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insanehapa #racist

Asian men in Asia need to come to feel as crushed by WMAF as Hapas and Asian-Americans in the West have come to feel. All of Asia must become one big Hapa Asian subreddit.

A stark way of putting it. But the truth. They need a sense of crisis. This is a bit of a follow up response to the stickied thread about translating r/Hapas materials into Asian languages. Which I think is a great idea. But it opens up the larger discussion, which is that we need to take these WMAF issues to Asia. These ideas, this crisis, needs to be discussed in all Asian languages in their most popular forums. We need to be doing this right now. Even using Google translate if we have to.

To be blunt Asian men in Asia need to feel as overwhelmed by the WMAF tide as Hapa and Asian men in the West have come to feel. After all, the white-worship is even worse in Asia. And the worst most disreputable WM in WMAF, are the sexpats.
Sadly before we can inspire Asian men in Asia, we need to crush them. We need them to feel the despair that Asian Hapas in the West have felt. They need to feel the crisis that we have felt, that Asian male traits are just being weeded out. They need to feel the contempt that white males, and Asian women with White males, have for the Asian male. We must shatter their illusions. The problem has only exploded by not being talked about, by being ignored. They can't be allowed to keep looking the other way. The stark soul-crushing reality must be faced before there can be healing.

So yes translate the works of r/Hapas, thats a good idea. But translate the words of WMAF as well. Let them read it from the horse's mouth. Asian men in Asia, need to hear what WMAF thinks of them. For those who hold the illusion that Asia will save Hapas and Asian-Americans, this is how it will be done, not through GDP and military budgets.

Asia is where the crisis begins. There is only so much that can be done with English-language resources. Every Asian-American and Hapa with Asian language skills needs to step up and put it to use. 2 million Asian-Americans vs 2 billion Asians. A 1000x ratio. Every post made in an Asian language is 1000x more valuable than one in English. We have saturated the market of English-speaking Asians and Hapas already. \
The fight must be taken to the Asian internets!

Cablinasian Coward #racist

Robert, we bash Asians because we see them as foreign undesirables.

Asians, specifically Asian males, are socially awkward, and do not fit in with the rest of us. They cannot culturally assimilate, and they are invasive, by taking over America’s best jobs. They are physically different from the rest of us, with huge heads and tiny dicks. They are not able to have fun, get drunk, and crash parties like we are. They instead prefer to spend most of their time studying, which explains their higher IQ. They are also racist and view everyone as inferior. They troll endlessly on the Internet trying to push an Asian supremacy agenda. They are worse than Internet Hindus.

They lie, steal, and cheat their way to success. Ever seen the movie “Rising Sun”? This is a great movie that shows how Japanese buisnessman backstab their way up the totem pole. This movie clearly shows that Asians are worse than Jews.

Carleston Coon, an Anthropologist on race, wrote a lot about Asians. I actually have a lot of Coon’s books at my dad’s house. In one of the books, Coon says that the slanted eyes of Asians is a biological indicator of how Asians are predisposed to trickery and deceit.

The movie Red Dawn came out in early 2013. You saw how heartless Asians could be in that movie. The movie also showed America how cowardly those Asian soldiers were. Look at the White and Black American freedom fighters in Red Dawn. They acted courageously and honestly. Then look at the Asians. One of them heartlessly shot a White man to death for speaking his mind.

Notice how the North Koreans in Red Dawn needed help from the Russians to invade America. This clearly proves that Asians are stale and uncreative, always requiring assisstance from White people.

I am not trying to be racist, but Asians don’t belong in America.

officesquat #fundie

parents talk with shit english, shit jobs, along with extreme beliefs (tiger parenting, passive aggression), and extreme white worship massively fucks up their children. Even worse, they like to use their mother tongue to tell off their kids.

So you get a race that looks down on their selves, and immigrants from their country, calling them FOBs, because Asian-ness is associated with everything bad, scoldings, tiger parenting, studying, other-ness, etc.

The hate of FOBs carry strong even here, with one uncle chan recently saying how the Asia Asians don't understand ABC issues (not all of us are from murica, many are from Australia and Canada too, the world doesn't revolve around murica, fuck murica, I piss on your flag and ideals), and they should be banned.

We are also too egalitarian to our women. You don't see ME women sleeping with white guys, because they are defended to the teeth by ME guys. Honour killing is the name of the game for them. Same for white girls, most white guys will not even befriend one who has ever dated black, and here we are, sitting in a circle, clapping our hands and singing kumbuya, celebrating our ability to navigate mixed spaces while they fuck our sisters and spit in our face. Yet we are the most misogynistic race according to mainstream sources.

We need to be a lot more controlling over our women. Parents are unhappy, but they do passive-aggressive shit you find on /r/asianparentstories instead of kicking her ass. I say I'll kick my daughter out within 4 weeks if I catch her dating a non East-Asian, and all of you say I shouldn't be a father. FFS, wake up cuckolds! When it comes to strangers, all of you hate on WMAF, but when it comes to your own sisters, cousins and daughters, your testicles shrivel up into your bodies and become ovaries as you nod your Chan head in approval and racial harmony. Start with your own fucking household then look outside!

Unfortunately, many parents DGAF who their daughters marry, they just want their son to marry a girl from their specific origin, cockblocking him from all other girls, even Asian girls. Fuck you, got mine is their entire life motto.

Parenting is a massive issue. We are too soft on the wrong things - who our daughters date, how sauve our sons are, and too hard on the wrong things - grades and no dating till studies are over (especially for boys!)

Ginnar #racist

Don't like us? Do without us!
Think we are racists and haters? Do without us!
Think we are intolerant and biased? Do without us!
Think we are a disease and anti-Semitic? Do without us!
Believe we are unfair and stingy with the fruits of our culture? Do without us!

Don't make excuses to stay. After all these years of complaining these complainers forfeit their right to live in white countries.

We say to all those non-European factions shrilling about our unfairness, intolerance and racism - the perfect solution to your problems with white people is simple. Do without us. Leave. Go somewhere that does not have all this hate and racism you claim we have. Such places should be plentiful since only white countries hold the distinction of being biased, prejudiced, unfair, intolerant and hate filled racists.

Will Asians treat Blacks better than Whites do?
Will Blacks treat Asians better than Whites do?
Will Hispanics treat Blacks and Asians better than Whites do?
Will Jews treat Asians, Blacks, Latinos, Muslims better than White people do? Will they treat Jews better than white people do? If they are more tolerant, less prejudiced, more generous, more fair than white people we say - go for it. Why hang around in white nations feeling oppressed and hated? These accusations about white countries are not unknown around the world. Yet, millions of non-whites are pouring in to white countries to live among us so-called racists so they can feel oppressed and hated and gripe about us. More Jews live in Christian America than anywhere. Every anti-Semitic white country has Jews. (The more power Jews have in our countries the more anti-Semitic (anti-Jewish) we become and that is the truth. When we find ourselves placed in a position where our sons fight and die in wars for the Jews and families must be against the survival of our race in order have jobs and earn a living you can bet we become anti Semitic.)

These non-white people want the things we produce, but they don't want us. Life doesn't work that way. Somebody is missing a card in their deck. You can't get the golden egg without the goose that lays it. These folks want us to take them in, coddle them, take care of their every need, but get out of the way. We can't. We are the ones who lay the golden eggs. You can't have one without the other.

But these whiners can do something about their sensitive feelings. Do without us. Don't make excuses to stay. If we are as bad as claimed there is no excuse to stay. No one has to put up with us. They NEVER had to. That's the unreal part. No one ever had to put up with the White population. Not one month, not one week, not one day, not one second. Thus, skip the woeful tales as excuses to stay.

DO WITHOUT US. Just like you poured into our countries, leave! Pour yourselves OUT. From now on go away, leave and take your complaints with you, do without us.

various incels #sexist

(Note: I'll only post the best ones here, but trust me, there's pretty much a race war between incels in the comments there, LOL)

Huge suicide fuel for Asian Incels and confirming looks > personality once again

You don't really need to post any supporting evidence for this. Any Westernized Asian male who simply goes outside is already blackpilled due to white male - asian female couples outnumbering the opposite by a ratio of 25:1.

Honestly it's pinkcel racism aka "white supremacy" that is actively fucking over asiancels. Do you think a white chad is going to waste his time fucking around with some asian bitch when he can just fuck stacies?

It's really the self-hating asian girls and bitter racist whites who perpetuate this shit. White Chads and Asian Chads get along fine, actually, because there's an understanding that they're not going to go after each others women.

Just kek at those white guys with asian girlfriends who think they're the shit. Most of them go for Asians because white girls dont want them. Almost every single one of them would be an incel if Asians dont want that green card.

Shit its fucking over for Asians, so many of us say 'why would a white Chad date an Asian' shows how shit tier we view our race to be and its how other ethnicities view us as well. Why would a white person with options date us unless they are a physical or mental failure with other whites.

It's not that whites are the best, it's that chads won't racemix. Why would an Asian chad go after some white bitch when he can get some high quality Asian girl? Racemixing is pretty much reserved for sell out women, BBC tyrones who dip out after fathering children, and pathetic white betas who laud their perceived racial superiority over damaged minorities.

Cope. Asian guys just got fucked genetically, don't blame whites

What part of us is fucked genetically??? There's billions of East Asians while whites are getting bred out of the gene pool. Blame the Jews if ur bitter.

Dick size and height. Thats because everyone is swarming white countries because they want to live in our societies because they know white societies are the best to live in. And I do blame the jews

Strong racism. Dick size isn't genetic and Asians are only perceived as short cause our previous generations were warring and poor. No shit white countries are the best to live in when u guys fucked up the rest of the globe via colonialism. White society on the other hand is degenerate af and unsustainable. White society is the reason ur incel. Thanks for blaming the Jews though.

emasculasian #racist

[Source NSFW. Also "vaginal suction" what the shit]

Biological reason why Asian women are exclusively mating with White men.

For centuries, East Asian cultures procreated with no emphasis on female sexual gratification. As a collective culture, assertiveness, individuality, and aggression are frowned upon. Testosterone levels are generally low among the males as a way to facilitate harmony and cooperation, and thus, their primary mating strategy revolved around avoiding mating competitions and mate-guarding.
As a result, the women were kept sexually repressed, powerless, and submissive through imposed social norms. Women had little rights and often went through their entire lives with only one sexual partner. Without the need to compete with other males, these men were able to reproduce with relatively tiny penises and testes compared to the men of other races. Sex generally lasted only a few minutes and rarely pleasurable for the women since only the male orgasm is required for conception. Men thus, worried little about their physical sex appeal and only focused on advancing their social standing and financial success to secure mates. Over time, their bodies and faces evolved to be bare and devoid of most of its masculinity.
This mating strategy that involved collective self-emasculation and suppressing female sexuality worked for a long period of time, up until the day Western men were introduced to their society. Forged in a culture that celebrates individuality and aggression, Caucasian men have retained most of their virile qualities while also advancing further as a civilization. While the Asian man was being taught to avoid confrontation at all costs, the Caucasian man had already been practicing the mating game with other sexually aggressive males since his early teens. Along with the privilege and status the comes with being White male, the White man already put the Asian man at a severe disadvantage. Not only is the East Asian woman already conditioned to seek after higher status males, the White man also has an assortment of mating tools in his arsenal that Asian men do not possess.

For generations, sexually repressed Asian women rarely got to experience sexual arousal or climax as it wasn’t required to procreate in an Asian society. To the Asian female, sex is just a chore and often a painful one due to there being no lubrication from her lack of arousal. Generations of feeling sexually apathetic towards her men leave her helpless in the face of unfamiliar erotic desire The White man’s high status already coincides with her social value of seeking after successful men, but it’s his testosterone filled physique and attitude that makes her forsake all social stigmas imposed by the feeble Asian male and mate with the White man.
For once, her genitals become supple and wet, ready for penetration. Her vagina, which has only ever accommodated small Asian members, is extremely tight and virginal to the foreign man. Though she experiences tremendous pain as her White lover enters her, his larger phallus is able to stretch her out and reach orifices Asian men typically can’t, stimulating an array of unexplored nerve endings. He, in turn, introduces a multitude of erotic sensations completely foreign to her, making her experience immense pleasure from sex for the very first time.
The White man’s more sexually experienced background empowers him to delay his climax. His muscular physique from maintaining his sex appeal enables him to continue thrusting vigorously without tire. As he is doing this, his cock is acting as a suction piston, emptying the contents her vagina of any previous insemination. The longer and more rapid he thrusts, the more her vagina is sucked clean. His larger cock also makes him more effective at removal, leaving not a spec of the Asian man’s sperm behind. Her sexual repression and inexperience leave her easily overwhelmed by all the erotic sensations his cock is giving her, and before long she will have already achieved orgasm; an experience the majority of East Asian men are unable to give her.

Since the experienced White man is only competing with sexually incompetent men, it was incredibly easy for the White man to bring his sexually repressed Asian partner to climax. He, in turn, still has a lot of endurance leftover. While she has already reached her sexual peak, he still isn’t done relentlessly thrusting his cock inside her, pushing her to a brink of continuous, multiple orgasms. Liquid starts gushing out of her, something she did not know is possible. Her body begins to convulse uncontrollably, her already tight snatch spasms on his cock, finally making the White stallion ejaculate. His large cock is then able to ejaculate his semen directly to the top of her vagina, making them first in line to enter the cervix. His large gonads allow him to generate and deploy a large enough load to both impregnate her and still leave a large sum behind to block rivaling sperm from entering. His ability to make his partner climax also means her cervix will dip uncontrollably into his seminal pool, proactively drawing his sperm inside her.
Once she has mated with the White man, she will no longer desire to mate with an Asian male. This is unfortunately due to the fact that there is no biological purpose for her to do so. The Asian man’s mating strategy has been rendered obsolete in the face of foreign competition; his genitals simply aren’t equipped for competing with other men, much less foreign men. His tiny phallus won’t be able to reach deep enough to scoop out the White man’s deeply-planted sperms. His sexual inexperience prohibits him from thrusting for very long before ejaculating, making him unable to generate enough suction to displace the White man’s seminal pool. His gonads, which is two-fold smaller, only produces half the number of spermatozoa as White men. His small penis won’t be able to deploy his sperm directly to the top of her vagina either, leaving his small army of swimmers to be blocked from entering the cervix by the large remnants of the Caucasian man’s load that he was unable to displace. Due to the absence of his partner’s orgasm, her cervix won’t dip into his seminal pool. Instead, her lack of arousal makes her vagina dry and inhospitable, giving his already smaller army of sperms even less of a chance to fight through to the cervix. This essentially renders the whole act of mating with the Asian male pointless. Even in the event where the Asian male mated first, her sexual frustration from his inadequate performance will lead her to seek out a Caucasian male, who will in turn empty the contents of her vagina of his inferior sperm.
Though procreation isn’t on the mind of any of these individuals, the White man’s superior mating abilities are what causes the Asian woman to start longing for sexually competent males. He, in turn, compromises the East Asian male’s primary mating strategy, which involves collectively emasculating themselves and keeping their women sexually repressed to avoid sexual competition with one another. This essentially completely backfires, handicapping themselves against the sexually competent White men who also tower over them in social standing. Even if they wanted to change, their bodies and faces have already evolved to be devoid of most of its masculinity, making them the least sexually desirable among women of all races including their own. Unable to escape their genetics, they will forever be resigned to the fate of watching over half of their women mate exclusively with White men.

ThereNeedsToBeChange #racist

Asian woman wants white guys then cries RACISM (!!!) when the white guy prefers to date within his race. In contrast, Asian men just want their own race - whereas these Asian women feel entitled to OTHER races. They are the true entitled ones

So I mean, going through the article, some things that struck me...

Lately, my single, female friends have been telling me about the extraordinary messages they receive on sites like Tinder, OkCupid and Hinge.

Like yes, omg, it's totally "extraordinary" that a white guy says he only wants to date white \s. In fact, I say good for him

And also, notice how her female friends are clearly all Asian (and possibly other minorities), yet she is clearly set on a white guy. Again, this disproves all the "well, I live in a white area, so it's natural my partner would be white" - with this logic, her female friends would also be white, but with 90% of these women, I notice they have an extremely disproportionate number of Asian female friends - sometimes even exclusively Asian female friends - yet they never have Asian men as friends, let alone a partner.

this actual line on the profile of a sun-kissed Liam Hemsworth lookalike

So, praising whites and insinuating that whites are the ultimate form of attractiveness hence actively bashing her own race, all the while claiming whites are racist who claim the exact same thing. Afterall, this is comparable to a favourite sibling syndrome - if you constantly praise one sibling as being amazing-looking, intelligent and whatnot 1000s upon 1000s of times, then the other sibling is naturally going to take offence, even if they are never actually offended directly. Same with these Asian women - even if they don't explicitly bash Asian men, they still are actually bashing Asian men by praising white men and hence re-enforcing the idea that you have been told since childhood that - as an Asian man - you will never be as good as whites.

You’d never find a job ad that discriminates against applicants based on race. That’s against the law. Why is it okay, then, to announce a ban against engaging with a race of people on your dating profile?

But when Asian women say "no Asian men", these very same Asian women will claim it's just "muh preference" or they'll try to justify it with some other bs - "he looks like my brother", "Asian men are misogynistic" and even the "I don't want an Asian mother in law"

Some openly announce "NO ASIANS/ NO BLACKS". I wonder how harmful this might be to an Asian, like me, or black person, to see this regularly – how this might diminish our self-hood and dignity.

Riiiiiiight...but since like 10 years old, Asian men have grown up seeing 100,000s of Asian women in wmaf proudly, smugly and arrogantly declare Asian men to be inferior and she clearly doesn't view that of concern. Afterall, like my point her, Asian men have had 100,000 strikes against them, she's had 1 and now she's the one complaining? And besides, being told you aren't good enough by your own kind is always going to insult you more than being told you aren't good enough by some complete randomer.

An Asian female friend announced recently that the vitriol she experienced on Tinder became too heavy a psychological burden. She deleted her account two days ago.

If this was genuine racism (i.e. "suck my dick you dumb g00k bitch"), then fine, but if it's just because she only match with 500 white guys and a small handful said they prefer white women, then I find it impossible to see what the problem is

and those whom English is a second language can’t offer anything of value?

And I mean, this is just outright false. Asian female immigrants/foreigners are targetted very strongly by wm looking for easy sex/wanting to live out racist fantasies (fucking an Asian woman from each ethnicity as a form of conquest and calling/viewing them as each appropriate racial slur etc). And sure, I would hope to any self-respecting woman it wouldn't be wanted attention, but the way she claims they are ignored is simply false. Afterall, I remember going to a nightclub in London when I was 18 - ALL of the female Asian international students/tourists were able to go home and fuck a white guy despite their poor English, but how many Asian guys who had poor English were able to woo the white women in the club? Yeah, I think we all know the answer. For a woman, having traits that make you less powerful (less money, not able to speak the language, naivity of the culture) etc aren't a negative thing and will be viewed in a positive light by many predatory men. I know plenty of female Asian international students who fucked 50 white guys during their time in the UK - how many of the male Asian international students fucked 50 white women though, do you think?

There's an ugly sense of entitlement

Again, a white guy wanting a white woman is not being entitled. An Asian woman feeling entitled to a white man - i.e. someone of a different race - is the real entitled one

Dating apps must reflect the same standards of non-discrimination as those expected in the broader community. I urge them to act quickly to remove users who do not comply with these guidelines and to effectively resolve complaints where racism is brought to their attention.

And lmao, this would mean that most Asian women in white areas would be banned then for their extreme "no Asians" policy. And likewise, all these specialist wmaf bride sites would be banned (I agree they should be), most of the Asian women on all these degenerate hookup sites etc too would be banned

And then, surprise surprise, she even admits:

When I ask several friends about their swiping habits on apps like Tinder and OkCupid, and they don’t deny that most of the men they swipe right are white Anglo.


And you know, it's also funny when she says something like this:

I’d want to grant a stranger the dignity to be treated as an individual.

Because, you know, she honestly doesn't believe that whites on those apps don't just view her through every racial stereotype imaginable - i.e.:

- "ching chong ling long"/"me luv u long time"/"sucky sucky 5 dorrah"/"lbfm"/"slit-eyed bitch"/"chink whore"/"g00k cumbucket" etc etc etc etc etc

- someone who has no self-respect (the typical "Asian bitches are slaves to whites"/"white-worshipping whore" etc)

- someone who hates her own kind

etc etc etc etc etc

See, the reality is, that unlike what she is stating, it isn't the white guys who want white women that are the ones who are racist - it's the ones who want Asian women that are

Rexxous #racist

The writer of the NY Times article summed up her own purpose best: “…I have acted out in all manner of ways to dispel the “model minority” image.” Obviously, she wrote the article simply to hit as many buttons as possible.

Since this discussion has included talk of Asian women generally… I can offer a little of my own experience. I’ve dated Chinese-Americans (3), Vietnamese-American (1), and Japanese (1). The Japanese woman was an exchange student in the US temporarily. The others were raised in the US.

My experience is that Asian women can be attractive from a distance but less so up close and personal. They meet a lot of today’s beauty expectations naturally – slim petite figure, long hair, low volume voice. Those qualities can be kryptonite for a lot of men. It’s usually not till they hit their 40s that their bodies balloon out and they start cutting their hair short. When younger, their slim body shape is not something they work at – it just happens. For example, the Vietnamese girl weighed only 102 pounds (unusually thin) but really thought she’d look a lot better at 105 pounds for some reason. This was extremely important to her. But no matter how much she stuffed herself her body would revert to 102.

Unfortunately for the writer of the article, a lot of the attractive qualities are built into the biology of Asian women, and that isn’t going to change.

On the other hand, the behavior of the Asian women could be difficult, to put it mildly. While all were low-key and quiet under normal circumstances, they could be tough as nails when it came to demanding their own way. The Chinese-Americans, in particular, had a hard edge, and often had little empathy for others. That included little empathy towards white men, by the way. When angered or upset, they all got loud quickly, with their voices having a screechy quality.

There were differences among them depending on the country of origin. That factor seemed to affect even the US-born ones. Not all Asian women/cultures are alike.

One other point: There’s a stark difference in self-regard between Asian women raised in the US and Asian women in Asia itself. With the former, they soon learn as girls in school that they are special to white boys and later to white men (which in fact they are). Asian women raised in Asia, by contrast, are surrounded their entire lives with other women of the same body type (slim when young), and hair (dark and long). Thus the latter don’t necessarily grow up thinking of themselves as special. Like the average white woman in the US, she has no reason to think of herself as particularly attractive compared to other white women.

What is the point of all that? If you’re going to date Asian women, maybe Asia is a better place to meet and date Asian women than the US. Also, pick your origin-country carefully, even for US-born Asian women.

Robert Lindsay #racist

All that aside, let’s get real. Let’s line the 3 races of men together here in the US:

1. Asian men.
2. White men.
3. Black men.

1. Least masculine.
2. In between.
3. Most masculine.*

*The scale is exactly the opposite for females and femininity, but that’s another post. Think about it.

Now, not saying that low masculinity is all that bad, I mean I got a Master’s Degree and I’m a hermit / egghead who sits around and reads books all the time. On top of that, lots of people think I’m gay or bi. So no offense Asian guys.

Asian men’s quite decent and civilized behavior is due to lower masculinity.

Black men’s extremely uncivilized and indecent behavior is due to their extreme masculinity. Look at the imprisonment/woman abuse, etc. rates.

However, women are Cavewomen when it comes to sex. She will choose a guy who seems more masculine. Hence, White women go for Black men and call us pussies, wimps and fags. Asian women in a society with White and Black men will see Asian men as too feminine and go for White guys instead. Black men will be so masculine that most Asian women will see them as some kind of animals from a jungle, totally uncivilized beasts.

A woman wants a man who is *somewhat* more masculine, but not so much that he’s a fuckin’ animal. A White man is perfect for an Asian woman. Somewhat more masculine than Asian guys, treats them better, yet low enough in masculinity as to be quite civilized.

stretch-cel #fundie

[Serious] Incels are the coolest and most interesting people on earth

Not even bullshitting, but ive been incel all my life (im 31) and have always gravitated towards other incels even before i knew what the term was. What i can tell you is that there is no other group of people id rather hang out with than incels. i only want females for sex, but as soon as that need is taken care of, incels are the guys i want to call up and hang out with. Normies, chads, chadlites, femoids, etc. all have shitty and boring personalities. from being locked up in my room for the majority of my existence, i have learned unfathomable amounts of facts and other information from the internet (my true father). i am well versed in various topics such as:

-sports (football, basketball, boxing, mma, etc.)
-movies (seen thousands of movies, domestic and foreign. and not just norm-shit movies like 50 shades of grey or ted)
-television (modern TV is cucked but i used to watch shows like married with children and many others)
-arts and crafts
-music (huge old school hip hop and rock fan. foreign music as well)
-video games (ive played every genre you can imagine and had almost every sytem dating back to NES)
-philosophical topics (theories on space, on afterlife, on religion, etc.)
-fashion (i dont spend money on clothes these days but i keep up with trends and i am a fan of watches)

the list goes on and im 10000% certain that you other incels are just as interesting. the reason we dont get along with most of society is because we are TOO SMART and TOO interesting for the average fucking normie. we have nothing to talk about with them because THEY have nothing to talk about other than last nights episode of "insert shit tv show" and whatever popular pop star is currently trending. there is a wealth of knowledge that we have that norms never needed to acquire since they were able to get by on looks alone. another thing about incels is that we are usually the funniest, most quick-witted people and have a great sense of humor. Just look at the memes we create. our sarcastic wit is unmatched. have u ever tried to watch a normie/female stand up comedian? cringe worthy shit at best. they cant even come close to true incel comedians like george carlin, martin lawrence, etc.

ive always yearned for friends that i can sit back with and discuss which resident evil game was the best. was it 2? or maybe 4? which zelda was the best? twilight princess? majoras mask? Was die hard 1 better than the professional? was predator better than terminator? Whats the best FPS of all time? half life 2? goldeneye 64? You cant have these sort of convos with norms because not only can they not participate or add insightful input, but they also will just label you as a nerd. Incels are the only people truly capable of having intelligent convos about some of the topics i listed. a fucking norm will start to feel uncomfortable and switch the topic over to current trends as soon as he/she can. also, from my personal experience, an incel can verbally destroy a normie/chad in a debate due to our quick-witted minds that we developed over the years. unless you are an autist or some shit. cheer up incels, we really do have the best personalities. i know it doesnt help much since looks are the only thing that matters, but i love you guys:feelsokman:

lol_at_Amerika #racist

the best way to punish white worshipping Lu's as an AM is not refusing to date them altogether, it's casually dating and fucking them, but NEVER marrying or committing to them

I see a lot of guys here have some sort of anger toward AFWM and the Asian girls who date out, but they say shit like "this is why I don't date Asian girls" blah blah. That's fucking retarded. You basically leave yourself out of a portion of the dating market if you do that, and are exactly where racist white guys want you.
So don't fucking do that. You should be open to dating Asian girls who dated white guys before, but you should treat them like the cheap objects that they made themselves into when they started dating ugly, fat cumskin dorks. It's 100% their own fault and own doing, so you shouldn't feel bad about this.
Say you sell something to someone at 10 dollars, do you think it's reasonable to sell the same thing to another person at 100 dollars? No, that would be called a scam and you would be run out of the market if people knew about it. This is exactly the same with AFWM Lu's who date white guys and put out easily for them, then turn around and try to get Asian guys to commit. The proper response here is that the "cheapening" of the product has to upheld across the market, i.e. Asian guys need to reinforce the low value these women assigned to themselves by dating ugly white dorks. I've used the exact analogy to explain to Anna Lu girls I've met before, and literally brought them to tears lol.
I'm starting to see some Anna Lu's in my social circle who are late 20's, and still single, and their panic and desperation is the best fucking payback possible. Some of them have even asked me to set them up with guys, either Asians or foreigners (I live in Asia). I'm pretty blunt with telling them that their situation is their own fault from dating foreigners, and I don't know any guys who would date them seriously. That, or if the situation permits, I just sleep with them and then ghost on them.
But of course, to get any girl interested, you should be a desirable guy yourself, and have your shit together. So be a desirable guy, and pump and dump the shit out of these Anna Lu's, while only committing to Asian girls who strongly prefer Asian guys or non-Asian girls.

basedKRN #racist

Well. Us Asians are racist. We shit on other Asians and non-Asians all the time. We care about our race and we exclude those who aren't us. That's not a crime. I don't like being mistreated by whites or Anglo-Saxons when I did nothing to deserve it, merely because I'm Asian or Korean.

However, when whites or Anglo-Saxons experience the same thing in homogeneous Asian societies, they're right.
Some places and some peoples may treat foreigners better than others, but that's what happens when you're a minority, wherever you are.

White America and Australia opened their borders to Asian peoples like us when they did not to.
I repeat, they did not need us or any other nonwhites.
They did not need to let my family move to America, but it happened.

We were not entitled to immigrate to those lands or even Europe, England, etc.
By virtue of us even being allowed to immigrate and attain citizenship in large numbers, their societies have been far more accepting of us than us Asian societies have been towards whites.

My main point is that it was a mistake and I want to be principled about this. They have a right to their homogeneous homelands and work for their racial/ethnic group interest just as we do and should. Korea should stay Korean; Asian countries should stay Asian; white countries, especially the Old World Europe, should stay white.

T. Lau #racist

(NOTE: This guy is reacting to a (not exactly flattering) Birth of a Nation review)

As to the Black question, I will allow blacks and early european explorers to address the issue:
"Shocking Africa ++18"
[2:24-18:00 -- depicts black Africans in their native habitat as the early european explorers found them]

Slavery was rampant among African blacks themselves BEFORE the europeans ever arrived on the continent. It is unfortunate that europeans had the indecency to take advantage of the African situation, although the slave trade was also disproportionately Jewish .
["The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews"]

Then there's rap, hip-hop, pop -- which generally depicts sex, drinking, drugs, (hard) partying, and all manner of vulgar discrepancies, whether unabashed or subliminal.

