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Jim Stone #conspiracy

There have been many reports about genetically engineered nanobot viruses being developed that will destroy people. Once these viruses are received via a tainted vaccine, they insert DNA into your cells which instructs your own cells to produce more copies of themselves and THAT is how they replicate. And they NEVER back off, they simply order your own cells to keep producing them until your cells die from being over worked doing exactly that.

The elite are now going for a huge push to get genetically modified bacteriophage based "vaccines" put into the entire world public via mandated injections AT ONCE. And I suspect they are going to use a phony Ebola outbreak to scare the people into accepting shots laced with these genetically modified viruses, with everyone receiving the shot within a short period of time.

Anyone who is with it enough to find a web site like this one ought to know about the NWO plan for global depopulation and the establishment of compact slave cities that can be managed with ease. What better way could there be to manage a massive depopulation than a fake outbreak, with the real disease being in mandated shots, peddled as vaccines that are supposed to protect? You can bet the elite do not want to actually release something that could kill them into the wild in the form of a real outbreak. They would instead opt to use all their ill gotten tax dollars to formulate a shot and inject it into their victims, with a certain percentage of the shots being non hazardous, perhaps 1 in 10, and the rest representing the end of life for the recipient. If the disease is a managed disease that is completely non contageous and can only be received via a shot, they can rest easy while the world dies around them.

And THIS is why they are pushing vaccines so hard, and now actively working to destroy completely legitimate dissent.


Mike King #conspiracy

Now that global temps and an expanding South Pole ice cap can longer be used as evidence of catastrophic Global Warming, the Warmists have had to reach into their bag of tricks and pull out a new piece of unrelated data; dead oysters due to CO2-based "ocean acidification"! The Globo Times quotes Washington Governor Jay Inslee:

"Ocean acidification has the same cause as climate change, but it has been unsullied with the political controversy of climate change.”

So, it's not the melting ice caps and submerging of the Statue of Liberty that we have to worry about anymore. The same man-made CO2 (which amounts to just 1-2% of all CO 2 emissions!) that was once supposed to have frozen the planet (which it has not), and then burned up the planet (which it has not), and then caused an increase in deadly hurricanes, (which it has not) is now said to be killing our oysters. Ice Age, Global Warming, Climate Change, ......Ocean Acidification..."Yeah, that's it! CO 2 kills oysters. Prove us wrong!"

Though it is indeed true that the baby oysters of Washington State have been dying at a very unusual rate, one might want to at least consider the epic (and still ongoing) Fukushima nuclear disaster as a possible cause of problems in the Pacific Ocean. Or perhaps there is some other reason. But jumping to hasty conclusions in order to fit political agendas and pre-existing biases is what the Globo-Marxists, their bought & paid for superficial "scientists", and Sulzberger's NY Slimes all seem to specialize in.

From the Times article:

“We can attribute the problems in the oyster hatcheries to the increased carbon in the ocean,” said Terrie Klinger, a professor of Marine Affairs at the University of Washington."

Ms. Klinger, just how exactly do you know that "we can attribute the problems in the oyster hatcheries to the increased carbon in the ocean? What makes you so cock-sure? Well, that's the beauty of politicized "theoretical science". The Scientific Method does not apply to the Globalist-Marxist agenda. Ivory tower academics don't actually ever have to prove anything in order to continue feeding from the trough of government and foundation grants. All that a theoretical scientist needs do to keep the gravy train running is to provide his paymasters with the correct "answers" that he is looking for, and then shout (with finger wagging) "the science is settled" in the face of any "uneducated" skeptic.

Unlike a scumbag politician such as Inslee, or his billionaire paymaster Tom Steyer, or S;imy Sulzberger himself, we cannot judge whether Professor Klinger's conclusion is based on a deliberate attempt to deceive, or just a classic case of an egghead "scientist" not even being aware of her own cognitive biases (Observer Expectancy Bias). In either case, her hasty conclusions amount to sloppy science based on pure conjecture and logical fallacy.

Were the economic costs of junk science not so serious, Inslee's and Klinger's alarmist rants would indeed be comical.