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Various Incels #sexist #racist

RE: [Blackpill] Female sex tourism map


A map showing an overview of origin and destination regions of female sex tourism:

Origin: North America (Canada and USA), Northern Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Benelux countries, Scandinavian countries, Finland, UK, Ireland), Japan, Australia, New Zealand

Destination: Southern Europe (Balkans countries, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece), South-East Asia (Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Phillipines, Thailand), Ecuador, Costa Rica, Turkey, Caribbean, Morocco, Kenya

Are any of you from a red country?


Females go to Thailand to bang ricies? I thought was a male phenomenom


Wait so white women are going across the globe to fuck ricecels?

Lifefuel for ricecels tbh

(Anonymous MG)

Yes Asia is a bit surprising but the rest is pretty normal tbh : south europeans and lLatinosie: tall dark and handsome

Latinos aren't tall at all, speaking from personal experience fellow Hispanics are rarely ever tall, they constantly get heightmogged by everyone (including Asians).

Southern Europe I could easily see though pewpew.


they should go to africa and take the black cock they deserve

Cucked graycel your mind ruined by albanian porn makers

(Wristlet 2)

"Destination countries: Spain"

I didn't even know that. JFL local chads are fucking all of the country's women AND other countries too while I rot

Lifefuel for SEAcels.

ROFL apparently US cunts are going to the middle of the Ocean.

i wish all women went to the middle of the ocean

(Blackpill Rage)

Landwhales travelling to the middle of the ocean to get fucked by sea whales.


always wanted to visit one of those countries. fuck a really petite asian girl.

but alas im white and not rich enough to go there unharmed. i go to bestgore and see all the vids of them killing whites in “suicide” becsuse the locals hate us for fucking all they women


Also, brutal AF. Look at Japanese females being among those that go to other countries for sex while men are committing suicide en masse and NEETmaxxing. No wonder their birth rates are dying.


Please dont let whıte women ın middle east not because ı care about them but because ım tired of seeing underage russian foıds hıttıng on 20 something year old chads and bothering me whıle ı try to get drunk ın hotels.


I'm from Spain. There's a lot of foreign foids doing tourism, specially in Madrid, Barcelona, Ibiza and Marbella. I give a fuck, actually, when I'm LDARmaxxing.

Anyways, from a normie perspective:
A man doing tourism is a pedo and drug addict.
A foid doing tourism is adventurous and cultured.


The biggest group of female sex tourists are noodlewhores "traveling" to white countries but they aren't even mentioned, I wonder why

Also there's no way white women go to Vietnam or Thailand for sex, this map is bs.

(Snow Dushman)

Yes, Bosnia falls under Balkans.
Wait did the map just say women go to the Balkans to have sex with slavs?
Slavpill debunked?

Lv99_BixNood #sexist #racist

[Blackpill] Why feminism fucked up Asia more than it fucked up the West

Asians are genetically feminine (short, neotenous, low T), but until their soyification after WW2 they always had a masculine driven culture that valued honor and strength. Now this warrior culture has been replaced by capitalism and foid worship. It's the same in the West, but whites are generally more biologically masculine than Asians so they can afford acting soy and still be somewhat attractive to women (obviously not true for incels, but for normies and Chads). That's also why whites can wear gay hairstyles like manbuns and still look attractive while an Asian with manbun just looks like an utter faggot.

tldr: Having a masculine culture was much more important for Asians than it was for whites because it balanced out their feminine traits.

Lv99_BixNood #racist #sexist

RE: [Blackpill] Asian cuck culture

In the recent study about facial attractiveness I posted the authors made a speculation as to why Asian men have evolved to be less attractive than whites or blacks:

We can do this if we assume that, just like the arctic tundra conditions of Europe, the mountainous expanses of Asian lead to a lifestyle of difficult agriculture. Several males may be required to support a single female as is currently the practice in the polyandrous Tibetan culture [31]. Such a society would show sexual selection for feminine features as a highly feminine female would be able to attract the support during child rearing of one, or more, productive partners.

Ricecels have been cuckolds since aeons ago

Although I have my doubts on this hypothesis as rice culture has been monogamous for at least the last few hundred years.

I don't see how such a society would even function. So men were hypergamous in Tibetan polyandrous culture? Multiple men sharing a single Stacy even though they wouldn't be able to pass on their genes (due to long gestation times and the wear and tear on the female's body due to multiple births)? It seems like a polyandrous society is broken by nature and would eventually revert to the more natural state. I just can't believe any man would choose to be a cuckold rather than breed with one of the many unpaired women who would be left over from these "reverse harems."

Well look at "open relationships" today

Lv99_BixNood #racist #sexist

[JFL] Chinese in shitskin countries vs Chinese in white countries

Chinese have some of the largest diaspora population in the world, they're literally everywhere. When you're blackpilled it's kinda hilarious (and depressing) to look at the differences between Chinese in white countries and ethnic shitskin countries.

Chinese in shitskin countries (Africa, SEA etc): 6th generation pureblood Han Chinese, live in gated communities, only speak Chinese with each other and marry only other Chinese.

Chinese in white countries: 2nd gen hapa mongrels, half the family is already bleached, live among white people, only speak English and give their kids retarded English names from google, 60%+ of females marry white and give birth to ERs, 90% of males become incel or betabuxx.

Various incels #sexist

(Trevor Phillips)
[Serious] What's your stance on smart women?

Do you hate extremely intelligent women as well? I often find myself feeling the utmost rage at brainless foids, but I'm willing to engage in conversation with those who show some kind of brain activity. Those ones, although rare, are actually pretty neat to talk to. Not trying to white knight or anything but objectively the smart ones seem bearable



Pick one

"Intelligent" women are like genetic freaks and Olympic athletes.

A rare occurrence.

[gif of a man pushing another man to the ground to stomp on his face]

never seen one, they dont exist.

(Trevor Phillips)
Yeah, I'm making this post because surprisingly I know more than one. (but less than 5)

fair enough eh

i hate them more because they make me feel tiny penised and jealous. They are extremely Chad-only

To the contrary, I have found the truly "intelligent" women I've met insufferable cunts. So high up in their ivory towers that all common sense completely eludes them. At least my lowbrow female acquaintances often have some modicum of street smarts and sometimes even a faint glimmer of incipient redpill awareness.

I know of women smart ON PAPER. There's plenty of women with fancy degrees. I have met very few though that have the ingenuity and cunning of a man, and when I do they make me feel like shit

There are dumb women and dumb women who pretend to be smart.

NormScum #sexist

[Blackpill] My case for why rape is an overblown crime. A response to IT

This is in response to the thread posted on r/IncelTear trying to "debunk" a thread on this forum about rape being an overblown crime

Please IT, give me SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that rape is "so awful" like you say. It doesn't exist.

Sure, you can try to claim rape victims have trauma. Okay, so? You know people can exaggerate how bad something is right? I don't trust foids already, why the fuck should I trust their opinion on rape? I can only go by the evidence and how I imagine it to be, since a foid's testimony is pretty much useless. And besides, how awful can rape really be? If an ugly 0/10 landwhale held me down and fucked me, sure it would be gross, but I would be scarred and traumatized for life? Jfl come on. :feelskek:

And no, anal rape =\= vaginal rape. Don't be stupid IT. I'm not denying anal rape is painful, especially when no lube is used. Of course it is. But can you provide a source that shows that sex when the vagina is not wet is as painful as you say it is? And no, moderate discomfort doesn't count. :feelsseriously: when foids experience dryness during sex it does not "severely traumatize them". It's just mildly uncomfortable. also, this doesn't take into account the fact that during many rapes the bitch is wet anyway

It's weird though, many women enjoy BDSM type sex with Chad but as soon as an incel does it to her except for real then she gets "traumatized". LOL

You guys probably think rape when the woman is passed out is fucking terrible as well, lmao she won't even know it happened

Western rape is a huge joke already, entitled whores who think they have ptsd from getting drunk and stupidly sucking some normies dick they regretted. go to the real regions of the world like the middle east and latin america where the true rape is seen and where the women actually risk being killed. jfl at western whores calling themselves 'rape survivors' after being fucked at some party by a guy they knew

Reprobus #sexist

[JFL] Normies unironically think most incels are cucks

I’ve been looking around the media a lot often, and from what I’ve seen, MANY normies have it mixed up that we are all cucks who will throw away our dignity for a female. I don’t know if it’s the HIGH VISCOSITY of normies masquerading as incels or just fakecels in general. But every time I’ve seen any normie mention us it’s in some asinine statement that makes us seem like cucks. Ignoring the enormous waves of fakecels though, normies legitimately formed us into such a way where they think we’re a bunch of low iq orbiters. They take memes that we have used for years and turn the name from incel to virgin or some shit meanwhile using the rest of our terminology. They are twisting everything we do and say to the point where normies and foids call themselves “incel” for the memes. Fuck normies

tobeblessed321 #fundie

[The entire forum is a fundy treasure trove. I don't even know where to start mining quotes.]

Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 8:41 pm Post subject: Demonized parents and me; can't find legal rights


Hi all,

I have been working with a minister attempting to cast my demons out by telephone for awhile. Finally strongholds are coming down and the Holy Spirit has revealed some things to me.

First, my father is/was demonized. I am certain of it. He acted crazy, never diagnosed, did a lot of self-mutilation drinking mixed with tranquilizers. Just tormented in general. He was badly abused as a child.

Mom has a history of fear of God and blasphemous thoughts coming from nowhere starting around age 8. Terrible anxiety & depression, started on tranqilizers at a young age (early teens). Irrational fears. Not abused as a child.

I started showing signs of demonization around age 3. Bizarre fears to the point of paranoia, anxiety and depression, driven into therapy at age 5.

I believe I picked up demons from trauma by seeing my father acting crazy from his demons.

The problems now is, I can't figure out what legal rights the demons had to my parents. Both sides of the family are Christian to the core; my great-grandfather (Mom's side) was a Presbyterian minister.

I am trying to dig out legal rights so I get rid of these things once and for good. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that I am bondage to the fear of not being able to care for myself (tangled with fear of Mom dying and fear of failure on the job- I haven't worked due to depression for over 6 years).

Can anyone enlighten me as to where legal rights may lie? My situation is so bad and the demons have been so strong my whole life that the minister working with me suspected Freemasonry in my ancestry but there is none. Is trauma and abuse enough of a legal right for a demon to come in?

Thanks & God bless.

Luka Ladan #fundie

For those entering college from a faith background, surveys show that more than half of them will walk away from their faith by the time they leave.

As twenty million young people start college this fall, higher education has not only never been more liberal, it has also never been more expensive.

In the past fifteen years alone, attendance has gone up more than four fold, but the past five years have seen the cost go up by more than seventy percent. The average length of completing a degree has gone from the standard four years, up toward five and six years depending on the state. No longer can students count on finishing by their early twenties and beginning their career with a fresh start. Student loans are at an all-time high, with students averaging in the ball park of 33,000 dollars owed to the federal government.

A federal government, mind you, that is well known for its competence at handling money.

I found myself where so many conservative young people find themselves. With all the costs of time and money, and knowing that it goes to support a brazenly liberal environment, I found myself asking the unthinkable question:

Is it worth it?

Now of course I know as well as anyone that college is no small matter in the modern economy. I have two degrees myself with another one in progress, and I have no doubt that my education has contributed vastly to my still-budding career. The debate need not be about whether to go to college, or even how much education to get.

The debate for my generation is not college versus no college. The debate is spending the best time of our lives at an old-fashioned liberal indoctrination camp versus exploring the dynamic new world of alternative higher education.

The information age has created more options for education than our grandparents could have imagined. From high schoolers trying to get ahead to senior citizens trying to raise their ceilings, online classes, CLEP tests, AP courses, DSST exams, and a whole world of test prep and other specialized websites and publishers are working to make it possible to cut the liberal gate keepers out of earning our degrees.

Take for example, CollegePlus, a Christian company that exists solely to guide students through the process of earning a college degree in less than three years, for the cost of one year of traditional college.

Students in CollegePlus and similar programs have discovered schools such as Liberty University and Thomas Edison State College, which award fully accredited bachelors, masters, and even some doctoral degrees to students who never set foot in a classroom.

My own story, and those of thousands of my generation, started with finding myself in high school, intimidated by how big the whole college question was. I thought about going to school locally, like my parents had. I thought about paying an arm and a leg to attend private school where I could get a conservative environment. I thought about skipping the whole process entirely and going the way of Jobs, Gates, and Zuckerberg to start a business without needing anybody’s piece of paper to validate my self-taught education.

I decided to do none of those.

Instead, I took the initiative in high school with CLEP Tests and DSST exams. I researched institutions that offered accredited degrees for online study. When I graduated from high school, I never went “off to college” because I was already a senior in college.

I started work full time at a job directly relevant to my field (professional conservative activism, actually), continued my online classes, and geared up for law school. Not only was the cost a fraction of what it would have been to attend on campus for four years, I was able to start my doctorate without debt at 19 and continue working.

In the end, conservative young people of my generation have a multitude of options. There is nothing wrong with getting the traditional college experience if that is the best fit.

various incels #racist #conspiracy #psycho

(Blackpill Rage)
[LifeFuel] 5% of coronavirus death in the UK are Jewish.

They only make up 0.3% of the UK's population. LMAO @ this jew bioweapon coming back to bite them in the ass. MAJOR LIFEFUEL!

Very nice tbh

(Transcended Trucel)
hopefully it kills enough

Oy Vey, another psyops. They get to crash the world economy and play the victim.


So now China is Jewish? I played along at first with the whole "Jewish conspiracy" thing but people were like "No no, China's fine, they're not Jewish. Coronavirus isn't Jewish." Now it is? Why can't we agree on anything?
Ah yes there are many layers and misdirections.

But you will never hear the President of The United States stand up and critise his masters

(Blackpill Rage)

So now China is Jewish? I played along at first with the whole "Jewish conspiracy" thing but people were like "No no, China's fine, they're not Jewish. Coronavirus isn't Jewish." Now it is? Why can't we agree on anything?
Sub-atomic IQ cope.

Communist China was created by the Jews and serves their interests

I hope every jew gets circumcised again without anaethesia

(Blackpill Rage)

I hope every jew gets circumcised again without anaethesia
They already get circumcised without anesthetics.

Roy Batty #racist

[From "Brazil Continues to Whip Its Negroes… Why Can’t We?"]

It appears that the liberal press has belatedly found out that bad shit happens in Brazil.

Now, the rest of the world found that little bit of trivia out the minute that LiveLeak and BestGore came online, when the total and uncensored weeping sore that is the Third World was revealed to millions of coddled Western Whites all at once.

This sort of thing has been going on for many Internet years and probably decades before that. The only thing that has changed is that the media has suddenly decided to become a professional round-the-clock internet nigger defense force and decided to throw a gay moral fit about it.

The Guardian

Naked and whimpering, his trousers around his ankles, the black teenage boy jerks and howls with pain as he is whipped with electric cable.

“Are you going to come back?” asks one of his tormentors. The youth shakes his head, unable to speak because he has been gagged.

Even by Brazilian standards of racism and cruelty, the whipping of the boy after he was caught stealing four bars of chocolate from a São Paulo supermarket has caused deep shock.

That simply isn’t true. This was pretty mild fare. And because I have normal T levels, I thought the whole thing was mildly amusing and shared a chuckle with the guards on the video.


Incredible. The thief even admits that this was the third time that he had stolen and been chased off by the guards, who at that point realized that more drastic measures were necessary. There is no way that the guards were White, either. This was a brown-on-brown incident, but Whitey still gets blamed – because of course.

No matter how many times I see it, I am still shocked by the sheer unbridled contempt for white people and general faggotry of the liberal press.

It often renders me speechless.


That guards filmed the torture showed how sure they were they would not get caught, Adami said: “All this is connected to the slavery past in Brazil where blacks were whipped night and day.”

Seems like every country that had black slaves figured out that only corporal punishment worked on blacks. And really, isn’t a few lashings and a lesson well-learned more humane than going in and out of prison on the taxpayer’s dime for years and years at a time?

I guess even liberals believe that monkeys belong in cages.


Mestizos and mulattos murdering one another for cheap chalupas in the favelas. This isn’t racism – these monsters are just feral and devour each other like some kind of hobgoblin creature from hell might.

In Africa, other blacks would have burned this thief alive after poking him around with their dull machetes for a bit.

I don’t want anything to do with these people. I’m not about that life. And yet, the nigger internet defense force wants me to accept both the boy-thief and the guards with whips into my country, where they can continue their cycle of thievery and lashing and uploading to the internet for likes from their huehuehue monkey countrymen.

Various Incels #sexist #racist

RE: [LifeFuel] White roastie forced to eat outside in China



Zinta, a Latvian national, eats a meal outside a restaurant while her Chinese husband and daughter dine indoors, Chengdu, Sichuan province, 2020. Courtesy of Zinta

“My husband was passing the food through the window to me,” she said.