As to your comment on "white supremacy", what white supremacy?

What? When? Where?

In the white countries themselves where the population is disproportionately white? What's wrong with white running their own government in a white country? (Just like asian countries are run asian officials! I sure as hell don't want blacks running my beloved homeland of Hong Kong!)

The KKK were vilgilantes in costumes to hide their identities. Nothing more. Nothing less. There's no need to distort who they were or what they did.

I am certain an asian version of the KKK would rise up in Hong Kong should a minority group such as blacks were to subvert the majority population of asians in politics.

To be fair, the British did treat many minorities in Asia unfairly, and usually that was because the British empire (and other Western countries) were/are controlled or manipulated in small but significant part by one entity, one religious tribe....Banned history books and the Bible confirm this.

Think for yourself, people!

P.S. Take a walk down Harlem, New York -- or Jamaica or Haiti (once a beautiful european colony), those are the conditions of the black communities today...

Let's say the black race IS EQUAL to the white or asian race, wouldn't it then make sense that black countries in general would not require the help of Western countries (white countries)? (ie. job opportunities.)

I am not talking about only Africa, I am talking about black countries in the Americas as well.

Why do blacks need to emigrate? (On a side note, I do not agree with the mass emigration of asians into white countries. Still, one can see that asian countries are much less degenerate and unruly when compared to black countries.)

Unfortunately, the good blacks in intermingling in white communities are only part of the very small minority of smart intelligent blacks in a vast pool of backwards and child-like dark-skinned fools. (I don't mean that as an offense. No, I mean this factually. Based on my own personal observations, that of others and blacks themselves.)

The black mentality is:

"If you're a black and smart and intelligent and clever and learned, you are NOT black. Therefore, you get the boot out of our community, See yah!"


Therefore, Birth of a Nation is very true (all the while frightening) in its message. Separation of the races is necessary to maintain peace and harmony.

various incels #sexist

Men's looks matter more than women admit, study shows (repost for new visitors)

The study suggests that women value physical attractiveness in a potential mate far more than they say they do, said study author Madeleine Fugère, a professor of social psychology at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic.

If a man is viewed as less than moderately attractive, it doesn't seem to matter as much to women what his personality is like, Fugère explained.

In addition, the findings demonstrated that "a moderate level of attractiveness is a necessity to young women and to their moms, and they are not willing to give that up in favor of personality," Fugère said.

Sounds an awful lot like incels were right all along...

It happens so fuckin often and it is extremely annoying. So amazing to have a level-headed smart individual agree with the objective stuff we say and support us in and out of this sub. Thank you dude. Sex is everything, it's everything. It's impossible for most men. The funny thing is, most of the cucks white knighting and disagreeing with us here admit they've never been in any relationship either. Seriously?!?! Is it a joke? Do they really think females are as innocent as they pretend they are?

We are right. If society admits it, 80% of men driving their mediocre cars, going to sporting events, doing all of this shit to put themselves out there, working to buy things to make themselves positioned for a woman that they think will eventually truly love them, will all fall apart. Those men will all start to LDAR when they realize their best possible outcome is Chad's frigid and used leftovers that is chewed up and spit out, irreparably broken and incapable of love.

Normies will be like:

Of cOUrse SinCe wE MeN juStt wäNt hUGe tiTs aNn aSS. (Except me tho I only care about personality. DM me gurls)

And not because women just want Chad and are extremely picky that they just take 8+/10 men.

Can U inCels stop Keep diScussing aboUt meaN thIngs abouT girls?!?!? you'vE never even haD sex before like we normies have. At least we have sex one time every year.

It drives me insane when normies say men like curves so it's okay for women to have standards. I have NEVER heard of a flat-chested girl having problems in dating men at all (apart from the common complaint: "My boyfriend watches pornstars with big boobs and I feel insecure??").

Hell, even Chad would fuck a chick with tiny breasts if she had a pretty face.


Maxims & Myths of Facial Beauty

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” “Never judge a book by its cover,” and “Beauty is only skin deep” are but three examples of widely held beliefs and teachings about the role of facial attractiveness in our culture. Are these aphorisms true or false?

META-ANALYSIS is a statistical technique that quantitatively evaluates the conclusions of published and unpublished research. In our case, we reviewed the literature on the effects of facial attractiveness from 1932 to June, 1999.

Langlois, J. H., Kalakanis, L., Rubenstein, A. J., Larson, A., Hallam, M., & Smoot, M. (2000). Maxims or myths of beauty? A meta-analytic and theoretical review. Psychological Bulletin, 126, 390-423. PDF Version (2.2 MB) © American Psychological Association.

1) Is beauty merely in the eye of the beholder? NO

Contrary to common assumption, adults and children agree about who is and is not attractive, both within and across ethnicity and cultures. Instead,There seem to be universal standards by which facial attractiveness is judged.

2) Do we judge books by their covers? YES

Adults and children judge other adults and children more favorably than unattractive adults and children, even by those who know them. Furthermore,Adults and children treat other adults and children more positively than unattractive adults and children, even by those who know them.

3) Is beauty only skin deep? NO

Beauty is more than skin-deep: Although both attractive and unattractive people exhibit positive behaviors and traits, attractive people exhibit more positive behaviors and traits than unattractive individuals. However,We do not yet know why. Perhaps because attractive and unattractive people are treated differently, they learn to behave differently.

4) Other interesting results of the meta-analysis:

Attractiveness is as important for males as for females in judging people we know.Attractiveness is as important, if not more so, for children than for adults.

Though the above statements are empirically true, their inclusion is not meant as an endorsement by the Langlois Lab. Most of us are unaware that we hold these biases about attractive and/or unattractive people, yet they continue to affect people’s daily lives

SYL3NZR #racist

Racism is a meme and nothing more, people aren't racist, people just hate disgusting other people that have horrible traits, look shit, smell shit and behave like shit and do other degenerate shit, unfortunately alot of people that to shit just happen to be coloured.

I've seen enough "upstanding" citizens that were coloured behaving like good people.

Racism is a memeword to claim victimhood to justify shortcomings.

various posters #fundie

(Note: They don't seem much racist, mostly criticizing Multiculturalism as an idea, so I think FSTDT fits more than RSTDT.)


Multiculturalism will ruin Asia

There are so many disadvantages. All the so called successful multikulti societies would be better off being homogeneous. Any Asian who lives in these societies will admit it. There's no obligation for Asians to take in other races. Ironic that the country promoting open borders and diversity for others is the most nationalistic and conservative.

Excuse to reduce the number of Asians and weaken our countries

Increased crime rates

Gender imbalance since majority of migrants will be male

Millions of xmaf will form and making angry hapas

Asian civilization is built by amaf

Higher taxes since we will be giving them welfare, housing, food stamps


Multiculturalism is degeneracy. Asia for Asians. We don't need to be dragged down by others and their regressive values


this is the last thing we need theres already so much foreign rapists and pedos

How about multi culturalism amongst Asians ? Most migrants to Asian countries are Asians themselves. Like vietnamese working in Taiwan or Indonesians in Korea etc. The general trend is for men from richer Asian countries to marry women from poorer countries, so i think migration definitely benefits Asian man.

That's fine as long as assimilation occurs. And in this case, it is possible because Asians are all the same race, therefore, assimilation can be achieved within one or two generations. Even foreign Asian children that grow up in a different Asian country likely can pass for a local Asian.

Thats up to the country themsleves if they want asian mixing or pure nationality.

Minority culture will eventually be absorbed to majority culture.

Wrong. Have we been absorbed into white culture despite how much we coon our ass for them? Have blacks been absorbed into white culture? Muslims? Hispanics?

HalfAsianBob #fundie

Here's a letter to my dead Asian whore of a mother that I wrote, I hope you can read this and see the rage I have

Dear mom, you dirty fucking Asian cunt, white worshipping piece of shit whore,

I'm so very fucking sorry that Asian men weren't good enough for you. Again, I'd like to congratulate you on the fact that you gave me a white face that I could pass through this fucked up racist world, and I'd like to thank you for being so fucking incredibly forwardly thinking that you decided to fuck only white men; now, unfortunately, because of genetics, neither I nor my brother could ever have your coveted blonde hair or blue eyes, but that's alright, because it's good to know that deep down, you resent us because we look whiter than you, and because deep down, you still resent us for reminding you that no matter how much white sperm you took, you could never be white. Neither could I.

Oh, how sorry I am, you whore, you fucking degenerate whore, that you told the world that you hated Asian men, but yet you gave birth to two of us. I'm so fucking sorry that Asian men offended you SO much that you had to give into white supremacy and let the world know that you thought that the white master was king, and that his bastard offspring, both worse and better at the same time, was nothing more but the result of a conquest.

Don't feed me that fucking Asian men are patriarchal BULLSHIT. IT'S JUST FUCKING BULLSHIT AND YOU KNOW IT. White patriarchy is and will always be the be all and end all of patriarchy and you gave into it because it got your ratchet fucking pussy wet. That's all it was, you WHORE. You brought me into this world as a slave, a son of a slave master and a plantation female Uncle Tom; that's what you were. You, and all the other ugly brown whores in my family, tell yourselves over and over that you think Asian men are patriarchal, but all it is is that you like thing white cocks are better, and because you have a pussy and are able to use it to get whatever the fuck you want (thanks female privilege) you could get yourself a nice white man - and lo and behold you did - and this one was a beta Christian idiot who thought that you were God's answer to white women not wanting him. Oh, you played your cards right, didn't you mommy, didn't you.

Look at you. You're dead now. You're buried in the ground and have been for 15 years. My little white head tore you open and you got some bad blood from that, didn't ya? So sorry about that - you could have lived, couldn't you? But once your hormones wore down and you realize the mistake you had made, marrying a broke white guy who loved Jesus more than you - then you decided to end your life, didn't you? Isn't that what you did? You abandoned your two children - your two little half chinks. Now look at us. I can barely work I'm suicidal and depressed; my brother is bedridden and insane, he'll never work another day in his fucking life.



And it's not Asian men who are saying this. Asian men are too fucking naive to see what's really going on. But I see what's going on. You fucking sluts eye fuck me on the train every day; to you I'm just another tall white guy. But if you knew that I had won the genetic lottery and didn't come out looking Asian, oh boy, how quickly you would change your mind. I'm saying this. One of your precious "white / mixed race" children is saying this. I'm the patriarch, you fucking sluts. I AM. LOOK AT ME.



Read this, Asian women, READ THIS. I FUCKING DARE YOU.


And before you go off calling me Elliot Rodgers, at least you recognize that Elliot Rodgers was a little half-chink like me; the product of YOU. I am no harm to anyone, just myself. You all deserve this fucking hell on earth. Every single one of you cunts should be forced to live on earth for a million years. And I wish, I wish from the bottom of my fucking heart, that every one of your kids has exactly the same problems as me. Fuck you mom, fuck you and your dyed hair and colored contacts.
Fuck every last ounce of you. It took me a long time to say it but I said it. FUCK. YOU.

Oh yeah, I said it. Go and cry about misogyny, you whores. I'm your chosen one - America's little mixed race darlings, us magical mixed race unicorns that are nothing more than the products of aggressive sexual selection - that's me. And I say fuck you. Fuck you to hell. Burn in every last bit of hell.

14words_of_truth #racist

( I seriously dont know if this is sarcastic or not but I just had to submit it)
Thank God for Asians!

Everyone knows that blacks are evil at a biological level, but Asians are so much kinder, more honest, more attractive, more intelligent, and far less violent.

The differences between blacks and browns are so pronounced that they kill each other when they are forced into close proximity.

Because the blacks are so inferior to the browns, the blacks just can not compete, and the browns will eventually exterminate them.

The blackest of the Asians behave the most like blacks, and the lightest of the Asians, the Japanese and some Arab tribes, behave the most like civilized white folks.

Loony Leftists love to point out that the whitest of the Asians score higher on math exams than some White Folks do, but of course, some White Folks out score those same Asians.

But everyone knows that Asians do no wrong and are perfect little angels, especially the Japanese.

SteelersRock #fundie

''a "non-Asian" person is just as Korean, Japanese, Chinese, whatever as someone whose family has been in the country for hundreds, if not thousands of years''....This is too cute. Typical white lieberal leftist ideology.

Just ignore them. A white person becoming Chinese is like me turning Zulu the next day. Just doesn't happen.

American = nationality, which means anyone with a piece of paper can be American. Its what most white Americans believe their country to be and they are proud of diversity.

Ariana Miyamoto is NOT Japanese. She's African American or most importantly American. She also spent some of her schooling years in the US so the myth of her being accustomed to Japan 100% is a lie.

Lou Jing isn't Chinese either. She doesn't even look Chinese (East Asian mongoloid). If you don't look Chinese, u ain't Chinese. If you are not one of the 55 recognized minorities you ain't Chinese. Foreign barbarians (except other Asians) = not Chinese.

BTW, Asian-Asian is not CCR. If a Chinese national is dating a Korean or some other mongoloid Asia nationality, thats it NOT CCR to me. So, Taiwanese men with SEA wives is not CCR.

The white crackas need to shut up.

Trancefan #fundie

I don't think things will get better. Afterall, no matter where in the world you go, the situation is the same. The issue isn't the media, it's height. Yes, Asian-American guys are only 4% shorter than whites...yes that's only 6cm - less than the length of your little finger. Still, the fact remains that people are shallow. Huge portions of Asian guys won't be able to attract non-Asian women and it's certainly very obvious that huge chunks of Asian women want nothing to do with Asian guys

To think the situation will get better is just wishful thinking, in my opinion. As far as I'm aware, the only place where the situation with Asians/non-Asians is respectable is countries in South America like Peru - places in which people are the same height as Asians. White countries? Shit. Black countries? Shit. Arab countries? Shit. Singapore/Malaysia etc with Indians competing with Chinese guys? Shit. Heck, even in Asian countries, wmaf can often be 5-100x more common than amwf. South America is the only place where Asians are competing as equals, unfortunately.

Fullasian #racist

Not that much better. The divorce rates for intraracial marriage are extremely high, only slightly less than WMAF. Besides there are countless Asian women who cannot divorce because they have no financial stability whatsoever. Not only that these children are completely new to this world and they have a completely different worldview and experience. The unknown is unknown.
I wish I could set up a commission to monetarily penalize any interracial divorce.

It's not about fetishes or whatever. People can downplay racial worship disguising as some sexual fetish, when we know the true answer to the relationships. A relationship in which women want to upgrade their lifestyles. This means Chinese women upgrade to Japanese or Korean men. Korean women upgrade to Japanese men. The statistics reflect that. Meanwhile in western countries the fall of the white man has led to both white women and men into East asian worship aka Japanese/Korean worship. The new Hierarchy is being created. Japanese men generally have little interest in foreign women because of obese caucasian women and rampant infidelity. Korean men are happy to take in masses of white women. The leftovers are in China. Sorry that's offensive but its the truth.

Interracial relationships are mostly about sexual conquests from the mans' POV into powerful cultures. Men are just like women and these men secretly worship East asians as superior. Japanese men know that they are at the top of the Asian hierarchy but some have also have secretly already internalized China's monumental dominance and are actually going for Chinese women instead of Korean women. That's how the world works.

Anonymous #sexist

I've had AIDS for the longest time. 5 years in fact, the symptoms are second nature now. I use this affliction to my advantage against my foes
>be me
>watching friendship games at the cinema.
>buy ticket, acquire sustenance, and find a suitable seat.
>mom walks in with 3 shitlets
>sits one seat away from me to my left
>ignore and watch the previews
>enjoying the movie so far
>shit 1 & 2 go on and on about about how rainbow cunt is so cool
>cringe at their shit taste
>ask mother if they could quiet down
>litteraly goes off at me in a whisper tone about how hard it was to take care of 3 kids alone and blah blah blah
>Im pissed internally but I apologize for my "disrespect"
>halfway in the movie shit 1 asks mom somthing
>she rallys the three and heads out possibly to take them to the restroom
>see she left her soda
>discreetly grab her soda and remove the cap
>niped the tip of my thumb till it bled
>stick thumb in soda and squeeze it
>did this for about 20 seconds
>put cap on and place soda back
>She comes back, sits down, and takes a LONG sip of soda
>Held back tears of joy and resumed to watch the film
>mfw i gave a mom aids cause her kids had shit taste

English Advocates #racist

The English Bill of Rights 1688:
"And I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm. So help me God."

This is considered part of England's constitution and is still in effect today as Government legislation
and so why are non-English - Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups of any colour, including the Scottish, Irish, and Welsh allowed authority positions in England?

We all should report the culprits and those who aided and abetted them to the police for arrest in accordance with breaking the law under the Bill of Rights 1688 and if police refuse to arrest, then misconduct of the refusing officer is to be reported to another officer and keep repeating until the police realise we will not back down on this one, until the police abide by our own constitutional law of England.

1990_soviet #racist

Daily reminder that the US treated Asians in it's past worse than nazis did, and has never apologized, not even insincerely apologizing, never. Once. Apologized.

They are to the Asians what Germany was to Jews in ww2. I think it to be literally impossible to change the US. Any Asian in the US should just attempt to settle in another country. I am not saying go back to Asia, they could go to Europe, Africa, SEA or literally anywhere except the Anglo hellholes.

You can say I am defeatist, but I say let the Anglo keep his hellholes. Asians can have the rest of the world. The US can't be brute forced, but it can be cast into irrelevancy.

After all I am sure North Korea hates white people but few white people have daily problems because of NK, since well they are irrelevant.

Guthlac #racist

The ethnic English are the only English race and nation. No one else can be off us. The English are white, but that is just part of our ethnicity, culture and identity. It does not mean any white person can be a real English person, even if they would like to be.

Any fool and foreigner can claim to be English, but the real English the ethnic English know it for a fact. Their families are all English, they know as far as they have knowledge of or have traced they are English family history. Those that have some Welsh, Scots or Irish in them still put their English ethnicity first as they know that so many folk of those places are actually of English decent. In some cases by over a thousand years of English living those areas or of the English families moving to those places on mass over the last few hundreds of years.

Anyone here who claims to be English, yet promotes and puts first being British, civic/semi-civic and claims every tom, dick and harry white foreigner (let alone alone any other coloured foreigners) can be English is either misguided or a traitor. They are what they 'claim' to be against. They are enemies of the English and England. As just as much a threat to us as the lab/lib/con, the EU, multiculturalism, islamification and 'immigration' /importation of votes.

Jim #fundie

Is there a connection between free markets and Poz. Is a sound reactionary polity somewhat socialist?

In the comments some have been making the stupid argument that poz is the result of evil Jewish capitalists pursuing profit, that gay marriage was promoted to sell wedding cakes, which argument scarcely deserves a reply.

But others have been making more sophisticated arguments, which arguments deserve to be promoted into a post.

Obviously sound economic policy is trade with outsiders, which requires the Christian program of peace with outsiders, which is apt to result in the hyper Christian holier than Jesus program of surrender to outsiders.

Obviously the Libertarian Party promotes free markets, and also promotes poz that will at best result in whites being ethnically cleansed out of America, and males being spiritually castrated, and at worst could result in whites being physically genocided and males being physically castrated. This started with the nineteenth century English prime minister Gladstone building a coalition between economists and the hyperpuritan leftist evangelicals, which was swiftly devoured by the left, and ever since then libertarians have been trying to revive that coalition by accepting ever greater levels of ever more suicidal poz and ever more emasculating poz.

So in this sense, obviously there is a connection between sound economic policy and suicidal poz, manifest in the logic of trade, manifest in the holiness spiral of Christianity, manifest in Gladstone and manifest in the Libertarian party.

(But not however manifest in capitalists selling wedding cakes to gays, nor in capitalists selling mortgages to cat-eating illegal immigrants with no income, no job, and no assets. Obviously making marriage gay reduces marriage, does not increase it, obviously gays do not get married except to humiliate Christians and prevent straights from getting and staying married, and obviously selling mortgages to cat-eating unemployed illegal immigrants loses money. Obviously very few non Asian minorities can successfully handle a substantial mortgage, thus attempts to provide a substantial number of non Asian minorities with substantial mortgages inevitably and entirely predictably blew up in the loss of a trillion dollars. Whiteness predicts loan repayment better than credit history, except for the longest and most stringent credit histories. Even Asian nonwhites have substantially higher levels of credit scam for the same level of credit history, and non Asian non whites are all scammers, as near to all of them as makes no difference, just as all female CEOs and board members blow up the company as if it was a marriage to a beta male. If a non Asian nonwhite repaid a mortgage, it is solely because he flipped the house for a profit, and the real estate agent had to take the back payments on the mortgage out of the sale, in order to deliver a clean deed to the buyer. If he had a clean credit history before he took the mortgage, it was faked up. All women are like that, and all non asian minorities are like that.)

Carlylean Restorationist argues

Are you happy with Poz so long as there’s a free market liberated from central planners?

I’m sorry but I’m just not, at all. I’d rather live in 1988 Berlin not because I love five year plans, Soviets deciding what brands of breakfast cereal will be on the shelves (if any) and tanks on every corner.
I’d rather live in 1988 Berlin than 2018 Berlin because 2018 Berlin’s violent, rapey and full of filth, while 1988 Berlin isn’t.
I’d feel safer, more at home, in the 1988 version of Berlin.

(I use Berlin rather than London not because of any preference for it – quite the opposite in fact. The reason is that 1988 Berlin had the worst kind of economic policy imaginable to one of our mindset. The thing is, in spite of that policy – or (red pill) because of it – it doesn’t suffer from what 2018 Berlin suffers from under global relatively free trade.)

Well yes, but the brown face of the Democratic party, like Venezuela, has close to the worst economic policy imaginable, and also at the same time has poz at ethnic cleansing levels, in that the whiteish minority is being driven out of Venezuela Kristallnacht style.

Eighteenth century England had reasonably sound economic policy, and also far less poz than any twentieth or twenty first century society.

So, if we compare 1988 Berlin with 2018 Berlin, or with the suicidal ethnomasochist globohomo policy of the Libertarian party, looks like a strong connection between sound economics, and suicidal poz.

If we compare eighteenth century England, with Gladstone’s England, looks like a strong connection between sound economic policy, and seriously damaging levels of poz. Gladstone began today’s attack on the family, began the replacement of marriage with child support, and turned the British empire into the anti British empire, foreshadowing today’s anti American “International Community” empire.

If we compare the Libertarian Party with almost anyone, looks like a strong connection between sound economic policy, suicidal ethnomasochism, and globohomo self castration.

On the other hand, if we compare Trump’s America with Venezuela, or Trump with the brown face of the Democratic Party, or eighteenth century England with almost anywhere, looks like a strong connection between sound economic policy, free markets, and lack of poz. The libertarians attack Trump for insufficient capitalism, and insufficient poz, while the brown Democrats attack him for excessive capitalism, and insufficient poz.

The emancipation of the Russian serfs was simultaneously suicidal poz, and bad economic policy. I read that the “lavish lifestyles” of the nobility were harshly curtailed, and I also read that famine followed so it would seem that the lavish lifestyles of the serfs were also harshly curtailed. Which only makes sense if leftism did exactly what it always does: Knock over the apple cart to grab the apples. The emancipation of the serfs was a disaster for almost everyone in agriculture, particularly the serfs. The emancipation of the serfs was a disaster from day one, and steadily got worse and worse all the way to the liquidation of the kulaks, because the emancipation was accompanied by the introduction of collective land ownership. The correct solution was to emancipate serfs without land, converting them into agricultural laborers, tenant farmers, and sharecroppers. But the left was already campaigning vehemently against emancipation, and had it been done that way Alexander would have gone down in Whig history as worse than Vlad the impaler. So in Czarist Russia we see a connection between unsound economic policy, and poz leading to suicidal poz. Bad economic policy, in the form of collective land ownership, led to more poz, which eventually led to a disproportionately Jewish communist party taking charge. (Albeit Stalin continued bad economic policy while massively reducing poz.)

So yes, there is a connection between sound economic policy and ethnomasochistic rule by globohomos, since sound economics favors peace with outsiders, and favoring peace with outsiders is apt to blur into favoring surrender to hostile outsiders.

But Charles the second introduced sound economic policy at the same time as he exiled poz, and burned poz at the stake for heresy.

various commenters #racist

Re: Taiwan to make English an official second language next year: Premier Lai

This is awful. No, just no. This just keeps playing into Asia’s trend of white-worship. That’s it, boys. It’s over for us. Too many Asian countries are kissing European languages in the ass.

Cucks. Notice how English is in every asian country, everything is bilingual to pander to whites and westerners. This move will invite thousands of ESL teachers.

You know why it's so difficult for Asians in the diaspora to make headway against self-hate? It's because for every step they take forward, the ones in the "old country" take two back.

Unfortunately I have to agree with you. I've been watching Mainland China television a bit lately, I see a trend of promoting WMAF and White features as the standard.

Woke Asian Americans and Woke Asians are far and few. We are surrounded by a bunch of KKKucks.

Oh lord, this is gonna invite a mass wave of Anglo sexpats into all of Asia, not just Taiwan. There is massive collateral damage, just like how many sexpats in Thailand are vacationing ESL teachers from other Asian countries.

Oh FFS Asia can you please just stop being cucks for a second?!? For every step we take forward, we take 10 back...

Sellout Asians deserve what’s coming to them, to be victims of their own stupidity. Woke Asians should get some popcorn and watch the car crash.

The Taiwanese will also spread all Taiwanese women’s and children’s legs ready for racist rape by foreign sexpats and the men will castrate themselves as a courtesy to white men and kowtow.

You can lead a sellout to self-respect, but you can’t make them think.

Corey Savage #sexist

7 Ways Modern Women Treat Men Like Dogs

Corey is an iconoclast and the author of ‘Man’s Fight for Existence’. He believes that the key to life is for men to honour their primal nature.

For all the feminist criticism of men supposedly treating women like dogs, it is actually today’s feminism-infected women that are treating men like domesticated animals.

While the majority of women still prefer masculine men for relationships, I’ve been noticing how more and more women today are defying their biology for ideological reasons and are pursuing long-term relationship with men they’re not even attracted to just because they are supplicant and effeminate. If this trend continues unabated, I expect the entire male population to turn into weak and feckless bonobos who grovel around to serve female interests.

Observe the following comparisons to see how men are being turned into dogs for both women and the state:

1. Dogs are optional

Dogs as pets are optional. People get a dog only when they want one; it’s not a necessity. Men today are also increasingly becoming an object of utility for a woman rather than a man whom she forms a bond with for a nuclear family. She will marry a man when she wants to (if at all) and she will dump him when she feels like it.

2. Once attached, dogs offer unconditional loyalty

If you want a picture of what the feminists want from men, just imagine a world where all men are male feminists.

Once dogs have a human to call a master, it doesn’t care whether he is a scumbag, loser, criminal, or homeless. Dogs are faithful no matter who their master is and what he does. In fact, they’re so loyal that they’ll even remain with an owner that mistreats them. And that’s exactly what feminists want men to be.

If you observe the rhetoric of the feminists, you’ll notice two general themes: first, the desire to be free from all criticisms. And second, for men to believe them and “support” them no matter what. Feminists want their prospective low-testosterone boyfriends and husbands to fully accept them for who they are no matter how disgusting, slutty, crass, and toxic they are. They want their men to show unconditional loyalty so that they can openly cheat on them and brag about it. And men, if they don’t want to be called a misogynist, must never question their partner’s past or present behavior and remain faithful even if they’re treated like garbage.

3. Dogs do what they’re told

Once the owner has secured his dog’s loyalty, he can train it to behave on command. Some owners enjoy the power they have over their companions and they will order their dogs around for fun.

Western women today have discovered that there are truck loads of desperate men who will do just about anything for them to win an ounce of female approval. These women have successfully used men to take them out on expensive dinners (only make fun of them on their blogs afterwards), buy pizza for them for free, shovel snow for them, and so on. The women who order these men around like dogs didn’t even have to train them as they’ve already been conditioned from birth by the society to do what women tells them to do.

4. Dogs are treated for good behavior
Dogs need to be treated to reinforce good behavior; the same is true when you want to domesticate men as second-rate citizens.

Women understand just how desperate the general male population is for affection and sex. Women today are leveraging this power over men to make them behave the way they want them to, rewarding these simps with faked compliments so that they’ll continue being good boys.

5. Dogs defend their masters
One serves a man, the other serves the government and its harem of women.

Besides companionship, the main roles dogs play is to defend their masters. In spite of all the calls for equality, the reality is that women still expect men to defend and save them. The men suffering from white knight syndrome will go as far as sacrificing their own lives to rescue women they don’t even know.

Feminists also don’t mind that many men are serving the police and military force to serve their alpha boyfriend: the government. Women are innately attracted to power and the government is the new protector and provider of women that grows bigger and stronger each day while ordinary men are becoming weaker and irrelevant.

6. Dogs are neutered

Although men aren’t getting physically neutered the way dogs are, other methods are being employed to psychologically castrate men. This includes the epidemic use of ADHD drugs to tame boys, ridiculous laws aimed at controlling men’s sexual interactions with women, and the overall cultural currents to shame masculinity while promoting all sorts of degeneracy that dilute it. Today’s wives don’t even want to get sexual with their husbands.

7. Dogs that are not domesticated are pests

“Masculine men are organizing a meeting? They must be rapists!”

When a dog is not owned by a human being, it is considered a pest that needs to be controlled.

Men today who do not submit to the feminist agenda are constantly attacked as being losers, sexists, misogynists, rapists, and so on. In today’s feminist society, you either serve the female imperative or you’re a Neanderthal who is out of touch with the times. Steps are already being made to control every aspect of male behavior in public.

