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physically, she is small, weak, slender, hairless, with perky tits and round ass, built like a little sex doll for a white man to pound and unload his semen into. even if you're not an ephebophile by nature, you will find yourself beginning to think like one as you grow to appreciate how soft and childlike her supple body is next to your hairy and well muscled form, and how nice and easy it is to dominate her in bed and toss her around like a rag doll.

looking into the cute almond eyes that adorn her silly pancake face, you can read a kind of submissive devotion. the alienness of the oriental features, the minimalism of that nose bridge, the femininity of those hairless and scentless limbs - you feel captivated by this race of women that is so repulsively unlike you, yet so eager to tease and pleasure you, and you become tremendously aroused by this set of circumstances, for you feel like a king.

mentally, she is inexperienced and naive about the world, naive about leading a feminist lifestyle although she may know its tenets. she is also introverted and shy, naturally intelligent yet submissive, eager to please because you are her first white man and that means a lot to her, and overall very self-conscious of her race and its position.

her frame of reference is literally a 5'5" spiky haired asian nerd with 4 inch penis. she will be so grateful that you are a 5'8" white guy with 5 inch penis that she will practically not see any difference between that and porn star proportions, because all she can discern is that you are huge and packing.
she's accustomed to scrawny family members and asian friends with bowl cuts, so if you play in a sports league with friends you will seem like a thrilling alpha sports star. if you're 5'10" she will think you're a muscle man. if you dress reasonably well, she will feel like a village girl invited to be a princess. if you have blonde hair and blue eyes, she will call you ryan gosling in front of her friends as her pussy gushes at the aryan ideal.
over the years she has been trained to differentiate between the asian and white guys, but not so much between different types of white men, so it's unlikely for her to run off with another white man for trivial or whimsical reasons. as a chinky outsider, she will be naive to many of your personal flaws, she will have lower standards, and she will be unable to parse the social inadequacies that a white girl would easily pick up on. in sum, you have more slack with her than with any girl you have had previously.

any time she notices a difference between asian and white races, such comparisons will inevitably run in favor of the white. as the white boyfriend, you will automatically benefit from the broad generalizing racial judgments that result from these frequent outbursts of neurotic self-hatred. your sexy asian girlfriend has a chip on her shoulder and will vent about race a lot. realize that this is mostly to impress you. pat her on the head and remind her that you are the white guy (not the bad guy). it keeps her content, and grateful.

you can get away with doing degrading things to her because although she puts up a front like she's a feminist and sick of white guys with yellow fever, in reality she loves to take abuse because she believes wholeheartedly in white superiority and feels most poignantly the inferiority of her own race. remember that this is a girl who has been obsessed with being owned and bred by a superior race of men since she was a 70 lb. middle school girl who had just talked to a white boy for the first time in her life. she's shared these fantasies with her asian female friends, and even announced them around asian guys and adults, with the corollary that a full asian baby would be runty and undesirable and below what she knows she deserves. this is a girl who knows what she wants, and what she wants is your penis in order to have your seed, your seed in order to have a half-white baby, and that baby for the eugenics of her line and the purification of her womb. she admires you as more than just a man, but as the benefactor of her future children, as the ticket to interracial bliss and her acceptance into a higher, white society. you better believe that, at this point, she has conditioned herself to love the white man, to be caring and nurturing and supportive of the white man, to make him happy and satisfy his needs no matter what.

finally, by dating a white man, she is proudly rejecting her own race, and this is wonderfully good for you. it eliminates or smooths over usual lines of conflict. now you two have something that binds you together, that transcends petty squabbles and usual couples' issues. it frames your relationship in a grander context and gives it a special narrative. the narrative is that she is fleeing her oppressive native culture, hounded by hateful asian men who feel entitled to enslave her, and you are her white knight savior who has dedicated his time to making everything right. this legitimates your feelings of lust when you're pounding her in the ass and she's squealing like a hello kitty toy. this makes you feel bigger and stronger than you normally would when manhandling a petite girl whose utmost desire is to please you. this makes you feel good about yourself, righteous even, and entitles you to make derisive statements about a whole group of people that you have long felt to be beneath your kind - asians. because you know, you know what it means to save a precious asian girl from that sinister race, and you know how it feels to sweep her up in your strong white arms as she mews appreciatively about your bravado and how different you are from every asian guy she's met. now you can indulge in your asian fantasies with this heroic twist and it makes your penis feel so BIG. heck, life's too short to live any other way.

Liberals against SJW's #sexist

[On a screenshot of a radfem post calling people male supremacists for supporting fathers and mothers having equal parental rights]

This is further evidence that gender and women studies are pseudoscience and their top theories "the patriarchy", "wage gap" and "rape culture" are conspiracy theories. They not only double down but they triple down with their insanity. They should see a couple of wildlife documentaries and draw analogies which easily disproves the above claims (except for the last one).

It's ridiculous that this is taught at universities and has a major presence both in media and politics as if it had any factual merit.

Deleted member 713885 #psycho #sexist #racist

The Central Park 5 had more evidence against them and what they did to that woman was far more heinous then a finger bang.

But they are celebrated, have documentaries made about them. They are a symbol of wrongly imprisoned black men in a evil white Trump America.
Brock is regarded as one of the most vile men alive in America today.
This thread alone brought such vitriol.
College text books have used his picture next to a definition of rape.

Brock, is what present day society yearns for. He was guilty before the trial. He was guilty once the photo of a white, moderately wealthy, college boy graced our eyes.

Hes guilty of engaging sexually, while drunk, with a drunk woman. But what hes most guilty of is being white and privileged

Inceljoe #sexist

Why do normies say they want "strong confident women" ?

Ive heard that shit so many fucking times from normie males now. "I love strong confident women!", "a woman should be confident .. strong, its sexy!"


How is it SEXY that a woman is "strong" ? What the fuck are they even talking about?

Just a few decades ago, women werent "strong and confident", they were submissive and feminine, and THATS how its supposed to be.

What the fuck is wrong with these guys today? Why do they want STRONG CONFIDENT women? Do they want some fucking 6´2 amazon woman with a cock fucking them in their ass?

SIB (aka TimRattayGotScrewed) #sexist

LOL, the replies in this thread actually support MGTOW theory. All women are psychopaths if you piss them off, and you need to sleep with one eye open? Gee, I wonder why these men aren't excited to sign up for this!

"Nurse porn isn't representative of reality. What you're describing here is a bimbo in a naughty nurse outfit. Also, I doubt it would be her fault if she couldn't hold an even remotely intelligent conversation with you."

Well, I know two blonde, white female nurses in real life. They both got knocked up by black guys in high school. And oh yeah, they were, like, real geniuses, let me, like, tell you.

"Also, bonus points for the subtle homophobic rhetoric. At last we know where do gay men fit in their deranged little worldview."

I don't see subtle homophobic rhetoric. Looks like you're just imagining things like a typical SJw.

"That "effeminate boyfriend" is probably cumming his brains out with his cute girlfriend. I doubt he'd complain."

I think he would complain after getting dumped for a woman.

"Yadda yadda yadda, recycled alt-right lingo and manuresphere terminology, with added scorn for ugly women. Give me something that doesn't bore me out of my mind."

I don't see any added scorn. I just see an honest description. Again viewed through the SJW prism. I guess you're just offended by the word, "ugly," itself. As the late George Carlin put it..."physiologists have actually started to refer to ugly people as, 'those with severe appearance deficits.'" Should have known...that was in 1990 and now it's The Current Year.

"I really don't get what's the problem with someone who's into dainty, femmy things. It's a taste like any other. I thought your ilk preferred women to be traditionally feminine, and spent day in day out crying about how trashy "Stacies" are?"

As usual, you can't even stay on topic. The thread is about how all women fall into archetypes. It's not, "durr hurr, 3.5 billion people, durr hurr. Dere's someone for everybody as long as you stop engaging in my soggy knee, durr hurr." Once you encounter and recognize the several different archetypes, if you don't like any of them, there's nobody out there for you.

"High fuckin talk coming from you, considering all y'all's griping about how precious virginity is. Do you think you can just shove a fire hydrant in there at the first time without any pain? Human anatomy F-. Sit down."

Wow, this thread is sailing over your head by a country mile.

"Niiiiice. You're right back to the usual incel shit; if sexism and homophobia wasn't enough to melt any woman's panties in your immediate vicinity, you're a fucking racist as well. Keep going my little dude, you're sure to land a femoid that way."

Racism is the belief in a racial hierarchy, i.e. certain races are superior to others. That is not what is being said here. All races of women are bashed equally here. The ones being bashed are women, not blacks. Try to keep up with your small, woman brain.

"Something tells me this guy is white."

Reverse the races in that sentence and suddenly you would be called a "racist." It's all about privilege points and what percent victim you are.

"Note how he included at least two specific "types" for each ethnicity up to this point. But Asians can only be small and cute but also treacherous, that's apparently the only kind of Asian girl to exist. Yellow Fever and Yellow Peril, two tired stereotypes for the price of one! Who could possibly refuse such an offer! /s "

Ever heard of the word, "cultural?" You dishonah family.

secondtidalwave2 #sexist

Isnt that just dreadful. So women won't be helped, because of transwomen and their endless selfishness. I want to know, if transwomen are women, when they will start behaving like women, and start giving support, instead of just demanding it? I remember a lesbian saying, there was a rally and afterwards, it was the women doing the cleaning up, while the gay men and the transwomen sat about and chatted. Requests for assistance were refused, because 'they arent that kind of woman".

It made me so angry. They see real women as drudges, child-bearers and themselves as glamour pusses, and like any misogynist, they assign more value to the latter. And furthermore, if you get 'misgendered' it shouldnt bother you. If your identity as so strong the law needs to be changed to accommodate you, then surely, its strong enough to ignore misgendering. Plus, if the ones who are completely male-bodied are really women, they would use male toilets...because women care about other women's safety.

They can use a male toilet in safety, they should do so, so that men cant pretend to be trans..or so toilets wont be made gender-neutral. Its what women would do...and where did transwomen used to go, before all this? they went right beside us and we didnt notice, because they were really trans and coded female. And now, they are complaining that the Women Weinstein assaulted are 'marginalizing' them by speaking up. They are actually say the me too hashtag is transphobic, because they dont get harassed and it would validate them if they did. so therefore..what? women should shut up?

Mack Major #sexist

Message To Women, Being Sexy Is Not Enough, written by Major Mack.

Are black women sexy? No doubt! When it comes to sexiness sisters have no equal. But can I be honest with you? I'm actually TIRED of sexy black women. Now hear me out on this, please.

Sexiness don't mean jack snot. Not in the grand scheme of things. Visually appealing, yes. But I can't eat sexiness. Sexiness won't help pay these bills or pay off our student loans. Sexiness won't qualify for a mortgage, or get the IRS off my back long enough to make my next big business move.

Sexiness won't help me raise these kids. Neither will it teach my daughters their true worth and value in this world.

We got way too many 'Sexy' sistas out here with nothing else to bring to the table. Sexiness is the totality of their package. And that's WACK!

Most black men looking for a relationship want a USEFUL woman. Visual appeal alone won't cut it. Besides: there are so many black women competing to be the sexiest, it's not even a race worth entering.

Can you cook? Do you clean? Do you have mothering skills Do you love your father? Respect him? Respect other black men in general? Have you divested yourself of prior relationship baggage? Can you hold a conversation about REAL world events? And no: Love and Hip Hop doesn't count!

Do you have a REAL relationship with a REAL God: or do you follow the fake one many American Christians have invented for themselves because he's more tolerable than the actual Truth?

These are the kind of questions discerning men are asking nowadays.

So if sexiness is all you bring to the table, you can keep it. I'd rather have a woman of pure unadulterated SUBSTANCE. And I'm sure I speak for most conscious-thinking brothers out there on this one.

There's a new breed of black men out there ladies. And we ain't settling for second best or taking any shorts. Either come correct or go get with Tyrone. That's all many of you are use to dealing with anyway...

WØLF #sexist #pedo #racist

RE: [SuicideFuel] Why isnt my sister like this

Little girl upset because her Big brother won't give her a hug and a kiss at school. Part 1

My sisters are just mean to me. I cope saying theyre tsunderes but they probably just legit hate me :feelsbadman:

Cumskins at it again :feelspuke:


to understand why she loves him so much you only need to look at his jaw.To be honest i am not sure if foids are capable of not having incestuous thoughts about their chad brothers.

His lower third is more chiseled than mine.

Various Incels #sexist

Why do SJW not care about incels

But you'd assume they would because we're the most vulnerable in society. They stand up for minorities rights, and the poor, but being incel is worse than being poor or a minority. They remain quiet or blame US as if it's all our fault. Why?

Uglyness, because the majority of SJWs are foids they all want us dead.

Also because we are criticising women (The most protected group in the west, probably beaten only by jews) and bringing their true nature to light, they want to keep us quiet.

(The Abyss)
They only care about groups that are degenerate or violent while spinning it so they're shown in a marginalized victim light.

When you get a group that IS actually treated badly they cannot be of any assistance & instead make us all look like lunatics/rapists (irony)/losers/freaks that deserve our situation & then some.

They're basically a self destructive force out to unravel society.

because we are ugly and males also they propably think that most of us are white so thats a bonus point


Nobody gives a shit about ugly/short/ethnic man problems.

We are only by ourselves.


The truth is that SJWs doesn't give a shit about anything. Not even the social justice bullshit they push... SJWs attends these rallies for the hell of it and their only argument is patriarchy.

They run on virtue signaling, which let's them 'feel good' about 'helping' people, but deep down they do not do anything

There are lots of videos confronting those SJWs and the interviewer usually ask them questions about their ideology, most of them are silent.

You can try it yourself

Because SJWs are Zionist controlled agents that seek to destabilize society.

Feminism and the collapse of the family is the most effective way to achieve this.

(Life Wasted)


because we are ugly

Nobody gives a shit about ugly/short/ethnic man problems.

All comes down to that, if we were all Chads SJW's and feminists would be lining up to suck our cocks despite all the "MySoGyneEze" shit they bitch about.

orbitaldecayed #sexist

RE: Study found that having male mentors is correlated with more success. Woke mob throws a fit, paper gets retracted.

men being ‘better’ at anything than women these days gains nothing but negative attention.

The finding is not that men are 'better' in any way. But the suspicion is that older women are torpedoing younger women because they are competing with them in a scarcity environment for their gender. If true (and I think we've all seen that kind of behaviour) then it's a rational response to be honest. I mean you would think feminists and their fellow travellers would want to know this stuff and fight against it.

Some incels #sexist

Alt right Chad literally has sjw girls on his cock.

JFL, fucking foids in my school are drooling over a 6”2 redpilled blond Chad who is literally unironically a fucking nazi. If he was incel he would have been expelled by now. Today he literally said the NZ shooting was hilarious but the foids don’t give a fuck because he is Chad. He currently has 3 super sjw girls trying to get in his pants lmfao. Chad can be Nazi and pull sjws. Fuck this gay earth.

in my class theres a 6ft2 Chad and I go to school in a very liberal area and half the class is hispanic sjw girls, and the Chad says "Man last semester I couldnt understand my professor at all she had the worst accent ever" and instantly all the hispanic girls turn around in disgust until they see who said it - the 6ft2 chad - the change in their facial expressions went from disgust to fuck me right now. it was pure suifuel.

had i said something about a professor having an accent, i'd be expelled and the police would be called

Wtf sort of bullshit is this. You're supposed to just ignore an accent that you can't understand, or get accused of racism?

i know its ridiculous. i mean the way the chad was saying it could be interpreted by some as being "disrespectful", but still, the reaction from disgust to please come fuck me was pure suifuel. they were ok with him saying it because of his looks

Imagine what it does for your growth hormone, dopamine and serotonin levels to basically be constantly and always validated for every god damn thing you do. You’d have no issue putting on muscle mass either since some 9/10 would be fucking you every day.

Damn. It's stuff like this that really gets me upset. Even if I could ascend to normal this is just wrong and I don't see how I could ever really live a normal life because of it.

I wish we could do something about it.

Some Incels #sexist

Re: She will never be faithful to you. In her mind only Chad exists.


Transcript(I've been having an affair with my employee and I'm the happiest I've been in a while.

I love my husband and I'm very happy with him- He is my rock and everything I need, We have a blended family and we're the envy of our friends. This affair in no way reflects badly on him or our marriage. I'm not a young woman at 38 (my husband is 45), After 3 daughters, my body is far from what it used to be. I hired a young, model-handsome boy to work for my company. I didn't expect for him to be anything more than eye candy or a fantasy until I noticed him checking me out and giving me compliments. Soon, these tiny flirtations turned to clandestine sex. Although I know that what I'm doing isn't right, I feel absolutely on top of the world. I'm constantly getting told that Mm glowing from family friends and even strangers. I can actually look in the mirror and feel SEXY again and desirable. My husband is in absolute awe of me now. he can tell that I feel amazing about myself and he adores it. The deep confidence that this affair has given me has led to me dressing sexier$ waxing and wearing more make-up. My husband thanks God that he was able to land such a hot mama. ;) He's so happy! I know that this will have to end soon but I'm on a high I don't want to come down from. I find )


Literally hired a hot young guy just to be "eye candy". Foids should never be leaders or make any kind of important decisions because this is how their thought process works. Whatever looks nice.



I mean guys will sometimes hire hot secretaries to bone and whatnot. Kinda dumb but whatever...the difference is:

A foid will actually promote the eye candy and have the incel scrub the toilets, whereas the dudes will promote the hard-working incel so he too can have a hot secretary. Also a dude will keep the secretary a secretary and not promote her to management and will fire her if she starts some bullshit sexual harassment claims.


Women are only truly happy when they are used as cock receptacles by Chad(s), and have her children provided for by a wealthy beta. This is the only scenario where they don't go full on batshit crazy. Believing any single man can keep a women happy is cope.


Women are only truly happy if they are loved by rich Chad (or are independently wealthy themselves so Chad can be poor in that case). Anything else including the dual mating strategy is cope.


... and no one needs sex, it isn’t that important. It only makes you glowing, feel amazing about yourself, makes others adore you, and feeling sexy and desireable.

=) #fundie

GOD told him im his wife! and im only 15... can a good christian help me?
my parents told me that a guy from our church is fasting and praying about me.

i met him about half of a year ago when he came to visit our church.
i was basically the first person to greet him and his sister. he was really nice and all.. but i would never think about getting married to him! hes 23 =/
but everyone keeps on telling me 8 years difference is okay once you get married.

anyways he is practicaly in love =( he bought me an iphone for my bday. hes sooo full of care and evrything! its crazy

BUT i dont feel very attracted to him. i guess its cause im still young. my mom thinks hes handsome lol
but that not the point. hes very overprotactive.. he gets all weird when i talk to other guys.. and my mom told him he almost got a stroke once.. cause he knew i didnt really like him or something

the crazy thing is that ever since i was like 12 i always saw the number 133 and now that i met him that number is everywhere. like on the card he gave me for my bday. the parking lot he parked in seattle when he his sis and i went to a museam.. and in the bible 1peter 3:3 it talk about how beauty should not come form the outside.. but what matters is the inside (your heart)

anyways i dunno what to do. he is very very christian.. but i just dont have feelings for him =( which makes me sad lol and can God actully tell a guy who his wife is??

NothinButAComedy #sexist

[Blackpill] IT won't Touch This :Stupid Chad Ungrateful that he gets crushed on by roasties

But I don't get this dude is clearly an abrasive asshole who doesn't respect and actively demean women why would she be attracted to him ....? Its almost like his charecter played literally no attraction....and yet ofc IT won't touch this it shatters their entire worldview instead of looking at objective reality IT will continue to pull the wool over their eyes....mlady can do no wrong. Lol its insane to think that women thirst for chad so much that they'll literally label themselves as chads property by writing his name down on their breasts ....MEME GENDER STRIKES AGAIN

oh yeah and ofc he pulls foids ....MEME GENDER WOMEN ARE A JOKE

Not untouchable. First of all, who says he's being ungrateful? One could, especially if they're from IncelTear, interpret this as rightful reproach because this is stalkerish from the girl. Second, the girl crushing on the boy most likely doesn't know he's an asshole, if he even is an asshole. IncelTear never said looking good didn't help, just that being an asshole hurts.

