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PPEcel #racist

[Discussion] Most Singaporeans are annoying, moralfagging cucks

They can't stop talking about their stupid military service. They aggressively rub their national identity in everyone's face. They love to remind everyone that they flog and hang people for trivial crimes. Singaporeans of Chinese origin are worse because their entire personality revolves around defending the CCP and reflexively bashing the United States government every time China, Taiwan, or Hong Kong is mentioned on the news.

That is all.

FACEandLMS #sexist

[Blackpill] Women HATE the fact that this forum has women's nature SUSSED

Admittedly, there is a lot of edgyposting, hyperbole and venting on this forum, and a lot of CuckTears mistakes that for how everyone here feels 100% of the time and acts when interacting with people. "Even if you don't say misogynistic things IRL, cuz you say them online, you must feel them, thus you must display them unknowingly when outside. I know how you behave better than you do!" etc. There are some basement-dweller theories here, some bad anatomy posts, overgeneralizations and lot of latching onto an idea and running with it and denying events that don't agree with your adopted world view, e.g. "Since women only want chads, any woman dating a subchad is cucking him with alphas on the side derp derp derp".

All that aside, when you break the looks redpill and our knowledge of women down to their base elements, it's generally true what we say:

- Women deny and downplay how much looks play a part in their mate-selection because they respond to our arguments emotionally or with their personal anecdotes rather than looking at the general trend/biology.
- Women generally fuck around with goodlooking guys in their youth and then maybe settle for a safe beta guy when it becomes clear that Chad doesn't commit.
- Women can date up and date a lot of guys due to the male sexdrive, hypergamy, supply-and-demand.
- Being an ugly man and trying to date women is life on max_difficulty mode.
- Women find it harder to pairbond if they have been promiscuous in their past.
- The dating market is skewed in women's favour (Tinder, male thirst, sexual harrassment laws, feminism), etc.

And more.

All of that is based on facts, biology, observable reality, and the consensus of so many men. We know this. We are not bluepilled. We are not controlled opposition. And cucktears and women hate this. They would not have a problem with us if we were discussing which coffeeshops to take women to on dates, which compliments to pay women, which classes to join to get access to women. No. What they hate is us having women SUSSED, FIGURED OUT, UNDERSTOOD. It's like we've exposed their true nature. We have unzipped the "tall man" suit to discover it's actually two ugly midgets one standing on the other.

Women hate men discussing how to get better access to sex (that's PUA's goal although it fails pretty much) and what women's true nature is like (MGTOW, looks redpill). Now I didn't watch that Mel Gibson movie What Women Want, but my impression is that women generally liked it, thus, I guess that it was some bluepill about women just wanting a loving, caring guy. If the movie had shown how women will do anything for Chad, then women would feel exposed and would have hated it. if it showed "cheatcodes" to get women into bed (so they can lie there having orgasms), they would have found it misogynistic.

And because women can't for them life of them logic, they can't counterargue our fundamental points. They instead pick out the edgy posts and strawman the whole community to death with their emotional posting and basic sarcasm.

TLDR: Women wouldn't hate this place so much if our theories were wrong, bluepilled and painted them in a better light. They need to get fucked right in the pussy.

FACEandLMS #sexist

REMINDER: if all men (e.g. politicians, soldiers) were as blackpilled as incels, women's rights would be taken away overnight

We would return to traditionalism within a generation. Tinder would be outlawed. Children would grow up in two-parent families because women would know that if they left their husband, Mr Govt wouldn't be there to step-in. Women wouldn't need to worry about muh wage gap cuz they'd be at home raising their children instead of paying a DIFFERENT woman to do it (daycare BTFO). Less men would go ER. STD rates would fall. The white birthrate would increase (I'm not white btw, cucktears so I can't really be a white nationalist).

What would women be able to do about it if we decided enough's enough? Fight us with their sheer, masculine strength? Take up arms? No. They'd do what they did in Iran in the 1970s when the govt decided to take away women's rights: they'd accept it. Apparently, Iran was pretty westernized in terms of women's dress-codes. Fast forward to a patriarchal govt (AN ACTUAL ONE), and women's rights were blown the fuck out like an incel's dignity on Tinder. What did the women do? Join a women's army? Overpower men with their brute strength? NO. They said: "Oh well. Dammit." And accepted it.

Women only get away with what men allow them and help them to. Women need feminist, cuckold men to be "free". And before CuckTears labels me a 17yo basment dweller, I am actually in a STEM job and have a degree, Women may not like what I am saying but they can't deny it: women couldn't do FUCK-ALL if men decided enough's enough. Which woman reading this is ready to try to beat up a lot of guys to fight for their continued freedom? Which woman COULD?

inb4 Ronda Rhousey is strong and represents all women's potential (she would get her ass kicked eventually by a man anyway) inb4 "this is why he's incel because of his views on feminism. women can totally read his aura. It can't be that women aren't attracted to ugly faces" inb4 offtopic offtangent femtalk, ignoring the cold fact: women could not do FUCK-ALL if all men were incel and decided enough is enough. I think I may have put enough pre-emptive rebuttals in this post to make it unscreenshottable by CuckTears. If you don't see it on CuckTears then this is the case.

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RE: Davos: Indian Prime Minister Says Attacks on Globalism Must Be Stopped

(info beam)
Why isn't India allowing muslims to invade their country in the name of globalism? Ah ok. Just white countries that need this ''globalism''. 10/4.

What is happening is our enemies are queuing up in order to destroy us. Globalism = the end of the west. Nothing else too it.

One other thing is that the globalists all have one thing in common- all left wing.
I have to assume that islam is currently being ran by left wingers. It would explain the ease in which the western leftists are so compatible.

Bingo!!! 2nd largest demilitarized zone on the planet between India and Pakistan. Globalism is great for the 3rd world, just sucks for the West. Outside of getting cheap Wal-Mart tee shirts, all your left with is wage stagnation, federal tax increases, trade deficit, and unfunded liabilities (owed by your grandchildren). But it fine as long as that is all soaked up by white countries and white people... to the point where they can no longer reproduce and are exterminated from the Earth

“All of us, we are linked together as one family." --Oh Really?
(1) Will Modi allow a million caucasians to immigrate into India annually? ---And spend Indian taxpayer's money on them?
(2) Will India stop banning stores like Tesco, 7-11 and Walmart? --Modi decries protectionism but bans such multinationals from entering his own country!
(3) Will he allow US chicken and beef into his own country? No but he preaches "globalization" !
* * * This Clown is a World Class Hypocrite, Nothing More * * *

(Brother Antony)
And in the meantime his own people live, sleep, beg and die in the gutters of Mumbai. Been there, seen it.

(Charles McRae)
They down not allow Christian NGO's in India unless things have drastically changed. India is determined to stay a Fourth World country. The culture that made the Western world boom or as the race hustler say the white world great, will work any where on any race.

I think Ganesh the elephant god is Modi's animal worship of choice.
He also turns a blind eye to millions of women (including white tourist women) raped every year in India, countless brides burnt to death by unhappy husbands, rich Indians who play "master and servants" with their poor fellow citizens, the open air shiiting of people in the streets (even when they have toilets) --does his best to make India a real model Shiithole.

(Brother Antony)
He may be another of those Indian freaks that orally recycles his own urine in the morning, so that may go a long way to explaining sacred cow worship.

Similar in a way to the Saudis' imbibing camel pee and worshiping a big black rock.

All much of a muchness in those so enriching excrement apertures (to paraphrase Trump).

We are only linked together if whitey is footing the bill and donating Billions of $ to them.

(jason callio)
Working hand in hand with the worlds other greatest threat. Islam. Both united in their goal of defeating western civilization.

(Schrödinger's cat )
Apart from driving the entire West Bank during an uprising, complete with burning tyres and hurled boulders, the most dangerous road journey I must have ever undertaken was between New Delhi and Jaipur. The truck drivers are all on a suicide mission, and a number I saw succeeded in this regard, but the main obstacle was cows on the road, every 100 yards. Since they are holy, they may not be run down. Eating them is death sentence territory.

I like black peppers on mine.

If leaders of shi*thole Countries think something is good then it's the opposite for the rest of us. All of these non white sub humans keep trying to eliminate whitey. We must put a stop to it.

some incels #sexist

Re: PSA: Trannies are organizing on Discord to recruit vulnerable youngcels into their weird feminization cult. Please upvote this so people are made aware


i don't like transphobia, almost all of them ended up like that because they were too ugly to get a gf just like everyone else on here, and no one in their friends circle (if they even had one) or family intervened to help them, they are victims. this is why almost all transexuals are male-to-female and not the other way around. that's just what happens when you're male and society rejects you for no reason. you end up developing weird interests and killing yourself at age 30.

don't bully them please. they are suffering

a lot of people that get sucked into this shit tend to be retards. it's pretty obvious trannies are trying to get as many young males into becoming trannies themselves because it reinforces their fucked up view of themselves and further emboldens their equally fucked up abomination of existence. trying to make yourself into a trap isn't going to change your genetics and that "man gut" is coming one day

I love how they use hyper feminine cartoon characters to depict themselves. No, you look like a bunch of trannies, some of you balding ffs. I mean if you could actually become an real woman I’d even consider it as an alternative to roping, if only to mess with simps and orbiters

Feminization is a massive fetish in anime adjacent communities and this is all the trans-cult is, a group of people with a predatory fetish that somehow managed to to gaslight mainstream culture in to shielding it. Imagine if any other weird fetish, like those people who swim in septic tanks for example, managed to get the support of mainstream media and big corporations?

This is what you need to keep in mind when you talk to trans people, especially MtF who have any interest or past with anime. You are talking to a victim who will most likely seek to reenact their trauma on another.

I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone ever since I discovered the incel community, just seeing all the incel theories, even the craziest, proven true one by one. First, we had the crazy incel theories about how lesbianism is largely a charade and lesbians would turn straight for chad. We got absolutely slaughtered on Reddit for this theory. Then an inceltears defector posted a crazy study showing that lesbians were twice as likely to get pregnant than straight women, thus proving incels right and BTFO ever single Redditor. Next we had incels talking about how transvestism is just caused by gynocentricity and men just wanting to enjoy female privilege. Incels got rubbished again on Reddit because we dared to suggest women were privilege. Now it appears we have been proven right again. I am not kidding, I think incels May be the smartest people alive on earth today.

What worries me is that incels have a couple of apocalyptic theories of how the world would turn out, and judging from their flawless track record, these would probably come true. Let us never forget that incels predicted metoo months before it happened. For those who remember r/incels, there was a series of threads where incels predicted women would go en masse on social media to accuse normies who touches them in the past for raping them because all forms of contact by an ugly Male is rape. Inceltears went on a ramalage calling incels paranoid and that “normal people don’t accuse people of rape just because they ugly you just have a toxic mindset reeeee”. A few months later, the metoo phenomenon was born.

The frustration builds and the sadness creeps but unless you have been feeling like this since childhood you are just being lied to

By your own doing

Few of them are able to become the women they desire because unless you do hormones since before puberty you can’t be a believable woman that can wear anything in the stores most women want to shop in

At best you are imitation crab meat when what you really need to be is the real deal and you can’t

They will never look like the girl they desire to be

Disgusting. Trannies are fucked in the head. I can’t believe society is trying so hard to grovel at their feet and at the same time force acceptance of them into everyone else. And it’s all in the name of...what? Being “progressive?” Fuck that noise. This isn’t progressive. It’s regressive.

It’s only going to get worse from here.

I don't know who is the ultimate mindmaster behind this but this is another way to fuck with real men. I just found out a while ago that transgenders were dating straight men (some of whom were """transphobic"""") who obvs didnt know that they were dating a mutilated man. This is what we have to look forward to if we even have a remote chance of ascending, not only are we competing for the ugliest, lowest actual female scraps any vaguely attractive foid we might find has a high chance of being male. It's over. It's fucking over

thanks for the heads up tho, most high iq posters here won't fall for that shit. It's probably the faggots at cucktears who are more likely to be trans

they honestly are delusional if they think they look like those anime girls in real life. most of these "traps" cover up their faces and filter-up when they take photos because deep down they know they still look like an ugly dude in drags

99% of all traps are UGLY!

