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Sherry Shriner #crackpot #conspiracy #fundie #ufo

Mount Shasta is one of the seven sacred mountains of our planet. The legend of the mountain includes stories about angels, spirit-guides, UFOs, extraterrestrials, and great masters. Lemurians allegedly live in the underground city of Telos, This city serves as an inter-planetary and inter-dimensional portal. Telos is also called "The Crystal City of Light of the Seven Rays." In the future Telos will manifest on the planet's surface. There will be a merging of Telos and Mount Shasta City (Jones "About Mount Shasta")

Telos is a large city about 1.5 million inhabitants. The city exists in a dome. Its size is two miles in depth and 1.5 miles in area. Telos means "communication with spirit." Its language is Solar Maru, the root language for Sanskrit and Hebrew. The average height of its people is 6.5 to 7.5 feet. The people of Telos live long lives. Many are thousands of years old but look thirty or forty. Telos has a King named Ra and a Queen called Ramu Mu. A council of twelve that is composed of six men and women governs the city. . There is no money system as all the inhabitants basic needs are cared for. They use barter to exchange luxury goods. Their predominant spiritual activity is Ascension that involves visiting different dimensions, particularly moving from the third to the fifth dimension and is learned in temple training.

Telos is a technologically advanced civilization. They have a remarkable transportation system. The inner-city transportation is composed of elevators and electromagnetic sleds. The people of Telos travel between other underground cities on an electromagnetic subway that moves at 3,000 miles per hour. Telos is a member of the Confederation of Planets, and its people travel to other worlds. They possess inter-dimensional spacecraft. Their computer system is amino acid based and is linked to other underground cities and galactic civilizations. Each family and individual has its own computer

The city is made up of five levels. The most important is the first level, which is the center of education, administration, and commerce. Its central structure is a temple that holds 50,000 people. Other facilities include government buildings, entertainment centers, a palace for the King and Queen, a spaceport, and schools. On other levels, there are manufacturing centers, hydroponic gardens, and circular houses ("Subterranean Worlds").

The history of Telos tells a story of Lemuria. The Age of Lemuria extended from 4,500,000 B.C. to 12,000 B.C. This huge land included areas of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii, Easter Island, Australia, and New Zealand. Its east coast extended from present day California to part of British Columbia. They lived on the fifth dimension and could move between the fifth and third dimension. Its race came from other galaxies such as Sirius and Alpha Centauri. The Lemurians created a paradise. About 25,000 years ago, the two great civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria fough over ideology. The Lemurians believed less evolved cultures should be left alone to evolve at their own pace, while the Altantians believed that these lower civilizations should be placed under the control of Atlantis and Lemuria. They fought vicious wars with nuclear weapons. About 15,000 years before the big war that destroyed Lemuria their priests petitioned Shamballa, the capital of the underworld civilizations, to build a city under Mount Shasta to preserve its civilization and records. People at that time lived 20,000 to 30,000 years. The Lemurians convinced the Masters of Wisdom of that era that they learned the lessons of war and aggression. They were granted permission to build a city under Mount Shasta. Another nuclear war took place took place 12,000 years ago that devastated Lemuria. The Lemurians built a city for 200,000 inhabitants under Mount Shasta, but only 25,000 made it to the new city of Telos. They moved the Lemurian records and sacred flames to Telos (Jones. "About Lemuria and Telos").

Telos is a city of the Argathan Network that is made up of over 100 cities. Its capital and seat of government is Shamballa. All cities are of the light. They honor spiritual teachers of the surface including Sananda/Jesus, Buddha, and Osiris. These cities were built to keep records, sacred teachings, and technologies. Two other cities are Posid and Rama. Posid is located in Mato Grasso plains of Brazil and is Atlantian in origin with a population about 1.3 million. Rama is the remnant of an Indian surface city with a population about 1 million. ("Subterranean Worlds").

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Dealer as class speaker?

Following the statement of the job center there are already in Leipzig alone 700 asylees that are entitled to benefits (!) in the target group of OB Jung. Mind you that for Jung it's not about special schools or classes - he wants to open the primary education to those gold pieces. That's how it could become possible that the 22-year old Mohammed could become a Hort child, the 19-year old Mustafa could be happy about a transfer to the fourth grade, the 18-year old Achmed has to be excluded from walking day, because he wanted to flog drugs to his 11-year old class comrades. Of course it's inprobable that this clientele bows itself for school plight. OB Jung should know this. Although the demand of Jungs would be perfect from a drug dealer's standpoint. Ecstasy instead of bread during breaks.