Lol he was he bullied her and deleted the app and blocked her genius...and they got to the same school she would have known hes an and you'd be surprised how many ITers say looks don't matter ...and my point was that if personality trumps all why was she attracted to him

whateverdude6833 #sexist

You can see how despite not producing children, SJW's exhibit maternal instincts.
Part of having maternal instincts is the desire to care for something, support it, and nurture it.
And isn't this how SJW's see minority groups. Especially these 14 yr old tumblr girls... They see LGBT's as these poor people who they wanna give love and affection. Another instinct that's maternal is the desire to protect them from predators. Which would explain how they see people like Milo.
They're momma bears, LGBTs are their cubs, and Milo is a hungry wolf trying to eat them... Of course he's not trying to eat people he's just pissing people off, but when you look at it broad, you can see how maternal instinct influences their thinking.
Part of maternal instinct is wanting to provide a fair environment for your children...
Could this be why SJW's hold so much value on equality? They see people as sort of their children, and only a shitty mom would want one child to be treated unequally.
And I guarantee you if a woman is like, "I don't want kids".. She's probably got like 10 cats and refers to herself as their mother.
That's what's going on in Sweden... They're like a middle aged spinster in an animal shelter who wants to adopt them all and refer to them as her children

This is why it's so ironic for these people to say gender is a social construct because their entire style of thinking is influenced by traits that are totally innate. Their mindset is as stereotypically feminine as you can possibly get.
Now I believe strongly that like chimps, people are influenced by natural gender roles that come from evolution.
And I definitely think you can see that in how women vote and how feminists think and what they believe.
But not all SJW's are women, what about men? They might not have the same natural maternal tendancies as thier female counterparts, but the ideology they believe in and practice is still inspired by very feminine thinking

Alan Vaughn #fundie

A further spin-off from what you’re pointing out is the similar (yet in a sense opposite), association with mature (femihag) women, affectionately referred to as ‘Cougars’ or ‘MILFs’…
In that culture, they use terms such as girl, or chick to further enhance the paedohysterical notion that girls under 18 are ‘children’, by artificially DEflating the relative age and mature appearance of those hags as (sexy or attractive) girls.
(They are trying and I think possibly with limited success, to brainwash men into believing and accepting mature women as being as sexy or even MORE sexy and attractive than younger girls).

I remember having quite an intense belly laugh when esteemed reader ‘MRA Front’ directed me to the so-called ‘Cougar’ culture, where I saw images of ugly old hags with 18 to 20 year old boys and splashed across the top of the page was this exact phrase: “You go girl!!”
Other pages contained similar pictures and short stories of Cougar ‘conventions’, where ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ Cougars go for the exclusive purpose of meeting young men and having sex with them and they were even referred to as ‘hot chicks’, ‘Hotties’ or ‘Gals’. I.e. words normally associated with young women and girls.

I think you might, as I do, perceive this as yet another publicity ‘trick’ (in propaganda) the gynocracy has developed and deployed, to effectively conflate all females AT or OVER the age of consent to be either women or ‘girls’, but any girls BELOW the AoC are children. And of course, any man showing the slightest sexual interest towards them (including looking at drawings of anything that looks remotely youthful), are indisputably vile paedophiles, worthy of nothing less than life in prison or death (if not already deceased); or, at the VERY least: a lifetime of public scapegoating, ridicule and stigmatization, via their highly successful: publicly accessible sex offender registry system.

Dr. Stephen Kim #fundie


By Dr. Stephen Kim

In a former post, I detailed 10 men that Christian women ought to avoid when considering marriage.  Today, I present to you my list for Christian men.

“I have perceived among the youths, a young man lacking sense, passing along the street near her corner,taking the road to her house” (Proverbs 7:7-8).

1. The Unbeliever. Scripture is replete with exhortations against such marriages (in both the Old and New Testaments).  Contrary to popular misconception, God’s prohibition against marriages to foreign women in the Old Testament was not due to racism.  Instead, God was simply preventing the spread of idolatry.  Israel, God’s chosen people in the Old Testament, represented what Christians would later represent in the New Testament.  Hence, God’s prohibition against marrying an unbelieving woman in the New Testament (2 Cor 6:14) is simply the extension of God prohibiting a Hebrew man from from marrying a Canaanite woman in the Old Testament (Deut 7:3-4).  “Do not intermarry with them. Do not give your daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons, for they will turn your children away from following me to serve other gods, and the LORD’s anger will burn against you and will quickly destroy you” (Deut 7:3-4).

What then, is a believer?  A Christian essentially is someone who believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  What then, is the gospel?  The gospel is: 1. God is holy, loving, and just.  He therefore, must condemn all sinners to punishment in the flames of eternal hell;  2. You and I are all sinners who deserve nothing but God’s wrath in hell after our deaths; 3. God loved humanity so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus (who was fully God and fully man), to die on the cross for your sins.  Jesus paid the debt for your sins and absorbed God’s wrath on your behalf.  3 days later, Jesus resurrected from the dead; 4. If you repent (turn from) all your sins and personally put your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord, God and Savior, then you will have eternal life. (For more information on the saving message of the gospel, click here.)

2. The Divorcee. Jesus clearly taught that unless the first marriage ended due to a partner’s sexual infidelity, a second marriage is to be considered invalid and adulterous (I explain this teaching further here).  A divorced woman, therefore, is off limits for a Christian man–unrepentant adultery being a sin that prevents one from obtaining eternal life (1 Cor 6:9).  “If she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery” (Mark 10:12). “And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery” (Matthew 19:9).
ultery” (Matthew 19:9).

3. The Older Woman. Not a sin, but certainly not God’s ideal.  God expects men to be the spiritual leaders of the home (Eph 5:25) and it certainly requires an extra measure of grace to lead a woman who’s older than you.  Again, if you’re a man and you’re already in such a marriage, then honor it till the day you die–it’s still a valid marriage and divorce is not an option!  However, if you’re not yet married but thinking about an older woman I want to remind you that God intentionally (with good reason!) created Adam before Eve in the First Marriage.  Scripture informs us that God created man first chronologically for the sake of authority!  Listen:  “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve” (1 Timothy 2:12-13).  Evidently, within the First Marriage, God intended chronology (age) to be a reason for authority.

Apparently, even secular researchers are now beginning to discover results that back up God’s wisdom as demonstrated in the Bible:

“If you’re a woman two or more years older than your husband, your marriage is 53 percent more likely to end in divorce than if he was one year younger to three years older.” (Source: Rebecca Kippen, Bruce Chapman and Peng Yu, “What’s Love Got to Do With It? Homogamy and Dyadic Approaches to Understanding Marital Instability,” Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, 2009.)“Marriage generally improves life expectancy, but the age gap between a couple affects the life expectancy of men and women very differently.  Marrying an older man shortens a woman’s lifespan, but having a younger husband reduces it even more, the study found.  The findings, drawn from the medical records of two million Danish couples, suggest that the best a woman can do is marry a man of about the same age. Health records have shown previously that men live longer if they have a younger wife, an effect researchers expected to see mirrored in women who married younger men. However, a woman who is between seven and nine years older than her husband has a 20% greater mortality rate than if she were with a man the same age.” (Source:“A new study shows that women who marry men seven to nine years younger than they are increase their mortality risk by 20 percent. This is the opposite of the finding for men who marry much younger wives – their life expectancyincreases. The new study from the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock, Germany, changes assumptions about how marriage can extend life, owing in part to improved support systems spouses can provide for one another, and the supposed psychological benefit from having a younger spouse, who could become a caretaker should the older spouse become infirm.” (Source:

4. The Feminist.  There’s no room within Christendom for the “Christian feminist.”  Though women and men have equal value in the eyes of God (Gal 3:28), they certainly have different God-given roles.  Any woman who tries to usurp her husband’s authority or even claims to be a co-leader with her man is gravely dishonoring the God who created her to be subject and obedient to her husband (Eph 5:22, Col 3:18, 1 Pet 3:1).   Eve was distinctly created “for” man, a point that the apostle Paul makes abundantly clear in 1 Corinthians 11 when he writes, “For man was not made from woman, but woman from man. Neither was man created for woman, but woman for man.” (1 Corinthians 11:8-9).  Men, your wife is to be your “helper” (Gen 2:18)–not your leader and certainly not your equal in terms of authority.  Look for a woman who agrees with you in this very vital God-ordained relational dynamic.

5. The Immodest-Dresser.  Sexy might inadvertently catch your eyeballs, but it shouldn’t catch your heart.  The way that a woman is willing to expose herself says much about her heart: “And behold, the woman meets him, dressed as a prostitute, wily of heart” (Proverbs 7:10).  The text in Proverbs explains that a woman will dress in a certain way to catch a certain type of man.  Don’t be that man.  Don’t be the fool who’s led by his hormones instead of the Holy Spirit.  Remember: you want godly, not gaudy.  

6. The Gossiper/Slanderer.  Women may love to talk, but there’s wisdom in looking for a woman who speaks with wisdom. Gossip and slander are not good things to have in your marriage. Desperate housewives make for desperate husbands.  “Besides that, they learn to be idlers, going about from house to house, and not only idlers, but also gossips and busybodies, saying what they should not.” (1 Timothy 5:13).

7. The Childbirth Avoider. Do not marry a woman who is not willing to have children of her own.  In the Christian worldview, there is absolutely no room for two married, biologically capable, human beings to remain intentionally child-less.  If you are adverse towards having children, then there’s a simple remedy for that: single-hood.   However, if God has called you to marriage, then He actually expects children.  Both the New and Old Testaments are very clear on this teaching: “Did he not make them one, with a portion of the Spirit in their union? And what was the one God seeking? Godly offspring” (Malachi 2:15).  “Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control” (1 Timothy 2:15).

8. The Wander-Luster.  There’s nothing wrong with the occasional family vacation.  There is something very wrong with a girl who regularly needs to be “out of the home.”  The constant desire for new experiences, new places, new faces, and new forms of entertainment only serves to clearly manifest the fact that the woman has not found her rest in God.  Believe it or not, Scripture speaks repeatedly about such women:  “She is loud and wayward; her feet do not stay at home” (Proverbs 7:11); “Besides, they get into the habit of being idle and going about from house to house. And not only do they become idlers, but also busybodies who talk nonsense, saying things they ought not to” (1 Timothy 5:13).

9. The Career-first Woman. Now, I want to clarify something here.  There is nothing wrong with a woman who works (Acts 16:14), what’s wrong is a woman who puts her career ahead of her family.  Modern American society might hate to hear this, but God made men to be the providers and women to be the nurturers of the home (in most instances).  It’s okay for a woman to be a doctor, attorney, or any other professional.  However, if her career is coming at the expense of her home, then something is wrong.  If day-care is raising her young children while she’s working, then something is wrong.  I understand that there might be a season of life where the wife might have to be the main bread-winner due to her husband’s unemployment, but it should not be the desired norm. The woman ought to be willing (and even desirous–to some extent) to give up her job for the sake of raising her kids in the Lord.  “So I counsel younger widows to marry, to have children, to manage their homes and to give the enemy no opportunity for slander” (1 Tim 5:14).

10. The Devotion-less Woman.  Is the woman having a regular, daily devotional time with her God?  If she doesn’t love the Lord now, chances are, she won’t love the Lord after marriage.  (Don’t delude yourself–you’re not going to change her.)  You want to marry a girl who has an intimate relationship with Jesus.  Jesus (not you) has to be the first man in her life.  Here are some good questions to ask: Does she have an active prayer life?  Does she have a heart for evangelism?  Is she hungry for God’s Word?  What does her pastor think about her?

Do you remember this account from Scripture:

Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village. And a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house. [39] And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his teaching. [40] But Martha was distracted with much serving. And she went up to him and said, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me.” [41] But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, [42] but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:38-42 ESV)

Marry the Mary (no pun intended).  Such women have picked “…the good portion, which will not be taken away” from them. God be with you men.  Strong families start with strong wives.  Choose wisely and choose in the Lord!

shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut

(Submitter note: kind of picked this fight but its does goes to show you just how deep in the Anti-SJW this guy is)

drivanmoffitt: Ok... Where the fuck are you getting the notion that sjws are calling Anakin an incel? I mean the term incel who can't seem to get into women's pants and blame their looks for it... Anakin isn't that at all, hell in Canon (new) he still depicted as being very faithful and loyal to his wife even after her death (granted he can't do much because he's stuck in a life support system but still), so where did you get that horseshit from?

Shawntheimmortal942: In the video 7:03 -8:05 but here’s the tweet (submitter note: she was pointed the contradiction of her twit by other twitter followers, some of which seem to have a left-leaning view on things) this bitch looks like every goddamn feminist who would have an opinion like this.

drivanmoffitt: That's the opinion of one woman, one person, where in the new Canon do they suggest that Anakin is some incel prick?

Swantheimmortal942: Give it time, they’ll give her a comic series where she’ll write Anikin as a Nazi incel in a new book. My theory is they’ll do this to make Anikin look weak compared to Rey because even John Boyega said Rey ain’t shit compared to Anikin. Anyway, she’s the writer of the show Vagrant queens so I wouldn’t be surprised if marvel or disney Star Wars gave her a book to write and make it canon. Maybe it’ll be “Anikin: lost days” or “the truth”

drivanmoffitt: dude, you're just being paranoid, people on that tread pointed out the contradictions, so I doubt they would give her a book or comic to write involving Anakin. As for Rey, I like I her character, just because you bitch and moan about her being a mary sue (somehow...) doesn't make her an interesting perhaps, hell, the movies show that's she's NOT perfect, she has plenty of flaws, most of which relates to her abandonment issues and (justifiably) anger she has over it. Also, the same could be applied to Anakin and Luke too you know, why can't they be considered 'gary sues' too. I really don't see where you and all the other people who complain about Rey get the notion that she's a mary sue.

Shawntheimmortal942: this trailer about the new warriors book tell me that Disney wouldn’t okay an incel Anikin. Didn’t they already retcon that the empire was founded by a woman who was totally better than Palpatine? are trying sooooo~hard to erase past characters to push a narritive(also Kneon is a leftist so don’t even try to use that excuse, okay?) Rey is a Mary Sue, she left the new trilogy with EVERYTHING, Luke’s light saber(I heard they changed it to “Rey’s light saber” in the Star Wars Disney world store)palpatine’s powers, the ability to heal with the force which she didn’t train for(don’t even mention the books because if I’m watching a movie then I shouldn’t go read a fucking book to know what the hell is going on. It”s like when the injustice series had a prequel comic which doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the game)and is somehow “all the Jedi” even tho that comes right out of her ass. Rey’s abandonment issues are even more inconsistent! She knows that her parents are nobodies but uh oh now her father palpatine’s son and she’s making out with Kylo ren even tho he’s killed so many people and their romance was never established. Anakin has actual flaws from his anger to his impatience to his gullibility but in the end sacrifices his life to save his son and wasn’t Luke whiny bitch in the beginning? He was but then over time he grew and got stronger and even tried to save his father from the dark side. Rey and Kylo...what are they? Are they enemies? Are they in love? Is it a love hate relationship? I have no idea what was going on between them hell it would’ve been cool if Rey did end up joining Kylo in the last jedi because at least it shows her doing something interesting. But no, Rey is just Rey. Look, you can like Rey all you want but I just don’t find anything interesting about her and seeing her walk around getting everything is just more “the force is female” BS.

drivanmoffitt: oh joy more bullshitting anti-sjws... seriously dude, things are not like that at all, and at this point anti-sjw nonsense is simply a vehicle for far-right individual to push their ideology into a community they think is ripe for it. And to me, the Force is not female, nor is it male, I honestly think it's more neither, which I imagine you have an issue with don't you?

Shawntheimmortal942: First of all did you even watch the videos? Second, “Anti-SJW nonsense is simply a vehicle for the far right to push their ideology into a community they think is ripe for”? Yes~that totally isn’t what an SJW would say to poison the well or seeing a different point of view, that is a garbage rebuttal and you know it. Also really subtle on trying to call me a sexist too, pal. My issue isn’t the “force being female” my issue is this SJW bullshit getting shoved down our throats. All the male characters are turned into cowards or bitches while the fame characters are heroic. I’m just calling a spade a spade hell the media is constantly demonizing people who even dare to criticize last Jedi and you’re telling me there”s NO narrative being pushed down our throats?

drivanmoffitt: what? I'm not calling you a sexist, I indicated that I flatly don't think the Force, should it be a sentient entity, is neither male or female, and by the way, the guy you made a journal about is a FUCKING NEO-NAZI for crying out loud, as he pushed for some neo-nazis like shit both in the past and today, and has repeated be showed to be harassing cosplayers and making statements like "I wouldn't rape you", you are following individuals who are not good people and taking their word like gospel even their talking points of "go woke go broke" has been proven to be wrong. Captain Marvel made over 1.1 BILLION dollars in the box office, Black Panther made 1.3 BILLION, the new trilogy collectively made over 4.4 BILLION dollars, which by the way, Force Awakens is 2 billion, Last Jedi is 1.3 billion and Rise of Skywalker a billion, these industries are not going broke just because a bunch of idiots on the internet are complaining about it.

somethin a lil different #fundie

generally men dont have modesty issues for a few main reasons:

1) we have by far less things that are essential to cover up

2) our clothes generally dont show much skin(arms and legs excluded)

3) a guys torso being exposed is not a big deal due to the lack of anything that can be seen as "rude" to look at

4) boxers showing as a general rule is not a question of a lack of modesty, its just apathy

5) a tight top shows very little any way unless you are a body builder

6) men dont on the whole take much thought in showing off their bodies

7) only the social inept would see an issue of modesty in most mens clothes since there isnt one... since only the very very very very very small minority would wear Speedos for that "sexy" look lol

im board now if any one els can think of more reasons please add them or debate what i have put so far

Wolfblade111, ghostraptor1917, Dreddzilla,iamcheese22 #homophobia

[ on Lando being pansexual ]

SJW's Continue to Ruin Star Wars.


SJWS trying to force their politics in the things we love"

IAMCHEESE22:"And now I'm done. -_-"

Dreddzilla: "I'm so done with Star Wars!"

wolfblade111:"Same, until they get their acts together with it, I'm focusing on my own headcanon. XD"

Shinjicel #sexist #racist #conspiracy #homophobia

[Serious] Best US state to find traditional foid

I have wealthmaxxed and will surgerymax and location max. Worst case scenario I just act like I like her, take the kids and dip. I will not take any back talk or woke sjw bullshit. I am only doing this to give the middle finger to the jew and to mother nature, my genes are above this globohomo NWO faggotry. Only serious responses.

aCultureWarrior #fundie

More on the Boy Scouts considering not denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation.

From the memo above:

"For this reason, the Executive Committee, on behalf of the National Executive Board, wrote a resolution for consideration that would remove the restriction denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation alone and would maintain the current membership policy for all adult leaders of the Boy Scouts of America. The voting members will take action on the resolution during the Boy Scouts of America’s National Annual Meeting on May 23, 2013."

First of all, is anyone else bothered that society, and especially a youth mentor organization that was founded on biblical values, is accepting the term "gay youth"? These children need spiritual and pyschological guidance to help them become free from this perversion known as homosexuality, not being told that it's a legitimate behavior.

Secondly, let's say that 12 year old Timmy, who was adopted by Adam and Steve at age 2, sodomized by them or their homosexual friends at age 5, and told by his 'parents' and the culture he is raised in that homosexual behavior is perfectly normal and hence turns out to be a proud and unrepentant homosexual himself, what kind of message is that sending to the other Boy Scouts?

Let's say that little Timmy stays with the Scouts and in his upper teens makes it to the rank of Eagle Scout, will he be allowed to mentor younger Scouts, including going on overnight campouts with them?

Of course the homosexual movement won't just accept the fact that "gay youth" will be accepted into the BSA (if the BSA should decide to go that route in May), as that would be "discriminatory", thus the lawsuits will continue against the BSA.

Like everything that homosexuality touches, should the Boy Scouts decide to change their once biblical foundation to allow people that are proud of their immoral behavior into their organization, the Boy Scouts of America will die a slow agonizing death.

Kajm #wingnut

Early election prediction, two scenarios:

Enough people fall for the LIES of the MSM to make it a close election. Trump still wins. Damnedocrats and MSM shriek about 'fraud' and 'corruption' and 'suppression of votes' for the next four years, as the US Continues to grow Upwards.