Not that Trans are my cup of tea. But one thing I find funny is that MtF trans can get money for webcamming, dominate sports, even fucking win beauty pageants. Proving that being a woman is easy mode. As for FtM, they learn how fucking hard it is to be a man, the are even generally manlets, dickcels (obvious), and framecels.

If I could actually become an actual real woman with two X chromosomes and a vagina and a womb then I would. I would switch to easy mode midway through the game because the game sucks and is stacked against me.

But it is not possible. I have no desire to mutilate my genitals, have a fake "vagina" that is a constantly bleeding pus-filled wound that is forever trying to close, a masculine skeleton and facial structure, deep voice, Adam's apple, big feet, etc. The research shows that post-op transexuals are not any happier, and the rate of suicide goes up.

I think it's really sad how many are being misled by our feminized society into ceasing being men, but not really becoming women either, just becoming these sad depressed mutilated people who are in-between genders and have even less chance of finding love because neither gay men nor straight women want them, with a few exceptions.

No offence...

I like trannies. Honestly, I think trannies are hotter than cisgender females. I just wish they were proincel rather than antiincel. In the tranny lover community we have a saying that, every single female in the future will have a dick. This is because when there will be technology to be able to produce a babe from two sperm and outside the uterus, no one will want a dick-less girl.

Various Commenters #sexist

(Atavistic Autist)

[JFL] Femoid breaks up with high IQ Jewish physicist because he's an "insecure incel," bemoans the fact that she can't find an intelligent gigachad instead

I dated an incel, AMA


Why it is sooo unfair? If a guy is handsome most of the time he is stupid.

The foid literally admits that "personality" = "looks" here.

She juxtaposes a dumb Chad with an intelligent incel, yet specifies that the incel has "no personality."

Foid IQ: 0. She deserves nothing more than to be raped by monkeys (she's already having consensual sex with the "neighbor's dog," of course).


Thats evolution.. some bloodlines survived based on intellect, others on looks/physical strength.

There is few if any men out there who are handsome, healthy/strong and advanced minds.


I’ve said it in previous threads and I shall say it again: foids’ minds are stuck in 10,000BC. They should be grateful to have met a very intelligent man but it just isn’t good enough for this bitch.

Yeah this. Actual intelligent men are pretty rare and these bitches treat them as the product of the week jfl when are they gonna admit they just want to suck Chad's dick and nothing more?


People using the word "incel" in place of ugly male is brutal and confirms the blackpill. Jfl if you think Chad would EVER get called an incel regardless of his behavior in a relationship.

(Atavistic Autist)

Her other posts seem quite blackpilled:

We must be more understanding towards Inсels.

She is just being a benevolent feminist here.

She does not contest female control over the sexual selection process, considering it to be a given, and fundamentally agrees with the idea that highly intelligent incels have "defective" genes whereas the boneheaded Chads who make her wet have genes worthy of reproduction.

Her only point is that her fellow feminists should pity incels and say a prayer for us as we're sentenced to death. The only incels who can escape this fate are the psychopathmaxxers who are good enough at pretending to be NT and "alpha" to deceive a woman into believing it.

It would get deleted otherwise, I guess. There are some sentences, that were pretty based, but I need to sleep. She just described the status quo or not? Are you for forced male selection, just curious?

She describes the status quo and then fundamentally agrees with it. Nothing she says is anything more than virtue signalling, combined with her own style of redpilled nonsense.

She considers it an inevitability that females are the judges of what "good genetics" constitutes, their criteria being based on Fisharian Runaway qualities which have no actual bearing on men's fitness. Namely, "personality," which somehow a Chad who's dumber than a dog has more of than an intelligent incel (her reasoning being that intelligent incels tend to be neurotic and this doesn't make her cunt wet, like extroverted and imbecilic Chads do).

According to her, incels have to pretend to be those extroverted and imbecilic Chads in order to possibly impress a foid and then have sexual success with her. This is just a feminist version of the redpill. We need to deceive women with our perceived alphaness! Why not just put women into their place as inferior creatures who must submit to us?

She virtue signals about ultimately liking "ugly yet intelligent guys," but it's belied by her own stated nature, her own admission that Chads make her instantly wet and intelligent guys are merely a curiosity to her. She must be subjugated, or else she's just a hypocrite who's promoting the devolution of the species.

Top kek, do they have any self awareness at all, are they thick as shit or know what's up but don't give a fuck as to do so would be like folding on a pair of aces?

She wants a man who is high on the intelligence hierarchy, high on the looks hierarchy, and high on the NT hierarchy at the same time. This is her "Mr. Right." She is a picky bitch who is using the evolutionary psychology of the blackpill to justify her insane standards.

Intelligent men tend to be ugly, introverted, and neurotic if not autistic (in her terminology, "sociophobic"), and this makes her cunt shrivel.

On the other hand, sociopathic men who are attractive, extroverted, and outgoing tend to be dumber than dogs, which quickly bores her.

She wants the best of all worlds -- a giga-IQ, giga-NT, giga-Chad who mogs everyone, a man who she can bear settling down with. JFL.

Haha yeah she can totally get that if she gets herself a superhero reality, brilliant scientist takes strength serum or dumb brute has his brain Lasered with evolutionary beam.

Fucking dumb cunt, why would a guy that gets everything from his looks waste time reading books; no need & of course if you ain't turning heads you cope to get the good career & betabux a bitch but as we know this method ain't worth shit no more what with female empowerment of employment & simps. They call men the picky ones lol.

Hopefully she will find her standards satisfied in a Ted Bundy.

Intelligent, attractive, extroverted. The trifecta.

But a psychopath who will murder her. Good riddance, slut.


Wow, massive blackpill here.

"He is an incel because 1. ugly 2. virgin."

This confirms everything I already knew. You won't get an ounce of respect if you are male and not conventionally attractive. People look at you and based off of your appearance alone will judge your ethical predisposition.

Coming right from the fucking horse's mouth, ITards.



JFL a blackpill straight from a femoid mouth, they still try to silence it.


Pretty guys are for fucking, smart guys are for dating.

various commenters #sexist

Re: Tfw you try to dunk on incels and end up just shitting on the working class


when equating love to game show wealth he's in this post saying love is earned by winning the genetic lottery and that ugly people don't deserve love

jfl at cucktears iq

This idiot is actually AGREEING with us. Unless he thinks all poor people are that way because of their bad attitudes and laziness. What an absolute down syndrome

I lean Republican and my general take isn't that being poor is just because of being lazy. Things can happen. Some people don't have right skills at the right place and time.

It just isn't that bad to be poor in the first world as long as you avoid REALLY terrible mistakes like having five kids or doimg meth.

Being ugly, though, that's become a lifelong struggle in the West

cope, statistics show you have more than 2/3 chance of staying in the same SES you were born into. tradcucks just like to espouse this shit cuz they got lucky, same with chads and stacies and justworldtheory

Everyone who upvoted that thread then went on to vote for higher minimum wage.

When it comes to love and sex, Lefty's are even more Objectivist than Ayn Rand.

it's because the left is not about equality anymore, no since the 60 after the Frankfurt school and especially after the collapse of the USSR, is about post-modernism in an western centric world.

Females are the principal victims of everything according to this doctrine and males the victimizer, to criticize how unjust and unequal a free sexual market is it's criticize femoid behaviour(since females are the gatekeepers of sex and they hold all the power in this situation)and correctly classify them as the eugenicist, hitlerian animals they are; That's intolerable because everyone know that males and the system that they founded are the core of all the inequality in the planet.

Who is hilarious since monogamy is literally the marxism of the sexual market.

He's saying that some people are born luckier and others but ad with money you can try and work your way to love.


Be born in rural somalia Recieve barely any education, survive with foreign aid until you're an adult Go to Silicon Valley and become a rich programmer

Yeah I see no flaw in your reasining, we truly live in a fair world where everyone can get rich so long as they work hard.

Be born ugly with emotionally troubled parents Experience rejection and isolation during the critical years of socialization and development of self-esteem Bloom into a charming, beautiful person with people's skills and fulfilling relationships.

Yeah if I could everyone can I think

I love how their satire that's supposed to prove how insane and selfish we are is actually a really solid critique of our economic system. Of COURSE it's good that some people make 100 million dollars because they picked Door B and some people starve to death working 12 hour shifts! Stop being so entitled and try actually putting in some effort - money isn't everything you know, managing these investments is a real hassle

That's why the blackpill resonated so well with a leftist like me despite the tainting with right-wing rethoric.

Both the blackpill and revolutionary theory have its roots in the fact that some humans will be born miserable and rejected while others will live shitting on everyone else. Be it the wealth or your parents or the facial symmetry that your genes encode both are angry reactions to cosmic injustice and to the cruelty of God.

Anybody got that meme of what happens when a liberal debates an incel? Bernie Sanders morphing into Ben Shapiro.

They’re such hypocrites. The chance to reproduce is way lower (meaning more basic and vital) on the heirarchy of needs than shit like the internet or a university education. But guess which liberals think people are entitled to.

Yeah boy. Everyone who's poor is because of his own volition. Being lucky has nothing to do with it. Just like dating. Whether you're born to a rich businessman from Switzerland or to a poor farmer in Somalia, it has no effect on how much wealth you're gonna get. Definitely not. Just be happy that you're poor and stop hating on rich people who force you to work 12 hours a day to barely feed yourself while they eat gourmet in Paris. If you didn't hate the rich so much you could actually learn how to do business like they do and maybe get rich too.

Funny how the liberal left in both the US and Europe supports socialism for exactly that reason. Are IncelTears going to support the redistribution of sexual access to the less fortunate? I thought they were against that kind of thing.

I spent some time on inceltears trying to assess how leftist they are and they have john oliver-tier pseudoideology.

Those are absolute retards that will simultaneously support Macron, oppose middle-eastern interference, condemn US imperialism in latin america and shit on Fidel for whatever propaganda they're fed.

Probably on par with /r/neoliberal as one of the subs I can't physically tolerate.

Ropemaxx #sexist #conspiracy #psycho

Women hate you. Their biggest wish in life is for you to die (literally)

Just a reminder that women hate you. Women want nothing more than for you to die a painful death. They hate your existence. They hate your genes. Unlike men, women are very hostile to bad genes. There is a million ways to lose in the dating market as a man, and virtually none for a woman.
Women hate your face. Women hate and despise your bad jawline, bad eye area, small insufficient dick, short height, or even tall height if you are ugly. Women hate every part of your body.

They know your life is nothing but suffering and torture. Yet they wouldnt give you a hug to literally save your life, yet alone any sexual pleasure. Why do you think this is? Its not a coincidence. Women not fucking an incel at all cost, is ALL part of their biological plan.

Womens biggest goal in life is not to fuck chads, its for incels to die and never reproduce.

Women have two main priorities in life that is higher on their list than anything else.
1# NOT FUCK an incel

2# Be chads personal cumdrenched fleshlight

>everything else

Various incels #sexist

[JFL] "Ex-incel" posts on inceltears: "I escaped inceldom by transitioning to a female"

Personally, I think this is a massive troll.

But JFL at the comments, they think it's real.

This is proof that IT are negative IQ

Read just the last 2 paragraphs if it's too long for you

The fact that becoming a "female" gives you thousands of positive points to the eyes of society proves how highly overrated foids are,so many men don't want to be men anymore because the rules are rigged in favour of the """"opressed """"" gender.

Jesus I hope that's a troll. Trannies need to get killed by firing squads, hundreds of them at a time

Trannies are a black pill in themselves; you cannot be happy as a male, so become a female. It's just accepting that females have astronomically easier lives.
Fucking LARP either way...

That's exactly what (((they))) want you to do. Become a faggot or a crazy person who thinks he is the opposite sex of what he really is because of circumstances created by (((they))) themselves.