You should also remember that dogs are natural pack animals (think of their cousins, wolves). By being removed from the pack, they become isolated and dependent on their masters. Can you see how the same applies for today’s men?

The Differences

In addition to being dogs, men are also expected to serve as drones to keep the feminist nanny-state running.

In spite of all the similarities, there are differences that need to be addressed.

First, unlike dogs whose owners house them and feed them, men are not supported by women. Women are free to throw men away like used tampons or divorce their husbands to extract their cash. If anything, men are usually the ones who must provide for their wives.

Second, whereas dogs are under the responsibility of their owners, men are expected to be fully responsible in all their interactions with women. It is the man’s job to ensure that a woman is giving consent even if both parties are drunk; it is men who must watch over their own behavior to ensure that what they say is non-offensive and conforming; and it is men who must ensure that women feel perfectly safe and comfortable in all their interactions. If you so much as walk past a woman in the wrong manner, you’ll be accused of rape. Again, it is the man’s responsibility to ensure that he is acceptable enough to share the same space as women, not the other way around. Feminists want “equality” without accountability.

Are men becoming collectively domesticated?
The domesticated cows we see on farms didn’t end up the way they are now naturally. It was through thousands of years of herding and selective breeding that they became smaller, more passive, and accepting of their conditions. But the fact is, it doesn’t take thousands of years to transform entire species. In this article which I recommend you read, a Soviet project to domesticate foxes have shown that it only takes several generations of selective breeding to transform wild foxes into effeminate and tamed versions of themselves.

The global testosterone level around the world has been mysteriously dropping for the past few decades. While chemical toxins in all the products we consume and come in contact with has been given as one possible explanation, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that we as species are gradually becoming emasculated at a genetic level through the selective breeding process. In other words, we are becoming socially engineered to be effeminate. It’s not something impossible when you consider that easily tamable beta males, the sperm donors, are usually the males women select as their mates after they themselves are done riding the cock-carousel. I think it’s a factor we should consider besides the emasculation through cultural degeneracy that we’re already familiar with.

Men are supposed to be men unleashing their primal energy through raw adventure instead of getting tamed into submission. I have no doubt that the systematic domestication efforts of today is what is causing collective male nihilism, depression, and frustrated energy. Men who are awake must allow themselves be men.

If you like this article and are concerned about the future of the Western world, check out Roosh's book Free Speech Isn't Free. It gives an inside look to how the globalist establishment is attempting to marginalize masculine men with a leftist agenda that promotes censorship, feminism, and sterility. It also shares key knowledge and tools that you can use to defend yourself against social justice attacks. Click here to learn more about the book. Your support will help maintain our operation.

Boycott american women #sexist

Good point, western women don't deserve to live in Asia, because that is the place where MEN rule things. Let them go back to their feminist wasteland America and rot there. Let us western men who are happy living in Asia live and let be.

We western men should actually endevour to treat western women like shit when we see them in Asia. Do anything you can to make them feel unwelcome, treat them like total crap. Best method is to walk around with a hot young asian girl on your arm, and when the western girls see that, they f***ing freak out big time. It's like a huge slap in their face.

Resovoir_dogs #fundie

While we need to strife for the ideal, we need to recognize that we live in a reality where people favor those from their own race. This is true for people from all races. In fact, white people in this country treated Asians better than we were treated by, say Indonesians. Being an Asian and not smart enough to go to any named schools, I nevertheless recognize that schools like Harvard must navigate this minefield in a Democracy like ours.

Being a parent in a high Asian concentrated neighborhood, I can attest to the degree of cut throat competition Asian parents subject their kids to in hope of getting to a better school. I think it is more fruitful if we focus our efforts to educate the parents about the futility of such efforts and the damages that they do to their kids instead of fighting for a higher number of entrants in a particular school that could result in a backlash from the general population. After all, Harvard exists at the whims of society at large.

Pilleater #racist

The biggest obstacle that is against unifying the Asian-Aryan identity is the struggle of being racially considered, “White,” “Asian,” or “Asian-Asian.”

Jennifer Suzuki, who wrote “Confessions of a Submissive East Asian Woman,” wrote that being “White” is the safe way to go. I disagree.

It’s a simple answer. White people need to be “yellow-pilled” into Asian-Aryanism and then whitewashed Asians would naturally come over when White guys show their pride in Asian-Aryanism.

But the normie doesn’t understand why the word “Asian-Aryanism” should be fought for. Why choose the word “Aryan,” when this has nothing to do with the Middle-East tribes of Iran?

Obviously, “Aryan” is used in the whimsical sense. As in, a master race that will be eventually fulfilled. Thus, “Asian-Aryanism,” is a coming master race that mixes both the great blood of Whites and Asians. This does not mean White or Asian genocide. This is a natural current of events that the Eurasian millennials should pick up. Future White and Asians will be conserved.

“Asian-Aryan,” is a playful internet meme. It sounds like a skinhead with an Asian girlfriend, or a nerdy avant-garde college kid and his artsy-farsy Asian girlfriend. Those terms do apply more towards Asian-Arynaism because the word has it has roots with punk rock subcultures. Already, we find such cultural things like “Health Goths,” “Seapunk,” and “Furries.” “Asian-Aryanism” is one of new many influential subcultures (I can thank Amped Asia for getting the Asian-Aryanism subculture out there).

But being more serious, Asian-Aryanism will find a future cause. A new name like “Pan-Eurasinism,” “Eurasianism,” or “Asiansexulity,” will become the surrogate name found on a future Wikipedia article. Asian-Aryanism is an umbrella term, conglomerating all influenced subcultures on the internet. This is the same way the “Alt-Right” accepted all right-wing and reactionary ideologies. Asian-Aryanism will do the same with Asian culture.

However, there has been no recent Asian-Aryan influence in our culture is because there hasn’t been any words or clubs defending the unknown interest. The first word to appear a decade ago was “wapanese,” a derogatory term for a white kid that believes he is a living anime character. Since then, the word has evolved into “weeb” and still enjoys a presence in internet culture.

Also in the past year, “The Anime Right,” has been formed and represents a National Socialist interest in Eastern culture. Still, they associate with extreme white nationalist politics. We see movements that flirt with Asian-Aryanism, but don’t go towards the next step.

This is a problem with unifying people with the same interest. Asian-Aryanism is stuck between the position of being consider a White man’s movement or an Asian infiltration project.

So, which one of these is it? The answer is neither.

Asian-Aryanism is a third-position party looking for it’s own identity beyond White or Asian culture. At the same time, Asian-Aryanism respects both the White and Asian races. Asian-Aryanism belongs to the sons and daughters of the two beautiful civilizations.

Asian-Aryanism is against cuck-minded politics, race-mixing, two-sided answers, anti-white rhetoric, and arrogant Asian infiltration.

Asian-Aryanism will respect White nationalism and appreciate the culture of Western Civilization, while distancing itself and finding it’s own Asian-Aryan culture for greater meaning. Arrogant cultures of Asia will try and get all the Eurasians on their side of the battle, but Asian-Aryans should look out for their own interest first, and not of the foreign interest of a greater race that will not care about the Asian-Aryan destiny.

If an Asian-Aryan decides to be associated as “White” or “Asian,” he or she is looking for a ultimate amnesty and rather feel comfortable being around one of the two mentioned people. Unfortunately, the hegemonic races of “White” and “Asian” will do their best to cover up the other side for a mixed race person, and Eurasians who make this choice between the two have no future destiny.

I understand many of my Eurasian friends choose “White” or “Asian” to feel safe in a normative society. I respect both sides as well. But this is not the answer. The point of Asian-Aryanism is to go towards the third position. A new position that respects both sides and struggles finding a new unity and identity.

I would like the following five groups to be friendly and supportive towards each other, like family members:

1. White-Male/Asian-Female and Asian-Male/White-Female couples.

2. White-Weebs and Whitewashed-Asians.

3. Half/Hafu/Eurasian people.

4. People with central Asian blood.

5. Any Whites or Asians that want to join in and commit to the Asian-Aryan identity.

Like the concept of being an “American,” this is the concept of being an “Asian-Aryan.” It is not an exclusive party of minorities, but a big entry level region where all parties of White and Asian can be accepted into.

Asian-Aryanism is against the Kalergi plan. We have no foundations with Judeo-Christian culture. Rather, the two cultures of Christianity and Asian religions will be mixed together, creating a bastard one. …Go to church on Sunday, Shinto prayers at the shrine.

Asian-Aryanism is a bond between two parties, Whites and Asians. Other non-races, like Blacks and Mexicans, might show similar interest. But Asian-Aryanism looks out for it’s own interest, and slams the door upon these darker races. If Blacks and Mexicans like Asian culture, let them start their own institutions and see how far they go.

Asian-Aryanims has no ill feelings towards black people. Race, IQ, and Evolution is a true factor, like genetics itself. The culture of blacks is not appropriate for Asian-Aryanism. If black race mixing were to occur with Asian-Aryans, then surly the Kalergi plan would come into effect. Asian-Aryanism is against the multicultural (diversity) and egalitarian philosophy of the globalized world.

Asian-Aryanism will respect an Afro-Aryan institution and will show support. Black culture, like hip-hop, rap, and ebonics, might be appreciated by a few Asian-Aryans. This is all fun and games. If they want to start an Afro-Asian thing, by all means, good luck and let them do so. But the focus is on Asian-Aryanism, a long spiritual and cultural bond between two great races of the world, White and Asian. There is no traction between Blacks and any other race.

Asian-Aryanism sounds confusing to the normie because it sounds like it is a race-mixing plan. Again, Asian-Aryanism is not about race-mixing, since there is already a large Asian-American culture that has happen from a previous generation that has accidentally race-mixed. Asian-Aryanism is a cultural movement of these lost peoples, from race-mixers to anime fans, that see their own destiny between Whites and Asians. Both sides will be accepted, but Asian-Aryanism is the main identity.

So, where does Asian-Aryanism fall under? It’s an umbrella term to describe the cultural and loving interest between Whites and Asians that will seek it’s own future together. Anyone in the movement may have different levels of autonomy. Whether that means race-mxing or allies of support. Asian-Aryanism is an institution that is saving a generation of children from the claws of the disgusting multicultural paradigm. Asian-Aryanism goes beyond the petty conflict of racially naive Whites and bug-like Asians that thrive towards world domination.

Asian-Aryanism is an avant-garde identity politic that is open to new levels of culture and creation. Faith, Folk, and Family in a new unity together.

wlil #racist

What nonsense are you talking about?

Asians and other non-Whites have been given too many special privileges in White countries and it is just need to stop.

Earning higher scores does NOT neccessarily mean that their East Asian race are on the whole more intelligent. Many Asians are only good in passing test but not really intelligent. It is myopic to base one's intelligence on certain scores. Anyway, they are studying and benefitting from a much more advanced and stimulating White influenced environment and White educational innovation.

While I see nothing wrong in praising those so-called intelligent Asians, but one should be aware that many Asians did benefitted unfairly from special privileges that prevent others who are better than them from getting ahead.

Furthermore, if they don't like discrimination in White countries, those Asians should also stop discriminating others in Asia, which is even worst and even more horrible in Asia.

They (those Asians) are only crying out against racial favouritism when in White countries but never in their own Asian countries where those Asiatics commonly do use their Asiatic power to discriminate against whoever who happenned to be poorer or more disadvantaged(though not neccessarily in IQ) than them.

I just think it is wrong for those East Asian wanting face and wanting respect for their "achievement" in White countries which are really in reality due to mostly Whites dilligence and Whites achievement in creating an excellent education system that is currently over exploited by East Asians and South Asians.

I hope you are not like those Asians who tend to be irrationally jealous of Whites much more intelligent success in educating and in education.

I am sure most people who are aware would prefer teaching Whites over Asians because Whites tend to be much more genuinely intelligent.

It is a fact that Asians, whether they were refugees or economic migrants or students, or whatever, have benefitted too much from Whites generosity and it is time to stop because Whites need to care for their own first.

It is convenient for them to DEMAND a level playing field in almost anything in White countries(because they prey on Whites vulnerability) while they tend to disregard equality in their Asiatic societies, and it is very common to see them unreasonably pushing away anyone that are better than them, for one reason or another. So, don't try your crap on me because I know too much and I experienced lots of ugliness in Asiatic societies.

And of course too many Asians are allowed to invade White countries just because of the fact that they have money! Hopefully, the tide would turn and more and more people will be able to see that defending White values is more important than money.

There is no point for those extremely pushy Asians to force their children to study because real intellgence that comes without force and without abuse would be less harmful to the world.

Shohrat Zakir #fundie

China says interning Muslims brings them into ‘modern’ world

BEIJING — China on Tuesday characterized its mass internment of Muslims as a push to bring into the “modern, civilized” world a destitute people who are easily led astray — a depiction that analysts said bore troubling colonial overtones.

The report is the ruling Communist Party’s latest effort to defend its extrajudicial detention of Central Asian Muslim minorities against mounting criticism.

The report by the official Xinhua News Agency indicated that key to the party’s vision in Xinjiang is the assimilation of the indigenous Central Asian ethnic minorities into Han Chinese society — and in turn, a “modern” lifestyle.

Xinjiang Gov. Shohrat Zakir said the authorities were providing people with lessons on Mandarin, Chinese history and laws. Such training would steer them away from extremism and onto the path toward a “modern life” in which they would feel “confident about the future,” he said.

“It’s become a general trend for them to expect and pursue a modern, civilized life,” Zakir said, referring to the trainees. He said the measures are part of a broader policy to build a “foundation for completely solving the deeply-rooted problems” in the region.

In the Xinhua report, Zakir said authorities provide free vocational training in skills geared toward manufacturing, food and service industries. Zakir said “trainees” are paid a basic income during the training, in which free food and accommodations are provided.

The report appeared aimed at disputing accounts provided by former detainees, who have said they were held in political indoctrination camps where they were forced to denounce Islam and profess loyalty to the party.

Ethnic Uighurs and Kazakhs have told The Associated Press that ostensibly innocuous acts such as praying regularly, viewing a foreign website or taking phone calls from relatives abroad could land one in a camp.

Zakir said the training centers were for people “who are influenced by terrorism and extremism, and those suspected of minor criminal offenses” who could be exempted from criminal punishment.

Zakir did not say whether such individuals were ever formally charged with any crime or provided a chance to defend themselves against the allegations. The report also did not say if attendance was mandatory, though former detainees have said they were forcibly held in centers policed by armed guards.

Zakir did not say how many people were in such courses, but said some would be able to complete their courses this year.

Zakir seemed to try to counter reports of poor living conditions within the camps, saying that “trainees” were immersed in athletic and cultural activities. The centers’ cafeterias provide “nutritious, free diets,” and dormitories are fully equipped with TVs, air conditioning and showers, he said.

Omir Bekali, a Xinjiang-born Kazakh citizen, said he was kept in a cell with 40 people inside a heavily guarded facility.

Bekali said he was kept in a locked room with eight other internees. They shared beds and a wretched toilet. Baths were rare.

Before meals, they were told to chant “Thank the party! Thank the motherland!” During daily mandatory classes, they were told that their people were backward before being “liberated” by the party in the 1950s.

David Noakes #conspiracy

The EU is deliberately bringing in as much immigration into Europe as possible in an effort to 'divide and conquer' the original inhabitants of Europe, political commentator David Noakes told RT.

Belgium has also joined the ranks of countries plagued by scandals over the EU immigration crisis. The country's junior minister for immigration has been under fire for a controversial comment he made on asylum seekers, saying that if they pay thousands of euros to smugglers to get to the EU they have enough money to pay for hotel rooms. The comment was slammed by human rights activists, and on social media. It was labeled cynical and completely off topic.

RT: How do controversial remarks like this one help solve the immigration problem?

David Noakes: The EU believes in ‘divide and conquer’ so it’s deliberately sucking in as much immigration into Europe as it possibly can with the idea of wiping out, cleansing the nations in Europe so that the number of immigrants exceeds the number of the original population. In England, according to the Office for National Statistics, that will now happen in less than 10 years. The English will be a minority in less than 10 years in their own nation. So it’s a huge success for the EU to be moving aside the nations that used to live in Europe.

RT: The comment has been slammed, but it is true that many immigrants pay thousands of euros to reach the EU. So doesn't the Belgian official have a point here?

DN: A small percentage do. We are probably looking at 10 percent that have that kind of money. It’s not really a fair comment to make.

RT: Let’s focus on Germany where the army's been deployed to build a camp for asylum seekers. What does this tell us about the scale of the immigration problem?

DN: We have problems in England simply because there are probably 40 million immigrants in England and the government won’t admit that, but there are 22 British towns now including London where the English are a minority. London is only 40 percent English, but there are towns like Bradford, that are only 10 percent English. It’s happening in Germany and France but on much less a scale than in England. So yes, they do need the army to build camps, but it’s European policy that’s causing the problem.

RT: Critics say the move is unconstitutional as the army's only allowed to be deployed in case of an extreme defensive situation. So why did the government have to resort to the help of the military here?

DN: Simply because European policy is to bring millions of immigrants into every country and that is why they had to use the army, because the army is the only organization big enough to build something that quick for that many people

David J. Stewart #fundie

When a person goes to Hell, they are provided with an indestructible body that can feel pain, be tormented, thirst and suffer. Since one's earthly body decomposes in the grave, how could that same body be cast into Hell? Clearly, God provides some type of physical body for people who go to Hell, an indestructible body capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures, capable of thirsting, capable of feeling torment and pain. The Bible says to “FEAR” GOD, who can destroy both soul and body in Hell.

Razorek #racist

I might have already brought this up but that lauded cable series Homeland kind of centers around how Arabs are good people and it's white people's misconceptions that are solely the problem. In one episode, an Arab professor gets followed because he's suspected of being a terrorist. Later, you find out that he's innocent and it's actually his white wife who is the terrorist. Talk about bending over backwards to change reality so as not to offend Arabs.

Meanwhile, any asian guy is immediately casted as a criminal. The fact that asians have the lowest crime rate, were proven to be loyal u.s. Citizens through the world wars and even til today with the communist witch hunts does nothing to change the negatively charged skewed writing of newly graduated white boy authors who have a degree in English. Asian guys are casted as foreign criminals even though in reality they were born and raised in the u.s.

HalfAsianTruthTeller #racist

Asian women and their insistence on breeding with white men is not something based on love, but rather on hate (largely of Asian men), yet their sons are Asian men and we are taught from birth that love is not colorblind. If love were color blind, then there would indeed be more Asian men breeding with Asian women, black women, or white women, but instead Asian women rely on their privilege of having a vagina, being the gatekeepers to sex, to negotiate relationships with white men in a perverse form of hypergamy. If love were honest, and good, and unbiased, then Asian women would marry black men, Indian men, and Hispanic men at the same rate that they do White men. But they do not. If love were honest, good, and unbiased, then Asian women would be as open to dating Asian men as they are white men. But they are not.

For this reason, I curse my own mother, I am glad she is dead, and I hate every ounce of the whore, slut, white-worshiping piece of trash that my mother, an Asian woman from Hong Kong, was. I am not alone in this feeling, as I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands of Eurasian men who have, at one point in their life, questioned their own mothers.

Whether they do this for status or for appearance is not relevant, though I do think that it is probably for the sake of appearance, since the taller build, wider face, and healthier skin color of white men might be the main reason why Asian women chase white males. Regardless of their reasons, they clearly will not stop doing it, and completely ignore the massive negative repercussions this has on their children, like me.

I was born of this relationship and to this day, I remain a failure, full of self hatred, lost, confused, and destined to die by my own hand, or to die having run to the furthest corners of the world, now for five years, to get away from the very thing that birthed me.

I will, as a result, maybe as one of the only things I may accomplish in my life, write about the insanity of these relationships, how they are the ugliest thing on earth, and how they lead to pure disaster for their male children, the worst case being Elliot Rodger, whose sentiment, at times, I emulated with. I have long been known as eccentric, odd, weird, lost, and have a poor reputation among people who know me as being antisocial, distant, and prone to lunatic beliefs; the day before Elliot Rodger’s massacre I even reached out to him on a popular forum and told him that I identified with his feelings, his self-doubt, his narcissism, his issues with his mother, and I said that they were uniquely Eurasian male issues.

So, these relationships are sick, for the following reasons:

1) The white males, in many cases, view the Asian female as an easy alternative to white women, and as a valid vessel to propagate the continuation of their intelligent, master-race “genes,” whereas white women are seen as being sexually perverse, and prone to mating and having relations with the “lesser races.” My father is a strong example, having long harbored extremely religious, white-supremacist, and misogynist viewpoints. Some, in many ways, would consider him a Men’s Rights Activist, or to a lesser extent, a MGTOW, who, like many other white men, felt entitled to a world where God reigned, valued the white man, and white civilization, rewarded the white man for being white, and, when white women failed to recognize his inherent “power,” (instead choosing to lie down with black males, or to party, or embrace liberalism or feminism), Asian women, of course, were the next best choice. I also know this because having come across numerous other blogs ( that talk about the same issue, my case seemed remarkably common. My father, for example, believes the Nazis were heroes, and my mother even called the police on him, when we were growing up, for talking about how the Holocaust never happened. He strongly supports Mel Gibson, goes on racist rants about blacks, and vehemently hates Jews, Hollywood, and modern day American society. In this way, my “chaste,” Oriental mother was a strong alternative for him to marry, as Asian women are well known for worshiping white males.

2) The white males oftentimes are socially inept, socially awkward, or unable to compete in the modern day marketplace, both sexual and economic. My father would be diagnosed with Aspberger’s Syndrome if such a syndrome was known in his younger days. He is a social recluse, has almost no friends, listens to wave radio, believes strongly in conspiracy theories that are very common to White Nationalists and anti-semites, and believes strongly in God and that God hates Jews and that the judgement day will eventually come; common to people like this, white supremacy, the belief in Aryan people at the top, with Asian people being a distant cousin, and Asian women, of course, being a healthy substitute for hypergamous, slutty, immoral White women, while Asian women remain hypergamous in their own right. I know this, because sadly, I am both antisocial, have long since disappeared from all of my friends, have gone through a thorough depression at the way American society was, and during the time period that I considered myself “white,” I too embraced white nationalism (sadly), and was so depressed about white women mating with men of color that I sought refuge in China, to await the eventual apocalypse. As insane as it sounds, this is what brought me to this country, and I would have killed myself had I not been saved by my wife.

3) Asian women make divergent, opposing, and illogical statements about Asian men that will eventually find their way to their sons. The common claims from Asian women about why they don’t date Asian men come in two forms: The first is that Asian men are patriarchal, controlling, and conservative. THIS IS A PATENT LIE.

This is a lie because the white men that they engage in relationships with are even more patriarchal, racist, and conservative, looking to Asian women as an alternative to feminist white women. The entire premise of white feminism is that white men are TOO CONTROLLING, PATRIARCHAL, AND CONSERVATIVE. I know this looking at my own father, who is by far the most patriarchal, far-right individual that I know, so much so that it might have eventually contributed to my mother’s death. Again, there are several other races that Asian women can choose from, but they only choose white men, making this a complete fabrication and lie based on faulty logic and excuses. The very fact that they are capable of framing an entire group of men as the same while saying that another group (white men) are inherently better reeks of

The second claim is that Asian men are ugly, unattractive, small, with small penises, which contrasts strongly with the claim that Asian men are overbearing and too patriarchal. The horrible danger of this claim is that it trickles down to Asian women’s very own sons, who begin to SERIOUSLY doubt that their mother’s “preference” has anything to do with character, and everything to do with physicality – whereby I have come to despise and hate my own mother with a vehement passion that is borderline violent. Much of my history, if you care to read earlier in this blog, might stem from this ingrown self hatred that comes from being quite literally cuckolded by my own mother, whose own belief that white men are physically superior mentally drains and destroys me, as her male offspring, and causes a bitter, catastrophic dichotomy within myself.

Regardless of the “reasons,” or if sexual preference can be negotiated, the very fact that it is so common and the fact that our mother’s choices were based inherently on preference for determinants of sexual / genetic health make all of our life choices irrelevant, because it is clear that ultimately our deciding factors and success in life and love are determined by our genetic makeup, so much so that our own mothers were driven in such a way to shoot down AN ENTIRE ETHNIC GROUP while giving unfair preference to another – means that any and all choices we make in life are hinged on our appearance and that nothing we can ever do can make us as attractive as a white male – as proven by OUR OWN MOTHERS.

4) Our own mothers reinforce the horrible stereotypes about Asian men. Regardless of their reasons, there are persistent stereotypes that exist in Western culture about Asian men. Whether or not they believed these stereotypes, we assume that they had no qualms about reinforcing the extreme negative image of Asian men by chasing, in droves, white men, and that our own mothers were very, very capable of betraying the possible future of their own sons by proving to the world, and their own offspring, that Asian men are and forever will be less desirable than white men. For every time that an Asian man is shot down for being Asian, the perception that Asian men are undesirable is reinforced, and our own mothers become GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION for actively being part of the self-congratulation group of Asian women who HATE ASIAN MEN AND THINK THEY ARE TOO GOOD FOR ASIAN MEN. For this, my own mother is a guilty whore, who I shall hate until my last dying breath, and I will never, ever, EVER be able to look at what she did in another way; I shall go out every day, very well aware that Asian men are so undesirable that my own mother sought to avoid them entirely, knowing that I can never, ever be viewed as desirable as them, and that any woman who notices me notices me only because I am whiter than I would otherwise be.

In Conclusion

Asian women will deny, lie, and beat around the bush until doomsday, but they will never admit that what they do is for purely physical reasons, and they will never admit that the ramifications it has upon their children is profound and disastrous. As I have read on some other blogs, this kind of relationship is purely evil, simply because it follows the patterns of basic biology and evolutionary psychology, while deceiving its offspring into thinking that it is normal; the whole “Eurasian” children or “mixed children” are valuable and / or beautiful is nothing more than a generalization and a lie, and it soon becomes evident that mixed children are birthed from couples forming extremely unbalanced patterns that favor women over men. The male offspring of these relationships are then put at special risk and wind up imploding, as is the case of my brother, who is 32 years old, bed ridden, schizophrenic, and so badly damaged from his combination of racist/religious white father / self hating Asian mother, that he is essentially dead. I am essentially considered crazy by the larger community, have been outcast to China, will die alone in a small apartment, am suicidal, depressed, and unable to work.

In short, these relationships are based on the hatred of the Asian male (in some cases, with the extra bonus of hating the white female), and the resulting offspring, should he grow up in America, be keenly aware of this societal hatred, and grow, as I did, to despise his own mother. Luckily, mine is dead, (from a bad blood transfusion after a C-section birth), otherwise I would make it my goal to humiliate, demean and hate her, as I hate Asian women who refuse to date any such race, if only because she is a rotten, ROTTEN person, and it is not enough to assume that “maybe” she did not hate Asian men – as the pattern exists enough that I would sincerely doubt her excuses if she attempted to explain it away.

Various commenters #racist #sexist #fundie

Re: Guess Which Race Has the Highest Rate of Sex Trafficking

(Question Diversity)

So who are the traffickers? Is the stereotype of the black pimp based in reality?

This Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) report gives the breakdown:

Percent of all trafficker suspects by race

Blacks 43.7
Hispanics 29.2
Asians 13.2
Whites 12.8
Other 1.2

I’ll assume many of the “others” are American Indians. Of course, we need to adjust for group size. Since whites have the lowest rate, we’ll make them the comparison group. The list below shows how many times a member of a given group is more likely to be a pimp than a white person:

Blacks 16.8
Hispanics 8.1
Asians 16.5
Others 6.0

Compared to whites, blacks are 16.8 times more likely to be pimps. That’s a huge difference, but the difference is actually larger for Asians. (I treated “Other” as Native Americans, but that is probably an inflated number since the category will include non-Natives).

Asians usually have the lowest crime rates (by far) but not here.

Quite a few years ago, in a land far far away (from where I am now), I inadvertently and nonchalantly started up a "how's the weather" conversation with a Bureau of Federal Prisons agent-guard, who was part of the team who had transported a Federal inmate doing time in the Greenville, Illinois Federal prison to the clinic in St. Louis where I happened to be that day for my own doctor's appointment, as the inmate also had a doctor's appointment there. Black, of course. In for sex trafficking Mann Act sort of stuff, as he said.

He told me, in not so many words, and more dog whistling than anything, that the really big problem with these sex trafficking and prostitution rings are from black gangs from big black cities going to the Upper Midwest luring Scandinavian ethnic type white teenage girls with dope, and then hooking them in and taking them back to their big black ghetto cities and forcing them to be come prostitutes.

(Peter Hunt)

akistan is a nation that's located in South Asia. Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, and ALL other Asian groups contribute to the ruining of Canada and other Western countries.

I actually thought it would be Hispanics.

I had Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, and Thais in mind with Han Chinese as leaders of the pack.

Ask any honest and completely aware thinker who lives in China or Taiwan or Japan or South Korea about all categories if crime. Murders might be the only one in which Whites lead any one of the aforelisted East Asian nations. Substance abuse is rife! Meth, alcohol, Nicotine, and pharmaceuticals (easy-peasy to score in the Republic of Korea, China and Taiwan) are abused by way more folks than in the States, and those 3 countries respective guys don't admit anywhere near the true extent of how much if their respective oops are addicts.


Sex trafficking, almost exclusively, appears in dangerous neighborhoods, which are populated by Blacks or immigrants from different cultures.
Observations and personal experience quickly can confirm statistics like this. In the 1980s, I lived in Brooklyn for a few years, where I was robbed five times, twice with a gun pointed at me. Somebody vandalized my car every few months. At nights one could see a lot of girls on the streets offering sex for money. Now I live far away from NYC. Nothing happened to me or my property ever since. I can walk my dog safely, even on Saturday nighs. My car is usually unlocked unless I am away for multiple days.

