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Gene Ray #crackpot #conspiracy #racist

(One of Gene Ray’s three sites besides TimeCube,

Christianity Is Poison Forced Upon Children.

Harmonic Cube Cubic Spirits Are Supreme Being.

Timecube is AboveGod
imageGod is Ignorance.

You maybe academically retarded.

Academia Retards By Fact Earth Has 1 Day When Dead Still, And 4 Days Within 1 Earth Rotation, losing 3 days retards humanity.

Are you stupid and evil?

If you are ignorant of natures harmonic time cube creation, then you were taught to be stupid and evil.

Human Form God Is Impossible.
Adult God is a Scam upon Children.
Worship Of Word As God, Equates To Adults
Eating Their Children.
Deuteronomy 28:53-58.
God Is Unnatural And
Equates Hate Of Child.

image Children are taught evil, but don't care,
and accept free speech suppression.

Bible writers never knew that in the same 24 hours of light, 24 hours of darkness, 24 hours of sundown, and 24 hours of sunup, 1 day is evil.

1 Day is most insidious evil ever invented. 1 rotation of 4 corner Earth Time is 4 Days.

Educators are Liars.

If God is not measurable, He is Fictitious.

Without Cubic Creation, Life is Fictitious.


You have not been taught the Harmonic Cube Power that transcends all Gods.You are ignorant of Divine Spirit measure existing in Great Pyramid abstract of human personification. Perpetual power of Cubic Creation will exist beyond terminal antifamily religion.



If the 4 racial components of 2 sex pole hemispheres agreed to a cubing of the sphere as a spiritual unity, heavenly music of cubed sphere could be audible on Earth simultaneously to every human ear, not discord, but harmony.

The simultaneous 4 human races debunks a God for any race.

Sunup represents Indian Race
Midday represents White Race
Sundown represents Asian Race
Midnight represents Black Race

Humans fear to know natures simultaneous 4 corner 4 day 4 race 4 generation harmonic TIMECUBE creation. for it debunks false gods. Test Your God. Time Cube Test cannot harm a God of Truth, but will destroy fakes. Fake gods refuse test.

You are stupid and evil about the
Earth's top and bottom, front and
back and it's 2 sides. Most everything
created has these Cube like values.

No human has a right to believe wrong.
There is but a single creation principle,
therefore since we have no single belief,
all present religions are wrong and evil.
Racial integration equals "Racial Slop".
Human word is neither deed nor product,
but a counterfeit representation of value.
Humans are worshipers of fictitious word.
Via invention of word, humans exist as
WORD ANIMALS, invented a word god in
their likeness, then created a Word World.

Christianity is subservient to the Jews. The
Bible is Jewish, Academia and Government
based upon the Jewish Bible are Jewish.
Religion absolves adults of their obligation
to preserve natural resources required for children during their lifetimes. Adult god is anti-child.
Brown University has banned Nature's
Harmonic Time Cube as "Forbidden
Truth Knowledge" for they cannot allow
it to become known to their students.
I offer evil ass Harvard students $10,000.00
to disprove Nature's Cubic Creation Principle.

Frank #sexist

(Part 2/5 of "How Women Manipulate Men and the Female Ego". Emphasis original)

Women are aloof

What a woman says and does are two different things

When a woman is attracted to a man, this usually does not necessarily mean she will sleep and be in a relationship with him. She will need comfort and when she also has this, she still will usually want one more thing: a man’s attachment to her.
To ensure this attachment the following mechanism takes place :
At the beginning of a get-together things might seem smooth and you get to know each other and might enjoy yourself. However at a certain point, which might also happen very fast, she either completely looses interest in you or pushes you away emotionally. In case she looses interest though she is attracted, she already recognized that you did not escalate fast enough, which shows her your attachment is not strong enough for her to be interested anymore. In the other case pushing you away serves her to hold you in an emotional limbo, at a certain distance. If you, as a man feel confused, uncomfortable or victimized (even to the point of psychic terror), though having good intentions, this process might be just unfolding. Also as a form of one of the multitudinous manipulation techniques. This is called aloofness.
Figure 1 and 2 illustrate this process.
Figure 1 – Push

When the man comes too close emotionally a pushing away will happen. This is indicated by a shield from Captain America :). As soon as it might feel like you are becoming a friend she has to create a distance. A few practical examples on how this happens are:
You might be enjoying a good and friendly conversation and she stops responding (showing disinterest or becoming quiet) She puts you down in various ways. E.g. (in)directly stating that she has no affiliation with you. Disqualifying, arbitrary criticism and manipulation. She will say something like “You are not giving me enough space”, “I need space”, “I am afraid of getting hurt.”
Figure 2 – Pull

When you are about to loose interest yourself, usually because you do not want to put up with the BS and games anymore, the opposite will happen and she will try to reel you in again, often for fear of loosing you. However this will happen only to the degree that you can still be manipulated. In a sense she is like a puppeteer and gains control and power through that process.
Hiding the intention and recontextualizing play a huge role here. The man is supposed to think that something was his fault. To bring him back she might also offer sex or pretends to be friendly and courteous for a while.
“You have to fight for me”. By saying this she puts the weight on the man’s shoulder, so that he now keeps leaning in by himself again and catches the carrot.

AsiaCel #crackpot #psycho

[LifeFuel] Imperial Japanese Army was a testimony to the toughness of incels

I believe many of you WW2cels or even incels have heard of the country Japan, but did y'all know that outside of anime it was one of the most fierce, violent and brutal country around?

The IJA was the army of incels - they would take terrorrity of the enemy and ascend through the means of questionable means.

The average japanese serviceman looked like that



The IJA taken part in many battles against the western countries, which mogged them (even worse back then), Russia was demolished by the Japanese and so did UK, Netherlands, France and even USA.

The average Japanese soldier back in the past was 5'3 and weighed only 115 pounds, compared to Americans of 5'8 and 145 pounds.

Despite losing out on the end, the toughness of the Japanese shown. The Americans had to face an extremely fierce enemy and paid costly for every island they took from the Japanese.

The Japanese would literally do 'special attacks' aka suicide attacks, crashing planes on bombers, charging straight to machine guns, suicide with grenades and put TNT on tanks and use them as explosive go-karts.

I think WW2 Japanese is a testimony to what incels can achieve as a whole, and can be a fierce enemy despite lack of height and appearance.

"fmh" #fundie

David J. Stewart Is Not Saved:
His “Jesus-Is-Savior” Denies “Jesus-Is-Lord”!

David J. Stewart is a very gifted individual. Without a doubt! I mean, after all, he is a prophet, and his Web site bears it out! Why not check it out… that is if you can take the heat:

What a scorcher of a Web site! However, all is not well with David J. Stewart, and that’s what this expose’ is all about. In fact ‘Brother’ Stewart has a very serious problem with his neck… and the following is only a sample of what he’s had to say about it (

“In March of 2004, I began to experience pain in my neck in the back of the lower neck, where the bone is located. The pain persisted. When the pain hadn't gone away after two weeks, I knew something was wrong. My neck was also VERY tense 24/7. I had NEVER experienced anything like this before… I finally had neck surgery in July of 2009. Unfortunately I've had ZERO improvement as far as pain relief and tension in my neck… The bony area of the back of my neck feels like it's ready to burst all the time, from within. I'm suffering in so much pain, even with the medications.”


Thermal Chart
August 2006 thermal scan - black bar pinpoints location and intensity of problem.

So, now that you’ve been shown ‘Brother’ Stewart’s physical problem, please allow me to show you (from God’s Holy Word) the spiritual problem that caused it:

“The yoke of my transgressions is bound by his hand: they are wreathed, and come up upon my neck: he hath made my strength to fall, the Lord hath delivered me into their hands, from whom I am not able to rise up.” (Lamentations 1:14 KJV)

That’s what “thus saith the Lord” about ‘Brother’ Stewart’s neck problem. And the following is a picture of the typical “yoke” that fits around the neck at the base of the skull (in the same location that ‘Brother’ Stewart is experiencing all of his pain):


That’s a yoke, and this is what Webster’s 1828 Dictionary has to say about it:

Yoke, n. [G., L., Gr.]
1. A piece of timber, hollowed or made curving near each end, and fitted with bows for receiving the necks of oxen; by which means two are connected for drawing. From a ring or hook in the bow, a chain extends to the thing to be drawn, or to the yoke of another pair of oxen behind.
2. A mark of servitude; slavery; bondage.

So, are you starting to see a clear picture of ‘Brother’ Stewart’s neck problem in Lamentations 1:14? Well, let me help you out. In general terms the word “transgression” means “sin, revolt, or rebellion”. And with that in mind, we have the following simplified version of God’s Word to ‘Brother’ Stewart: “The yoke of ‘Brother’ Stewart’s sin is come up upon his neck.”

Michael Anissimov #fundie

Traditionalism is the Future, Not the Past

In response to the accusation that traditionalist monarchists want things to “stay the same or go backwards,” I must repeatedly reference the following Evola paragraph:


Traditionalist particularism is the future. Cosmopolitan democracy is the past. Most of the world’s human beings haven’t even embraced cosmopolitan democracy, only a slice of the urban elites have, and everyone else is just dragged along. Cosmopolitan democracy is nothing more than an experiment which is currently in the process of failing, a speedbump on the road of history in which hierarchical identitarianism is the norm, and always will be. In retrospect, cosmopolitan democracy will be viewed as little more than a curiosity. The far future is most definitely hierarchical—given the possibilities of human enhancement, it’s difficult to see how it could be anything else. “Progressive Transhumanist” is a contradiction in terms. Since hierarchy is completely inevitable, let us aim for benevolent hierarchy, rather than deceiving ourselves that futuristic democracy is even an option.

Cosmopolitan democracy is the past. Around the world, and in the heart of Europe, people are already rebelling against it. Give up the past, get with the times! The future is in a further articulation and perfection of Tradition, not in the continuation of dead forms such as Democracy. Advocates of Democracy are just romanticizing the past, the revolutions of 1789 and 1848. All the vibrant thinkers of Democracy are dead and the current upholders of the “immortal ideals” are only running on intellectual fumes. Their ideas are not adaptive to the challenges of the 21st century. The future is with Tradition.

ortharzeal #dunning-kruger #quack #sexist

Daily reminder that soy cucks gate-keep science, yet cannot debunk black pill evidence.

"Burderino of le proof! Inkel article cherry pick on the popsickle!" - cry the remnants of the soy mob, the most pathetic low-life scum who never got over the fact that the founder of inceltears evolved from NPC to a person and shut down the cuckqueers hive for being the man-eating wannabe internet gestapo it was. Alas, one cannot police thoughts and be an NPC, a creature to which thoughts are not a concept, but I digress.

What the raging cucks mean is that black pill proof is not proof because supposedly the articles that confirm blackpill (and even include respective conclusions in the summaries made by the authors) are not legitimate ("cherry picked" or not real). This magical spell - and all NPC "arguments" are in their perception irrefutable magic spells - is intended to "unpack" the science behind the black pill, declare our analysis baseless and claim "victory" because we don't carry the burden of proof, all despite never having been a part of the incel discourse in the first place.

As numerous as these "cherrypickerino, le burden" posts are, no ITard has ever provided evidence for their claim. One would expect that with a 16/7 routine of watchdogging, stalking, doxing and other things that involve screenshotting they would be more than capable of doing that, but apparently this is not the case.

Instead they claim that you don't carry burden of proof for your statement because your proof is "bad". Who cares that the statement "your proof is bad" requires proof as well? After all you inkel are a bad person for not having been born Chad and having a non-negative IQ.

And this is yet another reason why there's no debating NPCs. The moment you allow them to have a say in any topic on equal terms, they will claim privilege (e.g. not bear the burden of proof while you have to do so). This happens because they are mindless Stone Age automatons that only speak strength and consider all concessions a weakness.

TL;DR: memes write themselves


Logan Judy #fundie

This is a popular objection to Christianity, and one that I myself have encountered numerous times during my conversations with non-believers. I’m sure the other authors have as well. And if you have, the challenge often becomes this: how do we deal with it? And if you haven’t heard this objection before, you may be a bit intimidated by charts that often flow through social media, such as this one:


It’s tempting to do as I once did, and attempt to go through and refute or explain every single supposed contradiction. I’m not going to do that in this post. While some are challenging to think through, many of the supposed contradictions are quite easily resolved. But there’s a more effective, and a more consistent, way to approach this problem than telling the one objecting that his or her first premise is based on errant information. It is this: the Bible does not have to be free of contradictions in order for Christianity to be true.

This is not the same as saying the Bible is outside of our Christianity, or that we don’t need it in any way. It doesn’t even mean that the Bible is full of contradictions as the charge claims. It simply means that even if we grant the objector that his or her claim is true, it does not then follow that Christianity is necessarily false. That’s bad logic.