(Life Wasted)
Lol they dare not question a tranny, if you larp as a trap the left will bow to you like you are God.

Yeah but there's no way IT would ever acknowledge foids have it easier tho.

My opinion on this is like a double edged sword. I don’t think it’s normal and all but at the same time I’m a bit happy for an Incel who does that to get female privilege. However, this tranny became a cucktear so I have no sympathy.

That's what they do with vulnerable people.
I hope for that man he is trolling.

This piece of shit didn't escape inceldom. It's worst than escortcelling or plastic surgery, this faggot completely overhauled his body of work for validation instead of embracing what he truly was.


(Marquis de Sade)
Naw it doesnt. I dunno where u live. But here trannys face a life of being openly mocked, ridiculed and avoided. If some tranny walked into the pub an tried to hit on a guy. It would probably get the shit kicked out of it. They are an abomination, and no amount of postive press about them will make me thing otherwise.

I know many trans people who were former incels in the speedrunning community so I can believe. I still think all trannies should be put to death though

being a tranny is a cope because you know your pathetic genes are worthless as a male so they try and transition to becoming a female which never works out.

SchrodingersDick #sexist

The collapse of civilization is happening in your lifetime. Feminism caused it. There is no coming back from this. Long post.

Expanded upon another post of mine in another thread.. been meaning to post this for you all. I kinda suck at writing so it might be all over the place. There’s a TL;DR down below but I put a lot of effort into this so I’d appreciate if you took the time to read.

For the cucktears lurkers, before you shit on this, Take a step back and look at the world in the context of just another sexually dimorphic mammal species to understand the following.

Civilization is inherently a patriarchy. They are the same thing. One cannot exist without the other. In order for a civlization to exist, female sexual nature (hypergamous genetics-based mate selection) must be kept in check, for men to be treated equally and fairly, to allow for all members to have hope that if they contribute, they can be rewarded with guanrateed breeding right over a female of their choosing. In this sense, it is necessary for the success of a civilization that women be sexually oppressed.. this developed world is a man’s thing and will only ever cater to men. It is our creation for the benefit of all, but mostly genetically subpar, men. It’s all built at the expense of women’s vaginas. Any society in which women have free mate selection can not function. In tribal times, there was 1 sexually successful man for every 17 sexually successful women.. assuming a 100% female sexual success rate, that leaves 94% of men sexless. This is important. If it weren’t for this fact, we wouldn’t have a problem and this site wouldn’t exist. We need to replace genetic currency with something else in order to appease all men and make it possible for everyone to contribute and build something great.. Money was invented. Money must represent survival in order to be worth anything. It must replace the baseline definition of survival meaning a big strong male able to kill other males in a fight. Well we have a police force for that now so no need to worry. But most importantly, it must be able to be used as leverage to purchase pussy under the guise of survival. That’s the only way to keep the male population happy. Without it, women have to reason to mate with subpar men.. This system is inherently oppressive to women. Unfortunately for them, this system favors survival over reproductive success. Everyone survives and procreates but at the expense of females carrying and birthing inferior DNA. Survival is not enough for them. The idea of 1:1 male to female mate pairings guarantees that all the females not paired with a high SMV male with be with a low SMV male and produce genetically poor kids (which is why they are repulsed by low SMV men, which is why rape only exists with low SMV men, but you knew this already, no need to expand), something that disgusts them on a primitive level. It’s a system they need to get rid of.. hence the sexual liberation, fighting for rights, fighting for a right to work, etc. no matter how hard men try to keep a society strong and prosperous, women will actively try and tear it all down.

This snowball formed when women were given rights.. it started a snowball effect. Now there are several things that compounded with each other make for a nightmare scenario for the world.

1: women in the work place. Women earn their own money now. A Man’s resources cannot be used as leverage to purchase reproductive rights with a female. Thus his contributions to the tribe are meaningless as his reward holds no value.

2: genetic misrepresentation and contraception. Estrogen frauding Makeup, plastic surgeries, gym to build a high estrogen ass.. all these things are being used to falsely elevate women’s sexual dimorphism, perceived serum estrogen concentration, age, fertility, etc. notice how every foid does makeup the same way. Thin narrow nose bridge, shadows under the zygos to show zygo projection, rounded chin makeup, eyeliner to fraud thick eyelashes (health indicator).. women are walking around looking like top tier specimens the likes of which would make your caveman ancestors balls explode. Tbh they should bow down to partiarchy that they’re able to walk around like this alone and not immediately be gangraped when they step out of the house looking like they sweat pure estrogen and fertility. And lastly contraception.. things like birth control, condoms and abortion make casual sex and being a whore consequence-free. It’s the reason the cock carousel exists.

3: easy access to a global sexual market. The tribe is no longer a handful of guys and girls with the top guy doing all the fucking. Smartphones, Tinder, Instagram, cars, planes, buses, etc all help make the sexual marketplace a global thing.. in essence it’s an 8 billion member tribe, with easy access to all types of chad dick. Far more competition among males and a far lower sexual success rate among the male population.

4: destruction of religion. Religion isn’t really a thing anymore. It was once a powerful tool to convince women that 1:1 mate pairings are what’s to be expected, no sex before marriage, shit like that (had other reasons too. Keeps men’s testosterone at bay, thou shall not kill, steal, etc. keeps things civil) .. They had a reason to abide and ignore their primal instincts. It did a pretty good job.. now that’s gone, and there’s virtually no way of enforcing monogamy and chastity. Which funny enough, is also the only prerequisite for a woman to get married.. just be a virgin. They can’t even manage that yet a bunch of captain save a hoes are quick to wife em up, and these hoes will wear white on their wedding day symbolizing their purity.. jfl

Compound these 4 new phenomenon together, and you can quickly see that the sexual market is fucked, and a society with a SMP like this cannot sustain itself.. This is a world that belongs to women now. This world automatically excludes all men unfit for reproduction. In this case, it’s likely over 99% of men. What will these men do once they realize money doesn’t buy pussy? Once they realize that if there’s truly no hope for them, they can rely on government assistance, or work a menial bottom tier job just to make enough to survive. If these men even have the drive to go to work, they will have no drive to innovate, get promotions, invent something, become millionaires, etc. you’ll have a lot of complacent men with no motivation to contribute anything. Best hope automation can replace the entire workforce, and if not, then you got a work force made up of 99% women and just lmao if you think that’s gonna take us anywhere. Women have no incentive to make money other than to rid men of their only leverage and open up their prospective mating options. Same deal with them.. they’ll just aim to make the minimum amount to survive and genefraud enough to land 6’4” chad.

This results is a catalysmic shift of the world as we know it.. there will be a total collapse once the number of men who drop out of society reaches critical mass. But until then, you will see a shitload of people dependent on government assistance, the rich being taxed out the ass, who now have even less incentive to keep perusing high paying careers, more people coping with drugs/alcohol, a spike in suicides and mass shootings, high SMV men forming harems, etc.. basically 2018 x10.

For this to happen, It’s not even necessary for the masses to swallow the blackpill.. it’s only necessary for them to realize money doesn’t mean anything anymore. That’s all it takes. Put simply, one’s contributions to society are no longer worth the effort. It’s basically slave labor at that point.

So there you have it. All the causes are there and cannot be reversed.. things have already been set in motion. just wait till the effects of them become painfully obvious. This cannot be fixed since nobody is gonna accept that women’s vaginas are the reason for this. Maybe next time around men don’t fuck up and start the civilization off strong with commoditized pussy. This will all go down in documented history so a mistake like this likely won’t repeat itself. That’s the good news.

This should be lifefuel for you all. You are witnessing the collapse of the most successful civilization on earth in YOUR lifetime. Pretty cool. So ditch your ER plans, untie your ropes, and Sit back and watch the world burn.

TL;DR; a couple rights here and there and a few apps destroyed the world. Patriarchy, religion, and commoditization and sexual oppression of women are paramount to the existence and survival of any civilization. We lack all 4. It’s over. Bunker up and stockpile food and ammo. We’re going back to the jungle.

RopeMaXXer #sexist #psycho

[Serious] Realistic ways to fight the system

Here's some ideas

1. In your free time chadfish as much as possible, and make sure to let them know you're chadfishing at the end. This will make women distrust dating apps and matching with good looking men.

2. Sign up for as much neetbucks as possible and drain the system. Work on getting disability, research social safety nets and be a leech.

3.Do not help out women at all, do not be friendly to any woman and make it as difficult as possible to interact with you. It's the best when they're obliged to help you. Do NOT tip them ever. Bonus if you approach them and make them think ugly men have a chance with them

4.Comment on women's support groups and try to implant subversive ideas. Make underhanded comments that damage their self esteem while being seemingly earnest and nice person. If some women ask for beauty tips tell them they pass really well and congratulate them. Be vocal against makeup, or any advantage women use to fraud their genes. God tier would be making and modding a subreddit like that. Rub their faces in genetically superior gigastacies. Demoralization is the best.

Any other ideas?

bmwgiggmgk #fundie

first of all being gay is not a natural phenomenon you liberal piece of SHIIT

and second of all anyone who puts out bogus studies saying it is, is only doign it for the they got to publish *beep* like that from gay politicians and lobbyists.

FFUUCCKK YOU, and your "whiney" post. its people like you that take this land and the the liberties it grants for granted. LEAVE THIS COUNTRY!


I seen that on of course the bitch reporter went waaaay out of her way to make the KKK look bad. and i loved the way they said they were brainwashing white youths.well fuck me running,I didn't need no brainwashing to find out how fucked up Niggers & Jews are! they talked to some guy who looked like a child molester that worked for tha Anti defication league and he said that that many are joining becuase the polticians don't talk to them,well NOOO shiit sherlock,the only thing the politicians give a shit about is getting votes from the niggers for the democrats.Membership fro the KKK,WN & Neo Nazi groups will increase as time goes by becuase White people are starting to get sick of all the bullshit minorities are doing ruining the world and the U.S.A.

rellik #fundie

(On a thread about Maxine Waters calling for impeachment.)

I’m a well known Democrat hater. The stupid woman is lucky I believe in the rule of law, If I lived in her world of opinion she’d be pig shiite by now. In fact about 67 million of her like minded followers would be the same, cheap food for Chinese pigs.

Fundamentalist Shiites #fundie

Friday's violence occurred as hundreds of thousands of worshipers across Iraq took part in Ashura rites commemorating the death of Imam Hussein, a grandson of Muhammad who was killed by the army of the Caliph Yazid on the plains of Karbala. Hussein's death in 680 made permanent the schism between Shiites and Sunnis over the succession after Muhammad.

...During a reenactment of Hussein's slaying in Basra, the crowd turned on the actor who was performing the part of his killer and beat the man so badly that he returned with an assault rifle to exact revenge. At least one onlooker was killed in the crossfire when soldiers tried to subdue the man and his relatives, security officials said.

Ropemaxx #sexist #crackpot

[It's Over] [Blackpill] If you don't regularly have sex in your teens, your neurotransmitters are permanently damaged

If you dont have sex regularly in your early teens, your self esteem, dopamine and serotonin are forever damaged.
Seriously, any guy i know who had regular teen sex turned out good. You can see the happiness in their eyes, the glow, the drive for more, the lack of depression or anxiety.

Then i look at any guys who went through their whole teens getting nothing or maybe once every few years. Those guys are always failing, have anxiety and depression problems, work in lower end jobs etc etc.

Society needs to start offering young males sex at an early age. Shoutout to the post who said a female therapist giving an incel a blowjob would be 1000 times more effective than any therapy JFL.

Anyway, enjoy your permanently damaged brain, silly inkwells. Its over

Ropemaxx #sexist

[It's Over] [Suicidefuel] Has anyone ever red about mens sexual "harassment/assault" stories?

JFL waking up with a woman trying to suck you off dick, or trying to get on top of you and get fucked. Damn what a tradegy!
Imagine being so attractive a woman can't hold her lust and has to rape you.
Why cant no woman rape or sexually assault me? Over if you don't get this reaction.

