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Homo-Erectuss #sexist

[UNPOPULAR OPINION] Incels don't need to get a gf or to "ascend", they need a healthy lifestyle structure to fill in the social gaps and improve their mental health

IMO, there is no such thing as "ascending". Women in 2019 DO NOT love you and never will, they don't even love chads now a days. They wont be loyal, they wont not cheat, they will still fish for attention with half naked pics on Instagram for chads. This is why we say AWALT, when you have the scientific blackpilled understanding of sexuality and dating you will understand how hypergamy and social media/tinder/societal expectations of promiscuity all coincide to create a population of people who get unlimited attention and sex with all the mental consequences of such (daddy issues, arrogance, snobbery, hating low value men, etc). Fact is that dating any of these women long term is a terrible idea, as you are and will always be a low value male to some extent. If you do manage to "ascend" your gf will either demand to open up the relationship, or cheat on you, or monkey branch off you to the next guy. There is no winning in America in 2019.

Instead, IMO, we need healthy structure in life that can improve our mental health and well being, all while understanding our place in society and the course of a society that chooses to go down this path. A lot of people here will say "just rope" but I disagree. We are human animals, survival is in our instinct, and i'm gonna assume a majority of people here don't want to kill themselves and want to see their lives improved. The specifics of such is up to you, but over the past two years I basically dedicated myself to improving my mental health and my life in general. I moved to a bigger city with a lot of job opportunities after college, I got a decent job with flexible work hours (it pays ok but I'd much rather have more free time than more money). I have a close knit group of friends who are nerds just like me, and i'm in the best shape ive ever been.

And Im still an incel virgin, and I still struggle with loneliness and wanting romance sometimes. Im obviously not trying to brag or trying to say that doing these things will make your life complete, just that itll make it better. That feeling will always come about. But whats the alternative? Is it to go MGTOW (and cope into thinking that eating shitty food and "your going your own way" rather than mstow)? Is it to marry a chad widowed roastie who will divorce you and take your shit? Is it to become a soyboy and be the cuck in a relationship? What is it? If you would rather kill yourself, it is ultimately your life there is nothing I can do about it but for the 90% who would rather survive I implore you to atleast try to live an alternative lifestyle (and by that i mean don't wageslave 40 hrs a week every week for a job u hate) and bring some positive elements into your life so that you (mostly) don't need women.

Dating a female in 2019 will not fix your problems and will in fact create more.

Also, if your interested in this type of thinking check out r/the_graypill if your blackpilled but not nihilistic or autistic about it like on

AutisticSubhuman #fundie

16 is the age where most girls truly peak. Let's take off our "cultural acceptability" goggles and face the facts. Some girls can handle the decline afterwards to varying degrees of success, but none can ever match that aura of innocence, purity and fertility they have in their mid teens. Their voices are high, their faces bright and free of wrinkles, their bodies tight yet supple and abundant with estrogen, their pussies are pure and untouched.

If you didn't experience your gf's prime years - her mid-teens, then you lost, and if you marry her you're no better than a cuck. Plain and simple. What truly hurts about inceldom is that even if we were to escape it, the best we could get is a early-mid 20s GF that has a pussy that's worn out and loosened up by the college cock carousel, a body that's starting to sag and fatten, a voice that's harsh and naggy from her constant demands, and a face that has lost its childlike glow and is now beset by wrinkles, blemishes and nasolabial folds. We've already lost the game because we didn't take the virginity of a 16 year old. There's nothing left but despair.

caamib #sexist

This is the brief story of my second gf and her silly, irrational actions. Bear in mind, she is likely my best female friend today.

1.I meet her on a dating site. She just broke up with her boyfriend. I'm still a virgin at the time and she's very uninterested in meeting, wasting our time in fruitless bs talks about nothing.
2.I lose my virginity with some slut and tell this to her. She
a) immediately goes back to her ex AND b)immediately wants a meeting with me
3.We meet and she wants me, not her bf
4.She breaks up with her bf and says she wants to be with me
5.She meets me the second time after this. But now I'm no longer interesting to her. Now she blocks me on Fb.
6.She wants to get back to her "bf", he doesn't want her back.
7.Three months pass. She contacts me again, asking me to solve some fucking problem of hers. I decline and block her on Facebook. She then sends me an SMS, offering sex.
8.She tries to torture me by making up excuses to "give up" on sex and then offering it again ( she later, when we were already in a relationship, admitted these were all fake "changes of mind").
9.I finally snap and post her pic on my blog. She then finally agrees to really have sex with me - under the condition that I no longer contact her.
10.We have sex and I no longer contact her. But she contacts me. (EDIT - some of the insaner manginas online used to claim she did so because she was afraid I'd "blackmail" her again. However, that's just insanity by manginas, since when we stopped contacting I had no more pics of her. When she contacted me again I was BACK ON HER FRIEND LIST AND COULD SEE ALL HER PICS AGAIN). So we start a relationship.
11.Our relationship is a joke and she is a crazy woman.
12.We finally, after about a month and a half, see it's not working and break it off.
13.She briefly goes back to her previous "bf" who fucks her once but then dumps him as well.
14.After some months of me doing other stuff we get back in contact and are friends now. She's a lesbian now. She destroys her relationship with some woman.
Still, in summer of 2014 she start dating one of my best friends but dumps him after a week or two, before they even had sex, because she now finally decided to be a full lesbian.
15.In early 2015 she has such a fight with her schizophrenic mother that she has to come to my place, which I don't want to allow her without fucking me. She does and is angry about it for some time, making a fuss over nothing, but eventually we go on being friends like nothing happened. After all, by that time connections are too strong and we share even some financial interests, along with co-operation in various areas. We depend on each other too much in any case. This helps mend any conflicts but the fact is also that we're by now used to each other and share some common traits - it's not like hate each other but have to tolerate each other. I like her as a person and we share a history.


modern Western women are completely insane. It's a waste of time to try and find logic in the actions. What they do is often as random as throwing a dice. So don't expect anything, especially anything good.

actual full lesbians don't exist

women in general base their appreciation of a man on how successful he is in attracting other women - how this is achieved and his objective qualities are irrelevant. You can be a smelly rapist with an IQ of 70, she will like you more than a virgin with an IQ of 170.

consent is a nonsensical concept in modern society. It's a word that is used to protect female chastity and husband's property, not ignoring the whims of some slut. Modern Western women will hate you if you think about consent. You need to show you have a spine and fuck them regardless of their stupid whims, or they won't respect you.

Relationships in the modern Western world are a joke. Your "gf's" or "wife's" pussy is everybody else's as well as "yours" - and laws are made that way too. There is basically nothing a husband or a boyfriend can do about a cheating wife and pathetic cucks will always protect these sluts. So have no qualms about fucking other men's wives or girlfriends in the West - if you won't somebody else will. Besides, the guy they claim to be with is doing the same to other men's "gf's" and "wives". Expect absolutely no fidelity of any "gf" you will have in a feminist culture - it's like expecting a cat to not eat that steak when you leave the cat with it in a room to go grocery shopping. Fidelity is achieved in a sane patriarchal culture by marrying women off as virgins, making being a slut an undesirable trait and not allowing any feminist laws. In the Western culture your "gf's" or "wives" pussy is E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y'S and she is not fit to be a caring wife and a mother. You will be raising some retard's children, not your own.

Peter Emmy #fundie

What many do yet know is that McDonald’s officially supports the ungay and lesbian lifestyle, and gave $20,000 to the so-called Gay and Lesbian C. of C.
The queers want to grab off the children, something that they can’t produce themselves on purpose, and Ronald McDonald is going to help.
It is not a family business anymore. Why would anyone want to take their family members there from now on? Ronald M. is now putting the kids at risk for a lethal lifestyle, what with hiv viruses and Aids. I will never go there again.
There is always Wendy’s, Burger King, What-A-Burger and Carl’s Jr.

BenBerger #sexist #crackpot

[Serious] [Economics Blackpill] Price, Value and Hypergamy

The field of hypergamy and its impact on civilization is a well-trodden and rich field, but I would like to add another perspective on that - the price vs value perspective.

Nature made us different and significantly lowered the value of the male in relation to the female. The fundamental value of men to women can perhaps be calculated as the ratio between the total number of sperm cells to the total number of egg cells in a given place/country. As you understand due to the abundance of sperm cells their number is just 10 millionth the price of an egg cell. Nature made the man WORTHLESS in relation to the female.

In fact, civilization could rise ONLY AFTER the Sexual Marketplace has become regulated. Namely, regulation of the Sexual Marketplace and control of hypergamy is a PRECONDITION to civilization and not its consequence. At the same time, no civilization can exist with too high levels of hypergamy. Women promiscuity destroys civilization since men lose the incentive to do work hard to maintain the fruits of their toil - which in turn constitute what civilization is.


On the left side, hypergamy is restrained - this is civilization. On the right side, there is barbarism and degeneracy.

On the Left, almost every male has an incentive to work hard and increase his Factor 2 value because he knows that it will pay off and he will get a woman. As a result, men invest, save, create, and invent - civilization is flourishing.

On the right side is hypergamy unchecked. Men understand that they will not get a woman so they have no incentive to work, study and invest - the factor 2 value is plummeting. Civilization is deteriorating: technological progress is slower, interest rates are low, consumerism, etc...

Hypergamy lowers the incentives to increase the fundamental male value (factor 2 component of value) and as a result, civilization is gradually being destroyed from inside.

To sum up… Being ugly is a crime against nature. But luckily we are not in nature, we are in civilization. And if we assume that we are in a civilization what should be important is not our looks but our ability to create, invent or simply be productive members of the society. If none of these holds then it is not a civilization. And to my understanding, the west is no longer a civilization.

Helmholtz Watson #fundie

A California Senate committee today advanced SB 1172, a bill that would help protect citizens from harmful, ineffective ex-gay therapy. The law does not outright ban all ex-gay therapy, but it does prohibit anyone under the age of 18 from undergoing sexual orientation change efforts. It also requires that any prospective patient sign an informed consent form that includes the following disclaimer:

"Having a lesbian, gay, or bisexual sexual orientation is not a mental disorder. There is no scientific evidence that any types of therapies are effective in changing a person's sexual orientation. Sexual orientation change efforts can be harmful. The risks include, but are not limited to, depression, anxiety, and self-destructive behavior.

Medical and mental health associations that oppose the use of sexual orientation change efforts include the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the National Association of Social Workers, the American Counseling Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy." [/qupte]

Against this, if a gay christian teen wants to pursue this, then that's their choice, not the governments. If California is ok with snake oils like healing crystals(as somebody already pointed out), then I see no reason to not allow people to pursue other kinds of snake oils(like pray the gay away).

but it's not their choice, it's a choice parents are making for them. that's why the law is specifically aimed at legal minors.

Like I said, if gay christian teenagers want to pursue pray-the-gay-away places let them. If the teenager makes the choice, why can't they pursue it

Because ex-gay-therapy does not work.

Because there is no way to prove that it is the teenager's choice and not their parents forcing them to do it.

Because it is inherrently harmful to the teenager's metal health.

If they want it, they can wait until their 18 to undertake it. There's a laundry list of treatments, "Treatments", procedures, and other such things you can't legally do as a teenager

You didn't read my post did you? I said the "therapy" was a snake oil. As for consent, how do I know that a teenager likes the a certain kind of music, or likes a certain kind of fashion and it isn't their parents forcing them? Simple, I ask them if that is what they want. If a kid can operate a machine that can kill multiple(a car), they can choose to go to a pray-the-gay-away place.

I'll be honest and say that I don't know how you would make sure its their choice.

Again, if it can be shown that the teen has chosen to go through with this therapy, they should be allowed to go through with it. If the state is so concerned with people doing things that harm them, why are people allowed to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or each cheese burgers?

Alcohol, cigarettes and cheese burgers are legal. Although in Norway these things are not legal for teens save your "cheese burger". Where did that come from?

Which part of harmful practice are you not getting? I am pretty sure they didn't sit down one day and said! "Lets ban this". There is research behind this and they conclude that this is not healthy practice. Google up on teen gay suicides to get a picture of what it is about. The teenage mind is a fragile thing that should not be messed with by religious nut jobs playing at being Sigmund Freud. They have no business telling kinds they are not normal for being what they are.

So then if this form of "therapy" is harmful, why allow anybody to take it? If it really is to help people, then why only prevent teens from taking it? Which goes back to my point about cigarettes, alcohol and cheese burgers. If the state is just trying to look out for the health of its citizens, then why are the other things I mentioned allowed to be consumed by the general public?

As has been pointed out, alcohol and tobacco are prohibited to minors. Should they not be?

My point was that if the therapy is harmful, then why is allowed when a person becomes a adult? If the state is trying to prevent people from harming themselves, shouldn't they care about adults as much as they do children(both are people and both are citizens)? And if they do try to pass a bill to ban this "therapy" for adults, then why not ban other things that harm adults like alcohol, cigarettes and cheese burgers?

FACEandLMS #fundie

The blackpill ruined me: I wouldn't feel happy with a gf that I find attractive cuz the looks-disparity would mean I am not worthy of her


I talk to a Tyronelite-lite at the gym. He has this Nordic girl who hangs around him. If you remember, she's the one who hugged everyone except me one time. Anyway, I had one of those bluepilled-coping thoughts again today of me dating her. I dunno why I would have that intrusive thought. I wouldn't dream of coming onto her. I'm too ugly for her and she has so many options.

Anyway, off the back of this thought I thought:

"Back when I was redpilled and knew how much looks mattered, I still hoped I would luck out with a decent-looking chubby gf, esp if I gymcelled. But now that I am more blackpilled, I wouldn't actually feel happy with a gf that I find attractive cuz I am too acutely aware of the looks-disparity that there would be between me and a girl that could loosely be described as attractive. I would be painfully aware that I am the low-SMV half of the relationship. I would not feel worthy of her and it would show, which would speed up our demise. I would be paranoid that she would be cucking me everytime she left my sight. I would be waiting for the phonecall where she said: "I think we need to have a break". I would know that I am on thin ice until the ice breaks. I would be aware that every guy she comes into contact with MOGS me into oblivion."

So even if you were to get a gf, you wouldn't feel relief even then.

It's [hanged pepe smiley].

iblamemyself #sexist #psycho

Does anyone else avoid any moral responsibility with the excuse of being a man? (or an incelman?)

Like... even before the blackpill I kind of already swallowed and digested the male disposability pill. When faced with a moral dilemma, I always thought to myself man, why should I interfere?
What I'm trying to get at is that foids have some kind of unique power. I call it pussy power. They could contribute so much to any social environment or to any social situation. I am disposable, and I have embraced my disposabilty and freed myself from moral obligations.

Like, if some guy is lonely and depressed, a foid could easily save him by becoming his gf or even his friend, some guys dig that. I feel like I can't help, I'm a fucking man, man! He might even get offended from my attempts to cheer him up!

Or when some group of people, ex-classmates for example, are breaking apart. I think a foid with some communication and flirting skills could convince around 80% of guys and girls to meet up again. I can't do that. Fuck that stuck-in-the-past loser, is what whiggers would say. Foids would get offended. Don't assume popularity and don't make a move on us, you creeeeeep!

Or some girl is lonely. Why the heck should I help out? First of all, she can cuck-friendzone any cuck off of tinder. And, these creatures have in-group preference. There will be another cunt coming along soon to save that lonely bitch! What am I supposed to do?

Or why would I be friends with a teacher? Imagine a 8/10 cute foid would admire her teacher, get a bunch of As and would, in all her public speeches, mention how great her teacher was and how much he helped and inspired her. That teacher's life would be complete. He would take selfies with her and keep in touch with her forever. I can't provide that experience for a teacher. Wtf is that gay ass whigger's obsession with me? I just do my fucking job, you funny looking dick. Get yer degree and fuck off, fag.

The list goes on and on. You can write your own if you want to.

FoidsDeserveCancer #fundie

Teenagecels Should Be Honored, Not Cast Away

I find it very silly when I see comments, especially aimed at the user Sadness saying "you're only 16 this place is terrible for you, this will be the reason you are incel" or "you're too young, you could ascend!". I find comments like those very illogical and harmful to the incel community for a variety of reasons. I will list them.

1. The fact that people are recognizing the true nature of genetic determinism, hypergamy, foid psychology, and the 80/20 rule at such a young age shows how intelligent they are. IT criticizes us a lot for manipulating the youth and "brainwashing" them with incel rethoric. We never did that. Sadness discovered this place by himself and is very intelligent to figure out at his age that looks are the overwelmingly primary factor he is in the state he's in.

2. Mental state, psychology, and your """"attitude"""" do not have an impact on your life. The idea that this place could somehow ruin a future Chad is absolute non-sense. If someone was raised from birth with incel logic, hit puberty and became a Chad, their life would become just as normal (better than normal) as any other person. Your beliefs, attitudes, and personal philosophy mean nothing in a world that is skin-deep.

3. Even if we are screwing people over with a terrible """"attitude"""" and ensuring possible normie/Chads never become normal and descend into inceldom, that is a GOOD THING. We should not want more normies and Chads living happy lives, we should want more people falling into inceldom to suffer with us. Why should we celebrate the fact that a teenager gets to grow up and have the life we never did? We should hope he remains an incel for life.

CopeWithTheRope #sexist

[Blackpill] Foid manager openly has hiring preference based on height.

So, I've been training in on a new job. First of all, working at a hospital is suicidefuel in itself. No explanation needed here. Anyways, the guy training me last night let let me know more about our manager; a foid in her mid 30s and still relatively attractive. He said she has admitted to hiring mostly tall men because she's "fascinated" by them, aka she wants to get fucked by these physically dom men in the doc lounge. Also he said that she probably hires shorter men so it's not obvious of her personal fetish. This said colleague is 6'5", wide frame, decent face and has a gf; a total normie. I'm a manlet, mind you. It all made sense, all the men in my dept. are tall, dom-looking males. She's literally openly discriminating against manlets.

This is exactly why foids should NEVER be in management at ANY job. It's not about the collective health and growth of the company they work for. Foids, if they can control it, only want to be surrounded by Chads and real "men", not little manlets. I'm glad I've received this tidbit, because I now know to really watch what I do from here on out. Last thing I need is to be the scapegoat because of my height.

Brutal blackpill for manlets, you'll always be under much more scrutiny because of something you can't control. It's over.

Carolina Ford #fundie

HONEA PATH, S.C. (WBTV) - Buy a vehicle at Carolina Ford, get a free Bible - and an AR-15.

The South Carolina dealership posted their “latest greatest” promotion on Facebook last week, saying the deal is good through November.

“For the months of October and November, Carolina ford will be giving away a Bible, an American Flag and a Smith & Wesson AR with every vehicle purchased!!!!” Carolina Fords posted. “So if you have been waiting for a great deal on a new or pre-owned vehicle then now is the time to jump on it.”

The IndexJournal reports customers will get a $400 voucher for the purchase of a Smith & Wesson AR-15 from Locked-N-Loaded in Abbeville, as opposed to receiving the rifle on site. The gun shop runs background checks, according to WHNS.

In one post, a man is seen holding up part of an American flag while another man stands holding a Bible in one hand and a gun in the other.

“Love this promo! And a good reason to buy another Ford truck,” one person commented.

“Can’t wait for the lawsuits when your company is held liable for a shooting!” wrote another.

The dealership says those interested in the promotion may call (864) 369-7376.

OverBeforeItBegan & FidelCashflow #sexist #pedo

RE: [SuicideFuel] Ultimate suicidefuel for those that didnt experience teen love.


This is real suicidefuel. Missing out on a female in her prime. I always laugh at incels who cry about not being able to find a wife and make her shit out kids.
A wife is guaranteed to be old and used by other men. A prime teen virgin gf is not.


I dont understand these fags that's dream is to marry some girl and live happily ever after. My ideal life would be to fuck around with tons of girls and then marry some younger female when I'm in my late 40's. But sadly I'm a subhuman so this was never an option

Novaseeker #fundie

"We don’t reward, respect or honour hard-working young men, especially those excelling in mathematics, engineering or science – fields that will produce long-term solutions in a world of increasing complexity. Moreover, we shut them out of schools and trades due to gender selection, shut them out of university with financial signals, shut them out of sex and marriage because the ‘hawt guy’ is cooler and ‘less boring’. Then we wonder why, at the statistically extreme end of the Bell curve, we get violent misfits!"

The thing is that you CAN’T avoid doing this without keeping women down, deliberately. If the favoritism in favor of women were eliminated, it would certainly help, but the key issue driving this is the reproductive and financial independence of women from men. When that happens, women choose thug, because they always wanted thug, and now they CAN choose thug, because they do not need a decent man for money or kids. Hypergamy is wired in, but was checked by financial need and reproductive fate. Today, neither applies, so it is unleashed. Social mores buttressed both systems (i.e., the old one and the new one). If you want to unwind this, obviously you can’t uninvent birth control (something which almost all Christians, including almost all of the Christian guys on this blog support, but which was clearly a total trojan horse culturally — the evil one is nothing if not clever), so you’d have to make it nigh on impossible for women to be economically independent of men. That won’t happen unless there is a general calamity, given that the economy has moved to services and “brain work”. So there is no “taking it back” short of Mad Max, and there is no “fixing” it here and there. It’s cooked now. What remains is keeping you and yours as unscathed as you can, because there are indeed personal options despite the culture — there are no broad cultural options that are open to us. That is now cooked, and we lost.

R&D scientist #conspiracy

Places were they had served human meat ...

Holiday Inn
Burger King

Products containing human meat

Gloria sausages
Bradwurst Sausages
Chef Boyardee
Oscar Mayer

Products Containing Cortisol

Worthington foods
Chef Boyardee

yes we got a problem every time the mafia or satanists wants to get rid of someone they dump him or her in the human food chain"

If your corn flakes smell like piss dont eat them .

