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Anon #sexist

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This, in fact, proves the foreign women aren’t that great either. Why?

Because if they were, they would flood into the Anglosphere to get all the money and better men that are to be had.

In the US, since 70-80% of government spending is a transfer from men to women, the average adult women gets $40K/year (and this is just direct resources) in some form or the other from the government. Individual results vary, of course, from women who get very little, all the way up to Sheryl Sandberg. But in most middle-income countries, not only does the average MAN earn just $10,000/yr or so, but few jobs are available to women at all, and those are usually low status.

It makes astronomically good financial and marital sense for attractive women from EE/LatAm/SE Asia to come here by the millions. But they don’t.

Women are so pathetic in economic thought that even this massive arbitrage opportunity does not inspire them to flood into the Anglosphere. There is no industry where an uncompetitive company earning so much will not attract competition, but with women, it is true.

America is, arguably, no better for a man than Mexico, Thailand, or Poland, since here there are millions of men who have to fight the court system just to see their kids (a concept unheard of outside of the Anglosphere). But for women, the benefits are so astronomically high that if women were capable of proactive thought, this imbalance would correct quickly.


The American man does have higher MMV. But women are too stupid to do what would happen in every other market – go where the low-hanging fruits are.

I mean, millions of illegal MEN came from Mexico to work in low-status labor here. Why didn’t some of the better looking but still poor women of Latam do the same, just to land an American man?

The fact that the American man has to devote months or years overseas for a foreign woman is itself testament to female inferiority of thought. They don’t even move to pursue obviously better opportunities (a few Russian woman are the exception, but almost all of them that I know did eventually divorce their BB American husband).


Interesting. I always thought that before puberty, boys and girls were equally capable, mentally, whereas puberty is where a female actually goes backwards in certain attributes (since her entire psychology has to orient towards the SMP of 10,000 BC).

But for all the talk of how ‘foreign women are better, even if you bring them to the US’, any basic economic normalization would lead to the wide world of women coming in to feed at the trough that so many Western Women are gluttonously consuming from.

Like I said, in the US, about $40,000 is transferred from adult men to adult women each year. This is several times higher than what a girl in Poland or Mexico can earn on her own, and much more than even her future husband can earn there.

Would you not move to a country where the government was transferring a huge amount of money to you with no strings attached, and the entire society was rigged to inflate your SMV? If you said yes, that is because you think like a man, not a woman.



So the only reason foreign women don’t move here is that they don’t understand long term economic reasoning?

Yes. Next Question.

Don’t you think maybe attachment to their homeland, culture, family and not speaking the language might play into that decision? Also we are far more risk averse.

As if men don’t have these attachments or impediments. Thanks for inadvertantly disclosing that men are not seen as fully human.

Women are ‘risk averse’, but immigration to the US is much riskier for a man than for a woman who can even slightly focus on the goal of getting an American husband and extracting government goodies already flowing to women in a torrent.

Sorry, but you don’t have a good understanding of how women think, even after all these years in the ‘sphere.

Wulf Ingessunu #racist

[On Britain leaving the EU]

Of course, we cannot know for sure whether the money-powers had a hand in both sides, which is not unusual, nor whether this will do great damage to their plans or whether they will use it to their advantage, again not unusual. Whatever the case we here in England will not be rid of the White Traitors and the hidden powers that use them, even if not through the EU. Both our freedom of speech and right to defend ourselves against aggression were taken away from us through British State Law.

As Wodenists we are in a position to see this in a different light too, since our work is also at a spiritual level. What was striking about the whole affair was that the primary motive behind both those wishing to stay and those wishing to leave was the economic factors. Nothing else seemed to be important, a sad damnation of our times. The real reasons we need to leave, and thus help to aid in the break-up of the EU, is that it is part of the New World Order promoted by the money-lenders and their allies, part of a plan to set up a World State and World Government. It is a concealed plan to destroy the Nations of Europe and the White Race across the world.