PPEcel #sexist

[LifeFuel] Whores are still working in the UK amid the lockdown

JFL at normies who are whining about not being able to go clubbing.

Escortcels, you shouldn't let something as stupid as the pandemic get in your way. I know because I visited one yesterday. And if you aren't an escortcel, you should consider becoming one, since you probably have nothing better to do right now. The upmarket agencies in London are desperate for business since their usual clientele of married white boomers are deathly afraid of corona chan.

BabyFuck McGirlsex #conspiracy

[Based] Be very Afraid of users with a very high number of posts because......

They are not who they seem to be.

Imagine if you were an FBIcel, LAPDcel or a CIAcel who was paid to be monitoring for any terrorist threats - you would obviously have to post a ridiculous amount of posts on inorder to

* Impress your FBI bosses and show them you are working hard at your job
* Trick the legit incels on .co into thinking that you are not a LARPer and are actually stricken by that black plague called inceldom

Think about this logically - given how brutal the blackpilled truth is how can someone spend hours on .co continuously replying to every thread and posting like 10 new threads everyday consistently for months unless they were paid by the federal government to run surveillance on coping incels online???? True incels dont spend that much time on .co posting that many times because they have other copes like

* cooming to porn,
* online gaming,
* call of duty : modern warfare matches,
* watching movies,
* listening to music,
* gymmaxxxing,
* wagecucking
* Mining Bitcoins
* Forex trading
* e.t.c

On that stable basis - be very suspicious of those accounts who seem to always be on .co replying to everyone and everything because they are FBI LARPers and CuckTears LARPers, i'm also sure that some MOD accounts here are run by Law Enforcement jfl

Uglyme #psycho

[RageFuel] IT morons really think we behave like this irl do they

One of cucktears favorite piece of (idiocy) advice is "the reason why you're incel is because you call women foids, noodlewhores, cumdumpsters, holes, etc. If you stop calling women like that maybe they would want to be with you"

Seriously are they that stupid? Do they think that we actively go around calling girls like that on a daily basis? Imagine if I said "thanks you fucking hole" to the girl at the grocery store. How long you think it'd take for me to get arrested for harassment? What those dumbasses fail to understand is that most of us try to be normal and functioning members of society but women don't care about that, they just give us the cold shoulder cause we are ugly. If we use those terms here it's because this is a safe non judgemental place for us to cope. So, soytears can shove their advice up to they used up asses cause it doesn't fucking work.

RopeMaXXer #sexist

[Serious] Where the fuck do all the hot women go?

And I don't mean by that the lack of them. Whenever I see one(and it's really rare, I'm starting to think they just don't go out) they're either in large groups where you can't identify the boyfriend, or they're alone.
They also don't seem to go to any outings. I had a similiar thread in the past, I have a higher chance of spotting a hot woman on a bus stop than a fucking bar.
Who do they even fuck? It's like theyre too good to even do basic stuff. It's pretty funny ngl.
And what's up with the ugly women in service jobs nowadays? I distinctly remember seeing pretty waitresses as kid often. Are they all sugar babies?
I love hypergamy

Al-Azhar University #fundie

On Thursday, August 27, 2015, the first part of Iran’s most expensive movie trilogy, “Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah,” opened nationwide in Iran. It took more than eighty months for this movie to be completed. Its primary goal, according to its director Majid Majidi, “is to reclaim the rightful image of Islam, which he said extremists have distorted.”

The Iranian state has partly funded the film, most likely in an attempt to promote a Shiite understanding of the narrative of Muhammad’s life. This, of course, triggered controversy among Sunni Muslims. Al-Azhar University demanded that “Iran refrain from releasing the movie, so that an undistorted image of the prophet can be preserved in the minds of Muslims.”

Ropemaxx #crackpot

[Blackpill] "i see ugly guys with gfs all the time"

The reason you hear this cope all the time is because most guys have NO idea how to rate men, for obvious reasons(being straight). Sure a normal man can see the extreme cases like a sub2 or a gigachad with striking features, but alot of chads or chadlites are undercover. Ive done this mistake several times thinking a guy is ugly but then reading 1000s of youtube comments of women swooning over them i realized they were actually chads.
Examples :
Bill Skarsgard, Alex Rose, John Corbett, Jeremy Renner, the menendez brothers etc

Hell even some incels here think people like Gerald Butler or Ryan Gosling are not good looking.

ThoughtfulCel #sexist #dunning-kruger

[Serious] Man is the main cause of Inceldom

We can all agree that man has played a major role in advancing the human race through each era and age. The stone age, Victorian era, the age of discovery, etc. We can also agree that man has not always made the right decisions in history, with countless wars, terrible torture and rape, brutality, etc. But in general man has dominated and ruled over earth for centuries.

When i say man is the cause of Inceldom, i do not mean any of you are, or even the majority of men. I mean a select few men have doomed all of us to a life of inceldom. Man is the reason women have rights, he is the reason women can vote, can drive, can work, etc. Man is also the reason why most of us will never have sex, girlfriends, or wives.

Throughout history we've had countless books and quotes spoken and written by our greatest minds warning us about the nature of women. These men existed before females were "equal" to men, and saw through the deceptively convincing docile and innocent nature that women convey. If they were alive today, half of the things they said would not appear in any form of media. Currently it is a sin to expose female and criticize female nature for what it is.

Man has made it so that the nature of females is not only accepted, but encouraged. We've created devices, programs, and websites,that further encourage female hypergamy and their selective and discriminatory nature. We defend, orbit, and put down other men in hopes of gaining female attention and acceptance.

If a dog bites you maliciously, as a master, do you scold and slap it? Or do you let it continue to bite you? The answer is obvious, yet ignored when it comes to women. Women vocally speak their hatred of men. They lie, cheat, deceive, and storm media in hordes, complaining, whining, and babbling about inequality. And what does man do? He keeps giving, feeding, and allowing females to continue. He lets the dog continue to bite in order to satisfy it, without realizing it will never be satisfied.

Because of this, art, music, speech, and the lives of many men have been censored in the pursuit of keeping women happy and feeding into the female ego. What man doesn't understand is that females will never be satisfied. First it was the right to vote, then equal rights, and now you can't even engage a female without meeting HER checklist of requirements or you run the risk of being socially outcast. And the sad part is, its too late to turn back.

Women are not strong, they are not wise, funny, or even good for entertainment or friendship. Yet it is man who tells them they are. Coddles them, empowers them, and feeds them. And it is man who is responsible for inceldom.

TLDR females are terrible, and we've known that since we gained sentience as a species, but despite that, they have been allowed to unleash their full nature thanks to man. You can hate females for what they are, but its important to remember the cucks in history who have supported and allowed females equality despite knowing their nature.

ThoughtfulCel #sexist

A man created the only fans websites, making it easier for women to slut around and make money.

Women just take advantage of what men create, therefore its cucks fault.

Its almost as if creating platforms for women to whore around on reduces the quality of women.

Cucks are to blame once again.
[photo of a gorilla]

Sadness #sexist

{Submitter‘s note: This is an older thread I stumbled across today and I had to submit it for the hilarious gender mix up}

[RageFuel] (CuckTears-lite) proves the black pill while attacking my thread

It was my thread about making small-talk.

SpoilerI've recently been trying to get more extroverted since my loneliness is mentally torturing me at this point. I think I've become pretty well-versed in the art of interacting and small talk with certain types of people (strangers in public, male employees, classmates, acquaintaces). Older adults are always friendly; but for people my age, it depends.
Other incels (including soyboys) are the easiest to talk to since they, like me, are also desperate to not be treated like garbage.
Normies are usually receptive, especially if they're alone or in small groups.
Chads will only be receptive if they're employees or if they're alone. If they're in groups, they won't be as rude as foids, but they still don't want to be associated with a subhuman nerd. They'll usually give a quick smile-and-nod response and mingle with someone else.
But then there's femoids :feelscry:. This is where it truly hurts. Sometimes, after continued success in riffing with other dudes, I forget that I'm a hideous subhuman and try to make conversation with a girl. I then get a harsh dose of reality when I see them disinterestedly utter a one-word response and not even look at me; or at worst, give me a dirty look. If they're employees, they'll manage to put on a forced smile but make me take the hint.

It's humiliating :feelscry:. Each time I briefly wonder "Was it something I said?" then I realize "Oh yeah, I forgot I was ugly."

I guess trying to have some sort of interaction with holes as a sub5 is a crime against humanity to them, so they decided to copypaste my thread onto their site and mock me for it.

Some stupid bitch's snide comment and her beta orbiter's response:


You're damn right I don't want to be associated with a fucking incel. If I get the feeling a guy is some loser who shrieks about FFFFFFFOIDS online I'll try and make interacting as difficult as possible. Some may call this bullying.

Me, I call this preemptive measures.

The Crimson Ghost

@ Niam- and your good work does not go unappreciated.

Hmm, so you intentionally act like a cunt to any guy who you think might be "some loser"? What exactly about random stranger would arouse that kind of suspicion?

{thinking Pepe emojis}

(being ugly)

Holes are disgusting vile creatures.

BodyFat10orRope & Hate_my_life #sexist



Why do women even get this upset by cheating? It's not even that bad if a man cheats tbh. It's not like he's cuckolding you. He's just horny and so he's fucking another woman. Other than some type of moral reason if you're religious, it doesn't seem like something that should illicit such a severe reaction (not only talking about the ones that commit suicide) in women.


I’m not celebrating the suicide or anything but I bet CuckTears will say that it‘s OP personality stopping him getting a girlfriend while OP shares a tweet like...... well, this. So supposedly Incels are incels because of what they say online even though most self-labelled incels bite their tongue in the real world.

I'm definitely celebrating.

Such a foid would've treated me like absolute dirt so why should I even offer a display of sympathy/condolences.

I wish every foid could just take their life today. I'd be so happy with none of these demons roaming around.

Also IT can go fist themselves, they're illogical goal-post moving cunts.

Joachim Hagopian #conspiracy

Paris Attacks: Another False Flag? Sifting through the Evidence

What do the globalists do when they want to create, reignite and keep their war on terror fought indefinitely? They simply carry out a series of false flag attacks using Muslim terrorist stooges as their hired guns to do their damage. That’s what 9/11 was all about in the US, 7/7 in UK, the 3/11 train attack in Spain, the Hebdo Paris attack last January, and now this latest Paris encore reenactment part two.

In any unsolved crime the first question asked is who benefits by motive with an actual means to execute the crime?

In all of these tragic false flag events the global elite benefits in multiple ways. And it most definitely has the means by issuing marching orders to its owned and operated national governments, its favorite being the militaristic, brutal American Empire.

The elite’s agenda to polarize and destabilize the world politically and militarily manifests through the US foreign policy of regime change, nonstop war through divide and conquer methodology (i.e., Shiites vs. Sunnis, Euro-nationals vs. foreign migrants, Christians vs. Muslims, light skins vs. dark skins) and economic austerity through unpayable high interest from predatory IMF bank loans to debtor nations from both the developing and developed world. Through global theft and destruction, the ruling elite reigns supreme in absolute power.

Gunnersup & RopeMaXXer #sexist


[Serious] In the future, governments will neuter ugly males

Once the population gets too high, the government will assign tasks to different males. They will allow chads to impregnate foids, but they will neuter all sub-humans. I'm hoping a historian from the year 3000 will read this thread knowing that I predicted the outcome.


