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Euphoric_Scarcity #sexist

Having a daughter

Imagine you're baking a cake. You spend hours doing research, looking up tutorials and buying all the most expensive ingredients to make sure it will be the best cake ever made.

After you're done you decide to give it to a man who you believe is worthy of your cake. He has a good job, a great personality, he regularly donates to charity and he spends his weekends helping out in homeless shelters.

Before you can give him the cake, some random college fratboys decide to take the cake off you and spend the next couple of days rubbing their dicks off your cake and jizzing all over it until it's only a shadow of its former self.

This is what having a daughter in the 21st century looks like.

In La’Kech #conspiracy

It’s starting to look more and more like UFO’s are highly involved with chemtrail dispersion in our skies, I’ve seen the planes vanish into thin air after morphing in a ball of light for a second or two. They vanish and reappear, they change color and shape and many of them look like a plain white cardboard cut-out – flat with no detail whatsoever.

In other words, it appears there’s a whole lot more than meets the eye to the chemtrail problem…mystery?! Things are getting very bizzarre…or maybe they’ve always been this way and the internet is just now exposing it.

OccidentalRebel #sexist

[LifeFuel] Female Suicide Rate Is Rising

[tears of joy smiley][laughing smiley][stuck-out tongue smiley]

In both the states and Canada the suicide rates of women are absolutely soaring, starting to overtake men lmao! Its ridiculous because whores are so fucking privileged but it fills my heart with such happiness. I love the idea of some stupid fucking bitch bawling her eyes out at the sight of her dead fellow slut lmao, stupid bitches. The moronic foid who slashes her throat and then immediately regrets her decision as reality kicks in but its too late for the stupid bitch and shes fucked. For the stupid whore who hangs herself but then regrets her decision as she struggles and dies from asphyxiation with true terror and remorse coursing through her lmao!

Its time for the score to get evened out baby.

Call me callous but we males have suffered enough and I'm elated the pendulum is swinging.

How happy are you about this?
- delighted
- euphoric
- estatic
- joyful
- cheerful

Paul S. Taylor #fundie

What were the ceratopians really like?

Some dinosaurs, like the Triceratops, had bony spikes on their heads. Others had spikes on their backs and elsewhere. If basic types of horns and spikes like these were originally created by God, then we know something about their purpose. They were not meant for fighting other dinosaurs.

The head horns may have been used for getting food by lifting thick foliage. They could be used for poking, rooting or turning plants. Dinosaurs like the Triceratops had very strong jaws and replaceable teeth. Using their extremely strong jaw muscles, they could slice through very tough plants--even good-sized branches and roots. Dinosaurs like this could even have chewed on tree trunks.

Some insects have horns similar to those of dinosaurs. It is interesting that scientists used to think that the big, sharp horns of some great horned beetles were meant for stabbing other beetles. Actually, the horns are mostly used to pry or lift.

Top 5s Finest #conspiracy

5 Sewer Monsters Caught On Tape & Spotted In Real Life!


From four teenaged talking turtles, to a malevolent clown with a sinister agenda, sewer systems are something that pop up in movies and television shows from time to time, but something we rarely think about, despite our daily trips to the bathroom. Cities all around the world have underground sewer systems that channel excess water and human waste out to oceans and treatment plants for recycling. These underground infrastructures cover several thousand miles, and typically remain unexplored. Every once in a while, however, a curious adult or adolescent will find themselves poking cameras or even climbing into these underground tunnels, hoping to find something extraordinary. And every once in a while….they do. Here are five sewer monsters that have been caught on camera.

5. The Sewer Blob of North Carolina

On April 27, 2009, a snakecam was used to explore a potential sewage problem in North Carolina. Snakecams are often used to dig deep into small narrow underground tunnels when customers report a clog or drainage issues. Nothing could have prepared this plumber for what he was about to find however. This pulsing, twitching blob seems to be made up of organic tissue and muscle, reminiscent of something one would find featured on an episode of the X Files. What this oddly looking creature really is we may never know, but suffice it to say we feel pretty bad for whoever’s drainage system we are currently looking at!

4. Creature in the Shadows

This video is from the YouTube channel CaughtonTape. The owner of that channel has made a few videos in which he explores sewers near his house, because he’s convinced that something unnatural has been calling it home. In this clip, we see him explore both at night and during the day. Unfortunately, he finds his dead cat shortly into his journey. Seeing his pet’s body in the sewer only further convinces him that something has been living and hunting within the tunnels. Little did the man know that he had already captured a glimpse of the sewer monster the night before. One can only hope that as he continues to explore, he will not become the sewer monster’s next victim.
(0:30 you can just barely see it)

3. Shrieks in the Sewer

This next clip is another video filmed by the man behind CaughtonTape. On the evening of July 28, 2011, he began heard noises coming from the sewer near his home, prompting his first investigation into the underground infrastructure. Hoping to make amicable contact, the man grabbed his video camera and headed into the sewer. The sounds the monster makes is truly chilling and would send most people heading for the hills. As the man shines his light all around, a rake-ish looking monster with glowing eyes was found staring right back at him. The man had to flee in order to save his own life.

2. The Grey Monster

This video was made by a young man maned Thurgood, who inadvertently caught sight of a gray skinned monster hanging out by the entranceway of a sewer. Thurgood was in the process of making a fishing video when he began to hear strange, eerie screams emanating from nearby. As Thurgood looked around, he saw the unidentified creature rush through the foliage and down into an open sanitary sewer. As he finished explaining what happened, the creature returned to visit once more. Thurgood barely caught a glimpse of it, before he hit the off button on the camera in a moment of sheer panic.

1. Running for their Lives

This startling video was recorded by a small group of friends who decided to explore an elaborate tunnel system somewhere overseas. It’s clear by their tense whispers that they are anxious about their journey—and rightfully so. Out of nowhere, a figure appears in the shadows of the tunnel, and begins to charge at the group. All of them scream and immediately turn to escape, including the camera operator. I don’t think any of them will be returning to the tunnel anytime soon.

Solar Guardian #conspiracy

Pleaidian Forecast for 2015-2027 time period

This here is a forecast by the Pleaidians on what kind of changes we can expect to see in our civilization

for the next 10-12 years. Watch below

Summary for video

0:30 We humans have come to Earth to remember who we are

1:00 The Pleiadians have returned in time because a tyranny arose on Earth - basically cyborgs.

3:30 We are considered to be your ancestors.

4:20 We do not represent the whole Pleiadian race

5:20 We have come back in time to help you build the "nano" - to build a probability to ameliorate the tyranny. We have succeeded. The tyranny is still there. You are in a parallel world next to the tyranny world. You will see some aspects of the tyranny - the desire to turn humanity into cyborgs - you are in the splitting of the worlds, the version of the world that is invested in the flowing of consciousness.

9:40 You are a strong race. You have all come in to carry out a certain purpose. You have been programmed. You are mostly concerned with the base chakra of "survival" and "safety".

22:10 Sex is the seducer - it's how you've been weakened over time. The Anunnaki are highly incestuous. (Solar Guardian comment: This is why we must control our sexual desire and do not succumb to lust, so that we don't become as one of the Dark Ones, like that scum "Asmodeus" of the evil Archon beings)

23:20 The Germans are the descendants of the German giants... The Nephilim. They started mixing the DNA.

26:15 You have been genetically arranged to be dulled down. You are vulnerable because you are believers. If you have a premonition if there's something else going on... Ask !!

29:00 Chemtrails block out the vitality from the Sun - this is communication that is taken into the pineal gland. Fluoride is also an attack on the pineal gland. Their time is over. Their time is over. The time of the controlling Beings will be over. Manipulation does not outwin Benevolence. In the end, the Multiverse supports the Ultimate Goodness. Get excellent rest, quiet rest. To return you to nature and to slow down.

35:15 You are so powerful that the elites have to contrive all these things to upset you.

36:50 We are moving into the "New Era". It is a Flowering of Consciousness. The New Era began right after the nano ended, on December 22, 2012. From 2013-2027 is the change-over time. From 2013-2017 is going to be very intense. This is the real deceleration-slow down. You are in the window of possible Earth changes - the Uranus-Pluto squares... Fire and Earth... Volcanic release, Earth changes release. The phase from 2017-2027 will be looking at Consciousness. We will be working on a new constitution for humanity.

43:20 The demon entities love to see torture. That's how you know the demons. (Solar Guadian comment: See. Torture is not something that God or the Creator would condone. That is a demonic practice)

Conservapedia #fundie

10 symptoms of Conservapedia obsessive compulsive disorder

Symptoms of Conservapedia obsessive compulsive disorder include, but are not limited to:

1. Feelings of intense anger, hatred, shame and humiliation associated with having one's worldview or aspects of one's worldview publicly shown to be in error. Among COCD suffers these three feelings often spiral out of control and often reinforce each other. Western atheists who have doubts about atheism and evolution are the most frequent suffers of COCD. In addition, gullible liberals who had fervently believed that Barack Obama and the "stimulus package" would bring about "hope and change" to the United States and to the world are more likely to be afflicted with COCD.

2. You fly into a fury when atheism is associated with clowns or when it is pointed out that the Richard Dawkins and the atheist community most certainly lacks machismo. In addition, you become very irate when the subjects of atheism and obesity, atheism and mass murder, atheism and suicide and atheism and deception are raised. Of course, the bitten dog yelps the loudest.

3. Spending long periods watching or meticulously pouring over the Conservapedia recent edit summary. Individuals afflicted with COCD often review Conservapedia's recent edit summary more than many Conservapedia administrators. Individuals with Severe Conservapedia obsessive compulsive disorder vigorously reject the heliocentrism and geocentrism astronomical models of the universe and argue that Conservapedia's recent changes log is the true center of the universe.

4. Begrudging conservative homeschoolers and conservative children at large to have a fun page provided for them that spoofs evolutionism.

5. Excessive preoccupation with discussing Conservapedia which often involves discussing the most trifling of details. Often this leads to having dreams about Conservapedia at night.

6. Obsessing over the total web page views of Conservapedia

7. Engaging in endless speculation concerning various administrators and editors of Conservapedia.

8. Repeated and frequent proclamations that Conservapedia's death is imminent or that it has died already (The reports of Conservapedia's imminent death or death are greatly exaggerated by liberal atheists. Liberal atheists can't bear for the world to see Conservapedia's atheism and evolution articles as they detail the many deceptions and foolishness associated with atheism).

9. Feelings of anger and resentment when the many medical maladies associated with homosexuality are pointed out through the medical literature.

10. Being upset that you have various trigger words and phrases that remind you of Conservapedia such as: machismo, autumn foliage, bunny hole, Keynesian economics, cowardice, clown, obesity, exercise science, bariatric science, kitty, nerd, summo wrestling, and Olé! Olé! Olé!.

Moses David / The Family International #fundie

Cover Image (NSFW!)

I am for the mini-blouse
Or the see-through at my house
She is such a lovely thing!
To her mounts I love to cling!

I'm a mountain' man, my Honey!
Give me mountains for my money!
Though I oft explore her cave
It's on her mountains that I rave!

Let those mountains be more visible
And their clothing more divisible!
Then they would be safer far
If you'd leave those gates ajar!

To reveal her scenic beauty
Is your Godly given duty!
Clear away that underbrush
And their praise you cannot hush!

Down with front retaining walls
Beauty hidden is what galls!
Away deceit--hypocrisy!
Truth unveil for all to see!