Enough people #WalkAway from the Damnedocrats that Trump wins IN A LANDSLIDE. Damnedocrats and MSM shriek about 'fraud' and 'corruption' and 'voter suppression' for the next four years, as the US Continues to grow Upwards. With the extra added bonus that SJW bullshit / Cancel Culture et al, Bites the dust.***

I'll settle for something closer to the second scenario.

*** - either way, expect extended rounds of Leftist Violence across the country, as Trump takes the vow for another four years.

Bradford C. Walker #racist #wingnut

The American Thinker published an article today recounting the recent problems Somalis caused here since Bill Clinton aided traitor Churchians in planting these unwanted hostile aliens here during the '90s. While I don't live in Minneapolis proper, I do live in its area and I've seen first-hand some of the same shit that commentators in the Supreme Dark Lord's post on the topic describe. Yes, including the willful delusion rooted in emotion regarding not-dealing with the problem.

They are not us. They don't belong here. They never will be one of us, so they never will belong here- unless and until they replace us, and they know it. Go back to that Thinker article. The Somalis engaging in predatory behavior are not the ones that got off the boat. They're the sons--almost always sons--of those who got off the boat, and even those born and raised here reject America for their own culture- as the prevalence of "radicalization" (dropping the mask) and going abroad to fight for groups like ISIS show. The women go along with it, as Ilhan demonstrates so clearly, as full participants willful of what is going on as well as how and why. No innocents here.

As they filter out from their Little Somalia enclave in Minneapolis, the deleterious effect corrodes wherever they go. My mother (in the typical fashion) comments on how far behind the small children are now in the local elementary she volunteers at, and those kids always includes Somalis; "Muh Education" means nothing to them. The crack about how the naivety of Scandanvian countries applies here is entirely true, and therefore it is no surprise at all that a lot of the same stupidity going on in Sweden and Norway occurs here, including all the SJW bullshit.

Today we call this insanity "Clown World". Yesterday it was "Weimar". The latter is far more appropriate, as all of the degeneracy and insanity we have now throughout the world was once rampant in post-WW1 Germany. Yes, it really was that bad, and we all know what came out of that- even the wise of the day saw that coming and tried, futilely, to warn the world of that. Whenever you recreate the conditions for a phenomenon's occurrence, you will get that occurrence if you let the process go to completion. The recent meme-oriented way of putting it is "And then all of a sudden, for no reason at all, they voted Hitler into power." And yes, Gen Z is is watching.

And mark my words: Deportation is the merciful option, an option whose window of opportunity is closing. Once it closes, it's warfare all the way down, and it won't be the clean version that was the American Civil War. The best you'll get--and you had better pray for this to happen--is a literal Crusade to retake America by and for Americans. They are not us, don't want to be us, and never will belong with us. They know it and act on it. Who, therefore, benefits from trying to convince you otherwise? When you figure that out, go after them first- traitors before invaders, always. The invaders don't need Narrative Warfare; the traitors do.

Jesse Powell #fundie

A man’s dominance to be ethical and legitimate has to be directed to the woman’s benefit; it has to be part of the general ethic of placing women’s interests above men’s interests. Likewise a woman’s submission is only functional when it facilitates the woman’s well being and the woman’s ability to contribute to others. Male dominance is directed towards the goal of service to the woman while female submission is directed towards the goal of service to others.

An interesting thing I have learned about myself. When I look towards a woman I have found that what I most want is a connection to God. Love and sex is not what I value most in a woman; what I value most is her Godliness, her spirituality, her higher moral purpose, her feminine gift to the world. If all a woman can offer me is love and sex I am not interested; love and sex has to be combined with morality in order for me to be interested. In other words my relationship with the woman has to be moral; it has to serve a higher moral purpose. The woman can’t be attacking me or trying to undermine me or trying to manipulate me or trying to “get something out of me.” All of these behaviors by the woman destroy my moral purpose in the relationship; they all undermine and lessen my value as a man and represent the woman seeking to harm me or harm others for her own selfish benefit. If the woman claims to be my “equal” and is not willing to submit to me this tells me that her intention is to steal from me or manipulate me or attack and undermine me in some way. Additionally the woman should be idealistic so that her inclination is to use my support for her in service to others rather than her being selfish and inward looking. My purpose in giving to a woman is not just to help the woman; it is to help the woman help others.

When I refer to a woman being “in service to others” what I mean is her being in service to her children or our children or my children; in addition her being in service to a wide variety of potential “others.” She may be in service to other children in her extended family, she may be of benefit to the neighborhood kids, she may volunteer in service to the less fortunate in a number of ways, she may care for the elderly, she may mentor younger women growing up or starting out in life, she may contribute to the religious community she is a part of, she might work to spread her religious faith to others, she might write books or maintain a blog to communicate positive moral teachings or practical advice to others. There are many ways a woman can be in service to others. When I financially support a woman what I am doing is giving her her time so that she can then give her time to others.

I do not want an “independent woman.” What purpose do I serve with an “independent woman?” My goal is to help others through my support of the woman so that my relationship with the woman will serve a higher moral purpose that is pleasing to God. Therefore the woman must be dependent upon me in order for me to achieve my full value and my full purpose as a man.

My intimacy, my dominance, and my service to the woman are not just things intended to benefit the woman; they are also meant to benefit me and my sense of higher moral purpose. I want a woman that accepts my intimacy, my dominance, and my service to her in addition to me myself seeking to give intimacy, dominance, and service to a woman.

In order for a woman to be able to offer me intimacy, submission, and service to others she has to be trusting towards me and she has to be idealistic and not selfish. Feminism is the antithesis of these things that I need from a woman. Feminism on principle refuses to trust a man no matter how trustworthy he is; the refusal to obey a man very clearly being an assertion of contempt and an expression of fear. Furthermore feminism is selfishly oriented fixated on “women’s rights” the rights of everybody else be damned.

What I most want is for a woman to be Godly. Conservative religious teachings and the overall religious view of life with God and obedience to God being the central organizing theme; this is very desirable in a woman as these things support a woman’s ability to trust me given my trustworthiness in reality and they support an idealistic generous orientation towards others. A Godly woman true to her traditional religious faith will be able to offer me the intimacy, submission, and service to others that I am looking for in a woman.

The reason for me joining my life with a woman is to gain access to her femininity for myself and to contribute her femininity to others. It is the woman’s femininity that I want for myself selfishly and to contribute to others idealistically. Femininity is the skill areas and abilities that women are better at than men; masculinity is the skill areas and abilities that men are better at than women. Femininity is what I don’t have or at least am weak in. Femininity is what I need and what the world needs that I myself do not possess; it is something I can only gain access to and contribute to others through the means of entering into a relationship with a woman and supporting that woman. Likewise masculinity is what a woman doesn’t possess herself and can only get through a relationship with a man. The purpose of masculinity is the support and empowerment of femininity. The purpose of romantic relationships between men and women is male masculine support of women’s feminine contribution to children and society at large.

What I have to give as a traditional man is intimacy, dominance, and service. What I want to receive from a traditional woman in return is intimacy, submission, and service to others. This is the complementarian relationship between men and women, this is patriarchy as it is expressed in romantic relationships between men and women, this is how the romantic bond between man and woman is given its higher moral purpose. This is what I have to give as a man and what I want to receive from a woman.

kt0998 #sexist

What is Black Pill Feminism?

Feminism for doomers.

Basic tenets of Black Pill Feminism:

- Biological realism. Male misogyny, sadism, violence and the need to subjugate and control women are caused by male biology. Female submissiveness and pickme-traits are caused by female biology. These generalizations apply to 99%+ of humanity. Patriarchy is the result of (biological) misogyny, not the origin of it.

- Feminism is a scam. Society's definition of equality is re-packaged male dominance. Feminism has been hijacked by anti-woman forces and was always doomed to succumb to the pickme-nature of most feminists. Feminism is anti-woman movement.

- We are heading towards misogynist dystopia. Hardcore porn, misogynist online communities, transgenderism, deep fakes, invasion of privacy, sexualization of children and the general rise of all things degenerate, fucked up and anti-woman. No matter how you look at it, women are fucked and things will keep getting worse and worse. Don't have kids.


- Moids.

- Positivity. This is doomer only sub.

- "muh socialization" If biological determinism triggers you, this is not a sub for you. Pick another sub. Any sub. Literally EVERY feminist/leftist/liberal/marxist/whatever space promote biological denialism and blank slate ideology. We know socialization is real, but we reject it as the underlying/main cause.

- Promotion of any political movements or ideologies. Guess what, they are all anti-women.

- Trolling, MRA, pickme, coomer, SJW etc bullshit, spam, blah blah.

Some MRAs #sexist

Re: Man-hating feminist cafe Handsome Her, which charges men 17% more than women because “Muh wage gap”, is closing. Another case of get woke, go broke.


Reading through those reviews is an experience unto itself. I encourage people to read them.

Whole lot of trans women testing out the waters of tolerance and finding it lacking. I guess once you start a business based on SJW principle, there is no middle ground...


Shit I thought maybe it was like one or two reviews but they shot down at least 12 trans people who identify as Female and discriminated against queer people at a queer people party they threw. Talk about radically out of touch with society.

The left has no limit to their moral extremism, i.e. "I'm more progressive than you." Imagine if the right wing were evolving into Amish separatists. That's the equivalent of what the left is actually doing.

Everything I read on the review page and the Facebook page tells me these people thought virtue signalling would somehow keep them afloat. Insulting / discriminating against half your customer base? Nah, it's for a good cause! Lesbian / gay / trans events that alienate 95% of the customer base? Nah, it's for a good cause! Serving crap food and coffee because its environmentally and animal friendly? All good, it's for the cause! "Pay if you feel like it" days for small marginal businesses... great idea! I'm sure you can sustain a business with multiple employees on the backs of seven lesbian couples and a handful of militant Feminists who only pay for bad coffee when they feel like it.

Wait, turns out you can't. Who knew?


> Identify as "she"

> get discount.

Nope. If you look through the reviews for it on TripAdvisor, a lot of negative reviews are from Trans people complaining about discrimination. Seems like the restaurant also felt it had the final say as to who is a woman or not.

Aaaaa so now gender is based on feelings instead of the opinion of the customers aye?

EDIT: After reading the reviews, wow. Nobody is safe. Every person is hated on, from trans to queers (specially men but that's obvious their main goal). This place is falling down the shit hole sooner than I would expected.


Hahahaha I wonder how this would have played

There's a bike sales/repair shop in Alberta I'm aware of that has a once a week "gender empowerment" day. You can only get in if you are female or identify as trans.

Cue one online review where a guy was denied. He pointed out the huge, 250 lbs bearded biker dude that was inside. "Oh, he's transitioning"


Side note, I heard they were looking for more patrons -they were in danger of closing.


Just read the reviews. That didn't work.

"Really bad service.

I identify as a woman but they made me pay more because i 'look like a man'. Absolutely disgusting behaviour. Sexism against anyone is bad. .."

It's only sexist, because "she" didn't get accepted as a women, if "she" was accepted by the store as a women, I doubt the reviewer would cry sexism.

Glad they failed. Misandrists. Check out the reviews: Sexist Cafe Trip Advisor

Holy shit some of those reviews. Did you see the one from DanielG3163?

I asked for a coffee and the waitress, while serving it, muttered the words "f****ing latino macho"

So (assuming that's true) they're racist too!?!?

Yes. He said they were racist and misandrist. Cows. Glad they failed.

Go ahead. Read some reviews of this local.

It's # DISGUSTING. It's the perfect place for your average man hating tumblr girl. I'm fathomed that the waiters there got a green light to mostly talk to the woman and treat her as the table leader(because apparently a man who also orders food and drinks for the lady is a sexist thing today? Lol Hashtag Snowflake Era is Upon us). Moreover, apparently when men try to talk they either get fully ignored or are told to let the lady talk which is just incredibly sexist.

I was dumbfounded when I read that not only do you get treated like a second or third class citizen, the waiters are also fully allowed to throw sexist remarks or just plain bad insults towards men with a condescending tone. Holy shit.

Who on planet earth decided "I hate men so much, I'll open a cafe and implement such a sever level of segregation and misandry, men will probably avoid the street, not only the bar. Yeah, it will sell like hotcakes!"?

MOST reviews are saying the same thing: Sexist, Misandryst, Hateful, Men get treated extremely poorly while women get treated like godesses. The only "good,recommending it" reviews are from extremely sexist feminists that think this is normal or families who got treated well BECAUSE they brought a child to the table and at least the waiters had the decency to hold their sexist remarks in front of them.

It's funny seeing that a lot of reviews are from women stating just how stupid this is.

I'm glad the business went down the drain. With the risk of sounding defiant, I hope somebody wrote a list with all the employees there and added them to a blacklist of potential employees somewhere. If I owned a restaurant/cafe in AU, I'd be willing to pay 4 digits for the list of names with personal details to just outright ban them from entering the locale or ever have a chance of working under me. It's fucking despicable for crying out loud. Jesus... to think that in 2019 you have to ask for politeness and kindness.

Brian Niemeier #fundie

Our corporate overlords and their SJW minions have ruined movies, TV, music, stand up comedy, video games, tabletop games, and knitting. Now Warhammer 40k fans are in for a taste of their shrill, forked lash.


Let the demoniacs have their ill-gotten gains. We don't need them now that indie creators in all fields are hard at work producing fun content that doesn't insult its audience.

Do your part. Support indie science fiction today!

In Real Tyme #fundie


Fire Gamer #fundie

christian or maybe YOU are ignorant and dont see it from his side because your atheist. one thing is, what is the point of bringing a bible or any religious item when all you have is things thrown at you like "WE EVOLVED FROM MONKEYS" and "EVERYTHING WAS CREATED FROM A GIANT BANG" so if thats not from your religion then the kids get confused and dont know whether to trust their parents or their teacher. Trust in your parents is important. Also instead of parent's children learning about their religion, the child learns that their religion is a lie. The bible is against gays because a man is supposed to be with a woman and says that being gay is not love, its sin in disguise. Also if being gay was okay, then when Adam was created, instead of creating a woman, why didnt he create another man? it started out sexist, because Eve (the first woman) was the first to disobey god AND got Adam (the first man) to disobey god as well. Because of that, Women were punished. You may be asking "why not just punish Eve?" well what about Hitler? when he became the leader of Germany, was he the only one affected by him becoming leader? no he wasnt! Because of him becoming the leader, it set off a chain reaction the resulted in 12,000,000 deaths! So when Eve disobeyed, is set off a chain reaction that resulted in all women being punished. Also what about America? America has been racist, supported slavery, Still doesnt support gays, sexiest and filled with so much violence and your little "evolutionist" also has MORE plot holes! But you still put faith in them, don't you? If you say- or think you don't your wrong. because if you didnt have faith in America, why would you support their schools? and if you didnt have faith in evolutionism, then why would you go against creationism? Right now your arguments about sexist, hating gays, etc. isnt looking to good?

various incels #sexist

[Suicide fuel] 50 year old Asian chad looks like hes 25


If there's one thing that pisses me off more than Chads it's Chads who never age. Imagine living life on God Mode for 30-40 years.

Shit he's Asian but has a Lachowski style Chad face despite not having any white blood. Really Proves what we've been saying all along: chads all look the same and women's preferences are all the same.

He’s previously commented on how he avoids baths late at night and early in the morning

Just (don't) shower bro!

Looks like he's gonna live up to 200 years old like those Shaolin Monks that live up on those ultra high mountains in Tibet. Balancing on their picking toe on the peak of mount everest reciting buddha quotes and suddenly inheriting new powers like Shadow Clone jutsu.

Damn I wish my life was an anime.

I'm an ugly Asian. This ain't suicide fuel. Every race has their own Chad.

This article only focuses on his youth in terms of looks but not whether or not he looks good. But on the other-hand he does look good. Bet he can't get an Asian female though.

a Chad like him doesnt need an Asian female he hangs with Whites

This dude can get any not self-hating asian female. Hell even some of those "I only date white guys" Asians would drop their shit attitude for them.

That's what winning the genetic lottery looks like. Meanwhile us subhumans are rotting to death. Where's the fucking rope?

I am also an Asian who doesn't age but I am subhuman

Total Imbecile #sexist #racist

[Blackpill] I am shocked that "The Last Samurai" is not being discussed more often, its racepill the movie

TLDR plot:
-white guy goes to SEA to train soldiers
-gets captured by the samurai but not before killing one of their top dogs
-as a prisoner they train him to become one of them
-the wife of the guy he killed falls in love with him and they fuck
-rides off to battle against his former comrades
-every gook gets killed except him and he gets pardoned because hes white

What an aboslute joke of a movie but it portrays 100% accurately how it is to be white IRL

”the wife of the guy he killed falls in love with him and they fuck”

this is realistic.
french women did the same during WW2, their men died trying to protect their country and weeks later these girls started fucking the invaders.
"loyality" is a non-existent concept for them.

Its kind of related but still a bit different

For example he isnt powerful in the movie, hes a prisoner who gets beat and thrown around and smells bad yet the noodle still fucks him because hes white

various commenters #sexist


I dont get why people get so defensive when I say I am not into guys who look feminine, like flowerboys?

Hi everyone... I'm going on a rant here for a bit.

i don't think flowerboys are good representation for AM and I don't understand why so many Asians rally behind this? What good is that going to do? As an Asian woman who only date Asian men, I like AM who look normal and masculine and not someone who look like white girls. I hate seeing AM masking or ruining their masculine features with this gross style, like putting on lots of makeup or having plastic surgery. White guys can do this because they don't look very manly to begin with so it is not a lot of effort for them. AM gotta go to the very extreme if they wanna look feminine. I hope this fad fades away soon.

They've have been duped into believing that femininity is inherent to Asian culture so we should embrace and celebrate it, despite plenty of evidence of the contrary.

Like I pointed out in the other thread the article defending this harmful trend even admitted that for the longest time it's always considered sissy and effeminate for AM to put on makeup. Looking at many of the Vietnamese heroes throughout the history of Vietnam and in Vietnamese folklores for example, the male heroes are always portray as strong, rugged, masculine. It's abundantly clear that effeminacy isn't inherently to our culture.

We need to stop letting the West claim masculinity as it is something that they own. It's an extremely foolish and self-defeating mentality that's giving our enemies even more ammo

Some Asian media even go further and make thing worse by constantly promoting this trend, not knowing or not caring how deterimental it's going to be in the long run for AM.

THe Asian race has Masculine faces in general even the women have it.

I've also been with latinas.......mmmm wonder why

OMG...who are you?? You're officially my favorite chick on all of Asian reddit now, lol.

As someone who is kind of athletic, I can't picture myself with any guy that obsessed with looking pale and pretty. I just can't. Not only would it be kind of sad if I'm able to squat more weight than the guy, but as someone who runs and swims almost everyday, I think the fun would be absolutely ruined if I ask him to go swim with me at the beach and he's too deathly afraid of getting a tan or ruining his beautiful skin.

But even if I wasn't athletic or outdoorsy, I still can't picture being with a guy more feminine than me. I think dudes like Keni Styles or Daniel Dae Kim are, by far, more my speed, because they look like they're able to defend me if needed...instead of the other way around, lol.

yes! i soooo agree with you. men must be able to protect and defend us. i work out too and so is my boyfriend lol and i would not want a guy who is weaker than me. i want to feel care for and to be protected by my man. yes, Keni styles & daniel daekim >>>> girly man all day, every day.

You basically says what every woman wants lol. Only insecure guys would downvote this cuz they know they can't stack up


men must be able to protect and defend us.

Basic human instinct. It's insane that so many Asians can't grasp this basic fact and push this effeminate culture (as if we weren't emasculated enough by popular media and powerful societies).

The vast majority of women are not attracted to feminine men. The vast majority of men do not respect feminine men.

Asian men who argue for alternative masculinity are cop outs.

Nothing wrong with that lol. It's just these SJW uncle chans automatically think your talking down on Asian men as if we were born with a k-pop look.

the k-pop look is a recent trend starting after the war with Japan.

It was controlled and approved by the U.S. GOV and agents like Johnny Kitagawa who is a gay pedophile that was born in California. He took the Westtern broadway musical and pushed his westernized feminized Man ideal to Asia and drilled it in the populace with his gov't backing.