Sounds like you resided in Rodney Dangerfield's neighborhood. He said that when he first moved there he stepped outside and asked a cop "How long does it take to get to the subway from here." The cop replied "I don't know. No one has ever made it."

After I graduated, I moved out of there as soon as I could. They offered me a much higher salary in NYC. I didn't take it. In retrospective, I believe, this was the best decision I ever made.

(Big Al)

We can tsk-tsk all we want, but there's been a study done on US pimps. And you know how much some of them make a WEEK? $30,000! Take that, Walmart middle manager! That's how huge the market is. And not only that, pimping is one of the safest career crime choices, as they're much less likely to be caught and arrested than drug dealers, and much more likely to reach arrangements with crooked cops so long as they keep it discrete and informal.

I once took a training course in Canada. The speaker, Timea Nagy, told a heartbreaking story of being trafficked in Canada by way of Hungary. She never said so, but I believe her traffickers were Hungarian Gypsies. Later in one of the trainings, we were told to look out for older black men with younger white girls. That was generally the trafficking pattern. One of the organizations the police were going after was called "North Preston's Finest". They even have their own wikipedia page. The Canadians can thank the underground railroad for those wonderful additions to diversity.

Because the drinking age in Canada is 18, a lot of young women go clubbing across in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Lots of these young adult females were getting slipped roofies. We were told off the record that the police couldn't say so, but it was almost all East Asians (Pakistanis) doping the victims.

Once upon a time, we used to put some blame on prostitutes along with their pimps. Now we find every excuse in the book for a woman who chooses this career path. We don't call it prostitution anymore; we call it "trafficking". That's because we refuse to look at it straight and recognize for what it is: a lot of women are whores, and most of those get in there WILLINGLY. Whether from country to country, or within the one country. The whole roofie thing is the exception rather than the rule. It's plain old prostitution. Just read the details of those stories about those minor English girls. There were no roofies. They were in for the gifts, for the excitement, for the male attention, and the easy cash.

Part of the reason that prostitutes stay in the game is the feeling of shame and humiliation for having been duped. They get threatened with having their lives exposed to family and loved ones. Of course, there's often beatings, too. They often feel like it's their fault. In turn, the pimps often prey on the vulnerable, ie the young, the homeless, the mentally challenged etc...

Really, there's no way they could go to the police just so that their parents don't hear about it? Sounds like a stretch to me. This isn't the Congo jungle. If someone is really forcing you to do something, call 911. And they'll come and take him away. It's not that hard.

By the way, that's also the bull feminists bring up to explain women who stay with supposedly abusive husbands and so on. They could never bring themselves to admit that there's a part of willingness from the woman in question, so they make up a lot of implausible scenarios about how they can't leave.

So what's your solution, that we just let sex trafficking take place and look the other way?

First of all, it's prostitution. And second, of course not! I'm for jailing the whole of them, PROSTITUTES INCLUDED. Let them rot in jail. I'm also for a ban of the entire sex trades (prostitution too, don't fool yourselves) in whatever form they take: porn, stripping, cam shows, the whole of them. I don't even like cheerleaders. But punish the whores too! I'm sick of this "compassionate" culture where no one ever takes responsibility for anything. For the vast majority of the time, they get in there willingly. Everybody who's ever gotten close to those trades knows it.

Fooling aside, if you want to campaign for such restrictive laws on people's lives, please stick to your city or state governments.

Don't worry, I'm a federalist. And these should be state and local matters. And even if I wanted to, last year, the people of some Nevada counties had a referendum on whether to keep their brothels open, and something like 80 percent voted "Yes." So I have no hope for these people. I just don't want to live around them. So I'm well aware it's hard to enforce on 330 million anyway. But yes, I'd welcome such restrictions in the city or state I live in, and the SCOTUS better mind its damn business with its farce of putting pornography under the First Amendment.

Watch the people in your state flee to greener pastures en masse once you start enforcing your puritanical morals and suck the juice out of life as a result.

Many would flee, but many of the likeminded would flock in their stead. That's the whole point.

AsiaticGlory #fundie

(But give KKK, neo NAZI, White nationalists power and they will be setting out to assimilate or enslave mongoloids. These people sometimes claim they respect other races by keeping them seperate but it's not the case. They want to maintain the status quo because they feel the pre "Zionist" status qou gives them the default win.)

The same thing can be said about any other non-Asian group. If radical Muslims got the power, they would force Sharia Law onto Asians. My view on white supremacists is the same as that on Islamic militants. They are only temporary allies in the struggle against Zionism which wants to genocide South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore into pan-human mixed brown countries. Once Zionism is gone, they will obviously no longer be allies.

Zionists are currently threatening first world Asian countries with genocide. Why worry about the future threat of white supremacists when there is the current threat of Zionism? Focus on current issues then focus on future issues.

(They often claim AMerica and the like as for whites. If America is for whites then that scenario leaves Europe, Canada, Australia, AMerica, New Zealand....that is kind of an overwhelming advantage don't you think? Especially from a people that were limited to Europe. What do Mongoloids have for a coninent of their own except China?)

If you read my posts, you would know that I want Asians to establish a presence in the Pacific Northwest. I also think Asians should take back Siberia.

You do make a good point about how whites would have a huge advantage if everything went back to before Zionism. Whites would have a lot more land. I am well aware of this fact. It is why I sometimes have more respect for Turkic-Mongol nomads who took Central Asia than for China who refused their chance to expand. The Asian presence in the Pacific Northwest would be the new Asian society that the Ming Dynasty failed to establish.

(If they had their way things would be a lot worse for you than what the Zionists have done to help you assimilate.)

If it wasn't for the Zionists, I would have been born in Taiwan and be surrounded by other Asians. I wonder which is a better choice for me. Being raised in an Asian majority place while knowing how to speak an Asian language fluently or being raised in a non-Asian majority place?

When people ask me how I identify myself, I just say:
I am a Baikal-Austronesian Asian who knows how to speak English fluently. My brethren are other Baikal-Austronesians, Baikalians, and Austronesians who were raised in the West. We are racially different from non-Asians of the West and culturally different from Asians of Asia. All that can be done now is to organize the overseas Asians into one region.

???? #racist

My roommate works in a warehouse on the west side of Saskatoon and frequently shares anecdotes about work. Upper and middle management are white whereas the guys on the floor are mostly Pakistanis. With the setting laid out, lets proceed. My roommate would often complain about how much he despised the high stress environment at the warehouse, not because of an overbearing management, but because the Pakistani employees simply couldn’t get along with one another. They would gossip, backbite, and constantly undermine each other. Those that are familiar with the cultures of south Asia (India/Pakistan/Bangladesh) will observe that these societies are characterized as low morality and low trust cultures. Small wonder the Pakistanis can’t cooperate with one another in a setting that requires a high degree of trust. Part of the problem lies with their peculiar pattern of communication. South Asians don’t communicate openly and directly, rather, they calibrate their speech to not cause outward offense in order to save face.

In the collectivist cultures of South Asia, Saving face is an important social interaction mechanism aimed at preserving group harmony. I have written about it more extensively here. Requests and demands are obliquely phrased while the appropriate honourifics must be used when addressing others that are of a higher social standing than oneself. So while the white man may treat his south Asian acquaintances equally, those acquaintances may not treat each other the same way and their tribal languages have the functions of hierarchy and status built into them. All of this means that if protocol isn’t observed, causing offense is inevitable; which might disrupt productivity in a work setting. I’m not saying that south Asians aren’t hard working people, quite the contrary as these guys effortlessly complete all their objectives, however foreign values can have a disruptive effect if not dealt with firmly.

My recommendations:

Mandate the exclusive use of English at work: I’m surprised that management never considered this option in the first place. English, and other European languages, are built for the precise and efficient exchange of information, not communicating status. It is a flat language devoid of honourifics that reflects the western values of egalitarianism, equality, and high trust. These values are incompatible with the tribal south Asian values of hierarchy, status, face/honour, and low trust. By enforcing the exclusive use of English at work, management may in time eradicate interpersonal conflict issues amoung their south Asian workforce. Furthermore, the daily use of English for 8 hours a day may (in the long term) make these people more receptive to the western values outlined above. This would hopefully ease their assimilation into mainstream white culture.

Fight diversity with diversity: Why are there so many south Asians at this warehouse to begin with? We need more diversity; hire more whites! Maintaining a healthy ratio of whites to non whites (where whites should be a healthy majority) would aid immigrants acclimate to White culture, its protocols, and etiquette. They might in time learn to function in a high trust environment.

Xerberuss #racist

I'm an Asian here, Vietnamese to be precise. I'm probably the last true Vietnamese of my kind here. I'm not just a Vietnamese nationalist, but a Asian nationalist. My dream is to see the East Asian people united under one banner or just to simply get along better (Note I said East Asia, referring to Korea, China, Vietnam, Mongolia and Japan. Do not ever think Filipinos are Asian, white people. they are not. They're merely Pacific Niggers).

I live in an area where niggers and nigger culture dominate, and their cancer has spread over to the Indians and fellow East Asians. It's pretty sucky here. So why am I here you ask? Well first, I don't think there's a East Asian nationalist subreddit or anything about that on 4chan; my people are oddly selfhating despite our glorious history and we're frankly overshadowed by white nationalists, which brings me to my main point.

We should see each others as equals, as through history we have benefited from each others' inventions and ideas. Early on, Chinese gave Europe silk, gunpowder, and paper money, etc. Later, European ideas helped push Asia forward, giving us modern political systems and advanced weaponry. You see, as much as I hate seeing Asian female-white male couples, it irks me more seeing our Asian women with niggers. A culture with dignity, pride, and tradition being paired with an ape. It disgusts me. You white nationalists want white women to date white men. We are not so different, as we Asian men want Asian women to date Asian men. Basically in other words, we generally don't mess with you white guys, but we're always being pushed around by other races. If we work together, we can ensure both goals are met: White nationalism and an Asia for Asians free of degeneracy. I don't understand why so many white men steal our women. Tell me, why?

I'm not here to complain about white nationalists who hate anything that isn't white, it's a waste of my time and I had enough of it from /pol/. All I'm saying is, for my fellow Asian brother to unite so we can create an Asia for Asians, and possible forge an alliance with the white man, on condition that our women aren't touched. We can fight against niggers and degeneracy together. Seeing a nigger with a Asian is far more disgusting than a white man with a Asian, but both aren't justified. Races should stick with their down, do you not agree? I'm not trying to talk shit about white people, not at all. I'm just saying, it's time for Asians to unite and for white men to stop stealing Asian women. Our real enemies are niggers. If our two races work together, we will find a bright future. Neither side should take advantage of the other.

archelogy #racist

AF and White Male Dynamic at the Casino

I'm at the poker table. Seated next to me are two white guys (sitting separately), a Hispanic guy, and me (Indian). The dealer at the table was an Asian Woman (AF) (SE Asian I believe; may have been E Asian). (to be clear, since there seems to be some confusion in the comments, at a casino the dealer does not also play in the game; unlike what happens when you play poker at a friend's place. there was no "mark" in this case).

One of the WM's is typically loud and annoying. But not obviously perceived that way to the AF dealer. He shouts out various things during the game and she seems to give him an obsequious laugh after each comment, as if he's making witty remarks. Meanwhile, she is making sure that the two white guys have checked (meaning your not betting any further this round) but completely ignoring myself and the Hispanic guy. It so happened that it wasn't the case where there was a case where you needed to think that long before betting but if it happened, she would have missed it. When that happens, there's no great way to recover; since you miss your chance to bet. This essentially would ruin your ability to take advantage of a hand if you were thinking about the bet, and she doesn't bother to see if you're still considering it.

Her "visual attention" was reserved for the white customers (I'll talk more about 'visual attention' on another post and how it's both a leading and lagging indicator, a cause and effect of racial hierarchy) - which can be a problem in poker, for the reason mentioned. It could result in the loss of a lot of money.

To cap it all off, the loud white guy lost the most. A few minutes before he left, he warned a new guy coming to the table that this Asian girl dealer was screwing things up and called her a "bitch". He didn't say it jokingly, he was kind of angry after losing a decent amount of money. Rather than call security, or ignore him or blank him for being rude, she took a beat and then laughed along as if impressed with the wit. Then preceded to chat with him flirtatiously. All this while barely doing her job correctly and not watching bets, well at least for non-white players. I'm positive if anyone else but a white male said that to her, they would be gone.

To me, this is how social racism goes way beyond the dating scene. You get these fairly overt differences in how a white worshipping woman will treat people and which behaviors are tolerated depending on the race of the customer. It's somewhat fortunate that the only place I see pigchasing AF's in the service sector is at the casino; it would be unfortunate having to deal with something like multiple times a day.

various commenters #racist


[LDAR] Stop with the asians like white men meme

Asians like attractive white men, asian women dont like me any more than white, black or hispanic women just because im white. This is a big cope pushed by white incels who hope to have a chance but in reality asian women dont think your sexy or attractive they think you are a subhuman

White is more attractive to Asians they worship white features

So what you're saying is: you have to be attractive to get laid.

What a revolutionary thought. I don't understand why others make up theories to get around that.

Another white trying to cope when it’s been proven over and over .

Asian women deserve the rope

Always whitecels who deny that they have it easy compared to us ethnics.
No empathy at all kek

Cope, a 5/10 white guy is more attractive in the eyes of thirsty asian women than an 7/10 ethnic guy

Legit saw a asian with a sub 5 white guy at the store today. Whites have it the easiest out of any race. I’m tired of these guys coping.

Dude seriously just be fucking honest, you have a racial advantage, if this was an rpg video game it would be like you chose the white race which has a bonus of +10 attractiveness vs asians, its not even funny how much asian women worship white men and white features. Unless you are fucking physically deformed its almost impossible for you not to go to an asian country and get laid.

Heck didn't a guy recently get banned for doing such a thing and then bragging about it. He was average looking, perfect example of a 5/10, and I see him as a 5/10 so imagine what the white roasties in his country of origin see him as, more like a 4 probably. So a 4-5 out of 10 guy can just waltz into an asian country and get laid endlessly and you still want to fucking deny this shit. I literally work with a guy who lived in Canada, and told me most of the girls he dated were asians and it was easy for him to get them, he primarily targeted asians because they "responded better". He's a legit 5/10 white guy. Cut the bullshit please.

It depends on your location. If you're in an Asian country and you're an average white guy, if you can't get laid you're a mentalcel. Girls will pick and choose from what's in front of them, and with regard to online dating, they can get a guy 2-3 points higher than them so why settle for just an average white guy if you can get better? It's not difficult to determine why things turn out like they do. If you had the closest equivalent to the SMV of a woman (chad/chadlite) are you going to pick out a pretty, skinny girl, or are you going to pick out a plain jane who is carrying extra weight? The answer is pretty simple.

When a female sees a male with recessed and weak facial bones, that's the equivalent of us seeing an obese female. We just don't want any part in it and neither do they. Development is crucial for a male and millimeters decide your life.

Wrong, white men are seen almost as a token of "high social status" among asian women, so just being white gives you a leg up, and stop being disingenious, you ask where is your Asian GF, I ask how many asian women did you even attempt to woo...... exactly. Most of you so called white incels don't even do shit and then you say - "seeee, seeeee, look nothing happened, seeee I'm incel". Nothing happened because you didn't put in much effort.

I've tried to court white girls, black girls, asian girls, fat girls, tall girls, stacies out of my league even (got friend zoned hardcore), spanish girls, legit 3/10 girls. Never got laid even once, always ends in a friendzone or just being ignored. Still haven't really stopped trying, most of the white cells here from what I've read probably only target white women, and then use the few failures they have in that department as proof of them being incel, I call bullshit. Black women literally speak about trying to get a white man so they can get a child with some "good hair", white men are fetishized in some shape or form by the women of all other ethnicities.

Like I said, unless you are physically deformed you have no excuse, you are probably the only person keeping you from getting laid, Trying courting black women for once, women of other races, get out of your comfort zone and see if you still fail, but you won't, because then you'd have to admit that you never were incel and were the only thing holding yourself back.


Yeah I call BS, unless you are physically deformed or your face is really fucked up (the exception to the rule, most men are "average looking", hence the word "AVERAGE"), then you have no excuse and its likely due to your own lack of trying. Even then I'm being lenient because I've see a lot of couples of asian women with BELOW AVERAGE WHITE MALES. Also courting asian women in a western country isn't the same thing as courting asian women in an asian country.

Asian women also see white men as a possible meal ticket, a possible escape from their "shitty lives" in their country of origin, that you may possibly "take her with you". That in itself ups your attraction, especially in poor countries like Thailand or the Philippines.

You have multiple factors that are seen as "desirable traits"
1. European Features - Desired by basically all ethnic women for their children (connected to #2 and #3), especially asians and blacks, l'm black and like I said its a known thing to hear black women say they want a baby with "some good hair", a scrawny nerdy average looking white guy can get a girl that I would have to get buff and "pull thug game" for. Not only that ethnic women ironically tend to hate dark skin (again especially black women), you ever sit amongst a group of black women and listen to them speak about desirable traits, dark skin is almost always used as a -1 in selecting the man, its seen as a negative trait.

2. Perception Of Social Status - Obvious what this one means, being white means you are perceived to be of a higher social class among women, especially among women of other ethnicities, especially among women of other ethnicities in poor countries.

3. Perception Of Wealth - Also obvious, being white makes you be perceived by the women of other races (also your own race in comparison to other ethnic males) as "having money".

4. The Escape Route - The most effective tool in a white man's arsenal in getting laid in ethnic countries (and even your own country), its so effective it works without him even being aware of it. It goes hand in hand with #2 and #3. Women perceive you as a possible escape route from their current life in their poor countries, and fucking you and getting you attached to them increases their chances of you taking them with you back home.

That's just what I can come up with off the top of my head and there's way more and everybody knows about this, but go ahead and pretend like everything I've said here is a lie.

Rameses2 #racist

"I finally felt at home because the increased diversity of experience meant that I wasn't alone anymore"

that feeling of discomfort you felt beforehand is exactly how a native Canadian feels when he/she is around foreign immigrants. that feeling of comfort is exactly how a native Canadian feels when he/she is around an English speaking one. having experienced this, you should have empathy for the native

"I feel much more in common with other immigrants (particularly from my home country) than the White Canadian Culture"

of course you do, because you're not assimiliated. why would you feel affinity for a culture that isn't you? this is the same exact logic of the native, who feels uncomfortable with a foreign culture

"I am confused why the acceptability of immigrants should be judged on their apparent difference from the 'in group'"

I don't like the term "acceptability." everyone should be "accepted." what I'm speaking to is the reality that someone with cultural similarities/ethnic ties will have a likelier probability of assimilating and getting along with the natives than someone with no such similarities.
nations are just constructs that can easily be subverted by foreigners. foreigners pose a potential danger (including English speaking foreigners). and someone with cultural similarities/ethnic ties is a known commodity, and is thus less of a danger.
of course, foreigners can also potentially provide enrichment and new viewpoints, which is why it's dumb to discount them entirely. and like I said, strangers should always be treated respectfully. but they should be dealt with with caution.

"Who is the 'in group'?"

well the "in-group" depends on where you are. in greater Canada, the in-group would be native Canadians (i'm not describing First

"Nation...I mean people who were born and have lived in Canada for generations). in the tech world it tends to be immigrants."

"What are the customs? Who gets to decide them?
the nation has a culture spanning several centuries."

do I get to define the 'in group' or do I have to wait a few generations?
if you assimilate then you can be part of the in-group. otherwise you are "just an outsider
Why should they 'learn the customs' at all?"

why would you move to Canada if you don't want to be a part of the culture, unless it's to be a parasite on the nation that Canadians have constructed

"racism lite disguised as something to do with "risk assessment"

whether it's racist or not really has to do with the actions of the in-group person. someone can be racist and use my spiel as an excuse. another person can be not racist, but want to spend time with people who share customs/culture

"I'm not denying my privilege"

when you spend time in immigrant-rich environments, you feel more comfortable because you're around others like you. I would feel less comfortable around them. the fellow immigrants would get along better with you. does that mean you have some "immigrant privilege" that I wouldn't have? no, because that's a dumb concept.
you're better

I never said "better." I said more assimilable

Heidlerr #racist

Re: When Asian Women Are Harassed for Marrying Non-Asian Men

One interesting thing she said in the article is that she was never attracted to Asian men because, growing up, the only Asians she knew were her relatives. That makes sense in a way but shows what can happen in multiracial societies and why we shouldn't have them.

That's an excuse for self hate. Asian women literally Worship White men like we are Gods. This Asian girl straight up stalked me in High School it was scary, I actually asked her why she wouldn't date her own kind and she made this motion with her fingers and said small cock.

East Asian women are the most self hating women in the World and the men are the most Beta men in the World. 99% of East Asian men don't know how to communicate in a normal way because their T levels are so low they always think about how to be "non confrontational , non offensive they can't even communicate."

Only new one Asian guy who wasn't a Nerd short, weak looking. He was a tall Chinese guy over 6' and lifted weights. He did fairly well with girls and he ended up in Finance.

Most Asian men can't get dates and live alone if they haven't brought wife from the home country or aren't part of a tight knight Ethnic community. I know of several Asian guys that are past 30 and still Single. I check their facebook to see if they are no longer single. Asians must be the group with highest sexless men in America hands down easily.

Her mudshark race traitor race mixing of s husband should be shunned by any sane white person

Mitch is a CUck married to an Ugly Asian woman. Didn't even have children with her. Just a Status seeking 3rd World Whore. There everywhere where I live.

All Ethnic women even Black, want to be with a White guy where I'm from. We are like Gods here. As long as you're over White, 5'10 and not deformed Ethnic women will literally throw themselves at your feet all day.

So I understand why White men sometimes marry Asian. I've seen many White men here married to East Asians or Curries. Not so much Latinas or Blacks because they generally don't go to College and do low status jobs even if they do. East Asians Worship Money and Status so they go well with some White guys.

Where I live the Best looking girls are Jewish because their Father's are Jewish Laywers, Doctors, Politicians, CEOs ect and they get the best looking White women.

I don't find East Asian women very attractive most have flat faces, slits for eyes, and no body. My friend says it's tighter and better and that looks don't matter that much as long as they aren't fat.

Some Jewish, Latinas and Persian girls can be very attractive. I'd prefer a White looking Persian or Latina to a Regular White American girl. Most White AMerican girls are fat and aren't attractive unless they are from the country. But those country folk just have a different culture than me.

Where I live the best looking girls are Jewish. Because their Fathers are Doctors, Laywers, CEOs, Politicians and get the best looking White women who want to marry up for Status.

Isobel Mitton #racist

Tansy Huang No. It is actually fair that you step aside for a Black or Hispanic candidate despite you working harder or studying harder.I completely approve this way of making admissions...Sorry to tell you this, but I feel that I can since I do work in Asia a lot. ASIAN CULTURE IS THE SAME.IT HAS NO DIVERSITY. THE DIFFERENCES ARE JUST TWEAKS HERE AND THERE. INDIANS FROM INDIA COLONIZED ALL ASIANS. THEY BROUGHT WITH THEM THEIR RELIGION AND WAY OF LOOKING AT LIFE. That stuff is still in use in the whole of ASIA. HOW ELSE DO YOU ACCOUNT FOR HOW WOMEN ARE TREATED BY ALL ASIAN CULTURES?? Now, if you are talking about Africans, then yes, I will say that Africans are extremely diverse. Their cultures have nothing to do with the other. That is why they go to war so often. BECAUSE THEY ARE DIFFERENT FROM ONE ANOTHER.

David J. Stewart #fundie

I Apologize to You God

I apologize to you God for the way we mistreat you in America. We are wasteful people, throwing 14% of our food into the garbage, while children in Haiti eat mud to survive. We use kitty-litter made from corn for our pets to poop in, while 18,000 children die from starvation every day in the world. Something is very wrong with us. We curse in your holy name without fear nor gratitude for your blessings. We complain about everything, demanding our rights to live in sin. We mock you and blaspheme Your holy character on Late Night shows, portraying the Son of God as a homosexual voyeur.

Our women dress and behave like whores, many of whom are whores, claiming it is Your will. Country singer, Taylor Swift is a disgrace to the United States, being honored when she ought to be shamed for her sinful lewdness on TV. Lesbians are getting married, starting so-called Lesbian Christian ministries, and are saying that You approve of this abomination. I'm sorry, Oh Lord. Where will this insanity lead? America is beautiful no more. Our pastors are saying “gay is ok.” Some pastors are saying that the election of Barack Obama, a Godless Communist who supports abortion and homosexuality, is “wonderful.” Other pastors are saying that the evils of abortion and homosexuality are a “minor concern” in the church. I apologize on behalf of these apostate pastors Oh Lord? We are long overdue for judgment in America. As conditions worsen in our nation, we can say nothing against Thee, because we get what we deserve.

So the next time you turn on the news and hear about the most hideous and heinous of crimes being committed by your fellow Americans, just remember that we stopped leading our public school children in prayer to God in 1962, and we stopped teaching public school children the Word of God in 1963. Americans get what we deserve.

John Derbyshire #fundie

Asians in America, and most particularly Chinese in America, are in danger of getting themselves a reputation as the whining minority. From a tiny number of instances of "discrimination," many of them of very questionable significance, "Asian-American" activists are building a case for special treatment like that accorded to blacks, homosexuals and so on. They are, they want us to believe, victimized. They are, they claim, "distressed" by words they find "demeaning."

The Wen Ho Lee case has been a godsend to these nuisances. The FBI went after Lee just because he was Chinese, they tell us. Well, of course they did! If vital national secrets go missing, and if it becomes known that the Chinese have got their hands on them, and if one of the people who had access to them is of Chinese origin, then of course he is a prime suspect! Who on earth should the FBI be scrutinizing in such a case? Hungarians? If the lab employee has, in addition, been downloading classified material to unauthorized tapes, which he has then lost, he really shouldn't be too astounded to find himself in leg irons.

Is it really such a secret that China's intelligence agencies target Americans of Chinese origin when trying to recruit spies? Where is the outcry against this "racial profiling" by Chinese intelligence agencies? Nobody from the Chinese government ever tried to recruit me as a spy. However, if I had a Chinese name and worked at Los Alamos for many years — during which years I made trips to mainland China — I should be astonished not to have been the subject of approaches. I happen to think, and have argued before in this space, that Lee is the victim of a bureaucratic cover-your-rear operation; but part of the blame for his misfortunes is his, and a much bigger part is the Chinese government's.

You can't sell any of this to the "Asian-American" activists. They have convinced themselves that they are "oppressed" — that they are at the receiving end of a plot to … to what, exactly? Turn them into chattel slaves? Deprive them of the vote? Force them to work as cooks for railroad-laying teams? I don't know what they think, and they probably couldn't tell you themselves. Probably they just want designated victim status, and the cash benefits that go with it. And they want to whine.

The campaign for designated-victim status plays into one of the great cultural weaknesses of the Chinese, in fact: they are, as a nation, awfully fond of self-pity. Much of Chinese literature is unreadable on this account, from the epic whining of 3rd-century-B.C. poet Qu Yuan (he had lost the favor of his monarch and been exiled) to Lin Daiyu snivelling herself to death in the 18th-century classic novel Red Chamber Dream. The mid-20th-century Chinese writer Bo Yang (author of The Ugly Chinaman and the Crisis of Chinese Culture) used to ask his students at Peking University to keep diaries of their social interactions with classmates. One of the most frequent patterns he found was that classmate A would write: "Classmate B was openly rude to me today. After I have been so nice to him! After all that I have done to help and encourage him! I am so wronged! It is so unfair!" … and that classmate B's diary would say exactly the same thing about classmate A.

You find the same thing with the endless whining of official Chinese sources about their mistreatment at the hands of foreign countries in the past. "You forced us to sign 'unequal treaties'!" they pout indignantly. Apparently the treaty forced on the government of Tibet (pop. 6 million) by the government of China (pop. 700 million) in 1950 does not count as "unequal." And for all the bellyaching about "foreign imperialism," no foreign power ever treated the Chinese as badly as they treated each other. If there is a prize awarded in hell for killing Chinese people, the easy winner for the 20th-century division must be Mao Tse-tung.

A foretaste of the coming great Wen Ho Lee whine-o-rama was provided by novelist Gish Jen, who is of Chinese ancestry, in an Op-Ed in the 9/15/00 New York Times. How to restore faith in the American dream? Ms. Jen whimpers. Well, I mix with Americans of Chinese origin every day — I am, in fact, married to one, and the father of two more — and they are living very well. None of them is poor; none of them is in jail; none of them is the victim of anything at all, so far as I can see. Like Ms. Jen's ancestors, they have attained not only the American dream, but the Chinese dream, the great dream of all Chinese people throughout history: to escape from Chinese government. None of them is "oppressed" in any degree at all. It is true that none of them works at a nuclear-weapons research lab; but the right to do such work is not guaranteed in the Constitution.

In fact, when we are faced by a power like China, which is violently anti-American in its propaganda to its own people, which has deployed a full triad of nuclear missiles, many of them aimed at us — whose government officials have, in fact, openly threatened us with nuclear attack — I think our own government is perfectly within its rights to deny employment in classified facilities to persons who have connections in China. This may cause some hurt feelings among U.S. citizens; but do hurt feelings really outweigh the rather obvious dangers of a contrary policy? Ms. Jen: "Since the Wen Ho Lee case began, the number of Asian and Asian-American scientists applying to work in our nation's weapons labs has declined dramatically." Well, good. I think our nation's security problems have therefore diminished in proportion — for which benefit, putting up with all that whining is a small price to pay.

god-fist #conspiracy

North Korea is the good guy

Korean War (1950-1953). Korea has been a unified country for thousands of years. Until the Americans invaded. Their rationale was that communism is evil. They pitted North and South to kill each other.