[link to]

if i post all the evidence i got all of you will be sick to death ' and its the tip of the iceberg ...

someblokexd & Bucephala-007 #sexist

hypocrisy: the same people who will tell me about the importance of personality wont even bother to ask if i have a gf

because they look at my height and face and know its over for me

Dude, almost no one has a gf?

thats a blackpill in itself

Women like success and stability

the daddy jew state provides women with all the support they need. do you honestly think women get turned on thinking about some self made millionaire 5'2 balding curry?

True, It doesn't matter how successful you are or how much financial stability you have, if you are unattractive you will never generate that innate attraction in a woman that she gets from seeing a tall dark and handsome blue/green eyed white man.

But... they don't like white tall handsome losers either.

A white tall handsome ''winner'' is preferred over a white tall handsome ''loser''. But a handsome loser is preferred over an unattractive winner, at least sexually (a handsome loser won't be a betabux, but he will fuck the wife of a betabux).

Ok, but the loser is still a loser.

Depends on your criteria for what a ''winner'' or a ''loser'' is, I would consider an unemployed and poor 6ft+ handsome chad to be more of a winner than a rich and successful 5'3 unattractive man with a wife who is only with him for his money.

"Dude, almost no one has a gf?"

imagine writing this and thinking you're making a point AGAINST incels

Normans often confirm the blackpill without meaning to, after all reality always confirms the blackpill, the blackpill is the truth and the bluepill is self-delusion.

Bristol Palin #fundie

If you aren’t paying attention to Texas politics right now, join the crowd. But the Democrat running for governor is just so awful you have to pay attention. Wendy Davis rose to the top of everyone’s minds because her story was so compelling. This CNN headline summed it up:

CNN: Wendy Davis: From Teen Mom to Harvard Law to Famous Filibuster

Turns out, she lied about much of her “pulling herself up by her own bootstraps” story. Actually, she found a man to marry her, pay her way through college, and then through Harvard Law School. The day after he paid the last bill, she left him. By the way, she left her kids too. She said, “it’s not a good time for me right now” to be a parent.

Is everyone paying attention? This woman is the hero of the Left? A woman whose ambition and ego were so big she couldn’t have both a career and kids at the same time.

Gosh, children are sooo inconvenient, huh? I’m glad my mother didn’t put motherhood on the shelf when she was elected to City Council, then became our mayor, then Governor. Oh sorry – I mentioned my mother… Have you liberals gone into a tail spin of hate already? Did I lose you?

I know you would rather think about Wendy Davis, so let’s get back to her. She’s more your type of woman. She left her kid, husband, made it into a false “made-for-tv-movie-type-tale” and then demanded that Texans have the right to kill babies. That’s the woman you libs can really get behind!

Let me be clear. I think it’d be so nice to have a husband take care of me, and my son, so I could attend school. (Any school — let alone, Harvard!)

But the way Wendy Davis did it – by getting married and leaving him as soon as the ink dried on his last check – is downright pathetic.

Plus, it perfectly shows that – no matter what they say – feminism is a farce. If you truly believe in strong, independent women, you’d be a conservative.

BabyFuck McGirlsex #sexist

[ToxicFemininity] How any girl can become a Millionaire by age 25


* Marry a rich bluepiller in your late teens then divorce him after 2years
* 18 - 20 first marriage, divorce rape him and get half of his financial assets
* 20 - 22 play the victim and say you were the perfect wife and lie and slander your cucked ex-Husband and say he was pure evil. A cucked betabuxxer will marry you and you can divorce rape him after 2 years and take half of his assets
* 22 - 24 move to another state or even another country. Since foids are biologically wired to be big liars , you can lie and say you are a virgin ("i broke my hymen by riding bicycles and playing sports Teehee"). Also lie and say you have never been married. Then marry a bluepilled normie who thinks all foids are infallible angels then divorce rape him after 2years


* If you run an onlyfans for 7 years straight (18 - 24) you will make thousands upon thousands


* Foids can get free meals and free gifts from thirsty guys on tinder. As such, there is no reason why a foid would spend any money on food or clothes. Over a period of 7 years(18 - 25 years) this translates to thousands upon thousands of dollars saved.


* Being a boobie streamer on Twitch, foids can make obscene amounts of cash. Foids can make thousands upon thousands by selling their bath water, their used panties, their used tampons, their footpics e.t.c.


* So, over a period of 7years (18 - 25 years) if you add up all the money that a foid can accrue from the above mentioned low IQ acts, that total amount of money can easily exceed ONE MILLION DOLLARS.



* Nature strives to exist in a state of equilibrium - kinda like balanced scales.
* As such, assuming that one side of the scale represents the amount of power foids have sexually, then the other side represents the amount of power males have in the sexual marketplace.
* Seeing the insanely large amounts of benefits and power that foids have in the SMP for just existing - it shows that the scales are tipped in the foids favour in ALL facets of human endeavour.
* Meaning that males, especially sub5 incels are suffering and have little to no benefit in the SMP, and also in life in general.
* The more power foids gain in society the less power subhumans (80% of all males globally) will have.

LonerCel & neheughk #sexist


As a gaycel, even the other normies gays wouldn’t approve

True degenerate, moreso than me and other faggies

If you are gay why are you here? I don't hate you or anything but most of our problems are due to female nature, you shouldn't have any of them.

Before I knew I was gay I was an incel, girls still recoiled at me with disgust if I tried I tried to talk to them (literally, I’ve seen that meme “recoil” face directed at me)... I was socially isolated and didn’t have any friends. Due to my looks I still get looked down on in society, and being ethnic adds another factor to it. The school contacted my parents to talk about if I was being abused b/c I never talked to anyone and they thought I might become a school sh**ter or something. I was a true incel

My life literally mirrored incel life (aside from fakecels)

Being gay just feels like a cope b/c despite gays being degenerate and fucking everything... it’s very common for gays to end up alone. Especially ugly gays like me, I will be alone and I’m already alone

Not only will I not have any real family, I also will be alone and hyper aware of what I lack as a male. Constantly in a state wondering if I want to be Chad or have sex with Chad

Life sucks so I browse here and relate to almost everything. Most incels don’t accept me because I’ve had sex before, but it doesn’t change that I’ve basically been through the same shit and having random degenerate sex doesn’t fill the void or make you feel whole (think fucking an escort, that won’t make you feel better)


Tl;dr - female nature dictated my life before I knew I was gay and put me on the bottom of the social hierarchy. Being an ugly male directly affected my ability to make friends with anyone attractive or popular which catapulted me into social isolation and incel life.

Gaycels exist, we’re very pathetic creatures, but we don’t have a home so we lurk here I guess. Just here for the memes


gay men are wired more like foids due to the high sexual abundance. ie they are 100% looks focussed, refuse to ever settle in the hope of getting someone chadder, and forever riding the cock carousel except for a few of them who betabuxx a sugar daddy. in other words its almost impossible to have a stable monogamous gay relationship unless you're chad. also gays absolutely hate ethnic gays

That's even more reason for not having gays here.

you can never be more than a betabux if you're an ugly gay though, especially so if youre ethnic

theheightpill #sexist #wingnut

[Venting] Normies DO recognize blackpills they just don't care.

Blackpills are controversial and hard to talk about in real life, but the past couple years I've literally not given a fuck and have spat blackpills to coworkers and family and realized that normies will agree with you about them. Talk about how women live on "just exist" mode to any man and they won't deny it. Argue about which sex has it harder and make make them realize how shitty their lives actually are. Talk about tinder to them; have them make a girl profile of an average girl. Bring up natural birthrates and how there's a fuck ton more men alongside hypergamy or whatever blackpills are on your mind and as long as you explain it to them they'll agree. I am a boss at my job, so maybe I have an intimidation factor to my younger coworkers, but none of them disagreed with me; same with my dad. The thing that normies and your family will do though is tell you there's no reason to be thinking like that, or that not all women are like that, or that's just the way it is, or whatever bullshit cope they feel like telling you. Normies are too easily swayed by herd mentality and because it will always be the entire female population against us, they will always side with them because they think it'll help them get pussy.

Various Incels #sexist


[RageFuel] Female “Introverts” piss me the fuck off


1st panel: A boy say “I’m a shy introvert”

2nd panel: A girl says “I’m a shy introvert”

3rd panel: Offscreen figures say to angry-looking boy: “Enjoy being alone”, “Man up fag”, “Fucking creep”, “Loser”

4th panel: Offscreen figures say to happy-looking girl: “Ur so cute lol”, “tfw no shy gf”, “Want to go out?”, “Well, let’s fix that”, “I like shy girls anyway :)”, “It’s OK, want to try and talk?”

this sums it up basically
But actually none of them are fucking introverts they say they are and still do low inhib shit all the time. I basically just play vidya all day. WTF DO THEY THINK BEING AN INTROVERT IS, WATCHING NETFLIX EVERY EVENING??? JFL at this, here is what real introverts are like


A father comes home saying “Are ya winning, son?” while his son lays there with blood pouring out of his head, having killed himself


Fact: All the shy and innocent foids are actually the biggest whores.

They just flash strangers on omegle and send snapchat nudes to the latest chad to ask her for them lol

Indeed, there is no such thing as an innocent virgin girl.


They don’t exist. All of them crave attention.


Females are just introvert when no Chad is around.
They become very extrovert when there is a Chad.


Foids think they are Introverts™ because they only go out 3 nights a week and wait for chad to make the first move.

(The Incel Decade)

Women can't be introverts any more than they can be Incel. Women are designed to be social.

Even the autists


"I'm like, so anxious, I cancelled my rendezvous with chad to sit inside and watch netflix and eat pizza. I'm so lonely like oh my god."
God fucken damn it I want to fucken pierce their heads with a bullet


they are all the same, terms like "introvert" are just cosmetic to them. much like make-up, they only use them to attract attention to themselves.


Nice read OP, agreed. Foids only call themselves introverts to get attention, specially from Chad. There is no such thing as "introvert foids", it's just an act, an attention grabbing tool.

Like when they say they have "depression". Their depression is not being engaged to a 6' Chad. Foids are showered 24/7 with attention, privileges, gifts, the opposite sex giving them validation and acceptance.

Worthless whores, one day their free ride will end. No good thing lasts forever.


They think staying in and watching netflix some weekends(instead of getting banged by chad at a party) counts as introvert.Imagine being completely friendless autist ldaring at home daily because any social interaction is a failure while society continuously blames you for it

(Atavistic Autist)


feamle 19
>about yourself
i am crazy. i have ass burgers. i am incredibly cool and fun. i hardly shower. sleeping on my bed gives me anxiety so i sleep on the floor next
to it. ive given head to 2 different men multiple times. i scored a 1550 on my sat. i dont have a chair i was held back in 1st grade. im going to
vacation in new york next year. i am a normie.
adderall and pseudoscience
>looking for
i want to fall in love. i won't fall in love but ill make friends with you and lead you on if youre male or desperate.
>not looking for
sex offenders and aliens
im not stupid like you
>fav movie/vidya
shawshank redemption

A perfect example of a female introvert

le quirky xD

She is actually being tremendously honest due to her autism, and not pretending to be unique at all.

That's what's extraordinary about it. She even admits to her internal contradictions. "Ass burger" but "normie" (because foid), wanting to fall in love but really only leading males on (because they're "desperate"/sub-HSM).


Perhaps, but I wouldn't count on it. Autistic foids tend to be very blatant about their intentions, insanities, and narcissistic personaliteeehees, whereas neurotypical foids are the ones who try to make themselves look better/different than they really are.

The way that you attributed the apparent honesty of an autistic slut to a "not like the other girl" tier LARP is quite ironic. Autistic people are often put under a lens of suspicion for being honest like this, when they're really, truly concealing nothing from the world, JFL.

In the case of autistic men, NTs will suspect them of being psychopathic mass-murderers or rapists or potential school shooters, when it's actually the charming Chad who has the 'bodies in his closet,' likes abusing women, and derives enjoyment from bullying others (and killing their spirits, if nothing else).

Fact: All the shy and innocent foids are actually the biggest whores.

In the case of foids with autism, it's paradoxically because they're more likely to be honest about being sluts, whereas extroverted foids often lie and try to seem of a higher social status.

The inverse of this, I'm sure, is that men with autism are more likely to be honest about being incel, whereas NT men lie more often and say they're Chad-tier.

Wendy Haught #fundie

New Disney Cartoon Scares the "Stuffins" out of Me
I never read the New York Times, but I decided to this morning just on a whim. As someone who has long been disturbed by the way Disney twists classic stories and promotes sexuality to children, this article about a Disney cartoon caught my interest. First, I studied the picture. I noticed several Masonic symbols. On the bed are two pillows. One is in the shape of a pyramid, and the other is a pentagram shape. There is an all-seeing eye right at the middle of the girl's stethoscope. In the background there is a table with the doctor's equipment. Take a few seconds and look at it. It's clearly a workbench with tools on a pegboard. My gut reaction was that this is about torture, not healing. On the second page is another picture of McStuffins toys for sale . On the top right corner of the package it says, "Doc really makes Lambie Talk". Spine-chilling. The doll says, "Time for your checkup!"

I have never seen the program. The points I made were based solely on the pictures in the article. For those readers who think I am imagining things and overreacting, here's a description of the show that you can feel good about:

Disney Junior’s “Doc McStuffins,” an imaginative animated series about a six-year-old girl who runs a clinic for stuffed animals and broken toys out of her backyard playhouse, was the #1 most-watched preschool series launch in cable TV history in Adults 18-49, which means moms and dads were tuning in and making sure their kids got to see the little female African-American doctor who was helping her stuff animals feel better about visiting their physician.

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[Blackpill] Your parents are wired to give you bad advice and lead you in the wrong direction.

As a parent, your goal is to pass on your genes, and then to get your child into a situation where they can pass on thier genes. When I was younger and asked for advice, I was told, "don't worry about looks and your social life", just work hard in school, get a good job, make a lot of money, and you will get a wife that loves you. Of course that advice was complete shit, and now here I am.

Alternatively, I had two sisters, who had great social lives in school and beyond, so here's the question. If/when they went to my parents, what are the odds they would be sent in the wrong direction? ZERO. My parents likely straight up informed them looks are everything and they would not be misinformed.

So why the difference for us boys than girls? It's because for a man to reproduce, he needs to get a job and support a family financially, while a girl just needs to be pretty and attract a husband, unless of course you become a deadbeat dad who pumps and dumps, but your parents don't want you to become that type of parent. So therefore parents are intentionally neglecting your social and sexual needs when you are young not because they want the best for you and your happiness, but because they want the best for themselves which is grandchildren.

Some incels #sexist

This is what happens when an incel ‘ascends’


This is the type of situation where I pray her husband is one of those beta cucked normies who roid rages at the thought his woman getting fucked by another man.

here's to hoping he follows her to one of those hotel rooms one day and goes ryan gosling Drive on both of them

I've looksmaxxed recently over the past 8 motnhs and have had some attention from my oneitis. Knowing foid mindset, I literally had like a prophecy vision, one day, maybe in our 30's/40's when she realises how weird I am, and that we've bene together for a while she will cheat. Hell so many women want to cheat, its ridiculous. They just feel like doing it.


I think its better to stay single....

It is. It really is. Any ugly/short/crippled guy is an absolute idiot if he thinks a women's "interest" in him is romantic or sexual. The only women who date unattractive men are those with other motives - settlers under pressure to get married no matter what the cost to her dignity, ugly women desperate to escape loneliness, gold diggers seeking a meal ticket, etc. When a woman prostitutes herself like this, not only is she gonna be demanding as fuck in order to compensate for the lack of attraction, but she WILL eventually resent him, and whatever table scraps of sex and affection he was getting will dry up the minute she feels she has him locked down. If you absolutely must get married, you better invest in however much plastic surgery it takes to become good looking, otherwise any marriage you get will be a miserable one. Even if it's obvious you had a lot of surgeries, fake/uncanny valley beauty is far more attractive than natural ugliness.


No it doesn't because this was written by a dude pretending to be a girl pretending to cheat.

You are very naive. Reddit has an absolutely massive female userbase and they post about all kinds of shit willingly because it's easy to stay anonymous. I interacted with a reddit foid who was a self admitted slut and told me she wanted to be my whore and I was 100% sure it was a troll, but then I asked her for a selfie and she sent one.

You are still bluepilled as fuck if you are under the impression that women don't think about sex like this.

I agree; people talk about easy mode this and easy mode that, but as soon as a story drops that is so far beyond what people are used to, they call it larp.

But in reality we are are guarding our minds, because some of us cant grasp someone living life to the fullest, and to that extend,

because we definitely dont, and they can, so we cant fathom that reality of unadulterated liberation

why do women like rough sex its weird!

It's very weird.

I was oblivious for most of my life, because I had an online gf who I sex text'd with who was into receiving oral, but 95% of women want to be dominated in some way in the bedroom. Especially if you're chad. Maybe if you're billy beta, they'll prefer to "make love" once a month.

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[Serious] A new Nationalist Socialist Dictatorship will be the saviour of incels and of our decaying society

Our civilization will continue to decay until a new nationalist socialist movement starts to gain steam and achieve political power and can begin correcting course.

1) Inceldom is rising at an exponential rate. Incels will encompass 90%+ of males within a few years, nothing will stop this as long as foids have autonomy and polygamy. Hypergamy will not stop unless it is outlawed. It will not be possible to outlaw hypergamy without a dictatorship willing to do what's necessary and eliminate women's rights. If society does not address Inceldom our civilization will be torn apart from the inside out. Unless something is done, incels will join forces and burn our civilization to the ground. You think ISIS is bad? Then you just wait until 90% of all men want everyone else dead, and you will witness hell on earth. This future is coming, fast. Jordan Peterson has been sounding the alarm bells for years now and it's the truth.

2) Our economy and ecosystem is in perpetual peril. Stability is necessary, an authority capable of making wide sweeping changes to our economy and infrastructure is going to be needed to convert our society into a sustainable "green" economy. Capitalism is just too slow. By the time it's economically viable to go green its already too late, the global temperatures will have already risen beyond repair. We need a dictator to move in make the hard decisions that a Democracy can never achieve.

I see no other solution than a new National Socialist movement which addresses both of these problems. We need a strong government that's willing to make some hard choices to correct our downward trajectory. If we can make our country strong, and empower every citizen to contribute to making it even better then it might be possible to salvage our decaying civilization.

We need some sort of Napolean 2.0 to rise up and take power and rally everyone around these two goals.

NeetSupremacist #sexist

Re: Poland wants to let in 100 000 Filipinos

Whites are digging their own graves, they thought by liberal philosophy and leaving the church they could advance become more civilized and yet these ideas of liberalism, freedom, gender equality and feminism is killing them. Birth rates are lower than ever, Polish sluts go to the west and ride Chad dick and Tyrone dick and doesn't marry. Traditionalism doesn't exist anymore and it will only go down from here on, you destroy the family structure then you will destroy your own kind. The family is EVERYTHING, when you destroy family you destroy heritage and ancestry. JFL

If you can't to go to SEA then bring SEA into your home, lifefuel for crackercels, ngl. Poland is going to have a tsunai of gook pussies, you all are gonna ascend boyos, celebrate.

It is lifefuel for Polish subhumans tbh, but don't forget that when these SEA sluts discover their true worth in Europe they will run hypergamy to a new lvl and will only allow Chad to fuck them. JBW only works when whites go to certain countries, it does not work in their own countries when the competition is to high.

Robo Sapien #sexist

This is a weird theory, but hear me out on this one. In our current sexual market place, hypergamy is at an all time high. We have 6 women dating and marrying 10 guys. We have 10 women basically hopping from guy to guy. Water is wet, I know. BUT, my theory is that 10/10 stacies will price themselves out of the market. Hypergamy will raise the price of pussy so high that no guy will be willing to go for a 10/10.

Largely because it isn't realistic to keep them without restricting their sexuality. Thus, if her sexuality is unrestricted, she will chronically go from guy to guy until she ages out. When she attempts to settle down with her 10/10 counterparts, they would've largely moved on to marrying an average women with less miles. I know, few women have "less" miles. However, the main point is that this process will take place for generations until hot 10/10 babes get mated out of existence. Your thoughts guys?

gloobalo #fundie

Aren't fakecels just proof that it's over and more normies will join the sub when they see attractive males without girls

Seeing fakecels like dontcomplain1, gambler, zyrros, knaijjd, iamhopeless etc is just proof how hypergamy is out of control when they can't get laid.

It makes me question my existence how I can have a chance when they struggle so hard.

This is a brutal pill to swallow

I think more normies will wake up and swallow the blackpills that they have no chance and hypergamy is out of control

Lefrog #fundie

It is. But you can't treat people in a way that is criminal, regardless of how they act. Therein lies the the fault with victim blaming. I know you said devil's advocate but this ought to be intuitively obvious? You can perhaps rightfully call a child a slut (but you won't be a nice person for doing so), but that's about as far as you can go. You can't rape her and then justify it as "well she acted like a slut so I treated her like one".
It's illegal to rape women for being promiscuous.

There in lies the problem with modern society. Because girls who act and dress promiscuously, sometimes also engage in sexual activity with older men. It's also illegal to have consensual sex, and the responsibility is thrown entirely on the adult. Controlling sexual urges during a consensual encounter is a lot harder than people think. It's not only in our genes, but also embedded in our society. There is a reason why so many people cheat when they are in a relationship. But there is a fundamental difference between wanting that ultimate please with someone and willing to break the law/relationship over it and going as far as knowingly hurting them for it.

Sometimes the adult may not know the true age, sometimes the adult will give in to temptation. But the thought process going through a man's brain is entirely different from a "I'm going to rape her" situation. Yet the punishment and branding stays the same, especially in cases involving minors.

200 years ago it wasn't uncommon to get with someone younger than 18. In fact, nature itself makes girls ready in the 10-13 age. Now I do agree, that in this day in age, getting pregnant or even engaging in sexual activity before 17-18 can be damaging, because so much of our future rides on our ability to focus on learning during our teen years and our ability to grow up with a healthy mental state. But we are fighting against our nature in doing this, and the fact that society has deemed it ok to punish those who break this rule but at the same time deemed it ok to leave all the temptation in there is wrong. It's similar to bringing alcohol to an AA meeting. In either case you have to be very strong willed to go against your natural instincts when being tempted, and some people just aren't.

