted and depraved crime against humanity.”

In a letter to Bangor News, Lockman once wrote “Clearly the practice of sodomy is learned behavior, and those addicted to this form of biologically-insane sex are at high risk for all manner of serious medical problems.”

Lockman also spoke out against HIV infected students attending school, saying “It’s peculiar that the government is telling health care workers that surfaces contaminated with bodily fluids should be thoroughly disinfected, but at the same time they are telling us that toilet seats have some magical property that they are able to resist viruses.”

He also tried to alert people to a “secret gay affirmative action plan,” saying “You can bet the rent money they will demand that employers set up goals and timetables to achieve 10 percent homosexual representation in the workforce and in government contracts.”

JohnR7 #fundie

I remember once we went into the hospital to pray for someone and they were slayed in the spirit. The nurse came along and wanted to know what they were doing laying on the floor, so we had to explain it to her. Sense then I find it is a lot easier for me to sit someone down in a chair before we pray for them. It saves having to catch them or pick them up off of the floor.

Kirsten Cowart, Doreen Virtue, Karen Noe #magick

Tapping Into Angelic Energies: How to Connect With Your Guardian Angel

When I was eight years old, I was playing with the suction cup at the end of my toothbrush. I tested which surfaces it would stick to, the door, the windows, the walls, anything I saw. I demonstrated this awe-inspiring find for my father by attaching the toothbrush to the mirror hung in the hallway. I did not expect what would happen next.

When I tried to pull the toothbrush off the mirror, the mirror fell with it! I squeezed my eyes shut, terrified for the impact. There was a thunderous crash, and I tentatively opened my eyes. I was to the side, next to my father, not where I was standing before. But I hadn’t moved! Glass shards were littered on the ground, and the toothbrush was still in my hand.

I can only speculate what could’ve happened to my brain if that heavy mirror would’ve shattered on my head. Miraculously, there wasn’t a scratch on me. Moments like these are impossible to explain logically. Even my eight-year-old-self understood there must be angels protecting me.

You Have A Guardian Angel

Everyone has a guardian angel.

Even if you don’t believe you are deserving of its conservation, it is there to help you.

This angel was with you since your birth, and will be there to transition you the next world.

It stays with you always with unconditional love, ensuring you are safe and guided.

Visionaries view this being’s aura as being bright white. (1)

It’s important to be in tune with your inner prompting to do the right thing.

They could be your guardian angel guiding you to your correct path in life.

What Is The Name Of Your Angel?

Your guardian angel has a name which you can use to call upon it at any time. If you don’t know the name, it’s very easy to find out.

1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for a few minutes.
2. Sit straight on a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor.
3. Take off any article of clothing that binds you, like jewelry, belts, and shoes.
4. Relax and take deep breaths. If it helps, close your eyes. Inhale, taking in everything you want. Exhale, expelling anything undesired.
5. Begin to count your breaths. When you reach 20, ask the guardian angel his or her name. Silence your thoughts as you wait for an answer. You may receive the name in a picture, thought, feeling, or even an audible voice.
6. If you don’t apprehend anything, ask the angel to speak a little louder.

The most common way to obtain the name is through a thought. If a name pops into your head during this exercise, don’t think you made it up.

Your guardian angel is telepathically communicating with you. Accept whatever you receive, the first name that comes to you.

Even if the name sounds strange to you, accept it. Angels are named by G-d and their title can reflect their purpose. If you doubt the name that you heard, request a sign from your angel to confirm it.

If the name was Terence, you might begin seeing this name on catalogs, billboards, name tags, etc. Know that your angel is giving you a sign,

Your angel wants you to know its name. All you need to do is ask. (2)

For Life

Your angel always has been and will be there for you. Many instances occur, and we don’t even realize they were protecting us.

Yesterday I was lost and trying to check a map as I was hurrying to work. Suddenly I found myself on the crosswalk of a busy intersection. I looked up, wondering why the walking sign wasn’t on. In shock, I realize the light was green! I ran to the sidewalk, laughing at myself for being such a fool and reveling at the miracle that I wasn’t hurt.

We all make mistakes, gloriously dumb mistakes. They are part of being human. The angels are there to make us realize where we are and to gently steer us back to the sidewalk, to the path where we belong.

(1) Doreen Virtue. 3 Types of Angels Are With You Published: Sept 16, 2016. Accessed: Sept 9, 2016

(2) Karen Noe. What is Your Guardian Angel’s Name? Accessed: Sept 9, 2016

EU Times #racist

New Movement: Blonde Men Mass Impregnate Women

Today we are promoting and pushing the idea of forming a new movement for men, blonde men to be more exact. Blonde Men Mass Impregnate Women or BMMIW for short! This article is going to be very explicit and is only destined for adults so if you are under 18, go ahead and find something else better to do.

It’s all about the numbers boys, brunettes exceed the number of blondes both in the white and non-white world. Blonde hair is beautiful and unique but its numbers is going down rapidly as more and more couples nowadays are mixed. Blondes cannot rely on CHANCE for their survival. Something actively needs to be done about it.

Rarely you see 2 blondes hooking up together anymore in today’s sick world and this is vastly the blonde women’s fault. Mostly they are to blame as they and they only seek to date outside their group. Because of this, blonde men are left out without an option for a blonde woman so they go for brunette women but hey we have a new solution in place. This isn’t about racism and not even about race differences or whatever, it has nothing to do with race. This movement is going to be focusing only on NUMBERS.

Men have something which women do not have. If you are virile, you can impregnate countless thousands of women without loosing anything while women are LOCKED for 9 months. Women can’t do this. Mathematically they can’t more than 50 children in a lifetime even if its child after child. A man’s sperm is just like his piss. He can do it multiple times a day without any loss. Heck he is even getting something out of it: pleasure.