Divide and Conquer. Every country is selfish and only cares about its own interests. America's interest was to divide and conquer Asia. To get Asians to kill each other to weaken Asia as a whole. To destroy pan-Asianism. Because America knows it can't compete.

North Korea's point of view. They are defending their countries from foreign invaders. They are isolationist, they want to be left alone. But America won't allow that.

North Korea's poor conditions. Where did you hear that from? Bias western media of course. What about NK escapees, they claimed NK is evil too. Nope, they are bought out. They are paid to slander NK. Besides, all countries tortures people. As for starving and food shortage, plenty of poor countries have starving people. Being poor does not equate to being evil.

South Kuckrea. They are pawns. Americans don't actually care about South Koreans. They are using South Koreans to kill their fellow brothers. South Kuckreans are the ultimate traitors. To suck up to the white man and stomping on fellow Asians. Common argument is that SK is a first country, NK is third world. People nowadays only care about money. Is being rich, soulless, and treasonous (SK) better than being poor, patriotic, and moral (NK)? Cause the latter holds better values.

North Korean "Threat". Completely ridiculous. Korea has never invaded any country for thousands of years. America invades them in 1950s. And now America says NK are the threat. WTF?

Propaganda definition from Google. (information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.) USA loves to say NK spreads propaganda to its people. Hypocrites! How come every media and information the west about NK is negative? Isn't that propaganda too. To brainwash Americans about this boogeyman.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Not sure if NK actually has nukes. If they do thats fine. America has proven to be a threat to the Korean people. If the west is allowed nukes, so should NK. A common argument is that Kim Jong Un is crazy. Not true. If he was crazy he would have fired nukes already. The real crazy ones are Americans. Who have actually used nukes against its enemies.

Bluff. We all know NK ain't gonna attack USA. It is not Korean foreign policy to invade and colonize. Its been like that for millenias. This is an excuse for America to invade. To spread "freedom and democracy'. "They hate our freedom".

South Korea rape hole. From 1950s-2017, American troops have rape South Korean women daily. They are never charged because they hold all the power. The SK government are puppets and cucks. Yet America is still claiming SK should direct its hate on NK. Zero North Koreans have raped South Korean women.

Objectively. Judge for yourself. Cleanse yourself from all propaganda from both sides. Look at things neutrally. Not as an American. Not as North Korean. And you will see once and for all who are the good guys.

John Doe #fundie

10 Reasons Why Foreign Women Are Better Than American Women

1. American women have unreasonable standards.

They expect you to have a big house in the suburbs and a salary of at least 150,000 dollars from a high status job (e.g. doctor, lawyer, CEO). Foreign women on the other hand, are content with a man, as long as he is a nice person and takes care of her and the family sufficiently.

2. American women have the highest obesity rate out of any other women worldwide.

Look at your average American woman nowadays— she is fat and looks like a hog. American women lose their beauty by age 30 and become very ugly, wrinkled, and fat. Foreign women, on the other hand, take care of themselves, exercise, and generally have very sexy bodies. Foreign women continue to be beautiful and attractive into their 40s, because foreign women take care of themselves and have a much healthier diet than American women.

3. American women see nothing wrong with cheating on her man.

Just look at the culture of America today. Women are glorified for slutty behavior. Foreign women, on the other hand, have not been raised to act like whores. They generally are far more chaste and loyal than the vast majority of American women. This is no doubt due to the more traditional cultures that non-Western countries have.

4. America has the highest rate of divorce in the world.

Considering that 90 percent of divorces are initiated by women, the vast majority of divorces are the woman choosing to leave the man. American women are divorce happy, and will divorce their husbands over extremely trivial reasons. The divorce system in America is also extremely biased in women’s favor, and many women will divorce their husbands simply to “cash out” (to take all of the man’s money and assets). Foreign women, on the other hand, have a much more loyal mindset to their men and won’t just abandon their husband because she read the latest chick book like Eat Pray Love and decides she “needs to find herself.”

5. American women have the worst attitudes in the world.

Pretty much every negative quality you can think of, American women embody it—selfishness, immaturity, narcissism, fake personalities, arrogance, and anger. In short, American women are a real pain in the ass to be around. This is just one of the reasons why I chose to cut all contact and friendship with American women and only maintain friendship with non-American women. Foreign women, on the other hand, are generally pleasant people to be around. They don’t have the massive chip on their shoulders like American women do, and are much more down to earth, humble, and genuine.

6. American women have no sense of humor.

If you tell a joke in front of an American woman, and it is even slightly politically incorrect, it can literally cost you your job. American women tend to be extremely vindictive and they get offended over the slightest things. Foreign women, on the other hand, are much more relaxed and not as psychotic as American women. Even if they do find something offensive, they will generally overlook it and not create a scene. This is because foreign women are not as insecure as American women and don’t feel the need to constantly prove themselves.

7. American women don’t know how to cook.

It’s like American women barely even know how to boil water. A home cooked meal to an American woman means boxed Mac N Cheese or Ramen Noodles. Foreign women, on the other hand, know how to cook complex multi-course dishes. The complexity of Indian cooking or Chinese cooking is something that would take an American woman years to master.

8. American women are more brainwashed by feminism than any other country on earth.

Feminism in America has transformed into a a man-hating movement that is reflected in the attitudes of American women. According to an American woman, “independence” is equal to acting like a spoiled, loud mouthed brat. Foreign women, on the other hand, may support feminism but they have a much more realistic view of what feminism means—equality. Feminism to a foreign woman means simply being treated with respect, instead of wanting to dominate the man, like American women.

9. American women have the highest rate of mental illness by far than any other women on earth.

Let’s face it—American women are pretty screwed up as a whole. They are emotionally unstable, mentally unstable, and suffer from delusions and are out of touch with reality. An American woman is living in her own movie, with herself as the star. And this narcissism is reflected in their mental health, as well. Foreign women, on the other hand, are very mentally stable, and aren’t prone to psychotic outbursts like American women are. Foreign women are much more down to earth and do not suffer from narcissistic delusions of grandeur as a result.

10. American women are superficial and fake.

They expect their men to also be superficial and fake. You have to put on a false image and be someone who you are not just to be considered as acceptable in America. Dealing with American women is exhaustive because of the amount of games you have to play.
Foreign women, on the other hand, are genuinely warm-hearted people and you can just be yourself around them. You don’t have to wear a mask or be a fake person in order to get a foreign woman to like you. That, in the end, is probably one of the best things about foreign women. You can relax and just be yourself and have a genuine relationship with a foreign woman.

cantfightnature #racist

[Source is very NSFW. I omitted some pictures for this reason.]

Hey, I’ve got some free time. The idea of Asian women as a resource is a good entry point into understanding my view of the world. So, here’s a complete, ideologically sound, hot, and incredibly racist explanation. You’ve been warned, don’t complain if you read any further:

The standard history of White colonization goes something like this: White people discover America in 1492, conquer, kill, and colonize, establishing big colonial empires over the next 300 years or so in the first colonial age. Then, in the late 1800s, the Scramble for Africa happens, as the major European powers quickly invade and snap up different bits of Africa in the second colonial age, or Imperial age. Sort of around or between the two, European powers establish footholds in Asia (Goa then the rest of India, Indochina, Hong Kong, Singapore, then the Philippines etc.) but they never colonize the major nations of the Asian heartland.


If White men are so superior, why didn’t they conquer Asia? And then, an even more mysterious question: if they could conquer Africa, why didn’t they do that first? Why colonize the continent thousands of miles over the sea before getting around to the one right next to them hundreds of years later?

Here’s the problem with conventional history: for all the talk of postcolonial deconstruction of the blah blah blah, our concept of colonialism is still rooted in a medieval idea that land ownership is the definition of control. Who owns what is defined by a map: if your color has painted over this piece of land, you have the power, and if it doesn’t, you don’t control it. This is a fine heuristic. Obviously, owning land is an important part of power. But it isn’t the only way that power can be expressed, because land is not the only natural resource.

Why did White people colonize America? What are the natural resources of America? North America in particular is a beautiful land, full of natural harbors, fertile fields, and awe-inspiring landscapes. It’s of a temperate climate, and its forests and plains were relatively easy to chop down and irrigate. However, the people on this continent were pretty much useless. So, we summarily executed the natives, raping a couple to blow off steam, and moved into our new home.

Contrast: what are the natural resources of Africa? The northern half is mostly desert and scrubland, the southern dominated by jungles. Who the fuck wants to live in Africa?
But Africa did have one obvious natural resource.

[picture omitted: nude African slave woman]

The resource Africa provides in abundance is labor: it is a continent full of strong but slow-witted natural slaves. We took pack animals from Africa and shipped them to the American land. This, too, was colonization. Though Europeans barely made inroads into the African continent itself, we extracted the resource we wanted most. We colonized the land in America, but we colonized the people in Africa. It was only when technology advanced far enough that we could extract mineral wealth from Africa that the “scramble” really began, as modern mining pulled the gold, diamonds, and assorted treasures of Africa that had previously laid hidden. Even then, we colonized beneath the earth, not on its surface, and even now that colonial powers have “left” Africa, we still control the mines. The rare earth minerals that are powering your cellphone come from African mines, worked by African slave laborers, who send all the profits to rich white men.

What about Asia? What are the natural resources of Asia? I’ll give you a hint:

[picture omitted: nude Asian woman]

Asia isn’t actually blessed with an abundance of natural resources. As large as it is, it’s mostly desert and plateau, better suited to steppe nomads than a real civilization. Even places like Japan and Korea are mainly impassable mountains. Lots of people live in Asia, but that’s because while Whites prefer a spacious home and field to call their own, Asians pack themselves into dense, hive-like cities (the parallels between Asians and insects are striking) so swarms of inferior humans can live on inferior land. Nor does most of Asia have precious minerals or crops, and the areas that do, such as the Spice Indies, are where White men did the most direct colonizing.

Asia’s most obvious resource? Asian pussy.

Historians are often prudes, and don’t want to acknowledge the role that sexual conquest plays in history, so you may be skeptical, but let me remind you: Asian pussy is like no other pussy on earth. Asian women aren’t just hot, they’re perfect fucktoys: small, weak, adorable, smooth, tight little packages of gooey submissiveness. There’s plenty of historical evidence left out of textbooks that Asian pussy was a major factor in bringing white men east. [Link NSFW] There should be no doubt that people will kill for Asian pussy.

But we didn’t have to kill for Asian pussy. We just had to conquer it. And while confused historians only see conquest where there’s violence, White men are smart. Taking land requires an army. Controlling slaves requires slavemasters. Taking pussy just requires control over their culture. Control over their minds. (EDIT: someday I’ll do a long, fun post about exactly how achieved did this, but not today. Just look up the Opium Wars and figure it out.)

Of course, that isn’t the only resource, but I’d say most of Asia’s resources can be summed up as human resources. Not the department at your office, but the idea that even tasks above manual labor can be classified as a resource: tasks like fucking, but also tasks like high-level manufacturing, making art, cooking, singing, dancing… these are all resources that Asia produces, but the white man owns. Niggers are too clumsy and slow to manufacture specialty electronics, but who has the nimble fingers, cunning, and obedience to produce our fancy electronic goods?


Insects. Even the smartest of Asians (and I don’t mean to downplay at all how smart Asians can be!) developing new science and medicine do it for the benefit of rich white men. They are devious, but not creative. Intelligent, but submissive. They aren’t laborers, but secretaries.

A white man today with even a little money can hop on a plane to Asia, maybe even flying Korean Air, which constantly reminds its passengers that Asians are the tiny, subservient supporters of white supremacy. He can see all the local sights he wants, visit their quaint but charming temples and saunas, gorge himself on the local cuisine and get drunk off their liquor, and, most importantly, help himself to all the tight Asian pussy he can handle. Sweet young Asian snatch just fucking throws itself at any white guy it can find. That isn’t a trip to a country he was never able to colonize. It’s a victory parade through all the resources so thoroughly colonized we didn’t need to conquer their land.

I want you to understand that I mean this literally. Obviously, a human is not identical to a plot of land or a barrel of oil, but to understand the world, you must understand that they can all be classified as resources. Native land, African labor, and Asian pussy are all resources the white man has taken from their previous owner and put to work for his own benefit. If that isn’t colonization, nothing is. When I say we colonized Asian pussy, it’s not a metaphor. We colonize the land, the soil, the body, the mind, the soul, the culture, and the pussy. Asian women belong to white men. Owned.

And so our questions have been answered: White men are efficient, and colonize only what they need. It’s really quite neat how efficiently we divided up the world, and remarkably lines up with the standard urban planning delineations: residential, industrial, and commercial. We took the best place to be our home, the most profitable land and people to be our factory, and the most charming, pleasing, and fuckable race to be our entertainment. Put simply, America is the white man’s house: not our ancestral home, but the dwelling we built. Africa is the white man’s wallet: we dip our greedy fingers in their whenever we like and turn up endless gold, silver, coltan, tungsten, dutiful laborers.

And Asia? Asia is the white man’s Kleenex. The white man’s cumrag. It’s the tissue we use to wipe off our cock. Enough white jizz has been spilled on this continent that this is close enough to literally true as well. It’s not a whorehouse: whores work for money, and Asians are so mindfucked they follow the white man’s command without thinking. White women are for procreating, Asian women are for masturbating into, and all the weird things Asians do, the weird anime and Kpop and skin-lightening creams, are the white man’s jizz trickling down through your culture.

Man, I just remembered I have followers who think I’m not racist. Hi, guys!

Unknown commenter #racist


(A screenshot of an unknown person's facebook comment.

It reads:

"White men/society/media: Asian men are losers, no social skills, and weak

Asian women: Ah, yes! So true. *Cuddles with white guy*

Asian men: Really guys?

Asian women: Shut up misogynistic patriarchal loser! You are oppressing us!

No, sweetheart. White men are but you love them anyway because white can do no wrong. Or white can do wrong but it's forgiven because they are white men. Do what you want but you should leave asian men out of this. Stop blaming asian men for why you want to date white men. White women have been trying to escape white men's patriarchal bullshit for a century now. But you're all fighting to be underneath it. Sad.

White women don't leave white men for their shit despite it all but you jump at the opportunity to bad mouth asian men for a white woman's scraps. Sad.

Edit: Also @ the "Asian men are still men and have privilege" arguments- Asian men are emasculated. They are not seen as "real men". They are seen as non-threatening, submissive, weak and are target for violence and bullying. Male privilege is hardly extended to them as they cannot reap the full benefits of it like men of other races. You're all being so dense about this!")

Fazniscist #racist

You've probably heard of how Black men and Black women have issues with each other, however, when black men are killed by the police, you see Black women marching alongside Black men in protest. When have Asian American women shown this level of consideration for Asian American men?

Instead, you got Asian feminists bashing Asian men at every opportunity, and self-hating Asian women propagating stereotypes of Asian men.

Many Asian women have no respect for Asian men, and it's sad and astonishing that instead of being ostracized by our community, these women are tolerated or even put on pedestals for their disgusting behavior - I want no part in an "Asian community" which excludes and ignores Asian men.

I don't give a fuck about Asian females' fake problems. They like to bitch about yellow fever/objectification or how Asian men fail to "protect" them, but my ears are deaf to them. We don't owe them shit and they certainly don't have the right to speak for us or tell us what to do.

DonkeyPunch #racist

We've killed more Jews than every other race combined many times over. Not saying that is something to be proud of but we are definitely not the "worker bees" of the Jews.

Every race does their bidding to some extent. Jews are using Muslims to attack Europe, using blacks to promote degeneracy and shitty ghetto culture etc.

Most white people don't give a shit about Asia and despite what you might think most white guys don't give a shit about Asian women (I know I don't) and want to stick to our own.

InferiorAsian #fundie

In the lands of conquered Asia, all children must be collectively educated, trained and disciplined in the School of White Worship, where every little asian boy will be raised as a shemale, becoming perfectly adjusted to the laws of this enlightened society through female hormone therapy, sometimes if necessary, sex reassignment surgery, or castration–both chemical and surgical–and forced sterilization. Some will be completely castrated and live the rest of their lives happily as sterile females, and some will be forced to live their lives with their useless vestigial penises permanently locked in chastity belts, unable to derive any sexual pleasure other than by being anally penetrated.
Unlike the boys who must be severely disciplined to accept their roles as slaves, Asian girls are much more biologically inclined, naturally predisposed, to be slaves. The girls will be advanced to more training on how to pleasure White Men, being taught a combination of ancient Asian lovemaking techniques and advanced western practices. Some, of course, will still need lots of disciplining to completely break their will to rebel against the authority of White God. Corporal punishment such as caning, spanking, and other forms of torture are routinely administered in the School of White Worship.
The grand masters overseeing this new education system are all Japanese, since Japanese are one of the earliest Asian people to become enslaved by White God and who have perfected their art in worshipping and supplicating before the great white gods, and they are especially cruel to other Asians, which pleased White God, for White God is benevolent, and He left the nasty task of discipline to the cruel Asians themselves.
Once the Asian girls reach maturity, they will be sent off to serve the white warriors, white nobles and Aryan kings, as concubines and sex slaves, and to be joyfully impregnated with superior white seeds. Asian boys will be sent off to work as indentured servants, where they perform such womanly tasks as cooking, doing laundry and house cleaning. The luckiest ones will serve as eunuchs in the houses of white soldiers.

A new generation of beautiful eurasian children are born through the wombs of submissive asian women. The daughters will be combinations of the beauty of white females, and the submissiveness of asian females; the boys will be castrated and serve as enunchs in the palace of White God. Though eurasian boys are still eunuchs, they will be superior eunuchs to full asians.

Those Asian girls that are not impregnated can make an earning for their white owners by becoming prostitutes, or, if they misbehave, sold to other colonies under the jurisdiction of White God.

And when those Eurasian granddaughters of white gods grow to maturity, they will be impregnated again, and now they are three quarters white, only one quarter Asian. The inferior asian genes will have almost completely being bred out of them, but a lingering sense of shame still haunt their conscience, as they realize they are still very much inferior to full-whites, and they will still be forced to live their lives as concubines and sex slaves, in the shadows of pure-blooded white conquerors. On the one hand, they will be beautiful like white girls, and therefore much more pleasing to the aesthetic standards of white gods, but, on the other hand, everyone still knows their blood is tainted by inferior asian genes, so they are still only worthy to be slaves, no matter how beautiful they are.

Only pure white women can become the wives of white gods.
An entire generation of white girls will be born through the wombs of asian women; they will be uncanny in their white appearance, and yet without souls, and they will be raised as sex slaves just like their asian mothers and they will become a perfect race of sex slaves to satisfy the sexual needs of every white god.

The Asian boys, however, will be forever denied of a lineage and will die off eventually as an inferior race that is not meant to be passed on, as evolution dictates, the weak shall perish from the earth.

And the White God shall reign eternally, forever and ever, in the Kingdom of White God.

Pilleater #racist

The argument for Asian-Aryanism will keep progressing. Why would they want to jerk off to “3d” porn or white girls? They know that those people caused them verbally abusive harm. These boys feel safe when they imagine their sexual partner to be an anime or Asian girl. They will develop a future preference towards girls with Asian characteristics.

It may also seem that masturbating to their fetish is demonizing Asian girls as sexual objects, destroying the integrity they might for them as individuals (and ruining their chances to be with one). I don’t think this should be a problem at all because most normal guys feel guilt after masturbation. But a strong man can overcome his sexual guilt.

Strong men don’t feel guilt after masturbation. Sexuality should be the moving factor towards finding a woman like oneself. Imaging an Asian girl with her clothes off when you see one out in public is a normal thing. She is still a potential candidate when you talk to her (your just imaging is she can give you good head or not).

This may be expressed through weeb nationalism or even associating with The Anime Right. However, there are big problems when they are explicit white-advocates and anime aficionados at the same time. Their loyalties are mixed up. Again, the fetish accusation can be pointed directly at them. You can still love white people AND love asian people too.

Asian-Aryanism is a safe space for that. These nerds really want a domineering and powerful Asian woman in their lives to change it around. Being loud and pride about Asian culture shows a devotion within a man. Asian-Aryanims is merely giving these confused boys words and meanings to be open about their true love.

Cindy Young at Amped Asia written a few old articles titled “8 Dating Mistakes You’re Making with Asian Women” and “Why Do White Guys Love Asian Girls So Much? A History of Yellow Fever.” These petty arguments miss the point that men are careless. Young assumes men should “step up their game” and become something like Roosh V (even she would be horrified at such a guy).

Hell, she even sounds like Aaron Cleary when he made a video about Asian-Aryanism.

These civic-nationalist arguments will not work. Political-correctness and sucking down to women isn’t the answer, it’s the problem.

The Asian-Aryan message has to get out to these nerds. Their actions determine their ideology. They may bitch and forgive in the future and say “yeah… I was in a dark place, I am so sorry,” but that does not cut it. Being unapologetic and honest is a good ethic.

Let the jerkers know that Asian-Aryanism is a path towards enlightenment and truth. The truth is, that white men prefer to be in the company with Asian women in today’s post-postmodern climate. Give them this truth, and 4chan will start leading the meme wars alongside Asian-Aryanism.

Asian-Aryanism has a huge potenial becoming the next meme. It’s a meme based upon the truth.

Having a “fetish” should not be shamed. Those who don’t know themselfs need to understand their own nature first. The enemy of mine is someone who is inauthentic and dishonest about their own nature. It upsets me when whites flirt with Asian culture, and then fail to make devotional ties with the culture (fail to marry an Asian or treat their interest in Asian culture as a “phase”).

I feel there is a lot of unnecessary white people into Asian culture for SWPL reasons they are not aware of. If they truly were aware of their own behavior, they wouldn’t be watching anime the way I watch it, or going to cosplay events. Whites must be honest with their own intentions.

A confused person dose not know what he truly wants. Does he want white culture? Or does he want anime? An Asian-Aryan gladly accepts both and synergies the two. Its not a choice between the two, but an new standard that accepts the two.

I would be happy with open arms to accept any 4chan nerd onto the Asian-Aryan side. So as long as he is “yellow-pilled” on his own activities and sees the light of the rising sun.

livinginhell101 #sexist

They want you to buy into the scam feminism and liberals have set up. So society can crash and be rebuilt up better the way they want it. Although a lot are just idiots who think anything goes will last forever. Neither of which will ever work out. Most dumb fuck liberals think they can just fuck the system forever and men will churn on. All it takes is for 10% of males to say "YA KNOW WHAT, FUCK THIS SHIT" and give up or seek justice.

Cunts don't give a fuck. They are too stupid to see 5 foot in front of them. Cunts are just gluttons for chad cock and beta bux. They think they can have it all forever with no consequences. They think betas and omegas will simply take this shit forever. They are very wrong.

Cunts have no concept of morality or justice or anything good at all. They are just parasitic & retarded children who will drain their host until it croaks. They are incapable of rational thought or positivity. They merely pretend to be those things just as they dress themselves up like angels with makeup and pretty clothes. Its all illusion. In reality females are demons in the flesh. Thus they deserve no rights of any kind.

The second female sexual desires matter your civilization begins to rot. It takes a while but every time it goes under. Thats why there are no matriarchies or history of females ruling a country in any way. Because the second they do they fuck it all up and bow down begging for that foreign alpha cock. Lots of suffering comes for everyone else when a nation falls. Which females don't give a fuck about. They love being conquered by other nations with brutal men and getting fucked by those men.

Female humanoid organisms are just worthless pieces of shit. They don't deserve any god damn rights. They don't deserve anything positive. Fucking pieces of shit. I could never feel sympathy for those parasitic shit lords. Females deserve to be treated lesser than shit as their inner quality exists as lower than shit.

some incels #sexist

This video of a 3/10 woman shutting down a ricecel so hard and being child-like and embarassed around a Tyrone-lite-lite is fucking brutal and sums up the blackpill nicely.


Around 2:00 minutes in, she is forced to shake hands with the Asian guy and is so offput by him. And then later on when the guy is asked whether or not he finds her attractive and he says yes, she is fucking DISGUSTED! Like the thought of a sub-9 even liking her is so disgusting and unacceptable that she almost hyperventilates.

Then later on at 3:50 when she meets the Tyrone-lite-lite who isn't even 8/10, probably 6.5 at most (has a beer gut and looks 5'11" at most), she cannot even LOOK at him due to her attraction to him. She starts getting flustered immediately and acts like a complete child towards him, and then afterwards boasts about how much better he is than all the other men to the next girl she meets.

THIS is blackpill in action, I don't know how you can watch this video and still not believe in this shit.


*You seem to have done very well for yourself*

Blackpill. This is all we need to understand why females feel so guiltless so liking Chad and hating on sub 6's. The dude is tall with a big frame and good face. I'm sorry, but what exactly did he do to attain that? Nothing at all, of course, but females are somehow convinced that men earn that shit? Jfl!

Also, she is a 4. The guys she rejects legit mog her. Pathetic!

Asian women treat their men so horribly. I’ve never seen anything like it from other races.

That's because you aren't looking. Asians are barely sentient and robotic so their misanthropy is obvious and blatant while other races of women are more sophisticated.

Asian whores want to pass legislation that would allow anyone to publicly behead Asian males and use their headless corpses as toilets

Asian whores recite 14 words before bed every night in the hopes that they will wake up aryan

Asian whores abort their babies as soon as they find out it’s a boy

Yeah. The way Asian women treat their men is why i believe in racial segregation and apartheid and why women should obey the orders of their fathers and husbands. It's disgusting. These unions also produce offspring like St Elliot who have deep seated issues with their racial identity.

That was hard to watch. That noodle whore has tree trunk legs, shorter than a dachshund with dwarfism and she treats the ricecel like she's above him.

What has the world come to, when an overweight ethnic midget can just act like she's a playboy model

This is everything that's wrong about women nature.She says she'd feel super intimidated being with the short haired black woman in the bar, she rates her an 8/10 and by putting herself ahead of her in the line she considers herself more attractive than her?!?! This girl looks like another species of women than this 5'2 Filipina with huge mouth shitty eye area with fat legs and a 25bmi. At the other hand the short haired black woman looks like 4-5 inches taller has great smile great eye area high placed and well defined cheek bones, better overall face bone structure, great hips to waist ratio, big boobs and looks like model tier.

What the fuck is up with the level of man hatred in this video. She treats him literally like human trash, and not a single commenter points this out. Also notice how the she creature endlessly compliments the other females. Trash gender.

God how repulsive it is having to pretend that women totally don't worship their own gender.

Anna Diehl #fundie

God is sovereign. Nothing happens in this universe without His approval and intimate involvement. So when we think back on 9/11, we need to see God’s fist slamming down on the United States. Considering what God is capable of, this was an extremely mild event. Considering how America treats God, a mere 3,000 casualties is shockingly merciful. We deserve much worse. We will get much worse. What happened on 9/11 was just a little wake-up call. Yes, it was shocking, but it’s impact was very limited. As is always the case, those closest to the events were the most impacted by them. We saw the usual spike in church attendance, and our anti-God media acknowledged His existence briefly. But at the ten year anniversary of the event, what did we find? A formal ceremony being held in which it was explicitly ordered that there would be no praying to God in public. Hm. Clearly America as a nation did not learn the spiritual lessons she might have learned from 9/11. As a result, she will need to suffer greater trauma, more violence, and she will need more assistance in identifying God as her attacker. None of this will be difficult to do—God already has His next lesson all worked out. But in the meantime, you as an individual Christian don’t have to follow America’s rebellious example. There is plenty for you to learn from 9/11, but now we need to make sure you’re learning the right lessons and not just ingesting deceptions and fear.

Martybarrow #racist

That shouldn't be the case. I wish the West would treat its ethnic minorities the same way Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and China treat theirs. At least then a bunch of asians living it good in the West will know what it truly is to be oppressed and will no longer circlejerk over how charitable their authoritarian corrupt homelands are for 'temporarily settling' miniscule numbers of refugees whilst talking shit about Western countries that actually invest and grant citizenship in far greater numbers.

FrankishKnight #racist

(In response to Disney introducing its first black princess.)

This sucks.

I've noticed this kind of stuff alot lately since my daughter was born. It seems everything for young children nowadays(books, toys, movies, etc) has all the races represented. Its difficult to find books that dont have black and asian children in them. Movies and educational shows are filled with minorities.

Its obviously an attempt to accustom our young white children to these other races. An attempt to, at a very early age, recruit them into the cult of multiculturalism

various commenters #fundie

Asian guys admits: "My beautiful Chinese girlfriend gets approached by some American men and they say. 'But your boyfriend has small penis. Trust me. I'm better than him.'". WMAF is built on hatred & disrespect. ALL WMAF contributes to this. Which is why no WMAF should be given the benefit of doubt

This is why we need more Jeremy Longs out there. The vast majority of white men = ~ 5 inches. This is proven shit.

The only reason WM think like this and say that shit is because porn forms their opinions. The reality is, most WM are small as shit compared to porn stars. I wonder which group has a more accurate frame of reference regarding this, WM whose source of info = porn, or gay men and promiscuous women who consistently say that most men are average, with no racial distinctions by size.

Then again, there's really no difference between WM benefiting from the exclusive use of hung guys in porn, and their benefiting from the top 1% men in Hollywood representing them. It's just sad that the general public is too impressionable to see through this subtle form of propaganda.

The average for white men is 5 inches, not the median. There's a difference ??

So while a significant amount of white men have average length penises, it's probably not the "vast majority" (even though it probably is a normal distribution).

My point is that for every white guy with a big penis, there's one with a micropenis. And while I obviously can't prove it, I'm more inclined to believe it's white guys with tiny penises who shit on Asian men the most so that, in their heads, they're at least better than somebody. So think about that the next time you see a white guy talking about Asian penises.