Strangely enough the first defeat of the Dark Lord's plans are due mainly to the Rohirrim who defeat Saruman's Orcs at Helm's Deep. What has this to do with what I am saying? Well, the Riders of Rohan are clearly based upon the Anglo-Saxons, as proven by the use of Old English names - Théoden, Eomer, Eowyn, etc. In the 'Two Towers' section King Théoden is under the spell of Grima Wormtongue, a Dark Wizard who is a servant of Saruman. It is Gandalf that breaks the spell and gives back power to the King of Rohan. A storm breaks out before the battle and great rains fall down upon Helm's Deep; as the Riders of Rohan ride, led by Eomir and Gandalf, it is the dawn of a new day and the Sun shines on a clear blue sky. After the battle Gandalf predicts that Sauron's wrath will be great! This was the battle for Helm's Deep, now begins the Battle for Middle-Earth.


England and Wales voted to get out, Scotland did not; again this may cause the Scots to ask for another referendum to allow them independence from Britain, which would not doubt see another rise in English Nationalism - hopefully this time not led by the 'civic nationalists' and Zionist manipulated organisations but true Racial Nationalists. If this does start to happen it would be essential that a European Awakening takes place since this will be the next stage of the world-wide awakening of our Folk.

Kikimoon #fundie

There is women who lives on my street for several years. She is very introvent, intelligent and kinda pretty for her age in my opinion. She lives by herself with her animals.

We used to not speak to each other much but we sorta became friends while I was voluntering for toys-for-tots and she was voluntering to. She is the only women around here who is my age and not married or divorced with children. She doesn't seem bitter about it all. She is actually pretty content and happy.

She's been all over the world, has read nearly a thousand books and rides a motorcycle! I loved listening to her talk it was so refreshing to talk to another women wothout it being about babies or husbands.

We do differ in politics. She is extremely liberal boarding socialist through she denies it. She dislikes Obama because "He's to conservative" <rolling eyes smilie>

Yesterday, I was asked her what church she went to. She started getting shifty and nervous. She said she didn't go to church so I invited her to mine. She said "no Thank you" and tried to change the subject.

I kept pressing her until finally she told me

"I'm an atheist" I was in shock. I never met an atheist in real life before.We got into a hudge argument and then I asked her "To prove there was no God"

She answered back "Okey will look at the method you used to prove that Zeus and Thor aren't real and will start from there"

This made me more upset and angry she ended up leaving. I am very upset right now. How can I prove the truth to her <shrugging smilie>

Arne #fundie

In the last two months it happened that I have been argued with twice about the legality of masturbation. This seems to be an upcoming discussion in Germany. Arguments against fighting masturbation have been outspoken by a Christian youth leader (!) and a Christian newspaper including an article offering that kind of opinion. I don't know how this is in the US, but this movement seems to be getting agressive against people like us who fight masturbation and tell others that action is sin. They want to prevent us from doing harm to those who "live masturbation in peace without any bad consciusness". That's as far as I understand their position.

I would like each one of you to consider this topic and to ask God in prayer for understanding and truth. If those pro-masturbation fighters are right, all of our energy on fighting masturbation has been wasted.
But it shouldn't be a motive to defend a postition just because of us holding it. We should look for truth. Turning towards the base is the only real way to find out about this truth.

Enlightened Contact with Extra Terrestrial Intelligence #quack #crackpot #mammon

​ECETI Plasma Infinity Necklace - Brings balance to our Auric Field
The intention of this necklace is to bring an overall feeling of wellbeing through regular use.
You may feel moments of mild light-headedness or various sensations such as heat, tingling and/or purging through your eyes, nose, skin and digestive system. This is normal and will pass.
Through the use of the various models and sets you may sense your health and vitality becoming optimized as well as the raising of your Spiritual Vibration.
How to use: If at any time the sensations become too intense simply remove the necklace for a short time in order to integrate the effects within your being.
Start out slow and notice how you respond to the device. Begin by using for 15-20 min.
Use just before bed and first thing in the morning.
If you are feeling tired, stressed, low or anxious, put on until your feelings improve.​​
Necklace $12
Bracelet $25
Trinity Set $45
** Trinity Set includes 2 Bracelets and 1 Necklace

COST: $45.00
The Health Pen is a directed energy device which brings focused postitive energy to an area of your being where there is pain or discomfort. The nano coated copper wire within the device is created to direct plasma energy to the area of discomfort. These pens also contain frankincense oil and an Andara crystal to increase the energetic capacity. The flat side of the pen will draw out the pain or discomfort and the rounded side with send in powerful energy.