Allow me to explain my claim a bit. The understanding of the skeptic is that Jesus’s claim to be the son of Jehovah, and our faith in that fact, is based solely on scripture. Discredit scripture, they think, and the entire system is then discredited. But the crux of our faith is based not on scripture, but on Jesus himself. This is a very important distinction, because there are numerous kinds of proofs we could point to in order to show the historicity of our ultimate proof of the claim that Jesus is God, the resurrection. For proof of the resurrection, we could point to the historicity of Jesus himself, how the body was never found, that other prophecies of Jesus came true, and that multiple eyewitness accounts record the resurrection for us.

“But wait, there you go pointing to the Bible again!”

Yes, I am pointing at the Bible – but necessarily an inerrant Bible. Even if you take away the claimed inspiration of the gospels, they still remain eyewitness accounts. Now let’s say you have four eyewitnesses of a murder. All four of the witnesses describe the same man killing the victim by slitting his throat. However, there are some discrepancies in their testimony – one describes the killer as six and a half feet tall, the other 6’4″. One says he was wearing black, another thinks it was dark blue. You would not think any of these witnesses were inspired by God, but would you doubt the crux of the matter, the important details that they agree on, because of the ones they don’t?

Moving beyond discussion of eyewitness testimony, there is an even more important fact: that the murder took place, whether those four men were there to see it or not. You see, even if the eyewitness testimony is discredited, the murder happened. It is an objective fact. If Christ did indeed rise from the dead, then He did so regardless of whether it was recorded accurately or not. Discrediting one source of proof may make it more difficult to prove that it did indeed happen, but it does not then follow that Christianity is false because of this – it simply means there is less evidence to support its being true. The burden of proof is still on the one making the claim that Christianity is false to prove why that is so.

Boobly Noobly #sexist

(Concerning Elliot Rodger’s taste in fiction.)



Boobly Noobly: At least Elliot liked Avatar the Last Airbender, and not that lesbian piece of shit released after it. He had good taste for an autist with anxiety problems and sociopathic episodes.

Romano Cooms: As an actual SJW, Korra was lazy, spiteful, edgy fanfic - The Internet Police

kalackninja: You both are cancer and need the Jew raped out of you, btw haven't watched either.


Nigel Hawkins #fundie


What type of person are you?

True believers (Wheat) are Holy: sanctified by God.

They believe and confess that Jesus is Lord, the Son of God, even part of the Trinity

False Christians (Weeds) , those who profess to be Christians but are not, believe that Jesus was a real person but not God and never rose from the dead

- they believe he was mad - giving us a licence to sin. They are wrong.

Those who reject the Gospel but have good values and believe Jesus was a Good person (Sheep) are right in a sense.

They live harmoniously with the True believers and refuse to worship the Beast and receive his Mark

Vile non believers who believe Jesus is Bad (Goats), worship the Beast and take his Mark.

They persecute the True Believers.

Anonymous #racist


Behold! The great African empires!

What part of "had achivements but inferior to European and Asian ones" do you not understand?

Actually reading their history makes their lesser capacity obvious. Beyond memes and infographics, it becomes clear simply by studying their failure to achive the same things. It's a stronger argument than "lol stupid monkey niggers haha" that edgelords make because it's an actual argument. No need to hate them, no need to shun their meager achivements (some stuff, like traditional ritual masks are neat even though they pale in comparison to European art). They're still human. We just have to acknowledge their level and that they can't do as much, which is fine if they are left on their own in their own continent.

various incels #sexist

extremely Racist chad bio experiment still getting all the girls and complimented on the bio. lets make this popular.


I have also received lots more messages from black girls who agreed to hook up when i said i would sleep with them out of pity(they were decent looking 6 and higher), and lots of white girls who loved the bio thought it was hilarious.

their pretenses of care about human rights issues are fake as all fake.

i wanna see how normies justify this. make it popular so as many normies can see it.

I bet those nog chicks get drenched thinking about Chad calling them racial slurs while hammering their choco flavored cunts

Extreme sexual racism is completely acceptable to most young women. Saying all Indian guys are unnattractive? That's fine. Assuming Asian guys have smaller cocks, and using that to avoid dating them? You go, girl!

"All lives matter."



Females are evil and racist. Oh man, this was a pure black pill.

What a truly great guy. You can tell how awesome and charming he is by his personality.

Remember, being a decent human is the baseline. Even though we reward people for being selfish, vicious jerks, being a good person who gets nothing in return is what you should strive for. :)

Oh my God. No female will come here. Every female knows this is how it would react to the 1 percent of men they all only have sex with. Real life is the same, i wouldnt have been rejected 300 times by females I got to know otherwise. They told me I wasn't attractive or that they didn't like brown guys. Why even live as an average looking man? There's no point.


You hear that guys? Your interests in media, politics, history, science, philosophy, it's all boring. You have to have something interesting about you, like racism.

I've done these type of experiments in the past and they are brutal, what's even more brutal is taking extremely ugly girls with fucking tumors on their face and still.get thousands of matches.

But normies won't believe you, I guarantee they will say "that's tinder they're just joking around, real life isn't like that, omg you're such a creep for using someone else's pics"( basically changing the subject so they won't have to deal with the black pill)

If this doesn't prove true female nature to people... I don't know what could convince them.

Women have zero agency around men they find attractive

Women are garbage whore animals.

I seriously want one of those self righteous cunts from inceltears or thebluepill or whatever to explain this shit.

But noooo, it's fine when female cunts do it, it's only bad when us incels do it.

I wonder where Dave Futrelle is right now?

Hey Dave wanna cover this?

Also I really would love to see someone like Dr. Nerd Love try and hand wave this away.

dean-the-map #fundie

[Submitted without any anonymous comment – archived post here]

@dean-the-map – Paedophilia is not a sexuality. It’s a fetish.

If you’re as “anti-contact” as you claim, you would not put yourself in any situation where you’re near a child, especially any situation where you’d be alone with children.

Some people are addicted to alcohol, know how bad it is, would never want to touch a drop – but it still wouldn’t be a good idea to work behind a bar, because that temptation is still there. They might be fine working in a bar for a while. They might think that they’re in zero danger. But all it takes is one slip.

Children need to be protected. You might be able to attempt to argue that you’re there, working with children because you want to protect them, but the truth is that you’re deliberately tempting yourself. You admit to being attracted to some of the children under your care.

This isn’t like working any job and finding a customer/patient/etc attractive, but you just ignore it because acting on it would be unprofessional. Children can be very easily groomed. They don’t have the understanding that adults have to say no or protect themselves if you end up doing something that you’ll regret.

I am very much of the mind that paedophiles have a mental disorder, and should be treated so that they never harm a child and can still live a full life. But what you’re doing here is wrong. And your claim that being attracted to children is a “sexuality” is entirely wrong, too.

If you care about children as much as you say you do, if you really want to protect them, you should be protecting them from yourself, first.

No, it’s not a fetish, it describes the type of people towards whom my sexuality is oriented, hence a sexual orientation. It functions the same as any other sexual orientation.
That’s not what anti-contact means, but of course you don’t care what it actually means.
Addiction and attraction are not comparable. Being non-offending is the easy part of being a MAP.

I’m not tempted at all though. How often are you tempted to rape someone?
To act on my attractions wouldn’t just be unprofessional, it would cause harm to another person, it would be rape. Not raping people is really easy.
I disagree, I believe paedophilia is best described as a sexual orientation (and the current scientific consensus is in agreement). Paedophilia can’t be changed or cured and it doesn’t inherently make someone more likely to harm a child. On it’s own it requires no treatment. Paedophiles should be able to get treatment though if they are distressed by their attraction or are at risk of acting on it.
Or maybe I should be protecting them from people that actually want to harm them.

Jeffrey J. Wolynski #crackpot

Stellar Metamorphosis: A Remnant Planetary Core in the Hot Neptunian Desert, or a Normal Ocean World?

Abstract: Using stellar metamorphosis we can figure out what TOI-849b really is. Is it a remnant planetary core in the fictional hot Neptunian Desert, or a normal ocean world? It is up for the readers to decide. The main paper is archived here as proof: and the interpretation by the media is here:

TOI 849b is told to have a mass of ~40.8 times that of Earth, a density of ~5.5 grams per centimeter cubed, and a radius of ~3.45 times that of Earth. The astronomers are saying it is the densest planet of its size discovered so far. In stellar metamorphosis, this just means it is a very thick water ocean world on a high transformation curve. In other words, it is a remnant stellar core, as are all “planets/exoplanets”. Below is a screen shot of the media’s take on the issue.
First things first. Stars evolve into what are called “planets”. This means stellar evolution is planet formation. Naked cores of gas giants are evolving planets. There is nothing strange about this world at all. Mercury is the naked core of a gas giant (intermediate aged star), so is Venus, Mars, and literally every single rocky planet in all galaxies. That is what a gas giant is, after a star cools down and loses most of its mass from its stellar (luminous) stages, it becomes a gas giant, which then layers material into its center forming the planet. Over time the atmosphere dissipates, exposing the newly formed planet. This is how all planets in the universe are formed, they are all formed by the process of stellar evolution (they are the same things), no surprise here! The astronomers are just looking at an intermediate staged star, the stage where the star is completely covered in a global, extremely thick, water ocean. In fact, the total amount of water/volatile material that will be removed on this world can be calculated and is even modeled by the very people who wrote the arxiv paper! The screen shot below matches up to this paper, where the maximum mass and density of a dead star is calculated found here:
Stars on upper level transformation curves tend to be much larger per their stage of evolution. Here is the paper that explains what transformation curves are: or vixra:
It is really simple to understand. TOI-849b is just a large water ocean world. The hydrogen-bonds of the water are what have allowed it to maintain its extreme size. To determine the age of this mamma jamma I would like to see its total axial angular momentum and its D/H ratios.

FrostyB #fundie

We are securing our connections on Discord with the Fascist community of steam to ensure the connection and preservation of the Hard-Right community for National Socialists and Fascist communities alike due to the recent attacks from steam moderators on rule obeying Fascist groups such us our own at 800 members strong

Fascist Coalition United Fascists online flyer

This is an offer aimed at Fascist/ National Socialist group owners who owns a group of 150+ members, you will be provided with full mod privlages as soon as your account is vertified
Your server would also be featured on the Group Recommendation as soon as you're vertified

[Discord invite]
Message me if you're a group moderator interested in connecting up your group with the United Fascists

[The Flyer in Question]


Mick Williams #fundie

Today's Laugh 11-5-18


TRANSCRIPTION: CNN newscaster reports: "President Trump has called out the military on impoverished women and children who want a better life."

Sign in background reads:
All the news*
All the time**

* - that is, all the news we can spin against Trump. The rest is ignored.
** - this part is true - honest!

Some incels #sexist #psycho

Re: twoxroasties wants you to be a compassionate cuck when your wife cucks you, births some chad's spawn, bails on you, and then leaves you to raise chad's spawn. women are a meme.



I had my suicide planned in case the day he would realize I wasn't worthy of his love because of my genetics would come

Roastie on leddit experiences 1% of the hardships of incel lifestyle and wants to rope already

If you ever ascend, DNA test your kids.

Anyway, women don't have consciousness or empathy, she just isn't fucking capable of putting herself in someone else's shoes. It's all about how SHE FEELS and what happens to her.

In their minds, them tricking yiu into rasing offspring is actually moral. You see that kid needs resources, it's a kid, it's pure, it's innocent, it deserves fulfillment. Plus she knows it's hers. Therefore she has even more bond to see it succeed and receive resources. Always get your kids tested. Honestly even chad should. Believe me, women cheat, a lot. If they think they can get away with it, and the guys worth it, they cheat. Fact of life.


I cant even call that man a cuck, he is more of a man than the real father

I'm happy to read this comment in this sub. I also wouldn't leave a little child behind if I have taken care of it for so many years. Cuck or not, if people can show mercy to random people through charity, then you can take care of one more kid. It's not the kid's fault.

Random charity does not mean being legally financially tied against your will to a person you were deceived into believing was your biological offspring. Don't even compare the two. They are nothing alike.

I can. He is a fucking cuck that willingly took unnecessary stress & partially ruined his own life over a whore's bastard daughter.

And you're no better, you fucking cuck. If you don't kick both the whore & her cheat trophy out; you are a fucking cuck. I have no respect for either.

His older parents tried speaking sense into this father but they raised a soft little feminized wimp.

Lmao all the comments defending him, this sub is infested by normies, fakecels, and cucks

jerkmypython & BlackPillEnema #sexist

I love seeing IT exposed by the rest of reddit


It was pretty nice until they started ganging up on some manlet. It's great to see IT-tards get shit flung back at them, but they fact they were making fun of some IT-tard's height is more proof these people do hold biases against manlets in real life no matter how "socially successful" they are.

Just more proof it isn't in our heads, despite whatever normalfags claim.

Never fall for the Chad/Incel alliance shit or for the idea that normies are more like us than Incel Tears. If anything, the men on Incel Tears should have our sympathy because they are being misled by foids and they have their dicks locked up in little cages and are totally unaware of who they actually are. The only reason we're on this sub instead of theirs, is because we were fortunate enough to come across the right information at the right time.

