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GameDevCel #sexist

Skilled Whore is a meme

i see a lot of normies thinking some "expericiend" women would give more pleasure than an inexperient virgirn.

which is complete bullshit, a women don't need special training to open her mouth and contract her libs around a cock, or to spread he legs, and moan while she take a dick.

this experencied how myth was invented so roasties could feel better about their slutness and feel superior to virgirns foids.

i'm tired of normies that say "why would you want virgirn hur dur?" "she woun't know how to pleasure you hur dur"
stop pretending giving a blowjob is some science, it can be teached to a foid of how to do it in less than 10 mins, and her tight virgin pussy would give much more pleasure than a punched lasagna of a rosted beef that took a hundred cooks plus.

you won't find any serious research about vagina becoming loose with sexs, everything you will find at google will be mun science seguring to whores that "your vagina will be tight even if you have sexs with 50 guys and have a babie despise your age hurdur"

Kirk #racist

I think there’s a tipping point for general societal insanity, and that we may have gone past it. The inmates are truly running the show, or at least, they’ve got control of the remote for the TV in the lobby.

The question is, what happens when the other pivot point is reached, and enough people are tired of this BS? The Soviet Union was similarly “on the side of history”, and doomed to succeed and dominate the future. And, then… It wasn’t there any more.

The nutters are in the same late-Socialist stages, I think, and we are witnessing the collective insanity stemming from all that coming to a head. When the abscess finally bursts, I worry about who all is going to get spattered with the resultant mess. I strongly suspect that all the SJW-chosen groups are going to find that their place in society is a lot less secure than they think, and that the excesses of today are going to turn into the pogroms of tomorrow.

One of the ironies that I think a lot of folks miss is just how many of these groups are seemingly hell-bent on enacting all the base canards of the old repressive norms. Remember when women were deemed “too sensitive” and “too frail” for the hurly-burly of daily life in the workplace…? Gee, what the hell are the idiots doing, but demonstrating proof of that, with all these “workplace sensitivity” issues they keep bringing up? What nut job would hire a woman, under such circumstances? Best not to… Remember when black men were deemed a threat to white women, and white civilization? Have a look at the crime statistics, and compare the rate of rape between the races; it’s damn near zero for white-on-black, and significantly higher for black-on-white. How long is that going to go on, before the general population of whites notices that fact, and decides that decades of social conditioning that they’ve undergone for tolerance and inclusivity is entirely bullshit? Follow-on effects, anyone?

I swear to God, you would think that the people running these minority groups (if there were such a thing…) were actually setting out to provide proof that the old-school racists and bigots were actually, y’know… Right.

Scary shit, when you contemplate the likely backlash. If I were gay, I’d be busy burying myself in the closet, and avoiding all public acknowledgement of my status. Black? No idea, but I’d be seriously poising myself to get the hell out of the major urban areas, and ideally, going somewhere that race was a non-issue. Wherever the hell that might be, during the coming storm.

Everything may dampen out, but I honestly can’t believe we’ll dodge yet another bullet. God has got to be tired of looking out for us, and I’ve noticed that no matter how many times the fool dodges fate, eventually it catches up to him…

Andrea Daley Utronebel #racist

Re: Israel Is Having Far More Babies Than Any Other Developed Country

Ethnic identity and solidarity. Patriarchy, esp among the Orthodox who have most children. Social-Nationalism where the elites feel closer to national folk than to elites around the world. A nation that tells each person that they are precious member and citizen of the state bound by blood, culture, and history than an expendable economic unit to be replaced by foreigners. A tempered elitism that says even though people should strive to succeed and move up, they should regard their national kin as fellow brothers and comrades than ‘losers’ and ‘trash'(to feed with opioids). A national elite that is autonomous than cuckily in service of another elite(that is actually hostile).

In Minnesota, idiot Scandinavian Americans are cheering that they elected the first non-white Muslim woman to be a Congressman. In Ireland, they cheer their first homo hindu prime minister. I don’t think Jews will cheer for the first Palestinian leader of Israel. Yes, a first! a first! A first Palestinian leader of Israel!!!! Nah, I think Jews want to keep it a nation ruled by Jews forever and ever.


Now, imagine if some Polish Catholics enter Israel as immigrants. Suppose these Polish Catholics are hyper-pushy and have an IQ of 150. Though only 2% of the population, suppose they take over Israeli banking, media, academia, and etc. Suppose they buy up Israeli politicians and tell them to repeat ‘diversity is our strength’ and welcome a future in which Jews will be a minority. Suppose these Polish Catholics control media and make TV shows about the evils of Nakba and Zionist oppression of Palestinians and fill Jewish kids with ‘Jewish guilt’. Suppose they make endless movies about Holodomor and Jewish involvement in communism and deaths of millions and erect Slavocaust momuments all over Israel. Suppose endless commercials and shows on TV tell Jewish women that Jewish men are dorky losers and patriarchal oppressors and that Jewish girls should go with Muslim, black, Palestinian, and Iranian men and have mixed-race babies who are Muslim or Christian than Jewish. Suppose most Israeli politicians are cucks like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and suck up to Polish Catholics minority elites. Suppose Polish Catholics tell Jewish elites to look down on Jewish working class as losers who should be drugged and killed off with opioids. And if any Jewish elite person shows any sympathy or expresses any solidarity with Jewish masses, it is denounced as ‘racism’ and ‘Jewish supremacism’. OMG, how care Jewish elites care more for Jewish masses than side with Polish minority elite globalists.

Hmmm… I wonder what would happen to Israel.

various incels #sexist

Incels will bring other incels down when they can

My Calculus teacher in college was a dorky guy. You know, the stereotypical nerd with glasses that acted suspiciously over-excited about maths. Also Norwooding heavily, with a weak retruded chin, no sense of style, arrived at school via bicycle. No way he wasn't an incel in personal life.