No, girls that young giving birth are risking a whole host of medical issues. Nature makes girls capable by 13, it does not make them ready.

I'd have to research this more to find any kind of correlation between a healthy 14 y/o and a healthy 18 y/o as far as risks to giving birth. Again though you are right here and what I meant by ready was capable. But it would be wrong to state that all girls under 18 are unfit to become parents, or are at larger risk than if they were 18+. Those girls whose bodies develop and mature faster are also those who seem to favor promiscuous clothing as well, and as also more like to want to consensually engage in sexual activity. Therefore it also seems plausible that men's natural attraction to females happen when they think that female is ready to give birth regardless of age.

Honestly, I don't really see this happen all that often. Most cases of pedophiles (in the news at least) seem to be of either people who abused positions of trust (might as well be forcible rape) or predators who groomed little girls for sex (pretty much is forcible rape). But I acknowledge that could well just be my perspective. My position though, is that there's no reason why you can't wait a couple of years with an underage partner. Err on the side of caution when it comes to people who are potentially not ready.

I agree here, but I do occasionally read about a case of statutory rape that just doesn't seem to make sense. There is also a huge difference in being attracted to someone underaged that looks, talks, acts, dresses like an adult and an attraction to the looks, talks, and acts of someone who is clearly still a kid.

Edit: this is why I think society is partly to blame. We should keep children as children, so that people are less likely to be attracted to them even if they somewhat look old enough. Nothing more offputting to me than a girl who acts like a child with her mannerisms, despite how old she is.

Well the law does have to make up some number, but it's sad to see people automatically branded as pedophiles and rapist (not the legal definition, but that of purely forceful sex) when the parties involved can be one of the numerous cases when the sexual act in question is not damaging to either party. Especially when both parties are wired perfectly normal and subject to society's teens' provocative displays and their own sexual impulses.
I take issue with trying to blame it on provocative displays. Really, human adults in general aren't such hopeless creatures who can't control their base desires.

Don't agree with this at all. Just look at how many people commit crimes of passion, and how many people are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or smoking. Look at how many people eat without control, or spend way too much time on entertainment to their own detriment. Human adults in general have a very hard time struggling with control, specially when having that control isn't specifically rewarded in any way.
I don't think any of the other little vices that you mentioned compares to sexually assaulting a minor.

Oh they don't! I was referring to being able to say no to sex with a minor who looks,acts, talks, and dresses like an adult who is the one wanting to initiate the sexual act in the first place.
Sexual activity in men in my opinion is almost equivalent to a drug. It is why the porn industry is so damn huge. Sex is not one of those things men can just shrug off and be 100% in control about, because on some level sex is a primal instinct embedded in all of us. Look at how hard it is to become a celibate priest or monk, and they already remove themselves from situations where they can give in.

Beer_Grills #sexist

Blackpill of the day: Chad landmines are everywhere

If you manage to looksmax and socialmax, and crawl your way out of inceldom and finally get a girlfriend, be aware of omnipresent Chad landmines. And this is also a warning to the beta normies lurking this sub.

One day if Chad is bored and horny, and notices your mildly attractive or even ugly girlfriend, and he gets the idea in his head that he wants to pump and dump her in a sloppy one night stand. Chances are 80-90% that he will be able to do that.

And it's not exactly uncommon these days, there are millions of feral Chads running around who had no proper parenting and will do this kind of stuff just because they are bored.

There's also a high chance he won't use protection and she will give birth to his demon spawn. Which she will likely claim to be yours, and you'll end up raising his child as a beta cuck provider.

PS! This is why you looksmax and gymcel. If you do get a gf eventually, then you want to be able to physically dominate or at least match potential Chads and tell them to fuck off.

PPS! This is not meant to discourage incels from trying to get laid or get a gf. It doesnt discourage me. This is just a blackpill reality. Infidelity is real and more common now than ever. Better to accept it now than be ignorant and shocked if/when it happens.

J. D. Heyes #fundie

The Alt-Left is pushing full-bore to destroy what remains of traditional America and her values, as evidenced by the Pennsylvania affiliate of Planned Parenthood tweeting its desire for a Disney princess who has had an abortion.

In a tweet, since deleted, someone from Planned Parenthood Keystone tweeted, “We need a disney [sic] princess who’s had an abortion.”

Quote, unquote.

In addition, the tweet continued Left-wing fantasy cultural destruction wish list:

“We need a disney princess who’s pro-choice. We need a disney princess who’s an undocumented immigrant. We need a disney princess who’s actually a union worker. We need a disney princess who’s trans.”

According to The Wrap, the ridiculous tweet was taken down about two hours after it was posted. But obviously, it did not go unnoticed, as Breitbart News reported. It was picked up by Alex Pfeiffer, who is an associate producer for Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” program.

Also, it was noticed by conservative columnist, author, and editor of The Daily Wire, Ben Shapiro, who tweeted this: “We need a Disney princess who stumps for sex-selective abortions on the taxpayer dime then lectures us about what small children they would have killed should watch for entertainment.”


If you’re still not convinced that this is just another small step in the Left’s incessant war on traditional America, consider these additional truths which further demonstrate the all-out assault on wholesome values by the cultural Marxists, as noted by Culture Watch:

— Gain control over the nation’s public schools (which has been fully accomplished) and then use them as conduits for Marxist/socialist ideology; dumb down the curricula; gain control over the teacher’s unions;

— Use outrageous forms of artistic expression to denigrate American culture;

— Label all laws that seek to curb obscenity as “censorship” and oppose them;

— Directly attack previous cultural norms and standards through the widespread promotion of pornography and other obscenities in books, magazines, pop culture, entertainment and, of course, the Internet;

— Present as ‘normal’ and ‘healthy’ aberrant, abnormal lifestyles like homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and LGBTQ/transgenderism;

— Banish all forms of Christianity and other religious observances from the public square and if possible, demonize and criminalize it (unless the religious practitioners are minorities you can also use to attack the predominant American race — Caucasians);

— Downplay and then discredit the traditional family as the basic unit and building block of society (a mother and a father);

— Decriminalize promiscuity and make divorce easy and quick;

— Declare war on morality and redefine what it’s like to be a “moral” person based on the above.

This has been happening in our country — and most other countries throughout the West for decades. Is it any wonder, then, why our children are walking into schools and shooting their peers?

Incel Wiki #fundie


The heightpill is one of the most important phenomena in looks theory. Originating from the biologically needs of femoids, it concludes that manlets (men under 5 foot 10) are heavily disadvantaged in dating unless they’re at least Chads or have high status. For the depraved female species, the manlet cutoff might as well be under 6 foot even, thanks to hypergamy.


From the evolutionary psychological overview, foids would want a tall man because they’ll think “he’ll be stronger and better able to ward off physical treats to his family” [1]. While in modern society this might not necessarily be true, we all know that the natural instincts of women are still prevalent in their mating choices. No matter how much manlets gymcel, they’ll always be viewed as “overcompensating” wimps with a napoleon complex. It never even began for them!

Tallfaggot advantage in online dating

Stating your height in an online dating could fuck you over badly if you’re a manlet. According to a particular dating app, firstmet, the ideal height related to most matches in males was 6’2” Specifically, they said:

“A man who is 6’2? is 17% more likely to be contacted than a man of average height (5’8?) and 57% more likely to be contacted than a man under 5’5” “ [2].
Female reaction to manlets on social media[edit]

This thread on perfectly summarized how foids react when they see manlets, even the hot ones.

The twitter account ( commonly showed how judge mental women are toward manlets, even being distrustful of their personality or intentions just because they’re vertically disadvantaged.

FHO’s don’t even see us as worthy of any respect.


Manlet disadvantage in dating and even betabuxxing

A marriage is more likely to be successful if the male partner is tall. Women just feel happier about it. Several studies in Asia completely proved this hypothesis [3][4]. If even in not quite hypergamous nations manlets are screwed, then image the horror they have to face in western nations.

A Dutch case

Normies commonly suggest that Europeans, especially the Dutch, became tall due to external factors such as a great supply of nutrients. As we delve deep into evolutionary psychology, we find out that the main reason as to why Dutch men are tall these days is because short Dutch men barely even reproduced. A study which analyzed the number of kids received by men of different heights in the Netherlands concluded that:

“Our results suggest that... taller men have higher fertility compared with shorter men. It therefore seems plausible to suggest that natural selection may have acted on the Dutch population, and helped drive the Dutch toward taller heights” [5].

various commenters #sexist

[Blackpill] Even 1 YEAR OLDS AVOID unattractive people

Nuclear blackpill showing that human attractiveness is objective and hard-wired in our brains since we are born. Also unattractiveness is not only a hindrance to dating/sex life, but to all aspects of life:

SOURCE: Infant' Differential Social Responses to Attractive and Unattractive Faces.
Judith H. Langlois, Lori A. Roggman, and Loretta A. Ricser-Danner

Summary of the experiment:

60 one-year-old infants were recruited from the infant subject pool mantained by the Children's Research Laboratory at the University of Texas. All of the infants were full term, healthy, and from middle-class families. In this study, the infants interact with a stranger in pressence of their mother. Attractiveness of the stranger was manipulated by having thin, lifelike, latex theater masks constructed by a professional mask maker to be either attractive or unattractive.

he female stranger was an attractive woman, and a cast of her face served as the attractive mold. Alterationg to this basic mold to create the unattractive version of her face were based on previous research that identified measurements of facial features that predict ratings of attractiveness. Our goal was to make the stranger appear unattractive, but not appear abnormal or deformed in any way.

The results showed that infants preference for attractiveness extend beyond visual preferences. The infants more frequently avoided the stranger when she was unattractive than we she was attractive and they showed more negative emotion and distress in the unattractive than in the attractive condition. Furthermore, boys approached the female stranger more ofthen in the attractive than in the unattractive condition.

What's new in it? It's a damn proven point known to uglycels since Cretaceous era.

(Blackpill Dealer)
Yet bluepilled people still deny it and blame "lack of confidence". Just adding more actual proof to the blackpill.

babies and infants are a good indicator of a shit appearance. they are biologically hardwired to avoid those people and dont have the social graces to hide their disgust.

(Blackpill Dealer)
It basically shows that preference for attractive faces is not learnt or is subjective, as many people think.

Few years ago two girls that were like 8 or 9 knocked on my door to ask if I wanted my leaves raked for two dollars and when I opened the door they paused and looked at each other like "OMG" before hesitantly asking if I wanted my leaves raked, which I said no thanks. This is before I knew anything about blackpill or being incel and I was not bitter or pissed off at the time, was still coping by Gymcelling. So I was kind of confused after wondering why they seemed so freaked out and uncomfortable. I was clean shaven, had a hair cut, gymcelling in a good mood yet they acted like I was some creeper who never seen the sunlight in months. I was not, yet they reacted the way everyone feels around an ugly person, only being children they never learned to hide it yet.

But yeah, pretty obvious even before people have hit puberty or developed any sexuality, ugly is still weird to talk to and gives off a bad vibe for no reason other then being ugly.

What do you expect from them? They are the reason why suicide is deemed immoral and isn't already a fundamental right. They want us to suffer more. Younger generation of uglycels will come over listening to their bluepilled ideology only to be bullied so bad that they hate their existence. This is a propaganda to make our lives worse and our deaths painful.

"beauty is in the eye of the beholder" - normies

oh wait, nvm.

This is true

I remember when a legit 6 year old girl called me ugly a couple of years back. It tore me to pieces because I know that little girl was telling the truth as little kids rarely lie

I'm so ugly babies would learn to speak just to reject me if it were legal to approach them and I was an actual pedophile.

"Kill yourself, you're unfuckable" - how's that for baby's first words?

This black pill had the most impact on me tbh. The tinder and ethnic stuff was already apparent to me. But I always thought young kids didn't have this disgusting prejudice

Why would a young kid hang out with ugly people? Ugly genetics is a sign of deformity, disease, being raised in a inadaquate enviornment, etc. Its natural to avoid ugly people. It is what would save the tribe thousands of years ago.

(The End)
I've seen this all over the place too.

Whhhhhy won't this be shoved down all of our naysayers' throats? They think we are just lazy complainers; the evidence is right there in front of us - NO ONE wants to be around ugly people, much less fuck them! And with female hypergamy running wild ugly girls don't have to settle for ugly guys, and on top of that most women would rather be alone than with an ugly guy.

I feel like we could staple a book of scientific proof of the blackpill, page by page, onto a normie's forehead, and they would still somehow say that incels aren't finding girlfriends because they are not trying hard enough!

(Gone Coping)

My nieces don't like me carrying them

as my niece gets older she doesn't like me holding her anymore, truly fucking over

I think this would be the case no matter what you look like lol.

i mean she's still a toddler and enjoys being held by my mother and her parents

What did you expect of a baby? Babies are shit at living, the babies know that they can’t survive without a parent or guardian. So why would they come up to a person that appearance startles them?

Aramaic-cel_SB #fundie

Elliot Rodger wasnt an incel. He wasnt even blackpilled.

In his mind he was the prettiest man alive. No incel would think about that himself. He also had hopes getting a gf. An incel doesnt have hopes because he know the blackpill.

I know ERs manifesto is what made him famous and i respect him. But he would be a legend in my eyes if he was blackpilled and not like "im so sexy look at me im so wonderful"

Edmund_Kemper #sexist

[Soy] Bluepiller logic

Normies: The blackpill is bullshit. Your looks don’t matter. If a 4’11” 1/10 physically deformed ugly manlet has a good personality, he’ll get to bang 10/10 gigastacys.

Also normies: you won’t get a stacy gf because you’re ugly. Go for ugly girls!

Bluepilled foid: height doesn’t matter you inkwell! Short guys get laid all the time

also bluepilled foid: I’m 5’3 and my boyfriend is 6’3 (AKA DANIGIRL3694)

Normies: your personality is why you don’t get laid even though most foids prolly never saw your true personality and never saw you act “misogynistic” on a forum

also normies: i, a man with a good personality, am still a virgin

normies: according to normies, a 27 year old boy who hasn’t reached puberty yet is a “grown ass adult” even though he didn’t reach puberty but a post-pubescent 17 year old man who can grow a beard is still a child.

Cuyen #racist #sexist #psycho

[Experiment] How to find a Pygmy gf

Ok here we go, finding a pygmy gf would be fucking easy if you're outsider just simply be exist as an outsider.

You don't want to find among those who live in their traditional life because it'd be very difficult to communicate etc. Many pygmies left their lifestyle and now living in major African cities like Kampala

-Getting a password there would be fucking easy

-Get a password

-Save money, it'll be fucking easy since they are cheap countries

>Find someone trustworthy there(companies) by just giving a bit American dollars you can find someone that can direct you to a pygmy

-Their men are literally turbo manlets and everyone mogs them so it won't be hard to find a pygmy gf

-Literally just exist as a foreigner and you can ascend there

-Make sure she doesn't have an illness like HIV and shit, get her doctor to check it'd be very easy since their money is worthless and you're a foreigner

-Make your move, rent a home or shit like that and try to fuck that bitch there

It's up to you what you want to do, just for fuck or bring her home(would be stupid idea) or living here cheap with pygmy gf. You can just fuck and leave, do whatever you want

-It'd be easy to dominate them since they are so small

-Also, lifefuel for those with loli fetishes
Just save a bit money, by finding a good company you can make sure that you're safe there. and if youre american ,itll be more easy

JucheforWhitePeople & Swole_Prole #sexist

Re: Lifefuel for mentalcels, we are more likely to commit suicide and leave this degenerate world


Ugly mentalcels are the biggest trucels. You're basically fucked for life if you're autistic and ugly. You're doomed to spend your life as a social retard without any friends, much less a gf.

Nobody wants to help you. Worst of all, autistics foids and Chads will live normal lives because people wanted to befriend them.

Although I’m not autistic I have strong autistic tendencies, you could say, and I don’t feel like social engagement is in any way made easier for me even though I am not ugly.

I am still a friendless loser and outcast of sorts, even if I don’t have the same crippling social inability I had years ago. I take it in its stride though, mostly, but I often feel like an alien among humans.

Akif Pirinçci #fundie

What do "immigrants" bring with them, Alan? Sorry, but I didn't understand you. Did you say something of "will to prosper and work"? They bring shit with themselves! The only thing they bring with themselves is illiterate quackery that their state funded interpreters blare in the ears and that means translated "I want a home, a car, lots of money and a blonde pussy, and fast", which is furnished by this "aging and conforting society". When you squint you see double, Alan, but you don't see double, you are hallucinating and you see things that only make sense when you put them in their reversed context. But the best part is still the title of the article: "Immigration has made Germany more modern and open to the world." Not only that, when you ask me, immigration made us open for shit. As for what concerns "Modern', Alan, you know the term "dimwit"? It's something similar to "modern". Only for someone like you.

Original German :

Was bringen „Zuwanderer“ mit, Alan? Entschuldige, ich habe dich nicht richtig verstanden. Sagtest du etwas von „Aufstiegs- und Arbeitswillen“? Einen Scheiß bringen sie mit! Das einzige, was sie mitbringen, ist analphabetisches Gequake, die sie ihrem staatlich bezahlten Dolmetscher ins Ohr plärren und das übersetzt lautet „Ich will ein Haus, ein Auto, viel Geld und eine blonde Muschi, aber pronto!“, welches wiederum von dieser „alternden und bequemen Gesellschaft“ zu erbringen ist. Beim Schielen sieht man doppelt, Alan, aber du schielst nicht, du halluzinierst bereits und siehst Dinge, die umgekehrt einen Sinn ergeben. Doch unübertroffen ist immer noch der Titel deines Artikels: „Migration hat Deutschland weltoffener und moderner gemacht“. Nicht allein das, wenn du mich fragst, hat Migration uns sogar arschoffener gemacht. Und was „modern“ anbelangt, Alan, kennst du den Begriff „Schwachkopf“? Das ist so etwas Ähnliches wie „modern“. Allerdings nur deinesgleichen betreffend.

AccountError #racist #psycho

[Serious] People give ER shit for false reasons

From reading My Twisted World, it is very apparent that alot of the shit that's used against him is false. He was never the rich person people claim he was, his father was facing a financial crisis and Elliot only had a few thousand in the bank, which is practically nothing. He might've had a BMW, but that's it, there really was nothing else going for him in terms of wealth.

Elliot did not exclusively want a blonde stacy gf, he had multiple points of interests in other type of foids. The quotes about him wanting a blonde stacy are just projections of the perfect women, he legit didn't have 2/10 foids asking him out, if they did he wouldn't have gone ER.

And speaking of asking out, Elliot mostly gets shit for not asking a foid out. It sounds legitimate at first, but let's be real, Elliot knew the signs women gave him. Most blackpilled users will understand women will give non- verbal cues to signal that don't want to talk to you or even have any interaction. It would not be a stretch to say that ER picked up on these as even a bluepill simp can.

Lastly, Elliot isn't handsome. He was short for his area, hapa, small frame and big lips. It is delusional to think that women would find him attractive, let alone in an area full of Cali chads. JFL

throwaway05566 #sexist

A teenager with a healthy social life and/or a gf isn't going to read stuff online and take the blackpill. Only those without, because it's the truth to them. The rest will think it's bullshit.

The only thing that "breeds" incels is female sexual selection. All of this is yet another way to absolve the exalted gender of all blame.

Sharpe #racist

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went to our favourite Chinese restaurant in London's Camden. Camden is not what it was; it used to comprise dozens of independent traders with shops and market stalls, but it's become a lot more commercialised over the past few years. There is still one good thing about it though- just look at my photo. No niggers.

Yes, at the height of the tourist season, when the place is rammed with tourists from all over the world; Chinese, Japanese, North and South American, etc,, all enjoying a peaceful sunny day out, as humans do. I think we only saw about five or six in the three hours or so that we were there.

Coming home on the tube (subway) we were commenting on the refreshing lack of nig-nogs (we use a code word when discussing them in public) until we got on the train. Occupying two seats opposite us was a massive buck, chomping on a burger. With typical nigger clumsiness, as he ate, he dropped chips (fries) all over the floor, and naturally, did not bother to pick them up. When he'd finished, he just dropped the burger wrapping as well, for someone else to clear up later. I didn't confront him, as I didn't want to spoil our day out further by provoking the chimp out that would inevitably follow, but what a contrast there is between the humans interacting and having fun and the nigger ****ing it up for everyone else.

SadLonelySingle #sexist #psycho

[Theory] Imagine how based would be a society where women's rights are equivalent to cattle or a dog.

High iq thread alert.

We all know that no women ever wants to have accountability for their actions, it's always the fault of patriarchy, or alcohol, or upbringing, or whatever solipsistic reason she finds on the spot.

Not only that, but they lack the basic logical thought to be able to overcome their instincts for chad cock only, one could argue they do not have the mental capacity to exercise civil rights similar to a man - I must specify that only the non cuckfied man has intellectual gigantism beyond the brains of the mere foid.

Which leads us to the most appropriate conclusion and also revives a similar system that existed for a millenia and proved to yield the best results so far.

It is not feasible of foids to be treated as lifeless objects, however, their mental accomplishments do not ever surpass the biological chad only whoreness intrinsic to their instincts.

Therefore, the same way you can't expect a dog to behave like an intelligent non cucked human being, you can't expect a foid to not act like a degenerate.

The only viable solution to hypergamy would be to classify women's rights as equivalent to cattle or a dog.

In the sense that they're legally protected from the acts of any third party that do not own them, in exchange they would not vote, receive welfare (i.e single mothers), or exercise complex human legally binding volition since it would lead to the degeneracy we witness today.