Lift men's minds from out the gutter
And her praises they will utter!
Raise their eyes unto her hills
And you'll cure neurotic ills!

T'would increase their hopes to hail
Beauteous heights without the veil!
You can now her valley fathom
Far above her lower chasm!

Clear the undergrowth away
For that smell of new-mown hay!
Undergirding, pillared column--
You can have your clothing solemn!

Flying buttress, deep crevasse,
There is nothing like her ass!
But I'll show you something better
For a real attention-getter!

Set your mind on things above
That deep cavern that you love!
When I show my lovely miss
Which is why I'm writing this.

I prefer the top to bottom:
Brother, she has really got'em!
The bottomless is not amiss,
But topless heights I like to kiss!

Can't have one without the other,
Like a babe without its mother.
'Bove the bottomless abyss
Stand the mountains you can't miss!

It's each peak so fascinating,
Makes my Love so titillating!
If you'd view ecstatic wonder
Tits like hers can make hearts thunder!

Top to bottom I'm no stranger
But I thrill to mountains' danger!
Top to bottom can be seen
Undulating curves between--
Up and down her tiny crater
Heaves and sighs whene'er I mate'er!

Her volcano off explodes
When we love in our abodes!
It's a holy hole indeed
And within I leave my seed.

Topless, midless, anywhere,
But for bottomless I don't care!
Lest we fall too far therein
And those peaks we ne'er unpin!

Twin peaks draped with fleecy cloud
Very thin and not too loud--
Billowy colour, not deep snow
Lest her lovely lines won't show!

Deep soft snow, howe'er you shape,
Will never cause us males to gape!
Natural pinpoints, clever cleft
That is all that we want left!

Unless she is some old crone,
Can't you leave those peaks alone?
Can't we leave those summits bare
Without all that underwear?

If snow is needed, let it fall
Down within her garden Wall!
For this padding I don't care!
I prefer my mountains bare
Not obscured or capped with snow!
For such trappings I don't go!

Let mountains rise o'er foliage too,
With timberline below the dew
To coverings I have objections!
I like to view the real projections!

Must you think it all so rude
To naturally let her protrude?
To fondle her resplendent beauty
Is our precious pressing duty!

If support is sometimes needed,
Let those peaks be unimpeded!
Buffer bulwarks from below
But leave mountain peaks to show!

Weight not down nor hide the top!
All this hiding's gotta stop!
Lofty shoulder, rolling field,
Let those headlands be revealed!

Arms extended full of grace
No more hidden than her face!
If warmth is needed ere betrothed,
Let her peaks be lightly clothed:
Furry creature, woolly flock,
Loosely wrapped about her smock,
Easy drawn aside by hand
Of the shepherd of her land.

When the summer sun doth shine
And in heat her fires refine,
Quickly melts her fallen snow
And cascading it will go
With the warmth of summer love
Baring mountain tops above!

Like the fleecy misty cloud
Just with vapour her enshroud!
Filmy vapours only flow
From above to vales below!

Only bright and shining tresses
Top our mountain maiden's dresses!
Accent all her naked beauty
With less on our nudie cutie!

She's a beauty with them on
Beauty's self when robes are gone!
Don't conceal her points of int'rest!
Nature's course with clothes thou hind'rest!

Flowers nestle in her hair
'Twined in hollows here and there
Circling round the tower above
All proclaim her joy of love!
Craft displays her lovely wares
Only please the one who cares!

Custom or conformity
And artificiality
Clothe her in hypocrisy
Never let her hidden be!

Methinks there'd be far less desire
To ravish her on lust's cruel fire
In man's relentless exploration
If viewed with open admiration
Her pleasing beauty clearly seen
Would satisfy his sexy spleen!

No need to strip what God created
Nor herself be violated
Open view could satisfy
Ardent longings of his eye!

Nudeness thrills her thankful viewers
Only look and be not doers!
Else she might end on the skewers
Of whose strength goes down the sewers!

You don't wonder what's beneath
Heavy snow or wooded wreath,
All is there for all to see
Mountains' magic majesty!

With each lovely rise and fall
Breath of Spring and nature's call!
Wonders of our God's creation
Defy man's imagination!

No need imagine here their form
Stark reality is borne
'Fore the eyes of mortal men
Naught is hidden from their ken!

With more truth and honesty
Viewers could possessors be!
Insatiable curiosity
Lust for new discovery
Need not strip this pretty maid
It's already been displayed!

Only lower parts need hide,
Upper ones seen far and wide!
Need not lust to rend her veil
See her now you could not fail
Need not dream what lies beyond
For all barriers are gone!

Fantasy doth hide and tease
But undress doth only please!
Fascination doth explore
Man insists on seeing more!

But when rid of all false pride
She has little more to hide!
Strip those bare necessities!
Show those nude realities!

Methinks such open revelation
Tempers tantalised temptation
All is now both known and seen
There is nothing in between!

Evil quests for the unknowns
But her beauty she enthrones!
She doth no more her viewers taunt
Beyond her garden wall to vaunt
To trespass on her property
For all is there so plain to see!

They're not piqued to push their way
Thru' foliage dense to see what lay
Beyond the hedge nor o'er the wall
For all lies bare at beck and call!

Why should I climb my neighbour's fence
When he's not barred my view from thence!
For now I have no need to tread
And trespass to his lady's bed
Nor climb her mounds for better look
Whilst all is clear as in a book!

For naught lies now 'twixt me and thine
To gaze upon thy lovely vine
I need but cast a casual glance
And pass her way with naught askance!

I go upon my merry way
I've seen the entire scene today!
With treasured mem'ry homeward bound
To climb upon my own young mound!

No need to prey and to offend,
This openness I recommend!
You need not honour sacrifice
Just let man's open view suffice!

For oftentimes such wall and hedge
But aggravate, I do allege,
And signs that say, "Do not trespass!"
The more provoke to see, alas!

Where if you'd not obstruct the view
I'd be the more obliged to you!
Let's have no hiding hedges now,
Nor warding walls, to this we vow!

'Twere better far for us to share
Our lovely view of pretties bare
Than hide for us alone to see
In selfishness and privacy!

So let them look in fancy free
Upon your female bon beautie!
Instead of tempting to trespass,
Let's have a look at you, fair lass!

For to look we all are prone--
Just let us see and leave alone!
For if all men are just like me
We like to view our wonders free!

We don't want to bother you,
We just want to see the view!
We'll then pass to other scene
Content with what we've only seen.

Methinks 'twere better to unveil
These hidden beauties ere they pale
And let be seen to all enjoy
So that their loveliness may cloy
And let be shared by every eye
To lessen wont to steal and lie
And trespass on some mountain peak
The news of which is bound to leak!

Let's tread our own and not another's
Or we may have too many mothers!
And so we'll gladly share our own
And hope to view our neighbour's zone!

We'll be most happy to display
Our property that others may
Enjoy the view that we can see
Of all her pretties well as we!

Methinks this rule be better far
And in such way the fashion bar
Of crude display of coarse crevasse
By some near unskirted lass!

That tempteth men with low desire
To plumb her depths beneath with spire!
Or else be nigh repulsed with spasm
By sinking sight of stinking chasm!

So lift your eyes unto the hills
And set your thoughts on rocks and rills
And keep your mind on things above
And let your heart be filled with love!

Let's hope for nobler, loftier scene
And lower parts from mankind screen!
Let's have top, midriff revealed
Not bottomless abyss unsealed!

I guess I'll take what I can get!
Enjoy each view, that you can bet!
For there are those who'd plant a kiss
Upon each passing friendly miss
And if you'd show a friendly nipple
they 'd kiss that too without a ripple!

They'd satisfy the bearer too
As each new mountain heaved in view,
And they'd not stop, but ask for more
Until they've made of you a whore
Give you a parting friendly squeeze
Leave you with nothing but a sneeze!

So let the barers thus beware
Of other bold ones that would dare
Imbed the distaff of their pride
In virgin soil beyond the tide!

Some dauntless might desire for more
And daily dream to you explore
To claim some new discovery
And leave it will posterity!

So you watch out, my maiden fair!
For if you choose to beauties bare
Don't let some drag you to their lair
And plant that distaff you know where!

Be on the lookout for each knave
Who'd leave his mark within your cave!
Please save the touching for your own
If you want mounts for him alone!

Jamzmania #fundie

Saying that marriage is a union between a man and a woman is no different than saying that the word wood is "the hard fibrous material that forms the main substance of the trunk or branches of a tree or shrub." Are we shaming rocks because we won't call them wood?

A pathetic attempt at false equivalence, not only trying to anthromorphize non-sapient objects but implying that the only allowed marriages are between man and woman is a scientific fact.

Christians have a definition of what marriage is. There is no shaming involved when we point out that a relationship between a man and another man does not meet that definition. Ala rock is not wood.

Caylus Ark #conspiracy

Of the billions of Hu ensouled et Eyirr-teth, not even one ten-thousandth will in their lifetime become Gadragen Illumec re Primerv, let alone re Primerviluz.

One does not simply decide to become Primerv in any case. It is a special state of potential, unlocked in spirits whom are called upon to invoke an Aeon, and is rarely correlated with Eyirrth-lee glory. ‘tho all Primerv possess spiritual fame, cosmic celebrities invite eyes which pierce timelines and stare in spite of dimensions… Ga-ru-dan Litarkos the watchers are equally likely to render blessings as wrath. Primerv does not bestow material success, nor invite special membership, nor invoke exalted ancestry.

Nein – rather Primerv is to be called, and to be tested. Lonely and sole is the weight of the world , but the PRMRV contends with Ultradimensional interests as well. The machinations of celestial angelos operate outside the awareness of ensouled Hu, yet inevitably the wars of invisible gods are felt in this realm kel-tur-kul (Z) and PRMRV est kel-tur-kul foremost. By manipulating PRMRV, deviant entities may infect the PRMRV and make a marionette of him – Hitler being one well-known example.

being PRMRV does not garuntee becoming Primerviluz…instances of litulest en Soldaum are rare. The PRMRV is not the OAK or ASH , just an acorn within ga-ra-daen. For each sprout that springs a redwood tree, how many sibling seeds fell upon bitter earth and shriveled into burial?

All will get PRMRV incarnations, as time is an endless ocean. Such keystone lifecycles, Siege Destinies, are entered into by the soul with foreknowledge of higher incarnation stakes. The manifestation of the coming aeon required a handful of raluz to stake immortal arcs. But even raluz seek resonance to spark ARKEILuz … and thus the contract enters.

Failure is always acceptable, but if time is an endless ocean, then opportunity may be called unique…

it is for this reason most PRMRV are Nobodies, and do not incarnate into exceptionally famous or wealthy lifecycles for the PRMRV siege destiny. Likewise, a lifecycle with very little opportunity – such as birth in a third world autocracy – are similarly limiting. Too much privilege is not ideal because once the soul is enshrined in a body, it will not remember the call verbatim, if at all. The risk of entrapment into karmic cycles is higher when there is more to lose. But too little privilege - such as the limitations in certain economies and cultures - and a calling has no room to sprout from seedling.

The most important determinant of a PRMRV invoking Luz en SolDaum is Will above all else…in a highly unbalanced lifecycle, will is more easily overtaken by the karma of apathy . being a nobody is best.

Garaden is an Arena for Primerv and the eyes upon them. It is a realm with many faces, deserts of endless rolling dust, forests of dark foliage and labyrinthine temples shrouded in sharp craggy peaks.