If it's a white guy, standard answer should be "if I wanted a big penis, I would go with a black guy so no thank you". Let's see how these racist WMs deal with that. Use their own stereotypes against them.

Okay can we get some constructive discussions out of this post? What would be the correct methods for the Asian guy to respond in these situations?

What I do is casually but publicly challenge them to whip their dick out so that we can compare penis right there, but require it has to be in front of everyone to verify the account. This can go one of two ways, either they accept your challenge or don't.

If they accept the challenge, then maybe you win, maybe you lose. If you're packing anything even close to average, then you will just be living up to what people expected anyways, and at least you had the confidence and balls to challenge them. Remember that confidence and the willingness to defend oneself are much more attractive than a big dick. But fortunately, I've never actually had to do this because...

They 100% always decline the challenge. Think about it. It's a lose/lose proposition for them. To them it's akin to playing basketball against a girl. When you beat a girl in basketball, it's nothing special because you were SUPPOSED to win. But if you LOSE to a girl, that is straight mortifying (at least to a person who overcompensates by talking about other peoples dicks). And if the Asian guy is so willing to compare his junk against yours in public, maybe he's packing something to be afraid of. Every single time the offender called me some sort of crazy, but the people who witnessed my challenge knew I wouldn't put up with that kind of shit and would always be left wondering what size my dick really is.

disclaimer: I always made sure I would only challenge this way against those I knew who would decline. Some dudes are crazy or inebriated enough to accept the challenge, so don't be reckless if this kind of thing would embarrass you. Read body language and social cues. The key part is the challenge anyways, and there are plenty of other ways to challenge people that don't involve you actually whipping your cock out. Recognize this for what it is, a war of words. No penii ever actually cross tips in the war of words (pun intended), but Asians are often losing by not even showing up to the fight.

I believe behind all this bullshit of Asian men have small penis, white men is most afraid of Asian men(intelligent, wealth, mostly grown up in steady family, etc) in society, small penis shit is only thing they can say to put Asian men down.

Even IF whites have bigger dicks (which they dont according to statistics), if that is the only thing they can offer, that is pretty sad. Also what woman would actually leave her boyfriend for another guy just because of dick size? Lol

white men are obsessed with asian penis. I wonder why that is?

This is why when you speak to AF, you have to talk shit about WM to remind them of thier faults (in certain situations only) Talking shit is a two way street, do it back

Asian need to rock the boat more, I got the small penis stereotype in college on a few occasions from people I don’t even know. So now, every time I talk about white, i mentioned that they are psychopaths. If the white dude is in Asian, I would add loser or pedophile in there.

In Jt trans article he literally had a woman in his arms, and a white guy went up to him and said "what are you doing with this Asian guy with a small penis" he got cockblocked right there and the woman left him. This is the type of shit you have to deal with so you better learn to talk shit back. No woman will stand by a silent push over. WM are actively preventing women from being with you so do it back. It's a no brainer

Earline Moody #fundie #racist

I have an Indian-English-German-French background. There are curses on each of these people. Indians worshipped devils. Some English and Europeans were Druids who worshipped Satan.

In innocence my father participated in some occult practices - wart removal and water witching. From my father came curses of Masons and Indians. Physical problems came as a result of curses on Indian worship: Inactive thyroid, female disorders and heart disease.

My mother was a paranoid schizophrenic with an Indian-English background. Her emotional illness caused me to need a lot of DELIVERANCE from emotional problems.

Shadowsweep #racist

Some biology facts. Asian men have the highest levels of testosterone. Asian women have very low androgen receptors. The combination balances things out. This natural balance goes horribly awry in the afwm fetish couple. The types of white males that go after Asian women are shunned losers, on average. They have low testosterone. That's why normal self respecting women find them so repulsive and avoid them like the plague. Combined with the low androgen receptors of Asian women, their half white/half Asian sons are doomed at birth. They are doomed biologically. They are doomed socially in a racist white society that ironically brought his racist parents together. It is a tragic irony.

various incels #sexist

[Suicide fuel] 50 year old Asian chad looks like hes 25


If there's one thing that pisses me off more than Chads it's Chads who never age. Imagine living life on God Mode for 30-40 years.

Shit he's Asian but has a Lachowski style Chad face despite not having any white blood. Really Proves what we've been saying all along: chads all look the same and women's preferences are all the same.

He’s previously commented on how he avoids baths late at night and early in the morning

Just (don't) shower bro!

Looks like he's gonna live up to 200 years old like those Shaolin Monks that live up on those ultra high mountains in Tibet. Balancing on their picking toe on the peak of mount everest reciting buddha quotes and suddenly inheriting new powers like Shadow Clone jutsu.

Damn I wish my life was an anime.

I'm an ugly Asian. This ain't suicide fuel. Every race has their own Chad.

This article only focuses on his youth in terms of looks but not whether or not he looks good. But on the other-hand he does look good. Bet he can't get an Asian female though.

a Chad like him doesnt need an Asian female he hangs with Whites

This dude can get any not self-hating asian female. Hell even some of those "I only date white guys" Asians would drop their shit attitude for them.

That's what winning the genetic lottery looks like. Meanwhile us subhumans are rotting to death. Where's the fucking rope?

I am also an Asian who doesn't age but I am subhuman

Hbd_investor #racist

Not only white nationalists only, many people from many different races believe that people should stay in their own countries.
And there's nothing wrong with having a white country for white people. Nobody calls Japan racist for having a country with only Japanese people.

The bottom line is, I don’t care how hard they work. They consciously made their own choice to immigrate to a white country, knowing that they will face all sorts of discrimination , employment discrimination, promotion discrimination, housing discrimination, sexual discrimination etc....

They knew ahead of time but they did it anyways, therefore they are not deserving of pity.
Any asian country treats non asians as second class citizens or not real citizens

CalgaryAsianGuy #fundie

This thread is fucking hilarious. 80% of the replies are just proof of the OP's comments on how asian guys get the shit end of the stick of double standards when it comes to professing our preferences. Also, for those people who say we should treat asian men and women equally and it's only fair that we "don't put white women on a pedestal" just like we don't want asian women to do the same for white men, I say FUCK THAT. Keep in mind, at end of the day, we are men! We proclaim what we want and we take what we want. Ideals of egalitarianism between the genders will only serve to keep you from your full potential. Despite the fact, machiavellianism was created by the hand of a white man, the members of this sub-reddit are sorely in need of adopting some of this philosophy towards life...

Northants English Welfare Society #racist

[Caption to an old photograph of a school]

Northampton School for Girls as it was when all the girls attending were English and extremely proud of their English heritage.
This school has been diversified following a carefully planned, wicked, illegal, program of eradicating the English from their homeland.
Pass by any day of the week nowadays and you will be hard pressed to find a white face! It has become so seedy that it is an embarrassment and a blot on our landscape.

Eren Jager #racist

I never said that Zheng He was half Persian, but he still had Persian ancestry nontheless. I am only saying that it is interesting how no pureblood Mongoloids ever acheive greatness, and modern Asians do not count, since they are using the help of economic systems and technology which Whites created. The Shang Chinese were the first Chinese Dynasty, and they were pureblood Southern Mongoloids. Despite being technologically advanced, they were conquered by barbarian Zhou, who had about 15% White admixture. The Zhou were conquered by the Qin, 20% White. Qin Emperor Shi Huangdi is described as a tall blue-eyed bearded man in Chinese court records. I could go on and on. Whites are simply more capable than Asians, and Asians do not want to admit it.

Steve Sailer #fundie

Snowpiercer is a sci-fi allegory directed by Joon-ho Bong in English with a mostly American cast.

Chris Evans of Captain America plays a rebel who looks just like Christian Bale, who fights his way to meeting the Dictator of the World, who is played by a very American actor. (I saw it without knowing who he would be, so I won’t mention his name here.)

A couple of South Korean performers steal the show, however, as a father-daughter pair of genius drug addicts.

Bong’s 2006 movie The Host holds the South Korean record for most tickets sold and this one set a national record for biggest opening weekend.

Set in 2031, 17 years after an attempt to arrest global warming has caused the Ultimate Ice Age, the only survivors are the passengers on board a train powered by a perpetual motion engine that allows it to roar around the snowy world nonstop.

Why does the train zoom endlessly around the frozen world instead of going some place well-insulated and staying there?

Perhaps for reasons of cinematic influence: Snowpiercer is reminiscent of another foreign-directed American movie star film about a train in a cold climate, 1985's R unaway Train, directed by Andrei Konchalovsky with Jon Voight and Eric Roberts earning Oscar nominations playing tough guys. And it recalls Wong Kar-Wai’s gorgeous sci-fi erotic daydream about a round-the-world train, 2046.

But most sci-fi movies are about doing things that, while difficult, sound, prima facie, like fun: fly like Superman, travel through time, visit planets around other stars, etc. Then the spoilsports explain why you can’t do that, but you willingly suspend disbelief because it would be cool to have a laser gun or whatever. In contrast, traveling nonstop around a dead world on a train forever is both impossible and seems like a pointless ordeal, so the movie hasn’t been very appealing outside of South Korea.

The movie starts out among the poor in the ultra-crowded last carriages, where everybody dresses like the slightly grotesque nice people in Road Warrior. Evans leads the impoverished rebels into the first class carriages run by the dictator’s emissary Tilda Swinton. These appear to have been borrowed from Brazil: somebody should add up how much influence Evelyn Waugh has had on science fiction.

A remarkable fraction of big budget movies these days are obsessed with themes of either Malthusianism, Darwinism, or eugenics, or all three. In Snowpiercer, the Dictator of the World apologizes at the end that he hasn’t had time for eugenics yet, so I guessed most of the Big Reveal at the end about an hour beforehand.

Then there’s a second surprise ending that I didn’t guess, but only because this one is pretty stupid. In the end, two individuals from races at the different ends of Rushton’s continuum go off to start a new human race presumably cleansed of racial division.

Is it a good movie? Snowpiercer has some cool elements, but the lack of even an attempt to justify rationally why it takes place on a train puts a lot of stress on the style to make up for the lack of sense, and it doesn’t quite have enough visual chops to pull that off. A movie entirely about moving from the caboose to the locomotive will be by nature linear and segmented, kind of like a submarine movie. That’s a challenge that sometimes inspires directors, but not quite enough in Bong’s case.

P.S., I think I figured out why this going around the world on a train movie was a giant hit in South Korea but not, so far, in the rest of the world: South Korea is a three-sided peninsula and the fourth side is mined.

In other words, you can’t go very far on any train that starts in South Korea. You can’t even get to North Korea, and that breaks the hearts of Koreans. The rail system is claustrophobic, so traveling around the world on a train sounds cool.

TheEurasianTiger #racist

International AF are already woke mate, trust me, they're even more woke than ABC's, don't ask me how or why I know this. They have their own blogs, weibo, extremely deep networks of information being passed around for years, in fact, the way people think here is so different from those of Americans you would be shocked.... they think in terms of money and status primarily, are exceptionally xenophobic, have little interest in foreigners, and are aware of the problems plaguing America.

AF, including ABC women, aren't stupid, they know what they're doing, I'd say they're the most cutthroat and intelligent women on the planet, when they choose a WM they have everything immediately planned out in their head. Like someone once said to me, don't be fooled by their beauty, they are xenomorphs. True killers. Not like anything else in this world.

Since when? Lol. Really depends on the person

Since forever, I live here and have been living here in Beijing for almost ten years, there's a complete ambivalence to whites and even to Eurasians, the only time I've ever heard a woman ask me straight up if I had money, from was from a Chinese woman. I have major in roads to deep Chinese culture due to my wife's family, to them foreigners are like dogs for entertainment, that's about it.

There are white worshippers, but they're looked down on and considered very annoying by other AF. You see pissed off WMAF here and there, but more commonly see angry looking white men walking alone or with some scowling local. AF aren't stupid, they know caucs are racist meaning they legit have to be mentally ill to be with one. China is also communist, they teach the realities of racial imperialism to children, it's literally the opposite education than that found in the US. 99% of attractive sane Asian women in Asia prefer WM, barring that it's just lip service but if you've ever been here you would understand why. Asian love is real in Asia.

I actually had to go "native" to get better treatment, and I don't regret it, attention from pretty Asian women goes up when I look more Asian.

asianclassical #racist

I think that's the difference between Asian Americans and Asians in Asia. When you live in a society with someone else's culture and norms, all you have is what you can accomplish individually. So the standard for Asians in America is to just go for the money. But human beings are social animals. Individual accomplishments are supposed to plug into a larger social framework. That's why I think AAs are a eunuch class. Eunuchs were always able to make money and amass wealth, but they had to sacrifice a basic part of their humanity to get in that position. It's the same tradeoff AAs make.

I think you have to be a little bit careful blaming "high standards." Lower standards should not be anyone's answer to anything. What I think you're pointing to is that, for the reasons above, AAs are essentially trying to make up for their lack of social and cultural power by chasing status. But just like the eunuch, no amount of wealth will regrow your genitals.

I agree that there is a distortion for Asian Americans in society. Maybe you could say that chasing wealth alone is actually the lower standard? Creating a culture and raising the bar for the Asian community as a whole is the highest standard. So the people you are talking about are actually the ones shortchanging themselves.

CertifiedRabbi #racist

There's glaring holes in the left's philosophy on segregation. The most obvious being their belief that every single racial group on this planet is inherently biologically equal in every way - at least when it comes to cognitive ability, since they don't seem to really get too worked up over the argument that blacks make the best sprinters and long-distance runners.

If every single race on this planet really was biologically equal in every way and the racial differences that we observe were merely the result of cultural, historical, and environmental influences (almost all of which, according to the left, ultimately boil down to White people being at fault), then what's the argument against racial segregation in the modern era?

If blacks and Hispanics are just as innately capable as Whites and East Asians of building and maintaining highly advanced societies with good schools, a diverse array of private businesses like tech companies and car manufacturers, and competent governance, then why would the creation of a black ethnostate within the Americas or Africa be a bad thing?

After all, both blacks and White shitlibs are constantly whinging about White privilege, racist cops, racist juries, racist judges, racist teachers and school administrators that are unfairly disciplining and marking down black students, racist university faculties that are discriminating against black students and black faculty, racist hiring practices and portrayals of blacks in the media, racist award ceremonies, et cetera. That's a lot of systematic anti-black racism!

White privilege and anti-black racism is not only systematic but omnipresent in the leftist worldview. And according to mainstream leftist philosophy on racism, every single White person on this planet is inherently and incurably racist. So, if you actually believed that, then why on Earth would you want to subject black people to that sort of racist oppression by forcing them to live in the same societies as Whites? I mean, even in South Africa where Whites now only comprise about 8% of the population, White shitlibs and blacks are still constantly whinging about inherent White supremacy and White privilege horribly affecting black South Africans - which implies that those problems will pretty much always exist as long as White people are still around, even in very small numbers.

Wouldn't it make a lot more sense to help blacks to completely escape the evaaal clutches of Whiteness by helping them to create their own ethnostate where they'd be free to have their own police force, their own courts, their own education system, their own financial and business sectors, their own media, their own government, and their own culture?

Of course I'm not the first person to make these points. Segregationists made these same exact arguments several decades ago, and the left responded to them by arguing that the separate but equal policies of the American segregation system still discriminated against blacks in numerous ways. For example, I remember being brainwashed in school about how black schools would receive the worn down chalk and old text books of White schools under these separate but equal policies. And the desegregationists argued that Whites had free access to all of the best agricultural land, businesses, schools, and government institutions under segregation - which made black inequality and failure inevitable.

Well, what if we could fix all of those problems by ensuring that black schools received not only the same amount of funding per student, but even more funding per student than White students? What if we ensured that this black ethnostate had access to arable land, trade ports, and natural resources? And what if we Whites agreed to give this black ethnostate a huge amount of financial and technological aid every single year in order to ensure that they had a good economy? And what if we agreed to do this for the next 500 years in order to more than compensate for the legacy of colonization, slavery, and discrimination? How would that be immoral or oppressive towards blacks in any way?

To reject that extremely generous arrangement, you'd have to lack confidence in the inherent aptitude of blacks to govern themselves and maintain a highly successful society. And that's the real underlying source of contention here. Deep down, both White libcucks and blacks know that blacks simply aren't capable of keeping up with Whites. I mean, there literally isn't a single highly successful black country anywhere in the entire world - which strongly points towards chronic black failure being biological rather than environmental. And the ugly science of intelligence testing proved that blacks really are inherently mentally inferior to Whites. And that's the dark undercurrent of this whole debate over segregation; both White shitlibs and blacks know that blacks tend to descend into 3rd world status when they're left to their own devices. And so that's why they view access to Whiteness as a fundamental human right that everyone on this planet is born with. And that's why they're so militantly opposed to segregation.

And the other dark undercurrent of this whole debate over segregation is how the left is using the concept of racism in order to destroy the White race. As I stated earlier, according to the mainstream leftist view on racism, all White people are inherently and incurably racist. And so if White racism and bigotry is the worse sin imaginable, and all White people are inherently and incurably racist and bigoted, then the only way to solve the problem of Whiteness is to completely destroy the White race and Western civilization. That's the real end goal here in this supposedly "noble" "anti-racism" (i.e., anti-White) "human rights" crusade; removing all obstacles to open borders, mass immigration, forced diversity, miscegenation, and wealth redistribution by demonizing, pathologizing, and literally criminalizing White racism and racial segregation.

Relentlessly crying about White racism and bigotry - both its omnipresent and everlasting nature - while simultaneously doing everything that you can to shove as many non-Whites as possible into White societies (including White schools) only makes sense if you lack confidence in the ability of non-Whites to create their own equally successful societies and are cynically exploiting the greatly exaggerated specter of White racism and bigotry in order to subvert the interests and very existence of the White race itself. If the races really are equal at the genetic level, and if White supremacy is an eternal evil, then you should actually support ethnonationalist movements like the Alt-Right and racial segregation in order to fully liberate black people. If you take leftist philosophy on race seriously, then opposing this form of benevolent segregation is a form of anti-black racism and oppression.

I also want to preemptively respond to anyone that would argue that agreeing to financially support this black ethnostate for hundreds of years is absolutely retarded because it would cost us billions upon billions of dollars.

Alt-Hype did a great job of estimating the fiscal impact of each race (excluding Asians) on America's annual budget. According to his very conservative estimates, blacks in America are taking at least $306.53 billion more out of the U.S. budget every single year through various handouts than they contribute through taxes. And according to his estimates, it's probably closer to $389.71 billion! And that doesn't even include our extremely generous foreign aid packages that we're sending to black countries all around the world. So, blacks are already costing us an absolute fortune every single year.

And so we'd actually probably save money if we agreed to give this black ethnostate $250 billion annually for the next 500 years. Heck, I'll be generous and agree to give blacks even more than that. How's $500 billion every year sound? Fuck it, have a full 1 trill every single year. If that's how much we have to fork over in order to entice blacks to finally get the fuck away from us, then so be it.

Also, you simply can't put a price tag on removing the cancer that is blackness from our society. We know for a fact that blacks are having a dysgenic effect on our gene pool. And according to Richard Lynn, the hidden crisis of dysgenics is affecting black Americans even more than it is White Americans. And so the chronic problems of black failure are just going to get worse and worse for us as time goes on. Jared Taylor also did an absolutely fantastic job of identifying the hidden costs of racial diversity in his opening remarks on a debate over whether or not racial diversity is a strength.

And while it's become popular to celebrate the cultural contributions of black Americans in recent decades, I don't see how it's possible for any sane and rational person to pretend that mainstream black culture (i.e., degenerate black hip hop [lack of] culture) has had a positive influence on America, Whites, or the world as a whole.

So, to White identitarians like us, preserving the uniquely beautiful White phenotype and bringing back our traditional high culture is absolutely priceless.

Wulf102 #racist

When the average male is presented with - A white girl who weighs 180lbs, tattoos and a drinking problem that they have to put significant work into just to pay for her dinner vs an Asian girl who is 110 pounds, who worships you as a god, it's not a real contest.

I'm as pro-White and anti-race mixing as it gets, but Asian women usually treat White Men the way we think we should be treated. When a guy is faced with a choice with his right hand for the rest of his life or an Asian woman, he's taking the Asian woman 10x over and 5 times on Sunday. All men have needs and it's hard to blame them for that. And when a White man chooses an Asian woman, to me it's clear that they think Asian women are doing a better job of fulfulling the role of a White woman than a White woman is.

White men are not going to be losers out of all of this. White Women will be. And you know why? Because I can find a 20's girl for a 300lb 70 year old White dude somewhere in Asia, but a barren woman doesn't have the same luxury. And I think after a generation or two of losing, White liberal women are going to learn the hard way.

I believe Whites are the best overall race, but after living in Japan, I believe Japanese are closer to us than any other group.

Always remember that all generalizations, stereotypes and meme's are usually based on truths. Non-Chinese Asian women are what you've heard(Not Chinese, their culture is just too different from ours). They know their place and they know their role. I don't support race mixing, but I totally get what the average White person is thinking when they choose an Asian woman over White Woman who appears to be doing her own real life cosplay of Poeye-ovich the Communist Sailor Man.

Jim #sexist

This is not turning into a pua blog. I studied pua long before there was such a word, or such a community, but what I have learned is not easy to express verbally, and anyway other people are one hell of a lot better at it than I am.

The main thing I have learned is that women are incompetent and wicked at making sexual and romantic choices, and should never have been emancipated.

Also the concept of “consent” is not easily mapped onto the real life sexual and romantic behavior of women, and therefore should not be given legal or moral weight. Short of a full marriage ceremony where vows are made before God and man under parental guidance, it is really difficult to say whether a woman consented or not, and makes little practical difference.

Sometimes I watch chick flicks either for social reasons, or to learn the nature of women. The evidence provided by such movies is useful, because I don’t want to discuss my private life, and if I do discuss my private life my commenters are going to say “but those women are no good skanks. Most girls who go to nice universities don’t behave like that”. The movies on the other hand obviously target the norm, the typical female. They have been focus tested as to what gets their audience panties wet.


The anime romance, “Yona of the Dawn”: (which inspired this post) Love interest number one murders Yona’s father. This gives her the total hots. Love interest number one is about to murder her also. Her response is disturbingly erotic, and seriously lacking inclination towards self preservation. Her father’s dead body is lying around during this scene, but she pays it almost no attention. Love interest number two rescues her. You might suppose that this terminates the romance with love interest number one, but you would be wrong. She has a knack for unrescuing herself.

Now you know why female voters vote to import Mohammedans.

“Mike and Dave need Wedding Dates”. Alpha males with massive preselection fall so in love that they turn into beta bucks friendzoned chumps, and the female protagonist fucks someone else.

“The Wedding Date” Mr Beta bucks is so in love he marries the woman who cuckolded him and who shows every indication that she intends to continue to cuckold him.

I am not cherry picking the worst movies. These are just the last three, except for another that was pretty similar. Disloyalty, infidelity, desire for murderers, self destructiveness, desire for violent evil men, and sexual desire overriding duty to kin, friends, and lovers.

One hundred roses monogamy comes from coercively restraining women from bad behavior, which comes from understanding that women are prone to bad behavior. Without external coercion, we tend to get stuck in defect/defect equilibrium.

The Victorian strategy of persuading women to behave well by ascribing good behavior to women bit the Victorians on the ass badly.

Roosh #sexist

A girl recently told me that she hopes her female dog would breed. Otherwise, the dog may have a false pregnancy where she pretends she is pregnant and shows increasingly unstable behavior. This was the first time I learned about the scientific condition in dogs called pseudopregnancy. I was immediately struck by how similar it is to the behavior of adult human women who don’t have babies, especially ones who live in the affluent West. After studying this condition extensively, I speculate that women who don’t fulfill their biological program of having children exhibit the disturbing signs of false pregnancy by becoming insane.

The symptoms of false pregnancy stem from hormonal changes. The female dog, which I will refer to as the “bitch” from this point on, experiences enlarged mammary glands and may secrete milk. Her abdominum swells, she gains weight, the vagina discharges a fluid, and there may be nausea and vomiting. The bitch may even exhibit cravings for certain foods alongside increased appetite.

Emotional changes are soon to follow. The bitch shows overt emotional attachment and even defensiveness for abstract objects like toys or clothing. Her nesting instinct causes her to hoard random objects like tennis balls, and she will often appear confused or disoriented. Other symptoms include aggression, depression, restlessness, and anxiety.

When I read the symptoms of canine false pregnancy, I realized that the majority of childless women over the age of 25 exhibit the exact same symptoms. The most obvious symptom that we can visually observe is weight gain. It is hard, if not impossible, to find a female past her fertile prime that is of normal weight. Next, the human female shows emotional attachment to objects that are outside of her personal domain of home and family, specifically minorities and Islamic migrants. A childless woman collects animals and third world migrants like a bitch collects tennis balls, as if she is their mother trying to protect them from danger, but of course poor brown people are not her children, and may view her as stupid.


The barren human female also displays aggression against those who threaten her “children.” If you try to take away a tennis ball of a bitch who has false pregnancy, she will attack you. The same happens if you try to “take away” the brown migrants that a human female has coveted. She will be vicious in calling you racist, fascist, literally Hitler, and whatever bad man of history that she happens to remember from her history classes in high school.


Understand that aggression is the most dominant trait of the false pregnancy, because the bitch actually believes that someone is trying to kill her “offspring.” In human females, you see displays so full of anger and violence that even include calls for an uprising that overthrows or kills a democratically elected president. The nurturing instinct, which is useful in women who have children, goes horribly wrong in women who fail to have children.


If a woman doesn’t hoard brown migrants, she will procure a cat or dog and pretend that the animal is a human child. It is now common to see women dress up their pets as if they’re actual humans and talk to them using a baby voice. The motherly instinct becomes hijacked by these furry animals.


The other symptoms of false pregnancy, such as depression, restlessness, and anxiety, seem to perfectly describe childless Western females, who are so mentally ill that at least 25% of them need to be medicated with pharmaceutical drugs. The combination of their sterility and the extreme enabling of their behavior in Western culture has created a perfect storm that is leading to societal mass hysteria.

It turns out that false pregnancy is common in the mammalian world, occurring not only in dogs but also cats, mice, swine, and yes, humans. In human cases, the woman has to think she is falsely pregnant to be diagnosed with the disorder, but I believe that a woman experiences the same symptoms without actually thinking she is pregnant. When reading the scientific literature on female dogs, I had to remind myself that it wasn’t about human females—that’s how similar the clinical presentation of the symptoms are.

If you know a woman who is showing signs of false pregnancy, I recommend you do an intervention to remind her that she is not pregnant, brown migrants are not her children, and Donald Trump is not a threat to her pug. Unfortunately, there is no cure unless she actually becomes pregnant, but that would require her to emotionally bond with another human being and sacrifice for its needs in a way that goes beyond superficial virtue signalling. That may be asking for the impossible, but unless women start having babies, I expect them to continue descending into greater levels of madness.

Ambassador Naftali Tamir #racist

[Israel's ambassador to Canberra, Australia's "masterful strategy" to gain financial leverage in Asia.]

Israel and Australia are like sisters in Asia, we are in Asia without the characteristics of Asians. We don't have yellow skin and slanted eyes. Asia is basically the yellow race. Australia and Israel are not - we are basically the white race. We are on the western side of Asia and they are on the southeastern side.

Stryker1488 #racist

And that is very intelligent, though there are some corrections. And you are finally getting warm as to the reason why the Jews/Asiatics have a control on Whites since ancient times.

The Jews are Caucasoid Asians from West Asia (Middle-East). The Semites actually split off from the Cro-Magnon/Old Europeans Caucasoids 35,000 ya in West Asia. All Caucasoids originated in the Middle-East/West Asia or Asia side of Caucasus mountains 45,000 ya and migrated from there.

And its not the Ice Giants, its The SERPENT - Tiamat aka Chaos Serpent/Monster later known as Satan/Devil/Lucifer. Yawheh/Jesus defeats the Serpent/Satan in the Final Battle/Armageddon or Thor slays Jörmungandr the Serpent at the Final Battle/Ragnarok.

It can also be scientifically interpreted i.e. Cosmology - primordial chaos at the Big Bang becoming ordered into the Universe....though the chaos still persists in subtle, dangerous & still unknown ways....until its totally eradicated in future.

This is not the religious forums, but anyway in brief:

And all Asian religions - both Semitic-Abrahamic (Judaism/Christianity/Islam) & Indo-European (Hinduism/Buddhist philosophy) - worship the same God - Yahweh/Allah/Brahman - The One, despite many external differences.

Hear O'Israel the Lord our God is One - Bible

In the beginning Brahman who is One without a second alone existed. When darkness was rolling over darkness there was Existence only - Rig Veda

The Asian Semitic/Abrahamic religions have the flood, tree of life, serpent, etc and also the Asian Indo-European Hindu religions. Its present also in the European Indo-European religions like Greek/Norse/Germanic, plus other commonalities. And note that the Trinity also appears in the Christian, Hindu, Egyptian, Greek/Roman religion as well - Jupiter (Zeus), Juno, and Minerva. That means they have a common origin even earlier with the first Caucasians who originated in West Asia and its at least 35,000 years old & in fact are all actually the same religions in different forms & interpretations.

Thus one main point of various interpretations of these religions is God who is a Monotheistic "One" [Judaism/Islam] that splits into a Trinity [Christianity/Hinduism] and into even further polytheistic 333 million forms [Hinduism & other Indo-European religions]. Tao & Shinto, the Mongoloid religions also have relations to these.