@Edmund_Kemper @Atavistic Autist @FinnCel @mylifeistrash @Personalityinkwell @Uglyme @78980n @zangano1 @SlayerSlayer @Venomkore @TheNEET thoughts?

foreignincel #sexist

Normies always look out for a fake purpose in everything they do.

Posting a selfie of your ugly face that never actually cared one bit for the consequences of the patriarchy as an unjust social system that enforces gender roles and is oppressive to both men and women and then labeling it as "this is what feminism looks like" while your heightist bigoted ass discriminate against short men , just normie things.

Bullying people and Incels telling them to drink bleach and justifying yourself by saying you saved a life ? just normie things , OH and don't forget to tell them it's their personality that doesnt get them laid while you fuck girls left and right and say that there is only two genders.

sexting girls on r/gonewild while you have a girlfriend and justifying your act buy saying you are helping those girls have faith in themselves and destroy their insecurities ? just normie things.

Post your hairy roastie beef between your legs on r/gonewild and justifying it by saying your husband doesn't make you feel pretty enough and it makes you depressed ? just normie things.

browse r/incels saying you want to help and ghost all incels you talk to the moment brad text you or the moment you have to step out from your confort zone to help a suicidal incel ? just normie things.

Normies are evil, don't ever ever trust them.If Normies were nice all normies would be SJW's or feminists.

BITG #sexist

[Blackpill] Have normies no shame?

How do they bring land whale GF’s to their home, and present them to their parents? I could never look neither my father or mother in the eye and say “mom, dad, this is my landwhale girlfriend”. The disappointment I would see lingering in my fathers eye would make me instantly rope.

normies have ZERO shame. Low inhibs me tbhtbhngldedsrs

also, fucking gross:feelspuke::feelspuke:

AccountError #sexist #racist

North Korea is fucked if a foid leader takes power

There are only 3 paths of this occurs

1. Nuclear annihilation
Foids are retarded and cannot stratagize, hence will probably lead to conflict​

2. White cocku onry
The foid will open Korea to the west where it will begin to unleash hypergamy, the huge amount of foreign visitors will lead Korean men to go extinct as chad slays their foids​

3. Chang spitroast
the foid leader is obviously incompetent so she is easily manipulated by Changs from China or other nearby countries.​

Noodlewhore diplomacy is dogshit ngl​

PrudentButterfly #sexist

The new sexual revolution will be like when a pet chimpanzee suddenly has the epiphany that he is far stronger than his masters and there is therefore no reason for him to allow himself to be caged and controlled by them, so he rips their limbs and faces off and escapes. The incel demographic, young human males with blunted emotions from psychological trauma, are literally the most dangerous living organisms that have ever existed on planet Earth, yet here they are complaining about not being "allowed" to have sex. Very soon they are going to begin waking up and realizing how silly this attitude is.

Insane cope, no one wants to murder anyone here, we want a GF. A global bellicose revolution never happened and most people here would not want to risk their lives to die for no reason.

Our only chance is spreading the blackpill and brainwashing the normies since they are suffering too because of female hypergamy. We need everyone to realize and then perhaps something might happen. I doubt anyway, but that’s our best chance.

Low IQ.

Yea sure thing go around saying we want to tear their faces off this will surely help our cause. For fucks sake.

Women should be afraid of denying men sex for the same reason people are afraid of being disrespectful to police officers.

A relationship based on terror is not a good one since it does not work.

It's the only one that works. People slave away for 40-50 hours per week in exchange for almost nothing because they are too afraid to do anything to change the system. People obey the law because they are afraid of being shot and dragged to prison by the police. They let the church rule their societies for 1700 years because they were afraid of going to Hell. Violence and fear are the only language normies understand. They can't be reasoned or negotiated with.

some incels #sexist

When a female joins the group of my online friends that I play vidya with every day after work and now everyone acts completely different and tried to subtly belittle each other for a 0.00001% chance of fucking her


Foids ruin male spaces. They need to mind their own business.

Reminder: pussy-hunting cucks will ruin male spaces before an actual female will

But it's the females presence and unattainability that drives the men to do what they do, cucks are pretty normal people when you subtract women from the equation.

You’re giving women a LOT of power, do you realize this?

I ain't the one doing it. I was gonna amend my statement by saying yes, the people who give women this much power over them have issues.

Look we can't control what women do, but we have every right to be disgusted by men that fucking grovel and lick the ground they walk on

But the point is, most men are pussy-hunting cucks. You can’t blame them; it’s evolution. But they only become intolerable when they're activated by the presence of a woman. Women are the problem here. Video game groups should have a zero-tolerance policy for open women.

To find and impress a woman is evolution, to act like a baboon at the presence of a woman online that wants to play video games is cuckery.

It happens to almost everybody. The monkey part of your brain sees the 0.00001% chance and jumps on it. Lonely men will never not cuck if they think there’s even a small a chance they can get a gf. The key is to not let women play in the first place.


Why are you enabling the worst men among us. I thought the common argument here is that women are the "simplistic" ones. If men can't even fucking have enough self respect not to be pathetic that's on them

yeah no shit sherlock this is why all the cucked soyboys hate incels so much, it's because we have the self respect they lack and they can't seem to grasp that idea.

also why do you think inceltears is like 10x bigger than braincels? it's because of the massive amount of soyboys infesting this fucking place.

if you really think women are the only problem you got some thinking to do

This is precisely why gender segregation is a good thing. Even the entrance of one female automatically and intrinsically changes dynamics to be less brotherly and more competitive. Same goes for women too

Men get anxious and distracted when available women are around.

Women get anxious and distracted when available men aren't around.

THIS is the reason to not have women in the military. The media pretty much refuses to acknowledge this and diverts the argument around "ability." Just goes to show how subtle manipulation is.

This happens to me all the time. Seriously fuck women, they ruin even my gaming experience. Actually recently stopped playing a mmo because too much of this shit on my guild.

that’s probably because most men are playing MMOs to get away from their shit real lives. but women live on absolute tutorial mode, so if they need that escapism then they’re probably severely fucked in the head

Good post. I never really put any thought into it before (bitches be crazy, basically) but what you said makes complete sense. Women already get everything handed to them IRL and get validation just for existing, so they'd have little incentive to seek out escapism via virtual worlds unless there is something wrong with them.

This happened to my friend group as well. And the foid still hasnt left and brags about all the guys shes fucked right in front of us but knows she will never fuck any of us. Ive tried getting my friends to kick her out but they all want to try and fuck her. It's been 2 years -_-

AbuIncelAlAustrali & hhhh__ #sexist

My "Chad friend" at work today said that I am not successful in attracting foids because I am too nice to them, treat them like human beings and I don't d3grade them.

In the real world I treat foids like how I treat men when it is absolutely necessarily to interact with those foul beasts. As a result Chad thinks I treat them with respect and human beings. Chad said he randomly grabs foids by the ass and other quite rapey things and he said that the foids love it.

I did tell him in reply that all that matters is looks and height but he was adamant that if I treated roasties like s3x objects like he did I would slay.

He is of course incorrect but no fucking way I'm forcing myself to be assholes for those things. This interaction with Chad made me hate roasties even more.

I only talk to him because he used to post on /b/ and misc hence he is not fully cucked. All the other men are white knighting soyboys and of course I am not going to be friends with a foid ever again, they can fucking get r3kt.

My Chad friend openly stares at foids like an obsessed stalker, and still gets their numbers. He's treated all his gf's like shit, calling them ugly and whatnot. They stay with him until he ditches them. He won't believe me when I say the only reason he hasn't been metoo'd is because he's 6'1 and good looking.

My other friend, Chadlite, is a total sadist that enjoys making them cry. Not one girl has ever broken up with him, and he's alpha widowed many. Explain that to me, IT.

Valerie Austin #fundie

"I agree with your doctrinal statements. I wanted to comment on whether you’ve taken a look into why Wendy’s has had this campaign showing men with the “Wendy’s wig” on. It seems to all be a part of the enemy’s agenda to desensitize people to the whole cross-gender, trans-gender/homosexual thing. Expecially the one commercial where it’s in Black & White and there’s a huge crowd of women with men faces superimposed and they’re cheering for the man wearing a Wendy girl wig. Why can’t they show women in their commercials who crave their burgers and wear the same red wig? Have you posted anything about that? My family and friends have since stopped going there."
To which GCMWatch, the Webmaster, replies:

Thank you Valerie.

I dont eat at Wendy’ cause he food is always cold despite what their lying commericials say.

You brought up a good point. I looked around and didnt find anything directly tying Wendy’s to the gay movement other than in 2005, the gay group HRC pressured them to change their “discrimination policy” to include homosexuals and transgenders, which they did.

The commercials really do look like Wendy’s is showing that it wants their business by appealing to the gender switching crowd.

Because it isnt a doctrinal issue, you probably wont see it addressed here.

But I think youre right to boycott them.

shingis231 #sexist

Reminder to normies that your gf will literally replaced you in a second if she found someone better

hypergamy! loyality means nothing. you loving her means nothing. all the years you spent together mean nothing. the second a better chad shows interest in her she's gone man!

normietflthrowaway #sexist

Re: Manlet’s GF photoshops him to a taller height to increase her social media presence. Even if you ascend they’re ashamed of you.


My girlfriend [M29 F29] photoshopped a picture to make me look taller.

Basically what's in the title. But I can give some background info: my girlfriend and I have been going out for 2 years now. I'm 5'6" and she's 5'4". It's honestly been an amazing relationship from my perspective, she's my first real girlfriend and sex partner so perhaps I am biased but I have been very happy with her. She has been with a good number of guys before and it used to give me some anxiety because they were all tall (6'2'lish, approx. by their photos) and handsome, but she kept reassuring me that my height doesn't matter to her and she's matured past the point where she cares about that superficial stuff. So I got over it. And our romantic life is great, she's never given me a reason to doubt her love for me.

Men are honestly more like human trophies to modern empowered females than we are fellow human beings to them. They dont actually value us as people, they primarily value us for the feelings of social status security they feel we can offer them.

Women's increasing, hypergamy motivated height fetish proves this all too well. Tall man = Big trophy as far as they are concerned; Having a taller man than other women literally makes a lot of females feel superior and good about themselves. Guy in the post isn’t tall enough to make her look good, so she feels so insecure about this she edits him in pictures. She wants, needs a taller trophy to show off in order to feel secure with herself.

High IQ. Hardest blackpill for me.

Same. Female romantic love is a profitable myth. They never love the man, only what he does for them and when he makes them look good. We are honestly just social status objects to them: the security they feel they get for being with a guy is what mostly determines their feelings for him.

That’s why a man’s height or money are more important than who or how he is as a human being for an insane amount of them. The same men who are desperate to believe in the fantasy that is female romantic love are the same ones who stupidly refuse to recognize the completely obvious fact that the main way men have always competed for women is through signaling material and social status.

F29 and pictures of past boyfriends that mog him.

She got the wall and is need of betabuxx. Either he’s cool with being the bail out or he’s completely clueless.

He’s clueless, like most short or ugly guys with his level of optimism towards women. He won’t wake up to the truth until he gets hurt bad enough. Already starting to happen to him.

I think he feels something is amiss since he’s posting on that sub. Too bad nobody there is gonna drop the black pill on him

Even if they did he probably still wouldnt accept it. He’s gotta learn the hard way for himself, like most guys. We all start off blue pilled, we are raised to be, but on top of this we are also taught to invest our sense of self worth as men into our ability and willingness to keep women on a pedestal. Some guys get treated like shit by women for their whole life and still never figure it out, because they’d basically hate themselves just for being seriously critical of women at all.

Things are only changing today because the internet is allowing males to come together and share information, but for a lot of guys this still isn’t enough, they gotta get hurt real bad multiple times before they are able to consider taking women off that pedestal in their minds.

some incels #sexist

Re: PSA: Trannies are organizing on Discord to recruit vulnerable youngcels into their weird feminization cult. Please upvote this so people are made aware


i don't like transphobia, almost all of them ended up like that because they were too ugly to get a gf just like everyone else on here, and no one in their friends circle (if they even had one) or family intervened to help them, they are victims. this is why almost all transexuals are male-to-female and not the other way around. that's just what happens when you're male and society rejects you for no reason. you end up developing weird interests and killing yourself at age 30.

don't bully them please. they are suffering

a lot of people that get sucked into this shit tend to be retards. it's pretty obvious trannies are trying to get as many young males into becoming trannies themselves because it reinforces their fucked up view of themselves and further emboldens their equally fucked up abomination of existence. trying to make yourself into a trap isn't going to change your genetics and that "man gut" is coming one day

I love how they use hyper feminine cartoon characters to depict themselves. No, you look like a bunch of trannies, some of you balding ffs. I mean if you could actually become an real woman I’d even consider it as an alternative to roping, if only to mess with simps and orbiters

Feminization is a massive fetish in anime adjacent communities and this is all the trans-cult is, a group of people with a predatory fetish that somehow managed to to gaslight mainstream culture in to shielding it. Imagine if any other weird fetish, like those people who swim in septic tanks for example, managed to get the support of mainstream media and big corporations?

This is what you need to keep in mind when you talk to trans people, especially MtF who have any interest or past with anime. You are talking to a victim who will most likely seek to reenact their trauma on another.

I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone ever since I discovered the incel community, just seeing all the incel theories, even the craziest, proven true one by one. First, we had the crazy incel theories about how lesbianism is largely a charade and lesbians would turn straight for chad. We got absolutely slaughtered on Reddit for this theory. Then an inceltears defector posted a crazy study showing that lesbians were twice as likely to get pregnant than straight women, thus proving incels right and BTFO ever single Redditor. Next we had incels talking about how transvestism is just caused by gynocentricity and men just wanting to enjoy female privilege. Incels got rubbished again on Reddit because we dared to suggest women were privilege. Now it appears we have been proven right again. I am not kidding, I think incels May be the smartest people alive on earth today.

What worries me is that incels have a couple of apocalyptic theories of how the world would turn out, and judging from their flawless track record, these would probably come true. Let us never forget that incels predicted metoo months before it happened. For those who remember r/incels, there was a series of threads where incels predicted women would go en masse on social media to accuse normies who touches them in the past for raping them because all forms of contact by an ugly Male is rape. Inceltears went on a ramalage calling incels paranoid and that “normal people don’t accuse people of rape just because they ugly you just have a toxic mindset reeeee”. A few months later, the metoo phenomenon was born.

The frustration builds and the sadness creeps but unless you have been feeling like this since childhood you are just being lied to

By your own doing

Few of them are able to become the women they desire because unless you do hormones since before puberty you can’t be a believable woman that can wear anything in the stores most women want to shop in

At best you are imitation crab meat when what you really need to be is the real deal and you can’t

They will never look like the girl they desire to be

Disgusting. Trannies are fucked in the head. I can’t believe society is trying so hard to grovel at their feet and at the same time force acceptance of them into everyone else. And it’s all in the name of...what? Being “progressive?” Fuck that noise. This isn’t progressive. It’s regressive.

It’s only going to get worse from here.

I don't know who is the ultimate mindmaster behind this but this is another way to fuck with real men. I just found out a while ago that transgenders were dating straight men (some of whom were """transphobic"""") who obvs didnt know that they were dating a mutilated man. This is what we have to look forward to if we even have a remote chance of ascending, not only are we competing for the ugliest, lowest actual female scraps any vaguely attractive foid we might find has a high chance of being male. It's over. It's fucking over

thanks for the heads up tho, most high iq posters here won't fall for that shit. It's probably the faggots at cucktears who are more likely to be trans

they honestly are delusional if they think they look like those anime girls in real life. most of these "traps" cover up their faces and filter-up when they take photos because deep down they know they still look like an ugly dude in drags

99% of all traps are UGLY!

Not that Trans are my cup of tea. But one thing I find funny is that MtF trans can get money for webcamming, dominate sports, even fucking win beauty pageants. Proving that being a woman is easy mode. As for FtM, they learn how fucking hard it is to be a man, the are even generally manlets, dickcels (obvious), and framecels.

If I could actually become an actual real woman with two X chromosomes and a vagina and a womb then I would. I would switch to easy mode midway through the game because the game sucks and is stacked against me.

But it is not possible. I have no desire to mutilate my genitals, have a fake "vagina" that is a constantly bleeding pus-filled wound that is forever trying to close, a masculine skeleton and facial structure, deep voice, Adam's apple, big feet, etc. The research shows that post-op transexuals are not any happier, and the rate of suicide goes up.

I think it's really sad how many are being misled by our feminized society into ceasing being men, but not really becoming women either, just becoming these sad depressed mutilated people who are in-between genders and have even less chance of finding love because neither gay men nor straight women want them, with a few exceptions.

No offence...

I like trannies. Honestly, I think trannies are hotter than cisgender females. I just wish they were proincel rather than antiincel. In the tranny lover community we have a saying that, every single female in the future will have a dick. This is because when there will be technology to be able to produce a babe from two sperm and outside the uterus, no one will want a dick-less girl.

TakeemtoToontown #sexist

For foids, "voluntarily alone" means "only one consistent sexual partner"


Why even bother going on? They're all like this. Ascending with a modern woman is essentially bestiality. They are not human. Humans have at least a shred of self-awareness. Foids are incapable of understanding. All I can say is EDNW.

More and more, I'm starting to feel that the culmination of digesting the blackpill is to go MGTOW, which is redpill ironically. These days, the whole "get looks to get a gf" idea seems naive cuz women are NPCs and society is fucked up.


El1iot did nothing wrong. I'm always afraid I'm going to be thrown into a cell if I praise him too much. I know that's extremely paranoid but to be honest I would welcome prison at this point. A place where I can be cut off from the outside world and all my necessities are provided for me without wageslaving doesn't sound too bad.

Ugly_equals_Death #sexist #crackpot

[Blackpill] The root of the incel problem is planned children and birth control. YOU RARELY SEE A FEMALE ONLYCHILD ULTIMATE BLACKPILL NO ONE WANTS DAUGHTERS

Title. Tbh it sounds very simple and people will say "no it is hypergamy the media and daa jooos!!1!1" but honestle the inballance male to female ratio is the real problem. I mean incels wouldnt exist if there where an excess of young females. And ((science)) says shit like, in good times more boys are born. But this isnt even an explenation because even with the natural excess of males (more male sperm is produced due to higher premature death rate of men) the ratio wouldnt be this fucked up like it is today in young generations.

And i am talking about the west, not about places like asia or muslim countrys.

And my explenation is this.

People dont want daughters they want sons, males and females hate daughters. Women hate each other and men hate women they cant fuck.

And this leads to a very specific reproduction pattern:

People start a family and get there first child

-->if its a son they stop reproducing OR get another child
-->if its a daughter they ALLWAYS get another child

-->if they have 2 female children they ALLWAYS STOP REPRODUCING! no one wants 3 daughters.
-->if they hit the number of children they can provide for they usually stop reproducing (white people do it like this usually)

If they have 2 children its most of the time a older sister and a brother or 2 daughters.
If they have one child its allways a son.

You rarely see a female onlychild or a younger sister and older brother because NORMIES ARE BLACKPILLED THEY KNOW SONS ARE BETTER THEN DAUGHTERS THEY DONT WANT TO RAISE CHADS HOLES.

No matter what they say look at the numbers look what they do. Also if you see people with 3 children its most of the time 3 sons or 2 sons 1 daughter because people who have 2 daughter stop reproducing no one in the world can take the burdon to raise 3 daughters, no one, if they hit the 2 daughters mark they instantly stop. 2 daughters is the most a man can take, no sane mane would risk raising 3 times chads whore.

TLDR: no one wants a daughter, and 2 daughters is the MAXIMUM a man can bare to have, while hed be happy to have 20 sons.

Sparrow's Song #sexist

[ToxicFemininity] Proof that chads are actually malevolent entities here to oppress you and that evil originated with chad and stacy...

Context: Jahi is the spirit of all femasites. She is the meta consciousness of all females and the Femiurge. Every foid in the world is an incarnation of Jahi. She is known as the representation of female nature, hypergamy, and roastism. Her boyfriend, Ahriman, is tall... tee hee... and he's basically the most powerful malevolent entity in existence. This mythology is based on real life and all you have to do is look outside our look at Tinder to see it. Ahriman and Jahi are real beings that physically exist, they mock us for our faces and bully us our entire lives. The United States government are minions of Ahriman and Jahi.


Transcript(Ancient Persian religion showed Jeh as the consort of Ahriman, the destructive spirit. This idea is closely followed in Zoroastrianism, where Jahi is shown as raising Angra Mainyu from his slumber. Angra Mainyu is also known as being the spirit of conflict. His prior battles with Ahura Mazda, also known as the primordial peace, had sent him to this slumber following his defeats. At the beginning of the second age of Iranian mythology, Jahi attempted to wake him. Angra Mainyu had resisted all prior attempts at this, but he was roused from impotence by the deity and her promise to assist him in the battle against Ahura Mazda. On waking he defiled her with a kiss, and in doing so he transformed from lizard form into that of a handsome man. This action was also believed to have afflicted Jahi with a monthly menstruation cycle starting the pattern for women around the world. Together they defeated Ahura Mazda, and energised, they set to work on making an evil presence throughout the world.)

This is why waifubots and artificial wombs are the only way to save the world from darkness and suffering. All femasites are Jahi in human form, it is better to reproduce with artificial wombs so our progeny are not born of Jahi. Artificial wombs are better than roasties because all non virgin foids are Jahis and their eggs have been defiled by chad Ahriman through telegony. Better to be incel until science and technology sets us free than be cucks who marry Jahi and get cucked by Ahriman.

ENTP #sexist #fundie

Hypergamy in Georgia just got slightly checked. Remove all hypergamy promoting policies NOW. No more child support, no more alimony, no free birth control, no more support for teen pregs, STD and pregnancy must be reported to parents, no more sex ed classes, no more free condoms. No more WIC. Promiscuous women must be shunned, ostracized, and economically destroyed. Unwed pregnancy must lead to absolute poverty and misery. Marriage to looksmatch must become the norm again!

