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BruhYouGay #sexist

Everybody want an Asian woman, but don't nobody want to be an Asian man.

There is a saying that black people throw around when they see a non-black person appropriating black culture popularized by comedian Paul Mooney that states "Everybody wanna be a n!gga, but don't nobody wanna be a n!gga". The idea that everyone loves black culture, but no one actually wants to be black, namely a black man. But as we know, the black stereotype is always conveniently the opposite of the Asian stereotype. Blacks are stereotyped as the pinnacle of masculinity while Asians are stereotyped as the most feminine. So if every non-black man wants to be black, then every non-Asian man must lust over Asian women. To a large degree, this is true, non-Asian men lust over Asian women because of stereotypes of submissiveness and femininity. The only men who don't drool over Asian women are Asian men, ironically. This is evidenced by the view of Asian women on this sub. But if you live in America in a moderately diverse area, chances are you see Asian women with men of other races all the damn time and never see Asian women being bashed as unattractive or undesirable. The femininity part is a little odd seeing as the vast majority of Asian women lack any breasts and butts like women of other races.
I see Asian women not only with white men but often paired with black men where I live. I wholeheartedly believe any non-Asian man with an Asian woman has zero respect for Asian men. And they know they can get away with it. Asian women get a pass for their flagrant self hatred.
Any other race of man paired with a black or Latina woman quickly finds out that he must have a deep unique genuine respect for black or Latino people, period. This is why BFXM and LFXM is much rarer than WMAF. Most white and non-black guys aren't built to bear the pressure of being seen with a black woman in public, especially an attractive one. A white or non-black man with a black woman will be called out in public if he is seen as not being "down" and dating a sister. There is a good probability that even the coolest white guy will be pressed on for being seen in public with a highly attractive black or Latina woman if he's in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because there is a double standard that discourages black women from dating out while black men do it all the time just like how white men and non-Asians hate on Asian men who date out. XMAF is normalized and accepted because both Asian females and men of other races work together to actively emasculate Asian men.

triedtoconvince #sexist #racist

So, I am a very long time lurker. Someone once told me something about the gender divide issue. I believe that this is the solution for Asian men. It is a method that looks in the long term. Yes, improve ourselves in matters such as the physical (lift weights, play sports, train in the martial arts - mixed martial arts), and in the mental (stay mentally healthy, work on your intellect, do well in school). However, improving ourselves only goes so far.

There is what many people here are now doing - calling out Hollywood/western racism, beginning to support leaders such as Duterte who call out white supremacy, imperialism, white attacks on other races as what they are, and finally creation of anti-Propaganda such as Kulture, which is very respectable.

However, these two prongs of counterattack only solve part of the problem, because in the vast majority of cases from my experience, it is not entirely brainwashing or Asian men "not being masculine enough" that is the problem. (I have seen too many examples of masculine Asian men who also have charisma be considered as much more inferior than they really are compared to other men, simply because they are Asian, this is the females' fault, not Asian man's fault, this is society's fault, not our fault. Women are the ones who control the gates to relatinoships and sex, so whether we are chosen or not is not our fault, especially when all factors are against us, and our most attractive/masculine specimen are considered inferior to the lowest of other races of men).

You see, many Asian women are complicit. completely complicit. I would estimate that at least half of them or 75% are enamored with white men and have a much higher disposition than other races of women for stockholm syndrome. They truly hate anything to do with the Asian men. And another maybe 25% or 20% think the same way (love whites), but either have not acted yet on getting themselves a white/black/nonAsian male, or are quiet about it, or pretend to support Asian men but in reality sleep with the enemy (Constance Wu).

There are simply not enough Asian women who are truly loyal to Asian men for this not to become a major problem in the future for our race. Our race will die out if we do nothing. Do not be complacent like many stupid Asians or mainland Chinese who believe that China's size will simply absorb these things. Asian men are being cucked in their own countries now, even when they are the vast majority. Imagine what happens if there is some kind of immigration, and add onto this the fact that many Asian women look for foreign/non-Asian men and many refuse to have children with Asian men.

The solution is not to take Asian women back as bananarangs, nor is it to try to "convert them back." What is lost is lost.

Asian men must look to the future, look forward, and not backward. There is nothing to look back to except the smouldering ruins of a once great city that Asian men and women once built together. And the ones responsible for burning down the city were mostly Asian women, with the help and encouragement of white males, non-Asian males who dislike Asian men, and cuckold Asian men/eunuchs.

We the surviving Asian men can no longer afford to be distracted by Asian women. They only drag us down, or they cause us psychological pain. It is time to separate ourselves from them, as they chose to separate themselves from us and throw us under the train to be killed. They are not worth the effort in any way shape or form. It is a complete waste of time and mental energy to think about them or even to hate them. Simply all Asian men must forget about Asian women and act as if they do not exist. There is a world of women out there for us if we are aggressive enough, bold enough, confident enough.

The problem of the Asian population disappearing is actually not that big of a problem if Asian men take action. This action is the solution to the problem: as many Asian men as possible must pursue non-Asian women and have offspring with them. Then, ensure you have many daughters that you teach to love only Asian men (have them ONLY watch Asian TV shows with Asian male romantic leads, and also steer them toward more masculine Asian male portrayals such as those of Jang Hyuk or Lee Byung Hun or Oh Ji Ho or Toshiro Mifune or Huang Xiao Ming.... you get the picture, let them see the Chinese weightlifters and Japanese/Chinese/Korean male gymnastic team full of muscular, baddass, masculine Asian men, influence them to fall in love with Asian men only, sure throw in the flower/pretty boy drama once in a while, but keep things traditionally Asian masculine).

There will be many Asian men out there with very few options in the future, as this racism will only continue and get worse. So, when your half Asian daughters marry fully Asian men the next generation or half a generation down the line, we will have a huge population of 3/4ths Asians with Asian fathers and Asian grandfathers. This cycle can be repeated over and over again. We are essentially creating a bloodline..... no, a NATION of Asian male genetics and non-Asian female genetics, in which the Asian genetics and Asian phenotype will dominate and everyone is something like 3/4ths Asian with Asian patriarchal ancestry.

This is not unlike what happened in Central Asia after Genghis Khan swept into the west. Except that we will have this objective in mind as a way to preserve the Asian man's genetics, and to fight back against white supremacy and western imperialism. Genghis Khans descendants also often ended up very caucasoid, so that is another difference.

You might say "hey tridetoconvince this is a good plan of action, but I bet you are a loser who masturbates at home and doesnt even have a girlfriend."

Nope, I have a fiancee, and she is part Iranian, part eastern european, and very beautiful compared to the kind of American white woman or Asian woman I would be able to match up with if I were to try here in the states. You see, I realized that it does not matter how much Asian men try with racist Asian or white/American women, because even an 8/10 Asian guy like myself will be considered half his attractiveness rating due to all the factors, especially social proof and media-related, that are against us. This is why Asian men must forget about the vast majority of Asian women, and also only use the racist/racist-leaning white American women as nothing more than casuals. Those of us who live outside of the USA or anglo controlled areas should maximize our opportunities with women who are into Asian media and not as much influenced by western/Hollywood media, because these women are the ones that can really view us in a more objective manner, and I can attest that they are much more open and judge us as individuals as opposed to how we are treated in white/western/anglo heavy areas.

This doesn't mean a loser, ugly Asian guy who puts no effort into his looks or musculature will be able to do well. A loser is still a loser, so for those bros, they need to self improve first before taking action.

The most vital part of this plan is to make sure that our daughters are exclusively attracted to Asian men, and that will take a lot of effort making sure they completely avoid the toxic white/western media that dehumanizes all Asian men and paints us as losers, eunuchs, cuckolds, target practice, villains.

I will be doing my part in the future by making sure my daughters only like Asian men, and I will make sure to find fully Asian husbands for them.

And remember, this is what any tribe with sane male leaders would do. Whites were/are planning to do this with Asian women acting as "surrogate white women."

AsianSesame #fundie

I'm all for hapas if their dad is the Asian one. Supporting hapas who have non-Asian dads just makes you a masochist. Let's put this into analogy okay, no one likes the other team scoring on their own net, but they do like it when you score on theirs. That's the same thing.

I'm not going to murder hapas just because their dad isn't Asian. But I'm not going to support them either because it doesn't benefit Asian men since we don't gain anything from it. In matter in fact, I prefer if Asian men where more ethnocentric and protective of their women like Arabs are with theirs. It's bigoted but so what, it's tribalism in it's finest and it controls Asian women from shortening Asian males sexual access.

In society Asian men have emasculating stereotypes to deal with. It's not inspiring to support relationships that perpetuate that even more. Simply put it's not pro-Asian male. Also when a rival tribe conquered a tribe, they killed off the males and mated with the women. It's the same thing with how Asian men are in the west, due to them being neutered and being perceived as beta. Supporting hapas of non-Asian fathers makes the Asian race be perceived as cucks.

Here is my reasoning for you simpletons out there. Just look at the African American community. Most of the mixed black males they put in their media have a black father. The current president is from that type of relationship. For white people when there is a mixed Asian for example, the father is white. It's fucking backwards though in Asian media. It's provides more value for Asian women and devalues Asian men with the amount of hapas who have a non-Asian dad.

countercom2 #racist

Whites are the root of many of our problems - Opium Wars, Japan was influenced and armed by the west to brutalize Asia (see Imperial Cruise book), pro-USA puppet Syngman Rhee of SK, pro-USA puppet Chiang Kai Shek of China, messing with the peace treaties after WWII and sheltering Japanese war criminals, giving Japan control over certain stolen South China Sea islands, stealing/brutalizing/and militarily occupying Okinawa (formerly a loyal Chinese vassal), Philippine-American War, Vietnam War, invading and trying to break off Tibet, funding and fanning the flames of Tiananmen Square and then lying about Chinese brutality (did you know lots of soldiers were beat to death and set on fire by "peaceful" students?), funding and fueling separatism in Xinjiang, Occupy Central HK, Sunflower Movement in Taiwan, western-funded Falun gong rubbish, McCarthy witch-hunts, agent orange freakish birth defects, bomblets still going off killing and dismembering people, firebombing civilians, nuclear bombing civilians, etc

It's lunacy that these white "Christians" committed all these atrocities against us and lecture us about "western values" and many of us listen to them and convert to their religion.

Expose their racist evil, hypocrisy, and lies fully. They are wolves in sheep's clothing and must be exposed constantly in the Asian media. Jews never forget the holocaust. Asians must never racist white supremacy.

? Destroy their propaganda machine - purge their media, punish traitors like Amy Tan who make up lies about evil Asian men, fake North Korean defectors who smear NK, pro-USA puppets like Abe of Japan, pro-USA puppet Lon Nol of Cambodia, etc. The western media smears our images and creates divisions through lies. After all, what Asian wants to associate with "totalitarian Tibet murdering female slaughtering dog bbqing Chinese Falun Gong live-organ harvesting" China (nearly all lies). We must destroy it.

Other things:

? Inflict consequences on enemies (typically whites). Replace our suicidal Confucian tolerance and forgiveness with retaliation. They will learn to fear us.

? Regain our self-respect with an Asians first policy. Purge foreigners (always have strict immigration laws that excludes trash) and impose an "assimilate or leave" policy. We do not cater to them or promote them, ever. They will all know their place.

? Have an enviable quality of life that others want a part of. This means success financially, stories/entertainment, morally (many have this already but it's not marketed properly), sexually, militarily, culturally, intellectually, etc. Basically, provide big benefits by associating with being Asian. Be seen as worth emulating. A fast track way would be a breakthrough like advanced space travel, space mining, fully renewable energy, etc

? Restore or craft a new Asian identity that is cool enough to attract and build self-confident Asians instead of self-haters who feel inferior.

? Have cross border exchanges that should create intraracial Asian families.

? Modify the languages to be easier to learn and/or create instant translation devices. This will also promote Asian culture more effectively by removing the language barrier.

? Purge western religions - especially Christianity - or at a minimum ridicule it so its believers look clinically retarded white ass kissers. Associate Christianity with the Taiping Rebellion massacre (20 million dead), Opium wars, western imperialism, slavery, atrocities of the papacy, genocides across the world, etc.

? Ridicule and purge stupid extreme western ideologies like free market capitalism, 3rd and 4th wave feminism, equality (equality of opportunity is fine, but not outcome. We're not made equal), democracy (which doesn't even work for many countries), etc. And, make sure to associate these stupid ideas with westerners so they can get all the credit they deserve.

? Purge all western ngos, some are front groups for American CIA...others are poison like Christians.

? Keep close tabs on Jews and block them from all positions of power and influence. Associate them with the Opium Wars, pornographic filth, Bolshevik Revolution, financing various wars, hollywood castration of Asian men and whoring of the Asian female with only non-Asian men, global financial frauds, etc. Out of mercy, they will be allowed to sell leather belts and pirated dvds in the Gobi desert.

Question #fundie

Logical proof that most atheists are weak-minded

Definition of weak-minded: lacking determination, emotional strength, or intellectual capacity.

Before reading the material below, please read article Low-heeled feminists vs. Richard Dawkins and atheism


1. Most atheists are men.

2. Feminist women conquered the atheist movement (Again, please read Low-heeled feminists vs. Richard Dawkins and atheism . See the significant drop in Google queries for the terms atheist/atheism/Richard Dawkins post Elevatorgate controversy).


If only atheists were more like evangelical men whose wives were taught to obey them. In biblical Christianity, women cannot teach men and they cannot exercise authority over men as far as church matters. If only atheists women could not exercise authority over atheist men about atheist matters, the humiliation of the atheist movement being conquered by feminist women could have been avoided! Soon atheist, feminist women will impose the "one true definition of atheism" and make all atheist men memorize it!

Oh, atheist men! Feel the sting of atheism being conquered by feminist women.

AsiaticGlory #fundie

(But give KKK, neo NAZI, White nationalists power and they will be setting out to assimilate or enslave mongoloids. These people sometimes claim they respect other races by keeping them seperate but it's not the case. They want to maintain the status quo because they feel the pre "Zionist" status qou gives them the default win.)

The same thing can be said about any other non-Asian group. If radical Muslims got the power, they would force Sharia Law onto Asians. My view on white supremacists is the same as that on Islamic militants. They are only temporary allies in the struggle against Zionism which wants to genocide South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore into pan-human mixed brown countries. Once Zionism is gone, they will obviously no longer be allies.

Zionists are currently threatening first world Asian countries with genocide. Why worry about the future threat of white supremacists when there is the current threat of Zionism? Focus on current issues then focus on future issues.

(They often claim AMerica and the like as for whites. If America is for whites then that scenario leaves Europe, Canada, Australia, AMerica, New Zealand....that is kind of an overwhelming advantage don't you think? Especially from a people that were limited to Europe. What do Mongoloids have for a coninent of their own except China?)

If you read my posts, you would know that I want Asians to establish a presence in the Pacific Northwest. I also think Asians should take back Siberia.

You do make a good point about how whites would have a huge advantage if everything went back to before Zionism. Whites would have a lot more land. I am well aware of this fact. It is why I sometimes have more respect for Turkic-Mongol nomads who took Central Asia than for China who refused their chance to expand. The Asian presence in the Pacific Northwest would be the new Asian society that the Ming Dynasty failed to establish.

(If they had their way things would be a lot worse for you than what the Zionists have done to help you assimilate.)

If it wasn't for the Zionists, I would have been born in Taiwan and be surrounded by other Asians. I wonder which is a better choice for me. Being raised in an Asian majority place while knowing how to speak an Asian language fluently or being raised in a non-Asian majority place?

When people ask me how I identify myself, I just say:
I am a Baikal-Austronesian Asian who knows how to speak English fluently. My brethren are other Baikal-Austronesians, Baikalians, and Austronesians who were raised in the West. We are racially different from non-Asians of the West and culturally different from Asians of Asia. All that can be done now is to organize the overseas Asians into one region.

lol_at_Amerika #racist

the best way to punish white worshipping Lu's as an AM is not refusing to date them altogether, it's casually dating and fucking them, but NEVER marrying or committing to them

I see a lot of guys here have some sort of anger toward AFWM and the Asian girls who date out, but they say shit like "this is why I don't date Asian girls" blah blah. That's fucking retarded. You basically leave yourself out of a portion of the dating market if you do that, and are exactly where racist white guys want you.
So don't fucking do that. You should be open to dating Asian girls who dated white guys before, but you should treat them like the cheap objects that they made themselves into when they started dating ugly, fat cumskin dorks. It's 100% their own fault and own doing, so you shouldn't feel bad about this.
Say you sell something to someone at 10 dollars, do you think it's reasonable to sell the same thing to another person at 100 dollars? No, that would be called a scam and you would be run out of the market if people knew about it. This is exactly the same with AFWM Lu's who date white guys and put out easily for them, then turn around and try to get Asian guys to commit. The proper response here is that the "cheapening" of the product has to upheld across the market, i.e. Asian guys need to reinforce the low value these women assigned to themselves by dating ugly white dorks. I've used the exact analogy to explain to Anna Lu girls I've met before, and literally brought them to tears lol.
I'm starting to see some Anna Lu's in my social circle who are late 20's, and still single, and their panic and desperation is the best fucking payback possible. Some of them have even asked me to set them up with guys, either Asians or foreigners (I live in Asia). I'm pretty blunt with telling them that their situation is their own fault from dating foreigners, and I don't know any guys who would date them seriously. That, or if the situation permits, I just sleep with them and then ghost on them.
But of course, to get any girl interested, you should be a desirable guy yourself, and have your shit together. So be a desirable guy, and pump and dump the shit out of these Anna Lu's, while only committing to Asian girls who strongly prefer Asian guys or non-Asian girls.

Quiklane & mikelee1 #racist

Definitions of WMAF


A white male and Asian female couple. You can find them everywhere in Asian restaurants and Asian American festivals, often outnumbering Asian-Asian couples. In America, these couples outnumber AMWF (Asian male white female) couples by at least 3 to 1, causing children of WMAF couples to wonder why it's always the mother who is Asian. The answer to this question has been revealed by data from several dating sites showing Asian women are the only group who prefers to date white men over their own race; all other groups including Asian men and white men/women prefer to date within their own race.

Elliot Rodgers is a product of a WMAF couple.


A white male and Asian female relationship. These relationships outnumber their AMWF counterpart by 2:1 in some countries and up to 100:1 in parts of Europe. The white man in WMAF relationships tend to be either an alt-right white nationalist who wants a docile and subservient wife or a progressive pale, lanky weeaboo who buttons the top button of his polo shirt. Most of the men have some form of yellow fever and no game in their own race. The Asian women range from poorly educated mail-order brides to the fully white-washed. Most of these Asian women hate Asian men and become Tiger Moms once they have children.

Sons of WMAF couples often have trouble when they become teenagers, because most of them still look to some extent East Asian but their last names are O'Donnell and their fathers are white. Their white fathers have trouble relating to the racial bullying that WMAF sons get in school. WMAF sons are often stuck in a paradox of living in a family with white male privilege, but unable to gain full access of white privilege themselves because they are still visible minorities. Furthermore, their Asian mothers never liked Asian men and actively pursued only white men, but the son still looks Asian man. Talk about a mindfck. This is why most successful Eurasian sons actually have an Asian father and a white mother (AMWF), because they avoid the toxic brew of sexual fetishism, self-hate and white privilege.

Something every WMAF hapa kid hears and learns to hate: "I bet your mom is the Asian one."

Heidlerr #racist

Re: When Asian Women Are Harassed for Marrying Non-Asian Men

One interesting thing she said in the article is that she was never attracted to Asian men because, growing up, the only Asians she knew were her relatives. That makes sense in a way but shows what can happen in multiracial societies and why we shouldn't have them.

That's an excuse for self hate. Asian women literally Worship White men like we are Gods. This Asian girl straight up stalked me in High School it was scary, I actually asked her why she wouldn't date her own kind and she made this motion with her fingers and said small cock.

East Asian women are the most self hating women in the World and the men are the most Beta men in the World. 99% of East Asian men don't know how to communicate in a normal way because their T levels are so low they always think about how to be "non confrontational , non offensive they can't even communicate."

Only new one Asian guy who wasn't a Nerd short, weak looking. He was a tall Chinese guy over 6' and lifted weights. He did fairly well with girls and he ended up in Finance.

Most Asian men can't get dates and live alone if they haven't brought wife from the home country or aren't part of a tight knight Ethnic community. I know of several Asian guys that are past 30 and still Single. I check their facebook to see if they are no longer single. Asians must be the group with highest sexless men in America hands down easily.

Her mudshark race traitor race mixing of s husband should be shunned by any sane white person

Mitch is a CUck married to an Ugly Asian woman. Didn't even have children with her. Just a Status seeking 3rd World Whore. There everywhere where I live.

All Ethnic women even Black, want to be with a White guy where I'm from. We are like Gods here. As long as you're over White, 5'10 and not deformed Ethnic women will literally throw themselves at your feet all day.

So I understand why White men sometimes marry Asian. I've seen many White men here married to East Asians or Curries. Not so much Latinas or Blacks because they generally don't go to College and do low status jobs even if they do. East Asians Worship Money and Status so they go well with some White guys.

Where I live the Best looking girls are Jewish because their Father's are Jewish Laywers, Doctors, Politicians, CEOs ect and they get the best looking White women.

I don't find East Asian women very attractive most have flat faces, slits for eyes, and no body. My friend says it's tighter and better and that looks don't matter that much as long as they aren't fat.

Some Jewish, Latinas and Persian girls can be very attractive. I'd prefer a White looking Persian or Latina to a Regular White American girl. Most White AMerican girls are fat and aren't attractive unless they are from the country. But those country folk just have a different culture than me.

Where I live the best looking girls are Jewish. Because their Fathers are Doctors, Laywers, CEOs, Politicians and get the best looking White women who want to marry up for Status.

Incel Wiki #sexist

(Emphasis original)


An average Becky is a variant of the femoid who is subordinate to the high-tier normie/Becky in terms of looks and social status. In its broadest sense, Beckys are a 3/10 to 7/10 on the decile system, ranging from ugly Becky to high-tier Becky.

Despite their lower position on the social totem pole, young Beckys will nonetheless ignore around 80% of men, including their looksmatches, unless said looksmatches happen to earn at least as much as she does. This sexual jockeying often puts them at odds with both each other as well as with Stacies, inciting fierce intrasexual competition and eating disorders. Although Beckys will gleefully fuck Chad, Beckys will often end up settling for a betabux Brad or a high-tier normie when she begins to approach the Wall or wants to raise a child, and hence fails to secure Chad.


Often Becky's try to navigate around their looksmatch by becoming a fake nerd. In the 2010s, nerd-dom became almost hip due to the rise of information technology, and therefore women now wanted to be apart of it. Though not for their looksmatch, but to get access to Chad engineers and wealthy start-up founders (see also women in STEM). Thus, we saw the rise of IM LIEK SUCH A NERD LOL.

Low self esteem

Most Beckys compensate at some point. Most average woman are terrified of the "average life", especially having to admit to their femoid friends that it is only average. Awkward! So they travel and go on ridicules spending sprees to prove their worth. Entire industries have formed around this societal and gynocentric ill (e.g. shopping malls and selfie stick manufacturers). This comes with bombarding their social media with pictures of food and lavish venues. They will also take photos of themselves with hot guys during vacations & parties to signal wealth and status. The most well known example of this phenomena is Anna Sorokin. Much of these kinds of confusion seem to stem from feminism pushing the notion that women need to and can do careers, as well as deteriorating monogamy norms and lax enforcement of social status allaround, but probably also a more globalized culture leading to fiercer social comparison against more people, as well as stagnating economies increasing competitiveness for high-income Chad.

imageHigh-tier Becky

TranscriptThe Becky
- Loose baggy clothing to hide small tits/flat ass
- Thinks guys like the 'natural" look
- Goes to school to work on her meme career
- Minimum wage job at Starbucks
- Nerdy bun
- Has a few beta oribters
- $5 backpack
- Wants to fuck Chad
- Needs to wear super tight yoga pants to get a few looks

imageLow-tier Becky
TranscriptThe Becky Being
- Tried make-up once, got allergic-reaction [sic]
- No clothing store has small enough bras for her
– Never heard of perfume, clothes reek of her cats
- During weekends usually sits at her computer and surfs in tumblr and Harry Potter forums
- Nerdy bun
- Is the child that was supposed to be a boy
- Only girl in the chess club, barely gets any attention from the Virgins
- Has to ask the Virgin to the prom
- Wears $40 fake Vans

Anonymous #racist

Let’s calm down, it’s not a Chinese age. The same things were said about Japan, and where are they now? They all returned to Japan, because the men couldn’t cut it. Japan has no sense of exploring the world, despite being one of the most intelligent, dominant races ever. Even today, the Japanese will stay in Japan, rather than have to take a single risk with their lives on the rest of the planet. Their women eventually outmarried at 70% the last I checked, and today they are the least likely to intramarry and have kids. The same is happening to Chinese, but they’re just 2 generations behind.

The Chinese are even lower on Maslow’s hierarchy ladder. They’re concerns are primitive, or at most about looking rich and status hunting. They will buy anything European or American. Their men have no greater cause. They have no sense of self-actualization. Their young men are mostly concerned with obedience or notice the lack of sex available to them, and are incapable of thinking beyond that. They will do nothing more than make some good money, have 1 or 2 kids, and hang out at the golf course or have goals of having sex with a white girl.

Look at the streets, nightclubs and bars of NYC. Their men and women have no self-esteem, and it shows in their dating and marrying habits. Despite having the highest IQ, East Asians are willing to take away their offsprings’ IQ advantage, so they can be less Asian. Even if they have kids, most East Asians have 2 kids maximum. When’s the last time you’ve seen a proud 2nd generation East Asian father with 5 kids? Probably never.

They take their 1 or 2 kids and take them for tennis and piano lessons, so they can show other Asians how cultured their kids are. East Asians have the highest overall IQ, especially in mathematical areas of the brain. They are also the least likely race prone to disease and aging. When they mix, their children are less intelligent and less healthy on average, but still smarter and healthier than whites. However, if you talk with young East Asians, it’s abundantly clear they’re willing to trade it for height and becoming more white, no matter how they rationalize. Imagine if 70% of white girls all wanted to become black, despite black culture. That’s what East Asians do.