HEALTH BED (20min Session):
COST: $45.00
The health beds offer the latest Dr. Mehran Keshe technology. You will experience a bed surrounded by multiple GANS filled tubes (Gas in A Nano Solid), which align with your chakras, while listening to binural beats. You will end your session feeling elevated spiritually and walk away light and uplifted. This technology has been known to release from your being that which no longer serves, and fill you with positive healing energy. Some participants will quickly fall asleep and find that astral travel techniques are easier to activate.

HEALTH CHAIR (20min Session):
COST: $30.00
Similar to the bed, the chair offers the same Dr. Keshe technology. You will experience the GANS filled tubes (Gas in A Nano Solid) while seated in a meditative position. It is expected for participants to remain in a conscious state because of the seated position, excellent for meditation and enhances astral travel techniques. You will end your session feeling elevated spiritually and walk away light and uplifted. This technology has been known to release from your being that which no longer serves, and fill you with positive energy.

NANO CHAIR (20min Session):
COST: $30.00
Constructed by Peter Slattery, this chair also employs Dr. Keshe's technology but with NANO coated copper coils. The panels create an infinity loop of plasma energy while the participant meditates between the coils. Each individual experience is unique to the participant as this is a conscious device that works with your higher self. It has been documented that 20min sessions every day for 2 weeks, can bring profound positive changes to ones health. You will end your session feeling elevated spiritually and walk away light and uplifted. This technology has been known to release from your being that which no longer serves, and fill you with positive energy.

TheIncelPill #sexist

The Myth of Self-Improvement

The biggest, ultimate COPE practiced by practically everybody on the planet is the belief that they have control over their own biology. If only they try hard enough! Then, one day, someday, everything will change! A believe most people have on this sorry planet, yet we still see most people remain tremendously average. Because as much as they'd hate to admit it, their very conscious, their soul, is just as anchored to biology as their physical athleticism. And no matter how hard you train, you're never going to beat Usain Bolt. Nor are you going to become the next Albert Einstein or Bill Gates.

It is pretty obvious that some men will always be more athletic than others. And recent research indicates that other aspects of men are just as unchangeable. We do not know how to improve IQ through education alone. Most people who have significant weight loss will gain it all back. Even personality traits seem to be significantly genetic. But when we say that our ability to get laid is mostly set and stone, both Blues and Reds FREAK THE FUCK OUT. "Its your personality, you misogynist freak!" "Just lift, bro." "Don't you even know game?" They cannot stand biological determinism, because it represents a counter to everything they stand for. But as the least successful of men, we know that, no matter what we do, we cannot get laid to save our lives. And I mean this in a very literal sense.

The Blue Pill - The Hope

Honestly, I'm outright tired of addressing why The Blue Pill is wrong so many times, only for us to be strawmanned anyways. To put it simply, The Blue Pilled really do believe in a Just World Fallacy. Men who are friendly and fun get laid, men who are rude and, well, evil don't. That is the extend of their philosophical rigor. No explanation for the divorce epidemic, hybristophilia, celebrity obsession, ancestral sexual success, or harems. They just believe a nice guy can't be nice unless he regularly slays pussy. In fact, men who sexually succeed can't be assholes, because women want them. The real truth is somewhere in between, but Blue Pill refuses to admit women can be shallow at every turn.

Our "personality" is the least of our problems. If The Blue Pill "theory" that misogyny is the cause of our virginity, and not the other way around, then we would have seen some sexual success while we still drank the Kool-Aid. In fact, many of us were just as Blue Pilled as the current posters (I certainly know I was). Yet female interest never happened. Their "theory" holds no water.

That's all I'm willing to say no Blue Pill nonsense. The more important issue is what The Red Pill exposes. Does The Red Pill hold any more water?

