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Inceljoe #sexist

Why do normies say they want "strong confident women" ?

Ive heard that shit so many fucking times from normie males now. "I love strong confident women!", "a woman should be confident .. strong, its sexy!"


How is it SEXY that a woman is "strong" ? What the fuck are they even talking about?

Just a few decades ago, women werent "strong and confident", they were submissive and feminine, and THATS how its supposed to be.

What the fuck is wrong with these guys today? Why do they want STRONG CONFIDENT women? Do they want some fucking 6´2 amazon woman with a cock fucking them in their ass?

Some Incels #sexist

Re: She will never be faithful to you. In her mind only Chad exists.


Transcript(I've been having an affair with my employee and I'm the happiest I've been in a while.

I love my husband and I'm very happy with him- He is my rock and everything I need, We have a blended family and we're the envy of our friends. This affair in no way reflects badly on him or our marriage. I'm not a young woman at 38 (my husband is 45), After 3 daughters, my body is far from what it used to be. I hired a young, model-handsome boy to work for my company. I didn't expect for him to be anything more than eye candy or a fantasy until I noticed him checking me out and giving me compliments. Soon, these tiny flirtations turned to clandestine sex. Although I know that what I'm doing isn't right, I feel absolutely on top of the world. I'm constantly getting told that Mm glowing from family friends and even strangers. I can actually look in the mirror and feel SEXY again and desirable. My husband is in absolute awe of me now. he can tell that I feel amazing about myself and he adores it. The deep confidence that this affair has given me has led to me dressing sexier$ waxing and wearing more make-up. My husband thanks God that he was able to land such a hot mama. ;) He's so happy! I know that this will have to end soon but I'm on a high I don't want to come down from. I find )


Literally hired a hot young guy just to be "eye candy". Foids should never be leaders or make any kind of important decisions because this is how their thought process works. Whatever looks nice.



I mean guys will sometimes hire hot secretaries to bone and whatnot. Kinda dumb but whatever...the difference is:

A foid will actually promote the eye candy and have the incel scrub the toilets, whereas the dudes will promote the hard-working incel so he too can have a hot secretary. Also a dude will keep the secretary a secretary and not promote her to management and will fire her if she starts some bullshit sexual harassment claims.


Women are only truly happy when they are used as cock receptacles by Chad(s), and have her children provided for by a wealthy beta. This is the only scenario where they don't go full on batshit crazy. Believing any single man can keep a women happy is cope.


Women are only truly happy if they are loved by rich Chad (or are independently wealthy themselves so Chad can be poor in that case). Anything else including the dual mating strategy is cope.


... and no one needs sex, it isn’t that important. It only makes you glowing, feel amazing about yourself, makes others adore you, and feeling sexy and desireable.

=) #fundie

GOD told him im his wife! and im only 15... can a good christian help me?
my parents told me that a guy from our church is fasting and praying about me.

i met him about half of a year ago when he came to visit our church.
i was basically the first person to greet him and his sister. he was really nice and all.. but i would never think about getting married to him! hes 23 =/
but everyone keeps on telling me 8 years difference is okay once you get married.

anyways he is practicaly in love =( he bought me an iphone for my bday. hes sooo full of care and evrything! its crazy

BUT i dont feel very attracted to him. i guess its cause im still young. my mom thinks hes handsome lol
but that not the point. hes very overprotactive.. he gets all weird when i talk to other guys.. and my mom told him he almost got a stroke once.. cause he knew i didnt really like him or something

the crazy thing is that ever since i was like 12 i always saw the number 133 and now that i met him that number is everywhere. like on the card he gave me for my bday. the parking lot he parked in seattle when he his sis and i went to a museam.. and in the bible 1peter 3:3 it talk about how beauty should not come form the outside.. but what matters is the inside (your heart)

anyways i dunno what to do. he is very very christian.. but i just dont have feelings for him =( which makes me sad lol and can God actully tell a guy who his wife is??

Alan Vaughn #fundie

A further spin-off from what you’re pointing out is the similar (yet in a sense opposite), association with mature (femihag) women, affectionately referred to as ‘Cougars’ or ‘MILFs’…
In that culture, they use terms such as girl, or chick to further enhance the paedohysterical notion that girls under 18 are ‘children’, by artificially DEflating the relative age and mature appearance of those hags as (sexy or attractive) girls.
(They are trying and I think possibly with limited success, to brainwash men into believing and accepting mature women as being as sexy or even MORE sexy and attractive than younger girls).

I remember having quite an intense belly laugh when esteemed reader ‘MRA Front’ directed me to the so-called ‘Cougar’ culture, where I saw images of ugly old hags with 18 to 20 year old boys and splashed across the top of the page was this exact phrase: “You go girl!!”
Other pages contained similar pictures and short stories of Cougar ‘conventions’, where ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’ Cougars go for the exclusive purpose of meeting young men and having sex with them and they were even referred to as ‘hot chicks’, ‘Hotties’ or ‘Gals’. I.e. words normally associated with young women and girls.

I think you might, as I do, perceive this as yet another publicity ‘trick’ (in propaganda) the gynocracy has developed and deployed, to effectively conflate all females AT or OVER the age of consent to be either women or ‘girls’, but any girls BELOW the AoC are children. And of course, any man showing the slightest sexual interest towards them (including looking at drawings of anything that looks remotely youthful), are indisputably vile paedophiles, worthy of nothing less than life in prison or death (if not already deceased); or, at the VERY least: a lifetime of public scapegoating, ridicule and stigmatization, via their highly successful: publicly accessible sex offender registry system.

Dr. Stephen Kim #fundie


By Dr. Stephen Kim

In a former post, I detailed 10 men that Christian women ought to avoid when considering marriage.  Today, I present to you my list for Christian men.

“I have perceived among the youths, a young man lacking sense, passing along the street near her corner,taking the road to her house” (Proverbs 7:7-8).

1. The Unbeliever. Scripture is replete with exhortations against such marriages (in both the Old and New Testaments).  Contrary to popular misconception, God’s prohibition against marriages to foreign women in the Old Testament was not due to racism.  Instead, God was simply preventing the spread of idolatry.  Israel, God’s chosen people in the Old Testament, represented what Christians would later represent in the New Testament.  Hence, God’s prohibition against marrying an unbelieving woman in the New Testament (2 Cor 6:14) is simply the extension of God prohibiting a Hebrew man from from marrying a Canaanite woman in the Old Testament (Deut 7:3-4).  “Do not intermarry with them. Do not give your daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons, for they will turn your children away from following me to serve other gods, and the LORD’s anger will burn against you and will quickly destroy you” (Deut 7:3-4).

What then, is a believer?  A Christian essentially is someone who believes in the gospel of Jesus Christ.  What then, is the gospel?  The gospel is: 1. God is holy, loving, and just.  He therefore, must condemn all sinners to punishment in the flames of eternal hell;  2. You and I are all sinners who deserve nothing but God’s wrath in hell after our deaths; 3. God loved humanity so much that He sent His only Son, Jesus (who was fully God and fully man), to die on the cross for your sins.  Jesus paid the debt for your sins and absorbed God’s wrath on your behalf.  3 days later, Jesus resurrected from the dead; 4. If you repent (turn from) all your sins and personally put your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord, God and Savior, then you will have eternal life. (For more information on the saving message of the gospel, click here.)

2. The Divorcee. Jesus clearly taught that unless the first marriage ended due to a partner’s sexual infidelity, a second marriage is to be considered invalid and adulterous (I explain this teaching further here).  A divorced woman, therefore, is off limits for a Christian man–unrepentant adultery being a sin that prevents one from obtaining eternal life (1 Cor 6:9).  “If she divorces her husband and marries another, she commits adultery” (Mark 10:12). “And I say to you: whoever divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another, commits adultery” (Matthew 19:9).
ultery” (Matthew 19:9).

3. The Older Woman. Not a sin, but certainly not God’s ideal.  God expects men to be the spiritual leaders of the home (Eph 5:25) and it certainly requires an extra measure of grace to lead a woman who’s older than you.  Again, if you’re a man and you’re already in such a marriage, then honor it till the day you die–it’s still a valid marriage and divorce is not an option!  However, if you’re not yet married but thinking about an older woman I want to remind you that God intentionally (with good reason!) created Adam before Eve in the First Marriage.  Scripture informs us that God created man first chronologically for the sake of authority!  Listen:  “I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. For Adam was formed first, then Eve” (1 Timothy 2:12-13).  Evidently, within the First Marriage, God intended chronology (age) to be a reason for authority.

Apparently, even secular researchers are now beginning to discover results that back up God’s wisdom as demonstrated in the Bible:

“If you’re a woman two or more years older than your husband, your marriage is 53 percent more likely to end in divorce than if he was one year younger to three years older.” (Source: Rebecca Kippen, Bruce Chapman and Peng Yu, “What’s Love Got to Do With It? Homogamy and Dyadic Approaches to Understanding Marital Instability,” Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, 2009.)“Marriage generally improves life expectancy, but the age gap between a couple affects the life expectancy of men and women very differently.  Marrying an older man shortens a woman’s lifespan, but having a younger husband reduces it even more, the study found.  The findings, drawn from the medical records of two million Danish couples, suggest that the best a woman can do is marry a man of about the same age. Health records have shown previously that men live longer if they have a younger wife, an effect researchers expected to see mirrored in women who married younger men. However, a woman who is between seven and nine years older than her husband has a 20% greater mortality rate than if she were with a man the same age.” (Source:“A new study shows that women who marry men seven to nine years younger than they are increase their mortality risk by 20 percent. This is the opposite of the finding for men who marry much younger wives – their life expectancyincreases. The new study from the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Rostock, Germany, changes assumptions about how marriage can extend life, owing in part to improved support systems spouses can provide for one another, and the supposed psychological benefit from having a younger spouse, who could become a caretaker should the older spouse become infirm.” (Source:

4. The Feminist.  There’s no room within Christendom for the “Christian feminist.”  Though women and men have equal value in the eyes of God (Gal 3:28), they certainly have different God-given roles.  Any woman who tries to usurp her husband’s authority or even claims to be a co-leader with her man is gravely dishonoring the God who created her to be subject and obedient to her husband (Eph 5:22, Col 3:18, 1 Pet 3:1).   Eve was distinctly created “for” man, a point that the apostle Paul makes abundantly clear in 1 Corinthians 11 when he writes, “For man was not made from woman, but woman from man. Neither was man created for woman, but woman for man.” (1 Corinthians 11:8-9).  Men, your wife is to be your “helper” (Gen 2:18)–not your leader and certainly not your equal in terms of authority.  Look for a woman who agrees with you in this very vital God-ordained relational dynamic.

5. The Immodest-Dresser.  Sexy might inadvertently catch your eyeballs, but it shouldn’t catch your heart.  The way that a woman is willing to expose herself says much about her heart: “And behold, the woman meets him, dressed as a prostitute, wily of heart” (Proverbs 7:10).  The text in Proverbs explains that a woman will dress in a certain way to catch a certain type of man.  Don’t be that man.  Don’t be the fool who’s led by his hormones instead of the Holy Spirit.  Remember: you want godly, not gaudy.  

6. The Gossiper/Slanderer.  Women may love to talk, but there’s wisdom in looking for a woman who speaks with wisdom. Gossip and slander are not good things to have in your marriage. Desperate housewives make for desperate husbands.  “Besides that, they learn to be idlers, going about from house to house, and not only idlers, but also gossips and busybodies, saying what they should not.” (1 Timothy 5:13).

7. The Childbirth Avoider. Do not marry a woman who is not willing to have children of her own.  In the Christian worldview, there is absolutely no room for two married, biologically capable, human beings to remain intentionally child-less.  If you are adverse towards having children, then there’s a simple remedy for that: single-hood.   However, if God has called you to marriage, then He actually expects children.  Both the New and Old Testaments are very clear on this teaching: “Did he not make them one, with a portion of the Spirit in their union? And what was the one God seeking? Godly offspring” (Malachi 2:15).  “Yet she will be saved through childbearing—if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control” (1 Timothy 2:15).

8. The Wander-Luster.  There’s nothing wrong with the occasional family vacation.  There is something very wrong with a girl who regularly needs to be “out of the home.”  The constant desire for new experiences, new places, new faces, and new forms of entertainment only serves to clearly manifest the fact that the woman has not found her rest in God.  Believe it or not, Scripture speaks repeatedly about such women:  “She is loud and wayward; her feet do not stay at home” (Proverbs 7:11); “Besides, they get into the habit of being idle and going about from house to house. And not only do they become idlers, but also busybodies who talk nonsense, saying things they ought not to” (1 Timothy 5:13).

9. The Career-first Woman. Now, I want to clarify something here.  There is nothing wrong with a woman who works (Acts 16:14), what’s wrong is a woman who puts her career ahead of her family.  Modern American society might hate to hear this, but God made men to be the providers and women to be the nurturers of the home (in most instances).  It’s okay for a woman to be a doctor, attorney, or any other professional.  However, if her career is coming at the expense of her home, then something is wrong.  If day-care is raising her young children while she’s working, then something is wrong.  I understand that there might be a season of life where the wife might have to be the main bread-winner due to her husband’s unemployment, but it should not be the desired norm. The woman ought to be willing (and even desirous–to some extent) to give up her job for the sake of raising her kids in the Lord.  “So I counsel younger widows to marry, to have children, to manage their homes and to give the enemy no opportunity for slander” (1 Tim 5:14).

10. The Devotion-less Woman.  Is the woman having a regular, daily devotional time with her God?  If she doesn’t love the Lord now, chances are, she won’t love the Lord after marriage.  (Don’t delude yourself–you’re not going to change her.)  You want to marry a girl who has an intimate relationship with Jesus.  Jesus (not you) has to be the first man in her life.  Here are some good questions to ask: Does she have an active prayer life?  Does she have a heart for evangelism?  Is she hungry for God’s Word?  What does her pastor think about her?

Do you remember this account from Scripture:

Now as they went on their way, Jesus entered a village. And a woman named Martha welcomed him into her house. [39] And she had a sister called Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to his teaching. [40] But Martha was distracted with much serving. And she went up to him and said, “Lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her then to help me.” [41] But the Lord answered her, “Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, [42] but one thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, which will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:38-42 ESV)

Marry the Mary (no pun intended).  Such women have picked “…the good portion, which will not be taken away” from them. God be with you men.  Strong families start with strong wives.  Choose wisely and choose in the Lord!

somethin a lil different #fundie

generally men dont have modesty issues for a few main reasons:

1) we have by far less things that are essential to cover up

2) our clothes generally dont show much skin(arms and legs excluded)

3) a guys torso being exposed is not a big deal due to the lack of anything that can be seen as "rude" to look at

4) boxers showing as a general rule is not a question of a lack of modesty, its just apathy

5) a tight top shows very little any way unless you are a body builder

6) men dont on the whole take much thought in showing off their bodies

7) only the social inept would see an issue of modesty in most mens clothes since there isnt one... since only the very very very very very small minority would wear Speedos for that "sexy" look lol

im board now if any one els can think of more reasons please add them or debate what i have put so far

Wolfblade111, ghostraptor1917, Dreddzilla,iamcheese22 #homophobia

[ on Lando being pansexual ]

SJW's Continue to Ruin Star Wars.


SJWS trying to force their politics in the things we love"

IAMCHEESE22:"And now I'm done. -_-"

Dreddzilla: "I'm so done with Star Wars!"

wolfblade111:"Same, until they get their acts together with it, I'm focusing on my own headcanon. XD"

shawntheimmortal942 #wingnut

(Submitter note: kind of picked this fight but its does goes to show you just how deep in the Anti-SJW this guy is)

drivanmoffitt: Ok... Where the fuck are you getting the notion that sjws are calling Anakin an incel? I mean the term incel who can't seem to get into women's pants and blame their looks for it... Anakin isn't that at all, hell in Canon (new) he still depicted as being very faithful and loyal to his wife even after her death (granted he can't do much because he's stuck in a life support system but still), so where did you get that horseshit from?

Shawntheimmortal942: In the video 7:03 -8:05 but here’s the tweet (submitter note: she was pointed the contradiction of her twit by other twitter followers, some of which seem to have a left-leaning view on things) this bitch looks like every goddamn feminist who would have an opinion like this.

drivanmoffitt: That's the opinion of one woman, one person, where in the new Canon do they suggest that Anakin is some incel prick?

Swantheimmortal942: Give it time, they’ll give her a comic series where she’ll write Anikin as a Nazi incel in a new book. My theory is they’ll do this to make Anikin look weak compared to Rey because even John Boyega said Rey ain’t shit compared to Anikin. Anyway, she’s the writer of the show Vagrant queens so I wouldn’t be surprised if marvel or disney Star Wars gave her a book to write and make it canon. Maybe it’ll be “Anikin: lost days” or “the truth”

drivanmoffitt: dude, you're just being paranoid, people on that tread pointed out the contradictions, so I doubt they would give her a book or comic to write involving Anakin. As for Rey, I like I her character, just because you bitch and moan about her being a mary sue (somehow...) doesn't make her an interesting perhaps, hell, the movies show that's she's NOT perfect, she has plenty of flaws, most of which relates to her abandonment issues and (justifiably) anger she has over it. Also, the same could be applied to Anakin and Luke too you know, why can't they be considered 'gary sues' too. I really don't see where you and all the other people who complain about Rey get the notion that she's a mary sue.

Shawntheimmortal942: this trailer about the new warriors book tell me that Disney wouldn’t okay an incel Anikin. Didn’t they already retcon that the empire was founded by a woman who was totally better than Palpatine? are trying sooooo~hard to erase past characters to push a narritive(also Kneon is a leftist so don’t even try to use that excuse, okay?) Rey is a Mary Sue, she left the new trilogy with EVERYTHING, Luke’s light saber(I heard they changed it to “Rey’s light saber” in the Star Wars Disney world store)palpatine’s powers, the ability to heal with the force which she didn’t train for(don’t even mention the books because if I’m watching a movie then I shouldn’t go read a fucking book to know what the hell is going on. It”s like when the injustice series had a prequel comic which doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the game)and is somehow “all the Jedi” even tho that comes right out of her ass. Rey’s abandonment issues are even more inconsistent! She knows that her parents are nobodies but uh oh now her father palpatine’s son and she’s making out with Kylo ren even tho he’s killed so many people and their romance was never established. Anakin has actual flaws from his anger to his impatience to his gullibility but in the end sacrifices his life to save his son and wasn’t Luke whiny bitch in the beginning? He was but then over time he grew and got stronger and even tried to save his father from the dark side. Rey and Kylo...what are they? Are they enemies? Are they in love? Is it a love hate relationship? I have no idea what was going on between them hell it would’ve been cool if Rey did end up joining Kylo in the last jedi because at least it shows her doing something interesting. But no, Rey is just Rey. Look, you can like Rey all you want but I just don’t find anything interesting about her and seeing her walk around getting everything is just more “the force is female” BS.

drivanmoffitt: oh joy more bullshitting anti-sjws... seriously dude, things are not like that at all, and at this point anti-sjw nonsense is simply a vehicle for far-right individual to push their ideology into a community they think is ripe for it. And to me, the Force is not female, nor is it male, I honestly think it's more neither, which I imagine you have an issue with don't you?

Shawntheimmortal942: First of all did you even watch the videos? Second, “Anti-SJW nonsense is simply a vehicle for the far right to push their ideology into a community they think is ripe for”? Yes~that totally isn’t what an SJW would say to poison the well or seeing a different point of view, that is a garbage rebuttal and you know it. Also really subtle on trying to call me a sexist too, pal. My issue isn’t the “force being female” my issue is this SJW bullshit getting shoved down our throats. All the male characters are turned into cowards or bitches while the fame characters are heroic. I’m just calling a spade a spade hell the media is constantly demonizing people who even dare to criticize last Jedi and you’re telling me there”s NO narrative being pushed down our throats?

drivanmoffitt: what? I'm not calling you a sexist, I indicated that I flatly don't think the Force, should it be a sentient entity, is neither male or female, and by the way, the guy you made a journal about is a FUCKING NEO-NAZI for crying out loud, as he pushed for some neo-nazis like shit both in the past and today, and has repeated be showed to be harassing cosplayers and making statements like "I wouldn't rape you", you are following individuals who are not good people and taking their word like gospel even their talking points of "go woke go broke" has been proven to be wrong. Captain Marvel made over 1.1 BILLION dollars in the box office, Black Panther made 1.3 BILLION, the new trilogy collectively made over 4.4 BILLION dollars, which by the way, Force Awakens is 2 billion, Last Jedi is 1.3 billion and Rise of Skywalker a billion, these industries are not going broke just because a bunch of idiots on the internet are complaining about it.

Bradford C. Walker #racist #wingnut

The American Thinker published an article today recounting the recent problems Somalis caused here since Bill Clinton aided traitor Churchians in planting these unwanted hostile aliens here during the '90s. While I don't live in Minneapolis proper, I do live in its area and I've seen first-hand some of the same shit that commentators in the Supreme Dark Lord's post on the topic describe. Yes, including the willful delusion rooted in emotion regarding not-dealing with the problem.

They are not us. They don't belong here. They never will be one of us, so they never will belong here- unless and until they replace us, and they know it. Go back to that Thinker article. The Somalis engaging in predatory behavior are not the ones that got off the boat. They're the sons--almost always sons--of those who got off the boat, and even those born and raised here reject America for their own culture- as the prevalence of "radicalization" (dropping the mask) and going abroad to fight for groups like ISIS show. The women go along with it, as Ilhan demonstrates so clearly, as full participants willful of what is going on as well as how and why. No innocents here.

As they filter out from their Little Somalia enclave in Minneapolis, the deleterious effect corrodes wherever they go. My mother (in the typical fashion) comments on how far behind the small children are now in the local elementary she volunteers at, and those kids always includes Somalis; "Muh Education" means nothing to them. The crack about how the naivety of Scandanvian countries applies here is entirely true, and therefore it is no surprise at all that a lot of the same stupidity going on in Sweden and Norway occurs here, including all the SJW bullshit.

Today we call this insanity "Clown World". Yesterday it was "Weimar". The latter is far more appropriate, as all of the degeneracy and insanity we have now throughout the world was once rampant in post-WW1 Germany. Yes, it really was that bad, and we all know what came out of that- even the wise of the day saw that coming and tried, futilely, to warn the world of that. Whenever you recreate the conditions for a phenomenon's occurrence, you will get that occurrence if you let the process go to completion. The recent meme-oriented way of putting it is "And then all of a sudden, for no reason at all, they voted Hitler into power." And yes, Gen Z is is watching.

