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Wenck126 #racist

(In a thread about WW2, someone mentions his ancestor fought against the Nazis in WW2)

I fixed it for you. Daddy fought on the wrong side, troll. I wonder how many American WWII vets have niglet great-grandkids to bounce on their knees?

This is no 'version of "Truth"', this is history that has been deliberately obscurred. Take your little hissy fit elsewhere.

Mike King #racist

The nerve of a U.S. envoy to lecture Thailand about "civil rights". The Slimes quotes Daniel Russel: “Thailand is losing credibility in the eyes of its international friends and partners by not moving more quickly to end martial law, to restore civil rights and to ensure that this effort to engineer a new constitution and hold elections is not purely a top-down affair.”

Newsflash Zio-America! Most Asian countries no longer give a rat's rear-end about your pious posturing. Last May, Thailand's military threw out the pro-western "democratic" regime and Sulzberger doesn't like it. With the grace of God, the day may soon come when a truly "free world" defiantly declares to the Sulzbergers and the Satanyahus, in unison, to go pound kosher salt up their putrid posteriors.

Though we don't claim to be experts on the internal politics of Thailand, recent developments, combined with the Sulzberger Family's and the State Department's anger, are very positive signs. Another hopeful indicator is the growing popularity of Adolf Hitler, in Thailand!


Young Thais understand that you don't have to be White to appreciate the greatness of the Great One and his system (use the right hand when you 'Sieg Heil', sweetie).

Hitler Fried Chicken! Waffen SS themed weddings! Student NS marches!


Your intrepid reporter here rolling on the floor laughing in delight.

A government sponsored video teaches children to be disciplined and virtuous. It features Thai children painting a portrait of Hitler.

Hitler-mania is out in the open in Thailand, and the chosen ones are "horrified".


Forgive me, dear reader. I can't help myself!

The Globalist's interest and strategy in Thailand has to do with the general encirclement policy aimed at Russia and China. Thailand is to China what Ukraine is to Russia, sort of. Indeed, the military leaders of Thailand now have the support and friendship of China. Major railway projects linking Thailand to China have just been approved; a fact that western newspapers have lamented in recent months. Russia is also building ties with the new military government as well.

Let Sulzberger's scribblers whine all they want about "civil rights". We at The Anti-New York Times believe that the more nations that can break free of the NWO's "democratic" death grip - the better. Sieg Heil Thailand, sieg heil!

Burma - Thailand - Malaysia - Indonesia: All bucking the Globalists and forging ties to the Russia-China bloc. Keep that in mind should Thai Airliners start going down.

The recently ousted Thai Prime Minister was very flirtatious with Obongo. Sorry cutie, but Obongo plays for the "pink team".

Morrakiu #racist

(Song name: “/pol/ Was Right Again”)

Step one, he says, "We need to talk."
I walk, he says, "Bend over. It's just a talk."
I smile politely at the Jew
He pegs my anus right on through
Overton window to my right
As it goes left and I stay right
Turn in my guns, and feel the shame
Dindu gun crime is my fault, I'm to blame

Why did I believe the Jewish lies
And cuck for all these non-whites
I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen
Now I know, /pol/ was right again

Let you know that white is best
'Cause dindus fail the IQ test
Kill some men in self defense
Gentle giant innocents
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things they told you all along
You believe the Hebrew
But I pray redpills can reach you

And why did I believe the Jewish lies
And cuck for all these non-whites
I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen
Now I know, /pol/ was right again

As he begins to raise his arm
You raise yours, cause over all you're Deutsch
Heil until your arm is sore
And start another great war
He's kicking ass with blitzkrieg
Ignoring what generals are thinking
Invade Russia, but that's insane
Next thing you know he's blowing out his brains

Where did we go wrong? Our Fuhrer's gone
We went too far with the Lebensraum
And I would have sieg heiled beside the Rhine
Had I known how to save the Reich

Where did we go wrong? Our Fuhrer's gone
We went too far with the Lebensraum
And I would have sieg heiled beside the Rhine
Had I known how to save the Reich

How to save the Reich

How to save the Reich

Why did I believe the Jewish lies
And cuck for all these non-whites
I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen
Now I know, /pol/ was right again

Why did I believe the Jewish lies
And cuck for all these non-whites
I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen
Now I know, /pol/ was right again
/pol/ was right again

Morrakiu #fundie

"Step one, he says, "We need to talk."
I walk, he says, "Bend over. It's just a talk."
I smile politely at the Jew
He pegs my anus right on through
Overton window to my right
As it goes left and I stay right
Turn in my guns, and feel the shame
Dindu gun crime is my fault, I'm to blame

Why did I believe the Jewish lies
And cuck for all these non-whites
I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen
Now I know, /pol/ was right again

Let you know that white is best
'Cause dindus fail the IQ test
Kill some men in self defense
Gentle giant innocents
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things they told you all along
You believe the Hebrew
But I pray redpills can reach you

And why did I believe the Jewish lies
And cuck for all these non-whites
I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen
Now I know, /pol/ was right again

As he begins to raise his arm
You raise yours, cause over all you're Deutsch
Heil until your arm is sore
And start another great war
He's kicking ass with blitzkrieg
Ignoring what generals are thinking
Invade Russia, but that's insane
Next thing you know he's blowing out his brains

Where did we go wrong? Our Fuhrer's gone
We went too far with the Lebensraum
And I would have sieg heiled beside the Rhine
Had I known how to save the Reich

Where did we go wrong? Our Fuhrer's gone
We went too far with the Lebensraum
And I would have sieg heiled beside the Rhine
Had I known how to save the Reich

How to save the Reich

How to save the Reich

Why did I believe the Jewish lies
And cuck for all these non-whites
I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen
Now I know, /pol/ was right again

Why did I believe the Jewish lies
And cuck for all these non-whites
I speak the saddest words of tongue and pen
Now I know, /pol/ was right again
/pol/ was right again"

Darth_Aurelius #fundie

Why Nazi Germany was awesome

* It’s highest leadership were all essentially incel type men, though for different reasons – Goering was a morbidly obese morphine addict, Goebbels was a club footed manlet, Himmler looked like the epitome of a lanky jew and even the Fuhrer himself was very probably a life-long virgin and syphilitic through his mother.Despite these impediments, they acquired immense power and prestige through their intellect and rhetorical brilliance.
* Women were subordinated in every facet of society – they had to attend to the menial tasks which their biology and physiology has suited them for, "kinder, kuchen und kirchen" (kids, cooking and going to Church). No woman ever outranked any man in Nazi Germany, either socially (de facto) or in any of the paramilitary organizations (de jure). Thus, even the lowest ranking man was superior to all women, as it rightly should be.
* Aryan men who could not find or attract women for whatever reason were permitted to rape subhuman untermenschen type females with impunity both in order to satisfy the basic human need as well as to propagate more Aryan blood lines.
* Rank and status were not predicated on money nor were they reinforced by ostentatious displays of material wealth, as in the Jewnited States but rather were acquired by honorable and manly service to the state which all self respecting men should strive for.
* Degeneracy in all of its putrid and corrupting forms was cast out and destroyed by the Nazi party which understood that the people needed to be protected from the perverse influence of modern art, jew propaganda, homosexuality and any other cultural contaminants.

If that’s not enough, also bear in mind that his noble honor, Sir. Elliot Rodger admired the efficiency, glory and power of the mighty Third Reich. Sieg Heil.

Hearshot bob disaster!!! #fundie

(dont flame me because of the way i type)I maybe a 14 year old kid but i think i understand things that r goin pretty well.We are in iraq because saddam has supported terrorism and believed he had weapons of mass destruction, also iraq was like a haven for terrorist.We went their and got rid saddam insane.I believe ne country that supports terrorism is an enemy to us.Now that we have got rid of saddam we must make iraq a stable country and i believe we should stay their until thats achieved.Also dont forget we arnt just in iraq we also have troops in afganistan fighting terrorist which i think alot of people keep forgetting.

Now to thoughs people who hate war n keep saying violence is not that answer...well uhh u definatly must be on something.Their are some people out their who wont talk and the only way to solve the situation is by force.Take hitler for example....he was insane and trying to rule the world.No matter what, their will always be war.if someone bombs the shit out of your country they're not gonna stand their saying oh lets talk this out.Killing thousands of people is a crime that will and should never go unpunished.

another thing,Im against all these liberals protesting everywhere.That is ripping this country apart.[...]

I wanna ask sumthin 2 anti war protesters.if war never solves ne thing then im guessing ww2 didnt get rid of nazism n facism n the holocaust and all that horible stuff that went on then.

I also know their has been this stuff about removing religious n stuff from the country like the 10 commandment stuff n god in the pledge...this country was based on christianity.we let u come to practice ne religion u want but just leave the countries religion alone,i dunno how its bothering u that much.

caamib #fundie

I am of Serbian heritage. During WW2 my ancestors lived in the notorious Independent State of Croatia, where hundreds of thousands of Serbs were murdered by the Ustasha movement. Yet, my ancestors fought against this, some of them joining the Yugoslav Partisans or going into hiding if they were too young. Other Serbs would flee to some other country nearby or join the Chetnik movement.

Despite the fact that the Serbian regime in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was often brutal towards non-Serbs, there was nothing ordinary Serbs living in NDH did to deserve such pogroms.

So if some Ustasha during a WW2 captured a Serbian woman and dragged her to execute her Ustashas would be stunned and probably laughed themselves silly if her brother, husband or a father was going after them and begging them to allow him to break one of her legs or shouting at them to shoot her in the head because they're both monsters.

And bear in mind, this Serbian regime lasted until 1941, and WW2 in Yugoslavia from 1941 to 1945 !

Slavery ended in America and other places in the West over a hundred years ago, most regular Americans did nothing to harm the Muslims, blacks or their other holy groups, *certainly no living American participated in regular, state sanctioned slave trade while many of the Serbs that resisted from 1941 were a part of an oppressive regime before April 1941*, yet they would act just the way WW2 Serbs never did.

These imbeciles have no idea that it was other Africans who captured slaves for the Europeans and sold these to them, that Arabs held many slave trade routes in which the mortality of black slaves was much higher then on Western ships, that Barbary pirates were regularly capturing white slaves up to 19th century in the Mediterranean or that it were Western countries that ended slavery.

They are ridden with white guilt and so historically illiterate that I know they would be the ones doing what I described as something that WW2 Serbs would never do. Once blacks, Muslims or some other group liberals find sacred would try to capture or kill their women they'd actively encourage them to kill these women, screaming how they all must be punished for being monsters. I was just imagining one of these liberals running after a pack of blacks, Muslims or whatever other group liberals find sacred who are carrying his wife and begging them hysterically to let him harm her as well, to allow him to beat her more severely than they would, as if to somehow wash off their horrible sins. It made me laugh so hard.

What pathetic lunatic cucks liberals are.

Jeff Gregory #racist

Hey you nigger loving mother fucking pussy ass jew bastards why don't you get a fucken Bible and read these fucken passages you assholes (LUKE 22:36) and (DEUTORONOMY 7). Ther are a bunch of fucken other passages in there that are true I don't remember those passages but there is a story of the guy who killed the fucken nigger and that white who where fucking and the city of saddam was destroyed because those fucken assholes in the city where faggots, and on the fucken passages I read on LUKE 22 Jesus sais that if you don't have a sword which is equivilent to a gun now'r days and DEUTORONOMY 7 it tell that if and of the races mix that we shall destroy there images burn there crops and utterly destroy them, so take your fucken NEW WORLD ORDER your LIBERALISIM your HUMANISTISM (your religeon thinking you worshiping god but your really being tricked) your YOUR SO CALLED SO CALLED "Love Sees No Color" shit and shove it up back your damn assholes you fucken jew ass fucken nigger lovin shits the jews are the sons of satan and the other fucken Sheep that are controlled by your bullshit governments you jew ass dummies you damn fuckers you think your worshiping god but your really worshiping satan you better be ready for a RACIAL HOLY WAR! HAIL THE LORD!!! HEIL HITLER!!! SIEG HEIL!!!

Ma-reich & Grimmnir #fundie

(Ma-reich has been posting nude selfies on her blog)

Ma-reich: Lmfao im a disgrace? This entire community is terrified of anything sexual in any way. Over half of you are childish as fuck for it because if anyone shows even the tiniest bit of sexual drive they’re a “SLUT” or “NOT MODEST”. Hey. Nigga shut the hell up with this purity bull shit. You act like our ancestors were some bunch of modest people that didnt do anything sexual, this community thinks any sexual behavior is “FALLING VICTIM TO THE JEWISH LIES” shut up. And it wasnt even going to be on this account. Shut the fuck up saying im a disgrace because you all would fucking bow down at my feet because I have blonde hair and blue eyes and we all know it. Gtfo.

& another thing. Why don’t you tell the men of the NatSoc community to not send females messages asking them to show their cleavage. Tell me whos really the disgrace in this community.

Grimmnir: Whilst it is true there are far less than honorable men who claim the mantle, this is certainly not the honorable behavior a woman should possess either regardless of how frustrated she may be.

It takes two in life. Those men who make lewd comments and the women who fall victim to it to share lewd images.

Having studied the teachings of National Socialism from HItler to Rockwell I can confirm that they both sought a modest and pure way of living in the world. To say they would approve of a young woman showing to the general public her form in states of undress that is best left for her bedroom before bed is a lie.

I call again to those men in the movement to know what is expected of them and to be called out when they betray its values.

Honor, Inteigry and Dignity are not simply words alone but ideals we all should strive for daily.

Novuso #conspiracy

A chosen few have manufactured a false reality in which the truth is flipped upside down. The aggressors in war use mass media to play themselves off as victims while the REAL victims are demonized as either terrorists or Nazis.

- This is was true in Palestine when the Israelis stole their land while calling their victims terrorists.

- This was true in Iraq when America bombed their country into rubble while calling people defending their homes terrorists.

- This was true in Vietnam when America rained bombs down on their country while calling people defending their villages communists.

- This was true in Korea when American soldiers slaughtered North Korean civilians men, women, and children by the millions. In all 30% of their total population was murdered by Americans. This your media will never show you.

- This was true in WWII the grand daddy of all modern lies. No war in history has been more lied about then WW2. Portrayed in the history books as a righteous war against evil genocidal Nazis to protect the meek and innocent however reality has been turned upside down. The truth is the complete opposite of what you have learned. Almost every problem we have today can be traced back to this big lie.

You are living in a great deception. Everything you have learned in history about the world wars is based on lies and propaganda. Remember history is written by the victors and what was written by the victors of WW2 was anything but truthful. Much of what people understand of WW2 is false. Starting a second world war not part of the original Nazi vision. The Nazi plan was to seize the wealth of the Rothschilds and use the money to pay for the betterment of all mankind. The Rothschilds were the head of a global banking oligarchy that was strangling the world with debt. Hitler wanted to free the planet from the banking oligarchy by arresting the international bankers as the final solution. This was not a genocidal war against the Jews. It was righteous war against the bankers who happened to be Jews.

The problem is people were brainwashed into fighting and dying for the bankers. Before WW2 the Rothschilds controlled half the wealth on the planet and they have only increased their share after the war by installing central banks in every country the "allies" conquered. Currently the USA stands $20 trillion in debt and every other country in the world is also in debt to the tune of trillions more. In 2001 there were only 7 countries that did not have Rothschild controlled bank and since then we have invaded, bombed, or threatened to destroy all of them. Let me ask you a question are you happy with the arrangement? Are you happy being a debt slave to the banks and sending your children to die in their wars? But what if there was another way to stick it to the banking oligarchy.

This is what Hitler told the German people. "We don't have to be debt slaves to these international bankers who produce nothing but misery. We can take the power back and give it to the people. When the Nazi vision is fulfilled all debts will be canceled and poverty will become a thing of the past. All unemployed will be given jobs and standard of living will be guaranteed forever. Do not stand in the way of the upliftement of mankind or you will perish in the rising tide of discontentment with the current world order. We are not goyims, we are not your golems, we are not your servants, we are not your slaves. We are ARE sovereign and we are free..."

The Luggen presse have taken Hitler's speeches out of context and distorted what the Nazis actually envisioned for Mankind. What you see is only the frame on the right and not truth. The Nazis did not target Jews because they were Jews. They were targeted for arrest because they controlled the banks and controlled disproportionate amount of Germany's wealth and this was causing terrible suffering. In 1933 there was a worldwide Jewish Declaration of Economic War against Germany and its people, with the aim of the overthrow of the German Government by a worldwide Jewish conspiracy. This was widely publicized in American news papers and around the world. As leader of the German Government Hitler was obliged to react to this, to resist it, and to prevent this conspiracy from succeeding. Germany had a right to defend themselves from the bankers and escape from their imposed debt slavery that was crushing their country. Jews became targets for arrest because they were fighting to preserve the international banking cabal of criminals and conspiring to overthrow the government.