He was very liked in our college group for his nice demeanor, and how he would joke around with students, however awkwardly.

However when my short classmate (actual manlet, like 5'5) came up to the blackboard, this lovable dork of a teacher would become a completely different person.

He would suddenly act super condescending, laughing at the poor sap's errors and straight up issuing commands, all with that stupid smirk of self-satisfaction. While the manlet struggled, the teacher would even periodically look at us with his dorky-ass incel face, with the expression of a child seeking approval from his parents.

There is very little solidarity among men. A 9/10 male will be the big guy on campus and bully multiple guys, but even a 3/10 incel will instinctively target a 2/10 one, in an attempt to lift his own status that tiny little bit.

Exactly that kind of teacher bullied me in high school. They're basically uncle toms, selling out their people to gain a little more approval from their masters.

Another blackpill is that trucel would betray his own for just a whiff of stacies mangled roastie

Most adults these days have no common decency or care about anyone but themselves and people better looking than them, and they just act oblivious to everything around them unless it's a status symbol or a good looking human, sad truth, but truth nonetheless.

This is part of the reason why a lot of mgtow etc. shit seems stupid to me, they idealize males as some honourable sex who are bound to each other by loyalty. In reality, only sexual success matters, the supposed honorability is just another cope used by losers.

Some MRAs #sexist #fundie

Post-Gamergate Study Blows Up Conventional Wisdom – Finds Female Gamers Are the Real Sexists


The results confirmed their hypothesis “that the level of online sexual harassment behavior, especially toward women, will increase after playing a sexualized video game.” Harassment of men did not increase after playing the sexualized video game.

wtf does "especially toward women" mean?

However, in a surprise twist, the female gamers in both groups turned out to be significantly more likely to engage to send sexist jokes to their partner, and most of the sexual harassment was of men.

"especially toward women?"

The admittedly surprised researchers came up with a theory for their findings. They posited that the women sent more sexist jokes because they saw harassing each other as harmless fun and harassing men as a form of revenge.

Hey retards, that's exactly why men sexually harass women as well. There is no evil patriarchy full of toxic masculinity.


It's always been pretty clear to me that many, if not most, female gamers are far more sexist than your average male gamers. You see it on reddit all the time, grown women trying to victimize themselves because they received male attention; all the while glorifying attention from other women themselves(especially blatant when you look at "female only" subs like girl gamers which is deliberately discriminative) or demonstrating the exact same time of attention seeking behaviour(basically jumping on this "look at me, woe is me, i'm an oppressed female gamer" narrative for attention).

They will cry that lonely, depraved and awkward teenage boys will sexualize or romanticize them online, even when they are literally adult women in a position of power and privilege over them(both offline and online). There is a major empathy gap there not just in where at attention might be coming from but a major negative bias and hostile predisposition towards male attention in general(a dehumanizing and irrational disdain that I could only describe as toxic femininity). If men complained about female attention the way women do about male attention, it would be labelled as misogynous gate-keeping.

So many times, I see female gamers make everything about gender, when gender isn't necessarily a relevant factor, but neglect gender as a factor when it is actually relevant. Male to female sexual attention from a heterosexual man relates to gender, but female gamers will try to present this as misogyny because apparently all boys should act like eunuchs and treat girls no differently than boys(despite biology, sexual market value and romantic gender role expectations all being relevant factors). When a guy insults a girl online, even with it's totally warranted and in the most gender neutral manner, female gamers will make this a gender issue, and try to label the situation as misogyny(this is especially true if gendered terms like "bitch" are used, despite the context in which they are used had nothing to do with gender).

And that's not even going into the number of women who are absolutely toxic, hostile and condescending online, often explicitly so towards men/boys, just because they can(and, because they are women, there is very little to no accountability for their actions because most people wouldn't tell them they are wrong or would just automatically side with them because they are women). Or the fact that men seem far more open/comfortable with the idea of playing female protagonists than women seem to be with male protagonists.


"Reality can be whatever I want" -Feminazis

Where proof and truth are subject to interpretation.

A team of scientists placed a frog on a table and ordered it to jump. it jumped

They then cut of it's legs and ordered it to jump, it did not.

They concluded that a frog with no legs cannot hear.

"Reality is often... disappointing" - Thanos


There is one glaring truth exposed in this study that they seem to either have missed or do not want to admit.

Women commit sexual harassment more than men because we hold men accountable, and we do not hold women accountable, but encourage it.

Does not take a team of scientist to understand that, and it seems they do not.


It's fucking disgusting that people can't joke with each anymore, it's callled msygony or whatever now. The SJWs are fighting to make this a soulless, joyless world, utterly passionless and sterile. I'd rather be offended and just talk it out now and against this live like that, eggs all the time.

These Gamer Girls aren't sexist, they are just joking around like normal people do all the fucking time, this shit is just getting down right oppressive. You can't flirt safely anymore, you can't joke with friends, ect... Enough.

tazdelaney #fundie

"crude, backwards and brutalistic view of the world?" more presumptuous insults from the pseudo-liberals really on the religious-right... can't believe the assaults upon me for expressing a viewpoint that asserts human sexual liberation!

ahem, the opposite. every 10 years since 1970 there's been this group has done videotaped 1-week live-in that includes in-depth interviews of all living in the household. a key focus has always been how much displayed affection, love there is in the average american household. guess what; wanna talk brutality? shows of affection have nearly disappeared here. consequently, as this lack of birthright loving nurture increases, so does youthful & all others frustration, violence, wars, torture and the recruiters find em easier & easier prey.

as i've written til my fingers ache, my 1st granting of ENTIRELY CONSCIOUS CONSENT TO HAVE SEX WAS WHEN I WAS ALMOST 12 AND HE WAS MY CRUSH OF 15. now he'd be put away & have his life ruined for that afternoon in 1966 and i'd likely be hauled off for 'professional help' in some psych-pharma hell! affectioinate sex is plainly that; rape is plainly that.

