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Over4Mexicels #sexist #psycho

Forced labour and Execution of foid for rejecting a male needs to be legal

But also, males dating out of his league needs to be ilegal. The male wont be killed, instead he will be sent to concentration camp, he will be released after some time and encouraged to find a looksmatched foid. For the foids, the most brutal and ruthless punishment will be applied. Male will need to present evidence of said rejection. Audio files, text messages, whatever proves the alleged crime. Since we males are very compasionate and rational, A comission of high iqcels will look through the evidence and determine the foids culpability so there'll be neutrality in all of this.

First offense: they'll do community services: they'll clean streets, paint graffiti ridden walls, etc

Second offense: they will serve time in concentracion camp. There they'll be reducated about male historical achievements and foid unworthiness.

Third offense: they will be shot by firing squad.

curenado #conspiracy

I'm not talking about cheap silver/metal mixes and MIS-use.
All cases of Argyria (Which are all old as it really doesn't happen anymore - people are smarter...) boil down to chinsy preprarers and abuse by users - right [colloidal] silver used right is harmless....
As for half-asses and people who intentionally abuse a thing - who can bother about that?
Millions of users with no argyria can't be wrong....1 or 2 less fortunate folks, well ok, what other thing can you offer besides water that actually has the REAL safety rates of CS? That's what I mean about wive's tales - they are usually not the real or whole truth....
And the real moral of the story is
1) Don't deal with chinsy or half-assed people and
2) Follow directions and abuse nothing to your own harm!
That's pretty simple common sense!
...And the benefit (if it works) is virtually contaminant free growing. I have more concern for the environment if it works than worry for people eating the mushrooms! There wouldn't be any problem with that at all.
You take a small problem among charlatans and abusers and make it seem like that is the reality when it's not. But real sensational sounding though!
And the guy is just doing an experiment to see - try to keep your hair on until we know about this and then you can be president of the alarmist group who doesn't like it -
I really want to know if it will kill psybe and other beneficial fungi, because I already know it kills fungi we don't want but that does not necessarily mean it will kill others...
I am sitting next to a 10 year colloidial silver drinker right this second, and there ain't a blue thing on her (or any of us either)
It has saved fruit trees, birds, dogs, cats and humans for really is good stuff made and used RIGHT.

Wilma (next to me) just said "Gawd! If it was bad for you I'd be dead!"

I can add this if it is any comfort....In emergency cases of gangerous infections, canine parvovirus and limb threatening bacterial infections from deep wounds in ANIMALS, I have used concentrations and doses that were extremely high (50 times the highest human dose I have used?) and niether their eyes nor arses turned a bit blue, BUT consider that these also had physician and student/intern continuous care and fluid support, which I believe to be a contributing risk factor in potential argyria - dehydration, even at the regular level most people walk around with. ALL caregivers use Extra Fluids wherever they use silver - even if it's just in burn cream for topical application.
Whew! Ok - lecture over - sorry to go on....

Mike King #fundie

One of the ironies of the crackpot theory of "Evolution" TM, is that the deceitful dogma itself is always "evolving." Since the 1860's inception of Darwinian doctrine, mad scientists have bickered endlessly about how "Evolution" TM actually played out, never questioning the basic foundational assumption that life spontaneously, with neither reason nor guidance, emerged from non-life in the first place.

From Darwin's Origin of the Specious Species to the present day, the case for "Evolution" TM must, by necessity, rely upon the classic logical fallacies that are so evident to philosophers; yet completely invisible to arrogant "theoretical scientists" emotionally attached to a dogma disguised as "science." This idiotic article by renown "science journalist" and author Nicholas Wade is no different.

Haz Mat suits and goggle on. Into the "Primordial Soup" (or is it "deep sea vents" now?) we "wade" (corny pun intended).

"Shhhh, Mr. Wade. You must never tell anyone about the Anti-New York Times."

Wade: A surprisingly specific genetic portrait of the ancestor of all living things has been generated by scientists who say that the likeness sheds considerable light on the mystery of how life first emerged on Earth.

Rebuttal: Notice how it is already assumed, without evidence, that "all living things" have a common ancestor. (fallacy of assumed truth)

Wade: This venerable ancestor was a single-cell, bacterium-like organism. But it has a grand name, or at least an acronym. It is known as Luca, the Last Universal Common Ancestor, and is estimated to have lived some four billion years ago, when Earth was a mere 560 million years old.

Rebuttal: Mr. Wade, before you school us dumb plebes about Luca's birthplace, please prove to us that Luca even existed; and then prove how Luca "evolved" into other species; which in turned "evolved" and "evolved" millions of times into all current life forms. And by "proof," we mean observational evidence -- the very definition of the Scientific Method.

Wade: The new finding sharpens the debate between those who believe life began in some extreme environment, such as in deep sea vents or the flanks of volcanoes, and others who favor more normal settings, such as the “warm little pond” proposed by Darwin.

Rebuttal: Whatever happened to the "Primordial Soup" TM theory?

You see, these erudite eggheads love to "debate" endlessly over how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, without ever demonstrating that there were actually any angels dancing on the pin, at all!

"Luca! We have you surrounded. Come out of that sea vent with your flagella up. And don't try any of that binary fission business"

They found little Luca in the deep sea, not the Primordial Soup as had once been theorized.

Wade: The nature of the earliest ancestor of all living things has long been uncertain because the three great domains of life (bacteria, plants, animals) seemed to have no common point of origin.

Rebuttal: Mr. Wade, has it ever occurred to you and your sci-fi cult that the reason why the various domains "seem to have no common point of origin" is because maybe, just maybe, they do not have a "common point of origin?"

Wade: Specialists have recently come to believe that the bacteria and archaea were the two earliest domains, with the eukaryotes emerging later. That opened the way for a group of evolutionary biologists, ... to try to discern the nature of the organism from which the domains emerged.

Translation: The high-priests of "Evolution" TM have just concocted a new theory to explain away the gaping holes in the previous theories.

Wade: Their starting point was the known protein-coding genes of bacteria and archaea. Some six million such genes have accumulated over the last 20 years in DNA databanks as scientists with the new decoding machines have deposited gene sequences from thousands of microbes.

Rebuttal: "DNA decoding machines" were used to sniff out little Luca --- (palm to face, deep sigh, shaking head)

Wade: Genes that do the same thing in a human and a mouse are generally related by common descent from an ancestral gene in the first mammal.

Rebuttal: The belief in the "common descent" between a human and a mouse is based on the fallacious prior assumption that we all came from Luca. It can just as easily be argued that DNA similarities between Mickey Mouse and Mickey Mantle are due to both of them having been designed by the same Creative Force which Tesla, Edison, Einstein (puke) all believed to exist. Hence, genetic similarities between the two Mickeys can be explained as cross-associations / basic templates of the same life-transmitting Creative Force which animates the universe.

Will the wonders of modern "science" ever cease?! The new Super Duper Decoding Machine not only links Mickey Mantle to the rodent family; it traced the birth of Luca to a deep sea vent!

Wade: By comparing their sequence of DNA letters, genes can be arranged in evolutionary family trees, a property that enabled Dr. Martin and his colleagues to assign the six million genes to a much smaller number of gene families.

Rebuttal: One can arrange and categorize the various "families" of automobiles (trucks, sports cars, SUV's, luxury cars, go-carts etcp) into a "tree" with many branches. Would their common component similarities therefore "prove" that Ferraris blindly "evolved" from school-buses?

Wade: Genes are adapted to an organism’s environment.

Rebuttal: Wrong again, Mr, Wade! The gene pool is not "adaptable." What happens sometimes is that environmental changes will favor one existing genetic trait over another. Hence, those specimens without the trait are at a disadvantage while those with it will prosper and produce offspring. This might explain why one group of finches has a beak like this while another group of finches has a beak like that. But it damn sure cannot explain how Marylyn Monroe and a putrid maggot have the same 1 millionth grandmother!

Wade: So Dr. Martin hoped that by pinpointing the genes likely to have been present in Luca, he would also get a glimpse of where and how Luca lived.

Rebuttal: "Likely to have been present in Luca" --- that's called conjecture, not science.

Wade: “I was flabbergasted at the result, I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

Rebuttal: We can't either.

Wade: The 355 genes pointed quite precisely to an organism that lived in the conditions found in deep sea vents, the gassy, metal-laden, intensely hot plumes caused by seawater interacting with magma erupting through the ocean floor.

Rebuttal: Cheese and crackers! We can't even find lost civilizations from a few thousand years ago and this academic ass-clown found little Luca in a deep sea vent?

Wade: Deep sea vents are surrounded by exotic life-forms and, with their extreme chemistry, have long seemed places where life might have originated.

Rebuttal: "Seemed" -- "might have." Save the speculative words for Star Trek or Jurassic Park, not the Science Section of a newspaper that so many people actually place trust in.

1- Mr. Spock of Star Trek says: "Evolution is not logical."

2- Some evolutionists now believe that T-Rex "evolved" into a bird.

Wade: The 355 genes ascribable to Luca include some that metabolize hydrogen as a source of energy as well as a gene for an enzyme called reverse gyrase, found only in microbes that live at extremely high temperatures...

Rebuttal: So, some of the genes "ascribed to" (speculative) this ancestral organism called Luca (never proved to have existed), are found in microbes that live at high temperature. Therefore, Mickey Mantle and Mickey Mouse, Marilyn and the maggot do all have a common ancestor after all. Brilliant! (palm to face, deep sigh, shaking head)

Wade: The finding has “significantly advanced our understanding of what Luca did for a living,” James O. McInerney of the University of Manchester wrote in a commentary, and provides “a very intriguing insight into life four billion years ago.”

Rebuttal: How does one even begin to respond to this madness?

Wade: Dr. Martin... argues that Luca is very close to the origin of life itself. The organism is missing so many genes necessary for life that it must still have been relying on chemical components from its environment. Hence it was only “half alive,” he writes.

Rebuttal: In other words, the "Luca-was-born-in-a-sea-vent" theory has so many holes that it requires another band-aid theory to keep it viable --- the "half alive" theory.

Wade: The fact that Luca depended on hydrogen and metals favors a deep sea vent environment for the origin of life, Dr. Martin concludes, rather than the land environment posited in a leading rival theory proposed by the chemist John Sutherland of the University of Cambridge in England.

Rebuttal: Wade, with his "Luca-was-born-in-a-sea-vent" theory, is seeking to dethrone Sutherland and his "Luca-was-born-on-land" theory as the crackpot theorist of the year. This heated competition among psychos has always been a comical feature of "theoretical science."

Wade: Luca and the origin of life are “events separated by a vast distance of evolutionary innovation,” said Jack Szostak of Massachusetts General Hospital, who has studied how the first cell membranes might have evolved.

Rebuttal: This crackpot believes in cellular life before Luca --- which means that there was another great great great grandma Luca long before "sea vent" Luca was born.

Wade: Dr. Sutherland too gave little credence to the argument that Luca might lie in some gray transition zone between nonlife and life just because it depended on its environment for some essential components. “It’s like saying I’m half alive because I depend on my local supermarket.”

Rebuttal: The lunatic Sutherland is dismissing the lunatic Martin. Just another day at the asylum of modern academia. Let the "academic debate" begin!

Wade: Dr. Sutherland and others have no quarrel with Luca’s being traced back to deep sea vents. But that does not mean life originated there, they say. Life could have originated anywhere and later been confined to a deep sea environment because of some catastrophic event like the Late Heavy Bombardment, which occurred 4 billion to 3.8 billion years ago.

Rebuttal: The Late Heavy Bombardment? What the heck was that?

Wade: This was a rain of meteorites that crashed into Earth with such force that the oceans were boiled off into an incandescent mist.

Rebuttal: Mr. Wade, can you cite for us the observational evidence for this "rain of meteorites" and the "boiling off" of the oceans?

Wade: Life is so complex it seems to need many millions of years to evolve.

Rebuttal: Circular logic! It goes like this:

"Life takes 'million of years' to 'evolve' --- We cannot observe this because it played out over 'millions of years.' "

Once upon a time, the meteors rained, the oceans boiled, and out popped little Luca -- with his millions of complex DNA codes, cell wall, cell membrane, cell plasma and flagella already intact.

Wade: Dr. Sutherland, working from basic principles of chemistry, has found that ultraviolet light from the sun is an essential energy source to get the right reactions underway, and therefore that land-based pools, not the ocean, are the most likely environment in which life began.


Sutherland: "Luca came from a land pool, you idiot!"
Martin: "Nonsense, fool! Luca came from a deep sea vent!"
Sutherland: "Land pool!"
Martin: "Sea vent!"
Sutherland: "Your momma wears combat boots!"
Martin: "Your momma so ugly, the strip club paid her to keep her clothes on!"

Wade: "We didn’t set out with a preferred scenario; we deduced the scenario from the chemistry,” Sutherland said, chiding Dr. Martin for not having done any chemical simulations to support the deep sea vent scenario.

Rebuttal: You tell him, Dr. Sutherland! The absence of chemical simulations means that Dr. Martin's theory has no merit.

Say, Dr. Sutherland, can you tell us about your "chemical simulations" that prove that life came from non-life, formed in a land pool and then evolved and evolved and evolved? Just sayin'.

Wade: Dr. Martin’s portrait of Luca “is all very interesting, but it has nothing to do with the actual origin of life,” Dr. Sutherland said.

Rebuttal: So, Dr. Sutherland is saying that Dr. Martin is an even nuttier mad scientist than he is? --- OK. We'll accept that.

Sparrow's Song #fundie

[It's Over] Fasting to death is better than roping or blowing your brains out.

Go back hundreds of thousands of years, when every femoid reproduced and only one out of seventeen men reproduced, when sixteen out of seventeen men either spent their lives hunting and gathering to feed cave chad, his harem, and his offspring while being bullied, intimidated, and killed in the heartless bloodbath of sexual competition and the only other option was to wander the earth alone until you die... These cavecels didn't have ropes, you could eat some poison berries or poison plant, you could force a venomous snake to bite you, maybe a few were smart enough to slash their wrists with obsidian but I doubt it, and if you knew where a high cliff was there was that option.

So how does a non chad man perform the art of suicide where there is no high cliffs? How does he set himself free if he lacks the knowledge of rope making or poison plants? What if he's not smart enough to slash his wrist? How do animals perform suicide? I remember when my dog was terminally ill and it knew that there was no pint in suffering a meaningless existence, it stopped eating and hid in under a table with it's face in the corner. We had to take it to the vet and shoot it up with the pink juice. Animals know that starvation can kill them. Starvation must therefore be, the primordial incel suicide method. It requires nothing, you don't need anything to do it.

If you choose to die by starvation alone, without dehydrating yourself, it can be painless and euphoric... it just takes awhile... If you start with less than ten percent body fat, you end it in a month. In India it's ritualized and often involves a slow gradual reduction of food over a period of several months to several years until they choose to stop eating completely and barely drink water, some abandoning water when they feel death is near to hasten the process.

In Hinduism this is called Prayopavesa:
image(From Wikipedia)
Prayopavesa (Sanskrit: प्रायोपवेशनम्, literally resolving to die through fasting) is a practice in Hinduism that denotes the suicide by fasting of a person, who has no desire or ambition left, and no responsibilities remaining in life . Committing Prayopavesa is bound by very strict regulations. Only a person who has no desire or ambition left, and no responsibilities remaining in life is entitled to perform it . The decision to do so must be publicly declared well in advance. Ancient lawmakers stipulated the conditions that allow Prayopavesa. They are one's inability to perform normal bodily purification, death appears imminent or the condition is so bad that life's pleasures are nil and the action is done under community regulation.

As you can see, prayopavesa is taking LDAR to the extreme, it is the ultimate LDAR. Fuck community regulation, everyone is bluepilled and cucked in current times.

In Jainism it is called Sallekhana:
image(From Wikipedia)
Sallekhana , also known as samlehna, santhara, samadhi-marana or sanyasana-marana, is a supplementary vow to the ethical code of conduct of Jainism. It is the religious practice of voluntarily fasting to death by gradually reducing the intake of food and liquids. It is viewed in Jainism as the thinning of human passions and the body, and another means of destroying rebirth-influencing karma by withdrawing all physical and mental activities. It is not considered as a suicide by Jain scholars because it is not an act of passion, nor does it deploy poisons or weapons. After the sallekhana vow, the ritual preparation and practice can extend into years.

Sallekhana (Sanskrit: Sallikhita) means to properly 'thin out', 'scour out' or 'slender' the passions and the body through gradually abstaining from food and drink. Sallekhana is divided into two components: Kashaya Sallekhana (slenderising of passions) or Abhayantra Sallekhana (internal slendering) and Kaya Sallekhana (slenderising the body) or Bahya Sallekhana(external slendering). According to Jain texts, Sallekhana leads to Ahimsa (non-violence or non-injury), as a person observing Sallekhana subjugates the passions, which are the root cause of Himsa (injury or violence).

It's also practiced in Buddhism as well:
image(2nd century B.C.E statue of a Neckbeard Buddha embracing death by LDAR)
image(Look at this chad with his shades on...)
(From Wikipedia)
Sokushinbutsu (即身仏) are a kind of Buddhist mummy. The term refers to the practice of Buddhist monks observing asceticism to the point of death and entering mummification while alive.[1]They are seen in a number of Buddhist countries, but the Japanese term "sokushinbutsu" is generally used. It is believed that many hundreds of monks tried, but only 24 such mummifications have been discovered to date. There is a common suggestion that Shingon school founder Kukai brought this practice from Tang China as part of secret tantric practices he learned, and that were later lost in China. According to Paul Williams, the Sokushinbutsu ascetic practices of Shugendō were likely inspired by Kūkai – the founder of Shingon Buddhism, who ended his life by reducing and then stopping intake of food and water, while continuing to meditate and chant Buddhist mantras. Ascetic self-mummification practices are also recorded in China, but are associated with the Ch'an(Zen Buddhism) tradition there.

In medieval Japan, this tradition developed a process for Sokushinbutsu, which a monk completed over about 3,000 days to ten years. It involved a strict diet called mokujikigyo (literally, "eating a tree"). The diet abstained from any cereals, and relied on pine needles, resins and seeds found in the mountains, which would eliminate all fat in the body. Increasing rates of fasting and meditation would lead to starvation. The monks would slowly reduce then stop liquid intake, thus dehydrating the body and shrinking all organs. The monks would die in a state of jhana (meditation) while chanting the nenbutsu (a mantra about Buddha), and their body would become naturally preserved as a mummy with skin and teeth intact without decay and without the need of any artificial preservatives.

It was discussed by Hegesias of Cyrene:
image(From Wikipedia)
Hegesias (Greek: Ἡγησίας; fl. 290 BC) of Cyrene was a Cyrenaic philosopher, the Cyrenaics forming one of the earliest Socratic schools of philosophy. He argued that happiness is impossible to achieve, and that the goal of life was the avoidance of pain and sorrow. Conventional values such as wealth, poverty, freedom, and slavery are all indifferent and produce no more pleasure than pain. Cicero claims that Hegesias wrote a book called Death by Starvation, which persuaded so many people that death is more desirable than life that Hegesias was banned from teaching in Alexandria. It has been thought by some that Hegesias was influenced by Buddhist teachings.

Hegesias followed Aristippus in considering pleasure as the goal of life; but, the view which he took of human life was more pessimistic. Happiness, he said, could not be the goal of life, because it is not attainable, and therefore concluded that the wise person's only goal should be to become free from pain and sorrow. Since, too, every person is self-sufficient, all external goods were rejected as not being true sources of pleasure.

Complete happiness cannot possibly exist; for that the body is full of many sensations, and that the mind sympathizes with the body, and is troubled when that is troubled, and also that fortune prevents many things which we cherished in anticipation; so that for all these reasons, perfect happiness eludes our grasp. Moreover, that both life and death are desirable. They also say that there is nothing naturally pleasant or unpleasant, but that owing to want, or rarity, or satiety, some people are pleased and some vexed; and that wealth and poverty have no influence at all on pleasure, for that rich people are not affected by pleasure in a different manner from poor people. In the same way they say that slavery and freedom are things indifferent, if measured by the standard of pleasure, and nobility and baseness of birth, and glory and infamy. They add that, for the foolish person it is expedient to live, but to the wise person it is a matter of indifference; and that the wise person will do everything for his own sake; for that he will not consider any one else of equal importance with himself; and he will see that if he were to obtain ever such great advantages from any one else, they would not be equal to what he could himself bestow.

Hence the sage ought to regard nothing but himself; action is quite indifferent; and if action, so also is life, which, therefore, is in no way more desirable than death.

The wise person would not be so much absorbed in the pursuit of what is good, as in the attempt to avoid what is bad, considering the chief good to be living free from all trouble and pain: and that this end was attained best by those who looked upon the efficient causes of pleasure as indifferent.

None of this, however, is as strong as the testimony of Cicero, who claims that Hegesias wrote a book called Death by Starvation (Greek: ἀποκαρτερῶν), in which a man who has resolved to starve himself is introduced as representing to his friends that death is actually more to be desired than life, and that the gloomy descriptions of human misery which this work contained were so overpowering that they inspired many people to kill themselves, in consequence of which the author received the surname of Death-persuader (Peisithanatos). This book was published at Alexandria, where he was, in consequence, forbidden to teach by king Ptolemy II Philadelphus (285-246 BC).

imageSeriously, I can't think of a more badass way to go. All these dudes in ancient times were black pilled as fuck.