The first casualty of any war is the Truth and WW2 is no different. Just like every other war in history WW2 was fought on the pretense of lies and propaganda. Anti-German propaganda was the "FAKE NEWS" of the 1940s. They have taken the truth a turned it upside down. They framed German actions to defend their people from economic warfare as acts of aggression. We see similar lies in the media with current events in Libya, Syria, the Ukraine and elsewhere. Whenever a government the bankers dislike tries to defend itself the truth of these actions is flipped upside down.

The Nazis were actually fighting for a fairer and more equitable world. The German people are some of the most educated, kindest, and compassionate people on the planet. Why would they support such an evil man like Hitler? The truth of the matter is that Hitler was not as evil as the war propaganda made him out to be. He was a champion of the working class, he wanted to redistribute the wealth from rich to the poor, he canceled people's debts and gave the unemployed guaranteed jobs, and guaranteed standard of living. No longer would people be allowed to starve in the streets as they were before Hitler rose to power. Huge differences between the "haves and have-nots" was not tolerated in Nazi Germany. It wasn't about race either. A "black man" had more freedom in Nazi Germany than in 1930s Jim Crow America. Even animals had rights as Nazi Germany was the first country in the world to pass animal cruelty laws.

A tiny few having absolute power, that is the world of today. There was a report not long ago showing the richest 8 people had more wealth than the poorest 3.5 Billion. That is very kind of injustice Hitler was fighting against. A wise man once said "Poverty is the worst form of violence." That is because poverty can shorten a man's life by decades and therefore is nearly equal to murder. Under this standard banker led capitalism is more violent than Nazism. The wrong side won WW2 for the world would be a better place had the Nazis triumphed. Too many people simply have Stockholm syndrome and fight against their own best interest.

Stockholm syndrome is millions of people fighting dying on behalf of bankers. When people are fighting on the side of the bankers they are fighting against their own best interest and dying for corporate profits. They are slaves who fight on behalf of their slave owners. That is Stockholm syndrome by definition. This is what happens in every war in modern times. The bankers start the wars and then the poor go to fight and die for the bankers' profits. This is ongoing even in the present day of 2017. The chicken hawks who are too cowardly to fight their own battles rule the roost. It is only through great deception that this situation is allowed to continue. However, people of the world are waking up and are increasing unwilling to fight in these wars.

We are winning the hearts and minds of the world. Mein Kampf has become a best seller in dozens of countries. People are seeing the truth for the first time are agreeing with what is being said. Lies do not stand when the light of the truth is shown upon them. All people need to do and look at the world for what it is. The Jewish banker controlled global oligopoly has produced a handful of winners and billions of losers. These people do not need to see it in a book because they are living it in their day to day lives. Many people are not happy with the situation. It is a very bad situation for anyone outside of the chosen few. A better way is being offered to humanity and people will go with change when the opportunity arises for people have nothing to lose but their chains and their debts. Jews need not face genocide as that is not our aim. Our enemy are the international bankers and global Zionism.

As was true then and is true now we are fighting for a fairer world, a more equitable world, and a more peaceful world that is freed from the debt slavery of the banking oligarchy. The same enemies Hitler fought against 80 years ago are the same enemies the free people of the world are still fighting in 2017. The conspiracy of global Zionism is the driving force behind every other conspiracy from wars fought on false pretense, to false flags, to fluoride in the water, chemtrails, vaccines, manufactured economic crisis, and world wide debt that can never be repaid. A global cabal of criminals has seized the reigns of power but we can defeat them by exposing their lies. Their power is but an illusion for they are few and we are many. They would not be able to get away with what they do if they did control past narratives that have allowed them to construct this false reality. The truth will set you free for it will shatter their illusions. Only through deception do they rule us. Take away their ability to deceive us and they will be nothing. See the world for what it truly is and stop conforming to their fake reality. Only then will the world be free.

Various Independent Conservative Voices™ #wingnut #transphobia #homophobia

(The post compares YouTube taking down videos to Nazi book burnings. Some of the responses include:)

Pretty big difference, the nazis were burning pro homosexual and pedophilia books, YouTube is banning people speaking out against that degeneracy.
The nazis were burning books instructing doctors on how to mutilate the genitals of the mentally ill. Compare that to Youtube taking down any video critical of globohomo or whatever. What's being censored is actually a lot more important than the simple fact that censorship happens in both cases.
Do you honestly think the men who fought in WW2 would stand to see the disgusting shit that is going on nowadays?

"I'm so glad we fought the nahtzees so my little Johnny can pretend he's a princess and Susan can go get him medically castrating pills and then give him frankensnatch surgery!"
"Why do you fight, Cap?

"Well son, I fight, so that one day, a black man can be President of the United States, and use his authority to force bakeries to make cakes for homosexual weddings. So that schools will allow transexuals to use whatever bathroom they want. So that my grandchildren will be burdened with debt, at the beginning of their adult lives, for a worthless degree, from a Marxist educational system!"

"That's beautiful Cap!"

(men begin cheering as they storm out of landing craft onto Utah Beach)

FaceandHFD #racist #psycho

[Blackpill] I am pro-bullying

Subhumans are useless if not our greatest enemies if they aren't black pilled and still living in la-la land, as they do women's and Chad's bidding. Bluepilled sub6 men are the ones attacking the blackpill to protect the privileged groups in society. They are the ones going around doxxing our people, writing articles about us, sacrificing themselves for sub3 landwhales and empowering the governments to make women even more privileged and take our freedoms away, while Chad is slaying their wives and oneitises. Subhumans also waste tons of resources the earth is running out of, so that's another great reason to bully them into being low energy and consuming less. You should go out of your way to be mean to all sub 6 men and insult them for their looks unless they show signs of being blackpilled. It will probably bring them closer to suicide or to the truth(blackpill). So it is a win-win.

Hellenic Pagan #fundie

The Abrahamic God evolved from the desert and MUST go back and remain in his domain, to restore balance to the planet

This WAR we're fighting, has been going on from the beginning. Long before there were any Jews or Christians walking the Earth ?

Believe it or not, not all Jewish people or Israelis are evil. Within certain circles, there are some who believe that today's Zionists could be the descendants of Jews from Ancient Babylon.

These Babylonian wizards were notorious for all things related to evil deeds. Black magic, child sacrifice, cannibalism and every other depraved act you can imagine.

True freedom begins with forgiveness. Our warriors Men/Women MUST BE spiritually cleansed for the coming battle, otherwise we will lose the fight.

We must be capable of forgiveness while at the same time if required, be able to defend our families, lands and way of life to the bitter end ... without giving in to our baser instincts and seething in our own hate.

This fight is equally a battle of spirit as it is a fight for our rights as people

Here's the hard part ...

Could a person simultaneously run their sword through their enemy i.e; (Black, Asian, Muslim, Jew etc) and be genuinely capable of forgiving that same person as they bleed to death?


Blood & Honor, words which hold great meaning

Remember, we're the Good Guys

This WAR has been going on from the very beginning, and it's not just the Jews who play a big role in this. We all do. This is equally a battle of spirit as it is a fight for our rights as people.

I have no fear of demons as I am prepared to forgive them, therefore they cannot harm me

We hold OUR swords up high in honor

Hail Golden Dawn!


We hold OUR swords up high in honor!

The cry of Sieg Heil ? echoing within the halls of time will forever ignite the holy union between Ethnic Europeans

???O? ????

Hail Ioannis Metaxas!

Heil Hitler!

Hail, children of Zeus!

"In truth at first Chaos came to be, but next wide-bosomed Earth"


#1922469 #fundie

(So cruelly torturing families of terrorists, even if they had nothing to do with the attacks, is how to fight a war?)


The only reason Trump feels so extreme is cause you've forgotten how to actually a fight a war. Allied military leaders in WW2 did far worse (arguably) BUT they won the war, the Nazis are out of power, Japan is pacified and in fact now thrives, the world was saved. They weren't fully clean either but they did what they had to do. A politically correct fought WW2 would have dragged on for a very very long time.

ISIS could have been defeated in a matter of months, they're not even close to the strength of the Third Reich, but you chose to fight a PC war with no American boots on the ground.

It's time to get serious.

IncelKing #wingnut #psycho

[Blackpill] My tribute to our saint. RIP Elliot Rodger

5 years ago on this day, 22 year old Elliot Rodger killed 6 people and injured 14 others in the town of Isla Vista, Santa Barbara, before killing himself.

Before his act of homicide/suicide, he left behind a 141 page manifesto titled "My twisted World" which contained more than 117 000 words. He detailed every experience of his life from birth to his final moments, in accordance to his superior memory.

In a video just over 6 minutes long, he detailed his sexual frustrations and his anger at women for rejecting him.

However, after reading his manifesto, it became apparent that contrary to the image created by the media of a sexually frustrated virgin killer, Elliot Rodger had problems well beyond not being able to obtain a partner for a romantic/sexual relationship.

It came as no surprise that Elliot suffered from years of loneliness. While his mild autism hindered his ability to socialise, his social isolation was as a result of being continuously excluded by his peers in social interactions: he was humiliated by the girls in his grade for most of his school life; he was mocked, ridiculed and laughed at by classmates on a regular basis. He was shunned by teachers, while his bullies were given no punishment and free license to continue treating him like a piece of dog shit. When Elliot graduated from high school and went to college, he was no longer bullied. He was simply ignored and rejected without being given a chance to show himself worthy of friendship/companionship.

The human survival instinct is incredible. No matter how much suffering a human being endures, their subconsciousness will always tell them to do whatever it takes to survive. For someone to commit suicide, it takes not only a great deal of courage but also suppression of this survival instinct. With this in mind, I've always been fascinated as to how someone can over-ride their subconscious mind and take their own lives.

Every year around the world, 800 000 people are estimated to take their own lives.

Whilst financial difficulties are a factor which can cause someone to commit suicide, majority of suicides can be attributed to breakdown of relationships/bullying. In the case of Elliot Rodger, bullying definitely played a significant role in determining the course of his short life.

I don't condone Elliot Rodger's actions. No matter what, it is always wrong to take the lives of innocent people. The media was quick to condemn the loss of lives of these innocent people. But why is it that society only cares about the loss of innocent lives when a shooting rampage/mass murder occurs? Why is society silent while literally hundreds of thousands of innocent lives are lost every year around the world due to suicide? If Elliot Rodger had simply committed suicide without killing others, no one would have cared about his death. Other than his immediate family, no one would spare even a minute from their lives to pay tribute to him. He would just become another statistic in a world where facts/statistics are ignored/overlooked; while virtue-signalling and political correctness are prioritised.

Whilst bullying is the major cause of suicide, it is unfortunately a significant factor behind homicides. Elliot Rodger is an example of the rare, yet increasingly common occurances in which an individual who has been bullied not only commits suicide, but commits suicide preceded by the act of homicide. When someone is backed into a corner, they will fight back. When someone is continuously pushed and pushed until they are at the edge, they will either fall by themselves to their death or they will reach out with their hand and bring down as many people as they can with them. What Elliot did is not justifiable, but it is understandable.

Once again, what Elliot did was terrible. But if his actions lead to greater awareness of bullying and prevention of thousands more suicides in the long-run, then at least the 6 people who were killed and Elliot Rodger's lives would not have been lost in vain; at least something positive can be gained from such objectively negative chain of events. Sometimes lives must be sacrificed for the greatER good. Many lives were sacrificed in the past to enable the people of the present to live in safety, security and comfort. And likewise, lives will be sacrificed in the present for the generations of the future. This is just human nature.

But the question arises, why do mass-murders need to happen for people to realise the deadly consequences of bullying? Why is it necessary for lives to be taken for people to start treating the members of their fellow species with basic respect? The lives lost in mass-murders in which the perpetrator was a victim of bullying, didnt need to be lost in the first place if people simply learnt to treat everyone, irregardless of their appearance or social standing, as human beings. Elliot Rodger may have pulled the trigger, but it was his bullies who pulled his strings. Murdering others and causing someone to murder others is the same thing, at least in my opinion. If Elliot's bullies had never bullied him, i really cant imagine him not being alive today. Elliot Rodger's bullies are just as responsible for the Isla Vista mass-murder as Elliot himself. Bullies deserve to be seriously punished.

He was just an innocent person whose soul was slowly corrupted by the disgusting, wretched, depraved species which is humanity. Elliot Rodger may be dead, but he will be alive in memory. He will be alive in the hearts of those who will carry his legacy. He will never be forgotten. Society portrays him as a villain, but in a cruel and twisted world, the perceived villain is the real hERo. Society views him as a monster, but what most people dont realise is that monsters are not born, they are created.

RIP Elliot Rodger (July 24, 1991 – May 23, 2014), the true victim of society.

Donald Trump and supporters #fundie

Donald Trump supporters taunted and called for violence against a number of protesters at a tense rally in Las Vegas Monday night, reports from the scene say. BuzzFeed's McKay Coppins took a short video in which one man can be heard shouting "light the motherfucker on fire" as a black protester is being removed from the premises:

NBC's Benjy Sarlin says that one individual shouted the Nazi greeting "Sieg Heil" in the area of the same protester. Sarlin wrote that "Trump took the interruptions in stride and complained that they were the only way to get media outlets to turn their cameras towards his crowds to show off their size."

From Coppins' story:

"Physical altercations between protesters, security, and the occasional tough-guy supporter have been a running theme in Trump’s combative campaign this year—but Monday night was different. Reporters who regularly cover Trump said they had never seen anything like the fevered, frenzied mood that gripped the ballroom in Las Vegas."

A Republican presidential candidates' debate is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. ET Tuesday night at Vegas' Venetian Hotel & Casino. Trump leads national polls of likely Republican primary voters by a considerable margin.

Blue Eyed Devils #racist #wingnut

[Lyrics for "Final Solution"]

So now it's early in the Second World War
Arise the question of the Jewish hordes
For years they invaded and raped your land
Too much power in the Zionist's hand
Time for a plan that is bold and brave
That'll send every foe to his grave
Rid the Reich of all its pollution
To the Jewish question is the final solution

Too many problems, too many lies
Too much of what you despise
Implement the only plan
Eradicate the so-called chosen man

During German nights and days
Adolf Eichman would lead the way
For the cause of White salvation
Victory, for our race and nation
The plan has started, no turning back
From the entire world, you're under attack
A New Worlds Order for the Aryan man
Regain control of the European lands


The final solution!
White revolution!

You knew what must be done
If war was to be won
Only a few could really see
You would set our race free
From our mortal enemies
Sieg Heil!

ReichMarschall #racist

Re: Judge rejects Ontario man’s ‘racist will’ that disinherited daughter for having ‘bastard white son’

I love it. Let em keep screaming:
"He dindu nuffins!!!"
"He wuz a good boy, he'z nevar hurt kno bawdyy!"
"He wuz gunna be the next obammy!!!"
"He wuz clearly a victimz of YT and hiz privladge!"

and let that nig rag "Salon" keep telling everyone that blacks need to start killing more whites wholesale and have more liberal commie "white" jew dike apologists write more articles about how we need to apologize for our so called "white privilege" and we need to let the negro get away with whatever he wants to including raping our women and children, stealing, looting, beatings, and murder against innocent white people for the sole reason of being white so he, being the Negri, deserves this.

You know what. Yeah white privilege does exist. You know why?


White America is getting very sick and tired of this negro whinery and crybabery, rioting and murdering it's causing lots and lots of whites i know who were fence sitters to come over finally, FINALLY!

So let them keep at it because it needs to get worse before it gets better for us whites.

The Negri are just digging their own graves.

Just like the jew who keeps screaming "anti-semite" over and over and over and over again every time it doesn't get its greedy little way or when someone stands up to the little sh*ts.

So let em over use those phrases because just like antibiotics over used, they will eventually stop working and there will be a massive back lash and onslaught in these two parasites of humanity!

It's only a matter of time!

Sieg Heil, mein volk! We will crush the vermin!

TrumpandPepe #racist

Was Ceasar really killed for betraying Rome to Jews?

A pal of mine into Roman history and redpilled told me that Ceasar sold his country out to Jews and thats why they murdered him.

I have read sources that say the Jews cried for days after Ceasar was killed and that they backed him in his war against Pompey. and of course Augustus loved Jews like his Uncle did..

So what do you think

Sieg Heil 14-88

Mr. Bond & Moon Man #racist #sexist #homophobia #psycho

Mr. Bond ft. Moonman - Shootouts (Jadakiss ft. Styles P Shootouts Parody)

Moon Man and Mr. Bond are here to take care of this demographic situation.
Putting an end to the rising shitskin population.
We are also going to repeal female suffrage and put the death penalty on all kinds of degeneracy, cause by the jewish subversion of our culture.
Execution now.