Never reveal who you are, don’t give your real name, use a pseudonym, leave no clues as how they can find you and use a disposable pre-paid SIM card for your phone so that they don’t have your real phone number. Tell no one what you are doing but encourage other blonde men you know to do it. You are gonna learn how to become a ghost, you come, you leave your seed, you pick up your shirt and you leave. A master of disguise, a master of deception. Do not fall in love for they will slow you down. However that is very possible so if you do fall in love with a blonde woman, well marry her, reproduce yourself with her but the door must remain open, if you go on vacations, if you go on business trips by yourself and you get a chance, use it! Continue to impregnate, its cheating and its NOT cheating at the same time, its all for the nation, for your seed and your own wife’s seed as well. If she can’t see it this way she’s a fool, you are doing humanity a good thing and she has you. It not like you’re gonna break up with her for someone else, nope you’re gonna pick up your shirt and go back to your wife. Make sure you do this preferably to women from other cities, towns and maybe even countries. Use some common sense for God’s sake, be cautious. You don’t do this to your neighbors who will then point you in the streets with their fingers and ask your for child support.

Unless you are rich, don’t spend too much money in the process, you may show them that you have a lot of money as women are attracted to money like flies are attracted to shit, but don’t give them any, just buy them a beer or two. And its sexy time! No sexy time? BYE, there’s other women out there!


Is this moral? Of course not, it is deceptive and non-Christian but honestly WHO CARES at this point? Is it moral when we will all go extinct if we don’t do anything about it? Yes there’s also gonna be collateral damages. Good Christian girls which may not deserve this, blonde girls who would date and marry blonde men but you don’t know that. Due to the statistics you have to assume that all women are bad and all will marry outside of their group. The vast majority of women avoid blonde men like the plague. Its all due to the current culture we live in where the darker you are the better you are. Its the culture of the negro but you can step and shit on this culture all alone by yourself by joining this movement. Go and impregnate hundreds of women, thousands! Duty calls! They want war? They’re gonna get war! If you think this applies to you and you don’t have much success because you are a blonde, go have a tan in the sun and dye your hair black. Trick them! This movement is all about trickery and deception. The master of lies. That’s who you need to become because those sluts out there, they don’t like you pure, they don’t like you when you treat them nice. Nope they want bad boys. Our colleagues from MGTOW are 100% correct in their description of the woman. In some ways we may be a little bit similar to MGTOW but not too much. We are not for abstinence nor for sex with Asian sluts over our own sluts. If anything Asians are ugly as hell. Just remove their make-ups. A white girl without make up is gonna be 1 gazzilion trillion billion upon millions of gazzilions more beautiful than a Asian slut without makeup. Besides, we need to secure our survival and our numbers as blondes. Its just like in the animal world. You are a lion, you go out there and you impregnate all females in your path. Polygamy? Nah… its too little, for the shit we’re in right now, MASS IMPREGNATION! You impregnate them and you leave.

Spare no one! Besides its not like you beat them or something, you just make them a child for God’s sake. It just like in the animal world. The best of males compete for the females and impregnate as many as possible to make sure their seed survives. Some day you when you are old, you are gonna think about it and have a smile on your face, and others will wonder why but you will know that you are the father of hundreds of children. You are a BOSS!

You can even do this if you are married. Your wife doesn’t need to know about it. Morality go to hell, its about survival of the blonde gene and competition between blondes vs brunettes. Brunettes are already having it good, blonde women prefer them, brunette women prefer them, just about anyone prefers brunette men. Basically they don’t need to do anything actively as they are already having it good. So its time blondes have it good too.

Think of it, white countries are going down demographically like no other countries. Soon we may go extinct, all you hear is complain, complain, complain but no one comes out with a solution. Well here’s the freaking solution! This is basically what is already happening in Russia with over 50% divorce rates and guess what their demographics are finally going up in the last years. Their mistake? They marry them, they father them and then they divorce… So many single mothers in Russia… but what’s the point in marrying? Marry but keep who you marry with. Its nice to have someone to grow old with, someone to love, someone to return to after your adventures.

You get to help with the demographics, you bring more children into the world and you have fun at the same time, you are basically a freaking HERO. You are Solomon, you are Genghis Khan. What’s not to like?


Just about anyone capable of carrying the blonde gene. Redheads, blondes should be your top priority but don’t miss out on brunette women as well. Blonde children can come out of them for sure. Chances are over 50%. You may even go for mixed girls like Turks, Greeks, Italians, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanians, Bulgarians, Gypsies, Indians, Iranians, etc. Creampie anyone in your path. Avoid doing it to 100% blacks and Asians as there is no point. They would need to have this happen to them and their children for over 2-3 generations in order to whiten them completely and develop blonde hair. There is simply no point. That is pure waste of time, energy and resources.

This is a famous case from Bulgaria and Greece where a Bulgarian gypsy woman gave a daughter of hers to a Greek gypsy couple, probably for money. Look at those beatutiful pure white, pure blonde and redhead children that came out of that gypsy vagina! Of course asume she’s young and beautiful, well dressed, not like that gypsy woman, old and poorly dressed. Worry not too much about STDs, not not as bad as the media wants to make you think. Its all a scare tactic to make whites go extinct. Asians, Africans have plenty of sex with plenty of women and they have plenty of children ad they don’t worry for a second about STDs. Besides if you worry about some chick, just use a compromised condom, put a needle through it, right in the middle, then unpack and use it normally. If she has any diseases, there are very very very slim chances of her diseased fluids going through your small needle hole and into your penis to infect you. Or simply avoid those you don’t trust.

Do you understand now? Don’t be a retarded racist with 1 active brain cell. Impregnate everyone in your path who is white and border-line white, as in mixed as well. It costs you nothing, you gain pleasure and you spread your seed. You spread the seed of the blondes. When you want to settle down and have to some children you actually know about and raise as your own, that’s a different story, take only a blonde wife and nothing else but for fun and mass impregnation? Everyone in your path except women of totally different races like black African and yellow Asian.

Remember you don’t sacrifice anything, you are not a woman, you do not get yourself locked for 9 months, all you do is just cum. Its like peeing but feeling pleasure while doing it at the same time, though same may feel pleasure while doing the latter as well but its a different kind of pleasure, haha.