And mark my words: Deportation is the merciful option, an option whose window of opportunity is closing. Once it closes, it's warfare all the way down, and it won't be the clean version that was the American Civil War. The best you'll get--and you had better pray for this to happen--is a literal Crusade to retake America by and for Americans. They are not us, don't want to be us, and never will belong with us. They know it and act on it. Who, therefore, benefits from trying to convince you otherwise? When you figure that out, go after them first- traitors before invaders, always. The invaders don't need Narrative Warfare; the traitors do.

Kajm #wingnut

Early election prediction, two scenarios:

Enough people fall for the LIES of the MSM to make it a close election. Trump still wins. Damnedocrats and MSM shriek about 'fraud' and 'corruption' and 'suppression of votes' for the next four years, as the US Continues to grow Upwards.


Enough people #WalkAway from the Damnedocrats that Trump wins IN A LANDSLIDE. Damnedocrats and MSM shriek about 'fraud' and 'corruption' and 'voter suppression' for the next four years, as the US Continues to grow Upwards. With the extra added bonus that SJW bullshit / Cancel Culture et al, Bites the dust.***

I'll settle for something closer to the second scenario.

*** - either way, expect extended rounds of Leftist Violence across the country, as Trump takes the vow for another four years.

Shinjicel #sexist #racist #conspiracy #homophobia

[Serious] Best US state to find traditional foid

I have wealthmaxxed and will surgerymax and location max. Worst case scenario I just act like I like her, take the kids and dip. I will not take any back talk or woke sjw bullshit. I am only doing this to give the middle finger to the jew and to mother nature, my genes are above this globohomo NWO faggotry. Only serious responses.

Jesse Powell #fundie

A man’s dominance to be ethical and legitimate has to be directed to the woman’s benefit; it has to be part of the general ethic of placing women’s interests above men’s interests. Likewise a woman’s submission is only functional when it facilitates the woman’s well being and the woman’s ability to contribute to others. Male dominance is directed towards the goal of service to the woman while female submission is directed towards the goal of service to others.

An interesting thing I have learned about myself. When I look towards a woman I have found that what I most want is a connection to God. Love and sex is not what I value most in a woman; what I value most is her Godliness, her spirituality, her higher moral purpose, her feminine gift to the world. If all a woman can offer me is love and sex I am not interested; love and sex has to be combined with morality in order for me to be interested. In other words my relationship with the woman has to be moral; it has to serve a higher moral purpose. The woman can’t be attacking me or trying to undermine me or trying to manipulate me or trying to “get something out of me.” All of these behaviors by the woman destroy my moral purpose in the relationship; they all undermine and lessen my value as a man and represent the woman seeking to harm me or harm others for her own selfish benefit. If the woman claims to be my “equal” and is not willing to submit to me this tells me that her intention is to steal from me or manipulate me or attack and undermine me in some way. Additionally the woman should be idealistic so that her inclination is to use my support for her in service to others rather than her being selfish and inward looking. My purpose in giving to a woman is not just to help the woman; it is to help the woman help others.

When I refer to a woman being “in service to others” what I mean is her being in service to her children or our children or my children; in addition her being in service to a wide variety of potential “others.” She may be in service to other children in her extended family, she may be of benefit to the neighborhood kids, she may volunteer in service to the less fortunate in a number of ways, she may care for the elderly, she may mentor younger women growing up or starting out in life, she may contribute to the religious community she is a part of, she might work to spread her religious faith to others, she might write books or maintain a blog to communicate positive moral teachings or practical advice to others. There are many ways a woman can be in service to others. When I financially support a woman what I am doing is giving her her time so that she can then give her time to others.

I do not want an “independent woman.” What purpose do I serve with an “independent woman?” My goal is to help others through my support of the woman so that my relationship with the woman will serve a higher moral purpose that is pleasing to God. Therefore the woman must be dependent upon me in order for me to achieve my full value and my full purpose as a man.

My intimacy, my dominance, and my service to the woman are not just things intended to benefit the woman; they are also meant to benefit me and my sense of higher moral purpose. I want a woman that accepts my intimacy, my dominance, and my service to her in addition to me myself seeking to give intimacy, dominance, and service to a woman.

In order for a woman to be able to offer me intimacy, submission, and service to others she has to be trusting towards me and she has to be idealistic and not selfish. Feminism is the antithesis of these things that I need from a woman. Feminism on principle refuses to trust a man no matter how trustworthy he is; the refusal to obey a man very clearly being an assertion of contempt and an expression of fear. Furthermore feminism is selfishly oriented fixated on “women’s rights” the rights of everybody else be damned.

What I most want is for a woman to be Godly. Conservative religious teachings and the overall religious view of life with God and obedience to God being the central organizing theme; this is very desirable in a woman as these things support a woman’s ability to trust me given my trustworthiness in reality and they support an idealistic generous orientation towards others. A Godly woman true to her traditional religious faith will be able to offer me the intimacy, submission, and service to others that I am looking for in a woman.

The reason for me joining my life with a woman is to gain access to her femininity for myself and to contribute her femininity to others. It is the woman’s femininity that I want for myself selfishly and to contribute to others idealistically. Femininity is the skill areas and abilities that women are better at than men; masculinity is the skill areas and abilities that men are better at than women. Femininity is what I don’t have or at least am weak in. Femininity is what I need and what the world needs that I myself do not possess; it is something I can only gain access to and contribute to others through the means of entering into a relationship with a woman and supporting that woman. Likewise masculinity is what a woman doesn’t possess herself and can only get through a relationship with a man. The purpose of masculinity is the support and empowerment of femininity. The purpose of romantic relationships between men and women is male masculine support of women’s feminine contribution to children and society at large.

What I have to give as a traditional man is intimacy, dominance, and service. What I want to receive from a traditional woman in return is intimacy, submission, and service to others. This is the complementarian relationship between men and women, this is patriarchy as it is expressed in romantic relationships between men and women, this is how the romantic bond between man and woman is given its higher moral purpose. This is what I have to give as a man and what I want to receive from a woman.

aCultureWarrior #fundie

More on the Boy Scouts considering not denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation.

From the memo above:

"For this reason, the Executive Committee, on behalf of the National Executive Board, wrote a resolution for consideration that would remove the restriction denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation alone and would maintain the current membership policy for all adult leaders of the Boy Scouts of America. The voting members will take action on the resolution during the Boy Scouts of America’s National Annual Meeting on May 23, 2013."

First of all, is anyone else bothered that society, and especially a youth mentor organization that was founded on biblical values, is accepting the term "gay youth"? These children need spiritual and pyschological guidance to help them become free from this perversion known as homosexuality, not being told that it's a legitimate behavior.

Secondly, let's say that 12 year old Timmy, who was adopted by Adam and Steve at age 2, sodomized by them or their homosexual friends at age 5, and told by his 'parents' and the culture he is raised in that homosexual behavior is perfectly normal and hence turns out to be a proud and unrepentant homosexual himself, what kind of message is that sending to the other Boy Scouts?

Let's say that little Timmy stays with the Scouts and in his upper teens makes it to the rank of Eagle Scout, will he be allowed to mentor younger Scouts, including going on overnight campouts with them?

Of course the homosexual movement won't just accept the fact that "gay youth" will be accepted into the BSA (if the BSA should decide to go that route in May), as that would be "discriminatory", thus the lawsuits will continue against the BSA.

Like everything that homosexuality touches, should the Boy Scouts decide to change their once biblical foundation to allow people that are proud of their immoral behavior into their organization, the Boy Scouts of America will die a slow agonizing death.

kt0998 #sexist

What is Black Pill Feminism?

Feminism for doomers.

Basic tenets of Black Pill Feminism:

- Biological realism. Male misogyny, sadism, violence and the need to subjugate and control women are caused by male biology. Female submissiveness and pickme-traits are caused by female biology. These generalizations apply to 99%+ of humanity. Patriarchy is the result of (biological) misogyny, not the origin of it.

- Feminism is a scam. Society's definition of equality is re-packaged male dominance. Feminism has been hijacked by anti-woman forces and was always doomed to succumb to the pickme-nature of most feminists. Feminism is anti-woman movement.

- We are heading towards misogynist dystopia. Hardcore porn, misogynist online communities, transgenderism, deep fakes, invasion of privacy, sexualization of children and the general rise of all things degenerate, fucked up and anti-woman. No matter how you look at it, women are fucked and things will keep getting worse and worse. Don't have kids.


- Moids.

- Positivity. This is doomer only sub.

- "muh socialization" If biological determinism triggers you, this is not a sub for you. Pick another sub. Any sub. Literally EVERY feminist/leftist/liberal/marxist/whatever space promote biological denialism and blank slate ideology. We know socialization is real, but we reject it as the underlying/main cause.

- Promotion of any political movements or ideologies. Guess what, they are all anti-women.

- Trolling, MRA, pickme, coomer, SJW etc bullshit, spam, blah blah.

In Real Tyme #fundie


Brian Niemeier #fundie

Our corporate overlords and their SJW minions have ruined movies, TV, music, stand up comedy, video games, tabletop games, and knitting. Now Warhammer 40k fans are in for a taste of their shrill, forked lash.


Let the demoniacs have their ill-gotten gains. We don't need them now that indie creators in all fields are hard at work producing fun content that doesn't insult its audience.

Do your part. Support indie science fiction today!

Total Imbecile #sexist #racist

[Blackpill] I am shocked that "The Last Samurai" is not being discussed more often, its racepill the movie

TLDR plot:
-white guy goes to SEA to train soldiers
-gets captured by the samurai but not before killing one of their top dogs
-as a prisoner they train him to become one of them
-the wife of the guy he killed falls in love with him and they fuck
-rides off to battle against his former comrades
-every gook gets killed except him and he gets pardoned because hes white

What an aboslute joke of a movie but it portrays 100% accurately how it is to be white IRL

”the wife of the guy he killed falls in love with him and they fuck”

this is realistic.
french women did the same during WW2, their men died trying to protect their country and weeks later these girls started fucking the invaders.
"loyality" is a non-existent concept for them.

Its kind of related but still a bit different

For example he isnt powerful in the movie, hes a prisoner who gets beat and thrown around and smells bad yet the noodle still fucks him because hes white

various commenters #sexist


I dont get why people get so defensive when I say I am not into guys who look feminine, like flowerboys?

Hi everyone... I'm going on a rant here for a bit.

i don't think flowerboys are good representation for AM and I don't understand why so many Asians rally behind this? What good is that going to do? As an Asian woman who only date Asian men, I like AM who look normal and masculine and not someone who look like white girls. I hate seeing AM masking or ruining their masculine features with this gross style, like putting on lots of makeup or having plastic surgery. White guys can do this because they don't look very manly to begin with so it is not a lot of effort for them. AM gotta go to the very extreme if they wanna look feminine. I hope this fad fades away soon.

They've have been duped into believing that femininity is inherent to Asian culture so we should embrace and celebrate it, despite plenty of evidence of the contrary.

Like I pointed out in the other thread the article defending this harmful trend even admitted that for the longest time it's always considered sissy and effeminate for AM to put on makeup. Looking at many of the Vietnamese heroes throughout the history of Vietnam and in Vietnamese folklores for example, the male heroes are always portray as strong, rugged, masculine. It's abundantly clear that effeminacy isn't inherently to our culture.

We need to stop letting the West claim masculinity as it is something that they own. It's an extremely foolish and self-defeating mentality that's giving our enemies even more ammo

Some Asian media even go further and make thing worse by constantly promoting this trend, not knowing or not caring how deterimental it's going to be in the long run for AM.

THe Asian race has Masculine faces in general even the women have it.

I've also been with latinas.......mmmm wonder why

OMG...who are you?? You're officially my favorite chick on all of Asian reddit now, lol.

As someone who is kind of athletic, I can't picture myself with any guy that obsessed with looking pale and pretty. I just can't. Not only would it be kind of sad if I'm able to squat more weight than the guy, but as someone who runs and swims almost everyday, I think the fun would be absolutely ruined if I ask him to go swim with me at the beach and he's too deathly afraid of getting a tan or ruining his beautiful skin.

But even if I wasn't athletic or outdoorsy, I still can't picture being with a guy more feminine than me. I think dudes like Keni Styles or Daniel Dae Kim are, by far, more my speed, because they look like they're able to defend me if needed...instead of the other way around, lol.

yes! i soooo agree with you. men must be able to protect and defend us. i work out too and so is my boyfriend lol and i would not want a guy who is weaker than me. i want to feel care for and to be protected by my man. yes, Keni styles & daniel daekim >>>> girly man all day, every day.

You basically says what every woman wants lol. Only insecure guys would downvote this cuz they know they can't stack up


men must be able to protect and defend us.

Basic human instinct. It's insane that so many Asians can't grasp this basic fact and push this effeminate culture (as if we weren't emasculated enough by popular media and powerful societies).

The vast majority of women are not attracted to feminine men. The vast majority of men do not respect feminine men.

Asian men who argue for alternative masculinity are cop outs.

Nothing wrong with that lol. It's just these SJW uncle chans automatically think your talking down on Asian men as if we were born with a k-pop look.

the k-pop look is a recent trend starting after the war with Japan.

It was controlled and approved by the U.S. GOV and agents like Johnny Kitagawa who is a gay pedophile that was born in California. He took the Westtern broadway musical and pushed his westernized feminized Man ideal to Asia and drilled it in the populace with his gov't backing.

No one liked it at first. Most people in East Asia liked Rock and american JAzz music ect.

It's just boy bands on steroids with no other musical styles promoted.

US gov't loved it because the East Asian populace was filled with starved,hungry and angry man. It pacified them and feminized them. Leaving all the masculine duties to the good ole U.S. army. No harm no foul right???

Except girls don't like guys with makeup. Jesus I cannot for the life of me understand how can some AMs think that looking literally like a girl is attractive and that women are attracted to it. Honestly who needs Hollywood to castrate us when we are already doing the work for them. It's mindblogging beyond belief.

Didact #fundie

[An MRA talking about women with short hair]

How hard can this be to understand??? DON'T CUT YOUR DAMN HAIR! It isn't "sexy". It doesn't "ooze confidence". It's not "attractive" or "fun" or "original". It sure as hell isn't "edgy". It is nothing short of a mutilation of one of the most attractive features that any woman can have.

Women who cut their hair, especially to such an extreme, might have been extraordinarily beautiful before they did so. But by destroying their hair, they immediately knock themselves down the 1-10 scale by a minimum of two full points. And against younger, fitter, longer-haired women, that simply isn't going to cut it. A woman who not only voluntarily but enthusiastically cuts off her hair is essentially telling the world that she does not care in the slightest about her looks.

Far from being an assertion of independence or strength, this is simply small-minded, short-sighted girrrrrl-power narcissism at its worst. Women are judged on their looks, first and foremost. Their beauty and femininity are their most important assets. By destroying one of the key indicators of both, they are essentially saying that they value neither.

Such women are to be avoided like the lepers of old.

Tony Alamo #fundie

TEXARKANA, Ark. – Jurors began deliberating Thursday in the federal sex-crimes case against an evangelist accused of taking underage girls across state lines for sex.

The charges against 74-year-old Tony Alamo could land him in jail for the rest of his life if he's convicted.

The jury began deliberating early Thursday at Texarkana federal courthouse, a day after listening to prosecutors and defense attorneys offer their final portrayals of Alamo.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kyra Jenner described Alamo as a manipulator who dictated everything from what his followers believed to what they could eat. At one point, she turned to stare directly at him.

"Your crimes have been exposed in this courtroom," Jenner said. Alamo sneered and waved her away.

Alamo fell asleep several times during Jenner's closing argument. At one point, his mouth hung wide open as his head rolled back in his chair. A member of his legal team woke him by throwing a pen onto the defense table. When he was awake, Alamo muttered "bull----" at times during Jenner's remarks.

Defense lawyer Phillip Kuhn told jurors not to be swayed by testimony unrelated to the indictment — that Alamo may have had multiple wives, or that he may have set up businesses to evade taxes. He said prosecutors deliberately strayed from the specific charges against Alamo.

"Was it to give Tony a fair trial or was it to turn the jury into a moral mob?" Kuhn asked.

Alamo is accused of taking five young girls across state lines for sex between 1994 and 1995 after "marrying" them. Defense lawyers say prosecutors targeted him because the government is anti-Christian. Alamo has also said the Vatican is behind his troubles.

Defense attorneys largely stayed away from challenging the accusers' testimony about sex with the evangelist. Alamo's lawyers rested their case Wednesday after persuading the flamboyant minister not to testify. Though he had told reporters he would take the stand, Alamo said Wednesday afternoon he chose not to testify in an "unjust court."

Alamo is charged with violating the Mann Act, a nearly century-old morality law. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

foreignincel #sexist


How can you live knowing people out there are rich ,tall, attractive and get to live life to the fullest traveling around the world having awesome gfs and doing parties in private islands .

Human beings need to break that cope of a normal life and wish and aim for top quality notch life style,lol at normies for saying life isnt about sex IT FUCKING IS. LIFE IS ALL ABOUT GETTING ALL YOUR DESIRED REALIZED AND THE RICH WHITE ATTRACTIVE GUYS GET TO HAVE THAT LIFE EVERYDAY WHILE YOU ARE A FUCKING PEASANT WHO GET HIS ASS FUCKED EVERYDAY BY TAXES .



Justbhonest4achange #sexist

If he looked like a chad then she wouldnt feel the same way about him; If a 6'1, 9/10 faced version of him had the same goofy shoes and baggy clothes, she would feel completely different. How a woman interprets a man's character mostly depends on his physical appearance, particularly the aspects that he cannot control. Women are honestly shallow af.

You just dont belong unless you look good. That's seriously how most women think, its why so many of them paint their faces on a regular basis. All they care about is looks, everything else is superfluous as far as they are concerned. Looks: The difference between being an awkward creepy neckbeard or a shy mysterious sexy guy; the difference between being a confident capable leader or an overcompensating insecure loser. While personality is often enough for a man to breakthrough and have meaningful and respectful relationships with other men, it rarely breaksthrough with women because they care about looks/status so much. Most women value men as status accessories, and today a huge part of that is increasingly a matter of physical appearance; The less she feels associating with a man's looks will improve her own social standing, the less she will feel able to respect him. Women are crazy.

atomicbadgerrace #fundie

You do have a reason to believe that, though. He's already told you he wants to. The fact that he's said he won't act on his pathology as long as it's illegal is hardly enough of a safety net to allow him unfettered access to children.?

What, are we living in Minority Report now? Sorry, but the disbelief that someone is capable of resisting their urges isn't enough to warrant 24/7 surveillance and potential removal from their workplace, IMO.

Really, what is it exactly you'd be "reporting" him for, aside from inappropriate discussion in the workplace? Or is that the angle -- get him on that, and use it as an excuse to dismiss the creepy pedophile you don't trust?

I'd be reporting that someone entrusted with taking care of children has said that he'd like to rape them. It's not fucking complicated, You keep the fucking perverts away from the children. Jesus, I can't believe this place sometimes.

Well, I guess you mean reporting to the employer and not the police, since I don't think *wanting* to rape a child is a crime.

So that's all you'd say to the employer? Omitting the part about how he absolutely refuses to act on his desires? And then expecting all work history up to that point to be disregarded, so that the disgusting, creepy pedophile can be thrown on the street where he belongs?

So you're willing to wait around until AFTER he's already raped a baby (a BABY) to decide wether it's dangerous to let someone who says he wants to rape babies take care of babies?

That's how the legal system works. Or should we open up a precrime department and fix the world your way?

Entirely irrelevant, but I was abstracting on the john, and it occurs to me that this kind of workplace interaction wouldn't happen to begin with if the pedophile in question didn't think you'd believe him when he said he refused to act on his desires.

Kind of like if your best friend told you in confidence, "man, your girlfriend is so, so sexy. If you weren't dating her, I'd hit it so hard. Oh god, I'd love to be with her, but while you're dating her, I wouldn't do anything." Do you still trust them to hang out alone?

Issac #fundie

LOL, kill you? This is a new wave of hate where reverse psychology is being used. Act as if the Christians do all the killing so that enough hate can be warranted to kill them instead. People like this would like to bring Hitler and the holocaust back to rid the world of all the weak and feable minded Christians, or anyone who will not conform to their views. Well dude, the only thing I have to say is that if you don't like Christians, and would like to rid the world of this problem like every other Christian hater like yourself. Follow both Darwin's and Hitler's idea of how it can be done.


Yes, they both believed in extermination. Follow your mentors. The both used Evolution as their motivation and excuse for using the word exterminate.

Wolfblade111 #homophobia

[on soldier 76 being gay]

Also no, I ain't homophobic.

I AM however, dumbasschoicesphobic though.

to clarify before some Asshurt SJW comes along and screams Homophobic, I mean that this sudden reveal of Soldier-76 is clearly three things.

1: Pandering.

2: A Way to Cover up Their Recent Mistakes IE, Fake Player and JUST recently, The Racial Harassment of an Employee.

3: Lazy Writing and Bullshit Reveal, if they want to pander to the LGBT community then at least be more original and invent a NEW Gay Character rather than choose at random an already existing character, it's Iceman from The X-Men comics ALL Over Again.

Oh and 4: I was shipping these two since the Game first came out, I ain't letting a Yaoi Fanboy's official comic and word on the matter change my mind.

I'm a Stubborn Bastard, you'd have an easier time convincing a Mountain to Get Up and Walk than make me change my mind.

Now run along, I'm sure if your offended by this you can unsee this "horrible" image by looking up some yaoi fanart of Soldier-76 sucking off Reaper or something, it's bound to be out there since it seems the folks from Tumblr moved here.

Wolfblade111 #racist #homophobia #sexist

Although I have recently heard for the latest issues of the Secret Empire comic that Steve Rogers will be coming back, no not the Hydra one. The REAL Steve Rogers aka Captain America. Good, maybe he can kill that SJW/Hydra piece of crap then.

Yes I do infact hate Captain Hydra, well not just him but the goddamn idiot SJW's in Marvel that made it happen in the first place. Figures they'd have no problem turning an America Superhero into a Nazi, SJW's are practically the Watered Down Versions of Nazis...for now anyway.