Promiscuous chads must also be socially and economically destroyed.


My 18th birthday will be fucking hell

My 18th birthday literally be like any other day. I go to college and obviously no-one knows it's my birthday cuz I don't tell anyone cuz no one there likes me and got no friends so I go about my day like it's any other then come back home and rot in my bed.

All my birthdays since 14 have been like this but it hurts this year cuz what the fuck are my parents gonna think when she asks what I wanna do for my bday and there is nothing I can do because I literally have zero fucking friends. What will she think of me having zero friends. She's a giganormie and stalks all my childhood friends parents on Facebook and probs sees there kids partying n having girls n stuff on their 18th birthdays whilst I do fuck all.

I dont care that I don't have any friends and my 18th birthday will be dead but j care what my parents and family think cuz they're gonna think I'm the biggest fucking loser and a bigger one than I already am.

Everytime they come over they ask if I've got a gf yet and ask how tf I haven't got one.

All the UK side of my family is as ugly as me but they all had gfs when they were kids cuz of hypergamy n no social media n all that back then so they wouldn't understand how I have no gf and never will.

I don't fucking care that I'm turning 18 but my robotic normie family wanna make a big deal out of it.

Living 18 years as an incel isnt something to celebrate unless you're celebrating the fact that you're getting closer to your death.

TheVantablackPill #sexist

”Why are you balding bro just grow hair”

This is how I know the advice came from a woman. Not a single guy would give that advice because they know what Norwooding is.

Yeah my brother buzzes his hair due to thinning yet my sister always asks him why he isn’t growing it out, i cringe everytime i hear it cuz im balding too and know how it feels lol

A lot of foids are idiots. They think their reality is the baseline for all other people. Vicitm mentality. And that their hypergamy and status seeking isn't self enrichment, climbing over others, they see it as them finding their "equality" their birthright owing of happiness. No matter how high they climb they always want more. More money, better partner, better kids, better looks. And if a girl checks you out, you're just an improvement on what she's used to. A ladder in the rung

various commenters #sexist


Sup boyos, I'm new here but I've been lurking the community since July. Today I wanted to share with you an absolutely brutal blackpill a chadlite friend told me yesterday.

So, about an year ago a few of my friends (two low tier 5-6/10 normies and two chadlites 7.5/10) went to a northern city in my country (EU) to have some fun an try to get some femoids. Basically this chadlite friend who told me the story already had a gf at the time, the other three didn't, and beware since this makes everything worse and obviously exposes femoids hypergamy even more.

So they go out in a club and try to approach some femoids. The other chadlite (the one which didn't have a gf) scored almost instantly, while the two low tier normies both approached the same girl but both failed miserably, first one then the other. My chadlite friend (the one with a gf) wasn't trying to score cause he wasn't interested since having a girlfriend.

Well, guess what the fuck happened. The girl who rejected both of the low tier normies spontaneously approached this friend of mine, sat on his lap, started acting slutty and eventually started making out with him, all by herself, he didn't even had to get his ass up from the chair. And keep in mind the two that got rejected are both looksmaxxed/gymcelled 5-6/10 normies, they both got rejected in turn, so imagine what it is like for us. And keep in mind my friend isn't even chad, he's a 7.5/10 5'8 chadlite, not even gymcelled.

JFL at normies saying that you actively have to try to get a girl, that you gotta do all the work, and that you gotta better yourself and pick up signs a girl might throw at you, lol.

Just a daily reminder that it is beyond over boyos, have a nice day.

Yeah, nothing revealing here to me but JFL @ thinking guys have to approach.

And this place tries to act like normies don’t have it bad.

Incels have it far worse though I won’t deny that.

If NT normies get rejected then imagine how badly I’d get shut down considering I’m not NT

Ok, so they're trying to get some degenerate whores. Not brutal or a blackpill to me, kek

wut? Did you read the rest? The blackpill is that they are normies and failed, while the chadlite did absolutely nothing and got the girl. Hence, imagine what it's like for us if normies get cucked like this. That was the point of the post.

You're 6.5/10 if you looksmaxx naturally (just shaving, doing your hair) so you'd fare better than they'd do. But in a club.... kek, you're shit outta luck.

Yes, I did read the post. But I am anti-degeneracy, so what happens in a club doesn't bother me. Most of us are also aware that if you're good looking, girls approach you, and not the other way around. :p


Never done this before

Don't do it. Having normie friends I've tried sometimes, it' absolutely degenerate and terrible if you're incel. It's literally a blackpill manifestation IRL. Drunk stacies acting as slutty as possible to attract all the chads, it feels unreal seriously. It's like seeing all the theories discussed here taking place in front of your eyes.

Sumantra Maitra #wingnut

Climate Worship Is Nothing More Than Rebranded Paganism
We're seeing sexualized dances, hallucinogens, worshiping nature, confessing sins in pagan animism, worshiping purified teen saints, all to promote a supposedly greater cause.

Lynn Townsend White Jr., an American historian from Princeton, wrote an influential essay in 1967, at the height of the cultural revolution in Western campuses, arguing that Christianity and Judeo-Christian values are responsible for ecological disaster and climate change. The essay, naturally, was adapted by generations after, ironically almost like a document of faith.

The central argument went like this. White argued, “The victory of Christianity over paganism was the greatest psychic revolution in the history of our culture. … By destroying pagan animism, Christianity made it possible to exploit nature in a mood of indifference to the feelings of natural objects.”

If nothing else, the last few days should be enough to prove that Western civilization, a product of more than 1,500 years of Judeo-Christian values, is facing its most significant and sustained challenge in centuries from tribalistic paganism, a force that seeks not only to turn back time but essentially to destroy the entire current edifice.

Greta Thunberg and the Church of Mother Earth
As secular liberalism destroyed the fundamental ties that bind society — faith, flag, and family — the human instincts for faith — to believe, worship, submit, and fear — didn’t just go away but manifested in various other pre-civilized tribal ways. For example, a liberal seminary encouraged its students to skip classes to pray and confess sins in front of potted plants. In Switzerland, 250 people in full funereal garb mourned the apparent approaching death of a glacier.

That is why members of “Extinction Rebellion” do what they do. Extinction Rebellion is an apocalyptic cult that wants to radically end every thing around you, from your private cars to the burgers you eat and the plastic chairs in your yard. It is a cult that was formed after its founder took psychedelic drugs and prayed for “social change.” Members have blocked D.C. and London intersections, “twerking” the way people in a pre-civilized era would perform a fertility dance to pray to Gaia.

And then there’s Saint Greta, our perpetual teen of sorrow. I have been comparing her worship to Joan of Arc ever since she was invited to the British Parliament, the birthplace of modern democracy. She was surrounded by buffoons nodding their heads like they were listening to gospel truth.

Lads, I hesitate to take credit for my predictions…I am magnanimous and noble like that…but this entire Joan of Arc thingy…you guys read it here, first.

"Climate Apocalypticism" is simply a paganist religion, with its own saints, sinners, and providential end.

— Mr Maitra (@MrMaitra) September 22, 2019

I wrote about her long before the new woke-capital fanatics adopted her as a pawn. In a recent speech to the U.N., while clearly having an emotional meltdown, she told assorted leaders, voice trembling, that they have failed the children and history wouldn’t be kind. The “gatekeepers” immediately hailed her as a brave savior as well as a vulnerable, autistic teen who shouldn’t be bullied.

So, there you have it. Sexualized dances, psychedelic hallucinogens, worshiping nature, confessing sins in pagan animism, worshiping purified teen saints, and throwing them up on an altar, bereft of their childhood, to promote a greater cause. Add to that witches hexing Brett Kavanaugh, and having an Ouija board to invoke the spirit of Karl Marx, and everything old is new again.

The reality is, of course, completely different. Much less than destroying the planet, climate change isn’t even a settled science. Conservatives don’t disagree that climate is changing. That is a straw man. Conservatives, however, are opposed to hysteria, have skepticism about the rate of the climate change, and would like to see an actual cost-benefit analysis of the radical changes being demanded.

More important than that, conservatives understand that climate change is cynically used by a certain section of people to justify their political goals of steering the West away from its way of life, a way they perceive to be evil and harmful, hetero-patriarchal, and capitalist. How? Appealing to the faith-based part of human brains, the need for subservience, and propping up children as human shields.

The Left Created a Climate Crisis and Worships It
Consider a new letter by more than 500 scientists, which the mainstream media completely ignored. It urges the United Nations to have an open debate between scientists from both sides of the argument and states there’s “no climate emergency.” The report goes on to say, among other things:

The world has warmed at less than half the originally-predicted rate; Climate policy relies on inadequate models; More CO2 is beneficial for nature, greening the Earth; There is no statistical evidence that global warming is intensifying hurricanes, floods, droughts and suchlike natural disasters, or making them more frequent; There is no climate emergency. Therefore, there is no cause for panic and alarm. We strongly oppose the harmful and unrealistic net-zero CO2 policy proposed for 2050.

In short, everything you’re being told is wrong or flawed, and you’re a chump who is being taken for a ride.

For all the Marxists’ faults, the old left at least wanted to conquer nature instead of turning subservient to it. Of course, that went to its own extremes, but one can imagine Joseph Stalin putting all twerking climate fanatics as mentally ill people in a forced labor camp to build railroads in Siberia. The current Chinese government, likewise, gives two hoots about climate change, and for all the bravery of Green Peace and St. Greta, there’s nothing they can do about China burning more coal than the rest of humanity combined.

The modern left is a combination of two of the worst impulses in human history. First are the ultra-privileged bourgeoisie, which, having lost their old Judeo-Christian faith, are instinctively attracted to pre-civilized rituals, from overt sexuality to fewer familial ties. Consider Late Roman public orgies, and you get an idea. At the same time, human minds feel a gaping void that still needs to be filled by an alternate faith. It is in that intersection where this occultist, apocalyptic climate paganism comes from. It gives some privileged people a noble purpose.

As French philosopher Pascal Bruckner wrote in his book “The Fanaticism of the Apocalypse: Save the Earth, Punish Human Beings,” the current movement has all the trappings of a religion: saints, sinners, a providential end, apocalyptic fear, punishment, and penance. It appears Emperor Constantine’s children clearly failed to civilize their future generations. The pagan barbarians from the north are back circling outside the citadel.

good2bwhite #racist

I lived and worked in China for almost 4 years and it is an awesome place. Sure there is pollution, but not many niggers. One time, I was walking around downtown Beijing with my Chinese ex gf and I saw a Chinese woman walking hand in hand with a nigger. All the Chinese that saw me and my gf walking together had no issues whatsoever. They did in fact take obvious issue with the nigger walking around with the Chinese woman. A group of Chinese guys even walked up to the Chinese woman that was with her nigger and in Chinese asked her why she is with a monkey. My gf and I were close enough to hear this and things got interesting. So we kind of hung out in the general area and watched from a distance. I could hear the Chinese woman translate for the nigger, since he was too stupid to know any Chinese. I also could see a rage building in his big buggy eyes. I was waiting and waiting to witness my first chimpout abroad, but it never came. His gf ended up calming him down...which I didn't think was even possible. They ended up walking away. I was blown away. I was blown away that he didn't chimp out, but I was more blown away by how open the hate is against niggers in China. Let's just say my love for China grew even deeper.

P.S. I did live in south China for a while and I know Guangzhou is basically run by niggers now. The rest of China is aware of this and probably "gave" them a city for trade purposes in exchange for all the natural resources they are taking from the Apefrican continent. These resources will be put to much better use in the hands of the Chinese anyway.

ShySaxon #sexist

[RageFuel] Women reap the rewards of a society which my ancestors helped build while I rot and suffer

All of my ancestors worked for a living, toiling to the bone for society so that they could improve their lot in life as well as for the next generation of the family. All of the welfare, security, government support in my country exists because my forebears worked towards it and contributed toward civilisation. My ancestors fought, bled and died on both sides of the World Wars for their respective nations, whether it be England or Germany. They gave their lives for their people and nation.

Then foids come along, profit from it all by being offered the hand (women’s rights) and instead taking the entire arm (hypergamy, feminism etc). They live in peace, comfort and privilege off the backs of my ancestors. Black people talk about reparations for slavery; I demand reparations from women for exploiting my ancestors and rejecting me. The benefits of civilisation were meant for us, foid scum, not you. You never built civilisation, men did. And when I want something back from the civilisation which my ancestors built, like a gf to keep me from roping which would give me a reason to exist and can help me in kickstarting my own family, I’m told I’m not allowed one because im toxic or my ”puh-sun-alley-teeh” isn’t good enough by a bunch of soys on r*ddit. Women turn me down because I don’t have a jaw that could cut through glass.

I’m literally rotting away in my room, isolated from a society which my ancestors helped build and died defending on the field of battle. Women on the other hand, are granted a privileged position in society while men slave away at their dead end job and come home to an empty bed every night and get told how misogynistic they are if they talk to their looksmatch. Its fucking over.

Mr. Answer #fundie

Evolutionists will say no. But the truth is that the monkey came from the giraffe.

Evolution is utter nonsense. In the 40's and 50's evolution scientists and other proponents of evolution claimed that life developed in a primordial ocean soup as a single cell and then the cells miraculously decided with their little cell brains to join together to make complex multi-cell organisms and then these multi cell organisms started to make blood systems, nervous systems, hearts, eyes, mouths, teeth and then these lifeforms decided to climb out of the sea and become lizards, birds and even man. This is the BIGGEST FAIRY TALE of ALL TIME. Now prominent scientists are trying to distance themselves from the obsurdity of this evolutionary theory. Evolutionists now claim that they DO NOT and NEVER DID teach that cells climbed out of the ocean to make man and all other land based lifeforms. Evolutionists are liars. Just pick up any evolutionary text book from the 50's and read it!

Please note in the article below that has just hit the news wires that the "scientists" have discovered that the "fastest-known evolving animal has NOT CHANGED PHYSICALLY over LONG PERIODS of time! Now the "PROOF" for evolution is that the DNA is changing. Yea right. . . More fairy tale evolutionary nonsense!

And the tuatara is the FASTEST EVOLVING ANIMAL! I guess 200 million years isn’t quite enough for a significant PHYSICAL CHANGE! The tuatara should have developed wings by now!

Jim #sexist

Why is Hugh a pevert for having sex with numerous fertile age women at the age of ninety? Here is a toast to 20 milligrams of tada and 12.5 milligrams of caber.

It is stupid and counterproductive to blame men for sexual revolution, and particularly stupid and particularly counterproductive to blame alpha males for the sexual revolution.

Blaming Hugh Hefner for the sexual revolution is stupid. Blame Queen Caroline. Hugh Hefner was just watching the decline from poolside.

The problem is not that Hugh Hefner had sex with lots of women, the problem is that women want to have sex with alpha males. The problem is that women want to party till their youth and beauty runs out. Rather than contrasting the sexuality promoted by Hugh Hefner with one hundred roses monogamy that only existed up to the early nineteenth century, we need to contrast it with today’s sexuality.

Starting with Queen Caroline, and following up with Florence Nightingale, the problem always has been women out of control.

She wants 2.3 more years of sex with other men before she settles for you. They don’t want to waste a day more of their youth and fertility on their husbands than absolutely necessary

Monogamy and chastity are an agreement between males for equitable sharing of pussy, which deal was imposed on women with a stick, and the stick needs to re-applied from time to time.

“Hypergamy” means that women prefer to fuck Hugh Hefner. Since we have suppressed all the Hugh Hefners, , since today’s elite is unmanly and emasculated, it now means they prefer to fuck Jeremy Meeks.

We were better off when they were fucking Lord Byron and Hugh Hefner, than with them fucking Jeremy Meeks.

Suppress the Hugh Hefners of the world, and you will find your ten year old daughter is fucking a forty year old motorbike gang leader and ice dealer.

The problem is not Playboy magazine. The problem is that Queen Caroline did not receive a whipping.

In Victorian times they said that the problem was aristocratic wealthy male military officers. Make the army plebeian, it will solve the problem.

Then in Hugh Hefner’s time, they said the problem was wealthy and cultured businessmen, make business politically correct, it will solve the problem. What are they now saying about Jeremy Meeks?

We are targeting affluent high IQ males to make them terrified of women, thus “A rape on Campus” and “sexual harassment”. The man who did twenty years in prison for torture, rape, murder, and cannibalism gets a free pass.

This whole business started out as an attack on King and Aristocracy. Women are wonderful, it is just aristocrats and military officers forcing them to behave badly. Free and empower women, raise their self esteem, make the military plebeian, and they will behave well.

Have they been behaving well?

We observe women doing bad things with powerful men. We conclude that powerful men are using their power to make women behave badly. So we take power away from men and give it to women. “Sexual harassment” law makes eunuchs of wealthy men. The reason that lawyerettes have sex with criminal lowlives is that the judges and senior partners they associate with are terrified of them, and are therefore unattractive.

Are women now behaving better? Is it better that lawyerettes have sex with judges, or sex with criminals?

Well, actually, it is better if they get married, cook meals, and have babies. We now have profoundly dysgenic fertility, as cooking and babies is only for women too stupid to become cat lady PhDs. A woman has all her life to get an education and career, but only a short time to get married and have children.

I don’t behave badly because I am a bad person. I behave badly because in this environment, that is what it takes to get my dick wet. I don’t like defect/defect equilibrium at all.

We cannot get out of defect/defect and into cooperate/cooperate by calling on only one side in the war of the sexes to cooperate. In fact we cannot get out of defect/defect merely by calling on people. To end the war will take some enforcement, which enforcement was abandoned with Queen Caroline.

Alex Jones #fundie

Breitbart and InfoWars Hit New Low By Comparing Parkland Survivor To Hitler

Proving yet again how nervous the far right is getting about the momentum survivors of the Parkland school shooting have injected into the gun control issue, several alt-right websites and commentators have compared student David Hogg to Hitler.

On Saturday, Hogg delivered a speech to a massive crowd of an estimated 200,000 people at the March for Our Lives rally in Washington D.C., and at one point, he raise a closed fist into the air.

Alex Jones, founder of the conspiracy theory website InfoWars, took video of Hogg’s speech and dubbed it with audio of a speech by Hitler.

Breitbart and The Daily Wire, also far-right websites, have published articles accusing Hogg of ending his speech with the Hitler salute. Numerous tweets accusing the teen of the same thing have been shared thousands of times.

Even more pathetic is the fact that Republican legislators, such as Minnesota Rep. Mary Franson, have used this as a way to attack Hogg on social media. Iowa Rep. Steve King similarly shared an insulting meme about Emma Gonzalez, another Parkland survivor, to mock her after her own speech at Saturday’s march.

By lowering themselves to the point where they’re attacking minors who went through a massive tragedy just weeks ago, Republicans and pro-gun advocates are doing the job of discrediting themselves out of their opponents’ hands.

Don #fundie
After being a life- long Democrat, since Carter ,I’ll be voting Republican for several reasons such as the disproportionate proliferation of HOMOSEXUAL TV programs and movies and the GUN GRAB ATTEMPTS by the Democratic Party. But , these next reasons really burn me up ! Recently, an openly HOMOSEXUAL teacher in EFLAND , N.C. recently read the book,” KING AND KING “, TO HIS 3RD GRADE CLASS. It’s the story of TWO HOMOSEXUAL PRINCES getting married and it shows them kissing. Also The Girl Scouts of America has been FORCED, by HOMOSEXUAL Groups, TO ACCEPT BOYS WHO IDENTIFY AS GIRLS.
There even pushing to have sex education taught in Kindergarten "Chicago Passes Sex-Ed for Kindergartners -
ABC News"
"Obama: Sex Ed for Kindergartners 'Is the Right Thing to Do'

Obama directive forces schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms consistent with their gender identity !

In the state of California, heterosexual married couples can no longer be referred to as Husbands and Wives , Democrat Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law that not only redefines marriage, but eliminates any reference to husband and wife, replacing each with the Generic Term Spouse !

People this is beyond the pale. The rampant proliferation of this kind of behavior is what we can expect if we continue to let the 2% TAIL OF THE HOMOSEXUAL POPULATION continue to WAG THE ENTIRE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. The REPUBLICAN PARTY is our last hope in maintaining some kind of MORAL COMPASS AND TRADITIONAL FAMILY VALUES that are the foundation of this Country . Voting in a another Democratic president will give them the opportunity to appoint 3-4 new Liberal Supreme Court Justices giving the Court a LIBERAL MAJORITY FOR GENERATIONS. Meaning we can expect more of this. The following is the Genesis of a Lawsuit filed in 2006 against the reading of the HOMOSEXUAL BOOK.”KING AND KING” TO 7 YEAR OLDS IN A CLASSROOM.

Funny how you can’t read a lesson from the bible in a classroom .but you can PROMOTE HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE TO 2ND AND 3RD GRADERS !!!!

In 2006 Robb and Robin Wirthlin and David and Tonia Parker filed a federal lawsuit against the school district of Eastbrook Elementary School, which their second graders attended in Lexington, Massachusetts. The Wirthlins' son's teacher had read King & King aloud to the class as part of an educational unit on weddings. Parents countered that the school's job was to teach about the world and that Massachusetts sanctioned same-sex marriage The plaintiffs claimed that using the book in school constituted sex education without parental notification, which would be a violation of their civil rights and state law. Robin Wirthlin appeared on CNN, saying
“ We felt like seven years old is not appropriate to introduce homosexual themes. My problem is that this issue of romantic attraction between two men is being presented to my seven-year-old as wonderful, and good and the way things should be. Let us know and let us excuse our child from the discussion. ”


The judge dismissed the lawsuit, saying "Diversity is a hallmark of our nation. The Wirthlins and the Parkers appealed the decision; a three-judge panel of the First Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously in favor of the school. Judge Sandra Lynch, writing for the court, rejected the plaintiff's argument that their religious beliefs were being singled out as well as their argument that their First Amendment right to free exercise of religion was violated, writing, "There is no evidence of systemic indoctrination. There is no allegation that [the second-grader] was asked to affirm gay marriage. Requiring a student to read a particular book is generally not coercive of free exercise rights." The court also ruled that the parents' substantive due process rights were not violated, as these rights did not legally give them the degree of control they sought over the curriculum.

