anti system #conspiracy

I have been a proud Englishmen who has been very active in the English nationalism movement for aprox a year and a half.
I have promoted nationalism without racism, and had nothing to do with bthe BNP, this was purely English nationalism.

any way I recently became aware of the Masons/secret societies through David icke and the concerns of them etc (Freedom or Fascism DVD)
I had never came across any one form the Masons or any other secret society in my life, untill recently, to my surprise I find there are quite a few all over the English nationalism movement, some in high places!
I also found a version of the meaning of the Cross of St George through the info on the Masons via David Icke (Freedom or Fascism DVD) it was an un-nerving meaning, of the red cross meaning blood and the white meaning seaman!

I have now cut certain conections to where I have come across the Masons members within the English nationalsit movement, and am looking more into the original White Dragon flag of England which is connected to St Edmund.
Although I will xalm the English nationalsdim down a little now due to my findings and my revalations concerning the secret societies through David Icke.



So were we! You can find all of this, and more, on Fundies Say the Darndest Things!

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