[Verse 1]
Kikes at the ADL lookin at our picture
it's anudda shoah, these guys are like Hitler
Wrong we are worse cause niggas will die with ya
blow all non white ashes in the sky with ya
Even spics and gooks get a train ride with ya
Play the death count on TV news with a live ticker
Kill kikes
Kill nigs
we take you off of food-stamps, you don't wanna meet Bond
or that nigga moon man
murders go down
So do the rapes now
racemixers and whores
get burnt at the stake now
your gay holocaust
is no longer fake now
even kids know niggers
cause societal breakdown

moonman hand me the gun we make jew families run
Sieg Heil, I'm that nigger you know that
Do it, Germany Style
the Aryans are coming for war

[Verse 2]
Gassing more than 6 million
Cause everything is free for a nigga nowadays so
he has a lotta chillun
Talk about you "muh dik"
niggers make me sick
snipe 'em from the roof, peace out to Saint Dylann
white supremacy, we bring shitskins terror
Throw the fags off the building along with the Arabs
equal rights, kill subhumans of all feathers
diversity, even Abbos and Eskimos
get shoved in the shredder
raise the world IQ
two standard deviations
shitskins are a plague, the cure
send the Jews to satan
since hell has open borders
and kikes love immigration


Lynching, Stompin' a whore
Anything to do with hate crime
That's what we responsible for
Battin a fag
Knifin a kike
we're launching a war
run through maternity wards throw niglets on to the floor
We build drone technology to hunt and shoot niggers
I'm good long as an old gun will kill a new nigger
we see you fags on youtube debating the left
and controversy sells but it ain't like death
So pop him in the head 'til his brains start to fizz on him
Set a rabbi on fire till he begs me to piss on him
Some pray for the day a new Führer will come
but we're already here, two for the price of one
Stage Four
Race War
You ain't NatSoc or a fascist nigga
You are gay and a traitor
anybody to my left
we got. A. K's for
and to my right's only the wall
no body hates more
of course we advocate crime
Red-pilling normies is a waste of time
We're a big tent bring your best friends
Fuck that, cucked crap
the only big tent will be in the death camps
if you real, start killing mate
unless shitskins die it ain't a real debate
Put a bullet through a refugee make traitors hang
That's how you make a country great again

heinrich himmler #racist

This is excellent thinking. You know your nigger. The darker, the stupider. Of course, all of these filthy spooks are more like gorillas than humans.
As a matter of fact, this was proven in a study done at Oxford University in 1937. It was firmly established that the nigger is a sub-species of the ape. The Brits even successfully mated several captive niggers with gorillas in cages at the London Zoo in that same year as an adjunct to the Oxford investigation. Just look at one. The nose, the lips, the knuckle dragging - all are dead giveaways.

It pays to be very wary of niggers trying to pass as human beings. The high yellows often try this trick. Look at the fingernails - niggers' have no moons. The rancid odor is also a dead giveaway. Also, no matter how hard they try to speak English, nigger-babble creeps in. I "be," etc. As a human being, you must be vigilant.

Sieg Heil 88/14

Hoodedcobra666 #racist #conspiracy

The jewish weapons since time immemorial, have been defamation and the creations of unsubstantiated hoaxes. They prey these with magick, astral help, and the minds of their half jews and those weak in logic and reasoning, and they push these on the populace, a while after which, these gain a life of their own.

As Hitler stated nobody whom was not mentioned in the Jewish Press and was attacked, was a legitimate National Socialist. The same goes for our beliefs. Most people slander, perpetuate hoaxes, and as you see many jews are frequently going batshit on the JoS for no reason whats-over.

This starts on an astral level. This is the major weapon of jews. Also, the same thing they did to our Gods. They just 'claimed' something. And as we know jewish opinion requires no facts: It's just so because the jew said so. If the jews say so, then this is 'reality'. "Satan" or "Sata" or Satya, Truth, is abolished and to be driven away. It's only the word of the jew that matters.

Of course the above deal is highly astral. Looking at the facts about Hitler, or getting to know Satan for example, banishes such doubts. However the jews put themselves in an authority where they say the 'truth' and the 'facts' as they believe to be fit, and their opinion (And god that represents them) is higher than Sat/Satan/Satya, which is Truth.

Why are people like Hitler where they are, and not where they deserve historically? (((Hoaxes.))) Why are the Pagan Gods attacked and smeared? (((Hoaxes.))) Why people don't even bother advancing? (((Hoaxes.))) Why people are afraid of the spirit world? (((Hoaxes.))) The list goes on.

People worship the jews over Truth. If they were serious about Truth, they'd consider following our path, or at least a similar path that deals with natural understanding. But who cares, right?

In the jewish mind it's a basic thought that (they wish at least) there is no Truth in anything.

Those who move up the pantheon of the Gods will also have the eternal slanderers, the enemy, on their feet attempting to leech. To recognize the jews is to void out their methods.

"Truth shall be the final victor in this struggle. The Truth, however, is with us. " -Adolf Hitler




Henrik Almen #racist

Fuck off you damn communsts im proud to be an aryan and a white man so you can take your sionist lies and stick them up in your ass!!! the holocaust is a sionist lie!!! and thats sad because it would have been much better i all jews were extincted from the earth. The white race is the master and we will kill all communists and jews so prepare for the RACEWAR!!!!! SIEG HEIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hrvatske obrambene snage / Croatian Defence Forces veterans #racist

Fascist Slogan Near Croatia Concentration Camp Sparks Anger

Serb politicians have condemned a memorial plaque with a fascist slogan which was installed by Croatian war veterans and right-wing politicians near the Jasenovac WWII concentration camp.

Serb politicians in Croatia and Serbia on Sunday strongly criticised former members of the Croatian Defence Forces, HOS, and right-wing politicians for installing a memorial plaque with the Croatian World War II fascist Ustaša slogan ‘Za dom spremni’ (‘Ready for the Home(land)’) near the site of the former Ustaša concentration camp at Jasenovac.

Croatian weekly newspaper [i]Novosti[/i] reported on Friday that the politicians and an association of former HOS fighters installed the plaque with its legally registered coat of arms, which includes the ‘Za dom spremni’ slogan, in November in the Jasenovac municipality, near the former concentration camp.

The plaque veterans commemorates 11 fighters from the HOS’s ‘Ante Paradzik’ company who died during the 1990s war.


Croatian MP Milorad Pupovac, a leader of the country’s Serb minority, said that that a month had passed since the plaque was installed and there had been no reaction from senior Croatian officials, the police or the state attorney’s office.


Julija Kos, a retired librarian from the Jewish community in Zagreb, whose relatives were killed in the camp responded with a long letter in which she called on President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic, Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic and Interior Minister Vlaho Orepic to take action over the plaque.

“You [Plenkovic] won the elections by attracting moderate voters of different orientations, and you consciously sacrificed some of the [right-wing] ‘hawks’ in your [party’s] ranks - was it just an election trick? Is that only an external gloss, but under that there is… still a rotten extreme right?” Kos wrote in the letter.

However, controversial former culture minister Zlatko Hasanbegovic told regional TV network N1 that ‘Za dom spremni’ was engraved on the plaque as part of the legally-registered HOS coat of arms.

Hasanbegovic rejected suggestions that it was similar to engraving ‘Sieg Heil’ near the site of the Auschwitz death camp, and insisted that the plaque was not even near the former Jasenovac camp.

“You can’t identify [the municipality] with the memorial area. Imagine the whole place being burdened by the crimes. Jasenovac is a town,” he said.

The HOS was founded in 1991 at the beginning of the war in Croatia as a paramilitary unit and the military wing of the far-right Croatian Party of Rights, then integrated into the regular Croatian Army in 1992.

Under the rule of the Nazi-aligned Independent State of Croatia between 1941 and 1945, Serbs, Jews and Roma were persecuted under racial laws modelled on those of Nazi Germany.

According to research by the Jasenovac Memorial Site, 83,145 Serbs, Jews, Roma and anti-fascists were identified on the name-by-name list of those who died at the concentration camp during the war, a figure which is not final.

Mike King #conspiracy



NY Times: Bangkok Bomb Attack at Popular Shrine Kills at Least 20


The blast appeared to be the worst by far in a series of explosions that have disrupted the country since the military seized power in May 2014.


A bomb placed inside a Bangkok religious shrine frequented by tourists exploded Monday evening, killing at least 20 people (at least of 4 of whom were Chinese tourists). Flying body parts and shattered windows caused panic in the city’s most popular district. At least 123 people were injured (at least 20 of whom were Chinese tourists) in what Thai authorities called "a vicious act meant to target civilians" -- coming at a very busy time of day at the Erawan Shrine, a tourist attraction in the heart of Bangkok.

From the article:

"But Thai officials offered few clues as to who might have been responsible for the blast, which appeared to be the worst by far in a series of explosions that have occasionally disrupted the country since the Thai military seized power in a May 2014 coup."

Well, since Thai officials aren't saying "whodunnit", and since Sulzberger's Slimes sure as hell won't tell us, it's time for the dynamic duo of The Anti-New York Times to mine some data and put forth a viable hypothesis. Sugar and yours truly will throw out some "dots". We leave it to our readers to connect them.

Dot #1: Back in 2012, the Israelis wasted no time in blaming a botched bomb plot in Thailand on Iran. From The New York Times, Feb 6, 2012:

Israeli Envoy Links Bangkok Bombs to Attacks in India and Georgia

"Thai authorities said on Wednesday that the group of Iranians detained after an explosion tore the roof off their rented house was on a mission here targeting Israeli diplomats.

“It’s almost the same system that was used in Delhi and in Tblisi, which leads us to think that they are connected,” the ambassador, Itzhak Shoham, said in a telephone interview.

The Israeli authorities said the discovery of explosives in Bangkok fits a pattern of Iranian-backed attacks on Israeli targets.

Dot #2: Iran strongly denied the Israeli accusation -- same article:

"Iranian officials immediately rejected the accusation. An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ramin Mehmanparast, called the accusation of Iran’s involvement “baseless” and accused Israel of trying to damage its relations with Thailand.

Dot #3: The independent-leaning Thai military regime is moving closer and closer to the Russia-China economic and military bloc as its relations with the U.S. deteriorate. From the Bangkok Post Feb 6 2015:

Thailand, China bolster military ties as US relations splinter -- Chinese defence minister vows no 'interference', Thai officials Say

"Thailand and China agreed Friday to strengthen military ties through expanded joint training, technology sharing, and discounted arms sales. A welcoming ceremony was held at the Defence Ministry." (here)

Globalist-Zionist Commandment: "Thou shalt not befriend China and Russia."

Dot #4: Iran and Thailand continue to expand upon their already friendly and close ties. From Tasnim (Iran), March 9, 2015:

Iran, Thailand Underline Closer Relations

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Thailand’s new ambassador to Tehran emphasized that the promotion of mutual cooperation in diverse areas sets a priority for the two Asian countries. (here)

Dot #5: Adolf Hitler is a big star in Thailand; and certain people are "concerned". (here)

Young Thais understand that you don't have to be White to appreciate the greatness of the Great One and his system (use the right hand when you 'Sieg Heil', sweetie -- you too Ronald.).

Hitler Fried Chicken! Waffen SS themed weddings! Student NS marches!

A government sponsored video teaches children to be disciplined and virtuous. It features Thai children painting a portrait of Hitler.

Hitler-mania is out in the open in Thailand, and the chosenites are "horrified".

Your intrepid reporter and his apprentice here rolling on the floor laughing in delight.

Dot #6: Because the location was a known 'hot spot' for Chinese tourists; this attack was a strike against both Thailand and China, and it comes just days after a mysterious and massive explosion in China - which we covered a few days ago. The Global Times, a Chinese newspaper, said in an editorial. “It is beyond the imagination of Chinese people that a blast could happen at the famous Erawan shrine,” “It has almost the same impact on Chinese tourists as if it happened in China. (here)

Get the picture?

From the May 23, 2014 issue of The Anti-New York Times:

"Well, it is still too early to tell in which direction the Thai military coup will turn, but it appears as though a pro-Western government is about to be replaced with a regime that Washington may not be able to fully control; like General el Sisi's in Egypt. Should an independent-minded government emerge in Thailand, it would represent the exact opposite of what happened after the Ukrainian coup.

The Globalist's interest and strategy in Thailand has to do with the general encirclement policy aimed at Russia and China. Thailand is to China what Ukraine is to Russia, sort of. Let us hope that whatever government the military installs in Thailand will be pro Russia-China, and anti Western.

That being said, the end game of this coup is still too early to call. Is the West really upset about what just happened? Or, is The Times feigning concern so as to cover up the fact that the coup itself may be CIA connected; with the intent of replacing one regime with an even more compliant, anti-Chinese one?

The proof will be in the pudding. Stay tuned. (emphasis added)

Well, the "pudding" is now done; and it appears as though your intrepid and prophetic reporter here (Sugar was not on staff at that time) was spot-on about the anti-N.W.O. flavor of the coup in Thailand (toot-toot). It's an all too familiar, and all too deadly pattern, isn't it? Defy the murderous Globo-Zionists; and "terrorists" will suddenly attack your cities and airliners -- as Sulzberger's Slimes throws the dirty attack in your face, on its front page.

Stay strong, Thailand -- and Malaysia, and Indonesia, and China, and Russia, and Nigeria, and Sudan, and Syria etc.

Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times that terrorists killed 20 people in Thailand.

Boobus Americanus 2: That's horrible. I wonder who did it?

"Who elsse but the %&(^$#@ (^%s you blockhead!"

(Oh well; (face-palm) -- I see that your Thesaurus kick was as short-lived as your Bible study sessions.)

NeoMatrix #fundie

How the fuck could Jews be behind progressive causes? They're basically pseudo-Nazi religious fanatics who commit genocide against Palestinians while sieg heiling Benjamin Netanyahu. That's a far cry from being leftist or progressive. The whole "everything I don't like is secretly controlled by teh Juice" thing is just retarded.

Rule-Britannia #racist

There are hundreds of ethnic minority groups such as the black police association, the muslim police association etc, who dont allow whites in.

There are anti white racism schemes called "positive discrimination" which means employers can legally not employ a candidate because he / she is white.

Are these called racist? NO

The BNP is the ONLY group that sticks up for the indigenous population of this country.
And yet we get called racist, why is that?

The indigenous population is white-i am not going to apologise for that, or apologise for being white myself-thats just the way it is!

As a Leading Member of the BNP, I don't hate any other races, I just want to preserve my race, my culture and my heritage.

I'm not some neo-nazi sieg-heiling maniac like the media say.

I am just a British Nationalist, I am against immigration and want British culture preserved.

Got to alum rock Bradford where the infamous "no whites after 7pm" sign was.
Go to south London- Britains very own mini-Afrika, see how long you last before you get attacked or stabbed.
They are proof of the multicultural disaster Labour and the conservatives have created.

I am against whole of Britain becoming like this, and I will always be against multiculturalism.If that makes me a "racist" then so be it.

* 6 days ago

BNP Gold Member

Joe Briggs #racist

Suwanee City Council candidate Joe Briggs has defended antisemitic tweets he made, which have recently come to light.

Briggs said CNN was run by “white supremacists” for firing Jeffrey Lord for tweeting “Sieg Heil”, claiming “Zionists in Israel far worse than anything described in Mein Kampf. Get over it”.

In September, he called for Trump to “get the Jews out of the White House and out of POTUS’ ear”.

Later in September, he wrote: “At least the Nazis assimilated and contributed to US society. The problem is that Jews don’t care about racism — because they are racist. They only care about racism directed towards them. Square that”.

In a statement, Briggs said “I’m absolutely not racist in the very least”, claiming that someone “unscrupulously dug up the ultimate ‘antisemitic’ dirt” on him to halt discussion about traffic zoning.

Briggs has thankfully dropped out of the race following public pressure.

Blackpill101 #fundie

Most Muslims are based

Just think about it for a second. Arranged marriages, cucks and fags being hanged, woman must be loyal and submissive to husband, no degeneracy, etc.

European Christendom did not differ a lot from Islamism up until the cucked Enlightenment period that changed everything. It was backed by Jews like those in the Rothschild family (especially during the French Rev).

Most of the so-called "Islamic" terrorists are just CIA/Zionist hacks willing to destroy Israel's and Rothschild's enemies. Don't believe the cucked media and the gynocentric government.

Many Muslims cooperated with based Natsocs in their fight against Judaism. I'm sure a lot of them would be against the current Syrian refugee crisis and the multicultural experiment set up by kikes who pretend to be their ally (only to destabilize Western societies).

White Shariah is needed now. Sieg HEIL my brothers.

SouthernAryanResistance #racist

The Jews will NEVER respect the self-determination of other races, that's what seperates Nationalsocialists from Zionists. The jew needs a whole world enslaved to do its bidding, because in the end, what are they but the eternal parasite? Do you think Israel would've been around this long if it wasn't for the fact that ZION has all of the world firmly in its grasps, taking billions from our pockets through taxes, they wouldn't have lasted a week.

People who see blacks and mestizos as the biggest problems are very short-sighted, they're trying to treat the symptoms rather than the problem. Guess what? Even if tomorrow you got rid of all non-whites, but kept jews, our society would still be a degenerate mess.