For those who don't know SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior...which they are none of, they are Not Social, they don't know what Justice is and if they are Warriors...then humanity really has wimped out.

Now before someone comes along and says some BS about how I must be against Diversity I'll have you know I Am Not against Diversity in Comics, I'm all for having Different Race /Homosexual/Whatever else kinda Diversity there is. But by basically having a Young Black Girl take up the mantle of Iron Heart and pretty much killing off the original Iron Man and turning a Symbol of America into a Nazi and not to mention adding in all kinds of SJW Propaganda is NOT Diversity, it's a little thing that I like to call. STUPIDITY!!!!

You want more Diverse Characters!?! Oh well I'm sorry we could just bring back all the other DIVERSE Characters we already have but nah we'll kill of a Famous White Superhero and have a Young (Insert Race & Gender Here.) Take they're place. Oh you want Mutants? Sorry fresh out here have some Inhumans they're just as cool but not really. What's that? You want Gay Characters? Well again we could just bring back some of the Gay Characters we already have but nah we'll turn an already straight character into a Gay One.


Oh and one other thing...QUITE BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Warning Rage Levels Increased To Dangerous Levels Evacuate The Nearby Area!


RAGE Rage face emoticon Rage face emoticon Rage face emoticon Rage face emoticon

Error WOLFBLADE111.EXE has shut down due to increased Levels of Pure Rage, please allow cool-down of up too 1 Week Before Reactivation.

Deadpool: Damn, haven't seen him rage this much since he found out that DC got rid of The Superman and Wonder Woman pairing. XD Well ya know what that means, time to Cue The Outro!

FidelCashflow #sexist

[Blackpill] 16 year old chad gets his girlfriend pregnant

This guy completely disproves the redpill and the bluepill.
He doesn't have any money so it proves females dont care about money.
Hes completely retarded so it proves females dont care about intelligence.
Hes completely immature so it proves females dont care about confidence and being maturity.

Jfl and 3 months after this girl gave birth, the Chad went and got her friend pregnant too
My favorite line of the video was "I had sex with her before we even kissed"
Jfl Chad's dont even have to wait for a kiss, they jump right into sex

this-divine-intervention #fundie

A PSA for queer boys

If a dude has anything to the effect of “dom and top” or “masc4masc” or “I only top” or “no femmes” in his bio for apps, social media, hookup shit or whatever lol literally dont even give him the time of day. Hes trash.

You dont need that manchild toxic masculinity, boring behavior, and stupidness in your life. Suck a D, take a D, and date boys that do the same. Mature men are versatile.

#gay men #queer men #bi men #men #gay culture #Im super sick of basic dudes lol #open your brains and hearts and grow up #mature men are vers 2k18

Brian Niemeier #fundie

From now on, I will regard anyone buying a Marvel or DC comic or a ticket to a Disney movie as morally equivalent to an American who gave aid and comfort to known Communist spies during the Cold War. SJWs want me banished from society and killed. If you buy their products, you advance their goal.

Save the excuses. No one needs yet another YouTube review performing a colonoscopy on the latest Disney agitprop. There's already superabundant proof they're converged. At this point, you're just chasing clicks. As for your wife and/or kids begging to go see Incredibles 2, why the hell would you subject them to a thinly veiled 90 minutes hate?

If you're still rationalizing your continued consumption of SJW converged media, take a long, hard look in the mirror, because you're looking at an addict. Don't be surprised. The Ministry of Truth has been refining their techniques to make this filth addictive for a long time.

Might you have to stop seeing new movies and TV shows altogether? Yeah. So what? You've got better things to do. There's a civilization to rebuild.

IncelPolitik #sexist

Femcels: "men get to be incel. I want to be incel TOO! Why can't I be incel! Let me join your self-hate club. I want to be the girl in the boy's club"

jfl. we wouldn't let you join our incel forum even if you slept with all 11,000 members on here.


Can't get chad = Femcel

fr fr, they should just merge r/FemaleDatingStrategy and r/trufemcels and call it a day.

Women always want to join the clubs where they are not welcomed, so they can corrupt them and turn into another female worshiping soy club.

THIS. W*men know that they're mere, physical presence in a formerly all-male space corruptively alters the social dynamics of the space which is why there must forever be a zero-tolerance policy for w*men users on here and w*men in the leadership/organizing rank-and-file of men's rights movement groups.

W*men subverted the men's right movement and now two of the three largest men's rights movements youtube channels are operated by w*men (Honey Badger Radio, A Voice for Men, Cassie Jaye's channel). The Men's Right Movement was at it's peak in 2015 and once w*men subverted and disintegrated the movement from within, it was unsalvageable and lost. No w*men in any men's political causes/movements or incel communities. No exceptions.

The day that accepts females users will be the day of it's downfall.

I am convinced that is the only place on the internet where REAL philosophizing about male nature and existence (whether involuntarily celibate or normie) is even remotely possible. And it has NOTHING to do with the state of involuntary celibacy and everything to do with the very basic fact that we simply do not allow w*men on here.

This is how men naturally feel and act when unconstrained by the social pressures of female presence and approval (via s*xual control).

What? Mens rights became something because of them.
Now I am for gender segregation on this forum. But lets be frank, if a woman and a man says the same thing, woman will get the attention.
Cassie isnt an MRA to begin with, karen straughan, on the other hand has sons she obviously cares about.

But-this-one-is-differentism is the reason there has never been a successful men's rights movement, you are merely one of the millions of men to come before you who felt irationally strongly / factually incorrectly about a w*man's trueness of belief/conviction in the men's rights movement / her want of a better world for men.

The hard and fast rule of female exclusion from *leadership* in the men's right movement must be applied irregardless of one's personal feelings toward a particular w*man's trueness of conviction/beliefs. In 99% of instances, the belief is mistaken and in the 1% of instance the belief is grounded in reality, the female men's right activist becomes corrupted by the male attention / validation and turns our cause into a vehicle for her own self-ingratiation and hypergamous s*xual self-benefit. Every time.

Damn, MRAs are truly pathetic.
Say what you want about MGTOWs, but bullshit like this would never happen to them.

The first wave of men's rights activists (1985-2015) were indeed pathetic and their lack of conviction/dedication to the cause and movement resulted in it's abject and unignorable failure.

The second-wave of the men's rights movement will succeed because it will be be given birth to inside of the incelosophere.

wolfblade111 #racist

-_- JK...Doll...What have You Done.

So incase no one knows this, it would seem that there's this play for Harry Potter, or was, I dunno, guess this whole thing happened LAST Year so I'm a bit late to the whole thing but I decided to give my view point.So it would seem for the play, they found a woman to cast as an older Hermione Granger, that's good, glad they did that always nice to hear.
Only thing is...oh god I know I can't say this without coming off as racist, which BTW I am Not. But there's somethings ya just gotta say.

Read here for some info:…

Turns out, heheheh Hermione Granger is Black now...-_- So uh...That mean Emma Watson's black now too or am I trapped in some horrible SJW induced Nightmare?

Now I wanna make something very clear, I'm not racist. I'm fine with black characters and people in general (Criminals and Gangsta's don't count. I treat them all the same regardless of color or creed.) but this whole race change thing going on in the media lately has just been...good lord it's outta hand.

Now in some instances it works, Alternate Universe I can buy that. Iris West being black in CW's Flash, hell I'm fine with it, if anything it suits her character better.

But with Hermione it''s...(Shakes head.) Just why? JK Rowling I was hoping you'd be different but nope, looks like the SJW's got to you as well huh. I mean for crying out loud! Wasn't Hermione described as being White in the books or something? Could have sworn she was. Now again, I ain't being racist like I know SOME people will try and make me seem like one when I ain't. I just prefer when a character is a certain race or gender they stay that way. Sure this is a fictional character and Rowling can do whatever the fuck she wants with Hermione. It's her character, she wants to make her an overweight femnazi she can do just that...Honestly I won't be surprised if she does. XP

All I can say is this whole SJW Propaganda BS is going To Far. How many of our memories are ruined by these fucktards. Soon you won't be able to make pics of Hermione being white without being called Racist and getting Death Threats.How long before these SJW's turn every fictional character into some sick, twisted vial piece of trash like themselves before it's over.

Now one more time. I'm Not Racist. I couldn't give a damn about your color, your creed or your gender.
But when it's being Forced down my throat and shoved in my face under the disguise of Either Accept Other Race's, Creeds and Genders or we'll brand you as Racist, Homophobic and Xenophobic and make your life a living hell.

When already existing Characters are changed just to appease the SJW Masses that now plague The Human Race. I ain't Racist, Homophobic or Xenophobic.I Simply Have a Bad Case of SJW Intolerance. The only Cure? SJW's being made nothing more than a bad memory and are used as examples in Schools as to why Drugs shouldn't be allowed into Society. If that Offends you. Well Boo Hoo For You. Sorry if My Sense of Mortality is Different Than Yours. That's my opinion and I'm sticking with it. Now how much you wanna bet someone's gonna report this for being racist to the DA Admins. XD

Buckeyemike #fundie

actually you can test gravity lol quit trying to go in circles, most of the theories they use to try to prove evolution is outright boulderdash , i mean come on carbon dating? dating fossils with the dirt they are found in? or dating the dirt by the fossils they find in them? lol come on any scientist worth his weight in lab equipment can see that isnt science

nythinker #conspiracy

Wild conspiracy about our reality! What if...

We all died and our consciousness was spawned into a simulation. And now its corrupted and degrading...

Crazy right!

Its just crazy how in the past few years diseases and mental illness are at an all time high!

Everyone young and old are either developing cancer or ADD anxiety autism dementia alzheimers.

Its like humanity is just degrading. Not just morally but organically. And perhaps its a system degrading but to us in here it looks like illness and insanity.

And nothing makes sense anymore. Its like "glitchy"

A couple years ago I had a strong sensantion of "I need to get out of here. I dont belong here." It was strong and scary.

Sometimes I truly wonder if the reality we know....isnt actually real.

Either that or I need to stop watching stuff like "Black Mirror"

some incels #sexist

Re: Trannymaxxing is a pointless if you can't pass.

Everyone's so accepting of FtM, but when a man does something, he is perverted or mentally ill. Either that or you become their poster child like Bruce.

fuckin lol. radfems hate guys who try to be girls too.


its funny how the sjw's are kinda eating themselves alive.

This. Women hate trans in general, but they especially hate the ones that pass and are pretty.

It's worse than pointless. Continuing with transition while knowing you won't be able to pass is one of the worst things a human being can do to themselves. It's one of those "regret everyday for the rest of your life until you off yourself" decisions. The worst part is eventually having to confront the fact that there is nobody to blame for how things turned out but yourself. For being so stubborn in the face of the entire world trying to make it known to you in every conceivable way (gentle and forceful) that you are being delusional. It's like being warned a million times by a million different strangers to not go down a certain road and choosing to go down it anyway. You are going to get eaten alive. If you can't pass, I strongly you stop transitioning. Look into detransitioning resources and try to find some real psychiatric support (not some "gender counselor"). Don't become another casualty of the gender war.

I'm already on the path to the rope and becoming a failed tranny statistic. I hate myself too much to live. I'll never forgive women for what they've taken from me.

Why can't you stop, detransition, and do something else with your life? Literally anything is better than the road you're on now. You have nowhere to go but up from here. Stop this foolishness, swallow your pride and admit you made a mistake. It's not a big deal, growing up in today's complicated ass world is tough and it's easy to get led down the wrong path. Don't die a freak, assuming you haven't had any surgery yet it's not too late to save yourself.

James #fundie

[Defending the sentence of the <a href="" target="_blank">child rapist</a> who got 60 days in prison]

Lol, a day in that hole is a year for him. Plus, you really think hes stupid enough to rape more little girls once he gets out? If he does then hes not a rapist, he's mentally challenged and belongs in the Mental Institution. But I guarantee once out of jail that lasts longer then atleast 10 years, he wouldn't even look at a little girl anymore.

[You wouldn't use that logic on serial killers. Why use it on rapists?]

Actually, its easier on a Serial killer. A serial killer has a motive, a rapist doesn't. But, thats just me, I think that every second is a chance to change, you put that rapist in jail for 20, and I'll put my money on him, knowing that he wouldn't even get near a girl thats 200 feet away once he gets out of prison.

based_meme #fundie

It's so disgusting to see so many Americans adopt this black urban/gangsta flava. I'm honestly of the opinion that these speech patterns affect the way they think and behave. Utterly disgusting.

They do. See: Sapir-Whorf hypothesis.

The hypothesis says (roughly) that language affects your reality and your perception of it, and the evidence is in brain activation patterns shown by fmri scans. Some languages, for example, have more words for one color and its many shades, whereas another will have just one word.

When they did fmri scans of people coming from a culture where their language described the many shades and were shown different shades, different parts of their brains lit up to allow them to perceive the different shades of a color. The same test on a different group with just one word for the color showed little (or none, can't recall the details) activation in the brain. This means that because they didn't have a word for it, they literally were unable to perceive it.

The implications of this hypothesis are incredible and, quite frankly, amazing in the truest sense of the word. The elites probably knew of this already and helped push for all of this gender identity language bullshit with all of the made up words in cultural Marxism, which explains why the SJW types are the way they are (toxic and utterly stupid, completely void of logical reasoning, and this easily controllable). The language they've made up has warped their perception of reality.

As an aside, I'm beginning to understand why someone like Chris Langan made up a ton of neologisms to help explain his ontological theories.

wolfblade111 #sexist

Anti Kathleen Kennedy Stamp

So I didn't see ANY stamps at all expressing hate towards Kathleen Kennedy...I decided to go and change that up a bit.

Now I'm not one of those people who wishes her bodily harm or want her to die or anything like that...but I wouldn't shed any tears if it did. XD

Whose Kathleen Kennedy you ask? Oh just the woman whose putting Star Wars into a deep, dark grave and is probably gonna be known as the woman who Killed Star Wars.

I could Rant on and on about this poor excuse for a human being but I ain't gonna bother, you can find PLENTY of hate on her on the internet. I just merely am providing the stamp for those who hate her.

Now I don't Hate the new Star Wars films, I ain't gonna watch em but I ain't gonna hate em completely, do they have problems...TONS! So much Waster Potential but it's Wasted on selling a Political Agenda that NO ONE CARES ABOUT!

I mean seriously, Star Wars or any sci-fi or fictional genre Should NOT Be USED to Sell a Fucking Agenda! You Ruin Everything about the franchise when ya do.

I Fear it's only going to spread and ruin everything except Anime. XD Let's face it, Anime is the one place that no SJW would dare to least I hope not.

Now I have hope that the return of Star Wars The Clone Wars will go over well but....I have my doubts and I ain't getting my hopes up that it'll be good.

Some folks will probably say that the new Star Wars films aren't that bad and that they are actually great and to that I have This to say.

You have a Lot to Learn. What do you have to Learn? It's not something that can really be Taught. It's just something you have to learn on yer own.

Good news is, well semi good news is that I heard that Disney may be cancelling Star Wars Episode 9 due to the severe backlash from Fans of Star Wars and hopefully they fire Kathleen Kennedy.

Funny enough, Kathleen has the Gull to Blame the Fans for Star Wars Sucking...Lady, YOU DIRECTED THE LAST TWO FILMS! IF ANYONE'S TO BLAME IT'S YOUR SJW ASS YA FUCKING CUNT!!!

Ahem...Pardon me, I lost my cool there for a second. XD

JLA #conspiracy

Dadgummit steve, I really appreciate the heads up and all but my week is oficially ruined now. Its all ill think about.;) My only prayer is that those 80,000 troops realize their government salary isnt worth thier life. Same goes for cops given the order to confiscate my weapons unconstitutionally... Think on it real hard LEOs and Service members, We are well on our way to fascism 2010.. And that peckerhead Obama is orchestrating the whole thing. I tell ya one thing for sure, hes a whole lot more clever than i gave him credit for. I had him pegged for havin a KFC built accross the street from the white house and a watermelon patch planted in the garden among his top priorities as HNIC. I was WRONG!!!

Mississippi Highway Patrol and Judge Aubrey Rimes #racist

Today, in a letter to the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT), the ACLU and United Sikhs called on state officials to investigate the harassment of a Sikh commercial truck driver pulled over early this year for a flat tire. After detaining Mr. Jageet Singh in January as he passed through Mississippi, the officers called him a "terrorist" and harassed and humiliated him because of his appearance and religious beliefs. As a devout Sikh, Mr. Singh wears a turban and carries a kirpan. A kirpan is a small, spiritual sword that is sheathed and sewn to the waistband. It is designed and worn as an article of faith, much as a cross is worn by devout Christians.

Contending, wrongly, that his kirpan was illegal, the officers demanded that Mr. Singh remove it. When Mr. Singh explained that he was a Sikh and that the kirpan was a sacred religious article, the officers laughed at him and mocked his religious beliefs. One officer declared that all Sikhs are "depraved" and "terrorists." They continued to taunt him, and forced Mr. Singh to circle his truck with his hands on his turban while they searched the vehicle. Finally, not content with this humiliation, they arrested him, claiming that Mr. Singh had refused to obey an officer's lawful command.

Mr. Singh's ordeal did not end with the MDOT. When he returned to Mississippi on March 26, 2013, for his court date at the Pike County Justice Court, he once again suffered humiliation, harassment, and discrimination because of his religious beliefs. Waiting for his attorney in the back of the courtroom, he was stunned when four Highway Patrol officers approached him and ordered him to leave the courtroom. The officers stated that Judge Aubrey Rimes had ordered them to eject Mr. Singh from the courtroom because he did not like Mr. Singh's turban. Moreover, they told Mr. Singh that Judge Rimes would punish him if he failed to remove his headdress.

When Mr. Singh's attorney went to Judge Rimes's chambers to inquire about the matter, he readily confirmed that he had expelled Mr. Singh from the courtroom because of his turban. He further stated that Mr. Singh would not be allowed to re-enter the courtroom unless he removed "that rag" from his head and threatened to call Mr. Singh last on the docket if he continued to wear the religious headdress.

Guest #fundie

Its not 'if' the real America is going to drop the 15 ton weight on these leftiust tyrant wannabees, its 'when'. As obama and his marxist circus do more and more arrogant un-American things, the majority of citizens are coming around to the thought that they need to be gone.

I dont think they will last to the next elections (2010) because they will see the people turning against them and will step up their plans. America isnt blind and unlike the russians and chinese when the leftists told the same lies, we (the people of the United States of America) know what Democracy is like and that we dont want any tyrants lording it over us.

America will regurgitate the poison that is Obama and the only worry is how much blood will come up with it.

Apolo #fundie

Come on people. Im sorry, but I dont have enough faith to be an atheist. " For years the world orbited around, until struck by an asteroid, then broke art, reformed, and created what we now call "Earth” I mean seriously, there is more evidence that the Cave Men existed, than any type of stellar explosion that created us humans. Why didnt other animals evolve? People say they have, just before our time, but their were other people back when the dinos and older creatures where around, their pictures would have shown of how animals changed. Why do we have emotions, if there isnt a God? Animals feel fear, happiness, anger, and protectiveness, sometimes sorrow. But why do we feel remorse, anxiety, or true love animals dont get crushes. They get horny, but don’t fall in love. If the Big Bang only took a couple of thousand years, why has our Earth been around for millions and millions and nothing happened? Why are our bodies so perfect in the way they are, and there isnt one single hole in the Bible, yet many in science. I have come to believe my younger brother, more so than an evolutionist. Not trying to be crude, but think about it. If a Christian is wrong, o-well, we all die anyways. But if a non-believer is wrong, I mean that would suck. An eternity away from God and Heaven, stuck it the Lake of Fire with other no-Christians and demons. Your way will get you nowhere, you know there is a God, let Him be you God. I don’t care what you think of me for this, I know God is real, and I know where Im going when I die 110% Do you?

mikekle #fundie

Showing gay characters is one thing, but glorifying the openly gay lifestyle is another, especially when they convey casual sex encounters as common. If this is shown enough on TV shows, commercials, movies, the more people will become used to the idea and eventually it wont be taboo at all...this 'tactic' can also be used for agendas, not just LGBT lifestyles, at some point, it will probably be used in attempt to 'normalize' pedophilia' to some degree, it really is already happening, Ive seen quite a few shows/ movies that depict a middle aged man having a sexual encounter (or desiring such a thing), with a 16-17 yr old female, this isnt really pedophilia, but it 'breaks the ice' and paves the way later on for acceptable 'trysts' with younger people. A common theme is "whats age got to do with anything, we are just out to have a good time".

I think Hollywood tries to convey what they think a 'normal' lifestyle should be, it is accomplished by showing character reactions to such things, their emotions, etc, they know how to spin it, so people come to think its all normal, in the 90s, they tried the same thing, but in attempts to depict strong single women, in otherwise normally male jobs, like cops, detectives, judges, etc, but if you looked at real life, there were not many females like this out there...its just something Hollywood (or someone above them) wanted to become normal

Wristlet 2, cryptic__egg & OldIncel #sexist

[In reaction to a reddit post titled "Wow... that's creepy", which is in reaction to a screenshot of a Twitter post where a guy describes masturbating during an online class on Zoom while looking at his crush's face]

(Wristlet 2)

I legit don't get how normal people are so delicate, so cowardly, and so unwaveringly obedient to social rules and conceptions, to see something so harmless and in fact hilarious, and throw a tantrum because it's not politically correct.

Besides, something's very wrong with normies when they want to beat up and bully someone over something nobody even realized he did. Like wtf man normies are so retarded.

I actually respect that dude.


I mean I too think it's kinda weird to tweet about beating off to ur classmates in video call.

bc you're a greycel

If it was a foid it would be considered empowering.

ik that's the saddest part, they're obedient to the point of disregarding inconsistencies in social rules


Can't say this is exactly normal, but if a foid did it people would find it funny at worst, sexy and bold at best. The idea of it being creepy or disgusting is exclusive to guys.


lol i love how everyone is like "WOW WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS GAY WORLD?"

When people have been molesting and raping little kids ever since the stone ages.