Various Incels #sexist


[JFL] IT's resident camwhore admits to fucking her high school bully. (IT FAGS WON'T TOUCH THIS)

high school bullies, i had my share

i've recently encounter one and we had a talk, he apologized for calling me "cow tits" he told me he was passing through some rough times at his home and it was his form of venting, and also liked my boobs

same superficial, narcisistic prick as in HS

Good on bed but besides that, i wouldn't even watch on the same direction as him

She is a walking blackpill and people on that subreddit have the gall to try and deny the blackpill and gaslight us. What clown shit.

Inceltears won't touch this

Added it in the title to try and bait them.

0 points instead of reddit gold Maybe they are finally uncucking kek

Naw a bunch of brocels brigaded the comment downvoting her and laughing at the state of IT and all their posts were deleted.

An addendum she will never fuck an incel which she claims fund her whoredom business. Why is that exactly? Because of looks? You've already proven you will fuck a guy with a terrible personality (self-described by you).

What exactly is the reason you won't fuck an incel?

Well they literally just proved incels right so the incels in denial on there naturally are seething

Post got brigaded and locked after her comment so not quite. Most people on IT didn't even see the comment.

IT touched this:

Also she admitted in the post that the guy didn't change and was still a narcissistic douchebag and that she regrets nothing. Bluepilled incels reading this with confused faces.


Sorry to bump my thread again, but a bluepilled incel who browses IT was upset by the post he saw here and reached out to her about it and she told him to "suffer in silence."

What a callous bitch and IT allowing her to post but banning me for having different opinions just proves their entire shitty ideology wrong.

Dunno why he expected anything less from a cam whore. Cam whores are pretty much the worst of the worst women, they see everyone as objects for them to exploit. If you have no immediate monetary gain to them they pretty much wish you didn't exist. They're all bonafide psychopaths, although cucks still give them money for some reason. Only thing I'd ever want to send a cam whore is into a gas chamber.

Who knows there a lot of messed up bluepilled incels with a lot of problems browsing IT. Hopefully he sees that these people aren't out to help him.


but he have a bad personality, i don't get it, doesn't personality matter ?


Trashes him for the whole post but then says she allowed his penis to enter her private parts

Wtf is wrong with these people...


That's women for you. If you're not a misogynist, you're low IQ.


Well they literally just proved incels right so the incels in denial on there naturally are seething after spending all their time insisting its totally about personality, while women fuck men they straight up admit they dont like on a personal level


It’s over for IT. Every time they say personality matters, show them this.


I remember I made a post about how women fuck bullies and they got all fussy about it.

I was right. Bullies are the cool kids

Agent Kilroy #conspiracy

Microwave, ELF, EHF, and EMF... If you've clicked on this thread, you likely know what I'm talking about.

I have known of the HAARP for over half of my life. The knowledge I have of the HAARP in particular, I obtained from a former government agent, whom I will call GB for now (who has since passed away). I had, and still do, have great respect for GB because of their hand in protecting the American people. I ask that you send a 'thank you' to the sky for them.

But, that isn't the story we're gathered for today.

To simplify- No, liberals and educationally-failed, mentally-fried and unstable youth, the HAARP is NOT a conspiracy. Unless you eat tide pods and also believe that you're living on a flat earth, then go ahead and deny it; you're already FUBAR'd.

With that said, I now make my point-

I am confident in my accuracy to assume that many people (on this forum and beyond) have personally felt, heard and or seen, effects of the HAARP, known formally as the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

On the contrary, the HAARP is not limited to EHF (extremely high frequency).
Researchers have concluded that the HAARP's frequencies can vary quite drastically.

-The friendly topic of discussion-

Does anybody here want to share their stories of the HAARP, Woodpecker, or 5G/GWEN tower experiences?

Personally, I have had many experiences with the HAARP and recently, 5G.

Back before 5G was a "thing" that the brainwashed and individuality-squandered youth worshiped, there was just the HAARP.

Alas, now we have multiple HAARPs planted around the world, even the miniature 5G (basically being used as miniature Tesla/HAARPs)
Yes, did you know that the HAARP was based on an invention by Nikola Tesla before he was murdered? I may start a second thread someday discussing Tesla's original creation.

I often noticed the usage and effects of the HAARP mostly during elections (as they have to keep the masses delirious during times of vital decision making), just BEFORE large events (such as the 'BIG NEWS' hurricanes, mass tornado outbreaks, terroristic events, etc).
Again, these experiences are often felt before something 'big'/growth of agendas are taking place.

- Symptoms (multiple or individual)-

- Headaches/Migraines
They begin on a dime and dissipate just as quickly as they begin and they can start at a certain time every day for days/weeks on end- unlike any other headaches.

- Dialup/Digital Tones
They feel embedded in your head, sometimes you will hear one frequency and someone else hears another (or nothing) due to multiple-frequency blasting.

- Body Pulsating
Can be felt in your head, chest, or even whole body, especially while attempting to sleep or relax.

-Frequent Déjà Vu
Which can last for seconds, minutes, and I've even had déjà vu to attack multiple times throughout an entire day.

- Confusion
Such as walking into rooms or going to locations and realizing that there was no reason to be there- these are often called subliminal suggestions, which cause you to do things subconsciously until you begin questioning yourself.

- Anxiety
Sudden onset of anxiety while doing daily tasks that are not of concern to you.

- Anger
Unexplained anger, disgust, rage, or irritability over nothing, often towards other people, or pets.

- Depression
Unexplainable depression can be caused, and can come from nowhere; lasting for only minutes, hours or even days.

- Muscle Reactions
Mild to violent involuntary muscle spasms (not caused by exercise, excessive sodium intake, or dehydration) ranging from back, thigh, calf, groin, upper arm, forearm, neck and even facial. The sudden involuntary jerking of muscles has also been reported.

- Lethargic Behavior
Feeling unrested, achy and lazy for no reason; feeling mentally aware but physically unable to gather any strength.

- Communication and Thought Blocking
Temporarily forgetting what you were going to say/do, difficulty retrieving basic words and struggling with general communication skills; often occurring throughout the day, lasting days and even weeks.

- Balance Issues
Loss of balance sitting, standing or even walking. Or as I call them, random gravity checks.

- Mild Electrical Shocks and Static
Being awoken in the middle of the night by sharp shock and jolt throughout your body, or your head. The sensation of static/hair anywhere or everywhere on your body, it can be extremely annoying.

I do not wish the HAARP's effects on anybody... (Besides maybe the NWO elitists).
However, over my lifetime, I have compiled a collection of HAARP/5G combating strategies that I always go-to when I feel like something is going digitally-rogue in my environment, or I feel like governmental brainwashing is dancing in the air.

-Combat the Wash with LARD-

- Look yourself in the mirror and focus on the consciousness in your eyes.

- Assign a computer-language "command" to lock the HAARP out of your energy field, such as "entry denied", "access denied", " you are not authorized to enter". Again, sounds silly, but can be quite effective, especially for ringing/digital-tones being sent into your head.

- Remind yourself of your full name, (even though it feels a bit strange).
"My name is: John Jay Doe, I am 45 years old and I live on 12345 Appleseed Drive". Reminding your conscious and subconscious who you are and your confidence in your identity is key. Of you're under any sort of mental attack, you can feel a shift in your consciousness when you focus on who YOU are. Either recite mentally or recite out loud. Sure, it feels silly, sounds silly, but it works.

- Do something completely off-the-wall.
Effective for breaking long-lasting déjà vu. If you're walking through the room and déjà vu follows you for minutes on end, stop walking, turn around, do a side-step, and maybe even try a dance move. Do something out of character to disturb the "algorithm" of your déjà vu. Repeat as many times as needed until you feel separated from the waves.

That is all I have for now.

Maybe others will share their stories and bring some more minds to this topic.

If I have missed any effects of the HAARP or 5G, please comment and I will try to add the detail to the lost above.

Administrative_Worth & jeremyjimmy #sexist

Re: FTM blackpill


A small selection of men have it very well made. The rest wallow in a sea of desperation. As many writers and philosphers have remarked.

I wouldn't be surprised if she ropes soon. Trannies have a high sucide rate afterall, because most of them don't pass as the gender they wish to be.

Women turning into men look a lot better than the opposite. It's pretty damn hard to undo the effects of testosterone and increased human growth hormone. Hell a lot of females turning into males get ripped fast, because they are basically on IFBB pro steroids, medicial grade ones with endocronilogists there to make sure it all goes well.

Men turning into women. God help me. Not to mention the disproprortionate amount of male to female transgenders, (another sing it's being over diagnosed)Sadly a lto of those male to females are fellow brocels, at the very least mentalcels who got sucked and udped into the alluring tranny trap, that all the negatives and bad feeligns they experience, isn't your fault. It's that you were born in the wrong body. Now wear this tape over your occk and balls permenantly damaging them, and start a diet of phytoestrogens Before we find you a "sympathetic" psychiatrist who will give you a diagnosis and we can start chopping bits off and pumping you with hormones.

This is why there are way more MTF trannies than FTM ones. Most foids would never want to experience the hardships of a man while many men want to experience the much easier life of a woman.

Sadly true. So many copers, especially mentalcels falling in the tranny trap.

Legit transgenders do exist. They are so rare though. Hardly existing on the scale we're seeing mentally ill, often vulnerable lonely, damaged by trauma or bullying, people being pumped full of hormones and having cocks lopped off today. Damn fucking sad

This is like changing the difficulty level of a game from Easy to a Legend.

SUddenly I'm a creep unless I say the exact right words with the right body language and keeping the right diatance from everyone else. And there are always other fellow "bros" pushing me around, excluding me fro conversations with their shoulders. I thought we were all bros in this club, wtf. Being born a male is struggle from womb to tomb. It's why so many kill themselves, or check out as rannies, or mgtow, or run off to hippie communes of "free love" where it's their partner just fucking hippie chads and they get to stop worrying and competing and get fed, and live basically.

The struggle and will is all.


The foid is starting to realize that she gave up her privilege just to become a manlet. JFL at her stupidity.

You'd think they would've realized this a lot earlier? If I was transitioning I'd be THOROUGHLY researching shit women go through and putting myself mentally in their place day to... oh wait I'm a guy, I already do that naturally without thinking, it's called empathy.

That's how this place predicted the blackpill and can predict posts like this, because we have empathy and a generally objective understanding of how people and the world works.

Apex fallacy

Exactly. A LOT of women have it made vs how many men have it made. Men have it made by having the luck of being born good looking, born with enough drive to work hard enough to make a nice amount of money and / or be born into money.

wtf is fun about larping as a man? Took t shots too, dry bagina here we come

There were 3 articles about exactly this a few months ago. All female to male, all saying life has become a cold, lonely nightmare compared to the friendly, safe world they lived in as a woman. They now say they feel invisible and like if they mess up they're on their own.

Yeah, no shit. Welcome to being a man. Did they think we were lying about this stuff?

I've heard this a million times from female to male. Another complaint is that "they suddenly feel alone in the world like if something goes wrong nobody will help" they ALSO all tend to say something along the lines of "before transitioning I didn't really think about men's issues or what they go through or care about them but now I realize life is a lot harder for them."

They basically admit everything. Funny because when I was told about women's issues I felt empathy for them and I would alter my behavior to make their lives a little easier. Meanwhile they didn't even consider men human.

Ellen Lacter #conspiracy

Installation of mind control programming relies on the capacity to dissociate, which permits the creation of new walled-off personalities to “hold” and “hide” programming. Already dissociative children are prime “candidates” for programming. Alternatively, very young children may be made dissociative by trauma-based programming. The extreme abuse inflicted on young children in intra-familial satanic and abusive witchcraft cults reliably causes dissociation. Children in these cults are programmed to the extent that the cult’s leaders understand mind control programming.

Organized and sophisticated abuser groups with world-power or organized crime agendas infiltrate these cults to gain access to these readily-programmable children. In exchange for the privilege of being allowed to install self-serving programs in these children, the organized abuser group provides the cult parent with a large fee (thousands of dollars), favor, or information, such as some of its programming secrets.

Simple to Moderately Complex Programming

1. Psychic driving (Film, “The Sleep Room”, about CIA funding of Ewen Cameron, MD in the 1950s)

2. Unidimensional edicts communicated during severe abuse, convincing the affected personalities that the abuse will re-occur if the programmed mandate is broken. The most common simple programs are commands to never remember (re-associate into consciousness) the abuse and never disclose the abuse.

3. Pronouncements; claims, curses, covenants, etc., paired with abuse, that convince personalities they are controlled by evil entities, or forever malevolently defined as., e.g., forever evil, physically or mentally ill, socially devalued and isolated, sexually enslaved, a murderer, a cult member, a witch, etc.

4. Examples of process: “The first five steps of discipline” Svali, 1999, see

Moderately to Very Complex Programming

It has been my unfortunate experience to have been forced to conclude that sophisticated abuser groups within the United States of America are using torture to install complex mind control programming in our children in order to further their own political or religious agendas (See Hersha, L; Hersha, C., Griffis, D., & Schwarz, T. (2001) Secret weapons: Two sister’s terrifying true story of sex, spies, and sabotage. Far Hills, New Jersey: New Horizon Press, and Ross, C.A. (2000) Bluebird: Deliberate creation of multiple personality by psychiatrists. Richardson Texas: Manitou Communications).

This involves:

1. Torture involving states of extreme pain and terror, to the point of near-death, is required to install mind control programming. These states are induced through electroshock, toxins that cause pain or temporary paralysis, assault, painful bondage or pressure, rape,, extreme cold (submersion in ice water is common), heat, burning suffocation, near-drowning, spinning, hanging, inversion, exposure to torture, mutilation, or murder of others, and/or prolonged isolation, starvation, dehydration, or sensory deprivation.

States of despair, self-hatred, paranoia, and global distrust of humanity, are also effective. These are induced through forcing the child to hurt or kill others, often loved ones and pets, sexual humiliation, convincing the child that all important attachment figures are abusers, and convincing the child that he or she is now controlled and overseen by surgically implanted monitoring devices or “spiritual assignments” of demons, malevolent spirits, curses, hexes, vexes, claims, etc.

2. Children must be very young in order for mind control programming to be initially installed, under 4 or 5 years of age. Modifications to the original programming can be made later.

3. One of the central functions of most mind control programs is to cause the victim to physically and psychologically re-experience the torture used to install the programming should she or he act in violation of the programmed commands. The re-experience of the original torture often includes somatic manifestation of the original injuries, such as bruising and swelling, though not to the degree of the original injury.

4. The most complex programs consist of personalities buried deep in the unconscious mind perceiving themselves, visually (in images) and somatically (in experiences of pain, suffocation, electroshock, etc.), to be attached to, or trapped within, “structures”, such as buildings, devices of torture, machines, containers, etc. These structures serve as containers for the programmed commands, messages, and information.

5. Mind control continues to control the victim’s thoughts and actions for decades, often for life, with no conscious awareness of the programming or of the personalities under its control, usually completing programmed actions unconsciously, sometimes feeling only a conscious compulsion to do, or not do, something. Survivors of organized abuse who re-associate their history of abuse usual begin to recover their memories between 30 and 50 years of age. It generally takes many more years for the survivor to become aware of the mind control programming and it’s ongoing effects on her or him.

6. The commands and structures installed during torture, and the detailed recollection of the torture itself, remain amazingly stable and fixed over time, from the toddler years until at least middle age, with incredibly little deterioration of memory (stored information) over time. The “memory capacity” in the programmed unconscious mind is enormous, holding vast amounts of detailed information, including lengthy “strings” of encoded information, that could never be stored in conscious awareness.

7. Program “triggers”, “cues”, and “access codes” easily allow the programmer to regain access to the programmed personalities or program “structures” to install or change commands, messages, and information, and to retrieve information, all out of the victims’ awareness.

8. Programming overrides the victim’s free will and beliefs. Programmed people follow commands and perform actions that are in clear violation of their free will, moral principles, and spiritual convictions.

9. Programmers gain access to victims of other groups and deliberately “program over” competitor group’s programming to dominate the behavior of the person

10. Such programming exists in an alarming number of people

11. Attempting to remove or disable it without great expertise “sets off” programmed self-destruction and negative health/mental health consequences, all by the programmers’ intentions.

It is the responsibility of all clinicians working with highly dissociative and ritually abused people to research this topic and proceed with extreme caution.

Some Indicators of Mind Control Programming (see a more extensive list on this website on the page: “Some Indicators of Mind Control Programming”)

A. Repetitive statements that seem robotic, or do not make sense in the context of the dialogue.

B. Compulsive or ritualized behaviors, especially self-mutilation, singing the same song

C. Fearful reactions to benign stimuli, such as colors, shapes, cartoon characters, lights, brands of food.

D. Telephone reactions; e.g., strong startle response to phone ringing, many hang-up calls to the home, a compulsion to make calls (often toll-free), finding the phone in his/her hand in early am hours.

E. Severe flinching and spasms (as if being electro-shocked) when approaching trauma material.

RaptorInMotion #crackpot

Is the history of the human race being told as a particular "narrative" and anyone who goes against it is labelled "misinformation"? Are we all actually descended from one "creator civilisation"?

All religions/followings/cults and their holy texts point to the same actual people, with the same actual story, just with their own cultural understandings and names given to them. These people were worshipped "as Gods" and over time, each original cult/following/clan/religion became fractured and multiple gods/leaders were worshipped over each other, possibly due to rapid expansion of territory and so multiple wars were waged against each other.

This all depends on whether you think "The Lost Book of Enki", translated from the 14 Sumerian Tablets, can be trusted or not.

This of course will lead to the author, a guy called Zecharia Sitchin, being dubbed a "fraudster" by a guy named Dr. Michael S. Heiser, who set up a website DEDICATED to proving him wrong and sullying his name. Suspicious in itself, but who knows.

Of course, you have to make up your own mind, so i certainly recommend reading the book. We've all got the time right now anyway!

-------------------------------------------------------NOTES OF INTEREST----------------------------------------------------

NOTE: "--->" = gave birth to/descended into.

NOTE 2: None of these people are "THE God Almighty" that supposedly created the physical universe, even they say they didnt know. They only gave our ancestors "consciousness/awareness" of "our universe".

NOTE 3: This is not a fully completed list of EVERYONE borne from eachother. This post would be impossibly large to try and fit them all in, but I can try.

NOTE 4: When researching each "god/deity/leader's" story and the words/passages written about them, try and remember that they are written down/spoken in 'LAYMANS TERMS' by VERY early man, using their (naturally at the time) limited understanding of what they saw and were told. They also learnt within the confines of their own cultures.

NOTE 5: It appears the earliest forms of class divide, family interbreeding and slavery were prevalent in these times, as a sort of "necessary evil", and actively encouraged by certain civs/cults/clans. Possibly for control and most likely for "royal bloodlines" to always succeed. These potentially gave way to the earliest forms of apparent racism far down the timeline, and the uprisings/rebellions against it.

NOTE 6: The Great Deluge/Biblical Flood/Legend of Manu/Gun-Yu/ Deucalion.

NOTE 7: Pizzagate, Epstein, Adrenachrome, Moloch, Secret Societies, Hitler, JFK, 9/11 etc.

NOTE 8: The Aztecs were annihilated by Spanish Conquistadors for not "following the narrative" of Christianity.

-----------------------------------------------------FAMILY TREE/CULTS------------------------------------------------------

Earth, under the "overall rule" of:

An also known as: Anu/El/Ahura Mazda/Brahma/Uranus

And his people = ("Anunnaki" also known as: Titans/Neteru/Angels [on Earth]) + ("Igigi" also known as: Grigori/Watchers/Nephilim/Fallen Angels/Demons/Olympians [on Mars])

And his land = [Nibiru also known as: Sirius]


The first leaders/gods/deitys, 3 of which (Enki, Enlil and Ninmah) were directly borne from An:

Enki also known as: Ea/Nudimmud/Ptah/Shiva/Iapetus and his original "civ/cult/clan" in The Abzu, in Eridu, + Memphis also known as: Mena-Nefer

And his offspring/avatars/forms = (Ningishzidda also known as: Tehuti/Thoth/Kulla/Prometheus) + (Marduk also known as: Amun/Amon/Aton/Ra/Ravana/Rudra/Menoetius) + (Nergal also known as: Erra) + (Adapa also known as: Adam/Hanuman ---> Ka-in also known as: Cain, and Abael also known as Abel) + (Ziusudra also known as: Utnapishtim/Noah/Manu/Vaivasvata/Deucalion ---> Shem + Ham + Japheth ---> Ashkenaz) + (Dumuzi also known as: Tammuz) + (Gibil also known as: Gerra)

And their lands = [AFRICA] + [ARABIA] + [GERMANIA] + [ASIA]

And its offshoots = {Dogons?} + {Israelites}

"vs / with"

[A LOT more insane genealogy equating every god with every other god]


Shamgaz also known as: Samyaza, leader of his rebel "civ/cult/clan" at Mount Hermon And their offspring/avatars/forms = And their lands = "far east, lands of high mountains" [CHINA/RUSSIA?] And its offshoots = {Scythians?}

-------------------------------------------------------END FEELINGS----------------------------------------------------

Are "they" still possibly vying for their "divine" right to rule the Earth's lands, and its subsequent peoples?

All of this could mean/imply that each leader/god/deity had many names throughout his "longer than usual" life (the gift of "immortality"), given to them by each culture/civilisation, and its people, over time.

With certain parallels to todays "cult behaviour" and mass population control by our super nations and/or secret societies, i think its PLAUSIBLE.

The "Unifying" Logo of all civs:

image[A collection of various depictions of religious imagery from various cultures depicting humanoids holding pairs of various, usually oblong, objects or animals, one in each hand. All of them are labelled with country of origin and “GODSELF ICON”.)