Based, even though I'm not Chinese and would be subject to this treatment, but I don't live in China. Other non-white countries treat whites like gods
Western normies just can't deal because they've never experienced it before. The Chinese have long memories, and behind the guise of the Covid-19 control, behind this, I'm sure many Chinese are thinking "this is how whites treated Chinese and other non-whites in the past", while the normie screams "but I wasn't there!"; yet, the Chinese don't care. Again, they have long memories, and in their collectivist, long-term outlook on life, you are as guilty as your ancestors. I'm just stating how things, are, I'm not a China apologist, and would not want to live there (I'm too lazy and scatterbrained to work 12 hour days)

Chinks don't give a fuck about other non-Whites.

I know. But the Chinks still have what they call the Century of Humiliation. To normie westerners, it's history. To the Chinks, it's yesterday


Anybody dumb enough to choose to live in china, let alone mix breed with the bugs are low IQ and deserve what they get.


And the bitch complains so hard she ends up on the news where all the sjws can criticize them for treating a privileged Stacy like shit jfl


Piss on that bowl..I think she will love that if it was a Chad..


They also have these types of restaurants in Japan jfl, they're tired of being mogged.


Normally ethnic countries worship white people. Glad to see China isn't cucked.

(Blackpill Rage)

I know. But the Chinks still have what they call the Century of Humiliation. To normie westerners, it's history. To the Chinks, it's yesterday

That's because every non-white has a chip on their shoulders.

This, china is a shit hole. You can be killed by anything, thanks to bugman construction and safety practices. I would not go to china for business or vacation because I know how disgusting those bugmen are.

How dare you dis the country that gave us Coronachan!


Serves her right for trying to join that robotic insect colony of a country.

Various Commenters #racist #psycho

(Odin Awakens)

Black parents crying to be able to remove their kids from school due to bullying from Mexicans

Race is a issue at Paramount High School

Blacks have been treated like babies by white people for so long they are now in for a reality check considering Hispanics will soon be the majority in America.

(White gold)

Blacks are hated the world over, and Mexico hates them too. White countries treat blacks better than anyone else has in history.


They look so unnatural in a modern civilized world with all those whiteman master race buildings and infrastructure.

Just the way they gather and stand looks like a chimp out could happen at any moment.

All the males look like bangers.

None of them can talk properly.

Cops are maybe a phenotype one step above?

From a scientific or Nazi point of view, the entire area is probably doomed because of the half apeling, unnatural, ex slave population pretending to be English.

A Tribe called axe you a quest...


Oh, just wait until Hispanics take over the justice system. Judges, juries, the whole nine yards. Black lives aren't worth shyt to them, they'll send ghetto rats to prison without even looking at their cases, and reinstate the death penalty in every single state - if negroes caught by Hispanic police even make it that far. Mexicans have ZERO qualms about lynching people.

Oh, the Schadenfreude, the Schandenfreude! This video made my day.

(Ethan Edwards)

I could only stand about the first 30 seconds of the bixnooding sheboons in the video. I find it hilarious though, that blacks are complaining about being “bullied”. Negroes have been group piling on White children for decades, and now that it is happening to them, suddenly, it’s “not right”??

Give me a break. The negro has absolute zero, self awareness.

(three in one)

Good! I hope that the Mexicraps pile it on against the blacks. The groids have been making trouble for Whites since they (unfortunately) arrived in America, and it's about time that they got some of the trouble and the misery they've caused turned back on them.

Various incels #sexist

[Serious] It's unnatural for a female to speak without permission

When I hear the female tone of voice is like I don't care what you say. You shouldn't give any opinion to start off. You're just a hole, you've been ravaged by chad. Your tone of voice is only for mating purposes during sex act.

It's annoying hearing the high pitch female voice, it gives a headache. They shouldn't talk without the permission of her father and be offered virgins to man so they hold some self respect, instead of riding the cock carousel.

I am somewhat disgusted by their voice. This is why I cannot even hear/see vertain songs or series anymore.

Yep, women were never suppose to speak unless spoken to. Now they can’t shut the fuck up.

(Arthur Copenhauer)
Correct. Maybe it's a bit extreme to say never speak unless spoken to. But the way they speak and assert themselves today is akin to a child incessantly blabbering on about inane garbage, but for some reason no adult has the spine to tell them to be quiet.

This is actually really high IQ. This is the way it used to be for hundreds of years, the biggest way for a female to gain respect in society was to marry as a virgin. However today, sluts get all the respect.

Reprobus #crackpot

[Discussion] We should have a term for blackpilled incels

There are tons of incels in denial, they ARE incel because they're involuntarily celibate, but why the fuck should we claim them? ALL of them have more than likely been exposed to the blackpill and have tons of anecdotal evidence as to why they're in their situation. But they all still remain bluepilled. There's no saving these types of people and 90% of the time they end up with some landwhale or doing some cuckshit, putting them lower on the totem pole than an incel. Also everyone gets a laugh out of the fact that these cucks are so ignorant of their ugly genes and still try to court any female, while simultaneously being able to call them an incel because they are ugly. The "incel" term is getting used more and more broadly, maybe we need a new term so that we don't have soys included?

Sparrow's Song #sexist

[SuicideFuel] Even if a becky or stacy accepted you despite your hideous face, it's still better just to rope.

Let's say a becky or stacy that was a NAWALT actually existed and loved you despite how ugly you are (which is impossible), you would still be a subhuman, your existence would still be an unbearable facial hell and the beckoning of the rope would not subside. Most of the non larping incels here would disagree, but the legit truecel subhumans might understand.

Having a loving partner would destroy your soul even more. It's already bad enough to see yourself in the mirror and see everything that makes you less than human and unworthy of life, having a girlfriend would make it worse because it means that another human will also see that untermensch face every day. The same goes for if you could somehow make friends irl despite how much of a facial boneless, asymmetrical, rotting freak you are. Every human you interact with in real life, whether it's a stranger you walk past, a co-worker, a friend, or even a girlfriend is another human who knows that you physically exist. The knowledge that you are a person that exists in now in their mind, and when they think of you they will think of your face. That's why it's better to never leave your house until it's time to off yourself, because the less people know you exist, the less painful your existence is.

Having a girlfriend would be one of the most brutal reminder of your worthless existence. It doesn't matter if she somehow has a goblin fetish and finds you attractive, you are still trapped behind a face that would look better if it was splattered by a shotgun. You know the first time you saw a mangled dead body on BestGore? That's how she would feel every time she saw your face, even if she somehow "loved" you, there is no way her instinctive disgust could be overcome. Imagine how suicide inducing it would be to have to make physical intimate contact with another human WHO CAN SEE YOUR FACE. How could you even live with the thought of your inbred, genetic trash face... connected to your pathetic manlet body... having sex? How would you not cry and want to kill yourself immediately if a foid was trying to have sex with you? How would you even be able to get hard and have sex while the depressing and dark thoughts of your mind are telling you that you are so ugly that any sexual act you engage in is cringe or you're imagining the whole thing? How would she bring herself to allow her skin to touch yours? How would her pussy not dry up immediately? How would she not feel as if she is being violated by a facially disabled freak? How would she not regret it and #MeToo you right after? How would she not kill herself in shame and disgust?

Imagine living with someone who sees your subhuman face every day? You cannot hide from them. She would think you're pathetic as you cry in the bathroom when you see yourself in the mirror. You'd want as much time away from her as possible. It's always better to be ugly and alone than to be ugly in the presence of other living things. There is no hug for your face, there is no kiss for your face, there is no hand holding for your face, there is not cuddling for your face, there is no blowjob for your face, there is no sex for your face. Suffering a worthless life of facial disgrace is bad enough as it is, there is no reason to allow another human to witness your facial suffering in person every day.

Obviously, it's impossible for a foid to accept an ugly faced man anyway, but even if it was possible... it would not fix your face.

Surgery or suicide.

"Nuke 'em from orbit" Award

It's the only way to be sure.

Various Incels #sexist #racist #psycho

RE: [SuicideFuel] Dude beats 13 yo incel into submission and makes him twerk for talking to his 9 yo daughter


How do we know he was incel? An incel couldn't even get a foid to talk to him. The dad was based tbh. If every father did this to both the boys and their daughters, foids would stay virgins till marriage.