Masturbating to a zoom conference call is vanilla stuff compared to the shit that goes on in this world. JFL

Izayacel #sexist

[LifeFuel] Foids cant Play RTS, those types of games litteraly never get invaded by foids bc they need iq that they obviously dont have

(video "Strike Tactics Browser RTS - Easy , Fast Win")

thats to boring for them
make an ultimatum ( as chad )
lern how to play an rts or fuck off

they may do it lululul but their to high inhib to lern what isnt in

btw strike tactics is a cool browser rts everyone here should pick up, we could make tournaments and such


(video "Strike Tactics Browser RTS - Easy , Fast Win")
thats to boring for them
make an ultimatum ( as chad )
lern how to play an rts or fuck off

they may do it lululul but their to high inhib to lern what isnt in

btw strike tactics is a cool browser rts everyone here should pick up, we could make tournaments and such

look at my apm lol this game sadly dont have building hotkeys to switch between them if your offscreen...

Nignigmcnig #racist

So I just got back from rural Virginia where I enjoyed all the beautiful scenery and rustic culture this country has to offer. And the best part is I only saw 5 niggers in one week! I know its almost unbelievable. But actually the unbelievable part is where I found them: in the woods. Here I am just enjoying the cool moist air, the sounds of nature and what do I hear but screeching and down the path comes 5 Haitians monkeys that give me the most contentious look they can muster. It made me chuckle a bit because I'm a gun carrying human and they'll never be anything but subhuman parasites.

So a few days later we go out to a bar but before leaving my buddy jokingly asks the owner of the home (and mother of our friends) we were staying in if he can bring a girl back to the house. She ever so casually replied "just so long as she isnt a nigger lover" she realized what she had said and tried to cover her ass with some PC bullshit but I reassured her that she was indeed correct with her first statement and should never apoloyize for her beliefs.

The next night I asked what made her dislike niggers and she went on to explain that growing up she had never been taught to hate niggers because there just weren't any around. It was only as an adult, working "with" niggers, that she saw their true nature. She saw how they destroy anything they touch. She is an amazing individual and I respect her so much. It makes me happy to know there are still some people who arent afraid to be secure in their own culture.

Great vacation, great people. Can't wait to go back.

Side note: NM isn't blocked on the works Wi-Fi. Someone in IT is an undercover NM. Best part of work.

Michael Sebastian #fundie

Let’s face it. Humans, like other mammals, have a pecking order. Everyone knows that sometimes a person is “out of their league” when it comes to romance. Although every woman wants to be married to an alpha male, alphas are by definition scarce. So most women know they will have to settle for a beta or a gamma if they want to get married.

Everything about Trump triggers these women. He is everything that they want but know they cannot have. He is tall, fabulously wealthy, and even at 70, still pretty handsome. He’s a man’s man. Even though he has an Ivy League education, he can converse comfortably with plumbers and construction workers. He’s virtually fearless and he’s knocked off 16 of the GOP’s best candidates while fighting an unfriendly media.

What is worse is that Trump is married to a gorgeous model who is 24 years younger than him. In other cultures, a 24-year age difference is not scandalous, but it is in the SJW-controlled United States. This is enormously triggering to dowdy women because they know in their hearts that even if they were able to marry an alpha, he would eventually leave them for a younger, more beautiful woman.

Trump’s entire family is an affront to these women. His daughter Ivanka is a reminder that a woman does not have to be fat, even after they have children. And his handsome sons are painful reminders to a dowdy woman of what her children would have looked like if she had been able to score an alpha.

What recourse do these women have? The best revenge in the world: Trump’s opponent is a fellow dowdy woman. That’s why they will support her even though they know she is corrupt.

various WGTOWers #sexist

Women partnered with men always seem so stressed and angry

Has anyone else noticed this? Women in hetero partnerships like 80% of the time seem to actively be stressed and made miserable by it. It's like a part time job with horrible management.
And then these women turn around and take some Instagram photo with their "man" as if they were so happy. I've come to realize it's a lot more about the image and the signalling to God knows who that they WON the game of society and HAVE A MAN!!! What a shitty prize lmao ??????
Sweet baby Jesus I'm so happy that it's been so long since I dated a man. I don't diet and actually enjoy how being somewhat chubby repulses men and makes them ignore me (het partnered women are always obsessing about dieting or gym going to look more like an anorexic porn actress for men's standards). I love my alone time, no worries about pregnancy, earning more and more money over time, etc.
Having a boyfriend is a punishment to me.Fucking yuck lol. I've realized that most men feel entitled to a model looks woman who is endlessly servile and if she isnt that then she gets caught up in a dynamic of trying to be that. Heres a good example of mens sexual entitlement in this regard.
Dump men and be free from their expectations and ungrateful attitude. Nothing has ever had a better effect for me

Complaints of male partners by women is a very common conversation topic I overhear at work.

I always say, "Why don't you dump his stupid ass?" The looks I get in response... wistful, sad, defeated.

And it's not surprising because even my parents and my sister (both of which are married and with kids) are always complaining about their husband. My mother still complains about my father almost every time I see her and they still have disputes even to this day. And my sister complains about her husband mostly about chores and kids... since she gets stuck with working + raising kids + chores + cooking while he sits on his ass after the job or works overtime. She's touching upon postpartum depression since she can't handle their 3 kids.
So yeah, I will never follow their steps. I prefer staying single forever.

Men make terrible partners.
I agree with you. Even my mediocre girlfriends were still better than a lot of women's cream of the crop husbands.
I feel sorry for heterosexual women.

It is compulsory heterosexuality where the ultimate win is to be partnered with a man and be married to them. We are taught this from a young age as part of being groomed into our own subjugation.
My sister is still trapped in a marriage with a man and my heart breaks for her every day. He is verbally abusive, irrational, overly dramatic, acts like a child, and forces her to do the majority of the housework. She just had a hysterectomy a month ago and I'm glad I wasn't there when she was doing literally everything to prep for travel while he sat on his lazy ass. I would have lost it.
On the other hand, my other sister is married to a lovely woman and their relationship is great.

As George carlin says..women are crazy because they have to deal with the stupidity of men. Basically sums it up.. At least some guys get it.

I totally understand this. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of a year, on and off drama for a year, because he read my diary. I accidentally left it at his place. For the last week of so I've never felt so free. I also cut out all of the other side dudes in my life, (non-sexual). It feels so good to go my own way! I'm way less bothered about pleasing my ex and just live for myself!

Todd Hart #conspiracy

isnt it al gore pushing this global carbon tax . i cant believe anyone with a 9th grade education would believe such bullshit , co2 is NOT poison all plant life need it , all animals exhale it , and to think that we humans can affect the ozone layer and only occupy 21% of the planet is pretty far afetched , this guy is a scam artist waiting to get rich ,.. and now all his scientists are busted , for falsifing all their data search climate gate

Jim #sexist

The basics of Reaction need to be stated, and they need to be stated in a way that excludes our enemies, because we are seeing a whole lot of people saying “Hail fellow reactionary”, who are clearly hostile to us, and not hostile the media/academic/judicial elite that we seek to overthrow, blaming various groups that tend to be allied or sympathetic to reaction for the problems caused by our holier than thou elite, urging reactionaries that the real enemy is group X, where X is anyone who is plausibly an ally or likely to become one.

So, starting with the concepts most likely to offend: The reactionary red pill on women. Which are also concepts that have practical application even while our enemies rule. Next articles in the Reaction 101 series will be more directly political and have less individual application in daily life.

Emancipation was a bad idea. Feral women behave badly and are psychologically disturbed. They need to be redeemed by becoming the property of some man. Women are psychologically maladapted to independence and equality

In any marriage or long term relationship, the woman will endlessly launch physical, emotional, and legal power struggles against her husband or boyfriend, shit tests, which power struggles she wants to lose.

If she wins, she will break up, looking for someone who can conquer her. You just have to win. If the only way to win without going to jail is to send her away, send her away and go dark. But she would rather you beat her. You have to wear the pants. This is the PUA analysis of negs and shit tests, applied to long term relationships.

Women are maladapted to equality. That women find male apes sexually attractive and men do not find female apes sexually attractive indicates that among those humans that whites and east asians are descended from, females have not been allowed to make sexual choices since the days we looked rather like apes. Since female sexual choice is quite common, we should conclude that groups that allowed women sexual choice failed to reproduce or suffered dysgenesis, and perished.

In order to reproduce, and particularly in order to reproduce the white and east Asian ancestral environment, in a cold climate with severe winters that require food and shelter over winter, husbands and wives need cooperate/cooperate equilibrium, and if you have free women, you get defect/defect equilibrium. To impose cooperate/cooperate requires external coercion, in particular that women have to be stuck with the first guy that they have sex with, and are not permitted to be permanently on the prowl to trade up throughout their fertile years.

When allowed to be permanently on the prowl, they tend to practice serial monogamy until around thirty or so when their eggs start running out.

All businesses with women in power are destroyed, unless they are the beneficiaries of some state favor that artificially keeps them in business. Female executives are only useful if under the authority of a sexy alpha male, otherwise they turn on the shareholders, the employees, and the customers, perceiving them as betas.

Subjective personal observation: All sexual harassment complaints result from horny women shit testing terrified men, and then getting frustrated because the terrified men fail their shit tests. This personal observation is statistically confirmed by the fact that a far larger proportion of women complain about sexual harassment in workplaces where the women substantially outnumber the men. There has never been one complaint of sexual harassment against me, and if sexual harassment complaints resulted from social justice warriors tell us constitutes sexual harassment, there would have been a pile of them.

Subjective personal observation: All rape complaints are false and all rape convictions are false, not because real rapes do not happen, but because women do not really mind real rapes and fail to complain. This personal observation is confirmed by the University of Virginia complaints process: The university of Virginia dealt with a big pile of rape and sex complaints, and dismissed every single one without disciplinary action. So Rolling Stone investigated them looking for poster girls and trouble, came up empty.

Men and women very much want to form families and want those families to last into their old age. My wife was eighteen in my eyes all her years, except near to the very end, and even though I sometimes have some pleasant youthful female companionship, I still sometimes find myself shaking and weeping when I remember my wife.

If you look at any successful family, no one is equal. Dad is in charge, mum picks up the socks. In principle, it is possible to form families in a society where men and women are equal, by freely contracting out of equality, but in practice, it is hard, and I see how hard it is for my sons. We have prisoners dilemma with few iterations, so the natural equilibrium between men and women is defect/defect. To prevent defect/defect, to ensure cooperate/cooperate, requires heavy handed coercive intervention by state, family, and society, and this heavy handed coercion necessarily bears far more heavily on women than on men. If you want a society where men and women know sexual love, or if you want a society which has above replacement total fertility rate, women just cannot be allowed to follow their pussies. And this requires a lot of supervision and coercion, primarily keeping women under control, rather than keeping men under control. For most women this requires that they be subject to the potential threat of physical discipline by the men in their lives. For a great many women, this requires that they be subject to the actuality of physical discipline by the men in their lives. So women should never have been emancipated, and some “violence against women” is legitimate, proper, and proportionate. Women, like children and dogs, need discipline and supervision and are never happy if they do not get them. A spoiled child, or a spoiled woman, or a spoiled dog, is never happy. The dog and the woman bark all the time.

Further, sexual impulses set in in girls at a disturbingly early age, usually well before puberty thought there is a great deal of variance, while male sexual impulses set in at puberty, as reliable as clockwork.

Ever greater vigilance against pedophiles” is like telling a chicken farmer he should not fence or cage his chickens, but instead should make the world safe for his chickens to wander wherever they please. When nine year old girls go to an Ariana Grande concert without being accompanied and supervised by male kin, they are going there to get nailed. Restraints on female sexuality have to restrain females, have to be oppressive to women, because being oppressive to men is not likely to work, and is conspicuously and spectacularly failing to work.

The family law of the Old Testament got it right, and modernity is surrealistically deluded, and flat in my face insane. I see in front of my nose stuff that no one else sees, so either I am insane or the world is, and the statistics are strangely consistent with me being sane, and difficult to reconcile with the world being sane. If you are using words for human things and human conduct that the people of the Old Testament had no words for, chances are you are using words for things that have no real existence, anticoncepts, words that are lies, that you are speaking madness and delusion.

The family law and family institutions dictated in Deuteronomy and depicted in the Book of Proverbs lasted for thousands of years. Our current social order is extremely recent. Within living memory, within my memory, it has changed radically in ways that are horrifying, tragic, and terrifying, and everyone is acting like this is normal and nothing is wrong.

Modernity is for me like one of those horror movies where one character sees monsters and another character does not, and you wonder if the monsters are real or just delusion, until you see someone get eaten by a monster. And I see people getting eaten by monsters, in the sense of transparently false rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual harassment et cetera charges, and I also see people who tell me men have nothing to fear, because women never lie, while women have much to fear because they so very very much dislike rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and sexual harassment. But I also see these men acting terrified, while I am bolder than any of those men who supposedly believe that men have nothing to fear. In part of their minds they must see what I see, because I see their fear, and in part of their minds, the part that speaks and constructs a narrative, they do not see what I see, even though it is right in front of them.

Women get angry because they do not get the supervision, command, and guidance that they crave. Sometimes this anger turns inward, as with cutting and other self destructive acts, and sometimes it turns outward. She feels really badly treated, because she has in fact been really badly treated, but because the real causes of her discontent are unthinkable, she concludes she has been sexually harassed or sexually assaulted, when in fact her mistreatment was lack of sexual assault, lack of a strong hand to discipline her.

Kill Whitey #racist

The end times portrayed by Revelation imply something like a brutal military dictatorship will be in power. That’s about what the US military has been subverted into by the Zionists. What do Trump, Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby have in common? They are all being condemned by the Jews media for sexual harassment of women. Zionists select corrupt, badly flawed, goyim for public office, because they are easily controlled by blackmail, extortion, and threats of ruin.

Trump’s crude dealings with with women were well known long before he was the prez. The Zionist banksters are using Trump, the blonde-blue goy as a poster boy for how white men are crude, lewd, lecherous, dishonest. Using Trump as a strawman like this further undermines Christianity, white people, the previous world order values and traditions. The Rothschild banksters are trying to replace the old order with a Jew World order.

For the Zionists, it’s all about “Down with Whitey.” “Kill Whitey” was what Charles Manson told his followers to write on the walls in the murder victims’ own blood. That’s what was written in blood at the gruesome murder scene. “Kill Whitey” was written to make it appear that Black people committed the murders; in order to incite race wars. Manson stated that he was trying to start a race war; that he and his people would emerge from the chaos to rule the world.

For those who are Jew-wise, some of the statements Manson made showed that he was a puppet whose strings were pulled by the usual suspects. Such statements seem to be the real reason why the Jewdicial system banned Charlie from the courtroom for the rest of his trial. The Jews media have their ducks lined up in a row now — Cosby, Weinstein, Trump. Mass media can point to how Cosby went down in flames, likewise how Weinstein was thrown to the dogs, for sexual harrassment.

My guess is that the Jews media will push lots of propaganda on how racist it is that the Black star Cosby, the Hollyweird Jew Weinstein, both had to go down hard, yet the White man Trump gets off - if Trump gets off. Weinstein may be in on the scam, playing his role as directed. The Zionists have led the Demonrats and Repugs into a state of civil war against each other. It looks like the Zionists want to topple the US government just as they have done with so many others. Weak nations, weak leaders, can be forced into the Jew World Order easier than strong nations and strong leaders.

The stock market indexes are so high that it looks like a harder fall is coming than the crash which brought the Great Depression. Trump’s handlers seem to be advising him to take credit for the soaring stock market. But they are probably just setting up Trump for the big fall to blame it all on Whitey. Herod “the Great” had lots of small children and babies killed in his devilish quest to destroy the newborn Jesus. Herod seems like a forerunner illustrating how JWO government is.

Nicole Martinez #fundie

etvac4567:Okay, but the whole Skylanders thing is really far-fetched. They're just advanced toys that give children a whole new experience. There isn't anything brainwashing children and turning them into demons or anything random like that. I'm honestly sick of how everything is seen as 'satanic' and 'demonic'. Children are allowed to have fun with improved products that are a lot more advanced than dolls you'd have back in the day. It's like saying that nobody is free to enjoy their life, and I'm sure that's what God wants. He doesn't want people to bore ourselves by avoiding things we're told are evil. As long as if your not sinning by killing people and stuff then I don't understand the problem. And not all things lead to murder and a life of crime. People aren't influenced by the things they consume through pure children's content. As a consumer of the Skylanders franchise myself, I can confirm that these claims are absolutely ridiculous. Yes, there are witches and magic and whatever, but it's fantasy. God gifted us with imagination, and we are free to explore it. It is not a curse of some sort. Magic isn't even real, so I don't see what all of the drama about it is. I have no thoughts or opinions on the dolls, but what I do know is that I'd play Skylanders over dress up in overly girly clothes any day. Oh no, I must be corrupted!?

Nicole Martinez: Hello, I advise you to really take time to hear what is being said. This woman is giving truth concerning Satan's agenda against not only us as adults but our children. He wants to pollute and desensitize our little boys and girls with these demonic toys today. I agree with her, I wouldn't want my daughter exemplifying something that is so perverted and seductive in appearance. Definitely not a role model for kids. especially when I'm training my children to respect themselves, and enforcing godly values. I do understand that times have change and things are advancing today. But let me tell you, Satan is an ancient foe and crafty. He is not going to just appear to you in his original form of being. But rather disguises himself. He wants to hide in what is appealing to many today. That is why the word of God tells us to love not the world , nor the things that are in the world with the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and the pride of life. For all that does so are not lovers of God. We are not to set our affections on these things. Nor be entangled with the affairs of this life. People who have come to know the Lord understands what is of the Lord. But those who be blind, it is because Satan of this world has blinded their eyes and cannot see truth for what it really is. And this is one of the tactics that Satan wants to use today against our children. He wants to contaminate them and steal their precious innocence while they are young. He wants to desensitize them to the truth. So when truth is presented they have no way of knowing it. And they have been polluted so much so they can't receive truth for what it is. Don't allow Satan to continue to rob you from truth because you still want to be apart of some things that are not right, nor godly. And accept what is pleasing in your eyes. Many dont realize that alot of these things we allow to come into our homes opens up a gateway for spirits to come in to harass, possess, or wreak havoc in lives because of our ignorance. Let me say this, just because we don't want to believe something isnt wrong or bad doesn't mean that it isn't. What you choose to believe or tell yourself doesn't make what has been said non effect or untrue. When truth comes you have to accept that it is truth. Everything that comes out whether media, toys, movies and etc. isn't always right, nor of God. And it doesn't matter how Satan dress it up to be. He is crafty and coning. He know how to draw you away by your own lust and enticement if you let him. Yes magic is real and also satanic. Magic is of the devil and also a form of witchcraft. Disney the magic kingdom is also demonic. That is why I'm careful to what I bring into my home and infront of my family to watch. But if you choose to be ignorant and allow these demonic toys, movies, and cartoons into your home that is on you. But truth is truth. I advise you to look it up. God doesn't want you to be in the dark. But you still have a choice. You are held accountable for your children. We must train them in the way that they should go. Not the way they want to go. We are the parents. Therefore we should be mindful over ever decision we make and allow in our children's lives.?

LeftistsToTheLions #fundie

[OP of "Moderator /u/LeftistsToTheLions here updating you on a new rule we are implementing. Jews are involved."]

The new rule hereby is this:


Leftists are not people. They are not human. They are beneath such dignities, deserve no "rights" or legal protection. They are not "hes" or "shes." They are "its." They are objects. Do you debate with a cancerous tumor? Do you make friends with warts? Do you wave to dog shit while walking past it on the street? Of course not.

Anyways, the reason Jews are involved is that our Jew mod /u/AntifaTerrorism is going to monitor this situation very closely for rule violators.

Izayacel #sexist

Chess Represents the brutal truth, thats actually insane

ever wondered why chess is how it is?

you have your frontline full of farmers/slaves , they have the most limited move options in the game and "need to work hard" to get promoted
BUT they can easily be crushed while attempting so ( towers , springers and watever in the way)

they represent low tier, genetic males, they get placed on the bottom and need to hussle to get to the top ( IF EVEN )

you have towers,bishops they have greater move options and have more power by default " dont need to work hard "
AND they can not be easily crushed bc of their movement OPTIONS

see? they represent high tier genetic upper males, they get placed on top and have options by default ( model jobs, desired by most , ez life ...)

Springers / horses, have good movement options but are limited
they need to think to be able to make impacts but they can * they need to work *

ever wondered why litteraly no one ever promotes an farmer into a springer and choose towers or bishops instead?
bc its EASY, its like hey i get another chance so why not let it be as simple as possible this time

those are your typical normies, they think they get somewhere but just end up coping and betabux

and then you have your Queen , SHE has the best movements options in the game and is the MOST VALUEABLE FIGURE BY DEFAULT
she=mvp by default,
She cant be checkmaked although she is the strongest figure, why? bc man are the disposable ones ( the King )

thats your female, her value is given regardless, *i dont need to work*
man are thirsty like shits ( farmers ) and wanna protect and wonder why they fail ( no value )

divorce raping her isnt possible bc she is a woman hence the not being able to be checkmaked

The King, very limited movement options, looses the game after hes checkmaked
he cant checkmake the opponents king himself (cucked)

hes your husband cuck, cant do shit and gets divorce raped if needet, remember the queen cant be checkmaked thing?
bc it is a SHE ( Female )

only the king can loose the game but never the female
only the man need to play the game/have game but never the female

this shit is so mindblow its insane
that guy who invented the game propably was a philosoph god iq saint

(Emphasis original)

Mick Williams #fundie


"Rod Serling":
The principal foe of old-school liberalism was that nebulous, capitalist entity known as The Man: government-slash-business-slash-Wall Street. Its ideology was the simple communism taught by its Soviet handlers.

Today's liberals, far less educated, have more foes than neurons: themselves, if they're white; traditional marriage; Christians; the USA and Europe; common sense and truth; race harmony; strong economy...Its profit chart is a red line zigzagging relentlessly in a downward direction.

The once closeted embarrassment of homosexuality is the new civil rights darling, lionized by TV and media as normal. Transgenderism was a secret vice; today it's forced on the kindergarten set. Debate was welcome; now it's a threat to be shut down at any cost, including violence, a tempest most dangerous for that liberal house of cards.

What went wrong? Simply put--Strong Delusion, as promised by the Book they dismiss as mere literature. Beatniks of old must see them as vulgar and mean-spirited, petty and vindictive, dull and predictable. They've even got rabid against their mentors of old, the Russians.