‘g'ar-ra-den l'ithycyts Primervis’ where madmen and prophets live and are born from, tomorrow’s world leader or homeless man, starving artist or psychopath, nobodies and napoleons…

Marge Fenelon #fundie

[On the upcoming TV show "The Real O'Neals", Dan Savage's sitcom about an Irish Catholic family]

Do you remember the Battle of Lepanto? The battle, which took place on October 7, 1571, has become known as the “battle that saved the Christian West.” It’s considered the most important naval conquest in human history because during the battle, the fleet of the Holy League defeated the fleet of the Ottoman Empire against impossible odds, stopping the expansion of the Ottoman Empire.

The Holy League fleet fought gallantly, but the real power behind the victory was the Rosary. At the time of the battle, Pope Pius V had a premonition that the victory would be won through the Rosary prayers of the Faithful. The Rosary was prayed, and the battle was won.

Now we face another Lepanto battle of sorts - the Savage attack on the Church through “The Real O’Neals.” Simply because the show’s pilot has been produced does not mean the show will succeed, and we can see to its demise by taking up our Rosaries and praying for victory over evil.

MattMarriott #fundie

[Strangely contemplating why God would allow computers to exist]

No grain of sand is moved by a wave, no leaf of a shrub by the breeze ... unless it´s part of God´s plan.

Part of that plan is people´s free will.
Yet anything people have done with it, all the way to the atomic bomb, is just another piece in God´s plan.
Allowed by God.

As everyone knows, computers and the atomic bomb play the key roles in the satanist´s plan of nuclear holocaust, planned to come to your neighboorhood.

Aschlafly #fundie

(Explaining why a particular user MUST be a liberal)

On beauty, the subject was God's creation and Philip was adamant that its beauty (specifically autumn foliage) is in the eye's the beholder. It isn't; it's objectively beautiful, and it is a liberal/atheistic position to deny it.

Anna Rountree #fundie

After we arrived in Paradise, I found that I was sitting alone near a clear, round pool of water. On the opposite side of the pool, shrubbery was growing in geometric shapes—squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles. These shapes were reflected perfectly within the pool. Stacte was blooming behind the geometric shrubs. Each of these bushes was covered with waxy white blossoms that gave a mild, pleasant fragrance. I remembered that stacte was a spice used in the holy incense. But I could not remember the meaning inherent in its name. It was unusually still by the pool, like being in the eye of a hurricane. I swung my legs around, putting my feet into the water. They hardly made a ripple. Strange.
“Where am I?” I asked aloud.
“The pool of reflection,” a child’s voice answered from behind me.


“Uh oh,” I said within myself because I recognized the voice. “Crystal Clear,” I smiled faintly as I turned to face her. There she stood, her hair still tousled as if from play. She was wearing the same pale shift and pinafore. She looked five or six years of age. However, she had old eyes. At times I could see through her arm or leg. She was a spirit. “You have come back to see us,” she exclaimed cheerily. “We L-O-V-E, love you,” she continued, spelling out the word love as if it were in a child’s song.

I sighed painfully within myself as I remembered the last time I had seen her. “But,” I thought, “perhaps this time will be different.” I decided to ask her about the pool. “What is the pool of reflection?”
“It is a place where you can see yourself very clearly,” she said.
I was not sure that I liked that idea. “Does one wish to reflect upon oneself?” I asked coolly, my flesh suddenly rising up and being as sly, legalistic, and evasive as the flesh always is.
She continued as though she did not notice. “You might want to take a look to see if you are cooperating with God or resisting Him. Do you want to look into the pool?” she asked brightly.


Of course I did not want to look into the pool. However, I was beginning to hear in my own voice, as well as in the hardness of my heart, my resistance to correction.
Shortly before arriving at the pool I was telling the Lord that I would give up anything and everything in order to gain more of Him. Now with my first opportunity to allow this declaration to become experiential in my life, I was balking. “Do you think I should look?” I asked limply.
“It might help,” she replied.

With a sigh I took my feet out of the water and lay down on my stomach to look into the pool. I was amazed. I saw Jesus’s face reflected in the water instead of my own. But there were geometric objects stuck onto His head and face. “What are these objects?” I asked.

“Blocks,” she said. “You are blocking Him. They make the face of Jesus look really ugly.”
“How do I get them off?” I asked with alarm.
She leaned over to look at my face in the pool. “Hmmm,” she said, as if making a diagnosis. “You need to unstick the glue.”
“Unstick the glue?” I asked. “How do I do that?”


“Repentance,” she said matter-of-factly.
“Repentance unsticks the glue.”
She pulled back to look at me directly instead of at my reflection. I sat up to look into her face. She shook her head from side to side as children do when correcting one another. Speaking in a slow, singsong manner, she said, “You’re too old to play with blocks.” Before I could answer her, she vanished.


The strong smell of stacte flooded the area. I looked at the bushes. The fragrant gum was running down the branches. “Truth with mercy,” I said glumly, remembering now the inherent meaning within the name.

With a sigh I turned back to the pool. I looked into the water again. ‘The face, and therefore the life of Jesus, was definitely blocked from flowing to others. I gathered the courage to look at the blocks more closely. Each had writing on it. I squinted to decipher the lettering.


“Hypocrite” was written on one block. “Hypocrite,” I said with self-righteous indignation. Although indignant, I dared not try to refute this because I knew it to be true. ‘That which people on Earth might not see was plainly visible in heaven. Perhaps I might hide this from others, but I could not hide it from myself or from God. “I am a hypocrite”, I said, and You see it. I say that I am doing what I do out of obedience, not caring about the results, but I do care. I care greatly. I want success. I want to feel that I am accomplishing something.” I could not look at that block any longer.

I decided to look at another block. “Money” was written on it. “Oh, no,” I moaned. “Well, it is true. I say that I do not mind being poor, but I mind a great deal. I do not like being poor. I know that to live by faith pleases You, and I want to please You. But truthfully, it is easier to talk about faith than to live by it. At times I think, ‘If I just had enough money, I would never need to think about money again.” My confession made me uneasy. decided to look at another block.

“Being a star” was written on this block. My hands went to my face in embarrassment. True again, I confessed. It is difficult for me to live a hidden life. I want respect. I want honor. I want to be known. I want...” I almost said “glory.” As I confessed this sin, I was struck by the seriousness of it. “God, help mc,” I said. “I want Your glory” I shook my head. “This is serious, very serious. How have You taken me as far as You have taken me? How can You love me? How can You want me to be Your Son’s bride? In my spirit I know that I want to be on the inside that which I present on the outside. I know that I want to live by faith. I know that pride is a great sin. satan wanted Your glory. How am I better?”


Saying that galvanized my thinking. “I am in a better place before You, Father, for my Lord and Savior died to release me from the penalty of death due to sin. And I can plead the blood of Jesus before You and ask that You forgive me for every sin, as well as for every transgression. I can proclaim to You that the Holy Spirit was sent to apply the cross to every act of the flesh within me.” I am in a better place.

“Then, Daddy,” I cried, “I ask for correction by the Holy Spirit. I ask for the cross. I ask that I be clean inside and outside. I want the life of Jesus to flow through me unhindered. I mean, Daddy, that I do not want one hindrance. I give You permission to bring me into a pure walk before You. I know it will hurt. I know it. But I give You permission to ignore my whining.”


“O God, do not leave me as one dead.” I began to cry. “Forgive me. Wash me clean with the blood of Jesus—He who paid the ultimate price with His shed blood and death on the cross so that I might stand before You clean, in His righteousness.

I continued, “Deal with my flesh. Override my protests. Discount my whimpering. Please, please do not let me go around this mountain one more time. I do not want to live a halfhearted life, compromising at every turn because I do not want the pain of the cross.” I wept bitterly. “And I miss Jesus,” I cried. “I am in pain when we are apart!”

I realized suddenly that a very bright angel was near me catching in an alabaster bottle every tear that I cried. The tears would start down my cheeks and then automatically, obediently even, go into the vial. I was fascinated.


I was so fixed upon this sight that I jumped a little when my name was called from behind me. It was Judy, the angel of praise.

She was dressed in a gossamer green under tunic bound with a golden girdle. Over this was a deeper green cloak that had long, oversized sleeves. These sleeves contained pockets that held all manner of golden musical instruments. Her neck, hands, and feet had a slight tint of gold. Her auburn hair was plaited into seven loops interlaced with gold. On her forehead was a small golden box, housing Scripture. She began to speak. “Anna, rejoice that you are loved. I am sent to comfort you with the mantle of praise.”

“What is that?” I asked, wiping my eyes with my hand. The bright angel with the vial for tears disappeared.


“Shh,” she said, putting her finger to her lips. “Let me help to calm your soul. Rest.” She became a small, green whirlwind. The wind and movement caused all the instruments within her robe to play together. The sound of praise was so pure that it seemed to draw angels from the air. They gathered in a large circle around her. She began to sing:

O great I AM, Eternal One,
Fountain of life within the Son,
Wellspring of blessing,
Wellspring of light,
Infinite mystery hid from our sight.
Searched by the Spirit,
Revealed through the Son,
Mystery unfolding, though ever begun.
Beginning and ending, great circle of light
That shatters the darkness, confounding the night.
All beauty, all joy, all splendor in One,
His grace freely shared through the life of His Son.
His life and His death and His life evermore,
Though crucified ever, to die nevermore.
All hail, Great Redeemer, All hail, Mighty King
Of Life and of Truth and of Light do we sing.
All praise, adoration, and thanksgiving,
Through time never ending, our homage we’ll bring.


As she sang, the aroma of galbanum and cassia filled the air. Galbanum bespeaks worship, adoration, thanksgiving, and praise.’ Cassia urges homage to God alone. I needed both. I needed the idols in my heart to be cast down. Also, I needed to be lifted up, out of myself; through turning my eyes toward Him in praise. Her song was like a mantle dropping upon me—lifting my spirit but settling my soul.

At the end of the song, the many angels that had gathered withdrew discreetly. Judy spoke. “Worship God, Anna. He alone is worthy.” Then she too disappeared.


I was alone again. But the stillness near the pool was no longer a vacuum. It was closer to the stillness within my soul. The Lord had accomplished a work within me, although I did not know the nature of the work or how He had accomplished it. But I felt that I could see more clearly, that in some way I was different. The answer seemed simple. Jesus overcame the flesh when He walked the earth. Now He could overcome the flesh in me. He would work, and I would rest in Him. I felt cleansed, washed, with my soul as still as the round pool before me. However, the stilling of my soul made room for a greater longing for Him. The ache within my spirit had grown painfully acute. I missed Him. I wanted to be with Him. The pain was becoming a wracking hunger......

Seek His Face

prophetjimi #conspiracy

(According to the site author, Jimi Hendrix was a psychic and clairvoyant, apparently)

Official scientific research from the U.S. government confirms that some people can "remote view" (e.s.p. - extra sensory perception). Our theory is that e.s.p. is a brain mutation in our species, but it's an ability evolved by all living planets as a defense against asteroid impacts, the colliding "predators" of planets. To alert us to the movements of space rocks aimed at the planet, evolution intends our perceptions to expand towards capacity to "sense" our solar environment. Rocks on paths that disturb the gravity fields of planets trigger "signals" through space. These gravity disturbances register in our brains as thoughts, dreams, melodies, equations, apparitions, premonitions, etc. We are all today becoming aware of how thought and perception itself is dedicated and destined to ultimately shield the planet from impacts. The course of biological evolution is specifically aimed to enable this symbiotic planetary "self-defense" capability in species such as humans.