The other important factor is whether girls & women should be suppressed (Patriarchal societies) or liberated
(Matriarchal societies). Out of the Caucasoids the Semites are very strongly Patriarchal & harshly suppress girls/women The original Aryans were also strongly Patriarchal & suppressed girls/women, but after invading Europe, merging with the Cro-Magnon/Old Europeans (Matriarchal) & becoming Christian, they became more liberal towards women.

However the Aryans in Asia (Persians, Indians, North Indians, Pakkis, Afghans) are still strongly Patriarchal & suppress women. Dravidians (South Indians) are the only Matriarchal society in Asia who are more liberal with females. Hamites (Ancieent Egyptians, Berbers) & Mediterraneans were also Patriarchies. Virtually all the East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) & other Mongoloid societies in Asia are strongly Patriarchal. Most Negroid societies are also Patriarchal.

The main ambition of the Jews & other Asiatics is to introduce their barbaric, misogynist, Asiatic Patriarchal societies into White countries as they have been trying for the past 1000s of years.

Thus you cannot say Jews alone are the sole chosen people, even though they have many important points in the Bible, as other Caucasoids - the Aryans, Old Europeans, Dravidians, Mediterraneans & Hamites also interpreted the same religion in different ways. But everyone has also unfortunately made huge mistakes while interpreting them and thus its obvious that final destruction is quite close. Its all a very intricate & complex web spanning tens of thousands of years.

The Jews/Semites/West Asians had some excellent points in the Bible like the Creation story & the Ten commandments. However they misinterpreted & messed it up & have been fooling God for the past thousands of years. The original Indo-Eurpeans/Aryans who migrated from South/Central Asia to Europe via the Pontic Caspian Steppes, also had some great points in the Indo-European religions (that later gave rise to Hinduism & Buddhism) - however they also ruined it. Its too late to rectify I think, thus Armageddon/Ragnarok is now inevitable.

Patrick Scrivener #conspiracy


Nothing gets a Jesuit more excited than an explosion. That is why they teach that the universe was created by the 'big bang." For over a century, the Militia of Jesus has been intimately involved in the splitting of the atom and atomic research. Not for peaceful purposes . . . but to produce the biggest explosion.

Jesuit Guy Fawkes is the "'patron saint" of all the makers of weapons of mass destruction.

On November 5, 1605, Fawkes planned to decapitate the entire British government by planting 36 barrels of gunpowder in the Parliament cellar.

Following the coup d'etat in Dallas, Texas, Johnson was planning to decapitate the entire U.S. Government and reestablish the Confederacy with its capital at Richmond, Virginia!!

The Gunpowder Plot was to be the prelude to a British Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre.

Prior to the atomic age, would-be dictators always mobilized the army to eliminate all the members of the former regime. Johnson was still determined to eliminate his opponents, but the job was made much easier by the nuclear weapons at his disposal.

Naturally, Lyin' Lyndon would blame it all on the Russians.


Lyndon Johnson warned his supporters to evacuate or head for the fallout shelters!!

Lyndon "Guy Fawkes" Johnson planned on "decapitating" the entire U.S. government with a "big bang" version of the 1605 Gunpowder Plot. Instead of gunpowder, he planned on using a small thermonuclear missile fired from Cuba. Naturally, he would blame it all on the Russians.

Getting rid of President Kennedy was only the first stage in his military coup d'etat. Getting rid of his supporters was the next step. J. Edgar Hoover and his FBI (Federal Bureau of Inquisition), kept a list of all those in Washington who supported or opposed the death of the Republic.

Johnson warned all his supporters in the Kennedy Administration to avoid the city on that momentous day.

November 22 was to be Guy Fawkes Day in the U.S.

Johnson warned his supporters in the Kennedy Administration to avoid the city on that day.

One of the most notable was Dean Rusk, the President's own Secretary of State, and Press Secretary Pierre Salinger, who always stuck like glue to the President on all his previous trips.

Kennedy's Cabinet were on their way to Asia when they heard the "sad news" that their boss was dead. Their plane turned around and headed back home, reaching Washington on the evening of November 22. To their great disappointment, the city was still standing.

Confederate Johnson would have shed few tears at the destruction of the city as he planned on making Richmond, Virginia, the rebel capital once again.

Defense Secretary Robert McNamara was also in Washington City at that time.

Kennedy's Cabinet were on their way to Asia when they heard the "sad news" that their boss was dead.

Their plane turned around and headed back home, reaching Washington on the evening of Nov. 22.

To their great disappointment, the city was still standing.

The Cabinet members who providentially avoided Washington City were: Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Treasury Secretary C. Douglas Dillon, Agriculture Secretary Orville Freeman, Interior Secretary Stewart Udall, Council of Economic Advisers Chairman Walter Heller, Treasury Undersecretary Henry Fowler, and other officials and spouses.

President Kennedy's children were also in Washington City at that time but Jackie never cared much for President Kennedy . . . or his children.

With Washington City destroyed, it would have been the perfect opportunity for Confederate Johnson to revive the Confederacy once again, with its capital at Richmond.


The Vietnam War was used to distract the people from the Thermonuclear Plot!!

Most people associate Lyndon Johnson with the disastrous Vietnam War. That war killed millions of Vietnamese Buddhists and almost bankrupted the United States. President Eisenhower extricated the U.S. from an Asian War and warned that another such war would be ruinous to the country. Lyin' Lyndon hated everything that President Eisenhower stood for.

The U.S. Guy Fawkes loved to blow things up and he certainly got his chance in Vietnam.

That war cost the lives of over 3,000,000 Vietnamese Buddhists and over 58,000 U.S. soldiers.

The war was just an excuse to distract the people from the events of November 22, 1963. It also made the military-industrial complex in Texas very, very rich.

Strategically, there was no rhyme or reason to the Vietnam War. The British didn't even send a medical unit to the conflict. His Texas friends supplying the military hardware became very, very rich, but Johnson said that the government did not have enough money to develop the Boeing 747 passenger aircraft.

The U.S. Guy Fawkes also assassinated the President's brother!!

From the very beginning, a bitter hatred and rivalry developed between the U.S. Guy Fawkes and Robert Kennedy. Robert Kennedy was attorney general at the time of the assassination, with the power to arrest all the assassins.

Due to massive anti-Vietnam War protests, Johnson announced that he would not run for reelection in 1968. Immediately afterward, Robert Kennedy announced his candidacy for the Presidency. As President, Robert Kennedy could have brought Johnson and the other assassins to justice.

Even in death, the feud between Johnson and Robert Kennedy continued.

Robert Kennedy was supposed to have a state funeral, with burial beside his brother in Arlington National Cemetery.

Lydnon Johnson made sure that Kennedy was buried at night in a more remote part of the cemetery.

Johnson was totally opposed to the idea that his arch-rival would be buried next to his own brother:

Johnson was equally concerned—or offended—by Bobby Kennedy's burial site. On the morning of June 6, within hours of Bobby Kennedy's death, within hours of declaring Kennedy "a noble and compassionate leader, a good and faithful servant of the people," the president phoned Clark Clifford and demanded to know whether Bobby had the right to be buried at Arlington. "I was stunned" Clifford recalled, "I was dumbfounded." The president's call marked "one of the saddest experiences in my long friendship" with Lyndon Johnson. (Shesol, Mutual Contempt, p. 457).

After a mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, Robert Kennedy's remains were put on a train bound for Washington City. The train was scheduled to arrive at 4:40 p.m., but "sticking brakes" on the casket-bearing car caused it to be delayed by 4 hours. It did not arrive in the city until 9:10 p.m.

As President, Robert Kennedy could have brought Johnson and the other assassins to justice. It never happened because Robert Kennedy was silenced until Judgment Day.

Linda Rivera #fundie

Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

It would be an honour to meet strong, patriotic Englishwoman, Katie Hopkins! A true Englishwoman! Due to our traitor leaders colonizing our Tiny island with the Huge Muslim Third World, England is no longer an English city. The English are a minority in their own beloved capital city of London.

A MASSIVE VICTORY for the Global Muslim community and the Muslim goal of Muslim Conquest of Every Non-Muslim nation and ALL non-Muslims Enslaved under Barbaric Sharia. Muslims voted THEIR Muslim mayor into power — London’s Mayor Khan, the son of Pakistani Muslim immigrants is linked to many Muslim terrorists. Our danger increases by the day. Our leaders DON’T CARE!!!

Mayor Khan is rabidly Anti-Jew, Anti-Christian, Anti-White and Anti-English!!! There is NO ONE to protect native Brits!!! Form Defense Groups. Immediately!!!

Catharsis #fundie

Yes and no. It depends on what you mean by privilege. Much of the kvetching about "white privilege" is just the fact that whites are more successful than blacks and Hispanics. Of course, lefties always ignore Asians. The left attributes this gap in success with "institutional racism" because whites built the country to benefit themselves and their offspring. Of course, when your world view relies on the delusion of believing that races are all exactly the same except skin color, this gap in success makes no sense sans environmental factors. The concept of white privilege in this instance is simply an attempt to explain away group performance without acknowledging different groups' capabilities. This phenomena of different group behavior and group capabilities, and people's respective response to it, is simply slapped together and called" white privilege."
Then there's the more innocuous forms of "white privilege" Peggy McIntosh derails in he work. I simply call this "majority privilege." When she decries Band-Aids being light to match white skin tones or shampoos working better on European hair, essentially what she's doing is decrying the fact that this (the US) is a white country built by whites for whites, and it is still majority white. God forbid the majority group in the country get catered to. As if hair care products in Nigeria wouldn't cater to nappy hair, or that it's even wrong to suggest they shouldn't. Give me a break. So she's half-right in pointing out that whiteness is a dominant force in the country; where we'd all disagree with her is that it's a bad thing. Notice how this kind of kvetching is only aimed at white countries and never other nations comprised of other racial groups. When people complain about this kind of "white privilege," what it's really saying is "You, white people, are not allowed sovereign nations of your own. Give up your nations and become minorities immediately." It's purely anti-white propaganda.

various commenters #racist

Re: 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' Has Creepy Racial Things Going On | Plan A Magazine

This movie is an excellent reminder of the lingering pseudo-, false-, 1980’s style liberal take on AF representation of what it’s supposed to be like for an Asian-American (Canadian) teen. Movies like this were made to frame the narrative of WMs were the natural partner for AFs back then (a tsunami of them,with nothing showing the opposite or any different couplings). People haven’t discussed the normalization of this in Disney, Nickelodeon and other kids channels which also exclusively pair young Asian girls with white boys with no Asian boy in sight (except maybe Ravi an Indian-American boy, there are no East Asian-American looking boy). Solid work of imprinting and propaganda work to frame Asian boys and girls psyche on their future place in the American gendered racial caste system.

This is a great article. This story seems to literally be the dream world of white worshipping AF who want a world with only white men and only Asian women. She even made the father white so there’s literally no Asian men.

Excellent, well-written piece. The actress doesn't do the movie any service (not that it is worthy of any) by saying she and the author demands more male Asian romantic leads in American films, yet have none to show in this one. As was said in the article, the movie is portraying whiteness as peak masculinity, whereas the minority races are seen as nonexistent or feminine. I can't imagine how much these genuine issues will be ignored and deemed as "overreaction" by the general audience, some of whom are of our own race.

Wow, that was very well-written. He hit the nail right on the head by labeling it “racial neo-liberalism”. That’s exactly what it is. Putting aside the author’s own self-hate, there’s an obvious reason why this film is so marketable- it’s “progressive” in the most bare-minimum way, to be palatable to a wider, racially ignorant audience. They’re just trying to make a quick buck off the backs of minorities, while erasing the real experiences of Asians/hapas in a Eurocentric society. It’s written like a white person’s fantasy of what it’s like to be a half Asian woman.

Also, lmao at the mom dying from slipping on the kitchen floor. Wtf?

the neo liberalism is too real.... they'll tell you that being progressive means seeing past our skin colour and putting our color blind goggles on. Basically: promote post racial individualism under the guise of true equality, when in reality its just gentrification, white flight, cultural appropriation, and assimilation. So asians eventually don't even identify as asians. Honestly, neo-liberalism kind of props up white supremacy in an indirect way...

Exactly. Neoliberalism= “we’ll only tolerate the profitable aspects of your culture”.

The only way you can make it to the top is if you work in the interests of white supremacy. Why do you think AA “acceptance” has a female face? Because Asian women have been sexually commodified.

Jenny Han is a fucking racial fetishizing creep. Period. Seriously she comes off extremely off and creepy.

Let's disagree with her ideas, no need to personally attack her.

Remember, she grew up in the 80s in Virginia, and she's the product of that environment.

Doesn’t matter. She’s still doing severe damage to the Asian community and she’s being backed and supported by white supremacy. Sure there’s a reason why she is the way she is, but would you forgive the Joker because he used to be a good man who fell into a vat of toxic chemicals? Besides, her actions are creepy and fetishistic, nothing he said was wrong. Just look at how she creepily fetishizes her hapa nephews, comparing them to white actors.

I can already see all the news articles about some Asian girl getting killed by her white boyfriend/husband/uncle/brother-in-law/family friend/father. All thanks to people like Jen the Hun *thumbs up*

Gee, what "positive" representation that is /s.

Lv99_BixNood #sexist #racist

[Blackpill] Why feminism fucked up Asia more than it fucked up the West

Asians are genetically feminine (short, neotenous, low T), but until their soyification after WW2 they always had a masculine driven culture that valued honor and strength. Now this warrior culture has been replaced by capitalism and foid worship. It's the same in the West, but whites are generally more biologically masculine than Asians so they can afford acting soy and still be somewhat attractive to women (obviously not true for incels, but for normies and Chads). That's also why whites can wear gay hairstyles like manbuns and still look attractive while an Asian with manbun just looks like an utter faggot.

tldr: Having a masculine culture was much more important for Asians than it was for whites because it balanced out their feminine traits.

Dota #fundie

No. It was a call for some honest reflection. Being a minority sucks, "I was hoping that you’d reflect on the fact that you have it much better here in the US than minorities in other parts of the world. Whites genuinely make an attempt to accommodate minority grievances and incorporate said grievances into mainstream discourse. This simply does not happen in the non western world (ie the rest of the planet).

All the alt right wants is that the people who created the US and its institutions get to maintain their cultural hegemony. This is certainly the case everywhere else in the world and unlike South Asia and Middle East, minorities won’t get their throats cut here. You are not barred from education and economic opportunities like the dalits of India and neither does the state interfere in your way of life like China with the Uighurs.

Anyhow, once the Indians and Chinese come to power in the US after the decline of whites, do you think they’ll give 2 shits about black grievance mongering? The Asians and Hispanics will simply laugh at you when you try and peddle your historical injustice narrative to them. Are you naive enough to think that these people will eschew their tribal loyalties and join some rainbow people of colour coalition with blacks? Hardly. For your own sake, you’d best pray that whites continue to remain the dominant majority in the US.

Autodidactic #racist

Watch Jesus come back and be a racist.

Jesus called one woman in the bible a dog, and didn't want to heal her child.

Let's define the term racism first, most don't even really seem to understand what it means:

a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.
a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

I used to think all racist people were the scum of the earth and ignorant, now I'm almost in my mid 30's and I've realized how stupid being PC and not stereotyping groups of people based on the observations you've observed over and over is not only stupid, but not using the scientific method.

You can also look at the IQ's of various races and see a huge difference, though I don't believe the AshkeNAZI's IQ numbers, I'm sure they likely just cherry picked who got tested for their IQ score average, they would break a cheetah's legs just to claim they are faster then cheetahs, and they are chemically dumbing down the rest of us with fluoride, vaccines, and other poisons.

Man was made in God's image, what does that mean? I'll tell you, "That which is above is like that which is below" this is dealing with the fractal nature of reality, we are far down the line fractals of God, fractals are not exactly like the starting point from which they came from and they progressively get smaller and smaller and more distorted from where they came from, who's image they were made in.

If you it were possible to quantify God (I'm not sure if it is) He would be measurement and proportion, but what proportion and measurement? The Golden ratio, the most perfect ratio. Therefore the closest to God's image would be the closest to the Golden ratio. What would someone closest to the Golden ratio look like? The ancient Greeks built everything to the Golden ratio, weapons, buildings, and of course statues, so look at some ancient Greek statues and you will see that the Golden ratio represented in humans would have a very short torso, very long arms that almost reach the knee and long legs.

Which group of people does this describe? You will find these characteristics most closely in the Scandinavian people, other races of white people are close as well, and then in the Han people (chinese).

The people that are furthest away from the golden ratio, thus far inferior are the Ashkenazi jews, they have extremely long almost serpentine torsos, and are not God's chosen at all, but liars and serpents. They are also the most sickly people on earth, they have so many Askenazi specific diseases and deformities comparatively to other races.

This is the true reason for why you get body scanned at the airport, if you are really close to the Golden ratio, they will take you to the back to scan your hands, what sense would that make, you clearly don't have a bomb in your hand, the hand is a microcosm of the body, if your hands measure to the Golden ratio the rest of you will as well and vice versa. They were looking for a specific person with them who had a lot of bone measurements of 19" (man didn't create the measurements we use, those came down from my guess the word of God) and perfectly proportioned to the golden ratio is my guess, they are likely databasing those who are very close to the golden ratio.

Another way you can tell which races are superior is look at what they've accomplished in the past, the great civilizations like the ancient Greeks, ancient Chinese, Persians, even the people of India built great buildings and innovated so much, and had great scientific achievements. Then you look at where the black races are even today, living in bamboo huts in the jungle, the Hispanic races aren't very much further along then that, and the native Americans didn't advance very far either. The Roman's just stole most of their information from the ancient Greeks, though they couldn't reproduce things near to the level the Greeks had.

You can also tell who are the most hated by the furthest away from the golden ratio group (AshkeNAZIs) by how the world is today. Why do you think every group in the US that has victim status is one of the sub-par groups? The blacks, hispanics, and Jews all have affirmative action going for them, if you are hispanic or black you get to go to college for free, and hispanics are becoming a majority. They also have quotas for them, you must hire a certain percent of them. The only two groups of people that get nothing but stepped on are white males and Asians, Asians are more of a minority in the US then hispanics. The AshkeNAZI's fear those two groups the most and want to keep them down. They also want those races to interbreed with the lesser races of man, as it says in the protocals of zion, they say that was debunked, debunked by who, they give no explanation, just that it's been debunked, lies.

What do you think this flood of refugees into predominately white Europe is all about? This is all part of their plan. What do you think Nazi Germany was doing? They were funded by these same Zionists, they were killing some Jews, but those were real Jews, not these fake ass Serpents calling themselves Jews. They were also killing the best and brightest people they found, intellectuals, professors, anyone who was smart, this is because those people were older souls, more advanced, they want to destroy the old, strongest purest bloodlines.

Reincarnation is real, that is why the bloodlines are so important to the illuminati, you can only reincarnate through your line, When you mate with someone your DNA gets stored in those of your children, and their children and their children and so on down the line until you reincarnate again with the same DNA, though you are an older wiser soul, your body would get closer and closer to the golden ratio each time you reincarnate, if they destroy a lot of the older stronger bloodlined people, those people can not reincarnate again. That is why they want to kill the strongest, oldest bloodlines off, as they would be the ones that could challenge them.

Well that's all I can think of to type right now, I went off -topic a bit and wrote a bit more then I though I would, will add more if I don't get banned, or have the thread deleted or unbumpable, which happens a lot to me here.

This is also the reason why in the bible it was very important to people to marry well, why they got mad at Moses for marrying an Ethiopian woman. Why parents cared so much about who their kids married. If you children who are carrying your DNA in them marry one of the lower races, you will be a lesser, and diluted person when you reincarnate.

The bible affirms reincarnation: "I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you these things for the churches. I am the root and the descendant of David

How can you be the root of David and a descendant of David? He is saying in a former life he was the root of David, in this life he is a descendant of David, reincarnation.

Ricardo Duchesne #racist #crackpot #wingnut

The white race is uniquely altruistic. Why? This is a very difficult question to answer. It is easy to understand altruistic behavior for the benefit of one's family members. This is common among animals. Mother bears will put their lives in danger to protect their cubs from attack. Sacrifices for one's relatives and in-group ethnic members are also common. The difficult question is: why whites are singularly motivated to perform actions that benefit members of out-groups when such actions harm their ingroup members and families? This is known in dissident circles as "pathological altruism". The Antislavery Movement One would think that the existence of a huge literature on the subject of altruism would have provided us with definite answers about the unique nature of white altruism. Not really. Since any discussion about racial differences is prohibited in academia, this behavior is invariably framed as if it were a disposition among humans in general.

White academics habitually project their altruistic behaviors to humans as humans. Kevin MacDonald is one of a few evolutionary psychologists who understands that whites are singularly altruistic outside their kin-group, and that explaining this behavior requires a Darwinian approach that is wedded to the history of whites. This is the subject of chapter 7 of his book Individualism and the Western Liberal Tradition. He argues that the "moral idealism in the British antislavery movement", which led to the abolition of the slave trade in 1807 and slavery in 1833, offers an excellent case study of the nature and historical origins of white pathological altruism. Without overlooking other psychological motivations which generally come into play among leaders in all movements, such as ambition, personal gain, including the satisfaction of being praised as a selfless individual, MacDonald carefully goes over the antislavery sentiments expressed over many decades, starting in the eighteenth century, by Quakers, Evangelical Anglicans, and Methodists. The leaders of the antislavery movement were sincerely empathetic individuals moved by the suffering of others.

The influential Marxist explanation that the campaign against slavery occurred only when it was no longer advantageous for capitalism to exploit slave labor is seriously flawed. One would expect an evolutionary psychologist to be drawn to an explanation that emphasizes the economic self-interests of whites. But as we have seen in our multipart review of MacDonald's book, this type of explanation misses out the singularity whites have exhibited throughout history in creating communities with ideological norms that encouraged trust beyond one's family network. As we saw in Part 3 of my extended review, whites exhibited WEIRD behaviors early on in their history. Back in the age of hunting and gathering they were more inclined to extend their trust to members of outside tribes (because this was a naturally advantageous strategy in the climes of northwest Europe). In contrast, trust in the non-Western world was restricted to ingroup members. In the course of time, whites came to exhibit more WEIRD traits, such as monogamous behaviors among powerful men despite their natural instinct for polygamy. The Catholic Church nurtured norms inside the "higher" frontal parts of the brain capable of inducing guilt and fear of godly punishment among powerful men who failed to control their sexual drives.
MacDonald's point is not that whites were wrong to seek the abolition of slavery. His aim is to understand the excessive moral preoccupation whites exhibited about the plight of Africans coupled with their current pathological empathy for aggressive immigrants occupying their lands. In light of this reality, and the complete indifference Muslims have to this day about their thousand-year old enslavement of Africans, these Puritan-descended movements do seem incredibly naive, child-like, and devoid of realism. What is there to admire about this?

Avery Foley #fundie

It’s a popular evolutionary idea that dinosaurs are still among us—but not in the way you think. Evolutionists certainly don’t think a T. rex or a Stegosaurus is going to wander into your backyard, but they do think the colorful creatures perched on the bird feeder by your porch represent dinosaurs that are still among us.

“The Age of the Dinosaurs is Now”
A new exhibit, “Dinosaurs Among Us,” at the American Museum of Natural History showcases the idea that dinosaurs are still among us in the form of birds. Their website says,

The evolution of life on Earth is full of amazing episodes. But one story that really captures the imagination is the transition from the familiar, charismatic dinosaurs that dominated the planet for around 170 million years into a new, small, airborne form: birds.
The video below, posted on YouTube by the American Museum of Natural History, features the text “the age of dinosaurs is now.”

And in another of their videos we are told, “The dinosaurs didn’t go extinct 65 million years ago. We still have them around today. You can see them in your backyard; you can see them everywhere.”

To back up this claim that dinosaurs and birds are basically one and the same, the museum provides supposed behavioral and anatomical evidence. But rather than supporting their imagined link between dinos and birds, the so-called evidence they provide really highlights their interpretation of the evidence. They start with the assumption that dinosaurs evolved into birds, and then they view some observable facts through that lens while ignoring the massive differences between the two groups. As with anything in the creation/evolution controversy, the issue isn’t about the evidence, but rather the interpretation of the evidence.

Shared Behavior = Shared Ancestry?
To back up their claim that birds are just dinosaurs, they point to similar behaviors, such as nesting and caring for young—something birds and crocodiles do and something some dinosaurs appear to have done. They say, “Shared behaviors like these are evidence of common ancestry.” They also point to similarities in bird and dinosaur eggs as another “link in the chain of evidence connecting them.” But as we’ve pointed out many times, this is an interpretation of the evidence that simply assumes evolution to be true. They assume we see similarities because of shared ancestry. But there’s certainly another option: such similarities are reflections of a shared Creator. This Creator made all life to live in the same world, eat the same food, drink the same water, and breathe the same air; so we shouldn’t be surprised to see similarities across the animal world. Similarities in no way “prove” evolution. The claim that they do is merely an interpretation of the evidence.

“Big, Bad, . . . and Feathered”
Of course no discussion of dino-birds would be complete without trotting out the feathered dinosaurs. And this exhibit is full of them. Every dinosaur featured in the photos boasts a fluffy, bird-like coat or at least a small clump of feathers. Feathers have become a standard feature on modern depictions of theropod dinosaurs and even occasionally on other dinosaurs; but the evidence is contentious. (And it’s not just creationists who aren’t convinced! Many evolutionists, such as Alan Feduccia, a leading bird evolution expert, deny feathered dinosaurs).

The website mentions that a cousin of T. rex “sported a shaggy coat of the filaments called ‘proto-feathers.’” But considering that these fossilized filaments do not exhibit any of the features of feather anatomy (such as hooks, barbs, or barbules), they could easily—and much more likely—be collagen fibers, a sort of connective tissue commonly found in skin as well as many other places. The supposed “feathers” on “feathered” dinosaurs aren’t feathers at all. They are filaments that, because of evolutionary presuppositions about the history of life, have been labeled as “proto-feathers” on the path to becoming true feathers.

Smart Dinosaurs with Super Lungs
Another part of the “Dinosaurs Among Us” exhibit claims that “kinship . . . goes much deeper” than just eggs and feathers. Computed tomography (CT) scans of birds, crocodiles, and dinosaurs reveal some internal similarities. Indeed, a video on the website goes so far as to claim that certain dinosaurs “all have a brain that is identical to the earliest birds.” One page on their website goes into more detail about what they mean by “identical.”

Birds have large brains for their body size; much of this additional size is in the cerebrum, “the part of the brain responsible for learning,” as well as the optic lobe, which is responsible for sight. Reptiles of the equivalent size do not have this increased brain size.

CT scans of fossilized dinosaur skulls show that “one group of theropods displays the trend toward inflation of the ‘thinking’ brain we see in living birds.” So by “identical” they mean that in some theropods there’s a trend toward having an enlarged cerebrum as birds do. This teaches us nothing about their having descended from a common ancestor. It just shows that, as they say, “Theropod dinosaurs were probably capable of advanced learned behavior.” (Read more about dinosaurs and birdbrains in “Were Birdbrains on the Dinosaur Pre-flight Checklist for Evolution?”)

They move on to show the “unbroken . . . link between birds and dinosaurs” in the “super lungs” of birds, dinosaurs, and birds’ “living relatives”—crocodiles and alligators. They claim that the supposed last common ancestor of birds and crocodiles “also had birdlike lungs.” But crocodile and alligator lungs are nothing like bird lungs!

Bird lungs are completely unique in the animal kingdom. Instead of sequentially breathing in and out to fill and empty lungs like we do, they have a unidirectional airflow that constantly supplies fully oxygenated air to the bird’s hard-working flight muscles and the rest of its body. Air sacs, scattered throughout a bird’s body, briefly store fully oxygenated air and then continue to supply this fresh air to the bird even while the bird exhales carbon dioxide. This remarkably complex and highly efficient design is without equal, even among some reptiles that share some of its features.

Crocodiles also have a unidirectional airflow, but that’s where the similarities stop. Crocodiles have a diaphragm, as we do, to pull air into their bodies. Birds don’t have or need this muscle. Crocodile lungs look like a bag with chambers; bird lungs look utterly different as they branch throughout the body. And this is just a very brief overview. You can learn more in Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell’s illustrated article “Lizard Breath Fails to Support Kinship with Birds.”

To claim that reptile lungs are bird-like is to ignore vast anatomical and functional differences and to concentrate on a few very minor similarities. Each design serves the animals quite well, but no observational evidence has shown any way that these systems could evolve from a common ancestor.

The Similarities Just Don’t Stop!
The above similarities between birds and dinosaurs have been rather underwhelming. But they claim there are more! Actually, they say, “Once you start seeing the resemblances between non-bird dinosaurs and living birds, you won’t be able to stop!” This claim is only true if you are an evolutionist looking for any similarity to connect the dots between the two groups.

The website highlights another section of the exhibit, “Dinosaur Bones, Beaks, and Claws.” Their list includes the discovery of what might be hollow bones in some dinosaurs, toothless beaks in some dinosaurs, and claws. Birds have hollow bones which, containing air sacs, are integral to their respiratory system and, as a bonus, are quite lightweight, allowing them to fly. Dinosaurs might have hollow bones, but our bones are not solid structures either. The “hollow” spaces in our bones are filled with marrow, as dinosaur bones likely were too, though marrow isn’t commonly fossilized. Birds, however, have pneumatic bones. These bones are filled with air and are an essential part of their unique respiratory system—a system dinosaurs did not share.

Another similarity that they note is the surprising presence of a wishbone, or furcula, in theropods. The furcula is formed from the fusion of the collarbones (clavicles). Many evolutionists consider this the “smoking gun” for the dino-to-bird evolution story because the furcula has only been found on birds and theropod dinosaurs.