Jeff Allen #fundie

Is it any wonder that the Catholic Church doesn’t want to sully their Saint with the raunchy displays that are typically seen in the annual “gay pride” parades held across America? Why would the organizers want to see homosexuals prancing around in drag, genitalia-revealing clothing, or nearly naked?

And what’s the likelihood that “gay pride” organizers would ever allow Christians to march in their parades and pass out biblical literature about the sinfulness of homosexuality? Or what’s the chance that they would welcome groups such as NOM (National Organization for Marriage), NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality) or JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality) to march right alongside the transvestites? Or what about an ex-gay marching band or Mark Regnerus as the grand marshal? Not on your life! The simple fact is that homosexual events are not “open” to everyone. Certain individuals and organizations, that don’t conform to their ideology, are absolutely barred from participating in their parades. Of course, they wouldn’t want any religious or moral principles “raining on their parade.” Homosexual extremists march along a one-way street when it comes to so-called “tolerance.”

At “gay pride” events and parades in places such as San Francisco, Atlanta, Charlotte, and New Orleans, it is not uncommon to see drag queens, phalluses, public nudity, actual and simulated sex acts, offensive signs/music, pornographic images, NAMBLA (pedophilia) representatives, S&M paraphernalia, and public spankings to raise money for AIDS efforts. So, why would the Catholic Church – and any morally sane individual – want to associate St. Patrick with those kinds of debauched displays?

In some places, the homosexual hijackers’ reign of terror is basically complete. For instance, in San Francisco, public decency ordinances are consistently and systematically overlooked during their homosexual, perversity-promoting events. Nudity and public sex acts are the norm during the annual Folsom Street Fair and other “gay pride” parades and festivals held in the city. Police officers, on foot and bicycle, congregate nearby and observe, making no attempt to enforce the law for fear of being labeled homophobic or worse.

And where is the mainstream media while all of this crude and vulgar behavior is so blatantly on display? They’re engaged in a homosexual-friendly, collaborative cover-up via a media blackout because they know that these sex-crazed, pornified sin-fests don’t fit the nice, neat little narrative of the happy, “normal gay family” that’s just minding their own business in relative suburban obscurity. Although not all homosexuals are militantly involved in the hostile takeover of the American culture, we can’t ignore the intimidating and morally corrosive efforts of the aggressive “gay” activists.


If they “can’t be themselves” without being mostly naked, raunchy, and highly sexualized, doesn’t that contradict the whole “It’s not about sex, it’s about love” mantra? It sounds much more to me like a crotch-centric fixation than anything to do with love.

If they’re so adamantly against “heteronormative” behavior, then why are homosexual activists also fighting so hard to get “married?” Marriage, after all, is the most heteronormative institution there is! There is obviously no method to their madness.

And homosexuals claim that they want equal treatment under the law, but as soon as they are told that they will be treated like any other citizen who breaks public decency laws, they throw a hissy fit. Apparently, they don’t really want equal treatment; what they demand is special treatment. They think that they are entitled to some sort of “protected class,” above-the-law status that allows them to brazenly break the law with impunity, and sadly, in most places and in many ways, that’s exactly what were witnessing as public officials cower in fear and cave to their every terrorist-like tactic!

Therefore, the “coexist” meme is a falsehood of epic proportions; it’s really “Leftist code” for the legal authorization of the anti-Christian forces – of which the virulent homosexual hijackers have become the worst offenders – to run roughshod over anyone with whom they disagree. In their twisted idea of coexistence, Christians and conservatives must live under the heel of the homofascists.

weev #sexist

“I’m in a traditional marriage”
“I’m all for traditional gender roles”
“I want gender norms to be like the old days”

These are refrains I’ve heard endlessly repeated as the discussion over WHITE SHARIA has advanced. They are coming from women and a few weak men counter-signaling the WHITE SHARIA meme.

Because of the critical importance of this discussion for the survival of the white race and its European civilizations, I wanted to take a minute to explain to all the men and women claiming to be so-called traditionalists all the concepts and social boundaries that defined traditional relationships. This is the most important education that I can possibly give the community at this moment, and I ask that you ask yourself if you are really embracing traditionalism like you claim to be.

Coverture was the reality for all of European history up until the mid and late 19th century, when feminist agitators, the media, and academic establishment triumphed with their agitations through its abolition. The basic principle of coverture is that the rights of the woman are completely subsumed into that of her husband’s. A married woman could not own property, sign legal documents or enter into a contract, obtain an education against her husband’s wishes, or keep a salary for herself.

William Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England, Volume I:

" The very being or legal existence of the woman is suspended during the marriage, or at least is incorporated and consolidated into that of the husband: under whose wing, protection, and cover, she performs every thing; and is therefore called in our law-French a feme-covert; is said to be covert-baron, or under the protection and influence of her husband, her baron, or lord; and her condition during her marriage is called her coverture."

UCLA gender studies professor Ellen Carol DuBois (whose career is chronicled in the Jewish Women’s Archive, of course) highlighted in her histories of women’s rights “the initial target of women’s rights protest was the legal doctrine of ‘coverture’“, and that 19th century feminist icon Lucy Stone despised the common law of marriage “because it ‘gives the “custody” of the wife’s person to her husband, so that he has a right to her even against herself.‘”

If a woman decided to leave her marriage she was a penniless non-entity no matter what her previous position was in life (truly, there is no better position for an errant whore to be rendered into). Any restoration of traditional gender roles starts by restoring coverture, thus removing financial incentives for worthless scheming whores to destroy the sanctity of marriage by abandoning it over whims and lusts. Marriage, up until the abolition of coverture, meant that the woman was permanent property of one man, allowed continued existence and any degree of freedom only in accordance with his desires.

Bride Price

" The dower grew out of the Germanic practice of bride price (Old English weotuma), which was given over to a bride’s family well in advance for arranging the marriage."

Before a woman was her husband’s property, she was her father’s. This is why the father gives away the bride at the marriage ceremony. Traditional marriage was a transfer of property, with the priest serving the role as the trusted third party to do the background research and make sure the transaction was honest. It was essentially like getting the sale of your apartment validated by a notary. The daughter was sold off by her father, and it was the father’s sole judgement of who was eligible to lawfully purchase his property.

The status of women as property was nearly universal in European cultures, with the exception of Jewry and some groups of gypsies, where access to tithes and trust followed a matrilineal line. This was why the Jews were so keen to attack these ideas, because the patrilineal passing of property was innately offensive to their culture. Europe only has this absurd notion of women as independent entities because of organized subversion by agents of Judaism.
Domestic Discipline and “Marital Rape”

Coverture and bride price were abolished to ridiculously assert women were independent entities with “rights” so that they could lobby for suffrage. The implementation of suffrage culminated in legal penalties for domestic discipline and the concept of marital rape so that women could abandon their most basic household duties, thus destroying their homes and their husbands’s lives. The thing about these changes is that they are really fresh and new. While the 19th century might seem like a long time ago for many of our young readers (it isn’t, on the civilizational timescale it is just last month and on the evolutionary timescale it is mere seconds) these new changes began in the lifetimes of our parents and finished in many of ours, and civilization was immediately and measurably the worse for wear.


" The reluctance to criminalize and prosecute marital rape has been attributed to traditional views of marriage, interpretations of religious doctrines, ideas about male and female sexuality, and to cultural expectations of subordination of a wife to her husband—views which continue to be common in many parts of the world. These views of marriage and sexuality started to be challenged in most Western countries from the 1960s and 70s especially by second-wave feminism, leading to an acknowledgment of the woman’s right to self-determination (i.e., control) of all matters relating to her body, and the withdrawal of the exemption or defense of marital rape. … The criminalization of marital rape in the United States started in the mid-1970s and by 1993 marital rape was a crime in all 50 states, under at least one section of the sexual offense codes."

Rape is a property crime and nothing more. First a crime against the property of the father, and then a crime against the property of the husband. This change only finished in the US and UK in the nineties, when I was 8 years old. Women existing in a state of slavery to the sexual whims of their husbands is not some barbarism of prehistory. This was universal common sense for whites up until a couple decades ago.

Likewise, hitting a woman out of her head was seen as benevolent and a universal necessity in every marriage until the sixties, and even portrayed positively in movies and film. Regular slapping and the occasional vicious beating of a woman was a necessity in every household. Women need to be regularly disciplined to keep their heads about them. They can be intellectually mature and clever to the point of deviousness, but they will always have the emotional state of a very young child and we all know what happens when you spare those the rod.

On this subject I hear two narratives from low-T men in the alt-right. The first is that all these transformations in the rights and status of women happened in reaction to family abandonment and general hardships upon women. Even those I respect like My Posting Career’s PLEASUREMAN fall for this sniveling lie from the mouths of manipulative whores. To these I have said: let us examine the data.


Broken families happened as a result of these changes in the status of women, not as the cause of them. The reality is that extramarital sex and birth was at an all time historical low because of Victorian standards of morality. The only spikes on that chart before 1950 were a result of world wars, because a man that died in some kike’s war could not marry his whore. Men held up their end of everything. They married women, they provided for them, they gave them newfound comforts and innovations like laundry machines that reduced their domestic workload to nil. They gave them full legal independence, and then they even stopped giving them the basic boundaries of discipline. What did women do with all these new rights and comforts? Well, you see how that graph goes. They whored like never before through the sixties and seventies, and Western civilization has been rotting ever since.

They did this because white men had a fool’s compassion in their hearts and lost the good sense to shove their faces into a countertop and give them a swift kick to the gut as hard as they can when these skanks had it coming to them.
Men Counter-Signaling WHITE SHARIA

So most of this “I’m totally traditionalist but WHITE SHARIA is terrible” nonsense is coming from women, but sometimes it is coming from small-souled bugmen as well. Some of these men are being bullied by their wives. Some of them just have no will to power. Beardson just used this line, and as far as I’m concerned he’s not only no longer the leader of the thot patrol, but no longer eligible to even be on it. We’ll be bullying whores without him from now on.

Here’s the reality of European tradition: women were a category of property that had a single instance of sale. They were complete slaves to the will of fathers then husbands, both having free reign to beat them and the latter having the lawful right to fuck them, where and when they pleased. This was the reality for thousands of years of European history and the change in this status only finished in our and our parent’s lifetimes. There’s nothing Islamic about this. It is just the default position of any civilization that is not being destroyed by decadence. Man up, put women under your heel, throw away their birth control and make them bear you children and take care of your house. If they resist, discipline them.

If you are uncomfortable with the WHITE SHARIA meme because it contains the word sharia, I can understand that, but “muh feels” is not an argument against the efficacy of the meme. This meme is effective because it has an immediate effect of being shocking and lurid to the senses of women and weak men and forces people to talk about the status of women in our civilization. All we are pushing for is a return to the status of women we had in the early 19th century before Jews and their feminism ruined our civilization. This should not be controversial. If you are opposing WHITE SHARIA because you disagree with women being reduced to the status of property to be beaten and fucked at the whims of her husband, you are a faggot and a cuckold and have no place in any right-wing site, and instead belong at the bottom of festering bogs like Reddit and Voat.
A final word to offended “traditional” female readers:

Despite all your assertions of being a good traditionalist, you fight against the implementation of traditional gender roles wherever they begin to be discussed. You’re not a traditional woman and you don’t want a traditional relationship. You just like the sound of the word traditional and the outfits you see women wearing in Victorian era photographs. You speak traditionalism with your Pinterest and Instagram posts, but your actions scream of your lascivious natures. You agitate only for the “rights” of modernity: to deny your fertility, to destroy families, to rot at and injure the lives of good men who have acted with honor and decency in all their dealings to you.

You’re a whore.

That would normally be a forgivable thing. I’ve found the company of many prostitutes quite amicable, and whatever gods may be know it is impossible to meet a woman that isn’t one in this era. However, that you would sully the good name of European tradition, that you would would run around using it as a cloak for your harlotry makes you the an entirely contemptible whore. Your blasphemy against the history of Europe is to a level unforgivable through words alone, and you need to have your face bashed in by the fists of good men before a great horned shrine. On the far precipice of life, as a palsied chill ascends fast to put cold grasp upon those streams that pulse beside your throat you may beg the apologies of your ancestors.

‘What am I that should so be saved from death?
‘What am I that another death come not
‘To choke my utterance sacrilegious here?’

Be honest about what you are. Don’t sit here and pretend you’re a nice traditional girl when you fight against any implementation of traditional values. Say aloud what you are, on the streets, to your families, on social media: “I’m a despicable whore.” Do it before it is too late, because I swear to whatever gods may be that when the purge comes if you have been using traditionalism as a cloak for your revolting degeneracy your name is going on a list and we will be coming to make you pay for it. You will feel the punch to your throat first, but the hours afterwards at the hands of a WHITE SHARIA gang will make that seem as just a brief and gentle touch against your skin. Your ribs will be broken. Your face will be broken. Some of you will not live to tell about it. This I promise: a much needed correction is coming for you soon, you disgusting skanks.

Administrative_Worth & jeremyjimmy #sexist

Re: Manlet ingested soy and took blue pill advice and went clubbing. You flew too close to the sun, brocel. (JFL They call him a creep for even existing in their vicinity)






chad face

all rendered useless by his manletism

height > everything

I wouldn't say height over everything, but there's a minimum height requirement to even be in the game. It's a looks multiplier, everything under 5'10 gets a multiplier less than 1, eg 0.9 for 5'9.5 and gets a number higher than 1 multiplier when over 5'10, eg 5'11 =1.2x 6'2 = 1.5 6"4= 1.8x If you're below 5'5, you're multiplier score is 0, which means for all your looks, anything times 0 is zero. You're a non entity in the sexual world. It's brutal but true. You might be able to beta buxx with a very short woman

Yeah. If anything height is inverse for women. All the tall foids are always whining about being overlooked for short girls. Theyre basically tallcels

Tall foids just refuse to date short men. They're like the white women who complain about noodlewhores taking all the white men, not once considering to date a ricecel.

It's because their dating pool is guys of the same height, maybe a tiny bit shorter, and prefer taller guys. Their pool is already diminished and heavily competed over. I've dated a really short girl. years ago before I became a dsiabledcel. You could just pick her up at will, it's alot harder to do that with a tall girl.

tall girls aren't out of the market. They're just competing fo an already diminished group of society that is highy sought after. a 6'0 foid doesn't usually want a 5'11 or 5'10 guy, she usually wants 6'0 + in a much stronger way than normal foids want 6'0+. Her heightmatch is her settle. SO she has 10% of the populaton which are even acceptable beta buxxers.

Unironically this might be why. I have a very shitty frame and even I have won every fight I had with foids. They just can't throw a punch, all they do is push and kick and scream it's actually hilarious.

How many foids are you fighting man?

I'll get shit for this but I'm not an incel, I'm just suffering from being majorly blackpilled. I've been talking to girls in private about the blackpill. They confirm IT ALL. They say shit like "yeah, height is the number one thing. I want a guy to be big." A girl I know who is 4ft 11 said that. She dated a 6ft 1 guy.

Literally every single girl I've brought this up with has confirmed the height thing, that it's super important. I'll admit, this shit is important to me too, I love short girls. If they're too tall I find them less attractive. This is where society has royally fucked up, they tell the truth about male sexuality and lie, for dumb, instinctual, animal like reasons, about female sexuality and preferences. So it's resulted in all this shitty behavior from women where they talk one way and act the EXACT opposite and then punish you or try to for noticing.

That's resulted in all these movements online, the blackpill, MGTOW, redpill. Then they start screeching about those, calling them misogyny. If it's misogyny then why does every girl I've met repeat all this stuff when they're alone? They all love black/redpill videos on Youtube because girls all hate each other. I don't even dislike women, I hate the people who lie to men about this stuff. More women do need to be honest about this stuff in public though.

HoustonRockets #fundie

Pat Robertson is right on. And I am tired of Christians being soft and fuzy about God loving all. God loves, but His love is constrained by His Holiness and Jealousy for His Glory. This is why instead of willy nilly forgiving people, He preferred to have His Son suffer the consequences of their sins than to sully His righteous character.

And to attribute the great creation of the Universe and mankind as its crowning glory to Satan, Darwin and Evolution, I can assure you, that God is angry. Nothing ticks God off more than attributing what rightfully belongs to Him to other demigods, semigods and hemidemisemigods. That is theft, plagiarism, vandalism and wicked banditry.

kgreen20 #fundie

Paradigm: Where does it say in the Bible that Adam and Even didn't need food to survive?

LOL! Think about it, Paradigm! Their bodies were originally made to live forever. And they would have, too, if they hadn't sinned; death came about as a result of the Fall. When you have a body that's made to live forever, you don't need food and liquids to survive. To need it for survival means that you will die without it. Well, if you have a body that's meant to live eternally, you're not going to die if you don't eat or drink. You'll eat it and drink it simply because you enjoy doing so. It was probably the same way for the animals at that point.

And that's what Adam and Eve did, until the Fall. After the Fall, they had to eat and drink, or die of starvation and/or dehydration. And when that happened, the animals faced the same necessity.

Genesis II Church of Health and Healing #quack #fundie

A group calling itself Genesis II Church of Health and Healing plans to convene at a hotel resort in Washington state on Saturday to promote a “miracle cure” that claims to cure 95% of all diseases in the world by making adults and children, including infants, drink industrial bleach.

The group is inviting members of the public through Facebook to attend what they call their “effective alternative healing” at the Icicle Village Resort in Leavenworth on Saturday morning. The organizer of the event, Tom Merry, has publicized the event on his personal Facebook page by telling people that learning how to consume the bleach “could save your life, or the life of a loved one sent home to die”.

The “church” is asking attendants of the meeting to “donate” $450 each, or $800 per couple, in exchange for receiving membership to the organization as well as packages of the bleach, which they call “sacraments”. The chemical is referred to as MMS, or “miracle mineral solution or supplement”, and participants are promised they will acquire “the knowledge to help heal many people of this world’s terrible diseases”.

In fact, MMS consists of chlorine dioxide, a powerful bleach that is used both on textiles and in the industrial treatment of water. It has been banned in several countries around the world for use as a medical treatment.

In the US, the chemical cannot be sold for human consumption. In 2010, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) put out a public warning after it was notified of many injuries to consumers from drinking the fluid, with symptoms that included nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe dehydration and one person who had a life-threatening reaction.

The FDA issued the blunt advice: “Consumers who have MMS should stop using it immediately and throw it away.”

jadeeyes #fundie

Just a few days ago, my son was deathly ill. He had been vomiting and had been suffering from diahrea for several days and was very dehydrated. We thought he had the flu. Got him to the hospital and learned that he had severe diverticulitis and there was actually a tear in his bowel. The doctoer was prepared to major surgery yeaterday morning. However, the very strong antibiotics he received overnight made helped him enough so that the doctor decided the surgery wasn't necessary. Of course, I know that the real reason my son's health improved so much overnight is because God heard and answered all the prayers for him. Praise God for His faithfulness. As severely ill as my son was, God never threw up His hands and said I don't know what to do. He has all knowledge and all power. This was a cinch for Him.

David J. Stewart #fundie

The “EAGLES” Rock band, who are a combination of Rock, Country and Folk music, were formed in 1971 in Los Angeles. In their new 2:33 hour video documentary titled, “HISTORY OF THE EAGLES,” the band's co-founder and lead singer, Don Henley, openly calls Christians “LUNATICS” for claiming that the Eagles 1976 hit song (and album of the same name), “Hotel California,” promotes Anton LaVey and his Church of Satan. According to Mr. Henley, the song is simply about innocence becoming experienced.


I DON'T recommend that anyone buy the “HISTORY OF THE EAGLES,” because somewhere in the 2:33 hour documentary they show a totally butt-naked woman (one of the fans from the audience) get up on stage and she bends over with her wiggling rear toward Glenn Frey. They're loving every minute of it. She's wearing no underwear or bra, nothing. It is wickedness! This is serving the Devil. The Eagles are serving the Devil, Satan!!! I'll triple-dog dare you that Don Henley would never call a beautiful naked fan on stage a “LUNATIC,” like he does Christians who expose Rock's wickedness. Are we really lunatics as Christians for telling the truth about the Church of Satan? Is it just a coincidence that the name of the street upon which the Church of Satan resides is “CALIFORNIA STREET”???!!! And if that bald-headed man is NOT Anton LaVey, then why would you have a bald-headed man that looks like Anton LaVey in the balcony on your album cover? Hmmmmm?

rescuedbyChrist #fundie

This is so interesting!!!! I was actually pondering this (and never have before) the same day you were posting this. HMMMMM.

So, I was telling my husband that I wondered what it would be like when we were raptured and how wild for a surgeon/patient relationship. What if a surgery was going on and the surgeon was the Christian? Then, the patient would most likely die if he was already open. Then, how wild if the surgeon was working on the patient and the patient just disappeared. Wild, huh?

There are going to be so many car accidents. I just really can't imagine how bad it will be. So glad I won't have to be here, but so sad for those that will be- especially those that thought they wouldn't be here.

igor the hero #fundie

Evolution can only occur so often though. It must occur in multiple organisms at once and its chances for succeeding become smaller everytime.1 cell to copy 1:1 probability of success. 2 celled organism to copy 1:2 chance of success,so on and so forth. You yourself just said this is just a bunch of chemicals and only self-replicates. Eventually it will reach where it needs to breathe and eat. When it does, it will have no prior info about these things. It needs to learn how to eat, what to eat, how to breathe, etc. Seeing as how single-celled organisms crawled out of the sea we do not yet have to worry about dehydration.