So they dress their kids in clothes as if they’re cute dogs and spend way too investment, because they’re in denial about nature vs nurture just like educated white liberals. For a scientific people, they have a blind spot when it comes to genetics and it’s overwhelming role over nature in IQ and life success.

Instead they have the Amy Chua mindset, and they try to mold their perfect one or two Asian kids through being the “perfect parent”. Also, Asian women are have a tremendous reputation for interracial sex and out-marriage. Again, how independent thinking can Asians be? They have 1.5 kids each, and half that time it’s with a non-Asian. None of them notice that white IQ > mixed white/black IQ > black IQ. Even with the highest IQs, Asian women make kids with lesser IQ races more than they make Asian kids. And Asian men honestly do not care. None of them want kids. They’d rather become robots or spend 1000 hours on a video game. They’re intelligent, but don’t seem to have metacognition.

The is where Jews or intelligent whites have done a vastly better job than East Asians. We all know you should have multiple children, and you must encourage rhetorical skills along with a logical understand of mathematical concepts, rather than memorization, repetition and application. The children learn to discuss adult topics and offer their opinion with their parents. You encourage them to offer opinions, listen and debate. Teach them to develop habits to self-determination and self-actualization. They learn to make decisions, and as a parent you set the guideline. You accept that your child could fail, but you also have many more of them. Your value as a parent is your emotional support. Your self-esteem isn’t dependent on your child’s success to the degree it is for East Asians. And it always helps that you didn’t just have 1 or 2 kids, just so you could live in a nicer house with a nicer car at a nicer vacation spot. You shun aside materialism and build a family instead.

Even ghetto black men are wise enough to know they should have alot of children. They simply lack the moral compass or the proper education to raise them. Their concerns are about on how people hate blacks, rather than correcting their own mistakes. Hispanics are actually stronger in a sense they have men who take risks, women who have pride, and for all their faults and lower IQ, they value big families. They have their share of idiots, but they are the single group that has taken over more parts of the cities, more politicians, and have more children.

Asians are stereotypically lone wolves and take a perverse pride in that. If one East Asian is having a tough time, another one will not be there to help. They abandon each other faster than any other race. Their social scenes are about one-up manship status. They will discuss their prestigious academic record, company position, or income and wealth. Maybe she will introduce her Jewish boyfriend to you, as if she’s won the lottery. He will unconvincingly brag about some machismo anecdote, which highlights his insecurities. It’s a bore.

So despite their overall population today, as long as this trend continues, East Asians will go extinct before whites. You cannot argue with the fact that their women don’t like their men, and their men have no goals of fathering many children like their great ancestors. You can go to any college and white collar workplace. East Asian women are all single and overworked. Most of them are with non-Asian men. East Asian men are mostly concerned with studying, video games, making money, and maybe meeting some nice girl to have 1 or 2 kids with. This includes the American raised ones. Look to the Japanese as the precedent.

If any group of Asians will be successful, it will be South Asians. The Brahmin Indians are the most intelligent and successful race in the US. Many speak English, the lingua franca, before coming to America. They win all the spelling bees, because they are highly linguistically developed. That’s why they have such incredibly long names. Look at the lists for top successful men under 40 in any business magazine. It’s Indians. Look at the highest median income, other than Jews, it’s Indians. East Asians are low risk shame cultures, and they bring that same sense of conformity here, from the bedroom to the boardroom. They have no sense of Asian identity that they want to develop and pass on through parenthood fatherhood. They want to adapt in, and will behave like liberal whites. They are horrendously uneducated about genetics and IQ, and refuse to learn about it because it is not politically correct as liberals inform them. This works because of their shame culture, and shame only works if you are prone to conformity. It’s why East Asian women are the least race loyal. They conform quickly to whomever is in power with little self-awareness and zero conviction. They’d have to be an independent thinking race to do otherwise.

TheLastAsian #racist

Let’s calm down, it’s not a Chinese age. The same things were said about Japan, and where are they now? They all returned to Japan, because the men couldn’t cut it. Japan has no sense of exploring the world, despite being one of the most intelligent, dominant races ever. Even today, the Japanese will stay in Japan, rather than have to take a single risk with their lives on the rest of the planet. Their women eventually outmarried at 70% the last I checked, and today they are the least likely to intramarry and have kids. The same is happening to Chinese, but they’re just 2 generations behind.
The Chinese are even lower on Maslow’s hierarchy ladder. They’re concerns are primitive, or at most about looking rich and status hunting. They will buy anything European or American. Their men have no greater cause. They have no sense of self-actualization. Their young men are mostly concerned with obedience or notice the lack of sex available to them, and are incapable of thinking beyond that. They will do nothing more than make some good money, have 1 or 2 kids, and hang out at the golf course or have goals of having sex with a white girl.
Look at the streets, nightclubs and bars of NYC. Their men and women have no self-esteem, and it shows in their dating and marrying habits. Despite having the highest IQ, East Asians are willing to take away their offsprings’ IQ advantage, so they can be less Asian. Even if they have kids, most East Asians have 2 kids maximum. When’s the last time you’ve seen a proud 2nd generation East Asian father with 5 kids? Probably never.
They take their 1 or 2 kids and take them for tennis and piano lessons, so they can show other Asians how cultured their kids are. East Asians have the highest overall IQ, especially in mathematical areas of the brain. They are also the least likely race prone to disease and aging. When they mix, their children are less intelligent and less healthy on average, but still smarter and healthier than whites. However, if you talk with young East Asians, it’s abundantly clear they’re willing to trade it for height and becoming more white, no matter how they rationalize. Imagine if 70% of white girls all wanted to become black, despite black culture. That’s what East Asians do.
So they dress their kids in clothes as if they’re cute dogs and spend way too investment, because they’re in denial about nature vs nurture just like educated white liberals. For a scientific people, they have a blind spot when it comes to genetics and it’s overwhelming role over nature in IQ and life success.
Instead they have the Amy Chua mindset, and they try to mold their perfect one or two Asian kids through being the “perfect parent”. Also, Asian women are have a tremendous reputation for interracial sex and out-marriage. Again, how independent thinking can Asians be? They have 1.5 kids each, and half that time it’s with a non-Asian. None of them notice that white IQ > mixed white/black IQ > black IQ. Even with the highest IQs, Asian women make kids with lesser IQ races more than they make Asian kids. And Asian men honestly do not care. None of them want kids. They’d rather become robots or spend 1000 hours on a video game. They’re intelligent, but don’t seem to have metacognition.
The is where Jews or intelligent whites have done a vastly better job than East Asians. We all know you should have multiple children, and you must encourage rhetorical skills along with a logical understand of mathematical concepts, rather than memorization, repetition and application. The children learn to discuss adult topics and offer their opinion with their parents. You encourage them to offer opinions, listen and debate. Teach them to develop habits to self-determination and self-actualization. They learn to make decisions, and as a parent you set the guideline. You accept that your child could fail, but you also have many more of them. Your value as a parent is your emotional support. Your self-esteem isn’t dependent on your child’s success to the degree it is for East Asians. And it always helps that you didn’t just have 1 or 2 kids, just so you could live in a nicer house with a nicer car at a nicer vacation spot. You shun aside materialism and build a family instead.
Even ghetto black men are wise enough to know they should have alot of children. They simply lack the moral compass or the proper education to raise them. Their concerns are about on how people hate blacks, rather than correcting their own mistakes. Hispanics are actually stronger in a sense they have men who take risks, women who have pride, and for all their faults and lower IQ, they value big families. They have their share of idiots, but they are the single group that has taken over more parts of the cities, more politicians, and have more children.
Asians are stereotypically lone wolves and take a perverse pride in that. If one East Asian is having a tough time, another one will not be there to help. They abandon each other faster than any other race. Their social scenes are about one-up manship status. They will discuss their prestigious academic record, company position, or income and wealth. Maybe she will introduce her Jewish boyfriend to you, as if she’s won the lottery. He will unconvincingly brag about some machismo anecdote, which highlights his insecurities. It’s a bore.
So despite their overall population today, as long as this trend continues, East Asians will go extinct before whites. You cannot argue with the fact that their women don’t like their men, and their men have no goals of fathering many children like their great ancestors. You can go to any college and white collar workplace. East Asian women are all single and overworked. Most of them are with non-Asian men. East Asian men are mostly concerned with studying, video games, making money, and maybe meeting some nice girl to have 1 or 2 kids with. This includes the American raised ones. Look to the Japanese as the precedent.
If any group of Asians will be successful, it will be South Asians. The Brahmin Indians are the most intelligent and successful race in the US. Many speak English, the lingua franca, before coming to America. They win all the spelling bees, because they are highly linguistically developed. That’s why they have such incredibly long names. Look at the lists for top successful men under 40 in any business magazine. It’s Indians. Look at the highest median income, other than Jews, it’s Indians. East Asians are low risk shame cultures, and they bring that same sense of conformity here, from the bedroom to the boardroom. They have no sense of Asian identity that they want to develop and pass on through parenthood fatherhood. They want to adapt in, and will behave like liberal whites. They are horrendously uneducated about genetics and IQ, and refuse to learn about it because it is not politically correct as liberals inform them. This works because of their shame culture, and shame only works if you are prone to conformity. It’s why East Asian women are the least race loyal. They conform quickly to whomever is in power with little self-awareness and zero conviction. They’d have to be an independent thinking race to do otherwise.

Miu #fundie

First of all, Asians only make up 6% of the general US population. And yes, I always do fine in any situation with people of other races. I probably get along better with non-Asians that Asian Americans. Especially with Chinese American men who still claim first allegiance to China... but that's a whole other thread topic.

And I DO understand why in Quincy, there are non-Asians that object to the creation of a new Asiatown in their town. And if Asians were trying to make an Asiatown in the North End, they would be unwelcome also. It's not about assimilation. Making a Asiatown is them refusing to integrate gracefully into the rest of society. Making an Asiatown is Asians refusing to mingle with other cultures and races.

And that's why I think that Asian Americans should avoid living in clusters with other Asian Americans. And if they need Asian groceries, then visit one of the number Asian markets in the metro Boston area. But please don't just cluster together and form an Asian American neighborhood.

CertifiedRabbi #fundie

I don't appreciate your subtle attempt to make the Alt-Right synonymous with neo-Nazism. Neo-Nazis make the argument that non-Whites served in the German war effort during WWII. The Alt-Right rarely ever talks about that topic.
As to the talking point that we do actually make quite often about our support for nationalism for all people; well, for starters we do actually support that. But contrary to your claim, we aren't really trying to appeal to non-Whites when we make that argument. Who we're really appealing to with that argument is blue-pilled White people who we're trying to gradually red-pill.
But as to your overall point that it's bizarre for us to appeal to non-Whites; I pretty much agree. I've never understood why so many White Nationalists throughout history have tried to form alliances with black nationalists and the like. It never went anywhere or accomplished anything of note - besides maybe the creation of Liberia.
Whites are a very self-reliant, highly organized, and competent race. We've never needed the aid of outsiders in order to create highly successful nations and empires all across this planet, or ideological movements for that matter. That's why attempts to create alliances with non-Whites strikes me as being inherently alien to our people. We dominated other races and dictated their actions whether they liked it or not.
And while I'm not exactly advocating that we go back to that era of world domination and militant White Supremacy, I do think that our efforts to uncuck our race and stand up for ourselves again should be an entirely self-contained movement. Why should non-Whites have a say in whether or not Whites should comprise a majority of the population in White countries? It's not their decision. Just like it's not the decision of non-Asians to decide if China or Japan should remain majority Asian.
And the entire idea that a large number of non-Whites would want to work with us in achieving these goals strikes me as being completely delusional. Non-Whites can smell the weakness in modern Whites from a mile away. They know that we've been turned into a bunch of pathologically self-loathing cucks by liberal ideology. They're perfectly happy with the rainbow coalition keeping a boot on our necks as they flood into our countries and leech off of our success. They like the idea of Whites becoming minorities in their own countries and gradually getting blended out of existence. That's because they're still butthurt over the colonial era.
And why would non-Whites risk getting dominated by a self-confident White race again by giving us a helping hand when what they really want to do is take advantage of this window of White weakness and grind our head into the mud even deeper so that we can never recover?
This is our struggle and our responsibility. We can't look to non-Whites to save us from ourselves.

trancefan95_8 & Yiseveryonesostupid #sexist

How do sellout Asian women tell their own sons their is zero value in being Asian?

So I was just watched a load of videos of London, totalling around an hour probably. And although I didn't keep a specific count, there had got to be anywhere from 30-40 Asian women with non-Asian men (2 Indian, the rest white). In comparison, there was 1 or possibly 2 amwf couples
It's like, to see that many wmaf is just utterly pathetic. I mean, what do these women tell their kids? Oh, hey, sorry that Asian women are assumed to be the whores of the world. Oh hey, sorry that mass wmaf looks like the aftermath of a race war/colonialism on steroids. Oh hey, sorry their is zero value in being Asian if you're a man.
I mean, like really, what the hell do these people say if they end up having kids? Just shocking it is that bad, really. I mean, all I know is that if the situation was reversed - with amwf outnumbering wmaf by say 30:1 - I certainly wouldn't be with a white woman, publicly shitting on Asian women in the process. It's like, to even be involved in such extreme inequality/open colonialism speaks a heck of a lot about these people's personalities and moral values, imo...

They don't have to, the kids will see it automatically. What's important is how the kids react to it. Will they surrender to it and become the next Elliot Rodgers; ignore it and lead average lives while being quietly unhappy/unsettled on the inside; or rebel against it and have a chance at happiness and freedom from this shit?
trvalý odkazembed

So a woman meets and likes a guy, and the guy likes her... Because she is Asian and he is White then it's publicly shitting on you.

If it's all innocent, how comes white guys don't 'just happen' to meet black women...or why Asian men don't 'just happen' to meet white women.
When one occurs anywhere from 5 to 100x more commonly than the other depending on where you live, it's very obvious the message it sends out - that one race is inferior. I mean, obviously you can see that...I don't see why you're being disingenuous about it

Ninrod #sexist

Sexual/Relationship Market: Male's value scale

Catergory : Range

Chad : 8.5/10 - 10/10

Chad-lite : 7.5/10 - 8.4/10

High- tier Normie: 6.5/10 - 7.4/10

Low-tier Normie: 5/10 - 6.4/10

High-tier Incel : 3.1/10 - 4.9/10

Subhuman: < 3.1/10

Your thoughts ...

Trancefan #fundie

I don't think things will get better. Afterall, no matter where in the world you go, the situation is the same. The issue isn't the media, it's height. Yes, Asian-American guys are only 4% shorter than whites...yes that's only 6cm - less than the length of your little finger. Still, the fact remains that people are shallow. Huge portions of Asian guys won't be able to attract non-Asian women and it's certainly very obvious that huge chunks of Asian women want nothing to do with Asian guys

To think the situation will get better is just wishful thinking, in my opinion. As far as I'm aware, the only place where the situation with Asians/non-Asians is respectable is countries in South America like Peru - places in which people are the same height as Asians. White countries? Shit. Black countries? Shit. Arab countries? Shit. Singapore/Malaysia etc with Indians competing with Chinese guys? Shit. Heck, even in Asian countries, wmaf can often be 5-100x more common than amwf. South America is the only place where Asians are competing as equals, unfortunately.

Heymanghey #racist

Unfortunately, Asian women have a reputation of being easy in the west. So if a non-Asian guy is bored, doesn't want anything serious and just wants a wet dick? Then he's all about it because he can pull them easier. But if he wants a real partner, he wants more of a challenge to earn his respect. This is where Asian women's reputation really hurts them and puts them below non-Asian women.

CertifiedRabbi #racist

"How do you handle interactions with non-white family and friends?"

Smiling on the outside, plotting against them on the inside...

-Have a non-white friend?

I had friends from pretty much every racial background when I was a kid and when I was still a liberal (I left the Left when I was a sophomore in college after my White best friend was murdered by illegal immigrants), but now I can't stand non-Whites and non-Asians to be honest. I just don't have any respect for brown and black people. Their societies are garbage for a reason: they have garbage genetics. Most of my friends are White now, but I still have a few East Asian and hapa friends and one Indian friend (the South Asian variety).

-Have non-white family (even by marriage)?

I have an East Asian sister-in-law (unfortunately). My older brother married a girl from Hong Kong that he met at UC Berkeley. I pretend to like her and my hapa niece and nephew, but I'm secretly depressed that my older brother decided to marry a non-White woman.

-Be saddened if a friend or family member was deported according to Alt-Right intentions?

I honestly wouldn't care. Deportation isn't murder. They'll still be alive. You can always make new friends.

-Disown or otherwise shun a family member who associates with non-whites?

Depends on the situation. I wouldn't really care if my siblings had a handful of non-White friends like I did. But if they became trashy wiggers or something and started dating and hanging out with ghetto black people, then I'd probably cut them out of my life completely. They bring shame on whole famiry.

-Accept a non-white boss at work?

I honestly wouldn't like that, but I guess that I could tolerate it since I have to pay the bills like everybody else.

-Hire a non-white employee?

I just got promoted and I'm now involved in the hiring process. I try to hire my fellow White brothers and sisters as much as possible, but I won't screw over a non-White person if their resume is way more impressive.

-Move if your neighborhood became less white than it once was?


EDIT: Forgot one. How do your family and friends feel about your beliefs?

I pretend to be a liberal in real life in order to make my life easier, so they have absolutely no idea that I'm a closeted Alt-Right White Nationalist.

basedKRN #racist

Well. Us Asians are racist. We shit on other Asians and non-Asians all the time. We care about our race and we exclude those who aren't us. That's not a crime. I don't like being mistreated by whites or Anglo-Saxons when I did nothing to deserve it, merely because I'm Asian or Korean.

However, when whites or Anglo-Saxons experience the same thing in homogeneous Asian societies, they're right.
Some places and some peoples may treat foreigners better than others, but that's what happens when you're a minority, wherever you are.

White America and Australia opened their borders to Asian peoples like us when they did not to.
I repeat, they did not need us or any other nonwhites.
They did not need to let my family move to America, but it happened.

We were not entitled to immigrate to those lands or even Europe, England, etc.
By virtue of us even being allowed to immigrate and attain citizenship in large numbers, their societies have been far more accepting of us than us Asian societies have been towards whites.

My main point is that it was a mistake and I want to be principled about this. They have a right to their homogeneous homelands and work for their racial/ethnic group interest just as we do and should. Korea should stay Korean; Asian countries should stay Asian; white countries, especially the Old World Europe, should stay white.

Incog Man #racist

The first teaser trailer for the upcoming superhero movie Black Panther has been released, and it offers us an exciting glimpse of how Africa would look if the White man hadn’t colonized it.

In summary, it’s “We Wuz Kangs” on jenkem. Flying spaceships, sprawling metropolises, advanced infrastructure… this honkeyless utopia has it all.

Moreover, in the trailer, Gollum tells Bilbo how it came to be: the primitive Africa we see in National Geographic is “all a front,” and that the real Africa – Futurama with Blacks – is secretive and hidden, presumably to protect itself from White slavemasters.

Some spic provides additional information about the trailer for Affinity magazine:

In the trailer within just the first few seconds we see a white man, Everett K. Ross, who is interviewing another man, Klaw, describing the most common stereotypes about countries in Africa. Soon he is asked about what knows of Wakanda, soon we see visuals of a place the interviewee calls “El Dorado” and how it is not in South America, it is in Africa and it’s actually Wakanda. He proceeds to explain how anyone who had gone to “explore” it did not come out alive.

Wakanda: Jew Hollywood CGI makes black fantasies come true! [INCOG]

That right there in just two minutes drops the trope of defenseless Africans who need help, and shows what African countries could have been without its colonization. Where instead of showing a story of a white hero who comes to aid the people it shows those who have hidden their culture to keep it safe.

Well… I don’t really know what to say.

Mocking this film is like mocking a child’s drawing; you feel bad for doing it, because you’re denigrating the work of undeveloped beings, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself.

It’s worth pointing out that while this film is ridiculous to us, a lot of Africans-in-America really believe in its underlying premise: that if Whites hadn’t traveled to Africa, then Blacks would have developed advanced cities that put London or New York to shame.

Though this film is a mostly Black production, Jews are to blame for promoting this ridiculous narrative throughout the decades.

Stan Lee, the co-creator of the Black Panther character, is a rat-faced kike.

The film isn’t out until February 2018 (aka Black History Month), but it’s never too early to state the obvious: no one should be supporting this trash!

I know it’s ludicrous and OTT, and we want to laugh at niggers pretending to be humans, but these films do genuine damage to our societies. They spit on the generosity we gave the other races, promote self-hatred among weak-minded Whites and, worst of all, radicalize Blacks into killing us because we stole their blueprints for theoretical computation systems back in 1500 AD.

Let’s vote with our wallets and give this film the Red Tails treatment!

Nobody paid to see Red Tails (aka “We Wuz Pilots”), and the studio lost tens of millions of dollars. We should do the same with other anti-White films.


You might think this crap is funny and all, but think again. The Jewish brainwashers are bound and determined to rewrite history making blacks look heroic — no matter if it’s patently full of BS. They are doing it as non-obtrusively as possible, so as to not awaken too many of us Whites to the deal.

You can see this BS all the time on TV like the National Geographic channel. They’ve been bought out by the international Jew media octopus and they’ve been pushing PC bull like crazy these days. All their documentary shows are now jam-packed with black “experts” and heroic black actors in recreated historical scenes. Except for the evil Nazis of course!

I saw a thing a month or two ago where they made the first “evolved” people to migrate into Europe as black (part of the long-running “Out of Africa” anthropology agenda), versus the White-colored, more primitive Neanderthals. Also, pay attention to the “History” Channel, too. They made Hannibal of Carthage black last year. King Tut was shown as black on a National Geographic magazine cover and ABC did a piece on the nightly news portraying Cleopatra of the Ptolemies as black. Total BS!

Blacks are pretty much the sorriest, most violent and criminal race on the planet. Always have been, actually.

How can they do all this? Because they can, that’s why. Say anything and they’ll call you a racist. Get the big head job they’ve pulled on us White people now?

Tell a friend!

“History” channel’s 2016 “Roots” producer Mark Wolper. His “daddykins” (“kins”– stupid Jew endearment appendage) was David Wolper, the original Jew responsible for “Roots” brainwashing campaign back in the 1970’s. Subversive Jew creeps like this little punk have been making dough jacking the homies and White liberals for decades. [INCOG]

Dave Blount #racist

White People Told It’s Not Enough to Feel Bad

It is beyond obvious that the government/media axis converted the Trayvon Martin shooting into a race issue and then hyped it through the ceiling in order to exacerbate racial tensions. The only question is: why would they do this, positioning themselves firmly on the side of blacks, when blacks make up only 12% of the population? This pro-Trayvon protester provides the answer[...]

When it comes time to make Whitey into lampshades, there will be no shortage of white volunteers to man the guard towers at the concentration camps. It will be whites who oversee the whole operation. Liberalism works by manipulating the weak-minded through self-hatred.

Jethreezy #racist

For reaons still unbeknownest to me, my original comment regarding social progressives in the other thread triggered you.

Asian people and Asian nations should of course cut out the hate and cooperate more, especially when it comes to goals that are clearly mutually beneficial, such as economic development and overthrowing the vestiges of western imperialism from their collective cultures. If massive multiculturalism and ethnic diversity MUST be forced upon all nations of Asia, would I personally rather the source of said diversity come from other Asian nations over non-Asian nations? Absolutely, without a shred of doubt! But because there are still some non-trivial cultural gaps, not to mention some bad history between various nations, I'm under no illusion that massive immigration and ethnic diversity even within Asian nations themselves will be the next greatest thing since sliced bread. Just as I wouldn't want millions of Koreans flooding into China, I would never wish for millions of Chinese flooding into Korea. And of course the same applies to all nations in Asia. Small scaled immigration to and from are and should of course be encouraged (especially if the outcomes are mutually beneficial for all parties involved), as that allows for successful assimilation into the host nation much more feasible and thus likely.

But okay, I'm still not quite sure if that addressed the source of your contention. Since even now, I still don't know exactly what it was that you were disagreeing with. Why did you maintain the pretense that I was attacking the need for technological and economical progress even after I explicitly made it clear that it was only social progressivism, specifically societal-level ethnic diversity via mass immigration, that I was against? That was quite intellectually dishonest IMO. And instead of engaging me in debate and clarifying your position, your responses degenerated into baseless ad hominems and low-effort comebacks like "Stop trying to act like an intellectual. Nationalists cannot be." FYI, if having a non-binary view of the world, which cannot yet be said of you with remarks like the one above, is enough to make you think I was attempting to be an "intellectual", then that says more about your naivety than whatever it was you were trying to accuse me of.

Now judging by your various responses in the last thread and your original post here, your main complaint seems to be that some of us espouse views that are more commonly associated with the alt-right. Okay sure, that's definitely something we can discuss. The precise political affiliation of our sub has been a frequent topic of debate since its inception over a year ago. But relatively recently, it is my understanding that we've finally come to a consensus on the matter: we don't unconditionally support any western political ideologies, rather we support whatever policy that is good for us, Asians. As such, said policies could potentially come from the left, who call out overt racial discrimination/violence against Asians; the right, who are more in favor of abandoning the current affirmative action system that's artificially capping the enrollment of Asian American students into top universities; BLM, who brings the issue that is white supremacy to the forefront of western societies, and makes sure even the most insular whitey knows of their discontent for such a system; and even gasp the alt-right, who are IMO (and many others it would seem) correct in their assessment that ethnic homogeneity for a nation is a source of strength, because this has been repeatedly demonstrated empirically time and time again throughout history up to the present day. To me, this is quite obvious from a mathematical POV as well: if you consider any given society as a dynamic physical system (which it is), the more ethnically homogeneous or equivalently the less diverse it is, then the less degrees of freedom there are in the system, therefore a lower probability for errors, which in the real world simply means less differences for its citizens to fight over.
As long as you refrain from low-effort accusatory innuendos and baseless ad hominems, then I'm all for open dialogue.