First of all don’t tell the girls that you are

So heere’s the plan boys. If you are blonde, go out, date and sleep with as many women as possible, make sure you do NOT wear a condom and make sure you release yourself inside of them. There’s plenty of tricks on how to do this. We’ve got 3 methods for you studs out there:

For starters, you can openly talk about it, ask them where they would like you to cum, this is before the sexual act itself. As surprising as this sound to some of you inexperienced men, most women fantasize about releasing your loads inside of them and not in a condom, their mouths, asses or on their breasts. This is all just Hollywood mumbo jumbo. At least 80% of all women secretly hope in their minds that you will creampie them inside their pussies and not somewhere else. Make good use of this, talk to them, make them horny, as horny as you can, then bring it up, at the culmination point “And where would you want me to cum baby?” They are gonna say “inside of me” and then you should ask them “Ohh that’s so hot, I would like that so much, and would you like to remain pregnant? I would really love that! I think that is the hottest thing in the world!” Most would answer “YES!” if they do, then start doing exactly just that. You have to use suggestive thinking, suggest to them what to do and tell them its so hot, they are gonna want to please you and they will end up doing exactly just that.

If you encounter difficulties, just trick them. Use coitus interruptus. Tell them you don’t want a condom because it kills of all the pleasure and you would rather not do it at all than do it with a condom. Tell them you have good control over your junk and you can withdraw right before you ejaculate. Trick them, ejaculate a few drops inside of them then withdraw and ejaculate the rest on their bellies or wherever. Don’t tell them that they have just been impregnated!

If they categorically refuse to have unprotected sex, say ok. Go to the bathroom or have a small needle with you, make sure you make a little hole right in the tip of the condom. It is inevitable, at least a drop will slip into her and impregnate her. When you remove the condom, do it quick and dispose of it quick so that she doesn’t notice anything strange.


Naturally some will resort to abortion but its their sin, not yours, you just did what is natural, sex for impregnation not for pleasure. You did what you are meant to do. When animals have sex they don’t use condoms and they don’t pullout right before ejaculating and they also don’t make an abortion. Humans were created with the same purpose, to have sex for multiplying not just for fun. More will keep the babies than you think, if let’s say 30% kept the babies, you did your country, your genes and your self a favor. If you impregnated 1000 women, you just brought 300 children into this world. Be proud of yourself and go find some chicks. Its all for competition and survival of the blonde seed. Its your duty!

Lookismisreal #sexist

Femoids are nothing but used up toilet paper that either needs to be thrown to the dumpster, or just burned. They bring no value to our life's except misery and is only needed for reproduction; also satisfying male urges such as sex pleasure. We are talking about a group of creatures who are not able to show love and careness, or any other feeling to be exact.

Thus, thinking that acquiring one would bring some meaningful value to our life's is nothing but a fool's hope. Refer to them as objects, possessions or items because that's what these vapid cunts truly are. Referring or thinking them as "humans" is nothing but an insult to humanity itself.

Paula #conspiracy

A VICTIM of Jimmy Savile’s satanic abuse told yesterday of her sheer terror as she was tied to an altar and raped by the depraved star during a black mass.
The girl, who we will call Paula to protect her true identity, was just 13 at the time of the ­sickening attack in 1975.

Now aged 50, Paula still suffers horrific flashbacks and cannot sleep properly. She decided to come forward after we revealed last week how Savile raped two women ­during satanic ceremonies in the Seventies and Eighties.

Recalling her torment, Paula described how Savile was sitting on a throne wearing a mask and robes, clutching a trademark cigar.

As he raped her, she described smelling stale smoke on his breath. During her horrific ordeal, one of the devil worshippers sneered: “You definitely fixed this one, Jim!”

Speaking at an address in North London, Paula said: “I was brought in to a dark cellar and made to stand in front of three men in a ­circle, with the man in the middle sitting on a throne-like chair in a bright gown with a cigar in his mouth. A man stood on either side in blue cloaks and masks.

“I was made to stand in front of this chair dressed in only a white gown with nothing underneath and to just stand there while this man looked over me blowing cigar smoke into my face making me feel very sick and terrified.

“Around this slightly raised circle were men and women dressed in black cloaks wearing masks and various costumes.

“I was then taken by the man smoking the cigar, who I recognised as Jimmy Savile, to an altar table where I was stripped of my gown and tied to the altar.

“Savile then climbed on to the table and raped me. Others around him called out Satan’s name and laughed hysterically and were worked up into a frenzy.”

Paula said she was taken blindfolded to the ritual at a secret venue so she could not identify where she was attacked. She went with the consent of her family, who she said were well-known satanists.

Paula said: “I just felt bile in my throat from this man kissing and touching me and, worse, raping me. I was too terrified to speak. I was told never to speak of this to anyone.”

Paula was too traumatised to tell the police. However, she spoke to the Sunday Express after we revealed how Savile raped a 12-year-old girl at a satanic ceremony at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire, in 1975 and a 21-year-old woman at a house in central London five years later.

She also took comfort from and praised the courage of the 450 ­victims who came forward as part of the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Yewtree to say they too were abused by Savile.

Paula said: “To speak of it after all those years feels like a great weight has been lifted off me at long last. There are many people all around the world who know exactly what men like Savile are capable of and the time has come to bring these atrocities of sheer evil and depravation to light.”

Various Incels #sexist


[Experiment] [Thought experiment] Imagine if a foid from inceltear woke up as an ugly/below average looking man

Just fucking imagine.
She would very quickly realize that her ”hateful attitude” wouldnt matter for shit.
hate women? Incel. Dont hate women? Still incel.

What these morons dont realize is that getting treated like shiit and having a 100% rejection rate made us hate foids, not the other way around.

This foid would literally in one night go from a tinder god to unable to land a single match from a non bot

Female privilege makes me so fucking furious you cant even imagine

She would be dead within a day.

That would be getting out lightly. They should live it for 25+ years. Fucking privileged cunts

she would rope in a hour

That pisses me off. They deserve more suffering, disgusting fucking hypocrites


That would be getting out lightly. They should live it for 25+ years. Fucking privileged cunts

Its like a person who was born into a rich family and talks shit about hard work. Just put your nose to the grindstone, save, and you can be rich like me despite my family being rich for generations and having a headstart.