4everHis #fundie

['I think the worst was in 2000,when Peter Jenning's,blaphemous work of trying to show the world that he and Mary Magdeline had children.He had theologians potray another Jesus.And really tried to destroy the 4 gospels.']

hmmmmm and what happened to Peter Jennings soon afterward............?????

Coincidence or judgement?

Bunny from Parsons, KS #fundie

On C-SPAN's call in show this morning, a woman named Bunny from Parsons, Kansas, said she was so disappointed by the Senate's health care vote that she took down her Christmas tree. And it seems like her call was not a prank.

It wasn't just Bunny's tree that went. "I have taken my Christmas wreath off my house. I have taken all the lights down," she said. "This is supposed to be a nation under God, and it isn't. They absolutely have ruined Christmas."

You can see C-SPAN host Peter Slen, no doubt trained to deal with the occasional eccentric caller, cock his head ever so slightly as Bunny breaks the news.

"So you took down your Christmas tree because of the Senate health care bill?" he asks, with a hint of incredulity.

"I certainly did. And I would like to see every light in the nation go out, especially in the White House," Bunny replies.

She also explains that members of Congress are sullying "God's holiday for the birth of his son" and that she opposes the bill so fiercely because its death panel provisions will unleash a "genocide"on seniors.

CakeDecorator #fundie

Obama Speech today - If Rapture happens while he is speaking....Hmmmmm

I wonder what he would say...

He is making his speech... blah, blah, blah and all of sudden right before his eyes, the Rapture happens!! I am sure he at first will be speechless and then probably blame it on Bush!!

But really, I was driving to pick up my girls from school today and this came to mind!! What a scenario!! Yikes!

Navaros #fundie

How about:

atheist beliefs in darwinism.
atheist beliefs in murdering babies.
atheist beliefs in murdering the severely handicapped by slow starvation and dehydration (i.e. Terri Schiavo).
atheists beliefs in stalking and theft (most atheists who are on IMDB do these things)
atheist beliefs in hating, silencing and personally attacking anyone who opposes their viewpoints.
atheist beliefs in space aliens.
atheist beliefs that george carlin is funny and brilliant.
atheist beliefs that bill maher is brilliant.
atheist beliefs that penn and teller are brilliant.
atheist beliefs in supporting almost every immoral cause that exists.

Almost every atheist, if not every atheist, believes in those things.

It's like the poster said, atheists share tons of common beliefs, many of which are extreme, especially the pro-murder beliefs that atheists have.

Incel Gamer #psycho

[LifeFuel] I Like This Quarantine, It's The Best Thing I've Witnessed In My Life.

I JFL @ normies and toilets who want to rope after 1 week in isolation. :lul:
I find it amusing...

On top of that, my job is paying me to stay at home and LDAR.
Now I have more time for vidya and postmaxxing here. :feelsautistic:

COVID-19 has been something I've needed for a long time tbh. A break from society. And I bet you guys feel the same way (if you're wageslaves) Obviously, I hope none of YOU guys or your family members are infected by the corona virus. I want all you brocels to be safe. I don't care about normies though.

Octavian #fundie

Im no Issac Asimov, so bear that in mind when reading this.

Personally, I think marriage will go the way of the mechanical typewriter.Some folks of certain religious or traditional socieities & families thereof will do so, but for the most part it'll fade into history.

As others have noted marriage is becoming obsolete, although IMO the pressure will come from females vs males. There arent enough unplugged men to make a dent in the matriarchy- for every committed man who leaves the system ten more become shackled to it.Rather women will be so disgusted by the spineless fem-dudes their moms created that they'll be repulsed at the notion of shacking up with any 'guy'.I live in a rural area of America and am amazed at the general feminized nature and thinking of average guys nowadays.Forget about urban cities. At times walking through and interacting with people in LA made me feel like I was Don Draper time travelling to 2015.Why the hell would a female shack up with a dude who knows less about a car motor and spends more time in the bathroom prepping then she does?

"Money,duh" you might say in response.
But you dont need a marriage to do that.A simple cohab arrangement is enough in many places, and fairly soon the governments of the world will get hip to the fact that the dudes who dont have women in their lives have a LOT of disposable income . If 80% of the dudes in society are unattached beta males with no kids and no wife, fairly soon someone's gonna realize taxing those guys will pay for a lot of Mr Thundercock's progeny.

Thats how things went in ancient Rome, and thats how things are likely to play out for us.We'll be served with a summons to present proof of gay marriage ,alimony expenses paid ,a court order for child support or a documented relationship with a female....or pay a 40% income tax until we do.The reason?

"All men should share the burden to pay for child support, because patriarchy.Whats more important-a kid or your classic 1965 Mustang restoration?"

At first to sell the "Bachelor Tax" theyll apply it to females as a gesture of "equal burden", but that'll be a non-binding price ceiling. They'll find a beta to happily vouch for being in a relationship so she can dodge the taxman, who wont be encouraged to enforce female recievables due anyways .

Meanwhile , we single dudes will be looking over our shoulders every time we use an ATM.Next floor in the elevator of decline after that is polyamory-ive already seen a few examples of this in LA.One woman in a relationship with a harem of dudes who exclusively 'date' her in return.

The financial squeeze will justify part of this. Want to dodge the 40% bachelor tax, Mister Bluepill? Go find a bored fat girl who's willing to vouch for you to the IRS that you're a taken man.Of course nothing is free in this world......and you'll have to prove to Miss Fatso you have the commitment required to join her roster.

As for the alpha's, itll be a lonely club-moving between harems means pissing off a few women. Itll be the lowest social category of public society; staying out of jail & poverty will mean fake ID's and quick feet.Plate spinning for males will require CIA tradecraft to avoid imprisonment.

I hope we dont suffer a Big Collapse ; the only thing worse then living in a matriarchy is wandering a post-industrial disaster filled with desperate bluepill males ,ruthless whores ,and easy accessed personal weapons with no law or order.You think guys are thirsty simps NOW....just wait until a society of feminized she-dudes have to figure out how to live without Amazon Prime and extended warranties. Just remember-most forms of pornography require electricity to work. As does the production of birth control.

Zhiqing #fundie

On August 10, 2005, my classmate's husband suffered severe burns from a gasoline fire. More than 90 percent of his body was burned.

When he was taken to the Jixi City People's Hospital, he was in excruciating pain. He was taken to a separate ward and only his wife was allowed to see him initially.

I accompanied his family to the doctor's office to consult about his condition and medical treatment. I asked the doctor, “How much is needed to cure him?”

The doctor looked at me and responded, “How much? It's not an issue of money, but whether he will even survive. In my experience, within seven days someone with his injuries will show symptoms of dehydration, renal failure, and systemic organ failure that will lead to death. The family should be prepared.”

His family was heavy-hearted upon hearing these words.

I went back to the ward and saw him moaning in pain while receiving electrotherapy. I told him straight out, “If you can follow my words, I can guarantee your recovery. I have a special prescription.”

He saw a line of hope and said, “If you could make me better, I will do whatever you ask.”

I said, “Are you a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) member?”

He replied, “No.”

I then asked, "When you were younger, did you join the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers?"

He said, "Yes, I am a member of the Youth League and Young Pioneers."

I talked to him about quitting those organizations. “As Heaven is going to annihilate the CCP, you will stay safe if you quit the CCP, the Youth League and Young Pioneers. Let me help you quit them.”

He understood and responded positively. “Isn't this what Falun Gong talks about? I've watched their DVD and read their pamphlets. Falun Gong was wronged. I know that Falun Gong is good. Just help me quit those CCP-affiliated organizations.”

“I will help you quit these organizations,” I said. “As of now, you've quit the Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers. There are spiritual beings three feet above one's head, so you will be well protected from now on. Next, let's start reciting these nine words, 'Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.' It works only when you say them sincerely.”

He exclaimed, “Great, Falun Dafa is good!”

“You do not need say them out loud. It's alright to say them in your heart. Never think of your illness, but focus on reciting 'Falun Dafa is good' and you will see miracles.”

He promised to follow my words immediately. I purchased a video player for him so that he could listen to Dafa music – “Pudu” and “Jishi.” I often went to see him in the hospital. Every time I visited I heard him murmuring “Falun Dafa is good.”

One time he told me that he saw a crowd of small figures busy doing something on his body that made him feel very comfortable. He listened to Pudu and Jishi whenever he was in pain. As time passed, his condition stabilized and he began to improve. Meanwhile, he received intravenous infusions every day.

The doctor was surprised to observe his quick recovery. He said “It's a miracle that you are still alive! It'd be quite normal for you to have passed away by now. Since this hospital was established, we've never seen a patient survive who was burned over 90 percent of his body.”

To my regret, we didn't tell the doctor the facts about Falun Gong. It's Falun Gong that saved him.

More than two months later, he had recovered completely and was able to go home. There was no major scarring of his face or body – he looked as normal as anyone. As his wife, son and parents witnessed this miracle unfold, they all believed in Falun Gong and also quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

various incels #sexist

(another batch of comments fromthat thread)

hearing your mom get dicked by chad

This is when you sit quietly in the dark and wait for one of them to come out of the room. If it's the guy I would start off with "You come into my home, and you fuck my mother?" If it's your mom I would say "Hey, aren't you supposed to be fucking dad and not random guys?" I'd freestyle after that lol.

If my mom ever did this I would beat the living shit out of her. Forgeting cucking my brain dead blue pill father, but her roastie ass has to rub her active post menopausal life in my face, when ive not had so much as a handy? Fuck that.

I cannot even fathom how traumatizing that must be, realizing your mom herself is a slut and enjoys riding the chad cock carousel just like any other roastie.

99% of girls enjoy riding a dick, wtf kind of people do you think women are? You know how badly you want a girl to ride you? Girls want to ride a dick just as badly (just not yours).

Reminder to those low iqcels who still love their parents: your mother is not exempt from sluttery, your father is not exempt from cuckoldry. You have 0 reasons to respect your parents.

Dude, you could create a cuckold porn site of the highest order, just think of all the money you could make! It might even get you out of inceldom!

beat up her chad senseless in front of her

I'd beat her to death.

this is so fucked up man, so fucked up.

LawrenceOfAperabia #racist

Niggers have been trying to get Hispanics on board with the "systemic racism" argument so they'll have humans to vote for them to get gibs. It's a con game.

I say anyone who's willing to cross a desert full of bandits, snakes, the constant threat of starvation or dehydration, and heavily armed border guards just so they can have a job that pays less than minimum wage is the kind of person we want in America. They will risk their lives to become contributing members of society. Not like niggers, whose only contributions to society are keeping welfare workers, minimum-wage workers at KFC and 7-11, and cops in employment.

I'm only racist against niggers, as are we all, for constantly-demonstrated reasons that should be obvious to anyone not blinded by political correctness. Human-bashing by guys like Arpaio sets the anti-nigger movement back.

DoctorDoom #fundie

[DoctorDoom informs me that this post is an adaptation of <a href="" target="_blank">this</a> article]

<p>Harebrain, Were you born stupid, or are you working on an advanced degree? You're the quintessence, the very embodiment of stupid. Rock-hard stupid. Dehydrated-rock-hard stupid. Stupid so stupid it goes far beyond the stupid we know into a different dimension of stupid. You are trans-stupid stupid. Meta-stupid. Stupid collapsed on itself so far that even the neutrons have collapsed. Stupid so dense that no intellect can escape. Singularity stupid. Blazing hot mid-day sun on Mercury stupid. You emit more stupid in one second than our entire galaxy emits in a year. Quasar stupid. Supernova stupid.

<p>Nothing in our universe can be this stupid. Perhaps this is some primordial fragment from the original Big Bang of stupid. Some pure essence of a stupid so uncontaminated by anything else as to be beyond the laws of physics that we know. A stupid so concentrated that were you to vanish, the average IQ in America would go up fifty points. Stupid to the power of infinity cubed. Lobotomized chicken stupid. A stupid so fundamental that physicists have declared it a new element called Stupidium.

<p>Congratulations! The Board of Directors has decided to name the new International Museum of Stupidity after you.

Various incels #sexist

RE: Woman is forced to live for 2 weeks like an incel lives his whole life - without validation and intimacy. Guess what happened?


This is beyond pathetic actually, imagine failing tutorial mode


Couldn't care less as women like this would want someone like me dead even if they don't admit it.


Stacy commits suicide over having to social distance and live like an incel in a matter of weeks.... But we aren't entitled to social interaction or relationships where people care about us?



JFL. I literally haven't had to change my daily routine at all as a result of quarantine. She probably had more social outings planned over those two weeks than I've ever attended in my entire life. After spending her entire life being constantly validated, given attention, going out with friends, going to parties, clubs, having sex with guys, etc.; just a COUPLE WEEKS of having none of that was too much for her. And she still tried to claim that she was a social outcast? This is hilarious. It's like if you took all of Jeff Bezos' money and forced him to live like an Amazon factory worker.


Also many brocels have hardened psyche and don't really care anymore about the fucked-up nature of the black pill, it's just a part of life at this point. Hardened psyche is important. Can you imagine the fragile normies taking such doses of the blackpill? Half of them would rope immediately and the other half would get hooked on drugs. I'd say it's an advantage, if some of you would break the habit of rotting and go out there and make money and fuck over some normies and stacies, some of you will succeed. You will never be attractive but you can make money in this fucked up world


These are the same brain dead whores that regurgitate platitudes like "You just gotta learn to be with yourself. If you don't even want to spend time with you why would you expect anyone else to?"


Imagine being so used to 24/7 in person attention and validation that a few days with being restricted to only online validation sends you off the rails.

She went from getting 1,000x the validation of most men to only getting 500x the validation and took the rope.

Now imagine if she had to live 2 hours as an incel?? She would have psychotic PTSD for the rest of her life.

Not Guna lie though. I do feel bad for her. She received a dangerous amount of validation. So much so, that her ego depended on it. Shows how these simps are really fucking up the mental state of women.


This is Fucking LifeFuel. Hahahaha LMAO!!

L.S. Gabriel #fundie

De Maizière wants to import official Islamic holidays

In a CDU party event in Wolfsbüttel at Monday evening the interior minister Thomas de Maizière took the next step and showed his readiness to Islamise Germany. "I am ready to talk on whether or not we should import a Muslim holiday", said the minister. He remembered besides this however that Germany is a Christian embossed country, but: "When there are many Muslims, why can't we think about a Muslim holiday too", participating for the plans of the "sons and daughters" in Islam.

Thus there where despite the disproportionate Muslim factor which gave birth to parallel societies in the country de Maizière wants to cement that the uncult can expand further end that everyone that rejects our traditions can withdraw even further in their cult of blood and violence and can live it out. I simultaneously compared this method with the tradition of the Catholic all saints' day, that is ultimately only celebrated in a few German regions, like how it should have been.

The intercultural calendar of the minister for migration and refugees mentions that there are 13 days of celebration in 2018. But many other faiths too. None has claimed to install their religious celebration day as official ones, to resign work. It's already bad enough when in schools and at the work place the daily work of Muslims is interrupted by the multiple throwing of carpets and that all of Germany has to take into consideration, that the Allah-warrior (daily "Fasting" with allavening eating orgies) dehydrated and undersugared, enrich our days even more aggressive than usual.

Since 2013 upper Muslim Aiman Mazyek from the central committee of Muslims, that the regions had to import two fixed legal Islamic holidays because it was important for integration. Which? Oh yes, that of the Germans in Islam. Back in the day the CDU rejected it, today we are more open due to the from Merkel successful depeopling and hope for "new voters".

We can be sure due to the statement by the interior minister, that they aren't talking about it anymore and that the "Hit the woman cult" gets its own holiday. In "return" St. Martin's Day will be abolished and Christmas will be called "light parties" (completely abolishing it isn't wanted because it's needed for Jihad).

But don't forget: There isn't any Islamisation! Who thinks otherwise is a right-wing radical!

David J. Stewart #fundie

Notice that the rich man in Hell didn't ask for a cold beer. There will be no beer in Hell nor Heaven, I assure you of that! Neither did the rich man in Hell ask for an ice cold Coca-Cola, because there won't be any. The rich man in Hell, who lived selfishly and forgot about God and the poor, asked for a drop of water. He was denied any water as part of his punishment! Do you understand that friend? If you go to Hell, part of your punishment will be the lack of water to quench your thirst. I don't know about you, but I'd want to avoid Hell just for that reason alone. Can you imagine not having any water?

Carefully consider that the rich man had a body in Hell. Jesus taught that God the Father will destroy the soul AND BODY in Hell of all Christ-rejecters. . .

Matthew 10:28, “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul AND BODY in hell.”

Clearly, God will provide some type of body that will not be consumed in the flames, yet will be able to sense and suffer pain and torment in the Lake of Fire. Revelation 20:15 says that anyone whose name is not found written in the Lamb's Book of Life will be CAST into the Lake of Fire (Gehenna). Clearly, this tells us that God will provide some type of body that can be “cast” into Hell and withstand tens-of-thousands of degrees of heat.

The rich man in Hell was thirsty. When we get thirsty, we go get a tall glass of ice cold water, with ice cubes, and we quench our thirst. That is a gift from God. There will be no water in Hell. You will thirst for all eternity. When I awoke from my second neck surgery in April of 2010, I was extremely dehydrated and thirsty, but the nurse wouldn't allow me to drink any water until my anesthesia wore off, to prevent vomiting. I had never been so thirsty in my life. As I laid there in the recovery room, I thought about Jesus on the cross, Who said “I thirst.” My tongue felt like dried leather. My throat felt like a sandy desert. I was so thirsty.

Eventually I was allowed to sip the water from a very small sponge. It wasn't much water at all, just a few drops, but it was so refreshing. My body was dehydrated from the surgery. I had a hard neck brace on my neck. The toothache-like pain in my neck was unbearable in the hours after my surgery. I was very lonely by myself. I suffered so much, but I knew Jesus was with me (Matthew 28:20; Hebrews 13:5). Now, when I drink a tall glass of ice cold water, I appreciate it much more. I know what it's like to be very thirsty and be denied any water. I drink even more water now because I can. I love cold, fresh, non-fluoridated, non-chlorinated, pure water.

Water is a gift from God that most people take for granted. When I drink refreshing cold water, I think oftentimes about the rich man in Hell begging for water, and I hurt for him. I realize that no one goes to Hell except those who choose to go their; but I still hurt for anyone to die in their sins. 2nd Peter 3:9 tells us that God doesn't want anyone to perish in their sins. Ezekiel tells us that God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked.

Dr. James P. Wickstrom #conspiracy

[Commenting on article entitled "Police in Greece Discovered 5,000 Arms & A Half Million Rounds Of Ammunition For European "Immigrants"]

Hmmmmm, I wonder if any of the owners of Yavex ammo company speak Yiddish? Now the question that remains is this... how many containers got through with tens of thousands of weapons and millions of rounds of ammo to this savage/animal army INVADING Europe? Now everything comes to light and no mention on the Jew owned and controlled news media in the U.S. about this. Is this also where the weapons and ammo came from that was used in Paris recently to kill and wound so many people? If this invading ISIL army is getting weapons sent to them in Europe, I am sure that they will be supplied very well here in the U.S. by Marxist Communist Obama, the Department of Homeland Security, and Senator John McCain and his ilk. Also... whats in store for the U.S. and 'We the People' with this writing on the wall?

Stinky_Nigger #racist

Yesterday, I woke up in a lot of pain in my kidney and bladder area, So much I woke up crying in pain and I generally don't let pain bother me. I thought I'll crack on with my day and work it off. However my body decided that plan wasn't what it wanted. So my partner (Kirsty) decided I needed a doctor, She rings our GP who says "3 weeks at best, Emergency you say? 2 weeks". She decides I need to go to A&E (Hospital)

She drives me there, We are greeted by a human receptionist who takes my details and suggests I sit down. Within minutes A human nurse comes and gets me. She says in passing that she was finishing but saw my name pop up and wanted to make sure I was seen, but the other nurse a sheboon (Obviously an Equal Ops hire) announces its "Finished for da nite n it going home n sheeit".

I get to the cubical and I'm really in pain at this point. Kirsty is getting agitated because all she can find is bucks and boons, She grabs a "nurse" and asks for a doctor or at least some pain relief for me. The "nurse" announces "I beez working all nite I finished now. I needz to go my crib n sheeit n youz gotta speak to ma with da respect". Kirsty knowing better gets a human nurse who immediately tells the groid to go away, get some pain relief for me and a doctor.

It comes back with some tablets and the nurse asks what the hell these tablets were "Theyz be good pain relief" and where the doctor was and where was the doctor and apparently Dr Nigger had finished too (Note to self don't go this hospital at night). A human doctor (Who wasn't due to start as she was still receiving handover from the human night doctor) saw what was happening and immediately started treating me. Looked at the "Pain relief" and told the sheboon to go away.

Within minutes of the human doctor being there, I had proper pain relief, booked in for an x-ray, had one of those need to pipe things stuck in my arm where they can take blood and put stuff into me (not sure of the name). Calmed Kirsty down (Even as far as bringing her a cup of tea). Explained she wanted a surgeon to come and see me, A human surgeon turns up and tells me he wants to see me in his clinic next week, I jokingly said "I hope theres no TNB in your clinic" to which he replied "No, I don't allow them".

The doctor said I needed to take water in as I hadn't drank and the liquid pain relief they gave me would make me dehydrate. I asked a sheboon (VERY Big mistake I know, but it couldn't mess up a simple request was my thought before I remembered it was a nigger) for a cup of water, It oo'ked and eek'd about respect n sheeit. After 20 minutes, Kirsty ended up going to find a vending machine, bought me a bottle of water.