An incel can't talk with a foid. They ignore us. The kid was probs a young chadlite who wanted to fuck the chick. It should be illegal to even talk to a foid without consulting with her father, like the old days. We need Sharia but more strict.


going against the grind. Boy deserved it. Burn the coal pay the toll, the boy in the scenario fucked a nigger and u get what u get

The kid looked mutt. His hair is dark and curly.

oh well then. Still deleting whatever goods left in him.


I’d do the same thing if not worse if I was a father. Don’t see why everyone is hating on the based black guy


why the fuck does he care ?, his 9 year old is gonna become a total slut anyway, she'll be giving birth to multiple kids by different dads in no time.


How the ghetto rats mind works:
"I am mad at 13 year old boy"
"In response I will make him twerk naked"
He is using sex to dominate, same shit that happens in prisons. On a 13 year old boy.
Faggot shit tbh

(To_Live_is to_Serve)

OP does not mention the race of those involved. Its a primitive human attacking and humiliating a weak adolescent target of a rival people without the inhibition of a civilized man. Best wishes to incels of all races.


Clearly not an incel.
He was naked in a 9yo girl's room. Must have been an aspiring Chad. Black foids hit puberty around 8-9 yo so it would make sense.

Ken Schram #fundie

In a 2002-JUN-27 column, columnist Ken Schram of KOMO, Seattle, WA, described some of the characteristics of Atheists:

1. They fear God so much that even hearing the word "God" distresses them.
2. He has observed Atheists squeeze their eyes shut when they remove bills from their pocket out of fear that they might see the phrase "In God we Trust."
3. Some go out of their way when driving to avoid passing churches, synagogues, mosques and temples.
4. Some recoil at the sight of a cross, crucifix, menorah, Star of David, or the presence of Hare Krishna proselytizers

schrodingercoper #psycho #sexist #pedo

[Blackpill] Most cucks suppress their attraction for young foids to feel better about themselves

I think what makes us different is that we're allowed to actually speak freely here. Here you can actually say that you are attracted to jbs, here you can say you have a 2 inch penis, and no one will care about it because we're all subhuman anyway. most of us have nothing to lose.

NO man would be able to resist an attractive 14-15 year old foid. The only reason everyone seems to think we are perverts is because we are one of the only groups on the internet who can be honest about what we want and what we have. No one with a job or other position would dare to speak about feeling an attraction to young females due to the risk of losing their status, but I can assure you that every dude who isn't a gay feels this regularly but chooses to suppress it if there are other things at stake.

Attraction to neoteny is hardwired in the male brain, because it ensures the best quality for reproduction.

This is something that foids can not understand because of obvious reasons and is why they are more offended by topics like this.

Robin Schumacher #fundie

At first blush, atheism and Islam couldn’t seem more different. Atheism denies the existence of any supernatural deity whereas Islam (whose name means "submission") is monotheistic and asserts a supreme supernatural god named Allah. Atheism denies any life beyond this world while Islam teaches that those Muslims whose good works exceed their bad will spend eternity with Allah after life on earth with both Muslims who lack works and non-Muslims being punished after death. And on it goes.

However, there is one thing that both the faith of atheism (yes, atheism is indeed a faith-based system) and Islam have in common: they aggressively do everything in their power to silence any voice that dares to challenge their ideology.

Now, to be fair, I must add a qualifier to both atheism and Islam in this regard. I have had dialogues with both atheists and Muslims who were very respectful, truly considered my arguments for Christianity, certainly respected my intelligence, and defended my right to voice an opinion that was contrary to their own. I have benefited greatly in discussions with such people and appreciate their correcting me on inadequate arguments that I asked them to consider.

By contrast, it is militant Islam and atheism (which I call hatetheism) that seeks to stifle any person that calls into question the validity of their worldview.

The fact that militant Islam practices such a thing is no news to anyone remotely educated on that movement. One needs to look no further than the high-profile imprisonment of Youcef Nadarkhani, who was arrested in 2009 for being a Christian and preaching Christianity in Iran. The formal charge labeled against pastor Youcef is blasphemy against Islam.

While militant Islam’s persecution against non-Muslims is widely acknowledged, what isn’t so well known is that hatetheism operates in the exact same way as militant Islam.

Hatetheism both insults and tries to humiliate anyone who professes faith in God and does everything it can to silence those it considers its enemies. For example, comedian Bill Maher has openly stated that the opinions of religious people should not be respected and has gone on to say: "We are a nation that is unenlightened because of religion. I do believe that. I think that religion stops people from thinking . . . . I think religion is a neurological disorder . . . . I am just embarrassed that it has been taken over by people like evangelicals, by people who do not believe in science and rationality.”1

Sporting such a spirit, it is not surprising that hatetheists have no desire for any dialogue with others who do not share their opinions. A case in point is the first “Reason Rally,” which was held in Washington D.C. on March 24, 2012, with headliners like Richard Dawkins and other similar famous atheists being present.

When Tom Gilson, editor of the book True Reason, contacted David Silverman of American Atheists to inform them that Christians would be present at the Reason Rally and were interested in having a respectful dialogue with the atheist group with a formal debate between Dawkins and Christian apologist, William Lane Craig, also being proposed, he was told the following:

"Make no mistake--you are not welcomed guests at the rally. We are not going to DC for ‘dialogue’ with people who believe ridiculous things--we are going to have fun with other like-minded people. Those who proselytize or interfere with our legal and well-deserved enjoyment will be escorted to the 1st Amendment pen by security, which will be plentiful, where you can stand with the Westborough [sic] Baptists and shout yourselves hoarse.

Spreading out among the crowd is not a substitute for a permit. Indeed, I will be meeting with the Parks Commission on Thursday to discuss how to handle your infiltrative permitless counter-protest."2

While Silverman and his group have no problem erecting billboards during times such as Christmas and Easter that mock Christianity and thus insert themselves into Christians’ holidays, it appears they have no desire to have Christians "intrude" into their events.

So much for being "free thinkers."

One last illustration of hatetheism doing its best to silence its opponents is when supposed "neutral" scientists, who are really devotees to philosophical naturalism, shut down any peer that dares to challenge certain teachings of evolution. A good example of this is the current legal case of David Coppedge vs. his former employer, NASA, who first demoted and then fired Coppedge after he shared DVD’s of intelligent design with some of his co-workers.

Commenting on how aggressive the adherents to naturalism can be, paleontologist Jun-Yuan Chen has stated, “In China we can criticize Darwin, but not the government; in America you can criticize the government, but not Darwin.”3 Those knowing the history of this battle in academia will remember that Darwinian advocates only asked that their view be taught alongside intelligent design in the early 1900’s, but now they do everything in their power to shut the door in ID’s face. Noting the double standard in situations like this, Ravi Zacharias has said: “Is it not odd that whenever it has power, liberalism is anything but liberal, both in the area of religion and politics?" We can also add science to that list.

I think most everyone would agree with the argument that the only reason a person should believe anything is that that particular "thing" is true. If Islam is true, we should all be Muslims. If atheism is true, then we should all be atheists. If Christianity is true, we should all be Christ followers.

But the fact is, sometimes people who say that they are truth seekers aren’t interested in hearing the truth. There are other factors at work other than a commitment to what’s really true, and these influences can often bring together those who are otherwise enemies of each other.

Without a doubt, militant Islam and hatetheism seem to have absolutely nothing in common. But when it comes to shutting down anyone who dares to oppose them, they couldn’t be more alike and indeed make comfortable bedfellows.

Reprobus #sexist #homophobia

[Venting] There are no traditional women

Women are the most deviant fucked up thing to exist, they are animals in essence and it frustrates me that no man has the balls to point out they’re waaaay more fucked than we are.

Women fuck crazy amounts of men and everyone acts it like it’s normal. Their behavior is encouraged and they will even lie about how many people they’ve fucked to seem less sleazy. They are cheered on when they cheat on a man or fuck high numbers of men by both MEN and women. They wear tight revealing clothes and take pictures of their ass for everyone to see.

Women have been scientifically proven to NEVER be straight by a myriad of studies naturally making them more deviant than the average man.

Lesbian couples are allowed to date foids that are DECADES younger than them without societal backlash calling them out for “grooming”.

At this point in society in all women are pushed to be gay and explore sex and be promiscuous. And all the fat sweaty feminist foids breath down the neck of young/hot foids convincing them to turn lesbian and succumb to hell’s grips of depravity. It’s so fucking perverted how women encourage themselves to turn lesbian and participate in degenerate activities.


TranscriptAttractive woman: “I’m Straight.”
Grotesque slobbering woman: “SO IS SPAGHETTI UNTIL ITS (sic) WET”

Various incels #psycho

[Experiment] Should humanity be exterminated?