What awaits our leftist lemmings? Exactly what they crave; a globalist regime where fairness and virtue find no respite from the brutal enforcers of that coming conqueror, tasked with elimination of all who reject a certain three-digit number. But for those not afflicted with said Delusion, a second chance awaits--in The Twilight Zone.

Blck/unknown #sexist

["Girl Quotes Translated to English"]

What to pay attention to on online dating profile (not from me)

Good fun – right up her own ass, looking for someone else to fund her partying.

Good sense of humour – you’ll need one to date her, especially when you realise the vast gulf between her profile and reality.

Looking for young at heart funny man – I sucked the live out of all my former boyfriends, now I need new blood.

Looking to meet interesting people – I am a fucking princess.

Seeking something real – unlike me, I am completely fake

Looking for a truthful man – I am a lying cunt

Laugh – you won’t, not with me

Looking for genuine kind man – I need a carer

Looking for my soulmate – I am an emotional vampire, this is a variant on the young at heart funny man above

Good fun honest man – I am boring and dishonest

Feeling adventurous – Looking for a shag, to be fair, all women are looking for a shag, but these types will actually put out on the first date.

Looking for good hearted man – are you seeing a trend here yet?

Life’s one big adventure – I am a fucking princess, again

Looking for someone honest and caring – see the trends?

Looking for a guy who is honest – sigh…

Looking for a genuine bloke – sigh…

Looking for genuine, honest, sexy man – sigh…

Looking for genuine, intelligent bloke – sigh, but the inclusion of the “intelligent” keyword means you must not be interested in her looks.. lol

Looking for kind goodhearted man – sigh

Looking for funloving gentleman – the inclusion of the “gentleman” keyword is the clue that this skank is anything but a lady

David J. Stewart #fundie

According to information from Stanford University, music videos are most popular with younger teens, whereas the music itself is more popular with older teens. In other words, the Illuminati are targeting younger teens with degenerate videos, so that young teens will be encouraged to seek sexual relations with older men. It is human nature to have heroes and mentors. The Devil knows this. Proverbs 13:20, “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” Nothing is as destructive on teenagers today as the satanic music videos on YouTube, VH1 and MTV. It is tragic that our youth are being given kooks, quacks, pedophiles and queers for their heroes nowadays. America has become a spiritual dungheap among the nations, standing idle while the Devil's crowd intentionally destroy our youth. Psalms 50:22, “Now consider this, ye that forget God, lest I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver.”

The producers of this film should be in prison for exploiting and endangering children! I've been preaching against “Dance Moms” since that pedophile-promoting show went public in 2011. Those producers, mothers and everyone involved should be brought to justice! God will punish them! Isaiah 13:11, “And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.” Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

The entire “Elastic Heart” video by lesbian Sia is sexually suggestive, promoting the adult-child-sex philosophies of NAMBLA. NAMBLA wants to sodomize children, and they're lobbying in the courts to change the laws to lower the age-of-consent. The Threat of Homo Pederasts to our children is disturbing. Search the internet for “Hollywood pedophiles” and you will be shocked at how much information there is. I once formed a list of 67 Hollywood movies with homosexual themes—the point being that homosexuality is synonymous with pedophilia and pederasty.

Communist Russia is now Safer for Children than America! President Vladimir Putin in Russia bans queer adoptions to protect children from being sexually molested. I am not trying to be unkind or mean, but the facts prove (as evidenced by this pedophile video “Elastic Heart” made by a lesbian, Sia) that there is a strong link between homosexuals and pedophiles. One perversion begets another!!!

wolfblade111 #sexist

Carol Danvers vs Carol Manvers

There needs to be more fanart of The Original Marvel Heroes/Heroines beating the shit out of their now SJW Corrupted selves.

Buuuut that's about as likely as me liking the former is Definitely More Likely to happen than me liking Yaoi. XD LOL So there's hope. lol

Now don't get me wrong, I like the IDEA of Carol being Captain Marvel and what not...It's just the fact that it was goodish for like..the first couple dozen issues of her own comics where she was just went and died and were replaced with Carol Manvers...yeah it was an Idea that died to early thanks to Femnazi's and SJW's...So many Femnazi's and SJW's.

So yeah, this also speaks about how I feel the Captain Marvel film is gonna go...Not well. Infact I'm kinda hoping even though I KNOW it's not gonna happen that Thanos kills her.

Look at what you've done to me SJW Marvel, you've made me hope for the death of a Superheroine I had high hopes for before you do what you always do...Crush Em.

R.I.P Ms Marvel (Carol Danvers.) You were an awesome (Although sometimes a bitch but still likeable.) Heroine...Until SJW's went and fucked you up.

Some Incels #sexist


[JFL] Private school boys caught singing "misogynistic" chant on tram

Future young chads asserting their dominance on a Melbourne tram. its good to see some based school kids and not some SJW fags like most of inner city Melbourne is.

Lyrics from the call-and-answer chant include: "I wish that all the ladies / Were holes in the road / If I was a dump truck / I'd fill them with my load."

They just took over the tram – it was a mass of boys, tall, strong, very loud. And that boisterousness was one thing, but it was the whole attitude," Melanie told the ABC.

"You felt there was no respect for women, you felt you couldn't say anything and if you did, you were concerned about what would happen next."

Yet all those young teenagers will go on and have great sex lives. Quit the Virtual signalling.

Chads will be chads

women" damn chad isnt respecting women"

next minute, shes giving chad head JFL

I think this kind of openly misogynistic behavior from Chads comes from a place of deep seated confidence where they are deeply aware of their genetic privilege and know that they cannot do any wrong. The confidence comes from strength, knowing that they will go unopposed. They know that they are ideally placed in this society and so they take full advantage of it.
You'll NEVER see an incel do something like this.

if a pack of small timid incels did this. everyone would be shouting and telling to stop, but since its tall young strong adolescents. they wont say a word.


We did a similar chant in first year of my university. Very mysoginisyic and objectifying women.

What shocked me was the chant was led by chads and stacies. Girls in bus were singing about using coat hanger as abortion and getting filled up in all 3s and crawling on all 4s


This should be pinned. These boys were literally called out by females for not respecting women and having a bad personality, yet they keep having a lot ot girls and none of them seems to care about it. But our personalities are supposed to be the main reason why we are incels this destroyed normies argument about personality

Anonymous #fundie

"exploited beta providers"

I've been saying it for years, incel ideology is an SJW ideology. It's the same oppression olympics nonsense (you can read it in Elliot Rodger's manifesto too, it's practically an incel manifesto). This guy couldn't have made it more clear, he even uses the same buzzwords now.

They see women as an exploiter class and men as an oppressed class (similar to third wave feminism only in reverse).

You guys sad to say have a lot more in common than you think.

And of course Pharaoh Bastethotep himself is an admitted incel LOL. The reason he seems to be the only one constantly submitting these quotes is because he's trying hard to make you think he's one of the "good incels".

Such a transparent virtue signaler.

You're not fooling me buddy.

averagetohot & rainisthelife #sexist

How to Never EVER Pay on a Date

Hi ladies.

This sub is in unanimous agreement that as women, we should never EVER have to pay on a date, and we should let the man take on that role. I've been dating for 4-5 years now pretty consistently, and I've had plenty of free meals and drinks since then.

Choose the Right Target
I'm a Becky (6-7) in my early-20s and I can get guys my age (25-28) who are my looksmatch to buy me free drinks and meals pretty consistently on dates at mid-high-end places. If I want to experience fine dining (a bill that costs like $200+), I date older men (30+) because they can afford it. I can pretty much get free meals every day if I wanted to and if I schedule correctly.

You need to choose men who have a good white collar jobs or they have their own business. I typically date men in the tech or finance field. They have the income to spend money on a date compared to a man who doesn't make much.


What If He Still Asks You to Pay?
The question remains though: how do you avoid paying if the man you're going out with asks you to split the bill? If you ever hear this from a man, I don't care how many dates you've been on, if it's the first or fifth date, simply tell him that you'll take care of the bill the next time you go out since you prefer taking turns since that's more romantic. Don't appear bitter. Smile as you say this and act feminine! Be sweet, confident, and show him that you desire him nonverbally. 99% of men won't insist that you pay the bill during that time.

Of course, there won't be another date. Delete him from the dating app and block his number. You don't need to say anything more to them. Don't feel guilty about blocking a cheap man. Just remember that men don't feel guilty about using women and playing with their emotions. It's only fair that we reserve the right to block cheap men who won't add value to our lives.

Don't Be Deceived by His Looks. He Should Still Pay.
It's easy to be confident in making a man who's below your league to pay for the bill every time you go out. But if you encounter a man who you find sexy and hot, you might be tempted to split the bill because you don't want to lose him or because you think that you're privileged to date such a hot guy. Stop. You might only think that the guy is above your league when he IS in your league and you're attractive too. (This is the case with me since I grew up as a plain Jane.) AND even if he's above your league, you still don't pay, comprende? You follow the advice I've give to you. He's a man and it's his role to be a provider. You have no business dating a man who dares to ask you to split the bill -- I don't care how hot he is or how good he makes you feel. Women need to date men who add something to their lives. I've dated a few guys who are above my league but they still didn't make me pay because they enjoyed being with me and it added value to their lives.

So Go Forth and Date...
If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them below!

rainisthelife: Damn this post is fucking stellar 💯💯

And the number of triggered men crying about it makes it even sweeter. Keep telling the truth queen. Men are useless if they don’t have money.

eric_otness #fundie

Dont these SJW know that normalizing pedophilia is whats next on the agenda? You might wanna go check Vox, CNN, and Huffington Post. How else are they going to learn to live with the muslims in Europe?

Anyway Marie could pass for under 18, its why everyone likes her, its why she is on the cover of the game, its why she was voted number 1. Why dont you go buy your worthless asses some plane tickets to the UK and protest in Rotherham if you give such a f*** about children and stop crying about a video game produced by the cleanest society on earth when you all live among the most vile.

I'm not sure I'd call Japan the cleanest society, especially when, in the case of the Pokémon Anime, they did definitely depict the female characters as sex objects even when they were canonically 10 years old, and besides which, Japan is actually one of the biggest distributers of child porn:

However, you are right about one thing: legalizing child porn is next on the SJW's radar whether they know it or not

True pedophiles would, you know, be attracted to people who were literally underage, like, I don't know, those people who actually hit it on with May or Dawn or Serena from Pokémon (who are quite explicitly 10 years old). In fact, Masamitsu Hidaka would qualify as a pedophile since his interview made it VERY clear that he views the girls in Pokémon, all of whom are 10 or younger, as just being sexualized meat for the audience, and with May and Serena, it's extremely obvious due to their having massive breasts.

'all keep waving around MR's manufactured age as if that's proof of non-pedophilia. When at best, it's proof of law-abiding pedophilia.

You're attracted to a character who:
- Looks like a child
- Dresses like a child
- Sounds like a child
- Speaks like a child
- Acts like a child
Etc. The overwhelming number of people meeting these characteristics are children. In fact, these characteristics are what separate children from adults. You're attracted to the things that make children "children." That makes you a pedophile.

*However*, you slam on the brakes if the potential object of your attraction is under age. 14-year-old looking and acting like MR: No go. Exact same person with an earlier birthday: Full steam ahead. That proves you understand and respect the law. Which is really all we can ask of people.

My primary concern is if they are literally children, ie, even their age is indeed 10. I would consider those who hit it off to May, Dawn, Iris, Serena, heck, even Misty from the Pokémon Anime when they are explicitly 10 years old to be pedophiles, NOT those who crush on Marie Rose, who at least is 18 years of age.

At most, Marie Rose would qualify as a manchild, which still doesn't make those who crush on her pedophiles. It's like saying girls who crush on, say, Kefka Palazzo must automatically be pedophiles just because he acts like a child and speaks like a child (literally in this case, since in the Japanese version, he uses the pronoun "boku-chin" which is generally appropriate only for very young children). And bear in mind, Kefka's in his thirties, and it's extremely obvious in Dissidia Final Fantasy that he isn't even close to a child anyway (though since he is somewhat diminutive in Final Fantasy VI, he could look like a child in the latter game).

~SK8ER_4_LIFE~ #fundie

i think the devil has all different age gorups of anti-christ cuz the devil doesn't know when god is coming. so like a older person if god comes in 2 weeks or something. a middle age 1 in case god comes in 2 years or 5 or wutever, a younger 1 in case god comes in 20-30 years from now, and a baby in case god come 60-90 years from now. cuz no 1 knows not even the devil, hes preparing al of them until that 1 day comes.........well thats just wut i think

John Carver #fundie

(part of an article titled "6 Reasons Progressives, Leftists, And SJWs Are (Literally) Hitler")

1. They Both Use A Stupid Looking And Impotent Arm Gesture

The Nazi salute or “Hitler’ salute was a gesture used as a greeting to powerful Nazi officials, and to glorify the German nation under the Third Reich. The salute was performed by extending the right arm to at least eye level, and straightening the hand so that it is parallel to the arm.

The George Soros-funded domestic terrorist group “Black Lives Matter,” which has a great deal of sympathizers and supporters from the political left, has also adopted their own (ultimately meaningless) arm gesture. Conservatives, libertarians, and the Alt-Right simply don’t bother with such try-hard tough and faux-fascist nonsense.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

2. They Both Want Heavy Firearms Restrictions Or Outright Confiscation

In the build-up to Nazi Germany going on the war rampage, Hitler made damn sure that the non-military German populace (Jew and Gentile alike) would be thoroughly disarmed of any projectile firing weapons, as to prevent any kind of civilian insurrection or rebellion against his fascist regime.

Progressives and SJW’s in the United States by and large hate guns, and repeatedly call for heavy restrictions on firearms or outright Hitler, Stalin, and Mao style confiscation.

On the other hand, conservatives, libertarians, and the Alt-Right (including neomasculinists) all respect and value the right to bear arms in order to stymie out-of-control criminality and keep government oppression in check. Not to mention it’s a damn good idea to have most of the population armed as a major deterrent against outside invaders.

Just ask Switzerland, who successfully avoided all of the chaos in Nazi-occupied Europe due to both their mountainous geography and by having the most strapped-up civilian population in all the land.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

3. They Both Blame All Of Society’s Ills On One Segment Of The Population

Despite being responsible for about 95% of all major technological and medical advancements for the past 600 years, and the upholders or creators (along with Northeast Asians) of the most advanced infrastructure, high-income, low-corruption, politically stable, and peaceful countries on the planet (i.e. highly desired for migration for people of all races and colors around the world), progressives and SJW’s almost never have anything positive to say about white males.

Every real or perceived societal issue must be caused by the white man and his “supremacist” outlook on life and his “racist” institutions, and no personal responsibility must be accepted for what plagues the African-American, Native American, or Chicano communities. The finger of righteous indignation can simply point straight back to heterosexual white males, who are “privileged” beyond all comparison.

(But please, keep it quiet that many Asian minority groups are economically outperforming white people and are being imprisoned far less per capita. Ok? You’ll ruin the leftist narrative.)

In similar fashion, the Nazi’s blamed just about everything that caused pain to Germany on the mannerisms, behaviors, and business practices of Jews.

Progressives and SJW’s are (literally) Hitler!

Zyrros #sexist

There is NO point on love, relationships, infatuation or anything

To be honest I don't see why the fuck are humans capable of love or infatuation when it only leads to suffering if you are not a top male.

you will ALWAYS be tossed aside as soon as a better male appears in the vicinity. There is no point if you are not a male model or at least good looking with GREAT charisma. Just no point.

I had a girl who I liked (not love, but really liked). We had a really really strong freindship and later a bit of more than friends stuff (no, this is not a brag). Our bond and friendship was very strong. Just one day, a guy with similar looks level but more charisma appeared and it all went to shit really quickly with me being left apart for that guy.

Even in freindhsip you will be tossed apart as soon as a better male appears. It isnt worth it anymore. Im living alone all my life without partner, because I don't want to have the constant fear and shadow of another better male appearing in the vicinity and ruining everything.

Its always like this, not only in my story, i saw lots of times this happen to other people too.

If you can be one upped by another male, DONT EVER enter a relationship, DONT EVER have meaningful friendships, DONT EVER let yourself become infatuated, ERASE all feelings because they are pointless.

8+/10 in looks or 7+/10 in loosk+great charimsa OR DEATH

Gymcelled #sexist

[JFL] Normies I know are sharing articles on how to remain mentally sane during corona lockdown

They literally can't fathom being lonely and sexless for just a few days lmao. They're in complete panic mode, it's like they're about to face the firing squad.

Some foid I know shared articles on being sexless/away from your partner for the coming days.

Some guys shared articles about what to do when you're at home. Because apparently normies have no fucking clue what to do when you're home.

goes to show how fucking weak and pathetic normies are without muh social circle. "but sex isnt important" "having a gf wont cure you're depression" all while these faggots are already depressed because they have to "isolate themselves" for a couple days

I always knew this was pure bullshit because normies can't fucking stand not having a gf or going out with their friends. They tell us having a gf isn't important, yet they complain after being gfless for just a couple of weeks.

I remember in hs normies would complain about being sick for 3 or 4 days and not being able to go to a party or hang out with their friends.

I remember one time this chad got into an argument with his friends, so they stopped inviting him to every event for a few weeks. He had a "depression" because of it. But then they got back together and everything was fine of course.

I don't know whether to laugh at them or be angry. These Normie fucks have mocked us and downplayed what we go through, yet they can't go to a bar for a few days and cheer for some cucked sports team and their world caves in.

The best part is i tried warning normies, i told them to get some supplies, stock up on food. They told me i was paranoid and overstressing this "flu". Now they're in full panic mode because the stores are fucking empty and lockdown is coming soon. Fuck you you normie ass bitch. Should have listened to me.

Let them starve. They thought they were too clever to listen to a smelly Inkwell JFL

I also stocked up on soap, shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, mouthwash etc

I'll be clean af while the normies reek lmao

And they call us smelly JFL

College was a massive blackpill, normies would come to class after a night of partying. They were sweaty and reeked of alcohol and/or vomit. Disgusting.

Casey F #fundie

For anyone who is Christian or has a close relationship with God...please help.?

how do you deal with athiest people?...i mean i dont argue them and i respect their view points but i just want to lead them in the right way if you know what i hurts me to see people who are athiest...any suggestions to "how to guid them in the right direction?" idk what to say when their like "i dont get how people can belive that God came out of no where, but the universe cant?"...I tell them...God didnt just come out of nowhere, hes always exsisted..but they dont listen...they all seem to be so close-minded!...but i guess just talking to them about it plants a seed? right?...and thats the first step, isnt it?.....what are some good ways to plants seeds you guys??? and to maybe convince a nonbeliver to belive?

vizzle #fundie

I still don't like this To Catch A Predator bullshit. Some of them are out there looking, yes, but many of them are lured into it.

Thats the point. The real sick person there is the guy who is aggressivly pushing someone to do the deed, breaking down their will, then taking some moral ground for it.
Lol I mean when is the person who provokes someone into a fight ever truly innocent? Why is this any different?

Yep. The better way to stop girls from hooking up with men is for parents to wake up. That "To Catch A Predator" show is disgusting. So many of the victims on that show are average men just trolling around the internet, and a nice hot pie of sexy bait was put down right under their nose, offering themselves up willingly. If there wasn't any bait in the first place doing that, many of those men would have never even considered it. Ruin people's lives just for a tv show. You think that guy will keep his friends, his job, his family when they see that episode? It's horrible.

most states require a 4 year age gap for statutory rape
it's pretty fucked up how many of you in this thread are pro-pedophilia. you disgust me
vizzle: there is no way you feel bad for pedophiles who hook up with people who pretend to be 14 year old girls and you're not one yourself. normal people do not sympathize with grown men who look to fuck 14 year old girls

Nobody here is pro-pedophilia. We're saying that the way they lure these men is horrible.

Give a man a bomb, an empty room, and the person he hates the most in the world, and make him believe that nobody will ever know what happens, and you're sure to see an explosion. Would that man kill under normal circumstances though? Not always.

Do you take issue with police leaving bait cars out to catch thieves? I'm sure most wouldn't consider stealing a car if one wasn't left sitting right out in front of them, right? It doesn't matter whether there's a lure or not; any decent human being wouldn't even entertain the thought of banging a kid.

Considering men have been fucking young girls for all of written history except for the last hundred years or so because people suddenly decided it's taboo, and in some places around the world the legal consent is 14, I really don't understand this giant "OH MY GOD YOU'RE A PEDOPHILE" epidemic plaguing everyone. I'm not a pedophile, I'm not pro-pedophile, I'm anti-rape (of course) and I don't like it when girls are abused, but I think it's silly that all of a sudden we have to change the way humans think despite the fact that men have been doing it for centuries and still do, legally, in parts of the world.

Men have been killing people since the dawn of time. We've also raped women because they were below us. We also kept slaves. Do I need to seriously compile an entire thesis of things we've done up until the last century that we shouldn't have been doing in the first place?

Yes, but killing and raping have always been "bad". Men and girls getting married and raising families together was always normal.

if you think it's ok for a grown man to fuck a 14 year old kid, then you are a pedophile. just because they married off 14 year old kids and traded them for sheep in the dark ages when everyone died at 28 doesn't mean it's ok

You honestly should be infracted for spouting "pedophile" at everyone who has a different opinion from you. If a 14 year old girl wants to do it with a man, I see no reason why she shouldn't. It's the responsibility of the parents to make sure she is educated and knows about it, to make sure she won't do something stupid. Biologically, there is nothing wrong with a girl having sex at that age.

[Bali] 14 year old teen arrested on Drug charges
Australian authorities have confirmed that a 14-year-old boy from NSW has been arrested in Indonesia after allegedly being caught with drugs while on holiday in Bali.The boy was arrested on Tuesday, allegedly in possession of a small amount of marijuana.
He could face a lengthy jail term if convicted of possession charges, which carry a maximum penalty of 12 years in jail.

Can't really feel sorry for him, he knew the consequences when he did it.

HHe was 14, he probably didn't. 12 years? thats irrational. I don't do weed, but I dont even think it should be illegal, while alcohol isn't.

How would you not know that getting caught with drugs is illegal when you're 14? Unless you're completely unaware of the outside world (which I'm going to assume he isn't) a 14 year old, even if he doesn't know the ins and outs of the law completely, would definitely know that drugs = illegal.

