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I think I understand BLUEBONNET – it is like going to a High School function and instead of the Prayer and a Pledge – we stand for a moment of Silence. WELL I’M TIRED OF BEING SILENT!!!! I REFUSE TO BE SILENT ANYMORE!!!

Christians all over the Middle East are getting slathered, because they were silent for too long. Next will be the Christians and Jews of America and Israel – and I refuse to be SILENT then – I will only become Silent when they cut off my head or God takes me.

Ether way, I will then be the first to volunteer for Gods Army and I will not be Silent until I get on the horse that is directly behind the White Horse who is ridden by the the “Great I Am,” the one with “All Mighty Power,” “The First and the Last,” “the Alpha and Omega,” “Prince of Peace” and the “King of all Kings.” “May God Arise and let His Enemies be Scattered.”

Only then, when the last Battle has been fought, will I be silent and I will probably lie down with the lion and the sheep and take a peaceful nap. Until then and only then – NO SILENCE FOR ME PLEASE!

What Bluebonnet, do you think I am a Cesar Milk Toast Cristian? Do you think this is a time for a “Go Along to Get Alone Sermon?” Well you go ahead and make your little Chicken Casserole for the Sunday luncheon. I am going to yell from the top of roof top that Jesus Christ is King – I going to yell it so loud that it blows Satan Wig off!!!

SILENCE is for Wimps!



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