My goal is not to fight other races, but REBIRTH for the Aryan race. The Aryan race can never be reborn as long as the jew, our eternal nemesis, holds power over us.


kazan188 #racist

If "the Christian autocrat" had withdrawn from Polish territory, that would have changed nothing. From the moment Hitler had fallen in the Polish trap and the kosher democracies had their excuses for a war of destruction on the rebellious Third Reich, WW2 couldn't be stopped anymore. Did the Western democracies required Stalin withdrawn from the 60% of Polish territory he was occupying at that time? No? Tha was because the independence of Poland was just an excuse for war, the same way the occupation of Belgium (which was not even illegal with respect to former treaties) had been 2 and a half decades earlier. Poland was betrayed by the Western democracies in the process. Had Hitler withdrawn from Poland, the excuse would have moved to Danzig, the Sudentenland, the Protectorate of Bohemia-Moravia, the Saar, the retirement of Hitler, the restoration of multiparty democracy, the restoration of gold standard and banking interests, the restoration of a free (i.e. Jewish) press, the restoration of Jewish citizenship or any other fake excuse making the continuation of the war possible.

Ironically all the men who created WW2 (and countless other wars) and then prevented it from being stopped were all democratic (the best form of control of the lemmings invented so far) Freemasons. So they were all atheistic anti-Christians (as known by everyone knowing what Freemasonry is about). I know FDR and Churchill agitated Christian feelings to sell their Zionist Masonic war to their national lemmings, but they could have agitated anything else as well. All the founders and prominent leaders of Zionism and the Israeli state were atheistic Jews. Herzl, Nordau, Ben Gurion, Jabotinsky and Weizmann were all openly atheistic and they didn't hesitate to set the world on fire on numerous occasions for the establishment and perpetuation of their Jewish colony in Palestine.

I'm not trying to convince you, Unconditioned Canuck. I know I won't. And I'm an atheist. I have no interests in defending Christianity or any other religion. I only think you're wrong to think religions are the cause of all wars while many evidence show most modern war mongers were atheists and most wars had no religious motives.

Anonymous #racist #wingnut

The only Russians who fought WW2 were soldiers of general Vlasov, fighting on the side of last free Europeans against soviet kikes, their golden shabez goy manlet Koba, and their army of golems of Zion.
Not a single Russian was sighted since then. Only golems, and descendants of golems, without roots, without blood and soil, without anything but history of serving satanic kikes. Anti-kike poster under Russian flag, like me for example, is just a golem that went out of control. I wish there will be a chance for me in my life to repent for actions of previous generations against Europe, until then I have no right to call myself a Russian.

Unnamed /pol/ posters #wingnut #psycho

[Comments under "Basedwanger"]

@Unnamed poster

All hail Basedwanger!

>An officer of the Waffen SS, the elite military arm of the National Socialists.
>He kills untermenschen and doesn't afraid of anything.
>Earned a Knight's Cross, the highest military award of the National Socialists.
>Came up with dozens of creative ways to kill Jews, each one enough to bring a tear of admiration to Zyklon Ben.
>His brigade is estimated to have killed 170,000 partisans.
>His symbol, the crossed grenades is still used by National Socialist remnants.
>Was given a concentration camp to run. Went above and beyond by exterminating the undesirables placed in it.

From another unnamed poster:

>Here's the truth about Basedwanger. A man constantly slandered by (((historians))) as a child molester and criminal when in reality he is a true aryan ubermensch as Himmler and Gottlob Berger described him.

His first acts in combat were in WW1, receiving an Iron Cross 2nd and 1st class and finishing the war as a Lieutenant.
Between WW1 and WW2 he fought as a paramilitary in anti-commie actions, such as fighting and being wounded in the town Sangerhausen, being celebrated as the liberator from the Red terrorists, being made an honorary citizen. He also gained a doctorate in political science in 1922. For a time, he worked in a textile factory run by a Kike, but regularly donated from the SA, repatriating some of the wealth that the Kike stole from honest Germans. Due to Kike manipulation, he was blacklisted from employment and had his doctorate revoked. Lastly, he fought in the Spanish Foreign Legion during the Spanish Civil War, which is where Gottlob Berger recognized him as the impressive man that he is and even helped remove his blacklisting and restore his doctorate.
During WW2 he was the leader of the 36th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS, that would later be nicknamed the "Dirlewanger Brigade" in his honor, formed from reformed poachers. His main activity was anti-partisan and commanding a labour camp. The judge (((Georg Konrad Morgen))) tried to end Dirlewanger but failed and was rightfully demoted and sent to the Eastern Front. He and his unit were later assigned to anti-bandit operation in Belarus where his achievements were recognized with a German Cross in Gold. He was reported as having slain 14,000 bandits. He then fought in the Warsaw uprising of 1944 and where he was promoted to the rank of SS-Oberfuhrer and earned his Knight's Cross. He then fought in the Slovak National Uprising.
He was killed by the Allies who after imprisoning him, had him brutally beaten to death without trial.

various incels #fundie

[Suicide Fuel] Sister asked me if I had a girlfriend yet

My sister came over to pick up my niece but before she left she asked me If I had a girlfriend yet. I told her no and she said this: "You need to work on your personality". Why the fuck do I have to be reminded by this bullshit?

Next time: "No, any luck yet. But if you wanna help, you could you set up a date with any of your friends?" --> and watch her squirm.

Lol, my sister called me ugly all the time when I was a teenager. And now she has the audacity to ask me why I don't have a GF.

Please tell me you don't talk to her anymore.

Only if I accidentaly meet her at my parents place or at family gatherings. Outside of that I ignore her as much as possible without outright telling her to fuck off.

Honestly, I don't even get angry at normies when they say that anymore. It just cracks me up.

What the fuck are these dumb sicks talking about? How the hell am I to "work on my personality" do I just change how I am internally? Damn.

Dont be so negative. Maybe she's just checking to see if you're single cause she wants to hook up. The personality part was just her negging you.

Lmao at the upvotes , GENIUS GENIUS ALIA

blackpill your sister

Sounds like a great way for him to lose access to his niece lol. If he goes too deep with the red/black pill he'll look like a madman.

why the fuck would a blackpilled incel care about babysitting some dumb ass kid?

He was watching over his niece so I assumed he cared about her. Nothing wrong with not caring, though.

LOL at the reddit cucklets
Just remember, the best they'll ever be able to get is a part-time gf who gets drilled by Chad
Being sub8, which they clearly are or they certainly would have better things to do than crashing the LDARing of a group of lonely, miserable incels (just so they can feel better about themselves), is a cuck sentence
Reddit cucklets will never truly be loved by a female

"Have you seen my face and height? That's why, not my personality, I'm a normal person like everyone else. And don't deny it because you're a woman and you know. No cute chick is giving me the time of day and I'm all set with a homely woman." there's your response right there. If she protests tell her to shut up and stop lying. It's your sis so hopefully you don't have any trouble telling her that.

My sister doesnt even have to ask, heck none of my family need to ask because they all know im a subhuman virgin
Jesus christ tho, i always though the " work on your personality" was mostly a normie thing to say on the INTERNET although i guess its not surprising that the normies say this type of shit outside of the internet too.

Ask her if she's still a virgin (assuming not married). If she isn't, call her out for being a slut.

She's not a virgin, I help take care of her daughter as she cucks her military husband that has flown to Korea

Poor guy

How dare her! That pisses me off. She should be thankful for you. Sounds like a typical roastie whore. They are the most thankless cunts on the planet.

Tell him.

Ethnic Cleansing #racist

Jesus Christ NEVER fucking existed! He's a fraud! There is only Adolf Hitler. That's right! Adolf Hitler. He's the closest we've ever come to a fucking God. At least we know Hitler existed. We know he was real, and we know he was right. Hitler was right, HITLER WAS RIGHT!! SIEG-FUCKING-HEIL! Your Jew God cannot be documented, he cannot be verified. He's a Middle Eastern myth, and your fucking STUPID enough to believe it!! Your faith is delusional. In fact, our mental institutions are literally OVERFLOWING with Jesus freaks. DON'T BE ONE OF THEM! Boycott booze, burn your bible, and walk away from the church! That's right! We are athiest racists, we reject your Jew God. You people have become a pollution. We are here to elevate the fucking race! Genetics, natural law, evolution. This is a new fucking racism! So fuck you, and fuck your Jew God! We hail Hitler, and we hail (AIDS?)! This is a new fucking racism, so FUCK YOU!

m3Me_Magic and tchower #racist #conspiracy

[Comment under "Based Poland"]


The nerve of that german dude to fly a flag in the Islamic State of Germany!

Reply from tchower:

Germany is so afraid of being associated with any form of racism or patriotism that they’d rather have racist, homophobic, misogynistic and bigoted Muslims rape and dominate their nation who favor their race over Germans. The interesting thing is, the US actually didn’t even want to fight Germany in world war 2. We just had to fight Japan and happened to be dragged into Europe and the Soviet Union’s problems! My grandparents fought in WW2 and have passed away, but hated Japan, and never said a word about Germany and what happened. It’s just all the Jews who run the money system in the US made a really big deal about the holocaust, even though the same thing happened in Asia to the Chinese, and whites being murdered and raped and sent to death camps in the Soviet Union by Jews. Since the Jews favor their own race over all others, the Jews ignored what the Japanese did and the white genocide organized by Jews in the Soviet Union. The Jewish role was critical for the formation of the Soviet Union and the genocide of more whites than Jews in the holocaust.

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[Formatting and hyperlinks in original]

Historically the Catholic Church has been very far-right, from the Spanish Inquisition to its support for Fascist governments around the WW2 era. Unfortunately the modern Catholic Church has deteriorated into liberal degeneracy after the Second Vatican Council in 1962. However, this article is not about a theoretical or ideal form of Catholicism, but a real worldwide organization that you can take part in, known as the Society of Saint Pius X or SSPX. In 1970, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre founded SSPX as a traditionalist response to the modernism of the Catholic Church. It brought back the Traditional Latin Mass and encouraged an ultra-conservative lifestyle among its members. In keeping with the traditions of the Catholic Church, the SSPX has fully embraced far-right politics as well as the position the Catholic Church has always held on the Jews, that they are cursed for having killed God, and are no longer God’s chosen people. But don’t take my word for it, let’s look at Wikipedia. Keep in mind, the fascist Vichy government in southern France was allied with the Third Reich during WW2.

[*]Support for the Vichy government (1940–1944). Lefebvre spoke approvingly of the “Catholic order of Pétain”, referring to the Vichy Premier Marshal Philippe Pétain, who was later convicted of treason and collaboration with Nazi Germany. The Society organizes pilgrimages to Pétain’s tomb, and during the 1987 pilgrimage the Archbishop referred to him as having “restored [France] spiritually and morally”[...]
[*]Support for the Front National political party and its leader, Jean-Marie le Pen, who is on the far right of the political spectrum.[...]
[*]When former S.S. Captain Erich Priebke died in October 2013, the Diocese of Rome forbade a Requiem Mass for him. The reasons cited were Priebke’s involvement in murdering 335 Italians in the 1944 Ardeatine Massacre and his subsequent lack of remorse. SSPX offered to hold a funeral[...]

There you have it. Can a religion get more “redpilled” than that? Openly praising a literal fascist government, standing up for an SS officer when nobody else would, and endorsing a present-day nationalist party in France whose leader at the time, Jean-Marie le Pen, had made all kinds of controversial statements. But wait, I’m not done. Here are three articles written by ADL, SPLC, and Salon condemning SSPX, followed by quotes from leaders of SSPX on the Jews.


The moral foundations the SSPX can provide to your life is worth mentioning as well. They have a very traditional outlook on morality, and having to confess sins helps to increase the likelihood that people won’t become a degenerate by instilling guilt and shame. They don’t believe in divorce or birth control, so if having a large white family is your goal, this would be a great option. The following link I found is a great Facebook page called Catholic Nationalist dedicated to promoting traditional Catholicism along with nationalism. I recommend you give them a ‘like’ so you can hear more about this concept.

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(ishower98timesaday): A simple way to determine your actual worth as a human many people cheered for you when your name was announced at your high school commencement? im watching my high school commencement livefeed video from 4 years ago, it shows multiple angles of the entire gym and the whole two hours. and i just happened to notice litterally everyone except a few people had roaring cheers. yaaaaaaa!!! wooooo!!!!! or at the very least some clapping or one or two people Wooing.
then my name is called. you could hear a pin drop it was so silent. and you see my stupid skinny face waddle on up with a shitty smile on.then the next person is called. woooooooooo!!!!! ya!!!!!!!
and holy shit, when mega chad came on stage. Cody G WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! YAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP. YOUR THE MAN CODY. ***** loud whistles*****
i mean even the guy actually announcing his name said it louder and slower cause he knew he was the school chad.
mad suicide fuel. i mean i had ages 8-18 to make some friends that liked me enough to clap or cheer. didnt happen. IM A FAILED HUMAN.

(arotirus): Just think that every time your former peers watch the video, they'll laugh when your face pops in.
And they'll think to themselves:
"Funny character that incel. A little weird, a little random. I hope he turned his life around. He had potential."
Without realizing that they destroyed that potential with their incessant bullying...

(emperorhirohito): They either don't remember you or hoped you failed. Chads, Normies and Stacies are all the same, they are incapable of feeling true emotions or thinking true thoughts. They are a shadow of humanity.

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Germany is so afraid of being associated with any form of racism or patriotism that they’d rather have racist, homophobic, misogynistic and bigoted Muslims rape and dominate their nation who favor their race over Germans. The interesting thing is, the US actually didn’t even want to fight Germany in world war 2. We just had to fight Japan and happened to be dragged into Europe and the Soviet Union’s problems! My grandparents fought in WW2 and have passed away, but hated Japan, and never said a word about Germany and what happened. It’s just all the Jews who run the money system in the US made a really big deal about the holocaust, even though the same thing happened in Asia to the Chinese, and whites being murdered and raped and sent to death camps in the Soviet Union by Jews. Since the Jews favor their own race over all others, the Jews ignored what the Japanese did and the white genocide organized by Jews in the Soviet Union. The Jewish role was critical for the formation of the Soviet Union and the genocide of more whites than Jews in the holocaust.

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Female college rommate. What should I do?

So I was looking for a roommate online for the next college year. A female has contacted me and wants to share the apartment with me. As I am an incel it would be extremely frustrating for me to live with a female of my age. I have few options and if I refuse her I might be alone in my room the whole year like I was last year. All I did is study and watch porn as it was the time before I found this subreddit (I was going throught the process of becoming a beta provider, I know I was bluepilled thinker) Also one normie guy contacted me but is not very interested and I have little options. The problem is I can not afford to live alone. Normie or female? What will it be? I found myself in an interesting situation. Never had any contact with a female and now I have to live with her? One more thing I dont know the guy or the female as I have no friends. Just found them online. UPDATE- The female is above average looking. That makes it even worse.

There are two scenarios here:

The normie roommate will occasionally bring over femoids to fuck

The femoid roommate will have an unending supply of Chads over, fucking her brains out, which you will undoubtedly be able to hear from your room

Best case scenario is with the femoid, after getting railed by Chads maybe one will reject her and she will be so desperate for male attention that she will let you have sloppy seconds.

Imagine you were standing in front of a fire (involuntary celibacy) - immediately next to you is a cup of what is clearly petrol (normalfag), and a bucket of what could be either petrol or water (normalfagette). Until you tip that bucket onto the fire you can't be sure what's inside of it, but you have to choose either the cup or the bucket.

Which one do you go for?

Do you actually think I could get lucky? Im completely subhuman with acne on my face since childhood. All I would get is a female that is disgusted with me but has to live with me because of financial reasons. Others pay way more for rent than me.

NO female has sex/relationships with even normie roommates due to possible awkwardness, let alone incel roommates. Trust me, it won’t happen.

god are you stupid.

I tell you how this will work out. You will interpret her not hating you as a chance to get some secks, then she will feel uncomfortable and get you out of your own flat one way or another, then you will be homeless.

Good luck idiot.

King #fundie

[From a thread arguing about whether dinosaurs existed before or after humans. Previous poster argues that the bible is incomplete as it does not mention prehistoric creatures.]

Why should the Bible mention them, how is this needed to know God??? Should the bible mentioned bees, Im sure people didnt like gettting stung by bee's. Should the bible have mentioned Wolly Mammoth's as well LOL LMAO

YOu are the Biggest fool, that has ever dared to Challenge me, now look at you, just a fool. LOL Wolly Mammoth's lmao

Im sure that there were plenty of things that bothered humans, but what the heel kind of book would that be. lol









LOL, YOu have the be the stupidest person I know, Stay off my site or Ill put you in your place again, UNDERSTAND ME?????????

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[Serious] Being incel has given me ptsd
you often hear abuse survivors talking about ptsd and all that but fuck that shit. being incel, shunned by women all my life has given me extreme PTSD. it is hard to walk, talk, even fucking breathe, i feel fucking subhuman just because im overweight manlet and short so women feel disgusted even looking at me. being <8/10 should qualify for disability. missing out on love should qualify as disability. being incel is living hell. i am physically and mentally fucked beyond any recognition, and any hope for the future is gone


Marcus Cicero #fundie

Reacting to the latest example of Leftist drivel to issue forth from the bowels of the Huffington Post, in which the idea of Whites becoming a powerless minority in America is celebrated, one has to accurately show what such a future will really look like.