No one liked it at first. Most people in East Asia liked Rock and american JAzz music ect.

It's just boy bands on steroids with no other musical styles promoted.

US gov't loved it because the East Asian populace was filled with starved,hungry and angry man. It pacified them and feminized them. Leaving all the masculine duties to the good ole U.S. army. No harm no foul right???

Except girls don't like guys with makeup. Jesus I cannot for the life of me understand how can some AMs think that looking literally like a girl is attractive and that women are attracted to it. Honestly who needs Hollywood to castrate us when we are already doing the work for them. It's mindblogging beyond belief.

Didact #fundie

[An MRA talking about women with short hair]

How hard can this be to understand??? DON'T CUT YOUR DAMN HAIR! It isn't "sexy". It doesn't "ooze confidence". It's not "attractive" or "fun" or "original". It sure as hell isn't "edgy". It is nothing short of a mutilation of one of the most attractive features that any woman can have.

Women who cut their hair, especially to such an extreme, might have been extraordinarily beautiful before they did so. But by destroying their hair, they immediately knock themselves down the 1-10 scale by a minimum of two full points. And against younger, fitter, longer-haired women, that simply isn't going to cut it. A woman who not only voluntarily but enthusiastically cuts off her hair is essentially telling the world that she does not care in the slightest about her looks.

Far from being an assertion of independence or strength, this is simply small-minded, short-sighted girrrrrl-power narcissism at its worst. Women are judged on their looks, first and foremost. Their beauty and femininity are their most important assets. By destroying one of the key indicators of both, they are essentially saying that they value neither.

Such women are to be avoided like the lepers of old.

foreignincel #sexist


How can you live knowing people out there are rich ,tall, attractive and get to live life to the fullest traveling around the world having awesome gfs and doing parties in private islands .

Human beings need to break that cope of a normal life and wish and aim for top quality notch life style,lol at normies for saying life isnt about sex IT FUCKING IS. LIFE IS ALL ABOUT GETTING ALL YOUR DESIRED REALIZED AND THE RICH WHITE ATTRACTIVE GUYS GET TO HAVE THAT LIFE EVERYDAY WHILE YOU ARE A FUCKING PEASANT WHO GET HIS ASS FUCKED EVERYDAY BY TAXES .



Tony Alamo #fundie

TEXARKANA, Ark. – Jurors began deliberating Thursday in the federal sex-crimes case against an evangelist accused of taking underage girls across state lines for sex.

The charges against 74-year-old Tony Alamo could land him in jail for the rest of his life if he's convicted.

The jury began deliberating early Thursday at Texarkana federal courthouse, a day after listening to prosecutors and defense attorneys offer their final portrayals of Alamo.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kyra Jenner described Alamo as a manipulator who dictated everything from what his followers believed to what they could eat. At one point, she turned to stare directly at him.

"Your crimes have been exposed in this courtroom," Jenner said. Alamo sneered and waved her away.

Alamo fell asleep several times during Jenner's closing argument. At one point, his mouth hung wide open as his head rolled back in his chair. A member of his legal team woke him by throwing a pen onto the defense table. When he was awake, Alamo muttered "bull----" at times during Jenner's remarks.

Defense lawyer Phillip Kuhn told jurors not to be swayed by testimony unrelated to the indictment — that Alamo may have had multiple wives, or that he may have set up businesses to evade taxes. He said prosecutors deliberately strayed from the specific charges against Alamo.

"Was it to give Tony a fair trial or was it to turn the jury into a moral mob?" Kuhn asked.

Alamo is accused of taking five young girls across state lines for sex between 1994 and 1995 after "marrying" them. Defense lawyers say prosecutors targeted him because the government is anti-Christian. Alamo has also said the Vatican is behind his troubles.

Defense attorneys largely stayed away from challenging the accusers' testimony about sex with the evangelist. Alamo's lawyers rested their case Wednesday after persuading the flamboyant minister not to testify. Though he had told reporters he would take the stand, Alamo said Wednesday afternoon he chose not to testify in an "unjust court."

Alamo is charged with violating the Mann Act, a nearly century-old morality law. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Justbhonest4achange #sexist

If he looked like a chad then she wouldnt feel the same way about him; If a 6'1, 9/10 faced version of him had the same goofy shoes and baggy clothes, she would feel completely different. How a woman interprets a man's character mostly depends on his physical appearance, particularly the aspects that he cannot control. Women are honestly shallow af.

You just dont belong unless you look good. That's seriously how most women think, its why so many of them paint their faces on a regular basis. All they care about is looks, everything else is superfluous as far as they are concerned. Looks: The difference between being an awkward creepy neckbeard or a shy mysterious sexy guy; the difference between being a confident capable leader or an overcompensating insecure loser. While personality is often enough for a man to breakthrough and have meaningful and respectful relationships with other men, it rarely breaksthrough with women because they care about looks/status so much. Most women value men as status accessories, and today a huge part of that is increasingly a matter of physical appearance; The less she feels associating with a man's looks will improve her own social standing, the less she will feel able to respect him. Women are crazy.

atomicbadgerrace #fundie

You do have a reason to believe that, though. He's already told you he wants to. The fact that he's said he won't act on his pathology as long as it's illegal is hardly enough of a safety net to allow him unfettered access to children.?

What, are we living in Minority Report now? Sorry, but the disbelief that someone is capable of resisting their urges isn't enough to warrant 24/7 surveillance and potential removal from their workplace, IMO.

Really, what is it exactly you'd be "reporting" him for, aside from inappropriate discussion in the workplace? Or is that the angle -- get him on that, and use it as an excuse to dismiss the creepy pedophile you don't trust?

I'd be reporting that someone entrusted with taking care of children has said that he'd like to rape them. It's not fucking complicated, You keep the fucking perverts away from the children. Jesus, I can't believe this place sometimes.

Well, I guess you mean reporting to the employer and not the police, since I don't think *wanting* to rape a child is a crime.

So that's all you'd say to the employer? Omitting the part about how he absolutely refuses to act on his desires? And then expecting all work history up to that point to be disregarded, so that the disgusting, creepy pedophile can be thrown on the street where he belongs?

So you're willing to wait around until AFTER he's already raped a baby (a BABY) to decide wether it's dangerous to let someone who says he wants to rape babies take care of babies?

That's how the legal system works. Or should we open up a precrime department and fix the world your way?

Entirely irrelevant, but I was abstracting on the john, and it occurs to me that this kind of workplace interaction wouldn't happen to begin with if the pedophile in question didn't think you'd believe him when he said he refused to act on his desires.

Kind of like if your best friend told you in confidence, "man, your girlfriend is so, so sexy. If you weren't dating her, I'd hit it so hard. Oh god, I'd love to be with her, but while you're dating her, I wouldn't do anything." Do you still trust them to hang out alone?

Issac #fundie

LOL, kill you? This is a new wave of hate where reverse psychology is being used. Act as if the Christians do all the killing so that enough hate can be warranted to kill them instead. People like this would like to bring Hitler and the holocaust back to rid the world of all the weak and feable minded Christians, or anyone who will not conform to their views. Well dude, the only thing I have to say is that if you don't like Christians, and would like to rid the world of this problem like every other Christian hater like yourself. Follow both Darwin's and Hitler's idea of how it can be done.


Yes, they both believed in extermination. Follow your mentors. The both used Evolution as their motivation and excuse for using the word exterminate.

Total Imbecile #sexist #quack

[RageFuel] I will never understand how working out your dick isnt a thing

As far as I know a dick is just a muscle, yet you can work out any part of your body to enaglerge it except your dick

God is so cruel to make us males like this

Wolfblade111 #homophobia

[on soldier 76 being gay]

Also no, I ain't homophobic.

I AM however, dumbasschoicesphobic though.

to clarify before some Asshurt SJW comes along and screams Homophobic, I mean that this sudden reveal of Soldier-76 is clearly three things.

1: Pandering.

2: A Way to Cover up Their Recent Mistakes IE, Fake Player and JUST recently, The Racial Harassment of an Employee.

3: Lazy Writing and Bullshit Reveal, if they want to pander to the LGBT community then at least be more original and invent a NEW Gay Character rather than choose at random an already existing character, it's Iceman from The X-Men comics ALL Over Again.

Oh and 4: I was shipping these two since the Game first came out, I ain't letting a Yaoi Fanboy's official comic and word on the matter change my mind.

I'm a Stubborn Bastard, you'd have an easier time convincing a Mountain to Get Up and Walk than make me change my mind.

Now run along, I'm sure if your offended by this you can unsee this "horrible" image by looking up some yaoi fanart of Soldier-76 sucking off Reaper or something, it's bound to be out there since it seems the folks from Tumblr moved here.

Wolfblade111 #racist #homophobia #sexist

Although I have recently heard for the latest issues of the Secret Empire comic that Steve Rogers will be coming back, no not the Hydra one. The REAL Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Good, maybe he can kill that SJW/Hydra piece of crap then.

Yes I do infact hate Captain Hydra, well not just him but the goddamn idiot SJW's in Marvel that made it happen in the first place. Figures they'd have no problem turning an America Superhero into a Nazi, SJW's are practically the Watered Down Versions of Nazis...for now anyway.

For those who don't know SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior...which they are none of, they are Not Social, they don't know what Justice is and if they are Warriors...then humanity really has wimped out.

Now before someone comes along and says some BS about how I must be against Diversity I'll have you know I Am Not against Diversity in Comics, I'm all for having Different Race /Homosexual/Whatever else kinda Diversity there is. But by basically having a Young Black Girl take up the mantle of Iron Heart and pretty much killing off the original Iron Man and turning a Symbol of America into a Nazi and not to mention adding in all kinds of SJW Propaganda is NOT Diversity, it's a little thing that I like to call. STUPIDITY!!!!

You want more Diverse Characters!?! Oh well I'm sorry we could just bring back all the other DIVERSE Characters we already have but nah we'll kill of a Famous White Superhero and have a Young (Insert Race & Gender Here.) Take they're place. Oh you want Mutants? Sorry fresh out here have some Inhumans they're just as cool but not really. What's that? You want Gay Characters? Well again we could just bring back some of the Gay Characters we already have but nah we'll turn an already straight character into a Gay One.


Oh and one other thing...QUITE BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warning Rage Levels Increased To Dangerous Levels Evacuate The Nearby Area!


RAGE Rage face emoticon Rage face emoticon Rage face emoticon Rage face emoticon

Error WOLFBLADE111.EXE has shut down due to increased Levels of Pure Rage, please allow cool-down of up too 1 Week Before Reactivation.

Deadpool: Damn, haven't seen him rage this much since he found out that DC got rid of The Superman and Wonder Woman pairing. XD Well ya know what that means, time to Cue The Outro!

tiffmck #sexist

Years ago, I had sex with my friend's much younger sister and it set her on a path to becoming a huge slut

Before anything else, let me just give you the story of what happened. I was 16 at the time, so was my friend. Me, the friend, and another girl were at the friend's house and thought we were alone. We were fucking around and watching porn on her computer and laughing about it and shit like that. We came to a video of a girl eating out another girl in front of a whole party. We watched that one for like a half hour and we all thought it was hot. We joked about it and "reenacted it", like not actually eating pussy but licking our shorts and just being stupid like that. Anyway, later that day I was alone with the friend's sister and she told me she was watching us the whole time and she loved it. She told me she wanted us to do what the girls in the video were doing. I guess she asked me cause she knew i was bi and a pretty big slut anyway.

I dont know why exactly, but I was fucking excited about it. I thought it was going to be a lot of fun teaching this girl about licking pussy. So I got some good porn together later and gave it to her and told her to watch it and get comfortable with it and get comfortable with herself and we'd talk later. Apparently she watched that stuff every night for a week and just devoured it. She talked to me a week later and said she had the house to herself for a whole weekend. Her parents, sisters, and brother were all away at different places and her parents were ok leaving her for 2 days alone.

So we had our chance and I came over Saturday at like noon. We watched some of the porn together and talked about it and made sure she was comfortable and excited, and she definitely was. Over the next hour or so we kissed, made out, got naked, and I let her do and look at whatever she wanted. Eventually, she wanted to get her mouth on my pussy and I walked her through how to eat me out. After some coaching, she was able to get me to orgasm and she was so fucking happy. She wanted me to do the same to her and I did for a bit but for some reason couldn't get her to orgasm. Maybe she was just nervous or whatever. It was a crazy day.

After all that, she started the habit of making out with all her girl friends, because it was fun or sexy or for attention or whatever. She loved the attention from boys a little too much and started having sex way more than a girl her age should and she's not slowing down to this day. Her sis still has no idea what turned her sister into a bi slut at that age.

And I didn't mean to leave her age to the end but I just realized i didn't say it. That day was a week before her 12th birthday. Maybe you think I'm a monster or twisted perv right now and fuck maybe I am. I don't know. I feel kinda bad about the whole thing but honestly I think i feel worse about the fact that i don't feel as bad as i should about it. I'm a little worried i'm really messed up and want to hear other people tell me what they think.

FidelCashflow #sexist

[Blackpill] 16 year old chad gets his girlfriend pregnant

This guy completely disproves the redpill and the bluepill.
He doesn't have any money so it proves females dont care about money.
Hes completely retarded so it proves females dont care about intelligence.
Hes completely immature so it proves females dont care about confidence and being maturity.

Jfl and 3 months after this girl gave birth, the Chad went and got her friend pregnant too
My favorite line of the video was "I had sex with her before we even kissed"
Jfl Chad's dont even have to wait for a kiss, they jump right into sex

this-divine-intervention #fundie

A PSA for queer boys

If a dude has anything to the effect of “dom and top” or “masc4masc” or “I only top” or “no femmes” in his bio for apps, social media, hookup shit or whatever lol literally dont even give him the time of day. Hes trash.

You dont need that manchild toxic masculinity, boring behavior, and stupidness in your life. Suck a D, take a D, and date boys that do the same. Mature men are versatile.

#gay men #queer men #bi men #men #gay culture #Im super sick of basic dudes lol #open your brains and hearts and grow up #mature men are vers 2k18

Brian Niemeier #fundie

From now on, I will regard anyone buying a Marvel or DC comic or a ticket to a Disney movie as morally equivalent to an American who gave aid and comfort to known Communist spies during the Cold War. SJWs want me banished from society and killed. If you buy their products, you advance their goal.

Save the excuses. No one needs yet another YouTube review performing a colonoscopy on the latest Disney agitprop. There's already superabundant proof they're converged. At this point, you're just chasing clicks. As for your wife and/or kids begging to go see Incredibles 2, why the hell would you subject them to a thinly veiled 90 minutes hate?

If you're still rationalizing your continued consumption of SJW converged media, take a long, hard look in the mirror, because you're looking at an addict. Don't be surprised. The Ministry of Truth has been refining their techniques to make this filth addictive for a long time.

Might you have to stop seeing new movies and TV shows altogether? Yeah. So what? You've got better things to do. There's a civilization to rebuild.

IncelPolitik #sexist

Femcels: "men get to be incel. I want to be incel TOO! Why can't I be incel! Let me join your self-hate club. I want to be the girl in the boy's club"

jfl. we wouldn't let you join our incel forum even if you slept with all 11,000 members on here.


Can't get chad = Femcel

fr fr, they should just merge r/FemaleDatingStrategy and r/trufemcels and call it a day.

Women always want to join the clubs where they are not welcomed, so they can corrupt them and turn into another female worshiping soy club.

THIS. W*men know that they're mere, physical presence in a formerly all-male space corruptively alters the social dynamics of the space which is why there must forever be a zero-tolerance policy for w*men users on here and w*men in the leadership/organizing rank-and-file of men's rights movement groups.

W*men subverted the men's right movement and now two of the three largest men's rights movements youtube channels are operated by w*men (Honey Badger Radio, A Voice for Men, Cassie Jaye's channel). The Men's Right Movement was at it's peak in 2015 and once w*men subverted and disintegrated the movement from within, it was unsalvageable and lost. No w*men in any men's political causes/movements or incel communities. No exceptions.

The day that accepts females users will be the day of it's downfall.

I am convinced that is the only place on the internet where REAL philosophizing about male nature and existence (whether involuntarily celibate or normie) is even remotely possible. And it has NOTHING to do with the state of involuntary celibacy and everything to do with the very basic fact that we simply do not allow w*men on here.

This is how men naturally feel and act when unconstrained by the social pressures of female presence and approval (via s*xual control).

What? Mens rights became something because of them.
Now I am for gender segregation on this forum. But lets be frank, if a woman and a man says the same thing, woman will get the attention.
Cassie isnt an MRA to begin with, karen straughan, on the other hand has sons she obviously cares about.

But-this-one-is-differentism is the reason there has never been a successful men's rights movement, you are merely one of the millions of men to come before you who felt irationally strongly / factually incorrectly about a w*man's trueness of belief/conviction in the men's rights movement / her want of a better world for men.

The hard and fast rule of female exclusion from *leadership* in the men's right movement must be applied irregardless of one's personal feelings toward a particular w*man's trueness of conviction/beliefs. In 99% of instances, the belief is mistaken and in the 1% of instance the belief is grounded in reality, the female men's right activist becomes corrupted by the male attention / validation and turns our cause into a vehicle for her own self-ingratiation and hypergamous s*xual self-benefit. Every time.

Damn, MRAs are truly pathetic.
Say what you want about MGTOWs, but bullshit like this would never happen to them.

The first wave of men's rights activists (1985-2015) were indeed pathetic and their lack of conviction/dedication to the cause and movement resulted in it's abject and unignorable failure.

The second-wave of the men's rights movement will succeed because it will be be given birth to inside of the incelosophere.

shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut #sexist

It’s true! I find it very weird how any time there’s a sexy female character is a movie or game it’s always SJWs bitching about the “male gaze”. What about lesbians who like seeing women wearing revealing outfits? I mean, if you’re so ass mad that there are men “objectify” video game and movie characters then what about lesbians? Yes, I know not all lesbians like this or that but stay with me here. With lal the male bashing when ever a female character shows many lesbians do you think like the character like that? The “male gaze” is always seen as this evil thing but lesbians are never mentioned in any of these articles! It’s just another case of a group only existing to SJWS when it suits their narrative. You’re a lesbian who likes female characters showing some ass? You don’t exist to them. You’re a woman who hates Disney Star Wars? SJWs will remove their own eyes or ears just to not acknowledge you. These far left fucks are far more misogynistic than what they claim america is because even in the small chance they do acknowledge women who don’t agree with them, they’ll just say “Oh you just have internalized misogyny so let me educate you!” Ugh!

Jim #fundie

Leftists have a word “entryism”, which they use when privately talking amongst themselves. They never plainly state what entryism is, but if you are part of the in group, it becomes obvious that they are talking in code. If the chans got hold of some emails about “entryism”, would probably interpret it as referring to satanic rituals involving sex with children.

I don’t know what “pizza” means in the pizzagate emails, other than that it obviously does not mean pizza, but I know what entryism means:

Identify a respected institution.
kill it.
gut it.
wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect

Since outsiders have never heard the word “entryism” used, they invented their own word for this: “Barnacling”

Science died with peer review, and is now a skin suit worn by a demon. As social justice warriors moved into technology companies, the same has happened with technology. If you are a gamer, you will have noticed that you no longer need new hardware every year. If you are a fan of self driving cars, you will have noticed that they can self drive just fine 99.99% of the time, which is 0.01% less than is useful, and that impressive as this is, it is not getting any better, nor is it likely to get any better. Similarly, Google Translate was a gigantic achievement, but no real progress has been made in automatic translation since Google went social justice, quite a long time ago.

Musk is a serial scammer, always hyping technology that does not exist and that he has no real intention of producing, but his reusable booster was a real technological achievement. It was, of course, produced by male geeks, and now that the eye of Soros has fallen upon them, they are finding their job redefined from producing a reusable earth to orbit rocket, Musk’s proposed, and genuinely intended BFR, to proving that black muslim women produced all technology, and whites stole it from them. Musk’s electric cars and solar city are scams, which could have only produced a profit through Hillary’s crony capitalism, but he really did intend the BFR, the re-usable earth to orbit and back again rocket. Reading between the lines, I feel him giving up hope for it now, which is going to destroy the lives and careers of a horde of really great rocket scientists. If no BFR, there is not much for them to do now. Their careers are going through the same dead end arc as a Fortran engineer’s, or a nuclear engineer’s or a climate scientist who tells peer reviewers what he actually observed, instead of observing what they tell him he observed.