freud didn't hit the bull's eye when wrote "when sex is suppressed the result is civilization.' no, the opposite. when sex is suppressed (think moses...), love & affection also suffer and the result is that CIVILIZATION BECOMES IMPOSSIBLE AND IS REPLACED BY EVIL EMPIRES OF OPPRESSION AND INCREASINGLY DEALY WARS, dur.

the native world as seen through the pens of the early, pre-colonization native world showed naked, loving people who had open nudity, sex, communal shamanic-animist rituals of orgiastic sorts worldwide, with, of course, exceptions proved the rule. captain cook was indeed eaten by cannibals but he stated that having met many cultures in the pacific, "they are mostly so gentle they flee from even the violence of our european tongues!"

and early studies, of pacific, for example by marchand-marquesas or the later margaret mead, showed upwards of 1500 sexual events by adulthood... compared with just a dozen at age 21 in the US, 20 if not in college. women got it better what with sexual peak 14-28; boys is over by 18... never be that great again and all they got was the love of their own hands! here in new york the insane 'age of consent' is now 18 and kids can & do go to jail for defying this anti-nature, anti-sex laws! no frigging wonder teen suicide has soared 7x since 1950... and still largely a gay problem. most typical suicide note? "can't get any love."

more rage directed at such as michael jackson, none of whose boys turned on him even when money, DA, parents raged at them to, ever testified against him.... while a million iraqi children died w/no such protest in gulfwar, 12-year embargo, iraq war. the ever-more brutal west shouts 'yahooooo, bomb's away on the innocents!'

the intent in suppressing youth's sex or the mingling of the ages has never had anything to do with making life better for anyone but a shriveled up, vile & contemptuous evil religion's and empires dictatorship over the soul, heart, groin.

Goldie Boud #conspiracy

(Note: This is a reaction to a video about a group of scientists suing the EPA, after the agency's decision to fire scientists from several key advisory board positions, and replace them with members of the industries supposed to be regulated by it.)

(Goldie Boud)
Good!! Scientist are making things that are killing you and all of us. If you don't know that then get educated as to what scientists have been up too!! Chimeras! SMART DUST!! SYNTHETIC DNA TO MAKE ALL KINDS OF CREATURES!! Cloning us so they can kill off humans and replace us!!! Using our facial recognition to make robots that will take over the world and WELL GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE UP TOO!! BUT ITS ALL FOR ILLUMINATI TO USE AGAINST US. OH AND HOW ABOUT THIS FLUBVACCINE THATS KILLING THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE AND YET THEY KEEP PUSHING TO TAKE THE SHOT!! NOW THEY HAVE A NEW SHOT, THOSE SCIENTIST DO, THAT IS A ONE TIME SHOT AND YOULL NEVER NEED ANOTHER ONE IN YOUR LIFE!!! BECAUSE YOULL BE DEAD IF YOU TAKE IT!! AND LETS TALK ABOUT THE RFD CHIP THEY ARE STICKING INTO YOUR NEW BORN BABIES AND CHIPS IN YOUR BRAINS TO CONTROL YOU!! I GUESS IF YOU WANT THAT ADRENAL DRUG SND YOU DRINK BABY BLOOD AND YOU KILL THEM FOR SACRIFICES THEN YOU DONT GIVE A F*CK!! LIBERALS ARE DISGUSTING DISPICABLE MONSTERS!! I CAN SAY I AM VERY HAPPY HE IS NOT FUNDING WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS ANYMORE THE HORRIBLE SCIENTISTS!!! They are not scientists who are working for good. They all know that what they do will be used for evil even if there is a good use for what they made. You liberals need to wake the hell up!!! Because they are killing you too!!

(andrew boddy)
Scientists brought you the internet

(Goldie Boud)
andrew boddy so what! The Internet is also surveilling us. So are our phones!! And they are radiating us! And pedophiles are spreading like hot cakes because of the dark web and regular internet. Technology though it seems fun it has ruined our world and allowed these big bankers and illuminati do their dirty dealings and connect with each other and sell is all their junk we don't need but that makes them rich and is poor.

MarcoosT93 & FlatCommunication3 #transphobia

Re: The pseudobisexuality is strong with this one.



I know this is obviously gross but I can't help but feel a twang of sympathy for people like this. How awful is their life snd how deranged are they that this is what they settle on to improve it. I know it's not exactly their fault per se but the progressive left has some answering to do for promoting a lot of it's ideas without any kind of restraint or forethought of the consequences down the line. Like what's it going to be like 20 years from now when all these dumb confused teenagers are mutilated hormone addled disfunctional adults? Fuck I sound like pearl clutching conservative but this shit genuinely concerns me

Hard to feel sorry for them when they're yelling about sucking their girl dick and\or masturbating in the women's washrooms. Too much time in the trans forums. Maybe if they spent time away they can develop some empathy and sympathy for the women they are colonizing.

It is hard to feel sorry for them but I'm a compassionate person it's one of my core values. I just look and see a horribly broken human trying to find love and acceptance so desperately that this is the step they're taking. It genuinely breaks my heart

I agree somewhat too. I mean, look at the transsexuals, who have totally been steamrolled over by the agp fetishists and the trans trenders. Mostly though I feel the worst for the kids who have been told if they want to play with toys not typically associated with their gender they are trans and should be put on puberty blockers. I draw the line at feeling even remotely sorry for any of these men who take over women's spaces with such gleeful malice and spite.