This same ruling could apply to reading a life lesson from the Bible !!!!!


Here's a small % of shows with Homosexual Characters or Content without doing an in depth search ,let's see we have the one that started it all Will and Grace, then STAR TREK BEYOND, Guilt , The Interestings , Sequestered , Ballers,Transparent, Mr. Robot, One Mississippi, Aquarius , True Detective ,Bosch, Grace & Frankie ,Red Oaks, Zoo ,CSI- New Orleans ,Six Feet Under , Complications ,Entourage , Angels in America ,Community , Girls, The L Word, The Walking Dead , The Following, Empire , Backstrom , Chicago Fire , The Royals ,The Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Bored to Death , The Cleveland Show, King of the Hill, South park, The Simpsons, Glee, The 100,Black Sails, Madame Secretary , Gotham , Kingdom, How to get Away With Murder, The Modern Family, Dominion, Tyrant, The Night Shift, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Penny Dreadful, Nurse Jackie ,Star Crossed, The Fall , Peaky Blinders , Wentworth , Defiance, Hemlock Grove, Hannibal , The Bridge , Under The Dome ,Ray Donavan , Orphan Black, Banshee, Betrayal , House of Cards , Alpha House , Masters of Sex , Nashville, Da Vinci's Demons , Arrow, Sons of Anarchy ,Orange is the New Black, Sherlock ,Skins , Lip Service, How I met your Mother, Xena ,Prison Break , Homicide Life On The Streets , East Enders , Teen Wolf , Torchwood, Sex and the City , Bad Girls ,True Blood , Spartacus ,Game of Thrones , The Vampire Dairies , Shameless , Queer As Folk , The Wire ,The Office , Weeds ,Ripper Street , Schitt’s Creek , Eye Candy ,Transparent, The Flash ,Chasing Life ,Hit The Floor ,Dracula , Dates , The Originals ,A Place To Call Home , The Fosters , The Carrie Diaries , Undateable , and American Horror Story just to mention a few there are dozens more.

The HOMOsexualS are 2-5% of the population ,but 90% of the TV Shows have HOMOsexual content . Don't you think that's a bit disproportionate.

Anonymous Coward #sexist

It Is Not Possible For Women To "Be Empowered."

1.) Wimmim mistakenly think reality is within their chatty talk. Not so.

2.) There is no power in their wobbling heads, blinky pretty little eyes, and huffy little emotions.

3.) Women are unable to listen to and comprehend words plainly spoken directly at their face, but can only react to "How He Seems To Be."

4.) Women think math is "Just Something The Men Do," and are clueless of the power of math. Lol.

5.) Wimmin have minds needlessly occupied by the nonsense of relationship drama, and are clueless about the Big Picture. They are full of small ideas. Just listen to Oprah, Wendy, The View, and Ellen.

6.) Even if Wimmin do have some power, they are not able to productively use it. Their periodic hormones and intuitive little "needs" enslave them, just like Black people who cannot handle freedom.

7.) Wimmin with the power of the electoral vote cannot even unite within a common bloc.

8.) Women never can actually figure out what to do after they march, demonstrate, organize, shriek, protest, and bitch. They just incessantly yap.

9.) Wimmin do best with ongoing direction and leadership from men, who by nature understand power, authority, and accountability.

10.) Women are so mindless, they think all things must be nurtured.

Derek Rake #sexist

“Psychopath.” “Misogynist.” “Narcissist.”

Hardly a day goes by without me getting called one of these names.

Shogun Method has made me, Derek Rake, a villain.

I’ve been vilified by the press (a major newspaper columnist called me a “sadomasochistic, chauvinist hog”), hated on by hardcore feminists (I get emails threatening to “cut my balls” all the time) and despised by a colluding gang of “Pickup Artists” and “Seduction Gurus” (for calling them out on their bullshit advice.)

And yet, frankly, I don’t care.

The word has to get out.


The truth is that when it comes to dating and relationships, guys have always gotten the short end of the stick.

In the modern times, men are the new women. Period.

How so? Well, we have been conditioned to allow women to walk all over us, mentally and emotionally. We have given up on our masculinity in order to make women happy (often times at the expense of our own happiness.)


There are no two ways about it… we must take the power back.

(And with Shogun Method, we will.)

Listen here. It’s entirely un-political correct to say this, but it’s true:

Women are born manipulators.

Lying and deception is probably hard-wired into their DNA by nature.

When a woman gets into a relationship with a guy, her natural instinct is to find ways to pussy-whip him into lifelong subservience.

No fucking joke.

And to make things worse, most guys don’t even know that they’re being manipulated like wooden puppets at a carnival show.


On the other hand, Shogun Method is exactly what you need if any ONE of the following describes you:

You don’t merely want women to be attracted to you. You want to put them under your control and domination for as long as you want.
You’re done with dating around, and you want to settle down with one special woman that you want to be with for the long term.
Your woman is losing interest in you, and you need to rekindle her attraction to you, fast.
Another guy is in the picture, and you want to destroy that jerk-off so that she only has eyes for you.
You want a stable relationship which is free of drama, mind games and emotional turmoil.
You’re tired of being the “nice guy“, and you want women to respect you for the man you are.
You’re sick of getting stuck in the friend zone, and you want women to see you as a potential lover.
You’re willing to use psychological manipulation techniques on women to get what you want.

If ANY ONE of the above describes your situation, then congratulations – Shogun Method absolutely fits the bill.
Why It’s Not Enough To “Seduce” A Woman… You Got To ENSLAVE Her

Have you ever wondered why most “Pickup” or “Seduction” advice programs fail?

Well, here’s the answer:

As its namesake would suggest, “Pickup” or “Seduction” tricks are good for what it says on the box… for “picking up” and “seducing” women.

To control and dominate a woman, “seduction” is not enough, my friend. You’ve got to ENSLAVE her.


You see, if your woman is losing interest in you, there could only be one reason, and it’s this…

It’s because you didn’t take the final step to enslave her to you.

You’d have realized that it’s just as easy for her to fall OUT of love with you as she fell IN love with you.

On the other hand, ENSLAVEMENT is a one-way street.

Once a woman is enslaved to you, she’s pretty much yours… forever.

See the difference?
Four Steps To Eternal Enslavement – The IRAE Model

So how do enslave a woman to you then?

Answer: in four simple steps.

These steps or stages are summarized into what we call the IRAE Model –

The first stage is the “I” stage – Intrigue Generation
The second stage is the “R” stage – Rapport Building
The third stage is the “A” stage – Attraction Development
The fourth (and final) stage is the “E” stage – Enslavement

These stages are strictly sequential: it means that one follows another in a strict, step-by-step sequence.



Enslavement Stage

There’s only one Shogun Sequence in the Enslavement stage, and it is the Black Rose Sequence (which we will describe in the next section.)
What Is The Black Rose Sequence?

The endpoint of the Shogun Method is Enslavement.

(Befittingly, it’s also the fourth and the final IRAE stage.)

The Enslavement stage is divided into two steps:

First, you’ll segregate her by isolating her from the outside world.

(This is done by using a combo of techniques which are similar to what cult leaders use to build a following which is completely fanatical to their cause.)

Then, when she is sufficiently isolated, you’ll then perform an Enslavement routine on her called the Black Rose Sequence.

Here’s what it does:

It “erases” a woman’s existing identity, and a new identity (named “Persephone”) is installed in its place.

“Persephone” is designed to be completely enslaved to you emotionally, and psychologically programmed to need you to survive.

(In other words, in her mind, quitting you is a sheer impossibility.)

The Enslavement module inside Shogun Method contains the complete Black Rose Sequence in all its glory – all the scripts and action steps you need to take are here.

Before you use the Black Rose on a woman, you must remember two things:

She must have gone through all the preceding IRAE stages with you (Intrigue, Rapport and Attract) – otherwise you’ll come across as a downright psychopath to her, and
You can’t “undo” the Enslavement effect. Once she is Enslaved to you, it’s possibly forever.

Look: I won’t deny that the Black Rose is somewhat sinister (because frankly, it is).

There’s nothing which is going to stop someone from going on a rampage and using the Black Rose on everyone he meets… leaving behind a disastrous trail of Enslaved females with damaged psyche.

Make no mistake… the danger is very real.

Shogun Method is not a game.

Only join us if you reckon you can deal with its consequences.

metabuxx #sexist #psycho

[Based] Every hole should be circumcised at birth

If we don't get to keep our foreskins I don't see a reason as to why holes should be allowed to keep their clitoris. Both don't serve any purpose when it comes to reproduction.

Plus female circumcision comes with plenty of benefits. Painful periods, infections, urinary problems and the best one - lack of interest in sex. They won't masturbate so there'd be no degenerate sex toys like dildos or vibrators. They won't be able to stimulate their pussy which will lead to vaginal dryness and thus Chad won't enjoying fucking them. Its like killing two birds with one stone.

It won't end hypergamy or benefit us in any way but at least holes will be miserable.

IndyBrodaSolo #fundie

To be clear, I am not exactly Humphrey Bogart myself. I grew up to be even less of a man than I thought I would. I don't go to office. I don't wear a suit. I don't go to see the philharmonic, smoke a pipe or wear pajamas. I have not read one book about the Civil War. Instead of disciplining my son, I explain why his misbehaviour won't get him ahead in the world. My son is two.

What I didn't figure on, however, was that the rest of my generation would mature even less than I did.

I am a grown man and I am regularly asked by other men - some of whom are 40 or older - if I've seen movies about the Hulk, Captain America and Thor. Some of these men proudly tell me they frequent comic-book stores. People are aghast when I don't know current rules governing vampires and zombies. I go to dinner parties where I am served cupcakes. Every time I'm excited about a new restaurant opened by one of the world's most talented chefs, I find out it is selling burgers, pizza or hot dogs.

I live in a society in which childless adult couples see Pixar movies on dates, get married inside Cinderella's castle at Disney World, play Angry Birds on their phones and read The Hunger Games. Dad I know go to Phish concerts where they do drugs, dance pass around giant balloons and listen to fucking Phish. One guy I know who has a great job and a great wife also has a great life-size Star Wars Stormtrooper in his screening room. Even before the Great Recession, it was totally normal for people to live at home for a few years after college and then, after moving out, remain on their parents' cell phone plan.

In no society in history would I be an acceptable adult: I write penis jokes (almost) for a living, can't fix anything in my house and have a vocabulary that consist mostly of the words cool, awesome, psyched and bummer.

Modern popular culture is even worse than reality. Sure, the heroes of Judd Apatow movies mature, but they clear a pretty low bar: Seth Rogen gives up pot to raise his baby; Jason Segel gets married after five years of engagement; Steve Carell hides his collectible toys to lose his virginity at 40. If our grandfathers could see us, the wouldn't beat us up. They'd spank us.

We are indeed the softest generation. If we'd have to fight WW2, we would have come up with reasons the Germans weren't that bad. That's right: We have become so soft we're French.

To be clear, I am not asking men to be History Channel reality-show stars- hunting, camping, heli-logging and doing other things that don't have much to do with history. I just want them to read a book without wizards in it, listen to a song that isn't about going to a club and sometimes wear clothing other than jeans. It's gotten so bad that even the president of Iran doesn't wear a tie. And Iran is not casual country.

This extreme childishness wear better on women who can get away with cutesiness longer than we can. Sure, they can go too far and wind up as one of those ladies who go pack the back window of their cars with Beanie Babies. But the abnegation of responsibility is the antithesis of manliness. And yes, that's how adults are supposed to talk.

So how can we become a men again and reverse this pussification?

I do not know.

purpplerainn, blastinum & JustLetTheWorldBurn #sexist


Notice how they think we were getting upset about the guy being hot with a hot gf when we were actually getting upset that we wouldn't never have anyone wake us up in the morning with kisses. Just goes to show the blackpill is real and IT only knows how to attack strawmans.

Seriously IT dedicated a sub to hate on the idea of incels that they fucking created lol, r/braincels is simply built on the idea that if your born unattractive your struggle in life is going to be greater than someone born attractive, less than 10% of this sub would advocate rape and murder, NO ONE HERE ACTUALLY BELIEVES WE ARE ENTITLED TO SEX, the members that hate women started doing so after coming here and seeing the facts (even then a lot of us still don’t hate them), not the contrary as they would love to have you believe. My chad/chadlite friends talked openly all throughout school about how women are inferior to men, they don’t deserve equal rights, they don’t deserve respect, feminism is a joke, all woman are stupid, said schooling them is a waste of money and they should stay at home to cook and clean, but they all have relationships or constant hook ups because of their looks. They were all fucking racist too. We simply use this sub to cope and pass the time because society has rejected us, but they can’t even let us have that.

Imagine being told by your parents that you can do anything you set your mind to, then you find out a decent number of people are homeless/in poverty. You tell yourself “it’s their fault” and start attributing negative qualities to them because the idea that you could just as easily be in their shoes scares you. Poor people are now “drug addicts” and “bad with money” or “lazy”. Similarly, we (incels) become anything that it takes for normies to reject the idea that the world isn’t fair or forgiving. Putting us down is their cope.

Fucking hell this says it all about privileged KIDS living in the protective bubble their mommies and daddies built for them. They've never met anyone who has it bad and if they did, they wouldn't associate with them because it might pop that bubble and GASP, prove them wrong.

Sparrow's Song #fundie

That's why we need incel only social circles. Normies make me cringe and I don't want to become one or be an ally of their authoritarian regime. Even if I had friends and a gf, if I had do go normie blue pill to get that satisfaction in life, it's like a lobotomy.

That's what scares me about trying to ascend out of incel hell. If I ever get femoid affection, will I still have my soul? What will I become? A hollow shell of a once upright man? I'm totally enthusiastic about LMSmaxxing, but if these vile femoids change my spirit, it would be like roping my true self. Fuck changing for these heartless nightmare beings, society should fucking change.

DebatesNotBans #sexist

I dont identify as incel\robot, but I have lurked\contributed to the scene for many, many years now.

Throughout the years, I've gathered some female """friends""" I occasionally hang out and talk about anime\games with. I achieved this through my extremely good personality and understanding of (socially retaraded) women in general.

One girl in particular stood out, however. Over the many years I'd known her, she would drop "hints" of interest. One time, she said she "came to classe sjust to see me", and at a few points, we got to casually discussing how life would be like if we got married. Point being, she said a LOT of intimate shit to subtly show interest.

I had met this girl when I was in middle school, and I had known her for over 10 years at this point. One day, she seemed especially in a romanatic mood, so I confidently asked her out romantically, and she quickly accepted.

A few days later, she was telling me about how she told all her friends about "us". Here's the kicker: About one week after her accepting, she said she wanted to "call this off". She wanted to stop being "official". We havent spoken or seen each other IRL since.

And that was it. Over 10 years of her showing increasingly higher levels of interest. Over 10 years of "building rapport", for about 7 days of being "official", before she -for some reason no doubt unrelated to looks- decided she didnt want it anymore. This didnt exactly phase me though, as I had already digested hundreds of Blackpills. (And I could very easily see this coming)

So, that's my [Looks + Personality] score. 10years x 52weeks = 520 weeks of building rapport for 1 week of GF. That's a 1/520 = ~0.192% "Rapport-to-relationship" ratio. Not even 1\5th of a percent. Beautiful.

MORAL OF THE STORY: You can have THE best personality in the world, and you can MAYBE find a few women who are slightly more interesting than a brick wall. But if your looks arent good enough, they'll NEVER want a relationship with you. Even the ugliest, least physically and mentally attractive women will think you're disgusting to be with. All that personality you've built will mean NOTHING once she looks at your fucking face and body and decides you're "not good enough".

I'm not even mad at this point. I just think they're being retarded. They could be happy with someone they actually connect with, but "OH NO WAIT HOLD UP, the guy's physical appearence isnt 8\10+, so ewwwwww!"

OR, maybe I'm completely wrong. CMV, IT lurkers. I'm listening.

Edit: Oh and please forgive my massive wall of text. I'm fucking stupid, please be patient.

Reddit_is_for_cucks #sexist #psycho

[Serious] I am pretty sure I’ll cheat on my loyal gf if I ever get one. Love doesn’t exist for me, I’ll fuck her over just like she would have fucked me over..

Fucking hate foids. They are all a ticking time bomb, only reason they haven’t cheated on you yet is because there hasn’t been a higher value make in her than you that has shown intrest in her.

Fucking parasites, once they ruin the first host they move onto the second.

PolishMisanthrope #fundie

We are the Übermenschen

Over a century ago, Friedrich Nietzsche (if you look at his pictures, you can tell he was a fellow sub-5) speculated in his book Thus Spoke Zarathustra about the future of humanity. More precisely, he set a goal for humankind, or, if we interpret this in a certain way, predicted its future. He wrote that one day we shall achieve an ascendence to a higher plane of existence after the death of God, whereas the Übermensch, ascended humanity would become the final dictators of morality and ethical values. That's a quick explaination of this ideal.

And here we come to a realization. Incels have accepted the Blackpill, which by its predeterminism leads to the logical conclusion of God's absence. God is dead. We've killed him. We now have a new kind of God: ourselves. We're the Ubermenschen. We, as humans, dictate the world. We have total control over ethics and morality. We have achieved a higher plane of existence.

But I want to propose a theory, an expansion of the Übermensch ideal. Since we have already overcome to human need to justify the lack of justice in this cruel world, defeating God, we can now break through the next lines of defence, the other aspects of human nature. You already know what I'm talking about: mating mechanisms, partner selection, instincts, and so on. While it never began, we can give a chance for future incel generations to come a hope, a chance for happiness and fulfillment.

While thinking about the philosophy and history of inceldom and related sciences, I've traced a point where the sexual revolution and thus the rise of inceldom began forming. The loss of masculiny, it is. While it reached its peak during the 50s, things started going downhill since then. New chemicals, xenoestrogens began deteriorating the physical aspects of our manliness, while the scars from the horrors of both the World Wars attacked at the psychological front. You can see that the current divisions, especially visible in high schools, especially geek vs chad manifested in this period, men became less attractive, more cowardly and lazy, which can be seen by the draft dodging of the Vietnam War. Femoids as advanced biological organisms saw this and triggered their defence protocols, leading to the sexual revolution, and you know the rest of the story.

I speculate that maybe as soon as decades from now, up to some centuries, we will achieve the ascendence of a totally new level, defeating our own humanity. Because unregulated evolution is a flawed process, the only way to achieve full potential of ourselves and prevent our extinction is to scraw the ancient damages to our species. The bright minds of this world are constantly progressing the work on genetic modification, best evidenced by CRISPR. Meanwhile, while unfavorably for today's generation, but creating prospects for the future, humanity is moving towards androgyny, even though hypergamy is on overdrive to prevent it (once again proof we can win with nature).

With careful steering, we can destroy femininity and masculinity, allowing the human race to reach what can be called transcendence, or at least until we think up even more improvements. Within centuries natural reproduction will be totally replaced by sythetic one, while genetic engineering will drive out our subconcious processes as we know it. Both sexes will be merged into one. In the distant future humans, if they still can be called by that name, will not fear about sex and reproduction, instead being able to focus on self-betterment and advancing our species. They will send our perfection into the stars.

I believe this is a plausible scenario. While the NEET Army will have to change a little bit, if we add the contents of the blackpill to our destiny we'll defy the universe as it is. Do you guys agree?

uninstall #sexist

foids are EXTREMELY boring people to have around unless u're a low IQ normie cunt

have u ever had a conversation with a young foid that was legit interested without the help of your dick?

I haven't or it was so long ago that I don't remember it. Probably when I was a kid.

all foids are essentially ultra-normies falling for ALL mainstream concepts

they are constantly sniffing blue powder while completely deluding themselves of the reality they live in

they are also hard-wired to be followers


The same way a fucking horse cannot have the character of a dog.

Women are incapable of making the profound CONCLUSIONS and SACRIFICES needed to become a leader.

All rebels are MEN.

Not only because of physical strength and abilities but because of MEN'S DEEPER understanding of life too

A foid will never ever fight the status quo unless it becomes a mainstream thing.

They will fake it by being punks, drilling their ears, gettings tattoes, but in the hearts - they will remain normies.

There's a reason why there are fewer foids in jail...and it's not just the law.

It's because foids are MORE obedient and incapable of sacrificing their normie life for the greater good.

(Emphasis original)

The Incel Decade #sexist #dunning-kruger

[Blackpill] Along with social media and dating apps, how much has globalization destroyed the dating market?

Social media taking off with Fuckbook and then Tinder and Instagram killed the dating market as hypergamy accelerated out of control.

But alongside that, the effects of globalization have had a big effect. Take an example. Rice and Curry women are now chasing mostly white men. Rice and Curry men have therefore seen Inceldom explode. Therefore these sex starved thirsty bluepilled men are going on white women's Onlyfans accounts and paying them money. They're going on Tinder and swiping every single woman on there, regardless of location. They're fighting over themselves to be part of a woman's harem. These things further accelerate Inceldom for more men due to extended hypergamy as women's options are limitless now from the billions of men on planet earth. Added to the mix the mass immigration to serve the global economy and the age of mass travel which has supplied again an endless supply of exotic Chad cock.

50 odd years ago when Boomers were in their 20s dating was pretty much restricted to their local community and it was one man to one woman and you didn't get many Incels. Boomers were the last generation to really get lucky and fucked it up for subsequent generations by pushing globalization and feminism to the extent that they did which has killed the dating market for sub 8 men.

TheDicman #sexist

Re: 90% of this cumminity is volcel

You cannot claim incel unless you are actively trying to get a girl or are actively trying to better yourself.

I'm sick and tired of these incels that don't groom themselves/workout and have never even approached a girl, you've never really attempted and wonder why you've never had a girlfriend "b-but Chad gets approached" the only legit male model Chad I know was dysfunctional and too scared of rejection to approach a girl, and he was a KV until 22. David Gandy, didn't have his first gf until 21, because again, he was afraid of rejection.