Foids are so retarded that they believe it really is easy to be a guy.

All you have to do is shower, be polite, smile, get a haircut, and its that easy right?

Foids actually believe this. The idea that women have an easier time is insulting to them, because then it would shatter the reality that they are nothing but holes, and if they didn't have a hole they wouldn't be treated nicely.


You don't have to imagine, just look at FtM trannies, they're all either suicidal or want to transition back to females.


JFL, of course CuckTears had to whine about the trivial problems that femoids face in their life. One of them even said that it'd be fun to pee standing up.

FrailPaleStaleMale #sexist

IT cuck father of a hole doesn't understand the bigger picture

This cuck of a father fails to realize what's in front of his face. Incels are barely a danger to his precious hole. In fact she will be the aggressor. She will demonize us because of our gender and our looks. She may end up fat and condemn anyone who dares not date her because of fat but will only go for a man 6'0" and up. Either way, she will end up a stuck up cum dumpster. She will be a hole passed around by numerous men during school, college, thereafter up until she settles for a betabuxx.

He should be worried about his daughter's inevitable actions in the future, not the assumed actions of people she will avoid anyway. He should be concerned that by the time her 20th birthday comes around, she will have likely swallowed pints of semen and will have lost her pair bonding abilities due to promiscuity. She will have manipulated and actively sought to ruin the lives of people she doesn't even know purely based on the way they look. Something that isn't acceptable anywhere else in society unless its directed towards an ugly short male. He fails to see that women aren't condemned because of their gender, modern femenism and SJW faggotry has made women celebrated and therefore can do no wrong. Don't forget, as far as society is concerned, men being raped/murdered is funny and just something that happens. Women being raped/murdered makes people lose their shit.


Frank #sexist

(Part 4/5 of "How Women Manipulate Men and the Female Ego". Emphasis original.)

How women control man
Let’s look deeper into the various tools women use to control and hide this process. It can be recognized that basically all tools are used to pull down one’s frequency and mislead by leveraging weaknesses, to invoke some kind of negative emotion like pride, jealousy, guilt, shame and so on. She intends to cause a reaction and suffering to her behavior. Because only then one becomes vulnerable and easy to control. When someone is happy, he cannot be controlled. Women know a mans weaknesses right away after looking at him. They are men experts. They get it through presence.
Figure 3 gives an overview.
Figure 3 – Female Ego and Manipulation Techniques

Interrogation – She asks questions to gain critical information that she can use to hold against the man. “Do you love me?”, “Are you my friend?”, “How important is sex for you in a relationship?”, “Why do you want to be with me?” Or to better determine your social status. Trying to find out if you are congruent. “Where do you work?”

Ambiguity – It will not be clear if she wants to be with you or not. Indirectness in communication. Saying one thing and doing another. Communicating one thing and then changing it.

Undermining Reality – She puts the weight on your shoulder. Either directly or indirectly pointing out that a happening was your fault, your responsibility or shortcoming. Blame. Disagreeing. Manipulation through guilt. “You are thinking too much about it. It is not that way.” “I think you are just silly.” “Don’t be silly.” “Soccer seems to be more important to you than I am” (blame and guilt) “You are such an egoist. A relationship cannot work with someone like you.” (pretending to be guilty and insulted). She laughs about her manipulative behavior as if it was a joke (recontextualization, also hiding).

Directing – This entails occupying your consciousness with irrelevancies and giving you commands. She may command you to do some gardening work with a very negative and commanding tone. “Give me a drink”, “Take the bag into the basement”. She dictates and instructs in various ways. She determines common activities and meetings. She implies being in need of help, and asks you to do things she could do on her own. She asks you a few irrelevant questions serveral times in a row. Like “How do you like my dress?” And even if you answer it, she asks again, sometimes right after the answer. She talks a lot and makes you do things.

Hurt – Anything that makes you suffer and what you are sensitive about. E.g. if you are fat or bold, women will repeatedly bring that into your awareness in fierce ways. Sometimes it may not appear fierce, but inwardly you will feel like a bomb just dropped over Hiroshima. A sublte way may be touching your bold spots, or repeatedly looking at them. The intention here is to harm deliberately. Every weakness and sensitivity you have about any issue will be brought up and used to stab. One example: “How much money do we still have?”.

Drama – 1. Poor me drama. Draining energy by complaining and implying that one is responsible for their troubles. The purpose here is to make you feel guilty. Often it works even though you know that it is not your fault on a deeper level. They talk about their illnesses, mistreatments or sufferings.
2. Pure negativity drama. Aggressiveness, being loud, insulting. The intention here is to get some kind of control back, to dominate and to reel you in.
3. Negativity dumping place drama. They just go on talking, transmitting pride, anger, sadness and judgementalism.

Waiting – They let you wait. Or they tell you or ask you for a specific time to meet or have dinner ready and then do not comply to this time.

Disqualification – She implies that she has more value than you directly or indirectly by putting you down.”You never change.”

Being Condescending – Insults. Showing Disrespect. Talking bad about you and putting you down. Complaining. “You never put down the toilet seat.” “I don’t want that. Stop it.” “You are never of any help.”

Dominating – In this category also belongs their attitude of “only what I want shall be done.”

Increasing Value – Increasing their own worth and market value by creating competition with other men. Even if there are no man in their lives right now, they make one up. They tell you various stories. They are also increasing their value by being aloof and pushing you away.

Negative Compliance Tests – They try to let you do things you would normally not do, but would do especially for women to gain their sympathy. Ironically (and that’s the point) the result will be the opposite of what you intended. “Can you hold my bag real quick, while I go to the toilet.” “I need socks to play the game. Do you have any?” (looking at yours, that are on your feet). “Do you want to drink something?” (handing you her cup with just a sip left). She starts holding your hands and takes notice if you let go or not.