Yeah thank you for giving me the term Transexual I was looking for a distinguishing name. Also that's been my pet peeve, so what if a kid plays with the opposite genders stuff? Nearly all kids do, I definitely borrowed my sister's barbies more than once I didn't need hormones. I also occasionally wore make up as a teenager or had my nails painted.... Because that shits fun, instead we're enforcing a somehow more rigid gender binary by saaying you can only be your birth gender and any deviancy means chemically altering and mutilating you


I mean, look at the transsexuals, who have totally been steamrolled over by the agp fetishists and the trans trenders.

Autogynephilic transsexuals have steamrolled plenty of people but not themselves, that's for sure. As for HSTS (homosexual transsexuals) some of the biggest leading trans activists who have promoted self-ID + puberty blocker regimens are HSTS.

Look I know your friend is a transsexual but please stop repeating this old canard. It's simply not true.

HaShev #fundie

Using Blackrooks standard:
Charlie Manson said he was Jesus, well according to Christian reasoning they can't argue against it without arguing against themselves and their own beliefs.
The logic used is merely through silly fallacious claims to Jesus being Messiah based merely on self testimony & saying he fit 300 prophecy, most of which aren't even messianic or properly read and stated. Some are even comically based on NT post dated script instead of OT.

Using this logic if Charles Manson fit 300 characteristics of Jesus without manipulating the characteristics or cheating like people do in emulating Moshiach then Charles Manson has to be Jesus according to Christian standards of reasoning. And since Charles Manson self trstified he was and does fulfill the coming of Jesus in over 300 ways then Jesus came back bringing division & as a murderer as he said he would in Matthew, Thomas, and Peter.
Since Jesus fulfilled over 300 verses on Satan then he must be Satan of the Bible.
Therefore Christianity standards and reasoning suggest Satan was Jesus and he came back as Charles Manson and your arguing this fact would suggest you are admitting Christianity's logic and reasoning on Moshiach is skewed.

Therfore moshiach claims must be forfeited and the standard to decipher MOshiach has to be re-evaluated and rediscovered by fulfillment of legitimate expectations that are Torah based not oral pagan borrowed traditions and self testimony.
Conclusion" Jesus either wasn't messiah like you thought or by your standards he had to be Satan, either way your character becomes the adversary and thief, thus either way he can be concluded as Satan.

FACT: Jesus is depicted like a long haired hippy in sandles.
Charles Manson claimed to be Jesus and was a hippy in sandles, we must take Manson for his word in even standard to Christians taking Jesus self testified word and claims.
Fact: they say Jesus is son of man & Charles is Man/son.
Fact: Jesus family said he was crazy
Manson and his family is crazy.
Jesus was a murderer from the begining who promised to not bring peace but to cause opposite through division describing a world inferno. Manson did the same with his race war he planed division chaos and worlds end in the same manner setting it a blaze.
Fact: Jesus asked his followers to disregard their parents for sake of him being their new family as did Manson.
Jesus lived in a shack so did Manson.
Jesus hated the Romans, Manson hsted Roman Polanski. Jesus took mushrooms as did his followers according to found texts, Manson did as well as his followers.
Cult leaderJesus had his apostles Manson had his cult flock called his family. Jesus lived and roamed the desert, so did Manson.

Using Christian logic & standards
Charlie Manson Was Jesus and Jesus was Lucifer cause all the verses on Lucifer were 100% fulfilled by the first fallen Christ.

To disagree is to admit the standard used to call him Moshiach is flawed making him Lucifer anyway.... this is called Check mate...
because every excuse maneuver you make out of this still means I got your king.
My kNight to your King= Check Mate!
That's why I use that term, so you'd notice your argument backed you in a corner with 0 excuses and maneuvers left.
All you can do is
2)pretend your mom is calling and run away
3) throw the chess board to the ground and have an ad hominem hissy fit like a child.
So far everyone seems to choose option 3.

HoneyBadgerDC #fundie

The question here is simple. What would you have done if you were in the same position as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, where several of your daughters told you that their 15-year old brother had been openly touching them on the breasts and genital areas both when sleeping and awake?

This whole thing was blown out of proportion to the point of being beyond rediculous. 14 year old boys are perverts! 1st offense you don't call the police, you don't call a counselor, you have stern talk with both of them. You relieve the girl of any guilt and teach the boy a lesson in self control and then watch him closely for an extended period of time.

I know first hand of many cases of minor incestuous acts where brothers humped on their sister while wrestling, or copped a feel here and there and 20 years later counselors told them how bad it fucked them up. They in turn took it to the family and fucked up the whole family over something that occured as children. The News should be held accountable for this one.

I really don't know anything about the Duggars. My response was based more on general touching by siblings durring early teens. Every little glitch that boys and girls go through in life does not have to be life changing. I would agree that a boy who acts out in this way should be watched and monitored closely as it does point to some scary tendencies but I would also hazard to guess the the vast majority of boys that have done this grow up to be normal responsible men. His life doesn't have to be ruined over an incident and neither does the girls.

I never trusted older boys around my kids period. Boys are prone to making bad decisions when they are going through puberty. Yes it is wrong but it has been happening since the stone age and doesn't seem to be stopping as of yet.

I have spent the past 25 years doing volunteer work with recovering addicts and alcoholics. The great majority of these people have suffered from abuse and molestation to one degree or another.

One thing I find interesting is that amoung the ones who truly do recover and move on in life many of the women have changed their stories. They often admit to being awake and playing asleep because they enjoyed the attention. They admit to being casualy seductive and making the boy feel it was all his idea. Kids are kids, screw guilt. Parents need to step up to the plate and deal with things like this as they come up. Explain to the kids that things like this might happen but should never happen again.
. I said for best possible outcomes families in most cases could best handle it themselves. When you involve social workers who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground and have an agenda going in you are flirting with disaster worse than the molestation.