Jimi Hendrix is the key figure and example for this theory. Hendrix was obsessed with visions of gamma blasts and asteroid impact, his life symbolizes the surfacing of this e.s.p. trait, "Rock", into modern consciousness. The first "Rock/Star" = "Asteroid/Comet/Gamma Burst" - the surfacing of impact awareness through his loud sounds of explosions and explicit verbal warnings about the Rock. All living planets eventually incarnate a version of Jimi - an unprecedented integration of systems and vision, the ultimate insights that intelligent species are evolved towards.

Our insights and theory are based on scientific research and explained in the book Rock Prophecy (Rock = Asteroid).

We're completing a film that presents the evidence.

whiterider #fundie

Nephillim have the power to transmutate matter on a molecular level. Stories have been told of Shaman's being able to transmutate themselves into animals (shapeshift) and all forms of beasts. Wearwolves are Nephillim shapeshifting into horrible monsters. I believe that the "bigfoot" creature is a shapeshifted Nephillim who after his little ruse, shifts back into a human form, and therefore remains ellusive. I am only conjecturing here, but it is my belief that they still have the power to shapeshift into giants, and they probably did that to intimidate the humans into control and fear. But now they want to infiltrate all area's of society, and so they remain in human form for the most part.

I do know this from my experience, that it takes a lot of their energy to shapeshift and to remain in that form for any length of time. It is much easier for them to hold their form in the higher dimensions. I also know that many of the Nephillim have their sex changed at birth. That is why many feel that they are a "woman" in a man's body, and vice versa; It is part of their occult practice to descecrate all of God's creation. The Nephillim's ability to shapeshift is by far the most bizzarre of all their atributes. I have seen them as birds, as mice, even as insects; I have seen them as cats, and large animals. But note this: if they die in the form they have shapeshifted into, then they remain in that form. Unlike in the movies when a wearwolf was shot by a silver bullet it transformed back into a human, the Nephillim die and remain in the form they shifted into. A common form they like to shift into these days is the common "reptilian" alien form that you hear a lot about. (I have seen this myself, and it is quite frightening when you see it) Another thing, just like the movies, it is a very painful process for them to shapeshift.

Lestat #fundie

I said it before and i'll say it again. Evolution is nothing more than an atheology, the grand tale of creation without God. The billion year struggle of the survival of the species which resulted from a cosmic fart and culminating in man. It is the only way out that the atheists/socialist have, there is nothing else.

Andy Schlafly #fundie

The theory of evolution cannot permit any "counterexamples," or examples of things that could not have evolved. As in logic, the existence of merely one counterexample disproves the truth of the rule.

Here are some counterexamples to evolution:

*beautiful autumn foliage, which lacks any plausible evolutionary explanation
*the whale, which has no plausible ancestor (Charles Darwin suggested black bears)
*the eye, which lacks a plausible pathway for incremental evolution
*bloodclotting, which also lacks a plausible pathway for incremental evolution
*Jellyfish in Hawaii, which swarm to the beaches precisely 9 to 10 days after each full moon[1]
*cicada that appear like clockwork every 13 years for some species, and every 17 years for others[2]
*migratory powers of butterflies and birds[3]

king_khameleon #fundie

Where is your proof? Right about what? Evolution is a THEORY, not a truth. What keeps the oceans from overflowing onto the land? What made the Earth just the right distance from the sun so that life can exist on this planet? What let us breathe from our mouths and noses rather than...any other body openings? Right.

If you put a bunch of monkeys on Mars and give them learning materials, food, etc...will they create a language, start building a shelter to live in, or will they start creating a society? Right.

They'd probably start swinging from shrub to shrub and fighting over the bananas. The only evolution that will take place is that one monkey willl learn how to protect his / her banana better from the rest.

With God there are no accidents...

pipelineaudio #conspiracy

You claim to be well read on this. I certainly am not.

However, the whole Oswald's past thing is BIZZARRE!!!

And Jack Ruby whacking Oswald in a police station???


No sense

If I were a Cuban, recently having fled from Castro, I would hate Kennedy

If I were a Cuban who had a family member on the Bay of Pigs Mission, I would want to KILL Kennedy

If I were a mobster with gambling interests in Havanna, I would want Kennedy's head on a stick

If I were a memeber of the National Front, or any other communist group, I would want Kennedy dead for the Vietnam deal

Im sure there are about 80 zillion motives for wanting him dead.

WHAT motive was there for Oswald to kill him? Besides maybe still being a communist agent perhaps

Hey #racist

Better just to prepare for when these people finally destroy everything. They have no care for anything but themselves their ritualistic programming by the media, schools, and church only aide them along that path.

Society will fall eventually if part of the original race stays strong. As Hitler explains. The only way for the empire to survive is to create a hybrid race because the original genes are stronger and will overcome the hybrid when it is encountered.

So you can understand this is not only a Jew problem but a problem of those who are in power who also are white but don’t want to lose their power.

They aide and further the destruction of the original white race in America to create a hybrid race. All in the name of keeping power. The Jew just provides them with the means. (Media)

I don’t understand what you people went through 10 years ago but more recent I know it has only got horribly worse. There goal of a hybrid race is pretty much realized.

The first marriage of my high school class was a hybrid ape to a blonde white girl. Small little nigger dumb as shit.

I gave up on women, this is a time for revolution not fucking. But remember in L.A. “they always fuck up”

If you don’t got the status like the great rich Jew or Nigger who can play da niggerball you don’t get the girl. Da nigs can be your slave master and rape your white girls without any harm to come to them.

It’s just a sign of the times. The whole world is feeling it. It is eroding everything in society.

White people have failed as well. They chose the comforts of today over racial safety for tommorow.

I will certainly die alone with a dead or dying white race around me.

Theres no where left to run to. Retreat means dying. Fighting most likely means dying as well, but most will choose the comfort of today at the expense of their racial safety in the future and choose stagnation then dying while leaving behind a hybrid race.

OtherSideofTheBoat #fundie

[A thread in the Last Days Events sub-forum. Members are discussing how the Fall foliage is coming in too early. Some members are predicting an early/long Winter]

Short term observations cannot not be applied to long term situations. Just because some summers appeared to have record heat does not mean we have global warming. It's good to see some short term conditions that fly in the face of global warming lies.

David J. Stewart #fundie

[Re. the “Gettin' You Home” music video by Chris Young]

The entire video centers around seductive camera shots of the woman getting in and out of the bathtub. Dozens of promiscuous scenes sexualize the viewer. Is this the man of God that Chris Young professes to want to be? I think not. This is not what GOOD men do! This is certainly not what GODLY men do. There are always consequences for every action. Only God knows the families who suffer, and the irreparable spiritual damage done, because of the sensual filth being promoted through music video today to corrupt U.S. society. If you were to take the euphoric secular music away, and play a Christian song like “At Calvary” instead, you'd see the evil of such videos. Most music videos are of the Devil. It is tragic that I cannot get most my web visitors to listen to preaching. Hardly anybody listens or watches the sermon videos that I promote, but tens-of-millions watch the world's filth and garbage. In eternity, most people will be very regretful, and that includes most Christians. We all need hard-preaching!!!


Chris Young's video seduces the viewer with the attractive woman's sensual, mostly naked, body, showing everything but her private parts. Her legs are sticking out of the bathtub. There's not much water in the tub. Clearly, the producer(s) of the music video wanted to sexually seduce the viewer with suggestive content. The video focuses on the woman's buttocks, which she rubs her hands over. The entire music industry, of all genres, is saturated with sexual immorality. Again the Holy Bible says in Colossians 3:5-6, “Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry: For which things' sake the wrath of God cometh on the children of disobedience.” Americans treat sexual immorality like a form of sport, toying with the idea in music videos, literature and every form of media. The Bible warns that sexual sins bring the judgment of God. Late Night TV is saturated with sexually distasteful jokes, laughing at homosexuality and making a mock of sin. Proverb 14:9, “Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favour.”

Lestat #fundie

['What, in your opinion, is wrong with multiculturalism?']

It considers all cultures as equal, this is totally ilogical and it also tries to build a society which accepts all cultures with all their different morals and customs. All this is against the objective moral order.

Got Questions Ministries #fundie

Question: "Why are there two different Creation accounts in Genesis chapters 1-2?"

Answer: Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Later, in Genesis 2:4, it seems that a second, different story of creation begins. The idea of two differing creation accounts is a common misinterpretation of these two passages which, in fact, describe the same creation event. They do not disagree as to the order in which things were created and do not contradict one another. Genesis 1 describes the “six days of creation” (and a seventh day of rest), Genesis 2 covers only one day of that creation week—the sixth day—and there is no contradiction.

In Genesis 2, the author steps back in the temporal sequence to the sixth day, when God made man. In the first chapter, the author of Genesis presents the creation of man on the sixth day as the culmination or high point of creation. Then, in the second chapter, the author gives greater detail regarding the creation of man.

There are two primary claims of contradictions between Genesis chapters 1-2. The first is in regard to plant life. Genesis 1:11 records God creating vegetation on the third day. Genesis 2:5 states that prior to the creation of man “no shrub of the field had yet appeared on the earth and no plant of the field had yet sprung up, for the LORD God had not sent rain on the earth and there was no man to work the ground.” So, which is it? Did God create vegetation on the third day before He created man (Genesis 1), or after He created man (Genesis 2)? The Hebrew words for “vegetation” are different in the two passages. Genesis 1:11 uses a term that refers to vegetation in general. Genesis 2:5 uses a more specific term that refers to vegetation that requires agriculture, i.e., a person to tend it, a gardener. The passages do not contradict. Genesis 1:11 speaks of God creating vegetation, and Genesis 2:5 speaks of God not causing “farmable” vegetation to grow until after He created man.

The second claimed contradiction is in regard to animal life. Genesis 1:24-25 records God creating animal life on the sixth day, before He created man. Genesis 2:19, in some translations, seems to record God creating the animals after He had created man. However, a good and plausible translation of Genesis 2:19-20 reads, “Now the LORD God had formed out of the ground all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them, and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds of the air and all the beasts of the field.” The text does not say that God created man, then created the animals, and then brought the animals to the man. Rather, the text says, “Now the LORD God had [already] created all the animals.” There is no contradiction. On the sixth day, God created the animals, then created man, and then brought the animals to the man, allowing the man to name the animals.

By considering the two creation accounts individually and then reconciling them, we see that God describes the sequence of creation in Genesis 1, then clarifies its most important details, especially of the sixth day, in Genesis 2. There is no contradiction here, merely a common literary device describing an event from the general to the specific.

Sparrow's Song #fundie

[It's Over] Fasting to death is better than roping or blowing your brains out.

Go back hundreds of thousands of years, when every femoid reproduced and only one out of seventeen men reproduced, when sixteen out of seventeen men either spent their lives hunting and gathering to feed cave chad, his harem, and his offspring while being bullied, intimidated, and killed in the heartless bloodbath of sexual competition and the only other option was to wander the earth alone until you die... These cavecels didn't have ropes, you could eat some poison berries or poison plant, you could force a venomous snake to bite you, maybe a few were smart enough to slash their wrists with obsidian but I doubt it, and if you knew where a high cliff was there was that option.