Dealer als Klassensprecher?

Laut Aussage des Jobcenters sind allein in Leipzig knapp 700 leistungsberechtigte (!) Asylanten in die Zielgruppe des OB Jung einzuordnen. Wohlgemerkt, es geht Jung nicht um Sonderschulen oder spezielle Klassen – er möchte den Goldstücken den ersten Bildungsweg öffnen. Daher wäre es durchaus möglich, dass der 22-jährige Mohammed zum Hortkind werden könnte, der 19-jährige Mustafa sich über die Versetzung in die 4. Klasse freut, der 18-jährige Achmed leider vom Wandertag ausgeschlossen werden muß, weil er seinen 11-jährigen Klassenkameraden Drogen verticken wollte. Natürlich ist es wenig wahrscheinlich, dass sich dieses Klientel ausgerechnet einer Schulpflicht beugen würde. Das sollte auch OB Jung wissen. Obwohl, aus Sicht der Dealer wäre die Forderung Jungs natürlich perfekt. Ecstasy statt Pausenbrot…

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Family Friendly Gaming, the industry leader in covering the family friendly video games is continuing to be the voice of diversity in the gaming media, and media at large. For years I have received reports of corruption in the courts. There is plenty of documented corruption in Memphis, TN so it did not surprise me. Just recently I was blessed enough to experience the corruption in the courts personally. I warn you that this historical accounting may make your blood boil. This relaying of facts might make you lose all faith in the judicial system in the United States of America. It might affirm your beliefs on how messed up Memphis, TN actually is. I write nothing out of malice, anger, or revenge. I waited over a week to write about this topic.

Back in February of 2020 I received a summons to the court because a law firm in Collierville, TN was suing me for Baptist Women’s Health. How could this be? I am a man. I have never been to Baptist Women’s Health. I called the law firm and was told they had a signed contract with my signature on it. They claimed I owed their client $1800.00 after they had manufactured money with late fees. They sent me the official records which was Hodgepodge forms put together in a highly suspect fashion. I also noticed immediately that I did not sign that form. Supposedly Yolanda did, however that signature looked faked to me. There were billing errors on the form. The wrong insurance company was listed and they billed it as out of state instead of in state which costs less. I pointed out all these errors and the law office told me it was my responsibility to make the Baptist Women’s Health Billing Office file correctly with the insurance company. How can it be my responsibility to fix their incompetence? Why am I supposed to do their jobs for them?

Went to court and was treated like I was guilty and had to prove my innocence which was a Constitutional violation. Showed up every single time I was told to and the judge and lawyers did not show up. I was told if I did not show up they would rule against me. Yet I showed up and they did not and nothing was ruled in my favor. Finally got the court case and the lawyer viciously attacking me and trying to cancel me was given special privileges. My status as a disable war veteran who gave them all freedom was spit on. I pointed out the facts and the judge did not care. He kept interrupting me because he did not want to have to work more than one hour in the morning session. I pointed out my First Amendment Rights were violated, my Sixth Amendment Rights were violated. I pointed out the giant gaping holes in their case. I pointed out they had no chain of custody on their documentation and anything could have changed in it. I pointed out the death threats and attacks from the evil cancel culture people. None of the facts mattered. The judge rules in favor of his friend the lawyer. The only logical thing I can see is corruption in the courts.

While I was waiting for my case to be tried I had to sit through all these other cases flying by. The judge was short with real people and pleasant to the lawyers. In fact special favors and privileges were referenced as lawyers and judge were obvious way too familiar with one another. The judge talked down to every real person who was there being attacked by mega large corporations. The standards were obviously different for real people and lawyers. We are obviously seen as a lower class by these arrogant clowns. We will never have anything to do with Baptist Women’s Health ever again. We are encouraging everyone we know to avoid that place. I would also recommend avoiding Memphis, and courts as much as possible.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

