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hereforhd #fundie

Cherrypicking is not allowed in Islam. A person who cherrypicks is considered a hypocrite and their fate is worse than non-believers.

"Moderate Muslims" are either ignorant Muslims who don't know much about Islam (these are usually the same people who are pro-secularism and anti-Shari'ah) or those who truly are hypocrites (and these are also pro-secularism and anti-Shari'ah but they deny core beliefs of Islam as well, because this allows them to cherrypick).

Christians can choose to not follow the laws of the Old Testament or basically any law because their religion is a faith alone religion. Islam is not a faith alone religion, but also a religion of deeds.

And if you sincerely want to know about Islam, you would avoid bagodix and his exaggerations. Go to a Muslim website or even a Muslim forum and ask all the questions you want. You can even ask things that you believe are controversial but you won't be getting much done here because bagodix will use his trusty JihadWatch to support his viewpoint. He still hasn't shown why he is right and anti-Semites are wrong.

Golden #sexist

[It's Over] Cuckoldry is getting more common in my country at a frightening rate

I remember that about 5-6 years ago or so, if a woman in a relationship were to hang out with a male friend often, she'd be shamed, such actions most certainly were not welcomed. 5 years of western social media influence later, and now "letting your girlfriend sleep with her best friend" is completely normal, sexual degeneracy is the epitome of civilization, and if you disagree, you are a narrowminded islamist bigot
I reckon in another 5 years, married women will start whoring around freely, claiming that they are expressing themselves, even now I see some cucks saying that their girlfriends sleeping around is fine as long as there's no emotional connection. Future is dark for us, all of us

values are fading away everywhere, even here in north africa and other muslim lands, the fact that degeneracy is getting worst in countries like ours is the ultimate prove of the decline of civilization and values.

It's only going to get worse

Where do you live? Even in America, actual cucking is looked down upon by most people.

Turkey, and actual cucking is looked down upon here aswell, but we are slowly getting there

Things will change and we'll go back to slut shaming whores again after more men get blackpilled.

I wholeheartedly hope so

If she’s got a “guy friend” and already has a boyfriend it was already over tbh.

Majority of the girls of my generation are like that

I just realized that the two guys with the most posts on this forum are both from turkey. Does this make u feel proud?

Not proud, it makes me feel hopeless, jfl at us, we are the incel central of the world

Letting your girlfriend sleep with her beat friend would be considered insane in the UK and I’m pretty sure our state is worse than Turkey, are you sure you’re not just taking cherrypicked articles to be the norm?

I didn't mean sleeping as in sexual intercourse, but sleeping on the same bed with a male friend, they claim that sleeping with one another doesn't have to be sexual

Some incels #sexist

This autistic retardcel is probably fucking roasties right now who want to prove him that he's not ugly therefore he deserves love and affection


Of course, of fucking course they show a white MODEL TIER Chad as the posterboy of incels to push the "it's all about personality you alt right cis white misogynist" narrative, fml, he will say actually misogynistic shit and yet get tons of approval that no other incel can and climb out while the rest of us, most not being white much less handsome continue to be every other group's chewing toy because of a few idiots that get cherrypicked, IT won't touch this with a 100 mile pole

He even calls himself a mentalcel in the interview.

ITards think we look like this JFL, the comment section there about him is cancer

I think its great. They're proving our point because the top comments are talking about looks. JFL.

I can't find anything I don't hate in this picture. Facebook. The normie looking mentalcel. Vice. Canada. The fucking Samsung font.

I still fail to comprehend how a billion dollar company thought that font was/is ok.

It appeals to roasties and soyboy cucks. Probably some estrogen connection.

Of course they fucking show a white guy, cause if it was a currycel or a ricecel no one would be interested in this pathetic video.

ProudIncelistani #fundie

Explaining why "Stop focusing on relationships, focus on yourself!" is a blatant contradiction to self-improvment (IT CHERRYPICKERS AND LURKERS GTFIH)[

A normie platitude I hear that doesn't really make sense is "Stop focusing on relationships, focus on yourself!". Without any consideration into the emotional rewards relationships give, I shall explain why this is contradictory to the good cause of "self-improvement"

Before we start, we must agree on these axioms:
Axiom A: Self-Improvement in the area of personality must be done selflessly. There is no reward to oneself because of it, only a reward to others (interactions are made far easier, and they don't have to be menaced by a rude misogynist/non-cuck/non-fag/non-tranny/whatever). While stuff like weight loss (health benefits) or meditation (transcendence of this material world) has some benefit to it, you receive no reward for improving your personality.
Axiom B: No form of self-improvement should be detrimental to your health. Violate this and you have no life (or at least mental health) to see that shinning personality of yours improve.

These axioms will be instrumental in the point I will make in this essay.

Now, you might ask, how does one improve a personality? Perhaps these ideas have come to mind:

• Donating to charity
• • Adopting a pet to care for animals
• Volunteering at charity services
• Ejecting from the mind incorrect beliefs (such as Incelistani ideology, although I'd argue more would be done by leaving cuckqueers instead, but I'm trying to make this understandable for cuckqueers)
• Socializing with others
• Etc.

While these ideas are great and all of them DO work, we must also consider the scale of their effects. Donating to charities does help, but it doesn't help as much as actually volunteering at a charity service per say.
In that way, acquiring a relationship may be one of the most effective ways to 'personalitymaxx' if you will, or more appropriately, become a 'personality Chad'.

How so?

A relationship actually has you caring for someone at all times, in a good relationship you will not forget your SO. This provides you with the skills to better care for people and forces the selfishness out of you ; there is no 'I' in 'love'.
It also matures you as a person and teaches you valuable skills on how to properly interact with others.

How so?