So how does a non chad man perform the art of suicide where there is no high cliffs? How does he set himself free if he lacks the knowledge of rope making or poison plants? What if he's not smart enough to slash his wrist? How do animals perform suicide? I remember when my dog was terminally ill and it knew that there was no pint in suffering a meaningless existence, it stopped eating and hid in under a table with it's face in the corner. We had to take it to the vet and shoot it up with the pink juice. Animals know that starvation can kill them. Starvation must therefore be, the primordial incel suicide method. It requires nothing, you don't need anything to do it.

If you choose to die by starvation alone, without dehydrating yourself, it can be painless and euphoric... it just takes awhile... If you start with less than ten percent body fat, you end it in a month. In India it's ritualized and often involves a slow gradual reduction of food over a period of several months to several years until they choose to stop eating completely and barely drink water, some abandoning water when they feel death is near to hasten the process.

In Hinduism this is called Prayopavesa:
image(From Wikipedia)
Prayopavesa (Sanskrit: प्रायोपवेशनम्, literally resolving to die through fasting) is a practice in Hinduism that denotes the suicide by fasting of a person, who has no desire or ambition left, and no responsibilities remaining in life . Committing Prayopavesa is bound by very strict regulations. Only a person who has no desire or ambition left, and no responsibilities remaining in life is entitled to perform it . The decision to do so must be publicly declared well in advance. Ancient lawmakers stipulated the conditions that allow Prayopavesa. They are one's inability to perform normal bodily purification, death appears imminent or the condition is so bad that life's pleasures are nil and the action is done under community regulation.

As you can see, prayopavesa is taking LDAR to the extreme, it is the ultimate LDAR. Fuck community regulation, everyone is bluepilled and cucked in current times.

In Jainism it is called Sallekhana:
image(From Wikipedia)
Sallekhana , also known as samlehna, santhara, samadhi-marana or sanyasana-marana, is a supplementary vow to the ethical code of conduct of Jainism. It is the religious practice of voluntarily fasting to death by gradually reducing the intake of food and liquids. It is viewed in Jainism as the thinning of human passions and the body, and another means of destroying rebirth-influencing karma by withdrawing all physical and mental activities. It is not considered as a suicide by Jain scholars because it is not an act of passion, nor does it deploy poisons or weapons. After the sallekhana vow, the ritual preparation and practice can extend into years.

Sallekhana (Sanskrit: Sallikhita) means to properly 'thin out', 'scour out' or 'slender' the passions and the body through gradually abstaining from food and drink. Sallekhana is divided into two components: Kashaya Sallekhana (slenderising of passions) or Abhayantra Sallekhana (internal slendering) and Kaya Sallekhana (slenderising the body) or Bahya Sallekhana(external slendering). According to Jain texts, Sallekhana leads to Ahimsa (non-violence or non-injury), as a person observing Sallekhana subjugates the passions, which are the root cause of Himsa (injury or violence).

It's also practiced in Buddhism as well:
image(2nd century B.C.E statue of a Neckbeard Buddha embracing death by LDAR)
image(Look at this chad with his shades on...)
(From Wikipedia)
Sokushinbutsu (即身仏) are a kind of Buddhist mummy. The term refers to the practice of Buddhist monks observing asceticism to the point of death and entering mummification while alive.[1]They are seen in a number of Buddhist countries, but the Japanese term "sokushinbutsu" is generally used. It is believed that many hundreds of monks tried, but only 24 such mummifications have been discovered to date. There is a common suggestion that Shingon school founder Kukai brought this practice from Tang China as part of secret tantric practices he learned, and that were later lost in China. According to Paul Williams, the Sokushinbutsu ascetic practices of Shugendō were likely inspired by Kūkai – the founder of Shingon Buddhism, who ended his life by reducing and then stopping intake of food and water, while continuing to meditate and chant Buddhist mantras. Ascetic self-mummification practices are also recorded in China, but are associated with the Ch'an(Zen Buddhism) tradition there.

In medieval Japan, this tradition developed a process for Sokushinbutsu, which a monk completed over about 3,000 days to ten years. It involved a strict diet called mokujikigyo (literally, "eating a tree"). The diet abstained from any cereals, and relied on pine needles, resins and seeds found in the mountains, which would eliminate all fat in the body. Increasing rates of fasting and meditation would lead to starvation. The monks would slowly reduce then stop liquid intake, thus dehydrating the body and shrinking all organs. The monks would die in a state of jhana (meditation) while chanting the nenbutsu (a mantra about Buddha), and their body would become naturally preserved as a mummy with skin and teeth intact without decay and without the need of any artificial preservatives.

It was discussed by Hegesias of Cyrene:
image(From Wikipedia)
Hegesias (Greek: Ἡγησίας; fl. 290 BC) of Cyrene was a Cyrenaic philosopher, the Cyrenaics forming one of the earliest Socratic schools of philosophy. He argued that happiness is impossible to achieve, and that the goal of life was the avoidance of pain and sorrow. Conventional values such as wealth, poverty, freedom, and slavery are all indifferent and produce no more pleasure than pain. Cicero claims that Hegesias wrote a book called Death by Starvation, which persuaded so many people that death is more desirable than life that Hegesias was banned from teaching in Alexandria. It has been thought by some that Hegesias was influenced by Buddhist teachings.

Hegesias followed Aristippus in considering pleasure as the goal of life; but, the view which he took of human life was more pessimistic. Happiness, he said, could not be the goal of life, because it is not attainable, and therefore concluded that the wise person's only goal should be to become free from pain and sorrow. Since, too, every person is self-sufficient, all external goods were rejected as not being true sources of pleasure.

Complete happiness cannot possibly exist; for that the body is full of many sensations, and that the mind sympathizes with the body, and is troubled when that is troubled, and also that fortune prevents many things which we cherished in anticipation; so that for all these reasons, perfect happiness eludes our grasp. Moreover, that both life and death are desirable. They also say that there is nothing naturally pleasant or unpleasant, but that owing to want, or rarity, or satiety, some people are pleased and some vexed; and that wealth and poverty have no influence at all on pleasure, for that rich people are not affected by pleasure in a different manner from poor people. In the same way they say that slavery and freedom are things indifferent, if measured by the standard of pleasure, and nobility and baseness of birth, and glory and infamy. They add that, for the foolish person it is expedient to live, but to the wise person it is a matter of indifference; and that the wise person will do everything for his own sake; for that he will not consider any one else of equal importance with himself; and he will see that if he were to obtain ever such great advantages from any one else, they would not be equal to what he could himself bestow.

Hence the sage ought to regard nothing but himself; action is quite indifferent; and if action, so also is life, which, therefore, is in no way more desirable than death.

The wise person would not be so much absorbed in the pursuit of what is good, as in the attempt to avoid what is bad, considering the chief good to be living free from all trouble and pain: and that this end was attained best by those who looked upon the efficient causes of pleasure as indifferent.

None of this, however, is as strong as the testimony of Cicero, who claims that Hegesias wrote a book called Death by Starvation (Greek: ἀποκαρτερῶν), in which a man who has resolved to starve himself is introduced as representing to his friends that death is actually more to be desired than life, and that the gloomy descriptions of human misery which this work contained were so overpowering that they inspired many people to kill themselves, in consequence of which the author received the surname of Death-persuader (Peisithanatos). This book was published at Alexandria, where he was, in consequence, forbidden to teach by king Ptolemy II Philadelphus (285-246 BC).

imageSeriously, I can't think of a more badass way to go. All these dudes in ancient times were black pilled as fuck.

Global Gypsy/Don Croft #quack #crackpot #mammon


This is the - GREEN Terminator Zapper designed and manufactured by Don Croft & comes with TWO 9v batteries. The Terminator Zapper requires one 9 volt alkaline battery. The Terminator Zapper is a mere 3" long, 2" wide, and 1" thick. 20mm x 50mm x 85mm For more info on the Terminator Zapper please visit Don and Carol Croft's website at World Without Parasites.

All pathogens - bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites - have a frequency. in which they cannot cope. Wearing a Terminator Zapper transmits frequencies that can kill these pathogens. The Terminator Zapper uses 15hertz frequency to move a constant supply of free electrons through the skin of compatance. 15 hertz is used because this frequency also produces a mild euphoric effect. Only five millionths of an ampere go into the body far below a harmful level but it's devastating to all species of parasites.

‘All parasites and diseased tissues are positively charged. The zapper introduces negative ions through the skin and into the body’s living tissue, killing the parasites by reversing their polarity and also helping to heal the diseased tissue.’ Don Croft

This is not to be used by anyone with a pacemaker.

I have seen amazing results with herpes overnight when a cold sore was about to present to nothing in the morning.Viruses hide inside cells but get zapped when they come out to reproduce.

Reports from the USA have shown great benefits for those with Lyme disease.

It is recommended to wear your Terminator Zapper until the first battery is dead and then replace them and use until the next battery is used. Then on an as needed basis (if you start to feel ill or not up to par - wear your Terminator Zapper). Be sure to drink plenty of clean fresh water (not city tap water, please) to help flush the kidneys of dead/dying pathogens the Terminator is eliminating from the body. Some people may have a herxheimer (detox) effect. IF this happens to you, you can use the Terminator just a few hours each day to lessen the detox, again though plenty of clean fresh water to help flush the body of toxins and gradually increase the time you wear it to what is most comfortable for you.

david j. stewart #conspiracy

1. Why didn't jets intercept the airliners since they had numerous warnings of terrorist attacks?
2. Why did Ashcroft stop flying commercial, citing an unidentified "threat" in July 2001?
3. Why were there no photos or videos of the Pentagon plane?
4. Why didn't the Secret Service hustle Dubya out of the classroom?
5. Where was George H. W. Bush at the time of the attacks?
6. Why did passengers or crewmembers on three of the flights all use the term boxcutters?
7. Where are the flight recorders?
8. Why were the FISA warrants discontinued?
9. How did Bush see the first plane crash on live camera?
10 Why was security meeting scheduled for
9/11cancelled by WTC management on 9/10?
11. How did they come up with the "culprits" so quickly?
12. How did they find the terrorist's cars at the airports so quickly?
13. Why did Shrub dissolve the Bin Laden Task Force?
14. Why the strange pattern of debris from Flight 93?
15. Why was no plane seen at the Pentagon?
16. How extensive was the relationship between the Taliban, the ISI and the CIA?
17. What exactly was the role of Henry Kissinger at UNOCAL?
18. When was it decided to cancel building a pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to Pakistan?
19. When was the decision made to send the FEMA to New York?
20. Why did FEMA spokesman Tom Kenney tell Dan Rather he was in New York on Sept. 10?

Patrick Scrivener #conspiracy

The Cold War was the first war in history to be won exclusively by spies. After the arrest of KJB Colonel Oleg Penkovsky (the Russian Guy Fawkes), the Pentagon realized that nuclear war with the Soviet Union would indeed be suicide. Even the deadly attack on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was the work of saboteurs and spies.

From that time onward, the Cold War became a covert war of spies, sabotage, assassinations, suicides, etc., etc. Uniquely, women as well as men played a deadly role in the decades long conflict between the superpowers.

Only the Judgment Day will reveal the names of all the behind the scenes combatants, so only the names of the main protagonists can be revealed at this time.

Patriotic Russians were at a great disadvantage in the Cold War because they were all HONEST MEN and would not use despicable spies.

They did have scouts, which are a legitimate part of any army.