Jealousy – She goes out dancing, and talks a lot about how other man are interested in her (implying it indirectly). She hides details of things and she is vague, especially when you are pushing for an answer. She is flirtatious with other men in your presence.

Responsibilities – They own your responsibilities and make them their own. This is a subtle enslavement. My secretary for example has to do some paperwork and some organizing for me. So occasionally she comes and I have to fill in some additional information on those paper sheets. And right in our conversation she manages it to turn it around and give me instructions what to do and when it should be finished. So of course I have to provide some information but she changes the energy and context as if she is the boss.

Role Adaptation – They take on a certain role. Being your parent for example. By expressively playing this role they are able to enforce the effects of the role.
Agreeing – After an argument you will see that they start argreeing on various things to end the argument. They are in control of starting and ending it.

Hoops – They throw a psychological hoop and see if you’re jumping into it. Often it is to deprive you of your power. She gets some feeling of superiority from knowing how you will respond.

Rejection – This is also often just a way to get a hold on you. Ironically women reject even men they are interest in.

The information gap – This word was termed by psychologist George Loewenstein. It states that there is a painful gap within our minds that we desire to close in order to relieve us from this pain. This gap is supposed to steer curiosity. This gap is created by questions and puzzles, unknown decisions, false expectations, access of information from others, remembering things you forgot. Women seem to know this even before it was discovered!

Panic Reactions – Once in a while they go for what can be called a panic reaction, when your brain gets short-circuited and you usually just blow. If the man gets physical, she turns it against the man and emphasizes how she really did nothing. And this works pretty well because her intention to short-circuit is well hidden. One example: It happens that she has bad breath and talks to you. You allude that she has bad breath and that she should please keep a distance while talking to you. You do that twice. She backs off walks around in the room a little bit then comes back close in order to relocate some things and then again to blow her breath into your nose.

Trolling Expectations/Perceptions – This is also a very subtle one and it can be said to happen on the level of thought. Three examples: She walks towards one side of a double door (holding the thought in mind to enter there) and you step aside in expectation she will now cross that path, but instead she now changes to enter through the second door. Secondly, the man expects her to behave mean in a certain situation but she is suddenly nice. Or you might know that she is attracted to you and expect her to touch her hair, but as you notice and pay attention to it she suppresses the movement and waits until you look away (may also be hiding in other situations).

Aloofness and Push – Pull – This was introduced at the beginning and though aloofness is something fundamental and innate to the female psyche it may be contextualized as a manipulation as well. Many techniques are supplemented by push – pull. They are preceded by a pull and finished with a push.

False Cause - Usually a woman blames and criticizes you exactly for what she is the cause. For example she complains that you are never doing anything with her. But when you make some propositions for activities she denies your suggestions without further ado. She is not interested in a constructive resolution of the conflict.

A Special Case – When you are arguing with some fact based reasoning in good will, what will often happen is that she implies in her argumentation that your fact is a generality and she gives an individual case for the purpose of disproving you as wrong (the individual case is also often a lie which is based on missing information that you do not have). Example: In a gender debate a man argues that men are often insecure in talking and approaching women because they are often not sure what is ok to do and what not. And that a man is supposed to do the first step because women never do it. The woman responded laughingly questioning what women he means and that she often makes the first step and speaks to men.

Caught Unprepared – One pattern is also that women strike when the man least expects it or is most vulnerable. Examples are when you come back home from work and are exhausted. are tired and start going to bed or leave a conversation with her.

Hiding and Enforcement
Lying – They lie from trivia to major things. Also to hide manipulation and aloofness. Often they tell you the opposite of what’s actually the case, “Men are pigs”, “You have to try to understand me”, “Men want what they can’t have.” When she bails out on appointments she talks about reasons of higher magnitude like it was raining or her mother did not let her. She does not respond.

Disguising – Disguising the process of aloofness and manipulative behaviour. Recontextualization. Basically all manipulation has to be disguised, otherwise it looses its function and purpose. “I am just trying to help you.”

Frame Control – This is a major one. Women almost have a super power here at their disposal. They are able to express their emotions and themselves unimpeded. They are at ease with it and do not fall into doubtful self-reflection. This is also why they enjoy dancing so much in constrast to many men. By being expressive and having a strong frame, it allows them to steer opinions and behavior. Women can even make an entire room consent to a certain preconceived belief just by holding a thought in mind.

Utilizing Needs and Positionalities – They know when a man likes something and use this knowledge to satisfy their own needs. Basically this is the foundation a woman works on: “her man is her kitchen.”

Claudio Gambino #racist

Italy mayor wants separate buses for Roma people

An Italian mayor’s plan to use separate bus lines for Roma people has sparked controversy among the town’s politicians over what has been called the latest in a series of “ridiculous” human-rights violations that plague the Roma in Europe.

Claudio Gambino, mayor of the northern town of Borgaro Torinese, wants separate buses for Roma, who live in a camp of about 600 inhabitants on the town’s outskirts and, he said, "have been afflicting us for more than 20 years." Numerous protests, petitions and Facebook pages have been dedicated to the camp's prompt removal.

"To guarantee the security of our citizens, we need two buses. One for citizens, the other for Roma people," Italian media on Friday quoted Gambino as saying, adding that buses have been plagued by theft and petty violence. Last week a Roma passenger was accused of attempting to steal a 13-year-old boy’s backpack on his first day of school, Italian newspaper La Stampa reported.

City officials said at a town council meeting that there have been constant criminal incidents targeting passengers and that the bus plan does not constitute racism.

More than 80 percent of respondents to a La Stampa reader poll — about 9,000 people — said they agreed with the mayor’s suggestion of separate bus lines.

Human rights activists have sounded alarms over rising discrimination against Roma in the European Union. In France police last year detained a 15-year-old undocumented Roma girl during a school trip and deported her to her native Kosovo under a French government policy that targets Roma for expulsion. In Hungary, home to the far-right Jobbik party — which campaigns on anti-immigration policies — attacks on Roma people regularly make headlines, Amnesty International reported.