This has nothing to do with a Chad/Incel alliance. The issue is every day-to-day normalfags, who have nothing special going on for them, still think like this.

You'd think a manlet who still gets bullied for being short, despite supposedly having a girlfriend and being social would agree with at least some of the shit we have to say. I guess there's no getting through with some people.

Why would you think a guy who's got his would have any symapthy for us? A manlet with a girlfriend views himself as superior to all other manlets and then starts to imagine he isn't actually a manlet.

This is the problem with a lot of incels, they get caught up in one particular feature and start to miss the forest for the trees. A black incel and a white incel have more in common than a black incel and a black chad. A manlet incel and lanklet incel have more in common than a manlet incel has in common with Tom Cruise. Non-incels are never going to be on your side because they view you to be pathetic, even if you share maybe one feature with them.

Tallfag incels would still treat a manlet like shit, it doesn't matter if that manlet is an incel or not. There is no "brother ship" between either group, even if both parties are normalfags.

There should be a mutual respect among all manlets, because even if they manage to get a girlfriend they still have to deal with the social implications of being short. Tallfags can still bank on the fact that most people won't fuck with them or make an "example" of them for one reason or another.

Cope. Keep on falling for this bullshit that divides incels. Your fantasy that lanklets somehow don't get fucked with is hilarious. They just get fucked with over different things. If you are ugly and tall, you will get compared to nosferatu or an ogre or some other shit and women will still think you're a creep and unless you're buff, other men will still fuck with you. And as an ugly tall guy you will have average looking manlets fuck with you and use every opportunity they get to shit on you because they know that if tried the same shit on tall Chads they'd be fucked, but they can get away with it because you have no status as an ugly man.

You have tied your entire identity to being short the same way many ethnics on here blame their inceldom entirely on being ethnic. There is only one true connection between incels, and that's looking like shit. There are a lot of different ways to look like shit, whether that be balding, skin problems, bad bone structure, poor height, or something else, but an ugly man will always have more in common with an ugly man than he will with a Chad who just happens to share one small feature with him.

Wrong. Sure, if you're ugly you do have less status, but being a tallfag still gives you status to a certain extent because of how much society fetishizes height. Manlets have next to none unless they're maxxed out in virtually every category imaginable. There's a reason why the only socially successful manlets are involved in media or are extremely fucking rich.

Your height is everything in the eyes of normalfags.

Oddly enough, there are more examples of ethnics finding "love" than there are of manlets. Hell, there's even an entire album of indian guys with girlfriends, even hot ones. I've yet to see the same shit with manlets.

There are a ton of good looking manlets who still have zero luck finding girlfriends.

You think that's you, right? Sorry, but no, you're ugly. It's not only because you're short, it's because you're short and ugly. Being an incel requires a combo.

I've literally been told I have an attractive face (and no, not by family either), but I'm too short to fuck. I've also been told "I'd make a decent boyfriend if I was taller" too, so I'm pretty sure it's only height that's holding me back.

It also doesn't change the fact I know manlets who are definitely more attractive than me, and they still see nothing. These cunts don't care, they emphasize height over everything.

I've been told by female friends that I'm attractive as well. Guess what, women lie. They lie about everything and anything. You're not actually good looking. You'll figure that out one day.

various incels #sexist

Simple proof of female hypergamy. IT won't touch this


[Image Transcript:

"Percentage of Finnish men and women who have had at least 2 sexual partners in the last year

*2 graphs showing the figures*

Sexually active men in the 18-24 age group dropped from 35-50% in 1992-2007 to around 15% in 2015.Women in the same age group have similar amounts of sexual partners. No significant change.

Conclusion: A small percentage of men have lots of sexual partners while most men have few to none."


Obviously between 1992 and 2015 all Finish men just suddenly became more misogynistic and stopped taking showers

The big change is that MENA men in Finland went from lim(0%) to several percent during that time.

This is exactly what the black pill would expect to happen. And lo and behold, it turns out to be true.

It's funny that literally every new piece of evidence that comes out only supports what we say. And the only defense against it is "small sample size!" "doesn't reflect reality!". But then why do none of these "small samples" ever support the blue pill?

It's that worse. That a lot of social experts say that the economy will be destroyed and with it the civilization, the best example is Japan. They are now 30 years in an economic crisis and without population growth and lack of new specialists workers the economy can´t heal, so the breakdown is just a matter of time. In Europe, I at least hope for the Sharia, it doesn't matter for me, if I have to pray 5 times per day, as long as women will get again the place where they belong, behind the kitch as property of a man.

Even if it wasn't suppressed, tons of guys would just deny it to cope or because it conflicts too much with how they were raised to think of women

Holy shit. We all know that hypergamy hit exponential levels in recent history, but we're so fucking unlucky that as recent as 25 years ago we would have had 2-3x the chances of having sex. That is SO recent, and our chances more than halved. We really did miss the boat. This is the worst time in modern history to be anything but Chad or since it's Finland, Tyrone. No wonder most parents and the older generations can't relate. It's the younger ones who know and play the fool.

Evidence after evidence like this is posted here, and how do the dimwits at IT react? In complete denial without any substantive arguments.

They all like to do their "university autist phil 101" act with it, like, talk about "philosophy of science" undergrad crap as though that were somehow obligatory or unassailable truth. I mean, I am familiar with this bullshit, but there's a difference between doing it for professional reasons because it's your job and doing it for free on reddit because you think m'lady will value you, if you "debunk" the simple facts about female mating strategies.

I mean, why would women want to mate with ugly guys if they didn't have to? One man can impregnate hundreds of women. Give women the financial support of the state, a few beta orbiters, preferential hiring, etc. and what will they need with "traditional" monogamy? They won't need it.

It's basically the Nazi Philosophy with Women as the "aryan master race" for whom the state should exist.

some incels #sexist

Never forget the day Askreddit normies directly confirmed the blackpill and lookism


Ok but I hate when this shit is posted like some proof that blackpill is spreading. This is common fucking sense, everyone knows it and under the right circumstance, everyone will confirm it. It's when you use it to reach conclusions about reality or women they don't like that suddenly this is some taboo absurd idea only a crazy mind can come up with.

Same with "life is unfair". Everyone keeps saying it all over the place. But if this is a basis of you not being a positive, hard working little ant always ready to improve and prove himself, suddenly we live in the most just and amazing place imaginable and you're just to insane to see it.

Blackpill isn't spreading, they are just talking among themselves.

Yeah seriously. People who think the blackpill is spreading are delusional. Incels are becoming public enemy #1 and no matter how agreeable our ideology is, people are gonna mobilize against it. At this point you could bring /r/incels back as a pro-kitten rescuing sub and NYT would still pen thinkpieces about how dangerous and entitled they are.

The problem is that many leftists, especially the feminist manhating types, completely refuse to admit that women partake in a looks hierarchy. Yes, I am aware there is a left-wing party in Germany that wants to have ugliness classified as a disability. But I'm specifically talking about the virtue signalling gynocentric feminists of inceltears.

They will hypocritically fight for justice and humanity in every human hierarchy possible except female dating choices. That's the hypocrisy that many incels are fighting. No incel is complaining that life is unfair. What we are complaining about is that some injustices get a lot more attention than ours.

It's fucking over. I can't wait to die. I'm doing as much as I can before that happens tho. Got a ultra wide monitor. A new 1080ti. Some new games. I also got a new car that I'm loving. Couple years old Subaru sti manual of course. I'm just splurging before I shoot myself. I know I'll never find love. I'm also looking for drugs. I didn't want to do the dark web but looks like I have to. I'm just afraid I'll go to jail if I get caught. Fuck this world. I just wanna get t fucked up enjoy what I can about life and die peacefully. Fuck I this fucked apart piece of garbage world. But I'm making the best of it before I pull the trigger. It's kinda fun. I might pay for a hooker to blow me but I'll have to travel to Europe for that and that just doesn't seem worth it. I'd rather just get Fucked up anyway.

Mick Williams #fundie

Today's Laugh 11-11-18


(First picture shows a wing of the White House labelled "House of Representatives" as a wreck, while the other side labelled "Senate" is intact)

Presumably Dianne Feinstein: We took the House, why are we still angry?
Presumably Nancy Pelosi: Because our dark master senses time is running out!
Presumably Dianne Feinstein (her picture faded): What did you say?
Presumably Nancy Pelosi (her picture faded): Me? I said something?

Ken Ham #fundie

Who said the secular media was biased? Really? The left intolerant? Consider Austin Chronicle staff writer Michael King’s review of Bill Nye "The Science Guy's" new documentary:

“A lengthy sequence recounts his formal debates and ongoing arguments with Ken Ham, an evangelical hustler who has made a fortune flogging pseudo-biblical flim-flam, including a theme-park Noah’s Ark that cons credulous Christian parents and their innocent children to accept willful ignorance” and adds that he’s “delusional.”

My response?

“They are darkened in their understanding, alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them, due to their hardness of heart.” Ephesians 4:18

“The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.” 1 Corinthians 2:14

People often ask me how I cope with the ongoing ad hominem attacks from secularists. Well, I understand such attacks are really directed at God and I need to remember that as fallible, sinful human beings, we deserve nothing—but as undeserving as we are:

“God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8


Daniël Melters: Dear mr Ham, would you be so kind to formulate your own opinion. Extensively using quotes from other authors is essentially plagiarism.

Ken Ham: Daniel is convicted cause I quoted from the Bible - he's also a troll

bannedincel #sexist

Reminder that politic cels are cope.



* Andrew wears a Hillary shirt with "Still with (H)Erpes" on it, and holds a fan over Stacy as she sits on a lawn chair. He is also a plainly ugly, glasses-wearing nerd with a rat's nest beard.


* Barney wears a 1387 shirt and a "MAGA" hat, and holds a platter of martinis for Stacy, the same woman. He is also a grotesquely fat kneckbeard.


* Stacy silently smiles, relaxes, and takes in some sun.

various incels #sexist

Meanwhile in parallel universe



I think they larp because they don't actually believe it, but they need to try and make it true, other wise their reality comes crashing down.

We didn't create theblackpill, it was always there, we just accepted it

Yep. They believe sexual attraction is about personality. Friggin dicktwats..

Porn sites are specifically catered to males because it’s so easy for females to get sex, so they rarely watch it.


Men watch more porn because men are evolutionarily inclined towards promiscuity. More women = more babies. More men =/= more babies.

Yet women watch the most hardcore porns in much higher percentages. Brutal gangbang, rape, forced, etc.. those are all the most searched female porn searches. You won't find females searching for 'sweet looking guy' or 'sensual blowjob'. For females, sex is literally all about the biggest framed high-T bone structure male with the biggest dick who has no facial abnormalities. It's evolution instinct. The fucked up part of evolution is only making less than 10% of males the type females truly desire while making males able to desire 90% of women in some way.

Just because women all watch the same porn, and makes the same comments IRL about mens bodies doesn't mean that's what they prefer, they're all unique snowflakes!

BlackPillEnema #sexist

Just go to therapy bro, it's good for you bro


Group therapy is a fuckfest. I remember the white Chadlite in my group fucked both of the Asian girls in the group and essentially became king of everything because he was the top of the loser hierarchy, while my balding ass and the Indian manlet who would sit next to me got nothing. The Indian kid would try to tell jokes and no one else would even pretend to laugh at them.

Anytime there are females in a male group, they force a hierarchy on them by sexually selecting winners and losers.

yep, 1 woman completely changes the entire dynamic. saw it happen in every hobby/friend group i was ever a part of. maybe if every dude wasn’t such a thirsty retard.

We're all animals. If we weren't incels we would likely be trying to do the exact same thing. I wish I could honestly say I would act better than Chads and Normies if I was attractive to women, but I probably wouldn't. I think incels are like Bernard Marx from Brave New World, we are only virtuous so long as we remain incels, the second we ascend, we forget everything we learned before and become the normies that we hated in the past.

No, if I ever ascended, I would take the sobering experience of the Black Pill with me. I’d never let myself become the platitude-invoking normie or the slap-her-ass Chads I hate.

That's what you want to believe, the same way Bernard Marx believed he was actually a man of principles but then he got a taste of the good life and he became one of the vulgar, only for Chad John Savage to become disappointed with him.

How did you even endure group therapy? In the UK they banned the sale of all psychoactive substances ripping my only cope out of my hands and sending me in to acute withdrawal. I replaced my cope pills with alcohol and it was a fucking disaster, throwing up in public and passing out alone in parks. I went to AA and it made everything worse, i seem to be a magnet for the mentally ill. I am unable to say no and after the meeting was pressured in to going for a coffee with a visibly drunk attendee. We both ended up crying in a crowded coffee shop. Never again, i don't see how discussing your problems with other people just as mentally ill as you can help.

The really funny thing was that there were five guys in the group and 7 seven girls. And the only guy who got any was the Chadlite. The Chadlite was an actual mentalcel too, he was asking this lesbian white girl in the group for advice on shit and he ended up pissing off a different girl that he could have potentially fucked as well because he was talking about her behind her back. He was always reading books in public and shit, I don't think he actually learned anything from them, though.