The GRU was the intelligence department of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Dmitry Ustinov was the Russian Minister of Defense. His death by poisoning in 1984 led to a coup d'état, that enabled Mikhail Gorbachov to seize the reins of power in the Soviet Union.

The main competition for the GRU came from the KGB, which was the Russian branch of the British Secret Service. Even when faced with annihilation by the madmen in the Pentagon, the Russians never used their foreign embassies as spying stations.

The KGB versus the GRU.

The KGB was the "enemy within" and the main competition for the GRU.

They were the equivalent of the British MI6 and the Pentagon's CIA.

The kGB played a pivotal role in the fall of the Soviet Union.

The main spying stations for the British Empire and the Pentagon were the British and U.S. embassies. Britannia rules the spying world because Downing Street is named after a spy.

Both embassies doubled as spying stations.

After the "Guy Fawkes" Penkowsky debacle, there was a lull in spying until the Presidency of Jimmy Carter in 1977.

Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford were HONEST MEN and they were totally opposed to spying. As a result, President Nixon was forced to resign in 1974, and President Ford was almost replaced by Nelson Rockefeller in 1975.


Concurrently with the Cold War, there was another war raging in Northern Ireland instigated by Sir Maurice Oldfield. Oldfield was a "practicing Catholic" and his ancestors burned the bones of Saint John Wycliffe.

Oldfield was largely responsible for the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland in which thousands of people were maimed and killed. In 1975, he appointed Margaret Thatcher leader of the Conservative Party, which led to her appointment as prime minister in 1979. This latter days Boudica was a veritable Russophobe.

Sir Maurice Oldfield was MI6 director from 1973 to 1981.

Oldfield chose Margaret "Iron Lady" Thatcher for the position of prime minister.

Her top assignments were to intensify spying on the Soviets and Northern Ireland, and prevent Argentina from acquiring an atomic bomb.

Oldfield was stationed in Washington City during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He convinced President Kennedy that Oleg "Guy Fawkes" Penkowsky could be relied upon to disable the Soviet Doomsday Device. As spymaster, he recruited Margaret Thatcher for the position of prime minister:

In this period Sir Maurice established what proved to be a mutually worthwhile relationship with Mrs Thatcher, then the recently elected leader of the Conservative Party. She was anxious to have some briefings on the various problems of the day touching on intelligence and security. An intermediary paved the way for such talks, which were welcomed as much by Oldfield as Mrs Thatcher. The Prime Minister, Callaghan, gave his approval and from then on the Conservative leader and Sir Maurice became firm friends. (Deacon, "C" A Biography of Sir Maurice Oldfield, p. 187).

Upon his "retirement" in 1978, Thatcher offered Oldfield the position of Coordinator of Security and Intelligence in Northern Ireland. As spymaster for Northern Ireland, he arranged the 1979 assassination of Lord Mountbatten and the Narrow Water ambush in which his IRA ambushed and killed 18 British soldiers. In that position, Oldfied made many powerful enemies and he was sent to "Saint Peter" in 1981.

Incredible as it may appear, Brazil feared a nuclear armed Argentina. From the Falkland Islands, the British monitored the progress of the Argentinean Bomb and were determined to defuse it.

In 1978, Sir Maurice Oldfield (a fluent medieval Latin speaker) chose British Secret Service agent Karol Wojtyla for Pope. This move was not unprecedented because Emperor Constantine was British.

1978 was the year of the 3 Popes.

2 Popes were given the Cup of Borgia and MI6 Karol Wojtyla was "elected" Pope.

It was the most expensive Papal election in history.

In Poland, KGB Wojciech Jaruzelski became dictator.

MI6 provided the expertise for the bugging of the conclave that "elected" Karol Wojtyla. The money for his election–the most expensive in the 1600-year history of the Papacy–came from the United States taxpayers. The Pope's top assignment was to destabilize the Warsaw Pact.

One of the main reasons why the Russians stayed in Eastern Europe was uranium. Uranium mines were located in East Germany and Czechoslovakia. Without their own nuclear weapons, the free world would have been turned into a parking lot by the Pentagon.

Aristocratic "Communist" Wojciech Jaruzelski ruled Poland from 1981 until the Fall of the Berlin Wall.


Oleg Gordievsky engineered the rise of Mikhail Gorbachev

In 1982, Oleg Gordievsky was assigned to the Soviet embassy in London as the KGB resident-designate. While working at the embassy, he spied on his own country, and even turned in Britons who were friendly towards the Soviets and afraid that Reagan would trigger Armageddon.

Oleg Gordievsky was a KGB colonel stationed in London who was instrumental in the rise of Mikhail Gorbachev

A most dangerous spy, he gave MI6 the names of Britons who feared that Thatcher and Reagan would trigger Armageddon.

Many of them were arrested and some were suicided. One of the names he gave to MI6 was Michael Bettaney, who was arrested and given a 23-year prison sentence for violating the Official Secrets Act.

Gordievsky arranged for the visit of Mikhail Gorbachev to London in December 1984. Gorbachev posed with Britain's Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher at the prime minister's official country residence at Chequers, north of London. While in London, Gorbachev visited the grave of fellow Secret Service agent Karl Marx.

KGB Gordievsky arranged for the visit of Mikhail Gorbachev to London in Dec. 1984.

The purpose of the visit was to be out of the country when defense minister Dmitry Ustinov was given the poison cup.

The KGB's timing was perfect. Just as Mikhail and Raisa are having a tête-à-tête with Thatcher, his main obstacle to the leadership of the Soviet Union died suddenly:

Sad news reached me while I was in London–Ustinov had died. I interrupted my stay and returned to Moscow. Ustinov's death was a grave loss, particularly painful in those troubled times. The leadership of the country was in a deplorable state. Problems arose even with the weekly Politburo meetings. Quite often Konstantin Ustinovich was unable to attend scheduled meetings–and I would be instructed to take the chair. (Gorbachev, Memoirs, p. 162).

Gorbachev was indeed grieving over the death of Ustinov, particularly when it opened the door to the top position in the Soviet Union. After thanking Thatcher for the timely demise of Ustinov, he raced back to Moscow. Konstantin Chernenko was also given the poison cup and he passed away on March 11, 1985.

Within 3 years, 3 Soviet leaders: Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, and Konstantin Chernenko were given the poison cup!!

Only 3 hours after Chernenko's death, Mikhail Gorbachev was "elected" General Secretary of the Communist Party.

Fellow KGB spy and Georgian Eduard Shevardnadze became foreign minister.

Immediately, Gorbachev launched his program of glasnost (openness) and perostroika (restructuring).

The average age of his predecessors in the Politburo was 70 and Gorbachev was only 54. He traveled about the country with his wife Raisa and Russians were astonished that a Soviet leader would involve his wife in politics.

In foreign policy, he relied on Eduard Shevardnadze to coordinate the Fall of the Soviet Union with Reagan and Thatcher.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher visited President Reagan at the White House on July 17, 1987.

Her visit was to brief him for the upcoming Gorbachev visit.

The last British ruler of the colonies–King George III–decried the very idea of "petticoats in politics."

If general Jackson had been there he would have called Reagan a "traitor" and challenged him to a duel!!

Reagan was probably incoherent because of all the Howard Hughes radioactive dust he sniffed in Hollywood. in 1989, he had brain surgery to remove a "cancerous" tumor.

Oleg Gordievsky visited President Reagan on July 21, 1987. He was also preparing the way for the Gorbachev visit.

Gorbachev visited the White House on Dec. 8, 1987, to discuss the "peaceful" dissolution of the Soviet Union.

The Cold War was indeed and equal opportunity war as female spies also played a pivotal role in the conflict.

Femme fatale Nancy Reagan was the wife/boss of the President.

She was the U.S. counterpart to Britain's "Iron Lady."

She frequently consulted her horoscope to determine the propitious time for her husband to launch a thermonuclear attack on the Soviet Union.

Nancy persuaded her husband to postpone his brain surgery until he left the White House in January 1989.

In May 1985, Gordievsky was ordered to return to Moscow from Britain. Gordievsky suspected that the KGB knew that he was a spy, so, after a daring "escape" arranged by MI6, he arrived back in Britain in July:

Next day we caught a local plane to Oslo. There a Norwegian officer led us through back corridors at the airport to put us on a British Airways flight for London. At Heathrow, Special Branch officers slipped us off the aircraft, avoided Customs, and took us straight to the car park of a hotel, where a high-powered reception committee had gathered to greet me. Among them was the head of British intelligence's Soviet section; another was one of the directors of the security service, John Deverell, a man of exceptional intelligence and charm, who became a staunch friend and ally. Everyone was euphoric at scoring such a victory over the KGB: champagne flowed, and the atmosphere was one of celebration. (Gordievsky, Next Stop Execution, p. 346).

Victory over the British KGB....Gordievsky was a rat and a traitor to his country but he did have a twisted sense of humor.

Palmetto Patriot #fundie

[From "The Cost of the Union: Tranny Wins in NOVA"]

The cost of the Union’s continued existence and the subjugation of Dixie was on full display this week as Third World immigrants, Blacks and Northern transplants elected a tranny to state office in northern Virginia. Democrats are euphoric.

The Washington Post reports on the mentally-ill man elected by the coalition of non-Whites and transplants:

Democrat Danica Roem ousted longtime incumbent Del.?Robert G. Marshall (R) Tuesday, becoming the first openly transgender elected official in Virginia — and one of very few in the nation.

The race between Roem, 33, and Marshall, 73, focused on traffic and other local issues in Prince William County but also exposed the nation’s fault lines over gender identity. It pitted a local journalist who began her physical gender transition four years ago against an outspoken social conservative who has referred to himself as Virginia’s“chief homophobe” earlier this year introduced a “bathroom bill” that died in committee.

…Roem outraised Marshall 3-to-1, with nearly $500,000 in donations, much of it coming from LGBT advocates and other supporters across the country. She and her supporters executed an aggressive ground game, knocking on doors more than 75,000 times in a district with 52,471 registered voters, sitting for endless public appearances and interviews, and maintaining a steady social media presence.

How did this disaster happen? Breitbart explains that the demographic replacement of Virginians with Third World immigrants strongly aided the process. Breitbart is calling the Old Dominion the “New California”:

A remarkable transformation is underway in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The birthplace and final resting place of George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson—and once one of the most reliably-red of red states—is being rapidly turned into a progressive stronghold.

These changes are not the result of an inside agency, or a natural evolution in political thinking, but rather the result of one of the most impactful yet least-discussed policies of the federal government.

Each year the federal government prints millions of visas and distributes these admission tickets to the poorest and least-developed nations in the world.

A middle-aged person living in parts of Virginia today will have witnessed more demographic change in the span of her life than many societies have experienced in millennia.

A census study entitled “Immigrants in Virginia,” released by University of Virginia (UVA) researchers, documented the phenomenon: “Until 1970, only 1 in 100 Virginians was born outside of the United States; by 2012, 1 in every 9 Virginians is foreign-born.”

The cost of the Union is literally the death of Dixie. Transplants are able to flood areas like northern Virginia, changing the culture and politics of the region. And vast herds of Third World immigrants are brought in, nearly all of them voting for Leftist, anti-White candidates. Southern symbols come down. Leftist policies are adopted. Men in dresses who think they are women are voted into office. Violent foreign gangs run wild on the streets. This is the sad story of how northern Virginia was destroyed. It is because of the Union.

jewish philosopher #fundie

What could be more beautiful than young love - spontaneous, overpowering, euphoric, exciting. Endless popular movies, songs and novels celebrate it. But the Torah prohibits any sexual stimulation outside of marriage and many people find this to be very oppressive.