Siberiandragon #fundie

Once again, I have to remind everyone that the biggest problem with Asian men is that they are not nearly patriarchal enough. Women want men who are strong leaders that will dominate them and protect them from men of other tribes. Jenn Fang is a supreme race traitor not just because she racemixes, but because she blames everything on Asian men and exonerates non-Asian men of any blame.

GST #fundie

Next time a prickly Asian American woman declares that it is her preference that moves her to date that non-Asian guy and avoid the Asian guy, call bull on her free-will. Take the moment as an opportunity to bring light to dark corners, and coolly and didactically suggest that it is probably not preference so-called that informs her decisions but internal racism against the face that sadly stares back at her in the mirror every dreary morning.

Barrel9 #fundie

Most of the White Men in WMAF relationships are the runts of the litter. They are the rejects of White society. They are the betas or the omega degenerates. It's very evident. Just look around. How can they pass on superior traits when they are deeply inferior? That's the primary reason why they have to resort to dating self-hating Asian females. Very few superior Alpha White men will settle for Asian women when they can have a knockout Caucasian or Latina model as a wife, a statuesque female with banging curves.
Asian Males who date XFs have to go out of their comfort zone and combat societal barriers and stereotypes, they are typically the AMOGs of the group. So obviously Alpha will Alpha in the end, and pass on their superior traits.

Harry Lime #sexist


In keeping with Kyle Trouble’s recent post, this article will look at three key observations I’ve gathered from dating a Latina for over a year. Prior to this relationship, I never seriously dated any Latin American women and only heard secondhand what this breed of dames were like—in and outside the bedroom.

With a year of experience under my belt, I really haven’t looked back to the emotionless, tired, bland and masculinized (feminist translation: strong, independent) pool of women that lurch limply around my city, Toronto, like zombified worker bees. After you go Latina, there is really no need to look back.

As Toronto is virtually ground zero for non-feminine women, I was very fortunate to meet and hook up with a real lady here—one who embraces her femininity, believes in God, and cherishes traditional family values (naturally, she wasn’t raised in Toronto, but El Salvador). While those three qualities of Latinas were discussed in this ROK article, there are some other things I’ve learned from dating a Latina that, like with Mr. Trouble, have modified my overall views of male-female relationships.

1. It’s okay to put her on a pedestal—if she’s earned it

Only if Sofia’s earned it…
Rightfully, red-pill men believe that putting a girl on a pedestal is a bad decision and will eventually lead to her taking advantage of this freebie chivalry. This is certainly true with Western women because, despite their feminist facade, deep-down they know they are not behaving in a way that deserves male courtly love. In a progressive society, all things being equality™, women see themselves as men after given the ability to game the system by manipulating their other half’s chivalrous impulses that have been warped and suppressed by our anti-male culture.

In turn, red-pill men have rejected the pedestal and regard it as a man’s willingness to be exploited by Western women. This essentially boils down to the idea if women don’t act like women, why should we treat them like women? But Latinas do act like women and actually view the pedestal as a very masculine gesture. It shows that you care—that you respect and appreciate their feminine gifts.

However, the pedestal is not to be hoisted up indiscriminately. Latinas are not perfect and can lapse into bad female habits (lateness, attention-seeking behaviour, jealousy traps, annoying shit tests), at which point you drop the pedestal immediately and hold frame. Latinas are very intuitive creatures and will detect your display of discipline and self-respect. Once she realizes your pedestal is conditional, this will only strengthen the relationship and ensure you both cherish each other according to your own masculine/feminine principles.

2. They reject feminism, value motherhood

Motherhood first is the Latina mantra.
Let’s put it this way: there have been times when I, a writer at Return of Kings, have to cool down my Latina girlfriend after she powers through an anti-feminist rant. She endorses my standing at ROK and I constantly catch her reading articles on the site and snickering in response by saying “this is sooooo true.” Regularly, she comes home from her job, slams down her bags, and bickers, “I honestly don’t know how men survive here.” (The answer: they don’t, they just leave).

After my Latina girlfriend took up her 9-5 corporate gig, she now comes home, crashes to the bed with exhaustion, and admits that this job makes her want to become a mother even more. She sees all the sour women around her, riddled with penis envy and bitchy attitudes, and fears the prospect of becoming “that”. She rues the degenerateness of a gender neutral-equal society where non-traditional lifestyles are celebrated over nuclear families.

Further, when I audited one of Jordan Peterson’s lectures, she insisted on attending with me. When we heard the University of Toronto professor explain in-person what women can do about receiving better pay, she went out and bought a book on how to become a better negotiator.

The rare thing about Latinas is they are sort of, almost a little… accountable. While wild in the sack, they are not promiscuous if held in check by a strong, protective man. They are truly independent, as they value themselves but also understand the role of a man in their life and admit that there are times when they want and need a man—her novio.

3. They have a healthy “daddy complex”

Latinas tend to have strong, alpha, masculine fathers — which informs their expectations of men.
It’s true that all women view men as a reflection of their father (or lack of one). A weak or absent father generally produces a woman with poor expectations of men. A strong or involved father generally produces a woman with high expectations of men. For the latter, she dates up the dominance hierarchy and expects her man to treat her with the same level of reverence and love given by papi.

In turn, you are expected to fulfill your role as the alpha male, be a provider, and make decisions on your and her behalf. You must lead unapologetically. Latinas love men who stand by what they say, even if that stance enrages them. With a Latina: YOU MUST ALWAYS HOLD FRAME. They can be firecrackers—real vixens—but that passion is just them testing their man’s boundaries—to see if he can take them and if he really cares about the relationship.

Since Latinas tend to hold their fathers in very high regard, they hold their men to that same standard. In turn, you will find you grow as a man because you constantly have to stay sharp, firm, and honorable if you want to keep her. In return, you will have her committed loyalty.

Dating a Latina is built on a productive exchange of your most masculine virtues in return for hers. It is a rewards-based arrangement that brings out the best in your manhood—because that is what the relationship demands of you for it to last. While there are always exceptions to the rule, there is a good reason why Latinas are in such high demand in Toronto for men. They are part of a dying breed of strong, genuinely feminine group of women.

AznSlacker & mikelee1 #racist

Definitions of AMWF


A relationship consisting of an Asian Male and a White Female.

David Kim: There's this commonly held myth that's lately been propagated in American society that white males are acting on some sort of "Asian fetish" that's a byproduct of this country's postcolonial history which leads to an inclination (by white males) to date Asian girls... I don't buy it. After all, what about the other half of the relationship? Even if all of that crap were true, how would this explain why an Asian girl would want to date a white male? Is she not an independent actor in this equation? Is there some postmodern psychobabble that explains a latent desire for her to date someone who ostensibly represents a former colonial master?

Christy Smith: Most of the Asian girls that end up with white guys are pretty ugly and most of the white guys in these relationships are douches. By the way, I'm going to start a AMWF forum on Facebook. Will you join?

David Kim: Okay!


An Asian Male and White Female relationship. The smaller but more balanced counterpart to WMAF (White Male and Asian Female). Instead of marrying for sexual fetishism, race and prestige, most AMWF relationships are built on love, respect and being equal partners. It's two confident individuals rowing against the currents of institutionalized racism. Most AMWF couples have equal educational attainment and bring in similar incomes. As a result AMWF hapa children are also more balanced. The AMWF hapa sons see a well educated and responsible role-model in their Asian dads, and the hapa daughters see a strong, independent and progressive woman in their white mothers.

Mike: Did you notice that most famous and successful half-Asian half-white people are actually a product of AMWF relationships and not the other way around despite being vastly outnumbered?

Lindsey: Yeah, Tim Wu, Chloe Bennett (Wang), and Dean Cain Tanaka are hot!

M. Castrejon #racist

The Son of Illegal Honduran Immigrants on Race Realism, “Social Justice,” and White Identity

"It is impossible to fault whites for not wanting to be overwhelmed by Hispanics."

This is part of our continuing series of accounts by readers of how they shed the illusions of liberalism and became race realists.

College was where I first started to think about race. Certain things were immediately obvious to me, like that Asians were the biggest demographic on campus because they’re generally quite smart. But other racial patterns took me longer to understand. I was one of the only Hispanics in my dorm, a fact I didn’t find meaningful at first. However, when my dorm-mates and I discussed our high school achievements, I discovered that I had a lower GPA than all of them, and had done much worse on the SAT and ACT. Despite this, I was attending college for free through federal and state grants, while my friends had to work or borrow money from their parents to pay their tuition. It was then that I realized that affirmative action had helped me immensely.

I studied biology as an undergraduate, which meant my classes were relatively free of “social justice” propaganda — but I still had to deal with other students who were steeped in it. One instance that made a big impression on me was when an Indian dorm-mate posted something on Facebook about how a player on his fantasy football team had been arrested in real life. I left a comment on the post that went something like, “There are mainly black people in the NFL, and blacks do more crime than most, so it’s understandable that he would commit the crime.” I had been learning about statistics and probability, and was happy to apply it to something in real life — but my friend was outraged, deleted my comment, called me a racist, and blocked me. Later on, we spoke about it in person and reconciled, but it was still striking to me that stating something so obvious could cause such a problem.

As a biology major, I learned that race is not “skin-deep” the way so many people claim. It is not just melanin or skin tone that sets us apart, but so much more: height, hair growth, digestive abilities, resistance to disease, presence of hormones, facial characteristics, and even cognitive functions. All biology majors know that DNA yields RNA which gives us the proteins in our bodies, which determine everything else. I was learning all of this in the abstract while seeing examples of it all around me. In the world of biology and sciences, not only was I often the only Hispanic in social and academic settings, sometimes I was the only non-Asian. By the time I graduated, I was a race realist.

However, I didn’t immediately think that that biocentric perspective had any political implications. My entire family is Democrat, and they believe the liberal cliches about the two major parties: Democrats are the party of the poor and non-whites; Republicans are the party of the rich and white. Politics had never interested me very much, so I had never thought critically about any of this. Then, Donald Trump entered the scene and politics became impossible to ignore. As a Honduran born in America, the first thing I wanted to tackle was the claim that he was a “racist,” like so many people were saying. If it were so obvious, I should be able to find an undeniably obvious clip of him being rude or outright mean to Hispanics, blacks or some other group. I went looking for this smoking gun, and, to my complete surprise, I never found it. His notorious comments about crime and criminality in Mexico and Central America are true. My parents had told me all about those things well before Mr. Trump ever did. Smugglers and coyotes are committing crime at our Southern border. Hispanic countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, etc. do have corrupt governments. There are powerful and extremely violent gangs in those countries. These are the main reasons why my parents left their homeland for America. I am extremely fortunate to have been born in the USA, away from all that. Hearing Donald Trump tell the truth about immigration did not offend me at all.

All my life, I had been told that I was the smart kid in the family, the brightest kid in class. But I knew that if I wanted to get even smarter, I needed to engage with ideas that challenged my own assumptions. In 2016, I was still a bit of a Democrat and had a certain tribal loyalty to Hispanics. However, I felt if my beliefs were to remain solid they would have to stand strong against ideas put forth by the other side — so I took a dive into the right. I started with Alex Jones, and to my surprise, I could not get enough, and wanted more! Soon I discovered Paul Joseph Watson, James Allsup, Stefan Molyneux, Gavin McInnis, Lauren Southern, RedIceTV, Red Elephants with Vincent James, Nick Fuentes, Devon Tracey, Jared Taylor, and even the devil himself — Richard Spencer. At first, I mostly just wanted to understand their ideas in order to better refute them, but when I started doing research into what these people were saying, I realized they were telling the truth.

It was only these dissidents, these “deplorables,” that really understood IQ, crime statistics, wage differences as they relate to race, the problem of censorship, and what really constitutes “fake news.” I now realize how much the mainstream media sensationalizes stories that fit with their worldview, and ignore stories that break with it. When they find a video of a white man cussing out a black girl at a Walmart, they try and make it go viral. But they don’t talk about the countless murders and rapes of young innocent white girls all across the country by black men and illegal immigrants. I cried the first time I heard about the murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom from watching the American Renaissance video, “Do White Lives Matter?” If the media treated us as equals, Channon Gail, Mollie Tibbetts, Kate Steinle and so many other victims like them would have gotten the attention they deserve — but the media doesn’t care when the victim is white. At the same time, they perpetuate the myth that America is a white supremacist country that holds back people like me. I don’t buy it. I have never felt oppressed because of my race. I did my best in high school, and my reward was all expenses paid undergraduate degree at a prestigious public university, in no small part because I am not white.

Some of my family members consider me a “race traitor” because of my new-found beliefs (and my MAGA hat), but that is far from being the case. Aside from my Asian college friends, everybody in my social circles is Hispanic, as am I — we all eat beans, speak Spanish, watch soccer and grew-up attending Mexican churches. This culture I’m a part of has its problems: I have friends whose criminality landed them dead or in prison, but it is still indelibly mine, even if I sometimes feel more comfortable in “white society” than my own.

I am extremely fortunate to not only be born in the United States, but also be intelligent enough to see through the victim mentality my people are indoctrinated into holding. American Renaissance gives me hope. AmRen speaks the truth and demolishes most every liberal myth afflicting the US. Whites should have every right to defend themselves, establish their own home, and reproduce amongst themselves to ensure their people survive. It is impossible to fault whites for not wanting to be overwhelmed by Hispanics and all the dangers they bring with them. I like the white world, and wish it all the best.

John Derbyshire #racist

Part Two of my answer: Jews are white, Asians are not, and while any overclass is resented, a racially distinctive overclass is resented more than one that barely looks any different from the resenters.

Anti-Semites know this; that's why they put out drawings of the hunch-backed, hook-nosed cartoon Jew when they want to inflame anti-Jewish feeling. It makes the Jew plainly a different race.

Part Three of my answer: even under the current covert quotas, Asian Americans are enrolled at elite colleges in numbers far above their five percent share of the U.S. population.

Yes, they're being held down: on a strictly meritocratic basis their numbers would be much higher yet, because of the arithmetic of those distribution tails. Still, strictly measured by demographic proportionality, they're high.
So yes, we were importing an overclass a hundred years ago. Elite universities dealt with the issue by fudging and chicanery—just as they are dealing with this repeat performance.

There are some key differences, though. Jews are white, which makes things easier to fudge.

Also, the high IQ of Ashkenazi Jews is more verbal than visuo-spatial, leading to that dominance in the shaping of opinion.
Asian Americans, by contrast, are much more visible as a group. And their high IQ is more visuo-spatial than verbal, giving us more engineers and scientists, fewer writers, lawyers, comedians, movie and newspaper moguls.

But in both cases, non-Asian gentiles get squeezed. We un-squeeze blacks and Hispanics with Affirmative Action, but that just squeezes white gentiles even more.
Under our current state ideology, the orthodox approach to that hovers somewhere between "Who cares?" and "Serve them right!"

Whether that ideology can be sustained going forward through the 21st century, is an interesting question.

Second point main point raised by readers: any merit-based immigration system imports an overclass.

I agree. Consider for example India. The mean IQ of that country is 82. The mean IQ of Indians in the U.S.A., on the other hand, is 106—higher than the mean for white gentile Americans.

So there's an overclass we've imported … from a low-IQ population.

The same applies to Africa. The mean IQ in black Africa is 70, which is very low. Assuming a normal distribution with mean 70 and standard deviation 15, Microsoft Excel tells me that only 0.0032 percent of the population is higher than 130 IQ.

That's a teeny-tiny percent; but there are an awful lot of black Africans: 1.2 billion is the latest number I've seen. Point zero zero three two percent of 1.2 billion is 38,000. Every one of those 38,000 very-smart Africans is applying for a U.S. student visa.
Caribbean blacks are, for complicated reasons, somewhat smarter than black Africans. Add them into the mix and we're importing a small black overclass.
Is this something we should be bothered about? We-e-ell … there are contrary factors to consider.

Under the present regime of chain migration, for example, all those smart Indians and Africans can bring in their way-less-smart siblings, brides, parents, and even cousins. You could argue that long-term that evens out the mix.

There's also regression to the mean. The offspring of these high-IQ immigrants will regress towards their population mean — although not all the way to it, or else Natural Selection wouldn't work. Given the likelihood of assortative mating, in fact — smart immigrants marrying other smart people — regression all the way back to the population mean is highly improbable, even after many generations.

So, no, this is not a great issue. It is an issue, though — an issue that lurks behind all the happy talk about a merit-based system of immigration.

The first time America imported an overclass, we did so accidentally. When that Great Wave of Ashkenazi Jews came in after 1881, we had only the vaguest ideas about population differentials in intelligence and personality. Psychometry as a quantitative science was just getting started.

Now we understand much more, and can make better decisions. If we import a new overclass today, we'll be doing it deliberately. We know enough to not do it.

And any overclass we import now will be nonwhite. That follows just from the balance of races in the world being much different than it was 100 years ago.

If you're a nonwhite who doesn't like white people, you are fine with that. If you're a white person living in one of the globalist-bubble districts — big coastal cities, college towns — you may think it's no big deal, we can all get along.

The rest of us are shaking our heads.

Stan Simmons #racist

The author makes all manner of excuses for why it's ok for Asians to cluster time and time again. However, the author bashes whites for simply choosing to live in places that are culturally similar to what they have known all their lives. Whites move out of Asian suburbs in large part because of cultural differences.

I am Caucasian and currently live in a suburban Chinatown in Southern California (So Cal). This town is for all intents and purposes a Chinese territory on American soil. It is a self-serving Chinese community comprised of people who couldn't care less about diversity. The Chinese here snub their noses at the idea of the American melting pot -- many different people with one national identity. It's Chinese tribalism and Chinese thinking exported from one side of the world to the other. Why on earth would I want to live in such a place? Once a place goes Asian like that, the culture becomes radically different.

Asian clustering in America's suburbs is not new, and neither is the movement of non-Asians out of those areas, including Hispanics. The towns of Monterrey Park and Arcadia in So Cal are said to be America's first suburban Chinatowns. Clustering began there in the 1970s. Those areas were then billed as "the Chinese Beverly Hills."

Now, suburban clustering of Chinese and other Asians in So Cal has spread to numerous towns. The So Cal towns of Diamond Bar, Rowland Heights, Hacienda Heights, Irvine, Temple City, Rosemead, San Gabriel, San Marino, Alhambra, Walnut, Cerritos, and Westminster all contain a plurality of Asians. I mention Chinese specifically because their numbers in So Cal dwarf immigrant numbers from the other Asian countries.

Over the last 30 years, the idea of America being a melting pot has been replaced with the philosophy of multi-culturalism. The author unknowingly points out a problem with multi-culturalism. Each culture has the desire to shape the country according to their ideas and in their own image. Such a thing guarantees constant conflict between different cultures advocating for different things.

The author values living in a place that is not American per se but multinational, with stores selling Asian and Middle Eastern food and other items. Not once did she write that she likes American culture or American values or American anything. Moreover, in her zest for labeling whites racist she also tries to dispossess whites of any legitimate claim to the existence of a white culture.

Who created the idea of a melting pot? Whitey. Who created the system of lawful immigration that allows hundreds of thousands of people a year to become either U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S.? Whitey. Who crafted laws against discrimination in the workplace? Whitey. Who fought two bloody civil wars in the U.S., one of which was one of the bloodiest in human history? Whitey. How is whitey repaid? By having dimwits like the author label us racist simply because we enjoy what is traditionally American.

You won't see me wearing red for Chinese New Year or eating moon cakes in the autumn. I like Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Fourth of July, and speaking English. I am unapologetically proud of American traditions, American food, and the American idea of the melting pot. What makes me want to puke are people like the one who wrote this article and even worse the whites who perpetuate a misplaced sense of guilt because they are brainwashed simpletons.

CertifiedRabbi #racist

What really annoys me is when shitlibs respond to our complaints over our racial dispossession by telling us that there's nothing stopping us from moving to a White community. Yeah, we could all flee the cultural and economic hubs of our countries and move out to the middle of nowhere, but why the fuck should we be content with that shit sandwich? And how in the fuck can anyone possibly argue that iconic White cities like London don't rightfully belong to the White race?

This White Flight "solution" to mass non-White immigration into the White Western would be like telling the Japanese to flee to the mountains if they still want to live in homogeneous communities. Motherfucker, it's their country - all of it. It's the fucking non-Asians that should leave, not the Japanese. And yet we Whites are expected to plead with the leftist race traitors and non-Whites for small places to call our own in our own fucking countries. It's outrageous and a perfect example of how cucked modern White people are.

Some incels #sexist

Re: It's true, IT is LITERALLY filled with trannies

hating on incels seems to attract the biggest losers in the world, it's a big cope for them to try and make themselves feel like no they're longer at the complete bottom of the social hierarchy. normal people meanwhile couldn't care less.


My mom used to bully trannies when she was in HS. The insult they used back then was flamer. But yeah trannies don’t deserve rights because they are mentally ill and a danger to society

Based and redpilled mom


trannies deserve the same rights that should be conceded to all, the natural rights. But as with any strong enough group, they ask for privileges while misnaming them with the word "rights"

Fuck trannies and their predatory bullshit. I fucking hate how much they prey on weak-minded low-value men


even if every tranny but one were to do predatory bullshit, they should still be treated based on their natural rights.

Sure, treated like human beings. But I'm not fucking changing my worldview of two genders just so they can play in bajillion genders world.

why do trannies get discriminated against? because they look like freaks. just like incels.

blackpill proved.

only thing different is bluepilled society is actively trying to improve trannies's rights, it's doing the opposite for incels.

I've actually posed as a woman and tranny before to see what it's like. It's literally constant validation 24/7, men will unironically offer to buy you things, and people fall in love with you and want to be your emotional tampon. JFL at "discrimination."


Some guys like shemales.

Zero women like incels.

Checkmate faggots

Reminds me of some soyboy who posted on IT that women have it worse than incels because they reach orgams only 65% times they have sex. Nigga my life's count is still 0%

trannies are deluded enough to think that by saying they are female, it will cause lesbians to throw themselves at them. if they wanted to attract men/attention they could just say they are gay without using hormone mutilations and castrations upon themselves. I was on tinder and accidentally my status was bisexual for 2 hours and got 100 male likes and no girl will look at me so it shows how easy it is.

pizza with hot pepper #conspiracy

maybe in some sense, blacks could take pride in not having been able to create civilization.
To create civilization, the slavish genes have to outnumber the savage genes. It’s like dogs are easier to control than wolves. And yet, wolves are freer, wilder, and more robust. Dogs are more useful but they take orders and are wussy creatures.

The races that created civilization tended to be more slavish. Maybe nature made them more slavish, and then, civilizational factors compounded the slavishness by weeding out the savage genes. So, as a group, they could achieve more but this happened at the cost of individual savage gene that was more robust, rambunctious, colorful, exuberant, and etc.
It’s like Chinese and Japanese built high civilizations, but they are colorless, can’t sing, can’t dance, are mostly skin-and-bones, tend to be timid and sheepish, and look like dickless space aliens at the end of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. It’s like the natives of Mexico may have built Tiachuchatlan(sic) but they are a timid, sheepish, and colorless bunch. For them to be useful for building civilization, they had to be more slavish than savage.
Now compare the wolfish Mongols with the doggish Chinese. Mongols, by Asian standards, are big and robust and have barbarian souls. They don’t like to take too much shit. They built less civilization but there’ something vital about them–and Mongol sumo guys bounce Japanese guys like ping pong balls.

Because Negroes failed to develop civilization, they came to be subjugated by other races. And they became slaves in Arabia and the New World. But in terms of their nature, blacks are least fit to be slaves. They have the savage gene than slavish gene. From a social viewpoint, the savage gene is problematic as too many Negroes be running wild and be acting like lunatics. But many people also find it vibrant, exciting, manly, sexy, badass, and etc. Look at the worldwide success of rap music. No one watches Chinese sports, but many millions of Chinese love to watch NBA where big ass Negroes dunk the balls while being cheered on by blonde women cheerleaders who now salivate over having sex with big muscular Negroes who be seen as the superior males.
Among all the arts, music is the most spontaneous and powerful, and blacks have been, pound for pound, the most dominant force in pop music in the 20th century with their contribution to or invention of blues, jazz, rock n roll, soul, reggae, rap, and etc. Such music arose from the savage genes, and it turns a lot of people on. No one listens to the music-of-slavish-genes of the Mexicans or Chinese.

So, in some ways, blacks may take pride in not having built the pyramids and the great wall. They were too strong, too badass, and too wild to be subjugated to hauling bricks to build stuff for oppressive kings and queens. They preferred to be free and run wild and chuck spears at hippos and run from hippos when hippos hand enough of the Negroes and turned around to chomp off the Negroes’ ass.

For every gain, there’s a loss. Chinese may have built a great civilization, but look at those scrawners. Non-asian women feel no excitement about Chinese men, and just about any good-looking Chinese woman in the US would rather marry a whitey, Jew, or Negro than some yellow scrawner. Asian women are the story of the horniness of women with hots for bigger/tougher warriors. Despite matter of IQ, if a white guy was given a chance to become a Negro or a yellow, I’ll bet he’d rather be Long Dong Silver than Wong Dong Lee.

Teutonic Knight #racist #crackpot

[Slavpill] Even the Slavic "Chad" looks like an ogre

This is Polish heavyweight boxer Mariusz Wach.

Technically, he should have been a giga Chad. He has strong ultra-masculine jaw, he is 6'8'', and isn't norwooding despite being almost 40.

Yes there's just something "off" about him though. He can't escape Slavic.

There is no jaw for your Slavic

There is no height for your Slavic

He is living proof that even if you get top tier Chad jaw, height and hair genetics as a Slav, you will still look like an ogre. Of course he still mogs us, but he's not Chad-tier by Western standards despite his jaw and height.