Shulaverboi #sexist

Re: foids will be foids


See? even when they supposedly have 'Male brains' they still desire attention just like your any other foid, no wonder people don't take these delusional fools seriously.

Trannies are group of very confused clowns.

misleading . he was afraid he gonna be found out and had rumors started to circulating so he decided to make it public.


Trans men prefer he I think

It doesn't matter what they prefer they're still women.

And? You probably wouldn’t like it if people referred to you as an incel constantly irl because you’re an incel.

"I’m incelboi but I identify as Chad"

What are you even on about? why should i or any sane other individual play along with their delusions?

Because it helps them out with living a normal life? What do you think? Why you gotta be an asshole to everyone?

Why are you such a cuck? reality is reality, i don't give a fuck what mentally ill Trannies think they are.

You really are a retard. I’m sure you go up to any mentally ill person and scream in their face that they’re mentally ill. Yeah, no shit, they know. Now let them leave in peace for fucks sake.

LOW IQ response, Trannies don't want to 'live in peace' as you say. they want all of society to go along with their grandiose delusions.

Most people (myself included) don't give a damn about what these people think they are, they can believe they're animals for all i care.

But when they try to push for insane shit like 'Gender toilets' and other nonsense on people then obviously folks get mad and disgusted so they speak up against implantation of insanity into society.?

I’m talking about people with legitimate gender dysphoria. Who the fuck cares who’s taking a shit in a stall next to you.

Are you absolutely brain dead? public toilets are separated by gender for a reason.

I mean imagine a man with a 10 inch cock going in a little girls bathroom just because he 'identifies as a woman'.

Lmfao, it’s not like you’re walking around naked together. Even you guys have separated stalls. Just implement individual bathrooms for crying out loud.

You're not walking around naked but it's off putting seeing a man waking in a female bathroom, it's bloody creepy.

Perverts for one would easily have their way with such things.

Right. Well that’s in issue with any public bathroom. A sign isn’t stopping a pervert from entering a women’s bathroom.

Like I said, individual bathrooms. Fairly common. Easy fix.

A sign isn't stopping a pervert from entering a women's bathroom but it surely is making them think twice, as they could easily get in trouble if they are seen.

IncomeByEtnicity #racist

Effeminate beta WM and AF glorify WMAF relationships and babies in revolting pictures


The subtle things in this picture only photographers will note.

Camera is at eye level of the Asian woman, meaning the picture viewer LOOKS UP at the white man
Pink background. Two things about this. Pink backgrounds are most used to market products to Females. So this is essentially brainwashing Asian woman to desire White men as a the "Standard Sexual partner". Secondly, Pink and Red are the only backgrounds that effectively hide Caucasian paleness. In a neutral background like Grey or Black, this red tanning shrimp would appear ghostly. So this background was chosen to optimize White skin tone and market him to Asian women.
The strange way the gown is worn and the color of his shorts. Firstly the gown. It EXPOSES her Naval and focuses the viewer's eye on her vagina. This is done by using the barely visible edges of her thighs as leading lines and the Lacey frills of the gown as visual brackets. Secondly, both people are wearing white which denotes purity, except for the white man's crinkled darker, less pure, "Forbidden fruit" shorts. Shorts by themselves have a lot of leading lines pointing towards his shrimpy. What this all means, Naval + Vagina + "Forbidden fruit Pink Cock" = Baby socks + Happy Faces, i.e Sexual devotion/exposure to White Man's Penis = Happiness
Matching knee heights and elbow heights. This was achieved by her standing on a box, which is why both of their feet are cut off. There is no way, a woman who is this much shorter than the guy would have Knee to Feet length the same as him. This has 2 effects. It makes the lady seem more frail and more petite. Which is needed because the guy is pretty feminine himself. It raises her exposed crotch to even closer to his while also matching the elbows & baby socks signifying perfect unison.
Shorts revealing "HAIRY LEGS". This is a direct hit on the Asian Man, who aren't "Masculine enough for those sexy Tennis player hairy legs".
Guy's head tilt towards her and toothed smile as opposed to her demure toothless smile, denoting his conquest of her. That's on top of the blatant message of him having got her pregnant.

I am pretty disgusted by this and what the effects it will cause on a gullible Asian girls. I believe this ad was targeted to Chinese Women. A country already having a Male/Female imbalance. I think and organized attempt at outing the toxicity of these pairings is our only antidote.

Mick Williams #fundie

"From Whence the Madness?"


Delusion: noun: perceiving that which does not exist. It's the just desserts of those who scoff at a certain Good Book, who won't admit their slavish devotion to its principal nemesis, the god of this world.

Enter a most unexpected roadblock to the plans of their one-world messiah. His election could not have happened without divine providence, a fact that earns him the rabid hate of all to whom truth is like pulling a cross on Dracula. He contends with a malevolent media wholly prostrate before a certain political party.

Having evicted truth, they embrace Delusion, that masked lover whose poison whispering waltzes them ever farther leftward, over a cliff into uncharted realms of insanity. These enlightened elites obsess over banning plastic straws while violent illegals try to storm the border fence. Their word police demand 'you guys' be replaced by the gender-gutted 'y'all'. The list of said genders now tops 57 in that ongoing effort by Nemesis to undo all that was wrought by the Creator.

America, last obstacle to the globalist pipe dream, rots from within, courtesy of a certain party having well earned such sobriquets as Dims and Demoncraps. Having fraudulently taken the House, they now face the novel situation of having to actually do something, in lieu of impotently sniping away from the sidelines. Their self-serving agenda, of course, is endless and pointless investigations in support of the unholy 'resistance', better translated as 'communist coup'.

At this point, the enemies of freedom have outgrown the playpen. The place they've gone makes our traditional stage seem normal by comparison, a set we've always known as. . . .The Twilight Zone.

Shazoa & incelicious #sexist

Re: The blackpill is spreading, boyos


Reality is between the blue and black pills.

The blackpill sees the bleakest interpretation possible.

The bluepill denies there's a problem at all.

In reality no normie is denying things like women having an easier time on Tinder, or appearance being important to women, or the fact that some people are so ugly that they find it nearly impossible to find love.

Those are just inconvenient truths no one likes to actually state in public.

Hmm. The Black Pill is strictly a materialist view of sexuality. It’s not depressing because anyone intended it that way, it’s depressing because it exposes all of our psychological defense mechanisms as copes. This purely materialist view is therefore deterministic.

There are two reactions to this: recoiling and increasing copes, or accepting it as the truth.

Blue Pill is pure cope. Red Pill is partial cope, partial acceptance.

That's a way of looking at it and it's quite accurate.

I would say that these things are so complicated just because humans are also complicated and don't always work as expected. We all have delusions and copes, even the best of us, and so we don't always act rationally.

Most people aren't going to date someone that repulses them but they may well settle for someone less attractive than they could potentially snag if like their personality enough. There will be people out there that are more compatible, but even if one of them comes knocking in many cases they won't stray because sticking it out with someone you're invested in that's 'good enough' is the path of least resistance.

So where I'd reject the black and red pills is when they think that everyone will act in this dark, unfaithful manner. Comfort and familiarity are huge motivators to many people.

You are right. Many women will go for the "good enough" after their partying days dry up. But that itself is a cope, because to the woman, she has "settled". She views herself as superior to her mate and this means hypergamy. This is the modern relationship/marriage arrangement. She's spent her time on the Chad cock carousel, so no matter who she ends up with, they will never be Chad. She will always view them as inferior providers that she settled for, and he should be grateful. No amount of red pilled PUA techniques or blue pilled cuckoldry will change this mindset that has taken root in the femoid.

For this particular reason, the Black Pill opposes degeneracy like premarital sex. If the only cock she has ever had and will have is her mate's, then hypergamy is greatly reduced and she will more likely view the relationship as an equal match.

settle for someone less attractive than they could potentially snag if like their personality enough


It happens. The key thing is that they need to meet a minimum standard. No one will settle for an uggo unless they're loaded or famous, but if you have a choice between a 6/10 and a 7/10 and the former has the better personality, they can win out. Depends massively on the person and where they are in their lives.

This is especially true where there's less resistance on one route - that can be down to distance, money, kids, etc.

Your average happy suburban 6/10 housewife with a looksmatched husband probably isn't going to cheat just for a 7/10 plumber doing some work round the house unless they're disatisfied or frustrated... but they might well cheat if an 8/10 rockstar takes them backstage at a gig for a quickie. It's all context, and all applies to men just as much btw.

Seriouslyarealperson #sexist

Science confirms being a manlet increases likelihood of suicide


A short man isn't worthy of love for most women simply because most women, at their core, are vain narcissists devoid of true empathy and compassion for others. All a woman loves is her own image and her own children....who she often views as part of her image in the first place. All a woman typically says or does is an extension of her will to be validated socially. How women choose mates is no different.

The limit of women's romantic compassion is usually her own vanity which often is the essence of modern femininity. Even if a woman likes a man, if she feels he cannot help improve her own social status, she will reject him. A man's physical stature comprises a large portion of a man's worth/status to women; A small man is embarrassing and a shame for a woman to be sexually or romantically associated with. Even if a short man is ambitious or has strength many women will choose to view his work and achievements as the result of insecurity or over compensation.

Men are truly closer to trophies than human beings to women. For most women, being associated with a big trophy is akin to being perceived as a winner or a superior human being; If a woman is associated with a small man, then she looks and thus feels like she is holding a participation trophy...proof she is a loser for all other women to see.

A man with a noticeably small skeleton's options are simple:

Betabux. Work extremely hard and essentially pay for what chad got for free and with minimal effort. Know deep down she's only with you for your resources and that you will not be able to compete with her experiences with chad.

Become or look like a psychopath and demonstrate a capacity for violence in order to attract women, many of which are hybristophiliacs by nature.

Suffer from loneliness


czakal #racist

Pushing white people to have fewer children to “help the environment” is a meme that has been around before. But it looks like they’re giving it another whirl.

Here’s Friday’s front page from the French newspaper Libération.

“Fewer children to save the planet?”


“Diapers or the ozone layer, do we need to choose?”

This is a pun in French. It’s also complete nonsense, since the ozone layer problem has already been solved.


The article references a similar piece in the Jew York Times.

It’s accompanied by personal commentaries like this one, from Gaëlle.

Personally, I don’t plan to have children in my life. I don’t like them but I don’t detest them either. The environment is a factor that reassures me about my choice. There are so many people emigrating because of climate change and, in parallel, they tell us that we need to continue to procreate, particularly for retired people. I prefer to welcome migrants than to have children with an uncertain future who will go on consuming ever more. They tell us: between now and 2040 it could all fall apart. Children are a chasm for finance and energy. When I meet people, I try to make the situation clear quickly by saying I don’t want them. I don’t see myself changing for anyone, nor putting my career in parentheses.


Of course these messages are only ever pushed upon white people, despite white birthrates being below replacement level in virtually every country where white people live. And white people will be the only ones who can come up with technological solutions to whatever problems exist. Are the teeming hordes of Africa going to help with environmental engineering?

Bretton Ferraro #fundie

Tis that time of year. It’s that wondrous occasion where Christians ‘round the world gather together in their homes to worship the birth of a child. The child is believed to be the Savior, the very Son of God. It’s also that time of year where we lie to our children about a fat-man who romps around the arctic in a big, red coat, plotting and planning on how to give out presents to well behaved children around the world.

Then there is the dark-side of the holiday season. It’s also that time of year where atheists take off the masks and issue a full-scale assault on beliefs that differ from their own. All in the name of diversity and being open minded, of course.

Something has, not so recently, occurred to me. That is the hypocrisy of the atheist cause to de-thrown God and “entice” folks away from their beliefs. That hypocrisy is in the assault against people’s religion all the while never recognizing that atheism is itself a religion. It is the religion of self-righteousness and utter laziness, and whether they will admit it or not, atheists need religion. First, what spawned this conversation? This billboard from the very friendly and informative, American Atheists.


What I am going to do is show you just how full of holes atheism truly is. Since it routinely accuses religion of falsehoods and insists on dismantling the faith of others, it’s time that they had a taste of their own medicine. And when I say “they”, I am not throwing all atheists under the bus, but all the many atheist organizations that make a living off of mocking the beliefs of other people.

Atheism needs God. What’s more, it needs religion. Otherwise it would rot and decay, probably into a set of established values, principles and concepts on the creation of mankind and the Earth – like a religion or something.

What makes me say that?

Atheism is a moral leach. Because it does not possess a set of core values and principles it has to syphon them from other organizations – like religion. I personally believe that we are born with a basic understanding of right and wrong. We instinctively know that killing and hurting people is wrong, but after about age three things start to become a bit murky, and we become subjects to societal norms. Our societal norms, or at least historically, have been those pesky Ten Commandments that were once found in courthouses ‘round the country.

Knowledge of Today #conspiracy

The Real Power Behind the New World Order (Full Documentary)

Muammar Gaddafi was fighting against the Illuminati and the reason why he was killed is explained in the video below.