Is there another side of the coin which doesn't always get in the movies? What are some of the downsides of sex outside marriage?

Pubic crabs
Genital herpes
Genital warts
Date rape
Unwanted pregnancy
Sometimes suicide.
Occasionally even murder.

The vast majority of promiscuous girls regret their behavior. Research indicates that many girls have extra-marital sex merely because men demand it.

Even masturbation can become compulsive, especially with today's Internet porn sites.

On the other hand, I doubt anyone has regretted chastity.

Various Incels #sexist #racist


[RageFuel] Daily reminder that white women are the dumbest creatures on earth

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>has to show cleavage because that's her only value
>hops onto a mainstream political trend and acts like shes a rebel
>doesnt understand that more crime equals more police sent to the area
In the recent days white women have proven themselves to be the dumbest creatures on earth and the ultimate race traitors, noodlewhores and currysluts have nothing on them. They sill deny all evidence so they can believe in their bullshit narrative and attack white people. They are worse than bluepillers that deny the overwhelming evidence of the blackpill.
I really want this animal to explain why black cops shoot black people more than white cops? Are the black cops racist against their own race

i wouldn't have agreed a month ago, but the BLM virtue signalling shit has made me downgrade white women to the lowest of foids

White women have been completely exposed due to the current events.
If tommorow you had the media advocating to send all white men to concentration camps, white females would hop on the idea instantly. They have zero sense of loyalty


Stupid cunt has more breast cells than braincels.

I would say this oughta be lifefuel for ethnics having hordes of white women fawn over your race. But we know it comes down to Tyrone Lives Matter, because the civilized blackcels here dont engage in stupid degenerate nigger shit


I hate white women but unfortunetly they're the hottest.

* were the hottest

now they're just fat

My area many are athletic and beautiful...................its torture.

Highly debatable there, man. But hey, everyone got their taste in general right?

On average


Women's liberation and recognition as adults and equals of men by cucks was the single biggest mistake of the entire timeline of Western empire. Women have destroyed civilization. Everything that's happening today with that riots and everything is on their hands.They have innate no allegiance to their tribe or civilization because they didn't build any of the institutions and hence have no logical comprehension of anything. They always react and reason with their emotions and their misplaced empathy for subhuman invaders, and now everything has gone to shit. They've allowed the minority slave class to gain influence and degrade white institutions which have historically been successful.

kathy #fundie

Look, I made the point (maybe a little too subtle) that space exploration was all about the glorification of man, and certainly nothing to do with the glorification of God. Am still waiting for Morticia/ Paige to tell me how space exploration honors God.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Pretty hard to justify this wanton extravagance just for a selfish euphoric and fleeting feeling.. Wow, man walked on the moon.!
Yeah, so what? Think about it..

More pressing business on planet Earth… Pull your heads out of the clouds,, people.
And I say once again, we did not need space exploration to develop technologies.

Just think what could have been achieved for the good of mankind with all that wasted billions upon billions…

Lestat #fundie

Being Born Ugly is a Curse from God
He hates u.
Most people biologically find ugly/below average males repulsive.
So if u fall into that category, ur ENTIRE life will be literally hell unless u become a hermit or monk.

To function in society u really need a certain level of looks.
To just be a friend with women u need to look good.
To be invited to parties u need to look good.
To be treated with respect u need to look good.

Proof that god is ur enemy.

Gabby247771 #fundie


Post subject: Demons


I was reading a post on this matter,,,my personal experience (and it is personal but will share because it is the reality of it) was as bizzarre as it sounds,,this person (who I know is a witch now) I chatted to on the internet had actually had a sex act with me while I was sitting at the computer,,in MY home and he was at his computer at HIS home,,,I am not sure exactlly what it was or where it came from,,but I know he was in control of the act,,,He got some type of pleasure out of it,,but no,,it is not feels physical,,but is is what they call :holy sex"" (hmm) because in the spiritual rhelm the demon behind the act is getting the pleasure and he the man in the flesh was a "watcher" and a perverse man,,,and wanted "highly perverse" sexual acts over the internet..which HE within I believe had a Incubus or Sucubus,,I am unsure,,,anyways,,to answer the question,,it is an uncontrolled sex ect upon you you "feel" in the flesh,,,yes you feel the whole act eventhough noone is there,,but the sexual experience is MORE intense then anything or anyone can ever give in the human sense,,thats why alot do NOT go back ..the demonic force beind the act is a act so inconcievable in the human mind it is hard to describe,, it is more then i like to say an orgasmic experience,,it can last for hours upon hours.. and pleasure wise you cannot experience it in the human flesh,,but the feeling is there,,,it is the same feeling as the presence of someone being around you...but having a supernatural sex act with you and they are not even there,,
anyways,,I know it is personal..but mine was from a satanic warlock and he got power and pleasure as a "watcher" as he controlled me and the sexual act,,he also was being controlled by a higher power if he didnt do this act HE would get punished but to gain power he did the act..and I HAD to accept it so "I" wouldnt get punished..
sounds like alot,,,but those who asked,,and never experienced it..I hope this helps..
Yes Demons...satanist..witches...incubus...all can have spiritual sex with you...not in the physical sense eventhough it is above and beyond the human normal sex act it is definitely of the spiritual rhelm..and you can feel yes everything going on,.it is more like heat and your body responds physically to the act eventhough it comes in the spiritual rhelm.
whew,,I hop this helps.
Oh but NEVER EVER EVER EVER accept ANY Oath or Vow to get this act,,it is a trick and a scheme the enemy uses to lure you into something you wish you never accepted.
Praise God he is mighty and ever so more powerful!!!

Gus Cotey Jr #fundie

The right of decent private citizens to personally possess, transport, and responsibly use arms without government interference is the ultimate freedom and the main pillar supporting all other liberties. Few cultures have allowed their general population access to weapons, the tools of power, to the same degree as the United States. Instead, most societies have restricted the keeping and bearing of arms to a select few power brokers and their agents, often resulting in oppression on a grand scale.

Despite a massive amount of historical evidence to the contrary, there is a substantial body of Americans, many occupying positions of influence, who contend that the abrogation of the Second Amendment is the quickest path to domestic tranquility. Since this is as absurd as advocating blood-letting as a cure for anemia, it would seem advisable to question the motives and mentalities of the gun control advocates themselves.

In my observation, weapon prohibitionists can be broken down into seven major categories. Even though their motives may vary they all pose a mortal threat to liberty.

Many of those in favor of oppressive firearms legislation are are best classed as elitists. Elitists frequently identify with a peer group based on wealth, power, rank, social status, occupation, education, ethnic group, etc. and perceive themselves and their peers as inherently superior to and more responsible than the "common people", thus more deserving of certain rights. Since elitists practically consider those outside their class or caste as members of another species, that most anti-elitist list of laws, the Bill of Rights is viewed by them as anathema. Naturally, the Second Amendment is their first target as it serves as the supporting structure for other nine amendments.

Another type of individual who favors the restriction of private gun ownership is the authoritarian. Authoritarian personalities are characterized by their belief in unquestioning obedience to an authority figure or group and a disdain for individual freedom of action, expression, and judgement. Those with authoritarian personalities function well in symbiosis with elitists occupying positions of power. Because authoritarians repress their desires for autonomy they harbor a deep resentment toward free and independent thinkers. Of course authoritarians do not want firearms in the hands of the general population as this constitutes a major obstacle to fulfilling their pathological and obsessive desire to control people.

It goes without saying that career criminals would like to see the public disarmed for obvious reasons. A well-armed population makes crimes such as assault, robbery, and burglary hazardous for the perpetrator and this is bad for "business." Also, it would seem that even non-violent or "white collar" criminals live in constant fear of retribution from the public that they financially bleed and would therefore prefer that the public be disarmed. Evidence supporting this hypothesis can be gathered by studying the Second Amendment voting records of those legislators who have been convicted of willful misconduct.

Cowards by definition are easily or excessively frightened by things and situations that are recognized as dangerous, difficult, or painful. It therefore stands to reason that the mere thought of guns and the circumstances in which they are employed causes them abnormal amounts of stress. Rather than admit their weakness to themselves or others, some fearful types jump on the anti-gun bandwagon and purport moral superiority to those "barbaric"enough to employ lethal force against armed assailants by claiming various humanitarian and pragmatic motives for allowing evil to remain unchecked. In reality, many of these individuals harbor an envy induced resentment toward anyone with the means, skill, and will to successfully stand up to criminal aggression.

The desire to assert oneself exists in nearly everyone, wimps included, so cowards seek out tame enemies against whom they can ply their pitiful brand of machismo. Instead of the sociopaths who commit acts of wanton aggression with guns, guns themselves and responsible gun owners are the main targets of their attacks. After all, real criminals are dangerous, so cowards prefer doing battle with inanimate objects that do not have a will of their own and decent law-abiding people whose high level of integrity and self discipline prevent them from physically lashing out against mere verbal assailants, however obnoxious they may be.

Ideological chameleons follow the simple social strategy of avoiding controversy and confrontation by espousing the beliefs of the people in their immediate vicinity or advocating the philosophy of those who scream the loudest in a debate. Quite a few supposedly pro Second Amendment public officials have shown themselves to be ideological chameleons when they supported restrictions on the private possession of military style semiautomatic rifles following recent atrocities in which such firearms were employed. Like their reptilian namesake, people who merely blend in with the ambient philosophical foliage seem to have little insight into the moral and social ramifications of their actions. Political and/or economic gain along with avoidance of confrontation are their only goals.

Security monopolists are those members and representatives of public and private security providing concerns who want the means of self protection out of private hands so that they can command high fees for protecting the citizenry against the rising tide of crime. These profiteers stand to loose a great deal of capital if citizens can efficiently defend themselves. To the security monopolist, each criminal who enters and exits the revolving door of justice is a renewable source of revenue providing jobs for police, social workers, victim counsellors, judges, prison employees, security guards, burglar alarm installers, locksmiths, and others employed by the security monopolies or their satellite organizations. No wonder it is so common for an honest citizen to be more ruthlessly hounded by the authorities when he shoots a criminal in self defense than a criminal who shoots honest citizens.

Just as a limb will weaken and atrophy if not used, so will aspects of the mind fail to develop if nothing in one’s environment exists to challenge them. People who have led excessively sheltered lives tend to have a difficult time understanding certain cause and effect relationships and an even harder time appreciating just how cruel the world can be. These dysfunctionally unworldly types are truly perplexed at the very notion of firearms ownership with regard to defense. To them, tyranny and crime are things that happen in other places far removed from their "civilized" universe. Also, they do not understand the value of private property and why some people would fight for theirs since they never had to work hard to acquire what they possess. While those suffering from dysfunctional unworldliness are most often people who have been born into considerable wealth, this condition is also common in members of the clergy, academicians, practioners of the arts, and others who have spent much of their lives cloistered in a safe and pampering environment. While many of these people may be quite talented and intelligent in some ways, their extreme naivety makes them easy prey for the tyrants who use them for the financial support and favorable advertisement of their regimes. Needless to say, the anti-gun movement is well represented and financed by the dysfunctionally unworldly.