Many of the below pictures were used in an article with the same title that was written by yours truly some months ago, using the cesspool of modern India as a model for what happens once the spark of creativity and brilliance disappears from a civilization.

Note that some of the images you will see are quite graphic in terms of gritty realism, but are captioned by a bit of comedy in order to lessen the blow. However, the fate of all we hold dear is not something to laugh at, nor is the nightmare we leave to those who come after us if we fail to change course.


It’s hard to remember that many of these filthy subhumans had White ancestors that built their land into a great civilization. Now, only ruins, feces, and grime remain. No interstellar probes or moon bases for these teeming masses.

yeahbest #racist

[In response to an article about the recent violence faced by and mass emigration of French Jews]

At some point, Europe will come to the startling realisation that they got rid of 6 million Jews who would have built and further enhanced their rich culture and let in 40 million Muslims that set about destroying their culture and replacing it with Sharia Law. Hopefully, we'll all be in Israel by then.

["That's not racist at all."]

Yeah, keep telling yourself that it's only a minority and that their culture and religion has nothing to do with what is going on in the world right now. No, please, if it makes you feel more righteous. I prefer to use my eyes, brain etc. to decide what's right and what is wrong. Accuse me all you like - it is arbitrary and quite frankly the goto rhetoric that liberals use when someone even dares commit the cardinal sin of suggesting that there are negative traits within a culture and that maybe, there might be some form of poison within that culture that is causing would-be innocents to behave this way.
No one wants to hear what I stated above but Paris is only the beginning. These protests - in the name of Palestine - are only a means to an end in their battle against Western culture. Idiots like you give them the green light to use the very freedom we fought for in WW2 against us. I hope I'm wrong but these protests will start becoming a real nuisance for European governments. Sharia law doesn't respect our law, just remember that.
When it's all over, I'll come an bury your corpse that was beheaded by the very people you seek to defend.

Michael Slay #racist

It’s been all over the news lately, and it’s something that every European is talking about: thousands and thousands of inferior mud-blooded subhumans have been flooding into Europe by the boat loads. Eager for welfare money to spend on drugs, White women to rape, tourists to mug, and buildings to bomb in the name of their goat-fucking prophet, these primal, feral nigger savages have become like a cockroach infestation on the once-great European continent. Except they are much, much worse than cockroaches. Cockroaches can be easily dealt with, and they damage they cause is relatively minimal.

The nigger virus, however, is much more destructive. Cockroaches only destroy houses, but niggers destroy entire nations—and, if we let them, these primitive apes will destroy the entire world.

How do we deal with cockroaches, one might ask? Well, we don’t welcome them in. We don’t argue with them or try to reason with them either. We exterminate them. When you encounter a parasite, you eliminate it. Why, then, shouldn’t Europe exterminate the vermin flooding into the continent from third-world garbage cans? If we exterminate termites because they destroy the foundations of our houses, why shouldn’t we also exterminate niggers, who destroy the foundations of our societies? Niggers have proven time and time again that they are nothing more than an absolute scourge on human civilization. One can take a look at these well-sourced facts about niggers if they aren’t well-versed in the dangerous nature of the nigger plague. Niggers are a savage, feral, primitive, violent, and unfathomably destructive breed of vermin. In any area they inhabit, crime goes up tremendously. When they become the majority, their surroundings become a third-world dump just like Africa. One need look no further than parts of the US where niggers are the majority—places like Detroit and Ferguson are virtually indistinguishable from the ape dwellings in Africa. In Europe, too, niggers have proven themselves to be the worst vermin imaginable. Thanks to an infestation of niggers from Somalia, the once-Swedish city of Malmö is now one of the most dangerous cities in the world, with weekly shootings, stabbings, arson attacks, and grenade bombings. Recently, a feral nigger from Eritrea stabbed two humans to death in an IKEA store in Stockholm. The more niggers there are in Europe, the more these attacks will continue to happen.

In Israel, niggers are treated like the vile cockroaches that they are. Niggers in Israel are locked up in concentration camps, forcibly sterilized, and then shipped off to White nations like Sweden and Australia. That’s because Israel knows very well how destructive niggers are, and they know how niggers destroy cities and eventually nations. If you ask me, Israel isn’t nearly harsh enough on niggers. Niggers shouldn’t just be sterilized and deported. Niggers should be exterminated altogether. Every single worthless nigger needs to be rounded up into cattle cars, shipped off to gas chambers, and slaughtered like cattle. The only possible use for niggers would be to conduct medical experiments on them. We can’t experiment on humans because our ethics prevent us from conducting experiments that cause significant pain. But, since niggers aren’t human, we can cause as much pain as we want. We can cut open pregnant niggers, we can chop up nigger babies, we can inject nigger children with all sorts of unstable chemicals—hell, we can do whatever we want to these subhuman beasts. And, by conducting medical experiments on niggers, we can obtain medical knowledge that will ultimately be useful in providing medical assistance for humans. Not only that, but it would also be a lot of fun to do. Could there be anything more satisfying than the helpless screams of a nigger child as it’s torn apart by human doctors? I certainly can’t imagine anything more enjoyable. If Europe had any sense, it would be slaughtering niggers en masse, keeping only a few alive to conduct medical experiments on (and then killing those niggers once they’re no longer useful).
European man, do you want your once-great continent to become a third-world cesspool like Africa? Do you want your race, your heritage, and your nation to be replaced with primitive apes who rape your women and burn down your cities? Do you want to be beheaded in the streets by the feral monkeys that your tax dollars feed and clothe? If not, then you have not only the right, but the DUTY to engage in violence against these parasitic nigger savages. The only way to stop the infiltration of Europe is to use lethal force on unarmed civilians. That means shooting children and women, as the African infiltrators will hide behind their women and their children. You need to start killing niggers, and you need to start doing it right now. You need to indiscriminately slaughter niggers, whether they’re muscular nigger men or little nigger babies. You need to blow up nigger churches, shoot up nigger preschools, and burn down refugee centers. You need to butcher newborn African babies in hospitals, and you need to stomp on nigger babies right in front of their parents. You need to take guns into mosques and kill every single worthless goat-fucking nigger and sandnigger you can. You need to cut open pregnant niggers, rip their fetuses out, and stick their fetuses on pikes all over the border as a warning to other niggers about what awaits them. You need to get a flamethrower and burn niggers alive at the refugee centers. Kill niggers of all ages, from little nigger babies to little nigger old ladies. Remember: niggers are not human beings, and the life of a nigger has no more value than the life of a flea or a tick. If you do not exterminate these worthless apes, they WILL exterminate you.

These vermin need to be exterminated before they exterminate Europe.
It’s time for a Final Solution to the nigger problem, Europe. The only way to deal with these filthy subhuman beasts is to slaughter every single one of them like the worthless vermin that they are. The only good nigger is a dead one. So, what are you waiting for? You have nothing left to lose, European man. Go out right now and get this Final Solution started. Do you want your mother to be raped and beheaded by niggers while you die in a suicide bombing? Do you want Europe to become the new Somalia? Or do you want to be a martyr for White Europeans around the world as a bold, courageous man who stood up and fought against the subhuman invasion? Your governments have betrayed you. The only thing left for you to do is to FIGHT BACK against this nigger plague—fight back before it’s too late! Get guns, get knives, get bombs—get whatever you can—and go kill some niggers. Do it while you still can, White European man. Kill these subhuman chimps before they kill you, your family, and your entire continent.

Agaro #fundie

actually, by what i can remember, 1 of my teachers said that it was an explosion, but i wont argue about it.

ok 13 billion years later. if it was an explosion, we wouldnt be here. an expansion of space? i dont really think thats humanially possible. like, everything has limits here on earth. im guessing that if the universe kept on expanding, something negative will happen.

i dont mean actual aliens. im saying the shows/movies of X-men. if we really did evolve, atleast some of us would be like the X-men. it may not be exact but it will be similar. like, people of right now might think of others that are like the X-men as "aliens" (quoting myself and possibility), outsiders, or "freaks". i dont mean anything offensive. i rarely watch any sci-fi things. (believe it or not)

one question about the whole evolution thing. when did it come about? like, who is the for-father (or for-fathers) of figuring all this out?

once again, i dont believe in this and (i dont mean to sound rude but...) i dont tend to in the future. but heres something you might enjoy w/ a twist of bad news. i used to believe in this stuff. but now, lets just say that iv found the Truth (though you may not consider it as truth)

~ if i have offended anyone, im sorry, i didnt mean to. if you dont trust/believe me, you may bashon me. like i said, i dont care. ~

bbycakes #fundie

In my english class we have to know the greek gods and take a test on them and read a book called The Odessey about greek gods.
Tonight I told my mom that for my homework I have to study the greek gods
but I asked her if scince Im Christian if I didnt have to do it
because thats againts my beleifs, because by studying them
and talking about them like they are real, and my religion says there is only one God that I dont have to do the reading of the book and the test for them.

Flat_Earth_Shill #sexist

I dont know what IQ test theyve used to "prove" women are now smarter than men but i guarantee it isnt g loaded whatsoever. Or they did the testing at 12-14 before the boys had hit puberty but after the girls had. Either one would make the results invalid. It would make no sense from an evolutionary perspective for women to be smarter than men. For 99% of human existence all women did was raise children while men did everything else. Also, if it was the case you would see more female inventors. 99% are male and mostly white.

Women are in colleges in greater numbers now for the same reason non whites (other than asians) are. Diversity quotas. I had an SAT score in the top .1% of the country and yet was denied scholarships to every ivy leage school i was accepted into (all of them). Their reason? They were "looking for a more diverse selection of recipients." So I didnt get to go because Im a white man.

Our education system is also tailored to girls. This is why almost all riddlin perscriptions are to boys. They are punished with microdoses of meth for not acting like girls.

The flynn effect is bullshit because it says just a few hundred years ago all europeans had mentally retarded levels of IQ. You cant run a functioning society with those people, look at Africa for a reference. Also, mass intelligence testing wasnt done until the first world war so everything before that is a guess.

Any gains made in IQ since then are due to nutrition. This is why i think you can get a malnourished persons IQ up about 10 points. However, no one is malnourished in the west and yet the racial gap here persists. Care to explain that to me? Im sure its still somehow whitey's fault.


I feel slighted because I did better than 99.9% of the country in everything academic and yet was denied scholarships, restricting my ability to attend the college of my choice even though I earned it, because of my race and gender.

I am not an introvert. I wasnt just great at academia. Im also a musician who sings and plays in a band and was quite the athlete. Im bigger than 99% of humans (if you dont count fat ones when it comes to weight) at 6'3 and 205lbs so that was a big advantage in highschool sports though.

Ive known many women all my life. Ive always casually dated and had many friends of every gender.

You have my motives entirely wrong. I do not feel insecure. I am not hurt by minorities performing better than me. For instance, i am completely comfortable with the fact that east asians are smarter than whites on average. I do not want to discriminate based on race for any reason. I only use the data to explain broad scale differences between groups. If it isnt inherent then it is white people's fault. As long as the latter is the dominant opinion among the public I will fight for the truth.

We will never see eye to eye. I believe my data is obviously right and fits with evolution and observable reality. You will most likely never break your egalitarian fantasy. It was fun though. You gave me a bit to think about and new things to incorporate into my arguments.


studys have shown that the amount of evidence for evolution is barly enough to fill a ragular sized table. while the bible having creationism actually matches up with history from the exedus of egypt to the great flood it took 40 people the span of 1500 years to write the bible and has proven accuracy all you people dotn want to believe becuase you know that you are wrong and if you think you came from some hairy ape that gave birth to you then well wait i know you came from some hairy ape but im know for sure i didnt plus how is it that from no where that we just "evovlved" from a an ape sccientist have answered their own ?'s by watching ape it has never been proven that watching a ape grow that it becomes any more of a human then evolution has stopped if really tjhought about whered you come from your mother whered she come from her mother and whered did she come from her mother i can go onall day about this but the real ignorant one is you because you are ytoo afraid to believe that no one came from monkeys!!!!!!!

ScottLC #fundie

[The quote is a description of Hezbollah in the middle east]
[If I told you there was a significant group that violently defended their weapons, insisted on making religion the basis for law and morality, blocked laws aiming to abolish discrimination based on gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, rejected the authority of the central government and its right to collect taxes, threatened to secede or take over the country by force if necessary, and called everyone who opposed them in the least traitors to the nation and subhuman scum... what would you call them in the US?]


Stéphane Poussier #moonbat

A former French left-wing parliamentary candidate has been arrested over his tweets about a policeman killed during a jihadist siege in southern France last week.

Stéphane Poussier appeared to celebrate the death of Lt-Col Arnaud Beltrame, saying it was great.

He added that the death in the town of Trèbes meant one less voter for President Emmanuel Macron.

Cavalier #racist

Hitler was virtuous. He was pushed into war by the Jews who wanted to destroy him and Germany. He stood in the way of their agenda much as Putin and Russia now stand in their way.

But the fools in this country that think that we are all powerful don’t realize that Russia is not Germany. Germany lacked the resources and wealth Russia has. Germany was also in a very difficult position to defend against air attacks on it’s industries.

A war with Russia will not go off so easy as did the bully pile on of Germany called WW2. Of course if it all goes nuclear it won’t be good for anybody.

Maybe the Jews, as I am sure they have a plan. But all their best laid plans will come to naught when Christ has finally had enough and takes them on once and for all.

Lubbock #fundie

[Emphasis added.]

How long before an American soldier here leaves his base and is beheaded on an American street at high noon by a Muslim?

It seems to me that it’s not going to be long until the only Islam-unconquered land/continent left on earth is the contiguous United States --forget Canada, and I don’t know how long that’s going to last. If you get your hands on a globe, and draw a circle around all of the Muslim dominated, or soon-to-be-dominated lands, it’s pretty obvious that it’s going to take a Second Crusade to stop it. I don’t know if any nation on earth has the will, the United States included.

Look at Merry Olde England. Mohammad is the most chosen boy name there now; their soldiers are beheaded at high noon on public streets and citizens are told not to over-react, don’t judge Islam by that one act. One act? Have you followed the Muslim-perpetrated crime in England against infidels? It’s out of control, and no one is doing anything about it over there. Everyone is frozen in their tracks by Political Correctness –just like the United States of America.

England fought back Hitler and the Third Reich, but today they have no will to fight Islam; indeed, they seem perfectly content to roll over and play dead –and dead will be exactly what they all are when the Church of England goes out of business.

Dearborn, Michigan. Christian churches can not ring their chimes there now because it offends Muslims. Muslims took it ot court, and the Muslims won.

We all know what it's going to take to put a stop to the march of Islam, but to date, no one has the will to engage the enemy on the battlefield. It's easier to kow-tow and gravel and give in, than to gather up the guts to say, Enough!

Think Dresden. That's what it will take. A few billion dead Muslims --"innocent" men,women ad children, to stop it. If you kill enough of them, then tell the rest to stop it or they're next, you will stop it.

Now. Shooter will be along shortly to tell me how stupid I am.

jerrycan dan #racist

[Serious] Why are Asian Chads so rude?

While I've been treated differently by various white Chads and Tyrones (but I was never truly respected), every single Asian Chad I've met has treated me with unrelenting scorn.
It's quite shocking at first because I see them sucking up to all the other Chads and think that they're friendly and outgoing, but as soon as I interact with them, they turn cold and treat me like I'm some kind of unworthy subhuman; and then I see them bullying other truecels.

If this is what all Changs are like, my heart goes out to ricecels.

Chinks are usually spiteful insects who care about nothing unless somebody in a position of power forces them to or if they'll be shamed otherwise, so being attractive just gives them more of a license to do so overtly.
High trust European Chad lives in retarded just world and African Tyrone wants the world to feel the warmth of his big dick energy while he isn't thugmaxxing at your expense. Ching chongs will run over babies and not give a shit.

strongsexyhxc #fundie

s there a way for real americans to vote for a president?
ok guys i already tried asking this question but to many ppl didnt take it for serious. what im trying to say is like this. the presidant of our country is a muslim man and a known terrorist this is not ok. we might all die and i dont want to die and nither do you guys. and i know what some of you people are gonna say that its a democracy and ppl voted. of course i know what a democracy is our brave founding fathers invented it, and it is why america is so great!!! GO USA. but back to my point, the only reason obama one is because the illegal citizen mexicans voted for him, and they dont have much school so they dont know better, and the black who make up 80% of american population also voted for them, and they also dont have to much schooling, so they are not inteligent enough to realize that he is muslim and a terrorist when the cia has prooved it many times. so is there a way for the real americans for us to get together and go to our local city halls and governners mansions, and talk to the city hall managers and governners about voting for john mccain what is what the americans actually want. the last time i asked this people called me a racist so i want to be very clear about it. I AM NOT RACIST AT ALL. I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE A LOT! if you go on my itunes i have so much christ rock, and bernie mac, i think black people are good and funny, and i like the wierd way they talk, im not BEING A RACIST, im just conserned about our SAFETY!! ps all the politicians reading this, please leave a comment and tell us about what the laws says about this!! THNX!!!