Yes 37 votes 71.2% RREEEEEEEEE epillepsy happiless Reprobus Gaiamon SlayerSlayer Hate_my_life Admiral_Arkantos Joelossus ERadicator Neggr weirdguy22 PHp TheDarkEnigma AAAAAAAAAAAcel AlexanderTheGreat11 Benj-amin Wilfred crestfallencel HopeCopeRope Lone-Star ShySaxon Ultimatepassivecel Welfare Collector Greyandoldcel MoggedManlet AspergerManlet UglyBongola Justice Bao penismaster768 SellingGf10k LooksAreLife cutthroat dirtykombatcel Shacov FallenPrime Cyanide
No 6 votes 11.5% hindustan_zindabad ExpiringAspirin vangohugo grondilu TheBasedCel DepravedAndDeprived
Maybe 9 votes 17.3% PPEcel Words2_live_bye Transcended Trucel BITG MuslimMentalcel Grothendieck BrazilianSigmasDad IncelPolitik JosefMengelecel

taloh #sexist

[Blackpill] The only valuable quality a w*man possesses is their wretched cunt.

These disgusting lower than dirt like beings only have one thing to their name.
And its that dirty semen infested gaping slit in between their whore legs.
Men don't give a fuck if these things lived or died.
We only give a fuck about penetrating that revolting cavity.
If any w*man ever reads this (probably on IT or some shit)
Just remember that you have and always will be below us and don't ever think you have anything else to offer to the world other than than little baby dumping shit orifice of yours.

taloh #sexist #psycho

[Serious] I love how you IT bitches think you can stop a man from his primal urges.

You little cunts really think rejecting countless of men and being little cum sucking whores will have no consequences?
You really think the law is gonna stop a man (who will always be physically stronger than a w*man) from raping you in the cunt?
You really think you can stop someone who is stronger than you in literally every aspect?
When a sub 8 man fucks you raw in the cunt pointing a knife to your face remember nobody is going to save you.

Oh yeah and you can send the feds to my house or whatever you faggots do.
I will keep saying what i want.

gurion #fundie

Posted: Wed Jun 27, 2007 3:11 am Post subject:


I don't mean to veer off topic topic too far, but I've heard Potter compared to pirates. In one manner of speaking, those pirates called upon a Satanic apparition in order to sell their souls to it.

Additionally, the candycoated world of piracy brought to us by Disney was driven in real life by Satanic and Freemasonic sources of ritual and money. Arguably, real pirates may have done the same as Disney ones, and, to be fair, a miniaturization of the amusement park ride would make for one blasphemous altar piece. Would your life? It's interesting to think of how many visiting Christian students sung yo ho yo ho, that's the life for them.

In regards to the occult, any forceful externalization of the will is the opposite of operating by faith. What kind of thing do you want to accomplish? Biblical literalists might say that's a little beside the point, considering that the world was never meant to revolve around you. Maybe the selfishness, itself, should be reconsidered.

Fan Jun #fundie

There is a recent article in Richmond News about the “international media attention” the city of Richmond has been getting of late in lieu of its demographic transformation from a rather congenial British town a mere two decades ago into a crass Chinese land lot plastered with ugly Chinese commercial signs. Journalists from South Korea, Japan, Germany, and other places, interviewed community activist Kerry Starchuk, who has been vocal in her opposition to the use of Chinese-only language signs and overall Chinese take-over of the city of Richmond. They were also wondering if this city served as yet another warning example of what happens when Chinese immigrants are allowed to settle without opposition. They cannot believe what has transpired in Richmond, how did Canadian leaders not only stood-by but celebrated the demographic shift of the city from British to Chinese. The Chinese proportion of the population of Richmond has grown from 34% in 1996, 40% in 2001 and 45% in 2006, to 47% in 2011.

The official line has been one of outright deception. The City of Richmond’s Vision Statement is “to be the most liveable, appealing and well-managed community in Canada”, and the Intercultural Advisory Committee advocates Richmond “to be the most welcoming, inclusive and harmonious community in Canada”.

Well, as the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Is Richmond Liveable?

Wherever I go I regularly see garbage piled up on the street. And yet a $5 purchase for a voucher from the City of Richmond entitles a resident to dispose of large household items. With a bit of effort we can all dispose responsibly of our unwanted belongings. Furthermore, numerous charity organizations will relieve us of unwanted items, which they can re-sell.

But the Chinese who have colonized Richmond have no sense of environmental ethics. It is amazing how naive Westerners continue to be about China’s alleged investment in wind energy, an illusion expressed by none other that Justin Trudeau, leader of the Liberal Party, when he voiced admiration for China’s “green” policies. Many academics reprimand their white students over their lack of conservation while making reference to the Confucian/Taoist “respect” for nature.

The fact is that economic development in China, as historian Mark Elvin put it, has been characterized by “three thousand years of unsustainable growth”. In his book, The Retreat of the Elephants: An Environmental History of China (2004), Elvin refutes the notion that Chinese culture was harmoniously connected to the environment, using lots of historical texts, including poetry, demonstrating that Chinese culture since classical times was very hostile to nature. China was filled with wild animals in the past, but with their eating habits, massive population since ancient times, mega projects such as the Grand Canal built during the Sui dynasty (581-618), hundreds of species were cruelly driven to extinction. Elephants once inhabited most of the region that became China, until they were utterly killed and driven to extinction by the nineteenth century for the sake of ivory trinkets, or simply exploited to the death for work and warfare.

The current Chinese lust for animal parts for sexual pleasure and longevity is not new, as this book shows, the Chinese have being carrying a 3,000-year “war on animals” without mercy. Don’t be mislead by cute words about “traditional medicine”, this medicine is about exploiting rare animals to satisfy the ridiculous eating and medicinal habits of the Chinese race.

This destruction of Nature has accelerated, reaching an extreme degree in recent years, but this time the Chinese are taking their destruction to other countries, while protecting their own environment. As reported on August 7, 2015, China’s Craze for Fancy Chairs Is Killing the World’s Forests; at the same time that the Chinese Communists have passed laws banning logging within China, this barbaric country refuses to ban the import of illegal wood, but instead has now become the leading market for imports of wood, consuming, in 2012, for example, 80-90 percent of Papua New Guinea’s timber, over 90 percent of Mozambique’s, with massive demand for precious red wood consistently exceeding the legal limit, from Myanmar, Cambodia, Congo, and Brazil. When a Shanghai flooring company representative was asked about the illegal destruction of forests in the world, he replied, “I don’t really care” how our suppliers get their wood, all that matters is satisfying the bloated Chinese demand.

Is Richmond Appealing?

Real estate signs and various advertisements litter the road medians and intersection corners every weekend. Since when did our public streets become venues for free advertising for private businesses?

Western multiculturalists have this illusion that immigrants are “enriching” their lands culturally, but what they don’t realize is that the idea of comfortable, public-oriented towns, with clean parks, and wide open spaces, is uniquely Western. Asian cities are cluttered with signs, polluted with noise and smells, and inhabited by hordes of people living on top of each other releasing waste and spitting in every direction. So, expect these habits to reproduce themselves in Western cities as the colonization reaches ever higher numbers of immigrants.

Is Richmond Well-managed?

When an older house is sold, it is almost always demolished. Why are we destroying perfectly good houses, only to glut an overfull landfill? Many construction sites are a total disaster. Most of them are not cleaned up between the start and finish of the project. More and more we see port-o-potties on the street, even though there is room on the construction site. Where is the respect for neighbors?

Westerners are also deluded with this image of Eastern people as “deferential” and “respectful” of past buildings and artifacts. No, they were this way for lack of innovation and entrepreneurship, but once they got a hold of Western technology, their style of development has been one of utter demolition of everything that was not “new”. This is understandable since the bulk of their past buildings were dirty and worthless, but some were “historic”, and these too have been very often demolished without second thoughts. You think I am just saying this? The Council of European Canadians always documents its claims, read this article: China Loses Thousands of Historic Sites. If this is happening in their own countries, what do you think will be their attitude in countries that are culturally alien to them, combined with the fact that our own native European leaders show no respect for our heritage?

Is Richmond Welcoming, Inclusive, Harmonious?

Many of our neighborhoods are saddled with a growing number of houses that are vacant and unattended. Should the neighbors have to report the unsightly premises to the city? It would be the neighborly thing to knock on the door, but what if the gate is locked and the owners live overseas or can’t communicate in one of official languages? Are our houses now no longer homes, but just commodities?