The price of liberty is eternal vigilance, and it behooves all vigilant lovers of liberty to know and be able to recognize the various types of arms prohibitionists and understand their differing but equally dangerous motives. Acquiring knowledge of one’s foes is the first step toward defeating them. We must never forget that a threat to private firearms ownership is a threat to all freedoms.

The inalienable and fundamental right to keep and bear arms which is enumerated by (but actually predates) the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is not about hunting, gun collecting, or target shooting. Its purpose is to insure that every responsible American personally possesses the means to defend the Republic from all forms of tyranny, within and without. It is what permits the other nine Amendments in the Bill of Rights to be more than mere hollow phrases on a piece of paper. Its free exercise is the antithesis of serfdom and the only meaningful form of holocaust insurance known to man.

We must never insult and degrade the spirits of our Founding Fathers by permitting the Second Amendment, the pillar of freedom, to be destroyed by the cold flame of legislative ink.

Twisted #fundie

If you are a virgin in university, you are bottom of the barrel

This table outlines the percentage of virgins in several UK universities (including the top tier ones).

So what was the percentage of virgins in the university with the MOST virgins?

The purest uni was Lancaster – where one in ten students were yet to pop their cherry.

Yes that’s right. In the PUREST university, virgins still make up only 10% of the population.

So what is the average percentage of virgins for a UK university?

The national average appears to be five per cent

So there you go. Let’s stop this cope that most normies are incels in denial because the average normie has multiple sexual partners in university.

AND THIS IS JUST FOR THOSE WHO ARE VIRGINS. Can you imagine how much lower the statistics will be for those who are Kissless Virgins?

The truth is, we are the absolute bottom of the barrel. Almost every person gets to regularly enjoy what you can only fantasise about as you fap in your bedroom.

Remember that you were the unlucky 5% that was EXCLUDED by women because they deemed you unworthy of love and affection. Women, as a collective, have said we don’t want your genes in the future. For every incel on this board, there are 19 people who women did deem worthy of love, sex and validation.

But yet IT will still tell us to man up and stop being such “entitled manchildren” even though we have been excluded from one of the greatest and most euphoric pleasures that one experiences through their youth. Then on top of that, we are shamed and ridiculed for our lack of action.

So don’t ever let any IT cuck tell you that it’s normal to be a virgin in university because it clearly isn’t.

larry #fundie

Peak oil is just another scam to keep the prices up. There is more than enough oil, enough in Alaska alone to last for over 200 years.

There lately has been much evidence that oil is self replenishing, it is not made from dead plants and animals buried in the flood. Think about it for a minute, the very same people who claim the oil is from buried foliage don't even believe there was a flood(or even the existence of God), how can you have it both ways?

David J. Stewart #fundie

God only knows how many people have also rejected Jesus Christ as their personal Savior because of Wilder's unbelief. Hell is filled with kind, sweet and honorable people. Yet, there are murderers in Heaven, like Moses and David, and Saul (Paul). You don't go to Hell because you're a sinner. You go to Hell because you reject God's grace that freely offers eternal life to all men by faith in Jesus as the Christ.


Sadly, the insane world would rather burn in Hell and miss out on all of God's blessings. Please don't miss Heaven! If you want to experience Heaven, which will be the real life fulfillment of all the wonderful euphoric feelings which you've felt if you've ever watched “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,” then just receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.

Andy Schlafly #fundie

It only takes one counterexample (to disprove evolution). Number one in the list -- beautiful autumn foliage -- is enough. The foliage existed before man does, and beauty does not help the trees in the slightest. The theory of evolution is confounded by the beauty, and the best it can say is it happened by chance. But such beauty does not happen by chance

SlayerSlayer #sexist

Women don't care about what men think. They care about what women think . . .
. . . even if it's completely fucking illogical, because women don't rationalize. They feel. And they feel that their tethered bond to the sisterhood hivemind is a sacred one that they are primordially attached to. This is even beyond CHAD himself. If the sisterhood hivemind decided tommorow CHAD has a a tiny dick, let's all go lezzie, they'd do it.

Trance #fundie

Default The end is near

I cannot help but shake the feeling the end is near. I have some premonitions about other things in the past, and they proved right on the money. I have a very strong gut feeling, that the Trumpet may sound, quite literally, any day now. I just cannot shake that feeling.

I have very good friends who are not true Believers, and I made a last-ditch effort to minister to them, only for them to call me a 'zealot' and a 'nut-bag' for my beliefs that Jesus is coming soon. The funny thing is one of them actually calls herself a 'Messenger', but she herself cannot even accept the Message.

She is very heavily involved in a 'universal church' that actually teaches Jesus Christ is only 'one way' out of many to get to Heaven. They believe in spirit-worship, earth-worship, and self-worship. She believes being a 'good person' is good enough for God, and the 10 Commandments were more of a 'guideline' than Holy Law.

I feel that she will be Saved, but it will take time. Once she sees just how dark it gets, I feel only then will she seek the Light...the Real Light, not the new-age 'enlightenment' she now tries to persue.

Like I said, I believe that our time on this earth is very quickly ending, and I have left my Bible and a book on Prophecies, as well as documents from the main page of Rapture Ready (I actually used an entire cartridge of ink), and placed them in a hidden place in my apartment, with instructions on where they are (I don't want these to fall into the wrong hands)

I highly encourage you to do the same thing for others you know, who may not be saved. God commands us to go to the world and preach the Good News.

Thank you, Rapture Ready for everything. God bless!

Terry Hurlbut #fundie

So what evidence must we explain? Here it is:

The Mercury ice
A vast amount of it
Organic material in the Mercury ice, that did not form on Mercury.

So: several comets, and maybe some water-rich asteroids too, fell onto Mercury’s north and south poles. And those comets and asteroids held organic matter. This begs another question: where did objects like these come from?

For that we have two competing explanations:

Panspermia (from the Greek pas, pasa, pan all, every, etc., and sperma a seed) means “seeding everywhere.” According to the panspermia theory, comets and asteroids, or at least a significant portion of them, hold the stuff of life along with their water. Some of these fell to earth, and we are the by-product. Maybe some of the rest fell to Mercury (and the Moon, and Mars).

But this begs the question of where the stuff of life came from, and how it could cross space, subject to cold and radiation, and still “seed” the Earth. Indeed, most evolutionists don’t believe this. They believe in abiogenesis, the notion that life arose from non-life. But abiogenesis could not possibly explain the organic layer on the Mercury ice. (The primordial soup would be far too cold.)
The Hydroplate Theory

The Hydroplate Theory is Walt Brown’s theory of the Global Flood. According to it, half of today’s ocean water lay deep underground—very deep. Ten miles deep. About 4400 years ago, the ten-mile-thick crust cracked open and let all that water out. It came out with enough force to throw vast amounts of water, rock and mud – one percent of the total weight of the Earth – into space. That water, rock and mud persist as comets, asteroids, and meteoroids.

Brown explains how comets formed in the micro-gravity of space. (Even a hand-sized rock, far enough away from any planet or moon, can become an orbital primary and make other, lighter-weight objects fall into it.) He also shows that such comets would fly off from earth in all directions. That’s why comets today have orbits going off in all directions. And Brown defies anyone to explain the Mercury ice (or the lunar or Martian ice, either) by any other theory of where comets came from. (Brown also knew about the Mercury ice twenty years ago, when NASA first suggested it.)

And the organic matter? Anything from germs to shrubs, that the escaping water, rock and mud carried with it. In fact, Lawrence, in the Science paper, says the ice melted when it crashed, then re-froze, with the dark organic layer on top. According to the First Law of Thermodynamics, it could do nothing else.

Brown confirmed today that the Mercury ice confirms his theory. That means the Mercury ice confirms creation, not abiogenesis or panspermia, as the origin of life.

Justice League #conspiracy

there is old saying one bad apple dont spoil the whole bunch...

I heard about his "theme" park...interesting, but we villify a researcher [Erich von Daniken] who asks a lot of questions, posits lots of unorthodox theories, and somehow makes a living from it, yet when walt disney makes his world of tommorow he is praised?

Do you really hate the man for his accomplishment or because he can make a living doing what we ALL wish we could, but dont have the nutsack to do?

Ben would you have the courage to risk your "reputation" and come out in a really public way, and become the poster child of UFOLOGY?

Whether you like him or not, daniken has done more to open the minds of millions of people to other possibilities, real possibilities concerning the origins, and mysteries of our world.

100 years from now, historians will look back at the book, chariots of the gods and mark its publishing, as the constitution, the declaration of indepnedance from all that came before.

By positing the idea, that if we replaced the "gods" of old, upon which all religions were started, with visitations from more advanced civilizations, he single handedly shattered millenia of dogma and prisetly bullshit, used to control the masses by the "elite".

That very simple, yet earthshattering idea, in my opinion, has led to us being able to speak about these things on the internet, spawned countless other researchers and showed most importantly, that people would buy books based on the subject matter, and with a market for these ideas, came publicity and well the rest is history.

Dan Morgan #conspiracy

Since 1920 when women got the vote, its only been a matter of time and the progressives/communists/marxists knew it (see Gramsci for instance). The traditional family roles that developed over thousands of years were just a matter of human nature and the human condition. As an article, (I think here) put it, the overturning of that natural family order (iow gov’t enforced Feminism through preferences in school, university admissions, hiring, the courts of law, etc. etc.) are a prerequisite for enslavement to a central governing power just as similar (but more direct and brutal methods) were used by Europeans to enslave Africans to plantations in North American, Caribbean and other Colonies and just as Empires all over the world have been enslaving peoples for hundreds and hundreds of years.

So, am I surprised, not really. Mine was the first generation in American History to experience the widespread suffering of the designed widespread breakdown of the family as children and to suffer the unnatural universal gov’t enforced discrimination against boys growing up and men discrimination against men as adults. It has estranged white men from their children and families, and white women vulnerable anxiety-filled basket cases (or as one funny TV comedy show which said, single-mothers are as desperate as big goldfish in leaky plastic bags.) As for the black community, we all see what’s gone on there, its near chaos. And that’s our future as well unless we readopt our traditions.

BTW, I had a premonition. I’ve been periodically looking at the overwhelming and profoundly convincing evidence that ‘Sandy Hook’, ‘the Boston Marathon’ and the ‘West, Texas Massacre’ were all perpetrated by our Federal Gov’t. Then I reviewed the military invasion drills in several large cities last year (e.g. Miami, St. Louis, Denver, Minneapolis, etc.). Until now I haven’t had a solid theory on why even a group like the raging sociopaths like the Obama Administration and their handlers would take these risks. Then along with other information about their likely next moves, the bigger picture came into focus. ‘Sandy Hook’ (and Aurora) were designed to create fear to pass the Unconstitutional Obama attempt to disarm the citizens. The ‘Boston Marathon’ drill was to practice and gauge reaction to Martial Law in a large city while desensitizing the population. And the ‘West, Texas Massacre’ was practice for nuclear ‘False Flag’ strikes around America which will be the pretext for Obama declaring MARTIAL LAW. I expect either strikes by very powerful super-hypersonic missiles that make mushroom clouds like nukes, strikes by not quite as powerful superhypersonic missiles on nuclear reactors (perhaps official identified as jet planes) or actual small nuclear explosions in large and or mega-cities. Of course this will be accompanied by widespread power grid outages and of course Martial Law AND additional False Flag running gun battles that give them the pretext to perpetrate home invasion robberies of everyone’s firearms and possibly precious metals and whatever else the worst among the decide to take a bit of rape here some jewelery there etc. etc.