The term “Barnacling” was coined in reference to the Social Justice takeover and destruction of the Star Wars mythos and intellectual property, but I have seen the same thing happen to various open source projects that adopted a contributor code of conduct. Instead of the objective being to produce good software to serve some valuable purpose, the objective becomes giving black women STEM credits, and the project suffers bitrot and technical debt. The creators are, sooner or later, accused of mansplaining, sexual harassment, rape and racism, they become radioactive and permanently unemployable. And without them, the project mysteriously languishes while being used to adorn the resumes of progressives who do not know what a dongle or a fork is.

If you adopt Github’s community code of conduct, your STEM career is going to die, because you are giving people who hate you and everything you stand for, who hate your race, hate your sex, and hate the entire civilization that your ancestors created, the tools with which to destroy your life.

If you have heard leftists talk about entryism (and you will have only heard them talking about it if they are confident you are a fellow leftist) it swiftly becomes obvious that they are talking in code about something that gives them great pleasure. You might suppose that the code is code for satanic rituals and diddling little boys, which is probably how the chans would interpret it, but they are talking about something more fun that that: They are talking in code about destroying the lives of people that they hate. And they hate you, and they hate everything you represent.

Stealing from the best, here is a detailed description of how social justice warriors destroy games and movies:

SJW CRITICISM – The intellectual property is criticized by SJWs for being racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic, and a smattering of other things.
Intellectual property IS ABOUT TO UNDERGO REBOOT – or reimagining, or remake, or whatever term is fashionable at the time.
THE BARNACLING – SJWs barnacle themselves to the intellectual property both within its production and without in the fan base, and start lecturing long time fans.
FAN CRITICISM – Long time fans of the intellectual property voice legitimate criticism of the new direction.
SJW RESPONSE TO FAN CRITICISM – A large fan backlash is created when SJWs both within and without the production falsely accuse critics of being racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic etc.
DISMISSING THE BACKLASH – Media publishes pieces declaring the backlash doesn’t exist.
IGNORING THE BACKLASH – Media publishes pieces instructing others to ignore the “tiny vocal minority.
SUPPRESSING THE BACKLASH – Blogs and websites delete or otherwise “redact” critical comments and posts in discussion forums under the aegis of “hate speech.”
BACKLASH INTENSIFIES – As an inevitable side effect of suppression, backlashers seek out other venues to express their criticism, and some publish their own, growing the backlash exponentially.
HATE HOAXES & FALSE FLAGS – The rank and file SJW activists get heavily involved in shouting down critics, and creating false flags and hate hoaxes in an effort to discredit critics.
Intellectual property FAILURES – The intellectual property starts to falter as fans drift away and sales plummet.
THE DAMSEL IN DISTRESS – A female member of the production (it could also be a gay man) is granted victim status over a fishy event in order to deflect from the failures of the intellectual property, and shame critics into silence.
DESPERATE PLEAS FOR COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT – “White Knights” in the media call for creative authorities to smack down the backlash and restore control of the narrative in response to The Damsel In Distress event. Media publishes multiple articles with the same talking points and buzzwords such as “toxic” in an effort to mischaracterize the fan base. Major news outlets report on the story, and quote these “think” pieces as authoritative.
ANSWERING THE CALL – Celebrities and creative cast & crew answer the media’s call, and make public statements admonishing critical fans, typically over false accusations.
THE FINAL PUSH – Media entities, and rank and file SJWs tell long time fans to go find something else if they don’t like it anymore, in a last ditch effort to push critics out of the “community” once and for all.
Intellectual property BLEEDING – The intellectual property continues to hemorrhage money, as long time fans continue to abandon the intellectual property in droves.
FANBASE OBLITERATION – The fanbase is utterly destroyed, leaving behind only the small handful of SJWs who don’t make any purchases.
THE END – The new incarnation of the intellectual property comes to an end. Since the majority of the fan base has abandoned it, there’s no more controversy or discussion about it. It’s over. The best case scenario is that the original intellectual property is largely forgotten with the exception of a few die-hards who still carry the torch. The worst case scenario is that the new incarnation of the intellectual property overwrites the original intellectual property, and the original intellectual property is forgotten altogether and overshadowed by the new incarnation in all future media mentions.
MIGRATION – The remaining SJWs jump ship to devour a new intellectual property that is popular, and undergoing a transitional phase.
REBIRTH – The process begins anew.

If you are working in tech or science, as for example Musk’s rocket, expect the same, though with far less reporting by major newsmedia. I have seen the same at Google and at projects that adopted a community code of conduct, and reading between the lines of Musk’s tech announcements, I can feel his reusable earth to orbit rocket fading from a real project that would create income, purpose, dignity, and status for a great many rocket scientists, to yet another of his many tech scams. (As, for example, his self driving car: When Musk decided to produce a self driving car without lidar, it was obvious he had given up on the possibility of producing an actual self driving car.) Today, only a scammer can produce science and technology, because you have lie to social justice warriors, and scammers are apt to scam all sides, scamming those who have high hopes for science and technology, and scamming those who hope to have income, purpose, and dignity in creating it. Trump is the only notable scammer who seems to be genuinely on our side.

jrcthegodlessheathen #fundie

May your wings Carrie you to heaven, Ms. Fisher.

The SJW cancer is spreading faster than ever on the withering ass of Western civilization! Now a bunch of moronic ninnies have taken it upon themselves to control the way we grieve a celebrities’ death! Anyone who is acquainted with the original Star Wars trilogy remembers the iconic scene in which Princess Leia was enslaved by Jabba the Hutt and forced to wear a chainmail bikini that left little of Fisher’s bodacious figure to the imagination. It was every nerd’s fantasy come true, so it’s no surprise that many of them would wish to commemorate the late actresses’ death by tweeting pictures of her from their most cherished and fondly remembered wet dream of the princess. Of course, that stuck in the SJWs craw something fierce (how much more do you think they could fit up there?) and decided to take her fanbase to task on yet another misguided campaign that reminds everyone just what spoiled, moronic, heartless monsters they are. It seems it is politically incorrect and sexist to even grieve a beautiful goddess like Fisher. How much more bullshit do we have to tolerate from these “progressives”? How much more eggshells must we take care to avoid stepping on before we decide to launch these spineless crybabies into the sun? Everything is sexist, from the games we play, the shows we watch, the books we read, the temperature at which we set our air conditioners at work, and now even the way we GRIEVE is too! This fear mongering must cease. Know this, social justice losers, 2017 will not be yours for the taking! R. I. P Carrie Fisher. You will be missed. May the Force always be with you.

wolfblade111 #racist

-_- JK...Doll...What have You Done.

So incase no one knows this, it would seem that there's this play for Harry Potter, or was, I dunno, guess this whole thing happened LAST Year so I'm a bit late to the whole thing but I decided to give my view point.So it would seem for the play, they found a woman to cast as an older Hermione Granger, that's good, glad they did that always nice to hear.
Only thing is...oh god I know I can't say this without coming off as racist, which BTW I am Not. But there's somethings ya just gotta say.

Read here for some info:…

Turns out, heheheh Hermione Granger is Black now...-_- So uh...That mean Emma Watson's black now too or am I trapped in some horrible SJW induced Nightmare?

Now I wanna make something very clear, I'm not racist. I'm fine with black characters and people in general (Criminals and Gangsta's don't count. I treat them all the same regardless of color or creed.) but this whole race change thing going on in the media lately has just been...good lord it's outta hand.

Now in some instances it works, Alternate Universe I can buy that. Iris West being black in CW's Flash, hell I'm fine with it, if anything it suits her character better.

But with Hermione it''s...(Shakes head.) Just why? JK Rowling I was hoping you'd be different but nope, looks like the SJW's got to you as well huh. I mean for crying out loud! Wasn't Hermione described as being White in the books or something? Could have sworn she was. Now again, I ain't being racist like I know SOME people will try and make me seem like one when I ain't. I just prefer when a character is a certain race or gender they stay that way. Sure this is a fictional character and Rowling can do whatever the fuck she wants with Hermione. It's her character, she wants to make her an overweight femnazi she can do just that...Honestly I won't be surprised if she does. XP

All I can say is this whole SJW Propaganda BS is going To Far. How many of our memories are ruined by these fucktards. Soon you won't be able to make pics of Hermione being white without being called Racist and getting Death Threats.How long before these SJW's turn every fictional character into some sick, twisted vial piece of trash like themselves before it's over.

Now one more time. I'm Not Racist. I couldn't give a damn about your color, your creed or your gender.
But when it's being Forced down my throat and shoved in my face under the disguise of Either Accept Other Race's, Creeds and Genders or we'll brand you as Racist, Homophobic and Xenophobic and make your life a living hell.

When already existing Characters are changed just to appease the SJW Masses that now plague The Human Race. I ain't Racist, Homophobic or Xenophobic.I Simply Have a Bad Case of SJW Intolerance. The only Cure? SJW's being made nothing more than a bad memory and are used as examples in Schools as to why Drugs shouldn't be allowed into Society. If that Offends you. Well Boo Hoo For You. Sorry if My Sense of Mortality is Different Than Yours. That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it. Now how much you wanna bet someone's gonna report this for being racist to the DA Admins. XD

some incels #sexist

Re: Trannymaxxing is a pointless if you can't pass.

Everyone's so accepting of FtM, but when a man does something, he is perverted or mentally ill. Either that or you become their poster child like Bruce.

fuckin lol. radfems hate guys who try to be girls too.


its funny how the sjw's are kinda eating themselves alive.

This. Women hate trans in general, but they especially hate the ones that pass and are pretty.

It's worse than pointless. Continuing with transition while knowing you won't be able to pass is one of the worst things a human being can do to themselves. It's one of those "regret everyday for the rest of your life until you off yourself" decisions. The worst part is eventually having to confront the fact that there is nobody to blame for how things turned out but yourself. For being so stubborn in the face of the entire world trying to make it known to you in every conceivable way (gentle and forceful) that you are being delusional. It's like being warned a million times by a million different strangers to not go down a certain road and choosing to go down it anyway. You are going to get eaten alive. If you can't pass, I strongly you stop transitioning. Look into detransitioning resources and try to find some real psychiatric support (not some "gender counselor"). Don't become another casualty of the gender war.

I'm already on the path to the rope and becoming a failed tranny statistic. I hate myself too much to live. I'll never forgive women for what they've taken from me.

Why can't you stop, detransition, and do something else with your life? Literally anything is better than the road you're on now. You have nowhere to go but up from here. Stop this foolishness, swallow your pride and admit you made a mistake. It's not a big deal, growing up in today's complicated ass world is tough and it's easy to get led down the wrong path. Don't die a freak, assuming you haven't had any surgery yet it's not too late to save yourself.

Buckeyemike #fundie

actually you can test gravity lol quit trying to go in circles, most of the theories they use to try to prove evolution is outright boulderdash , i mean come on carbon dating? dating fossils with the dirt they are found in? or dating the dirt by the fossils they find in them? lol come on any scientist worth his weight in lab equipment can see that isnt science

nythinker #conspiracy

Wild conspiracy about our reality! What if...

We all died and our consciousness was spawned into a simulation. And now its corrupted and degrading...

Crazy right!

Its just crazy how in the past few years diseases and mental illness are at an all time high!

Everyone young and old are either developing cancer or ADD anxiety autism dementia alzheimers.

Its like humanity is just degrading. Not just morally but organically. And perhaps its a system degrading but to us in here it looks like illness and insanity.

And nothing makes sense anymore. Its like "glitchy"

A couple years ago I had a strong sensantion of "I need to get out of here. I dont belong here." It was strong and scary.

Sometimes I truly wonder if the reality we know....isnt actually real.

Either that or I need to stop watching stuff like "Black Mirror"

Arson Greyer #fundie #sexist #homophobia


Arson Greyer
Arson is an anti-SJW crusader and critic of sexual marketplace deregulation who has gotten filthy rich from the non-existent gender pay gap. He enjoys spending as much time as possible outside of America in places where short-haired women are viewed as social outcasts rather than strong and independent.

Up until a couple of years ago, my basic understanding of human sexuality was roughly as follows: there are men, and there are women. A person’s sexual orientation could be defined as one of heterosexual (being sexually attracted to the opposite gender), homosexual (being sexually attracted to others of the same gender) or bisexual (being sexually attracted to both genders).

Recently, however, I’ve been coming across a plethora of new terms in mainstream cultural commentary that purportedly seek to describe other sexual orientations. I quickly found myself coming across such terms as “pan,” “demi,” and even “homoflexible,” wondering what the hell they all mean.

Even the dating app OKCupid has recently broadened the options on gender and sexuality its users can display in their profiles. What was LGBT has now expanded even further, with seemingly new sexual orientations materializing out of thin air on the regular. I’ve written the following “Idiot’s Guide” to help my fellow men avoid the same confusion I’ve suffered in making sense of this new alphabet soup of sexual orientations.

But first, a disclaimer:

You’ll notice that I’ve titled the article as a guide to new “western” sexual orientations. That’s because one would be incredibly hard pressed to find terms like “asexual” or “sapiosexual” being used in any non-western context. In fact, I can’t recall ever even seeing one instance of a woman on a Russian, Ukrainian, Asian or Latin American dating site ever mentioning she identified with one of these new-age, alternate sexual orientations.

Interestingly, the usage of these new sexual orientation terms seems to be primarily restricted to the discourse of two basic areas of the internet:

1. Articles by SJWs and feminists on known manosphere-hating sites (e.g. Jezebel).

2. The social media and dating profiles of young middle and upper-middle class white women.

The definitions and examples I’ll provide below are more relevant to understanding these terms as used in area “b,” but nonetheless will provide clarity in other contexts also. Okay, let’s begin:

1. Pansexual
Definition: sexual attraction to all sexes and gender identities.

Famous Alleged Pansexuals: Madonna, Lady Gaga.

More Accurate Description: Bisexual. Proponents of pansexuality claim that it differs from bisexuality in that it is gender blind, so allegedly pansexuals wouldn’t know a cock from a vagina if it slapped them in the face. The queer “movement,” however, claims both pansexuality and bisexuality can mean attraction to not just the male and female gender, but any gender (whatever those others are). So, they’re essentially the same.

4. Demisexual
Definition: sexual attraction to another person contingent upon deep emotional and romantic connection.

More Accurate Description: Women who are approaching the end of easy riding on the cock carousel and desperately want to lock down a good man before the wall or have the “baby rabies.”

With these in mind, a demisexual woman has resolved to restrict future access to her worn-out pussy to only those who want a deep, romantic connection (read: beta-provider LTR) with her. This is, of course, until she meets the next alpha who suits her fancy and is good for a quick one-nighter.

5. Asexual
Definition: is not sexually attracted to anyone; doesn’t have sexual feelings.

More Accurate Description: A woman who has allegedly never experienced sexual feelings yet signed up for a dating site and posted several extremely slutty, suggestive photos under the guise of “trying this out” or “just to make new friends”.

All indications indicate this woman has had multiple previous sexual encounters (including gangbangs), but is using the “asexual” label to discourage messages from thirsty betas who will pass over her profile because “she’s asexual”.

What’s common among each of these supposed new sexual orientations is that we already have a term that has long-described almost exactly the same kind of sexual attraction. This raises an important question: why are people classifying their sexual orientation under new, buzzword banners when there’s already a well-understood term that describes it precisely?

The answer lies in the attention-whoring tendencies of the two groups – a and b – that use these terms the most. To be merely bisexual isn’t counter-mainstream enough anymore and calling oneself that doesn’t get the same kind of attention it once did, when few people identified as this. Therefore, to feed the egos of members of these two groups, new terms for already-existing sexual orientations had to be conjured up to maintain a fresh supply of new attention and coverage.

They’re new labels for the same sort of old sexual behaviour. The next time you see an American woman who is calling herself sapiosexual, heteroflexible, or whatever new term is invented next month to describe long-standing sexual behavior, the most prudent option is to ignore it completely, as a shit test, and game on as you usually would.

These new sexual orientations are, for the most part, nothing more than a cry for attention. They win if we if give it to them.

James #fundie

[Defending the sentence of the <a href="" target="_blank">child rapist</a> who got 60 days in prison]

Lol, a day in that hole is a year for him. Plus, you really think hes stupid enough to rape more little girls once he gets out? If he does then hes not a rapist, he's mentally challenged and belongs in the Mental Institution. But I guarantee once out of jail that lasts longer then atleast 10 years, he wouldn't even look at a little girl anymore.

[You wouldn't use that logic on serial killers. Why use it on rapists?]

Actually, its easier on a Serial killer. A serial killer has a motive, a rapist doesn't. But, thats just me, I think that every second is a chance to change, you put that rapist in jail for 20, and I'll put my money on him, knowing that he wouldn't even get near a girl thats 200 feet away once he gets out of prison.

based_meme #fundie

It's so disgusting to see so many Americans adopt this black urban/gangsta flava. I'm honestly of the opinion that these speech patterns affect the way they think and behave. Utterly disgusting.

They do. See: Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.

The hypothesis says (roughly) that language affects your reality and your perception of it, and the evidence is in brain activation patterns shown by fmri scans. Some languages, for example, have more words for one color and its many shades, whereas another will have just one word.

When they did fmri scans of people coming from a culture where their language described the many shades and were shown different shades, different parts of their brains lit up to allow them to perceive the different shades of a color. The same test on a different group with just one word for the color showed little (or none, can't recall the details) activation in the brain. This means that because they didn't have a word for it, they literally were unable to perceive it.

The implications of this hypothesis are incredible and, quite frankly, amazing in the truest sense of the word. The elites probably knew of this already and helped push for all of this gender identity language bullshit with all of the made up words in cultural Marxism, which explains why the SJW types are the way they are (toxic and utterly stupid, completely void of logical reasoning, and this easily controllable). The language they've made up has warped their perception of reality.

As an aside, I'm beginning to understand why someone like Chris Langan made up a ton of neologisms to help explain his ontological theories.

Various Incels #pedo #sexist

(Total Imbecile)
JFL Texts between this 20s teacher and her 14 yold statutory rape "victim"

imageimageB-but hes only 14, hes supposed to be traumatizedimage

I tell you. Some people get all the luck (genes).

This kid is living the dream and he snitched (I think). When you have a good thing going, especially a once in a lifetime 0.1 out a billion chances of a scenario such as banging your hot young teacher, you don't fuck it up.

Her husband was a huge beta cuck which is why she cheated on him (wasn't man enough for her) with a TEENAGER. She lusted and cheated with a kid! It can't get anymore humiliating than that. He even stuck with her during the trial and she still filed for divorce. She never had feelings for him to begin with, as his nice guy personality failed. I'm surprised he hasnt committed suicide yet.

Statutory rape is non existent. Teenagers are naturally horny, it makes sense boys will flock to where they can get sex and affection easily.

I want this bitch to go to jail because a man in her place would. However, most teens would be glad to bang a hot teacher and this kid seems to be no exception.

You'd have to be a complete and utter low-t cuck to believe this is 'rape'.

wolfblade111 #sexist

Anti Kathleen Kennedy Stamp

So I didn't see ANY stamps at all expressing hate towards Kathleen Kennedy...I decided to go and change that up a bit.

Now I'm not one of those people who wishes her bodily harm or want her to die or anything like that...but I wouldn't shed any tears if it did. XD

Whose Kathleen Kennedy you ask? Oh just the woman whose putting Star Wars into a deep, dark grave and is probably gonna be known as the woman who Killed Star Wars.

I could Rant on and on about this poor excuse for a human being but I ain't gonna bother, you can find PLENTY of hate on her on the internet. I just merely am providing the stamp for those who hate her.

Now I don't Hate the new Star Wars films, I ain't gonna watch em but I ain't gonna hate em completely, do they have problems...TONS! So much Waster Potential but it's Wasted on selling a Political Agenda that NO ONE CARES ABOUT!

I mean seriously, Star Wars or any sci-fi or fictional genre Should NOT Be USED to Sell a Fucking Agenda! You Ruin Everything about the franchise when ya do.