TheG-flash #sexist #racist

[ on the star wars movies with rey ]

A man created a great franchise with a trilogy and prequels, then a woman comes in and ruined it with it's feminist propaganda and identity politics and obviously shoved in a strong Mary Sue character because like what KK said, in her little brain she thinks girls aren't into Star Wars and they can't relate to Han and Luke because they are male which is absolute bullshit. There are many girls out there who loves Luke and Han not because they're male, its because they're great written well characters who have to go through challenges. But no under this SJW feminist garbage, we need more female representation and diversity. I don't have anything against woman creating things, but they have to understand the material and listen to fans to what they want to see, which is why Wonder Woman was such a good movie because Patty Jenkins stayed true to the source material and created a movie people want to see. But with KK and Ruin "Potato Head" Johnson they give a shit what the fans want or think, they basically give them the cold shoulder and blasted out if you don't like our stuff then you're a racist sexist misogynist homophobic xenophobic man-babies! These people are absolutely disgusting!

Maximilian von Auschwitz #pedo #sexist #psycho

[Heebpill] If given opportunity, what to choose - sex with 11 years old girl, or 21 years old female

Degenerate would choose 21 old femoid in any time, because 11 year sol "is just a child". Pedo of not great culture, would always choose 11, because he's just fucker, like normal normies, just atracted only to younger females
Simpliest answer for man of culture, is "one , who is prettier". Because, as much as young girl is desirable, no way I would bang young girl, whos ugly, because that is ewww, so sexy roastie is still better option
More difficult, is if their beauty level is on par. So then it depends on how pretty both of them, as if they are just closer to average, then 11 may be preferable, as average 21 female, especially of white race, is too much of fat robust cow, and better younger girl more sexually and esthetically pleasing. If they of higher beauty level, more stacy tier, then 21 with perfect hourglass figure is more tempting, than too childish 11 (and surpassed by 13, who is perfect blend of childish gracility, and feminine curvatures), so on sheer sexyness alone, 21 could be chosen, but in that case another factor comes - in this degenerate world sex with young girls is problematic, so in tgat way opportunity to be offered sex with 1 years old girl becomes more valuable rarity
And if given more factors, like how much time spent with them. If given hour, for only sexual activity, then dilemma bigger, to choose sheer sexyness, or rarity. But if time offered is bigger, like whole day then better spend it with 11 years old girls, instead of annoying old cunt. And if be offered marriage, then undoubtly it better with 11 years old girl, as soon she becomes perfect 13, and can easier be molded into what kind of waifu I need, while 21 roastie is old and damaged, better only to bang and kick her away

Anonymous #sexist

I fucking hate this
Id be fine with straight ships even, but the thought of shipping the mane 6 who were supposed to be friends angers me. Especially when its the character that was also supposed to be the antithesis of 'lol tomboy must be lesbian' thing
I guess that in the end my expectations really were subverted

exterminate all dyke scum

the writers could've just ended the show without jamming in any politics and/or SJW virtue signaling, but they just HAD to achieve retard critical mass at the last second

it's also extremely offensive to both straight and lesbian tomboys, if you remember that one Faust post from back in the day

yourclairygodmother #transphobia #homophobia #sexist

Know what's cute? Nitpicky and rude SJWs who think I care about their petty insults about comments I made months! I don't know if I should even bother with a video on these pathetic souls. Like I said: a lion doesn't concern herself with the opinions of sheep. Call me a transphobic, homophobic, sexists whatever; it doesn't matter because I know and my friends know that I am none of those things. You SJW hacks can't even be bothered to get to know the real me. (Mainly because you lack basic social skills.) It's sad that you think lies taken out of context are somehow going to ruin my life.

1zenith #conspiracy

I have been getting outta body experiences EVERY morning. NO , not just 1-2 times per week but everymorning.

I dont know what told me to ask for the E ts to take me outta body on journeys but they have been doing it EVERY morning just as long as my sleep cycle is disrupted. Thats when they can 'get in'.
Thats WHEN they can HACK in.

Its so freaking fun. You guys gotta try it.
My E ts (reptilians and many others), KNOW what i like.

They drop me from the sky, ufo ships, and also actually take me outta body and put me in another reality where I can do all the narly stuff on my own as if i went outta body myself. Sometimes they do virtual reality simulations but something they are actally ETHEREAL abductions. Sometimes they allow you to be independent.

If you guys want FUN and wanna get the hell outta this realty , just TALK TALK TALK to the E Ts. --mind to mind.

IF you go to bed at 10 then wake up at 3am then go back to sleep thats when they can HACK IN (your brain) to give you what you WANT.
They are eager beavers.
They love to please. I even saw the STATICY pc screen in my brain just like a fuzzy tv screen when the reptilians were trying to hack in a few days ago but since i couldnt get back to sleep that morning, that morning nothing happened. WE/our bodies are one big computer. D I is right.

The being will even show himself or herself first ,then , he will give you an experience.

This morning a human looking tall E T gave me the weirdest experience yet.

It felt like an actual physical abduction but i know it was a Virtual simulation abduction.

I saw all these white strobe lights in my room then boom, I went outta body and was doing back flips up the wall and back.
When the strobe lights quit, i was back physically in my body then i tried to go up and back down the wall and couldnt do it.
Then the strobe lights began again and I started floating again in my room. The being gave me a history test that made no sense and i blurted out "brazil". I even went into the PAST (when i was 27) and was walking around my apt that i only lived in for one month. It was so real.
I guess he was distracting me while he was doing 'other things' to me. IDk.
They (e Ts) are little computer hackers. IF you get my drift.

Several days before that ,the reptilians gave me 4 experiences in one WEEK, then they started communicating by SONGS with me.
Now i am sad and I need to figure out what is up with them (that group) because today like i said i got a human-looking tall E T.
And not reptilian.

1. First song first morning they put "jessies girl" by Rick Spfld, in my head.
2. The second morning they put Paula ABdul " Hes a cold hearted snake"
3. The 3rd morning they put "Go your own way" by Fleetwood mac.


I want to find out who JESSIE is. I am HIS girl. He is a reptilian.
He probably isnt a COLD hearted snake.

And, this morning maybe the human looking E T who gave me the experience this morning, maybe he IS JESSIE.
Maybe he is a TALL WHITE.

Well they arent MEAN. The viscious ones cant get thru.
I dont know if they are exactly nice but I DONT care.
I just want my awesome outtabody experiences.

And they are FREE!!! Free fun!!!!

I owe them BIG TIME!!!!!

More to come....

Find the E ts in your life and talk to them.

ANybody can. Anybody can be an ABDUCTEE!!!!

more to come.....

SchrodingersDick #sexist #pedo

Re: [News] Peter Cook, age 60, engaged to a 21 year old foid. Women all pissed off online, most of them old

These people don’t realize pedophilia is attraction to prepubescent children, not a 21 year old

Their beef is not about some arbitrary age threshold like 18. Their beef is about men the same age as them, at the height of their sexual attractiveness/SMV, wanting to fuck younger women. Their beef is basically with age having a huge bearing on female SMV. Old roastie want 60 year old rich chad. They don’t want the younger girls ot have him. They fucking seethe when they see this. They would rather female SMV be based in factors they CAN control. Like a college degree and a career. They would rather “experience” and “maturity” be sexy, than youth, chastity, and innocence.

Roosh #fundie

Not long ago I proposed that decreasing birth rates in the Western world is happening due to some cosmic force that is seeking balance upon the universe. I missed the mark. The force is not something cosmic or metaphysical, but human. After studying the evidence, it’s clear that there is a conscious scheme to control the human population through both cultural and biological means, which allows the elite to sustain or elevate their power and wealth.

The first piece of evidence showing you have been primed to favor depopulation is that you most likely agree to at least two of the following three statements, even if you consider yourself “red pill”:

“Agendas or schemes by the global elite should be first considered a 'conspiracy theory.'”
“There are too many people on planet Earth.”
“Needs of the environment must come before plans to increase human fertility.”

It’s not a coincidence that you are already on board with depopulation agenda, and if you live in a Westernized nation, you came to that conclusion “naturally” because since you were in grade school, you have been bombarded with messages about the dangers of over-population and the fragility of the environment. It turns out that all the progressive ideas being spread in the West have one thing in common: they all limit human reproduction.

Here is a short list of progressive causes that have percolated from intellectuals and later sponsored or hijacked by billionaire activists and major government institutions of the West.

1. Abortion is a bodily “choice,” not human murder. Result: it decreases population.

2. Birth control is a “choice” that allows women to better practice consumer lifestyles. Result: it decreases population.

3. Female empowerment in the form of feminism and egalitarianism pushes women into corporate work with the goal of delaying motherhood (or eliminating it outright). Result: it decreases reproduction and family formation.

4. Promotion of sterile human relationships in the form of homosexuality and transsexuality can’t possibly result in the creation of life. Result: it decreases population, reproduction, and traditional family formation.

5. Promotion of atheism, nihilism, individualism, and consumerism as suitable alternatives to traditional living via nuclear family units. Result: it decreases reproduction and traditional family formation.

6. The needs of the “environment” must be served before that of living humans. Result: it makes human guilty of family formation.

7. Massive waves of foreign immigrants are encouraged entry into Western nations to break bonds between tribe and neighbor that decrease notions of nationalism and patriotism while transferring fertility and economic resources from native people to foreigers. Result: it decreases relative population of native citizens.

All of the above decreases the reproductive rate, either directly through the killing of life, or indirectly by promoting guilt and alternative lifestyles that are incompatible with the creation of life. At the same time, immigrant populations are allowed to grow at a faster rate that the natives’ ability to reproduce.


Most corporations, whose sole motivation is profit for shareholders, have for some odd reason pathological soft spots for women and the environment. It’s no coincidence that empowerment of women into becoming corporate workers and mindless consumers shatters their reproduction while promotion of environmental concerns makes you not only guilty to have a family of your own, but inclined to give unwavering support and authority to globalist agendas that limit population in the “privileged” Western world while at the same time supporting the breeding of third-world immigrants to displace them.

Men who have come to the conclusion of depopulation arrive at it from different paths. I saw it not through politics but through sex. I saw firsthand how the government, media, and universities are deliberately trying to promote mistrust between man and woman through feminism, the myth of rape culture, and social justice ideas that allow a divide and conquer strategy to pit the sexes against each other, making every woman see a man as a potential rapist and every man see a woman as someone who could ruin his life.


The three main cultural mechanisms of reducing native populations is to program people to be concerned for women’s rights, third world immigration, and the environment. This is why nearly everyone on the left, including SJW’s, are fanatically supportive of all three. Leftists have been soundly convinced of issues that lead to the destruction of the family unit, the breakdown of their society’s social fabric, and their own voluntary sterilization. When you combine biological efforts that include birth control and abortion, you can see how Westerners have absolutely no chance of recovering their population compared to African, Middle Eastern, and Asian populations that do not currently face both cultural and biological bombs to reduce their birth rates, but will soon enough be targeted once the Westerners are sufficiently weakened and depopulation goals are met.

You probably now understand why when Brussels accepts a new country into the European Union, the first thing they do is mandate a gay pride parade on the capital streets, and why they immediately start screeching about the need for more women’s rights. This is the cultural attack that aims to limit the reproduction of that country so that their sovereignty can be easily dismantled within only two generations, an attack that begins even before they join the EU in order to “prove” they are ready to destroy themselves for the short term gain of big loans and free trade for that nation’s local elite.


I’m coming to the conclusion that the only way to defeat the evils of liberalism, feminism, social justice, and progressivism is to have huge families and create tribes that are free-thinking, self-reliant, and, most importantly, armed. The men of the future who can resist totalitarianism and unjust government authority come from the wombs of the women living today, and those women must at some point be convinced that being stay-at-home mothers who raise strong men is superior to becoming zombie consumers who poison and sterilize their own bodies.

The last thing that those in power want is for women to pair-bond with independent, masculine men who do not need the state and who place more importance and loyalty in their blood relatives and nation than to leftist ideas, iPhones, and sports teams. In the past, my fantasies were about sleeping with as many women as possible so I can be the playboy that I saw in the Hollywood movies, but now they are about creating the sons who will one day lead their people and their nation. It’s squarely up to us to create the men who can eliminate the parasites that are successfully controlling modern humanity.

Crazyfish08 #fundie

Bolding by Submitter

Dear Steve, I came across your website and read the question put forward about denouncing all genocide and your challenge to Christians to defend it. To answer the question, I would say that all genocide done by men is mass murder, but when God does it it is right. I know that sounds rather absurd, but let me explain why I think so.

God is a being who knows everything and has a strong sense of justice to fufill. Ecclesiastes 12:14 "For God will bring every act to justice, everything which is hidden, whether good or bad". It is good that there is a law which brings forth consequences for evil so that justice is appeased. Humans have a justice complex too. If your friend was kidnapped and murdered it would not be right for the murderer to go off scott free. Stealing is wrong, stuff like that we just know.

"The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life" Every man has sinned and therefore deserves death. God is perfect and all knowing, so only he can administer true justice. This is why it is only ok for God to take away life- only he knows every single circumstance of every single situation and the heart and mind of every person in those circumstances, so only he can and will bring any good/evil deed to true justice.

Considering this, he shows restraint and mercy to any person that sins that he does not kill right away. The Israelites had to make animal sacrifices in order to appease God's anger until the fufiller of the promise was come.

This leads to the another aspect of God which loves every single person he made so much that he sent his perfect son the Christ to die to pay the penalty for the sins of men. Jews were seen clean through faith in the promise and sincere adherence to the law and Christians are seen as clean of sin through the atoning sacrifice of Christ.

But then all this still seems kind of unfair for the people who got punished by death in the OT still doesn't it? Pharaoh wasnt even really given a chance to get saved by looking to the promise and honoring Yahweh, for the LORD hardened Pharaoh's heart. This and the slaughter of children and infants really bothered me as well, I thought "could the God of the Bible who is loving and just really have slaughtered those infants and damned them to hell?" And I wavered in faith for a bit until I considered three things and made my own little hypothesis.

1, First point, (which sorry, Ive already stated lol) is that what's really fair is for all men to die by the punishment of God. The least fair thing of all is that Christ died for sin, because he was the only one without sin.

2. Secondly, God used the punishment of those people to bring good- He hardened Pharaohs heart and then obliterated him so that others may know that he was God. Word of God's deliverance for Israel and destruction of Pharaoh got around, and some were saved by this knowledge and clung to Yahweh. For example Rahab the prostitute had heard about what happened at the Red Sea and acknowledged Yahweh as God thereafter. Because of this she helped the spies and escaped death.

3. God is just, loving, and capable of pretty much anything.

Considering this I came up with my alternate dimension hypothesis for how God shows justice, love, and mercy all at the same time. The idea is that for every human soul, there is an alternate dimension with ideal circumstances for that person to love and choose Yahweh in return. So for every aborted baby, for pharoah, and for all who died without the knowledge of God- there is another dimension where things were better. eg. In another dimension Pharoah could have been an Israelite or lived somewhere else, and another person was in the role of Pharoah getting screwed over.

This is just one thing God could have done to show justice and love to every human he created, hes God so we just have to trust in Him to do the good things that he does.

So yeah I'm interested to here what you have to say in response, and what you think about my hypothesis lol

Incel Wiki #fundie

Battle of Incelistan

The Battle of Incelistan (mid-2016 - 7 November 2017) was a war fought in Reddit grounds between the Incel side and the SJW side, which was composed by r/incelwatch, r/inceltears, the majority of reddit and it's admins. It was one of the biggest Reddit conflicts, only surpassed by the r/jailbait controversy. The odds were against the Incel side since the beginning, but that didn't stop them from defending their safe haven until the very end.

The starting date of this war is often debated, some historians say that it began once the incelsphere became widely known, where as other historians prefer to use the date when the first incel watchgroup was created, named r/incelwatch (which went private after the creation of r/inceltears). Regardless, the agreed date is vaguely regarded as mid-2016.

To this day a peace treaty hasn't been signed between the two sides and some people believe that the war still continues.


After the controversial subreddit r/truecels was quarantined by the cuckmins, many incels either roped or began searching for another home. The original r/incels subreddit was created in 2015, but it remained inactive until July 2016. It must be noted that another subreddit named r/incel (without an "s") existed, but it was an over-the-top satire subreddit that was banned within months.

The Incel side faced several logistical issues that limited their fighting potential: lack of allies, fatigued from weeks of LDAR and a dangerous lack of blackpill artillery.

SJW offensive

The main fighting style of the SJW's involved mass-downvoting, mass-reporting and using automated bot accounts to repeat said processes. This strategy was proven successful as the Incel side did not have any countermeasures. This meant that all posts on r/incels had an abysmal upvote to downvote ratio and many comments were buried and hidden due to a high amount of downvotes.


Another strategy which proved successful involved thousands or at the highest ever recorded 12k lurkers from other subreddits visiting r/incels at one given time. This caused the subreddit to go private and retreat and as a result losing control of captured cities and enemy camps. However, during this time incel troops had time to rest and have peaceful conversations with each other. While the subreddit was private r/inceltears often deployed spies and infiltrators to gather information, the most well known of them, named u/LookismIsReal, was captured and executed by Incel authorities. Their profile is terminated as of today.


The SJW side was composed by millions of plebbit users and many cuckmins ready to pulverize r/incels in the snap of a finger, the Incel side had at its peak 45k troops which lacked military training and firepower. As a result the Battle of Incelistan was a decisive SJW victory since the beginning.

While the exact number of casualties vary widely, historians estimate that 43,000 incel citizens were publically executed, 500 were captured, around 500 missing and 1000 went into exile. Public incel figures such as the Supreme LeaderTM azavii, admincels and modcels were tortured for public entertainment and thrown in a ditch. Autobot was captured and re-programmed by SJW engineers.

The SJW side didn't suffer any casualties.


In 3 November 2017 r/incels went private for the last time. It lasted four painful days where many legitimate incels couldn't enter due to being suspended by prior ban waves.

In the morning of 7 November 2017 a nuclear bomb was dropped in the town center of Incelistan, resulting in the total annihilation of the region and leaving the entire country severely irradiated and unfit for human population.

Surviving incels were forced to rebuild the empire from scratch. By this time plebbit banned all subreddits that had any correlation to inceldom, including r/1ncels, r/IncelBrotherhood, r/IncelsPurgatory, r/LonelyNonViolentMen and lastly r/truecels. Somehow r/braincels survived.

The construction of a new empire called was started weeks before the nuking and was inaugurated in 8 November 2017.

Post-Bathtub-Leviathon Award

His Insanity Level Is Over Nine Thousand!

Anonymous #fundie #god-complex

Police officers in our area have been frequently knocking on practitioners' doors recently in a harassment campaign. To eliminate the evil in other dimensions, my mother and I began to send righteous thoughts every day for three to four hours each time.

One day, I saw a huge pipe in the air. One end led to the local police department, while a monk wearing a thick black robe sat at the other end. This monk was one of the old force gods and was directing the police to persecute Dafa disciples.

As I sent righteous thoughts, my body began to emit rows of pure, white lotus flowers. They floated to the police department and moved up the pipe to the monk. However, as soon as they touched the monk's body, they were corroded.

I asked Master for help and immediately felt my body becoming huge. The lotus flowers that came out of my body changed from white to gold. They landed on the old monk's body and slowly eroded his black robe.

The old monk turned into a young monk and pleaded for mercy. I continued to send righteous thoughts. I saw Master put him into a huge sack and throw the sack into a vat next to the police department. A lotus flower covered the top of the vat, while a fire burned at the bottom of it.

Another old god replaced the monk. He was instantly captured and changed into a cute little monk, hoping that I would spare his life. I put him into a sack and threw the sack into the vat.

After the first meddling god was destroyed, a thick, sticky coat made of tiny spirits was all that was left. They turned into black, sticky oil. I asked Master for help and used fire to burn them. Once the evil was eliminated, the pipe used to send evil spirits to the police department turned into a golden energy column.

The scene changed to the local courtroom. I saw two old force gods in the sky above. I caught them in a sack and put them into the vat to be destroyed. Master asked me to search for the old force god's main spirit. I managed to find it, and Master blasted it to shreds. The vat was also destroyed at the same time. The shreds were absorbed by the lotus flowers.

Earlier, I saw an evil spirit in my house. When I looked for it, I found it trapped in a corner by the lotus flowers. I eliminated it, and the lotus flower cleaned up the black substance left behind. I could feel the bad substances in my surrounding area being cleaned up by the lotus flowers.

I also saw the police officers who were harassing Dafa disciples becoming weak, as if they had lost their spirits. Each time I sent righteous thoughts throughout the following days, I saw the police officers who were involved in persecuting practitioners thrown into hell. The police department and courtroom were razed to the ground. Master set a golden shield over the area. His law body, gods and dragons were sent to guard the shield.

Through this period of frequently sending righteous thoughts for long periods of time, I experienced the power of believing in Master and the Fa. I also realized the importance of studying the Fa and sending righteous thoughts.

As I wrote this sharing, I suddenly thought of Master's teaching:

“Our Falun Dafa will protect practitioners from deviating. How does it protect you? If you are a true practitioner, our Falun will safeguard you. I am rooted in the universe. If anyone can harm you, he or she would be able to harm me. Put simply, that person would be able to harm this universe.” (Zhuan Falun)

BradleyTS #fundie

The reason? sex. the teaching of evolution is about sex, for sex.

older people want to seduce younger people into sex, but the younger people live in a society of Christian or other religious rules and values that say promiscuity, adultery or out of wedlock sexual relations are forbidden.

So the older people made up this idea that God and all that religion stuff isnt real, its taken many decades to get the story as slick as it is in 2007, but as we can see the progressive left has managed to outlaw the bible from public school and has worked tirelessly to get murder legalized, Roe v Wade which is there to help rapists and the grey market body parts industries that sell the aborted fetuses, the industry allowed to be legal because of Roe v Wade.

So evolution to tell younger people not to listen to God, not to obey any rules about chastity so the chance of a good marriage is harmed;

then after the rape by atheists/evolutionists on the younger people, they have legalized abortion, which is the murder of an unborn human to cover up the rape and help the abortion chop shops that drool and pay cash for the new body parts after the abortion, which itself is a human sacrafice satanic ritual.