You don't truly know where you stand unless you ACTIVELY TRY. Even if you've been rejected by 100 different women, you need to keep trying to be incel.

Inaction is voluntary, and thus your celibacy from inaction if voluntary.

Only people that can get away with not trying are people with actual genetic diseases/conditions such as Treacher Collins and cerebral palsy and not just "muh mm of bone" copers.

I’m not going to waste time grooming like some queer. I’m not going to slave at the gym for the CHANCE at some pussy. And I’m not going to approach 10000000 women like some fucking cretinous trog begging for scraps. I’ve worked and went to college for years now, I’m 25, no gf not even any fucking friends. It is OVER, I hate this word but self improvement is a fucking cope, it is. People like me are doomed and nothing short of a miracle will help. I don’t give a shit about your retarded anecdotes.

FlyFace #sexist

Unless they fix ugliness they won’t fix BDD that’s for sure

There is a way to solve this. Monogamy. Not Polygamy, not Hypergamy. We as human males are not animals, the human female certainly is though and should be tamed and house broken so they don't go and start shitting out children. The Foid should have never been given rights or autonomy.. they have ruined society for Men and are trying to gaslight Men into believing that their natural impulses are the cause of their distress and that Femifascism is the one and only thing that can save them from themselves. In reality it is not acting on these impulses, effectively having our own human feelings blocked from becoming reality which is what is causing Mental Strife among Males in our society. If we are not allowed to act on our Human impulses are we really Human? Or are we like a pack mule, destined to slave away for a carrot we will never even have until we have seen it rot in front of our eyes for an excruciating amount of time, which we then have to thank Femiturdism for. Thanks for making it so Carrots have rights now and don't get to be eaten right away.. it is Patriarchy to want to eat after all. If we want that Carrot to taste good that is also Patriarchy because it is forcing the Carrot to take care of itself. You want to eat the Carrot right away? Patriarchy. You aren't entitled to the Carrot tasting fresh.

You might think this is foolish to think of Sex like Food.. but in the Hierarchy of Needs it is on the same tier.

If we can't even fill in the bottom part of the pyramid.. the literal baseline to feeling like a Human, how can we ever build up any kind of life without everything instantly crumbling on top of us? Something Chads get for free everyone else has to slave for.. variances of time are needed for slaving away according to your looks.. but I as a Human Being want what other Human Beings have. I want what they have and I believe I am entitled to it.

Women getting rights has the been the worst social experiment in all of humanity and if it does not stop unforeseen consequences will arise.

Women when it comes to money are Communist.
Women when it comes to sexuality are Fascists.
How the hell does that work? One would think that if someone is Liberal they would be exactly as that statement is.. Liberal, in all facets of life.. not true. There lies the falsehood of Women getting any power whatsoever. They want money(our tax money) but they don't want to give anything back to the people that provide that money. It is a framework for a society that will self explode if not course corrected.

AJ #sexist

Women are essentially children. Their concerns about the future extend out about a month, and their life philosophy runs no deeper than tracking what the people immediately around them think about them. Jews have weaponized womens hard-wired vanity and hedonism against white men, family-building, and traditional values. Being tattooed porn sluts was sold to them as the cutting edge identity, and their egos demanded that they conform.

And in the short term it pays off. They get a lot of attention for presenting themselves not only as pieces of meat, but by signaling to men that they're likely to put out. They won't understand how catastrophic this was for them until they're old and lonely. And even then, they will just lie to themselves, blame the patriarchy, etc., because it's not in their nature to be self-critical.

If you want to fix women, change the incentives. Attach a social cost, in the form of disapproval/ostracization, to self-destructive behaviors, and attach rewards to positive behaviors. That's what they understand. Carrot=approval, ego gratification. Stick=bad feelings, social anxiety.

Jim #fundie

But a woman will only commit to a man that is above her.

Female perceptions of male status are crude and primitive, resembling that of a small evil child raised by cannibal headhunters. Which is to say, a woman will only have sex with a man if a small evil child raised by cannibal headhunters would perceive him as high status, and higher status than herself. Even if her conscious mind can learn to read male status correctly, her pussy overrules her conscious mind and causes her to go with more ancient indicators of status, indicators no longer appropriate in our civilized society.

Thus, in our modern and civilized environment, to make hypergamy eugenic, we have to support male status with signals a small evil child raised by cannibal headhunters is capable of reading. Our middle and upper class needs to be more violent, or seemingly more violent.

To this end, to accommodate the primitive female mind too easily impressed by rule breaking and violence, we should bring back dueling, and grant high status males policing powers, and impose on them a duty to police order. Then we get more women screwing executives in the executive bathroom, and less women screwing thugs in a dark alley, which though still pretty bad, is a major improvement on what we have now.

Ghomeshi was able to have a fresh woman every night because he had actual high status, and, to a small evil child raised by cannibal headhunters, his caveman behavior towards women was congruent with his actual status – his status as a mildly famous radio personality was, to a cannibal headhunter, congruent with his interpersonal behavior towards women.

He was a high status male in our society (being a moderately famous radio personality) and also behaved like a high status male in the ancestral environment, the environment of evolutionary adaptation, would have behaved – arrogant, violent, cruel, and demanding.

Napoleon de Geso #sexist #psycho

Biggest reason to hate femoids is they are not expression of my dreams and high cultured desires, primitive biocunts of low value and high price

Them not giving sex is lesser reason, and just pretty foids to be hated for that, ugly ones be hated for being ugly, and in case of offering sex - hated for that too, that be disgusting and insulting
But even if sex, even if gf, even if not ugly, those creatures so shit, that even more hard to expect they could fulfill high cultured desire of having cute adorable and cultured waifu, not stupid slutty annoying disloyal cunt. Waifu comrade, who support me in my fights against humanimal degeneracies, not cunt who would say "man up", "find job", "find better job", all that social femoidistic shit, incompatible with my unearthy extradimentionalkin essence. In case of having waifu yes, finding job maybe good, but thats no way to measure me, that is not thing to require from me, and cunt doing this is just primitive piece of meat breeder who cares about stupid biological breeding and providing, fuck that shit, cultured waifu is for enlightenmnent together and not living for humanimal world
Maybe would fuck some pretty cunt right now, if possible, and hate them for not giving me that possibility, but biggest hate of femoids is because they failing to fit into my vision about cultured superior waifu. So sad to far away for me, but still is nice to think that one day improved waifus couldbe created, genetically engineered, or made in other ways, and this will be done to natural biocunts:
(Video: “Only in China - Pigs in China were burnt ALIVE due to Asfarviridae”)
Good morning, one more day without waifu of culture, I hate women

Lookismisreal #sexist

I hate fat women

Fat femoids are without a doubt the most repulsive, loud-mouthed, revolting and disgusting group of individuals that has ever plagued this planet. They're numbers are increasing rapidly each year and will continue to keep increasing until something is done about them.

They made a movement called "the fat acceptance movement" solely due to the fact that they wanted people to accept them for the disgusting and nasty creatures they are. Actually, these land-whales force people to accept them rather than giving them a choice. Instead of actually putting some work in and getting in better shape, they cover behind this movement and shame individuals, especially men, who tell them to stop being a bunch lazy cunts and work out. That's what the fat acceptance movement is all about. A bunch of land whales hiding behind a group because they are too lazy to do shit about their changeable predicament.

It enrages me how fat bitches are not being banned for using public transportation services. These bleached whales need two seats or more to fit their fucking fat ass's in - and it's the worst experience ever if an unfortunate situation arises where they sit beside you. God help us. Oh. have you ever seen these cunts walking down the street? Huge fucking piles of fat roles lumbering through the street with their mouthes filled with burgers and fries while their hands contain more fucking food that they eat up eventually. Absolutely revolting. Makes me really wish that I was carrying a harpoon with myself in those instances.

These cum dumpsters are also extremely entitled, shallow and hypocritical. They say how people shouldn't judge or shame fat people and how everyone should given them a chance, but these bitches will never date a man who is also fat as them. They will reject them and pursue men who are a few points higher than themselves. Hypergamy is can be seen clearly with these beef curtains. Fucking hypocritical scum.

Honestly, I'm sick and tired of these bleach whales. They need to keep their disgusting fat rolls and yeast filled pussies for themselves.

Incel Wiki #sexist #psycho

(Emphasis original)

Sexual marxism is a loosely-defined concept used by some incelism-oriented cybercels that usually dwells on the "redistribution of sex" in a timeframe shorter than the thousands of years of evolutionary time required to change people's natural sexual proclivities. Sexual marxists tend to advocate for a "redistribution of sex" that does not involve men transferring any money to women. See the Complimentary Heterosexual Affections Directive (Submitter’s note: Roosh Vile’s proposal for helping incels; see here) as a proto-sexual-marxist idea. A full-on sexual marxist idea would be a covert government program to societally brainwash people to make incels more attractive to women. We already undergo a tremendous amount of cultural brainwashing and attribute that brainwashing to our "own choice". Sexual marxism would just change what ideas are fed to people. Sexual redistribution discussions tend to hinge upon the topic of liberty.

Sexual marxism has been advocated in academia, and also by women, although not under the term, 'sexual marxism'.


Those that oppose Sexual Marxism are neoliberals and sexual trad-cons. Some blackpillers have mixed feelings on sexual marxism, but do not believe it is possible, so they don't dwell on it much, or they make fun of it.

Four squares divided by double-headed arrows, each holding an image with text overlaid. The left and right heads of the horizontal arrows are labelled “economic-left” and “economic-right”.
Top left: Soviet propaganda placat, with a happy couple in the foreground - “>state-mandated gf”
Top right: A crude drawing of a bald man - “>no gf”
Bottom left: An anime character with animal ears coming out of their hair goofing into the ‘camera’- “>becoming the gf”
Bottom right: Auction of a female slave - “>buying gf”

040211092616 #sexist

Part 23434 of birth control revealing women’s true nature


redpill me on birth control

There are two (primarily) female hormones: estrogen and progesterone. These hormones contribute to hypergamy and make women want the tallest, strongest, most sought-after male. It also makes them HATE betas.

Birth control is nothing but a mixture of estrogen and progesterone. The depo provera shot that the foid is posting about is 100% progesterone. Having such a high dose of this is making her hypergamous instincts skyrocket and she now sees her boyfriend for the short, weak beta provider that he is.

I thought birth control made women like effeminate men

I honestly believe it depends on the hormonal state of the woman beforehand. If her hormones are out of wack, birth control can act as a balancer. If her hormones are already balanced, it can put them out of wack. But wtf do I know

Various Incels #sexist


[TeeHee] Female cops let a store get robbed by a armed guy.


Two female NYPD cops stand down (one runs away and abandons her partner) and allow a store to be robbed at knifepoint right in front of them.

This is what @BilldeBlasio and @NYPDShea have turned the NYPD into.

Fire all of these useless cowards today.

Female cops are the most useless things in the world. You can see how one of pussies out and abandoned her partner and the other one looks like shes gonna shit her pants from fear.

Useless fucking cops.

Where's that video of the sand warrior beating tf out of three foid cops?

3 female cops beaten by 1 male refugee SWEDISH POLICE FIASCO[Full Video]

you mean this? Yet again female cops are trash.

Do you think they will be fired ? I bet they won't.

Na they will probably blame the patriarchy. If not they will reee like kids if they get fired.


Female cop? Might as well call them a smart retard.
AKA, it doesn't exist.

Every time I see these videos of female cops, they're always stupid as shit. Sometimes over shooting in general (and missing), sometimes screeching at the suspect while the actual cops (always male) are trying to talk to the suspect calmly, sometimes trying to taze the suspect but fails to the point the suspect pushes them and then the actual cops have to restrain the suspect.

Serious serious question. Is there ANY footage out there of a female cop doing their job right/correctly/decent? ANY? I'm genuinely wondering because I seriously never saw it.
Not like I would apologize for speaking shit about female cops, even though I don't like any cops in general, but at the very least I would correct myself and say I'm wrong to assume it's 100% of all "Female Cops", but until I see any footage, I say all of them are just as reliable as a retarded vegetable in a wheelchair that have cerebral palsy and then handed a gun to protect me. Would be the same outcome.


Serious serious question. Is there ANY footage out there of a female cop doing their job right/correctly/decent? ANY? I'm genuinely wondering because I seriously never saw it.

Yes, they do traffic stops decently but only when the individual is non combative.

I remember watching this YT clip of a cop show, these two female cops try to get this guy out of a mustang(I think he has a warrant for an arrest or something.)
He initially refuses to get out of the car so they open the door & try to drag him out. They can't, try to grab keys and fail so he pull offs and this women almost gets dragged by the car.
They lose him in the chase & in the aftermath of the video you can see the white mustang past by.


women cant do anything that isnt related to making food and pleasuring a dick


I couldn’t take female cops seriously if I wanted to. Look so funny in their little uniforms. Basically cosplay more than an actual job for them. Chad can get away with any crime if they’re on watch duty.


Female´s can´t be cops I have made several threads about them, they start screaming and panicking when even a skinny guy overpowers them, it´s so pathetic how they so deeply want to believe we are equals in any way that they even think they can take down a man by themselves.

There is a reason men are the ones who have protected women and children basically since the dawn of humans because we are stronger and are wired differently, men tend to chose fight over flight almost every time when was the last time you heard about a female who tackled a school shooter/mass shooter, never! That´s the answer.

And of course this sounds "misogynistic" when in reality I am just stating the evolutionary facts but of course stating facts that isn´t about equality or any fact that can be concieved as negative e.g.some countries have generally a lower IQ than others but those FACTS are not allowed to be said because it offends people.


JFL at TWO cops with GUNS being afraid ONE robber who only had a KNIFE.

How the fuck can a cop not stop a robber in this scenario. Oh thats right, its cos they were women, bunch of literal pussies. These worthless holes get paid a good amount of money for being useless.

meanwhile there are males out there who could do a much better job at being a cop, being homeless and rotting on the streets.



How many male candidates, you know, big guys who might end shit before it happens by virtue of their physical presence intimidation factor, were passed over in the name of gender diversity?

Dude robbed a store with his dog and got away scott-free jfl. This is the future that soycucks want.

boomoopoo, Hellpoemer & AwareCel #sexist

Absolute fucking lifefuel. This is the great awakening brothers. Found on the front page


"handsome by society's standards"

What's up with this bullshit that attractiveness is a social construct?

Obviously the foundation of what’s attractive is genetic (jawline,muscles,height,etc). But considering that back in the 70s, men who would be tormented and Incel today, could not only get laid, but be sex symbols- it just goes to show that people’s perception of attraction is malleable. This also helps provide evidence of hypergamy as female definitions of “attractive males” keeps shifting more and more towards a hyper masculine, 90% percentile height, man.

It fills me with joy to see people awakening, but let's suppose everyone swallows the blackpill, what benefits it will bring for us? I mean, we are still going to be ugly and people can't force themselves to love somebody they don't find attractive. Maybe the awareness will make such a stir in society that people's beauty filter will worn out with the time like a vestigial organ?

We can make political demands like no questions asked euthanasia and universal basic income once other incels realize how many of us there are and how much power we collectively have.

IHateeWomen #sexist #psycho #wingnut

[Discussion] Hypothetical Scenario: You become the ruler of a country, what do you change?

In this hypothetical scenario you have suddenly become the supreme ruler of your own country, you have absolute power and can enact laws to help mold society into your perfect image. My main goal would be to end gynocentrism and female hypergamy as quickly as possible and keep that system in place permanently. First off I will deploy soldiers within the country in anticipation of riots or civil unrest and then make a televised address to the entire country. In this address I will explain the black pill, how gynocentrism is leading to the decay of our society and then announce the new laws.

Law 1 - All feminism and ideologies related to gynocentrism will be completely outlawed.

Before this law is enacted, all well known promoters of feminism either online or in scholarly settings such as universities will be quickly executed. This is very important because it will allow the people in the country to become blackpilled quicker as well as prevent future feminist insurrections. After this law is passed, anyone found to have broken it will be executed because gynocentrism will not be allowed to seep back into society. I have identified two possible issues with this law which would be false accusations done against innocent people in an attempt to get them executed and the possibility of some military members having any relation to the popular feminists that are to be executed. In order to combat these issues, a special task force or department must be created in order to investigate these claims of feminism seriously and no execution will occur if they do not find sufficient evidence. It will be difficult for this task force to not find someone who's a secret feminist because they will search your home from top to bottom if accused, they will treat it as terrorism and have extensive resources.
For the military, background checks will be done on every single popular or scholarly feminist and any family members found to be in the military will be executed along with them. This must be done in order to maintain an army that will follow my orders and plan for society.

Law 2 - Government assigned partners

Every single man in this country will be assigned a woman to marry at the age of 18 but he has two options. He can marry a woman in his own race that will at least be 2+ his looksmatch while if he wants to to marry a woman outside his race, then that woman will be his looksmatch. This will be done in order to discourage racemixing, the law on a whole completely solves inceldom and leads to the betterment of society. There shouldn't be any issues with this law because they will be solved with the one below.

Law 3- Adultery is outlawed

No person will have any sexual relations of any kind outside of their government issued spouse and breaking this law will be punishable by death. This will help prevent Chad from fucking every hole he sees and also prevent your wife from cheating on you or abandoning you. These executions must be publicly televised to set an example, the adulterer will be brought out onto the stage and then beaten to death by her/his family members(preferably using instruments such as baseball bats or brass knuckles). If any of of the adulterer's family refuse to participate then they will be executed as well by the same method.

Law 4- Abortions will be outlawed

Done in order to support Law 3, any child born will automatically be tested to make sure that the father is the government issued husband, if not then Law 3 is broken and that means she will be beaten to death by her family as per execution. A concern will be illegal abortion clinics being set up, this will also be something handled by the task force and if one is found then everyone working at the abortion clinic will be executed. The task force will routinely monitor gynaecologists and obstetricians to make sure they do not secretly carry out these abortions as well since they are the group most likely to be involved in the formation of an illegal clinic and even retired ones will be monitored. The execution method for abortion related crimes will be beheading.

Law 5- Makeup is banned

Women will no longer be able to raise their SMV by artificial means, being caught using makeup or in possession will carry a prison sentence of 5-10 years with possibility of parole after the 5. Conjugal visits will be generously allowed for the husband so he doesn't get lonely and also anyone caught manufacturing makeup products will be executed.

Law 6 - Elliot Rodger Day

Two national holidays will be created in memory of our dear departed Elliot Rodger, one on the 23rd of May and another on the 24th of July, Elliot will be recognized as a national hero and statues of him will be made across the country. Any negative remarks about Elliot Rodger or his two national holidays will be punishable by death.

Law 7 - Social Media and Internet Act

Online dating is no longer necessary therefore they will all be banned, also all gyrocentric social media like facebook, snapchat, reddit, instagram, etc. (basically all social media) will be fucking banned as well. I imagine that people will be able to still use these social media via a vpn but they will be investigated and their punishment will depend on what they posted on that account. Also obviously anyone stupid enough to be caught using a dating app will be executed since that breaks Law 3.

Law 8- The blackpill will be taught in schools at all levels of education in a mandatory class, it will be done in order to warn future members of society about what will happen to society if we let female hypergamy and gynocentrism run rampant again. These classes will all be attended by a task force agent so that if a child expresses gynocentric or feminist views, their household and parents will subsequently be investigated.

Law 9 - Not necessarily a law but more so a policy change, I would make sure that the medical sector directs more funds towards research related to male pattern hair loss in order to eliminate the Norwood Reaper once and for all.

I might have forgotten other stuff that I wanted to change but these are the main laws I wanted to enact.

Roasthergood125 #sexist

Foids are worthless and you’re literally manipulated into thinking their holes have a value.

Anyone that can fuck as many foids as they want (Chads) literally do not give a damn about them.

The only people who do are us incels and normies. Why? Because having a foid is so "special" to us.

The truth is we shouldn't be giving a damn about them. They're literally just holes, there is nothing special about them.

Love? Love is a joke. Look around you, there are no men that aren't getting cucked. Chads too.

Stop with the "i just want a gf" bullshit. It's disgusting. Only those that can't fuck as they want end up being hopeless romantics who happen to want a gf for life and bs like that.

No you don't! If you woke up as a Chad you'd be slaying until your dik would fall off. And that's a fact!

Stop giving a damn about foids. They're literally just holes, nothing special about them.

Ian Lucraft #fundie

Primark pulls "shocking" and "racist" Walking Dead t-shirt from stores after Sheffield man's angry complaint

Primark has removed a t-shirt promoting hit US TV show The Walking Dead from its stores after it was branded "fantastically offensive" and "racist" by an angry Sheffield shopper.

Outraged Ian Lucraft was so offended by the "explicit" t-shirt that he complained directly to the discount clothing store's chief executive - and Primark has now apologised and removed the men's t-shirt from its branches.

Mr Lucraft and his wife Gwen had visited the firm's recently opened branch in The Moor in Sheffield city centre to buy a present for their grandson when they spotted the white t-shirt with the message "eeny meeny miny moe" and a picture of a bloodied baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire. The phrase and bat are both used by a character in the hit show.

He said: "We were shocked when we came face to face with a new t-shirt with a racially explicit graphic and text.

"It was fantastically offensive and I can only assume that no-one in the process of ordering it knew what they were doing or were aware of its subliminal messages.

He said: "The slogan is “Eeeny meenie miny moe…..” It stops there, but of course we all know what the original said: “catch a n***** by his toe."

"The graphic has a large American baseball bat, wrapped round with barbed wire, and covered with blood. This image relates directly to the practice of assaulting black people in America.

"It is directly threatening of a racist assault, and if I were black and were faced by a wearer I would know just where I stood."

The slogan comes from the final episode of the sixth series of the critically acclaimed horror drama in which zombies have overrrun a post-apocalyptic world.