(Go to the URL. He pretty much claims anyone who thinks Obama isn't a Muslim needs Jesus. He even claimed I, Josh Only in the link, was a Muslim Terrorist because I didn't think Obama was...)

RaptorInMotion #crackpot

Is the history of the human race being told as a particular "narrative" and anyone who goes against it is labelled "misinformation"? Are we all actually descended from one "creator civilisation"?

All religions/followings/cults and their holy texts point to the same actual people, with the same actual story, just with their own cultural understandings and names given to them. These people were worshipped "as Gods" and over time, each original cult/following/clan/religion became fractured and multiple gods/leaders were worshipped over each other, possibly due to rapid expansion of territory and so multiple wars were waged against each other.

This all depends on whether you think "The Lost Book of Enki", translated from the 14 Sumerian Tablets, can be trusted or not.

This of course will lead to the author, a guy called Zecharia Sitchin, being dubbed a "fraudster" by a guy named Dr. Michael S. Heiser, who set up a website DEDICATED to proving him wrong and sullying his name. Suspicious in itself, but who knows.

Of course, you have to make up your own mind, so i certainly recommend reading the book. We've all got the time right now anyway!

-------------------------------------------------------NOTES OF INTEREST----------------------------------------------------

NOTE: "--->" = gave birth to/descended into.

NOTE 2: None of these people are "THE God Almighty" that supposedly created the physical universe, even they say they didnt know. They only gave our ancestors "consciousness/awareness" of "our universe".

NOTE 3: This is not a fully completed list of EVERYONE borne from eachother. This post would be impossibly large to try and fit them all in, but I can try.

NOTE 4: When researching each "god/deity/leader's" story and the words/passages written about them, try and remember that they are written down/spoken in 'LAYMANS TERMS' by VERY early man, using their (naturally at the time) limited understanding of what they saw and were told. They also learnt within the confines of their own cultures.

NOTE 5: It appears the earliest forms of class divide, family interbreeding and slavery were prevalent in these times, as a sort of "necessary evil", and actively encouraged by certain civs/cults/clans. Possibly for control and most likely for "royal bloodlines" to always succeed. These potentially gave way to the earliest forms of apparent racism far down the timeline, and the uprisings/rebellions against it.

NOTE 6: The Great Deluge/Biblical Flood/Legend of Manu/Gun-Yu/ Deucalion.

NOTE 7: Pizzagate, Epstein, Adrenachrome, Moloch, Secret Societies, Hitler, JFK, 9/11 etc.

NOTE 8: The Aztecs were annihilated by Spanish Conquistadors for not "following the narrative" of Christianity.

-----------------------------------------------------FAMILY TREE/CULTS------------------------------------------------------

Earth, under the "overall rule" of:

An also known as: Anu/El/Ahura Mazda/Brahma/Uranus

And his people = ("Anunnaki" also known as: Titans/Neteru/Angels [on Earth]) + ("Igigi" also known as: Grigori/Watchers/Nephilim/Fallen Angels/Demons/Olympians [on Mars])

And his land = [Nibiru also known as: Sirius]


The first leaders/gods/deitys, 3 of which (Enki, Enlil and Ninmah) were directly borne from An:

Enki also known as: Ea/Nudimmud/Ptah/Shiva/Iapetus and his original "civ/cult/clan" in The Abzu, in Eridu, + Memphis also known as: Mena-Nefer

And his offspring/avatars/forms = (Ningishzidda also known as: Tehuti/Thoth/Kulla/Prometheus) + (Marduk also known as: Amun/Amon/Aton/Ra/Ravana/Rudra/Menoetius) + (Nergal also known as: Erra) + (Adapa also known as: Adam/Hanuman ---> Ka-in also known as: Cain, and Abael also known as Abel) + (Ziusudra also known as: Utnapishtim/Noah/Manu/Vaivasvata/Deucalion ---> Shem + Ham + Japheth ---> Ashkenaz) + (Dumuzi also known as: Tammuz) + (Gibil also known as: Gerra)

And their lands = [AFRICA] + [ARABIA] + [GERMANIA] + [ASIA]

And its offshoots = {Dogons?} + {Israelites}

"vs / with"

[A LOT more insane genealogy equating every god with every other god]


Shamgaz also known as: Samyaza, leader of his rebel "civ/cult/clan" at Mount Hermon And their offspring/avatars/forms = And their lands = "far east, lands of high mountains" [CHINA/RUSSIA?] And its offshoots = {Scythians?}

-------------------------------------------------------END FEELINGS----------------------------------------------------

Are "they" still possibly vying for their "divine" right to rule the Earth's lands, and its subsequent peoples?

All of this could mean/imply that each leader/god/deity had many names throughout his "longer than usual" life (the gift of "immortality"), given to them by each culture/civilisation, and its people, over time.

With certain parallels to todays "cult behaviour" and mass population control by our super nations and/or secret societies, i think its PLAUSIBLE.

The "Unifying" Logo of all civs:

image[A collection of various depictions of religious imagery from various cultures depicting humanoids holding pairs of various, usually oblong, objects or animals, one in each hand. All of them are labelled with country of origin and “GODSELF ICON”.)

throwaway680603 #fundie

Women should be banned from driving

Some slut almost rammed into me because she must text chadious dundercockus at red light whilst having her feet on the gas, needless to say i almost got out of the car to tell her exactly what she is, - an inferior creature who is inferior compared to me in every way and has the intelligence of an inbred ape, she has the luxories to drive a goddamn benz suv provided vy her fully cucked husband yet she was too stupid to use the cars functions to not let this almost happen, but i didnt, and i regret it so much, im thinking of kicking my bumper and claiming it was her to milk her off for some juicy $

maria_2386 #fundie

I'm catholic and i heard that something really bad will happen at june 06 2006, that maybe 95% of all the people in the world will die and maybe just 5% will survive. that was supposed to be the pope's secret that he didnt want to tell cuz everyone will be in panic. Im im starting to believe its true cuz they said a big earthquake will happen at this dates and there you go the indonesia earthquake. do you believe its true? im staring to be scared to be honest.

NiggersAreFilth #racist

that was outta line....i didnt try to convince you not to glorify traitors dont try to make me cuddle up to slave traders

lets just be happy these people are dead and rotting in their grave after a total defeat

They all died merely to allow for the emancipation of your grotesque, disgusting nigger ancestors. You and your people have contributed nothing but misery to the once glorious United States, and nigger-loving liberals such as Abraham Lincoln, who is the true traitor in this context, enabled you to harass and bamboozle generations of innocent whites. You have no right to be in the United States. This is not a country your people have assisted in building. You should fuck off right back to Africa. Though I am not of Southern lineage, I would gladly support any attempts to exterminate the niggers in the United States or elsewhere, and I hope to see your ape-like nigger head on a pike someday not too late.

kcaskew #fundie

I dont know alot of this subject but I had some neighbors that moved in a couple of years back, they seemed nice, but after a small get together, we found out they was Pagan. We told then we are Christian. Well, they didnt come to get togethers much after that. Im sure it was a spiritual thing. I read on them & its basically witchcraft it sounded like. Well they moved a few months later.

Paul Dowdy #fundie

science confirms that life cannot arise from non-life SO= where did humans, animals,plant life come from? And science says there has to be a cause and effect so whats the cause. If a scientist could tell me that he knows where everything came from then i would believe that the bible is fake. but science will never be able to make sence think about it you keep coming back to how did it get started and science has no starting prosess for life. you cant take nothing and nothing and a little bit of nothing and put it togeter in a lab and creat anything. science dont even know how a cubit foot of space is created you know that stuff you walk threw ,air is in it ,your house is in it ,the earth is in it. you cant tell me space is just free theres no formula no math to figure it out. If you use worldly logic it just dont make sence you know science. the only logical answer is the unlogical one to use that something magical created everything wich would be god. Oh yeah i belive in the bible but i belive that it is older than alot of people do. The bible does say that the world is round spear mean round. and the the bible saying things like i will go to the end of the world doesnt mean they thought is was flat we still say that phrase today. and the bible knew that befor we did. the bible knew that there were spings in the bottom of the ocean and we didnt discover it until like 1970. Even if im wrong why would anyone want to live knowing that they are just going to die in that case i dont mean anything life is all for nothing. or you can beleve and get saved and you still dont have to live a sin free life thats why jesus died on the cross. you have nothing to lose if you beleve. and if you dont beleve you have nothing to gain even if the bible and god was not ture.


The reason why some men cant keep their hands off a woman or not know when to leave them alone is because how women treat men in society these days. If women stopped acting like shallow bitches and stopped ignoring even 5/10 males sometimes bad things wouldnt happen to them. Theres a reason why you hear in the news subhuman ethnics, ethnic normies or even your average subhuman white or normie white male "harassing" a female. Its because he has been deprived of female attention for so long he acted out on his thoughts.

Im not talking about rape.. that sort of shit is just extreme and cringy. Im talking about unwanted approaches from men, men feeling women up. or following the women and not leaving them alone, stuff like that.

And to any lurking normie here who wants to get some "cringy material for my subreddit", i would never do any of that stuff to a female ( and i dont believe anyone from this subreddit would do such a thing to a female either) if she didnt want it to happen, because even as a subhuman i still have morals and respect. Too bad many women these days dont have the same nor give me the same respect i give them

Suzanna (IM ON FIRE FOR CHRIST!!!!) #fundie

i cant beleave it!!!!!!! ok so i was at the computer and me and my friend are exchaning songs and what we think they ment......right?....ok so i get this song i have noooo clue on what i thought it i tried over and over again and everything i tyepd when i read back didnt make seence at i was setting her like pshhh.......the i thought why not ask God hes always here for me right? threw tough and im sitten here praying realy realy hard......and nothing was comming so i go outside and try to clear my head.....and the sun came out and a wind picked up and it felt like he was holding me so i desided to praise God for my confusion...and i asked God for cleation of mind and that he would speak threw me so i sat down and started typing after i was finished i didnt realy even remember that i typed all lost in amazment.......its soo amazing i feel so intergized for some reason! this is so awsame!!! My God is so awsame!!!i love him sooo much!!!

lawalkiria #psycho

Today, on this glorious day, the 20th of April, Fate gave us the greatest gift we could ever ask for, a man, a warrior, a leader who would fight for our race and would unite the European peoples again, all Germanic tribes gathered together with the purpose of Final Victory.

On the 20th of April of 1889 the world was stirred by his presence. Nothing would ever be the same.

That man full of courage, loyalty, strength, power and greatness is you, mein Führer. You came to this world to fight for us and you gave everything for the Struggle, including your life.

On this day, I want to tell you, with all my heart, how much you mean to me and to all of us Nationalsocialists.

You're the light that guides me every day, unveiling me the Truth. I fear the darkness no more, thanks to you.
You're the fire that burns inside me, waiting to be awaken.
You're the thunder that sounds distant, claiming for revenge.
You're the breath of life.
You're the energy that keeps my soul alive. You made me the way I am, so I thank you eternally for choosing me to fight by your side. You're my life, my everything, I am yours and I'm proud of it. Of being connected in such a strong way to the greatest man that has ever existed.

Today, all Nationalsocialists honour with joy and pride the birth of Adolf Hitler, unser Führer, a man whose essence will stay alive always and forever. Living through every each of us, he gives us once more the strength we need to fulfill his dream.
A Nationalsocialist Reich, glorious and eternal!

Happy 131st birthday, mein Führer!


TheEngineer19 and others #sexist

I'm sick of sitting here doing nothing. I'm rotting while the women who taunt me and mock me are living brilliant lives. Well, not anymore. I'm going to abandon my LDAR and start making their lives miserable.

First I'm going to start checking women out in public, as there is nothing more offensive to women than an ugly guy checking them out. If I see a woman with a nice ass, I will stare at it longingly, and I will make sure to get caught, just so I can see the disgust on the slut's face. If I see a woman with nice tits, I will drool over them and I will make sure that she knows I like the sight. Because I am not a Chad, the women will be offended, and will feel bad for dressing like a slut.

The second thing I will do is to just try and engage in conversations with them. They will be completely and utterly offended by my subhuman presence, and will automatically call me out for being a "creep". They will then become "depressed" because I am not a Chad, and all they want is a Chad to come and talk to them.

It will be very easy for me to do all of this, because women are sluts who dress like whores you would pick up on a street corner. They also hate it when ugly guys speak to them, so I will be offending them massively.

Hilarious when a subhuman actually takes normie advice of initiating contact with degen roasties they suddenly are against it. Normies are a confused bunch lol

If a Chad did all those things he would be "flirting".

Exactly, that is why I am doing this. I'm not a Chad, so it will be the ultimate offence to them.

This is a great idea. Women hate having to acknowledge the presence of ugly men. A great and legal way to inconvenience their days.

Normies are downvoting this - proof they're lying when they say we should be less shy and just talk to women.

carterdmx15 #fundie

[after it was pointed out that Jesus doesn't fit the criteria for the Jewish messiah]



i dont believe in the pope. Your info is wrong there. Pope didnt write any of the books in the bible. Im baptist not catholic. So get the str8. Ok you say 1000's of scientist came up with the same findings with there tests and methods. Well, creationist and i meaning 1000's of other scientist have tried and tested methods and came up with our findings that evolutionist thinking is crap. We can go back and forth with this. Not all scientists came up with what your saying. I have scientist who have proven your scientist wrong. So now doesnt prove everything. Not everything can be explained with human thinking.

And i dont believe the earth is 600 years old.

propolisoasis #sexist #wingnut

Im transgender, but I avoid female friendship.

I have a long story of chasing away left-leaning women trying to be "friends". The way they try to assert superiority over you throwing themselves into a virtuous posture (while trying to leech anything they can from you) absolutely disgusts me.

I never enjoyed left-leaning men for the same reasons, but at least they cant get away with most things women do, specially when trying to get sexual favours, if any men did what so many feminist women said and tried to do to me, they would be arrested or lynched.

But its not just the harrassment, the narcisistic tendecies of the average women seem over the roof. I constantly got disappointed by how the same people who claim to be so emotionally aware can also get away with being completly terrible.

A friend of mine (which is also transgender, let's call her "A") used to have a feminist girlfriend (let's call her "B") that was 100% silent about radical feminists attacking "A". "B" just started to fight back when the same radfems LIGHTLY criticized her about she going out with a prostitute (something she boosted about, because she wanted to look so edgy and empowered, but it backfired because it looked like she was exploiting another woman, but they didnt even gave her an actual hard time for it).

Im tired of seeing shit like that daily, in different contexts and listening that this is "anetodical". Im sick of being suffocated as if I had to pledge alliance to a group that doesnt deserve it, otherwise I wont be allowed to have a voice and will always be persecuted (and for the last ten years, I am! (I am 27 btw)).

This all because I dont want to give free praise to a group of people that mutilate their male sons out of convenience (circumcision).

I think it's very difficult sometimes not to lump all women in with feminists or "relationships". I think women are cool, and I value the friendships I have with women. However, the romantic / sexual relationship model is horrible, gynocentric and best avoided at all costs. It is this, and not women themselves that I can't stand. Feminism is a supremacy movement. Not at all different from the KKK or the Nazi. Doesn't "the future is female" sound a bit like "manifest destiny" to you? But I like women. I also recognize that a lot of white people died in the civil war to free the slaves, and a lot of Europeans ended up marrying native Americans. Likewise, there are a lot of cool women who really do recognize the nature of feminism and the way sex is used to control men.

But the traits that I quoted are encountered even in women that arent feminists. I'm not going to sugarcoat it, I dont like them. When there is one I am willing to interact with is, it is usually despite their gender.

Feminists when listening to an anecdote that agrees with them: "Lived experience is the only evidence anyone should need."

Feminists when listening to an anecdote they don't like: "Not a real feminist."

Is it even anectodical if the same experience repeats itselft in different enviorments and different people as a rule?

god is my protector #fundie

[Talking about FSTDT]

there was a post from our site that was talking about persecution.. as i read through the comments i began to see the line between wat was orriginally posted, and was they were talking about being posted was huge to the extent i had to type my own response

i really didnt see anything in the comment asking for persecution ? maybe im blind tho. the real comedy is peple wasting there time going to that site just to poke fun at there beleifs wich is persecution... another thing is, they KNOW they are correct in there views in life, as well as an atheist KNOWS god doesnt exhist, and its funny cause 300 years ago we KNEW the earth was flat. and in world war 2 we KNEW the right thing to was to aid europe aginst hitler... thoes are a few exampled of knowledge.. some are right some are unproveable.. and one was proven inaccurate(though we do still have a flat earth society in california with a sizeable following)

knowledge is relative as with everything in the universe

i wrote that in a more secular stance because i felt it might get through to them better if i didnt appear biased either way

Tommy Frenck/Deutsches Reichsbräu #wingnut

German police probe Nazi-style beer brand


Photos of the "German Reich Brewery" beer were posted on Facebook by Götz Ulrich, a district chief in eastern Germany, who expressed outrage.


Their use is illegal if there is a clear link to Nazi or other far-right ideology. In some cultural contexts, however, their use is tolerated.