Demerzel #fundie

Every time I try to convince myself that torture is wrong, I remember the first scene in the first episode of season 7 of 24. Bauer is accused of torturing a terrorist for information. He admits that torture is wrong and illegal, but points out that said terrorist had targeted a bus with like 40 people and 12 children. So torturing that guy saved the lives of all those people.

Would you honestly prefer to see the terrorist, a guy that attacked your country and innocent citizens, unharmed, and see 50 people die, rather than inflicting him a little pain to make him admit the truth, so you can save innocent lives?

I think some things are wrong but yet may become necessary sometimes. Killing is wrong. Yet we do it in self-defense, or to protect others.

It's a weird world we live in. The SAD section of the CIA is authorized, by law, to assassinate people if needed to protect the country. So, ending someone's life is alright. But inflicting pain on them to try to get information is something that would go "against all this country stands for". Would be better if we simply killed him and didn't try to get intel out of him, then other people will also die. But hey, at least we can feel good about ourselves and our high moral standards, since we didn't torture anyone. Let's not interrogate terrorists anymore, let's just kill them. I mean, their numbers are bound to run out sometimes, right? Right? Oh wait.

We're talking about the country that dropped a nuclear bomb on a town filled with civilians and keeps putting its nose where it doesn't belong.

Torture is immoral. So is killing. Both are unfortunately necessary evils and are sometimes required to save lives. While people are busy being morally right, people die. Simple as that

[ Demerzel,Because it's a natural progression. If this is all about the ends justifying the means then perhaps the Terrorist will resist torture of their person. Thus, the next step is to torture people they care about, people who are innocent of any wrong doing and just happen to have a ******* for a mother or father.
To be clear, are you saying torturing the child of the terrorist (the child who has nothing to do with their mother or father's activities) is justified?

this is a difficult question. Personally, I don't think I would be able to do that unless, let's say, I knew that the lives of my family were threatened. That would be a direct enough threat to make me do about anything. Would it be "justified" to torture a child? I think it's wrong. But I also believe that our enemies don't follow any laws and don't care about the lives they take, and if we follow the laws to the letter while fighting them, we're going to lose. That's why the SAD exists, that's why we don't only fight enemies on the battlefield. President Reagan knew that some situations would come up that required soldiers to cross a line for the greater good.

I'm going to stop posting here, because the truth is that we can keep talking about this but none of us can know how it feels to be in such a situation, or what we'd do if such a situation presented itself. Presented with the chance to save many people at the price of one life, no matter be it adult or a child, I would do whatever is needed to save the most lives. That's my bottom line.

[ Becoming a monster to stop a monster will never, ever, make sense to me. In essence, you lost the 'war' before you've even started if you 'fight' that way. ]

it's interesting to see that killing people is fine, but hurting them makes you a monster.
Why the heck should we respect them and be nice to them?
I'd have an easier time living with torturing someone, than letting a lot of people die without trying to prevent it. When was the last time a terrorist nicely offered information when asked without being threatened?
Snd please, we can agree that torture doesn't always provide the right information, but it does work sometimes.

[ But is sometimes really worth the psychological, life long damage you are going to leave the victim with on the off chance of them having information which may, or may not save them?

TV Show or real life, no situation is acceptable. Except on TV or in Movies they know they have the bad guy and we are - at times - positioned to follow the hero torturing... except, I'm still unsure how that makes the act acceptable. ]

So let's say a terrorist has planted a bomb in a bus full of people. He doesn't care that they will all die, even children, since he does this to make a point and attack the country. So you'd sleep good that night, if you didn't torture him. Now ask yourself how the families of those murdered by the terrorist you protected, are sleeping that night.

You'd care about leaving a murderer and terrorist with psychological damage, while innocent people are dying? Why the heck shouldn't we at least try to make him talk? You respect a murderer and terrorist more than innocent lives? Good people die when the people in authority choose inaction and morals over what needs to be done.
So let's say a terrorist has planted a bomb in a bus full of people. He doesn't care that they will all die, even children, since he does this to make a point and attack the country. So you'd sleep good that night, if you didn't torture him. Now ask yourself how the families of those murdered by the terrorist you protected, are sleeping that night.

You'd care about leaving a murderer and terrorist with psychological damage, while innocent people are dying? Why the heck shouldn't we at least try to make him talk? You respect a murderer and terrorist more than innocent lives? Good people die when the people in authority choose inaction and morals over what needs to be done.

[ LMAO, no you don't. You assume they have the information you want, and if you are torturing an innocent person and they lie to you to get you to stop how does that save lives?

The simple answer is; it does not. ]

It doesnt. Risk of hurting some innocents wont stop me from doing something that could save lives in the future.

It's a shame I can't give you rep more often. I completely agree.

"Never let morals get in the way of doing what's right." - Isaac Asimov

SoundingtheAlarm #fundie

t 10pm central standard time..the first call comes into 911 ..a man is hysterical screaming "my wife just disappeared" the 911 dispatcher replies "sir what do you mean...did she leave and not come home?" the man screams "NO ..I mean she just disappeared right before my eyes and all that is left are her clothes"

another 911 call comes through...its from county hospital and a frantic nurse cries out "ALL THE BABIES ARE GONE?"

a husband and wife are following a car down a two lane highway when the car they are following suddenly veers off the road. The husband jumps out and races to the car only to discover it's empty except for a pile of clothes in the driver's seat.