“Today the path of total dictatorship in the United States can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by the Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system, another body representing another form of government - a bureaucratic elite.” -Senator William Jenner,


On Jan.18, 2005 Henry Kissinger spoke on PBS about the need for a "New International Order".

“National Socialism will use its own revolution for establishing of a new world order.” -Adolph Hitler during World War II

The Conspiracy to Rule the World - Order of the Illuminati - Council Of Thirteen - House Of Rothschild - The Bildebergs Council Of 500 - The Order Chapter 322 "Skull and Bones" - House of Rockefeller - Council on Foreign Relations - United Nations - Royal Institute for International Affairs



Mick Williams #fundie

Today's Laugh 12-1-18


Caption 1: "The left vs. conservatives" (something is randomly labelled "Antifa" and two men with masks and turbans are labelled "Mao" and "Che". Both appear to be fighting.)

Caption 2: "The left vs. literature"
A sign in the background reads "Banned from School" and the following list appears: "RUDOLPH" - promotes bullying; "SANTA" - capitalist; "LORD OF THE RINGS" - Racist portrayal of orcs as inferior; "DANIEL BOONE" - nationalist; "LITTLE HOUSE" - sexist; "GRINCH" - belittles deformities; "LASSIE" - animal exploitation; "SCROOGE" - promotes Christianity; "FROSTY" - climate change denial.

Just Mat:
They guzzle sewage from hell while finding everything good, wholesome, beneficial to humanity, helpful and just plain enjoyable and fun as evil. Actually, they are the type who can never be "happy" until they have made everyone else (except their own filthy ilk) miserable. And they use the bludgeon of illegally passed laws supported by illegal judges to beat true people over the heads with. I say "true people" because these things have lost every shred of humanity and have become vicious rabid (but sentient and trained) animals. And that fact that they can still think on some level makes them a threat to people.

Mick Williams:
I think there are 2 main reasons why they can't debate: one is not having a leg to stand on; the other is being a product of the leftist education system. They don't know history or logic.

Mick Williams:
When you throw punches like girls, it's necessary to outnumber conservatives 20 to 1.

Lady Checkmate:
Smh. Those cry-bullies will only physically attack others when they outnumber them 20 to 1 (cowards) and those monsters would rather sexually exploit children than show them wholesome tv shows and cartoons. They support sexual deviants reading books to preschoolers at the library (priming them for child-rape), but take issue with those same children hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. SMH. Children need to know that God loves them and He has a plan for their lives. But, the child-rape advocates don't want children to know the Truth, so they fight anything wholesome, pure and righteous. They're disgusting filth.
Matthew 18:6 (KJV)
6 But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Mick Williams:
Yep, and a lot of these guys wearing millstones are going to be dressed in drag--former child cultivators.

Mike King #conspiracy

The song that doesn't end takes us to The Netherlands -- the Anne Frank House Museum to be precise -- for a pitiful tale of the mental abuse of teenagers. No, not that of teenage diarist Anne Frank TM, who died of typhus years before her crooked money-grubbing father made his fortune forging much of her diaries (here). But rather, the mind-rape of hundreds of thousands of High School students from all across the western world who are forced to make pilgrimage to this museum of mendacity for a good dose of Bolshevik brainwashing.

From the article's opening (brace yourself!):

“She hid Jews?”

Aleatha Hinds, 17, ventured a guess about Anne Frank’s identity as she waited in line for two hours recently to enter the museum devoted to that world-famous diarist, who hid with her family in a secret annex for 25 months during World War II.

“No, no, no!” replied several friends, all 11th and 12th graders from the St. Charles College high school in Ontario. “She was Jewish!” they corrected her, in unison.

“She was hiding in her father’s factory,” said Eric LeBreton, 16. “The Nazis were looking for all the Jewish people because Hitler was trying to do genocide.”

I know boss, I know.

More moronic manure from the article describes what goes on in the exhibit:

“Germany became an anti-Semitic dictatorship in which opponents feared for their lives and Jews were systematically persecuted,” the narrator explains in the video. 'The Nazi leader was Adolf Hitler.'”

Hang in there, chief. With the new edition of 'The Bad War,' Sugar and I will straighten these kids out - one at a time.

The story claims that attendance (much of it mandatory) to the museum has swelled to 1.3 million teary-eyed suckers and frog-marched children annually -- way up from 1 million in 2010. However, according to Slimes scribbler Nina Siegal (cough, cough), there is a growing "problem" that needs to be corrected. It is said that many of the younger and foreign visitors who flock to this Marxist magic show now have very little knowledge of the Holocaust TM. So the chosenites and their henchmen are seeking new ways to address a declining understanding of World War II and the "genocide" of "six million Jews" TM . Evidently, the dumbing-down of our young people has resulted in them not only be ignorant of real history, but of fake history as well!

The article quotes the museum’s managing director, Garance Reus-Deelder:

“We find that, with the war being further removed from all of us, but especially for young people and people from outside of Europe, our visitors don’t always have sufficient prior knowledge of the Second World War to really grasp the meaning of Anne Frank and the people in hiding here, We want to make sure that Anne Frank isn’t just an icon, but a portal into history.”

Translation: "Oy vey! Too much time has passed since World War II. The hypnotic spell is wearing off. We must intensify the mandatory Holocaust propaganda so that the new generation will let us get away with bloody murder just like previous ones have."

Ms. Siegal and Ms. (or is that Mr.?) Deelder seek to corrupt the next generation.

Ms. Deeldo (ethnicity and "gender" unclear) is right to be concerned because the passage of time and its associated diminishing of emotional intensity will indeed render the next generation more open to the case for "Holocaust denial" TM -- which is why we are seeing more and more hoax attacks and threats aimed at Jewish community centers, schools, synagogues and cemeteries. Think of these "attacks" as "booster shots" needed to keep Gentile sympathy at optimum levels now that 72 years have passed since the end of "The Good War."

As for little Anne Frank, her tragic death due to typhus ought to be blamed not on The Great One, but rather, on the Jewish Mafia which engineered and incited for the war against Germany -- a war which necessarily required Germany to intern the Jews (the admitted enemies of Germany) who lived in the "neutral" nations which the Germans were forced to occupy in self-defence. The culpability for the numerous cases of death-by-typhus of any innocent non-political Jews or their children rests squarely with the likes of Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, Baruch, Rothschild, Sulzberger, Morgenthau and all the rest of that evil bunch who wanted another war for Globalism/Communism.

Anne Frank was just one girl of the millions of teenagers killed during that devilish war. How about a few tears for the German girls who were gang-raped to death, burned to death, suffocated to death, crushed to death or starved to death by "the good guys?" There will be neither museums nor memorials for them though. No sir; that would be "anti-Semitic" TM.

Anne Frank has universal name recognition. But the names of the German girls snatched off the street or from their homes, then gang-raped and murdered remain unknown.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read an article in the New York Times about the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam. Apparently, many of the younger generation know very little of the Holocaust.

Boobus Americanus 2: Our education system is badly broken. We must never forget the Holocaust.

Sugar: Agreed Boobuss! The viciouss carpet-bombing holocausts of crowded civilian neighborhoods in Hamburg, Berlin, Dressden and sso many other German citiess ought never to be forgotten. Ssame for Tokyo, Hirosshima and Nagassaki.

Editor: Gentile lives matter.

Take_Me_Back_Please & Former-Incel-User #sexist


JFL when you know that this relationship is only alive because the husband remains alpha. This man knows his shit. He compliments other women in front of his wife and punishes her for not following his sexual demands. If he stopped being "misogynistic" and started being subservient to his wife, she'd leave him in a heartbeat.

This lady is pretending that this sickens her because she's probably been infected with feminism and is now being pulled in two directions. Her natural and true female side loves her husband's so-called misogyny while her feminist-addled side believes that she SHOULD be hating her husband for doing this and that all she wants is a nice beta male.

So the correct way to keep a girlfriend isn’t to treat her as an equal and as a companion, but as a sex toy.


This is just evil.

Nobody said to use her as a sex toy. The point is to remain dominant/alpha and focusing on yourself. The husband just does his thing and doesn't revolve around his wife like a beta orbiter cuck. This keeps her interested in him.

How many times have we heard of wives/gfs cheating on their super caring husband/bf because of the fact that he was too "boring". And by boring they mean he was too nice and pretty much acted like a servant to the woman, caving in to her every command and orbiting her. This shit is so fucking COMMON it's unreal.

It’s evil that the women require you to be a total shithead to keep her interested. I’m not even talking about acting like an insanely subservient beta, but just like a normal person. As in being loving and caring but also assertive when needed. And that isn’t attractive, either.

Lmao at people telling you to care for your partner. When in reality she is only good for her pussy.

It’s like having a girlfriend or wife is completely pointless. Having a partner is useless.

We legit have to tell/train men NOT TO BE TOO NICE in order to get women. I mean what in the fuck. We have to teach men to not be nice and how to act like assholes in order to get women. Why? Why can't we just be nice? If being nice and kind to women made them like you, then men would gladly be nice and caring sweethearts since that is us by default.

Why is the world like this?

Because that is what women want deep down. They don’t want an equal partner. They don’t want to be in a relationship where both parties take care of each other’s needs. They don’t want to offer emotional support to their boyfriend. They just want to be dominated and be treated like some side chick. It’s better to not care than it is to care. I almost wonder if it is more sexually attractive to laugh at your girlfriend or ignore her when she’s crying than it is to comfort her or ask her what’s wrong.

I used to try to put myself in women's shoes to understand their way of thinking. But now I realize that that's pointless because their minds don't function the same as us.

I would LOVE a caring and gentle relationship. Just imagine being kind, loving and loyal to your gf, and having her reciprocate that. An incel can only dream. When one of you breaks down due to some pain or depression, you don't see them as weak, you support them through it. You love each other unconditionally.

This world could've been such a beautiful adventure. The potential it had ... all gone to waste.

Oh, and sorry for calling you gay. I thought you were some IT fag trying to misconstrue being alpha in the relationship as a male as evil. I thought you meant like what the husband was doing was evil or something.

Nah you’re good. It’s evil that women require men to be alpha.

OpenForDebatePMME #fundie


Fun fact: all users on the right are actual IT members except the bottom guy.

It is so ironic when someone who wants to chop of his working body organ and fetishize full body spandex calls others out for being mentally ill.

Like the sheer irony of it makes me question how can those fucks even for a second think they are even remotely right.

Which is why I think they make it a point to highlight the .01% of the posts of the outlandish retardedcels who say they support rape and murdering of jews.

Cause if IT even for a second considers the actual Incel content instead of the retarded non-sense that most of the times they post themselves for their upboats and soylent medals ,they have no arguments and no logic left on their side.

The old saying actual crazy people will never think they are crazy or question their sanity. That pretty much explains a lot of these insane fucks you see REEEEing today.

I think that might be true for the actually crazy ones, But in general a normal person would realize and see what is crazy.

Which makes it worse for them when compared to us cause we call out the pedos and nazis cause we still know what is wrong. While they will never call out a tranny who wants to cut of working body parts or a cuck for being an enabler. It doesn't take that much brain capacity to figure out being single mothers is almost always a choice and a bad one and you cannot demonize some one for not dating them.

Or calling out someone who wants to make permanent body damamging changes to a 12 year old by those disgusting hormonal treatments and all that garbage. There is a reason we don't allow teenagers to drive cars or vote or provide consent.

Which they agree with but all of that goes out the window as soon as it comes to trannies, Like really? Suddenly a person who isn't allowed to drive can make a life altering decision. It honestly makes me so angry. I have nothing against trannies do whatever you want but leave kids out of it and the normalizing of dangerous body changing procedures to remove healthy organs.

Cause it is like a spitting distance away from lobotomy.

Trannies are what's in fashion for the liberal group think hive mind so of course logic has to go out the door or else they will be cast away from their tribe if they dare speak against children wanting to cut their dicks off.

Humans are just a stupid monkey deep down and we will throw any logic out the door if that means most of us can fit into whatever dumb fucking tribe we feel we belong to.

When my sister Was around 13-4 she said she hated kids and never wants to have any of her own. according to their logic she should be allowed to get a hysteractomy

I mean the logic is the same right? And trannies can't reproduce either. So why not just allow everyone to remove and do what they want.

I know a 10 year old who would like to remove his kidney and sell it for a gaming pc. or this Emo kid who wants to insert metal rods inside his body to look more emo.

Why not let them all do what they want. Cause we let childrens feelings decide what is correct and what isn't.

And by that logic pedophilia can also be justified why not legalize it. I am sure there are 14-5 year old chicks who are willing to sleep with 70 year old geezers. Why not let them do what they want. Liberals make me sick.

I don't understand how those guys even dare to call themselves the better ones

I mean, there is a whole branch of feminism (TERFs) that is against trans people because they see us as oppressive to women somehow. Most of the current anti-trans backlash is coming from radical feminists. Feminists come up with most of the memes and arguments that the alt right ends up using. IT happens to be pro-trans but that could change at any time. tbh I think the trans movement fits better on the manosphere side of things rather than the SJW side. I have gender dysphoria and it's the main reason I'm an incel.