Westerners don’t realize that “diversity” is a code for the replacement of Whites, and that means when a city is populated by majority Chinese, Muslims, Africans, or Mestizos, it is deemed to be a successful case of “inclusive racial harmony”. But when the city has fewer immigrants or less non-Whites it is vilified as a city with “white supremacy”.

Richmond Used to Be Welcoming

It has been heartbreaking to see our beautiful city go down the drain. Where does the responsibility lie? Is it City Hall lacking the will to enforce by-laws already in place? Never in a million years would I have imagined living in such chaos. Perhaps I should have taken the advice of a top City Hall elected official when we were discussing the monstrous rise in the price and ‘value’ of real estate in Richmond in 2011. “Take the money and run”, he had said ‘facetiously’. But I don’t know where to run since this is my home.

My grandma was born in Steveston in 1901 and died there in 1997. She never wanted to leave Richmond. For the last five years I have questioned the complex, difficult challenges every day, after living here for 50-plus years. I ask myself, is it going to get better, or will I have to move away, as so many other long-time residents of Richmond have done?

Historic Richmond When It Was White and Truly Harmonious

KC Goldshine #conspiracy

Jo Cox Murder False Flag Hoax 100% Proof (EU referendum rigged)

Published on Jun 19, 2016
The murder of Jo Cox is a Gladio B media psyop hoax (fake) conspiracy to subvert the EU referendum. It is what we expected and it is what we got. In a desperate attempt to swing public opinion behind Remain after Brexit took a 6 point lead. If we now lose the EU referendum it will be because of operation Gladio B (something I have been documenting on my channel for 6 months now but no one has woken upto yet).

The BBC are in on it

JohnTheRevelator111 #conspiracy

To Catch A Crisis Actor - Orlando Massacre Hoax "Hero"

Published on Jun 19, 2016

Heads up the Blue Apple for the investigating

If Orlando was a 'hoax', and all the evidence or rather no evidence suggests it is, then all were in on it and thus all are 'actors'. Most everyone involved have been exposed as actors with acting credentials. There are only two not exposed as actors with credentials, crying mom and the all american hero. Fat american 'gay' hero guy seems to be in most all footage and was doing all the talking. Supposedly from Arkansas, he is said to just show up in Orlando for a 'new life' and wham, hes a hero and is given awards by the governor. The contradictions in his witness testimony are way to ridiculous.If most are actors then hes going to be one to, the 'chief' one. Well, the guy identified in vid is a 'chief' actor with almost a page of credentials and movie credits. Hes also a director and a model and according to his FB page, one that was not taken down recently, he also does drywalling it appears when not on the set (acting a piss poor career, no money unless your a star). This guy WANTS to be a star real bad and he may have had the role of a lifetime starring as the hero for the Orlando Massacre HOAX. From where Im sitting, NO ONE DIED AND NO ONE WAS WOUNDED, it was all a certified staged skit and the mass media in on it. Primary objective? TAKE AWAY GUNS!

Heath Mooneyham #fundie

Church Gave Away Two Semi-Automatic Rifles To Entice ‘More People To Follow Jesus’

BY IGOR VOLSKY JUN 22, 2014 1:07 PM

A church in Joplin, Missouri is facing criticism for raffling off two AR-15s during last week’s Father’s Day celebration in order to increase attendance and “get more people to follow Jesus.”

“Want to win a Black Rain AR-15?” a Facebook posting on the Ignite Church Facebook page asked. “Dads, you earn an entry for yourself, each child you have and if you bring your dad to church. Those that registered last week get to register again!!! Don’t miss this.”

In a YouTube video advertising the promotion, Pastor Heath Mooneyham promised that “you can kill a weak zombie with that thing” or “double tap a zombie” with another gun, “the “Lamborghini of AR-15s.” Mooneyham added: “So get your butts to church, if you’re late don’t cry to me that you’re a pansy and you cannot set your alarm, alright? You’re a big boy. You got big balls between your legs, you’re a dad right?”

The lead pastor told the Joplin Globe “We’re just dudes,” adding, “If we can get more people to follow Jesus, I’ll give away 1,000 guns. I don’t care.”

However, the contest sparked controversy, as some residents accused the church of promoting violence. “God Does NOT Condone GUNS, VIOLENCE or WAR!” one Facebook commenter said. Steve Urie, a pastor at another local church called the raffle “careless and reckless.”

Mooneyham pushed back, arguing that “People are crazy, period. Murder has been going on since the beginning of time.” Ignite isn’t the first church to raffle off weapons. In March, the Kentucky Baptist Convention announced that it would “point people to Christ” by giving away guns at Second Amendment Celebrations hosted across the state.

Reazek Jun #fundie

I will tell you the truth behind the September 11th 2001 incident. It was a plan put in place by the United Nations to increase the scientific and sociological progress of the human race. A strike team of Arabic men and convert agents was sent back in time to July 27th 2001, where they would prepare for an assault on the World Trade Center, and infiltrate the ranks of Iraqi religious groups, respectively. The goal, in short, was to stir up an increasing hatred of religion, long viewed by the U.N as an illness plaguing mankind. This and the events that followed were all orchestrated by the U.N. A few years after the the start of the War on Terror, scientists and scholars were sent, in order to aid research and spread their atheistic propaganda. Soon, they plan to implement a humanistic world-view into many country's governmental organizations, eventually labeling religion as a mass mental illness, have its practice outlawed, and it's followers hospitalized for de-programming, in the process. They plan to increase funds into scientific and medical research, mine the Earths moon, and strive to achieve a globally unified government. These are but few of many goals that they plan to accomplish. I am not allowed to divulge all the information. My purpose here today is to warn people of an expected religious war, and to advise that they should invest in tools and equipment that will ensure your safety. It has been noted that members of this particular internet website are especially sharp at discerning the truth behind many events, and so I was advised to begin here as you may be more accepting. Ideally, you should aim to own a gas mask, a gun, a reinforced bunker, and a plentiful supply of clean water, tinned food, and medicine for you and your family. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Ai Jun #fundie

Have Western media given up duty of objective reporting?

Time magazine recently published an article about Mihrigul Tursun, a Uyghur woman who claimed she came from a Xinjiang vocational training center, and tweeted a video clip of her testimony of alleged torture with tears and sobs.

I did an experiment: Sending the link to ordinary Chinese I know. Most of them laughed when they heard Tursun's testimony. "It's nonsense," was their first reaction. Why did they react this way? The question should be left for editors from Time magazine to answer. If they treated her testimony more skeptically, figured out how outdated was the language she used and whether her remarks were reasonable, then the magazine wouldn't have made such a fool of itself. China has made enough explanation. But those editors are still unimaginably ignorant of China. Will more explanation work?

Similar reports and interviews with Tursun can be found in many other Western media outlets. Western media love her, as if they hit the jackpot and finally seized the testimony of a witness to attack China, while being so indifferent to all the loopholes in her words.

Some foreigners buy Tursun's stories as they have a severe misunderstanding of China which stems from ignorance. Quite a few Westerners still believe that China is generally an underdeveloped country where its people work in sweatshops and have very little freedom. Does China have cars? Does China have electricity? Do Chinese love freedom? These are the tip of the iceberg of questions raised on the Quora question-and-answer website in 2017.

It is supposed to be the mainstream media's responsibility to answer these questions with objective and comprehensive information. Sadly, editors from Time have no basic knowledge of China and they have become the creators and spreaders of rumors.

Their mind-set is still stuck in the Cultural Revolution. Before publishing relevant articles, they might have hardly had any chance to actually visit China or talk to a real Chinese. How can people trust their reports?

Tursun's stories alike are hardly new. It happened more than once that the testimonies given before the US Congress were found to be false with fabricated stories. The purpose was to support US political and military actions.

It is unfortunate to see Time magazine, which enjoys an influential readership among US intellectuals, degenerating into one of the media that focuses more on selling eye-catching, groundless stories rather than proven facts.

At least these reports showed some insights into the US perception of China. Why did the trade war occur? Why are there always radical thoughts against China in the US? Why is there constant untrue speculation about the number of Muslims who have been sent to vocational training centers, which can be 1 million today or 2 million tomorrow? One can't help but wonder if the Western media have given up their responsibility to objective reporting.