"Flight 411 this is delta tower...please confirm your plans to descend" "Flight 411?" "sir Flight 411 is not responding" nervous travelers begin to shout ..."what's going on we are passing our destination?" "but the cockpit is empty...the flight crew has disappeared"

BREAKING NEWS ...CNN ...Anderson Cooper reporting..."suddenly without warning ....Seemingly thousands if not millions of people have disappeared...911 emergeny response systems are crashing due to the overload of calls...wolf blitzer stands by with word from Whitehouse Correspondents"...."this just in Anderson....100 car pile up on Los Angeles Freeway...wait another report...New York subway systems are reporting major subway crash....President Obama and his wife Michelle are getting ready to speak to the nation..word is they are currently on a conference call with world leaders as again Anderson this is not a national crisis but reports are coming literally from around the world"

A liberal pastor's cell phone's a troubled parishoner..."pastor my children are promised that there was nothing to the said it was a fairy tale"

MSNBC's Keith Olberman ..."reports thousands of people have just died in one of the worst airplane crashes in history....a 757 just crashed into downtown Chicago and exploded blowing up 4 apartment complexes"

A 20 year old run away who just weeks before cussed her bible believing parents and told them to never preach again...dials her parents phone hurredly only to hear it ring and ring...she hangs up and dials their cells only to get voice mail...her heart races as she recalls her dad's warning..."honey please turn to Jesus..He is coming soon"

ALL NETWORKS BEGIN TO BREAK IN......AN EMERGENY MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT BARAK OBAMA...."Good citizens of the United States...we are in the midst of THE MOST CATASTROPHIC EVENT OF OUR be continued in life's theatre soon

Robert Lindsay #fundie

I do feel that serious outliers deserve to be bullied, teased, taunted etc. about things that they can control. They need to get the message that what they are doing is not ok. But only some kids need that sort of treatment:

Assholes, psychos, mean boys. Fuck em, bully em. They deserve it, they should not be that way, that’s no way for a boy to be. That behavior needs to be arrested. An asshole, psycho, mean boy may well grow up to be an asshole, psycho, mean man and that is a lot more dangerous. Nip it in the bud. How would you like to see way more asshole, psycho, mean men than there already are. There are enough men like this, really too, and even one is unacceptable. These men do a lot of damage to society and the people they victimize. Boys need to get the message that it is not ok to be an asshole, mean, psycho male. We cannot send boys out into the society of men acting that way. It might cause serious societal problems.

Crybaby boys. Boys should not cry or at least they should not cry excessively. It is not acceptable for a 10 year old boy to be crying all the time. He needs to be bullied, teased, roughhoused, even hit, to get the message that males simply cannot do that in our society. Also the rest of the boys need to be taunt that boys and men simply cannot be crybabies. That is as unacceptable as it gets. Do you want to raise generations of crybaby men? Come on.

Seriously effeminate boys. Sorry, no boy is born effeminate. I feel that this is obviously learned behavior. That means they could knock it off anytime. Boys need to get a strong message that serious effeminacy is not acceptable. If that means teasing, taunting, etc. effeminate boys, that is fine with me. The rest of the boys need to be told that this is not ok. If you do not do this, you might end up with a lot more effeminate men than their already are, and that would not be good. You might end up with whole generations of effeminate men.

Weirdos, idiots, seriously dorked out nerds and fools. Look man, if you are this much of a nerd, idiot, fool, dork, clumsy, awkward idiot clown of a boy, that is just not acceptable. Boys who act that way deserve bullying, teasing, taunting and even a bit of roughhousing. They need to get the message that they need to knock it off, and the rest of the boys need to get the message that this is seriously not ok. Otherwise you might end up with thole generations of nerdy, dorky, idiotic, lame and foolish men.

David J. Stewart #fundie

God is not impressed with the position of pastor. God is not impressed with the size of Harvest Baptist Academy. God is not impressed by their big building, fancy auditorium, first-class music program, nor anything else they have erected or purchased. God is not impressed with how many of their graduates have become Bally Dancers, like Christian Hur. Harvest is a joke! Dresses are novelties at Harvest, tight sexy Spandex is the norm which the female staff wear in the neighborhood where I live! I mean sexy! I recently read in BJU's 2016 student handbook, where female students are now permitted to wear halter tops. Christian college? What a joke! Bob Jones today is WORLDLY!!! Harvest's women dress WORLDLY!!! This is supposed to be a fundamental Baptist church, right?

some MRAs #sexist

Re: Fertility in Europe: If the woman wants to have a baby and the man disagrees, the likelihood is only about one-third compared to when the couple agrees. If it is the man who wants the baby and the woman disagrees, the probability of having a child is indistinguishable from zero.

Holy crap. There are a few condom users but I don't really see any other explanation other than at least 1/3 of women lie about birth control.


If they agree, they agree.

If the woman doesn't want to carry a child to term, I hope we can all agree the chances of her doing so should approach zero.

So is the 1/3 when the man disagrees the problem? And would some sort of paternal opt-out option be an agreeable remedy?

No, a jail sentence for the woman for trapping the man as well as an opt out would be acceptable.

She should also have to pay damages.

Or just be force opted out of taking child support from the father, ever.

Not good enough. They've been abusing the law, we should do it back.

"I as a male am traumatized by the lack of trust and care shown by my partner in doing this to me, it has affected my mental state severely"

I think damages are more than fair considering the mental effects of having this kind of thing happen to you.

If he has an opt-out, he has no basis for "damages." I actually favor that as a legal choice.

What your proposing basically lets men press charges and sue women for getting the women pregnant. That' too many problems to even really tackle.

Not really, it brings things back to being equal.

They should pay emotional distress damages equal to child support for 18 years as well as all the other consequences.

It's basically just what happens to men now, but reversed.

I think it's perfect. Everything should just be reversed, let's see how women like the "equality" they promote when they're suffering it.

That's not only obviously unfair, it takes everything people fear about false rape allegations and puts it into the extreme. It's hard for me not to think this is actually just some idea of getting revenge on women for that issue.

Even if we put all of that aside, the nominal purpose of child support is to support the child. You're now putting the kid in a position where they're stuck with a parent whom you're rendering broke by virtue of essentially the same legal mechanism designed to make sure they're provided for.