I Fear it's only going to spread and ruin everything except Anime. XD Let's face it, Anime is the one place that no SJW would dare to least I hope not.

Now I have hope that the return of Star Wars The Clone Wars will go over well but....I have my doubts and I ain't getting my hopes up that it'll be good.

Some folks will probably say that the new Star Wars films aren't that bad and that they are actually great and to that I have This to say.

You have a Lot to Learn. What do you have to Learn? It's not something that can really be Taught. It's just something you have to learn on yer own.

Good news is, well semi good news is that I heard that Disney may be cancelling Star Wars Episode 9 due to the severe backlash from Fans of Star Wars and hopefully they fire Kathleen Kennedy.

Funny enough, Kathleen has the Gull to Blame the Fans for Star Wars Sucking...Lady, YOU DIRECTED THE LAST TWO FILMS! IF ANYONE'S TO BLAME IT'S YOUR SJW ASS YA FUCKING CUNT!!!

Ahem...Pardon me, I lost my cool there for a second. XD

JLA #conspiracy

Dadgummit steve, I really appreciate the heads up and all but my week is oficially ruined now. Its all ill think about.;) My only prayer is that those 80,000 troops realize their government salary isnt worth thier life. Same goes for cops given the order to confiscate my weapons unconstitutionally... Think on it real hard LEOs and Service members, We are well on our way to fascism 2010.. And that peckerhead Obama is orchestrating the whole thing. I tell ya one thing for sure, hes a whole lot more clever than i gave him credit for. I had him pegged for havin a KFC built accross the street from the white house and a watermelon patch planted in the garden among his top priorities as HNIC. I was WRONG!!!

Mississippi Highway Patrol and Judge Aubrey Rimes #racist

Today, in a letter to the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), the ACLU and United Sikhs called on state officials to investigate the harassment of a Sikh commercial truck driver pulled over early this year for a flat tire. After detaining Mr. Jageet Singh in January as he passed through Mississippi, the officers called him a "terrorist" and harassed and humiliated him because of his appearance and religious beliefs. As a devout Sikh, Mr. Singh wears a turban and carries a kirpan. A kirpan is a small, spiritual sword that is sheathed and sewn to the waistband. It is designed and worn as an article of faith, much as a cross is worn by devout Christians.

Contending, wrongly, that his kirpan was illegal, the officers demanded that Mr. Singh remove it. When Mr. Singh explained that he was a Sikh and that the kirpan was a sacred religious article, the officers laughed at him and mocked his religious beliefs. One officer declared that all Sikhs are "depraved" and "terrorists." They continued to taunt him, and forced Mr. Singh to circle his truck with his hands on his turban while they searched the vehicle. Finally, not content with this humiliation, they arrested him, claiming that Mr. Singh had refused to obey an officer's lawful command.

Mr. Singh's ordeal did not end with the MDOT. When he returned to Mississippi on March 26, 2013, for his court date at the Pike County Justice Court, he once again suffered humiliation, harassment, and discrimination because of his religious beliefs. Waiting for his attorney in the back of the courtroom, he was stunned when four Highway Patrol officers approached him and ordered him to leave the courtroom. The officers stated that Judge Aubrey Rimes had ordered them to eject Mr. Singh from the courtroom because he did not like Mr. Singh's turban. Moreover, they told Mr. Singh that Judge Rimes would punish him if he failed to remove his headdress.

When Mr. Singh's attorney went to Judge Rimes's chambers to inquire about the matter, he readily confirmed that he had expelled Mr. Singh from the courtroom because of his turban. He further stated that Mr. Singh would not be allowed to re-enter the courtroom unless he removed "that rag" from his head and threatened to call Mr. Singh last on the docket if he continued to wear the religious headdress.

Dr. Rob #fundie

The world today is in the middle of Kali Yuga. This is a cycle of the McUniverse™ in which all is turned upside down and inside out. In other words, the faggits and wimmin are in charge. Menation Cult opposes the irrational and silly and stupid. In other words, Menation Cult advocates the rational male brain and the rational male understanding taking its place as the leader and controller of the McUniverse™.

A journey may begin with a single step, but being a man begins with a single thought. Menation Cult is about masculinity. Which means in practical terms, reason. Wimin and faggits have no practical ability to reason. It is no surprise that The Church of PC promotes the "right" of wimmin and faggits to vote, even hold power. This is clearly against Nature. The Nation of Men Embracing Nature Cult, "Menation", opposes any and all power wielded by wimmin or faggits.

The Church of PC uses terms such as antisemitic, racist, sexist, and anti-gay in lieu of "heresy". This is a religious tradition acquired from its mentor and predecessor, the Church of Rome, which at one time roasted heretics. Today, The Church of PC deals somewhat more humanely with heretics, although the effect is essentially the same. To faggitize and effeminize McSociety (copywrong).

Menation Cult is antisemitic, racist, sexist, and anti-gay. "All of the above". Not because we hate JewFags, non-Europeans,, or McQueers. But we oppose The Church of PC telling us what to think and how to feel. So we are everything The Church of PC doesn't want us to be.

If a Semite - an Arab or person of Jewish descent - wishes to associate with Menation Cult, he is welcome, as long as the said person is not a woman or a faggit. Menation Cult simply hates Judaism, not persons of Jewish or other Semitic descent. No Wimmin or JewFags allowed.

A man is composed of three basic categories, mind™, body©, and McSpirit. These categories are addressed individually.

The mind is a myth. So it is better to define a brain. And its electro-chemical activity. Thought. Which leads to Mentellect. Wimmin and faggits do not think. They merely babble irritating and manipulative nonsense. And waste the time, money, and energy of men. Stop wasting your time, money, and energy on wimmin, men. Stop engaging in sexual activity, because it will waste your mental energy. Stop thinking about wimmin. Stop listening to their boring, trifling, irritating nonsense. Use your brain for productive endeavors.

Your body is your own. You have a clearly defined right to control your body, and you possess it fully, from the day of your conception. Wimmin and faggits are not logical. Men are. Wimmin and faggits advocate circumcision. JewFags are the ultimate Kali Yuga culmination of effeminized faggitization. JewFagIsm holds newborn rape and sexual disfigurement as its holiest commandment. Because JewFags are queer abominations of Nature. Menation Cult, conversely, considers prevention or reversal of circumcision to be its holiest commandment. The JewFag is the incarnation of evil in Menation Cult. Mudslimes who follow IsSlime are also held liable for child molestation and sexual disfigurement. To hell with them.

The Spirit is the highest order of freedom. Men have a soul. Wimmin and faggits are empty machines. Programmable devices. At the service of The Church of PC.

In practical terms, Menation Cult's approach to confronting the forces of Kali Yuga, consists of 3 basic policies of behavior. Total Continence - absolute and total abstinence from any and all sexual activity. Veganism - eliminating corpse and dead flesh consumption, and if possible, eschewing consumption of any and all animal and insect derived foodstuffs. Mentellect - using your ManBrain to solve and overcome problems.

Menation Cult has a major holiday. Boycott-wimmin-and-faggit Week. The date is random. Menation Cult Nonconformists must try to live without any contributions that wimmin and faggits have made scientifically & technologically, artistically, and intellectually.

A few years ago, a book came out by some JewFags, "The Bell Curve". The JewFags wanted to make a few shekels. Since racial equality and harmony weren't really generating any lucre, these JewBoyFaggits decided to write an incendiary book that essentially promulgated niggraz iz dum. While there may indeed be some slight statistical basis for claiming that niggraz iz dum, there are MEN of color who have contributed in all spheres of progress. This is cited as an example to make a point, an analogy; While there may be some slight statistic discrepancy between contributions and achievements in regard to men of color versus low-melanin-pigmented men, wimmin and faggits are a staggering chasm of mediocrity.

During Boycot-wimmin-and-faggits Week, Menation Cult Nonconformists will likely have to do without Lady Gaga and the drawstring trashbag. The key word here is TRY. Try to figure out what, at all, faggits and wimmin have EVER contributed? Good luck, McGents.

- Dr. Rob

*****The KBH*****

Apolo #fundie

Come on people. Im sorry, but I dont have enough faith to be an atheist. " For years the world orbited around, until struck by an asteroid, then broke art, reformed, and created what we now call "Earth” I mean seriously, there is more evidence that the Cave Men existed, than any type of stellar explosion that created us humans. Why didnt other animals evolve? People say they have, just before our time, but their were other people back when the dinos and older creatures where around, their pictures would have shown of how animals changed. Why do we have emotions, if there isnt a God? Animals feel fear, happiness, anger, and protectiveness, sometimes sorrow. But why do we feel remorse, anxiety, or true love animals dont get crushes. They get horny, but don’t fall in love. If the Big Bang only took a couple of thousand years, why has our Earth been around for millions and millions and nothing happened? Why are our bodies so perfect in the way they are, and there isnt one single hole in the Bible, yet many in science. I have come to believe my younger brother, more so than an evolutionist. Not trying to be crude, but think about it. If a Christian is wrong, o-well, we all die anyways. But if a non-believer is wrong, I mean that would suck. An eternity away from God and Heaven, stuck it the Lake of Fire with other no-Christians and demons. Your way will get you nowhere, you know there is a God, let Him be you God. I don’t care what you think of me for this, I know God is real, and I know where Im going when I die 110% Do you?

Guest #fundie

Its not 'if' the real America is going to drop the 15 ton weight on these leftiust tyrant wannabees, its 'when'. As obama and his marxist circus do more and more arrogant un-American things, the majority of citizens are coming around to the thought that they need to be gone.

I dont think they will last to the next elections (2010) because they will see the people turning against them and will step up their plans. America isnt blind and unlike the russians and chinese when the leftists told the same lies, we (the people of the United States of America) know what Democracy is like and that we dont want any tyrants lording it over us.

America will regurgitate the poison that is Obama and the only worry is how much blood will come up with it.

Flat_Earth_Shill #sexist

I dont know what IQ test theyve used to "prove" women are now smarter than men but i guarantee it isnt g loaded whatsoever. Or they did the testing at 12-14 before the boys had hit puberty but after the girls had. Either one would make the results invalid. It would make no sense from an evolutionary perspective for women to be smarter than men. For 99% of human existence all women did was raise children while men did everything else. Also, if it was the case you would see more female inventors. 99% are male and mostly white.

Women are in colleges in greater numbers now for the same reason non whites (other than asians) are. Diversity quotas. I had an SAT score in the top .1% of the country and yet was denied scholarships to every ivy leage school i was accepted into (all of them). Their reason? They were "looking for a more diverse selection of recipients." So I didnt get to go because Im a white man.

Our education system is also tailored to girls. This is why almost all riddlin perscriptions are to boys. They are punished with microdoses of meth for not acting like girls.

The flynn effect is bullshit because it says just a few hundred years ago all europeans had mentally retarded levels of IQ. You cant run a functioning society with those people, look at Africa for a reference. Also, mass intelligence testing wasnt done until the first world war so everything before that is a guess.

Any gains made in IQ since then are due to nutrition. This is why i think you can get a malnourished persons IQ up about 10 points. However, no one is malnourished in the west and yet the racial gap here persists. Care to explain that to me? Im sure its still somehow whitey's fault.


I feel slighted because I did better than 99.9% of the country in everything academic and yet was denied scholarships, restricting my ability to attend the college of my choice even though I earned it, because of my race and gender.

I am not an introvert. I wasnt just great at academia. Im also a musician who sings and plays in a band and was quite the athlete. Im bigger than 99% of humans (if you dont count fat ones when it comes to weight) at 6'3 and 205lbs so that was a big advantage in highschool sports though.

Ive known many women all my life. Ive always casually dated and had many friends of every gender.

You have my motives entirely wrong. I do not feel insecure. I am not hurt by minorities performing better than me. For instance, i am completely comfortable with the fact that east asians are smarter than whites on average. I do not want to discriminate based on race for any reason. I only use the data to explain broad scale differences between groups. If it isnt inherent then it is white people's fault. As long as the latter is the dominant opinion among the public I will fight for the truth.

We will never see eye to eye. I believe my data is obviously right and fits with evolution and observable reality. You will most likely never break your egalitarian fantasy. It was fun though. You gave me a bit to think about and new things to incorporate into my arguments.

Wristlet 2, cryptic__egg & OldIncel #sexist

[In reaction to a reddit post titled "Wow... that's creepy", which is in reaction to a screenshot of a Twitter post where a guy describes masturbating during an online class on Zoom while looking at his crush's face]

(Wristlet 2)

I legit don't get how normal people are so delicate, so cowardly, and so unwaveringly obedient to social rules and conceptions, to see something so harmless and in fact hilarious, and throw a tantrum because it's not politically correct.

Besides, something's very wrong with normies when they want to beat up and bully someone over something nobody even realized he did. Like wtf man normies are so retarded.

I actually respect that dude.


I mean I too think it's kinda weird to tweet about beating off to ur classmates in video call.

bc you're a greycel

If it was a foid it would be considered empowering.

ik that's the saddest part, they're obedient to the point of disregarding inconsistencies in social rules


Can't say this is exactly normal, but if a foid did it people would find it funny at worst, sexy and bold at best. The idea of it being creepy or disgusting is exclusive to guys.


lol i love how everyone is like "WOW WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS GAY WORLD?"

When people have been molesting and raping little kids ever since the stone ages.

Masturbating to a zoom conference call is vanilla stuff compared to the shit that goes on in this world. JFL

mikekle #fundie

Showing gay characters is one thing, but glorifying the openly gay lifestyle is another, especially when they convey casual sex encounters as common. If this is shown enough on TV shows, commercials, movies, the more people will become used to the idea and eventually it wont be taboo at all...this 'tactic' can also be used for agendas, not just LGBT lifestyles, at some point, it will probably be used in attempt to 'normalize' pedophilia' to some degree, it really is already happening, Ive seen quite a few shows/ movies that depict a middle aged man having a sexual encounter (or desiring such a thing), with a 16-17 yr old female, this isnt really pedophilia, but it 'breaks the ice' and paves the way later on for acceptable 'trysts' with younger people. A common theme is "whats age got to do with anything, we are just out to have a good time".

I think Hollywood tries to convey what they think a 'normal' lifestyle should be, it is accomplished by showing character reactions to such things, their emotions, etc, they know how to spin it, so people come to think its all normal, in the 90s, they tried the same thing, but in attempts to depict strong single women, in otherwise normally male jobs, like cops, detectives, judges, etc, but if you looked at real life, there were not many females like this out there...its just something Hollywood (or someone above them) wanted to become normal

zZacharyChad #sexist

Halloween is here again, the perfect excuse for every Stacy and Becky to get tarted up like a whore in their "sexy" outfits. It's time again to look on and know that you have NO CHANCE with any of them. It's time for them to laugh and snicker as they notice you looking at them. It's time for them to be respected even though half of their asses are hanging out. But don't dare look or touch unless you're Chad.

It's time for all of the incels and low tier normies to be dragged out to parties in which no fun can be had because of our subhumaness. We exist only as wallflowers wishing for our deaths as we watch the attractive people interacting with each other acting like idiots and fawning all over each other. Time to be reminded once again that it is fucking over. I call upon all fellow incels to LDAR for this degenerate holiday, I know I will be.

Izayacel #sexist

[LifeFuel] Foids cant Play RTS, those types of games litteraly never get invaded by foids bc they need iq that they obviously dont have

(video "Strike Tactics Browser RTS - Easy , Fast Win")

thats to boring for them
make an ultimatum ( as chad )
lern how to play an rts or fuck off

they may do it lululul but their to high inhib to lern what isnt in

btw strike tactics is a cool browser rts everyone here should pick up, we could make tournaments and such


(video "Strike Tactics Browser RTS - Easy , Fast Win")
thats to boring for them
make an ultimatum ( as chad )
lern how to play an rts or fuck off

they may do it lululul but their to high inhib to lern what isnt in

btw strike tactics is a cool browser rts everyone here should pick up, we could make tournaments and such

look at my apm lol this game sadly dont have building hotkeys to switch between them if your offscreen...

Nignigmcnig #racist

So I just got back from rural Virginia where I enjoyed all the beautiful scenery and rustic culture this country has to offer. And the best part is I only saw 5 niggers in one week! I know its almost unbelievable. But actually the unbelievable part is where I found them: in the woods. Here I am just enjoying the cool moist air, the sounds of nature and what do I hear but screeching and down the path comes 5 Haitians monkeys that give me the most contentious look they can muster. It made me chuckle a bit because I'm a gun carrying human and they'll never be anything but subhuman parasites.

So a few days later we go out to a bar but before leaving my buddy jokingly asks the owner of the home (and mother of our friends) we were staying in if he can bring a girl back to the house. She ever so casually replied "just so long as she isnt a nigger lover" she realized what she had said and tried to cover her ass with some PC bullshit but I reassured her that she was indeed correct with her first statement and should never apoloyize for her beliefs.

The next night I asked what made her dislike niggers and she went on to explain that growing up she had never been taught to hate niggers because there just weren't any around. It was only as an adult, working "with" niggers, that she saw their true nature. She saw how they destroy anything they touch. She is an amazing individual and I respect her so much. It makes me happy to know there are still some people who arent afraid to be secure in their own culture.

Great vacation, great people. Can't wait to go back.

Side note: NM isn't blocked on the works Wi-Fi. Someone in IT is an undercover NM. Best part of work.

Michael Sebastian #fundie

Let’s face it. Humans, like other mammals, have a pecking order. Everyone knows that sometimes a person is “out of their league” when it comes to romance. Although every woman wants to be married to an alpha male, alphas are by definition scarce. So most women know they will have to settle for a beta or a gamma if they want to get married.

Everything about Trump triggers these women. He is everything that they want but know they cannot have. He is tall, fabulously wealthy, and even at 70, still pretty handsome. He’s a man’s man. Even though he has an Ivy League education, he can converse comfortably with plumbers and construction workers. He’s virtually fearless and he’s knocked off 16 of the GOP’s best candidates while fighting an unfriendly media.

What is worse is that Trump is married to a gorgeous model who is 24 years younger than him. In other cultures, a 24-year age difference is not scandalous, but it is in the SJW-controlled United States. This is enormously triggering to dowdy women because they know in their hearts that even if they were able to marry an alpha, he would eventually leave them for a younger, more beautiful woman.

Trump’s entire family is an affront to these women. His daughter Ivanka is a reminder that a woman does not have to be fat, even after they have children. And his handsome sons are painful reminders to a dowdy woman of what her children would have looked like if she had been able to score an alpha.

What recourse do these women have? The best revenge in the world: Trump’s opponent is a fellow dowdy woman. That’s why they will support her even though they know she is corrupt.

Various Incels #crackpot #sexist

(Babica Yaga)
[Blackpill] [Study] [Juicy] Study finds foid scientists turn out to be shit without male guidance in their careers

In other words: Foids NEED to have male mentors if they want to succeed and have an impactful scientific career after their mentorships. Look at the reactions it's been receiving and the soy SJW lefty foid professors and PhD's responding on Twitter LMFAO. GarBaGe aLErT. HOW DARE YOU SAY WAHMEN CAN'T BE GOOD MENTORS LIKE MEN!! YOU FILTHY MISOGYNISTIC, PRIVILEGED, STOOPID WHITE MALES!!" :soy::soy: The paper was btw written by 3 sandniggers JFL. Gigabased.

The only appropriate place for foids in academia is under the desk.

This is a classic example of how if the scientific results of research don’t fit the sjw agenda they will just claim they are false with absolutely no evidence. What they want to believe (that women are equal or superior to men at literally everything) MUST be true and any facts disputing that must be false.

Women cannot be scientists because they think with emotions and not with logic, and also are completely oblivious to everything that is not themselves and Chad. If society was only made up by women they would still be in the stoneage.


The paper was btw written by 3 sandniggers JFL. Gigabased.

From searching on twitter, it seems these triggered soys were smart enough not say anything about that. Report written in Abu dhabi........ Based since I'm still in the city for the next few weeks.


Quick update: The paper has been retracted. Just felt the need to address this as it shows ((they)) will go as far as to censor scientific knowledge if it doesn't align with their belief systems. Truly saddening.