Turns out I had a serious kidney infection, The human doctor sorted me out (and I'll go as far as saying saving my life! UK citizens may call the NHS bad and such but they were there when I needed them) The sheboon pretended to know what it was doing and I never did find out what those tablets were neither. I have to go back for further tests, but I'm alright (Albeit a bit sore). More importantly Kirsty remembered and implemented rule #1. I also learnt not to go to this NHS establishment at night, not unless you want niggers "looking after" you.

Camila Castello and Akahi Ricardo #fundie

Studies have shown the health benefits of brief periods of fasting, but one couple is making the bizarre claim that they have learned to survive largely without food and are instead sustained by “cosmic nourishment”. Camila Castello, 34, and Akahi Ricardo, 36, are what is known as “Breatharians”. They say they eat just three times a week, with each ‘meal’ consisting of just a piece of fruit or some vegetable broth.

Such claims have attracted equal measures of ridicule and alarm in the past. Breatharianism has been linked to the deaths of several people, including Verity Linn, a 49-year-old Australian whose emaciated body was found on a mountain in north-west Scotland in 1999, alongside a diary recounting her 21-day fast and a copy of a book by the founder of Breatharianism, known as Jasmuheen.

Born in Australia as Ellen Greve, Jasmuheen has herself warned of the dangers of life with no or very food.

“If a person is unprepared and not listening to their inner voice there can be many problems with the 21-day process, from extreme weight loss to even loss of their life,” she wrote in one of her books. Jasmuheen took part in a monitored fast for Australia’s 60 Minutes news programme in an attempt to prove her claims, but the show’s doctors cut short her attempt to last seven days after she became dehydrated, lost weight and her speech began to slow.

Nevertheless, Castello and Ricardo, who live between California and Ecuador, say they have forgotten what it feels like to be hungry. They claim they survive on the “energy that exists in the universe and in themselves”. “Humans can easily be without food, as long as they are the connected to the energy that exists in all things and through breathing,” Castello says.

“For three years, Akahi and I didn’t eat anything at all and now we only eat occasionally like if we’re in a social situation or if I simply want to taste a fruit. “With my first child, I practised a Breatharian pregnancy. Hunger was a foreign sensation to me so I fully lived on light and ate nothing.

“My blood tests during all three trimesters were impeccable and I gave birth to a healthy, baby boy.” Dee Dawson, an expert on eating disorders, once gave an insightful explanation as to why some people seem to honestly believe they are do not need food. “Breatharianism is a fraud, but breatharians may be deluded,” she told the Guardian.

She suggested believers tend to overlook some of the food they eat in a similar way to people who are struggling with their weight. "Every obese person who comes into my surgery says, 'Doctor, I can't understand why I'm not losing weight — I haven't eaten all week,” Dawson said.

“Then I say 'What did you have for breakfast?' 'Oh, just three pieces of toast.' 'And lunch?' 'Just one sausage and few chips...' Add it all up and they've eaten 2,000 calories that day.” While Castello says she “ate nothing” during her pregnancy, this is meant as a figure of speech meaning “almost nothing” as she also says she “only ate five times, all of which were in social situations”.

The couple have a five-year-old son and a two-year-old daughter, but they don’t impose their Breatharian lifestyle on the children. “Our children are aware of Breatharianism and the energy that exists in the universe and in themselves,” Ricardo says.

“But we would never try to change them and we let them eat whatever they want – whether that be juices, vegetables, pizza or ice-cream! “We want them to explore the different tastes and have a healthy relationship with food as they grow. It would be unfair to impose Breatharianism upon our children now but maybe as they grow, they will get deeper into the practices.”

The couple met in 2005 and first discovered Breatharianism in 2008. They eventually transitioned from vegetarians, to raw vegans, to fruitarians and finally to Breatharians. “There is a freedom that comes with not being attached or dependent on food,” Ricardo says. “Obviously, our living costs are a lot less than most families and that has allowed us to spend our money on things that really matter like travelling and exploring together.

“It’s given us a clear sense of what we want in life ... It’s not about never eating food again, it’s about understanding cosmic nourishment (not just physical nourishment) and living without limits." According to the NHS, “eating a healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health".They recommend a balance of fruit, vegetables, starchy foods, dairy or dairy alternatives, protein, unsaturated fats and plenty of fluids

Ann Coulter #racist


Everything said about President Trump's "Muslim ban" is a lie -- including that it's a Muslim ban.

The New York Times wore out its thesaurus denouncing the order: "cruelty ... injury ... suffering ... bigoted, cowardly, self-defeating ... breathtaking ... inflammatory ... callousness and indifference" -- and that's from a single editorial!

Amid the hysteria over this prudent pause in refugee admissions from seven countries whose principal export is dynamite vests, it has been indignantly claimed that it's illegal for our immigration policies to discriminate on the basis of religion.

This is often said by journalists who are only in America because of immigration policies that discriminated on the basis of religion.

For much of the last half-century, Soviet Jews were given nearly automatic entry to the U.S. as "refugees." Entering as a refugee confers all sorts of benefits unavailable to other immigrants, including loads of welfare programs, health insurance, job placement services, English language classes, and the opportunity to apply for U.S. citizenship after only five years.

Most important, though, Soviet Jews were not required to satisfy the United Nations definition of a "refugee," to wit: someone fleeing persecution based on race, religion or national origin. They just had to prove they were Jewish.

This may have been good policy, but let's not pretend the Jewish exception was not based on religion.

If a temporary pause on refugee admissions from seven majority-Muslim countries constitutes "targeting" Muslims, then our immigration policy "targeted" Christians for discrimination for about 30 years.

Never heard a peep from the ACLU about religious discrimination back then!

According to the considered opinion of the Cato Institute's David J. Bier, writing in The New York Times, Trump's executive order is "illegal" because the 1965 immigration act "banned all discrimination against immigrants on the basis of national origin.”

In 1966, one year after the 1965 immigration act, immigrants from Cuba suddenly got special immigration privileges. In 1986, immigrants from Ireland did. People from Vietnam and Indochina got special immigration rights for 20 years after the end of the Vietnam War.

The 1965 law, quite obviously, did not prohibit discrimination based on national origin. (I was wondering why the Times would sully its pages with the legal opinion of a Grove City College B.A., like Bier! Any "expert" in a storm, I guess.)

In fact, ethnic discrimination is practically the hallmark of America's immigration policy -- in addition to our perverse obsession with admitting the entire Third World.

Commenting on these ethnic boondoggles back in 1996, Sen. Orrin Hatch said: "We have made a mockery" of refugee law, "because of politics and pressure." We let in one ethnic group out of compassion, then they form an ethnic power bloc to demand that all their fellow countrymen be let in, too.

As the former Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, described "diversity" in Der Spiegel: "In multiracial societies, you don't vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.”

That's our immigration policy -- plus a healthy dose of Emma Lazarus' insane idea that all countries of the world should send their losers to us. (Thanks, Emma!)

Americans are weary of taking in these pricey Third World immigrants, who show their gratitude by periodically erupting in maniacal violence -- in, for example, San Bernardino, Orlando, New York City, Fort Hood, Boston, Chattanooga, Bowling Green and St. Cloud.

The Muslim immigrants currently being showcased by the left are not likely to change any minds. The Times could produce only 11 cases of temporarily blocked immigrants that the newspaper would even dare mention. (Imagine what the others are like!)

For purposes of argument, I will accept the Times' glowing descriptions of these Muslim immigrants as brilliant scientists on the verge of curing cancer. (Two of the Times' 11 cases actually involved cancer researchers.)

Point one: If the Times thinks that brilliance is a desirable characteristic in an immigrant, why can't we demand that of all our immigrants?

To the contrary! Our immigration policy is more likely to turn away the brilliant scientist -- in order to make room for an Afghani goat herder, whose kid runs a coffee stand until deciding to bomb the New York City subway one day. (That was Najibullah Zazi, my featured "Immigrant of the Week," on May 1, 2012.)

Point two: I happened to notice that even the stellar Muslim immigrants dug up by the Times seem to bring a lot of elderly and sickly relatives with them. Guess who gets to support them?

House Speaker Paul Ryan's driving obsession (besides being the Koch brothers' lickspittle) is "entitlement reform," i.e., cutting benefits or raising the retirement age for Social Security and Medicare.

I have another idea. How about we stop bringing in immigrants who immediately access government programs, who bring in elderly parents who immediately access government programs, or who run vast criminal enterprises, stealing millions of dollars from government programs? (I illustrated the popularity of government scams with immigrants in Adios, America!image by culling all the news stories about these crimes over a one-month period and listing the perps' names.)

Point three: Contrary to emotional blather about the horrors refugees are fleeing, a lot are just coming to visit their kids or to get free health care. One of the Times' baby seals -- an Iraqi with diabetes and "a respiratory ailment" -- was returning from performing his responsibilities as an elected official in Kirkuk.

That's not exactly fleeing the Holocaust.

While it's fantastic news that most Muslim refugees aren't terrorists, the downside is: They're not refugees, they're not brilliant, they don't have a constitutional right to come here and they're very, very expensive. Until politicians can give us more government services for less money, they need to stop bringing in the poor of the world on our dime.

Unnamed South Korean family #fundie

German police have arrested five members of a South Korean family suspected of beating to death a 41-year-old woman in a religious exorcism ritual in a hotel room.

The relatives allegedly believed that the woman, also South Korean, was “possessed by demons” and tied her to a bed, gagged and severely beat her for two hours with the goal of “driving out the devil”, prosecutors said.

“I have never seen anything like it,” said Nadja Niesen, chief prosecutor of the city of Frankfurt.

The body was found Saturday in a hotel room where the five suspects – a 44-year-old woman, her 21-year-old son and 19-year-old daughter, and two boys aged 15, one of whom was the victim’s son – were arrested on suspicion of murder.

The cause of death was “suffocation due to massive chest compression and trauma to the neck”. Officials said the woman’s killers used “severe violence” against her, beating her chest and stomach while gagging her with a towel and then a cloth-covered coat hanger.

The national news agency DPA reported that the family were of unknown religious affiliation and had arrived in the city around six weeks earlier.

The investigation led police to discover a second suspected victim alive in the garage of a house the group had rented in the town of Sulzbach. The female relative was badly injured, had hypothermia and was dehydrated.

The citizens of Malawi #fundie

Confronting a Sexual Rite of Passage in Malawi

The world has many coming-of-age traditions: sweet sixteens, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras. But in one African country, 'initiation' is endangering the health of girls and boys.

 Grace Mwase, 14, may look like a child, but her community sees her as an adult because of a sexual initiation she attended at age 10. (Beenish Ahmed)

CHIRADZULU, Malawi — A slight frame gives her the appearance of a child, but the hardened look Grace Mwase wears makes her seem older than her 14 years. In many villages across Malawi, a largely agrarian sliver of a country in southern Africa, custom dictates that both boys and girls as young as eight attend a rite of passage known as “initiation,” after which they are no longer seen as children. The practice is most entrenched in the country's south, where Mwase's Golden Village is located.

Mwase was just 10 when she was led, along with about a dozen other girls, to remote huts outside her village during winter vacation from school in August. The girls were accompanied by older women from their village in Chiradzulu district, near the border with Mozambique. The women, known asanamkungwi, or “key leaders,” told them that when they returned to their villages they should cook and clean—and have sex. According to Mwase, most of the two weeks she spent at the initiation camp were dedicated to learning how to engage in sexual acts. She had been excited for this time with friends away from home, but that feeling quickly gave way to dread as she learned the true purpose of initiation.

“They taught us only how you can handle a man,” she says, looking down at her hands. “So you should be dancing for the man. The man should be on top of you and you should be dancing for him, making him happy.”

The anamkungwi told the girls to lie on top of one another and get a feel for the various positions described to them. They then encouraged the girls to “practice” what they had learned. In fact, girls in Malawi are often told that if they don’t have sex upon concluding initiation, their skin will become dry and brittle. This will mark them for life, and they will be ostracized if they don't complete the custom as their mothers and grandmothers did before them. These guardians often force their daughters to go through with the ritual for fear of breaking with tradition.

“There’s nothing like adolescence. You are either a child or an adult.”

Initiation is a centuries-old practice in the region, according to Harriet Chanza of the World Health Organization. In many agrarian communities, she notes, “There’s nothing like adolescence. You are either a child or an adult.” Initiation is meant to establish the gender norms that boys and girls are expected to follow as men and women. The emphasis on having sex may also have a darker purpose in a country where nearly three-fourths of the population lives below the poverty line. Chanza, who is based in Malawi, says that some parents may actually want their daughters to get pregnant at a young age. A girl is often married soon after she is found to be pregnant, deferring the cost of caring for her and her baby from her parents to her husband.

Mwase was told, "'You are a woman enough'" by an anamkungwi in her village, and informed, "'If you come out [of the initiation camp], you should sleep with a man to cleanse you of your childhood thing.'" Worse, Mwase says though a translator, "They said you should do your sexual cleansing but not use a condom. You should do it plain."

Mwase sits in an uneven plastic lawn chair in an empty hall used for community gatherings as she recounts her experiences. She had walked to our meeting point in Chiradzulu district from her village to speak with foreign journalists, and agreed to discuss a topic that few women are willing to broach because we didn’t share ties to her community or culture. “You’re like a visitor so you don’t know anything,” she says. Conversing with us, in other words, isn't as difficult as telling women in her village how she feels about a custom they might support.

Her small, sharp eyes aglow in the dimly lit room, a grain mill whirring in the background, Mwase says the anamkungwi who oversaw her initiation told her to find an older man to have sex with after she left the camp. In defiance of tradition, however, Mwase refused to do so, fearing the costs to her health from unprotected sex. Like many first-born daughters in Malawi, Mwase was raised by her grandmother. She says her grandmother, who had sent her to the camp, didn't force her to have sex—likely because Mwase never told her about her decision not to do so. If her grandmother had learned the truth, she might have paid a man to take Mwase’s virginity. In some villages, young men hired for this task are called “hyenas,” and they occasionally have sex with many girls in a single village who have gone through initiation together.

Thera Rasing, an anthropologist who has studied girls’ initiations in Zambia,writes that the secrecy surrounding these rituals increased during the colonial era and has remained in place to keep missionaries and churches from “trying to control and christianize these rites.” Still, as abominable as such customs might seem, Rasing adds that initiations are associated with honor for many women: “A woman’s capacity to elicit change, to be powerful and empowered arises from her relative success in being a proper woman. Through this she acquires the respect of her spouse and of the neighbourhood as a moral community. This is what a girl learns during her initiation into womanhood, and that she is told during her wedding ceremony.”

Despite the social role of initiations, there are numerous public health concerns surrounding the custom in Malawi. Young girls largely unaware of the risks are being told to have unprotected sex in a country where a tenth of the population is HIV-positive. (While this figure is on par with other countries in the region, it is far higher than rates elsewhere in the world; 70 percent of AIDS-related deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa.) And teenage pregnancies also abound in Malawi, where one in four teen girls under 18 is a mother (in sub-Saharan Africa as a whole, more than 50 percent of births take place during adolescence). The young age at which girls become pregnant complicates their deliveries and puts them at greater risk for losing their babies, losing their lives, or developing an obstetric fistula—a condition where a rupture in the birth canal leaves women suffering from incontinence and ostracized from their communities.

Girls are taught a dance known as chisamba “as a way of preparing them for their role of satisfying their husbands in bed.”

Female genital mutilation, which often entails the complete or partial removal of the clitoris, is not common in Malawi, though it can take place during similar rites of passage in other parts of Africa. But initiation can leave lasting trauma even without physical injury. The Malawi Human Rights Commission, a government agency, has reported that initiations impinge on girls’ rights to education, health, liberty, and dignity. The Commission further elaborates on some of these rituals, stating that girls are taught a dance known as chisamba“as a way of preparing them for their role of satisfying their husbands in bed,” and that they are made to perform this dance at the end of their initiation “bare-breasted in a very explicit manner as they are being presented to the whole community.” The study also notes, however, that initiation rites vary widely, and that in some communities girls attending initiation are advised not to have premarital sex.

For boys in Malawi, and in several other African countries, initiation sometimes involves circumcision. According to the Malawi Human Rights Commission, Malawian boys live in camps on the outskirts of villages and are occasionally forced to consume foods prepared with urine and “medicine” made with their severed foreskins. The report notes, “Once the boys undergo circumcision they are considered mature and are actually advised to have sexual intercourse with any girl as soon as they go back home.”

Initiations for boys can easily go awry, since the circumcisions are often performed by people without medical training wielding ritual knifes. Last year in South Africa, an estimated 60 young men died after their initiation ceremonies as a result of botched circumcisions and dehydration due to “survival tests.” Local government officials were hesitant to intervene because of “cultural sensitivities.”

“The difficulty with culture is you deal with the [village] chief and he says, ‘I have changed. I have put [in] bylaws [to prohibit initiations]. [Then] you come [back] and [initiations] are quietly being done,” says Jean Mwandira, a specialist in reproductive and adolescent health with the United Nations Population Fund in Malawi.

We speak over dinner beside the glittering but parasite-ridden Lake Malawi. Here in southern Malawi, where initiations are most widespread, girls are often married off as soon as they reach puberty and literacy rates are among the lowest in the country. In the district of Mangochi, which borders the lake,48 percent of teenagers have begun bearing children—the highest incidence in Malawi. Mwandira says it is hard to persuade local leaders here and elsewhere in the country to stop a custom that has such a long history, especially since annual initiations for boys and girls have become a kind of industry.

"Those people who perform such tasks are paid, either in cash or kind, so it's difficult for the whole thing to die [out]," she explains. Even "the chief gets something for allowing that initiation ceremony to take place."

In the face of public scrutiny, those who have a vested interest in keeping the custom alive try to do so covertly. Initiation camps are held outside villages in temporary shelters built just for this purpose and then burnt to the ground once children are sent home, Mwandira says. Adults who aren’t involved in managing the camps are not permitted near them. What’s more, the girls who take part in initiations are loath to talk about them.

I spent a day in Mangochi, asking every young woman I could whether she had been initiated. Each time I got a shy smile and swift ‘no’ in response. This despite what Mwandira told me: “It’s not possible to live in Mangochi and not be initiated.”

In Chiradzulu, a few hours south by car, Grace Mwase was the rare exception willing to speak about her experiences with initiation. When I asked if she wanted her testimony about this deeply private matter to be kept anonymous, she said, “No, use my name.” Her lack of shame may well stem from her involvement in the Girls Empowerment Network, a locally run coalition of young women.

The group is led by a woman named Joyce Mkandawire. She says that when she first arrived in Chiradzulu, where Mwase lives, she was struck by the lack of freedom afforded to girls. “A girl leaves a school [because she is] pregnant, nobody cared. A girl gets married today, nobody cared,” she recalls. Mkandawire is now advocating for new bylaws in local villages to bar teenage girls from getting married. She has also reached out to local headmasters, who notify her when a girl has dropped out of school so that she and the Girls Empowerment Network can try to convince her to return—and to focus on education rather than marriage.

Joyce Mkandawire poses with young mothers from the Girls Empowerment Network. (Beenish Ahmed)

In speaking out about these issues, Mkandawire has inspired girls like Mwase to do the same. About her work as a leader in the Network, she says, “I am there just to help the community and to encourage myself. If there is anything [wrong], I go to the elders and speak to them.” Mwase also goes to the initiation camps outside her village every year to speak to the girls there. “I go to tell them after your initiation, if you go out, don’t do the sexual cleansing thing because it’s bad for us,” she explains.

And she’s pleased with the progress she’s made so far. “If I go talk to them, they listen to me,” Mwase says, breaking into a smile.

Tammy Samour #fundie

A Texas mother is expressing outrage this week after her 7-year-old daughter returned from school with Henna dye on the backs of her hands, because of the body art's connection to the Hindu and Muslim religions.

For Seabrook resident Tammy Samour, this year's Christmas has been sullied by the presence of Henna art on her daughter Leah's hands, reports KHOU.

"We tried to get it off and it didn’t budge," Samour told the Texas news station.

"It's upsetting to go through Christmas with another religion's celebratory symbolism all over my daughter's hands," she added.

Leah's hands were decorated during a multicultural event staged at her school, Ed White Elementary in Houston, according to the report.

Angel #fundie

>>"Bible fact? Is that like dehydrated water?"<<

***Angel says: No, Jesus is the antithesis of dehydration.

A condensation is the removal of water; however, Jesus will bring a spring of water to all those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Something lacking in the world of today and the primary reason Christians are eagerly awaiting Jesus' return.

In truth the Father, the Holy Spirit, and the Son align scientifically with Einstein's theory, E = mc^2

Einstein - One formula, three states.

Trinity, one Godhead, three separate and distinct entities. Each one interchangeable into the other.

Therefore, one scientific theory (E = mc^2) = one Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Spirit).

What is important to note in both cases that relate science to religion is ONE = THREE.


Savagesusie #fundie

Hmmmmm. The government’s “Just Laws” are forcing evil, irrational behaviors on their culture so they can destroy the minds of little children and hyper-sexualize them so when they read Shakespeare and Milton when the word “marriage” is stated or spouse, or ..... the child will have to “think’ —oh, is he going to marry a man or woman.

This is a destruction of the word “marriage” and a forcing of irrationality and satanism (yes—a religion) on little children so they are as irrational and evil as the Ancient pagan slave cultures where Evil was Good and pederasty was normal. But even the pederasts never legalized “marrying” the little boys because they KNEW that sodomy had NOTHING to do with the term “Marriage”.