That you think that's "perfect" kind of makes it seem like you're missing the most important part of the whole equation: the welfare of the kids themselves.

It's funny how much you don't like your hypocrisy pushed back at you.

Feminism thinks "we'll push for as much injustice as we can, if we lose they won't do it back, they'll just make it equal"

It's funny how women selectively care about a child's welfare when it suits them. You sure didn't care when you wrote the Tender Years crap.

"my child needs money for its welfare"

proceeds to buy handbags and makeup

Even now, you divorce good men who've done nothing wrong, and we've all seen how single mother kids turn out :)

If you cared about the child's welfare you wouldn't be supportive of the system as it is now.

Plus how many women actually use the child support money on the child?

What is the "tender years crap"? For that matter, who is the "you" that you're speaking to?

Yeah, it's not like kids cost money or anything. You want to talk about radical change to the system including a more robust public safety net to provide for kids whose parents are dirt poor in exchange for eliminating child support? Sure. I'm down.

But it kind of seems like you're talking to someone else entirely right now.

It's amazing how feminists have a selective memory of what their movement has done.

That would be the idea that women should have full custody of a child during their "tender years" up to 4. This was banned as it contradicted the 14th Amendment but was then rebranded as "best interest of the child" still giving heavy bias to the mother (despite what we know about children raised by only a mother)

You as in feminist lower than dirt "activists" that claim to be doing what's right despite mounting evidence that what you're doing will result in societal collapse when everyone gives up on women.

I don't support any social programs. They're just a way to send men's tax money to women.

Jess #conspiracy

I am suprised to see just how many websites picked up this video. This is actually my video. I filmed it at around 4:30-5:00 p.m. at the Obama rally on October 4th during the Bruce Springsteen concert. I am not a UFO person, Infact the thought of UFOs scare the crap out of me. There were about a dozen people watching these things durring Springsteens set, trying to figure out what they are. They are not birds. They are not sky divers an they def. are not airplanes. Basically the video was posted on YouTube to see if there were any other videos taken of this that day or anyone else that took similar pictures or also saw this. I also have additional images.

Todd Strandberg #fundie

Hollywood has long forgotten about the biblical-epic film era that saw movies like: “Samson and Delilah,” “Quo Vadis,” “David and Bathsheba, “The Ten Commandments,” and “Ben-Hur” become top box-offices hits of the year that they were released. Once liberals took over the movie industry in the 1960’s there has been a ban on the production of any movie with a positive biblical message....
I don’t expect to ever see a positive Christian movie produced by a major studio. We have reached a point where the god of this world will never allow it. The average studio executive -- is repulsed by all things biblical because it conflicts with his or her evil nature.

DefiantYoungWhiteMale #racist

I ask the same about my country too..the U.S.S.A.

It seems like once upon a time a white American could turn on a TV and you would see shows about people like Ward, and June, and Wally, and the Beav. I imagine their neighbors were quite similar. Most likely, you could look around your neighborhood, or go out in public and many of the people you saw looked like and acted like Ward, and June, and Wally, and the Beav back then.

Now, you turn in the TV and you will see a family consisting of a bumbling, dorky, overweight buffoon father, an adulterous, pushy, shrill, feminist mother, and the children vary from awkward wiggers, to queers, to mudshark teen girls who dress like sluts. You go outside and you also meet a lot of people like this. It is like being in a nuthouse. The neighbors don't look like Ward, and June, and Wally, and the Beav. They look like 50 cent, or Eminem, or Janet Reno, or Osama Bin Laden, or Richard Ramirez the mestizo serial killer.

Things are so bad, they no longer put the county's most wanted mugshots in the local paper because over 90% of the most wanted are blacks, mestizos, and various shades of mud. The other 10% was wiggers, mudsharks, and druggies. Reality tends to clash with their make believe multicultural utopia.

some MRAs #sexist

Re: Proposed Pennsylvania sentencing algorithm to use sex to determine sentencing


Thanks to Phyllis Schlafly it's still OK to discriminate by gender.

Only in one direction of course. They wouldn't dare apply the same actuarial risk analysis to health insurance, retirement, income tax etc.

Women are financial parasites.

The report literally notes that if they stop giving free "low risk" points to women for being women, then it results in more women being classified as high risk. They also note, incredulously, that the classifications for men (who receive no "low risk points") are unchanged.

Fucking idiots.

Two blatant

Removing gender has a marginal impact on the accuracy of the sentence risk assessment instrument. Overall, the accuracy rate is still moderate to strong and the accuracy of low and high risk predictions remain essentially the same. However, removing gender results in fewer females classified as low risk and more females classified as high risk.

This argument makes no sense. There are saying that men are more likely to be considered "high risk" because they are more likely to comment violent crimes, but this makes no sense because the individual factors of a case would be obviously evident during the trial. There isn't a need to calculate a risk

It's completely unfair because it would automatically apply to people regardless of their crime; so a man would have an automatically higher sentence even if he commits a non-violent crime. It's completely illogical and unjust.

The racial component, btw, is written as to increase the risk factor for white suspects, So really, this is written to maximum punishment and sentences for white males. White men will automatically receive the harshest possible treatment. However, of course, all men are affected by the male component. A man will be punished in court simply for being a man, regardless of circumstance.

Note how unnecessarily convoluted the language and wording are- this is done intentional to mask an intentionally bigoted and disingenuous idea. This is a stepping stone towards a dystopian and segregated society.

Eye of God #fundie

Use your head, theists come with certain beliefs that we are commanded to share. Dur.

[You are also commanded to kill witches and homosexuals. To kill people who wear clothes made of 2 different materials. To kill those who work on the sabbath. You are also commanded to kill atheists and the entire town in which you find said atheist. Do you do these things? Hypocrite.

Don't pretend that you do anything because the bible says so.]