God bless,
Paul Bury
Family Friendly Gaming

Yoliness #fundie

you are totally wrong... there is no such thing as a bi sexual or even a homosexual... there is something wrong metally with you if you think men are attractive and women are too! you need to go to a therapist because the only reason you are LYING to us is for attention. I bet your not even a man! I wish I could say I will see you in heaven...but if your on this track... who knows. Did you know that God put a rainbow in the sky to represent that he will never flood the Earth the way he did w/ Noah. See, Rainbows don't represent gays, they represent no flooding.
See you at the mall.
Love ya to pieces
Yolanda Stutz

Dirk Nockemann, AfD frontrunner in Hamburg #wingnut

(At the election for the Hamburg Parliament (“Bürgerschaft”), the AfD barely made it in with 5.3 %, 0.8 percentage point less then in the last election and far below their expectations. Here is what AfD frontrunner Dirk Nockemann’s response in an interview.)

Actually, “barely in” is actually a big sucess in this case because we saw ourselves exposed to the campaigns of the entire political establishment of this city Hamburg, in previous polls, we were always placed at seven to eight percent and in the last days, there was most unsavoury rhetorical hyperbole on part of the other parties against the AfD, basically, we have been portrayed as close to an insane terrorist who we supposedly had given ammunition to with our formulations, really, I have never seeen something so incoherent, something so twisted and vile against us in any election race, not even in the eastern states, and we cannot exclude the possibility that that pushed us down one or two percent, although now, after the elections, we shoul please all turn down the rhetorics a bit, and that also applies to the position statements of the Greens, the SPD [Social Democratic Party of Germany] against the AfD in Hamburg.

Original German”Also, knapp drin ist ja in diesem Fall ein großer Erfolg, weil wir uns den Kampagnen des gesamten politischen Establischments dieser Stadt Hamburg ausgesetzt gesehen haben, wir haben in den Umfragen zuvor immer bei sieben bis acht Prozent gelegen und in den letzten Tagen gab es hier ganz unselige rhetorische Überspitzungen seitens der anderen Parteien gegenüber der AfD gegeben. Wir sind sozusagen in die Nähe eines irrsinnigen Attentäters gerückt worden, den wir angeblich durch unsere Formulierungen Munition geliefert hätten, etwas so Wirres, etwas so Verdrehtes und Schändliches uns gegenüber habe ich eigentlich in noch gar keinem Wahlkampf wahrgenommen, auch nicht in den östlichen Bundesländern, und wir können nicht ausschließen, dass uns das um ein bis zwei Prozent nach unten gedrückt hat, wobei wir jetzt nach den Wahlen bitte alle rhetorisch etwas abrüsten sollen, und das betrifft auch die Stellungnahme der Grünen, der SPD gegen die AfD in Hamburg.

Curtis Knapp #fundie

Yet another Christian pastor's anti-gay rant has come to light in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) blogosphere.

As first reported by Good As You's Jeremy Hooper, Curtis Knapp, pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church in Seneca, Kan., appears to call for the death of gays in this disturbing audio.

"They should be put to death -- that's what happened in Israel," Knapp proclaims. "That's why homosexuality wouldn't have grown in Israel."

He continues: "Oh, so you're saying we should go out and start killing them? No, I'm saying the government should. They won't, but they should."

Knapp's declaration follows that of Charles L. Worley, the North Carolina pastor who condemned President Obama's much-publicized endorsement of same-sex marriage while calling for gays and lesbians to be put in an electrified pen and left to die off.

Similarly, the pastor's comments seem in line with statements made by Ron Baity, founding pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, N.C. and head of the anti-marriage equality organization Return America, who told his own congregation that LGBT people should be prosecuted as they were historically, and Pastor Sean Harris of the Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville, N.C. who advocated parents "punch" their male child if he is effeminate and "crack that wrist" if he is limp-wristed.

Likewise, Tim Rabon, pastor at Beacon Baptist Church in Raleigh, N.C., condemned states such as Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maryland which have already "re-defined" marriage to include lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) couples before asking his congregants, "What is stopping them from refining marriage from a person and a beast? We're not far from that."

Homophobic Aussie Dad #fundie

The Advocate is reporting today that an Australian father has been accused of forcing his teenage son to have sex with a prostitute — out of fear that he was gay and now may face rape charges.

According to The Morning Bulletin, a newspaper in Rockhampton, as the rest of the family celebrated Christmas 2007, Dear Old Dad allegedly took his son to a motel in North Rockhampton, Australia where he paid a prostitute to have sex with his son. He then left the room, but waited waited on a balcony till the deed was done and then demanded that the boy show him a used condom as proof he did the deed.