In birds, the furcula shows great diversity in size and shape, depending on the bird’s method of flight (or lack thereof). The flight muscles are anchored to this bone. In some birds it acts as a spring, allowing the powerful flight muscles to flex without snapping the bone. There is evidence that birds also use this bone to augment air movement during breathing.

Clearly scientists could not know that theropod dinosaurs used their furculae for flight or avian respiration. Since all we have is fossil evidence, it is difficult to definitively determine the purpose of the theropod furcula, but some scientists have suggested it increased forelimb mobility. Evolutionist Alan Feduccia has noted that even though some theropods have furculae, their distinctly un-birdlike shoulder anatomy makes it “unlikely that any of these structures could have articulated or functioned in a manner similar to the bird furcula or the hypertrophied furcula of the first bird, Archaeopteryx.”1 Others, assuming an evolutionary relationship between birds and dinosaurs, suggest dinosaurs used them to aid breathing as they suspect birds do. Interestingly, one paper notes that “only the early ornithurines possess a furcula typical of extant avian clades.”2 In everyday language this means that only “early ornithurines”—birds in a biblical view—have wishbones typical of living birds. Of course, this is not surprising.

Just because birds and theropods both possess furculae does not mean that they are related to one another. God simply used a similar design in two distinct groups of animals. Anatomical differences indicate that their furculae would have differed in not only structure but also function. Instead of searching for similarities between theropods and birds, scientists should study dinosaur furculae to determine what God designed this bone to do, because, whatever its function, it was perfectly designed to do what it was created for.

They go on to claim, “The similarities are especially striking when it comes to legs, feet, and claws.” But bird and dinosaur legs really aren’t that similar. Bipedal dinosaurs did walk on their toes, like birds do, so we expect some similarity in the structure of the foot and ankle. But the femur (thigh bone) and knee of a bird are inside its body and are essential to its breathing structure. The femur of the dinosaur (which is anatomically almost identical to a human, though this is not pointed out), as well as its knees, are outside the body and appear to have nothing to do with breathing.

It should be noted that dinosaurs are very different from other reptiles, particularly in the placement of their legs. Rather than spreading out to the sides, as they do in other reptiles, they were directly under the body. The obvious anatomical differences between dinosaurs and other reptiles should hint that there would be other differences in bone structure, organ placement, and other areas. This doesn’t mean that dinosaurs are more closely related to birds any more than saying that bats, very different from other mammals but with some similarities to birds, prove that bats evolved from birds— something no evolutionist would argue.

Similarity in anatomy does not mean shared ancestry.

God’s Word, Our Starting Point
The idea that birds are descended from dinosaurs comes directly from a naturalistic evolutionary interpretation of the fossils and of living birds. The idea does not come from the facts themselves but from an interpretation of the facts that assumes evolution to be true. Exhibits such as “Dinosaurs Among Us” are nothing more than propaganda pieces for this popular evolutionary idea. Sadly, many kids will tour through this exhibit without realizing that this is merely an interpretation and not observational science.

Though some Christians try to mesh evolution with a Creator, this idea completely contradicts God’s Word, which says that kinds will always reproduce according to their kinds (Genesis 1:21, 25) and that birds were created on Day Five and land animals—which would include dinosaurs—were created on Day Six (Genesis 1:20–25). Instead of interpreting the world through the faulty lens of man’s ideas about the past, we need to turn to God’s perfect Word, given to us by the eyewitness Creator who never lies (Titus 1:2), to give us the true history of life and the universe.

Caicus #fundie

((A thread about boycotting Jewish stores during Christmas))

Exactly. If the jew has to tell you "Merry Christmas" to close the deal, they will say it. In fact the Talmud openly encourages such deceptive behavior.

This was the same behavior they exhibited in Inquisition-era Spain when they would publically go to Catholic Mass but continue to sacrifice Christian children during Passover for their matzo recipes and other satanic uses.

Quiklane & mikelee1 #racist

Definitions of WMAF


A white male and Asian female couple. You can find them everywhere in Asian restaurants and Asian American festivals, often outnumbering Asian-Asian couples. In America, these couples outnumber AMWF (Asian male white female) couples by at least 3 to 1, causing children of WMAF couples to wonder why it's always the mother who is Asian. The answer to this question has been revealed by data from several dating sites showing Asian women are the only group who prefers to date white men over their own race; all other groups including Asian men and white men/women prefer to date within their own race.

Elliot Rodgers is a product of a WMAF couple.


A white male and Asian female relationship. These relationships outnumber their AMWF counterpart by 2:1 in some countries and up to 100:1 in parts of Europe. The white man in WMAF relationships tend to be either an alt-right white nationalist who wants a docile and subservient wife or a progressive pale, lanky weeaboo who buttons the top button of his polo shirt. Most of the men have some form of yellow fever and no game in their own race. The Asian women range from poorly educated mail-order brides to the fully white-washed. Most of these Asian women hate Asian men and become Tiger Moms once they have children.

Sons of WMAF couples often have trouble when they become teenagers, because most of them still look to some extent East Asian but their last names are O'Donnell and their fathers are white. Their white fathers have trouble relating to the racial bullying that WMAF sons get in school. WMAF sons are often stuck in a paradox of living in a family with white male privilege, but unable to gain full access of white privilege themselves because they are still visible minorities. Furthermore, their Asian mothers never liked Asian men and actively pursued only white men, but the son still looks Asian man. Talk about a mindfck. This is why most successful Eurasian sons actually have an Asian father and a white mother (AMWF), because they avoid the toxic brew of sexual fetishism, self-hate and white privilege.

Something every WMAF hapa kid hears and learns to hate: "I bet your mom is the Asian one."

youngy1979 #racist

We don't want to be British, we are English in England!!,
The English have been shit on by too many races.
Multiculturalism doesn't work, it's a fucked up idea which has been tried and tested and has proved to be a failure.
It will never work because all the other races get too fucking comfortable and try taking away our identity,
they think they are above us and try shouting the odd's.
We have given most of them their country's back and at great cost, as lives were lost gaining the land,
and also we have had to apologise and give big payout's to those country's etc.

Asian Males, the True 1%'ers #racist

Mongol LIBERATIONS. Western "History" is very Light on Asian influence. Asia has been Guiding europe since the 1200's. Remember, WE came to YOU first.Genghis Khan saved your RACE from Extinction., who do you think stopped the Muslim onslaught. Muslim Slave raiders were going as far as Denmark without Resistance, Taking Women, esp. with Blonde hair and Children.. Islam spread like Wildfire in the 1000-1200's. And the Golden horde put an END to that. The PAX Mongolia , gave YOU , 300 yrs of Peace. ALL White Males speak of the PAX Romana..The Romans Castrated, Enslaved, Conquered, colonized, Destroyed the Native culture and religion. But, The Mongols, Set up the First, Police stations, Markets,Tax offices, a Unified Bureaucracy, that Never existed before.But NEVER Colonized, Enslaved,. In fact ALLOWED many Ethnic Minority europeans who would have dIED off to exist. "Follow your Own Cultures, Religions"..why do you think so Many fought under the Hordes Banner,
Slavery from Women from one CULTURE to another, a Arab Hallmark, was BANNED. Rape in WAR was Banned. a Tool of War in the West. The Fable "peeping tom", naked Female riding through town? Thats a True story. But not of White Males..The Golden Horde. It was said "A Naked Female(White, Indian, Arab,) could walk through the Horde, UNTOUCHED. Or the soldiers faced Execution. CHIVALRY, the BOW and curtsy , Falconry, ARMOR etc. came from the Horde and Asia. Why do you think SO many White Females left with the Horde Back east. Arab historians wrote of ODD sightings " Dressed White Females on top of horses in finery, being led by a Male of the east.
Why do you think HITLER thought so Highly of the EAST. Remember, the Lost city of Atlantis MUST be in the East. He sent expiditions . Indiana Jones was Based on that, but the East is White Always.. "What if the East arrived in Europe in the 300's and NOT in the 1200's". Meaning, what if the East came before the Roman Colonists.
Contact with the Mongols , Not Only Led to Peace in Europe. But Strengthened europe .and also led to Diplomatic Relation with the Rest of Asia.. Many of the Horde consisted of Chinese and Koreans..the SILK ROAD Creators, Enforcers and Mercenaries.Again, How come the Silk road is Non existent in Western "History". the Silk Road Ended in ROMA,.The silk road began in 500 B.C. Lets not forget ALL the Technology and Civilization. Which led to Europes Renaissance from China and the Age of Reason from Joseon (Korea).
The MING dynasty were the Mongols . The Fork, the typical New england home..Raised stone Foundation, Wooden floors, Timber frame, Paper walls,Ceramic tiled A frame roof, Cosmetics, Dress, Printing Press/Paper, a MERITOCRACY, ask the English protestants where the Idea for a Country Without a social caste, Without Religion But Knowledge. Read the constitution Well. Franklin, Jefferson, Washington etc, Despised religion, Social caste system. "WE are No longer EUROPEANS". and a Million Other thingsALL from the Mongols , which then led to Asia as a whole.
Learn a litl;e bit more of Asian history and Influence in Europe. Because without the Mongols, Asia..You should be living like your European brothers..the Arab-European, Indo -European. ''India and the Arab world. The Indos, India CREATED the Indo-European Languages and Cultures.
The Assyrians, Babylonians were directly Influenced by the Indos.
The ARYANS are a Northern Indian tribe. The INDO-ARYANS. White euroipeans can directly link themselves to Northern indians..HITLER proved this..The Aryan RACE. But Hitler also said, The EAST was ITS Culture, "The First and LAST bastion of Civilization will be in the East",
LEARN More of your Own Western "History". Because you werent Taught in school. The FORK was a White European Invention? LOL. Never seen a Viking eating with a FORK. Look at a Fork..4 "chopsticks " Binded together.
Remove ALL Eastern Influence from european "culture"? Whats left is India and the Middle east. Asia influenced the West, Not the other way around. A Culture without Religion but instead based on Philosophies and Self reflection..Accountability., Based on education and knowledge, A meritocracy based on a Persons Merit and character rather than Birth, a Fluid Social caste,..the Hallmarks of a "Civilized" society. One the West is Proud of? That has been in Asia for over 3,000 yrs...Just like the Mongols spread in Europe. The ONLY difference is the White europeans were smart enough to assimilate it , unlike the Arab european and INDO -european. who never did from the East.?

asianwhiteworship #fundie

(Remember cantfightnature? This shit is similar.)

The New Asian Sexuality


Asian males do not own Asian females or their sexuality. This toxic attitude has unfortunately led to the resentment and hatred of Asian women for simply expressing their desires and living their lives. This is about the development of Asian sexuality in the 21st century. By accepting and evolving to this new arrangement, Asian males can live more fulfilling lives in the process.

The New Asian Sexuality

Over the past decades there has been an evolution in Asian sexuality which has been bravely led by Asian women. The old pairing of AMAF has diverged, as many Asian women are now solely having sexual relations with White men. The WMAF pairing has become a sexual revolution for Asian women. More are choosing this as their sole sexual identity, and Asian women are more empowered than ever to express and own their sexuality in the way they prefer.
This development has led to enormous increases in promiscuity and sexual freedom. Many Asian females now have numerous white sexual partners throughout their lives, some having sex with tens or dozens of men. Asian females also feel empowered to regularly share White men with other Asian females. The new Asian sexuality has dramatically increased both the amount of sex and pleasure Asian women have on a regular basis.
This hyper-promiscuity is one of the biggest positive outcomes of the new sexuality. Asian women have been liberated from antiquated feelings of shame due to having large numbers of White sexual partners. They have more fulfilling and active sex lives than ever before. In addition Asian women in the 21st century have also become very confident and powerful in society. Attending top universities, filling many high corporate positions, and becoming wealthy and influential.
However some Asian men are resentful about this new arrangement for reasons that might seem justifiable on the surface, but are actually quite indefensible.

Asian Heterosexualism

Due to the success of Asian women the Asian male must now converge his own sexuality with the new reality. The disunity of preferences is what causes feelings of resentment. It cannot remain the case that only Asian women have a sexual preference for White men. This must become the preference of Asian males as well. Their sexuality must also now be based on the expectation of WMAF sex by default, like their women, and it must be supported and respected with care and understanding.
The new Asian male heterosexuality is still traditional in the sense that they are men attracted to women. This aspect has not changed at all, and requires no perceptible alteration of identity. The difference is the focus: The heterosexual Asian male must consider WMAF sex to be the new default arrangement. The heterosexual Asian male must derive sexual pleasure from Asian women having sex with White men. He must come to terms with the fact that he is the passive portion of this sexual triad, with the White male and Asian female being the active participants.

Sexual Preference Transition

One powerful and easy way for Asian males to defeat their toxic masculinity and develop into a supporting ally of Asian women is through extensive consumption of WMAF pornography.
Asian men already watch WMAF porn of course, but it is not done through the correct lense. Some see it simply as sex and entertainment, and do not consider the political and philosophical implications. They ignore a large part of the meaning of WMAF porn through a lack of comprehension: WMAF pornography is the purest depiction of the new Asian female sexuality.
Asian males must transform their preferences to match the evolution of Asian female sexuality. They must be one in the same or else conflict will arise. The Asian female will have sex with White men, that must be accepted. This act is where pleasure and satisfaction must be derived from. It is not acceptable or reasonable for the Asian male to expect any other arrangement.
When their sexuality is aligned with their women, then the toxic attitudes will cease. If both the Asian male and female can derive pleasure from the same act: WMAF sex, then they will find that it is easier to have harmonious relationships. The men will be accepting of a partner who wishes to maintain her sexual identity, and who will continue to have sex with White men.

Cecil henry #racist

One problem:


What I see are foreigners who made a mess of their country and want to come live in the land that my ancestors worked so hard to build and pass on to me and my children– NOT to them. They did not build it, they could not built it.

I see people who want to steal our country. Politicians and their non-white ethnic special interests want to help them steal our country too.

That is White Genocide. Jail is where these enablers and invaders belong.

“Diversity” means being chased out of your neighborhood.
“Diversity” means being chased out of your school.
“Diversity” means being chased out of your job.
“Diversity” Means Chasing Down the Last White Person.
“Diversity” means White Genocide

Nobody’s flooding Africa with Non-Africans and giving them free health care, affirmative action and special privileges.

Only White Countries are doing it, only White children are affected, and only White politicians are allowing it.

WhiteCSA #racist

Your right. The government forces you to learn a foreign language in school because foreigners are taking over our nation. They could care less if they speak English. The whole point of a foreign language is if the people live in foreign nations. Not living in your nation where White English is the native language.

This is the demographic replacement of Americans. A nation is a unique people. When you say the word "American" it doesn't mean anything before. In the past it would mean a Christian of European-American decent for the most part with a few Whites from other non European nations as well as other religions. Now the word "American" means nothing but a mix of races and religions and has no organic foundation. The liberals goal of race mixing is the elimination of the races, national borders, and merging us into a World Government. They know when people have ethnic pride (regardless of which pure race your talking about) they wouldn't support a World Government.

I agree sports is a major distraction for people. People care more about sports and entertainment than politics, race, and religion. I think for people sports and entertainment means nothing. So if you team or entertainer loses it doesn't mean anything. You can just go on with your day. However with politics, race, and religion if you lose it means everything. People don't want to get involved because they know politics, race, and religion plays for keeps.

trancefan95_8 & Yiseveryonesostupid #sexist

How do sellout Asian women tell their own sons their is zero value in being Asian?

So I was just watched a load of videos of London, totalling around an hour probably. And although I didn't keep a specific count, there had got to be anywhere from 30-40 Asian women with non-Asian men (2 Indian, the rest white). In comparison, there was 1 or possibly 2 amwf couples
It's like, to see that many wmaf is just utterly pathetic. I mean, what do these women tell their kids? Oh, hey, sorry that Asian women are assumed to be the whores of the world. Oh hey, sorry that mass wmaf looks like the aftermath of a race war/colonialism on steroids. Oh hey, sorry their is zero value in being Asian if you're a man.
I mean, like really, what the hell do these people say if they end up having kids? Just shocking it is that bad, really. I mean, all I know is that if the situation was reversed - with amwf outnumbering wmaf by say 30:1 - I certainly wouldn't be with a white woman, publicly shitting on Asian women in the process. It's like, to even be involved in such extreme inequality/open colonialism speaks a heck of a lot about these people's personalities and moral values, imo...

They don't have to, the kids will see it automatically. What's important is how the kids react to it. Will they surrender to it and become the next Elliot Rodgers; ignore it and lead average lives while being quietly unhappy/unsettled on the inside; or rebel against it and have a chance at happiness and freedom from this shit?
trvalý odkazembed

So a woman meets and likes a guy, and the guy likes her... Because she is Asian and he is White then it's publicly shitting on you.

If it's all innocent, how comes white guys don't 'just happen' to meet black women...or why Asian men don't 'just happen' to meet white women.
When one occurs anywhere from 5 to 100x more commonly than the other depending on where you live, it's very obvious the message it sends out - that one race is inferior. I mean, obviously you can see that...I don't see why you're being disingenuous about it

Grizzly_Clout #racist

Why is there no "no marriage trend" for Africans ? They breed like rats and should stop breeding rn

Imagine hating races but joining a forum because women hate you.

Who the fuck are you, a genetic-deadend, to say who deserves to breed or not when you won't be breeding yourself?

Having said that, I knew a few Africans and they have 3 children minimum. So you're not wrong about their fertility rates. And some of their behaviours aren't good.

Why dont you go and live in Congo then instead of the US? I'm sure it must great there.

Africa has a birth rate of 7 same as rats. They should breeding right now. The world can't handle so many low IQ people

Stomfrontcels mad kek, being a blackcel it makes me so satisfied seeing you guys reeeeee.

I'm not white so stfu

White worshipping is worse .

How is that a white worship ? I didn't even mention white people in my first comment. The less the Africans the better for the world it is.

Stormfrontcels btfo

I'm not white so how am I stormfront ? Low IQ response as I expected

Mostly because I can tell you believe in a racial hierarchy, and don't understand every nation goes through a low iq phase to which they change from industrial revolution to focusing on smarts. China, India good examples of this. You are a stromfrontcel.

IQ is not adopted with time, its genetic just like your muscular facial structure etc. If low IQ phase argument was correct, black people living in white countries would have high IQ but guess what they dont so dont pull this bullshit "wE aRe aLl sAmE". Asians from poor countries like Vietnam Cambodia do much better than blacks living in the USA.

And no I'm persian so fuck stormfront and fuck alt right

Have you even seen Nigeria? Also. Black people living in white countries iqs have been going up with modern education for many years, it's why I'm alot smarter then my mother was, and why my kids will be even smarter. Just because I'm black doesn't make me default low iq lmfao. Jesus your stomfrontcel tendencies are showing. every country goes through an industrial age where Iq isn't as valued dumb ass. Imagine thinking just because your country is ahead in terms of modernism. Means the whole country was just genetically born like that, and that every other country doesn't eventually catch up.

Look man wakanda isnt real and neither is your argument.

No matter what countries blacks live in they are all the same and have same behaviours be it Africa be it Caribbean be it the USA or be the rapefugees in Europe. Also why do you think countries develop? Why hasn't Africa developed yet ? Poverty has nothing to do with IQ level. I saw a documentary of Indian children from slums who had higher IQ despite living in extreme poverty. So is the case with Vietnam Cambodia Myanmar etc. Those countries are piss poor and guess what they do much much better.

I'm of Persian ancestry currently living in Oregon and this Asian kid from Vietnam used to be a top scorer despite being the first generation immigrant form the poor country while the blacks always used to be at the bottom despite living in the states from 100s of years

I'm Persian and not white so dont call me stormfront. Reality can appear racist sometimes. You're behaving like those foids who when they run out of arguments call you a racist incel nazi lmao stop coping man

Kek imagine thinking just because you haven't studied the statistics and trends, means that suddenly I'm wrong and I'm coping with "Wakanda". Dude, you obviously feel superior because you are ahead in terms of modernism, America felt the same before they saw China come from low iq farmers to now on the brink of ruling the world in the span in as little as 40 years. Study up on the industrial revolution, and how this shit works bro, I noticed you had nothing to respond to my Nigeria thing, because you understand modernism varies by country. But muh wakanda, I'm so superior wahhh. Kek, hope that superior facade helps you cope with the fact your superior race rejected your genetics.


the whole country is under the influence of Chinese and Indian companies. Every single infrastructure and companies are owned by them. Meanwhile Nigerian women are busy producing 7 kids each.

“Chinese low IQ farmers.”

More like poor farmers. Chinese people were never low IQ. They had great ancient civilization and various dynasties invented and created so many things in the past. Even after getting massacred by the Japanese in world wars dealing with extreme poverty, there were cases of poor Chinese kids of doing good at math and science. They were just piss poor. The poor Chinese who migrated from China after world wars to the USA are nowhere doing as poor as the African Americans. In fact Chinese are the smartest.

“industrial revolution.”

Man stop coping. God didn't give those Europeans and Asian all the wealth they have today. They earned with their brains and hard work which Africans clearly lack and please dont blame colonialism for your misery cuz much of Asia was colonized too at some point of time. You Africans couldn't even manage the rails and roads given to you the colonials lmao.

And you haven't answered my question, why do Africans living in the USA are just as bad as their counterparts in Africa despite being in the states for 100s of years? According to your argument , blacks living in the USA should do much better but they dont

“colonialism, segregation and slavery.”

All of those were experienced by most countries in Asia and in a very extreme manner but media only highlights Africa. China was same as Africa when the world war ended. They were completely buttfucked by the japanese with massacre slavery and poverty. Didn't stop them from being one of the world's super power today.

Same goes with South Korea, they were absolutely fucked after the world wars and Korean wars , poverty was rampant but look at them today. India was colonized and looted by the British for 200 years and today they are sending satellites in Mars and moon

So what's stopping Africa from growing? It's clearly not the past and poverty like you guys like to cry... it's the IQ level.

It will stop once China finishes cucking them. In post-industrial societies birth rates plummet.

I seriously hope ricecels btfo these rapefugees from wakanda

malakhhatzadik #fundie

("Video Title: Save the Blondes")

[Fstdt meets Rstdt meets Ctstdt.]

Mental programming has nothing to do with genes and everything to do with tolerance, which is a product of cultural norms. That whites are so tolerant of all the racial slurs that get thrown at us is the reason we have been so abused. Everybody says we are "one." One WHAT though? If God wanted us to all be the SAME he would have made us the same. (That's Lucifer's agenda.) Our unique differences are necessary for the perfection of creation. Homogeneity is against the natural order.

If you don't accept this argument then by default you accept the argument that ANY one race has the natural right to eradicate any other. If we as cultures all went by "survival of the fittest," who do you honestly think would emerge on top? If you want to know, pull blacks out of Christian universities and pull foreign aid packages out of countries like Ethiopia. Don't you see that white supremacism is just a retaliation against the abuses committed against whites?

The difference between being "one" and being the SAME is unity. We can not be united as long as we live in a culture which openly ridicules whites and actively seeks the extermination of a billion people based on their ethnic origins alone. Look at the plight of the Serbian people. Was Yugoslavia ever united? No. Most of us just want to live and be free from tyranny. This whole New Age "oneness" campaign seeks to kill and enslave because it's not actually about unity, it's about hegemony.

John Piggott #racist

[Emphasis in original]

All truth-speaking on race ends in the following assertion:

Africans and Asians have no place in England. They are here against the English will, and they were brought here by an elite seeking to replace and possibly genocide the English. The English must live, so the Africans and Asians must leave.

That is the true nationalist position, and it is what all Englishmen and women who consider the question honestly and freely come to.

You are far, far away from such clarity. How can it be "racist" or morally illegitimate in any way for a people suffering colonisation to protest and to reject its colonisers?

It is NEVER "racist" to speak the truth about our colonisers.

It IS racist to deny the English people, uniquely, a right to self-defence and to truth-speaking.

Wake up. Do not continue promoting the dissolution of your people.

EducationRealist #fundie

I completely agree that there's rampant discrimination against Asians, but which came first? I This is not what "forces" the parents to do x, y, and z. The behavior came first. The discrimination came later, for many reasons, but a good deal of which is caused by the fact that the Asian parent pressure produces kids whose abilities simply make a lie of their resumes. I've taught enrichment English at an Asian academy for many years. I run into kids all the time who got the highest level, Advanced, on their end of year state tests who simply don't have anything approaching the vocabulary or writing skills to back these scores up--and this is simply not the case for whites, blacks, and Hispanics with similar scores (or later generation Asians). I know lots Asian immigrants with 2400 SAT scores, and I know a few whites with same, as well as Americans of all races with over 2100 totals. Again and again, the Asian immigrants are simply ordinary swots, often having forgotten the information they crammed for. The others with equivalent scores are not.

As for "pure merit", while I'm definitely in favor of rewarding brains, the fact is that Asian immigrants have "broken" our test system, particularly the College Board side of things. I have no idea if it's just a gaming method of decoding the test, or if the cheating is so substantial it turns up in the scores. Certainly the AP Calc tests are too easy or too formulaic--the Bio test was just changed a couple years ago and scores dropped. Similar changes need to be made to the Calc tests. But the SAT scores---Asian scores have increased dramatically in the past 15 years, while every other race average has stayed roughly constant. That suggests something other than just hard work.

The situation with the Asian students is far more complicated than discussed in the article and a very serious problem. Many of the Asian students in our school are the children of foreign high tech parents and in other cases the parents have sent the children here to rent a room alone in the district just to attend the school. There children completely self segregate themselves for the rest of the school, rarely play sports, and help each other cheat at a very high rate. Yes they are high achieving but many of them take the math or science class the summer before the local college and then try to get the teachers to skip the information they already know. Quite honestly the local teachers mostly despise the Asians because of their singular goal of getting an A.

Anne Kennedy #fundie

It appears, from the general tenor of the internet, that there are only two choices of what to talk about today–Wonder Woman and Terrorism. Neither appeal to me at all, of course, because it’s not my job to stop the second one, and the first one is a movie, and I hate, join with me now, ‘all movies.’
Truly, I don’t get the super hero thing. Never have. Even after enduring two little boys who lived, each of them relentlessly, in various costumes–first Superman then Spider-Man and carrying on from there. I always wondered what they thought was happening as they daily donned cheap nylon and velcro unitards, usually over pjs and all manner of bulky little kid clothes. It looked like the most uncomfortable ensemble imaginable, but would only very rarely be removed.

My girls, of course, did occasionally don the Superman costume. But mostly they devoted themselves to big fat princess dresses. In this way, gender distinctions were rigidly preserved. And this must be my fault, even though I never bought a single one these items myself, and never told which child to wear which one. I never made a speech, ‘you wear the big dress, and you wear the skin tight unitard.’ They just knew…because of the patriarchy, probably.

I, therefore, pray and hope that I don’t have to go see Wonder Woman even though it will probably be one of those movies that I can’t avoid without trying really hard.

This morning I read a Mormon writer explaining how the movie is about Jesus, and then a feminist explaining about how the movie is about feminism. The first one surprised me. The second one not at all.

The second one said this, “She also won’t apologize for being a woman. The movie champions her femininity: Her power isn’t diminished by caring too much or experiencing her emotions. Instead, her love and kindness strengthen her.” That sounds perfect. I’m just curious, though, in how many places where this movie is likely to be shown is a woman having to apologize for being a woman? Will they be showing this movie to women in Mecca? And truly, how brave and courageous in this modern world to see brightly lit on a screen a woman ‘experiencing her emotions.’ What a counter cultural message!

For my part, I have always found the Super Woman meme to be a drag. The idea that a woman can have it all was predicated on the exhausting assumption that she could also do it all. And that has turned out to be a lot of work. Women have to save the world and cook the dinner and do the laundry and feel all the feelings and manage the man and be amazing at work. If you do all these things, you get to have a glass of wine at night and complain about how terrible your life is.

When really, no one person can do any of those things. One or two perhaps, but not all, and certainly not all at once. I dislike more than anything being introduced as someone who has Six Kids (! How is that even possible!) who Homeschools (! I know right!) and has written a book (! Can women even write books?) and blogs every day (! Every Day! That’s Crazy!). The list of my accomplishments goes on and on and as they’re going on, one of two terrible things happens. Either the person who is hearing them becomes overwhelmed and loses interest (this is more usual) or the person rightly begins to look quizzical, and with genuine curiosity says, ‘How do you do it all?’ Because that is a lot of things.

But here’s the thing, you have to be allowed to use the word ‘thing’ as a technical word whenever you want to, and, more importantly, You Don’t Do All The Things At Once. You do not, usually, have six babies in one go. You have one and then another and then another. And you don’t just wake up one day and write a book. You do it gradually. And you don’t do a lifetime worth of laundry in one single afternoon while you’re also getting your college degree and working three other jobs. You do a little bit of laundry every day, and you do one job at a time.

Accomplishments accumulate over the time.

And here’s the other thing, you don’t do them alone. You are not the savior of the world. You don’t have enough peace and light and beautiful world transforming feelings to end all the wars just by virtue of being female. That is not a thing. You are human. (I trust you all understand that when I’m saying ‘you’ I really mean me.) You need a savior and also some help sometimes. No person can do all the work ahead of her in life without any kind of help from other human people who also need help. The human experience is not a super hero one, nor a princess one (thank heaven).

It is a hard work intermingled with many disappointments and sorrows punctuated by bright moments of joy and amazement one.

We’ve had decades of the male superhero motif and we still have ISIS. Men couldn’t save the world. I guess we can try a decade of a female superhero but I’ve got some news for us all. She isn’t going to save the world. Being female is no better than being male. Both, male and female, are human, and fallen, and not able to save the world and themselves. They need God. But, you know, Wonder Woman, give it your best shot. You play Jesus for this year and we’ll see how it turns out.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I will go save my own house, Single Handedly! from disaster! Just kidding. I will make all my children help me. Because I can’t do things like that on my own.