BradleyTS #fundie

To attempt to silence biblical creationism in public school science class is exactly on par with the mentality of the Taliban, forcing a narrow minded point of view on captive subjects.

The reason? sex. the teaching of evolution is about sex, for sex.

older people want to seduce younger people into sex, but the younger people live in a society of Christian or other religious rules and values that say promiscuity, adultery or out of wedlock sexual relations are forbidden.

So the older people made up this idea that God and all that religion stuff isnt real, its taken many decades to get the story as slick as it is in 2007, but as we can see the progressive left has managed to outlaw the bible from public school and has worked tirelessly to get murder legalized, Roe v Wade which is there to help rapists and the grey market body parts industries that sell the aborted fetuses, the industry allowed to be legal because of Roe v Wade.

Zyros_ #fundie

If you were bullied as a male, you ARE or at least were ugly. Period. I'm tired of people thinking that bullying is caused by shyness, social anxiety, coming from poor family or any other fucking stupid cope shit.

-Ugly shy male in class: lol creep weirdo. Let's steal his bag.
-Handsome shy male in class: Oh why doesn't he open more? Let's get to know him and introduce him to our group!

-Ugly poor male in a high-ish class environment school: lol you must eat from dumpsters or something. I can't let people see me with this loser.
-Handsome poor male in a high-ish class environment school: Oh he must be a genius or a hard worker if he is here and comes from a difficult poor past. I can always help him a bit when hes low on money if he wants snacks! Im sure I could get him a part time job at my dads company so he has some cash.

-Ugly rich male in a low class environment school: That pretentious shit fed with golden spoon, lets beat him and steal his money. Money won't get ya girls loser.
-Handsome rich male in low class environment school: Oh why is he here? looks like a prince! Hes so humble, he is rich as fuck and still is down to earth studying here. He must be some sort of young genius who makes tons of money trough some online thing right?

-Ugly foreigner student: can you even speak our language? lol go back to your country.
-Handsome foreigner student: So exotic! I always wanted to hook up with a foreigner. Tell us about your country, must be so interesting!

Every possible ideological/personality/socioeconomic clash is a COPE. Every clash will be mitigated and haloed by good looks. The only reason you are bullied is because you are UGLY period. LOOKS DETERMINE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE AND WORTH SPECIALLY AS A MALE. For girls bullying sometimes can come from social power, or things like some girl being bullied because of jealousy about something. But for males is always ALWAYS because of looks.

Mack Major #sexist

FAIR WARNING: if you're a woman who has extremely thin skin please don't read any further: you WILL get offended. If you think you can handle what follows - then proceed at your own risk.

When you live like a whore by sharing your body with any and every guy that strikes your interest - don't get mad when you end up with the whore's reward! You asked for it!

The whore's reward consists of children out of wedlock, emotional trauma and instability, the inability to be with just one man long term, multi-penis syndrome, mental problems, and being highly undesirable for marriage.

What's multi-penis syndrome? That's when you find yourself wondering if the guy you just met has a penis large enough to fulfill your sexual desires. That's a whore's problem! Only whores worry about that kind of mess!

Because had you done things God's way your husband's penis would be the ONLY penis you've ever experienced! Owning dildos and sex toys are also symptoms of multi-penis syndrome.

A lot of women are right now suffering the consequences from living like outright whores during their younger years. They spurned Godly wise counsel from the scriptures, believing the Bible was old-fashioned and outdated. And did their own thing instead.

Now they are eating the fruits of what they've sown. And many are unhappy with the bitter taste. They can't get married, can't maintain a long term relationship leading to marriage, can't meet a quality guy, and only seem to hook up with men who want to use their bodies for semen target practice.

See, God didn't give me wisdom to help EVERY women out there. I don't know what the struggles of single Chinese migrant women are.

But He did give me wisdom to help a specific type of woman: the ones this post is referring to, who threw away their golden opportunities in their younger years and are now reaping the rewards for their poor choices later in life.

I can definitely help THOSE women because I know exactly what their problems are. I know precisely what's holding many of you back from getting married. The problem is that this is the most stubbornly obstinate group of women on the planet!

Though I can help them, many of them are so scared and jaded they prefer instead to sling insults and to fight, rendering helping them a virtual impossibility.

I'm at the point now where all the help I'm willing to give on this topic is found in my relationship ebook. And if you're not willing to read that, I'm not willing to do anything else for you. Just wallow in your own self-made misery like a pig rolling in its own slop.

Truth is: until you repent for living a whore's life, most of you who want to be married but aren't yet - never will be.

Doesn't matter how Christian, educated, smart, pretty, bougie, college degreed, sorority pledged or intelligent you think you are: there will always be a consequence for violating Godly principles. Especially as it relates to sex.

You cannot cheat or beat God's system! God's way works: always has and always will. God's system is His Kingdom. It's an eternal kingdom that predates humanity and Earth itself. We are not wiser or smarter than God is. This is why His way continues to prevail like a mountain, while everything else crumbles around it.

The cure is simple: humble yourselves. So many of you are yet still arrogant and unrepentant. I can see it in the comment streams on my page whenever I promote my relationship ebook for women.

Women who are chronically single will immediately flood the comment stream pretending they have the answers; when they obviously do not. They can't be humble enough to just quietly get the ebook. Instead they have to pretend like they know what to do: when apparently if they did its not even working for them.

Here's some more truth for you to digest: Many of you don't have as much time to get right as you might think. The older you get the less chances you'll have to be seen by single men as anyone worth getting married to.

Younger guys will only tend to want to have sex with you: including the ones you meet at church! And older guys think you're full of too much baggage to seriously bother with, so they're overlooking you for marriage in favor of the younger women.

You're in a precarious predicament if you truly want to get married some day. You really don't have the luxury of time on your side anymore.

There is a glimmer of hope in all of this - my ebook Saved Sexy And Still Single: Why Christian Women Can't Get Married Even Though They Love God. For many of you its your only ray of hope, and your absolute last chance. You should've read it first! Could've been married by now.

Get it, read it and be humble enough to let the Spirit of God use it to heal what's broken in your life. Link is in the comment section below.

SafeHaven #fundie

Responsible boylove is a relationship between a boy who has a desire for a close and intimate friendship with an older male, and an older boy or man whose love for that boy encompasses enjoyment of the boy's companionship and a desire to provide a mentoring and nurturing environment. The nature, vitality, and duration of the relationship, as well as the extent of nurturing and mentoring, are determined by mutual consent, with the boy's wishes taking precedence. The relationship also includes a definite pedosexual attraction on the part of the older, and may include a desire for sexual experimentation, exploration, play, and gratification on the part of the younger. It is, however, a fundamental tenet of responsible boylove that any physical expression of sexuality is only acceptable with the age appropriate understanding, encouragement, and consent of the boy involved. However, both parties must also carefully take into consideration that any such physical expressions, no matter how completely consensual, are considered a criminal act under the present legal systems in most of the world.

Common misconceptions:

Responsible boylove does not include, support, nor in any way condone non-consensual sexual activity. It does not try to excuse or justify such things as attempts to seduce an obviously unwilling boy, molestation, or predation in any form. Those who subscribe to the responsible model of boylove are as appalled by such crimes as anyone else; indeed, perhaps more so, because of their love for all boys, and the pain they feel when one of them is molested, raped, or murdered. The public and the media seem to know only one word when there is sexual contact between a boy and an older male, the ugly and pejorative label of "pedophile." But the current use of that term is a total corruption of the original meaning, it is a malicious creation of misguided academics, radical religionists, malignant feminists, and prejudiced politicians, and as such is considered unacceptable by a large percentage of boylovers.

Christopher Leonid #sexist

The Mainstream Embrace Of #MeToo Puts Us One Step Closer Towards The Enslavement Of Men

Defining male agency during the collapse of the Sexual Revolution.

The progenitors of the #MeToo meme have been elevated to that dubious plinth of social endorsement, the cover of Time magazine.


These women did not “launch a movement.” However, the current wreaths-to-laurels victimhood craze does bear out the completion of an important cultural cycle.

Free Love Wasn’t Free

A core premise of our sexual dystopia is:

‘My body my choice.’

Within the bounds of legality, we are supposed to believe that neither sex is more damaged by their coital decisions than the other. The retro-active outrage now mounted by women at men on account of mutually consensual sexual intercourse (and calls for the bounds of legality to be shifted accordingly), reiterates that this is not actually the case.

The struggle of many a post-prime girl for exclusivity with a series of increasingly inferior suitors, must be a brutal way to discover that it is still impossible to raise a joyridden car back to its factory-new price.

Men are checking out of monogamous commitment, leaving two generations of women wandering a widening bimbo-limbo between settled life either as a housewife or denizen of the increasingly cash-strapped welfare state (the overwhelmingly administrative sector jobs provided to ‘career women’ being a manifestation of the latter).

As an institution, marriage is only debased further by social and legal efforts to enforce commitment from men to polygamous women who spent their bloom years in promiscuity. Although such an iniquitous contract could be excused by a myriad of exceptional circumstances, the unprecedented glut of women beneath the male investment threshold turn the exceptions into clichés.

The Gynocentric Interpretation

A defining characteristic of corporate and clickbait discourse is the effort to sublimate readers’ frustration into outrage while bypassing the question of accountability. Time and others are now under huge pressure to find mythologies to both explain the dissatisfaction of their female readership and serve as the basis for corrective political action. Someone must be to blame for their problems; anyone but themselves.

What Time has produced is a fairy tail without a prince. It begins:

‘Movie stars are more like you and me than we ever knew.’

We are then introduced to a wide range of women who were:

‘brought together by a common experience.’

They were actually brought together by Time, at great expense, to confirm the biased premise of their leading article. Time then chews over each of these women’s testimonies, droning on and on and on in a tantric, mantric, incuntation of its utterly banal and predictable conclusion:

Time have revealed their straw man – and he’s called Donald Trump.

I suspect that the feminist Trump-tantrum is not caused by Trump per se, but by the part of American society which voted him into office. It’s an important distinction because it means that, as a political instrument, Trump is needed the most by the very people who like him least. Without Trump, the outrage would be revealed for what it truly is: a million personal vendettas against a million brash, powerful and wealthy American men who these women consentingly gave their bodies to.

Trump’s appeal to the free market and private capital (as well as the string of hot women who have let him ‘grab ‘em by the poosy’), is more than just a refusal to push the envelope on welfare policies which enable sexual liberation—it is an exposition of the gulf between what is conventionally true and what is actually true about modern female sexual opportunism.

The self-deception may be genuine, but was revealed nonetheless when #metoo was triggered by the loss of societal contingency plans to ensure female sexual freedom (alpha fucks and beta bucks), by constraining that of men. The fat child screams not while it is happily eating itself to death but when the cookies are taken away.

[Video titled "Satan leaves a woman's soul as Trump is sworn in"]

Feminism’s Finale

The premise of #metoo has now been twisted by various degrees to its own complete inversion. Nearly a year ago, I was told by a County Court in Britain that I owed money to a woman whose sexual advances I had gently rebuffed some years before. Neither I nor the court had any idea why I owed her money or what her claim was, but I still had to defend myself.

A case that would never have come to trial twenty years ago dragged out for months as she gradually patched together a claim (without evidence), which gradually escalated to an allegation of sexual abuse.

My trial was the direct result of her assumption that society would stand behind her in extracting resources from the man of her choosing. I was lucky that she had a legal history of ‘choosing’ other men before me, and the judge sent her howling from the courtroom.

But what if I had been her first shot? What if she’d gone to the Crown Prosecution Service?

I add, for the sake of completeness, that I am a strict adherent of pre-marital abstinence and, in the case of this particular woman, had never kissed, hit on, made a pass at, nor been in any form of romantic relationship with her. #Iwouldnt—and that is precisely what enraged her.

Let the irony of this case serve as an illustration of the extent to which feminine imperatives can now be exercised to strong-arm men into compliance. If you have earned a #metoo assertion like I did, you’re probably doing something right.

What for men in 2018?

The dregs of women will always preen their sexual worthiness in a sensational light by announcing that a man once made an unwanted pass at them, just as feminist Phrynes like Emma Watson will always lend a pretty face to their ugly cause (phoney outrage is her profession’s prerogative. I bear her no grudge).

Our toxic tributary of sexual realism to the mainstream discussion sees the feminist victimbragging for what it really is: another attempt to circumvent rational analysis and keep society plugging the feminist narrative. Soon, #metoo will become as passé as ‘Trump Bedroom Backlash,’ but these phenomena are mere symptoms of a deeper social condition.

As private debt piles up and resources cease to flow, society will have to find new ways of demanding that men judiciously restrain their own behaviour on behalf of the unfettered dualistic sexual strategy of women—sexy badboys and stable providers stepping up and down as and when women demand it. The contradictory messages that this sends to men are now compounded by the constant possibility of being criminalised for making a faux pas.

Today, as trials move from the courtroom to the press and to Twitter and Facebook, the degree of kafkaesque reassurance that I had—the basic certainty that I was on trial—is starting to ebb away. A lot of men who don’t grasp the underlying biomechanics behind the sexual victimhood phenomenon are doomed to be spirited on a windowless train of THOT thought from false premise to final solution: their enslavement to women, either directly or via the state.

The chaotic disconnect between the claim and the truth is not a means to an end but the end itself. This climate of fear is the West’s way of forcing the marriage of mankind to womankind, joylessly mandating social responsibilities without providing any privilege. The carrot has gone from the sexual contract and only the stick remains.

It can still be a beautiful life for men who don’t answer to society. Careful though, the beta version of this man is Smeagol Gollum.

The harder men try to opt out of commitment to women, the stronger the social effort will be to drive them back, until escape from women will turn into escape from society itself.

anonymous #fundie

Writer who can’t write for sh*t, for a piece of sh*t lefty blog, defending a cult of death promoter all while claiming the right are responsable when its really just left wing niave dumb f*cks who ask for death when they sell out our country to a group of people who worship a peado, treat women and anyone who doesnt follow their exact beliefs (even other muslims) like animals. Left wingers at this point are more dangerous than the jihadi f*cks in syria, seein as thier hell bent on getting them over here. More Jo coxes dead the better, perhaps a few ignorant lefty fucks in here as well. No im not rightwing im not even political but i do have half a brain to see that the left live in a dream candy land where everyone is nice (except righties, to the leftey r death worthy ofc)

Lol only letting lefty bum lickers post comments, you are pathetic, you can’t write for sh*t and you and your family will probably get raped and beheaded by the filth you so desperatly want here but yep keep believing that their whole religion isnt about control and exterminatio of everyone that isnt one of them (including you) as their “holy book” tells them this is not only ok to do but is their duty, also by any means nessecary.

ldavis-2 #fundie


Congratulations, America! You have just elected a vainglorious demagogue to be the 44th President of the United States!

A vainglorious demagogue whose experience you can pack into a thimble and still have room left for your thumb!

A vainglorious demagogue whose policies will bankrupt the grandchildren of the college-age voters who have pledged their blind devotion to him!

A vainglorious demagogue whose idea of leadership was to go-along-to-get-along, and vote “present” 130 times during his 15 minutes in the Illinois State Senate!

A vainglorious demagogue who has already demonstrated that he will stifle and ruin anyone who dares to ask hard question or oppose him!

A vainglorious demagogue who proved his decency, character and honor by defiling the reputation of the woman who raised him in order to defend the heinous excuse of a human being he called his “spiritual mentor”!

A vainglorious demagogue who deceived and outright lied time and time again about his past and his associations!

A vainglorious demagogue who has no respect for our values and traditions to the point where he will not allow his children to celebrate Christmas!

A vainglorious demagogue who has all but promised to trash the Constitution – the document he calls “flawed” - that he will now swear to preserve, protect and defend!

A vainglorious demagogue who will bring our troops home in defeat and disgrace, and allow his new Best Friends Forever in Iran and Syria to plunge the Middle East into bloodshed!

A vainglorious demagogue Americans will soon regret giving the keys of the kingdom to!

Enjoy your Kool-Aid, kids! You're gonna need it!

deduivel #fundie

I found GenderCritical several months ago after I saw it referred to as a vile hate sub numerous times and got curious what all the fuss was about. After spending some time lurking here, I feel extremely disconcerted. It was (and still is) very bizarre to me that posters here are classified as "hateful bigots" for little more than acknowledging basic biological reality. Meanwhile, I see the dangerous rhetoric of trans activists being espoused even by people who consider themselves part of the 'skeptic, anti-SJW' crowd. For example, I routinely see posters on subs like TumblrInAction, a place devoted to making fun of woke SJW types, come out of the woodwork to cry bigotry and transphobia anytime someone expresses any criticism of the trans movement.

I'm left wondering: how on earth did the trans cult become so widespread so fast? Why are people who consider themselves logical, rational people still buying into the bullshit? Why are people allowing mentally ill individuals dictate how we should behave and think? I refuse to believe that anyone actually considers a TIM to be a real woman, so why do people fall all over themselves enforcing everyone else to believe it? What really baffles me is the support and mindless praise heaped on TIMs when meanwhile incels are reviled by everyone. Plenty of the rhetoric coming from TRAs could very well have been said by the incel crowd. Claiming that women should be obligated to have sex with undesirable men is disgusting when Incel Ian says it, but somehow it's progressive and woke as soon as he puts on a dress and demands to be called Isabelle? WTF?

What really scares me is the sheer hatred directed at women who don't buy into the narrative. I don't even consider myself a feminist - I don't label myself as anything really - but I felt I needed to make a throwaway just to post here because of the rabid responses I got for even hinting at agreeing with some gender critical views. Is it really so hateful to say that no, I don't think "feeling like woman" makes someone an actual woman? Saying that I don't feel comfortable sharing a public restroom with a man wearing makeup is now hate speech? Can I really not acknowledge situations in which women and girls face adversity specifically because of our sex without being slandered as a 'crazy TERF'?

It's shocking to me that we have come to this point, and lurking here has opened my eyes in so many ways. I have to believe, for my own sanity, that society will eventually look back on the trans trend with a deep collective embarrassment and shame.

FrailPaleStaleMale #sexist

IT cuck father of a hole doesn't understand the bigger picture

This cuck of a father fails to realize what's in front of his face. Incels are barely a danger to his precious hole. In fact she will be the aggressor. She will demonize us because of our gender and our looks. She may end up fat and condemn anyone who dares not date her because of fat but will only go for a man 6'0" and up. Either way, she will end up a stuck up cum dumpster. She will be a hole passed around by numerous men during school, college, thereafter up until she settles for a betabuxx.

He should be worried about his daughter's inevitable actions in the future, not the assumed actions of people she will avoid anyway. He should be concerned that by the time her 20th birthday comes around, she will have likely swallowed pints of semen and will have lost her pair bonding abilities due to promiscuity. She will have manipulated and actively sought to ruin the lives of people she doesn't even know purely based on the way they look. Something that isn't acceptable anywhere else in society unless its directed towards an ugly short male. He fails to see that women aren't condemned because of their gender, modern femenism and SJW faggotry has made women celebrated and therefore can do no wrong. Don't forget, as far as society is concerned, men being raped/murdered is funny and just something that happens. Women being raped/murdered makes people lose their shit.


Lonesh #sexist

[Hypocrisy] Foids want equal rights, but don't take equal responsibility

I often think what is the 1 thing what pisses me off about females, it has to be hypocrisy. That being the "equal" bollocks they sprout on about every fucking day. Either a news story in the paper, on TV or online you will hear something regarding it in some form or another.

Recently the abortion bullshit has cropped up again which has reminded me about the selfish intent of these bitches. So let me get this straight.... What they're saying it, they want to bang who they want and choose who to have kids with and whilst doing that happily kill a child in the process..... and they get away with this, not surprised really. Safe sex is too difficult for foids minds to comprehend, adult responsibility is something too extreme and wrong for a foid to even think about, "teehee, don't worry, just going to have a casual gangbang with 10+ men and get creamed in, then going to have an abortion" like no. YOU chose to do that, now you're pregnant, so fucking deal with it you selfish CUNT.

Just 1 thing out of many which makes my blood fucking boil. You are KILLING A CHILD. Apparently no foid in the world sees it as this.

Another main thing is the violence against women, this is simple to explain. Foids argue these men are controlling, first off it's very rare people are controlling without a single reason to explain it, unless they're mentally ill/insane, which is rare. There is a REASON for EVERYTHING. This reason is because this man has been hurt by either the foid hes "abusing" or other foids in the past. If somehow his current gf/wife isn't the problem, then she needs to blame it on other foids in the man's life for his hatred against her. These things don't happen for no reason woman....Or, you could use your "equality" bullshit and just leave...but apparently that's too difficult for you, is it cuz your woman? Yes....yes I think it is.

Lastly we all know about the equal pay/work rights bullshit, now obviously there's proof men get paid more than women in a variety of "similar" jobs, but they're a reason for this again. Foids are constantly checking their phones at work all fucking day, even talking with colleagues instead of working, whilst men do their fucking job. Not to mention when foids complain why foids aren't "being given" opportunities in politics or being a CEO of a company/business. Yet again there's a reason for this, you're not given the job just because you're a fucking woman you stupid dumb bitch, people are given the job based on their skills, work ethic and intelligence, not based on whether they have a pair of fucking tits and for "PC" bullshit.

Now fuck off with your equality bullshit, you stupid fucking whores. Go find another criminal on tinder and get raped and strangled by him, it's what you deserve you stupid cunts.

Kings Wiki #sexist

A shit test is a test by a woman of a man's mettle. To pass a shit test, a man must simply hold his masculine frame,[1] and put her in her place if necessary. Shit tests have been written about since no later than 1910.[2]

SmellyJelly22 notes, "A shit test is basically when a woman challenges a man with a bit of anxiety she has been feeling. If a man reacts with masculinity, he passes. If he reacts with anxiety, he fails. . . . If I can show the insult doesn't faze me I show myself to be a suitable partner because I can destroy weak emotions in a way she can’t."[3]

Rollo notes, "Women will shit test men as autonomously and subconsciously as a men will stare at a woman’s big boobs. They cannot help it, and often enough, just like men staring at a nice rack or a great ass, even when they’re aware of doing it they’ll still do it. Men want to verify sexual availability to the same degree women want to verify a masculine dominance / confidence."[4] According to Powers, everything women say is either a shit test or "Her telling you exactly what she wants or likes about you (e.g. 'you"re an asshole')." Chateau Heartiste advises, "Shit tests are essentially a woman telling you 'Please train me to respect you.' Oblige her."[5]

Women find it sexy when men don't take their shit and call them out on their shit.[6] Charles Sledge notes, "Women want you to put them in their place. They want you to tell them 'no'. To stop them, to put your foot down. They want a man they can submit to but they know that it must be a real man who isn’t going to change for them. So they test you and when you remain your dominant masculine self they love it because they know you are really what they thought you were and wanted."[7] He continues:[1]

Most men fail shit tests as most men have been trained by the media, overbearing mothers, the government, the school systems, and just about everything else that he is supposed to give in to women. Despite that this goes against the natural order of how nature works. The woman gives into the man not vice versa. This false belief that men should give into women has given many men problems with their relations to women. They get stepped on or a woman loses all attraction for them because the man gives in to them. . . . .