Lmao they don't even need to do this. It's already happened.
Brainlets always think of dystopias as some sort of novel with draconian laws.
The dystopia is tiktok filtering ugly people, every hole with social media having a venmo link, rampant anti male quotas and 0 bargaining power as average male.
At this point were just meat robots waiting for our metallic counterparts to replace us.

jerrycan dan #sexist

[About a woman called Sophie James who ordered a dog dildo online]

guess what she's bought as well? Dog rope toys, dog tennis balls, dog bandanna. hmmm, really jobs my noggin. No woman is going to be smart enough to buy these for her petplay LARP unless she actually has a dog, who she is preparing for by taking a plastic knot. She fucks dogs. She fucks dogs and posts about it publically with a picture of her face reviewing dog dick memorabilia. 24 people thought this was cool and publically followed her. It is fucking over. Your looksmatch is actually fucking dogs and dog dildos. Women deserve no rights whatsoever, they should be fucking beaten for even suggesting they will do anything good with their own self-determination legal personhood. YOUR LOOKSMATCH IS GETTING KNOTTED AS YOU READ THIS, LOW TIER NORMIE LOOKSMATCHERS ARE GETTING RAILED BY PITBULLS AND GOLDEN RECHADDERS

cucktears foids reading this are probably scared they'll get caught reading this

ThoughtfulCel #sexist #conspiracy #quack

We live in a society where its a competition of who can be the biggest victim.

It's a slow process of feminizing men, making them more docile and soft. And giving women fake empowerment.

Women are too stupid to realise they are being manipulated for government and corporate gain, so they welcome this empowerment. Why wouldn't they? They get to fuck chad and be considered equal to a man for doing absolutely nothing.

This is why there is no going back.

Men in higher power have convinced women that they can be men to, forever ruining the balanced structure of female and male relationships.

As a result men are becoming softer, less masculine. If men are less masculine this means they will be less outspoken and more willing to accept terrible work conditions and environments.

If you want to blame anyone for society as a whole shifting to being offended by stupid shit like "sexualization" or "toxic masculinity", blame the government that is purposefully making you lose more and more testosterone every year for monetary gain, pushing gay and transgender agendas, and censoring everything, thus reducing any artistic or cultural value.

In short, humans deserve to die and I deserve to rule what's left of earth

there #fundie

Barak = "blessing" in arabic and I also think it was the name of the winged horse mohammed rode on in the night dream said to have taken him to the Temple Mount and that mohammad's foot print is on the rock inside that dome.

Gender: Masculine

Usage: Arabic

Other Scripts: ???? (Arabic)

Diminutive of HASAN. Husayn ibn Ali (also called Al-Hussein) was the son of Ali and the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. Al-Hasan was his older brother. The massacre of Husayn and his family caused the split between Shiite and Sunni Muslims, which continues to this day. In more recent times this was the name of a king of Jordan

Hmmmm interesting

Ropemaxx #sexist

[SuicideFuel] You can never catch up

Since life is 90% about how much sex you have, there is no way for you to ever catch up.
Any man who has had a couple of girlfriends by now has had sex thousands of times. There is no way you can ever catch up to their level even if you ascend by some miracle.

You spent your youth in suicidal despair while chad spent it inside their young JB girlfriends vagina.

ToxicPersonality #sexist #psycho

Im going to touch female coworker

I will touch female coworker now when i go there in a few days. Ass and titties. This will satisfy me and i will press my cock against her ass. It will be very enjoyable for me

Nice larp greycel.

I have already "bumped" into her on "accident" a few times. Its a small space with many of us so its believable that i could have because people are bumping into each other all day basically. But this time i will grab her waist and touch her nice ass with my cock

Hello cucktear infiltrator

Typical Greycel post

This cunt is obviously a foid infiltrator. Every thread it posts on has some stupid and/or larping bullshit like this mods need to get their act together tbhngl

Its not my fault that you are low t and dont want to put ur dick against womens asses.

”He is saying he will sexually assault them.

OP, rub one for me.”

When did he say that? He said he was gonna partake in normal interactions that happen in work day.
I wouldn't advise it personally due to metoo, I don't even meet with foids alone, unless they are western foids, because a noodle might not just metoo me for being ethnic, she might even have me organ harvested

If you look it up there was only like 2k lawsuits for workplace sexual harassment but lkke 5million was touched

They would lynch you if you were accused of fiddling a noodlewhore. Stay safe dude. The way OP wrote it seems as if he is going to be against her will.

She wont say anything due to my t mogging every soy shes met, i dont believe anyone shes worked with there has enough t to press his cock on her infront of everyone. I will satisfy myself in a truly blackpilled high t manner and everyone will tremble before my awesome power

Based gropemaxxer, mogs me.

Thanks guys. I will grope her titties and ass good when i work next. She will be my cum slave because my high t blackpilled groping will make her animal brain submit to me as my personal cum dumpster and fuckhole.

OverBeforeItBegan #dunning-kruger

[JFL] This is the person calling you an Inkwellerino

image[Reddit user profile of “fREEEEcel”: “Late bloomer virgin til mid 20s- in relationship since. Thinks Pills are dumb.”]

Dude missed out on both highschool and college sex and now he has some sort of Messiah Complex and thinks he can save other inkwells from misogyny by leading them towards the path of betabuxxing second-hand grannies instead.

I'll never get tired of looking through Cucktear profiles just to see what kind of freaks I can find. There's trannies, there's whores in abusive relationships but this is one of the more interesting ones. Imagine a dude that was subhuman enough to almost become a wizard posting on REDDIT, thinking he's a part of the cool boys club now because he did something that most people do for the first time when they're 16.

ThoughtfulCel #fundie #sexist #wingnut #psycho

Is it a coincidence that both genders are the unhappiest they've ever been since female liberation?

Is it a coincidence that more lesbians and gays are being produced every single day since female liberation?

Is it a coincidence that male testosterone has gone down since female liberation.

And is it a coincidence that so many cucks, simps, and weak men exist more now than in any stage in human history?

Lestat #fundie

Being Born Ugly is a Curse from God
He hates u.
Most people biologically find ugly/below average males repulsive.
So if u fall into that category, ur ENTIRE life will be literally hell unless u become a hermit or monk.

To function in society u really need a certain level of looks.
To just be a friend with women u need to look good.
To be invited to parties u need to look good.
To be treated with respect u need to look good.

Proof that god is ur enemy.

Various incels #psycho

[Experiment] Should humanity be exterminated?


Yes 37 votes 71.2% RREEEEEEEEE epillepsy happiless Reprobus Gaiamon SlayerSlayer Hate_my_life Admiral_Arkantos Joelossus ERadicator Neggr weirdguy22 PHp TheDarkEnigma AAAAAAAAAAAcel AlexanderTheGreat11 Benj-amin Wilfred crestfallencel HopeCopeRope Lone-Star ShySaxon Ultimatepassivecel Welfare Collector Greyandoldcel MoggedManlet AspergerManlet UglyBongola Justice Bao penismaster768 SellingGf10k LooksAreLife cutthroat dirtykombatcel Shacov FallenPrime Cyanide
No 6 votes 11.5% hindustan_zindabad ExpiringAspirin vangohugo grondilu TheBasedCel DepravedAndDeprived
Maybe 9 votes 17.3% PPEcel Words2_live_bye Transcended Trucel BITG MuslimMentalcel Grothendieck BrazilianSigmasDad IncelPolitik JosefMengelecel

Various incels #sexist

(Trevor Phillips)
[Serious] What's your stance on smart women?

Do you hate extremely intelligent women as well? I often find myself feeling the utmost rage at brainless foids, but I'm willing to engage in conversation with those who show some kind of brain activity. Those ones, although rare, are actually pretty neat to talk to. Not trying to white knight or anything but objectively the smart ones seem bearable



Pick one

"Intelligent" women are like genetic freaks and Olympic athletes.

A rare occurrence.

[gif of a man pushing another man to the ground to stomp on his face]

never seen one, they dont exist.

(Trevor Phillips)
Yeah, I'm making this post because surprisingly I know more than one. (but less than 5)

fair enough eh

i hate them more because they make me feel tiny penised and jealous. They are extremely Chad-only

To the contrary, I have found the truly "intelligent" women I've met insufferable cunts. So high up in their ivory towers that all common sense completely eludes them. At least my lowbrow female acquaintances often have some modicum of street smarts and sometimes even a faint glimmer of incipient redpill awareness.

I know of women smart ON PAPER. There's plenty of women with fancy degrees. I have met very few though that have the ingenuity and cunning of a man, and when I do they make me feel like shit

There are dumb women and dumb women who pretend to be smart.

PPEcel #sexist

Why are rape victims called "survivors" anyway?

@MaxZM98 and @Edmund_Kemper have made excellent points on the issue.

Yes, I'm aware that some rapists murder their victims; but people also occasionally die when they are robbed or assaulted. But have you ever heard someone use the term "robbery survivor" or "assault survivor"? No, right? Then why the fuck does the term "rape survivors" exist? I mean, the phrases "school shooting survivors" and "plane crash survivors" make sense because both refer to events where fatalities are implied and commonplace, but rape in and of itself is not a lethal act. I could see a plausible case to call a victim a "survivor" if the rapist intended to murder the victim and failed, but otherwise, I don't see the difference between rape and a slightly more brutal variant of a routine physical assault with no sexual element.

If rape is as horrible as some individuals suggest it is, they'd think twice about cracking jokes about prison rape, especially when you take into account the fact that the criminal justice system fails poor and/or minority defendants more often. I think it's extremely revealing to observe a person won't shut up about "dismantling rape culture" yet at the same time perpetuates heteronormative behavioural standards. When an SJW suggests that men should just "man up" while he coddles and infantilizes femoids under the guise of "empowerment" and "support", I see nothing but a self-serving narrative peddled by a pathetic, empty shell of a person desperate to score "woke points" to reassure himself of his moral superiority.

Maybe, just maybe -- of all the shit things that humans regularly do to each other -- rape isn't as high up as they think it is. As far as I'm concerned, spending 20 years in prison for a crime one did not commit is worse than being non-consensually penetrated for 20 minutes. Never mind being murdered.

Personalityinkwell & ShadowTheEdgehog #sexist #psycho


[SuicideFuel] The middle school orgy pill is one of the most brutal blackpills.

A roleta sexual dos adolescentes portugueses

using translate, this is the part I was able to get.

The sexual roulette of Portuguese teenagers

They consume pornography, have sex in the bathrooms of schools and nightclubs, meet for orgies washed down with alcohol and drugs.

"Sometimes we don't know who we're going to have sex with in that party - it's a surprise. In those parties we are with more than one person in the same night, normally only one at a time, unless we're doing the roulette game (in which they trade partners). These parties are only for the popular kids. The normal parties are for the virgins who do not smoke or drink, in these there is no sex."

Also, ever hear of "rainbow parties"?

The unsexy truth, the hookup culture | Lisa Bunnage | TEDxSFU

little girls are making boys penises rainbow, how cute :soy:

Lastly, girls who are 14 (and likely younger), are playing "The Sun", a game where they get a train ran on them by about 5 chads at once.

If you're a Chad, the way to "win" this game is to be the last dude to cum


In Ostróda, a small Polish town with 34,000 inhabitants located 200 km from Warsaw, and famous for its relaxing natural surroundings, the polemic is big. Five Polish girls around 14-15 years got pregnant after playing sex games with their schoolmates.

The controversy has originated after a game known as "star" or "sun" became popular among young Poles. In this sex game, girls lay on the floor in a circle with their heads together and eyes closed and boys copulate with them, taking turns. The winner is the boy who managed to finish the intercourse last.

IT fags will tell you these girls are "innocent", when they are attending orgies. IT will want to deny this, since they are incels themselves, but the proof is documented above in multiple sources.

as someone who is portuguese that google translation is accurate.brutal but it makes 10% nut on everything that is below a 7.Girls who are 7+ start acting stingy.

wait, so the stacylites and stacies act "stingy" towards chads?

Never had an orgy in my middle school years. It's over, isn't it?


@Ropemaxx remember when IT denied that kids in middle school have sex? :feelskek:

@ionlycopenow this stuff happens before college, I'm starting to wonder if it happened at my school. :feelshmm:


Portugal + Poland should be shelled for at least 3 years without pause. When it's all done we build two giant cathedrals on the burned ashes, cathedrals so big you can see them from space.

Katyusha Rockets - USSR

Jfl at the polish article trying to construe the situation against catholic puritans claiming that lack of sex educations does this. No you motherfuckers, those children don't need sex education, they need a beating bombing.