This is the best looking a Slav can get and he's still not even a chadlite for Western standards.

High-tier normie at best who fightmaxxed, ogremaxxed and boxingmaxxed.

It's over:


Pro-White-Advocate #racist

A Levis ad has a mass of words and pictures and at the end it has “LOVE” with a final picture of a very white girl sloppily kissing a very black male.

For any normal White man, that is a threatening and repulsive picture. All races have an unlimited supply of male sperm, but the risk and use of the female uterus for nine months and the rearing of a child is a limited commodity.

This difference between men and women existed along time before Women’s Lib invented the myth that it was just Male Prejudice that made society look frowningly on white men who had sex with black females but lynch black males who had sex with white women.

It is the non-White men with white women which is the whole program of Politically Correct genocide.

No one is flooding Nigeria with non-Blacks, force integrating their communities and schools and pushing this race tratior propaganda on them, attacking anyone who speaks out against it and then justifying it by saying "It's just LOVE"

No one is flooding Japan with non-Asians, force integrating their communities and schools and pushing this race tratior propaganda on them, attacking anyone who speaks out against it and then justifying it by saying "It's just LOVE"

EVERY white country and ONLY white countries are told to immigrate and "assimilate" our own race out of existence, ONLY anti-whites are pushing it, only white children are being targeted for elimination, it is genocide.

Unknown author #fundie

A Domestic Discipline (DD) marriage is one in which one partner is given authority over the other, and has the means to back up that authority, usually by spanking. The application and practise of DD in each marriage is as unique as the individuals who make up that marriage. There is no "One Ring of Power" in the Domestic Discipline world, to which all DD couples must bow; no singular path to "true DD enlightenment". What works well for one DD couple may not be a good fit for another marriage. Therefore, you may see many different suggestions espoused on this site and elsewhere.

A Christian Domestic Discipline (CDD) marriage is simply a traditional, male-led, Christian marriage which utilises aspects of Domestic Discipline. It is set up according to Biblical standards.

Therefore, in a CDD marriage:

The husband is the head of the household, whilst the wife is submissive to her husband as if the Lord Himself was her husband. See Eph. 5:22-24.
The husband is to love his wife as himself, and as Christ loved the church. He is to be a servant, and leads by example. He is to lay down his life for her. See Eph. 5:25-29.
The wife is to reverence her husband. She is to obey him, so long as his instructions are not in opposition to God's commands. See Titus 2:5, Acts 5:29.
He has the ultimate authority in his household, but this authority is tempered with the knowledge that he will answer to God for his actions and decisions. The final decision rests with him, and therefore, the final responsibility, whatever the outcome, is his to bear. A wise husband will not make a major decision without prayerfully asking God for wisdom, and without seeking his wife's counsel. Prov. 20:5

He is to be the head of the home. She is to be the heart of the home.

He is not a dictator. She is not a doormat.

He is not a overbearing Lord of the Estate, seeking to trample over his family. She is not some weak-minded lass, needing to be molly-coddled, or seeking to get straightened around.

He has the responsibility for leading his family and is accountable before God for their well-being and development. He has the authority to spank his wife for disciplinary reasons, but in real CDD marriages, this authority is taken quite seriously and usually happens rarely. Most CDD marriages do use spanking, generally for serious offences, such as the "Four D's" (Disobedience, Disrespect, Dishonesty, or Dangerous [as in dangerous choices... reckless driving, disobeying doctor's orders, etc]). Some CDD marriages also use non-corporal disciplines, such as writing lines, or the temporary forfeiture of a favourite privilege. Again, every marriage is unique, and CDD is much more than just corporal punishment or spanking.

CDD is not a "magic pill", and this website does not claim CDD will prevent all marital rows. It is simply a tool, one method which many couples round the world feel is quite effective in strengthening their marriages, and improving the quality of their relationship.

CDD is the husband loving his wife enough to patiently guide and unselfishly cherish her.
CDD is the wife loving her husband enough to follow his leadership and trust his direction.
A Christian marriage should embody selfless love and true romance.
A Christian couple is to be a reflection of Jesus and His Bride.

How clear is your reflection?

This style of traditional male-led Christian marriage may seem unusual in today's "modern", liberal, politically correct, anti-God culture. This unholy culture, with its radically selfish feminism, and wholesale bias against true manhood, launches relentless attacks against traditional Christian family values. (Keep in mind, this is also the culture with well over 50% divorce rates, both in the church and in the secular world. Most rational people would agree the "modern" way doesn't work so well!)

Romans 12:2 says, And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God. Here, Paul warns us not to live like the world, not to be fashioned like them, or molded to the same pattern as they are, but to be changed. Strong's Concordance says, "literally or figuratively "metamorphose".

The traditional male-led Christian marriage has been practised throughout history and is still practised in many parts of the world today. Our American friends, for example, need only look back to the era just prior to the 1960's. Domestic Discipline was a widely accepted premise, oft seen in films at the cinema and programmes on the telly. Many companies showed it in advertisments. If you prefer not to utilise "modern, popular culture" as a guide, consider that DD also has quite a long history as a common literary theme, dating back hundreds of years, from several cultures worldwide.

brutus #racist

Religion - the jew's tool of domination

For years on these forums we've discussed, ad nauseam, the topic of religion and specifically how it's been used by the jew to mentally subjugate our race. And rightfully so, many have shed light on this reality.
This leads us to ask the question....why do we try to disregard or ignore using the most powerful and effective weapon used upon us? Why are we not picking up that weapon and using it against the jew?
Here's the jew's trickery.... On one hand the jew seems to be in accordance with us by defaming religion, as a belief system for the weak-minded. And then on the other hand the jew creates another weapon under the guise of a religion, and the masses flock to it. Why do so many flock to this new religion? Even those who believe religion is for morons? They join this new religion, unwittingly, simply because the jew doesn't call it a religion! In spite of the fact it fits the very definition of a religion with its own codified system of morality, its own dogma, sacred cows, saints, and demons. It has all the trappings of any of the mainstream religions. And all of its adherents 'believe' without question. They have blind faith and they are willing to get out in the streets at a moment's notice to attack anyone or any group that questions or challenges their belief. They will resort to violence, risk going to jail and even put their lives on the line to defend their belief.
The new religion, of course, is diversity. But the jew, the inventor of the religion called diversity, doesn't refer to it as a religion. The jew is smart enough to understand human nature. And that nature is to create and believe in something supposedly on a higher plane. We are all predisposed to aspire to higher ideals. The jew knows this all too well. The jew invented Christianity as a control device. A device used to control White people. Now the jew has invented diversity. A religion whose aim is to utterly destroy and obliterate the White race from the face of the earth. Will we go quietly? Or will we fight? Or will we be smart enough to create a religion of our own that'll give our race the fortitude, resolve and balls needed to put us back on top once again? Oops! Did I just make a mistake by calling it a religion? I sure fuckin' did, Clancy!

Everydaysmisery #sexist

Yeah, grass is always greener. Were I taller, I’d feel 100% better knowing that’s one thing I’ll never have to be insecure about haha. I’m a high-tier normie, in my opinion. I’ve had sex with 4 girls and I’m barely 15 so I’m not a cel by any means, and even as a notcel and sitting at 5’10” I can’t help but feel absolutely inferior and just a worse choice than 6 footers. I’m also becoming fatcel, so if I gymmaxx I could probably shoot up and become a chadlite. Where I am is 3 times better than any oldcel could hope for, yet I am so unfulfilled because of my height, I can’t help but feel nothing but fear and sorrow when I imagine how life must be as an incel.

Feels great to know promiscous children stumble in my only santuary for nothing more than a cheap ego boaster. I promise you will never be able to even IMAGINE life as an incel, yet alone a trucel. Count that as a blessing and stick to browsing here frankly. Your fleeting teenage insecurities are our existential crisises, and as such your pity means fuck all to us.

Aiurtime #racist

Lol you keep inventing and changing your lies again and again and again. Asians don't do well in Socal, and every person whom I have known have reported that the interracia relationships are low and Asians are the bottom of the barrel there, and get ignored by other race women (especially white women) for even black guys. Mongoloid down syndrome features are ugly and uneasthetic to other race women in general, and asian mongoloids usually get the bottom of the barrel of other race women in general, unless he is rich or well connected, in which case he still would get slop of other race women. Because white women are the minority in areas like socal, their value skyrockets and they tend to look down on Asians more. And the "exotic card" is over hyped and hyper exaggerated beyond any shadow of a doubt on the internet when reality is different, and it's not major of a factor. Generally the more mongoloids there are in an given area, the less likely women of other races are to take interest in them, and that pretty much applies to california as a whole. I have never seen an 8+ women of a non-Asian race go for or like an mongoloid ever before.

Hominid #fundie

[In response to a comment about America losing its "pervasive, indisputable Christian culture and heritage"]
So, there's our problem. It turns out god is myth and the inherently weak-minded, delusional people - the vast majority - are stuck with humanism as the replacement.

Bro. Randy #fundie

Who Is Responsible For Your Children?

Godly parents take responsibility for their children.

Just this week, I’ve read of the following events from LOCAL schools
A vicious attack of a five year-old in a school bathroom
> Four different instances where teachers sexually assaulted students
> A convicted sex-offender being allowed to chaperon an over night field trip (who knows what happened on that trip
> A physical assault on a student by a teacher
> A shooting at a local high school
> I know of one student, who attended a local high-school, who was mocked because she always dressed like a young lady
> Schools are being ordered by the Obama administration to open their bathrooms and locker rooms to anyone to accommodate the perverts.
> We know that floor plans of public schools here in the United States have been found in the middle east. Safety should be the concern of every parent, but millions of parents send their kids, like sheep to the slaughter, to school every day.
> From kindergarten, children are subtly being taught lies about the Bible (i.e., “billions of years ago,” evolution, etc.)
> From kindergarten, children are being taught that deviant behavior such as homosexuality is acceptable. In later grades, kids are taught how to perform sex acts.
> Sexual assaults by students, on students are common place.
> Children are regularly being charged and convicted of distributing child pornography among themselves.
> Physical assaults are commonplace
> Emotional bullying and abuse is commonplace.
> Parents believe their school is a good school. Good compared to what?

Children spends 35 hours per week, plus homework time, being indoctrinated into the NEA’s socialist agenda while being taught that God and the Bible are mythology for the weak-minded. Parents get their children to ball practice, prom, band practice and choral recitals, but not church activities. Then, when that dear, sweet child rejects God, the parent turns to the church asking what the church and the Pastor did wrong.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

The command to train up a child is given to the parents, not the state. God didn’t give the child to the state, God gave the parents the responsibility to train, nurture and protect the child. When a parent sends his child off to a state school, that parent is abdicating his responsibility to protect the child. When a parent places more emphasis on school activities than church activities and when the parent teaches the child to “listen to the teacher” and “learn what the teacher teaches you,” the parent shouldn’t be surprised when the child rejects God and the parent absolutely should not blame the church, the youth group or the man of God.

Mia #fundie

[AA being affirmative action]
Every single Asian I’ve met who supported AA is either not East Asian or did so out of resentment for whites, however well they try to mask it. These people support AA because their views are centered around whites. White people oppose AA, so I should support it.

Whether or not that’s morally justified is irrelevant, unless one considers equality a virtue. Which I don’t. To believe that people are equals is the whitest thing of all, ironically. My purpose is to elevate my race above others, not to be merely “equals” with non-Asians. AA is in the way of that goal.

Fading Light #conspiracy

Seriously, liberals:

I understand that you're afraid of having to earn your own way through life, and that makes you fight against what you know in your hearts, but you need to end your campaign of exploitation and genocide against my race. Destroying the lives and future of innocent White people is not the way to deal with problems. You can make an effort to carry your own weight in the world. It's not that hard to do for yourselves instead of taking from others. I believe in you, or at least that you ought to be able to try.

I know I can't save all of you because you are not strong-minded and have been influenced since childhood to be murderous and ignorant by teachers and television personalities who are as psychotic as you are, but I know there must be a few of you who realize deep in your hearts that exterminating people just because they're White is the wrong thing to do.

It's okay to admit that you have been acting out of selfishness and thoughtless obedience or your racist, Jewish masters. I really believe that at least a few of you can start thinking for yourselves at some level and stop participating in something that is so terribly unfair and vile.

It is possible for you to give up your murderous instincts and move forward as individuals. I realize that most of you have never had an original thought in your lives, and many of you probably aren't even capable of having one, but you could at least try.

There is therapeutic help available for your psychopathic tendencies like your desire to destroy the lives of White children and exterminate our race. I really believe you can be salvaged and maybe even grow to have genuine worth in this world.

I feel so sorry for you all every day, and for your severe limitations, both intellectual and physical. Honestly, it's not your fault that you're so inferior, but you shouldn't let your deficiencies turn you into genocidal psychotics.


Fading Light

John Ventre, J.Z. Knight, et al #conspiracy #racist #ufo

Imagine an alien race finally comes to Earth and this is the man they meet.


[Facebook Post: Netflix announced a new anti-white show (Dear White People) that promotes white genocide. I cancelled my account. Do the same. I don't find this funny. The last thing blacks want is for white males to organize and that's not too far away! White males are the absolute target of the gov't with illegal affirmative action which violates the 14th amendment and the supreme ct refuses to hear the case because they know it does. The media also attacks us constantly with interracial couples in every show and commercial and portraying white males as incompetent. Everything this world is was created by Europeans and Americans. F'ing blacks didn't even have a calendar, a wheel, or aa numbering system until the Brits showed up. Google serotonin by race, IQ by race and then violent crime by race and then compare that to the F'ing message the media portrays. Time to turn off the TV's.]

That’s John Ventre. He was, until recently, MUFON State Director for Pennsylvania and oversaw field investigations of the most compelling of the state’s approximately 600 annual UFO sightings. You may have seen him on History Channel's UFO Hunters or Anderson Live. Ventre wrote this on his personal Facebook page in response to a post from a popular alt-right account characterizing Netflix’s Dear White People as promoting “white genocide.” […] He further alluded to pseudoscientific race science, which has found purchase in the mainstream right, spread by prominent conservative think tank figures like Charles Murray, who wields unjustified extrapolations from existing IQ data to argue against improving living standards for the poor.

Ventre’s comments have kicked off a wave of anger and resignations across MUFON, most recently UFO researcher Dr. Chris Cogswell. Cogswell was named Director of Research for MUFON in January, but announced his resignation from the organization on Twitter in April. “When I first joined MUFON, taking on the Director of Research position, I believed this issue [with Ventre] had been dealt with,” Cogswell said. But on April 13, Cogswell learned of Ventre’s “continued role within MUFON as an active member” after Ventre emailed him about preparations for the 2018 MUFON Symposium in Cherry Hill, NJ. “Within six hours of finding out I had resigned. My internal conscience would not let me continue,” he said.

MUFON boasts nearly 4,000 members and 500 investigators across a coalition of just-the-facts data collectors, alien abductees, far-thinking engineers, conspiracy theorists, ancient alien pseudohistorians, religious visionaries and ufology enthusiasts of every possible stripe. If MUFON is successful, who would the first aliens actually meet? An organization representative of the full spectrum of human experience, or a club of aging white men?

It’s a question MUFON is currently struggling to answer, with Ventre’s post a crisis point in the organization’s ongoing evolution.


Comparing the possibility of white genocide to The Purge, Ventre professed to be unaware of the term’s origins in neo-Nazism as reference to a demographic decline white supremacist groups use to portray prejudice as self-defense, guarding the white race against multiculturalism. “I don’t hate anybody, I apologized for what I said. It was in a fit of anger, it was one time in my entire life,” Ventre said, mentioning his multiracial grandson and a black man from his gym for whom he arranged a job interview. “I’m feeling like because I’m a 60-year-old white man I’m getting totally unfairly attacked here.”

By the end of May 2017, Ventre was removed from his state directorship, but MUFON’s response didn’t stop a wave of researchers from distancing themselves. In July, board member and Washington State Director James Clarkson stepped down, citing both Ventre’s post and MUFON’s association with deep-pocketed donors like J.Z. Knight. Knight preaches to tens of thousands of followers through her Lemurian warrior persona Ramtha, a 35,000-year-old spirit who leads “spiritual drinking games” while accusing Jewish people of paying their way out of the gas chambers and disparaging Mexicans, homosexuals and “organic farmers.” Like Knight, Ventre was also a high-tier “Inner Circle” donor to MUFON.

Asked for comment after the Cogswell resignation, Clarkson told Newsweek, “There are many excellent state organizations, but money and power have corrupted the top. Same old story.”

Mike King #fundie

NY Times: Gay Marriage Case Caps Cincinnati’s Shift From Conservative Past


As the Supreme Court prepares to hear oral arguments on same-sex marriage, Cincinnati has become the measure of how far the gay rights movement has come in a traditionally conservative city.


The Anti-New York Times

In those parts of the country in which the mental and moral cancer of liberalism has yet to metastasize, the Marxists and their homosexual legions have turned to the court system to expedite the death blow to what was once conservative Christian Middle-America. And oh how Sulzberger's Slimes just luuuvs throwing these types of stories in our faces.

Emboldened by the Marxist media, the sodomite brigades have expanded the "the struggle".

The cancer can now be found anywhere and everywhere.

Playing upon the mushy sentimentality of the weak-minded, as always, The Slimes explains:

"Jim Obergefell says he “instantly pictured growing old” with John Arthur when they fell in love here in 1992. Just seven weeks after they began dating, Mr. Arthur gave Mr. Obergefell a ring set with diamonds — a sign that, in their hearts if not in law, they were married."

Two decades later, with Mr. Arthur dying of Lou Gehrig’s disease, they did marry, aboard a medical charter jet on the tarmac of an airport in Maryland — a state where, unlike Ohio, gay people could wed. When Mr. Arthur, 48, died in October 2013, Ohio refused to list Mr. Obergefell as his spouse on the death certificate. Furious, Mr. Obergefell sued."

The Homo Hissy Fits are working. One by one, even many churches are caving in, or at least 'looking the other way' to the new "tolerance". The double-standard that bars a man from "marrying" his dog, his sheep his mother, or his son can no longer be justified. There are such people who engage in these practices. Why should they be denied the "right" to fornicate and marry? As even the Pinko Pope decreed, "Who am I to judge?"

The real power behind this subversive movement lies neither within the courts nor with the foot-stomping homosexual brats. Those are just the tools. It is the usual suspects who are injecting the deadly cancer cells into every nook and cranny of the American body. Vice President Biden has confirmed:

“I believe what affects the movements in America, what affects our attitudes in America are as much the culture and the arts as anything else. I bet you 85 percent of those changes, whether it’s in Hollywood or social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders in the industry. The influence is immense, (he repeats) the influence is immense. And, I might add, it is all to the good. ” - Joe Biden

Yes, Joe. It's "all to the good". Thanks Jews!

Move over Walton Family! The "Modern Family" is the new model for a New World Order. It's all good.

Setayeh #conspiracy

The gender-biased laws against men in rapes cases prove feminism is based on hate. A Girl can make many false claims of rape against many men to destroy their lives and when she is caught, the police will not charge her.

Do some research on how the feminists have taken Harvard university under siege. No one is allowed to make statements that every intelligent being knows is true, but is against feminist ideology. This is happening at a place of higher learning where debate and free speech are crucial. Look into gender biased laws against men in family courts. Research how feminists like to alter domestic abuse studies into their favour when many studies in Canada and Europe show that men are usually the victims of abuse and girls usually use weapons to assault men. Feminism is not about equality. Feminism is in fact Marxist. How ironic and hypocritical for western nations that promote democracy to be promoting communism at the same time.

Feminists have been bombarding the media with hate propaganda for over 40 years. Male bashing has become acceptable, but if the genders were reversed, the sick feminists would be foaming at the mouth.

We also have insecure men who support feminists. Those weak-minded men are called Manginas.

JaSon #fundie

(in response to a thread about a gay teen attempting suicide)

So what?

A pervert tried to kill himself.

Am I supposed to get all weepy eyed when millions of children are being murdered?

What dose this prove other then he was mentally unstable and to weak-minded to take the insults that he himself was responsible for.

While I think those people taunting him went way overboard I feel that there behavior was better then excepting his perversion and then teasing those who know it is wrong.

And I would not have resorted to such behavior unless the pervert was around little children and I thought he was trying to recruit.

Even then I wouldn’t resort to petty name calling I would use brute force to stop him from spreading his perversion and ruining another life.

By the way a fag is literally a bundle of hot and fast burning sticks.

Mike King #racist

Under the ruinous reign of the sodomite couple of Mr. and Mr. Obongo, the Jewish-inspired War on Whites had reached levels of political assertiveness never before seen nor imagined. There were the insults of "White people" which were openly uttered by the deviant duo; the visits to the White House by members of the New Black Panther Party and Black Lives Matter domestic terror groups; the erection of the 30-feet tall statue of Marxist Loser King in Washington DC; the incitement of violence against "racist" TM local police departments; the exalting of the Irreverend Al Charlatan to unofficial adviser-to-the-President status; the public abolition of the Confederate flag throughout much of the South; the announced 2020 replacement of the great Andrew Jackson with a head-shot of Aunt Jemima, er, Harriet Tubman for the $20 bill; and the popularization of the ridiculous new term, "White privilege" TM.

The Marxist War on Whites had never been out in the open like it is now.

Now comes word of the latest in-your-face insult to the good and gentle White people of Dixie -- a monument to the rapists and murderers who were lynched during the days when men were men. We know, we know -- they were all just innocent Black lads who "dindu nuffin" more than get caught innocently, momentarily and furtively glancing at some pretty White girl from a mile away (rolling eyes sarcastically).

Were there some isolated cases of vigilante justice gone awry -- in which an innocent man may have been lynched? It's quite possible. But let's cut the commie crap and tell the whole truth about the lynch mobs which acted between the post-Civil War period and say, 1930. The 4,000 or so deserving recipients of the rope - about 20% of whom were White - got what was coming to them. As a matter of fact, there were also cases of righteous Black mobs lynching Black criminals! (here)

Of course, don't expect the Marxist agitators or their Black front-men behind the Equal Justice Initiative to divulge these historical contexual truths. No, the weak-minded, teary-eyed suckers who will flock to this upcoming eye-sore will be told how 4,000 "dindu nuffins" were killed by big bad White "racists" TM with names like Bubba, Jethro and Billy Bob. That ought to do wonders for "race relations" TM in America!

“Our goal isn’t to be divisive,” says Bryan Stevenson, the director of the Equal Justice Initiative. “Our goal is just to get people to confront the truth of our past with some more courage.” ---- "Not divisive," eh Bryan? Yeah, sure.

Bryan Stevenson (above) intends to peddle a false version of Southern history -- one that contradicts what was accurately portrayed in the classic silent film, Birth of a Nation. Many White women were indeed raped and even murdered. The culprits (be they Black or White) were then lynched by angry mobs of men with balls.

Project Director Stevenson has more communist credentials that you can shake a hammer & sickle at. He is described as a "human rights" TM lawyer, a "social justice" TM activist, a professor at NYU, and a recipient of awards from the Globalist Carnegie and MacArthur foundations. In regard to his race-baiting monument to mendacity, we don't have to read much further to discover who else is buttering Mr. Stevenson's cornbread.

From the article:

"The museum and memorial project, for which Mr. Stevenson said he had raised about 40 percent of a projected $20 million, is the latest and most ambitious undertaking in a continuing effort by Mr. Stevenson to change public awareness of the nation’s racial history. Contributors to the project include the Ford Foundation and Google."

A $20 million dollar super structure to honor rapists and murderers? Wow! With cash from the Ford Foundation and Google, eh Stevenson? Goodness gracious. It doesn't get any more New World Orderish than that. Ah, show us the shekels Lyin' Bryan, show us the shekels.

Let's all gang up on the dispossessed White Boys of America!

Ford Foundation's Black President Darren Walker, Google's Indian CEO Sundar Pichai, and Google's Jewish co-founder Sergei Brin are among the big backers behind the anti-White obscenity which will be built in Alabama.

From the article:

"The memorial will be contain a four-sided gallery of 801 suspended six-foot columns, representing a county where a lynching took place and etched with the name of the person or people lynched."

Need we ask if any of the names of the raped and the murdered will be etched anywhere near the memorial? And speaking of raped and murdered -- we can only guess at how many innocent White people will, over the course of time, be attacked by some of the excitable and inciteable "dindu nuffins" who will surely be dragged to this incendiary monument as part of school field trips. Pour enough hatred into a young man's head and heart, and soon enough he will act upon it. That's the plan, and Stevenson and his bosses bloody damn well know it -- as do the seditious scribblers at Sulzberger's Slimes.

Dear God --- make this evil madness stop already, make it stop.

The sadistic rapist-murderer Leo Frank (cough cough) will no doubt be listed among the phony martyrs of the new monument. In 1913, Frank raped, battered and strangled 13-year old Mary Phagan. When certain interests (cough cough) managed to intervene and spare him from the death penalty, the men of Atlanta stormed the prison and lynched low-life Leo from a tree in 1915. His death inspired the establishment of the Jewish ADL (Anti-Defamation League) -- which has always maintained, quite ironically, that the real culprit was a Black man.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in The New York Times today about a large monument that is going to be built in Alabama. It will memorialize all the innocent Black victims of lynching.

Boobus Americanus 2: I'd like to see that when it is completed. It's important for the South to finally own up to its past.

Sugar: "Rape!!! Rape!!!"

Editor: Sugar, stop being a clown and focus on your commentary, please.

Hulka #racist

I swear, last evening as I rode the DC Metro underground home after a long day, I could not believe the riff-raff crowding the Metro cars and station. Amazing, a bunch of back-pack wearing 20-something year-olds, none in a suit or clean clothes, singing and clapping and chanting and dancing. . .”Obama, Obama, Obama. . .” Bleated over and over again. And these people have the right to vote? I travel quite a lot, and a substantial portion of my travels include Africa (sub_saharan and South Africa).

I truly witnessed African tribal behavior on the Metro, the dancing and chanting, and all that was missing were the AK-47’s and shots being fired into the air.