Commemorations are being held at the site of Auschwitz-Birkenau in southern Poland, where Nazi Germany murdered about 1.1 million people - nearly a million of them Jews.

Mr Ulrich said the Deutsches Reichsbräu beer was being sold on Friday in Bad Bibra, his home town, and "the worst thing is that the beer has been flying off the shelves and is sold out!"

The label is brown - reminiscent of the Nazis' brown uniforms - and the Nazi eagle symbol is reproduced, except that the Iron Cross is shown inside a wreath, instead of a swastika.

The Gothic script lettering - harking back to German tradition - is also standard for neo-Nazi propaganda.

The shop selling the beer was part of the retail chain Getränke-Quelle, but the chain has now distanced itself from the sale, saying it was an independent franchisee's decision. Getränke-Quelle told the local manager to withdraw the beer and said it would remove its branding from the shop.

German media report that the beer first went on sale earlier this month via the internet, advertised by Tommy Frenck, a known neo-Nazi activist. He runs a pub near Themar, a small town south-west of Jena, and Themar is the venue for an annual neo-Nazi festival.

German media note that neo-Nazi "code" numbers were used for the price of a crate of Deutsches Reichsbräu: €18.88.

Neo-Nazis find the number 18 significant: they treat the first and eighth letters of the alphabet, AH, as code for Adolf Hitler. And 88, for them, stands for "Heil Hitler".

German law does not ban use of the Reich eagle or Iron Cross if they are not combined with a swastika and if there is no obvious neo-Nazi connection.

OneForeverMore #psycho #conspiracy

Hamas are not terrorists. Do you know what terrorists even are? Why would you call Hamas terrorists when they're just trying to protect their people and get their rights back???
You didnt even bother answering my question, which proves that you know im right, and that you would obviously be doing the same as the Palestinians if Israelis were attacking you. Would that make you a terrorist, like you call the Hamas just for protecting themselves?? think about it please.
Hamas ignores ceasefires because they do not conform to what they WANT. Your worthless and weak president as you call him still helps Israelis in refilling all of their arms, I dont think I should be thankful for anything at all.

Vegeta_Da_Prince #sexist

PSA to all the non incels who come here

Or just anyone here who doesnt identify as ugly, listen very carefully because im about to drop a harsh truth on you

You are SUBHUMAN, you have DISGUSTING genetics, you will NEVER be attractive in any way, if you found your way over to this subreddit or even browse reddit at all, that is definitive proof that you are nothing more than an UGLY LOSER

No attractive person would ever display any of these behavioural patterns, thats a fact, you come here because you have nothing better to do, and you want to feel better about your own miserable life, this is why you're here

I will never understand how so many of these losers can come here and call themselves Chad (This happens constantly), honestly how can one be so deluded?

Jog Mansen #fundie

Why Pol Pot was a Hero to Incels

Pol Pot was the best example of how to purge and repress degeneracy in the modern age post ww2, all of the party members of his Regime were literal subhumans and yet they enslaved all of the whores and starved them to death which is exactly what they fucking deserve in three years he killed 15% of his country, Foids needed permission from the state to have kids or marry and anyone who even kissed without permission would be beat to death, this is the best way to prevent degeneracy and why Pol Pot should be considered an Incel hERo

scythian #racist

That White people can’t ever see themselves as aggrieved IS White Supremacy. And I doubt non-whites will ever give up this belief.

Bob [Whitaker] has said that Hitler was a Jewish Supremacist – Jews were to blame for all problems, inherently evil, super humans in the bad sense. Jews were the problem, so Jews had to go.

You heard in Horus’ radio interview the recording of Obama saying: “White folks greed runs a world of need”. Is this not akin to what Hitler said about the Jews?

I’m going to assume since Abe Lincoln is Obama’s boy that he’s said many times: “All men are created equal” – how can you believe this & blame the world’s problems on a small global minority that is our race? That’s double think, and White Supremacist anti-white hypocrites of the same mindset will call us “White Supremacists” for pointing out the obvious simple realty that the Third World is the fault of Third Worlders.

What Obama said is White Supremacist, a lie, and an incitement for GENOCIDE.

If I went around saying: ‘Jew folks greed runs a world of need’, I’d be put in jail in Europe & Canada, financially ruined in the U.S. at the least – the Western versions of the Gulags. What if I convinced everybody that indeed the Jews were the cause of all the world’s problems? The Jews would be finished. White Supremacy says that you can say anything about White people & we can never be harmed; but people must be put in jail for saying “harmful” things about non-whites; and Whites must protect non-whites from other whites – the oft used excuse for whites killing a hundred million whites in the civil war & WW2 +.

And ‘White Power’ by definition means that anti-white white traitors have the power to subject their own race to an ongoing GENOCIDE.

The anti-white system is predicated on bullshit/double-think, “anti-racism” propaganda is get white people not to care about race – well if you don’t care about race then you don’t care about white genocide. And the deeper reality is that whites are “racist” if they don’t care about other races and “racist” if they care about their own race.

So I don’t think White Supremacy is dead, I think we are killing it because not only do we HAVE a grievance, we have the greatest grievance of all time.

Perhaps HD can write a petition asking Obama to renounce his genocidal statement; point out that Holder saying “white people don’t have civil rights” shows that U.S. “civil rights” laws break the international genocide law of denying group defense.

A1M2E21 #sexist

It is possible to be able to change how masculine you are!

Jesus christ these morons prove the heightpill every time they talk. How the fuck you suppose a 5’5 manlet would make himself look masculine? If he manages to get jacked then he’s going to look funky and be seen as an overcompensating asshole. I know this masculinity shit is mega cope for chubby niggas like him but damn it pisses me off. These boomers tell themselves its masculinity that attracts women so that they can still put their “pull yourself by the bootstraps bucko” mentality to work. Instead of just bluntly saying its good looks, since good looks didnt require ((hard work)), they have to say its “muh masculinity”. FFS man. Im like amazed at how stupid people are. I never realized how alone I really am in this world until I browsed r/incels and here. Literally everyone deludes themselves into believing this shit. WHY?

AnathematicAnarchist #sexist

Cruelty is rewarded in contemporary first world Western society. Period. End of fucking story.

It has to do with a combination of capitalistic cultural values and superficial nihilistic hedonism. In any case, a mean vicious bully (so long as he's good-looking, obviously; ugly people are subhuman) will get a Western normie woman absolutely dripping wet. Again, good-looking compassionate or sensitive men will have sex too, but they won't inspire the same sort of raw, animalistic lust.

Zyrros #fundie

Submitters note: See here for section 1: Incel misconceptions

Many misconceptions among both incels and normies here, explained

Normie misconceptions:

Just get a hooker : Inceldom is about being unwanted. 70% of the point of having sex is the validation, the fact you are being desired. Paying someone for sex doesn't make the cut.

Inceldom is just lack of sex : Inceldom is much more than lack of sex. Is being a genetical inferior human being who nature doomed from birth to failure. Inceldom affects EVERY part of your life beacause looks permeate into everything. Nature hardwired humans to discriminate, shun and hate unattractive people in every area of life, not only dating. Inceldom is about suffering the bad side of genetic determinism. Lack of sex is just a byproduct (the most noticeable) of all this.

Being bitter and misogynistic is what keeps you incel : wrong. Being ugly is what keeps you incel. Many many many guys are openly misogynistic irl in front of girls and yet they drown in validation anyways because they are good looking. Also do you think most incels here act the same way irl? You have to be deluded to think like that. Incel does not mean retarded. In fact most incels that are bitter and misogynistic were not that way before: its what happens afters years and years of negative reinforcement and rejection while suposedly doing everything right.

its your fault you are incel : No. Nature made humans so they are BORN to win or lose in life. 70% of your life is predetermined at birth, genetic determinism is real. Winners of the genetic lottery have to in fact make an effort to fail in life. Losers of the genetic lottery will get things fucked up for the slighest silly mistake. People are NOT born equal. Genes are everything. Nature is an evil concept.

You are a lazy bum that doesnt care to improve himself : And whats the motivation of working so hard to achieve only a fraction of what genetic lottery winners get without ANY effort? Where is the motivation when you know that a genetic lottery winner can in fact work hard too and make the hard work of the loser seem worthless in comparison? Where is the fairness? Also many many people are just beyond salvation. If you are ugly, no amount of hard work/styling/improvement/personality will save you. Most of the crucial things in a man to be attractive to girls (and society in gneeral) are the genetic ones, the ones which can't be self improved.

you are whiny/deal with it : Unfairness is one of the worst things there are. So now complaining about privileges given at birth (genes) that change completely your life is whining? I saw stories of guys who were good looking kids and led happy lives, being popular, well liked and having healthy social circle. Suddenly puberty kicked in with bad genes and they became incel/ugly and their lives turned upside down: from popular to rejected, bullied, loners. And no its not that they freaked out for being ugly: they didnt know their looks to begin with and all of them reported wondering what the fuck happend to get a so radical change in how they were treated, until years and years later they discovered it was just their looks after puberty.

women are subjected to stupid standards too : The only shaming about women is slut shaming, and nowadays its not acceptable anymore, just like fat shaming. But bald shaming, short shaming, smallpenis shaming, uglyshaming (funny that all shaming in women are things they can change, all shaming in men are things that arent under their control and are genetic) is still pretty accepted and not taboo like fat shaming or slut shaming. Don't tell me women have it as hard as men because its a freaking lie. Also personality wise: women can be upfront and social or shy and still be attractive. Shyness is unattractive in men. Women can have a strong or vulnerable personality and still be attractive. Vulnerable personality is unattractive in men. Even personality wise, men have much fewer ways to be attractive (this is all considering looks level is the same)

Anonymous #racist #conspiracy

[this is a copypasta that probably originated with an earlier post]

Shadow of the Colossus is allegory for the Jews conquering Europe.

The main character Wander is the Wandering Jew. The woman he seeks to revive is called Mono (Monotheism of Judaism).
A spirit called Dormin residing inside a massive central tower promises to revive Mono if Wander defeats the Colossi. Dormin backwards is Nimrod, the biblical character behind the tower of Babel. Note: EU parliament building resembles the classic painting of tower of Babel.
Each Colossus represents a European nation. Wander must locate and attack the Colossus' weak points like a subversive Jew. As the Jewish diaspora is small, the metaphor of a single man taking down a towering colossus is fitting.
The game was published in 2005 & contains 16 Colossi. When the game was in development, the EU contained 16 nations states.
Europe consists of 50 sovereign states and territories, and originally the game was supposed to contain 48 Colossi, so pretty close to that. That number was reduced to 24 (in 2004 the EU had 25 nations) but these were scrapped. Was the addition of 8 states to the EU in 2004 too much work for the staff to add so late in production?
Like nations the Colossi are varied, some are big and slow and dull, others are small and fast. Some destroy themselves and their surroundings trying to fight off the Jew.
As Wander conquers them, he gains their power, eventually taking on the form of Dormin itself. The biggest and baddest Colossus of them all is also incomplete and thus shackled at the waist. This represents the Third Reich, incomplete when destroyed, but would have been terrifyingly powerful had the Nazis succeeded in WW2.
Agro the horse is meant to represent the shabbos goyim. Agro = Anglo. If you've played the game, you know Agro is seriously injured helping Wander, like the British Empire after WW2.
Some theories have already touched on the Dormin / Nimrod thing but none have caught onto the Jewish takeover of European nations subtext.

dhorje #racist

Imagine an all-white country, where we are once again devoted to Life, in all its glorious expressions, the advancement of science for the benefit of man and the alleviation of a monotonous existence, and the spiritual quest to reach our potential as human beings.

White people are the light of this Earth, which is why the Jews have attached themselves to us like parasites. They found the strongest host on the planet, so we need to detoxify ourselves from their influence and physical presence, immunize ourselves from their psychopathy.

Without a host, the parasite withers and dies. Without whites, the Jews withers and dies, the only caveat being that now, the parasite believes it has everything it needs, and so is moving on to the last phase of infection, which is the destruction of the host.

So what are the Jewish parasites eye-balling now? What is their next host? Their next host is all of humanity. They foolishly believe that, once their infrastructure, their grid control system is fully established, there will be harmony and peace with them as our rulers, while the rest of us may live subhuman lives of quite desperation, with the only consolation being some bread, and circuses.

I can't imagine what goes on in the average Jew's head. It must be quite a phantasmagoria, where their megalomania runs rampant with one masturbational fantasy after another. I wish they would have just remained Life's little punchlines, as God intended. It's the minute that the Jews take themselves seriously, when you being to see all sorts of atrocity and bloodshed. The Jews spilled A LOT of blood to get where they are. Not only are their hands red, but their whole bodies are covered in it. Jewish history has been nothing but a carnival of blood. They truly are Satan's children.

Sam_is_30_Years_Old & KhalilYousuf #fundie


Who knows if you will be reborn so soon or not in a future where the world is maybe in a worse state? There are problems with the world but its only been a century or so where we've got grocery stores, the internet, and homes with bathrooms and running waters. Are you willing to give that up for a chance just have to a foid lol...And who's to say you will be reborn in the human form but in lesser form or worlds...

Verse 126: Some are reborn as human beings, the wicked are reborn in a place of continuous torment (niraya). The righteous go to the deva world, and those who are free from moral intoxicants (viz., the arahats) realize Nibbana.

Verse 240: Just as rust is formed from iron, and corrodes the iron from which it is formed, so also, his own deeds lead the transgressor to a lower plane of existence (duggati).

Verse 334: In a man who is unmindful craving grows like a creeper. He runs from birth to birth, like a monkey seeking fruits in the forest.

Reincarnation is a cope/meme.

It's also not a good thing to keep returning here on earth, this is a place of suffering and decay. The goal is to move beyond this place not hope to reincarnate into a Chad body and live a life which eventually will entrap you and you will grow old, get sick and die like everyone else. All the highs in this world are short lived and usually come with a sickly price and are never fulfilling.

Its a better cope than alcohol, drugs or other degenerate activities to escape from your problems or make sense of the world.

Reincarnation is in Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and probably more im not aware of. If you study Buddhism texts and do serious meditation with groups (Free meditation groups in my city i attended a few times) there's a high blissful peaceful feeling i've reached a few times (no thought states) and you can easier see lifes issues in those states as our untrained minds are shit head liars causing problems for us.

Verse 33: The mind is excitable and unsteady; it is difficult to control and to restrain. The wise one trains his mind to be upright as a fletcher straightens an arrow.

Verse 34: As a fish quivers when taken out of its watery home and thrown on to dry ground, so does the mind quiver when it is taken out of the sensual world to escape from the realm of Mara (i.e., kilesa vatta, round of moral defilements).

The amount of coping going on in this sub is just out of control

don't know unless you try, join a free meditation group in city or try it alone at home.


(No offense, this is a touchy subject)

But the problem i personally have with buddishm and hinduism, is that either its a man made philiosophy (buddiism) or your basically asking me to worship idols (hindu) that can neither benefit or harm me.

I do believe in a creator dont get me wrong, their are signs that an all powerful creator has left us

Fine Tuning of the Universe
The impossible odds of the first cell forming by chance/randomness + natural selection
Trilobites and other Creatures/Phyla from the Cambrian Explosion appearing all of a sudden in the fossil record having absolutely no transitional fossils from the Precambrian era
The Odds of a genetic mutation making a new Functional Protein
The Surprising Limits of Natural Selection

Im not here to judge others and my first comment may have been a bit rude/insensitive.

Im personally muslim, but ive looked at all religions and done my research. Hinduism and buddism just didnt satisfy my questions and curiosity about life, God, injustice in the world, what happens after death etc

smileyloverl #fundie

i posted this for discussion yes but not to be ridiculed.Other religions are wrong because..okay Jesus(Gods Son) died,rose three days later to join His Father in Heaven.Did any other gods do that? Those gods are going to hell,that,or they never exsisted.We were brought into this world with sin.Adam(who is ALL of our ancestor,including Eve) went against the Lords rule.To not eat the fruit of 1 specific tree.i believe in Him and all the things He has done.
why are you people against Him?
What EXACTLY did He do to you,specifically? Why not be against another god?!How come,if someones a Christian,they`re looked upon as freaks or whatever?
God had to let Jesus die so the promise could be fulfilled.He couldnt just stop the making of the promise to us.And God and Jesus are watching all of us.They know our thoughts..everything!! YOU WANT FACTS?!?! Look in the King James Bible!!Not the NIV. Also, how come there are different versions of the bible..How come they arent changing the Quran? HUH?Because people know Christians have they change everything..
AND people call catholics CHRISTIANS when they arent..Catholics believe that you can still sin after youre cant it`ll just be against you in Heaven if youre saved.You wont get a crown(s) for the good things youve done..unless you have done good things.
Im going to tell you all who dont believe in God or are going to hell forever..and you will burn and when you cry out and ask to get out of the burning wont be able to say that no one warned like it now just wait to see how much youre going to hate it when you get there.
If Christians didnt love they wouldnt tell you lies and say,'oh youre dont belive in God soo im just not going to try to help you from going to hell cuz all you`d do is laugh in my pathetic being'..think about it..most Christians take ridicule and humility for sticking to what they believe. If someone made fun of you and abused you for what you believe in what would you do?