In the Video you see Poland when I grab the power in 2030.

Activists Allege Russian Cluster Bombing in Syria

Weimar Republic levels of degeneracy yet again.

Bro, if I had a daughter and I got wind of this, I would wait for their next Meeting, bust in the room and detonate fucking Thermite Right on her exposed ass crack.

as someone who is portuguese that google translation is accurate.brutal but it makes 10% nut on everything that is below a 7.Girls who are 7+ start acting stingy.

Bro. Leave your Country ASAP. Word on the street says that Bomber Harris has risen from the dead and he's headed for Portugal.


im only 5ft8, maybe i can sneak there.

Maybe I can Sneak a tactical warhead in there.



@Ropemaxx remember when IT denied that kids in middle school have sex? :feelskek:

@ionlycopenow this stuff happens before college, I'm starting to wonder if it happened at my school. :feelshmm:


YOU JUST REMINDED ME I just to think it was weird in School how Kids would go to the bathroom, Girls and Boys after each other, you know? I had fantasies About sex in the bathroom but I thoguht that was just in my mind.

At some Point the School only let one or two People out at the same time.

I also just remembered that a Boy and a Girl got caught making out in an empty classroom.



Makia Freeman #conspiracy

ISIS is a US-Israeli creation, a fact as clear as the sky is blue. It’s a truth as black and white as the colors on their flag. For many alternative news readers, this may be patently obvious, but this article is written for the large majority of people in the world who still have no idea who is really behind the rise of ISIS. No matter which name they go by – ISIS, ISIL, IS or Daesh – the group has been deliberately engineered by the US and Israel to achieve certain geopolitical goals. They are a religious, fundamentalist, Sunni terrorist organization created to terrorize and overthrow certain secular or Shiite Arab nations such as Syria and Iraq, but they are not just “Islamic”. They may be Muslims, and they may be advocating an Islamic State, but they are very much working towards the goals of Zionism.

It’s amazing how many people still struggle to get that point. We have been inundated with propaganda surrounding the fraudulent war on terror, notably terms such as Islamic terrorism and radical Islam, but more accurate phrases would be Zio-Islamic terrorism and radical Zio-Islam. Secret military agencies such as the CIA and the Mossad pull the strings. Here is a list of the top 10 ‘indications’ that ISIS is a US-Israeli creation.


ISIS is a US-Israeli Creation: Indication #2: ISIS Never Attacks Israel

It is more than highly strange and suspicious that ISIS never attacks Israel – it is another indication that ISIS is controlled by Israel. If ISIS were a genuine and independent uprising that was not covertly orchestrated by the US and Israel, why would they not try to attack the Zionist regime, which has attacked almost of all of its Muslim neighbors ever since its inception in 1948? Israel has attacked Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, and of course has decimated Palestine. It has systemically tried to divide and conquer its Arab neighbors. It continually complains of Islamic terrorism. Yet, when ISIS comes on the scene as the bloody and barbaric king of Islamic terrorism, it finds no fault with Israel and sees no reason to target a regime which has perpetrated massive injustice against Muslims? This stretches credibility to a snapping point.

ISIS and Israel don’t attack each other – they help each other. Israel was treating ISIS soldiers and other anti-Assad rebels in its hospitals! Mortal enemies or best of friends?


ISIS is a US-Israeli Creation: Indication #4: ISIS’ First Class Social Media Skills

The issue of the Toyotas leads us to the next question about ISIS. Who’s handling their publicity? How have they managed to get so many photos of Toyota truck drive bys? How have they managed to master Western social media so well to spread their message, propaganda and threats? How have they managed to produce slick videos depicting (fake) beheadings? How does a barbaric group of killers, who speak a language very different to English, who espouse fundamentalist, religious ideals (such as Sharia law), and often criticize all things Western, manage to develop such excellent social media skills?

ISIS is a US-Israeli Creation: Indication #5: Israeli Group SITE First to Release ISIS Footage

Another key giveaway that ISIS is a US-Israeli creation is that the Israeli group SITE (Search for International Terrorist Entities) are often the first to find and publicly release the video (as their co-founder Rita Katz has let slip on occasion). SITE was involved in the slew of fake green screen ISIS beheadings of 2014. Speaking of fake beheadhings, why did this fictional Turkish TV drama show a beheading just like that of ISIS?

ISIS is a US-Israeli Creation: Indication #6: ISIS Leader Baghdadi a Mossad Agent

Although this indication is hard to confirm, there were reports apparently originating from Edward Snowden that the leader of ISIS (Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) was actually an Israeli Mossad agent by the name of Simon Elliot or Elliot Shimon


Concluding Note

ISIS is a US-Israeli Creation: Indication #10: ISIS is an Acronym for Mossad. [The Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Interesting Coincidence]

ISIS itself is an acronym, not just for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, but for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service! This is another way to describe the Mossad, the shady Zionist spy agency whose motto is “by way of deception, thou shalt do war”. In this video (below), the 2 authors being interviewed (Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman) admit that the acronym ISIS = Mossad.

IS recruiters in Chechnya #fundie

Chechnya: Islamic State's fertile Russian recruiting ground

Of all the countries from which the Islamic State recruits its fighters, Russia tops the list. Most come from the republic of Chechnya, DW's Juri Rescheto reports.
Missing Chechen youths on a mobile phone display

The walls are high in this suburb of Grozny, the capital of Chechnya. Yet, residents keep no secrets. People know each other and help each other the way they have for generations. Nevertheless, there is one thing that neighbors don't like to talk about: missing youths.

No one knows exactly how many young people have left. Each one is one too many.

Petimat Salamova remained silent behind the walls of her home for four whole years after the disappearance of her daughter. Now she has broken her silence about Salina, who left home to follow her husband, Ruslan.

He went to Syria to fight for the "Islamic State" (IS). Salamova doesn't know why he left. "But he was a good boy," she said. "He always helped around the house. He was religious. I don't know what he was looking for in Syria. I think he was tricked. Those evil recruiters tricked him. It's their fault."

"He took my daughter and their three children," Salamova said. "I know that Ruslan isn't coming back because he was killed last March."

According to official numbers, up to 800 adult Chechens are fighting for the terror organization; the real total is likely much higher. Some of the youths who have left are listed as missing, but authorities don't even know that many of them are gone. That is what Said Mashaev told me. He returned and officials never even knew he had left.

Why do so many young Chechens join IS? The terror researcher Elena Suponina, of Moscow's Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, gave a number of reasons: "High unemployment, social dissatisfaction and unfulfilled hopes drive many in the region to one of the most perverse forms of Islam in existence — into the hands of jihadis."
Petimat Salamova and the clothes of her missing grandchildren

Salamova says her daughter and her husband took their children when they left

'A vacuum cleaner'

The Moscow-based independent military commentator Pavel Felgenhauer said a coordinated effort by Russian intelligence services ahead of the 2014 Sochi Olympics could have something to do with the exodus. He said security measures at the time forced "massive numbers of extremists out of the country, and they were sucked up by IS like a vacuum cleaner." But, he said, now that the group has lost almost all of its territory, "that vacuum cleaner is blowing in the other direction and threatens to spit out terrorists."

It seems that recruiters have an easy time enlisting fighters from Chechnya and neighboring republics in the Caucasus despite the fact that the state monitors citizens through the intelligence services — and despite the demonstrative loyalty that Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has shown to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Chechnya, which was rebuilt with Russian cash after the bloody wars of the 1990s finally ended, has become a hotbed of religious fanaticism. The republic's leadership refuses to acknowledge that fact. Kadyrov even went so far as to claim that there are no Chechens fighting in Syria, saying the terrorists had simply forged Russian passports.

The former fighter Mashaev had a different take: "We Chechens are very popular in the IS. We have a lot of fighting experience."

Gadshiev said IS appreciates Chechens' fighting capabilities

800-member support group

Mashaev said he had no idea that he was joining a terrorist group. He claims that he wanted to defend the honor of Syrian Sunni Muslims in the name of Islam. Chechens are largely Sunni. Asked if he carried a weapon in Syria and if he killed anyone, the thin young man from Grozny said no. After a short pause, he added: "At least not that I know of."

He said he decided that he had to get out of Syria after being forced to watch as his comrades beheaded a group of Shiite men one morning. However, Mashaev wasn't able to escape for months. Following an injury that required medical attention, he was allowed to travel to Turkey. From there he fled to Grozny. At first, he was able to go undetected. But at some point authorities learned where he had been. He then turned himself in and spent eight months in prison.

Now Mashaev is sitting with the distraught mother Salamova in a small office in Grozny. This is where a support group for relatives of missing children, siblings and grandchildren meets. The group now has about 800 members: people from Chechnya, Dagestan, Russia and elsewhere. Here people can talk openly about their missing relatives.

Asked if she is angry at men who go to Syria and take people like her daughter and her now-dead son-in-law with them, Petimat Salamova said no: "Everything happens according to Allah's will."

For now, she cries and hopes that Allah will let her daughter live.

ThoughtfulCel #sexist #racist

[Serious] If America ever gets a female presisent its over

Females have group preference. A foid running America would mean she would be solely trying to benefit women.

The government and justice system are already corrupt garbage, but they'd be even worse with a foid in office. At least they leave me alone. She might start hunting me down too

Laws would be passed protecting, coddling, and defending women. Life as a male would continue to gradually get worse.

You see how hard people shit on trump? Imagine shitting on the first female president. You would be arrested and charged.

Jews and Cumskins would push cuck agenda even more than they already are.

Female president = over for incels.

Desert Eagle #fundie

They are holed up around a mosque considered on of 'holiest sites' of the Shiites. The solution? Destroy it. But this might cause the shiite majority in Iraq to rebel against the coalition... Our job is to destroy the enemy threat while minimizing U.S. casualties, not Iraqi casualties. If this incites more people to rebel then more people will get killed, it's as simple as that. But then other towns might be outraged! Then we blow up their mosques too. And finally we just govern from the sky and from our Navy fleet. Any 'problematic' areas should be dismembered through cruise missiles and airstrikes. The objective in war is to eliminate your enemies capacity to wage war. You must break their spirit, their will to fight, you must make them realize that resistance leads only to mass death and suffering.

Grotesque #fundie

Reminder that us Incels WON the battle vs. Cucktears.

There's a lot of threads about them, wanting to debate them, etc...

Yes, they got us off Reddit. That had more to do with Reddit being run by people in Silicon Valley, a deformed area of degeneracy.

What did this accomplish?

We splintered off into here and a few other places, which allowed us all to become far less filtered (except for the few retards still clinging to Reddit).

Do you notice that IT rarely posts about this board anymore? Whiteknight fags mocking us have moved on?

It's because they know they can't censor us. They are powerless to stop us.

The game is no longer fun for them. The mind of the progressive focuses on those that they can easily manipulate and overpower.

When you argue with IT, you're attempting to fight a pointless battle. They don't want to debate us because they don't care. It's never been about our ideas being wrong. They just want to control weak males into being what they want.

People accepting the blackpill is growing quickly, and they all know it.

Snoopynstorm #fundie

There's so much stuff to do with going green and the enviornment. Who knows it may be a way for the AntiChrist to push his agenda on Christians in the tribulation period. You can't have a Bible unless it's a green Bible! All others are banned! s shoulders: Who knows though I'm just speculating.

Honestly, with the green propaganda. I remember in 7th grade, I think we watched that Al Gore movie. I think she even mentioned how running bath water takes up alot or something. I thought global warming was absoute fact. Just recently, maybe a year ago or a little bit longer I found out there's people who don't believe in global warming. Talk about propaganda in the school system and society! That is just perfect for the AntiChrist and his green agenda. Get young people who don't know there's another side to the argument.

Remember I was in 7th grade 2005-2006 so I thought it was fact for a long time. And, the reason I found out was by a Christian show. Now it'll be even harder to know the truth when such stuff will be out lawed. Wow, when you're taught we evolved from monkies and taught to pretty much worship the earth...the AntiChrist has a great headstart especially with the youth.

