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Kenny Claing #fundie

DOMA should stand for the “Defense of Mankind Act”. The only way for Marriage to occur is to have a Mankind, (people) One can’t have Marriage with no People. Mankind comes first. Mankind only has two Genders to work with, a Male and Female. One of each is for perfect Equality. This pairing makes all of Mankind and Mankind makes everything Manmade. Oddly enough, it also makes, aberrantly, Homosexuals. An Orientation different from their Mother and Father and the Formula of Mankind. It is inconceivable that another Equal Formula can be gotten from only two Genders. If inequality is what one wants, then that is what homosexuality is, inequality. It selects one Gender and shuns and excludes the other Gender. They cannot further Mankind and can’t even further their kind. It is all done by the Male and Female Formula. It is a dead end Orientation. It depends entirely on the M/F Formula. If that Formula makes no Homosexuals, they have NOTHING. Homosexuals will say that they were born that way (from M/F) but can anyone pick them out in a crowd? No. Can a Coroner find it in their Body? No. Ever wonder then, how can they get so much all the while not known? That the Govt. give benefits to the unknown? That the Govt. recognizes the unknown and can’t recognize Religion? That unless they come “out” they are completely unknown even from their Parents? Their Fiancé’, their Twin, and teammates? And so it will take 9 intelligent Man and Woman Judges a hard time to decide if an Unknown, an unequal Formula, not a contributor to Mankind, a dead end Formula, is EQUAL to the formula that made you, me and all of Mankind. Are they up to the task? Pity.