I have nothing agains trans people. Do what you want. I have problems when it comes to mutilation of children or even adults for that matter. Carving up body parts cause you feel like it is not good especially for children which is why I am also against circumcision.

depressedshortteen #sexist

The meme gender strikes again. Another one for the collection.


Women aren't retarded, this is simply their biological directive. Naturally women select mates on a fine balance between resources and physical fitness, so they might select a less attractive male if he has great intelligence or works really hard resulting in more resources to take care of her and her children. This is what advanced human society since the dawn of humanity and caused people to invent great things, because hard work had a biological objective of reproduction.

The welfare state eliminated the need for a resource provider since the state forcefully steals resources from beta men. Then the only thing left for women to select a mate on is physical fitness. Since men do not have a selection mechanism ( they just try to impregnate as many women as possible ) women hold all the power in relationship dynamics. The result is that for the first time in history there is a downward genetic drift in intelligence and other secondary factors that do not communicate immediate genetic fitness.

Modern society tries to replace the reward of hard work ( reproduction ) with useless tat like a Nintendo Switch. But the delusion won't last forever, men are becoming increasingly angry. Generations of men are waking up to the impending genetic death of their entire lineage and there is nothing they can do about it in the current system that exploits working men.

Your real enemy isn't women, your enemy is the welfare state. And the only way to protest this is to stop working and just become a welfare leech to help the system collapse. Why would you work and contribute taxes towards a system that causes your suffering and genetic demise?

*Naturally women select mates on a fine balance between resources and physical fitness*

I agree, but what makes girls retarded is that they emotionally process a guy’s lms as his personality. So in a lot of their minds when a guy that fits their requirements walks by, they feel not just physically attracted, but they feel compelled to see his personality in the best possible way. The opposite is equally true. So, like in another top post right now, when women see a guy with less attractive traits they assume he’s a worse person or less happy ect.

Women want to have their cake and eat it to: they not only want the attractive guy, but even more, they want to feel like they are choosing for personality (because that makes them feel like they themselves must be a good person) so they see in him whatever it takes feel that way.

*Your real enemy isn’t women, your enemy is the welfare state*

I disagree. You are taking responsibility off of women’s shoulders. I see where you are coming from in that the welfare state increased hypergamy, but ultimately it revealed the truth: women don’t love men how we thought they did; It has been revealed *through their choices as a group, that women are biologically driven to care for looks more than personality at levels that dwarf men’s care for women appearance vs their personality.

The idea that women cared so much for personality was a mistaken belief. They still have the ability to choose for themselves what they want, and that’s not a loving partner so much as a status trophy.

The welfare state that has revealed women’s nature has allowed men to see women for how they really are: they are whores for good looking men and status, they don’t love like men do. I definitely wouldn’t want to be with a woman that’s with me for my resources. FUCK THAT. I would give my all for a girl that loved me for me, but society has exposed the fact that women don’t love the man, they love the tingles sexual dimorphism gives them, and they love the status a man’s looks and money can give them over other girls.

Paying attention to females in this society has opened many and an increasing amount of guys’ eyes to the truth: women aren’t as worth it as previous generations of men believed. Modern society and “the welfare state” revealed that women never loved us like we thought in the first place. They were always just using us.

JucheforWhitePeople & xxxrivenmainxxx #sexist

So my comment on the twitch 'abuser' got linked to r/shitliberalssay...



Used to love that sub but everyday it became less Marxist Leninist and more DSA Soc Dem soyboys garbage. The left is so gynocentric it that it would happily sell out any principle to appease the holy Vagina.

Yeah, I was pretty involved with left-wing politics. But I couldn't agree with the sexual free market or mass immigration. I don't actively follow politics these days.

All politics is cope, there is no political movement that would like guys like us.

Too true.

The far-right will call us subhuman, try to eliminate us from the gene pool through eugenics and maybe put us in concentration camps. They might keep some of us around just to mock us in front of their aryan queens.

Liberals call us misogynist extremists and are already working on classifying us as terrorist. They already want to take away our rights. Liberals love upholding gynocentrism.

The far-left will call us reactionaries and send us to gulags or reeducation camps. The "proleteriat" will laugh as we struggle in what is essentially sexual capitalism.

Ok, so claiming that it is ok to hit your wife when shes provocating you makes you a liberal lol

DebatesNotBans #sexist



Again, it makes sense.


Smart guy: "Pursuing women is literally not worth the effort, when you consider that

Each individual woman has 20-50 guys also pursuing her.

They have little to offer you besides a warm soft body and the ability to have sex with them.

They'll only have sex with you in the first place after you've satisfied them in every other area.

Even if they DO have sex with you, you need to please HER before you can enjoy yourself, or the deal's off.

They are not charismatic enough to pursue them for their compnaionship.

They will likely nag you and make your life miserable, instead of adding to your life.

You'll have to be the one to put in all the effort in the relationship, or else she'll just easily find a better guy, among the said 20-50 guys interested in her."

Can anyone please Bluepill me on this?:

A) What exactly do women have to offer besides a soft body and a body to have sex with?

b) Why exactly should a guy pursue a woman if he's gotta be the one to put in all the effort?

Its the same as asking if men have anything more to offer then a body to cuddle and a dick to ride.

Except men generally have AT LEAST some level of charisma, or else they wouldnt get women in the first place. It's not like men can just put literally 0 effort and pick from all the people offering to date them, like women can. As a guy with a lot of male and female friends: no it isn't. Men are far and away more interesting, varied, and engaging than women are. That doesn't mean I hate women or that there aren't women I love to be around. Actually two of my best friends are female. But if you disengage your emotions and just look at cold hard reality, men contribute to the depth and breadth of humanity far more than women do. Pretty much all pursuits and fields, whether photography, investing, snowboarding, or studying the Roman Empire, are dominated by men. This is not a coincidence. Men are deeper, more active, and more adventurous.

Unknown channer #sexist


[Image transcript: Inevitably, some dumb cunt pops up to make the claim that "oh, you're just ignoring all the women who don't fit your hypothesis just so you can be right." That's wrong, because it's literally the opposite: I WANT to be wrong about this. An independent woman who can think for herself is the only type of woman I'm attracted to. OF COURSE I want her to exist. OF COURSE I want her to be real. Do you think it's fun thinking the entire opposite gender is dumb, shallow, and whoreish, and that the only level-headed, personable, rational women in the world are fictional and don't really exist? It's not. It hurts to live like that.

Every single woman I come across, I desperately hope that she's independent, rational, and doesn't let her personality completely revolve around one superficial thing (e.g. the fact that she's a woman, her race, her hobbies, an ideology, and so on). I don't do this because I want to get with her, I do this because it would give me hope that other women like her are out there, and that my depressing outlook was mercifully wrong. I haven't found one yet and I'm getting worried. I don't think these things because I hate women, I think these things because I love women, and I want them to be the good people I know they can theoretically be. Why aren't you?]

Mick Williams #fundie

"Denial: The Final Frontier"

Nonsense! say those upside-down folks we know as 'dims'. Yet it's only the first of ten ways they mirror the Lawless One, who seeks to undo all that was wrought by the Creator: there are more than two genders; good is bad; patriot is racist; you get the idea.

Is it not true that liberals know best? All would-be dictators do, like that ultimate one to come. The dims want to helpfully choose your leaders because you aren't smart enough.

Of hundreds of faiths, they hate only the one they reflexively call 'intolerant'. But isn't Islam intolerant? Heresy! cry the Thought Police. Violence and lawlessness are justified against those considered less than human, be they today's patriots or the Jews of Hitler's Germany. The Father of Strife finds himself in perfect agreement.

Globalism is the misguided mantra of liberal elites, drunk with money and power, those unspoken goals of socialism. They'll helpfully micromanage the lives of those who take the yoke of marginal existence. After all, somebody has to put food in stores, run power plants, and fix cars--those same who will one day wear that final globalist badge, the Mark.

If dims share a trait that protects all cultists from the truth--a closed mind--they owe their gratitude to the Father of Lies. And if the law is inconvenient, simply change the meaning of words. Yea hath God said. . . .


(TRANSCRIPT: Denial: The final frontier. These are the trials of the dims. Their seven-year mission: to seek out the Dean of Denial, to cluelessly go where no right-thinking man has gone before--into that eternal night we call...The Twilight Zone.

Mick Williams #fundie

Today's Laugh 12-17-18



HEADLINE - Rashida Tiaib to wear Palestinian dress at swearing in

Two people the cartoonist has labelled "DIMS":
"Wonderful dress, Miz Tiaib! Not to assign gender...I should have used the neutral "mx".
"Should I cover my head? If that's racist, forgive me."

Muslim woman (thinking to herself): "Soon, infidel scum. Soon."

Just Mat:
You caught the rank sycophantic hypocrisy of the Dims perfectly as well as the true attitude of the Islamists like this one. She very skillfully used muruna and taqiyya plus PC buzzwords to fool the brainwashed Liberals to vote for her and she had help from the vote stealing Dims to ensure she got installed as their FIRST MUSLIM "representative".

Mick Williams:
No one is laughing harder at them than the Islamists.

Lost-in-Wonder #racist


[Image transcript: A creature with the head of a black stereotype is seen holding the Constitution in a ruined landscape. Above it, the text "National Geographic Determined What Americans Will Look Like in 2050, and It's Beautiful" is displayed, along with a mixed race family and a tweet from Ben Shapiro about "the browning of America".]

Faceception #crackpot #mammon


Faception is first-to-technology and first-to-market with proprietary computer vision and machine learning technology for profiling people and revealing their personality based only on their facial image.

Faception can analyze faces from video streams (recorded and live), cameras, or online/offline databases, encode the faces in proprietary image descriptors and match an individual with various personality traits and types with a high level of accuracy. We develop proprietary classifiers, each describing a certain personality type or trait such as an Extrovert, a person with High IQ, Professional Poker Player or a Terrorist. Ultimately, we can score facial images on a set of classifiers and provide our clients with a better understanding of their customers, the people in front of them or in front of their cameras.

imageFaception offers an SDK to enable companies in various industries embed our technology in their applications. The application runs in the cloud, on a local machine, or a video camera, is flexible, scalable and real time, and can integrate with other solutions such as Facial Recognition technology to provide a full spectrum solution that covers known and anonymous individuals.


Utilizing advanced machine learning techniques we developed and continue to evolve an array of classifiers. These classifiers represent a certain persona, with a unique personality type, a collection of personality traits or behaviors. Our algorithms can score an individual according to their fit to these classifiers.


Endowed with a reasoning skills, like logic, spatial skills. Self-made people, free-thinkers and entrepreneurs. Exceptionally gifted, tend to be less socially oriented, value truth, facts and logic more than emotional relations. Creative and independent minded, with exceptional concentration abilities, a high intellect and mental capacity

Academic Researcher

Endowed with sequential thinking, high analytical abilities, a multiplicity of ideas, deep thoughts and seriousness. Creative, with a high concentration ability, high mental capacity, and interest in data and information.

Professional Poker Player

Endowed with a high concentration ability, perseverance and patience. Goal-oriented, analytical, with a dry sense of humor. Silent, devoid of emotion and emotional expression, strict and sharp minded, with high critical perception.

Bingo Player

Endowed with a high mental ceiling, high concentration, adventurousness, and strong analytical abilities. Tends to be creative, with a high originality and imagination, high conservation and sharp senses.

Brand Promoter

Endowed with a high self-confidence, authoritative, charismatic and magnetic personality, with high intellect and high verbal ability. Tends to be kind, sociable and direct, and very practical.

White-Collar Offender

Tends to have a low self-esteem, a high IQ and charisma. Anxious, tensed and frustrated, competitive, ambitious and dominant. Usually loves to take risks and have a dry sense of humor.


Suffers from a high level of anxiety and depression. Introverted, lacks emotion, calculated, tends to pessimism, with low self-esteem, low self image and mood swings.


Suffers from a high level of anxiety and depression. Introverted, lacks emotion, calculated, tends to pessimism, with low self-esteem, low self image and mood swings.

based_meme #sexist


If the guy is a chad, the girl will beat you up for interfering.

I've legit seen in this person outside of a club. Thug chad was having a fight with his foid and he slapped her to end it, which it promptly did.

Then out of nowhere captain Saveahoe gets involved like the hero he was meant to be and gets beat the fuck up. The best part? His foid joined in to humiliate him even further.

Various incels #fundie

Christianity is cucked

I think stern Christianity is still better than secularism. The bible dishes out truth abut women.

So does Buddha.

Cucks are Atheist Leftists who hate Christians but love Muslims.

lmao a whole religion out of cuckery. JFL

The real father of Jesus wasn't God, it was Chad

I do NOT accept your slander of Mary peace be upon her.

Seek refuge in Allah and repent for this horrible sin.