They are unwashed, obviously weak-minded and swayed by a personality cult. They are NOT thinkers. They are not men. They are unthinking children following the most colorful ribbon and glitter-stone.

It is a sad thing to observe, as these Obama-bots worship the man, not his ideas (what are those?), and they whole-heartedly voted him into office?

This is not good for the US.

When President Regan was elected, the jubilation was not for the man, per se, but for his ideas, ideas that extolled the virtues of this Great Nation and championed the American people and cause.

The Big O, The Messiah, The Chosen One, is worshiped not for his ideas—what are they anyway—but because, well. . . just because.

I am truly for the first time, concerned for the future of the states.

mrrodriguez44 #sexist #wingnut

“Atheism is the root cause of inceldom”

Think about it: when Christianity was prevalent in society, there were less men and women cheating on each other (as opposed to the current dating market) and those who did (mainly foids) were ostracised and lost all respect, (not to mention the belief in sin).

Nowadays, there are no consequences for cheating since most westerners choose atheism over religion, meaning foids can cheat and fuck as many guys as they want with no consequence (e.g. being seen as immoral, loss of reputation, belief in damnation to hell ect.) - but it also constitutes the notion that they are encouraged to fuck as many guys as possible in the current dating market based on their hypergamous instinct. (Ik about Asia, more specifically China, Japan ect. but a growth in ricecels over there is mostly bc of the western invasion that seems to be taking place, were women are being exposed to non-Asian males who they deem far better than their male counterparts obviously, same goes to curries to an extent)

But with the way it’s going I don’t see a resurgence in Christianity, especially in Incel groups since most of us here are divided on it. Though it does serve as a good cope ngl

SteelersRock #fundie

''a "non-Asian" person is just as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, whatever as someone whose family has been in the country for hundreds, if not thousands of years''....This is too cute. Typical white lieberal leftist ideology.

Just ignore them. A white person becoming Chinese is like me turning Zulu the next day. Just doesn't happen.

American = nationality, which means anyone with a piece of paper can be American. Its what most white Americans believe their country to be and they are proud of diversity.

Ariana Miyamoto is NOT Japanese. She's African American or most importantly American. She also spent some of her schooling years in the US so the myth of her being accustomed to Japan 100% is a lie.

Lou Jing isn't Chinese either. She doesn't even look Chinese (East Asian mongoloid). If you don't look Chinese, u ain't Chinese. If you are not one of the 55 recognized minorities you ain't Chinese. Foreign barbarians (except other Asians) = not Chinese.

BTW, Asian-Asian is not CCR. If a Chinese national is dating a Korean or some other mongoloid Asia nationality, thats it NOT CCR to me. So, Taiwanese men with SEA wives is not CCR.

The white crackas need to shut up.

Incel Wiki #sexist



Beckys are a variant of femoids directly subordinate to Stacies in terms of looks and social status. Despite their lower position on the social totem pole, they will nonetheless pursue the top 20% of males while ignoring their looksmatches. This sexual jockeying often puts them at odds with both each other as well as with Stacies. Although they will gleefully fuck Chad, Beckys will often end up settling for Brad or a high-tier normie when she begins to approach The Wall.

theradicalson #fundie

All through the Bible, the female is depicted as being the weaker sex, and even proves true today, weak-minded, unable to accept responsibility for their own bodies when it comes to sex, even when it comes to saving the life of another human being. Can't believe you've strayed so far from the Bible that now you even question it.

Colonel-Knight-Rider #fundie #wingnut #dunning-kruger

{Submitter‘s note: Have you wondered what Colonel-Knight-Rider has been up to lately? Well, here‘s the gist: He‘s been harrassing a fellow DA user. There followed an attempt at apology. (Archived link)
That didn‘t last long.
Here (archived) and here (archived) is some interesting stuff but the real meat is here: (archived) which I quote from, bolding original, redacted the name of the OP:}

Ok you know what screw this where is that gun *grabs a revolver and takes one bullet and places in the revolver and spins the cylinder*

I'm just gonna come out and say it since no one else is brave enough to do so.

You, [REDACTED], are single-handedly the stupidest man on the entire planet.

Your right when you said I'm the most stupidest man on the entire planet I guess I am stupid

"Most stupidest?" Really? Was that intentional or accidental?

Yes, you are. And you know why you're dumb, [REDACTED]? Because you keep whining and moaning and complaining like, "I WANNA KILL MYSEEEEEELLFFF WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH POOR MEEEEE!!!! HAVE SYMPATHY FOR ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!!!" But you never do! It makes me wonder if these suicidal thoughts are even real.

I've told you once. I've told you twice. I've told you a thousand, thousand, THOUSAND TIMES that constantly complaining about how you're going to kill yourself and how much you hate yourself and your life does not attract people to your gallery. Have you noticed that no one is commenting on these suicidal status updates to show you sympathy anymore? That's because they've had it with seeing your same stupid shtick of round-the-clock raging about people you hate and whining about wanting to die so much every time they visit your page. So, go see a therapist, go talk to God, go talk to family, or go talk to a friend or a trusted coworker OFF THE COMPUTER because you need an attitude change. *Grabs you by the front of your shirt and pulls you up to his nose.* DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME??? DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR, YOU IGNORANT, UNGRATEFUL, WEAK-MINDED MOONBAT??????

Ok jeez

"Ok jeez" isn't gonna work this time, son. That usually means, "Okay, I'll do it, and then I'll forget about it the next day and do my same shtick again." Listen: I've been on this site longer than you have, so I know what it takes to bring people into my gallery: putting on a HAPPY FACE.

Now, I need you to show me some respect when I say that you need an attitude change. From now on, when I give you an order, I expect you to say, "Yes, sir." After that, I want you to follow up on that order. Any breaks from that order will result in disciplinary action. Do you understand?

moggables #sexist #crackpot #ableism

A parent who doesn't put their kids on HGH from a very young age is just as bad as an anti-vaxxer

One reason why the bluepill is bad is because it breeds a very harmful ignorance that allows parents to neglect their son's looks. There are probably a lot of men here who would be high-tier normie/Chadlite had their parents decided to do everything in their power to make their son looksmax from an early age. But they didn't, and puberty passed, and now you're stuck with whatever subhuman genes your mother gave you.

But society still wants to turn away from any looks-based theory because it doesn't sound as nice as some Disney-faggot Just World, where if you just believe and have le good personality, inkwell, you'll be happy. And future parents see that shit and then use it to justify their lazy neglect when it comes to their sons' looks.

Shadow Drone #racist

The United States of America is a country infested with cultural degeneracy, full of vulgar, subversive, corrupt, very unintelligent and destructive politicians, it struggles greatly to distance itself from serious global problems and seems to exacerbate them much of the time, it is overrun with vile globalists and their allies (Hello George Soros and his funded cronies), flooded with poorly informed, emotionally immature, arrogant and weak-minded people (the types seen on Mark Dice's petition videos) and suffers serious and persistent appalling occurrences enabled by ethnic heterogeneity. Its constitution promotes heterogeneity and its controlled media and politicians promote heterogeneity and/or decadence to the gullible masses for their own damaging agendas.
One could be forgiven for believing that the USA is inherently unviable, doomed to become a sinkhole of misery, savagery and moral pestilence. Racial preservation and anti-Muslim immigration policies are very difficult to pass there due to its widespread immature and bleeding heart mentality, constitution and infernal political system.

Its only redeeming qualities are its progressive laws on freedom of expression, provision of advanced equipment for Western militaries and the rather high level of general physical attractiveness of their "white" women (partly thanks to our racial subgroup's genes).

Jehane #fundie

the hypocrisy of the fascist liberals is indicative of their cowardice and impotence. they most often choose to ignore the facts, and will do anything to perpetuate their delusions, as they lack the courage and fortitude to simply deal with the unpleasant reality. when confronted with incontravertable evidence of their error, these weak-minded individuals immediately launch into a vicious attack on whomever has exposed that error. when they fail to refute the obvious truths which normal people can see as such, they will become hysterical, resorting to vulgarity and childish name-calling, and when they fail to silence their opponents it is not uncommon for them to become violent. it demonstrates the hollowness of their arguments, and a basic flaw in their character. they are arrogant, selfish, and spoiled, as has already been well established.

Phil Elmore #fundie

The latest deviancy they're trying to mainstream

Exclusive: Phil Elmore sees 'furry' perversion as next crack in society's foundation

Emily Gaudette, writing for Inverse, said it best early last month: “When Disney released an explanatory teaser for 2016’s ‘Zootopia,’ one could almost hear the sound of a billion DeviantArt accounts whirring to life. … The film’s teaser alone reads like an explanation of the furry manifesto: that anthropomorphized animals can be sexualized and identified with as easily as humans. … Could it be a coincidence that Disney chose a fox protagonist for its first fully anthro feature, considering foxes are arguably the most popular ‘fursona’ cited by furries? Many furries name the hero of Disney’s animated Robin Hood, also a fox, when recalling their first sexual feelings for anthropomorphized animals.”

Wait, what? Yes, you read that correctly: Disney’s new film, “Zootopia,” is arguably an attempt to mainstream “furry” sexuality – the practice of dressing up in fuzzy animal mascot costumes in order to engage in one’s perverted, prurient practices. This column has profiled the intersection between “furry” perversion and left-wing politics before. Already, the “otherkin” movement, in which various losers redefine themselves in terms of the animals and fantasy characters with which they “identify,” are posting lists of their preferred pronouns on their self-absorbed blogs. That’s where it starts. The more society in general becomes aware of this movement, the more it will creep into the mainstream of popular culture. Once lodged there, it will be impossible to root out, and society will be that much weaker for it.

When the debate over Obamacare produced the “Pajama Boy” meme, right-thinking people reacted in horror at the emasculation this imagery represented. It juvenilized young adults in a way that any real grownup would find repugnant. That is, after all, what the push toward societal acceptance – be it for furries, “otherkin,” “bronies,” transgenders, or some other sexually delusional perversion – is all about. If masculinity is the fuel on which society runs, on which innovation occurs, on which industries are built and on which wars are fought to protect a free people, then feminism, liberalism, furries, bronies, transgenders and the Star Wars cantina of progressive freaks with body image issues and self-esteem deficits is the sugar in society’s gas tank. Progressives hate themselves, so they invent new sexual personas and new deviancies to keep themselves entertained. Liberals hate families and decency, so they champion sexual perversion and child molestation while holding it up as viable “other” sexuality. Can there really be any doubt that the majority of “furries” are likely pedophiles?

As social media is used to promulgate countless delusional, perverted indulgences, society suffers. By embracing “furries” and other perverts, we are producing a population of incapable, weak-minded children. As our culture sags under the weight of these useless Pajama Boys and Pajama Girls, it is no wonder, then, that our foundations are beginning to show serious cracks. The mainstreaming of “furries” is the furthering of liberal destruction of society. It presages the extinction of the rational, responsible adults who once formed the backbone of our nation. This destruction started on social media, and it is there that this battle was, is and will be fought.

tubewatch59 #fundie

Atheistic Design Deniers (ADD) are kind of like a tribe that finds cars in the jungle, but has never seen, and refuses to accept that cars are built in a factory. They might say that the "science demands" that we accept the "fact" that cars evolved from pigs. Only the weak-minded believe in a car company because they read it in a manual. Their ancestors wrote that manual to enslave our tribe to belief in the skygods! Are we that much more advanced?

DarthDva #sexist #transphobia

RE: “Just Take Hormones, Cis”

There is actually a transgender equivalent to “Just take a shower, clean your room, get a haircut, and hit the gym, bro”. Many people both within and outside the transgender community think hormones will allow most people to pass.

This is not true. I’ve had both a gender therapist and a doctor who treats transgender patients tell me it’s not true. I’ve also heard from non-passing transwomen who have been on hormones.

I will post more about that later, but first I want to give an example of a cisgender male who “passes” much better than many transwomen who have been on hormones for a period of time.

Most mtf that pass were either pretty boys or chads or high-tier normies to begin with. If you are incel with less than the best genes its over, u will not be able to live a happy life as a man or woman.

Feminization turns many males into ultra-woke anti-male feminist SJWs who are sex-negative asexuals. They are not really asexuals because like most feminist, they dress slutty to entice, but then shame males for lusting, which is super-toxic.

If we could have trans that don’t instantly reject males, utopia might be achieved.

This is from a non-passing trans woman who received a lot of comments from passing trans women that are similar to the “suggestions” male incels get (dress nice, get a haircut, go to the gym, act confident). I’m not discounting the importance of looksmaxing (for incels and trans women), but it only goes so far.

The questions I would get when I used to go to online trans communities for help with my struggling transition ranged from: "Are you sure your levels (hormonally) are where they should be?" to "You're not dressing right/wearing enough jewelry/giving enough female signals/wearing makeup//walking/talking/burping like a woman would." These people are writing off of their own experiences and their's alone, not anyone else's. So what you get is a bunch of passing trans woman telling others how it is. That sucks.

I've been on testosterone blockers and female hormones for years. I get my levels checked by the same hospital that prescribes these medications on a regular basis. They almost always come up in normal cis female" ranges according to my doctor. In my first few years I wore everything from eyeshadow, a foundation/concealer cocktail and lip gloss nearly everywhere I went, to skirts and leggings with a top that clearly showed "YO I have tits now, CALL ME A GIRL." Thing is, a lot of these approaches to presentation caused more problems than solutions.

the trans community is toxic. Most are sjws that get triggered if u post trump memes even as a joke. For instance saying things like “fake news” is off limits, even if u didn’t vote for trump. The estrogen makes them neurotic and hypersensitive to any type of criticism.

Also the idea i head of trans was easy mtfs like traps. Now the word trap is of-flimits too by the word-warriors. And expressing the idea trans should be fuckable instead of pent up sex-negative feminists is taboo to say too. The idea that transwomen are an easier alternative to dating cis females is pretty much a failure.

kingjameswriter1965 #fundie

•The Earth is flat, surrounded by ice, topped with a dome, and the sun and moon go around parallel to the earth. Neither is the sun nor the moon a sphere.

•There are stars but no outer space. Aliens are demons from inner space, not extraterrestrials from outer space.

•Every rocket or shuttle launch travels up to about 80,000 feet then levels off and ditches into the ocean, and a carefully crafted, identical prop shows up for the news cameras.

•Mankind has never gone to the moon, let alone walked on it. The “moon landings” were all staged events in movie studios. Both the sun and the moon were created by God to be light sources to the Earth, nothing more.

•Evolution as taught in the schools is a religious farce, a cruel joke, an outright blasphemous lie from those who hate God and the truth of God’s holy Word.

•All of the history books are full of brainwashing propaganda instead of proven facts.

•In 1963-’64, the public schools kicked God, the Bible and prayer out of children’s lives, satisfying the wicked pride of certain parents and plunging our future into spiritual darkness.

•The public school system has been teaching lies ever since, letting students’ grades slip but allowing them to graduate anyway. Hard work is avoided and shunned. Students are told that they are good even when they are bad, and vice versa. Teachers no longer teach, they indoctrinate.

•Nonsense like CERN, pandemics, and false flag events like 911 are designed by satanic fearmongers to subdue and submit those who are blind to the Truth of God’s Word and the truth of our own senses.

•Big Brother-type surveillance cameras are everywhere. We are being carefully watched, with facial and retinal scans becoming more commonplace, especially at the borders of our country. Personal privacy, like our God-given morals, is now a thing of the past.

•Jobs are being relocated overseas, which is why it’s so difficult to find a job here in the “Untied States.”

•McDonald’s, Walmart, and other major stores and restaurants are in bed with and working for the elite.

•The economy is imploding and the stock markets often show signs of plummeting. A cashless society is imminent.

•There are miles of underground tunnels and cities for the wealthy and powerful of society. They believe they will survive the onslaught of death to 90% of all humankind as inscripted on the Georgia Guidestones.

•People in general do not work in the Biblical sense, they have a job but take it for granted, or they merely survive on government welfare and are considered by some to be parasites to the failing economy.

•That many, if not all, of our leaders of this country have been/are Freemasons, even the ones who claim(ed) to be Christians.

•The superabundance of lies upon lies from the newsmedia, the entertainment industry, and Hollywood. Real truth, worldwise, is outlawed as lies and ignored.

•There is a handful of powerful elite (Illuminati, the “enlightened ones”) controlling the world and everything in it who are in alliance and directly under Satan, the god of this world, the prince of the power of the air.

•The in-your-face symbolism, such as the devil-horns, the six-six-six, the one hand covering one eye, the pyramid, etc., of allegiance to Satan from the entertainment industry, the newsmedia, government leaders, world bankers, and powerful heads of royalty.

•The sharp rise in wickedness and fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

•I am determined more than ever to be a witness to the lost, to lead folks to Jesus Christ, the only Way to Heaven.

•I am determined more than ever to promote and live by the 1611 Authorized Version King James Bible.

•I am determined more than ever to attend and support my home church in every way God gives to me.

•Other bible versions, though easier to read, lack the spiritual power and authority of the KJB to convict hearts and save souls.

•World religionism cannot and will not allow true Biblical Christianity.

•Jesus Christ is blasphemously downplayed as weak and powerless, instead of the Omnipotent King of kings and Lord of lords that the Bible says He is. God is not “the man upstairs,” He is the Creator of all things, and your very life is in His hands.

•The signs of Antichrist’s impending arrival are part of every broadcast and are swallowed up by weak-minded people (sheeple).

•The “chip” (the mark of the Beast) is encouraged and thought of as “cool,” and will soon be mandatory.

•I realize that I may be and am persecuted for my faith.

Earl P. Holt III #fundie

[From "More Victims of the Jews Media"]

We at the CofCC are anything but surprised by the sniper attack on innocent Republicans in Washington by a terrorist supporter of Jewish Socialist, Bernie Sanders.

As it has done for 50 years, the Corrupt Leftist Media and its Jewish-Bolshevik owners have cultivated an atmosphere of lies, slander, disinformation and fear by vilifying anything Republican, conservative, patriotic or nationalistic.

Since the election of Donald Trump, the Jews’ Media and its allies in the New Marxist Party (wrongly referred to as “Democrats,”) have crafted such a poisonous atmosphere, that weak-minded individuals — stupid enough to listen to Jews’ Media lies — have often been inspired to commit such violent acts.

This is a tactic they have used many times, and one they intentionally used against President Ronald Reagan in 1981, in a hauntingly similar attempt to undermine a Republican President’s electoral success, just as they now try to badger and beleaguer Trump.

The Corrupt Leftist Media created such a poisonous atmosphere of lies, that they were able to inspire John Hinckley to attempt to assassinate President Reagan immediately after Reagan had won 49 states in the greatest electoral landslide in U.S. history.

Bolshevik Jews and their minions in the Corrupt Leftist Media have labored for 75 years to convert the U.S. into a socialist nation, and bring it into the orbit of international socialism and one-world government, run by classy folks like themselves.

They had never been as close to their ultimate goal as they were following eight years of Barack Hussein Obama, a communist, pathological liar, Muslim traitor, and likely homosexual.

The venomous efforts of the Jews’ Media — and the rest of the Corrupt Leftist Media — is simply a matter of anger and frustration over their socialist dreams being interrupted by the election of Trump. This is why they have worked so hard to slander and lie about practically every aspect of the 2016 Presidential Election, along with anything else that might further their perverse agenda.

Today, they acquired more victims, which they can add to a long list. This list includes the thousands of conservative, “Alt- Right,” nationalistic, or patriotic individuals assaulted by communist street trash for exercising their First Amendment Rights over the last decade or so.

Every such incident of violence was inspired by the lies of the Jews’ Media, the latter’s stock-in-trade.

Pilleater #sexist

I love the Patriarchy!

Yeah, you heard it, “I love the patriarchy!” Call me a sexist, even some intersectional crypto-racist, but I don’t just love a single cis-patriarchy. No! I love the Asian-Aryan patriarchy!

I love it when white guys romantically get with the quiet Asian girl and I like it when Sexpat Loser post some AMWF stuff on my Twitter and fails to piss me off.

Am I some kind of cuck? No, I’m not. I like it when white girls act like anime character or develop an Asian personality. And I like nerdy Asian guys who play Starcraft and make the most crudest jokes ever. I feel like I belong with these people. It’s a culture no one really wants to talk about. Yet, some of those artsy-farsy people use to read Giant Robot magazine and now hang out by the dozen at a Mitski show. It makes me feel I am in the same room with my brothers and sisters.

I’m a bicultural person. I’m not a multicultural person at all. I will listen to trap music with my Asian girlfriend and act hood sometimes, okay, I can take that from black people. Does it make me “diverse?” No, not really, I have my boundaries, and I choose to be with whites and Asians.

I love the biracial Asian-Aryan patriarchy! It does so much wonders!

White guys need to dump the type of white girls that act like Lena Dunham from Mean Girls, and get with the homely Asian girl that appreciates his time. Asian guys need to start reading Yukio Mishima and show white girls a post-Asian-American future away from toxic feminism. I’m such a nice guy, there could even be a yaoi mannerbund between white and Asian guys. Call it gay, but I think that is progressive. A real patriarchy!

And for the girls? Let the Asian girls teach the white girls makeup tips on the train and let the white girls teach them how to be more Western.

I’m such a nice guy, I allow weebs to be self-determine if they want too, and it’s okay for me if Crazy Rich Asian girls want to move to Vancouver and have their Asian culture “whitewashed.” I think all parties can agree they are in it for Asian-Aryanism.

Asian-Aryanism is not only a collective, a community, and a future race. It’s also a spirit. Just like the “American spirit.” Anybody can be an American if they pledge allegiance to the country, right? I don’t want to kill the white or Asian races. I am giving a certain niche of people a space for them to grow. Asian-Aryanism supports big entryism, and any white or Asian can come into the community at anytime.

Asian-Aryanism is the best place to be a true hapa or Eurasian (whatever you want to be called). Both whites and Asians can agree upon having a Eurasian lover. A Eurasian person has two identities. While at the time, everyone, White, Asian and Eurasian, is for an Asian-Aryan identity.

…You know, Charles Murray who co-wrote The Bell Curve had an Asian wife? His theories about “the cognitive elite” is right. The high IQ elite will be Asian-Aryan.

It’s okay if you want to be called either “white” or “Asian.” I can agree, “Asian-Aryanism” is a low-brow term. …But it makes sense, yes?

If you are “white,” or even change your mind and say your “Asian,” just like Roaming Millennial, aren’t you both? Everyone faces challenges when they try and look for a third position.

So be it, you can have your Eurasian daughters and support the new white race. But again, there are opponents out there who are bigoted SJWs and egalitarian fanatics. That is not an Asian-Aryan value.

But I know you will be an Asian-Aryan too, that is, if you love the patriarchy in your own way.

…I love the patriarchy. It’s what is going to create this new movement. Those nerdy, STEM white guys are going to have Eurasian kids and the next generation will be the ones open to Asain-Aryan culture. Its a matter of time before their kids try to considered themselves to be “Asian,” and then they will reproduce with another white or Asian… or Asian-Aryan! I’m just waiting for the Asian-American guys to stand up and be vocal about being Asian-Aryan too.

And some Asian girls are now proud to be white too. It’s all coming together!

WhiteUSA #racist

The analysis of racial quality of East Asians would be incomplete without addressing their very strange physical appearance

It turns out that the epicanthic fold that gives Asians their trademark mongoloid look, as undesirable as it is, is not the most embarrassing aspect of their phenotype. Much more problematic is their anatomy.

East Asian populations have two striking features:

#1 The line separating males and females is blurred because Asian males have feminine features.

#2 Asian men look like children and have child-like physiological features.

For example, apocrine sweat glands of male adults are underdeveloped, as is the case with babies, due to Asian-specific dysfunctional gene.

Mongoloid men have hardly any body hair or facial hair, the quintessential attributes of masculinity. Their sexual development is retarded.

East Asian women have boyish look and subdued attributes of femininity.

Westerners often fantasize that Japanese females as some feminine, submissive geishas with snow-white skin

But the sobering reality is that Japanese women, stripped of a thick layer of white powder, are androgynous, annoying and grotesque, just like Yoko Ono

Have the twin problems plaguing Asians: (1) adults who look like children and (2) men who look like women, been addressed in literature?

Yes, East Asians have troubling anatomical features because they suffer from neoteny.

Is neoteny, or stunted development unique to East Asians?

No, it is observed among Amerindians and mestizos as well, due to their genetic proximity to East Asians.

That is why mestizos have hardly any body hair and often little facial hair, giving them their trademark feminine look.

We conclude:

East Asians, Amerinidians and mestizos are not only intellectually, culturally and aesthetically inferior compared to the white race, but also profoundly neotenized, paedomorphic subsets of humanity.

nick-forster #racist

Asian fetish propagated by Jews has charmed Whites. Sorry, but Asians are the vilest race to have crawled on the face of the Earth. They are ruthless social climbers who just initially seems benign, harmless and invisible. But shows their true colour once they cross a critical mass. Vancouver is a typical example. Mass immigration have left Vancouver unrecognisable. And these Chinks bring their entire Asian village from their cesspit homeland.
Asian gene is so strong that White-Chink biracial babies completely take Asian facial features. That ugly moon-like round face, massive cheek-bones, alien like slit eyes, wide nose, smudged in face. Their women chase White men till death. And these White simpletons (mostly Beta guys) fall prey to the carefully planted media propaganda that Asians are new definition of feminine beauty. Their smaller frame and low bone ossification retains a stick like girlie structure, which provides sexual kick for many men. But their face are really the ugliest thing possible.

Even Latina, Arab, Persian and North Indian women look lot more attractive than these androgynous Chink gooks. Drive these vermins out ASAP.