Andrey Ivanov, head of the Roma and migrant integration program of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), an EU-sponsored think tank, said Roma are “facing marginalization everywhere.” He called Gambino’s proposal “ridiculous.”

“Any form of racial segregation is illegal,” he said.

Only 15 percent of young Roma adults in EU member states have completed high school or vocational education, compared with more than 70 percent of the general population, according to FRA numbers. Fewer than 30 percent of Roma have paid jobs, and nearly half live in households lacking an indoor kitchen, a toilet, electricity or a shower or bath.

Nichi Vendola, leader of Italy’s Left Ecology Freedom party, told La Stampa on Saturday that "giving people different rights is called apartheid."

Micaela Campana, human-rights supervisor for Gambino's Democratic Party, said the party warned Gambino that "marginalization is never the solution" and that "answering violence by excluding people will not help."

But the bus plan has won the support of the anti-immigration Northern League party, with senior parliamentarian Roberto Calderoli saying, "These are the real problems. I send my compliments to Borgaro's administration, which — despite being left wing — has listened to the people."

The Administration #conspiracy

I’m sure many of you have exhaled in relief upon learning that Stunning satellite images show summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometers MORE than 2 years ago…despite Al Gore’s prediction it would be ICE-FREE by now. (

"The speech by former US Vice-President Al Gore was apocalyptic. ‘The North Polar ice cap is falling off a cliff,’ he said. ‘It could be completely gone in summer in as little as seven years. Seven years from now.’

Those comments came in 2007 as Mr Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaigning on climate change. But seven years after his warning, The Mail on Sunday can reveal that, far from vanishing, the Arctic ice cap has expanded for the second year in succession – with a surge, depending on how you measure it, of between 43 and 63 per cent since 2012.

To put it another way, an area the size of Alaska, America’s biggest state, was open water two years ago, but is again now covered by ice.

Judith Curry, professor of earth and atmospheric sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, said last night: ‘The Arctic sea ice spiral of death seems to have reversed.’
Those who just a few years ago were warning of ice-free summers by 2014 included US Secretary of State John Kerry, who made the same bogus prediction in 2009, while Mr Gore has repeated it numerous times – notably in a speech to world leaders at the UN climate conference in Copenhagen in 2009, in an effort to persuade them to agree a new emissions treaty.

Professor Andrew Shepherd, of Leeds University, an expert in climate satellite monitoring, said yesterday: ‘It is clear from the measurements we have collected that the Arctic sea ice has experienced a significant recovery in thickness over the past year."


I recall when the Global Climate/Warming Change hysteria was in full crest. Weather supremacists strode the lecterns ascendant. Denial of heat became as taboo as denial of race…or even worse! The Earth was growing so molten so quickly that by next Wednesday one would be able to use Hillary’s desiccated womb as an open air microwave. It was all very much settled.

And of course the left’s hoi polloi plunged it down their gullets bones, gristle, and beak. Given some period with a pliant media these people could probably be manipulated into grease painting their faces to sing “I’m a little teapot” in robotic pantomime nude on a weekday sidewalk–while screaming at those who aren’t.

Though Al Gore had this played well. It required only some discreet model tweaking here and thermometer breakage there and the red hot world would be copacetic. Though ironically enough, the weather just wouldn’t cooperate. Cool summers, cold winters, and growing ice. Growing. Always growing. Always mocking. Its smirk no less searing for the frigidity.

No doubt I now grew very pale;—but I talked more fluently, and with a heightened voice. Yet the cold increased—and what could I do? It was a low, dull temperature—much as a winter bough enveloped in snow. I gasped for breath—and yet the media heard it not. I talked more quickly—more vehemently; but the ice steadily increased. I arose and argued about trifles, in a high key and with violent gesticulations; but the ice only grew. Why would these acolytes and minions not be gone? I paced the floor to and fro with heavy strides, as if excited to fury by the observations of the men—but the ice steadily increased. Oh God! what could I do? I foamed—I raved—I swore! I swung the chair upon which I had been sitting, and grated it upon the boards, but the ice arose over all the arctic and continually increased. It grew thicker—denser—whiter! And still the reporters chatted pleasantly, and smiled. Was it possible they saw not? Almighty God!—no, no! They saw!—they suspected!—they knew!—they were making a mockery of my horror!-this I thought, and this I think. But anything was better than this agony! Anything was more tolerable than this derision! I could bear those hypocritical smiles no longer! I felt that I must scream or die! and now—again!—hark! Colder! Slicker! Crunchier! Polar bears!
“Villains!” I shrieked, “dissemble no more! I admit the deed!—tear up my tome! here, here!—It is the freezing of this hideous Earth!”

You know, if Al and the kids were actually convinced of cataclysm, one would imagine news of cooler temperatures and growing ice–a pleasant failure of dire forecasts–would be greeted with a singular sentiment: relief. That it is not may lend some insight into otherwise veiled designs.

Yet the now almost comical failure to bring any predictive power to the debate must have surely sent advocates scurrying back into their own skins for some retro-fitted circumspection. At least that is what the model of human behavior might suggest. But it too would be wildly inaccurate. For science is hardly cowed by mere humiliation. Now is when faithful men in white coats stand to be counted. Now is when guns sound at the front. To reputational ruin or Ragnarok!(

"No more pause: Warming will be non-stop from now on

Enjoy the pause in global warming while it lasts, because it’s probably the last one we will get this century. Once temperatures start rising again, it looks like they will keep going up without a break for the rest of the century, unless we cut our greenhouse gas emissions.

The slowdown in global warming since 1997 seems to be driven by unusually powerful winds over the Pacific Ocean, which are burying heat in the water. But even if that happens again, or a volcanic eruption spews cooling particles into the air, we are unlikely to see a similar hiatus, according to two independent studies.

According to another recent study, the current hiatus may be our last for a while. Matthew England and his colleagues at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, tried to quantify the chance of another pause. “It’s looking to us that it’s probably going to be the last one that we’ll see in the foreseeable future,” says England.