Anonymous Coward #conspiracy

VRIL - the ancient secret energy force of the illuminati elite

Albert Pike said: "There is in nature one most potent force, by means whereof a single man, who could possess himself of it, and should know how to direct it, could revolutionize and change the face of the world." Helena Blavatski, the foundress of the Theosophical Society, described this Vril energy as an aether stream that could be transformed into a physical force. What are the Occult Secrets of Vril? [link to (secure)]

Vril was known to these mystics as a natural and abundant energy, having disseminated it's divine wisdom world wide under many names. The Chinese referred to it as "chi", the Hindu as "prana", and the Japanese as "reiki".

The question is how long have the elite known about this universal energy, and why is is kept secret from the mass population?

Is it free energy, and they want us hooked on oil?

Is it a psychic or mental power, and they prefer us dumbed down animals?

Is it in any way related to what Tesla was working with. we all know about Tesla and electricity, and magnetism, but could there have been more that has been covered up since WW2 regarding this "vril" energy?

One last question. Is this Vril life force the same as what William Reich (google him) was working on called Orgone energy? I believe the word is derived from orgasm, but that's another story, one worth investigating.


Your_ACT_Score #fundie

I consider myself to be quite an extreme atheist but
I cant stand homosexuality. Period. I was born in China and never knew the existence of religion until I was in high school. And hearing the arguments for and against religion it was quite clear to me that religion is a joke. I honestly thought back then that Noah's Ark was like the story of Santa, I still think so today. After watching videos of "TheThinkingAtheist" and reading some papers, I became quite an extreme atheist BUT I cant stand homosexuals. And I want to know why many of you are for homosexuality. My religious friends support it because of the bible, but I see it has nothing to do with religion, to me, homosexuality is simply...disguesting The sad part is, I hate homosexuality for the same reason why I hate religion: the effect it has on the helpless young. Religious parents at times teach their children and force them into the same belief, this has been talked many times and we all know. Homosexuality affects the young as well. Not having the love and care of a father or mother is greatly detrimental to the young, which again, is innocent and do not have a choice in this matter. It is the most frustrating when religious people think I am also religious due to my view on homosexuality but in reality I am an atheist, and I am confused on what to do..
Edit: I am currently homophobic cause the reason for it far outweigh the arguments against. Research and study that has shown Gay related immune deficiency are a good part of the reason why the bullies did what they did. No one wants HIV and AIDS to spread, one of many reasons why I was homophobic. I came to see reasoning and some proper arguements but most of which was just insults and logical fallacies, though I do appreciate a few quality posts that did have some good points. I will look elsewhere for futher data, have a good day :)

I am hateful toward the homosexual parents. A bit more info: When a whole group of children decide to form together and reach a consenus to bully the same child, there has to be a good reason behind their actions. Back then I couldnt even save my friend, maybe I can stand up to 1 or 2 bullies, but not 10+, I lost a precious friend and for a whole month I can do nothing but watch him suffer. I thought to myself "1 bully might be a jerk, but 10+? , what did the kid do to deserve this?" Then I found out it was his parents when I reported to the teacher, and the fact that an adult choose to side with the children too fully convinced me it was the fault of the kid's homo parents. I made this post in hopes of ways to convince me otherwise, but all I got so far was mostly insults, which only futher convinced me against homosexuality.

[ Dude, really "I'm a bigot who is also an atheist" is all you should have typed.
The only difference between you and the religious bigots is you don't have an imaginary friend to blame it on.

Most Ironic post of the year... Here I am backing my arguments with reasoning, if you disagree then provide your counter arguments and support them. Instead you chose to throw an insult at me, now whos the one intolerant of other people's opinions?

I will teach my children rape, murder, and homosexuality are wrong until someone proves to me that homosexuality, unlike murder and rape, is not a wrongful behavior that harms others. Just because you are not affected, doesnt mean others arent.

First of all, saying I might be gay is similar to debating a Christian and him/her saying "there are no atheists, you just hasnt recieved the blessings etc". And about the citation, the effect of 2 parents of the same gender does not belong to this sub, but from personal experience I had a friend who had homosexual parents and was bullied by others, worst of all, on purpose or not, the teachers did minimal to help. Finally, I didnt make this post to say "We should hate on homosexuals" but rather express my troubles since I need others to convince me to accept homosexuality as I want to fit in with you all, calling me disguesting serves no purpose.

The parents will love their children the same way hetero parents would, but what about others? After a teachers conference, a friend of mine who had homo parents (that loved their child) was bullied each day into deep depression and I never saw him again (I assume the moved to another school)

Cussing at me here isnt going to save the kid from bullying and everything happens for a reason. Look at the root cause, would there be homophobia without homosexuality? His parents made the decision and the innocent kid suffered for HIS PARENTS decision. Bullying is never right, but that does not excuse his parents.

FidelCashflow #psycho

Anyone else unironically want ww3 to break out right now?

All the Twitter clowns are going off right now about getting close to ww3 because Iran and burgerland are bitching at eachother again. Obviously nothing's gonna happen but at this point I actually want a major war scenario to kick off.
My life is so fucking boring and repetitive that I would enjoy a change of pace like that. Worst case scenario I die in the war (which doesn't really matter since nothing in my life was ever gonna get better anyway), or I survive the war and im able to prosper in a reverse hypergamy situation because millions of men have died, similar to what happened after ww2.

KingOfRome #wingnut #psycho

Reminder: World War Two was won by the villains

Human conflicts are by and large conflicts between shades of gray rather than black and white, with WW2 being no exception, but it's clear the shade of gray that won was the darker one. The Third Reich did create suffering -- committed acts that might be construed by some as atrocities -- but it was only to lay the groundwork for a better and brighter future. The Final Solution was meant to be omitted from the history books, at most a tragic footnote in a story where the battle for a sane world came down to the triarii, and with a few last-ditch efforts, humanity's last line of defense from its own subversive elements built its war machine atop the ruins of their battered forebears and reigned supreme over the materialists who sought to crush the human spirit under cogs and wheels. None of us would have been born to suffer since the defective genes that define our dreary lives would have been wiped out decades ago. Our culture would not have been allowed to degenerate to the point where someone's looks and popularity decided their worth as a person. We wouldn't be living in a world of broken families, broken homes, and broken promises.


We don’t really give a damn about what happens to the USA. They just had to ruin everything in Europe during WW2 and are now going to reap what they sow. Great-grandchildren will pay for the sins of their ancestors. Trump won’t be enough to save the USA from the immigrant hordes and if you believe his speeches about empty “nationalism” then you are being had. Only the spirit of the European in the USA folk can save what is left of the American Empire.

PaintThemWithBruises #fundie

Men gave these subhuman pieces of shit rights and Men WILL TAKE THEM AWAY. Unfortunately we exist in an age where we have traitors among us who should be castrated and shot for their allegiance to feminists. They bolster this agenda and give it legitimacy. They side with the stinking cunts. It's criminal and soon we will rectify this.

What has Cosby been doing but exercising his natural right as a Man over the lowly cunt? This is as it should be. In fact, it is a travesty that he needed to use drugs to aid in the process. In a proper world not infected by the feminist plague, a man just rapes a cunt and that is that. If that cunt is another man's property, then this will have to be worked out by the LAWS OF MEN, but the seditious notion that a cunt has autonomy over her body is FUCKING LUDICROUS.

BORN WITH A CUNT. BORN A SLAVE. That's the end of it.

The world won't stay this way for ever. I find it hilarious to think that when the false bubble of our civilization pops and we revert back to our natural order, all the artifice shielding these cunts will drop away and they will realize the only thing they have to protect them against the coming onslaught is a flimsy pair of panties. Feminism doesn't mean shit if Men don't recognize it.

Crush feminism. Strangle it. Make it bleed out its asshole. It is disease and if you are a real Man you will stamp it out in your home, in your neighborhood, your cities, your nation, and the world.

Any of you fucks who have capitulated to these noxious cunts, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

No quarter for filthy feminist pigs.

Mike Adams #quack #wingnut

Mandatory vaccines are “medical rape” in the sense that they violate your body against your consent, causing physical and psychological harm or even death. Those who advocate mandatory vaccines are medical rapists who are, in effect, committing acts of felony violence against an individual. (See full video, below.)

Medical choice is a pillar of Western medical ethics, and any government that would attempt to violate a man or woman’s body with a cocktail of potentially dangerous, foreign substances — including vaccine ingredients derived from aborted human fetal cells — is engaged in the kind of genocidal evil that the world witnessed with the Third Reich and the Holocaust. There, the Nazi regime believed it owned the bodies of all citizens and could decide what to do with them. To save money for the Reich, countless numbers of individuals were euthanized against their will, including the physically handicapped, the cognitively impaired and those with chronic degenerative disease. (See the Nazi propaganda posters below.) (If the same rules applied today, practically the entire U.S. Congress would be exterminated, come to think of it…)

Once a government claims ownership over your body, there is no limit to the evils it can carry out in the name of “serving the greater good.” This is the argument of the vaccine industry and vaccine mandates in America today. It perfectly mirrors the “scientific consensus” of the Third Reich and its campaign of mass euthanasia and state-run murder.

Ropemaxx #sexist

[SuicideFuel] If you didnt get blowjobs by age 14, you are pure genetic trash

Jfl you guys are so out of touch with reality.
”Im a 19 year old virgin, is it over for me?”
Jfl your peers had oral sex at 14, full blown sex at 15. You are lightyears behind and miss out on so much more than you can even imagine

most chads start fucking as soon as they enter puberty.Most of them lose their virginity at 12-13.

Girls will have a lay count of 15 at 16 years old

swampkat #racist

This kind of nigger crime has been covered up for years by the MSM.....And since obongo was"elected" it's just given the nigger more arrogance to attack and harm whites....Of course you have niggerlover race traitors saying that is was because of slavery and other such BS,but the truth is that the nigger is a subhuman species that is controlled by Zionist government,who passes laws to protect them,and is following the Zionist agenda by using the nigger to harrass and contaminate the white race....

Anonymous Coward #sexist

Am i only one don't like women with tattoos?

My god, i get sooo turned off by them. How can women ruin their beautiful skin with tattoos...
women without them I find much more hot 50% bonus.

I can understand why people in the bible didnt like tattoos, hence why they don't get into heaven, no scars, no uggggly people, no missing limbs, no tattoos. Im going to be the only hot guy there.

Several #fundie

[Nazis & Pagans & Christians, oh my! When RSTDT meets FSTDT, the shit hits the fan.]

"Adolf Hitler": You MORON! I can tell you this much, you buttfucking jewlover, you`ll burn in hell. By protecting the jewish scum, that we know Our Lord Jesus Christ hated so much, you act like the devil himself. You know as well as I do that no one was "gassed" in Auschwitz, and most of the LIE they call "Holocaust" is just that, a lie.

Maisaa Hawana: i think you should watch what you say because there are alot of Anti-jews and blacks and i am one of them. Stop and look at what you are saying the Jews have been (excuse the language) damned by the other 2 most important religions( Islam and Chistinatity) so why do they deserve to live?? heil Hitler and the SS army And the Nazis and neo-nazis


x-factor: Message from the KKK-Colition of USA, Niggers we own you.. we owned your grandfathers coons and grandmother coons, and they had your nigger parents and your counsive nigger selfves and therfor I own all you niggers and nigglits so bow down and suck my cock!!!... Ohh yah and, don't mistake my cock f or a HUGE watermellon rine!!!

BummerDrummer #sexist #dunning-kruger

[RageFuel] How easy it would have been to stop female rights.

Female suffragists: "Give us rights! Voting rights! Equality!"


Done. That would have literally been it. Let me explain;

The difference between female equality movements and, say, negro civil rights movements is that Negroes posed an actual physical threat. Negro (males) could riot, get weapons, etc. If not a physical threat, many Negroes back in that time period had jobs (although usually bottom barrel tier) that if they mass protested in strikes could pose an economic problem. Women had neither physical power nor economic power. The only time women were ever really "militarized" and fought was around 10-15 years later in the Spanish Civil war, in which case they got utterly destroyed, and the reason these spanish civil war foids fought was because they were in a situation 1000x worse than 1920's woman's suffrage America.

Economically Women had no power either, a vast majority were either housewives or some easily replaceable job like a secretary. They did not have the economic sway to do anything if our fucking ancestors just said "No" to their plea for rights. "But m-muh they deserved it by working in the factories!" "In ww2 we would've lost cuz wymn made all the ammo!" No they didn't, this is a parroted talking point but if females didn't make any factory contributions at all in both world wars it would've ended the same way. They aren't "Muh independent wymn" for doing something even a child could do, which would be the people who would make ammo in factories if females didn't do it (Or other men not at the front).

There was no reason for our ancestors to have let these fucking stupid hags get anywhere in equality. They couldn't have done anything if we just said "No". But because of how cucked we were EVEN BACK THEN 100 YEARS AGO we said "Yes". Also cuz the jews.

Lookismisreal #fundie

I notice that you lot love to call incels "losers" and "pathetic virgins" just because of the fact that we are virgin men. Maybe you twats should take a step back and actually look at what you're spouting about. You phaggots voluntarily come to a subreddit which is filled with virgins, only to get mad at what we say/talk about and proceed to downvote every post and call us losers. Seems to me that you lot are the biggest losers here. Not me, not my fellow Incel brethren, you and only you.

You fuckwits love to consider yourselves to have a moral high ground than the rest of us. Yet, you have done nothing but bullied, mocked, shunned and rejected us since the day we were born -- for something which was completely out of our control: our subhuman faces. You vile hypocrites live happy and fulfilling life's while we are destined to suffer for all eternity. But you cunts don't care, of course. You just love to laugh at our misery and feel good about it.

You normans need to be inflicted with the pain and agony that we have suffered for so long to truly understand and experience how we really feel. Then you will finally realize how being tormented really feels like. You lot will also realize that not everyone stays good in this world.

timetobeyouronlyone #fundie

(Anoter response to]

I agree with you 100%!! All of my family are pro while im anti. I agreee, if the girl doesnt have sex she wouldnt be in this problem!! Im soo glad that your on my side!!! Im only 14, and I understand how this addicted to sex. Its stupid how its for pleasure..I mean if we didnt have sex too much, we wouldnt be talking about this!

Sickenwired #fundie

To be honest....gsy rights activists really shit the bed.

For decades, the argument I used was simple. Gay people should have the right to get one was going to FORCE you to cater their wedding or marry them, moron. Theyd get married by either a justice of the peace or a consenting ordained minister. Youd be free not to, theyd be free not too. Everyone is freeer now

Then within months of the legalization, you hsve memories pizza, Baronelle Stutzmann and the Hitching Post Wedding Chapel.

People prosecuted either directly or indirectly (memories pizza was people saying "why would you have pizza at a wedding" for Christs sake.) for not catering gay weddings and people being forced to marry gay couples.

So frankly? Im out. The first thing people did with their new found freedom was make me 20 years a liar.

I dont think a lot of pro gay rights folks really realize how much anger those insanely unnecessary moves caused. Baronelle Stutzmann was sued for SEVEN DOLLARS.

Sorry but...I aint gonna fight against your rights....but Im through fighting for them. You dont get to gleefully screw over a little old lady selling FLOWERS over seven dollars and expect people to support you. black people in Selma didnt immediately start vengence lawsuits on former shopkeepers,what the hell makes this ok?

Quit with the trying to force people to love you. Im a freakin millennial and Im sick of being told that some shopkeeper is a hateking if he doesnt want to let some guy in a dress into the ladies room.

Have some common sense.

Betty #fundie

Just recently my son Bobby came out to me. I had been worried for awhile. His teachers said most of his grades were slipping and he seemed depressed and withdrawn.

Bobby said he'd been hiding it for awhile because he was afraid I would reject him. I sat him down and told him that I loved him and that God loved him, but that his salvation was in danger if he did not resist his unnatural tempations. I told him how being gay would mean he would live a shorter life, and that if he couldnt change his orientation he could be celibate like most the ex-gays are. He started crying saying something along the lines of "I knew you wouldnt understand! You're just like everyone else!" before running to his room and slamming the door.

What did I do wrong? I dont want to lose my son, but I fear I already have. I talked it over with his therapist, who had the ludicrous idea that homosexuality was unchangable and that trying to repress could lead to lots of psychological damage (I've dropped him and will try to be finding another therapist with more moral beliefs). I wouldnt be surprised if he's the one who's feeding my son all the homosexual propaganda about how its 'ok' to be gay. That, or how homosexuality has engulfed the media, making it seem 'cool' and 'hip' and how they were just another oppressed minority. You didnt have to worry about seeing two men making out on tv at my age! I dont want to sound like a fanatic, but Im worried what other effects will come out of this increasingly secular, immoral society obsessed with filth.

Am I too late? Or is it possible to save my son

[Note: the boy eventually took his own life.]