Joseph Farah #conspiracy

Now, I want you to use your imagination here, for a moment. Why would
an organization committed to breaking down nationalist barriers and
moving the world toward global government give a technology award to a
company that just acquired the patent to a sophisticated, implantable
identification device? Hmmmmm? And guess what one of the foremost goals
of WEF is? You got it – vaccinating every human being on the planet.
How convenient! What a coincidence.

President Clinton recently addressed the WEF in Davos, Switzerland.
He boasted about asking the Congress to give pharmaceutical
conglomerates tax credits to make vaccines more widely available at low
cost. He appealed for a similar effort from the World Bank, other
nations and the corporate world to deliver the vaccines to the people
who need them – meaning everyone.

goydivision #sexist #psycho

(Continuing from the previous post)

[Based] I sucker punched my oneitis and no consequences

Any updates?

Did you just straight up punch him all of a sudden? Did he provoke you verbally?

I wish I was low inhib enough to do this

no updates tbh. She stopped talking to me, the black kid stopped fucking with me (beat him up multiple times before for doing so, so it’s good to see he learned his lesson). Perhaps something amusing might happen next year. Who knows?

Straight up. I was chilling, saw it, blood went cold, went up, punch, sit back down. No facial expression change. It was my breaking point.

collateral maxing, headshot too?!

nice btw, but no bonus points for teeth flying

I feel that what I did was good enough. Too much would have attracted too much attention and BTFO’d me.

Extremely based
The blackpill was with you from the very beginning

Thank you based brocel.

your school administration really doesn't give a fuck JFL. I almost got expelled for way less than that

How can you get away with something this based brocel

The thing is, its not about the school administration. A guy got angry at me and fabricated stories about me being transphobic and misogynistic... almost got suspended. That plus I actually had a shooting threat called on me and fucking pigs searched my dorm room for guns.

The thing is, the guy I punched was an absolute spineless shit who didn't want to get beaten up again, and the femoid was terrified of me. No one else witnessed it actually. For the longest time I was ready to get suspended. But I guess I was lucky this time.

Yikeroonies your personality is toxic :soy:

well done

>you have a shit personality

Brian Niemeier #fundie

Star Wars is dead, the Witches who've co-opted the franchise hate us, and you know my take on supporting such.

That said, one of my mutuals on Twitter recently steered me toward an Orthodox archbishop's review of Return of the Jedi.

This review was written during the movie's original run, soon after His Eminence watched it in the theater. His keen theological explication of what I suspect were George Lucas' accidental spiritual insights gave me a new appreciation of the original trilogy's moral value.

Just as importantly, the Archbishop's glowing assessment of the original trilogy's sublime spiritual lessons drive home exactly how much the Death Cultists at Disney have taken from us. The vandals' evil is directly inverse to the splendor of the beauty they've defaced.


Time and again we see that the real battle is fought and won on the moral level. It was the irresistible moral force of Luke's self-emptying love that redeemed Anakin. Only by embracing and living such sacrificial love after the model of Christ can we defeat those who hate us for His sake.

The Death Cult knows it, too. That's why they spent billions to mar this iconic trilogy--especially the Christ figure's triumph at the end.


The Death Cult cannot countenance a redemptive ending like this, because in their twisted cosmology there is no and can be no forgiveness. That is why their imitation of Star Wars was both a clumsy remake of the first trilogy and a cynical hollowing out of it at the same time.

And Star Wars is far from the Cult's only victim. They're sullying and degrading every speck of beauty in Christendom.

But as the Archbishop shows, the minions of the Evil One can be stopped. Doing so will require you, me, and all Christians to deny ourselves, take up our crosses daily, and follow Christ.

Once the great moral victory is won, our temporal enemies will fall like dominoes.

JesusFreakGuy #fundie

so theres that right there, but other 3rd world countries will beat you, kill you or imprison you [for preaching the Gospel]. in China theres SOME underground churches but preaching there is illegal. I think its France, i believe, you can tell anyone on the streets about any religion, but Christianity i think theyll imprison you or just an officer will kill you.

Neggr #racist #psycho

RE: [RageFuel] This is the future (((they))) want for all incels

I used to be an incel, now I'm a sissy whore.

Never trannymaxx, brocels.


Most based post I've ever seen on this fucking forum

thank you man, reallife has been harsh on me

ropecel #fundie

Honestly this is why Incels ascend in studies. They NEED to force themselves to be good in academics if they want anything in life. Chad never has to because he'll be naturally okay and do decently. Incels who get the same grades as Chad in uni are probably much more likely to be better in their field (unless it's a social field).

Poor iqcels though.

JENJI #ufo #crackpot #magick

Many of you are experiencing the intense energetic waves that are bombarding Earth's atmosphere currently, and which are truly unlike anything any of us have ever experienced before. These photonic light particles are being dispensed from our central sun alcyone and they are coming through the star system of sirius and picking up galactic DNA upgrade codes from the Sirius star system. These are laser beams of light particles / Gamma rays which are currently bombarding the earthly plane at a truly unprecedented level.

For many of you this Intense influx of light particles is manifesting in your vessels as somewhat unusual and challenging physical symptoms. The reason for this is that all of the places in your physical, emotional, and energetic systems where you have held onto beliefs of lack or indeed any of the 3D programming, must be identified, addressed and ultimately eradicated, as none of these limited beliefs can be bought with you into Fifth Dimensional consciousness

It is important that you stay on top of your hydration beloveds, coconut water and electrolytes are probably the most powerful antidote for Ascension symptoms as the gamma-ray photonic light particles are heating up our DNA spirals much like how a microwave heats up corn kernels to make them pop.

This is causing an extreme experience of dehydration for many, and so we cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to stay on top of your hydration levels. This number one tip will enable you to move skillfully and masterfully through this 8:8 Lions Gate upgrade.
The time is now for en masse galactivation of our feline DNA, and this is being reactivated by our galactic elder brothers and sisters who are intricately a part of our higher self and hold aspects of our higher self that are also incarnated simultaneously and concurrently on parallel timelines and in higher dimensional Realms of consciousness within this eternal moment of now.

Suffice to say there is absolutely zero separation between you and your lyran feline galactic self and higher self. You have full access to all of their spiritual powers and codes, and please know that this 8.8 lionsgate is truly and profoundly activating this promise.

The energies are now rapidly building towards the 8.8 lionsgate and our beloved channel jenji Is being guided by us in the higher Realms to facilitate a powerful transmission on that date working specifically with the lyran feline higher aspects Of the soul.

We are being called to come together on this Potent portal date to work with OUR Lyran higher self aspects to activate a profound healing ceremony for ALL.

We are also being guided to clear all lower timelines to make way for the royal marriage of the Lion and Lioness within you and without and on a vast collective level.

This is a huge galactic ceremony that we are being asked to facilitate as our galactic soul families ground crew.

Charles Sledge and Chateau Heartiste #sexist

Some Of The Most Insightful Quotes From Chateau Heartiste

Chateau Heartiste is a blog ran by Roissy and is hands down the top game resource in the manosphere. If you want to understand the nature of woman and game, this is the site to go to. Chateau Heartiste and it’s main writer Roissy got their name from a book called The Story of O by Pauline Reage, granted that the best resource for understanding the nature of women took his name from this book I would recommend that you read it. I often reference Chateau Heartiste’s work in the Weekly Roundups as well as in the Quote of the Week section of the roundups. I figured instead of continually having Roissy’s articles as the quote of the week I’d include them here so we can have some other author’s words highlighted. With that being said there are some very illuminating words from Roissy that I would be remiss if I didn’t share with my readers. Below are some of the greatest quotes from the site and my own personal thoughts added in.

Below in the head line I will write what article it is from as well as link it. Under that I will include the part of the article that stood out to me in particular. Below that I will include my own commentary as well as anything I would like to add or disagree with about the quote. After reading this article I would encourage you to read the linked articles in full.

From “The Natural State of Women Is Submission”

“The proposition that women are natural submissives is not new to this blog. It is a core tenet underlying the truth of game. When I say that the natural state of woman is submission, I mean that woman is happiest when she is in a submissive role. Submitting to a worthy overlord. When she is forced to submit to an unworthy ruler — i.e., when her womb is exposed to the threat of beta sperm — or when she finds herself adrift in a sea of weak, apathetic, surrendered men, she is unhappiest, and will lash out furiously to reclaim her prerogative to save her submission for the deserving.”

Many males are confused when a woman balks at the idea of submitting to them. This often happens to wimpy males who then erroneously conclude that women want to be “strong and independent” or whatever the latest buzzword is when in fact she desperately wants to submit just not to a pussy. She wants to submit to a man or a Roissy said an overlord. Think about it like this say you were a soldier in an army and you had two choices between who could lead you into battle. The choices were Leonidas of Sparta of the 300 fame or Barack Obama. One a battled tested masculine warrior the other the definition of a beta male. Now just because you wouldn’t want Obama as your general does this mean you don’t want a general and wish to rush into battle without a leader? Of course not but the leader must be worthy of you. Women want a man they can respect and submit to, they hate boys that they must coddle and look down upon. Women crave submitting the only caveat is that it must be to a man, not a boy, a pussy, or a male but a man. If you don’t understand the difference between those listed do yourself a favor and get a copy of The Primer.

From “The Sexual Frame”

“This is how every man should approach his interactions with women he is turned on by — unapologetically, sensually, instinctually. Civilized norms should hold no sway over your untamed thoughts or the id that fuels them. They are yours to do with as you please and to set the tone of whatever follows. The advantage to having this carnal mindset at all times lies in the power it gives you to draw women into your reality. When a woman is into you she will sense your sexual energy and mirror it…Lead as a man in making no excuses for your libertine nature, and she will follow.”

Attraction, sex, and seduction are biological functions. Sure we have the trappings of civilization surrounding them but it has little overall effect in the outcome. Men are way to apologetic and women are disgusted by it. Look at it this way imagine women were able to change their physical looks moment to moment by the actions that they took. So if she was loud and argumentative her body would suddenly become fat and her hair short. However when she was sweet and submissive her hip to waist ratio would hit the golden ration and her skin brighten. Men have this power. Because their attractiveness to women is based on their actions not their looks. So when a man unapologetic follows his natural biological inclination and pursues a woman she is incredibly turned on by it likewise when a man makes apology for his natural biological inclination she dries up like the Sahara Desert. You can never be too bold or forward with women.

From “One Glaring Difference Between Alpha Males And Beta Males”

“Alpha males are DEMANDING of their women…Women WANT to work for a man’s interest. A man’s respect. A man’s LOVE. A man who challenges women is a man who is rewarded with women’s zeal to please. This is the nature of women…Beta males don’t like to demand anything of anyone, but especially not of women. Strangers, acquaintances, girlfriends, wives; none will ever experience the distinctly female pleasure of deferring and submitting to a man if that man is a fearful, non-confrontational beta male. And over time resentment and contempt will find a home in these women, and their sexual desire will find a home elsewhere.”

Like women are begging for you to pursue them and express your manly desires to them likewise women are begging for men to force them to meet their demands and standards. Women are living in a very unnatural time and are very frustrated because of it. Women need men and masculinity. They always have and they always will. Imagine if a society didn’t have water how weird and desperate the people would act, well Western societies war on masculinity have caused women to go crazy in want of it. Women may say they don’t want men or masculinity or whatever (then again women say anything and everything) but they respond to it like no other. You could go up to a person about to die of dehydration and they may have been brainwashed to say they don’t want water but nevertheless they want water more than anything else. Women are the same way in regards to men and masculinity. They want men who put them in their place and make demands of them. That is what they naturally respond to.

What I have highlighted here is just the beginning of great insights from Chateau Heartiste and I would encourage you to check out many of the old posts. There is a post on the Roosh V Forum titled “The Roissy Reader” that has a collection of Chateau Heartiste’s classic posts I would suggest you start there and work your way down. If you haven’t been exposed to this information yet prepared to have your mind opened and even if you have it always good to have a refresher of timeless truths.

If you have any questions you would like to see answered in a future post send them to me at charlessledge001 (at) gmail (dot) com. If you found value in this post then I would encourage you to share this site with someone who may need it as well as check out my books here. I appreciate it. You can follow me on Twitter here.

Total Imbecile #fundie

I can tell that youngcels here think being incel is a joke

They think its only temporary, they still have hope and think that eventually theyll graduate out of being incel. I used to be like that too when I was younger, I thought it was funny and I would make jokes about it for shits and giggles thinking that one day Id eventually lose my V card.

But OH BOY WAS I WRONG, not in a million years would I have guessed that I would end up a virgin in 2018

Once you hit 21 and realize how truly over and hopeless it is youll stop finding it amusing. It goes from irritating to painful in a matter of weeks. I hate everyone and everything because of it. Im at the point where I literally want bad things to happen to people so I wouldnt feel so horrible about myself. Being incel gets worse over time too. At 16 you might be worried about not having sex but in your 20s youre now a virgin with 0 chance of experiencing young love.

It gets exponentially worse, just you wait younglings

various commenters #fundie

Comments RE: Feminists join men-only swim in protest of proposed law to enable people to self-identify as male or female

The trans movement rides on the back of the gay rights movement, appearing to be progressive whilst actually being totally regressive - it is misogynistic and homophobic to say that if you have feminine traits then you must be a woman, and vice Verda

It is especially funny to watch the row in the Labour Party about this as ex-men invade women's only short lists.

(Monica Vieira)
Yes, it's so funny isn't it. I hope women see how much fun men are having with all of this. This will radicalize a lot of feminists and in the end women will have the last laugh.

So you're a misandrist. At least admit it rather than hiding behind feminism. Got dumped did you?

Sunday Politics was a joy. Watching Labour representatives try to pretend when Milne and Corbyn tried to pretend Russia were not to blame for the attack in Salisbury they were really saying Russia was to blame.

Then, that women's short lists could contain those who self identified but was a problem. Then one of the panelists gave the helpful suggestion that one solution would be to get rid of the women's own list and choose based on merit.

(Monica Vieira)
If the choice was based on merit, males wouldn't be the majority of representatives, dear.

"one of the panelists gave the helpful suggestion that one solution would be to get rid of the women's own list"

Yes, the end goal of all of this is to destroy everything that women have fought for, like women's shortlists that only exist because of the historical discrimination against women in politics (and society in general).

Good luck with that.

we are getting to the point of the circle where feminists are realizing they are different to men. and need different treatment and protection... eventually theyll be demanding to stay at home doing embroidery. ... not that i am saying that would be better.... but they will never be satisfied.

Feminism and identity politics are disappearing up their own ridiculous rear ends.

Hilarious to observe.

Love the way this is all men’s fault. The feminist lobby has pushed for “transgender” rights past the point of logic and to the point of absurdity. Now the predictable results are happening they don’t like the results. Lucky it isn’t getting gender equality in conscription laws just prior to a major war where the government wants cannon fodder.

Have these Self identification nutters ever heard of Perverts?

Those that believe in science understand that, apart from cases of genital ambiguity, a very rare condition, most cases of 'trans' are just wish-fulfillment.

(mark anthony)
I totally agree with them but I was not under the impression that it was men driving the law forward . It is transsexuals who want to claim what they see as their rightful pace in society who are demanding a law change and in this day of political correctness who is to deny them

Strange that they view the law from a purely female point. is that not sexist?

(Monica Vieira)
Men only see things from a male point. Are you complaining about equality? :)

Men are having fun watching women's sports being destroyed by males who claim to be women and females on testosterone who claim to be men but are not allowed to play against men (yes, this is happening too).

Men don't care about anything unless it affects them. What I really want is to see feminists doing stunts that actually harm men.

So if you think that women standing up for themselves is sexist, GREAT. Get used to it.

Amos Moses #fundie

(commenting on story "Concerns Raised over Video Featuring 10-Year old 'Desmond the Drag Kid': 'I Wanted to Do Drag...When I Was Two"):

Amos Moses:
the pedophilia is getting more organized ..... more overt .... more in your face every day ..... and it is all because of the HOMOMIRAGE decision ......... when you remove restraint on any depravity .... it releases ALL DEPRAVITY to forge ahead ..... and they are doing so with gusto ..... and there is no fear of God before their eyes .... and they have given up any knowledge of anything as a result ..... this is child abuse and it is grooming to be abused ..... these "parents" will have much to answer for .......

explain to me what a ten year old kid who’s into drag has to do with gay marriage.

Amos Moses:
so you are for encouraging people to be in violation of the law ......... hmmmmm ..... interesting ..........

hmm, lets try that again...explain to me what a ten year old kid whos into drag has to do with gay marriage

Amos Moses:
because of the HOMOMIRAGE decision ......... when you remove restraint on any depravity .... it releases ALL DEPRAVITY to forge ahead ........

two adults getting married causes a child to dress in drag, thats what your saying right? can you offer proof, sources, anything at all? something NOT pulled from your imagination? your seriously saying this is what same sex marriage caused? how did it happen? tell me specifically when john married andrew how it caused little johnny to decide to dress in drag. i am fascinated.

Holyheavens, 7339er and MelvinTheMerciless #sexist

[OP and comments under "A distinction should be made between the rape of a chaste woman and that of a promiscuous slut."]


A chaste woman is either a virgin, a married woman who's only partner in her life has been her husband or a remarried widow. In each of these instances, no fornication took place.

I define the promiscuous slut as a woman who's had sexual relations with more than partner in her life safe for remarried widows as mentioned above.

I'm lenient on premarital sex only if it's done with her one and only lifepartner.

Moving on the topic of rape; a distinction should be made on the severity of punishment depending on whether the victim falls in one of either categories.

The chaste woman can be considered to have been truly traumatized in case of rape, because she has been sullied and bereft of her dignity she was taught to uphold.

The promiscuous slut has no dignity or principles to speak of in the first place. It can barely be considered human because it immediately acts on lust like a wild beast without considering the consequences. Such a creature ought best to pursue a career of prostitution, considering it has no value as a mother or wife. It's not much different from a sexual object. The most it loses when being raped is a couple of minutes. What is one dick more after having been penetrated by various others?

A rapist who's raped a woman in the first category must receive a heavy punishment. Chaste women should be protected from being dirtied at all costs for they are the (future) wifes of moral men. So the death penalty is fitting.

A rapist who's raped a woman in the second category must pay a fine to the raped slut. A slut is not much different from a prostitute -except that she gives her cunt out for free to various men which could be considered as even worse than prostitution- so why not at least pay her to keep things fair and treat her for the whore she is?

From 7339er:

I wouldn't even give the 2nd rapist a fine to be honest. She should think of it as repayment for that male incel's taxes paying for her free abortions and birth control.

From MelvinTheMerciless:

In the second category the fine should not be paid to the slut but to the father of the slut or whoever the legal male guardian may be. If no man claims the slut as part of his household then we're talking about public property. A town bike. So a fine would only be appropriate if a man used the slut in a way that left it unsuitable for future use by other men. In that case, the fine should be paid to the government or the courts (perhaps to defray the costs associated with enforcing monogamy) or to a charitable fund (perhaps one dedicated to the development of sex robots and other female replacement technologies).

Jonathan Azaziah #conspiracy


I’m not going to say I don’t have the intention of pissing on everybody’s parade because that’s exactly what I’m trying to do so let me just get on with it. Slain British MP Jo Cox is NOT a martyr. Okay? She’s not. She’s not a “martyr in the fight against resurgent Hitlerian fascism” as some idiotic “leftists” who are probably on the payroll of MI5 happen to be saying–a “resurgent Hitlerian fascism” mind you that doesn’t exist. She’s not a “martyr for European unity” either–a “European unity” mind you that means the preservation of the Zionist-dominated, absolutely hegemonic, totally dictatorial, insanely bureaucratic, multinational-corporation-adored, sovereignty-eroding European Union. And she’s not a “martyr for BDS” as some maddeningly moronic “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activists are referring to her as–a “BDS” mind you that does not target Jewish-Zionist-owned corporations outside of the ‘Israeli’ tumor which represent pillars of Global Zionism or even ‘Israeli’ individuals who live on stolen land, only ‘Israeli’ companies and ‘Israeli’-linked companies in the West that fall under the strict guidelines of the increasingly toothless BDS Movement. Not under any circumstances, not in ANY definition of the word, not in ANY applicable situation vis-a-vis our Mouqawamist-Liberationist discourse which we use to extricate our peoples and homies from mainstream Zio-controlled narratives is this rank, stank, putrid British Imperialist a “martyr”.

Should she have been killed? No. Obviously not. Come on. To condone such murderousness is not Islamic, it’s not Christian and it’s not humane. The fact that such a statement even needs to be uttered though shows how Judaized and massively lost in the lamest of lame sensitivities a great many of our “comrades” and “allies” are. “Revolutionaries” you fancy yourselves as, huh? Please. As a dear brother of mine recently said, y’all are precious snowflakes. Y’all are fragile fairies; sissy sprites; glass gladiators and cowardly cornballs. What Jo Cox ACTUALLY was and what she ACTUALLY represented should, for all intents and purposes, THOROUGHLY sicken you. And because of this truth, NOBODY from our ranks should be shedding a tear, let alone sullying the word “martyr” by referring to her as one.

Forgive the repetition but Jo Cox was a rank, stank, putrid British Imperialist who endlessly strove for “regime change” in Syria up until her dying day. She called for “civilian safe zones” inside the Syrian Arab Republic, i.e. partition. She was a staunch advocate for “refugee rights”, i.e. depopulating the Syrian Arab Republic for the benefit of the “Greater Israel” project. She abstained from the December 2015 British Parliament vote on participating in an overt military intervention against “ISIS” (read: Damascus) not because she’s “antiwar”, but because of the opposite! She’s a “regime-change”-hungry maniac! She didn’t vote because the motion wasn’t explicit enough on the overthrow of Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad! To hell with this image of sweetness and goodness that the Western-Zionist media is ramming down our throats, Jo Cox was bloodthirsty!