Rather than simply talking to friends for a short time, a therapist who views the interactions as a business (which may toss YOU off, thinking that money has a more important role in interactions), a roommate who may move out when they wish, Family, which you should already do, or your pets which cannot understand your human 'language', a SO is far more different. You have them present at all times, and unlike Family, where you are related by blood, for an SO, you are attempting to create deep connections despite often times not many things in common. Such forces you to think outside the box on how not only to survive with them, but to thrive with them.

In a world where life expectancy is still a real thing and the ability to tire also exists, humans, not only in the field of personality-improvement, but in almost every field imaginable (Including typing these damn things, sorry I was gone for so long :() have to act as efficiently as possible. An example would be, training at the gym. Why, if of average lifting capability, lift what barley takes any effort, when you can lift what's harder to lift, thus creating more of the desired result. In our case, no matter how much time is expended improving one's own personality, one will always have time left over. In this case, acquiring a SO would be beneficial, as you have to go the aforementioned difficulties at all times, yes, including your spare time. It's the most efficient, considering that no one, can spend all their free time doing the other ones without violating Axiom B. An SO is the most feasible option for the Efficiency-Axiom paradigm. While not spending too much energy, great improvements to the personality can be made.

This is not to mention the emotional rewards you are giving to your SO by taking care of them properly.

But wait!

You may ask: Why not just adopt a kid? That kid is also human, and the time you are with it is also the same, no? The answer is simple: Two parents do a FAR better job than one. Without that SO, you aren't raising that kid as well you could have. Due to the fact that you are now experimenting with the life of a child, If you are incapable of doing it. Don't do it, lest that kid be stuck with question of how to improve it's own personality one day, as it now has dents in it's personality left by you, and leaving dents in someone's personality is detrimental to the improvement of you own.


an Ex-Muslim Turk #wingnut #crackpot #conspiracy

{P.S. this post is from 2018}

FSTDT is now an utter circlejerk of hypocrisy

It is stunning that those who claim to champion free speech and equality have now:

-Shadowbanned -Deleted

Dissenting comments,

-Outright wanted to kill a POTUS (even when the same users would screech at any mention of Obama's assassination jokes)

-Openly wished death on the dissenting commenter, and blocked any negative comments.

You, the leftist Democrat morons have become THE true fascists. I'm not going to bother posting quotes because you would ignore them. But know what? You, and your divorce from reality will get Trump re-elected.

As for the "classic quotes":

When a leftist makes similar quotes in the other axis of the political spectrum, I often get responded with "one comment does not represent our movement".

>>If u have sex before marriage then in Gods eyes u are married to that person if a man rapes a woman in Gods eyes they are married it sucks for the girl but what can we do lol.<<

If you put this quote to a Christian website, I'm sure the rejection of its content would be same with the acrid leftist comments like "Castrate all white men so we destroy racism". But you all have to cherrypick the worst of Christian fundamentalists, while relentlessly supporting the globalist Democrat agenda. And strangely, Islam receives little attention while I know it destroyed many more lives than Christendom did. (The Conquistadors were supported by all non Aztec factions, and Aztecs were mass sacrificing assholes by the way, and I fairly cleanly remember around the end of Bush era, some of you were defending Aztec sacrifice as "those people felt honored!" and African slavery as "It was just indentured servitude" even though explorers clearly had reports of Kongo and Fan tribes sacrificing slaves)

I wonder if you are on the payroll or just brainwashed.

Signed, an Ex-Muslim Turk. (didn't sign up because I know no one will ever rationally lay every piece one by one to discuss)

iT iSn'T yOuR PeRsOnAl soapbox /spongebob.
Bet you'd screech when the roles were reversed and the target was a conservative page right? Asshole. As I said, FSTDT was good until its motive decay and democrat partisanship made it a circlejerk. So just go an be a fascist if you like and be an asshole. As for "commie", every country,

even Cuba is abandoning Communism, so how is your retarded system going? Trump won exactly because of "progressive" morons like you.

Nativewilly #fundie

they are not.they came over from asia 10,000s of yrs before eastasians even existed as a racial group (evolving from negritos some 20k yrs bce)let alone a dominant one(around 10k bce,before that northern asia was a Ainu/native continent and the southern half was filld with australoid type people)Asians are a recent group in asia who basically genocided their way thru it similar to whites in the americas.TLDR natives have completely caucasoid haplotypes and most anthropologists set themm in the caucasian category in terms of skull size.natives and mongoloids ar eprobabely the MOST divergent race yet somehow since the 1960s some idiots put them in the mongolid category and people think natives are asians(when it would be the opposite if that were even the case,as natives predate asians by thousands of years).natives have diferent bodies,height,frame sizes and proportions than eastasian people.they have protusive maxillas and bone structures /browbones when asians have retracted ones(''flat face'') .the only natives I can see looke ven remotely asian are Brazilian but then even then youd have to Cherrypick as many of them look caucasoidish aswell,and they dont look like eastasians but soem asutronesian types.youd eb ahrdpressed to FIN any native that looks eastasian escept na dene natives (this includes Navajo and apache)from the pacific coast who are RECENT arrivals(10 k after the initial migration)and have mutated haplogroups.

Ive never seen a hapa that looks particularly hispanic,

Vikingsong #conspiracy

(referring to hate crimes committed against poles in Britain after Brexit)

Some of you really are a Jew's wet dream. Eastern Europeans are not being attacked in the UK. It's funny how you cherrypick at what stories you believe (or don't believe) in the Zionist owned media, isn't it?

Whenever the Muslims committ another terrorist attack or another Islamic rape gang has been exposed the media reports that Muslim women are having their hijabs ripped off their heads. Then, lo and behold, immediately after the EU referendum the media is reporting that Poles are being "attacked." And you believe it.

Well done, goyim. Well done.