Luka #racist

I'm white and I'm currently dating a white blonde who was with black guys before. We are in a 2 year relationship now, I found out about the black guys some 1year after we started our relation ship and if i knew in the start I would never start dating her in the first place. I don't respect her because of what she did and I never will,and I don't see a future with her. I'm 100% not a racist, my best friend is black and he is sitting next to me as I'm writing this. I just think that girls who date black guys are just little sluts who date them coz of their cock size (no I'm not jealous because i got 27cm believe it or not, so that is not the issue for me) and therefore I think they are just used and broken goods with questionable morale. The biggest issue is that whenever I'm interracting with those girls I feel like they have some unsolved issues and really feel "broken". It's really not a racism issue, my cousin who lives in Germany is dating a black girl whom I've set im up with and to be honest no used up white girl will ever have my respect as I respect a strong black African queen my cousin is dating whom he was dating over 8months before she finally "gave it up". And one more thing, no matter how racist, liberal, retarded, stupid ,smart or whatever your family is you never fucking disrespect them, never turn your back on them and always be there for them. Nobody in this life will ever love you and care more for you than them, the family is the backbone of your existance so for all those who say "Don't listen to what your parents say as long as you think it's right" you are dumb as a rock. If you do something and it hurts your family, re think about doing it no matter how right you think you are. You wont be happy in your life without your family, trust me I've learnt that the hard way...

Consoleman and Kominam #racist

(Consoleman): This is Japan, so why Japan is allowed to host Olympic? Also, why Koreans are still visiting that dirty place? It's not only unsafe for foreigners but riddled with radiation and Yakuza gangsters and Right-wing Japs. Korean government better have contingency plan to bring back all Koreans from Japan as there could be next major earthquakes, tsunami, and even violent riots that could leave thousands of dead Koreans just like Kanto earthquake's massacre of Koreans in 1930s. Japs are savages and no wonder they're recorded as sub-humans in most ancient Asian records. Back in 10th~16th centuries, Japan was like Somalia and Syria where extremists ran the country like warlords.

(kominam): It's Japanese character to be indiscriminately coward towards the elderly, children, women. Let's see if they are capable towards the men.
Don't forget the incident of the Korean woman fighter being beaten by Jap entertainers on Jap TV, actress Jun Ji Hyun being humiliated during
the interview by the male host many years ago on Jap TV, and many other things like this. Hell, I've been dealing with these Japs since I lived in
S. America since I was a child where there are more Japs than in the US, so the typical Jap character is nothing alien to me.

various incels #sexist

[LIFE FUEL] Tyrone gives a well deserving, and respectable feminist her equal rights (and lefts).

I like how that thing just tries to waddle away after hitting him.

The Dark Knight Strikes Again

First of all, who punches someone and then walks away with their back to the person they just hit? That's just retarded. Second of all, I've had a chick hit me, and then when she tried to hit me again, I "guided" her into a bureau. She hit the floor and I lafft.

Because she's so used to not getting retaliated against, by cucks

Guys are the ones that restore faith in humanity. Every culture says this. As long as anti white Knights like this dude exist, the world won't be fully cucked.

Female logic on what they say: I want a sweet, kind hearted, books-reading, confident, respectful, hygienic, well dressed, chivalrous, gentleman.

What they do: date 6'2+, white, conventionally attractive, douchebag, cheating, abusive, not that well dressed guys and complain on /r/relationships or /r/sex or /r/TrollXChromosomes that these guys don't want more than sex but continue dating that type of guy.

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH WOMEN. Stupid fucking cunts all of them in this world. Not a single one in 2017 dates average looking guys. They all reject them.

Any trace of racism I had is gone now replaced for my hatred of women

Whites and Asians are the only ones who give females special treatment in society. These cunts are in for a rude awakening when their beloved moslems and negroes take over.

So suddenly Whites and Asians are on the same team? Eventhough a lot of Asiancels were heavily emasculated, teased, and humilated by westerners? You probably had a snag or a go at them yourself.

Yeah, I'm sure you talk shit behind islamists, blacks, and whatsoever backs or behind your keyboard.

Yeah, pls go...

grandmoviestar #fundie

XXDATE: 10-Jun-2010

EMAIL: [removed]
NAME: [removed]
CITY: Washington
STATE: washington

THOUGHTS: This mail is from the grandmoviestar from Hollywood [NAME DELETED] and is for the reporter Jay Hernandes. Before you read the rest of this mail you have to understand that most movies what you see in the theaters from Hollywood right now like Ironman,Prince of Persia,Clash of the Titans,Avatar,Transformers part 1,2,3 and 4 were filmed 11 years ago in 1998/1999/ 2000.I got kidnapped in Hollywood in 1999 and after this something happened and these movies were removed/ stolen.It caused a situation between 1999 and today that evolved into a scandal like Watergate.To give this some credibility;When you watch the movie Jennifer’s Body there isn’t 1 girl that’s Megan Fox but there are 6 different girls who are all 1 Megan Fox in this movie.That’s because Megan Fox isn’t 1 person but they are 23 different models and actresses who are all 1 Megan Fox.Just watch the movie because some girls don’t look like each other at all. -The movie G.I.Joe and the promotion material[posters,bilboards etc.] from this movie don’t belong together[you can see scene's and characters on the posters etc.from the 2nd G.I.Joe movie that aren't in the 1st G.I.Joe movie]that’s because the movie is the 1st movie but the promotion material is from the 2nd G.I.Joe movie[with me as Sergeant Slaughter and Sienna Miller as The Baroness] that was stolen[the 2nd movie and the promotion material from the 1st movie] by Vin Diesel and Jennifer Aniston by burglarising the moviecompany that had these movies.Jennifer Aniston was jealous because I dumped Jennifer Aniston and started a relationship with Sienna Miller so she stole our movie. For more information about the scandal and a list of all the movies that were filmed go to my space and type [DELETED CONTACT INFO]. Vin Diesel still has the promotion material from the 1st movie and Jennifer Aniston still has the 2nd movie.

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Gigachad names by location

The bare name of a person does not necessarily imply a higher Chad-ness.

"Chad", and all respective variants of it are used as a slang within the incel community for an attractive male with masculine jawline.

Stacy is the equivalent slang to refer to a top-tier, fertile woman.


Location Male Female Examples
USA, Canada, Australia Chad Stacy * Trina Mason (American megastacy swimwear model) * Felix Antoine Blume (Canadian-German rapper “Kollegah”) * Anthony Robbins (201cm/6'7" tall megachad motivation guru)
Great Britain Barry, Bruce Amber, Helena, Talulah, Hannah * Ellie Goulding (British singer) * Ella Henderson (British singer) * Joss Stone (British singer) * Talulah Riley (actress, model, former Wife or Elon Musk)
Africa Tyrone
Saudi Arabia Abdul [1] Ziba, Shirin, Samira, Silene
China (relative) Chang [1] (rare) Members of BTS and many K-Pop stars.
Spain Farid Cindy Shakira at a younger age, Cristiano Ronaldo.
France Nathalie
Italy Tommy
Germany, Austria, Switzerland Lukas, Lars Katharina, Katrin, Alma, Julia Arnold Schwarzenegger, Julian Claßen, Bianca Heinicke
Morocco Hassan, Jihad
Russia Dmitri Ernest Khalimov (prototype Gigachad)
Iran Armin, Arian Ziba, Shirin, Samira
Afghanistan Ahad
Paschtu/Urdu-speaking countries Assad Ziba, Shirin
Syria Diaa Silene
Kurds Laok
Turkey Ali, Laok, Mustafa Dilan, Gülak, Irem Mero (megachad rapper)
Rumania Cindy Bishop (Rumanian megastacy model)
Sweden Dennis Britta
India (relative) Rahul (VERY rare) Many Bollywood music video and film actors and actresses.
Poland Oskar, Klaudiusz Wiktoria, Julia
Greece Reece Reece Curran (megachad actor, spouse of megastacy actress Caroline Dahm.)

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* Normie names by location (E.g. “Plain Jane” in USA)


[1] FaceAndLMS video (link here) (Submitter’s note: There is no link)

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(Own translation; errors intended as translation of the original’s errors)

What are UFOs actually? | Lucifer’s Galactic Ferderation

Whenever one googles The Word “Ufos”, one gets nearly 5 million suggested pages. So it is a topic that is of interest to many people, whether they believe in ufos or not. People simply feel better when they know that there are other beings, , somewhere outside of our galaxy, with whom we could come into contact. Exactly that wishful thinking could doom some people.