Let me give you an example. I remember when I was in high school one day. I was in the bathroom. I overheard someone talking. I remember hearing a girl state about her disbelief in God and belief in evolution.

Kurdish_Incel #sexist

You are just a status-object

Chads looks bring status to a girl. Guy with money brings status to a girl. Guy with status brings status to a girl.
Once she finds some other guy who is able to give more status she will go for him.

You're nothing but something to gain value from.. femoids are nothing but parasites. The only thing you're getting if you somehow ascend is pussy and someone who obeys your commands.. cucktears don't even have the second, they just get pussy time to time and think they're chad not knowing they are currently getting cucked.

Femoids will never be able to love you for what you are. Even if you ascend femoids will 'love' you but not the love you want.
One thing I learned from RedPill sources = A man will never get the 'love' he expects. A girl will never be able to give the love a man expects.

That confident ugly af normie with good personality? He is fun to be around and he sometimes get pussy so girls can keep them around. Pussy is just currency nothing momre

Hajj Khodor #fundie

Young Iraqi Shiite boys have their foreheads slashed to honor the Ashura, the tenth day of Muharram when Imam Hussein was killed in the Battle of Karbala in the year 680 ... In marking the holiest day of Ashura, some Shiites believe children should learn at an early age about Hussein's suffering, which is at the heart of their faith

Hajj Khodor, a businessman and organizer of the Ashura ceremonies, and several other men wiped blades with alcohol before swiping each boy three or four times on the forehead.

Some boys cried and resisted, but the cutting proceeded.

"We're used to it," said Mahmoud Jaber, 43, who brought his five boys and two girls for the ritual. "We've been doing this since we were kids. I started when I was 3. It doesn't hurt because the cry of pain goes away with the faith."

Avi Lapkin #conspiracy

What you have today is close to ten percent of the population is Muslim. You have 307 million Americans, you have 9 million Shiite Iranians who fled from Iran after 1979 when the Shah fell—these were allies of the U.S. if they had not fled they would have been killed by Khomeini—7 million Arabs, about 16 million between the Shiites and the Sunnis, four million Farrakhan Nation of Islam, that’s 20 million. I can tell you with all authenticity because I’ve been collecting this information all around the country that there are charter jets bringing Muslims into this country every day for free, at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer of course, people in Washington are bribed, the floodgates are open and they’re bringing in Muslims from Somalis, Palestinians, Bosnians, Algerians, Egyptians. Nobody even has a clue to exactly how many, I predict there are between 20 to 30 million Muslims in America and this fact is not lost on the election campaign in November.


What happens after they come here is that they marry Christian women, Jewish and Christian American women and then these women become baby factories for Islam because it’s the religion of the father. So if a Muslim father marries a Christian or Jewish mother the children are going to be Muslim. Then they get passports because they married an American woman and once they get passports they bring in their families from the Middle East. So what we’ve seen happening is not one university but we’ve seen hundreds of universities doing this and that’s one of the reasons why I’m saying this is very stealth like, it’s very insidious. Nobody sees it happening but you have a process paid with oil money to bring in millions of Muslims into this country very quietly with student visas and other things but eventually its family reunification. I’ve been following this for the last thirty years and most Americans can’t believe anything I’m saying but I’m on the cutting edge of this.


I’m predicting that the globalist one world government insists on getting that oil and to do that you have to overthrow the regime. The problem is not the nuclear threat, the problem is the regime. Fourthly, I think Obama’s a Muslim, he’s a Sunni Muslim on orders from Saudi and the Saudis are afraid to get their heads chopped off by the Shiite Iranians, therefore the Saudis are commanding Obama to terminate the Shiite regime. All of this is in my teachings. So the four reasons for war with Iran, the nuclear threat and democracy are the least of the reasons.


I think what we’ve been seeing over the last few decades is that America has been having its leaders chosen, Democrat or Republican, chosen by the one world government, the Masons, the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, whatever you want to call these people, these are people who control the world. Unfortunately, Jesus Christ is not important to them, what’s important to them is oil and money. Christianity and Judaism can be sacrificed relatively speaking as long as they have oil and the cash and the Muslims have that, but it’s the Sunnis who have it and the Shiites who are trying to bring it all down. So the Shiites and the Sunnis are working at cross-purposes and what we see here is an alliance between the Sunni Muslims, the Christians and Israel against Shiite Iran.

Rurudyne #fundie

I would put it to you that most people aren’t really good disciples. So when a Muslim doesn’t emulate Mohammad that is in fact a good thing. A very good thing. But that doesn’t change the fact that Islam itself is what can make a terrorist of any Muslim with little warning. Moreover, Islam creates the conditions for “moderates” to be the tall grass the others hide in. In addition to that, even the very definitions used by Muslims of common terms may not be used colloquially, and this is in fact something the OIC has put the world on legal notice of.

When ANY Muslim official says that they oppose terrorism or are for human rights as a matter of OIC treaty they mean something very different than what you or I mean. Finally, because the OIC officially speaks for the whole umma (sometimes spelled ummah) this same principal must be assumed to apply to ANY Muslim simply because we cannot know who is or isn’t applying taqiyya.

Because the OIC represents all Muslim nations at the head of state level, it is an authority over Shiite and Sunni alike. Per Sharia includes Muslims living in non-Muslim lands. So a Muslim that actually opposed terrorism as the colloquial meaning set it forth, who actually supports the ability of nations to have their own laws, is in fact in opposition to Islam.

Ryan #fundie

this civil war isn't because we came; it was because of struggles between the different ethnic/religious groups.

lets see our solution: use troops to maintain peace; break up large gatherings; foster cooperation.

saddams solution: murder everyone who isn't a Shiite. Just look at what he did to the Kurds.

They are much better off having this Civil War with us there than with Saddam there.

Erick Erickson #fundie

In his speech to the United Nations General Assembly today the President of the United States declared that the future does not belong to practicing Christians. Already, the media and the left are in full denial, probably based on their general lack of understanding of theology. This would have been a gaffe had Mitt Romney said it. But with Barack Obama, he’s just speaking bold truths. His bold truth declares that the future does not belong to practicing Christians.

Pay careful attention to what he says.

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Yet to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see when the image of Jesus Christ is desecrated, churches are destroyed, or the Holocaust is denied. Let us condemn incitement against Sufi Muslims, and Shiite pilgrims. It is time to heed the words of Gandhi: “Intolerance is itself a form of violence and an obstacle to the growth of a true democratic spirit.” Together, we must work towards a world where we are strengthened by our differences, and not defined by them. That is what America embodies, and that is the vision we will support.

Now, that’s the full paragraph so no one can claim I took him out of context.

But consider this.

It is an orthodox Christian belief that Mohammed is not a prophet. Actual Christians, as opposed to many of the supposed Christians put up by the mainstream media, believe that Christ is the only way to salvation. Believing that is slandering Mohammed. That’s just a fact. If you don’t believe me, you go into the MIddle East and proclaim Christ is the way, the truth, and the life and see what happens to your life.

Then Barack Obama went on to say “Yet to be credible, those who condemn that slander must also condemn the hate we see when the image of Jesus Christ is desecrated, churches are destroyed, or the Holocaust is denied.” Note he says we cannot “slander the prophet of Islam” but it’s only the image of Christ in the next sentence — not actually Christ himself desecrated. If this is so, why does Barack Obama’s government continue funding the National Endowment for the Arts, which funded Christ in piss, the Virgin Mary painted in dung, etc.?

GI #racist

Suburbs began shortly following the 1954 Brown v Board of Education holding which mandated integration of schools. Gee, look at the unequivocal correlation: The US used to lead the world in education – we went to the moon – and now we are 36th. Then LBJ began his “War on Poverty” with the explosion of welfares. The only welfare before this was social security, then BOOM! Born on Medicaid, raised on WIC and foodstamps in section 8 housing with rent and utility subsidies, free headstart babysitting, obamaphones, maybe some social security disability… This was an evil marriage of democrats seeking power and blacks with one man one vote. In densely populated cities Libtards could bribe thousands easily with social services distributed in the cities, then on election day the off-duty union guy would troll a bus around the projects offering free bologna sandwiches and generic grape soda and surprise, the libtard candidate wins. This is EXACTLY how DeBlasio got elected. See the county by county electoral college map last election? Feral people living close to social services voted overwhelmingly Hillary. Some precincts in Philadelphia were 100%!

There are still plenty of white cities: Salt Lake City UT, Rapid City SD. They are quite nice. Libtard cities? Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Newark, St Louis including Ferguson – all ghetto dumps of squalor, misery, and violence, all long governed by democrats.

End white flight? Security is condition prerequisite. Crush criminals. Do not permit the mayor to accept HUD section 8 money and close the projects. I’d like to see a requirement that welfare recipients be placed on birth control, like norplant, so they stop proliferating. Push the feral beast people out. Permit school vouchers so smart kids can learn with other smart kids, not get jammed into the pits of “diversity” where culture moves to the lowest common denominator. Don’t elect democrats. They are the enemy.

He Had Mercy #fundie

[About how Barak Obama fulfills some ancient Islamic prophecy]

A strange story at Forbes magazine sheds light on some uncomfortable correlations between ancient Islamic end-times prophecy and our current President-elect. It is well known that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other Shiites are awaiting the appearance of the twelfth Imam (the Mahdi) who will arrive at the end of the world amid catastrophic war. Apparently a 17th century Shiite Hadith proclaims the following:

According to the tradition, Imam Ali Ibn Abi-Talib (the prophet’s cousin and son-in-law) prophesied that at the End of Times and just before the return of the Mahdi, the Ultimate Saviour, a “tall black man will assume the reins of government in the West.” Commanding “the strongest army on earth,” the new ruler in the West will carry “a clear sign” from the third imam, whose name was Hussein Ibn Ali. The tradition concludes: “Shiites should have no doubt that he is with us.”

That is disturbing enough, but what follows, is uncanny and unsettling:

In a curious coincidence Obama’s first and second names–Barack Hussein–mean “the blessing of Hussein” in Arabic and Persian. His family name, Obama, written in the Persian alphabet, reads O Ba Ma, which means “he is with us,” the magic formula in Majlisi’s tradition.

The Iranian regime is delighted to see an Obama administration, and the world should be ready for anything to happen between now and 2012.

Mainländer #sexist

Did you guys hear that? she said if he were Zac Effron she would kiss him. Holy fuck. Zac Effron was already a grown man by the time this was shot.

It's like I argued here.

@mylifeistrash got it right: it's all about your looks. If you manage to reach your 30s with a full head of hair and still looking young and attractive, JBs will still be heavily attracted to you and the notion that they'd get traumatized by sex with you is completely lunatic. The only catch is, most men don't.


Answer me, what's the difference between me and a 14 years old boy other than my looks? I'm as immature as one of them. My dick has the same size it had back then.

I always thought that It should be possible to take advantage of their naivity.
But while I was watching this video I realised even 12 years old cunts are smart enough to avoid sub 8 untermenschen.

"Teenagers have fragile, easily convinced mentalities that pedophiles prey upon to take advantage of them" is one of the biggest lies I've seen in my entire life.

Just imagine myself as a 3.5/10 bald 30yo guy approaching 14 yo foids like these ones:

How do you think it would end?

This argument is only true to small children who you can either bribe with candy or easily command/force, but hey, cucktears, 14 YEAR OLDS ARE NOT CHILDREN.

Unnamed ISIL members #fundie

Anad Mahmoud, a 22-year-old electrician, says masked ISIL men dressed in long Pakistani-style robes came last week to the farming village of Guba, on the outskirts of Mosul. Though Mr. Mahmoud is a Sunni Arab, most of his neighbours were Shia Turkmen and Shabaks, another religious minority.

Mr. Mahmoud says the Shiite men captured by ISIL were made to dig a pit that would prove to be their mass grave. “They took about 80 Shiite people to a giant hole. They put jerry cans that were filled with something like kerosene in the pit with them, and then blew them up. I heard the sound.”