Using 31 climate models, they showed that if emissions keep rising, the chance of a hiatus – a 10-year period with no significant warming – drops to virtually zero after 2030. The current hiatus will probably be followed by rapid warming as the heat trapped in the ocean escapes back into the atmosphere, so we are unlikely to get another decade of no warming before 2030. England believes it could be another century or more before the next hiatus.

But that could change if we slow greenhouse gas emissions now. If we can reach peak global emissions by 2040, the temperature rise will slow by the end of the century, and hiatus periods will become more likely.

Hiatuses can also be triggered by volcanic eruptions that spew particles into the air, reflecting sunlight away from Earth, as happened after the 1991 Mount Pinatubo eruption. But even if a volcano erupts it will make little difference. “After 2030, the rate of global warming is likely to be so fast that even large volcanic eruptions on the scale of Krakatoa are unlikely to drive a hiatus decade,” says team member Nicola Maher.

To the Chromosphere and beyond! So here’s my question: what did the models say about hiatuses in the late 90s? And if the answer is nothing, then what has improved of our climate understanding in the interim to now confidently dress them as natty scapegoats like little Lords Fauntleroy? What a darling hiatus this just happens to be. It’s from those Pacific winds, you know. They just started about 17 years ago and haven’t abated yet. What, you want climate models that take wind into account? Get real.

It may very well be that Warming Change is as both real and dire as claimed. Though the whole present firmament has tainted themselves with histrionics, false predictions, and calumny to skeptics. I’m of little inclination to hear the same bleats from the same mouths. Let them dissolve into less damaging pursuits and be succeeded by a more sober and judicious generation of climatologists who are emotionally capable of offering an honest accounting. If their models offer some predictive value, then informed citizens will be properly advised from there. Though by that time I’ll be dead–and not from a .7 temperature increase either.

The citizens of Malawi #fundie

Confronting a Sexual Rite of Passage in Malawi

The world has many coming-of-age traditions: sweet sixteens, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras. But in one African country, 'initiation' is endangering the health of girls and boys.

 Grace Mwase, 14, may look like a child, but her community sees her as an adult because of a sexual initiation she attended at age 10. (Beenish Ahmed)

CHIRADZULU, Malawi — A slight frame gives her the appearance of a child, but the hardened look Grace Mwase wears makes her seem older than her 14 years. In many villages across Malawi, a largely agrarian sliver of a country in southern Africa, custom dictates that both boys and girls as young as eight attend a rite of passage known as “initiation,” after which they are no longer seen as children. The practice is most entrenched in the country's south, where Mwase's Golden Village is located.

Mwase was just 10 when she was led, along with about a dozen other girls, to remote huts outside her village during winter vacation from school in August. The girls were accompanied by older women from their village in Chiradzulu district, near the border with Mozambique. The women, known asanamkungwi, or “key leaders,” told them that when they returned to their villages they should cook and clean—and have sex. According to Mwase, most of the two weeks she spent at the initiation camp were dedicated to learning how to engage in sexual acts. She had been excited for this time with friends away from home, but that feeling quickly gave way to dread as she learned the true purpose of initiation.

“They taught us only how you can handle a man,” she says, looking down at her hands. “So you should be dancing for the man. The man should be on top of you and you should be dancing for him, making him happy.”

The anamkungwi told the girls to lie on top of one another and get a feel for the various positions described to them. They then encouraged the girls to “practice” what they had learned. In fact, girls in Malawi are often told that if they don’t have sex upon concluding initiation, their skin will become dry and brittle. This will mark them for life, and they will be ostracized if they don't complete the custom as their mothers and grandmothers did before them. These guardians often force their daughters to go through with the ritual for fear of breaking with tradition.

“There’s nothing like adolescence. You are either a child or an adult.”

Initiation is a centuries-old practice in the region, according to Harriet Chanza of the World Health Organization. In many agrarian communities, she notes, “There’s nothing like adolescence. You are either a child or an adult.” Initiation is meant to establish the gender norms that boys and girls are expected to follow as men and women. The emphasis on having sex may also have a darker purpose in a country where nearly three-fourths of the population lives below the poverty line. Chanza, who is based in Malawi, says that some parents may actually want their daughters to get pregnant at a young age. A girl is often married soon after she is found to be pregnant, deferring the cost of caring for her and her baby from her parents to her husband.

Mwase was told, "'You are a woman enough'" by an anamkungwi in her village, and informed, "'If you come out [of the initiation camp], you should sleep with a man to cleanse you of your childhood thing.'" Worse, Mwase says though a translator, "They said you should do your sexual cleansing but not use a condom. You should do it plain."

Mwase sits in an uneven plastic lawn chair in an empty hall used for community gatherings as she recounts her experiences. She had walked to our meeting point in Chiradzulu district from her village to speak with foreign journalists, and agreed to discuss a topic that few women are willing to broach because we didn’t share ties to her community or culture. “You’re like a visitor so you don’t know anything,” she says. Conversing with us, in other words, isn't as difficult as telling women in her village how she feels about a custom they might support.

Her small, sharp eyes aglow in the dimly lit room, a grain mill whirring in the background, Mwase says the anamkungwi who oversaw her initiation told her to find an older man to have sex with after she left the camp. In defiance of tradition, however, Mwase refused to do so, fearing the costs to her health from unprotected sex. Like many first-born daughters in Malawi, Mwase was raised by her grandmother. She says her grandmother, who had sent her to the camp, didn't force her to have sex—likely because Mwase never told her about her decision not to do so. If her grandmother had learned the truth, she might have paid a man to take Mwase’s virginity. In some villages, young men hired for this task are called “hyenas,” and they occasionally have sex with many girls in a single village who have gone through initiation together.

Thera Rasing, an anthropologist who has studied girls’ initiations in Zambia,writes that the secrecy surrounding these rituals increased during the colonial era and has remained in place to keep missionaries and churches from “trying to control and christianize these rites.” Still, as abominable as such customs might seem, Rasing adds that initiations are associated with honor for many women: “A woman’s capacity to elicit change, to be powerful and empowered arises from her relative success in being a proper woman. Through this she acquires the respect of her spouse and of the neighbourhood as a moral community. This is what a girl learns during her initiation into womanhood, and that she is told during her wedding ceremony.”