Mick Williams #fundie

Today's Laugh 11-21-18


Reporter: Mr. President! Explain Ivanka's email scandal!
Trump: Simple inexperience - unlike Hillary, who deleted 33,000 subpoenaed emails and put classified data on an unsecure server.
(member of the press shown falling asleep)
Reporter: Cut, cut!
Reporter: Mr. President! Why are families being cruelly torn apart in Tijuana?

Mick Williams:
Episode: Minions of the MSM (Militant Satanic Media).

T3 #racist

I don't think he claims that they're not White, just that black hair always mean so, even if very little, non-White heritage. I think he also annoyed some of the darker Italians with claims that they're indistinguishable from Arabs. Got to love Varg but he's certainly not interesting in pleasing everyone/anyone :-p

Considering that he's a blonde Norwegian, I wouldn't blame him if he wouldn't want to date someone with black hair. I wonder if there are black haired Whites who think in a similar way.

Couldn't find a specific video by him about this but I guess this shows some of his general attitude and may or may not have influenced the comments re black hair.

Hairmixing and eyemixing??? All whites already have below replacement birthrates. The average person already has a long list of expectations for a future spouse. This sounds like a great way to further prevent white babies from being born.


So you think a blonde Scandinavian pairing up with a brown eyed and black and curly haired, brown eyed, darker skinned Italian (possibly with a hook nose :-p), is a good idea? Because there are too many blondes with blue eyes in the world?

No offence to all the Italians who don't look like that. My Italian ex was dark blonde. I did go to school with a Sicilian though who looked as described above. Nice guy but wouldn't have been my first choice for my sister, to be frank. It wouldn't be the end of the world either, of course, though some of these types can be hard to tell apart from a certain kind of Jew.

SavingsManner & robfordscrakpipe #sexist

Black women begging a racist chad for attention on tinder


"Sleeping with the enemy" is a term for "traitor" that was borne out of literal female behavior. Women will, have, and would again, betray her village, her family, her culture, her values, her people, all for chad's dick. Her father and brothers are getting gutted alive with a dull rusty spear and their last vision of this hell on earth is her pleasuring the same man who cause them more pain in five minutes than they had ever felt before, and as their life fades to black from bleeding out, their intestines spilled out before them, they hear their daughter and sister yell out "yes!"

Sleeping with the enemy is a term created because women are traitors and men used to call them out on it and banish those sluts from prosperity and all that is good.

This all makes way more sense when you realize that racism is a guy thing. It exists because men are wired to be suspicious of genetic out-groups who might compete with their group for resources, land and women. That's why racist sentiment flares up the most in the context of economic downturn/high unemployment, war, and interracial relationships.

Women don't care, they'll say the right things and have the correct opinions to be accepted by the culture they live in, but they want Chad's genetic material at all costs. For men, racism is an evolutionary strategy, for women, its only another barrier to them getting the highest quality guy they can find. That's why in the context of the migrant crisis, the European nationalist groups are 90% men, while the "Let them in!!!" crowd is 90% women (btw this would switch overnight if it turned out that 90% of the migrants coming in were women instead of the reverse). That's why the trope of "white supremacist" white girls banging Tyrones on the side and Asian feminists who rail against white people all day on twitter, while they have a long string of white boyfriends (ala Sarah Jeong). Hell, the whole reason war-brides are a thing is that women don't even care if the Chad they're screwing just killed their brothers. Branch swinging is literally a survival mechanism to women that ensures that they get absorbed into whatever group wins the war, instead of killed on the battlefield with the men. They have no loyalty because loyalty is an asset for men, but a serious liability to women.

Some incels #sexist

Sometimes it do be like that



Agreed, I'm more of a misandrist than I am a misogynist...women behave exactly how you'd expect them to with how men spoil them.

in the same boat. you can attack foids all you want, but at the end of the day they're just following their nature. it's men who consciously enable women to be sluts

But I think men also behave exactly how you'd expect with how imbalanced the power is between the genders, as well as female nature being what it is.

With women being as picky and lookist as they are, it's natural you'd get hordes of desperate low value men. All these men are on the fast track to inceldom and doing everything they can to run from it.

But it is all because the way these men behave to begin with. That attitude of men is giving women the privilege to be picky and lookist.

But why do they behave that way? Because female nature caused them to be left out and overlooked, thus they chose the "worship women" route out of desperation.

I'm not saying men aren't the problem here, I'm saying women are the problem that creates that problem.

pooltrait #sexist

This can't be real


I can't stop laughing. Is that from a parody sub?

This came from IT.

Why am I not surprised?

I started visiting here BECAUSE of IT. It was similar to how I used to hang out with feminists and they used to demonize certain people to such a crazy degree that I had to check them out for myself. Then I quickly learned that I'd been lied to.

A lot of IT users are just gloating normies, but its a safe zone for numales to just....Numale out you know? It's like they have a BDSM kink but don't keep it in the bedroom (even though they are just as incel as the rest of us). It's just sad. They are willing to be doormats to get spat on by a Landwhale. Appalling.

Yeah, that was one of the things that creeped me out about them. They were all obviously unhealthily obsessed with you guys. They all obviously never had any experience with women too. You guys are WAY more accurate when it comes to analyzing women and reality.

I get the feeling that all the really, really low IQ incels end up hanging out at IT.

Pianochan #sexist

The height memes write themselves


Serious question here. I’m new and I’m not sure I understand all of this.

What does it matter if she’s showing off? Isn’t everybody showing something off every day? Why worry about what other people choose to show off? I don’t understand why it matters.

Because the women in the picture are showing off things that other people have no control over. It'd be like them bragging that their boyfriend is white, since they're perceived to be the best (which also happen unfortunately). It's essentially socially accepted discrimination. A stark contrast to the status quo, where most people in life believe / say that people, especially women, care the most about other's good character rather than pure attractiveness based off of things that are not easily changed (i.e. bone structure, height, race). This is in stark contrast to women who, unless they are extremely disfigured from an unfortunate event or birth, have many options to improve their perceived physical attractiveness through means of fashion and makeup. Of course men do have the option to spend a lot of time to improve their muscles as well (which every man should in 2019 to have a higher chance, especially if they lack conventional attractive features if they still have any hope of finding a woman).

Is that really what’s happening there? It looks to me like a guy was worried that the height discrepancy would be off-putting, and she was merely saying that she’s with a much taller guy and it’s fine. Then she said that others do find it to be weird, but that she likes it.

How is it showing off by answering a question about a situation in which you have experience? When people ask questions in the Legal Advice subreddit, are the lawyers showing off by answering?

It'd be innocent in of itself, but people here are mostly just posting more validation for existing realities. If you look around you, you'll notice that people casually slipping in the height of their spouse (almost always over 6') into situations where it's not completely necessary. There's almost no situation in which the reverse happens. It's a sort of humble bragging that is apparent everywhere, but most men don't realize it happens so often until they're called into attention to pay attention to it. The post isn't to show off how much discrimination there is in the world, but to highlight that social signaling that occurs in random situations. Especially note how the one girl states that she finds the attention from the height difference awesome. A fair equivalent wouldn't be lawyers showing off by answering, but something like someone on a financial subreddit asking if it'd be good idea to diversify their 5 million dollars, and people with 4, 5, and 10 million all said how awesome it was to do that. It's not the answers themselves. It's the power they're signifying by responding in a way that also diverts attention to themselves. #conspiracy

[EW 2009 Jan] Scientists Behind the Learning Curve re: Dolphins ;-) during a feeding session a female dolphin swam faster and faster around the pool and then leaped out of the water toward Gentry's outstretched hand, which held a fish. Instead of grabbing the fish, the dolphin took his hand in her teeth for a moment and looked into his eyes. Gentry said the surroundings disappeared in that moment, which stretched into an extended vision of the then-probable future of our world--full of destruction and death. When she let go, the vision abruptly ended and she resumed swimming around the pool. He immediately left the facility and didn't return.

[EW Feb 2008] Film of Dolphins Manipulating Gravity

[EW 24 Oct 2006] Lines of Force Around Our Flying Dolphin....---Don Croft The dolphin was photographed near Santa Monica, California, a few hours after Rick Moors put the first large orgonite device in the Pacific Ocean there in January, 2002. A thousand or so bottlenose dolphins showed up at the site, which so astonished the photographer that he shot a couple rolls of film of the event from his balcony, next to the beach. When he developed the film, none of the dolphins in the water were in the photographs and only this one was seen, lazily 'swimming' from left to right, about fifty feet above the water in several frames. The photographer hadn't noticed the flying dolphin, by the way, so was doubly astonished when it showed up in the photos, later
[EW Aug 2006] Whales Attracted to Dolphin Ball

[EW June 2006] May 2005 Trip to Hawaii - Carol Croft

[EW May 2006] Dolphin hyperdimensional physics displays...--Don Croft
The dolphin began swimming very fast around the tank, then swam suddenly toward Gentry, came out of the water and held his hand in her teeth while looking into his eyes. He was overwhelmed with a dark future vision in that instant and was suspended in time while a vision of the self-destruction of humanity played out. Then she let go, dropped back into the water and swam away from him.

[feb 2005] The Sacred Geometry of Cetaceans ----
Stevo's whale friend said yes, that's the goal. In his words: "They, the Illuminati, have always feared the humans linking with the cetaceans like this in etheric battle; they knew it would be their undoing. This is why our navy has been genociding whales and dolphins for years."

Lady Checkmate #fundie

Lady Checkmate's headline: "Religious Liberty: Militant Homosexual demands Christian Group accept him as a leader or lose it's University Registration...A violation of the Group's First Amendment Rights per the DOJ"

The DOJ supports a college Christian group, the Business Leaders in Christ, at the University of Iowa after a militant Homosexual college student targeted the Business Leaders in Christ and demanded the Christian Group accept him as Vice President, a leader in the group (ignoring their Statement of Faith and Christian beliefs) or lose it's university registration. When he was told that he could remain a member, reinformed of the groups Statement of Faith, which he refused to comply with, he was denied a leadership position.

The student then went to university officials and specifically requested that the Christian group be forced to make him, a practicing reprobate, a leader of Christians or that the University revoke the group's campus approval which also takes away any funding they were receiving - hateful, targeted persecution for standing for biblical Truth.

Unfortunately, the University of Iowa sided with the hateful student, ignored the Christian Group's rights and revoked the Business Leaders in Christ's approval-violating the Christian Student Group's First Amendment Rights. An act the DOJ does not approve of.

We must take note that it was not enough that he was allowed to join the group as a member and hopefully learn biblical-Truth that could set him free from his sins and abominations and save him through Jesus Christ. He wanted to actually lead the group away from biblical-Truth, it's Statement of Faith and Jesus Christ - which is a tactic of the infiltrate Christian organizations and destroy them from within. Everyone knows that you don't join a group to change it, you join groups because you support their mission and want to be a part of what they're doing, not because you hate them and want to destroy them and stop what they're doing. But, that is exactly what the hateful alt-left does. If they can't change what a person or a group believes, then they do their best to destroy it - just like their father satan, who seeks to steal, kill and destroy. There's nothing new under the sun.

The point-Christians have rights and it's time we demand our rights: freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

Justice Department Files Statement of Interest in Student Group’s First Amendment Case Against University of Iowa

The Justice Department today filed a Statement of Interest in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa supporting the claim of a student group, Business Leaders in Christ, that the University of Iowa violated its First Amendment rights when it de-registered the group for requiring its student group leadership to sign a statement of faith. The government argues in its Statement of Interest that the University violated BLinC’s First Amendment rights to free association and free speech.

Don't forget to RECOMMEND. Lets get the Truth out so that Light may shine bright in this dark place and Jesus Christ may be glorified. Even if the discussion is closed, please still RECOMMEND. May God bless you and keep you.


Italianguy617 #fundie

[Emphasis not mine]

(I wish more dudes wore eyeliner, honestly)

No that’s weird man. No dude is trying to do this. Please don’t be creeps.

If some dude wants to do this well do you, but don’t be surprised when people think you’re a homosexual.

(“No dude is trying to do this” lol what

How is this being a creep?

Dude, it’s just eyeliner. Everyone looks fantastic in eyeliner. Disagree if you want but like chill a bit maybe?)

Probably not and you should maybe not trying to limit speech. We’ve seen that around here a lot of lately from people on the “right”. That’s what progressives do, complete cuck sjw moves. We can tell you’re not a free speech warrior, that’s for sure.

I believe in 100% liberty, freedom and the individual can do what you want. I know like maybe two guys who do this, and more power to them, nevertheless I’ll advise nobody to do this. The attack on masculinity, traditionalism and man is insane in our cultural marxist culture. This is some bullshit I would see in a Laci Green or Reily J Denis cringe You Tube video.

Everybody is a victim these days and so offended by EVERYTHING. Get off the internet if you can’t handle a comment on a public platform on the internet.