I do everything my Lord commands me. If he were to command of me that I kill homosexuals and people who work on the Sabbath, than I would be forced to do so. However, that order was given to the Israelites for a reason I do not know. NOT ME. Perhaps if I was born an Israeli I might feel differently.

Thankfully, that act has not been asked of me and I am glad because I personally have nothing against homosexuals or working on a Sunday.

ionlycopenow #sexist #fundie

Never forget, claiming "not being incel" while incel = being docile and neutered

When you're being "nice and respectful", when you're one of those faggots who has female friends who won't fuck you for being unattractive (who women rightfully see as dickless faggots as well), you're only neutering snd castrating yourself. Anger is and always has been what creates change or action, when you stop being angry you just become complacent, castrated, and pathetic. Because if we go off the very definition of "incel", it is not a mindset but a state of being.

All these fags who walk around saying "I'm a virgin but not incel" are really just saying "I'm an incel who has accepted and even TAKES pride in being castrated". Because obvioisly, you can't just choose to not be incel if you literally do not get any pussy. You're neutered if you claim to. That's why women try to manipulate as many dudes into being in this state as possible, because they are no longer a threat to worry about, just a sad complacent NPC that won't bother anyone and will just shrivel up and die, which they won't care about either.

Wolf #fundie

like Ive said. before.. Ive seen UFOs before, so I have no doubt they exist. and I strongly believe aliens are demons. UFOS are just part of the end time deception.

<p>funny... but, I allways thought the rapture would be explained by a "massive alien abduction" after all.. who would contradict that?? and here comes this guy who summons them, and says he'll bring a spaceship over las vegas.. (if that happens) once all the news gets to cover it then people WILL have to accept that...

<p>it is definetaly no suprise to me that this guy summoned that UFO, people have summoned demons for maaaaany years.. this is no different in my opinion.. maybe he got especific instructions to summon UFOS.. well, he says he does what the voice in his head tells him to do... geeez.. who might that be???? [cartoon Satan smilie] hehe

<p>some of you will agree with me, and that's that UFOs is the perfect ingredient for the end time deception scenario... its something that many people know about.. and by making UFOs appear for everyone to see, including the one on las vegas, will definetaly convince everyone and confirm their existence once and for all.. so after this happens (supposedly durring the month of june) the rapture has clear path to take place now [smilie] the government/NASA/ or whoever's excuse will be "people dissapeared because they were abducted by UFOs" and people will say "of course! one even came down to Las Vegas!.. they were definetaly up to something..besides, now we have proof that they exist," (try to contradict that...) [smilie]

MrMannn #fundie

Let em walk. I'm tired of big babies. If they want special treatment, then a public school is NOT for them! Classes are more important. The school is right. You do not interupt classes for extra ciricular activities.

They did not pray [to Allah] durring classes in the last 10 years, so why is it important now? This is more a call for "special treatment" than a call for religious rights.

ServantofChrist #fundie

[[Salem Mass. produced more than it's share of this idiocy durring the 1700s. Unfortunatley, not one of the poor people accused of being in cahoots with the devil lived to testify about it. How convenient for the accuser(s). If you think your faith in the Almighty is supposed to be used in this manner, I'm afraid you have missed the point of faith entirely.]]-Annonymous

Faith means to believe, because you feel it in your heart. It doesn't mean to think. The devil puts all sorts of confusing 'evidence' to deceive us.

Faith is about believing unconditionally that God is there and he is just. A just God wouldn't let innocent people get found guilty when put throught an ordeal.

As for the witches. Well, those servants of Satan got what they deserved. I can't believe everyone believes they were innocent. There were so many witnesses. That many people don't lie. Now a few people came forward and said they lied. OK. A few people wanted to be part of the victim crowd. They were probably witches too and didn't want anyone to point the finger at them. Granted, maybe one or two were innocent. So they made a mistake. Instead of putting their full faith in God and having a trial by ordeal like they were supposed to they had a trial by humans. That's not going to yield fair and impartial results to trust in man to determine guilty or innocence. Only God knows who's guilty or innocent.

In Salem they stood up to the vile practice of witchcraft only to be fooled by the Devil that witchcraft wasn't real.

There are still witches today, not the 'Wiccans' that's a silly fad heathen religion. Real witches are secretive. They usually pretend to be good, pious Christians so no one would suspect.

KHarn #racist

MLK did side with communists over the Viet Man war. People STILL wonder what that had to do with "equal rights".

By the way, for many people, the civil rights movement was a wonderful thing; but to Southerners, it was a PAIN IN THE ASS since we were on the reciveing end. Why weren't the marches done in the north where there was also segrigation and there was SUPPOSED to be support? Why was it nessisary to send THE ARMY into the South? Nostalgia durring the centenial of "the war"?

Also consider this: it was durring the civil rights movement that modern LIBERALS were born out of people who felt guilty about things that were not their fault.

JS #racist

[Re. a member of the "New Black Panther Party" calling for the murder of all white babies.]

For all White a$$holes: this idiot IS black america. I know, Ace of Spades, and Michael Medved, and Hugh Hewett, etc, will site this as ANOTHER isolated incident. Blacks hate Whites. I have no idea what it will take for you people to get that through your thick heads. Rappers, bidnessmen in suits, the guy in your dept who insists that you all listen to cool jazz, etc...they hate you. The TV commercials that portray you as weak, and dorky, while the black guy is so cool and in charge, etc...What the fark more do you need?

Internalize that, and the rest will be easy...

Dorki #fundie

Man, you really must love to jack-off... are you trying to find every bit of way to justify this nasty habbit? I went down that route before, I tried to find every possible way to justify that smoking is ok. Turns out that I found a demon that was causing me to smoke... sounds like to me that you have a terrible "jacking-off demon" in you. Quit deffering yourself from what's true. Do you want me to cast out that demon for you?