Bay Area Guy #fundie

Inspired by recent conversations with Dota, I have decided to write a post related to the recent diplomatic fallout between the United States and India. I’m not going to bore you with the various details about the crisis (you can read about it here), but the childish behavior of India paints quite a picture of the fundamental chasm between Western and Asian values. Put simply, whites place a large emphasis on ethics and principles, whereas “saving face” and status are the primary concerns of Asians. Well, that and rice. Lame jokes aside, a look at the historical record and current events illustrates the West’s unique commitment to redressing wrongs.

Now, before I get bombarded with criticism, I will be the first to acknowledge that many white people and white imperial powers have committed terrible crimes. I won’t list any of the crimes in question, since certain multiculturalists enthusiastically do that job for me. However, as Dota once pointed out, which group is truly pure? Which group that isn’t reclusive or isolated from civilization can honestly say that they have no skeletons in their closet? Since all peoples have committed crimes, the best way to measure a people’s morality is their varying levels of contrition.

To illustrate these varying levels of contrition, I present to you the tale of two war criminals, Germany and Japan. Both committed horrific crimes during World War II and both have since become thriving and prosperous societies. Japan even flourished as the world’s second largest economy prior to being eclipsed by China a few years ago. I mention Japan’s prosperity to ward off any excuses related to poverty or underdevelopment.

It is no secret that Germany has been remarkably sensitive, almost to the point of obsequiousness, regarding the legacy of the Nazi holocaust. The most notable example of this sensitivity was West German chancellor Willy Brandt kneeling in front of a monument to the Warsaw ghetto uprising. Nor is such sensitivity confined to politicians, with numerous ordinary Germans expressing genuine remorse for their country’s actions. Denying the holocaust is a crime, with punishments ranging from fines to five years imprisonment.

How has similarly prosperous and democratic Japan addressed its own World War II legacy? In a nutshell, terribly. While Japan has at times apologized for its crimes, mainly during the 90s, most Japanese do not even believe that their ancestors did anything wrong. You don’t need to take my word for it. One only has to observe the blatantly disrespectful antics of Shinzo Abe, Toru Hashimoto, and various other Japanese public figures. Can one even imagine prominent German politicians such as Angela Merkel denying the Nazi holocaust or saying that it was simply the result of the tragedy of war? To ask the question is to answer it. But we shouldn’t be too harsh on Japan’s politicians, particularly Hashimoto. After all, he did say that “kind words” should be offered to the suffering comfort women. Let’s see, who else has employed the tactic of shedding crocodile tears while simultaneously excusing terrible crimes? Hey, reminds me of the “shoot and cry” schtick of so-called “liberal” Zionists. Not content to allow Asians to maintain a monopoly on saving face, Middle Easterners such as Turks have also played the thrilling game of blatant history denial.

With all of that in mind, India’s behavior is simply another example of the Eastern obsession with honor and saving face rearing its head. Even though Devyani Khobragade was clearly guilty of violating American law, Indians had to save face by throwing a temper tantrum and getting their diplomat back. Compare this to Italy extraditing its marines who shot an Indian fisherman they mistook for a pirate. Or Britain refusing to come to the defense of its citizens who were tortured by Dubai’s police for violating local drug laws. For such a supposedly oppressive and chauvinistic people, whites seem to expend great efforts to appease the sensibilities of various culturally primitive malcontents.

In conclusion, I want to remind everyone that Western values aren’t a simple matter of wearing suits and ties, utilizing modern technology, or even voting in elections. People such as the Indians, Japanese, Turks, Gulf Arabs, and Israeli Jews may mimic certain aspects of Western culture, throw a lot of money around, and even maintain functioning societies, but the values of such groups couldn’t be any more disparate. Just because it quacks like a duck doesn’t make it a duck. Despite my strong belief in Western values, I can’t help but think that dogmatically doing the right thing will become increasingly impractical. As the global white population continues to decline and as Asia continues to ascend, perhaps the time has come for whites to embrace their inner Hindu, as Dota would put it.

In the meantime, maybe India’s appalling behavior will convince white vegetarians to lose the broccoli and eat a bacon burger instead. One can only hope

Watchwhattheydo & A1M2E21 #sexist

Santa came twice that year ;)



Reminder that this is so common, that some first world countries have made it illegal for a man to get a paternity test.

Private DNA paternity testing is illegal, including through laboratories in other countries, and is punishable by up to a year in prison and a €15,000 fine. The French Council of State has described the law's purpose as upholding the "French regime of filiation" and preserving "the peace of families."

Men are literally raised to misunderstand the cruel nature of females for the benefit of society and women. Most men are brainwashed to believe that “women are wonderful”, and cannot and are not willing to actually bring themselves to critically observe women or hold them accountable for very much.

Women only care about power and status. Men love women, women see men as tools for achieving status. So many women cheat it’s crazy. Hypergamy is undeniable, females are sociopaths by nature. Women literally cannot love men in a romantic way.


People were lied to from the start - back when they were kids man. Thats why IT exists and why this “blackpill” is so hard for people to swallow. Its fucking crazy to normal people or people with mental deficiencies to come to the realization that everything they were told as a kid was a fucking lie. They also dont have the first hand experience to back this claim up that the ugly/undesirable men here have. Come to think of it, even I, a 5’4” manlet had a hard time coming to the harsh reality of the world. I got lucky in highschool one time, it cant be true! People, or women specifically, totally arent that shallow! News flash young me - they are.

When you take a second to think about it, all of this is basic common sense. No one here has “galactic IQ” or whatever. The only reason it seems that way is because everyone was raised from the start to believe that women were great, they were “the fair gender” shit like that. Obviously that couldnt be further from the truth, so why bother worrying about it? Its like chasing a non existant unicorn.

The saddest realization is that if any of you guys ever “ascend”, its still not even worth it. There is no point for an average-ugly man to get married in todays society. Once you realize this, that college degree you spent so much time and effort chasing is worthless. You dont fucking need that much money if you’re going to live on your own. Its all a sham. Fuck this world, I would have rather not been born at all.

abidingvine #fundie

I sure hope the Lord comes back very, very soon - from what I see of so many teens and young people these days, I fear for the future of society. Seems they think it's all about them, have no concern or consideration for anyone else, and certainly have no common sense.

First we had the creepy Burger King character, then his obnoxious "son" who kicks him in the shins. Now in a public relations nightmare comes a real-life video of a Burger King employee from Ohio (who goes by the very apropos name of "Mr. Unstable") TAKING A BUBBLE BATH IN THE SINK IN THE FOOD PREP AREA!!!!! Even more amazingly, none of his co-workers found anything wrong with this! What on earth is wrong with these people??? And what kind of "manager" would even hire a freaky looking person like this???

NothingButALoser #sexist

Us beta males need arranged marriage to get pussy but thanks to feminism our one source of happiness has been eliminated. Now, ONLY the top 15% of men has acess to sex. The rest are all sex starved incels and we are at the bottom of the barrel.

Hypergamy is out of control and women are becoming more picky with each breath you take. Females want superior genetics, they are programmed to do so, stop denying it. Us subhumans don't stand a chance.

David Chase Taylor #conspiracy

SWITZERLAND, Zurich — Based on breaking news and events, it appears that the Obama administration (at the behest of the CIA in Switzerland) is preparing to execute a wave of terror attack on Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circuses. That being said, other smaller circuses could be targeted as well.

Although the state-sponsored terror group ISIS could be fingered in a circus-related attack, it’s far more likely that the CIA will blame circus-related terror attack on so-called domestic terrorists and/or so-called eco-terrorists who want to free the circus animals from a life of abuse and captivity.

Exactly what type of circus-related terror attacks are planned is not known, but a gun-related massacre which cuts down circus animals, circus employees and patrons alike is the most likely terror scenario. Said massacre will likely cause a stampeded which will kill far more people than the original attack.

The feds could also engineer a so-called “accident” or “natural disaster” during upcoming circuses (e.g., biological outbreak, tent collapse, fire, gas explosion, lightning strike, thunder storm, vehicular manslaughter attack, etc.) which would kill and terrorize thousands of animals, circus performers and patrons alike.

Top Circus Terror Scenarios:

1. Gun-Related Massacre
2. Circus Tent Collapse
3. Vehicular Manslaughter Attack
4. Biological Outbreak

[Does not purport to be a complete list of circus-related terror scenarios]

Due to cell phone cameras and social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), a circus-related attack or so-called natural disaster will be witnessed by the entire world from numerous angles. Needless to say, the graphic images of the dead and dying would be used to terrorize the masses for years to come.

In what appears to be a sign of circus terror to come, it was reported on July 17, 2015, that a spooked circus elephant attacked a car after a circus employee beat the animal. Needless to say, the incident was likely staged in order to set the precedent for an animal attack post-circus terror attack.

Roughly a week later on July 23, 2015, it was reported that Peruvian police are investigating a circus-related grenade attack which wounded 11 people, mostly members of the audience. The incident was likely executed at the behest of the CIA in order to set the precedent for a for deadlier circus-related terror attack.

In what appears to be pre-circus terror programming, it was reported on August 3, 2015, that a man was killed after a thunder storm collapsed his tent in a Chicago suburb. The incident was likely staged or fabricated in order to set the precedent for ten-related terror at a circus.

A day later on August 4, 2015, 2 people were killed and dozens hospitalized in New Hampshire after a circus tent collapsed. Needless to say, the collapse was likely executed at the behest of the CIA in order to set the precedent for a far deadlier circus tent collapse involving Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Two days later on August 6, 2015, The Wire published a report entitled “Turning the Capture of a Terrorist into a Circus” which was evidently designed to associate circuses with terrorism just prior to a state-sponsored circus-related terror attack.

In what appears to be pre-Ohio circus terror programming, it was reported back on July 31, 2015, that this is the first year that people can openly carry weapons at Ohio fairs and festivals. Coincidentally, Ringling Bros. will be in Dayton (September 24-27), Cleveland (October 21-25), Toledo (October 29-November 1), and Youngstown (November 19-22) in 2015.

In what appears to be pre-Oregon eco-terrorist attack programming, it was reported back on July 29, 2015, that Greenpeace activists dangled from a bridge in Oregon to protest Shell Oil’s icebreaker that allegedly set sail from Portland for the Arctic.

Since Greenpeace is a CIA activist front, it can be deduced that the publicity stunt was nothing more than programming for an eco-terrorist-related terror attack in the state of Oregon. Coincidentally, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will be in Portland from September 17-20, 2015.

Cecil the Lion Hoax
In order to raise the specter of animal-related death on an international level just prior to a shocking circus-related terror attack, a CIA-spawned hoax was created over the death of Cecil the lion. In short, Walter James Palmer from Minnesota reportedly shot and killed Cecil, one of Zimbabwe’s most beloved lions. What ensued was a contrived uproar which was led by the CIA-run media, regardless of the fact that 20-million animals are slaughtered daily and millions more experimented on at zoos around the world. Nevertheless, to add even more fuel to the Cecil fire, it was reported on August 1, 2015, that Cecil’s brother Jericho was also shot dead in a Zimbabwe park. A day later on August 2, 2015, a second American man was accused of poaching an African lion. That same day, August 2, 2015, the Empire State Building in New York’s Empire was lit up with endangered animals. Two days later on August 4, 2015, Delta and American Airlines banned the transport of big-game trophies. Needless to say, the temporary ban was instituted in order to draw even more attention to dead animals just prior to a circus-related terror attack which kills hundreds more. Lastly, in order to rehash the death of Cecil one last time, it was reported on August 8, 2015, that the cub of Cecil the lion was killed by a rival male in Zimbabwe. Needless to say, these reports, most of which were blatantly fabricated, have psychologically programmed the public for an animal-related terror attack, most likely at a circus or zoo.

FLASHBACK: Indiana State Fair Stage Collapse
Back on August 13, 2015, a stage collapsed at the Indiana State Fair during outdoor concert by Sugarland. According to video footage and witnesses, a gust of wind from an approaching severe thunderstorm hit the stage’s temporary roof structure, causing it to collapse. The structure landed among a crowd of spectators, killing 7 people and injuring 58 others. Consequently, a redux stage-related collapse or fire involving a circus may now be in order.

Total Imbecile #psycho #racist #sexist

Opting in to be an organ donor is probably the only thing more cucked than letting a BBC bull fuck your gf

If you die you will be chopped up and your organs will be used to help Chads and Stacies who will then go on to live long sex filled lives contributing nothing to society but their own selfies

I was blackpilled on this fact two years ago and when renewing my license I purposefully opted out of being someones cuck, I WOULD URGE EVERYONE TO TO THE SAME WHEN THEY GET A CHANCE, if you are a youngcel and are taking driving classes right now dont let your Chad instructor with 3 daughters, one of which needs a new kidney so she can swallow Chads semen without needing dialysis, sweet talk you into becoming an organ donor because its noble or some shit

If nobody wants you alive then nobody deserves to benefit from your organs once youre dead. Remember, your dick will be discarded too

Arthas93 #sexist #crackpot

[Hypocrisy] The women earning/marriage paradox.

Woman only want to marry/have relationships/sex with handsome men who are also higher status and earn more money than them.

That is female hypergamy, and it dictates to them that they must be with the best Chads possible, and ignore all others.
Of course they will seek marriage with inferior beta cucks, when such thing benefits them. To string them along, not give them any sex, and have them pay their bills.

And at the same time fulfill their hypergamy, cucking the beta cuck, by seeking sex with Chads that are handsome, even thought some of those Chads may have less money/lesser social status than them, just because of the Chad's face/body appearance.

Seems like the perfect plan, right? The foid gets everything: She gets a beta cuck to wageslave and provide for her AND a handsome Chad for sex and social media attention/validation/envy from her female "friends". Both biological needs and social needs are fulfilled.

But there is one problem, the only flaw: women themselves.
Women also demand to be paid more, to have higher status jobs, to have female only teams, female only companies, female only director boards, etc. That ends up hurting men, they demand men to earn less, get less status.

The foid demands both: To have relationships with better men and demand for men to be treated worse.
The result of that paradox is what we see today: Endless Degeneracy.
Where foids keep chasing top men, while trying to take those men from the top.

Various incels #pedo #sexist

RE: [RageFuel] Made an r/amithesoyhole bait post about not wanting my 14 year old daughter to railed. Reddit once again reveals themselves as pedophiles.


The comment of that guy saying he was banging his gf everyday after school when he was 13(feelsree)


ragefuel. These same people then argue and call you a pedo when you say you wanna smash a 13 - 17 year old. JFL
girls in this age range DO have sex drive and desire for sex.


AITA is a shitty subreddit of retarded faggots. They think it’s ok for for 12 year olds to look at porn and use sex toys but they get mad at a 40 year old man dating a 20 year old foid. That subreddit’s morals are retarded


To all our reddit friends:
Please cool it with the hate. is a forum of peace. Look at this disgusting display of misogyny and toxic masculinity in a pile of pancakes, batman!


This does not surprise me at all. The language is so creepy and weird. "I immediately reacted negatively and told my wife to keep our daughter away from these boys when I'm not around." (where the heck are you going?) and "I instructed my wife that our daughter doesn't need to be engaging in sexual activity at all. This dude has never been in a relationship before and it shows. Also lmao just because he didn't get any at 13 he thinks other boys don't? When I was in middle school I knew dudes that were getting head when they were 12.

Nobody has sex at 13 (Soyface emojis). It's normal to be a virgin to your late 20s (Soyface emojis).

(Subhuman Currycel)

The comment of that guy saying he was banging his gf everyday after school when he was 13

I can’t believe him and me are males from the same species fuck my life. Remember a few nanomenters of DNA all it takes.


The comment of that guy saying he was banging his gf everyday after school when he was 13

Our lives are so different to what they could have been, had we been born with the right face/height.


Those people think it's ok for your 14 yo daughter to be gangbanged by Chads her age and if you have anything to say against it your a misogynist, but if someone older, even if 17 or something, even peck kisses her, he's a rapist. I wish they were just a handful of retards, but tons of people think this way nowadays. It's mind-boggling.

Just the other day I read someone on IT saying about a 14 yo hypothetically having sex with another 14 yo: "as long as it's consensual, it's ok - oh, and btw, 14 yos can't consent". Do these people even stop for a minute to analyze how they think, or at the very least what they write?


This is what I don't get. It's okay for a 14 year old to be a slut for other 14 y.o.s but if I want to provide for one and genuinely make her happy in a monogamous marriage (preferably virginal) why am I a monster?

If you want to do stuff that will make society less degenerate and feminist you're a monster, basically.

I just want to be left alone if for some reason in some universe I was able to get a jb to fall in love with me. Is that so much to ask?


Teen girls are not prepubescent, so using attraction to them to call people pedophiles is a bunch of anti-male feminist propaganda.

"Hebephile" if you must, toward those who prefer them (noting that inclusion is not preference, of course) but the idea that we should label this as some kind of paraphilia is wrong, because it isn't any more fetishistic than preferring a specific sex/gender or preferring a specific ethnicity/race or preferring beautiful to ugly, having a height preference, a smell preference, a hair color preference, etc.

Preferences (particularly slight ones) don't need medical terms for them when there isn't anything unhealthy about them. Especially since it leads to the demonizing of slight preferences and implying they are dramatic fixations when they usually are not.

Calling teens "children" is misleading. Yes, modern legal classification of "minor" is synonymous with that, but in general practice we use terms like "adolescent" rather than "child" or "kid" to refer to people in-between being an infant and an adult.

This type of language is used to minimize the maturity/intelligence/experience of teens, to ignore their biological readiness, to demonize normal male attraction to healthy fertile females.

If you buy into thinking 14 is too young, you're just mentally cucking yourself (poor biddy) as a coping mechanism to deal with being denied the freshest pussy by our present matriarchy.


Honestly an older male would be a better companion for a young girl. Theoretically if a male has a high paying job, his own home and transportation and still has time in the day left. It would be ideal, because a man that is a college educated and already has life experience can be a treasure trove of information. This would only work if she was committed to learn and respect. But parents don’t teach that.

But you are a monster according to IT for trying to provide a show of real respect and commitment to a girl.

fuck_ITcucks #sexist #psycho

Consent is a made up concept by foids to make sure ugly men, like us, just do our jobs to serve them, provide emotional support when they want, simp for them, and other than that leave them alone and never manifest our sexuality which they find disgusting. They think we're disgusting and that we don't have feelings, but ofc that's rude to say, so they come up with buzzwords like "consent", "unsolicited advances", "rape", "metoo" to bully us into becoming silent slaves and never expressing our feelings.

I mean, first off, the only real difference between an attractive guy and what they call a creep is looks, aside from the fact that the ugly guy has been denied the chance to learn social skills, and isn't as confident due to constant bullying. The ugly guy will naturally want to find love and get sex just like the chad and will try to do so. Women should just learn to deal with that and learn to politely reject people they don't like when they hit on them. They should be able to deal with minimal annoyances like that without whining if they want to consider themselves adults with the same mental maturity as men (which they should since they say we're equal).

Sometimes feminists complain about men lashing out bc they get rejected, and tbf there's some stupid men out there, but in a lot of those cases it's probably not bc of the rejection per se, but bc it's easy to lash out if they look at you like you're a cockroach or talk to you like you're utter shit they just want out of the way. I mean who wouldn't want to beat up someone who treats them that way.

Also, even if they were polite when rejecting incels, that doesn't fix the fact that it's an injustice that we're consistently denied sex and love, which are basic needs (despite soyciety wanting us to just watch porn, play videogames, wagecuck and shut up). So at some point you have to wonder, is rape really so wrong? It's one thing if chad rapes his gf because he can't take a no despite having sex constantly, but if an incel gets tired of NEVER having sex and rapes someone, isn't that kinda understandable? The incel's suffering is a lot greater than that of the raped foid. Not to mention lesser forms of "rape" like groping or having sex with someone who's drunk, tbh I'd say those aren't morally wrong at all (as a suffering incel, just like stealing isn't the same if you're starving vs just greedy).

So basically consent is a scam, if an incel gropes or rapes a woman bc he's 25 and has NEVER been able to have sex with consent, he did nothing wrong. Consent = know your place and leave women alone if you're not chad. Fuck that.

That being said I'm not advocating rape, just saying an incel (vs a chad who can't take a no once) who does it should be empathized with and not go to jail, and at most get mandatory therapy or something if caught. As to lesser forms of "rape" like groping or drunk sex, those are completely ok in my book (again, only if you're incel).

Made a poll to see what you guys think :feelsokman:

Hektor #racist

It's not "relevant" to them, because once someone is proficient with chemistry, forensic, process engineering he'll looks straight through their charade. Of course chemistry isn't the silver bullet argument here... It's the whole design of facilities and supposed procedures that sinks that boat. I can't prove it first hand, but I'd say the inner circle of "Holocaust Historians" is at least intuitively aware that their dog won't hunt. Or why do you think it's those amateurish bloggers that try to debate Revisionists - And not the crowd that deals with Holocaust issues for a living? Sure, they'll argue that "Revisionists" aren't relevant, just some antisemitic conspiracy theorists that would be elevated by debate or by dealing with their arguments. But that's just academic snobism played, when they don't have the answers they should have. The real reason is that when they'd argue with open conclusions and did a fair, objective treatment on evidence and arguments, it won't look that great for orthodox Holocaustianity.

Green was an exception to that, but he's not from the humanities anyway. So, while he seems to have some vested interest in the Holocaust, it's not his job that is at stake here. Once the Holocaust is history, his department would still exist and he still would have a job. That's a bit different with the "Holocaust studies" department. Once there is common acceptance that the Holocaust is essentially a propaganda hoax by the Allies that mutated after the war into a full blown industry, their funding and political support will dry up. Now that will make those with a PhD in Holocaust studies pretty irrelevant and they'd sit the rest of their life's with an egg in their faces, while they're flipping burgers at McDonalds, if they're lucky. So they'll have to avoid anything what endangers the life of their goose that lays the golden eggs for them until now.