Revealman #racist

the more neotenous a race, the more intelligent and higher cranial capacity and neuroplasticity

Northeast Asia has the most neotenized societies in the world. They have very high standard of living, relatively peaceful, and also high in human rights index as well as education, sciences, and mathematics. This has something to do with neoteny, though I’m not really sure. That’s why they lead the world in technology (Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Hyundai, etc.) and IQ tests (average Japanese IQ is 105, Hong Kong Chinese IQ is 107, the highest in the world, South Korean IQ is 106, Taiwan 104, Singapore 103, China 100[17]). Japan is one of the safest countries in the world, with two cities, Tokyo and Osaka, placed 1st and 3rd in Business Insider’s top 20 safest cities in the world.[18] Also included safest cities/states are Singapore (2nd), Hong Kong (11th), and Taipei (13th)[18], all found in the same region, except Singapore, which is in Southeast Asia, but with large Chinese ethnicity. (NE Asia has high human development index with the exception of China PR and North Korea)

Outside Northeast Asia, the most neotenized people are of Northern European (Nordic, Celtic, Germanic) origin. Though they are not as neotenous as East Asians, Nordics do have neotenous features like blond hair and blue eyes (also red hair and green, hazel, and gray eyes), which is absent in the rest of the world population. And comparing them along with redheads and brunette Northern Europeans, they look more baby face than Mediterraneans (Southern European), who look a lot more mature. (Among Caucasoids, their infants are lighter than the adults, Northern Europeans retained their youthful features in adulthood)

Northern Europeans have also psychological neoteny. This is apparent by their individualistic notion of self (I am independent of my own thinking), which is absent in other races even Asians, having very high affective empathy[19], which is a very neotenic trait, and delayed marriage (prolonged childhood) and childbearing pattern. These traits are very helpful in establishing human rights and dignity of labor, principles found only in NW Europe. Maybe these factors made Northern Europe the most prosperous region in the world (renaissance, reformation, enlightenment, industrial revolution, etc. these novel ideas are products of extreme creativity that defies societal norms commonly found in people with ADHD and autism spectrum).

thus the more archaic = more primitive = lower IQ

East Asians and Whites have shorter jaws, gracile faces and big cranium. A shorter jaw means more neoteny. Africans have large protruding jaws = less neoteny

ChosunHwarang #racist

Pre-segregation and pre-civil rights was better for black people, and kept their families together.

I don't understand why this offends you so much. I think this is just common sense when you look at how the economic levels of African-Americans has gone down over the past half century. I said exactly the same thing about Asian-Americans in other posts and most people agreed. In my post about Sessue Hayakawa, I explained that the Asian-American community was better off in the 30s, 40s, and 50s because Asian-Americans mostly married each other and AMWF marriages actually outnumbered the reverse, Asian-Americans stayed true to their cultural values and weren't whitewashed, Asian men had a much fairer shot in Hollywood to get decent roles, and Asian women weren't hypersexualized and sexually assaulted at a disproportionate rate. So to me, it's just common sense that minority communities in America have gone backwards over the last half century.

I didn't say it was a Jewish conspiracy just that it was social engineering by Jewish activists like Perry Nussbaum, Ira Sanders, Jacob Rothschild, Julius Rosenwald, and Bernie Sanders who were the leading voices for integration.

Konon #sexist #racist

RE: [JFL] Cringiest debate I've seen, man attempts to refute the racepill and blackpill

>Asian women are the most loyal"

In the first 1 month of knowing them sure.

>"Asian men are slaying"

They literally slay the least of all races according to any statistic.

>"Women prefer foreigners over white men"

Giga cope, proven to be false. Everyone wants white dick.

>"Women love their autistic babies"

Maybe. But rat females also love their babies so what's your point?

>"Women tend to choose culture over primitive instinct"

Daily reminder your own mom will sleep with your bully if she ever saw him

>"Women prefer men who can't take care of themselves"

Won't even comment on that.

>"Looks don't matter in this day and age"

They matter the most right now for multiple reasons and if you are not attractive enough don't even think of trying. Most norms would realise this within this decade.

BabyFuck McGirlsex #sexist #crackpot #dunning-kruger

[JFL] "Female Orgasm" is the reason why you're an incel

By Professor B. McGirlsex, PhD in INCELDOM (Cambridge, UK), M.B.B.S (Kings College, London, UK), BSc (Hons) (APNP)

The female orgasm is the most useless thing on the face of this earth - there is no reason for it to even exist.

* No reproductive function
* No anatomical function

Female orgasm is an evolutionary quirk and is just as useless as

* male nipples
* The appendix
* The tooth fairy
* Females in scientific fields

Foids want to LARP as men, the gender who can have an orgasm every single time they fuck.

Men can fuck a foid, fuck a fleshlight, fuck a mouth, fuck a palm(handjob) e.t.c and they cum every single time!

Meanwhile a foid can have sex for 10 years but not experience even a single orgasm. If nature wanted foids to cum it'll have made it easy for foids to orgasm - but no, its extremely difficult or even impossible for foids to reach "orgasm".

* Scientifically speaking - the only sure way for foids to orgasm is by getting brutally and savagely raped

Fuck these foid cunts - when they cant orgasm they blame men yet its their flawed biology to blame + they shouldnt be cuming in the first place!

Why the mythical non-existant foid orgasm is the reason why you are rotting in Inceldom

* The reason why foids forsake their biological imperative of mating with their looksmatch is because they chase useless things like "foid orgasm". In their warped minds goodlooking = chad = good sex = foid orgasm & ugly = incel = bad sex = no orgasm
* Countless studies and experiments and also a huge wealth of anecdotal evidence have shown that foids are ruthlessly selfish and self serving animals and only care about their pleasures - which is why they dont care that they are perpetuating inceldom at an ungodly rate and would rather chase after "orgasms" than settle for their looksmatch
* The Dogpill exists purely becase of the foids unnecessary need for orgasm. Thats why they choose a canine animal with a grotesque dick to fuck because it takes a lot to get a foid to orgasm. Dogpill almost accurately mimics and simulates rape which is why foids love the dog pill so much. The wild uncoordinated primal thrusts of a dog penis closely resembles those of a rapist thats why the dogpill is soooo appealing. In this futile search for orgasm foids bypass and over look a large number of males who inturn become incels.
* The cock carousel is very appealing to foids because they are forever chasing the elusive foid orgasm. They waste their youth and virginity whilst chasing muh orgasms and they disenfranchise their looksmatchs whilst in this trivial pursuit. These disenfranchised men become incels.

Some incels #sexist

Re: [RACEPILL] 95% of the sperm donors in Brazil are blond - blue eyed Whites which make up only roughly 2% of the national Population, so much for "Wamen Arent racist111!!!"


the nazis were never defeated
their movement lives on through modern women

Hitler only appealed to women, what a feminist

Noodlewhores are the biggest white supremacists

Studies have found that women are more selective when it comes to race. Women are inherently more racist than men. IT won’t touch this

Meanwhile even racist alt right guys will breed with the lowest tier of asian women in Thailand, even backstreet hookers with anal warts. This is the difference between Male racism and female racism. The former is mostly just internet trolling, the latter is real.

All women are white supremacist as soon as they learn about history.

I'm pretty sure it's an open secret that most sperm donors have to be at least 6ft, have a college degree (I think nowadays a Masters), and blonde hair, blue-eyed.
I mean, the clinic won't turn you down if you're a 5'2", balding, Indian janitor, but the ARYAN Chad sperm is who women pick.

Sperm banks are the ultimate blackpill

blonde blue eyed people have higher status in Brazil
look at this prison beauty pageant:
guess who won...
anyways, nothing wrong with racial eugenics. would you prefer the women preferred sperms from blacks intead? or native Indians? no one wants an ugly baby.

RosemaryHaze #sexist

This comment was especially poignant (to me, at least): From Lee: "We also need to look at why the penultimate of an attractive WOMAN is a 'just barely' 18-year-old girl/young woman who has a baby face and no real life experience. Very uncomfortable area for most people to face."

Well, the truth has been broadcasted right to us in our faces about males, they like kids and women that look like kids. A lot. See Korean and Japanese culture where gown women are expected to be cutesy and girlishly peppy even well into 30's (with looks to match). We can see this as they push for consent age to go lower and lower and for pedos to be seen as normal. Grown adult women are no Bueno because we remind them that they too, are grown adults. All men are on some Peter Pan shit. And evidently public hair is bad on women, but they can have back hair, ear hair (ew), neck hair, face hair, leg hair, butt crack hair, etc. That's manliness, you see. Hairy. So, in man-think, the opposite of that is newborn bald (but only for pits, legs and pubic hair, you better have hair on your head that rivals a Redken model).

Every woman that went through puberty knows what males really are, because every single woman has a story or two about inappropriate things said, and even worse, done to them as children.

Now, I know some women are naturally thin, but I believe the males have fetishized 'thin' because when a person is not naturally thin and they starve to maintain unnatural thinness, they are generally weak and sick. You aren't too strong when you are anemic and low on body fuel. Kinda like, if you got your feet bound, you can't run too far or do too much fighting back. It's always all about crippling us, keeping us small and compact (out the way until needed for dick ornamentation), and child-like because doodbro evo psych 'neoteny'.

I also believe keeping women preoccupied with looks and make up and fashions is another way they have infiltrated the female mind and kept us away from more meaningful pursuits. Of course, the end game there is the grand prize of having attracted your very own doofus to care for and slave after. And the inevitable mental breakdown as you age and realize that you entire life has been a sad puppet show and you didn't even get to enjoy your best, most vital years doing anything constructive beyond schooling. Not saying all women, but that appears to be the fate of most.

Tl;dr: Males don't like it when their fuckthings appear to have human qualities and human failings. And the world has always turned a blind eye to Male Entitlement Syndrome and allowed girl children and women to be the victims of nasty ass scumbags.

Carroll County Public Schools #racist

School administrators in a 93 percent white Maryland county recently asked high school teachers to take down pro-diversity posters from classrooms because they perceived them as “political” and “anti-Trump,” a school spokesperson told The Huffington Post.

Teachers at Westminster High School had put up the posters, which depicted Latina, Muslim and black women and were designed by Shepard Fairey, the artist who created the “Hope” posters featuring President Barack Obama in 2008. The women are rendered in patriotic colors, with messages like “We the people are greater than fear.” The teachers put up the posters as a “show of diversity,” said Carey Gaddis, a spokeswoman for Carroll County Public Schools.

At least one staff member complained about the posters, and the teachers were “asked to take them down because they were being perceived as anti-Trump by the administration,” Gaddis said.

After taking the posters down, the teachers were initially allowed to put them up again. But the administration did some further investigation online and determined that the posters could be seen as political. The school does not allow teachers to put up political posters in their classrooms “unless it’s part of a curriculum and they represent both sides,” Gaddis said.

Seb_darhem #racist

[Talking about Asian women with white men]

Girls like her are trash, perfect example of the white man's hypersexualised whore, their minds are owned by whites. They are the group I hate the most, even more than white men. I don't see them as victims of white propaganda and culture like some people do. I have a totally ruthless mentality with them that if they want to behave like whores that is their choice and they should get treated like whores. We cannot afford to favour them, we cannot afford to accomodate them.

We're not a fucking animal charity that takes back white cum drenched fuckdogs and gives them a nice home to live in and shit everywhere. They play the whole nice family girl image because they think we are stupid, many uncle Chans are fucking stupid. But are we going to be fucking stupid?

They are very insecure, because they believe that by sucking white cock they become honourary whites, even though deep down they know they are seen as disposable whores. There is no honour there, her white relatives and friends will snigger and call her dragon lady. Her sons will be virgins and her daughters will be the white man's prostitute. Weak ass mom will create weak ass children.

At the same time when they see an Asian guy demonstrate the independence and mental strength to date other races, she loses her shit because it creates a cognitive dissonance in her whorebrain. She simply cannot believe that what she sees as an inferior race (her own) can succeed despite the Nazi beliefs of American society.

FWIW, I see the offspring from AMWF as being vastly superior in background. Because you know the father is likely to be no fucking sap.

You know, I would not be against naming and shaming these girls to your friends.

various commenters #sexist


I dont get why people get so defensive when I say I am not into guys who look feminine, like flowerboys?

Hi everyone... I'm going on a rant here for a bit.

i don't think flowerboys are good representation for AM and I don't understand why so many Asians rally behind this? What good is that going to do? As an Asian woman who only date Asian men, I like AM who look normal and masculine and not someone who look like white girls. I hate seeing AM masking or ruining their masculine features with this gross style, like putting on lots of makeup or having plastic surgery. White guys can do this because they don't look very manly to begin with so it is not a lot of effort for them. AM gotta go to the very extreme if they wanna look feminine. I hope this fad fades away soon.

They've have been duped into believing that femininity is inherent to Asian culture so we should embrace and celebrate it, despite plenty of evidence of the contrary.

Like I pointed out in the other thread the article defending this harmful trend even admitted that for the longest time it's always considered sissy and effeminate for AM to put on makeup. Looking at many of the Vietnamese heroes throughout the history of Vietnam and in Vietnamese folklores for example, the male heroes are always portray as strong, rugged, masculine. It's abundantly clear that effeminacy isn't inherently to our culture.

We need to stop letting the West claim masculinity as it is something that they own. It's an extremely foolish and self-defeating mentality that's giving our enemies even more ammo

Some Asian media even go further and make thing worse by constantly promoting this trend, not knowing or not caring how deterimental it's going to be in the long run for AM.

THe Asian race has Masculine faces in general even the women have it.

I've also been with latinas.......mmmm wonder why

OMG...who are you?? You're officially my favorite chick on all of Asian reddit now, lol.

As someone who is kind of athletic, I can't picture myself with any guy that obsessed with looking pale and pretty. I just can't. Not only would it be kind of sad if I'm able to squat more weight than the guy, but as someone who runs and swims almost everyday, I think the fun would be absolutely ruined if I ask him to go swim with me at the beach and he's too deathly afraid of getting a tan or ruining his beautiful skin.

But even if I wasn't athletic or outdoorsy, I still can't picture being with a guy more feminine than me. I think dudes like Keni Styles or Daniel Dae Kim are, by far, more my speed, because they look like they're able to defend me if needed...instead of the other way around, lol.

yes! i soooo agree with you. men must be able to protect and defend us. i work out too and so is my boyfriend lol and i would not want a guy who is weaker than me. i want to feel care for and to be protected by my man. yes, Keni styles & daniel daekim >>>> girly man all day, every day.

You basically says what every woman wants lol. Only insecure guys would downvote this cuz they know they can't stack up


men must be able to protect and defend us.

Basic human instinct. It's insane that so many Asians can't grasp this basic fact and push this effeminate culture (as if we weren't emasculated enough by popular media and powerful societies).

The vast majority of women are not attracted to feminine men. The vast majority of men do not respect feminine men.

Asian men who argue for alternative masculinity are cop outs.

Nothing wrong with that lol. It's just these SJW uncle chans automatically think your talking down on Asian men as if we were born with a k-pop look.

the k-pop look is a recent trend starting after the war with Japan.

It was controlled and approved by the U.S. GOV and agents like Johnny Kitagawa who is a gay pedophile that was born in California. He took the Westtern broadway musical and pushed his westernized feminized Man ideal to Asia and drilled it in the populace with his gov't backing.

No one liked it at first. Most people in East Asia liked Rock and american JAzz music ect.

It's just boy bands on steroids with no other musical styles promoted.

US gov't loved it because the East Asian populace was filled with starved,hungry and angry man. It pacified them and feminized them. Leaving all the masculine duties to the good ole U.S. army. No harm no foul right???

Except girls don't like guys with makeup. Jesus I cannot for the life of me understand how can some AMs think that looking literally like a girl is attractive and that women are attracted to it. Honestly who needs Hollywood to castrate us when we are already doing the work for them. It's mindblogging beyond belief.

CH #fundie

At the time of this post’s publication, Trump may have already announced his SCOTUS nominee to replace the center-left Kennedy. Here’s to hoping his decision was made with the spirit of this post in mind.

As of this writing, the top 3 contenders (according to Anonymous Sources, who is probably one person who went to every one of the bar mitzvahs for the kids of Carlos Slim Times and Bezos Post employees) are Amy Barrett, Raymond Kethledge, and Brett Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh is the only responsible choice.

Barrett is Justice Thinking Housewife (h/t MPC).

Barrett will be another Sandra O’Connor, except worse. Sure, she can be relied on to make pro-life (ie pro-brown and black population explosion) decisions, but on everything else the odds are good (and the goods odd) that she’ll be squishy as is the wont of her sex. Barrett’s record is slim, so we only have details from her personal life to create a picture of how she might vote on the National Question.

And boyee, those deets are the stuff of creeps. Barrett is a religious weirdo who has signed up for evangelical universalist cuckery despite herself being Catholic. (At some point, I have to write a post about how Evangelicuck and Cathocuck charities are doing the most practical damage to Heritage America through their work as middlemen resettling Dirt Worlders in red state pleasantvilles.)

Most damning, she adopted two Haitian Kisses while she was pregnant with her own White children.


[Picture of Amy Barrett with her husband and aforementioned adopted children]


Those are psychocunt eyes. Sorry, I call it as I see it.

If the choice is between an anti-abortion justice and an anti-open borders justice, the latter wins, no contest. What future is fated for us in an America overrun by swarth-hordes whose numbers can’t at least be culled at the margins by the palliative of eugenic abortion? Answer: a DARK and DREARY future.

Here come the pro-life Boomers to scold me. My only response is that some lives really are worth more than others. What good have you done to save Somali babies when your country is flooded with violent, dumb aliens imposing countless miseries on your friends and neighbors? You saved a fetus at the cost of your country. You think that’ll get you through the pearly gates?

Bottom line: you can’t trust women with the judge’s gavel. Trump best stick to nominating a based male WOP or WASP. He’d probably be on safer ground nominating a pitch black conservative like Thomas, who has really developed into a smart and based Justice in the mold of Scalia.

Universal rule of jurisprudence: Women think in feelz. It always ALWAYS comes down to that with women. Feelz > Logic, Feelz > Country. Few exceptions:


[Picture of Ann Coulter]


Kethledge is a GOPe cuckstablishment stooge. He can be counted on to “grow into” another shitlib David Souter.

The open borders billionaire Cuck Brothers support a Kethledge nomination. That’s all you need to know about him. He’s a sure thing if you want a Justice who will mature into globohomoist leftism, finding precedent for American Rights to apply to all 7 billion people in the world.

t’s no surprise to anyone paying attention that huge cucks like Mitch McConnell and Ross Douthat are pushing Kethledge on Trump. If stool sitters like those two are for one guy, choose the other guy. You’ll never go wrong.

For the truly smart and prudent justices like Gorsuch and the late Scalia, it has to gall when a shit tier president like Gay Mulatto stuffs the court full of dumbfuck wise latinas and sophistic Oyveys. It lowers the value of the smart white males to be associated with these diversity world dregs.

Which is my way of saying, for the good of the country and the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, Trump should nominate hardcore White Christian Men for every one of the five SCOTUS vacancies he will have during his three terms.


(which in practice means make SCOTUS more White, Gentile, Male, and possessing of a shitlord physiognomy.)

Barrett is a virtue signaling psychocunt who put her signaling to practice and adopted two snickers bars to preen before her neighbors at the expense of her white kids’ emotional health.

Kethledge is controlled opposition who will do the bidding of ZOG.

It will be a yuge letdown if Trump nominates either one of these losers.

NO to Kethledge
NO to Barrett

YES to Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh is /ourguy/.

I really hope Trump is listening and doesn’t cuck this up.

Argentina students #racist

Reports have circulated that several high school students in Argentina attended a club with Hitler mustaches and swastikas painted on them and wearing leathers. They attend a school in Lanus, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

The club was also host to several Jewish students from an ORT High School.

A mother of one of the Jewish boys spoke to Rádio Latina saying:

“at a certain point in the night, young people came wearing swastikas and had painted-on Hitler mustaches…my son and his friends complained and asked that they be taken out, but all the club management did was demand that the mustaches be washed off and that the swastikas be removed”

“They all ended up fighting, and everyone was kicked out of the club – not just the aggressors”

According to the Telegraph, the students who were dressed as Nazis also shouted “f*cking Jews” and “proudly” showed off their Nazi imagery when they realised there were Jewish students present.

Families of the Jewish students have condemned the club, saying that no students bearing Nazi imagery should have been allowed in in the first place.

Ariel Cohen Sabban, head of the Delegaiton of Argentine Jewish Associations, said that he would be happy to meet with the club’s manager, and commented:

“It’s neither a joke nor a grace. These symbols reflect an ideology which culminated in the assassination of six million Jews at the hands of the Nazis. If these kids are older than 16, then these kids could be sentenced to between a month to three years in prison for their actions, as this is a crime in Argentina. We have to be alert because we are beginning new hot beds of anti-Semitism…the state’s drive to combat this phenomenon, specifically through education, is very important”.

The event occurred in the resort of San Carlos de Bariloche, which is in the Andes. The town was a hiding place to several Nazis after the conclusion of World War Two, including Erich Priebke, and several conspiracy theories hold that Hitler and Eva Braun survived and secretly fled their after the war.

Some incels #sexist

Re: REMINDER: The Racepill.


Women for comparison:


IT retard spazzing out after being confronted by an incel:

Ethnic women are fucking more than white women, and in the other hand ethnic males are fucking less by far than white males.

JBW theory confirmed. And women can’t be incels/femcels confirmed.

Man, black women are having the least amount of sex and have the highest rate of STDS. That's rough.

Meanwhile Noodlewhores are noodlewhoring to an extreme.

Well noodlewhores are disgusting, as the perspective of a white european point of view. Even if I had a chance, I wouldn´t one of them, they are golddigger from the finest, no differents if you go to a hooker.

If I am seriouse, who would fuck a black chick, someone can call me a Vocel, but I am not suicidal. I would never stick my dick in black biological weapon, you may get Aids or I don´t know maybe they are hidding Anthrax in their pussies.


so black femcels are real?

Sort of real but not so really. I’ve kept up with Black women bitching and moaning about their sexual situation with quite keen observation, and this is what I can tell you: black “femcels” are often middle class black women who grew up in predominantly non-black environments, and can’t attract the non-black men in their (predominantly non-black) social circles and workplace.

Many of them look down on black men the way Asian and White women do. If you actually look at online dating stats, Black people in general fail when they go for other races; the black “femcel” problem could resolve itself if they stuck to Black men. The disadvantage faced by Black women in online dating however is peanuts when compared to what Asian men (East and South) face. If Black men held higher social value then Black women could be compared to Asian men more accurately.

Black “femcels” exist for the same reason any “femcel” exists: their hypergamy goes beyond their own reach.

Black women are the most unattractive by a rather large margin. Simple as that.

Both sexes prefer lighter skin but also prefer a physique in line with their preferred sex. Asians are very feminine in general and blacks are very masculine in general, so asian men and black women are the least desirable. But black women have the double whammy of having dark skin and a more masculine physique. Asian women hit the jackpot with light skin and feminine physique, and white chads get the masculine frame with light skin. That's why asian women and white men are the most preferred among their sexes.

Black women are just ugly, that's all there is to it.

Mayocels are mostly just mentalcels with far-right issues. Blackcels are mostly too smart, nice, geeky and introvert to fit in with their primal low-inhib negroe community. The only real trucels are Asians and Indians.

Hitler's dream is coming true. Only whites reproducing

I suspect the romantic prospects for Asian men were always poor. Early surveys probably skewed towards newly arrived/immigrant couples or men with strong connections to the old country where they could find a partner.

In the mid-2000s, it seems we begin to see that the sons of these couples are feeling the full brunt of the racepill as they lack any of the advantages of their parents.


How the fugg are there more sexless blacks than whites

you obviously don’t hang around a lot of black people. most black men get zero girls. serious. black women don’t like black men these days or are only going for hyper athletic, rich and tall blacks.

black people use hookers more than any other race. vast majority of women will never date or have sex with 99.99% of black men.

The Administration #racist

With the World Cup now resolved to its final, there’s hardly an athletic event to pique my interest until the 2017 Maccabiah Games. Though one imagines by that breathless summer all American residential structures will be designated as public accommodations, and thus subject to the wise progressions of Latina jurisprudence.

So I anticipate the pleasant trill of mariachi music emanating from the penumbras of my east wing, where seven formerly itinerant families from Guadalajara will have taken root. Those dulcet tones will offer a compelling score for those dramatic moments when my public accommodation–or heretofore “home”–is disturbed by peals of Spanish braying. This a nightly occurrence when the pregnant teenaged daughter of my neighbor/roommates is visited by her boyfriend, recently invigorated by MS-13 induction and a pint of 10-peso mescal. Of course tempers will tend to flare in the unairconditioned summers of rolling brown-outs. And so how refreshing in contrast will be the cool stainless steel of his revolver as it is used mischievously to wipe the nervous grease from my gringo brow.

But I’ve gotten a bit ahead of myself.

Let’s talk about the freedom of association. It would seem fundamental to any raft of liberties that a man could select his own associations by whimsy. Who one chooses to lavish with their presence is hardly a matter requiring explanation, unless it is to spouse or God. But this is modern America, and it has been a long time since you heard someone of sober mind say earnestly, “It’s a free country.”

So it’s strange to imagine that what must have been so obvious as to not warrant mention wasn’t actually developed as explicit legal doctrine in America until the 1950s. This as an appeasement to black agitations for self-organization–or something like that . What emerged from the cases put before our most eminent tribunal is that people do have a right to organize and join associations of like-minded others.

That seems reasonable. So a group of men can create a formal association, establish membership parameters of their choosing, police those boundaries stringently, and refuse entry or interaction with those outside these boundaries. No, don’t be ridiculous. That’s discrimination, and it’s illegal. See freedom of association means you may associate with (for example) blacks, browns, yellows, and taupe. Non-discrimination means you will associate with them. That’s what freedom is all about: helping you make difficult decisions. Though if you remain unconvinced that certain non-associations are impermissible, just try to establish an organization for jews, blacks, amerinds, or asians only. Well, perhaps that’s not the best example.

Though now that we understand some working concepts, who is familiar with the Freedom of Association in Westchester County, New York? Here is one article. And here is another. Basically, a county took the Faustian bargain of federal handouts and subsequently learned that their tree-lined residential suburbs didn’t feature nearly enough low rent apartments and Section 8 gunfire. Uh-oh.