And when it came to Palestine, all she said was legally curtailing the right of people to boycott unethical companies is wrong. She also called for lifting the siege on Gaza. Both of these positions are now establishment-approved as they present the illusion of being “pro-Palestine” and acknowledge that Palestinians are human beings while still upholding the criminal Zionist entity’s existence. Not exactly groundbreaking. Not remotely revolutionary. Just typical liberal deception. I assure you, Jo Cox was NOT the British version of Rachel Corrie, a REAL martyr in the struggle against Global Zionism.

What is most interesting about Cox’s death is how closely it parallels that of Anna Lindh, the young, charismatic Swedish Foreign Minister who was stabbed to death on September 11th, 2003. While the official story says that Lindh was murdered by a “right-wing extremist”–identical to what is now being spun about Cox–in reality, she was assassinated by Mossad because of her staunch, public anti-Zionist positions that ranged from everything to opposing the aggression against Iraq, calling for the severance of ties between ‘Israel’ and the EU, rejecting the unlimited support provided to Sharon by Bush’s neocon regime and much more. Lindh’s anti-Zionism, if left unchecked, could have had a ripple effect on the nascent Zionist-Globalist project derived right from the Kalergi Plan known as the EU, so the usurping ‘Israeli’ regime’s international death squad eliminated her.

Was Cox, like Lindh, also murdered by an intelligence agency, be it MI5, Mossad or both, as a means of swaying the British people to vote “remain” in the upcoming Brexit referendum on whether or not the UK should stay in the EU, because, of course, this would “honor” her memory? Especially since the circumstances surrounding the man who shouted “Britain First!”–which is, for the record, a pro-‘Israel’, Zionist-run organization anyway–before allegedly killing Ms. Cox are very murky? And especially since before Cox’s death, the polls on Brexit indicated that Brits were leaning in the majority towards a vote of “leave” and now after her death the polls are indicating that Brits are leaning in the majority towards a vote of “remain”? Was this a false flag assassination operation? Well. Considering Mossad and British intelligence also collaborated in executing the false flag attack on July 7th, 2005, and have worked together so very closely in wrecking Iraq and Syria, it would be stupid to think that it isn’t at least in the realm of fathomable possibility and indeed a likelihood.

In the final analysis, we return to our original point: Jo Cox is NOT a martyr. She was a sanguinary, hideously hypocritical British Imperialist right to her core who seems to have been used by the very “elitist” system she spent her life protecting and serving as a catalyst to further its pathologically destructive agenda. If you want REAL martyrs, look no further than Iraq where the Popular Mobilization Units just finished leading the fight to liberate Fallujah from British-backed Daesh and gave countless MARTYRS in the process; look no further than Syria where Hizbullah is currently on a roll in the southern Aleppo countryside and has given dozens of MARTYRS in the last few days alone whilst combating British-backed Takfiris, as well as the Syrian Arab Army which is whipping through the Latakia-Idleb border region and has seen many soldiers fall over the past week; look no further than Yemen where hundreds of moujahideen from Ansarullah have given their lives to defend their homeland and 10,000 Yemeni innocents, more than half of which are women and children, have been MARTYRED by the British-backed, British-armed House of Saud.

THESE are martyrs. THESE are heroes. THESE are the souls we should be shedding tears for and praying about. THESE are the forces of Heaven. Jo Cox was nothing but a typically deceptive liberal akin to a succubus from hell. Stop getting it twisted. Stop conflating the two. Stop perverting our revolutionary lexicon to get on the good side of the very monsters you claim to oppose by showing them your “humanity”, as if humanity can only be measured truly when we fake-cry even faker rivers over a dead British warmonger. Just… Stop. And don’t expect me to say “rest in peace” because that just ain’t gon’ happen. There is no salaam, NO SALAAM WHATSOEVER, for crypto-Zionist British Imperialists who yearn for the dismemberment of our region. F*** your feelings and your f*** your sensitivities. We clear?

P.J Montgomery #fundie

(=This is the way it's actually spelled out=)

P.J. Montgomery: so are you married??? T S!!! male or female...??? attracted to the opposite sex??? to you??? or other???
their is nothing wrong with real brotherly or sisterly love...but it is the lust element...that sullies it??? it is unnatural!!! and bears no off spring???

TS (unami): I am married to the LOVE of my life, my wife. Yes, another woman. And we are both Christians. I do not appreciate anyone calling our love and our marriage the false things that you accuse.

P.J. Montgomery: BUT...I cannot change the truth of God's word!!! and your partnership is NOT a marriage in the eyes of God??? marriage is between one man and one woman??? who are to be fruitful...??? AND FOR YOU and her...TO BE both must...
be ' born again ' by The Holy Spirit...without water!!! and that can only happen if you both as individuals hear Jesus cry in the gospels...repent and believe the
good news for the kingdom of heaven is here??? and It is not my fault do not appreciate this??? it is your own fault???

supersport #fundie

considering that Africa, Southwestern Europe, South America, and Central America appear to be split from one continent -- Pangea -- what are the odds that the continents split apart after the flood right about the time when God commanded people to disperse and fill the earth after Babel? That would explain how humans appeared on all continents at approximately the same time. hmmmmm.....

Unknown author #conspiracy

These False Flags are being done for fun now, governments are doing these False Flags on a regular basis to achieve there agendas & goals, French people are the most racist & hated people in the world, ask any black Christian or any white Christian or atheist who are not French, people hate them around the world, to bring sympathy to them & achieve there goal of kicking out Muslims from France they keep coming up with new ideas daily to achieve there real goal. THERE IS ALWAYS A CELEBRATORY ATMOSPHERE & THEN THE BIG BAD WOLF (MUSLIMS) COME ALONG & RUIN IT ALL, HMMMM!!

babydane #fundie

i just had a random thought: satans job is to basically make us lose our faith. so, if we dont get enough water, we become dehydrated, and we might not even know it. dehydration makes us cranky and makes us feel crappy. so, is the lack of an urge to drink water satanic???? is that why it's so hard for americans to drink the average amount of water daily? whoa.....

noemail001 #fundie

This month is Bullying Prevention Month, they say. Hmmmmm... Fascinating.

Maybe what they really mean is stop bullying the anti-god side? The contra-god types are entitled to bully theists? Is that it? By the look of how this is going down in the media and Hollywood, it appears that they turn a blind eye to their own side when their own bully theists and religion. As their prophet Bertrand Russell taught: for atheists to finally arrive at their golden age they need to destroy religion-dragon.

Let's see how many godless swarm to CARM to intimidate, harass, and otherwise bully Christians. Let's see how many come to our website to see if we'll cower and cave. Let's see how many will come into our home, invited here for discussions, and then try to turn everything upside down. Let's see how many come here to _ on our most sacred texts, our Holy Bible. Let's total up all the mockery and scorn and insults of our most sacred faith. Let's see how they twist prayer. Let's see how often they play the victim.

Fascinating phenomenon, that atheism-thingy.

Godisreal #fundie

lol lol lol. WOW!!!!!!!! I am so happy that I came to a site where everyone knows everything. Yes, it has been 200 years since Christ was here. So you think since it hasn't happened yet that it will not happen?? Everyone here seems to be looking for flaws in Christianity and to find something to point out and jump up and down about. I guess your "no God" thing is the answer. Well then count me in, we should all get together and burn bibles together!!!! NO WAY HOLMES!!!!!!! Look at current events, Jerusalem, HOLYLAND............Jesus will return as a saviour, hmmmmmm...................Jerusalem is on the brink of yet another holy war. hmmmmmm........................ Look at the weather, last winter here in Ohio we had 60 degree days last winter when it was supposed to be 20 degrees.....hmmmmm.......tsunamis...................Louisianna hurricane????????....................Things aren't the same anymore people. Don't tell me el~nino, RIGHT!!!!!!!!! He will return. The apocolypse..................what will you do??? Seek him now while you still can.

David J. Stewart #fundie

Americans have much to be thankful for to God, yet we are a thankless bunch. In a recent popular 2016 film starring Tom Hanks (based on a true incident in 2009 over New York City) titled “Sully,” a commercial jetliner hits a flock of birds, and both engines are completely destroyed during takeoff. The pilots have only 35 seconds to make a critical decision of what to do. They can't make it to the airports. The jet's captain made the unprecedented bold decision to crash land the 150,000 pound commercial jet liner (loaded with 155 scared passengers) onto the icy Hudson River down below in New York. The Captain (Sully) did it! It was a man's man act of heroism! With no landing-gear, he safely landed the plane on the river. No one died! It was amazing!

Yet, sadly, at no time does the film, the captain, the co-pilot, their families, the media, nor any of the passengers, nor anyone involved, give any glory or thanks to God for sparing their lives. The film totally dishonors God by leaving Him out, failing to praise the Lord for His goodness. Without God's omnipotent hand that spared everyone's lives that fateful day in January of 2009, none of those 155 people aboard the jetliner would have lived to see another day. Shame on all of them! Woe unto the wicked! Well, I for one thank God and praise His blessed name for sparing the lives of those 155 people! I praise You Lord on their ungrateful behalf, for you are incredibly good, loving, longsuffering and “kind unto the unthankful and to the evil” (Luke 6:35b).

R. Michael Hands #fundie


In the face of truth Shrinks maintain a psychological foundation for their fraud on myths devoid of empirical data.

Their claim that mental differences (mostly sexual) come from ancient Greek and Roman gods are bogas. These “gods” that have never existed or seen are supposed to mirror contemporary human mental problems.

Some of psychologies pagan delusions to name a few are, Demeter, Persephone, Athena, Artemis, Hades, Psyche, Eros, Pleasure, Cupid, Aphrodite, and Zeus.

Shrinks claim the New Testament of the Bible is a fabrication of sick minds even though thousands of years of confirmed signs and wonders from God have proved their assumptions to be wrong.

Shrinks refuse to accept the creators God and Jesus to have the answers for mans mental problems.

Shrinks have a propensity to denigrate God, Jesus and the Bible, so it only fair to as have others sully Sigmund Freud MD, Neurologist, and Psychiatrist/Psychologist, Mrs. Melinie Reizes Klein Psychologist and other devotees of psychological mind control and their contribution to keeping mankind in sins darkness by skimming the surface of man's bent.

I do not condemn the Hebrew or Gentile Shrink, in reality within this treatise are facts to educate the biblically unlearned layman and intellectuals caught in the satanic snare of doubt by the fowler of Psychology.

As a supplement to Freud’s list of sexual psychological classifications Shrinks have added contemporary ideas of mental illness,(schizophrenia, bi-polar, neurotic, phobias, etc.) to confuse the spiritually lost.

To maintain a monitary base Shrinks teach having a life of mental wellness and self serving harmony filled with sexual escapades are the sinners due and acceptable in all.

1 COR 2:11 What man knows the things of a man, save the spirit (natural mind) of man which is in him? Man understands the workings of the human mind but without the Holy Ghost cannot see the workings of God in man.

You can be a psychologist without years of university brainwashing by heathen women professors if you just convert to Jesus and pay attention to the minuscule detail in peoples lives.

The Holy Ghost knows the day by day working of God in people while secular Shrinks can only guess.

PSA 14:1 The fool has said in his mind, there is no God; Freud taught this to his cronies and patients.

Fools effortlessly become societies Psychologists because of their propensity to be corrupt, immoral, depraved, decayed, sex crazed and Jesus hating liars.

Seth Welch and Tatiana Fusari #fundie

A 10-month old girl died of malnutrition and dehydration after her Christian parents allegedly refused to seek medical help for religious reasons, fear of child services and a lack of trust in medical services.

Seth Welch and Tatiana Fusari, both 27, have been charged with felony murder and first-degree child abuse in the death of their daughter, Mary.

Welch called the emergency services last week and the child was not breathing when deputies arrived at their home in Michigan's Solon Township, which sits to the north of Grand Rapids, the Kent County sheriff’s office said.

The child was found with sunken eyes and cheeks and a lack of pulse, and she was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy ruled the cause of death was malnutrition and dehydration due to neglect by adult caregivers.

The couple admitted their daughter had been skinny and underweight for at least a month, an affidavit alleged.

They did not seek medical help for religious reasons, fear of having Child Protective Services called and a lack of trust in medical services,” according to court records.

Footage taken in Kent County Court shows their shocked reaction as the judge tells them they could face life in prison without parole, if convicted of felony murder.

Welch’s jaw fell open and Fusari sobs as the judge reads out the charges.

The pair, have two older children together, aged two and four, are being held without bond and court records do not list lawyers who can speak on their behalf.

Child Protective Services have filed a neglect case against the parents involving their two eldest children.

Welch has posted about Child Protective Services, a distrust of doctors and religious beliefs on Facebook. He called doctors “priesthoods of the medical cult” and spoke in one video post about refusing to get his children vaccinated.

“The righteous shall live by faith. It’s God who is sovereign over disease and those sorts of things and, of course, ultimately deaths,” he said.

The couple return to court on 20 August and could face life in prison without parole if convicted of felony murder.

Wyatt Junker #fundie

My Son Asked Me Where We Can Go.

After tonight, I didn't have an answer.

What about Canada dad? I told him 'Sorry, they were socialist too.'

What about Mexico? 'Worse. Corruption from the top down.'

What about Brazil or Argentina dad? 'Comprende? State ownership of all assets.'

Dad, what about Europe? 'HAHAHAHAHA. Good one, kid.'

Russia? 'Oligarchies.'

.... hmmmmm.... he thought.... scratching his chin.

What about Iran? Can we go to Iran dad? 'Its probably our best bet son. The last patch of sunlight left on earth.'

KABOOM THE MOONS #conspiracy

Avatar 2009 Decoded! You Are On The Wrong Planet! If You Think To Have Kids And Invest/Sacrifice Their Souls Here!

From this thread.
Thread: !!!!!!!***MEGA BREAKING*** ***SOUL TRAPS***!!!!!!! (Page 198)

Just saw the movie Avatar 2009 and it verified one of my biggest fears.

After noticing the same pattern in saber rider, matrix, lockout, lifeforce 1985, conan the barbarian, gi joe retaliation and so many other movies, animes etc i started suspecting of 2 different bodies our consciousness might be jumping from and to at our birth and death.

Which means when we die we wont even have a chance to run or hide from the lunar scum as we might wake up in an imprisoned body that sleeps(and grows) in suspended animation somewhere in their lunar beehive mothership.
(Pay attention when sully on his first way to his second body they were calling him "fresh meat" and "meals on wheels" while then they informed him how they were growing his second body while he was "dreaming living on earth!")
(Similar human food growing and farming was shown in the movie "the island 2005" where was shown how consciousness is very important to be attached for the human parts, organs/food to grow and now i see that consciousness doesn't have to be awake at all, the person might be sleeping and dreaming the whole time while the lunar scum grow him for consumption!)

This identical thing was shown to me in a dream in 2008 couple years before i learned about the moon and soul traps and in that dream a place was shown that i couldn't believe my eyes to see it again for the first time in this very avatar movie.

In that dream i died and then i woke up in a body on an island floating in the sky identical to the floating mountains in avatar movie. I was there with many other guys that just had died like me and all of us wanted to come back here to see our loved ones again and tell them we still exist and not to worry. On that floating island there's was a guy dressed identical to grim reaper wearing a black hood and everything. His face could not be seen and he gave me a matrix style phone where the moment i put it on my ear i woke up from that dream and into the body that i had before i died.

Pretty much in that dream was shown my consciousness to be jumping between bodies with no freedom in between.

In the beginning of the avatar movie was shown the big mining machines that were used in ancient times to mine earth completely.
Avatar is pretty mind blowing if you get to see it after you have watched this video of a russian researcher "there are no forests on earth".

Next was shown to our face the iron drakons the ancient chinese historians talk about the drako's race used to land on earth from the moon.

Pay attention to the chinese drakon painting on the trinity scarface alien military invader's spaceship.(dont know why in this forum the word "drakon" with letter "g" has been banned though, hope someone fills me in on why is that).

Now in this movie the lunar reptilian scum were divided into 2 groups, the alien invaders with the iron drakons spaceships and the earthly victims that looked identical to demons and the reptilians from star trek beyond, so whatever side the ignorant viewers take they'll be siding up with the reptilians either way.
(Pay attention the leaders of the indigenous/reptilian demonic race how they were dressed, the female as the woman in red from matrix/red queen/satan(was shown to drink blood from a straw too) and her man wearing crow feathers/death symbolism identical to ravenna/satan from huntsman movies!)

They love to play both sides and give us no clue of how the real indigenous race of planet earth looked.

They showed also their goddess eywa(organic version of matrix) as an expert puppet master moving all strings insidiously and controlling all outcomes, not taking sides/aka playing both sides to maintain a balance.
This reminded me the nde of this guy
Thread: Meet the Demiurge
where when he talked with the lunar boss in his NDE he was told the same thing about a balance/war he has to keep between good and evil which creates a lot of energy from the conflict and how he plays both sides and undermines either side to keep this balance/war at a specific percentage 33.3% vs 66.6%.

Forgot to post this part!

-You want a fair deal,
you're on the wrong planet.
The strong prey on the weak.
That's just the way things are.
And nobody does a damn thing.

"This planet is Satan's territory/zoo/evil truman show,
every lifeform is programmed and forced to prey, destroy, consume and steal life from other lifeforms in order to survive a single day on satan's planet/territory.
If you think to bring your kids to this world

And the sad part is "Nobody gives a f*ck not even for the innocent kids they doom by birthing them on this freaking planet!"

theclamsman #racist

Obama was sold to the Americans just like one of those fucking Nigerian email scams (though I think Kenyans have those,'s all concentrated in that area). They bought it hook, line and sinker. That's the sad part. He is half African, half white. This is a case of one of those elitist fucks from Africa (I know, I know, I KNOW that type, because I grew up, worked, and went to school with them--they ALWAYS thought they were better than our own African Americans and only came/come over here to use our resources in education/workplace and then go back to Africa) coming over here, impregnating a white girl, then taking back off. Hell, Obama even wrote about what his mother told him about it: Obama's grandfather Hussein didn't want her to be married to his son because he didn't want Obama blood sullied by a white woman. Just try it--try calling a Kenyan or Nigerian here on work or study "African American". They will put you in your place.

AZRon #racist

BHO is NOT the anti-Christ. At best, with generous support, he might qualify as a bix-nood warm-up act and a minor annoyance to the faithful. (Kinda’ like JZ having his whore LayZ, nigger-up her undeserved moment in the national spotlight by imitating Milli Vanilli. [is it just me, or does she look more caucasian every time the airwaves are sullied by her no-talent presence?] BHO is nothing more than a policical puppet playing the fool for those that make him (?) dance. “Yassa massa Soros, I sho’ be a steppin’an a fetchin’.” Kin I gets you anything suh? Sho, I bees happy to kill all yo enemeez.

Far worse are the idiots that keep voting these criminals into office. We know who they are, but OUR 1st ammendment rights do not extend far enough to identify them. Political correctness has castrated the truth.

Alex De Koker and Michael Erasmus #fundie

Three ‘gay and effeminate’ teens have died after being starved, tortured and killed at a camp that promised to turn them into 'men'.

A picture of Raymond Buys, 15, taken in April 2011 showed a skeletal, emaciated figure fighting for his life.

Just 10 weeks before, the teen’s parents signed him up to the Echo Wild Game Rangers training course in South Africa in perfect health.

In hospital, Buys was severely malnourished, dehydrated, his arm was broken in two places and there were burns and wounds all over his body. He lay in intensive care for four weeks until he died.

And now, the course ‘general’ Alex De Koker, 49, and employee Michael Erasmus, 20, are on trial for charges of murder, child abuse and neglect, along with two cases of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm in relation to Buys' death.

The teen’s death is alleged to have been the third among the Afrikaans children who attended the R22,000 ($2,400, €1,900) courses, which have been advertized since 2006.

‘I sent my son on this course to make him a better man, to give him a better future,’ Buys’ mother told The Daily Telegraph. ‘I trusted Alex De Koker with his life.’

Last week, the Vereeniging District Court heard the testimony of a boy who had shared a tent with Buys, the Daily Maverick reports.

Gerhard Oostuizen, 19, claims Buys was chained to his bed every night, was refused permission to visit the toilet and on one occasion was forced to eat his own faeces. He also said he would be beaten with planks, hosepipes and sticks when he failed to carry out manual labor tasks. Oostuizen alleged further he saw De Koker tied Buys to a chair naked with his head covered in a pillowcase, and would electrocute him with a stun gun.

Gender activist Melanie Nathan has said the three young men were all perceived as ‘gay and clearly effeminate’. In reference to ‘gay conversion camps’, Nathan writes: ‘With a little bit of digging [into the story], the gay reparative undertones start to emerge.’ Eric Calitz, 18, and Nicolaas Van Der Walt, 19, had both died after being enrolled at the Echo Wild Game Rangers camp four years earlier. When Calitz requested to leave, De Koker reportedly told him he ‘wasn’t a moffie [gay] and he would make a man out of him’. Calitz’s family was informed of his death via text message, saying he had died of a heart attack.

Afterwards, doctors said the cause of death was from a seizure, dehydration and found bleeding from the brain.

Van Der Walt was also claimed to have died from a heart attack, but doctors said he had appeared to have been choked with a seatbelt.

In 2009, De Koker was handed a suspended sentence over Calitz but escaped charges for the death of Van Der Walt, and the camp was allowed to continue.