Welcome to the assault on free speech in 2017


next move *They Block You*

theangryamerican #fundie


(The person who made this probably rages at the mere mention of the word “antifa”)

Nobody rages at the words antifa. The group is the laughing stock of the world right now. It’s a bunch of beta males who have to ask their mom to make them a sandwich before they go out and put on masks to LARP on 75 year old Trump supporters in a 12:1 ratio until they are encountered by Based Stickman and beaten back into the depths of Hell whence they came. Had to reblog it just because this shit is too comical.

some incels #sexist

Women openly admit that they have sex with Chad minutes after meeting him for the first time. But guys, you need to become friends with girls and court them for a long time before they agree to sex!


The more I read about women the more I think that eating pussy is a worthless, humiliating dumb thing for betas who cannot make women cum.

Studies: The number one factor by far determining wether women orgasm or not is their partners' physical attractiveness:

This is NOT about technique, NOT about practice, NOT about dedication. This is about looking like a male model.

The male model who does not eat pussy or finger at all gives more orgasms to women than the regular guy who eats pussy and fingers.

10 secs holy shit. Imagine the cuck LTR or marriage she's in now. I've seen some fucked shit like this being in a good frat.

How did fratmaxxing work for you?

Just fine honestly. Not like the movie portrays bait still crazy stuff happens. Really happens in college in general if you put yourself out there. I’m on the varsity water polo team so I got an auto bid from any house I wanted.

Good looking GDIs get laid way more than average frat guys if that’s what you’re asking too. They just don’t have access to girls like we do.

I'm drunk right now, and in a state of mind where I don't want to believe the black pill, because it feels surreal. But I have to believe it, because it is fact. Life feels like a nightmare that there is no waking up from. But this is the reality. This is what foids are like. And they were never different; they only seemed better in the past as a cover up so they wouldn't face social scrutiny. What is even the point of going on anymore?

I knew a girl in high school that told me about how she had sex, twice, with a guy 45 minutes after meeting him. Then again the next day.

Another girl I knew regularly had sex with guys she had met that night at parties.

Why the hell did I ever talk to girls? It's just brutal suifuel into a world vastly different from the one I live in.

Foids will hook up with chad within minutes while normie shave to jump hoops and dance like monkeys for years just to get chads sloppy seconds. ALPHA FUCKS BETA BUCKS NEVER FORGET THAT

I don't take joy in anyone's misfortune but search for the thread "is anyone here over 35 and at absolute rock bottom" and look at the disaster most of them are...broke, couch-hopping, alcoholism/drug abuse, criminals, abusive/failed or lack of relationships, unemployed/unemployable, cheating partners, depressed, mental issues, debt issues.

There seems to be a few guys commenting there adding their story I have absolutely no idea why.

various commenters #sexist

Foid Tries to Prove Blackpill Wrong, ONLY TO PROVE THE BLACKPILL


Looks don’t matter Stupid incels... I dated a guy because he was hot even though he was abusive.....

Can IQ be negative?


that chad made this slut degrade herself sexually and all it took was some shitty poems and pretending to be schizo hahaha

>held my mouth open with tooth picks and came inside

>made me act like a dog on the floor


I cannot believe this is real. I just cannot. Its the most pristine example of meme gender ever seen.

He was such an asshole I broke up with him after 2 weeks

For 6 months he abused me and I couldnt tell before other people had to convince me he had a bad personality

For some reason I think this story doesn't make me sound like a complete retard

This is a joke right? Self awareness seems to be entirely non existent

mmisere #sexist


This goddamn argument hurts my brain every time.

what would you rahter have - no food at all or shitty food? try starving your whole life and you'll gladly take even the shitties food but we get nothing. NOTHING. maybe someday we'll get the leftovers that have been chewed and spit out by some chad and we're supposed to gladly eat it...

i'd rather have ugly pussy show interest in me than none at all but since that fucking dating shit came along every slut on this earth rates herself a million times higher than she actually is worth.

and i will NEVER have sympathy or feel bad for womyn that get dick pics. oh boo fucking hoo!
if you don't want them just stop looking at them. at least you have options... we have nothing.

some incels #sexist

Just NPCmax Bro!


Daily reminder that all women are sociopaths


These are the same foids who served the Nazi's refreshments after they slaughtered jewish families.

Someone needs to make a gif of this:

The ending of Black Hawk Down, when the Pakistani troops are serving refreshments to the Americans, except it's foids serving them to the Nazis.

Would require a creative video-editing-cel to pull this off.

It's more horrifying then you think, just look outside and imagine a group of men in black military uniforms herding a buncha jewish familys behind some hedges, gunshots for a few hours then coming out covered in blood, dirt and completely wasted, with a line of blonde and equally jewish looking women waiting serving water, like some sort of high school football tradition.

Asian Foids would serve Hans Landa that dessert he loves eating after he massacres an entire family.

This is why the whole "women are attracted to men who get with other women" thing is bullshit. If a foid sees a short, overweight and unattractive neckbeard walking into a club with his arms around two babes, do you think shes going to want him? No, shes going to be repulsed, wonder how much he paid them, etc.

Just man up and pay for Chad's baby you fucking incels. You have your role in society and it's NOT sexual.

some incels #sexist


Male depression: Complete despair, no hope, future is nothing but pointless struggle just to survive alone. Deeply ingrained shame and humiliation, embarrassed to show his face in public because everyone sees what a pathetic failure he is. Puts a bullet in his head because life has literally gotten that bad.

Female depression: In a bad mood due to hangover from all the partying she did the last few nights, feeling lonely due to lack of a steady boyfriend since Chadlite dumped her for cheating on him a month ago. Spends a few hours alone and feels she isn't receiving the attention she is entitled to from prime males. Takes various measures on social media to acquire that attention. Usually starts by posting a "no-makeup" selfie to fish for compliments, but she gets less than 40 likes. Starts posting about her lifelong struggle with mental health and body image to drum up good publicity. Still not getting enough attention especially compared to that bitch Stacy who's getting over a hundred likes on all her vacation bikini pics even though she's a total slut and her boobs aren't even as big as they look in her selfies, ugh fucking bitch. Finally she sees that a sub5 orbiter had the fucking audacity to comment on her no-makeup selfie and that really sets her off. She takes a razor and makes some horizontal cuts on her wrist so she can "accidentally" let people see them to add a layer of mystery to her persona. She'll show them to the therapist Daddy pays for, and have them legitimized officially as a suicide attempt she can reference in the future when discussing her difficult life and mental health problems.

Mac Miller was known to be insecure. He coped with these troubles with substance abuse.

•Whorianna Grande quickly got with another guy after they broke up.

•One day on Twitter, she reported the gargantuan size of her new BFs cock which was likely an attempt at emasculating Miller.

•Miller already having issues and perhaps being heartbroken accidentally roped while coping on drugs.

The damage women inflict is insidious.


It is absolutely staggering how much women expect men to take care of their emotional and mental issues... whilst men are expected to just "man up" when faced with similar (or often worse) hardships.

Full disclosure: I was with a woman with depression for ... a long time... took care of her, tried to make her smile etc... in the end one time I broke down in a massive way (because I was seriously ill and thus exhausted), she went straight to Chad to tell him I was a pussy (I still have the logs of their conversations) then proceeded to fuck another Chad

Now imagine if a male celebrity dumped his depressed girlfriend and went on to fuck another Stacy in the most public way possible, and then she roped. The very same cunts on social media would absolutely SLAUGHTER him and ruin his reputation for millenia.

Ariana Grande's crimes against men are unforgivable. She is directly responsible for Mac Miller's death and she knows this so she writes some stupid ass song to pretend like she cared. She will burn in hell.

When a woman senses weakness in a man the caveman part of her brain signals that she, and most importantly her offspring, are at risk. Jfl at people that think billions of years of evolution can be erased by a couple thousand years of civilization.

"Women are worthless degenerate infants whose lives are so easy they bore themselves into a depression and you have to be her man servant until she decides to stop being a lazy fucking cunt. If you slave away hard enough she might not leave you for the next Chad who comes along!"

This is why you should never be sad or weak around a girl. Only be angry or show zero emotion. Always be selfish, narcissistic and psychopathic, but sprinkle in a bit of love to keep her hooked. Cheat on her. Fuck with her head. Do not provide for her outside of your cock.

Hell it would be more attractive to laugh at your girl for being depressed than it would be to be beta and take care of her.

Women need to be treated like children. This is basically well-known in species memory that they are irrational, retarded and insane by human standards. The problem emerged when we started patronizing these grown children and telling them they are grownups too.

Heartstorm #fundie

Same here image Things crowd my prayers. I end up praying in the car as I am driving alot or just talking to Him throughout the day, it has become a habit and people probably think I have an imgainary friend or I am talking to myself if I am not carefull. The other thing that bugs me is at night I often fall asleep right in the middle of a prayer!!!! I apologize all the time for that. I just pray that our Lord understands and try to be better at my devotions. image

Dane Wigington #conspiracy

The US mainstream media is a criminal collaborator and contributor to the totally tyrannical and completely out of control military industrial complex. Their lies also include deceptions of total omission. What else is happening in Syria (and all over the world) that mainstream media has never said a word about? An incomprehensibly massive and unimaginably destructive global climate engineering/weather warfare assault that must also be considered biological warfare due to the highly toxic fallout from these programs.

Chemical weapons false flag attacks are not the only toxic activity being carried out in Syria by those in power. The photo below of the skies over Hama, Syria, was taken on the same day as the false flag chemical attack, April 4th, 2017.


Mick Williams #fundie

Tribulation Eve

All households shall be required to adopt an undocumented immigrant family.
Criticism of Islam shall be punishable by fines and imprisonment.
The electoral college is hereby abolished.
ICE and Homeland Security is hereby abolished.
All citizens, including law enforcement, shall be disarmed.
Prisons are hereby abolilshed.
Conservatives are required to receive psychiatric counselling.
Corporate tax rate is raised to 60 percent.
Tickling is considered child abuse and inappropriate contact.
Children's story hours at pre-schools shall include transgender and Islamic story tellers.
[Twelve thousand others follow for today's session of the House. See them at the DNC website]



Schumer: Nance - the women's march was cancelled for being too white?
Pelosi: Come now, Chuck, the race card ALWAYS will outplay the woman card.

Joe Hoft #fundie

In First 2 Months in Office – Trump Reduces Debt by $100 Billion – Obama Increased Debt by $400 Billion – Half a Trillion Dollar Difference!

On January 20th, the day of President Trump’s Inauguration, the US Debt stood at $19,947 billion. As of March 16th, the most recent date for US debt reporting, the US Debt stands at $19,846 billion. President Trump has cut the US Debt burden by over $100 billion and 0.5% in the first two months since his inauguration!


By comparison, under President Obama, the US Debt burden increased by more than $400 billion after his inauguration through March 19th 2009, his first two months in office. Obama increased the US Debt by 3.9% during this time period and signed the trillion dollar ‘Stimulus’ bill which is widely considered a colossal failure and waste of US tax dollars as well. The failed ‘Stimulus’ was the major piece of legislation in Obama’s first year leading to Obama’s first year deficit of $1.4 trillion. Overall Obama doubled the US Debt during his Presidency and set records for highest deficits and the largest debt increase by any President ever.


One month after the Trump Inauguration the US Debt was down $12 billion now it is down $100 billion.

Winning, Winning, Winning, Winning.

Watchwhattheydo & A1M2E21 #sexist

Santa came twice that year ;)



Reminder that this is so common, that some first world countries have made it illegal for a man to get a paternity test.

Private DNA paternity testing is illegal, including through laboratories in other countries, and is punishable by up to a year in prison and a €15,000 fine. The French Council of State has described the law's purpose as upholding the "French regime of filiation" and preserving "the peace of families."

Men are literally raised to misunderstand the cruel nature of females for the benefit of society and women. Most men are brainwashed to believe that “women are wonderful”, and cannot and are not willing to actually bring themselves to critically observe women or hold them accountable for very much.

Women only care about power and status. Men love women, women see men as tools for achieving status. So many women cheat it’s crazy. Hypergamy is undeniable, females are sociopaths by nature. Women literally cannot love men in a romantic way.


People were lied to from the start - back when they were kids man. Thats why IT exists and why this “blackpill” is so hard for people to swallow. Its fucking crazy to normal people or people with mental deficiencies to come to the realization that everything they were told as a kid was a fucking lie. They also dont have the first hand experience to back this claim up that the ugly/undesirable men here have. Come to think of it, even I, a 5’4” manlet had a hard time coming to the harsh reality of the world. I got lucky in highschool one time, it cant be true! People, or women specifically, totally arent that shallow! News flash young me - they are.

When you take a second to think about it, all of this is basic common sense. No one here has “galactic IQ” or whatever. The only reason it seems that way is because everyone was raised from the start to believe that women were great, they were “the fair gender” shit like that. Obviously that couldnt be further from the truth, so why bother worrying about it? Its like chasing a non existant unicorn.

The saddest realization is that if any of you guys ever “ascend”, its still not even worth it. There is no point for an average-ugly man to get married in todays society. Once you realize this, that college degree you spent so much time and effort chasing is worthless. You dont fucking need that much money if you’re going to live on your own. Its all a sham. Fuck this world, I would have rather not been born at all.