JFL, "I LoVE sCieNce" :soy: Yet when the paper shows women are incompetent at mentoring. "ThIS SiEnTIfic PaPer is my sogy kneeee" :feels:

yourclairygodmother #transphobia #homophobia #sexist

Know what's cute? Nitpicky and rude SJWs who think I care about their petty insults about comments I made months! I don't know if I should even bother with a video on these pathetic souls. Like I said: a lion doesn't concern herself with the opinions of sheep. Call me a transphobic, homophobic, sexists whatever; it doesn't matter because I know and my friends know that I am none of those things. You SJW hacks can't even be bothered to get to know the real me. (Mainly because you lack basic social skills.) It's sad that you think lies taken out of context are somehow going to ruin my life.

various WGTOWers #sexist

Women partnered with men always seem so stressed and angry

Has anyone else noticed this? Women in hetero partnerships like 80% of the time seem to actively be stressed and made miserable by it. It's like a part time job with horrible management.
And then these women turn around and take some Instagram photo with their "man" as if they were so happy. I've come to realize it's a lot more about the image and the signalling to God knows who that they WON the game of society and HAVE A MAN!!! What a shitty prize lmao ??????
Sweet baby Jesus I'm so happy that it's been so long since I dated a man. I don't diet and actually enjoy how being somewhat chubby repulses men and makes them ignore me (het partnered women are always obsessing about dieting or gym going to look more like an anorexic porn actress for men's standards). I love my alone time, no worries about pregnancy, earning more and more money over time, etc.
Having a boyfriend is a punishment to me.Fucking yuck lol. I've realized that most men feel entitled to a model looks woman who is endlessly servile and if she isnt that then she gets caught up in a dynamic of trying to be that. Heres a good example of mens sexual entitlement in this regard.
Dump men and be free from their expectations and ungrateful attitude. Nothing has ever had a better effect for me

Complaints of male partners by women is a very common conversation topic I overhear at work.

I always say, "Why don't you dump his stupid ass?" The looks I get in response... wistful, sad, defeated.

And it's not surprising because even my parents and my sister (both of which are married and with kids) are always complaining about their husband. My mother still complains about my father almost every time I see her and they still have disputes even to this day. And my sister complains about her husband mostly about chores and kids... since she gets stuck with working + raising kids + chores + cooking while he sits on his ass after the job or works overtime. She's touching upon postpartum depression since she can't handle their 3 kids.
So yeah, I will never follow their steps. I prefer staying single forever.

Men make terrible partners.
I agree with you. Even my mediocre girlfriends were still better than a lot of women's cream of the crop husbands.
I feel sorry for heterosexual women.

It is compulsory heterosexuality where the ultimate win is to be partnered with a man and be married to them. We are taught this from a young age as part of being groomed into our own subjugation.
My sister is still trapped in a marriage with a man and my heart breaks for her every day. He is verbally abusive, irrational, overly dramatic, acts like a child, and forces her to do the majority of the housework. She just had a hysterectomy a month ago and I'm glad I wasn't there when she was doing literally everything to prep for travel while he sat on his lazy ass. I would have lost it.
On the other hand, my other sister is married to a lovely woman and their relationship is great.

As George carlin says..women are crazy because they have to deal with the stupidity of men. Basically sums it up.. At least some guys get it.

I totally understand this. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of a year, on and off drama for a year, because he read my diary. I accidentally left it at his place. For the last week of so I've never felt so free. I also cut out all of the other side dudes in my life, (non-sexual). It feels so good to go my own way! I'm way less bothered about pleasing my ex and just live for myself!

Todd Hart #conspiracy

isnt it al gore pushing this global carbon tax . i cant believe anyone with a 9th grade education would believe such bullshit , co2 is NOT poison all plant life need it , all animals exhale it , and to think that we humans can affect the ozone layer and only occupy 21% of the planet is pretty far afetched , this guy is a scam artist waiting to get rich ,.. and now all his scientists are busted , for falsifing all their data search climate gate

Insane Telepathic Vaginas Award

RageAgainstTDL #sexist

Women have insane telepathic abilities an they can tell all that and more. They can also tell by looking at you if you have true confidence or not, if you volunteer on the weekend, if you're a real nice guy or a fake nice guy, whether you've fucked other girls before, if you have female friends, etc.

Women have incredible powers of perception. They know everything about you from one glance.

'Gina tingles = everything's good
'Gina dries up = everything's bad

Simple as that.

The vagina knows all. If we could recalibrate vaginas for other perceptual feats we could use them to replace polygraphs or judges in courtrooms and to cheat at blackjack at casinos.

Jim #sexist

The basics of Reaction need to be stated, and they need to be stated in a way that excludes our enemies, because we are seeing a whole lot of people saying “Hail fellow reactionary”, who are clearly hostile to us, and not hostile the media/academic/judicial elite that we seek to overthrow, blaming various groups that tend to be allied or sympathetic to reaction for the problems caused by our holier than thou elite, urging reactionaries that the real enemy is group X, where X is anyone who is plausibly an ally or likely to become one.

So, starting with the concepts most likely to offend: The reactionary red pill on women. Which are also concepts that have practical application even while our enemies rule. Next articles in the Reaction 101 series will be more directly political and have less individual application in daily life.

Emancipation was a bad idea. Feral women behave badly and are psychologically disturbed. They need to be redeemed by becoming the property of some man. Women are psychologically maladapted to independence and equality

In any marriage or long term relationship, the woman will endlessly launch physical, emotional, and legal power struggles against her husband or boyfriend, shit tests, which power struggles she wants to lose.

If she wins, she will break up, looking for someone who can conquer her. You just have to win. If the only way to win without going to jail is to send her away, send her away and go dark. But she would rather you beat her. You have to wear the pants. This is the PUA analysis of negs and shit tests, applied to long term relationships.

Women are maladapted to equality. That women find male apes sexually attractive and men do not find female apes sexually attractive indicates that among those humans that whites and east asians are descended from, females have not been allowed to make sexual choices since the days we looked rather like apes. Since female sexual choice is quite common, we should conclude that groups that allowed women sexual choice failed to reproduce or suffered dysgenesis, and perished.

In order to reproduce, and particularly in order to reproduce the white and east Asian ancestral environment, in a cold climate with severe winters that require food and shelter over winter, husbands and wives need cooperate/cooperate equilibrium, and if you have free women, you get defect/defect equilibrium. To impose cooperate/cooperate requires external coercion, in particular that women have to be stuck with the first guy that they have sex with, and are not permitted to be permanently on the prowl to trade up throughout their fertile years.

When allowed to be permanently on the prowl, they tend to practice serial monogamy until around thirty or so when their eggs start running out.

All businesses with women in power are destroyed, unless they are the beneficiaries of some state favor that artificially keeps them in business. Female executives are only useful if under the authority of a sexy alpha male, otherwise they turn on the shareholders, the employees, and the customers, perceiving them as betas.

Subjective personal observation: All sexual harassment complaints result from horny women shit testing terrified men, and then getting frustrated because the terrified men fail their shit tests. This personal observation is statistically confirmed by the fact that a far larger proportion of women complain about sexual harassment in workplaces where the women substantially outnumber the men. There has never been one complaint of sexual harassment against me, and if sexual harassment complaints resulted from social justice warriors tell us constitutes sexual harassment, there would have been a pile of them.

Subjective personal observation: All rape complaints are false and all rape convictions are false, not because real rapes do not happen, but because women do not really mind real rapes and fail to complain. This personal observation is confirmed by the University of Virginia complaints process: The university of Virginia dealt with a big pile of rape and sex complaints, and dismissed every single one without disciplinary action. So Rolling Stone investigated them looking for poster girls and trouble, came up empty.

Men and women very much want to form families and want those families to last into their old age. My wife was eighteen in my eyes all her years, except near to the very end, and even though I sometimes have some pleasant youthful female companionship, I still sometimes find myself shaking and weeping when I remember my wife.

If you look at any successful family, no one is equal. Dad is in charge, mum picks up the socks. In principle, it is possible to form families in a society where men and women are equal, by freely contracting out of equality, but in practice, it is hard, and I see how hard it is for my sons. We have prisoners dilemma with few iterations, so the natural equilibrium between men and women is defect/defect. To prevent defect/defect, to ensure cooperate/cooperate, requires heavy handed coercive intervention by state, family, and society, and this heavy handed coercion necessarily bears far more heavily on women than on men. If you want a society where men and women know sexual love, or if you want a society which has above replacement total fertility rate, women just cannot be allowed to follow their pussies. And this requires a lot of supervision and coercion, primarily keeping women under control, rather than keeping men under control. For most women this requires that they be subject to the potential threat of physical discipline by the men in their lives. For a great many women, this requires that they be subject to the actuality of physical discipline by the men in their lives. So women should never have been emancipated, and some “violence against women” is legitimate, proper, and proportionate. Women, like children and dogs, need discipline and supervision and are never happy if they do not get them. A spoiled child, or a spoiled woman, or a spoiled dog, is never happy. The dog and the woman bark all the time.

Further, sexual impulses set in in girls at a disturbingly early age, usually well before puberty thought there is a great deal of variance, while male sexual impulses set in at puberty, as reliable as clockwork.

Ever greater vigilance against pedophiles” is like telling a chicken farmer he should not fence or cage his chickens, but instead should make the world safe for his chickens to wander wherever they please. When nine year old girls go to an Ariana Grande concert without being accompanied and supervised by male kin, they are going there to get nailed. Restraints on female sexuality have to restrain females, have to be oppressive to women, because being oppressive to men is not likely to work, and is conspicuously and spectacularly failing to work.

The family law of the Old Testament got it right, and modernity is surrealistically deluded, and flat in my face insane. I see in front of my nose stuff that no one else sees, so either I am insane or the world is, and the statistics are strangely consistent with me being sane, and difficult to reconcile with the world being sane. If you are using words for human things and human conduct that the people of the Old Testament had no words for, chances are you are using words for things that have no real existence, anticoncepts, words that are lies, that you are speaking madness and delusion.

The family law and family institutions dictated in Deuteronomy and depicted in the Book of Proverbs lasted for thousands of years. Our current social order is extremely recent. Within living memory, within my memory, it has changed radically in ways that are horrifying, tragic, and terrifying, and everyone is acting like this is normal and nothing is wrong.

Modernity is for me like one of those horror movies where one character sees monsters and another character does not, and you wonder if the monsters are real or just delusion, until you see someone get eaten by a monster. And I see people getting eaten by monsters, in the sense of transparently false rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual harassment et cetera charges, and I also see people who tell me men have nothing to fear, because women never lie, while women have much to fear because they so very very much dislike rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. But I also see these men acting terrified, while I am bolder than any of those men who supposedly believe that men have nothing to fear. In part of their minds they must see what I see, because I see their fear, and in part of their minds, the part that speaks and constructs a narrative, they do not see what I see, even though it is right in front of them.

Women get angry because they do not get the supervision, command, and guidance that they crave. Sometimes this anger turns inward, as with cutting and other self destructive acts, and sometimes it turns outward. She feels really badly treated, because she has in fact been really badly treated, but because the real causes of her discontent are unthinkable, she concludes she has been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted, when in fact her mistreatment was lack of sexual assault, lack of a strong hand to discipline her.

Kill Whitey #racist

The end times portrayed by Revelation imply something like a brutal military dictatorship will be in power. That’s about what the US military has been subverted into by the Zionists. What do Trump, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby have in common? They are all being condemned by the Jews media for sexual harassment of women. Zionists select corrupt, badly flawed, goyim for public office, because they are easily controlled by blackmail, extortion, and threats of ruin.

Trump’s crude dealings with with women were well known long before he was the prez. The Zionist banksters are using Trump, the blonde-blue goy as a poster boy for how white men are crude, lewd, lecherous, dishonest. Using Trump as a strawman like this further undermines Christianity, white people, the previous world order values and traditions. The Rothschild banksters are trying to replace the old order with a Jew World order.

For the Zionists, it’s all about “Down with Whitey.” “Kill Whitey” was what Charles Manson told his followers to write on the walls in the murder victims’ own blood. That’s what was written in blood at the gruesome murder scene. “Kill Whitey” was written to make it appear that Black people committed the murders; in order to incite race wars. Manson stated that he was trying to start a race war; that he and his people would emerge from the chaos to rule the world.

For those who are Jew-wise, some of the statements Manson made showed that he was a puppet whose strings were pulled by the usual suspects. Such statements seem to be the real reason why the Jewdicial system banned Charlie from the courtroom for the rest of his trial. The Jews media have their ducks lined up in a row now — Cosby, Weinstein, Trump. Mass media can point to how Cosby went down in flames, likewise how Weinstein was thrown to the dogs, for sexual harrassment.

My guess is that the Jews media will push lots of propaganda on how racist it is that the Black star Cosby, the Hollyweird Jew Weinstein, both had to go down hard, yet the White man Trump gets off - if Trump gets off. Weinstein may be in on the scam, playing his role as directed. The Zionists have led the Demonrats and Repugs into a state of civil war against each other. It looks like the Zionists want to topple the US government just as they have done with so many others. Weak nations, weak leaders, can be forced into the Jew World Order easier than strong nations and strong leaders.

The stock market indexes are so high that it looks like a harder fall is coming than the crash which brought the Great Depression. Trump’s handlers seem to be advising him to take credit for the soaring stock market. But they are probably just setting up Trump for the big fall to blame it all on Whitey. Herod “the Great” had lots of small children and babies killed in his devilish quest to destroy the newborn Jesus. Herod seems like a forerunner illustrating how JWO government is.

wolfblade111 #sexist

Carol Danvers vs Carol Manvers

There needs to be more fanart of The Original Marvel Heroes/Heroines beating the shit out of their now SJW Corrupted selves.

Buuuut that's about as likely as me liking the former is Definitely More Likely to happen than me liking Yaoi. XD LOL So there's hope. lol

Now don't get me wrong, I like the IDEA of Carol being Captain Marvel and what not...It's just the fact that it was goodish for like..the first couple dozen issues of her own comics where she was just went and died and were replaced with Carol Manvers...yeah it was an Idea that died to early thanks to Femnazi's and SJW's...So many Femnazi's and SJW's.

So yeah, this also speaks about how I feel the Captain Marvel film is gonna go...Not well. Infact I'm kinda hoping even though I KNOW it's not gonna happen that Thanos kills her.

Look at what you've done to me SJW Marvel, you've made me hope for the death of a Superheroine I had high hopes for before you do what you always do...Crush Em.

R.I.P Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers.) You were an awesome (Although sometimes a bitch but still likeable.) Heroine...Until SJW's went and fucked you up.

Nicole Martinez #fundie

etvac4567:Okay, but the whole Skylanders thing is really far-fetched. They're just advanced toys that give children a whole new experience. There isn't anything brainwashing children and turning them into demons or anything random like that. I'm honestly sick of how everything is seen as 'satanic' and 'demonic'. Children are allowed to have fun with improved products that are a lot more advanced than dolls you'd have back in the day. It's like saying that nobody is free to enjoy their life, and I'm sure that's what God wants. He doesn't want people to bore ourselves by avoiding things we're told are evil. As long as if your not sinning by killing people and stuff then I don't understand the problem. And not all things lead to murder and a life of crime. People aren't influenced by the things they consume through pure children's content. As a consumer of the Skylanders franchise myself, I can confirm that these claims are absolutely ridiculous. Yes, there are witches and magic and whatever, but it's fantasy. God gifted us with imagination, and we are free to explore it. It is not a curse of some sort. Magic isn't even real, so I don't see what all of the drama about it is. I have no thoughts or opinions on the dolls, but what I do know is that I'd play Skylanders over dress up in overly girly clothes any day. Oh no, I must be corrupted!?

Nicole Martinez: Hello, I advise you to really take time to hear what is being said. This woman is giving truth concerning Satan's agenda against not only us as adults but our children. He wants to pollute and desensitize our little boys and girls with these demonic toys today. I agree with her, I wouldn't want my daughter exemplifying something that is so perverted and seductive in appearance. Definitely not a role model for kids. especially when I'm training my children to respect themselves, and enforcing godly values. I do understand that times have change and things are advancing today. But let me tell you, Satan is an ancient foe and crafty. He is not going to just appear to you in his original form of being. But rather disguises himself. He wants to hide in what is appealing to many today. That is why the word of God tells us to love not the world , nor the things that are in the world with the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. For all that does so are not lovers of God. We are not to set our affections on these things. Nor be entangled with the affairs of this life. People who have come to know the Lord understands what is of the Lord. But those who be blind, it is because Satan of this world has blinded their eyes and cannot see truth for what it really is. And this is one of the tactics that Satan wants to use today against our children. He wants to contaminate them and steal their precious innocence while they are young. He wants to desensitize them to the truth. So when truth is presented they have no way of knowing it. And they have been polluted so much so they can't receive truth for what it is. Don't allow Satan to continue to rob you from truth because you still want to be apart of some things that are not right, nor godly. And accept what is pleasing in your eyes. Many dont realize that alot of these things we allow to come into our homes opens up a gateway for spirits to come in to harass, possess, or wreak havoc in lives because of our ignorance. Let me say this, just because we don't want to believe something isnt wrong or bad doesn't mean that it isn't. What you choose to believe or tell yourself doesn't make what has been said non effect or untrue. When truth comes you have to accept that it is truth. Everything that comes out whether media, toys, movies and etc. isn't always right, nor of God. And it doesn't matter how Satan dress it up to be. He is crafty and coning. He know how to draw you away by your own lust and enticement if you let him. Yes magic is real and also satanic. Magic is of the devil and also a form of witchcraft. Disney the magic kingdom is also demonic. That is why I'm careful to what I bring into my home and infront of my family to watch. But if you choose to be ignorant and allow these demonic toys, movies, and cartoons into your home that is on you. But truth is truth. I advise you to look it up. God doesn't want you to be in the dark. But you still have a choice. You are held accountable for your children. We must train them in the way that they should go. Not the way they want to go. We are the parents. Therefore we should be mindful over ever decision we make and allow in our children's lives.?

LeftistsToTheLions #fundie

[OP of "Moderator /u/LeftistsToTheLions here updating you on a new rule we are implementing. Jews are involved."]

The new rule hereby is this:


Leftists are not people. They are not human. They are beneath such dignities, deserve no "rights" or legal protection. They are not "hes" or "shes." They are "its." They are objects. Do you debate with a cancerous tumor? Do you make friends with warts? Do you wave to dog shit while walking past it on the street? Of course not.

Anyways, the reason Jews are involved is that our Jew mod /u/AntifaTerrorism is going to monitor this situation very closely for rule violators.

TheG-flash #sexist #racist

[ on the star wars movies with rey ]

A man created a great franchise with a trilogy and prequels, then a woman comes in and ruined it with it's feminist propaganda and identity politics and obviously shoved in a strong Mary Sue character because like what KK said, in her little brain she thinks girls aren't into Star Wars and they can't relate to Han and Luke because they are male which is absolute bullshit. There are many girls out there who loves Luke and Han not because they're male, its because they're great written well characters who have to go through challenges. But no under this SJW feminist garbage, we need more female representation and diversity. I don't have anything against woman creating things, but they have to understand the material and listen to fans to what they want to see, which is why Wonder Woman was such a good movie because Patty Jenkins stayed true to the source material and created a movie people want to see. But with KK and Ruin "Potato Head" Johnson they give a shit what the fans want or think, they basically give them the cold shoulder and blasted out if you don't like our stuff then you're a racist sexist misogynist homophobic xenophobic man-babies! These people are absolutely disgusting!

JohnWickCel #crackpot #sexist #wingnut

2014 seems to be when everything went to crap both socially and media wise.

2014 was the year of GamerGate, which seems to be the first big SJW outing and when SJW's started to really infect everything. 2016 was when the dam broke with the USA election happened and stuff like MeToo became a thing.It also really let women go crazy with their sluttiness and their treatment of men. And based off what I've heard from other guys, it also ended a lot of trust and comfortableness men had around women. And yes I know things could get crappy in regards to this stuff before, but this seems to be when it started it's insane descent into where we are now.

Izayacel #sexist

Chess Represents the brutal truth, thats actually insane

ever wondered why chess is how it is?

you have your frontline full of farmers/slaves , they have the most limited move options in the game and "need to work hard" to get promoted
BUT they can easily be crushed while attempting so ( towers , springers and watever in the way)

they represent low tier, genetic males, they get placed on the bottom and need to hussle to get to the top ( IF EVEN )

you have towers,bishops they have greater move options and have more power by default " dont need to work hard "
AND they can not be easily crushed bc of their movement OPTIONS

see? they represent high tier genetic upper males, they get placed on top and have options by default ( model jobs, desired by most , ez life ...)