Both De Koker and Erasmus have pleaded not guilty to the charges. The case continues.

Stanley Glanz #racist

Oklahoma jails might not be a racially sensitive place for inmates but apparently, it isn’t for employees of the jail either.

Courtroom testimony in Tulsa, Oklahoma Monday revealed that in 2011 African-American staff at the Tulsa County jail were called “n*gronoids” or “n*groids” by former Sheriff Stanley Glanz, who resigned in 2015, the Daily Beast reported. The revelation is part of a wrongful death suit for 37-year-old Army veteran Elliott Williams, who was paralyzed on the floor of his cell pleading for help for days.

Glanz explained that he didn’t consider the term to be offensive for black inmates because the FBI used the word to describe blacks in the 1960s or 1970s. Court documents allege staff would mark an “N” or a “W” next to inmates’ names to indicate if they were black or white. Tulsa County was forced to settle six lawsuits thanks to Glanz’s words, totalling $1 million in legal fees and settlement payments.

Dan Smolen, the attorney for Williams’ estate, noticed the “N” vs. “W” indication on a memo (PDF) that was sent in 2006. The letters appeared beside “M” or “F” to indicate gender. According to the Daily Beast, it was this memo that was the smoking gun for all of the discrimination suits Glanz and Tulsa County faced.

Deposition transcripts from 2015, quotes Smolen asking Glanz, “How long did the sheriff’s office use that coding system to refer to their African-American employees?”

“Yeah, I don’t know,” Glanz replied. He confessed that the “N” stood for n*gronoid and went on to say that he doesn’t think the indication “might be offensive to an American-American employee.” He later chalked it up to being “police lingo.”

The Williams trial began Feb. 22 before an all-white jury after one person of color was dismissed to handle a family emergency.

Correctional Healthcare Companies Inc. was named as part of the lawsuit but has already settled with the Williams estate. Glanz and current sheriff, Vic Regalado are still fighting the case.

Williams had no criminal record and was arrested during a mental breakdown in an Owasso, Oklahoma hotel room after his wife left him. He was charged with misdemeanor obstruction in October 2011. He complained for days that he couldn’t move or get to water or food trays in his cell. A nurse with Correctional Healthcare Companies Inc. examined Williams via video feed monitoring his cell and told investigators that Williams was “faking” it. He ultimately died of a broken neck and medical examiners ruled he was dehydrated at the time of his death.

The clinic staff came under fire just weeks before Williams was allegedly killed. The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties found there was a “prevailing attitude of indifference among the clinic staff” at the jail, according the Daily Beast cited.

Experts testified last week that Williams’ death would have been prevented with medical care.

Ibrahim Mat Zin "Raja Bomoh" #fundie

Raja Bomoh 'protects' Malaysia from North Korea

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia’s “Raja Bomoh Sedunia” has volunteered his services to assist the country in yet another time of need – this time to protect us from a North Korean nuclear attack.

A three-minute 18-second video of Ibrahim Mat Zin, who calls himself Raja Bomoh Sedunia Nujum VIP with the title of Datuk Mahaguru, conducting a ritual on a beach has gone viral.

The video features Ibrahim and three assistants ankle-deep in water with two coconuts, a pair of sticks used as binoculars, five bamboo cannons, a carpet, and a bowl of seawater.

Ibrahim, who is wearing a business suit, recites prayers throughout the ritual and then vehemently throws the coconuts into the water as it ends.

A cameraman can be seen in the background recording the entire session.

There is also a disclaimer in the video, saying that you are forbidden to conduct the ritual at home.

“This time, the ritual is to protect Malaysia from any threat or attack from other countries especially North Korea,” Ibrahim was quoted as saying in a Malay portal.

“Besides that, the ritual is also to soften the North Korean Supreme Leader’s heart so he will release the 11 Malaysians immediately and resolve this (Kim Jong-nam assassination) situation,” he added.

Explaining that the bamboo cannon is symbolic, he said the ritual is not to provoke any party but is a cautionary measure to ensure that the conflict will be resolved soon.

North Korea barred all Malaysians from leaving the hermit kingdom on March 7, after Malaysia expelled North Korean ambassador Kang Chol as a result of souring diplomatic ties after the assassination of Jong-nam.

Two Malaysians who are employees of the United Nations World Food Programme were allowed to leave the country on Thursday, leaving nine others still stranded there.

A controversial figure, Ibrahim first made headlines in March 2014 when he conducted two rituals at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to supposedly locate the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight.

Eric Deron and three pals #fundie

Three men and a woman are accused of tying up the Cameroonian teenager in the position of Christ on the cross and keeping her bound to a mattress for seven days in the belief that her body had been possessed by the devil.

The four, including the victim's former boyfriend, were charged with kidnapping, acts of torture and barbarism.

When police discovered the woman at a housing estate in Grigny in the southern Paris suburbs, she was emaciated, dehydrated, in a state of shock and showed signs of having been beaten.

The victim later testified that her captors had kept her alive by feeding her small amounts of oil and water.

Her former boyfriend, Eric Deron, is accused of being the instigator of the assault and, according to prosecutors, had delusions of being a sort of prophet on a divine mission.

According to statements made by the accused, the exorcism was organised after the victim allegedly leaped on Deron whilst babbling incomprehensibly, an attack he took as evidence she had been possessed by the devil.

Michael Johns #conspiracy

First and foremost, the “Gypsy Curse,” as it is commonly referred to, should not be confused with the typical religious hex, especially in reference to Judeo-Christianity, Islam, Freemasonry, Wicca, and Voodoo. A religious hexing, often called a ‘curse’ or ‘hex’, involves the binding of a damned spirit given free reign over one specific sphere of influence on a living host.

A Gypsy Curse differs significantly in that it does not involve spiritual encumbrance on the recipient. Rather, a gypsy curse (which, it is worth noting, is not limited only to “gypsies”) is a transference of negative psychokinetic energy from the caster. It is a common skill associated with anyone possessing paranormal psychic abilities, including telekinesis, psychometry, or telepathy.

Psychokinetic Transference is a method by which the psychically endowed can focus a pattern negative energy from their mind to that of a recipient. In many cases, it realigns the recipient’s thought and perception to filter any thoughts that contradict the transmitted pattern. A key example is the recorded 1823 curse of one Cpl. Owen P. Samuels, wherein he refused to give water to a thirsting Romani. He was then ‘cursed’ to remain in thirst forever. Samuels eventually died of dehydration. Interviews with his peers indicated that, in his final weeks, Samuels would refuse any drink with meals, and would become agitated if served any sort of beverage. The gypsy curse forced him to reject a basic biological need for water, resulting in death.

Relation to Gypsies

Because these abilities are bound to specific genetic markers, they may follow a certain lineage. Because the early Romani tribes were frequently isolated from other ethnic groups, a certain amount of inbreeding served to amplify and replicate their psychic genetics, and the skill of psychokinetic transference was passed from generation to generation. While they possess other abilities, the sad reality is that most Romani gypsies have not learned to harness any of them due to a lack of awareness. The use of a gypsy curse to ‘reverse’ a person’s fortune is an entirely cultural construct, as psychokinetic transferences can realign a recipient to any sort of suggestion.

Spiritual Effects

The gypsy curse is, in and of itself, not responsible for any direct contact with the spirit world. However, because it requires a significant amount of paranormal psychokinetic energy to cast, it will attract the attention of any spirits with an affiliation with the recipient. This may manifest as something as benign as ‘dreams’ from past loved ones, or may invite the attentions of malicious poltergeists who merely happened to be in the vicinity. As a result, many gypsy curses will appear to be accompanied by paranormal phenomenon. It is important to note this this is incidental and not a direct symptom of psychokinetic transference.


Psychokinetic realignments are challenging to reverse. They can not be reversed by the recipient, as their own mind will prevent them from thinking or behaving in any way that counteracts the “curse.” The easiest way to reverse the effects is to reconcile with the person responsible for casting it, though this is extremely rare. The Romani culture does not pass instruction on removing a curse, so it is unlikely the transmitting party will even know that the curse can be reversed, let alone how to go about it. Many psychics will be able to remove the curse, provided they know the specific pattern that was imprinted in the recipient’s mind. As a result, only parts of a curse can be reversed while some portions will linger indefinitely. In some cases, a trained psychic has been able to create a pattern that can either circumvent or contradict a ‘curse’ well enough to make the victim either comfortable with their situation, or simply unaware of it. However, many who have been treated in this manner have eventually succumbed to madness, likely induced from involuntary cognitive dissonance regarding basic biological functions. In some rare cases, victims who have suffered from severe head trauma, stroke, and aneurysm have exhibited reduced or altogether elimination of the effects of their “curse.” However, these incidents may themselves be the end result of said curse – unfortunately the subjects had no recollection of what their curse was.

ADAMANT #racist

Without question, any reasonably well-read, unbiased induvidual would be very hard pressed to not list Hitler as the most reasonable, and trustworthy of the major WW2 leaders. The "Big Three" were liars amongst themselves let alone to Hitler. Hitler had more honor than all three combined and was, indeed a man of his word. In my opinion Roosevelt was even larger filth than Stalin, as Stalin at least didn't pretend. Churchill did whatever was expedient for the moment. In the end the jews write the story and the magnitude to which Hitlers name is sullied is the mark of his HONOR.

Griff #fundie

Nothing pure and clean about Jewry’s Sadist virus.

These pathological bacterium, will get punished for pushing vile culture. As anti-Christs they only care for their material life on earth and have no regard for judgement after death.

America is beyond Weimar’s disgusting cabaret homo backwaters. The Jews, in addition to deviant agendas, also insist on the legality of bestiality and mass porn distribution.

How dare they even meddle with pure Christian values. Now Obama, a Homo and Jew puppet himself wants to install the Kosher run FCC into already corrupt Media outlets.

What? MR. Obgono and his Orwell Jew Masters want make sure no nuance of info that goes against their narrative gets out. Expect more Jew bought Whores like Cyrus and others, to further sully our women, country and once clean churches.

NOT ME! This is what I say to them, “If you ever try to stifle my noble Christian values and rights as an American, you can go to hell and enjoy depravity and homosexual filth from Satan.”

Haeddre #fundie

[Fundies have been reacting to the news that Michigan has overturned its gay marriage ban.]

This is yet another state that has overturned the decision of the voters. How is this even lawful? The people vote, and that should be the final say. But voting is just a joke now. We, the people, are made to think we have a choice in the voting booth, but I don't believe we do. It's all a big charade. Bribery and fraud have sullied one of the only ways that we have to demonstrate our power and voice. The government once worked for us. Now, we are slaves to the government, with rights that are continuously taken away from us.

Whoever the demon prince is of the United States—let's call him Sam, but he prefers us to say "Uncle"—he's doing an amazing job of spreading the disease of lawlessness throughout our three branches of government. They're all his muppets, and every time I see one of them selling snake oil on TV with their brittle smiles and false words and monstrous arrogance, I want to be sick. Nancy Pelosi is a perfect example.

SLE #fundie

This post is very interesting to me, as I’ve had the same experience that others here, including Squire Western, have shared. Just last month, I had a 6:00 a.m. flight from Rochester, New York to Charlotte, North Carolina. While I waited at the gate, I saw two attractive young ladies dressed in pilot’s uniforms approach the counter. I was surprised at how young they seemed, and I could not take seriously the notion of them as pilots. I had seen female pilots before, but only as co-pilots, or otherwise teamed with men. As I was already anxious about the icy weather and wanted to get home, I felt relief when they turned away and headed toward another gate. I was filled with the sense of how silly it was to see these two, dressed like men with shirt and tie, pilot’s caps, lesser facsimiles of the real thing. I hearkened back to a flight long ago when I was 13, and a pilot named Captain Doubleday, whose voice came over the intercom: stern, masculine, an air of experience, yet friendly; a serious man in a serious line of work. This was comforting to a young boy who admired that captain to the point of remembering his name to this day.
When I boarded the plane about 45 minutes later, my concern renewed as I saw the two girls in the cockpit of my plane. It was a cold morning that required a de-icing treatment to the plane, and when the “captain” announced our take-off delay in her soft, elvish, girlish voice, I felt a wave of panic. Although I had awakened very early that morning with only around three hours of sleep due to a late company “Holiday” party (the holiday of course being CHRISTMAS), I did not sleep a wink during my two-hour plus flight back to Charlotte. I constantly worried, “What if there’s an emergency? How will these girls respond? Will they be able to pull a Sully Sullenberger move with his stern, calm, decisive resolve and save us if necessary? Where did they get their training? Why do both pilots have to be women? What the heck is going on here?!?” And how silly it seemed again after take-off, when the co-pilot’s voice came on in affected male “pilot” tones and inflection to make the typical announcements of flight time, weather, “enjoy the flight,” etc. I was petrified until the plane landed and my feet were on the ground.

Did they fly the plane? Yes. Did we make it in one piece? Yes. But as others have articulated, it’s not about that. It’s about an intangible sense that this just isn’t right. And among all the other concerns I have as a single father in this degenerating country, I continue to notice the upside-down world my boys will grow up in. Aging men in their fifties or obvious homosexuals are now my “flight attendant,” not stewardess, providing no genuine feminine care and comfort to weary travelers, and sexy little girls are my “captain” and co-pilot. Let me off this ride.

Jack #fundie

public backlash against the discovery that theropods were feathered isnt just anti science like lmao of course its misogynistic

birds are seen of as feminine and a metaphor for women. sparrow, songbird, dove, little bird, feathers go on womens clothes, eat like a bird, harpy/harping, etc.

reptiles are masculine because theyre “primitive” and violent, snakeskin boots, crocodile tooth hats, etc. an alligator purse is a gender subversive article of clothing for women, or at least one that suggests an unusual demand for power/notice.

dinosaurs are cool “monsters” with a hypermasculine culture around them (not in small part thanks to the hypermasculine paleontological and film industries) and to be confronted with the idea that they may have been more bird than reptile, or even a little visibly avian, is an affront the masculinity reptiles and large toothy carnivores are supposed to represent. people arent mad about raptors with feathers because theyll “look dumb.” they think the feathers will look dumb because they have a feminine connotation. theres a fear dinosaurs will be “corrupted” by traditionally girly shit. the public finds it insulting. the binary forces genders onto every symbol available and cant stand when the unnatural division is challenged by nature.

tl;dr if you think dinosaurs dont look cool with feathers it’s because you hate women

Hans Fiene #fundie

[Part of an editorial discussing the hastily-canceled funeral of Vanessa Collier]

If you are a person of faith who would like to have a religious funeral in a church, it’s important to consider whether the faith in your heart is compatible with the faith taught within the walls of the building you’ve selected. No matter how beautiful you may find a sanctuary, the people who built that sanctuary and regularly gather in it probably find their doctrine even more beautiful and won’t want to see it sullied by a funeral that insists God has spoken words they believe He didn’t.

So if you want to have a funeral that says God approved of your gay marriage in a church that says God rejects gay marriage, you should probably keep looking for another venue. It shouldn’t be too hard to find one that will prevent your nephew Kaden from threatening to glitter-bomb a Romans 1-confessing pastor 20 minutes into your wake. After all, plenty of churches would love to celebrate the aspects of your life that orthodox Christianity won’t. In fact, this is pretty much the only reason Unitarians exist. So don’t hesitate to give them a call and set things up if that’s the group of believers who believe most similarly to you.


IMHO the US became a lot bolder and less accountable when 7-11's opened back in the 1960's. We could shop or pump our own gas (for the first time) from 7:00 am until 11:00 pm. Even mainstream stores like Safeway had closing and opening times. Hmmmmm, let's see......that was about the time that youth began to rebel and disrespect the "old ways" of their parents.
More time to buy things to get in trouble (alcohol, etc.). Forty years later - what an enormous backlash on society.

Just my opinion......

drkresearch #conspiracy

What an inane hoax it is, this claim of a real shooting in Fresno, California, where, purportedly, 3 to 4 people were shot dead. The hoaxers are there in force, including the men with the long guns, along with, also, ambulances in places which make no sense, just as in all the other fakes and arch-frauds:

Despite the rapid-fire nature of the (fake) shooting, no matter, the ATF is on the scene, and there is plenty of bottled water about to prevent the only real danger on-site, that of dehydration:

Incredibly, it is said that the man actually went on a shooting spree in some four places, and that all the firing occurred in merely a few minutes or less, an impossible feat. All these shooting sprees, regardless, are fakes and arch-scams.

Yet, it is said that the above represents “Sites of four fatal shootings by suspect Kori Ali Muhammad.”

The Super-Human (fake) shooter strikes, again. It’s always the same, no change. There is no way this individual could have achieved all that shooting in such a short period of time. Then, again, while doing so, he had plenty of time to should Arabic epithets, including the infamous ‘Ali-Akbar,’ to quote the pronunciation of the police chief.

What about when he was arrested? Does this look like a legitimate arrest scene, the known thugs of Fresno, that is known for committing police brutality: really, they are going to arrest the shooter, standing up like this? No one finds this plausible. It’s just one cop, while the other directs traffic?

Unknown incel #sexist

Soon to be homelesscel. Need some tips and advices.

NEET here. Whelp, it finally happened. I fucked up good and my dad is throwing me out.

I told my sister I was suicidal and she started asking me lots of questions and freaking out and saying she was going to tell mom. And I started panicking. Then my mom got home and my sister told her I was suicidcal and so she and my sister came to my room and we were all screaming at each other.

I don't know what the fuck happened. I don't know why I said this. I fucking confessed to being incel. Full on. I told them everything. And then I told them the reason I'm suicidal is because I'm a virgin and if you really don't want me to kill myself then fuck me now.

Up to that point we were screaming at each other and getting nastier and meaner. But when I said that it was like a screeching record. Straight to silence. My mom and sis looking at me with a combination of utterly profound disgust as well as deep concern. It was the worst look ever.

They told my dad and my dad came into my room and told me he was done with my shit. He said I'm out. I can either get a job or sleep in a box. I think he thinks I'm lazy and that's why I don't work.

Unfortunately, I am avoidant. So... yeah. Tomorrow I leave with the clothing on my back and as much of my stuff as fits in my backpack.


Edit: I think I'm going to retardcel my way into a mental hospital. This is legit my only hope of survival.

Edit 2: This is it, boyos. My sister cried all night and she won't come out of her room and talk to me. My dad forced me out the door and he told me I wasn't welcome back until I start taking care of myself. LOL. Whelp, it was a good run. I'm going to stay at the library during the day. I haven't figured out where to sleep yet but something will come to me.

Let this be a lesson. Never, ever, no matter WHAT beg your mother and sister for sex. Despite what you might think, it probably will not go well.

Peace, brocels. It's been real.

ssoppy #conspiracy

Denmark Shooting *crisis* actors and FALSE FLAG


People are tards. The news this weekend had crisis actors are false flags written all over it. SUPPOSEDLY there was a BIG shooting, well why has there been ZERO eye witnesses to these events, no interviews, no blkogs, etc.....HMMMMM....guess what we saw in news reports were once again crisis actors and was a flase flag to rally WAR SUPPORT to wage war in the middle east for OIL and resources...

I have seen some stage events that were done very very well.... this bullshit was so clearly staged a retard could tell.....they are getting sloppy....

Galactic Federation #conspiracy

I am Iris. I am a Mermaid. My words reach you through a channel chosen by me in order to communicate with our brethren from the surface.

I take long walks along some of your coasts, to feel the air that you breath going in and out of my lungs, just like you normally breathe. We can breathe air, but you cannot breathe underneath the water.

The Mermaids are capable of staying for a prolonged period out of the security provided by our seas, but when the sun dries our skin too much, we can suffer from a dangerous dehydration if we do not quickly wet our skin. That’s why we normally walk on the rocks and cliffs of the mainland during the night time hours, when the sun doesn’t shine and dry our bodies. It also helps us go more unnoticed by you, for at that time everybody sleeps.

We know that many among you, well, the majority, would treat us well; but there are still some in your surface world that would capture us to study our physical bodies or to exhibit us in aquariums, like they do with many marine and oceanic species. We would become strange creatures that people would pay to see. They would not care if we lost our freedom, if our captivity would satisfy the curiosity of your scientists or provide revenue to your aquariums.

The incomprehension and egotistical interest amongst some of you is what prevents us from getting to know each other openly, and for the two races (the submarine and the terrestrial) to become friends. That is exactly the same reason why our brethren from the Stars has not contacted anyone of the surface yet.

But they have done so with us; and in fact, we visit them frequently in their transoceanic bases each time we go by their “scientific” emplacements. They are very loving beings who receive us and look after us with much love, a profound respect and with much joy. They open for us their enormous domes so that we can come in and talk with them. They are travelers from other worlds, and even other dimensions, and they are used to contacting beings of all kinds.

The day that your world changes and you open the communication with beings that are different from you, then you will be able to contact our brethren from Space and also us.

Until then, we await that moment. Meanwhile, we will have to be satisfied with communicating with you through those who already have such talent, who have been born with a mission to become intermediaries, even in a hostile and distrustful world towards those who are not like them.

David J. Stewart #fundie

This is an important lesson for parents. God often doesn't answer our prayers right away to test us, humble us, chastise us, and teach us. God didn't just give food and water to the Jews. God waited until they were thirsty to the point of dehydration. God withheld food until they felt that they were starving. God tested them, to see how they'd react when the going got tough. Instead of trusting and thanking God, they complained and rebelled. They failed the tests God gave them. So God had to chastise them repeatedly. This is exactly the way God operates still today. People get angry and rebel against God because God makes them wait, forces them to trust Him, and doesn't spoil them. There is much to be learned from all this as parents.