The Red Pill - The Cope

Ostensibly, The Red Pill uses real, evolutionary psychology to attain sex from nubile, fertile females. And on paper, much of what they write makes sense. Females are interested in musculature. Therefore, you must lift weights. Females are interested in social dominance. Therefore, you must pass shit tests, maintain frame, and acquire value. However, there is a world's difference from recognizing these attributes and being able to attain them yourself.

Men are both with a predisposition to certain personality traits. Some men have more testosterone and other hormones/enzymes to ward off fat and attain muscle mass. Kids don't exactly lift, but that doesn't change the fact we can tell who the jocks are by Junior High. A jock who has a dry spell can use this information to maximize his already top tier genes. A nerd or an Incel will find far fewer success.

Even if it is technically possible for a normie to become a muscle God, most normies lack the biological willpower to achieve the results. The "Alphas" of TRP CONSTANTLY praise the life changing effects of lifting. It will boost your confidence, make you slay pussy, and most importaly, make you feel like a GOD. Well, sorry, if lifting was actually the soul-cleansing activity TRP says it was, people would actually fucking do it. "Don't lift for pussy, do it for yourself!" is an absolute excuse for the back-breaking labor men do in their desperate attempt to get female sexual validation. If -people were sexually attracted to fatsos, every gym on the planet would look like a ghost town. Even when I tried to lift weights, I NEVER enjoyed it beyond the brief testosterone pulse afterwards. Yet, if I brought up this fact to a TRPer, they would be angrier than if I said I was going to rape their son. It is a cult to them, and they will not take any excuse for you to not join their religion. Apparently, you must do it for yourself, whenever you want to or not.

And what are the actual, on the field results behind the constant Alpha posturing? Well, as far as I know, no scientific study has been performed to measure the success of PUA/Red Pill philosophy. However, I will point out that, despite painting it like a miracle drug, one of the core tenants of The Red Pill is to expect constant failure in approaches

Some tidbits of Alphaness:

Buddy had a 3% rule... He'd go up to a girl, say," Nice shoes. Wanna fuck?" He got slapped a lot. But also got laid a lot too. There is no lose. You win or you learn.

Tinder I have around 200 matches(3 1/2 months) and Ive banged 11

Out of the 160 openers, I have a 5.00% success rate in landing a date. And out of the 160 openers, I got laid 3.13% of the time

You're looking at about 3% (sex) for a daygame cold approach.

I asked out over 200 women. In the end, I got 60 numbers, 2 dates, and 0 lays.

You will never see this be advertised by whatever posturing douchebag, trying to peddle his advice to ugly, impressionable men. Even with all of the self-improvement in the world, your chances still remain in the low single digits. Its almost like self-improvement and game aren't particularly effective!

I'd like to believe that Red Pill Knowledge has at least SOME effect, but it seems rather clear that not only is there no evidence TRP will make you a pussy slayer.

The Black Pill - The Rope

The ultimate conclusion one has to make is that most females look at the same type of attractive man, that is largely determined by biological factors. Lifting will not change your face. Game won't remove your autism. And concepts like abundance mentality and dread game are impossible to achieve unless you're already sexually and financially successful. You can't have abundance when you fail 97 tries out of 100, or are a kissless, hugless, romanceless virgin. Nothing you read on the web is going to make you wealthy, and for as many ventures that succeed, many more will fail.

The Black Pill is the ultimate representation of reality. Most pussy slayers have never even heard of The Red Pill or Game. Yet they still slay pussy. This is because they were born as Chad Thundercock, not made.

As Incels, the moment we reached out-of-college age without losing our V-cards, all hope is lost. Maybe if we become rich we'll get laid. MAYBE. But there is no point in dedicating our lives to the gym nor haranging every single female we need in "Day Game". We are virgins because we are unattractive: nothing but a miracle will change that.

CH #fundie

Remember when the Left used to advocate for the working man and against Big Business? Yeah, I don’t either. It’s been so long all I know of the Left is that they’re globalist bug-shills for MegaTech, international finance, and race replacement. In the Left’s collective consciousness, allying with predatory billionaire monopolists is worth it to stick the knife deeper in Whitey’s back.