Ex Illuminati and ex warlock John Todd
little pastime was the “Conjuring”, the alleged filling of the sky with ufos. And some of the extraordinary sightings were in the early 70ties, for she stood in a circle out in the field conjured “demons”. And that was exactly what they were. Those were angels of light in the sky. Fallen angels and unclean spirits. For that reason, when they appear on the radar, as formed object up there, then disappear they instantly, because they are nothing but spirits

Fritz Springmeier
who held a high position within the New World Order who had been led to Christ by a close friend by me, has spoken about having piloted flying saucers. Yes, the government of the United States has flying saucers. He assumed that the beings that co-piloted the flying saucers were extraterrestrials. And he looked closer and realised that they were demons. There are no good aliens.

Bill Cooper
What I
found out, ladies and gentlemen, was that a plan for creating an “artificial extraterrestrial threat” to this Earth in order to create a totalitarian socialistic “1-World Order”, has been in existence sense about 1917.

EX US President Ronald Reagan, 21,09.1987, United Nation
Our worldwide hostilities would disappear if we were confronted with an extraterrestrial threat.

US Foreign Minister said during the 2008 campaign
could do so much if we workedtogether as one world. Do you remember the movie Independence Day, when attackers came from space, and the whole world was united against this invasion?

Ex Satanist and ex esotericist Roger Morneau
of the great deceptions of the last days, and people will devour this plan. The demonic spirits will pretend to be “inhabitants of other planets” to warn the inhabitants of Earth of the destruction of the Planet.
It is like in politics, some believe in God, the others believe in Lucifer

2. Corinthian 11:14, Galatians 1:8
that is no wonder, for Satan himself, disguises himself as an Angel of Light, Yet if as well we or an “Angel from Heaven” preached to you another gospel than the one we have preached to you, let him be “cursed”!

Luke 21:11, Revelation 16:14

And there
will be great earthquakes here and there, famines and plagues, and horrors and “great signs from Heaven” will appear.
For they are “demonic spirits” who “do signs” and go forth to the kings of Earth.

Mark 16:17
Those signs, however, will follow those who believe: They will expel demons with my name.

The Truth is coming to light!

Original GermanWas sind UFOs wirklich? | Luzifers Galaktische Förderation

Wenn man bei Google Das Wort „Ufos“ eingibt, erhält man fast 5 Millionen
Seitenvorschläge. Es ist also ein Thema das viele Menschen
interessiert, egal ob sie an Ufos glauben oder nicht. Der Mensch würde
sich einfach besser fühlen, wenn er weiß, es gibt irgendwo außerhalb
unserer Milchstraße, noch andere Wesen, mit denen wir in Kontakt treten
können. Genau diese Wunschvorstellung könnte einigen zum Verhängnis

Ex Illuminati und Ex Hexenmeister John Todd
kleiner Zeitvertreib war die „Beschwörung“, das angebliche Füllen des
Himmels mit Ufos. Und einige der außergewöhnlichsten Sichtungen waren in
den frühen 70gern, denn sie stand in einem Kreis draußen im Feld und
beschwor „Dämonen“. Und nichts anderes waren diese. Das waren Lichtengel
am Himmel. Es sind gefallene Engel und unreine Geister. Deshalb wenn
sie am Radar erscheinen, als geformte Objekte da oben, dann verschwinden
sie direkt, weil sie nichts anderes als Geister sind.

Fritz Springmeier
der in der Neuen Weltordnung ein sehr hohen Rang einnahm, der von einem
engen Freund von mir zu Christus geführt wurde, hat darüber gesprochen,
dass er fliegende Untertassen pilotiert hatte. Ja, die Regierung der
Vereinigten Staaten hat fliegende Untertassen. Er nahm an, dass die
Wesen, die die fliegenden Untertassen co-pilotierten Außerirdische
seien. Und er schaute sie sich genauer an und realisierte, dass es
Dämonen waren. Es gibt keine guten Aliens.

Bill Cooper
Was ich
heraus fand, meine Damen und Herren, war, dass etwa seid 1917 ein Plan
zur Schaffug einer „künstlichen außerirdischen Bedrohung“ für diese Erde
existierte, um eine totalitäte, sozialistische „1-Weltriegung“ zu

EX US-Präsident Ronald Reagan 21, 09. 1987, Vereinte Nation
Unsere weltweiten Streitigkeiten würden verschwinden, wenn wir mit einer außerirdischen Bedrohung konfrontiert würden.

US-Außenministern Hillary Clinton sagte im Wahlkampf 2008
könnten so vieles tun, wenn wir als eine Welt zusammen arbeiten.
Erinnert ihr euch an den Film Independence Day, wo Angreifer aus dem All
gekommen sind, und die ganze Welt war vereint gegen diese Invasion?

Ex Satanist und Ex Esoteriker Roger Morneau
der größten Täuschungen der letzten Tage, und die Menschen werden
diesen Plan verschlingen. Die dämonischen Geister werden sich als
„Bewohner von anderen Planeten“ ausgeben, um die die Bewohner der Erde,
vor der Zerstörung des Planeten zu warnen.
Es ist wie in der Politik, die einen glauben an Gott, die anderen glauben an Luzifer.

2.Korinther 11: 14, Galater 1:8
das ist auch kein Wunder; denn Satan selbst, verstellt sich als ein
Engel des Lichtes. Aber so auch wir oder ein „Engel vom Himmel“ euch ein
anderes Evangelium predigen würde, als das wir euch gepredigt haben,
der sei „verflucht“!

Lukas 21: 11, Offenbarung 16: 14
Und es
wird hier und dort große Erdbeben geben, Hungersnöte und Seuchen; und
Schrecknisse und „große Zeichen vom Himmel“ werden sich einstellen.
Es sind nämlich „dämonische Geister“, die „Zeichen tun“ und ausgehen zu den Königen der Erde.

Markus 16: 17
Diese Zeichen aber werden denen folgen, welche glauben: In meinem Namen werden sie Dämonen austreiben.

Die Wahrheit kommt ans Tageslicht!

supporters of Ratko Mladic #racist

NEWS 12 JUL 17

Bosnian Reporter Flees After Condemning Mladic Rally

Columnist Dragan Bursac has fled Banja Luka after receiving death threats from supporters of the former Bosnian Serb military commander Ratko Mladic.

Journalist Dragan Bursac - who received death threats after criticizing a planned rally in Banja Luka in support of Ratko Mladic - told BIRN that he had been forced to go into hiding for some time.

He had reported the death threats he has received to the police, he added.

Bursac received the highly aggressive threats after publishing a column expressing deep revulsion at a planned demonstration in support of the former Bosnian Serb commander under the slogan “Support for General Ratko Mladic - Stop the Lies about Srebrenica.”

It was scheduled to be held on July 11 - on the same day as the annual commemoration of the 1995 massacre of Bosniaks in Srebrenica by Bosnian Serb forces under Mladic’s control.

Courts have deemed the massacre of some 8,000 Bosniaks [Muslims] a genocidal act.

The Interior Ministry of Republika Srpska, the Serb-dominated entity in Bosnia, has since delayed the rally, citing security issues.

Outraged at the planned rally, Bursac asked whether people were willing to stand by and watch as “the Srebrenica genocide is celebrated in Banja Luka?”. {Vman's note: Banja Luka is the capital of Republika Srpska}

The organizers of the rally were a right-wing Serbian nationalist movement called the “Zavetnici”, or “Oath-takers.”

After that, Bursac received death threats that forced him to flee Banja Luka.

“I received explicit threats via social networks, detailing what they would do to me and my family,” Bursac told BIRN.

In calling off the rally, the interior ministry on Monday said that it would be unable to patrol the gathering of an expected 1,000 participants because most of its police would be away, safeguarding the commemorative events in Srebrenica itself.

Bursac said it was very problematic that the rally had not been banned completely but only rescheduled.

“Instead of banning the rally, they have delayed it. They are saying: ‘OK, fascism is not allowed on July 11, but it will be allowed at a later date,’” he said.

Burcas said that a silent majority in Banja Luka was just watching as extremists turned the city into a hotbed for “Chetniks” – a code word for Serbian ultra-nationalists.

“What do you call a citizen of Banja Luka who will watch, shrugging and mute, as this lunacy takes place in the centre of the city? There is a word for that - an accomplice!” Bursac wrote in his article.

Bursac concluded that his own forced flight was yet another example of the worsening plight of journalists in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“If you are reporting on culture, concerts, festivals ... you are wonderful, but if you peek into the pockets of politicians and tycoons, and refuse to uphold fascism, then you receive death threats,” he said.

Over 70 more victims of the July 1995 genocide were due to be buried at the annual ceremony at the Srebrenica memorial site on July 11.

Mladic is currently on trial in The Hague for genocide and other crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the first-instance verdict expected in November.