Despite the social role of initiations, there are numerous public health concerns surrounding the custom in Malawi. Young girls largely unaware of the risks are being told to have unprotected sex in a country where a tenth of the population is HIV-positive. (While this figure is on par with other countries in the region, it is far higher than rates elsewhere in the world; 70 percent of AIDS-related deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa.) And teenage pregnancies also abound in Malawi, where one in four teen girls under 18 is a mother (in sub-Saharan Africa as a whole, more than 50 percent of births take place during adolescence). The young age at which girls become pregnant complicates their deliveries and puts them at greater risk for losing their babies, losing their lives, or developing an obstetric fistula—a condition where a rupture in the birth canal leaves women suffering from incontinence and ostracized from their communities.

Girls are taught a dance known as chisamba “as a way of preparing them for their role of satisfying their husbands in bed.”

Female genital mutilation, which often entails the complete or partial removal of the clitoris, is not common in Malawi, though it can take place during similar rites of passage in other parts of Africa. But initiation can leave lasting trauma even without physical injury. The Malawi Human Rights Commission, a government agency, has reported that initiations impinge on girls’ rights to education, health, liberty, and dignity. The Commission further elaborates on some of these rituals, stating that girls are taught a dance known as chisamba“as a way of preparing them for their role of satisfying their husbands in bed,” and that they are made to perform this dance at the end of their initiation “bare-breasted in a very explicit manner as they are being presented to the whole community.” The study also notes, however, that initiation rites vary widely, and that in some communities girls attending initiation are advised not to have premarital sex.

For boys in Malawi, and in several other African countries, initiation sometimes involves circumcision. According to the Malawi Human Rights Commission, Malawian boys live in camps on the outskirts of villages and are occasionally forced to consume foods prepared with urine and “medicine” made with their severed foreskins. The report notes, “Once the boys undergo circumcision they are considered mature and are actually advised to have sexual intercourse with any girl as soon as they go back home.”

Initiations for boys can easily go awry, since the circumcisions are often performed by people without medical training wielding ritual knifes. Last year in South Africa, an estimated 60 young men died after their initiation ceremonies as a result of botched circumcisions and dehydration due to “survival tests.” Local government officials were hesitant to intervene because of “cultural sensitivities.”

“The difficulty with culture is you deal with the [village] chief and he says, ‘I have changed. I have put [in] bylaws [to prohibit initiations]. [Then] you come [back] and [initiations] are quietly being done,” says Jean Mwandira, a specialist in reproductive and adolescent health with the United Nations Population Fund in Malawi.

We speak over dinner beside the glittering but parasite-ridden Lake Malawi. Here in southern Malawi, where initiations are most widespread, girls are often married off as soon as they reach puberty and literacy rates are among the lowest in the country. In the district of Mangochi, which borders the lake,48 percent of teenagers have begun bearing children—the highest incidence in Malawi. Mwandira says it is hard to persuade local leaders here and elsewhere in the country to stop a custom that has such a long history, especially since annual initiations for boys and girls have become a kind of industry.

"Those people who perform such tasks are paid, either in cash or kind, so it's difficult for the whole thing to die [out]," she explains. Even "the chief gets something for allowing that initiation ceremony to take place."

In the face of public scrutiny, those who have a vested interest in keeping the custom alive try to do so covertly. Initiation camps are held outside villages in temporary shelters built just for this purpose and then burnt to the ground once children are sent home, Mwandira says. Adults who aren’t involved in managing the camps are not permitted near them. What’s more, the girls who take part in initiations are loath to talk about them.

I spent a day in Mangochi, asking every young woman I could whether she had been initiated. Each time I got a shy smile and swift ‘no’ in response. This despite what Mwandira told me: “It’s not possible to live in Mangochi and not be initiated.”

In Chiradzulu, a few hours south by car, Grace Mwase was the rare exception willing to speak about her experiences with initiation. When I asked if she wanted her testimony about this deeply private matter to be kept anonymous, she said, “No, use my name.” Her lack of shame may well stem from her involvement in the Girls Empowerment Network, a locally run coalition of young women.

The group is led by a woman named Joyce Mkandawire. She says that when she first arrived in Chiradzulu, where Mwase lives, she was struck by the lack of freedom afforded to girls. “A girl leaves a school [because she is] pregnant, nobody cared. A girl gets married today, nobody cared,” she recalls. Mkandawire is now advocating for new bylaws in local villages to bar teenage girls from getting married. She has also reached out to local headmasters, who notify her when a girl has dropped out of school so that she and the Girls Empowerment Network can try to convince her to return—and to focus on education rather than marriage.

Joyce Mkandawire poses with young mothers from the Girls Empowerment Network. (Beenish Ahmed)

In speaking out about these issues, Mkandawire has inspired girls like Mwase to do the same. About her work as a leader in the Network, she says, “I am there just to help the community and to encourage myself. If there is anything [wrong], I go to the elders and speak to them.” Mwase also goes to the initiation camps outside her village every year to speak to the girls there. “I go to tell them after your initiation, if you go out, don’t do the sexual cleansing thing because it’s bad for us,” she explains.

And she’s pleased with the progress she’s made so far. “If I go talk to them, they listen to me,” Mwase says, breaking into a smile.

Total Imbecile #sexist

[Venting] I will get into a car crash bc of women

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Also its a college town, therere literally girls sitting outside their houses in beach chairs in their bikinis sipping beers with Chads in salmon shorts

livinginhell101 #sexist

In good families, parents should ensure sisters fuck their brothers to help them build confidence

Families need to stick together, sisters today only make their brothers' lives worse by existing and taking his resources, flaunting boyfriends in his face and not giving a shit about his well being as evident from many examples including ER.

I can only agree completely. Incest is hot as fuck.

Sisters, cousins, moms, or any other family females. Should be registered as property of the head of the household or oldest male. He can just do whatever he wants, no laws, no rights for females.