Detective Sergeant Christine Knapp said police first became aware of the situation when the father tried to report his son to authorities six months later, in May 2008, saying the boy was abusing his younger brother, after the father called police and said he “tried to sort it out himself by taking his son to a prostitute” to no avail.

A Rockhampton magistrate decided yesterday that there was enough evidence to charge the father with rape.

“First [he] didn’t want to say anything to me,” the boy’s mother testified. “Then he told me his father took him to a motel room and there was a prostitute there. He wouldn’t talk, he just started crying.”

Puddy Dune #conspiracy

Dutchsince recorded the HAARP ELF seismic prior to the manipulation of Yolanda [aka. Typhoon Haiyan]. What I see was inconsistencies in the Isobarics of this storm in the path of it landing.

I’m glad the evacuations were done but I fear the poorest of citizens have been devastated and the purpose is to bankrupt and destabilize the region which TPTB have succeeded.

Looking for the analysis the AM. Hoping for better news than I expected.

City Officials, Coeur d‘Alene, Idaho #fundie

Coeur d‘Alene, Idaho, city officials have laid down the law to Christian pastors within their community, telling them bluntly via an ordinance that if they refuse to marry homosexuals, they will face jail time and fines.

The dictate comes on the heels of a legal battle with Donald and Evelyn Knapp, ordained ministers who own the Hitching Post wedding chapel in the city, but who oppose gay marriage, The Daily Caller reported.


The Knapps were just asked by a gay couple to perform their wedding ceremony, The Daily Caller reported.

“On Friday, a same-sex couple asked to be married by the Knapps, and the Knapps politely declined,” The Daily Signal reported. “The Knapps now face a 180-day jail term and a $1,000 fine for each day they decline to celebrate the same-sex wedding.”

Joshua Feuerstein #fundie

Christian evangelist and social media personality Joshua Feuerstein is taking aim at marriage equality — literally.

Feuerstein ended a recent video rant posted to his Facebook page by holding up a semiautomatic assault rifle and encouraging his followers to fight for their “First Amendment right to refuse” recognition of marriage equality with their Second Amendment right.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 5 million times since it was uploaded to social media July 9, Feuerstein claims the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide is “not about equal rights” but “about reconstitutionalizing a term so that now it opens up the door for the left and the liberals to come after Christianity.”

He then proceeds to inaccurately report incidents as his proof that LGBT equality is an attack on Christianity. He cites the case involving the bakery Sweet Cakes by Melissa, which had been ordered by an Oregon state agency to pay $135,000 in damages to lesbian couple Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer after the owners refused to bake a cake for the couple’s wedding, claiming it would violate their religious beliefs.

However, Feuerstein does not mention that Sweet Cakes owners Aaron and Melissa Klein did more than simply refuse service to the couple. They posted a copy of the couple’s legal complaint on the Sweet Cakes Facebook page with their home address visible, which led to a wave of harassment for the couple, which included hateful comments and threats on social media and news websites.

He also highlights another story that gained much media attention last October after ordained ministers Donald and Evelyn Knapp, who own the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — which is also registered as a for-profit business — said they were worried about facing legal action after refusing to host a same-sex wedding. Feuerstein falsely claims the Knapps are being told if they “don’t marry gay couples [they face] arrest and imprisonment.” (We debunked that claim here; no formal complaint was ever filed against the Knapps, although they have sued the city.)

“You see what’s beginning to go on here? You see how they’re beginning to paint Christians? I’ve been telling you guys for a long time. It’s happening,” the evangelist says before launching into the most disturbing moment of his 2-minute, 36-second rant.

“Why are we backing down to the government and not drawing a line in the sand? They’re coming after our First Amendment constitutional rights! Well, check this out, this is one pastor that will not bow. Why?” he asks as he pulls a semiautomatic assault rifle into the frame and poses with the weapon. “Because my First Amendment right is guaranteed by my Second Amendment right. Think about that, ladies and gentlemen. It’s time that we finally take a stand and say no more. We’re not backing up any further. We’re not going to allow a tyrannical government to come in and strip away our rights as Christians and try to demonize us so that they can make the Bible bigoted.”