According to the federal department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD, contemptuously) Westchester county does have its rights. It has the right to spend at least $51 million dollars to build 750 units of housing for lower income people in 31 so-called eligible or mostly white communities by the end of 2016. We all understand to whom “lower income” euphemistically refers. Though stipulating that these units will specifically be targeting “mostly white communities” is quite a stark fang baring from the government. Not only will you build them housing, you’ll build it right beside you.

And there it is: forced integration, busing for after school…and you pay the bill. This is dispossession at the personal level. It is a once flaccid totalitarianism becoming pleasantly engorged. It is taking your community, your home value, and your social capital and shitting it out on the sidewalk. Why? Raysis, that’s why. And it will remain why until either a people or the piety that binds them has lost everything.

Though back to 2017…Once HUD has peremptorily rezoned your house as multi-family and an impressive immigrant caravan disgorges its clown-car inventory with housing vouchers in hand, will you recall your freedoms of association? Perhaps an old mariachi tune well help.

C.K. Egbert #fundie


Recently, feminists have been critiqued for attempting to make women-only spaces. Inclusion of “minority genders,” including transgender women, into what have been traditionally all-female colleges is now protected under Title IX and hailed as a progressive development. Restricting space to people who have been born women and continue to experience the world as women is considered discriminatory at best and biologically determinist at worst.

People often fail to recognize that “woman” is not a personal identity but a political identity based upon a shared experience of oppression. The purpose of certain women-only spaces is not about excluding those with or without a particular genitalia (we didn’t decide that having vaginas and uteruses made one subordinate; men did) or excluding those with a particular gender identity. This isn’t about how strongly one identifies as a woman, whether one might subsequently be seen and treated as a woman, or whether one is marginalized and disadvantaged by gender hierarchy (for example, gay men are marginalized by patriarchy even though they are men). It is about controlling for the experience of male privilege. In my white-to-Latina example [at the top of the linked post], it would be legitimate to exclude me from certain spaces or even definitions of “Latina” not because I believe in biological determinism but because I understand the power of socialization. This doesn’t mean I identify less with being Latina than others who were “born that way,” or that I may not subsequently experience racial subordination. It means I recognize that what I am is not determined solely by what I want to be, and the fact that I’ve experienced white privilege is not and never has been up to me.

Of course there is an important dis-analogy between race and gender in my white-to-Latina story: transgendered women cannot experience all forms of subordination that women as women face. Most female-born women are capable of becoming pregnant at some point in their lives. For those who cannot, infertility is often considered a “problem” that needs to be “fixed.” Transgendered women do not experience disadvantage by virtue of their reproductive role (they don’t need abortions, for instance), and neither are they considered somehow “defective” by virtue of not being able to fulfill a particular reproductive role (although they might be considered pathological, etc. by virtue of not identifying with their imposed gender).

I’m not denying that transgendered people are subject to social, emotional, and physical violence at absurdly high rates, and that this violence is a product of sexism. I’m also not denying that transgender people feel deeply alienated from their imposed gender identity. Many of us are, because gender, and the accompanying deformation of our bodies — from pornographied genitalia to what is considered beautiful — is a profound and perverse imposition of identity. It does not reflect our individuality or even some positive notion of social relatedness. It is a function of a deeply pathological and violent social structure.

But this seems to be where some recent developments in “feminist” theory and activism have diverged from their feminist roots. The feminist struggle against heterosexism and gender conformity was not because any self-professed sexual orientation, identity, or gender should be considered equally valid: it was because the disadvantage and violence non-gender conforming and non-heterosexual people experience are the result of patriarchy in which men and the masculine are socially constructed as (sexually) dominant and women and the feminine are socially constructed as the (sexually) subordinate. Feminism does not seek to marginalize or exclude the experience of people not born as women, but to situate these within a systemic and systematic understanding of the functions, mechanisms, and structure of sexual subordination.

Imagining and advocating for a post-racial world is easier for us than advocating for a post-gender world. Perhaps because gender has been with us longer, it cuts deeper, it invades our most intimate relationships and experiences. Unlike with racial subordination, there is no “remainder”: ethnicity (identification with a particular cultural or linguistic tradition) can exist without race (the social construction of an identity based upon one’s racial subordination or privilege), but there is no gender without sexual subordination.

Lisa Andrews #sexist

A Harris County jury will continue deliberating on Thursday about whether a former Baylor College of Medicine doctor raped a patient while she was hospitalized in 2013 for an acute asthma attack or he had consensual sex with the woman.

The jury mulled the question for more than six hours Wednesday before calling it a day at 9:20 p.m.

The woman reported to Ben Taub staff that she had been assaulted in the dark by an unknown physician, but it took two years for Houston police to file a criminal charge against the suspect. Investigators connected DNA from her rape kit to Dr. Shafeeq Sheikh, an internal medicine resident on call at Ben Taub that night who swiped his badge to enter her floor at least 12 times.

The 32-year-old woman, who has suffered from asthma since she was 8, told jurors this week the attack derailed her life and marriage. The woman was identified as Laura in a series of Lisa Falkenberg's columns about the incident. The Chronicle does not identify alleged victims of sexual assault.

Sheikh lost his job and had his license revoked in 2015 by the Texas Board based on the finding that he posed “a continuing threat to public welfare.” The following year a Harris County judge cleared Ben Taub and Baylor of liability in a civil lawsuit brought by the patient.

Defense lawyers at the eight-day trial introduced evidence about the woman’s career as an actress and model, noting that she showed off her cleavage and rear end in what they posited were sexually suggestive online ads. DNA evidence indicated she had sex with her husband her first night at the hospital, which meant she wasn’t so debilitated, they said.

Their client, a father of four, certainly breached the Hippocratic oath and his marriage vows, his lawyers said. But they contend the patient seduced the doctor and reported the “wild” rape story to make her husband jealous and make money off a civil lawsuit.


“He made a mistake, but he didn’t sexually assault her,” attorney Lisa Andrews said in her closing argument, pointing to her 46-year-old client. “Here we have this Latina woman with her fake boobs that came onto that little nerdy middle-aged guy, and he lost his mind.”

Four Teen #racist #wingnut

RE: Ocasio Cortez Could Be VOTED OUT On Tuesday, A Centrist Democrat MAY Actually Win

Here's hoping she, Tlaib, and Omar all get voted out.

LOL! Not happening. The less white the democrat party becomes, the more people like that will be voted in, not out. This is the future "die-versity" gets us.

when the other Latina woman wins Aoc will claim racism and sexism was the reason

Well, first off, she won't lose. Her district is 80% non-white, and non-white voters are immovable and are the foundation of unaccountable government. Also neither of them are "Latin," they're mestizo. Latin people are a Southern European people. I'm sick of rootless mestizo's claiming European heritage that doesn't belong to them, or having it attributed to them, when it's not theirs.

AOC is a celebrity outside her district, but she's been a terrible representative for her district. She scuttled the Amazon deal and cost her people a lot of good jobs.

Lol. You say that like non-white voters care. Look at Detroit and Chicago and other dumps of that sort. They'll vote her back in, watch.

88Will88 #sexist

Whether you are talking about plates, STRs or especially LTRs, you can never forget that she is a child. She has the body of a woman but the more attractive and feminine she is, the more childlike she is. Neoteny is the adult retention of child like traits. The studies on this are not clear but there is some evidence which suggests that having a more childlike face as an adult elicits better responses and more resources from other adults. There has been a previous post on this but the science is not complete. Some researchers have suggested that evolution due to sex selection may have occurred due to males seeking more neotenous features in female faces. So while the science is still thin on this one, to me it makes sense.

We do not need science to tell us that women are children. It is a well established red pill truism so I am going to proceed with this post on the assumption that neoteny due to evolution or sexual selection has resulted in more attractive women being more childlike not only in appearance, but more importantly in their minds. Remember the last time you bought your girl a soft toy? Remember her jumping up and down like a child and clapping her hands? Well what more proof do I need.

It can be easy to forget that you are sitting with a child when you are alone with your girl. After all you just violated her in whatever lewd fashion that happened to take your fancy. She has a grown up job and went to university, she seems to understand the plot of Game of Thrones (she doesn't). You have also grown up being told that she is your equal and she deserves your respect (she isn't and she doesn't). So how do we break through this illusion of maturity?
You break the illusion by observing her behaviour and her reactions. Why does she still have soft toys on her bed? Why does she have hello kitty pyjamas? Why does she cry when watching movies? Why is she scared of moths? Why is her favourite food ice cream? Why does she vote when she has no concept of the left or the right? Why do you spank her? That's right, of course! It is because even though she looks like an adult, and you have been conditioned to believe she is an adult, she is actually a child.

How do we use this secret and powerful knowledge to our advantage? We use it to make our lives easier, to quell the frustration we feel when they misbehave, to encourage behaviour we find desirable and importantly, we use it to help her live a happy life thanks to our alpha guidance and protection. Your girl does not want to think and she certainly does not want to lead, that is the job of an adult. You are the grown up in the relationship, so act like it.
If a child misbehaves then a good parent corrects their behaviour either with loving guidance, stern words, or in extreme cases, a spanking. Women are no different from children. A good parent does not lose their temper (frame) when a child misbehaves. Next time she misbehaves try and remember that she is a child and you will not lose frame. It mentions on the sidebar that the best way to treat your girl is like she is your daughter (obviously we excise the sexual aspect for the purpose of this discussion, this is a thought experiment and a lesson in frame).

A lot of behaviour which would be considered beta is perfectly acceptable within the context of a decent relationship when you are alpha enough (whether plate, STR or LTR). It is fine to talk in a silly voice to your girl, buy her a stuffed toy, play childish games with her. Do it sparingly and use it as a reward for good behaviour. Always stick to the 2:3 ratio of giving her 2 rewards for every three she gives you. Having some childish fun with your girl has several good effects. Firstly it is a great display of comfort, secondly it makes her think that you are her dream guy, the alpha who has feelings (of course you are faking it - you viscious, Machiavellian, testosterone beast) and it appeals to her true nature, the child within.

In my opinion this knowledge is most useful within the confines of an LTR. When your woman is acting out, remembering that she is a child helps you to hold frame. Always know that you are the adult and you are making ALL of the decisions. Knowing that she needs to be comforted and made to feel safe, and providing that adult guidance for her will improve her behaviour dramatically. Treating her as an equal is the dumbest thing you can do, would you ask a child to help you build a house? So remember that if you are alpha enough, it is OK to have some fun with your girl. A teddy bear given to a girl by a nerdy, fat, cunt-struck teenager is "creepy!" the same teddy bear in the hands of Chad is "adorable!"

holocaust21 #sexist

Morality is just an subjective concept, a social construct created by parochial minded religious people that are trying to make you submit to their antiquated group think. They often craft shaming language toward you, accusing you of having a “high hope for a low heaven.” Evil and morality are points of view. Picture a cat playing with a mouse. To the cat, he is just playing with his food. To the mouse, the cat is the equivalent of evil it’s self. This on the other hand, this is not evil; this is evolution adapting people to be attracted to youth as an adaptive strategy. It’s the way we have evolved and is why there are so many supposed “pedophiles” everyone is freaking out about.

This is the realist’s perspective who lives by natural law and understands evolution – Life is a question, asked of the Universe, “Is this right?”…and answered by death if it isn’t. We literally evolved, through evolution, to be attracted to youth and neoteny to survive! If the trait of being attracted to youth was not beneficial, it would not have been passed on!

So, every one, stop being uptight prudes, know that everyone is different, and just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that it isn’t or wasn’t at some point a good thing. Older people taking in younger people, as companions, was natures answer to a social safety net; there was no welfare for them when their parents died at an early age. Can you imagine using the strategy that women do today, of waiting ’till age 30 to have kids, back when there was no medical system of any kind, with your teeth rotting out of your heads! You people are silly for not seeing the obvious truths of our own biological evolution.

Again, our biology hasn’t changed, only the laws, and peoples brainwashed, reactive monkey, herd-like perspectives. Think for yourselves people! We are throwing people in jail for stupid non-violent crimes longer then people who attempt, or succeed, in murder because some stupid politicians were grandstanding for tougher laws that we didn’t need. It doesn’t even begin to make sense unless you consider it is being used to manipulate politicians through deep-state intimidation. Seems to me some arm twisting like that would explain a lot about the crazy decisions our politicians have made. I would say the age of consent of 12, like in Mexico, is about right for a legal cut off. Nature gave us every thing we need to consent to sex and that is the drive to have sex. I was a horny little bastard at 12, and so was everyone of that age around me. If you deny this, you are not only being disingenuous with yourself but everyone around you as well. Perhaps your memory is faulty, and doesn’t go back that far?

Do other animals wait for a certain age to have sex after they become able to sexually reproduce? No. It’s just as stupid to put limits on it for us after one has reached puberty. People had jobs at those ages 100 years ago. My father would be 92 this year if he was still alive, and he told me that when he was 14 he earned a man’s wage reading water meters. The population was younger in the past, on average, than they are now. In 1900, 18 percent of all American workers were under the age of 16. Child laborers often worked to help support their families. In colonial America, child labor was not a subject of controversy. It was an integral part of the agricultural and handcraft economy. Children not only worked on the family farm but were often hired out to other farmers. Boys customarily began their apprenticeship in a trade between ages ten and fourteen. Years ago each child you had made you richer, you could tend another acre of crops. Now, each child you have makes you poorer or if you are too poor to support them, burdens on the system.

The economy has changed but our biology hasn’t. We are keeping young people in school, which is essentially just giving them busy work to keep them out of the real economy, and treating them like kids longer and longer because the economy can’t support work for them, as it has all been outsourced due to globalism. The system is all screwed up, and people are too concerned about being called names rather than speak out about the real problems in western society.

I see a globalist system, which has shipped all our jobs over seas, and implemented silly laws restricting sex WELL beyond the ages of puberty. It looks more like a means of genocide to me. Those people in the middle east aren’t exactly having a shrinking population like Europeans in the west are. Yes, the young people are still having sex because they have a high sex drive, as nature intended. Nothing is going to stop that but instead of society pushing them into safe, monogamous, long-term relationships, they are making it to dangerous for that. Yes, these elites know what they are doing to us, and have been doing for a long time now. I think it’s genocide.

Grandparents were a rare breed until 30,000 years ago… when life expectancy grew

90 percent of a womens eggs are gone by age 30

Max Roscoe #fundie

Japan Bans Chicks With Dicks

Max Roscoe

is an aspiring philosopher king, living the dream, travelling the world, hoarding FRNs and ignoring Americunts. He is a European at heart, lover of Latinas, and currently residing in the USA.

At the risk of breaking a personal journalistic rule of devoting far too much time to an incredibly miniscule and unimportant issue, I must draw attention to a recent win for masculinity. The island nation of Japan recently made a common sense decision regarding the extremely minute portion of its population that is dealing with the first world problem of its genitalia not matching the perceived sex of the owner, known in the West as transsexuals or “gender questioning individuals” to use the word salad nonsensical parlance of the day.

Sure thing, toots, just as soon as you lose the balls.

First, I should clarify that no one is being banned, deported, or shipped out of the country in a way that a more aggressive nation like Saudi Arabia might handle this issue. Instead Japan has a simple policy which efficiently handles the transsexual question—one that seems to bewilder and confuse the Western world, who must devote weekly news articles, federal legislation, prime time (((television programming))) and endless discussion on how to handle this fraction of a percentage of its population.

It works like this: do you have a penis? If yes then you cannot be a chick. It’s as simple as that.

With that one universal test, Japan has disposed of the endless head-scratching and policy making by Western politicians, critics, and social justice warriors about how to describe their private parts on government identification cards or which restrooms to pee in. In Japan you will be considered a man as long as you have a penis. End of story.

Likewise, if you have a vagina, you will be considered a woman. No matter what clothes you are wearing, how deep your voice is, or how you choose to “identify” that day. The beauty is in the simplicity.

Japanese Sex Change Operation

While Western nations must debate and compromise, legislate and propose, carving out exceptions for this or that behavior and endlessly consulting irate social justice warriors in a futile attempt to placate them, Japan disposes with the entire question of transsexual people with the simple question.

In the Japanese system, Bruce Jenner would not once have been a news story during my lifetime, as he has done nothing newsworthy since winning a 1976 Olympic medal. If and when he actually removes his penis and replaces it with a surgical vagina (Sugina from hereon), only then could he be properly considered a female and could announce he would like to be referred to as Caitlyn. (A person changing their sex is still not a newsworthy story to me, but I suppose there are those who would be interested to know what happened to this former hero of theirs).


Japan is a fascinating nation. As an island nation, it is naturally more isolated than most cultures, and is able to control physically and culturally what enters its society. Japan is one of the more difficult countries to immigrate to, and I have been told that Japanese will never fully accept Westerners, even if you take a Japanese wife and live there for decades (and why should they, as those actions will make you no more Japanese than Bruce Jenner installing a sugina will make him a woman).

Japan is one of the only societies in the world that was never controlled by Europeans. It holds on to its traditions, and has a strong history of physical fitness including the samurai warrior. While Westerners are committing virtual seppuku because they touched a woman’s butt in 1984, Japanese businessmen will glibly walk to a vending machine and purchase a high school girl’s panties for sexual purposes.

An oddity to a westerner, but in Japan men are not ashamed to be men

Odd? Sure, and I’m not going to even go down the road of weird Japanese kinks and bizarre pornography, but the point is the Japanese are proudly Japanese, and will not let others shame them into changing their behavior. I will always remember the line from James Bond’s You Only Live Twice concerning women and men, which made an indelible impression on me since childhood.

In Japan, men always come first. Women come second.

What Is A Woman?

Outside of the West in The Current Year, I doubt anyone has given this question serious thought, but today, sadly, it is necessary. If you ask yourself what truly makes someone a woman, It comes down to whether they have a penis or a vagina in their pants.

“OK is She REALLY a man or a woman?” Can only refer to one thing.

While there are levels of masculinity and feminity which vary between the sexes, at the end of the day, if you really want to know someone’s sex, you want to know what genitalia they have. All Japan is doing is confirming, yes, that is exactly what sex means.

TransTrenders: Belittling Those Who Are Truly Victims

Just as feminists are opposed to true diversity, the public discussion of sexual dysphoria is a distraction from the minority of people who have real problems with their sexual identification.

Just as those who suffer from the horrible crime of violent rape do NOT want to publicly discuss their traumatic past, those who suffer from rare sexual disorders or chromosomal mutations that affect their sexuality are embarrassed and saddened by their condition. Those who truly have a medical condition which causes their genitalia to be deformed, or not match the sex they mentally feel, or who were a victim of a botched (((circumcision))) want to quietly rectify the problem and live life without others knowing about the unpleasant thing that happened in their past.

The LAST thing they want is to publicly exclaim that they were one sex and are now the other. Which seems to be ALL that being a trans-trender is about. Watch a Youtube video of a prominent transtrender like Justin “Riley” Dennis, and all you were hear is endless talk about their gender identification or their transition (despite the fact that they have rarely if ever actually snipped off the bits and therefore have transformed nothing).

Common Sense: A Lost Idea In The West

Dr. Wang, Japan’s Top Sex Change Doctor

By forcing those who claim their sex is “wrong” to surgically correct their sex, Japan is calling their bluff and separating the trans-trenders from the trans-genders. There is no further debate or discussion needed with such a policy. While the West is trying to fire, fine or even imprison academics for using the wrong (read: gramatically correct) gender pronouns when referring to snowflake students, Japan has a simple system: If you want to be a woman, you need to have a vagina. If you weren’t born with one, get one first and check back with us.

A Win-Win Policy

While most of us probably aren’t comfortable with the idea of going to bed with someone who was born a man, the truth is, if one are attractive enough, and has a vagina, men will want to sleep with you, especially if they don’t know about your past (this is a universal truth, not specific to trannies). So if potential trannies really want acceptance by men in the sexual marketplace, this is exactly the model they should be following.

Total Imbecile #sexist #racist

[Blackpill] I am shocked that "The Last Samurai" is not being discussed more often, its racepill the movie

TLDR plot:
-white guy goes to SEA to train soldiers
-gets captured by the samurai but not before killing one of their top dogs
-as a prisoner they train him to become one of them
-the wife of the guy he killed falls in love with him and they fuck
-rides off to battle against his former comrades
-every gook gets killed except him and he gets pardoned because hes white

What an aboslute joke of a movie but it portrays 100% accurately how it is to be white IRL

”the wife of the guy he killed falls in love with him and they fuck”

this is realistic.
french women did the same during WW2, their men died trying to protect their country and weeks later these girls started fucking the invaders.
"loyality" is a non-existent concept for them.

Its kind of related but still a bit different

For example he isnt powerful in the movie, hes a prisoner who gets beat and thrown around and smells bad yet the noodle still fucks him because hes white

Buttercup Dew #fundie

Full Nazi

The main reason Bronydom is seen as a ‘gender poison’ to men is because of the surface neoteny, but scratch the pastel exterior and you’ll find a show who’s main themes are social maturity, importance of tradition, family and bravery in keeping civilisation together. Because it is a girl-power show, though, most antagonists are defeated through cooperation and shows of solidarity. In real life, if the women of the Troy rode out to meet those trying to bring down the city walls, they’d be put to the sword. Hence Celestia keeps male royal guards around.. but anyway.

It’s important to remember that most of the foes in MLP are simply Other Ponies, who for whatever reason are prepared to destroy or damage the trust that hold society together for their own ends. This varies between low-level shysterism like Trixie to industrialists like Flim and Flam. Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks as well had villains that succeeded mainly through social manipulation and destroying the mutual trust by setting different social types against each other. The central message of the show is that Friendship and trust forged through experience and mutual understanding are paramount in having a livable, sane society. At a very basic level, the ability to trust to a high level those around you is integral to pony (white) society. Trademark show baddies exploit this trust and destroy society n the bargain. Merchant-capitalists Flim & Flam sold gimmicky, useless ‘tonics’, and Trixie paraded as a potential saviour, only to fail miserably when a real threat popped her ego balloon. When these hacks are exposed and you shine the light of truth on them, they scatter like roaches. Trixie & Co are summarily expelled from Ponyville.

In Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks, the villains actually succeed. Aside from a far-right conspiracy of Friendship Peddlers, the Dazzlings – An evil trio of malicious spirits – manage to hypnotize the whole of Canterlot High, setting every caste, class and faction within the school against each other using a Battle of the Bands. The crowd broils over into seething resentment, and the Dazzlings take the central spotlight and highest social status by Wow-ing everyone with displays of being the most aloof, the most self-absorbed, the most narcissistic and self important. After all, when all of society is atomised into competing factions, the most logical role model is to be the most sociopathic. Hence the section of Western/White Society that relies most on the aristocracy for its morality – The labouring working classes – Idolise the false gods of the Kardashians, and other vapid, pointless mouthbreathers, who hypnotize the many by being just so Cool, so above those stupid no-good rednecks, like a weeping Caitlyn Jenner receiving an award for battling transphobia-induced PTSD or Obama grieving for one of his many Sons. It’s worth noting that these entertainers pass for ponies, but they’re not really. They’re just devils and monsters passing themselves off as white – Sorry, Canterlot High students – when it suits them.

When there is no common goal and social trust is eroded to the most basic level, the ideological class can take control by peddling false and misleading narratives. Society continues a slow decline into total disintegration, and the hawkers are always there, selling false causes, feel-good balm and a conveniently weak and marginalised enemy to blame – Obviously, those sick and depraved right-wingers and their racism, and 'microaggressions’ round every corner that drive innocent black journalists to shoot down their coworkers.

A consensus on an obviously false ideology – 'We’re all equal!!’ paralyses society as individuals suppress anything that makes them conspicuously different. In 'The Cutie Map’ episodes, Starlight Glimmer takes on this ideological caste. Because ponies are suppressing the natural ways they adapt and help each other by playing to their strengths, in order to appear 'equal’; society begins to predictably spiral into total poverty. Remember kids: Choose equality as your special talent. More builders are men instead of women? Sexist. Not enough dindus in college? Racist. And so on.

Difference and equality are mutually exclusive, as equality means 'the same as.’ Starlight has the answer: If there are problems, the cause is inequality. The solution? More equality. We need more Eritean and Somalian refugees, just to prove how much equality we can have, and we’ll throw those friendship-peddlers in jail for a good measure as well!! We don’t have any cutie-marks of our own, there’s nothing special about us, so who cares if we’re displaced? Of course, bronies went off into a tizzy with this one. They mean Equality, but not our Equality right?! That’s not fair! Gay Marriage! And Stuff!!

Starlight Glimmer achieves her total control of Europe through the Televitz, sorry, Staff of Sameness; through which ponies have their memories of what makes them different to the other peoples of earth stripped from them, leaving them scrabbling miserably by, unable to cooperate, harmonise or build a functioning community with the similarly mezmerised ponies around them. The episode is resolved and modernity is destroyed when Starlight is shown to be just another shyster – somepony who hoodwinked and betrayed her folk in exchange for power. There are many whites like this. No doubt if Starlight was here today, she’d work at the BBC.

various commenters #racist

(hehe xd)
[Blackpill] its the saxons that are responsible for ethnic self hate

angl*ids ruined asian/african/middle eastren countries and have been actively doing it for hundreds of years, from age 1 they shove wh*Te attractive people as the ideal beauty, brainwashing ethnics to self hate and lick their ass, to the point where people UNIRONICALLY suggest that northwest europeans are just 'naturally more attractive' jfl

worst part is, once the world started noticing them, they just pulled a shoa and gave israel to the jews to divert the hate into them

average anglo = chad in non-westren europe countries

ur chink moids hate themselves and project it on their own kind, because of holywood wh*tewash from young age

truly sad

Shitskin cope tbh. I bet you're a turk or some other mixed trash.

anglos bankrolled by joooos

lol you're a fucking idiot. The OP is speaking facts

being white is only viewed as attractive because it was force fed and brainwashed onto people during the colonization period.....I think I might make a post about this later tbh

Shitskin cope. Even AI thinks shitskins are disgusting.