When a girl is giving you a shit test, she is challenging you. What she is doing is testing your balls to see if you actually have any or to see if you’re going to be like ninety nine percent of guys and give in to her (in which case she loses all attraction). She is seeing if you are actually a man or if you are a little boy pretending to be a man. She wants to see your masculinity, that is why she is testing you. To see if there is masculinity there.

While a guy can just look at a woman and see if he is attracted to her it doesn’t work that way with women when seeing if a guy is attractive. So a shit test is to see if the guy is actually attractive. Imagine if all women wore burkas a shit test would be the male equivalent of seeing what was under the burka. Is she hot or not. That is what women are trying to see. Is he masculine (and therefore attractive) or is he submissive (and therefore repellent)?

Oneitis as a reason for failing shit tests

The Rational Male notes:[8]

   The reason men fail most shit tests is because they subconsciously telegraph too much interest in a single woman. Essentially a shit test is used by women to determine one, or a combination of these factors:

   a.) Confidence – first and foremost b.) Options – is this guy really into me because I’m ‘special’ or am I his only option? c.) Security – is this guy capable of providing me with long term security?

Responding to shit tests

Heartiste also advises, "Learn to love the pregnant pause. When a girl shit tests you, don’t respond like a wind-up beta. Give her a blank, serial killer stare and wait… wait……. waiiiiit for it…. ANSWER!"[9]

Agreeing and amplifying

Agreeing and amplifying tends to be an effective response to sarcastic shit tests.[10]

JD Unwin #fundie

A few articles on ROK have touched upon basic biblical wisdoms and how they can apply to us here in the manosphere. What they haven’t elaborated upon is just how useful God’s biblical advice is regarding the leadership role of men and what His vision is for the interactions of men and women.

It goes without saying that God views (through his representatives) the phenomena of females controlling males aka feminism as utterly revolting. To that effect, I’m going to list just three verses for your perusal. These are from the Old Testament, so a proper temporal context is recommended.

1. Gen 3:16 Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.

“…thy desire shall be to thy husband…rule over thee” is key. Here in the Old Testament, God himself is essentially saying that a woman’s natural state is to long for a husband, and a man’s natural role is to be a ruler over his wife. She can thank her actions in the Garden of Eden for this little fact (as well as the punishment suffering) which most of us are already familiar with. Paul later adapted this to mean “head” for the New Testament Christian but a leadership role is apparent in either case.

How many examples have we seen in society where females have claimed that they don’t need men, yet in magazines and even within their own bizarre behaviors the truth has shown much to the contrary?

With regard to marriage, the feminist movement (along with homosexuals and the pro-abortion supporters) has long tried to wage war on this religious institution for the purpose of marginalizing the role that heterosexual husbands and fathers have played. This is because when you divorce the natural leadership role of the husband from the relationship, you allow for the female to interpret the roles in marriage, parenting, and sexuality as she sees fit, or more appropriately, as she is told it should fit.

Most females are natural copycats, and possess conformist thinking rather than critical thinking. If this was not the case, Oprah and Dr. Oz would not hold the kind of hypnotic power over females that they financially enjoy today. Today’s elitist feminists (female and male) have learned to tap into that group-think power by indoctrinating other females into their ranks in order to get them to support this SJW cause or that one.

2. Pro 31:3 Give not thy strength unto women, nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.

What the bible (King Lemuel specifically) is saying here is pretty simple: don’t waste all your energies on the pursuit of females because they will bring about your ruin. Don’t become a beta man who orbits a female like a satellite does a planet.

How many modern day kings have had their downfall financially and otherwise, because they chose to spend too much effort on chasing tail? Gary Hart could be considered an example. His presidential candidacy was torpedoed because of his infidelities. While Bill Clinton proved that venery doesn’t necessarily prevent one from obtaining the presidency, he nonetheless endured much deserved humiliation for his philandering endeavors and he is still considered a joke even today. You are more than the sum of your reproductive parts, brother.

3. Isa 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

This one from Isaiah is pretty profound, and speaks volumes about how things were even back then. It seems that females have been in the business of trying to control men (through themselves and betas) for years. In addition, the modern day interpretation of “children are their oppressors” can easily apply to millennials and how they are led astray by feminist indoctrination in media and of course in social justice schools of so called higher thought.

Regrettably, these millennials end up furthering SJW causes as they advance in age and take up positions of power and influence, perpetuating the cycle of culture rot more and more. Furthermore, allowing a woman or beta male to hold a position of influence within society allows for anti-masculine teachings to become commonplace to the detriment of society as a whole.

“Destroying the way of thy paths” is therefore prophetic with regard to academic institutions, custody cases, and gender-based affirmative action initiatives which all have the common denominator of transforming females into the ersatz dominant sex.

The modern day feminist movement recognizes the red pill wisdom of the Bible as an unacceptable threat, which is why they’ve tried their best to discredit it as misogynistic, dismiss it as irrelevant, and sabotage it through the phenomena of feminized churches. Too many beta Christian males have been molded into religious feminists as a result of that last one.

Regardless of all these circumstances, the Bible is still considered the world’s most popular book and it will withstand social justice fads until the inevitable book burnings that come with a full-scale tyrannical takeover. Even an atheist red piller who frequents ROK or other sites on the manosphere can appreciate what the Bible is talking about here.

Authentic Black American #racist

What makes people think just because theyre a U.S. citzen that they are somehow are American..?

Like Im suppose to look at an Asian and act like hes somehow an American.We all know they'll steal our intellectual property.Or Im supposed to listen to someone speaking spanish and play dumb like thier a real American when we all know they the hoped off a banana boat or hoped a border fence last week. In fact anyone who speaks with a forigen accent isnt American either. If your parents have an accent your quasi-American ..Oh yes if life the wild homosexual lifestyle you arent a American, your European or your acting European..

We need to find another name for these people, I dont think anyone can call these out of the mainstream oddballs folks Americans. These people should simply be called "U.S. citizens".

Various Commenters #racist

RE: Video: SA Lockdown Day 32 I Situation in the Afrikaner town of Orania

(David Reyher)

Negroes are huffing feces to get high, eating magic albinos as healthfood and banging virgins to cure AIDS.

Whites cooperate to produce more food than they need during a pandemic.

They got together and decided negroes should run the country. Geniuses all.


What I love about the Afrikaners, Orania... they could restart the entire white race just from there alone. It only takes one small group of whites to get it right this time. The next time, they will not use other races as cheap labor and it will be instilled in their genetics, people who love to farm and do their own work. From this small group of 2000 could be the next wave of 30% of Earth's population, permanently! While the the whites everywhere else in the world are becoming racial minorities in their own countries, these people are getting stronger because they made a decision about who they are and what they want for their future. They could repopulate Europe after it falls to 3rd world ruin. The world around them will fall to chaos, they will be organized and strong. No more Romes, no more globalism.

And I hope the San people of southern Africa do the same, find a way to isolate, survive and thrive. They too were nearly destroyed by the blacks.

(Roger Cliftonville-Acton)

" It only takes one small group of whites to get it right this time. "

Amish are way ahead of you there...

the Amish are one of the fastest growing populations in the world – and new research indicates that in 215 years, their numbers could be greater than the current population of the United States (327.2 million).

One thing that I note about the Amish, is that there seem to be zero calls for them to ensure the 'correct' non white representation despite them being completely white. Its like as ZOG realizes the Amish only work for themselves, or any work they do for the non-amish will be manual and thus of limited taxable value...their labour is at pre-industrial rates of productivity and well...the big city finance parasites cant steal what isnt there. That and their repudiation of the Televitz means its difficult to brainwash them into not reproducing/multiplying themselves.

various commenters #sexist

Thanks for trying, Tyrone :(


In college my chad friends tried to help me but girls would look at me like an alien and one literally ran away when I said hi.

Whenever my friends tried to hook me up with a girl, they always picked a girl that they themselves would go for but never really thought about whether I had a chance with her.

For real... I can relate. The amount of times I'd be out with my chad/chadlite friends and we'd approach a group of girls and they'd all pair off and I'd be left with a girl that wanted nothing to do with me.

I've literally been the cuck sitting by himself while my other friends were making out with girls a few feet away from me. Then they'd be like "Dude, what happened? You could have fucked her!" and I just have to shake my head like "Bruh... you don't get it lmao."

This truly happened to me in real life. A Tyrone was trying to introduce me to a girl and the guy was unironically complimenting me on my looks. The truth was, I was ugly and at best plain. But being a guy, Tyrone is is less harsh when it comes to looks so he really thought I had good attributes (he complimented me on my nice skin lol like women care). Unfortunately, I do not achieve a girls standards of looks and she promptly ignored me but humoured the Tyrone.

Reminds me of the times I was hanging with friends, girls showed up and literally asked my friends to make me leave so they could get frisky without feeling bad.

My first year of college, my Tyrone roommate helped me lose my virginity and have sex a few times by convincing a couple of the girls he fucked to let me fuck them afterwards.

[Comments reacting to a person calling them out]

That’s what you women do all the time anyway. You not only bitch about men 24/7, you even bitch about each other. Almost all female friendships are fake.

Lulz you probably one of those who say they have 1000 friends just because they added 1000 friends on Facebook. Only men understand loyalty.,How can women who don’t even understand loyalty, understand friendships?


imagine if a bunch of woman came together to rape men

Yea, no I dont remember the last time a bunch of incels met up to rape women.

Now your local frat house full of normies and chads is another story.


like this guy who uses his gf as a human shield

hmm, yea its almost as if .... maybe women dont care if you treat her like shit if your good looking enough and vice versa

It doesn't even matter if men are the same, dumbass. Nobody feeds women all that IT bullshit about personality.

You argue that treating women like shit is what is keeping incels virgins, but you've been shown proof that you can openly display the most garbage personality and get laid EASILY as long as you are attractive.

So tell us again how our secret internet posts are keeping women away. Retard.

this sub isnt about raping women or hating them you dumb fuck, its about accepting the black pill and LDARing in peace and learning to cope with the hand you have been dealt in life.

Italianguy617 #fundie

[Emphasis not mine]

(I wish more dudes wore eyeliner, honestly)

No that’s weird man. No dude is trying to do this. Please don’t be creeps.

If some dude wants to do this well do you, but don’t be surprised when people think you’re a homosexual.

(“No dude is trying to do this” lol what

How is this being a creep?

Dude, it’s just eyeliner. Everyone looks fantastic in eyeliner. Disagree if you want but like chill a bit maybe?)

Probably not and you should maybe not trying to limit speech. We’ve seen that around here a lot of lately from people on the “right”. That’s what progressives do, complete cuck sjw moves. We can tell you’re not a free speech warrior, that’s for sure.

I believe in 100% liberty, freedom and the individual can do what you want. I know like maybe two guys who do this, and more power to them, nevertheless I’ll advise nobody to do this. The attack on masculinity, traditionalism and man is insane in our cultural marxist culture. This is some bullshit I would see in a Laci Green or Reily J Denis cringe You Tube video.

Everybody is a victim these days and so offended by EVERYTHING. Get off the internet if you can’t handle a comment on a public platform on the internet.

Welcome to the assault on free speech in 2017


next move *They Block You*

CreepySteveEnt #fundie

I think you need to mind your own business here. The #1 comment is worried about fucking up the 13 yr old. Shit doesn't happen like that. Sure, there are some people that date younger partners because it allows them leverage in the relationship. This would be toxic but that's not necessarily why your friend is dating a younger girl. Then, there are people that start dating when they are really young because they naturally gravitate to imbalanced relationships. Those people needed help before getting into any relationships with anyone so we can't blame the elder partner for fucking them up.

When I was in my twenties, I started dating a girl. She looked young, but she was very sexy. She assured me she was legal age and I even met her mom! Anyway, as time went on, things didn't make sense. I find out that she was 15 AND that her bf before me was actually older than me. She had misled him too. As it turned out, she had a whole bunch of issues that led to drug abuse and emotional problems. Dating older men was a symptom, not a catalyst, of her issues.

Yet, I've also met plenty of long term couples that started dating older people at a young age. This Saturday, I'll be spending time with a good friend. She is in her early 30s. She started dating her husband when she was 16 and he was 31. I also worked with two females that each met their husbands when they were underage and the guy was in his 30s or 40s. Completely well-adjusted people. I think its just as ignorant to look at age gaps as inherently unhealthy as it is to look at interracial or homosexual the same way.

James “Chateau Heartiste” Weilman #sexist #psycho

Catfish Game

An emailer asks me for the details about how I run Catfish Game.


I want the details about the fake profile pics and pulling girls. You basically catfish them?


Basically, yes. Sometimes. Or the fake pic is so obviously fake that it’s not really a catfish, but an opportunity to wildly flirt with the girl and issue increasingly brazen challenges to her to overcome her “weird suspicions”. It’s what I call Gaslight Game, and the objective is to corrupt the girl’s comfortable grip on reality and make her think she’s going a little bit crazy believin’ her lyin’ eyes and her gatekeepin’ thighs. It’s akin to the advice I have given to men who get caught cheating: deny deny deny, until your woman starts to question her sanity.

It’s hard to give too many revealing details, what with the heat around every corner, but a couple of commenters provided personal techniques that are similar to what I do. From Chris,

I did exactly this all throughout 2012-2015 when I was on POF.

I used to hate being seen by locals on that sewer of a site, and so always used fake pics (that were, admittedly, a reasonably close resemblance to how I actually looked). I used to hunt for someone like me on Google Images.

The thing is, 50% of chicks never remarked on anything untoward when they met me, and when the other 50% mentioned me not looking like my photos I shrugged my shoulders and said “photos can be funny like that”. I actually had a girl I had been seeing on the regular (for around 4 months) finally discover one afternoon I had used fake pics; she was really upset that she had been duped, but it didn’t stop me from continuing to plough her.

One of the other reasons I used fake pics was that I could run no-holds-barred asshole game on these girls with the confidence of anonymity.

Those were my best years in game.

100% cosign. I use two methods. The one Chris describes here (similar looking photo and nonchalant dismissal of the woman’s suspicions) and a supplementary method where I choose a fake photo looking nothing like me and then challenge the girl to see past the pic and ask herself what kind of sexy asshole would think he could get away with this *wink*. Or, like I mentioned above, I’ll turn on the gaslight and make her think she’s nuts for even questioning my moral rectitude. The overall effect is a positive one: “who does this guy think he is?”

From HEM, a reminder that if you’re gonna try Catfish Game, you had better have command of your frame,

I like to do this when I get bored. I actually prefer not even using a pic at all. But, sometimes I’ll use a scenic pic of some exotic place. Put something interesting in the profile bio (eg something that illustrates you’re intelligent and witty, as well as explicitly state that you’re alpha; the alpha can also be referenced in the screen name) and prob about 30% will respond. Of those, half will immediately ask for a pic. I usually trash them. The other half are receptive to what you have to say. Be straight-forward, brash and cocky. Never compliment their looks. Never apologize for something jerky that you say. You’ll be amazed at the results.
These are generally useful rules for online and offline dating. Truth is, there is plenty of overlap between the techniques advised for each realm of pickup.

No Pic Game is a cousin of Fake Pic Game, and the tactical payload is the same: zero fucks given sexiness combined with an enticing challenge to a woman to rise above her lameness. Plus, follow the general rule that a big component of any online pickup is radical pre-screening. The numbers are there, so there’s no good reason not to screen.

Final note. I can drop one vagnette from my worldstar. If I meet an online prospect for a first date who has not seen my real pic, she naturally will be stunned once our faces are inches apart. I immediately move to reduce her anxiety: “Yeah, I know, you’re pleasantly surprised. Even better in real life than in photos.” This gets a laugh. If it doesn’t, I follow up, “If you keep acting weird, I’m gonna think you’re a serial killer. Some guys are into that. Not me.” See what I did there? What would normally be a defensive position is upturned and the onus to act like a normal person is placed on her.

If she bites on all this, she will get around to asking me why I chose a fake pic. I measure her buying temp and use that to decide wether to continue whimsically gaslighting her or to get real and confess that the fake pic is there to a) evade the feds or b) screen for really shallow women. Now she’s feeling a need to prove she’s not shallow. Off to the races!

dirt #fundie

[Just to be clear, when dirt says "females" she is referring to trans men.]

No female transitions who does not HATE women, NONE! Although you will hear quite the opposite from trans females everywhere. How they "love" women, they just dont want to BE women. How they will open doors, admire how women put make up on, how sexy women look in heels, protect them even! These are the messages they have internalized, messages that spell out M I S O G Y N Y. Messages that are at the very least keeping women from reaching that ever elusive HUMAN status and at worse, killing them/us in droves.

If you hate your female body, it feels ugly, gross, uncomfortable, alien, it isnt because you have a "man" trapped somewhere in there, it is because you have been systematically taught from before birth the female body outside of sexually pleasing men is ugly, gross, messy, smelly, too fat, too skinny, no tits, pimply, sweaty, fishy. That natural female functions like pissing, shitting, farting, burping arent "lady like." That bleeding once a month is gross, smells, is messy, clotty, and unnatural because the less evolved male body only knows how to destroy life, not create it. That women are emotional, over emotional, too emotional, excessively emotional, because males again due to their (sad) hormonal make up cannot achieve the heights, the universal range of emotions that women can.

We've all heard story after story right from the mouths of trans females themselves about how post "T", they are now "much calmer" and can now think "more logically" etc. Meaning now that those messy girl emotions have been shut down or contained by the manly emotionally sterile testosterone, life is so much better! Better not because of feeling better, because they feel less, better because they can other themselves away from their hate object, women!

Unless we were taught to hate ourselves as female, we wouldnt. And we are taught to hate ourselves as female, by being taught that woman is something to be detested. You cannot hate your femaleness UNLESS you hate female as a nature. You cannot be uncomfortable within your femaleness UNLESS you hate female as a nature. You cannot try to change your female nature, without hating female nature first.

Gullible-Redditor #sexist

17 year old sisters Chad bf is sleeping over again, i feel violated in my own home

its so sickening im 22 i go to my miserable job and then come home and sit here alone in my room every day for the past 4 years, extremely depressed, anxiety, and all my copes are failing i cant enjoy weed or video games anymore. music is the only thing i have anymore and its slowly beginning to lose me.

on top of all of this mental torture, my 17 year old sister is in the next room cuddling with and fucking her 6ft2 chadlite BF, who is allowed to sleep over on weekends. life is just so fucked man i dont know how to handle this shit anymore. while i sit here and rot my sister 5 years younger is riding cock. i cant handle the sound of them fucking or even the sound of kissing, so now while her BF is over, i now instinctively put in my headphones as soon as I come out of my room so the sex/kissing noises get drowned out. its gotten to the point where im walking around my house with headphones on all the time even if hes not over and my parents asked me whats wrong with me.

all of my fucking problems would subside if i had a gf and i wasnt so fucking lonely. FUCK anyone who says that you dont deserve or arent entitled to love. im not asking for a fucking 10/10 model, i just want my looksmatch and id even settle for lower. i dont even give a fuck about sex, i want to cuddle and watch movies and go for drives together and go out to dinner together. its not the sex i fantasize about its the moments spent together. im soooo sick of these fucking FAGGOTS from IT who claim you can live a normal fulfilled life and be well adjusted if you're alone all the time.

i would say its over but it truly never began for me

LawrenceOfAperabia #racist

We just got a new client at work, and that means we had to hire on a group of people to handle the workload, and that means you look down the roster and it's "human, human, human, human, nigger" because "commitment to diversity" is a selling point in crunchy-granola-bar Seattle.

Of course, you don't have to be a niggermaniac to know how this story always ends. Nigger is out of its depth, fucks up the work, either gets fired or quits when it realizes the job isn't just "sit on your ass pretending to be busy and collect paycheck".

This time, however, I've got a bit more seniority in QC and don't have to deal with nigger work myself. So I decided to assign a bunch of the control stuff to the girl I mentioned in another story, new to QC, "every color but black" and a bit of a NM herself...and who my lead, seeing she and I get along well, assigned me to mentor in the dark alchemy of turning shoddy rookie work into things we can present to the client. I let her know I'd have her QCing the trainees so she could get some reps in a no-pressure environment.

She's been great about delivering accurately-edited work to me; as I expected (and as the leads did when they promoted her), she weathers bullshit well.

Last night, though, in the break room, she came right up to me and asked "who is DJones?" and I said "Oh, you mean Darnell." (note: name changed to keep everything anonymized.)

"The black guy on day shift?"

"The very same. Why?"

"Because if he's as dumb as his work makes him look, he's too dumb to work at Burger King. He got the photo addendum wrong."

I nearly spat out my coffee.

The photo addendum my charge is referring to involves looking through about a 300-page document, finding three pages with three photographs each on them, putting them in order (and they're numbered 1 through 9), and extracting them as a PDF.

"I wonder how long it's taking him," I asked, more rhetorically than anything, and when coworker said "you can see his metrics, right? Why not check?" I did. A task that is literally "page through a document and when you see pictures, stop" was taking this monkey 10 minutes. We allow 90 seconds for it, and a quick-handed and alert-eyed person can do it in 30.

Then she said the very best thing, and I like to think she's comfortable around me and knows what's what and doesn't say this around people who might actually get a bug up their butt at her because she's great:

"Somehow I'm not surprised, are you?"

There is a nigger in my office who is making more than even Seattle's $15 minimum wage and cannot do something that my six-year-old niece would consider beneath her intellectually if her kindergarten teacher foisted such an assignment off on her. Welcome to the Watchdogs, new will always know when a nigger has been hired. At least this time I don't have to actually see him because I get in after day shift leaves for the night.