Mr. Mahmoud, who now shares a tent with five Mosul refugees in Khazir, says he narrowly avoided death himself. “First they said ‘You are a Shiite and we are going to execute you.’ Then when they discovered [from his identification] that I am Sunni, they said ‘You are living in a Shia area, so we will treat you the way we treat them. You must be killed.’”

[Bolding mine]

Laurie Cardoza-Moore #fundie

Iran at work creating the most powerful WMD imaginable: the anti-Christ.

The twisted goal of Iran’s mullahs is to hasten the return of the Shiite Muslim’s messiah, the 12th Imam. The 12th Imam, according to some Shiites, is a great spiritual savior called Muhammad al Mahdi. They believe him to be a direct descendant of the prophet Mohammed whose main goal is to establish a worldwide Islamic state. Iran’s leadership are deeply committed Shiite Muslims and speak openly about praying for the return of the Mahdi.

Should Iran be treated seriously? Absolutely, and Bible prophecy holds the key. By comparing and contrasting what the Bible says about end-time prophecy with Shiite beliefs, it is evident that the 12th Imam is Christianity’s antichrist. Muslim theology instructs that in order to bring about the return of the Mahdi, believers must initiate and spread as much death and destruction throughout the world as humanly possible.

Clirus #fundie

It is obvious that Iran is not going to comply with the UN call to stop the nuclear weapons activities. After a rejection by Iran, America should make a full Declaration of War (including total news medai censorship) against Iran and all those that support or are associated with the Iranian philosophy (Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, El Sadar, etc.). In order to soften up Iran, nuclear weapons should be used to eliminate all military targets, then America should take over all oil production in Iran then implement: 1)American take over of the oil and only reward the Sunni, Shiites, and Kurds when they behave properly. If they don't behave, they starve.

Mohammed al-Barrak and other Salafist clerics #fundie

Helping Shiite groups in their military operations against Israel or the United States has always been a source of discord among Salafists. Radical Salafists consider both Shiites and Jews the enemies of Islam. But anti-Shiite enmity is often stronger than that against Jews among Salafists, who consider the Shiites a fifth column and thus see "damage" by Shiites as more serious than that caused by others.

In the latest chapter of this contentious relationship, a number of Salafist clerics praised the deaths of Shiite leaders in an Israeli airstrike on the Syrian Golan Heights on Jan. 18. Among the most prominent of these Salafist clerics is Mohammed al-Barrak, a professor at Umm al-Qura and a member of the Muslim Scholars Association in Saudi Arabia. He tweeted: “When the [Shiites] die at the hands of the Jews we thank God that he answered our prayers,” and “The damage inflicted by the [Shiites] on the Muslims is more than that inflicted by the Jews.” He also criticized Hamas for issuing a statement of condolence to the leadership of Hezbollah after the event. Barrak said that the statement “shows a theological deficiency within [Hamas], which is not fighting the Jews according to doctrine.” He asked Hamas’ leaders not to be courteous at the expense of doctrine and the community, adding, “No matter what the [Shiites] gave to Hamas, it does not justify appeasing them or supporting them.”

Comparing Shiites to Jews, Barrak said over Twitter: “Shiites are more harmful [to the Muslims] than the Jews because the [Shiites'] crimes in four years have exceeded all the Jews’ crimes in 60 years,” adding, “Shiites are the Muslims’ worst enemy because they are polytheists in terms of belief and religion and because their religion is creation of the Jews, making [the Shiites] worse enemies than the Western infidels or the Jews loyal to the State of Israel.”

Most Sunni radicals believe that Shiism emerged as a result of a Jewish infiltration by a legendary character named Ibn Sabaa. According to them, he was a Jew who falsely claimed to be Muslim in order to introduce Jewish beliefs to Islam and succeeded in forming the Shiite sect. According to the legend, the Shiites are considered a fifth column. The Shiites are thus blamed for the major defeats in the history of Islamic confrontation with the enemies of Islam — including the Crusades, the fall of the Abbasid Caliphate and the control by the Tatar armies over Islamic countries. Sunni historical texts include dozens of stories woven around the role of Shiites in those events.

[Hyperlinks in the original]

Matt Marriott #conspiracy

"Saudi royal family" = bunch of illuminati actors same as Bin Laden's family
Unlike the totally staged "Bin Laden family" some of the "Saudi royals" are indeed related. But that's only a detail.

Fake deaths: Agendas behind the timing for "King Abdullah dead":
- to divert sunnis from staged YEMEN coup.
- to have shia muslims swallow the "end times" illuminati script. In other words: Why the "dead" actor playing 90 years old was named Abdullah, his successor has the name of an animal (Salmon) and the second in line is again called Abdullah.
- set the stage for the end of the "oil price keeps falling" psy-op.
- set the stage for the resurrection of Osama Bin Laden at the Temple Mount, Jerisalem, attached to a Boeing 777.
- have the successor put an end to the theater "Saudi sunni vs Iran shia". In other words: have saudi population swallow the coming joint operation of US and Iran military to recapture Mosul, Iraq.
- celebrate the terror state, with a pilgrimage to Mecca of every other puppet to "pay respect to the good King". That's why days earlier a blogger was lashed and a womnan beheaded in public.

Illuminati media (Wall Street Journal):
U.S., Iraq preparing for assault to recapture Mosul:
Reductionism: for the correct title, replace one char: Q with N.

Hours before the Saudi King's "death", more theater south of the border: Yemen president resigns.

"End times" alias "End of the show" illuminati script - for the shiia human cattle
Illuminati actors playing Shiite scholars:
Abdullah's death will mark the beginning of a chain of great events that will shock the world.
According to Shiite hadiths, after the death of a king named Abdullah in the Hijaz — a western region of present-day Saudi Arabia — no successor to the throne would be accepted, and disagreements would escalate and persist until the rise of Imam Mahdi.
Mahdi being the final Imam who disappeared, or went into occultation. Mahdi will be revealed only in the end-times, along with Jesus, to deliver peace to the world.
According to the book "250 Signs Until the Appearance of Imam Mahdi," Prophet Muhammad said: “On doomsday, a man who is carrying the name of an animal ascends to the throne, after which a man named Abdullah comes to the power. Whoever informs me of his death, I will inform him of the rise [of Mahdi]. After Abdullah passes away, for several days and months, the government will appear.”

600 members of the Bin Laden family = 600 students at Sandy Hook elementary school = ZERO

After reading this ...
... you'll only click again "news" about "Shiia Iran ayatollahs vs sunni royal saudi family" if you are one of these:

2015 Jan: YEMEN: staged coup is the same script as:
2014 Feb: Ukraine and Thailand protests: STAGED riots in Parallel scripts, new dimension in simulated reality

Why oil price is half of its average production cost in the USA: - for dummies
Two main reasons:
1. From "Putin" to Iran, from Saudi Arabia to Nigeria: ALL illuminazi puppets transferring as much oil as they can to illuminati depots.
2. The oil futures currently being traded are not meant to be actually supplied.

Illuminati jokes in black is white format:
- actor who has been playing 90 years old King during the last years "dies" with a black beard.
- Scott Walker stepped on stage days earlier with a a white beard to play "leader of Al-Qaeda in Yemen claims responsability for Paris Charlie Hebdo attack".

Parrtlord #fundie

The BLUEPILL is the pill of self HATRED and DENIAL. The BLACKPILL is about LOVE and ACCEPTANCE

I was a bluepillian once. During those years, I thought I was a horrible person for being repulsive to women. I looked at all the chads who had horrible personalities, and thought I was a worse person than they are.

The BLUEPILL :bluepill: and maybe even the REDPILL :redpill: ASSOCIATES VIRGINITY and LONELINESS.. With YOU BEING A BAD PERSON. Whenever somebody tells you to improve yourself, it automatically implies that the reason that you are lonely is because you are not a good enough person. Newsflash, horrible people still get loved and laid everyday.
The BLUEPILL is the "NICEGUY" pill.

So what happens if somebody tells you this: "But nobody knows that you are a virgin, don't tell anybody" :soy:
Somebody DOES know you are a virgin. YOURSELF.
It hurts doesn't it? When ((they)) act like virginity is meaningless, but they associate it to you being a bad person, and how it is all your fault that women have preferences. Guess what? It takes two. It will only be your fault if you turn down a woman who is attracted to you, that you are attracted to.
If you are a sandwich, you can't force yourself to be a ham sandwich when you are turkey sandwich. So when everybody decides to eat Ham sandwiches, is it your fault that nobody ate you, or could it be that there fault too, because they prefer ham over turkey.
Over for turkey sandwichcels

If you HATE YOURSELF FOR BEING INVOLUNTARILY VIRGIN there is still shards of the blue-pill :bluepill: inside of you. Dump that shit ASAP.
I love femdom btw. You guys already know this. I am saying this so this post wont be featured on Cucktears

Pastor Harry Walther #fundie






some incels #sexist

Re: [Experiment] if when the war againt soycucks, what should we do with foids?

choose their destiny

slave them :chad: Votes: 3 23.1%
go back to a 1800s patriarchy Votes: 6 46.2%
pass a lawn similar to sharia Votes: 2 15.4%
leave foids with all the rights, they have :soy: Votes: 1 7.7%
kill them all Votes: 1 7.7%

Femoids should be enslaved in my opinion, but it would mostly be for their benefit in the end. We would surely profit from such an arrangement, but they´re going to gain the most as they will not be able to make the silly choices they do as "Emp0w3r3d Whamen". They would be healthy, happy and loyal like they should be. Lmao, isn´t that ironic?

Hello cucktears.

I'm a Patriarchy supporter tbh. Makes sense to only have men who have to fight wars and are eligible for the draft to decide what the politics of the country.. rather then letting Foids vote for gibs to satisfy their late stage Hedonism.

(Tempus Edax Rerum)
Let's just switch roles tbh. They can go out and work all the dangerous jobs, in the freezing rain, go die in the military...while we sip on our pumpkin spice lates in a warn home that our beta provider becky provides us; in our spare time we will call all women pigs and whores, and post pictures of our bums on social media for thousands of likes.

lioninoil #fundie

There IS a way to win in Iraq if we have the stomach for it

1. We pull our troops out of Baghdad, Mosul, Irbil and Basra.
2. We attack, and demolish these cities with nuclear weapons -- preferably strong enough to wipe out the entire cities. We bomb all four cities within two hours, preferably.
3. We give the remaining insurgents, the Shiites, and the Sunnis 24 hours to lay down their arms and surrender, or we'll drop bombs on Suleymaniye, Kirkuk, al-Najaf, Karbala, Nasirah and Hillah -- again, within two hours of the initial attack.
4. We pull our troops out of Suleymaniye, Kirkuk, al-Najaf, Karbala, Nasirah and Hillah.
5. While we're at it, we also drop a nuclear weapon on Kandahar, Afghanistan, and let the Taliban know that Mazar-I-Sharif, Charikar, Herat and/or Jalalabad in Afghanistan are next and that we have no problem nuking Afghanistan until it glows.
6. We might also let Syria and Indonesia know we're quite fed up with their anti-American attitudes and if they have a problem with that, they can take a trip to Baghdad or Kandahar and see what might be in store for them without a bit of immediate "attitude correction" on their part.

We've spent all this time and money developing nuclear weapons -- we might as well use them on the enemy before the enemy uses them on US. If they're so hot to turn this war into a crusade against the West, we might as well let them know what they're in for.

Bionic Woman #fundie

[Replying to a story about <a href="" target="_blank">650 Shiite Iraqis who died in a stampede</a> resulting from a suicide bomb threat.]

But Iraq is a demonic place and especially the area around Baghdad and The River Euphrates which is around Babylon.

River Euphrates, that is where the 200 million demons would be released.

These 4 Angels were probably fallen angels who had been bound / locked up at River Euphrates.

A very dark evil force brewing up in Iraq..........the chaos of idol worshippings.