(hehe xd)
yea im a shitskinned, i too used to think white people are better looking, i just realized that my perception is flawed due to the media, GL people are GL, with race being irrelevant, its just that the world is programmed to find nordic features the most attractive

"tall, dark and handsome" aren't nerdic features. Most MM's have a north atlantid phenotype. Putting features aside, White people produce more objectively good looking people per capita. It's just a fact. Shitskins produce shit, but eventually they shit out a diamond.

lol at your fucking retardation enjoy your self hatred.
Its the truth maybe read a little on the topic of what colonization did to the countries it was implemented on. Look at what has been termed beautiful in countries before colonization. Beauty is socially constructed, nothing in our biology says that one type of nose/ ear type/ skin is better looking than another. To reproduce the other organism just needs looks healthy (i.e.: tall, built, etc). But our society has made people think what is beautiful.

Honestly your ignorance irritates me especially if you are an ethnic (lol at calling yourself shitskin if thats the case). You are still a victim to the colonizers beliefs.

anglo pussy belongs to rape gangs tbh

Big Cope. Beauty is genetically determined. No amount of socialization will make a foid think a jawless manlet is attractive

Kek, sure. There's an excellent evolutionary reason for why whites are considered the most attractive. Neoteny is correlated with lighter skin. All races start off lighter skinned and then eventually grow into their normal skin color. So whiteness is youth, same with blonde hair. Ethnic copers please go

Richard Weddel #racist

[From an article entitled How to Have Sex with Latinas. The original article comes with hyperlinks. Didn't include them here coz I can't be bothered]

Before we get into the thick of it, let me share with you the challenges Latinas pose:

    They’re the flakiest women in the world
    They’re easily bored if you are too stagnant
    You must be dominant with them
    You’ll have an easier time with a little language skill - it goes a long way
    Again, stressed for importance… Latin women flake, ALL the time


 Latin women are crafty little devils. Ingrained into them by their culture is the want for a macho man, a dominant male, or an alpha male.


because Latin women are coming from poorer environments, the risk of not getting sex because you’ve been placed into the boyfriend zone is lessened; instead, when you seem like a reasonably stable mate, you’ll actually see your odds go up - rather in contrast to what you see with Western women.

Trippy, isn’t it?


My first bit of advice is goes back to language, because nothing turns a Latina on more than hearing some raunchy sayings in her native tongue.


If you absolutely must be in control sexually (I sure as hell don’t!), then she will still sleep with you


You won’t have to persuade her or coerce her into giving you oral sex before sex; she’ll do it without asking. Reciprocating that love isn’t essential, but if you don’t mind doing so ( I sure as hell don’t!), then I advise you to do so, because she will definitely keep it in mind when she’s pleasuring you next time.

jackville07 #sexist

This Site is Filled with Volcels. No Incels are on Here

White guys cant be incel period in USA and UK There are tons of indian, black and latina chicks who would love being with the average-below average nerdy beta white guy. These ethnic women worship white men. I am not even worshipped on here like zyroos and gambler and even I had a good number of indian and black women wanting to date me. I even rejected a few and you incels said you are better than me. I even had one white average-below skinny fat girl dating me whilst I was abroad. She were not goodlooking but still better than nothing.

So if you are better than me why they fuck are you still incel and on here? The truth is that you are not incel and you are volcel holding out for only white stacies like that privileged asshole elliot rodgers and then crying on here that they dont want you while ignoring ethnic girls and average- below skinny fat white girls.

You guys are masochistic privileged average- above average white guys who are angry you cant get stacies.

fuck off tbh.

various incels #sexist

If you havent been approached by a girl.. it's over

girls love to approach guys, dont fell for the 'le girls dont approach' meme, it's not true, if you are goodlooking they talk to you, they ask you shitty things to get your number and go on a date

Basically every half-decent guy I know (>5/10) was approached by a girl at some point in time (usually they were at least a few points below, but it still counts). If you think you're 5 or more and have never been approached, you are seriously overestimating your looks.

Im probly a 4 and have been approached twice in my life

hey nice, I'm also probably a 4 and have been approached twice in my whole life (I say approached but what happened was I positioned myself close to them and then they started a conversation with me), and I'm a person who spent pretty much every weekend and some week nights in my 20s going out drinking
once was some chinese girl at a bar by my house who barely spoke english, must have had white fever or something. I did sleep with her, found out later she was married to some beta (which is why she was here in america) and had kids.... yikes...
the other time was some latina girl, probably also had white fever, also mentioned she just got dumped so was probably desperate, but nothing happened just chatted with her for a few minutes

approaching is cope. no man got laid by doing that. girls are the choosers and they wont choose us. its over folks. just LDAR

girls at school actually ran away from me. this wasn't even in primary school, 16-17 year old girls would run away like a bunch of preschoolers. humiliating.

I got approached when I was in high school, but I blew all of my opportunities thanks to social anxiety and depression. I also had "friends" who would cockblock on a regular basis. Words can't express how much I regret it. Over the years, my looks gradually got worse and girls stopped showing interest.
To this day, I still think about this one Colombian chick I knew in high school. She made so many efforts to reach out to me - even got physical at times - and I completely failed to capitalize on it. I just couldn't believe a girl that attractive would want anything to do with me. She eventually gave up and found a bf who was superior in every way. 8 years later and they're still in a relationship. That girl was wife material. I fucked up in a major way

I don't feel sorry for you. If you were good looking before why can't you be better looking now?

my looks went to shit. Some people age badly. What kind of stupid question is this?

Unless you're in your 50s or you suffered an accident which left you deformed, looksmaxing can get you to a better state if you were once attractive.
What's your body fat %? If it's over 20% you ain't trying hard enough. Even if you're balding, there are treatments. Also, hair transplants in Latin America are affordable.

lol, I'm already looksmaxing bro. Most of the problems with my appearance are things I can't change (e.g. skin, bone structure). But it's definitely compounded by low social status. That's one thing people really downplay here, IMO.
Unfortunately I can't afford all that shit right now. And honestly, what's the point? I could probably see over a hundred hookers for the same price. I'm getting too old for these games and most females aren't worth the effort.

This is true. Everytime i see a girl i like, i will keep track of her, and everytime she will go up to a guy and start talking to him. Sometimes without even knowing the guy. This is the reason why most chads think picking up girls is easy, the pussy literally comes to them.
Bonus link with average man standing next to monster looking women getting rejected. Men are fucked if they aren't 6+/10

i have been approached by 2-4 girls (one was when we were still in elementary though :)) depending on what you define as approach and its still over for me as im a 25yo KV.

Suicide fuel right there, if people consider you interesting/attractive/worthy of their time they will let you know, whether it's friendship or romance they are after.
Can't recall when was the last time someone smiled or said hello to you on the street? I've got bad news for you.

CH #fundie

This is great article by Bruce Charlton, a must-read, because it explains so much about post-America shitlibbery. (For a complementary thread on the topic, try here.)

Executive Summary: what liberals have in IQ they lack in common sense. It’s an evolutionary trade-off.


That description sounds precisely like the basis for the cognitive and social schisms currently tearing apart Western nations. Self-segregating and supercharged-signaling “clever sillies” are running their homelands into the ground with overbearing government interventions to “close the gap” and open borders to “create more gaps”. This stupidity of intelligence signaling would be funny if it weren’t also so damned threatening to the continued survival of the West.


For an immediately palpable example of SMRT shitlibs applying abstract and systematic reasoning to a social intelligence system, see their snarky “you’re more likely to be killed by falling furniture than by a Muslim terrorist” apples-to-oranges comparison. (Socially intelligent reply: “Sure but falling furniture isn’t getting on planes with me, patting me down after a two hour wait in the TSA line, or calling for death to all infidels.”)

Charlton goes on to explain why it seems like we are seeing more pajamaboy shitlib faces and cuckfaces in the West[.]


Psychological neoteny is likely correlated, by the associative property, with physical and facial neoteny. Physiognomy is real, and it’s no accident that we often observe the silliest of shitlibs have very punchable faces devoid of any masculinity.

Shitlibs are, in essence, arrested adolescents, forever on the hunt for the next thrill to add meaning to their disconnected lives. Risk-taking and novelty-seeking are useful traits to have when one must impress a mate (usually a man impressing a girl) or broaden the pool of acceptable mates; but those traits are destructive when scaled up to the level of social policy and beyond the bounds of the life stage when mate acquisition is paramount.


But we are now at the point when the libshit SMRT mate signaling has reached sexual market saturation; I predict, and in fact we can see it happening already, that deftly counter-signaling the leftoid equalism orthodoxy will be a powerful display of fitness, for what do women love more than a bad boy rule-breaker who can buck the system and not just survive, but thrive? As always, BALLS wins babes.


I was convinced before reading this Charlton hypothesis that what’s happening in the AngloGermanoSphere is runaway “intelligence signaling”; that is, aesthetically disfigured and socially untethered White shitlibs of the West can only pride themselves on their abstraction smarts, and to stay ahead of their peers they have to signal hard against common sense, leading to xenophilia spirals (as well as degeneracy spirals and anti-White spirals).

(As a reader wrote, “Believing in a lie can require more intelligence; you have to know the truth to conceal it properly, plus the pleasing lie, plus the explanation why the lie is more true than the truth.”)

What’s happened is that common sense (or gut instinct, or mental sanity) has become associated with declassé opinions and flyover rubes. The cause of this association is complex, but it’s where we are today and it means that the shitlib clown-cognition signaling will continue until a cataclysm forces common sense on them. I doubt that increasingly insulated, credentialist suck-up shitlibs will rediscover the merits of common sense on their own.

Addendum: the Maul-Right is the next stage of human evolution: high IQ AND common sense. And that fact, more than any other, explains the hysterical response of the Left to dissident crimethinkers and to Trump; the Left knows a real threat to their rule when they see one.

voiceoftreason #racist

[Serious] Has the racepill made anyone here into racists?

I'm not going to poll this because there are just too many reasons for someone to be racist against another, but I mean like how one race is more desirable to foids than other races or how one race is completely ostracized from the dating market, does that vent any hatred you have towards that race, it can even be your race.

Take me for example: I used to have no problem with nordics since they've never really caused any trouble and nordic countries generally seem to be the happiest on Earth. After taking the racepill, I've been shaking in anger everyday at nordics. They're so happy because they're the most attractive race and thus have an easier time getting sex in most foreign countries, not to mention their sacking of rome sending all of europe into the dark ages. Everytime I hear that a sand niggercel slaughtered or raped some swedish foid, I do a little jig because that's one less potential chad she can bring into the world.

It sounds to me like you are not racist. You seem envious and want to be nordic.

Shit! I've been found out!

But tbh nah. I'm too narcisistic to envy them. I hate the fact that they exist in the age of communication where foids from my country can have access to them easily.
At my expense, if some nuke were to wipe them out, my reaction would be of indiferrence. Saying I hate nordics because I want to be them follows the same logic as saying incels hate foids because they want to be them.

Is this a joke? You are holding a grudge for one thousand years?

Yes, and I will continue to hate them for it. That action in and of itself threw all of Europe into the dark ages for centuries, had it not been that event, I could have probably been writing this rant on titan by now.

Not the same logic. You are a man who wants to eliminate another race of men to reduce competition (if I understand your post). This is different from men who hate women because of the unfair advantages they have because of their gender.
You freely admit that nordics are more successful than you. This is not racism. This is spiteful envy.

Consider that the Roman empire at this point was weak and prone to civil war. It was inevitable that they would be destroyed at some point. Blame the ineffective government before you blame the natural result of civilizational weakness.

Yes boyo. Anything that stands between me and achieving reproduction should be eliminated. How you somehow equate this to envy or want is a mystery to me. I am fine with my characteristics, I am fine with my abilities, when I look at the dating market and notice that there's a head at the top of the hierarchy, I WANT IT CUT OFF! Do you understand that JBW is most effective as a nordic? It can be applied in SEA, latin america, india and korea. 4/10 nordics can easily score with 9/10 foids because of their ethnicity, a foid is wasting their eggs for the 10% chance of getting some blue eyed blonde kid and when it inevitably doesn't happen and they end up with a lab experiment failure, those same kids grow up to become incels who don't even get a chance in the dating market. If 30% of one ethnicity's foids is getting failed hapas from one group of males, that's 15% of that ethnic foid's population lost! I know what you're going to say next "oh well that's the foids fault". Yes it is, it's in her programming that I'll never be able to control so instead of trying and failing to control it, I'm just going to cut off the thing she desires until she has no choice but to reproduce with me. Jfl at this 5 year old mentality of "oooh they hate us cause they ain't us!" Oh yeah bro! Every peasant revolt that's happened throughout history was because the peasants were raging they weren't born rich

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Why current politics shouldn't matter to the incels, revolution is the only way.

So I made a topic yesterday about why politics shouldn't matter because we can't get the most important thing in our lives: Female validation. It was interesting to see the reactions and some people didn't dig into it deep enough and didn't understand what I meant to say with 'politics'. So here it is comes...

Current politics are a theater and won't make any difference to inceldom.

As the state of the world and society we live in today we see how politics are performed by leaders and by the institution called 'United Nations', we need to understand what this all means in order to find out if current politics will benefit us incels or not. The united nations perfoms as a world wide central judge between countries, the united nations created and still creates (((universal laws))) which every country on this planet should follow. All countries in this world are obligated to follow the constitution of the united nations, but what is the united nations exactly? Who created united nations? And who has the most influence in this central court? United Nations is a creation of rich world wide liberal policies and bankers, as long you don't destroy the united nations you won't destroy globalism.... And exactly globalism is one of the main reasons why inceldom has been increased so much.

The united nations commands every country to implement laws in favor of Chads and degenerates.

Current politics with current leaders is all theater, it's not real and it won't make a difference. Sure some politicians are populists and could shout and say some things that would make sense somehow, but all these politicians will never confront the real issues of globalist policies in terms of globalist foreign influences around the world. But of course these people don't want to destroy globalism, if globalism was destroyed and every nation should get sovereignty onto their own countries that would basically means that multinationals and other big companies would never get their hands so easily on certain resources which are not available in their own countries. America would not be allowed anymore to occupy foreign countries and set up military set ups in other places of the world, the same goes for Russia and China. All these big nations would never leave globalist policies because globalism is what made these countries strong and made their influence so big.

Feminism is a result of certain policies created by the united nations which obligates all the state members to implement female emancipation laws (AKA feminism) and this is not something new.

"Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls"

United Nations: Gender equality and women's empowerment
United Nations 2015: Time for Global Action. Focus on gender equality and women's empowerment to achieve sustainable development

The united nations is basically a liberal institution which dictates the laws for every country in the world, united nations is the system that makes our lives miserable and every nation being part of this liberal institution is an enemy to the incel. Why globalist policies are an enemy to the incel? It's because they fucked the SMV of the male gender by giving female the rights to be sluts and to travel to other countries with men with higher SMV. If femoids were never allowed to travel and they would be obligated to stay and marry within their own countries than that would reduce the rate of inceldom. A small example:

Thailand is a country with a huge number of ricecels, lets say for example that 10% of the male gender in Thailand was an incel before globalist policies....

Globalism did it's work and opened the Thailand border and every other border on this planet.

People all over the world start to displace themselves to other countries.

Sexual Market Value changes dramatically because we know that the racepill is a truth, the white passing guys are higher on the SMV than the shitskins and ethnics.

Ethnic women have acces to white Chads.

Black tyrones from Africa displace to Europe

Resulting in more competition for the average white guy in Europe

Chaddams from middle east also join Europe resulting in higher competition for average white men

Average white men suddenly can't get a female

Resulting in him relocating to another country where he can boost his SMV (SEA)

White average guy right now a God in SEA because his SMV boost

Resulting in higher inceldom within the average Thai guy

And the circle continues......

This is what currently is happening, the only solution to destroy this circle of inceldom is to destroy the united nations. If we really want to make a difference in this world and on international theater, we need to initiate a worldwide revolution against the united nations and those who support it. Every country and every institution being part of the united nations is our enemy and they should be destroyed. If we really want to care about politics, we should only have 1 thing to concentrate on.... We need to make people revolt against the united nations. Yes we incels are weak but we can use our brains, if we can't fight we could at least make the Chads and the united nations faggots fight each other, and when they fight each other they will become weaker and vulnerable and that's where we incels take out chance for a revolution and revenge on humanity.

Revolution is the only way, current NPC politics will not care about you and will not do a shit about your situations. Caring about current politics while being a part of a worldwide elite globalist group is like mopping the floor while the tap is running....You will not achieve anything, you will only empower NPC politics.

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Reminder: This is what happens when you try to flirt with girls and you're not chad.


This incident actually happened back in 2015. I dug up the Campus security emails that were sent to me during that time and managed to find it.
This guy, "Thurston", was a 5'6" Asian male. I don't know much about what his face looks like but his height alone is enough evidence that he shouldn't be cold approaching.
This man apparently paid for some PUA camps and decided to try it out on campus. When he kept getting rejected, he likely got angry and started escalating to see if that would change anything. Unfortunately, that led to security being called on him and he got arrested for six months.
The funny thing is that the report said he, "attempted to touch." He likely was just being a bit too persistent instead of actually groping or anything like that. Unfortunate that he didn't realize that looks matter. He got jailed six months from this, and he's not allowed near campus property again.
What's ridiculous is that I've seen first hand guys who were MUCH more forward than that physically, but because they were white, tall and goodlooking they could get away with it.
By the way, an incident like that has never happened again after his arrest. I think men who aren't attractive at my school are legitimately scared now of approaching women they are attracted to.
I also overhear some girls complain that no guys ever approach them anymore. Their loss.

As a former invisible truecel and now cute passing trans girl, I'm always grateful for all male attention, even if I can't respond to it because of the penis issue. I hate feminism for trying to get rid of what makes men attractive. Most trans girls are SJWs who think I'm nuts for not being a feminist like them. But they weren't truecels like me when they lived as guys, a lot of them were perfectly handsome men pre-transition.

incel goes up to a girl and says hi = getting escorted out of the campus and arrested for months
6'4" chad goes up to a girl, rips off her shirt, and screams at the top of his lungs "I AM THE BOOB INSPECTOR" while slapping her ass like bongos = confident man with a great personality

Honesty they probably made it up. All in likelihood he asked for a phone number, they said no, and he walked off. But they decided, as he made them ""feel unsafe"", to lie and say he touched them.

Poor guy. His only crime was being short and Asian. Girls would probably go wet with admiration had he been a 6' tall white guy.

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People lived short brutish lives in our ancient history, 30,000 years ago, often dying around age 30. If girls didn’t get started reproducing just as soon as they hit puberty, they might not have lived long enough to see that their own children made it to puberty themselves; people had to reproduce early, the species literately depended on it. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that the age of puberty starts somewhere before half the age of 30. It also explains why there are so many people accused of being pedophiles, that’s the way nature has made some of us, to be attracted to youth as a reproductive strategy. But rather than discuss why there seems to be so many “pedophiles”, we chose to just throw them in jail. Truth is, it’s the way nature made them through evolution.

We are still running on 200,000 year old software, and no stupid, recently created, feel good, socially constructed laws are going to change that. There was no supportive social services in those ancient times, and young girls who lost their families either died or grew up quick. The ones that were attracted to older men survived, and eventually reproduced. That is why you have girls who like older men, and men who like young girls. It’s an adaptive strategy that worked in the past, simple as that. Men taking in young girls was natures answer to a social safety net.

It also explains why the model industry has such young models, they know men are attracted to youth, beauty and neoteny (look up the word). No one really thought much of it back in the day when Calvin Klein was using a 14 year old Brook Shields as a model. Only recently are people outraged so much over so little. I really think it is so the deep state can use it as a way to control our politicians. Makes you wonder.

Why persecute people for the way nature made them if they are not hurting anyone? No wonder the birth rate in western civilization is declining. Unfortunately, as always, religious prudes are standing in the way of sound reason but try to get your heads around the idea, it’s a sound theory. It very well might have made the difference between the human race surviving, and not to acknowledge this possibility is just being unreasonable. The economy has changed but our biology hasn’t. There is nothing wrong with being attracted to girls, and boys, around the age of puberty. It’s just recently that young people can’t find work, and people are stretching their child like behavior all the way into their 30’s.

Throwing people in jail for having an interest in young girls, and boys, around the age of puberty is just predatory policing for money, just like with drugs. Lawyers, politicians, law enforcement types, persecuting people for non-violent crimes that shouldn’t even be crimes in the first place, like drugs, which is really just to defend the racketeering of the medical/phama industry, and to prop up their socialist make-work jobs.

Being attracted to youth doesn’t make one a monster, it’s the way nature made us. What does make one a monster is destroying the lives of innocent men, and women, who did nothing more than follow their human nature. Not only does it destroy the lives of men when they are taken to prison but destroys the lives of the families, and pets, that depend on them. Think of all the poor animals that get hauled off to animal shelters,and get killed because their owners get put in prison for stupid, non-violent crimes, feeding the prison industry. If I was a cop, I would have trouble sleeping at night for thinking about all the lives I’ve destroyed.

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[...]Den Hollander, a self-described “anti-feminist” lawyer [...] was known for his misogynistic tirades and the dozens of lawsuits he filed, many frivolous. A Manhattan judge dismissed one of them in May, and a few weeks later, a federal judge in New Jersey named Esther Salas canceled a scheduled hearing in a different suit.

The delay followed years of resentment that he had harbored against Salas over his unfounded claim that she was moving the case too slowly. That, in turn, built upon a lifetime of seething hatred toward women: He accused his mother of preventing him from having a girlfriend, and his ex-wife of marrying him only to obtain a green card.

Den Hollander’s rage turned to violence this month when he showed up at Salas’ home in New Jersey posing as a FedEx deliveryman and opened fire, killing her 20-year-old son and wounding her husband, investigators said. She was not harmed.

[...]Hours after the shooting in New Jersey, police found Den Hollander’s body off a road in upstate New York with a single gunshot to the head.

In his nearby rental car, investigators found a list naming more than a dozen possible targets, according to people briefed on the investigation. Aside from Salas[...], the list included the names of three other female judges and two oncologists, at least one of whom had treated Den Hollander.

An examination of Den Hollander’s life shows how he represented the most violent elements of a male supremacist movement whose discourse online has become increasingly threatening toward women.

He made his views clear in thousands of pages of writing. In his final months, he uploaded the last version of his autobiography, a 1,698-page manifesto that ended with an ominous epilogue about his determination to fight “feminazis” until his last breath.

His beliefs swirled between the worlds of self-proclaimed anti-feminists and men’s rights activists. He ranted about what he perceived to be gender discrimination against men in family courts and other institutions, a focus of men’s rights activists, but also wrote blog posts calling for women to be killed.

After a contentious divorce in 2001, Den Hollander began using the court system to address his grievances, suing nightclubs for advertising ladies’ nights discounts and Columbia University for having a women’s studies program. When he lost in court, as he almost always did, he would sometimes respond with lawsuits targeting the opposing lawyers personally — and even once sued a judge who had ruled against him.

[...]Den Hollander’s turn to violence appeared to be years in the making. In his autobiography, he mused about killing his mother and about sexual violence against a female judge in his divorce case.

[...]Den Hollander grew up in Midland Park, New Jersey, a middle-class town about 25 miles northwest of Manhattan, and had a loathing for his mother, clinging to grudges against her. In his autobiography, he claimed that she told him she wished he had never been born and that she would not let him have girlfriend or learn to play a musical instrument.

Den Hollander described getting in trouble in the third grade after trying to forcibly kiss two girls in his class, a pattern that would continue throughout his life. He later wrote that he was kicked out of a martial arts academy for “flirting” with women.

[...]In 2000, Den Hollander married a Russian woman, Alina Shipilina, in Moscow and returned to New York with her later that year.

The marriage quickly fell apart. He filed for divorce in 2001, accusing his wife of being a prostitute and of duping him into marriage to obtain a green card. She accused him of publishing her diary and naked photos online, citing an incident in which he threatened her with a gun, according to a complaint she filed that was posted on Den Hollander’s personal website.

[...]The divorce consumed him. He failed in his effort to seek an annulment to invalidate the marriage. Standing on the courthouse steps in New York after a divorce hearing, his devastation turned to hatred, he wrote in his autobiography. He said he wanted to bomb a feminist organization.

“Finally,” he wrote, “I knew my real enemies, the ones who plotted my destruction from birth, the ones who smiled so sweetly through their blood red lips — dames.”

[...]His unorthodox legal battles gained Den Hollander appearances on The Colbert Report and Fox News, but his notoriety alienated him from mainstream clients. In recent years, he took contract assignments helping big law firms review documents. One job paid $31 an hour.

He filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and frequently bemoaned his declining income. At a hearing in 2018, he seemed embarrassed by his status, telling the judge, “I get by doing the lowest of lowest of legal work, called document review.”

A legal services firm, Epiq Systems, fired Den Hollander in 2016 after he called another office worker an “illegal,” according to a lawsuit he filed against the company. A spokeswoman for Epiq confirmed that Den Hollander was terminated, without elaborating.

Later that year, he made calls for the Trump campaign as a volunteer, according to his autobiography. He said he was drawn to Donald Trump’s views on immigration.

An official with the Trump campaign said, “We don’t know anything about him, but the crimes in this case are horrific.”

In 2015, in his suit challenging the constitutionality of the male-only military draft, Den Hollander represented a woman who wanted to enlist. It was a legal cause supported by women’s advocacy groups, but Den Hollander had a different motivation. He wrote in his autobiography that women should “finally know not just the benefits but also some of the real hell of manhood.”

When the case was assigned to Salas, he wrote that he was initially attracted to her and wanted to ask her out. Later on, he called her “a lazy and incompetent Latina.” He claimed that she had worked for organizations “trying to convince America that whites, especially white males, were barbarians.”

[...]In one of Den Hollander’s last court appearances, a federal judge in Manhattan ruled against him at a hearing in February 2018. Den Hollander became angry, and the judge urged him not to take the ruling personally.

“It was a pleasure appearing before you, Your Honor,” Den Hollander told the judge, “but it is always personal.”