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Shitting in the open is a sacred duty for Hindus. As a Hindu you are not supposed to will any good for the world you pass through, any plan for the betterment of the world or of mankind is a cardinal sin. When you happen to meet a do-gooder of such a kind, your duty is to shit on the very premises he intends to better against the will of the Gods, or on his own property, it is good also to shit on him while making a mental act of creative visualization, the money he losses through evil spell you thus cast on him comes to you in the form of luck. Anybody who tries to better the world around himself makes the implicit avowal he is a Mleccha or worse still a Chandala, an untouchable of the worst kind, and from now onwards deserves only shit, you actually have to consider the riches or money he happens to hold like they had been lost into a dog’s kennel, taking them is no robbery. That is the religion against which the Naxalites could devise no other counter-faith than the cult of Mao as a divine avenger.

Anybody who dreams of any plan for bettering the world is an untouchable, a barbarian. You are within what they think to be civilization provided you take the world for what it is, a sandwich of shit served by the Gods. If you happen to make no plans for a better world but still strive for worldly sensual enjoyments such as art and love you are a shudra, a servant, whose duty is to work long hours for as little pay as possible in retribution for your impious appetites. If on the other hand you are ashamed of each of the enjoyments that the world offers to you and rather prefer to spare the money they cost, you are one caste higher, you are among the twice-born, you are a banya or vaishya, a tradesman or a little usurer by nature, your sacred duty is to turn any thing you touch into money by any means. Usury which consists of reading the foibles of people to make them indebted is a sacred profession. If you then also happen to rejoice over the pain you inflict onto inferior beings by humiliating them gratuitously, or by identifying inferior beings enjoying undue high life and putting them back into the misery where they belong, if you also happen to identify with the fortune of your social group you need the connivence of to crush inferior beings rather than with your own personal, if you are ready to experience personal strife and misery yourself so as to put others into misery rather than climbing yourself to the level of others, you are even better than a bourgeois by birth, you are an aristocrat and a fighter by nature, a kshatriya. If better still you have no will in life but to know and emit rules that constrain the life of others as painfully as possible, if you have confidence in your own intellectual and magical powers to enforce vows of misery onto others rather than on your physical force, if rather with a ruling group you belong to you identify with all repressive and constraining forces in the universe even those that are hostile to you for the sheer joy of reinforcing those forces in their action onto the contemptible humanity, you prove to be a brahmin, then only your little self, the atman, equates the greater outer God, the Brahman, the latter being none other than the collective soul to all brahmans.

This is the whole of hinduism in a nutshell. If any Hindu guru seems to offer you anything contradictory to this, he is abusing you, he is laughing at you while he takes your money and your vital energy.



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