Springers / horses, have good movement options but are limited
they need to think to be able to make impacts but they can * they need to work *

ever wondered why litteraly no one ever promotes an farmer into a springer and choose towers or bishops instead?
bc its EASY, its like hey i get another chance so why not let it be as simple as possible this time

those are your typical normies, they think they get somewhere but just end up coping and betabux

and then you have your Queen , SHE has the best movements options in the game and is the MOST VALUEABLE FIGURE BY DEFAULT
she=mvp by default,
She cant be checkmaked although she is the strongest figure, why? bc man are the disposable ones ( the King )

thats your female, her value is given regardless, *i dont need to work*
man are thirsty like shits ( farmers ) and wanna protect and wonder why they fail ( no value )

divorce raping her isnt possible bc she is a woman hence the not being able to be checkmaked

The King, very limited movement options, looses the game after hes checkmaked
he cant checkmake the opponents king himself (cucked)

hes your husband cuck, cant do shit and gets divorce raped if needet, remember the queen cant be checkmaked thing?
bc it is a SHE ( Female )

only the king can loose the game but never the female
only the man need to play the game/have game but never the female

this shit is so mindblow its insane
that guy who invented the game propably was a philosoph god iq saint

(Emphasis original)

Mick Williams #fundie


"Rod Serling":
The principal foe of old-school liberalism was that nebulous, capitalist entity known as The Man: government-slash-business-slash-Wall Street. Its ideology was the simple communism taught by its Soviet handlers.

Today's liberals, far less educated, have more foes than neurons: themselves, if they're white; traditional marriage; Christians; the USA and Europe; common sense and truth; race harmony; strong economy...Its profit chart is a red line zigzagging relentlessly in a downward direction.

The once closeted embarrassment of homosexuality is the new civil rights darling, lionized by TV and media as normal. Transgenderism was a secret vice; today it's forced on the kindergarten set. Debate was welcome; now it's a threat to be shut down at any cost, including violence, a tempest most dangerous for that liberal house of cards.

What went wrong? Simply put--Strong Delusion, as promised by the Book they dismiss as mere literature. Beatniks of old must see them as vulgar and mean-spirited, petty and vindictive, dull and predictable. They've even got rabid against their mentors of old, the Russians.

What awaits our leftist lemmings? Exactly what they crave; a globalist regime where fairness and virtue find no respite from the brutal enforcers of that coming conqueror, tasked with elimination of all who reject a certain three-digit number. But for those not afflicted with said Delusion, a second chance awaits--in The Twilight Zone.

Blck/unknown #sexist

["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

What to pay attention to on online dating profile (not from me)

Good fun – right up her own ass, looking for someone else to fund her partying.

Good sense of humour – you’ll need one to date her, especially when you realise the vast gulf between her profile and reality.

Looking for young at heart funny man – I sucked the live out of all my former boyfriends, now I need new blood.

Looking to meet interesting people – I am a fucking princess.

Seeking something real – unlike me, I am completely fake

Looking for a truthful man – I am a lying cunt

Laugh – you won’t, not with me

Looking for genuine kind man – I need a carer

Looking for my soulmate – I am an emotional vampire, this is a variant on the young at heart funny man above

Good fun honest man – I am boring and dishonest

Feeling adventurous – Looking for a shag, to be fair, all women are looking for a shag, but these types will actually put out on the first date.

Looking for good hearted man – are you seeing a trend here yet?

Life’s one big adventure – I am a fucking princess, again

Looking for someone honest and caring – see the trends?

Looking for a guy who is honest – sigh…

Looking for a genuine bloke – sigh…

Looking for genuine, honest, sexy man – sigh…

Looking for genuine, intelligent bloke – sigh, but the inclusion of the “intelligent” keyword means you must not be interested in her looks.. lol

Looking for kind goodhearted man – sigh

Looking for funloving gentleman – the inclusion of the “gentleman” keyword is the clue that this skank is anything but a lady

Krauser PUA #sexist

Depending on the girl she’ll hit her true bloom somewhere near nineteen years old and hold it for a maximum of five years. She can continue to be sexy into her late twenties but the unmistakeable radiance diminishes.

I believe how a woman conducts herself determines the length of her bloom.

Put simply, “good girls” who follow a healthy lifestyle and identify with the feminine last longer than “bad girls” who chart a path through hedonistic waters. The following bad habits ravage a girl’s radiance:
?Excessive drinking. Men are constituionally far more capable of holding their beer over time than women. It’s not merely because a man’s physique is less important in determining his overall value. Women who drink even 10 units a week are seriously messing up their hormones, their shape, and their skin.
?Excessive cock-hopping. Sex in itself adds to a woman’s glow but sex with different men detracts from it. A woman who gets herself fucked 500 times by one guy she loves will look good. If the same woman spreads those fucks across 30 guys she will look like shit.
?Excessive careerism. Women are not designed to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Look at photos of Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson. When a man carries responsibility he takes on a weathered look that adds value. A weathered woman looks horrible

Some Incels #sexist


[JFL] Private school boys caught singing "misogynistic" chant on tram

Future young chads asserting their dominance on a Melbourne tram. its good to see some based school kids and not some SJW fags like most of inner city Melbourne is.

Lyrics from the call-and-answer chant include: "I wish that all the ladies / Were holes in the road / If I was a dump truck / I'd fill them with my load."

They just took over the tram – it was a mass of boys, tall, strong, very loud. And that boisterousness was one thing, but it was the whole attitude," Melanie told the ABC.

"You felt there was no respect for women, you felt you couldn't say anything and if you did, you were concerned about what would happen next."

Yet all those young teenagers will go on and have great sex lives. Quit the Virtual signalling.

Chads will be chads

women" damn chad isnt respecting women"

next minute, shes giving chad head JFL

I think this kind of openly misogynistic behavior from Chads comes from a place of deep seated confidence where they are deeply aware of their genetic privilege and know that they cannot do any wrong. The confidence comes from strength, knowing that they will go unopposed. They know that they are ideally placed in this society and so they take full advantage of it.
You'll NEVER see an incel do something like this.

if a pack of small timid incels did this. everyone would be shouting and telling to stop, but since its tall young strong adolescents. they wont say a word.


We did a similar chant in first year of my university. Very mysoginisyic and objectifying women.

What shocked me was the chant was led by chads and stacies. Girls in bus were singing about using coat hanger as abortion and getting filled up in all 3s and crawling on all 4s


This should be pinned. These boys were literally called out by females for not respecting women and having a bad personality, yet they keep having a lot ot girls and none of them seems to care about it. But our personalities are supposed to be the main reason why we are incels this destroyed normies argument about personality

David J. Stewart #fundie

According to information from Stanford University, music videos are most popular with younger teens, whereas the music itself is more popular with older teens. In other words, the Illuminati are targeting younger teens with degenerate videos, so that young teens will be encouraged to seek sexual relations with older men. It is human nature to have heroes and mentors. The Devil knows this. Proverbs 13:20, “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” Nothing is as destructive on teenagers today as the satanic music videos on YouTube, VH1 and MTV. It is tragic that our youth are being given kooks, quacks, pedophiles and queers for their heroes nowadays. America has become a spiritual dungheap among the nations, standing idle while the Devil's crowd intentionally destroy our youth. Psalms 50:22, “Now consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver.”

The producers of this film should be in prison for exploiting and endangering children! I've been preaching against “Dance Moms” since that pedophile-promoting show went public in 2011. Those producers, mothers and everyone involved should be brought to justice! God will punish them! Isaiah 13:11, “And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.” Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

The entire “Elastic Heart” video by lesbian Sia is sexually suggestive, promoting the adult-child-sex philosophies of NAMBLA. NAMBLA wants to sodomize children, and they're lobbying in the courts to change the laws to lower the age-of-consent. The Threat of Homo Pederasts to our children is disturbing. Search the internet for “Hollywood pedophiles” and you will be shocked at how much information there is. I once formed a list of 67 Hollywood movies with homosexual themes—the point being that homosexuality is synonymous with pedophilia and pederasty.

Communist Russia is now Safer for Children than America! President Vladimir Putin in Russia bans queer adoptions to protect children from being sexually molested. I am not trying to be unkind or mean, but the facts prove (as evidenced by this pedophile video “Elastic Heart” made by a lesbian, Sia) that there is a strong link between homosexuals and pedophiles. One perversion begets another!!!

averagetohot & rainisthelife #sexist

How to Never EVER Pay on a Date

Hi ladies.

This sub is in unanimous agreement that as women, we should never EVER have to pay on a date, and we should let the man take on that role. I've been dating for 4-5 years now pretty consistently, and I've had plenty of free meals and drinks since then.

Choose the Right Target
I'm a Becky (6-7) in my early-20s and I can get guys my age (25-28) who are my looksmatch to buy me free drinks and meals pretty consistently on dates at mid-high-end places. If I want to experience fine dining (a bill that costs like $200+), I date older men (30+) because they can afford it. I can pretty much get free meals every day if I wanted to and if I schedule correctly.

You need to choose men who have a good white collar jobs or they have their own business. I typically date men in the tech or finance field. They have the income to spend money on a date compared to a man who doesn't make much.


What If He Still Asks You to Pay?
The question remains though: how do you avoid paying if the man you're going out with asks you to split the bill? If you ever hear this from a man, I don't care how many dates you've been on, if it's the first or fifth date, simply tell him that you'll take care of the bill the next time you go out since you prefer taking turns since that's more romantic. Don't appear bitter. Smile as you say this and act feminine! Be sweet, confident, and show him that you desire him nonverbally. 99% of men won't insist that you pay the bill during that time.

Of course, there won't be another date. Delete him from the dating app and block his number. You don't need to say anything more to them. Don't feel guilty about blocking a cheap man. Just remember that men don't feel guilty about using women and playing with their emotions. It's only fair that we reserve the right to block cheap men who won't add value to our lives.

Don't Be Deceived by His Looks. He Should Still Pay.
It's easy to be confident in making a man who's below your league to pay for the bill every time you go out. But if you encounter a man who you find sexy and hot, you might be tempted to split the bill because you don't want to lose him or because you think that you're privileged to date such a hot guy. Stop. You might only think that the guy is above your league when he IS in your league and you're attractive too. (This is the case with me since I grew up as a plain Jane.) AND even if he's above your league, you still don't pay, comprende? You follow the advice I've give to you. He's a man and it's his role to be a provider. You have no business dating a man who dares to ask you to split the bill -- I don't care how hot he is or how good he makes you feel. Women need to date men who add something to their lives. I've dated a few guys who are above my league but they still didn't make me pay because they enjoyed being with me and it added value to their lives.

So Go Forth and Date...
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them below!

rainisthelife: Damn this post is fucking stellar 💯💯

And the number of triggered men crying about it makes it even sweeter. Keep telling the truth queen. Men are useless if they don’t have money.

Anonymous #fundie

"exploited beta providers"

I've been saying it for years, incel ideology is an SJW ideology. It's the same oppression olympics nonsense (you can read it in Elliot Rodger's manifesto too, it's practically an incel manifesto). This guy couldn't have made it more clear, he even uses the same buzzwords now.

They see women as an exploiter class and men as an oppressed class (similar to third wave feminism only in reverse).

You guys sad to say have a lot more in common than you think.

And of course Pharaoh Bastethotep himself is an admitted incel LOL. The reason he seems to be the only one constantly submitting these quotes is because he's trying hard to make you think he's one of the "good incels".

Such a transparent virtue signaler.

You're not fooling me buddy.

eric_otness #fundie

Dont these SJW know that normalizing pedophilia is whats next on the agenda? You might wanna go check Vox, CNN, and Huffington Post. How else are they going to learn to live with the muslims in Europe?

Anyway Marie could pass for under 18, its why everyone likes her, its why she is on the cover of the game, its why she was voted number 1. Why dont you go buy your worthless asses some plane tickets to the UK and protest in Rotherham if you give such a f*** about children and stop crying about a video game produced by the cleanest society on earth when you all live among the most vile.

I'm not sure I'd call Japan the cleanest society, especially when, in the case of the Pokémon Anime, they did definitely depict the female characters as sex objects even when they were canonically 10 years old, and besides which, Japan is actually one of the biggest distributers of child porn:

However, you are right about one thing: legalizing child porn is next on the SJW's radar whether they know it or not

True pedophiles would, you know, be attracted to people who were literally underage, like, I don't know, those people who actually hit it on with May or Dawn or Serena from Pokémon (who are quite explicitly 10 years old). In fact, Masamitsu Hidaka would qualify as a pedophile since his interview made it VERY clear that he views the girls in Pokémon, all of whom are 10 or younger, as just being sexualized meat for the audience, and with May and Serena, it's extremely obvious due to their having massive breasts.

'all keep waving around MR's manufactured age as if that's proof of non-pedophilia. When at best, it's proof of law-abiding pedophilia.

You're attracted to a character who:
- Looks like a child
- Dresses like a child
- Sounds like a child
- Speaks like a child
- Acts like a child
Etc. The overwhelming number of people meeting these characteristics are children. In fact, these characteristics are what separate children from adults. You're attracted to the things that make children "children." That makes you a pedophile.

*However*, you slam on the brakes if the potential object of your attraction is under age. 14-year-old looking and acting like MR: No go. Exact same person with an earlier birthday: Full steam ahead. That proves you understand and respect the law. Which is really all we can ask of people.

My primary concern is if they are literally children, ie, even their age is indeed 10. I would consider those who hit it off to May, Dawn, Iris, Serena, heck, even Misty from the Pokémon Anime when they are explicitly 10 years old to be pedophiles, NOT those who crush on Marie Rose, who at least is 18 years of age.

At most, Marie Rose would qualify as a manchild, which still doesn't make those who crush on her pedophiles. It's like saying girls who crush on, say, Kefka Palazzo must automatically be pedophiles just because he acts like a child and speaks like a child (literally in this case, since in the Japanese version, he uses the pronoun "boku-chin" which is generally appropriate only for very young children). And bear in mind, Kefka's in his thirties, and it's extremely obvious in Dissidia Final Fantasy that he isn't even close to a child anyway (though since he is somewhat diminutive in Final Fantasy VI, he could look like a child in the latter game).

Anonymous #sexist

Fuck the lesbians, they ain't shit. I fucking hate them. They're fucking faggots. Since I was teen, I fell in love with Rainbow Dash, I loved her, she was beautiful and sexy, she was my true love. But now fuck her. I hate her now, she's a cunt. I hope she dies and other dykes too. And fuck Applejack, the dumb orange redneck bitch. Rainbow Dash should go with me, not these bitches. I deserve her. I don't need her. I going to kill all the lesbians. One day I'm going to have revenge and kill all the lesbians and torture them brutally. Fuck women, they don't love men. All females are bitches. They think they're superior but they're not. And FUCK FEMINISM, I'm going my own way. Fuck my life. And I hate my mom she is a abusive bitch.

Neggr #sexist



Translation“There was a girl
who had pink hair”
“I know”
“Was she sexy to you?”
“Mega sexy”
“You’re into Women?”

JFL the conversation is basically me asking if she ever had a crush on a girl, and her responding yes and that she had pink hair and looked very hot, then I asked if she generally finds women hot and she said yes JFL ITS OVER FOR MEN!!!!

~SK8ER_4_LIFE~ #fundie

i think the devil has all different age gorups of anti-christ cuz the devil doesn't know when god is coming. so like a older person if god comes in 2 weeks or something. a middle age 1 in case god comes in 2 years or 5 or wutever, a younger 1 in case god comes in 20-30 years from now, and a baby in case god come 60-90 years from now. cuz no 1 knows not even the devil, hes preparing al of them until that 1 day comes.........well thats just wut i think

Zyrros #sexist

There is NO point on love, relationships, infatuation or anything

To be honest I don't see why the fuck are humans capable of love or infatuation when it only leads to suffering if you are not a top male.

you will ALWAYS be tossed aside as soon as a better male appears in the vicinity. There is no point if you are not a male model or at least good looking with GREAT charisma. Just no point.

I had a girl who I liked (not love, but really liked). We had a really really strong freindship and later a bit of more than friends stuff (no, this is not a brag). Our bond and friendship was very strong. Just one day, a guy with similar looks level but more charisma appeared and it all went to shit really quickly with me being left apart for that guy.

Even in freindhsip you will be tossed apart as soon as a better male appears. It isnt worth it anymore. Im living alone all my life without partner, because I don't want to have the constant fear and shadow of another better male appearing in the vicinity and ruining everything.

Its always like this, not only in my story, i saw lots of times this happen to other people too.

If you can be one upped by another male, DONT EVER enter a relationship, DONT EVER have meaningful friendships, DONT EVER let yourself become infatuated, ERASE all feelings because they are pointless.

8+/10 in looks or 7+/10 in loosk+great charimsa OR DEATH

John Carver #fundie

(part of an article titled "6 Reasons Progressives, Leftists, And SJWs Are (Literally) Hitler")

1. They Both Use A Stupid Looking And Impotent Arm Gesture

The Nazi salute or “Hitler’ salute was a gesture used as a greeting to powerful Nazi officials, and to glorify the German nation under the Third Reich. The salute was performed by extending the right arm to at least eye level, and straightening the hand so that it is parallel to the arm.

The George Soros-funded domestic terrorist group “Black Lives Matter,” which has a great deal of sympathizers and supporters from the political left, has also adopted their own (ultimately meaningless) arm gesture. Conservatives, libertarians, and the Alt-Right simply don’t bother with such try-hard tough and faux-fascist nonsense.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

2. They Both Want Heavy Firearms Restrictions Or Outright Confiscation

In the build-up to Nazi Germany going on the war rampage, Hitler made damn sure that the non-military German populace (Jew and Gentile alike) would be thoroughly disarmed of any projectile firing weapons, as to prevent any kind of civilian insurrection or rebellion against his fascist regime.

Progressives and SJW’s in the United States by and large hate guns, and repeatedly call for heavy restrictions on firearms or outright Hitler, Stalin, and Mao style confiscation.

On the other hand, conservatives, libertarians, and the Alt-Right (including neomasculinists) all respect and value the right to bear arms in order to stymie out-of-control criminality and keep government oppression in check. Not to mention it’s a damn good idea to have most of the population armed as a major deterrent against outside invaders.

Just ask Switzerland, who successfully avoided all of the chaos in Nazi-occupied Europe due to both their mountainous geography and by having the most strapped-up civilian population in all the land.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

3. They Both Blame All Of Society’s Ills On One Segment Of The Population

Despite being responsible for about 95% of all major technological and medical advancements for the past 600 years, and the upholders or creators (along with Northeast Asians) of the most advanced infrastructure, high-income, low-corruption, politically stable, and peaceful countries on the planet (i.e. highly desired for migration for people of all races and colors around the world), progressives and SJW’s almost never have anything positive to say about white males.

Every real or perceived societal issue must be caused by the white man and his “supremacist” outlook on life and his “racist” institutions, and no personal responsibility must be accepted for what plagues the African-American, Native American, or Chicano communities. The finger of righteous indignation can simply point straight back to heterosexual white males, who are “privileged” beyond all comparison.

(But please, keep it quiet that many Asian minority groups are economically outperforming white people and are being imprisoned far less per capita. Ok? You’ll ruin the leftist narrative.)

In similar fashion, the Nazi’s blamed just about everything that caused pain to Germany on the mannerisms, behaviors, and business practices of Jews.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

Casey F #fundie

For anyone who is Christian or has a close relationship with God...please help.?

how do you deal with athiest people?...i mean i dont argue them and i respect their view points but i just want to lead them in the right way if you know what i hurts me to see people who are athiest...any suggestions to "how to guid them in the right direction?" idk what to say when their like "i dont get how people can belive that God came out of no where, but the universe cant?"...I tell them...God didnt just come out of nowhere, hes always exsisted..but they dont listen...they all seem to be so close-minded!...but i guess just talking to them about it plants a seed? right?...and thats the first step, isnt it?.....what are some good ways to plants seeds you guys??? and to maybe convince a nonbeliver to belive?