Joel Ezra #racist

Jews have been sheltered by the hospitable Hindus in India for well over 2000 years and never faced discrimination.

However, are these Jews loyal to India?

They value Israel more than the nation of their residence (India) that has given them everything for millennia.

Among themselves they are always running down India and praising Israel and it is almost every Jew’s desire to emigrate to Israel.

After making aliyah, do they give back to India in some measure?

No, they just forget or make a few trips to India to visit relatives who still live in India.

Jewish youngsters in India are willing to joining the Israeli Defence Forces and fight for Israel and lay down their lives for the Zionist entity, but when asked about joining the Indian armed forces they are uninterested.

The few Jews who joined the Indian army and rose to great heights were at heart zealous Zionists eager to shift India closer to Israel despite Israeli aggression and aggrandizement in its neighbourhood.

What claim does Israel have to its territory that was forcibly carved out of Arab land half a century or so ago?

The only claim the Jews have to the land mass of modern Israel is Scripture like the Torah.



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