But given that leftoids LOVE LOVE LOVE our modren day capitalist oligarchs because the omnipotent fat cats can be counted on to stream anti-White poz 24/7 into the eyeballs of Heritage America and to fund open borders advocacy NGOs, it’s full speed ahead with the violations of workers’ rights and basic humanity. “WTF I love robber barons now!”

The Left isn’t unprincipled; its core principle is power, by any hypocritical contradiction necessary. We won’t crush the Left by reminding them that they once, a long time ago, championed the oppressed worker. They’ll just shrug that off with a snarky riposte fed to them by John Oliver and carry on virtue shrieking until their enemies are silenced and their livelihoods destroyed. The Left will only be crushed by crushing them….ousting them from power.

The Left hasn’t forgotten that open borders means in practice population churn, social disintegration, consumerist escape, rapacious multibillionaires importing scabs to displace American workers and gut their wages, and rapacious multimillionaire politicians importing ringers to displace American voters and gut their electoral power.

The Left hasn’t forgotten that open borders amounts to greedy fat cat CEOs running an arbitrage scheme on American native workers in which the former have all the leverage provided by millions of third world peasants willing to work for pennies in bezosian slave labor camps while the latter have to bend over and accept rock bottom wages, shitty workplace conditions, and low morale.

They haven’t forgotten any of it.

They have chosen to ignore it.

In service to their overarching desire to snuff out White Heritage America and morally preen on its smoldering ruin.

Still, BI also learned that with [Bezos’] OTS system, Whole Foods might be on track to saving $300 million in costs by 2020.

Cheer up, SWPL shitlibs, with those cost savings you can afford a Whole Foods artisanal cheese block as you scurry out the store trying not to look any of the employees in the eye.

Anon #racist

ALL WHITE PEOPLE DID NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP. MOST WHITES (CRACKERS TO YOU) THAT I KNOW DONT EVEN LIKE HIM AND THINK HE IS A JOKE. THIS IS THE SAME AS ANY NEGRO WHO THINKS ALL WHITES LIKE TRUMP HAVE A LOW IQ (INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENT). ILL BET THAT THE AVERAGE IQ FOR BLACK PEOPLE IS AT LEAT 20 POINTS BELOW US CRACKERS AVERAGE. yes this is extremely racist and i probably will get kicked off of Facebook but if i see one for more black person dressed exactly like every other black person I'm going to explode. Why are they afriad of being different. Most blacks are just about perfect copies of each other with there clothes cars speech moment and way of thinking. I know you blacks think your so much better because you dumb down the english language, make up new words as a 5 year old child does. don't even get me started on rap. Its the same stupid lyrics over and over in each song just changed slightly. One lyric I heard the other day that was supposed to be a love song was saying "hit it from the back, make you feel comfortable"...... Those words and words like it are destroying our society. Little girls listen to that crap on the pop station radio and subconsciously and conciously are changed into what would've been considered a slut many years ago. Now is mandatory if you want any popularity. Have sex with who you want when you want and as much as possible. i feel sorry for any blackster with poor vision because they are so worried about being exactly like every other black that you will never see one wearing glasses. lol its pitiful. Look at NFL NBA. what color dominates? those sports rely not so much on your mind except quarter back who are most white to do most of the thinking but still backs on average run faster and jump higher. Their phyicall are so amazing its almost like they are a product of selective breading during the slave era but that can't be true look at africa. We see team after team of basketball and football and other sports with a all these super athletes in africa... O wait no we don't its just the american blacks that are the super athletic ones. the slave owners would've never bread the strongest male with hardest working female to produce a fast working and high endurance child slave, that would be nonsense right? no they did selective breading for 500yrs and now we have kobe and jordan etc. show me one native african with half the abilities of jordan or lebron....... I'm waiting. They don't exist. nowhere in the world do blacks exist with the abilities that african americans have.... NOWHERE BUT IN THE US WHERE SELECTIVE BREADING WAS DOCUMENTED AND DEFINITELY PROVEN. Its funny because blacks think they just got lucky or they are the super race. No. If you want to continue to blame me and my generation for slavery (which no black american has been a slave nor has any whites of this generation owned a slave) then after your done blaming us for something we have never seen then also take the time to thank us for your ability to get abs by only walking to your mailbox each month and not working out.